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Archives: January 30, 2007

LA Times: Was 9/11 really that bad?(Horrible Act but History says Overreaction)

AlterNet: Torture Sours U.S.-Canadian Right-wing Lovefest

John Nichols: "Exercising Congress's Constitutional Power to End a War" (The Nation)

Impeachment: The Missing Word on the Stage in D.C. Last Weekend--But Not On The Street!

We have nothing to fear from diplomacy (Lee Hamilton)

NYT op-ed: Congress, the Constitution and War: The Limits on Presidential Power

Drumheller on secret prisons/ Curveball

Frank Rich: (Hillary) has always been a follower of public opinion on the war, not a leader.

Dick Cheney: The New 'Baghdad Bob'?

Apple Sued for Patent Infringement On Click Wheel

White House Order Changes How Government Agencies Write Rules

Iraq War is Bush Legacy

ExxonMobil in Dock for Indonesian Human Rights Crimes

On a per capita basis our youngsters are being killed at more or less the same rate as in Nam.

Dean Baker: If Environmentalists Cared About Global Warming.....

Kristolizing the (Neoconservative) Moment (ERIC ALTERMAN

Martin Sieff: The Logic Of US Deployments Points To Iran

Solar thermal

2006 warmest for some Gulf of M. monitoring sites & NOAA buoy data shows warming

Discovery Channel repeats Greg Palast's peak oil mistake

GOP Screws over Middle Class W Hybrid Tax Credit

Millions to go hungry, waterless -climate report

North American Labor Assembly on Climate Crisis: Building a Global Movement for Clean Energy

Israel launches Gaza tunnel raid (BBC)

Hamas and Fatah agree to cease-fire

Israel to buy US bomb kits for $100M

"New York Halts E-voting Machine Testing" FROM AN UNLIKELY SOURCE

ExxonMobil in Dock for Indonesian Human Rights Crimes

U.N. refugee agency seeking information on 2 detainees

CNBC Non-Interview Could Come Up in Waxman Hearing

New rules mean more delays in Guantanamo

Bush Raises His Sway at U.S. Agencies (signs Executive Order giving himself more power)

India Celebrates Centenary Of Gandhi's Satyagraha Movement

Hubble's primary camera shuts down

US mulls Bill to bring back call centres

Republicans Block House Pay Raise

Russert: Not Source of CIA Officer Leak

Chávez Calls for United Socialist Party of Venezuela

NYT: Missteps by Iraqi Forces in Battle Raise Questions

Europe Resists U.S. Push to Curb Iran Ties

NY Times: Bush signs order giving him more power over federal agencies

Australian Guantanamo inmate's mental health in decline, lawyer says (IHT)

UN asked to name official to protect Roma rights

EU probes Norway's seal hunt (Norwegian Aftenposten in English)

WP: Equipment For Added Troops Is Lacking

Microsoft launches new Vista system

School of Americas Protesters Sentenced

Here's what I want my e-mail program to do:

'Have mercy, we have the same mother!!'

Toad Suckers

Pulp Fucktion

My ass has shrunk so I cannot post in Shine's thread!

Hey, I heard John Edwards caught a mouse

CHRISTIAN wrestling Federation?

Damn! Why does Afrin sting so badly?

Damn! Why does Sting annoy me so badly?

Damn! Why does Sting hide me so well?

Who else likes KO's term

I wandered into General Discussion...

Cell phone tapping.

Nearly caused a huge earthquake after using my Preparation H

calpeg just dropped another f-bomb!! i just love it when she does that!!

Hey, I heard John Edwards bought a house

I'm training a runaway to watch!

You know that part in Garden State, where they scream into the

14-year-old has sex change -- youngest ever

A public service announcement from youtube. It's about spaying or neutering...

Anyone have any suggestions for an IM client that can handle both AIM and Yahoo?

I'm watching Runaway Train!

yeah, freakin dupe

Did anyone watch the second half of the most

OK, this is bizarre. Festus Hagen a Son of the Pioneers.

My favorite scene from Napoleon Dynamite

in regards to winter tomatoes

Hey Ya! Charlie Brown Style

Eagle Lugging John Edwards' New House Causes Outrage

Nearly made a huge mistake in my preparations to watch 24....

Headline: Eagle lugging a deer head causes outage

Granted torturing your brother for information may seem a tad excessive,,,,

For all Emergency! Fans the 3rd season comes out on February 13th...

Anyone hear Shrub on NPR this evening?

Eagle Lugging a Deer Head Causes Outage

What's "Windows Vista:"?

I just watched Zardoz.

Hey RevActs, you here?

Post a picture here only if you are an ugly troll!

Any Doris Day (the singer) fans?

Congrats Jeanette from FL 2000 Posts!

George Clooney for President! (wishful thinking)

I am having a glass of wine.

Name your least-favourite movie sub-sub-genre.

I only need 18 more posts to finally get to 2,000

Any Excel experts?

Fitness people....Do you have any experience with core training...

Grr. Late night telemarketer.

G'Night DU Lounge, I Lurve Ya!

Um....24!!!!!!! (Spoilers)

Pink... pink... and more pink.

Hilarious K-Fed Super Bowl commercial leaked

Ray Davies kicks ass!

Woo. Over at a boys house.

Do you make your own additions to canned tomato soup?

"The Electronic Flanger and the Development of Early British Post-Punk"


Worst thing about John Edwards' new house?

Liz Renay is Dead

God, I miss Buffy

Please help re: online gourmet mail order foods sites. It's for a hospice patient.

Movie suggestions

My favorite meal after an intensive workout: a POUND of roast beef.

Any tips to put down those late night food cravings???

who created the term "f-bomb" and is there any way we can stop it?

A guy's guide to breast-feeding: Don't be a boob

So what would happen if you Googled... Google.

Nearly made a huge mistake with my Preparation H

I now despise Cheney more than W.

I really shouldn't post this - but I am too pissed off not to, and a little hurt

omfg!!! just WOW!!! fundie nuts and evolution

Post here if you have a big ass

Anybody have a link to a free reverse phone directory?

Fans of Keith: Check out this animated gif...

Would you name your kid Diezelblaze?

Warning: Christian Fascists on the March.

Ted Haggard’s Accuser, and a Theater Troupe, Visit Megachurch

France united and divided over activist priest

No Swastika ban, says Germany after Hindus' protest

Anti-gay legislator forced wife to have an abortion (Indiana)

Anyone familiar with the connex here w/Mark Rich, Scooter Libby, the pardon?


A Canadian knows the Real Deal

About to read "Unfit For Command"

Do NOT miss the first segment of tonight's Daily Show -

Not Kerry related, but oh so scary!

Smithfield video on PBS from Dec 15th

Tears Falling

Wide World (what makes you so proud?)

Cafferty on U.S. Attorney Appointments

Mountaintop Removal Movie

Karzai offers talks with Taliban

One more freaking "house" thread (other than this one)

At the presser announcing the Libby indictment Fitz said:

Beneath the surface of the HOUSE!111

TOON: Other Personal Accounts!

The first primary is at least 11 months from now..........

Senator targets surplus sales to Iran

Hubble's primary camera shuts down


KO has a special comment tomorrow night

Anybody have a link to a free reverse phone directory?

More on Bush Mercenaries

Emily's List Biggie Deserting Hillary for Obama

Dose anyone know anything about this?

The Oath Of Office. I'm waiting...

Is Nancy Pelosi Back from the Middle East ?

What the hell is up with the Fidel Castro Add!!!

One Million Strong for Barack: Obama Facebook Phenomenon!

Iraq war vet struggles to find employment

SF Chronicle airs reader complaint calls as podcasts

The People Who Work For Cheney

Edging Impeachment Back On The Table

The Hidden Imam Show

Contractor in Iraq gets 9 years in prison

"I'm the VP and you're not"

Mary Cheney baby shower registry

Why we help others - scientists peer into the brain to see why some help more than others

The Sayings Of Chairman Cheney

"I'm running for President 08"

CIA Helped Bush Senior In Oil Venture


where are the KO threads? Was he good tonight?

So...did hannity show the "edited" version of path 9/11? Now he will show it on his H and C show

Questions to ask supporters of US involvement in the Iraqi Civil War.

BBC: Melting of glaciers 'speeds up'; human-induced climate change "IS HAPPENING"

Report: New Bush order greatly expands powers.

Can Bush's self-crowning (ie. new executive order giving self more power) be challenged in court?

On Barbaro...

The White House administration and pals have swift boated Jesus.

Live Blogging Libby Trial

Do you realize the Houseis still in session? I just flipped on

I think I finally found an explanation for the 30 percent that still approve of Bush.

I think we should all know - the argument being raised

How can you possibly be against the war if you're still for funding it??

(Is it only me? Democrat, Democratic, I could care less what I am called)

You know how some folks talk of slippery slopes or hidden agendas? How about this news item:

Now the U.S. is Whacking Al Sistani's Opponents For Him

Bush Clarifies 'Democrat Majority' Gaffe

2004 Staff Directory for the White House Office of the Vice President

Interesting Comparision of Two Democratic Candidates

Should we begin an electronic congress to defeat Bush's power grab?

Bush: "I'm not that good at pronouncing words anyway."

Special Congress of concerned citizens: President Bush's power grab and solutions to end it.

C-Span poll being freeped?

This was inevitable; however, this is one of the reasons I didn't want her to run

Lieberman leaving humanity (repost from jgraz's post on Liarman)

So TimMAY and Tweety are going to "do" Scooter??

Here's my #1000th post......I'm scared

LENO is fucking-over EDWARDS over the house & 2 Americas

Tweety has gone totally Vegas.

I Love This Take On the NYTimes Story Tomorrow on Shrub

Jim Webb for President!

Are you celebrating Milton Friedman Day?

Question: What is Iran's involvement in Iraq?

Hospice helped dying man lose his virginity

Rightwing W.Va. newspapers blog claims DC march only had 20,000

The Media and the DLC don't pick our nominee for us. Do they rig our primaries?

Is this the new "Get a brain morans"??

Keith Olbermann Misses Libby-Downing St. Memo Opportunity

Reactions to Jon Stewart's Bill Gates interview

The next few weeks will decide whether it's gonna be "WWIII" or "shrubco is out the door"?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

I had a nightmare last night...

Murder cult a grim new twist for Iraq - Paging Colonel Walter E. Kurtz

Some advice on getting the word out on bush's latest power grab...

With Signing Exec Order Bush Usurps Power Over Environment, Privacy ---NY Times Tomorrow LINK

PCWorld: Watch Out for Online Ads That Watch You

How To Make A Silver Bullet (We May Need This Info Soon)

War with Iran is the only option for b*sh

US Rejects Timeout Between Iran and West

Remember "Baghdad Bob"? After Cheney's performance on CNN

NYTimes: Bush Directive Increases Sway on Regulation

Questions for the NY Times about the alleged spitting incident during anti-war protest

Oaxaca: Despite Attacks, Another Popular Assembly Emerges

From the rally: who is this DUer?

Mathews has always been hypersensitive about his manhood...

"We Probably Gave Powell the Wrong Speech" Former CIA director for Europe

Four AF guys from the same unit with testicular cancer?

Ted Nugent denies making anti-immigrant remark.

The media's new darling phrase: "Shi'ite cult"

My House.....

Okay DUers, a little help

Why have prescription insurance? I have prescription for Sinus Infection 80 BUCKS>>>

What will she tell her daughter about her father's life and death?

Hillary sang the national anthem OFF KEY!!!

Aren't Dems Supposed To Be Able To Tell A Joke?????

Thank Maxine Waters for the march route around the Capitol

If Gore wants to run for president, he should announce during his Oscar Acceptance Speech

"Cheney's office is beginning to sound like the Bada Bing, minus the dancers."

1,000 plus pictures on Flickr of the DC march for Peace (link)

"the history of the past"

How much longer will Cheney last ??

women are making headway in weather forecasting - Female groundhog steps into the spotlight

36,000 kids molested by two men? 152 year sentence. Good.

VoteVets Aims at G.O.P. Senators


Attention Jan 27 marchers!

DU is at its best when there is strong debate on an issue

Look at a map or globe, and you see we have Iran totally surrounded

MASSIVE: Bush executive order increases his control over federal agencies...

Arrest Warrant Issued for Blond Sex Crazed Teacher

Did Ari Fleischer Commit Perjury Today?

Sorry if I'm late to the news, but Franken's leaving AAR, to be replaced by THOM HARTMANN!!!

DU isn't as progressive and left-wing as I thought it would be

If a Nation Is Forced by One Man to Fight a War that Nobody Else Wants…

Massive Virtual March on Washington!! Be there!

Anyone recall Marc Rich pardon and his connection to Scooter Libby? I ask because

BBC: US plans to 'fight the net' revealed

So what happens if we DO attack Iran?

ITS OFFICIAL- 500,000 March on awesome sight!

Schwarzenegger targets UC labor and employment programs

Scooter Libby BUSTED! Ari Fleischer rats him out!

It just occured to me the GOP memme "personal responsibility" translates to "shoulda...

Republicans block House pay raise

60% Say Dems Likely to Nominate White Male

NH: SurveyUSA...Hillary ahead of Obama and Edwards by 15%

NYT - "VoteVets Aims at G.O.P. Senators"...from Purplish States!

On Bush Schedule He is Attending House "Democrat" Conference

Smithfield Foods will pay $1.1 million in back pay to workers it illegally fired for union organizin

Libby defense witnesses: Who are they?


I had a revelation today: I agree with Hillary Clinton!

have presidential candidates ever picked a VP to run with them during the primaries?

can anybody shed some light on this supposed kerry comment? this comes from one of the trolls on

Edwards and Obama are loosing support. I wonder why that is anyone want to guess

Keep an eye on Bush Mercenaries

Rockefeller on Bush’s NSA Shift: ‘Unacceptable,’ ‘I Can’t Trust What They’re Doing’

Some great photos from Saturday's march

Feingold up tomorrow: "Exercising Congress's Constitutional Power to End a War."

Dying for a lie

American presidential politics and big houses.

Dodd On Soldier's Death: Senate Will "Bring An End To This Insanity"

Bush Directive Increases Sway on Regulation - this is serious folks

Future Bookshelf: Al Gore and Reason

There Is One Thing That Could Bring Down *Co Immediately And That Is.....

One Million Strong for Barack: Obama Facebook Phenomenon!

Admired Jane Fonda's courage...

College Students Raise $400 in 4 Days for Obama Via Facebook

We did a great job buying into right wing propaganda. Please read link

Michell Malkin one fine lady BUT a rightwing nut case

How to recognize a "puff piece" and catch the latest talking points. .

What I expect Bush is up to.

"Reagan & the Salvadoran Baby Skulls" by Robert Parry

Howard Zinn: Impeachment by the People

Can Humanity Survive? Want to Bet on It?

Only Americans Can Restore America's Honor

Note to Nancy Pelosi: Challenge Market Fundamentalism (CommonDreams)

Opportunity for Dion (re: bizarre neocon move in Canada) - The Toronto Star

GOP Elders Take That Long Walk to the White House: Transcript

Bush's three-front blunder ( "a blunder of Hitlerian proportions".)

Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Big Russ and the VP (The Nation)

Father Drinan, Model Of Moral Tenacity

FBI turns to broad new wiretap method (ZDNet)

Apple pays $700,000 for bloggers' legal fees

The Nation: Blowback in Lebanon

Microsoft Vista Faster on a Mac Pro

CommonDreams: Back to the Future of Public Broadcasting

H1-B quota likely to fill up in just 15 days this year

France says troops alone won't solve Iraq's woes (Reuters)

"The Unraveling of Dick Cheney" Wow! Froomkin WOW!

Truthout: Don't Let Torture Become the Norm


Jim Hightower: Wal-Mart's New Marketing Strategy Hides Dirty Practices

George W. Bush: Gambler Who Has Run Out of Luck

WP,pg1: With Iran Ascendant, U.S. Is Seen at Fault: Arab Allies in Region Feeling Pressure

The Nation: Libby Trial: Fleischer Tags Libby and Confesses Leaking

Marie Cocco: Yes, I'm Listening to Kerry

Were Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto Heroes?

Bush Says Missing '-ic' Was an Oversight --WaPo

Two by two---man and woman and Noah's Ark

The Unraveling of Dick Cheney

Playing The Numbers Game in Iraq - Let’s Do The Math--even as we shop.

The writing's on the wall for Iran

In Veep's world, we're safer than we were before Iraq

George Monbiot: Don't be fooled by Bush's defection: his cures are another form of denial

Give War a Chance

Russian special forces used image of Litvinenko for target practice

MetroWest Daily News (MA): Arar deserves an apology

Many questions, doubts in new Iraq strategy

El País: "Millions of Iraqis Flee the War"

USA Today: As Iraqi refugees flee, let's not forget Vietnam

US to send 'clean energy' mission to China, India - AFP

British Gas Guzzlers to Pay More to Park - AP

No Chance IPCC Will End Skeptics' Bleats - 90-Minute "Documentary" To Say It's All A Hoax

Wisconsin Lost Nearly 5% Of Its Farmland 2000 - 2005 - Boston Globe

'Renaissance of agriculture' begins (Greenhouse Agriculture, Maine)

IPCC High-End Estimate Of Temperature Increase - 4.5C (8.1F) At 550 PPM - AFP

Swedish Power Executive Calls for Uniform Carbon Price.

(EPA) Scientists Recommend Tighter Smog Limits - AP

AlterNet: Apple Computers: Fun for You, Toxic for the Environment

Panel warns on Great Barrier Reef (BBC)

US wolves 'no longer endangered' (BBC)

UN's Ban May Call World Leaders For Emergency Climate Summit - FT

Army Corps Finds Five Massachusetts Dams "Deficient" - Boston Globe

The Farther West Canada's Tories Go, The Bigger Tar Sand Deposits Become - G&M

Amazon Forest Destruction Spiked Again In 2003 - 04 - Up To 10,000 Square Miles - ITV

Waxman Hearings - Nearly 50% Of Gov. Climate Scientists Told: Cut Words "Global Warming" In Reports

South African Government Gives Go-Ahead For Pebble-Bed Reactor Project - Cape Argus

Dieoff Of Whitebark Pines Thx To Beetles May Erase Grizzlies, Unravel Yellowstone Ecosystem - NYT

Indonesia Calls On Wealthy Nations To Pay Developing World To Protect Forests - Independent

Princess Lines Pays $750K In Death Of Pregnant Humpback Whale - ENN

Water: Hot and Salty

LOL - One out of three want to nuke NNadir

ABC News: Operation Save the Whales: $25,000 Reward Offered for Location of Japanese Whaling Ships

IAF bombs Gaza tunnel; PM: We'll uphold truce despite Eilat bombing

EU slams Eilat bombing, calls it bid to derail peace process

United States: Cut Off Cluster Munition Sales to Israel

'The place was destroyed and there were body parts everywhere'

Former FM says Israel a captive of Shoah memories

Poll: Likud back in lead

When Jihad says 'Kiss, make up, and kill the Jews'

Peter MacKay (Canada Foreign Minister) in Israel and Palestine

Gay Couple Becomes First to Register as Married in Jerusalem

Question about the President's Itinerary on 9/11...

Manuel Garcia Sees Physics That Don't Exist

Update on 911 Funders Saeed Sheikh and Mahmud Ahmed

New York: Election Monitors Needed for Special Election

Key to our votes! Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday, 1/30/07

Vote By Mail Book and Research

FITRAKIS: First Criminal Convictions From Ohio’s Stolen 2004 Election Confirm Recount Was Rigged

CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS... Hello!!! Did You Hear About This?

AP: Congress takes on climate issues, including alleged political pressure on scientists

AP: Omnibus Bill Freezes Spending Levels

(AP) China: NKorea nuke talks resuming Feb. 8

U.S. soldier dies when vehicle rolls

Nasrallah denies Iran is seeking 'Shiite crescent' in Middle East

U.S. Businesses at Odds Over Minimum Wage

Former DOD Contractor Sentenced in Case Involving... Fraud and Money Laundering Scheme.. in Iraq

Levees Across the Nation Need Repair

WP/Reuters: Millions to go hungry, waterless: climate report

Local Wal-Mart greeter sues for discrimination

ABC News: Operation Save the Whales: $25,000 Reward Offered for Location of Japanese Whaling Ships

'It's like a Nazi camp': Hicks (Guantanamo Bay)

Another GOP Defection

FOX News/AP: Reporter to Take Stand in CIA Leak Case

AP: U.S. Marine Killed in Fighting in Iraq

Ohio 2008 Numbers

Shell Iran plan will come under US scrutiny

WSJ: Iranian President's Setbacks Embolden His Domestic Critics

Vietnam's military told to get out of business

Sony BMG Settles Anti-Piracy CDs Charges (up to $150 for damage to their computers)

DU this CSPAN poll: Should a minimum wage increase be paired with tax breaks?

On Shiites' holiest day, 44 dead in Iraq (2 US troops die)

Group offers reward for whaling info

4th Teen Arrested In Videotaped Beating (link to video too)

Pelosi reaches out to blogging community

Eight Iraqi Shi'ite pilgrims killed in bomb blast

US must abandon Iraqi cities or face nightmare scenario, say experts (Brookings Inst.)

Libby Reportedly Said 'I Didn't Do It'

Negroponte: New NIE to be delivered to Congress next week

Waxman seeks climate inquiry evidence (Hearings Live now)

AP: Congress scrutinizes Los Alamos security

USA Today: Global warming issue gains 'traction' with new Congress

Marines order probe into leak of government report on killing of Iraqi civilians in Haditha

No memory loss with latest Libby prosecution witness (David Addington)

CBS News: U.S. And Iran Fighting Proxy War In Iraq

Baker agrees reluctantly to testify on Iraq (before Congress)

Al-Qaida leader captured in Iraqi operation

(AFP) US ponders ways to curb Turkish Kurd rebels in Iraq: envoy

Bush nominee: New actions needed in Iraq

Army Investigating Video Alleging More Iraq Prison Abuses

GOP talking points encourage using Lieberman to attack Democrats on war

Gas station explosion kills 4, injures at least 9

Reuters: Negroponte sees Iraq success without Iran, Syria

Bush calling for renewed trade powers

Emergency pill for Chilean girls (BBC) {morning-after, Plan B}

ZDNet: FBI turns to broad new wiretap method: "Invasive internet surveillance"

Report: Philippine Troops Killed Activists

Lawmakers Unveil Election Financing Bill

AP: Saudi Arabia, Iran Cooperating on Crises

Senators Warn Against War With Iran

El Modena H.S. Principal To Be Arraigned On Lewd Conduct Charge

Black Caucus Requests Katrina Committee

Pingree, eyeing elective office, leaving Common Cause

Reuters: NATO, Pakistan says millions of Afghans must go home

Feingold Calls War Bluff

Voice of America launches TV transmissions in Sandinista-governed Nicaragua

Groups Say Scientists Pressured On Warming

STOCK MARKET WATCH Tuesday January 30. 2007

Panel Hears Climate 'Spin' Allegations

Miers leaves White House with no regrets

New DNA tests OK'd in 1982 Atlanta murder cases (AP/CNN)

Poll: Ohioans favor Clinton, Guiliani for president

Bush says "Democrat party" was just a gaffe

Pentagon Halts Sale of F-14 Parts

Ecuador condemns storming of Congress

Specter: Bush Not Sole 'Decision-Maker'

Jury finds City of Seattle guilty of violating WTO demonstrators' rights!

Colombia seeks more U.S., European aid

Honours police arrest Lord Levy : (Blair crony arrested on conspiracy charges)

(Judy) Miller Testifies Libby Told Her About CIA's Plame

Reuters: U.S. court reinstates most serious Padilla charge

Report: U.S. Troops Short On Crucial Supplies

Chavez a threat to democracy, US intelligence chief says

Congress can stop Iraq war, experts tell lawmakers

House lawmakers offer bill to ban Wal-Mart bank

CNN/AP: Congress weighing strength of its war powers

Police use stun guns on greased, naked student (CNN)

Rape victim jailed after reporting attack (denied emergency contraception)

Profound climate changes in store, experts say

Senate clears way for minimum wage vote

Drugmaker wants law to require STD shot

I have been at the beach for the past two days, had to escape the John Edwards house threads.

Help needed with a cat problem....

Choloe from 24 is on Leno now, FUNNIEST, MOST AWKWARD. INTERVIEW. EVER.

I just switched over to '24'

Good episode of Trek on TVland

A new video thread. Show something you think is cool

Why doesn't John Edwards have a UFO landing pad in his backyard?

I heard a rumor that they planned PNAC in John Edwards barn

I bid you ALL a fond farewell...

I heard that the moon landings were faked in John Edwards' racquetball court!

Prefab Sprout live ('85)--Bonny

the best invention since YouTube

I heard that Hillary Clinton drowns puppies in sacrifice to Satan!

How'd it take me this long to hear about Mozart, the Rock-Hard Iguana?

So tonight I got stuck behind Farmer Freeper

Granny get's 3 years for selling pot - money used to support Bingo habit

Congratulations Wetzelbill!! 15,000 posts

This is post number 15,000.....

Barbados has been euthanized

Barbiturates have been euthanized

Eagle carrying deer head crashes into power lines, causes outages

Donald Wildmon's latest film recommendations

Price Of Beer In Ethiopia Skyrocketing

I think I have made a decision

I'm so cool I can hardly stand it.

Officer Shoots Naked Student Covered In Grape Seed Oil With Taser Gun - Twice

Wearable 1 Gigabyte Skittles

I got a serious problem - I hope you DUers can do an intervention for me

Church's Sex-Themed Billboard Raising Eyebrows

Ever have a boss you just can't please?

Man Starves To Death In Hospital After Workers Lost His Dentures

Windows Vista - The Beginning of the End for M$

"Once upon a midnight dreary

Barbarino has been euthanized

MySpace continues to suck only more so

Darth Vader being a jackass.

Pills popped open on plane?

TV station's truck falls through ice while crew preps for ice-safety segment

It's Dick Cheney's b-day today ....

Horse humor (not the beloved Brazilian joke)

"Blazing Saddles" is on the USA network, and I am STUNNED!

My sushi tastes like cod-liver oil

Best way to get Carmex out of upholstery?

Bob Barker has been euthanized.

Carnival barkers have been euthanized

It had to happen ... I knew it would

do you like hanging with mr. cooper

Man yakking on cell phone hit by train

If it's Tuesday, that can only mean one thing. Ladies Night.

I'd hit it:

When you log into DU, which forum do you read first?

I sort of dissed CarolinaPeridot yesterday

Nothing a little retail therapy won't cure. Even if it's fantasy shopping.

I bit it:

Ibid it

I hid it

When was the last time you went to the dentist?

The Police or Sting?

So, it's almost February; How are those New Year's resolutions going?

Do You Like Anderson Cooper?

Baretta been euthanized

Do you like Alice Cooper

Grammar Nazi

Mr. B is an annoying Prius driver

desperate living

Applications are now being accepted for the Lounge Lizards cheerleading squad.

Boy Killed When Driver, 84, Drives Through Cafeteria Wall

how was your night last night?

UPDATE: 7th graders also don't care for 13-minute progressive rock epics from 1978!

post your positive/negative experiences with steroids

What was the deal with Gene Rayburn's microphone?

Give me an OPINION on anything you want...

I'd Lit it! (lame copycat)

"My hair just looks like crapping,

West Coast Corduroy Time!

Download this free cookbook and $1 goes to Americas 2nd Harvest

Is there any real difference between an M.D. and a D.O.?

Why is horsecock praised and racingfighting illegal?

Rapture Index - did anyone notice this lil tidbit

Post a picture of your "worst feature"... [View All]

Name a person who isn't usually named in "name a person" threads

Guess who this is.

Cannibal cruises have been authorized!!

"name a person" threads are mean

What is the greatest song with the word "creep" in the title?

I have little of value to say and yet I'm posting tons of shit today.

Carnival cruises have been euthanized

Tiresome copycats have been euthanized.

Strange. I have a white neon rotary wheel flashing in my eye.

Fun in the snow: Sometimes you get lucky

i have fewer positive things to contribute to du than asthmaticeog

So I'm going out to dinner with a friend tomorrow that I haven't seen in 7 years

Post an innocuous phrase that can be made creepy by appending "...ladies!"

Why watching movies on TBS sucks

Why haven't I had lunch yet?

Key West Fl

There are 64 films in my Netflix queue right now.

Post something meaningless and dull

Man Didn't Take Contact Lenses Out For Year - Had To Have Them Surgically Removed (3 Pair)

Don't bother posting here.

Stonehenge Workers' Village Found

What would make bungee jumping more interesting?

This bird is smarter than my cats

so, i have vacation coming up in march

I have fewer positive things to contribute to DU than asthmaticeog or sundog

My new toaster-oven doesn't ding

Snowflake Pretzels!

If there is a heaven, whoever invented the Rodízio Barbecue has a named seat in it.

I like the film Beetlejuice

JFK's Hearse To Go Up For Sale

Canada's Second-Largest Phone Company Now Sells Porn

I think I found the perfect job for me! NOT!

name your favorite seafood

Camtasia, LiveMeeting, Webex....AAARRGH!

Is ShellBeau running around the lounge?

I am afraid that Manchester United are going to take the EPL title this year

Random poll

I am just a post whore.

Man Falls Asleep At Church...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 1/30/2007)

What should I bake?

Some people start too many frivolous threads in the Lounge

Sometimes, don't you just hate people in general?

I need a candy thermometer....

Why is horseracing praised and cockfighting illegal?

Some people start too many frivolous threads in the Lounge

A joke:

name your favorite ethnic doof

Name a part of your body

Some people should start chivalrous threads in the lounge.

If you thought breastfeeding, loud children & cell phones in restaurants were bad now this

I hate waiting for NYC plumbers

Worst. bath. EVER.

It's greased up deaf guy!!!!

A you a Freak, a Geek or a Chic?

Name an activity that you should know more about, but don't

The Best Of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day; 01/30/2007:

To my DU enemies...

What is Your Favorite Sin?

Yesterday, I made the perfect cheese omelette

Hey, whatever happened to progmom?

Greatest One Album Band ever: Blind Faith!! What's your favorite


To my DU friends...

What are you Really Proud Of?

If you are in a union and disagree with their reasons for going on strike,

Microsoft gets Vista launch off the ground.....

I share with you my Netflix queue...

62-year-old Granny Smuggles 214 Pounds Of Pot In Trunk Of Her Pinto To Support Bingo Habit

Stationery Movies

I want to thank the Lounge for being here, so will now say

How difficult is it to create a webpage

What should I break?

What's the fastest animal you could outrun?

World's oldest person about to die...

If you can spare any minor good vibes,

Is it just me or has the rest of DU gone fucking insane

Hey crim son!!!!!

I am the OP

Dammit my ear holes are too small for these ear buds!!!1111!!

A quiz, answer the question before last

J. Lo defends TomKat and Scientology

name a punny person in the lounge (tame copycat)

Until children can give informed consent, all sports involving them should be banned

Would this be a good time to say


Amazing Riverdance Video!

Warm cornbread with cheese and chopped roasted-on-the-bbq green chiles


Remember the duck that survived 2 days after being shot?

Thanks to LynneSin's actions - I'm tossing those cats into my crock pot

I just filled out my annual self evaluation at work

What's your current bar-tab?

Photo thread time! New webcam, new photo!

Name of the last person that you broke up with or visa versa?

My favorite utensil is the fork

Until flies, mice, etc. can have legal representation, executing them should be banned

Patti Labelle Appreciation Thread

Pointless trivia questions thread.

This Fingers crossed smilie, really looks like it is flipping the bird.

Name your favorite sushi

Happy birthdaysiouxsiecreamcheese!!

I got a gripe about the TSA...

Harry Potter to show his wand

Consumer Reports: McDonald's Tops Starbucks In Coffee Taste Test

Do you like Alice Cooper?

Garbage tipped over in kitchen, coffee grounds spread on rug....

Long, boring meetings - am I the only ones tortured by them?

name your favorite ethnic food

name your favorite ethic food

Whatever Happened to.... (Place Name Here)

Random questions needing random answers......

Had my first Horseback riding competition this weekend

Would you get cosmetic surgery...for any reason?

Post here if you have a big asp

Hey, Loungers

Favorite Super Bowl Quarterback?

Can I start a Barbaro flame war?

Any else here like the 2 for 99 cents tacos at Jack in Box.

Tastes/Smells that bring back vivid memories?

For HEyHEY...and other polar bear lovers...

Haircut Poll

Name a food that could be the end of you?

name a funny person in the lounge

Rename yourself and give yourself a new job

Has marriage become an outdated custom?

It's time to play Name Every Sit-Com Set In New York!!!!


sooo, i'm frying up some Buffalo Wings for dinner. how many are you good for?

Thanks to Ohiosmith's advice - I'm tossing my cats out of my home

Who are the anime fans here on DU?

Hey baby, what's your "sign"? (pic thread!!)

I woke up ten minutes ago

Post Pics! For my 20,000th Post, I give you me...

What average word gives you the heebie jeebies?

My only flaw is my excess of humility

What SHOULD you be doin' right now?

Anyone watch the movie "Freaks" on TCM last night

What to say to Fundies who insist on bugging you so they leave you alone?

Darn You Wildhorses- You've Given Me An Earworm!

name a sunny person in the lounge (lame copycat)

What were you into in the 80's?

What Happens After Death?

Star Trek:TOS Best Episode?

Until animals can give informed consent, all sports involving them should be banned.

Start a DU Rumor

The Brooklyn Nets???

I think i have my Valentines day gifts finalized

ATTN: February/March babies

has anyone heard of this website?

***** An update on my dad *****

Christian-Approved Anal Sex. Okay, I'm done now.....

Tony Dungy Criticized for Supporting Anti-Gay Group

Wyoming: The Ex-Equality State

Escape Hatch for the Disgraced

Why is the Wyoming bill getting so much attention?

Shaq and the All-Star Game

Maple Leaf Gardens is a shambles (repost from Canada Forum)

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for January 28: The wrap up on the wild, wild Wijk

Barry Bonds signs with S.F. Giants: One year/$15.8 million

Why are the NBA league officials so dense

Who will win the Super Bowl?

Soul Sick Nation

I had an interesting experience last night, re: sending light to

OBSW. . .Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius 2/2/07 12:45 am EST. . .the "me" versus the "weee!!!" polarity

“Mash” Today - Medicine, War, and Writing

Chet Edwards Steps Up Increase funding VA

June 13-17, 2007 (Craryville, NY) Veteran's Return Retreat

Mass native, Iraq War victim, by suicide

Ahem, Where have I heard that before?

Imus mentioned JK

2 SFRC Committee Hearings today. 9:30 am & 1:00 pm

Kerry testifies at Global Climate Change hearing 1/30

Kerrycrats, you are needed at the table

Honoring Brian Freeman

Yes, I’m Listening to Kerry - Marie Cocco

Kitchen table moment about JK.

Check this out:

Brilliant smackdown of MSM's misrepresentation of JK's speech

Obama calls for full withdrawal

DailyKos diary to rec and comment on ASAP

Must-See Song - "26-Hour Day"


Clip 1 of 6 of police breaking up protesters

Clip 2 of 6 of police breaking up protesters

Clip 3 of 6 of police breaking up protesters

Clip 4 of 6 of police breaking up protesters

Clip 5 of 6 of police breaking up protesters

Fox and Friends Slam Anderson Cooper

Rosie on impeachment - interesting thoughts

Clip from the march featuring a number of DUers

12 step program for impeachment.

MSNBC: Cheney Obsessed with Hardball's Wilson Coverage

Zinni: "No Solid Proof" that Saddam had WMD

Powell And Rice Declare: Iraq Has No WMD's (2001)

Gore Vidal on Shrub, the republic, and wanting cousin Al to run again

KO on The Downing Street Memos

Sen. Russ Feingold

Sloop John B (enjoy the genius of B. Wilson)

The CIA'S Ray McGovern Confronts Rumsfeld

Clip 6 of 6 of police breaking up protesters

Awesome San Diego Rally !!

TIMZ - Iraqi American Rapper MUST see/hear

March on DC

Do It Yourself Impeachment!

Star Wars China Style

Trial of a Century Pig in a Poke

Remembering Rev. Drinan -- "the stuff of which legends are made."

President Black Bush presents his case for war with evidence of aluminum tubes and yellow cake.

Libby Trial and Uranium from Africa Part 1: Bush to Blair I’ll Scratch Your Back Since You Scratched

Well, Just In Case He's A Vampire And Not a Wier wolfe, We might Need This Info Too

Innocent Civilians always lose

Kagan, architect of Bush's Surge plan, gives comfort to the terrorists

Steve Wozniak on Charlie Rose tonight (2nd half)

Has anyone been following the show 2057 on the Discovery Channel?

Very poignant post from a nurse that I read on a blog

Questions remain in wake of Iraq battle

Iran Offering to Rebuild Iraq

Powerful Song (Video)

Dean in South Carolina today.."You’ve got to do this piece by piece"

Today in Senate Foreign Relations Cmte: Negroponte's demotion

Pictures from local (East Texas) protest

Anyone else really touched by Jane Fonda?

Palast rawks

Iraqi civilian offers advice to American neocons

I just finished watching Friends Of God on HBO by

AP: Warden says inmate felt no pain (in botched Fla. execution)

Doctors and Patients should determine medical treatment?

Army Pfc. Nathan P. Fairlie, age 21, has died for his country.

Say what you want, but I really like this John McCain

Default to Disbelief...

TOON: The decider digs himself a hole at State of the Union

BBC: Iraq report urges containment (Brookings)

If journalists write that they believe LIHOP/MIHOP, will they be banned from the mainstream media?

President Gore speaking on the environment, on CSPAN1 Now

A very brief history oil and war.

"S.F. Chronicle Airs Reader Calls As Podcasts"

Levees Across the Nation Need Repair

NPR is pointing out that a number of highup apptees at State Dept

caption this Wolfowitz pic

Bush`s legacy......mandatory sacrifice, here and abroad.

Watching Margaret Spellings on CSPAN now

How do you think the 'christian' Right would respond


VA Coverup. Agency Says Higher Casualty Total Was Posted in Error. - NYT

Saga of the Robot Who Upset a Rich San Francisco Neighborhood

Chevron Contributes $10 Million to U.S. Institute of Peace

Civil Freeper Counter-protesters

Iran gives weapons to iraq insurgents, doesn't the u s do the same thing?

I see a disturbing trend of celebrities running for office...

Another elderly homeowner shot by undercover narcotics officers...

seen the new add from career builders?????

Matthews Drools Over Libby Trial

Funniest Bush Bloopers Video ever... Must watch... Will laugh until you pee...

Congress bears some responsibility for getting us into this war and, therefore, .....

Is the implication that Iran was behind the attacks at Shi'a holy sites on a high holy day to boot?

Okay. It's time. Should the Iraq Resolution be binding or non-binding?

Bush to slash cancer funding. ($400 billion spent on Iraq would have funded 80 YEARS)

Feingold hearings link...

Meet the new enemy! (lovely slideshow of Tehran---looks alot

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Michael Bramer, at 23; strove to cope after injury in Iraq

Check out Baghdad

VoteVets Aims at G.O.P. Senators

Mods can we PLEASE have a separate Sandy Berger forum?

Sen. Bill Nelson to say 20,000 troops not nearly enough.

Bush Signs A Directive Which Gives Admin Greater Power Over Civil Rights etc.

A Strike On Iran

The difference between the left and the right

Cindy Sheehan: 'The Fifth Estate'

And it's one, two, three, What are we fighting for?

bush says we sacrifice by watching the news of the war?

Code Pink, cop blue clash at Iraq protest

"we should send in 100,000 troops" Sen. Shelby (R-AL)

Wow -- now here are some scary folks!

Congress weighing strength of its war powers


Bush signs new directive: Takes power from (Democratic) Congress, Gives more to him

Imus just called o'reilly a son-of-a-bitch.

Video: Muslim While Flying

Fitz is using Cheney's own lawyer to prove OVP was well aware

Harpies hold convention as propagandists numbers dwindle

Do you have Republican friend ,neighbor, or relative, who you use as a political barometer?

Has corporate media mentioned bush's latest power grab?

Waxman hearings on Global warming cspan NOW---saying WH is

Is there any way for the user to disable whatever that ActiveX thing is?

NY Times: Bushists Steal Regulatory Power from Congress by Executive Order

Global warming Hall of Shame

How do you post images on your computer?

Retired US Army Colonel Macgregor on Bush's new policy: "a blunder of Hitlerian proportions".

On Shiites' holiest day, 44 dead in Iraq

Wow, Smirky made the government even bigger. (Political Officers) Way to go, conservatives.

Is Barbaro's a$$ still alive and on Cspan right now?

Can Bush and/or Cheney go to jail for Contempt of Congress?

DU friends, what makes us different from other "DEMS"?


The mud slinging has begun!

Is there anybody besides me who would get a naughty delight in seeing Bill as 1st Gentlemen?

I really shouldn't post this - but I am too pissed off not to, and a little hurt

Feingold War Power Hearings: Alexander Hamilton was a Federalist...

Bush nominee: New actions needed in Iraq

Shiveluch volcano on Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula erupts, spews cloud of ash

Son of a Millworker!

"How to Win an Argument with Another Progressive" (handy checklist)

MP3: We Have To Impeach The President - Piano version

Bush was completely wrong on Iraq....but now what?

What to do...what to do...Judy, Judy, Judy or Feingold kick'n arse

Traitorgate Collateral Damage: Cathie Martin forced to tear down curtain, reveal The Wizard...

Anti-War Marches Draw Hundreds of Thousands

Barry Lando: "The History of Western Complicity in Iraq, From Churchill to Kennedy to George W. Bush

Webb is on cspan3 now talking about Iran and Condi!

Evidence mounts for sun's companion star ...interesting


Bush signs executive order that increases his sway over government regulations

Happy 66th Birthday, Dick

"unless humvees fall out of the sky" ...Not Enough Equipment to Arm Surge Forces

Feingold gets applause in final statement in his hearing

Senator Kennedy going off on Senate floor, RE: Minimum wage, and

***** YOUR CALL CAN RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE! ***** 1-800-459-1887 *****

US strike group transits Suez Canal (Jerusalem Post)

Just FYI Who is Ron Paul?

Caption this photo

Was yesterday's bush * power grab a tactic in response

Why do you only believe something if published in NYTimes, and not when it's broken

Buxh moves even closer to a dictatorship

Attention to Florida’s Disputed 13th District Wanes Even As Jennings' Inquiry Presses On

Headline: Tuesday Goes Postal!!! . . . Quick, . . . come CAPTION!!!!

Is not *'s power grab of the regulatory agencies a constitutional issue?

Skull of 'hobbit' proves it was a different species say scientists.

Turn aTuesday from your door, though it is cheap, for you are poor . . . please CAPTION!!!

The persecuted Conservative Christians of the US are going to hold a huge Conference

Just A few more DC pics

DU this CSPAN poll: Should a minimum wage increase be paired with tax breaks?

ABC News: Democrats Will Hold President's Feet to the Fire in Upcoming Hearings

Judy Miller arrives for court

Anyone who doesn't have a problem with those who voted for the IWR should remember this:

A Few Facts. What Do They Mean? .....

WHERE IS CONGRESS ON THIS?? Finishing Touches on Bush's Dictatorship...LINK

Senate Foreign Relations Cmte -Biden- on this p.m. w/Baker and Hamilton

Just Now Nuts IS bu$hit, Anyway?

Give Barbara Boxer your feedback about Global Warming solutions! help out!

Return of stolen cremated remains sparks bomb scare, colorful misunderstandings and tearful relief

Medicare and the minimum wage. I need volunteeers.

"Explosively Formed Projectiles" - Barbara Starr, Pentagon Correspondent

Russ Feingold: Breaking Another Iraq Taboo

If Cloture isn't voted, Minimum Wage will be tabled - Harry Reid

Jeff Gannon mentioned in the CIA Leak case!

"In Order to Acheive Victory In Iraq, I needed to Attack Iran"

NBC's Russert says he didn't tell Libby about CIA officer

Today's front pages, Bush vs. Barbaro

Finally in the printed press!! Congress did not declare war

Bartcop on Sen. Pat Roberts

Dogs may soon have access to bars in Seattle. So long as they don't smoke.

Byrd asks for help in stopping the escalation - petition request

USNews: GOP is giving Bush "until April or May" to improve things in Iraq

Some dark speculation on the need for zampolits

FEINGOLD War Powers Hearing-Experts Tell Congress-THEY HAVE POWER TO END WAR

"Waxman seeks climate inquiry evidence"


recommendation for most important legislation

See: This is a typical ignorant, illiterate response from a Freeptard - -

smirk's Blackwater story in Iraq

Treasuregate - Is the War in Iraq over buried treasure?

From Senator Feingold: pls. sign petition, too!

Bumper stickers - some old, some new.

HEH! The true thugs in the White House revealed!

CIA Leak Case: Did Ari Fleischer admit to something he didn't do?


Flummoxed by irrefutable logic

Iraq Crybaby Theatre

If you miseed the "peace" proests

Can Congress force troops' withdrawal? Yes, according to Republicans!

So the war won't end with w. Who WILL it end under?

Special Congress on President Bush's centralization of power, session 2:

Who is behind Bush's power-grab of the executive agencies?

Iran surrounded.

Negroponte: Iraq NIE Coming "First Thing Next Week"

Why does the Fox Noise Network have such high ratings?

Group offers reward for whaling info

more republican family values ???

Bob Herbert: More Than Anti-War


Divine strake debate continues LOCAL NEWS VIDEO AND EMAIL OF DOE

Meth-dealing Hooker With a Heart of Gold Mike Jones greeted warmly by Ted Haggard's congregation

The DLC --- is ruining & running the democratic party

Simple question about Libby trial

White House Pastry Chef: Co-Author of "Desserts for Dummies"

SPECTER: "I would suggest respectfully to the president that he is not the sole decider"

I like frog racing a lot more than horse racing

Use of the word "Shill" to describe RW Fanatics.

On Barbaro: "He never lied to us"

Exactly how many people were at the DC protests?

Airport Security and Customs Nightmare

Distort D'Newsa (Dinesh D'Souza), whining about attacks on him and his not thought through book

* in Peoria - pics

Jeff Christie is obsessed with male sexuality today

Is this Rumsfeld fact true? Used E-4B 747 as personal transport

When Democrats run committees, protesters don't get beat up n/t

Robert Baer: In Basra today the currency is the Iranian toman, not the Iraqi dinar

what would possess anyone to do a thing like this?(DC photo)

Are Pardons In The Pipeline? If So, When Will They Be Granted???

After Downing Street: Camera Crews Threatened With Arrest for Filming Peace Demonstration

What if Congress won't listen? Lawyers, please respond

Bush 43 and Charles I - Two Examples of Why the Founders Made Congress a "Co-Decider"

Bush still believes he has some political capital

Oops!... They're doing it again. False Intelligence flooding in about Iran

Attack on Iran ( Report from Bulgaria )

Seen in Shreveport, LA by truck driver husband...

Thank you, Tim Robbins: "Is impeachment STILL off the table?"

638 Ways To Kill Castro

Foreign Relations Committee on CSPAN 3 live

Happy Birthday, FDR

OMFG! Wrap your head around this LTTE that merges ALL middeastern events as ONE

Barbara Lee in the Speaker's Chair right now. What an image

I'm damned annoyed with all the Lefties getting sucked into

thought I'd repost this nepotism article-can we do something about THAT?

Scooter Libby: "I didn't do it"

major rainstorm leaves 5000 without water/gas, 500 homeless

WEBB UP C-SPAN 3 Iraq Study

Nancy Pres Conference on MSNBC now n/t

I am looking for a thread

'US poised to attack,' claims Bulgarian agency

I Need You **HELP** FCC: No Longer Free Speech Issue, But Public Safety Issue

Shocked fundie prays after seeing half nekid woman in magazine...

Anyone have a link to the bush "halo" pics?

When you log into DU, which forum do you read first?

State Board of Nursing in Texas drafting position statement regarding working hours

Has Lieberman backed off Katrina investigation because of Rove help during Election 2006?

Arizona May Create Home-Grown Security Force - State Militia

Caption this * pic...

"Hannity's America" full of Sex and Violence

Let's just say the Dems win, but not with H.Clinton...

How Much Do You Pay Each Month for Insurance?

ABC: Political insiders believe that the WH has dispatched the Cheney clan to counter critics

I Need Some PR Advice...

WH Barred Negroponte From Saying ‘Global’ And ‘Warming’ In Same Sentence

So, this is it, folks. This is what it's all about...this is what it was always about...


MSNBC Live Vote: Do you Should Bush be Impeached?

who are the insurgents????

Unexpected Iraq bloodbath raises concerns

Interesting. Bush's bullying Iran may SAVE Ahmadinejad's Presidency

Feingold hearings begining now...

DNC Winter Meeting, 'Strong Leadership for America's Future' Features Democratic Presidential ...

This is a really good view.

caption (again)

Rebuttal to current Social Security RW email

Did Ari Fleischer Commit Perjury?

RepubiCONS are afraid of Bush...

What is a "reactionary progressive?" Insight into the mind of a Gamer & Rethug

More on Bush Mercenaries - Blackwater Inc

Cafferty-what does it mean when Hagel is more outspoken against war than democrats

National Guard Equipment shortage-and this was 2005!

Just a Reminder Keith will do a Special Comment tonite.

Why doesn't Patrick McHenry STFU

Reuters can go suck it!

I've Got It -- We ALL Know It.... The Reason The Idiot Wants to Stay In

Please Help Doctors Without Borders/ Tell Novartis To Drop It's Case Against Essential Medicines!

Castro death party in Miami? Can we have one of these type parties too?

You have just crossed over into...The Twilight Nation.

I have nothing against Republican-Americans...

Watch out California! I am moving out there in March! WOOOHOOO

VoteVets Creates New “Stop Escalation” Ad

Mike Malloy Show: Joe Trippi guest for tonight

See an outsider's impression of DUers -- she was at meetup at H&D Jan. 26

Raising the minimum wage - Pluses and minuses.

Iran - How Do We Stop the Madness????

Lowes pulls ads from The Captain Phonesex Show over Bill's comments on Shawn Hornbeck

Questions re: Bush power grab

Paul Bremer Confirmed to Face Democratic Committee!

One of the soldiers who was in DC this weekend has been called back to Iraq!!

What does it mean when Hagel talks tougher than Dems?

Feingold will be on CNN live in a few minutes...go,Russ!

brownback wanted a wizzard of oz is my version cheney is the tin man...

Dumb question, Is Cheney going to testify and if so when and for which side?

Republic Rep. John Duncan Tenn just accused scientists of being attention whores

***Today's Firedoglake Liveblogging Libby Trial threads

Joe Biden announces presidential run, on the t.v. news.

Looks like Harry Reid caved in to the Republicans on Minimum Wage

Caption Rove

Impeach Bush: Do-It-Yourself

I'm sorry, I just hate all of these bastards. 'Should the Minimum Wage be Linked to Tax Cuts?'

Duke hearing postponed to May 7, more than a year after the "rape."

58 killed so far today, now THAT'S a Holy Day.

Barbara Boxer wants to hear from you about Global Warming Priorities

Tweety: "They're daring the President to declare himself a dictator."

Navy Admiral (water) set to lead US troops in Mid East (sand)

"The History of Western Complicity in Iraq, From Churchill to Kennedy to George W. Bush"

Stonehenge workers' village found

The Cold War's Deadly Legacy: How the U.S.'s Atom for Peace Program Helped Spread Nuke Technology

This week at the Rapture Ready board: Great excitement over Gog/Magog & 'rapture' anytime! is headed up by Eason Jordan et al

50 lb frozen rain ball? Yipes, who needs nukes?

Very good article about Numbnut's Health proposal

Senator targets surplus sales to Iran (Stop Arming Iran Act)

How we lost iraq.... a must read on Common Dreams

Three EX-terrorists, now America loving, speak tonite in Ann Arbor, MI.

What's the name of that highway going from Mexico thru the US to Canada?

Are Rethugs planning a nuclear winter to offset global warming?

On Cspan: Repukes are under draconian martial law...

Congress can halt Iraq war, experts tell lawmakers

none of this makes any sense

EU-wide public smoking ban urged (BBC)

Are there enough votes to impeach...

Little-known clause in Homeland Security bill gives Bush new powers:

Hubble telescope dying: loses 'Advanced Camera for Surverys' to short circuit

Poll: Indict, Impeach, Imprison

Wait a minute -- I thought that everyone and his mother's dog "knew" Valerie Plame was a CIA agent

CNN just did a lack luster report on global warming on Wolf

Who would you pick to be the next President (anyone, not just those running)?

TIMZ - Iraqi American Rapper MUST see/hear "Iraq"

Maverick Costco CEO Joins Push to Raise Minimum Wage | Call 1-800-459-1887

The Highly Delusional State of Bush

Bush Grants Self Permission To Grant More Power To Self

Oh Boy! Obama introduces something binding!

self-delete n/t


NBCand news media ramping Iran involvement...but they are back peddlig at end of story.

So Obama wants to end escalation and redeply troops.....

Please help me process my lingering anger over Katrina

C-SPAN3 - Senate Foreign Relations Cmte. w/ Baker & Hamilton

One Year Anniversary of Coretta Scott King's Passing

NBC running serious talk about global warming in the front news today

RW radio host "I hope we get another 9/11 to shut up Jane Fonda"

Please rank your priorities for combating global warming.

Imagine how much fun elections would be with I.R.O. ballots

FL-13: It's the Machines, Not the 'Paper Trails', Stupid

You just don't know how ROBUST the economy really is....

Has Lou Dobbs ever done a show NOT about illegal immigration?

Lou Dobbs was banging the war drums

Real popcorn as packing material? Environmentally friendly alternative

On ABC Nightly News: Bush talks about ownership and making America competitive in the global economy

DU, Hillary, and me!

3081 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

NBC spent first 10 minutes slamming bush and his cronies...

Tweety's whole start of the show: what are the Dems afraid of

t(f)ucker has a new spin on impeachment

Okay, I clicked one of the ads here and found an outfit selling Dinars

'Divine Strake May Kill You' - This is one scary read!!!

C-Span 3 Heckler Thread #2 - HERE'S THE VIDEO!

FEINGOLD UPS ANTE-Will Introduce Legislation Cutting Off Funding Of Iraq War

Cancer drug....

I'm telling you, folks...Hagel's the one to watch out for...

BBC: Cuban TV shows 'stronger' Castro

Regarding Bush's health insurance scam plan...

British Find No Evidence Of Arms Traffic From Iran


Must see video!

Drugmaker to test fat-fighting marijuana drug

(((TOONS!!))) Toons for Tuesday

January 30, 1933


Blackwater's Erik Prince Floated Idea of Civilian Reserve Corp!

Cafferty takes on Blackwater, quotes Jeremy Scahill, wants to hear from you

Soldier brags about rape

maybe if US Troops left Iraq, Iranians couldnt "attack them"

Focus on the Family wants to ruin your child's birthday party

Lawsuit Filed After Songwriter Starves In Hospital

Disturbing Pelosi chatter

Whenever I see the word "Clinton" in a forum header

NPR calls Bush out on use of "Democrat" instead of Democratic

Report: FBI conducting sweeping Internet wiretaps that mirror warantless NSA surveillance

After Clinton's "evil men..." remark, and f'ed explanation...

Feingold: Congress has plenty of history stopping U.S. involvement in war!

My name is Maxine Waters....

Richard Clarke: " all probability, the Iranian government is knowingly killing U.S. troops"

Scooter Libby - Hush-hush, on the QT by Larry Johnson

Jon Alter on Imus---says the WH is inoculating itself against prosecution. He

MSNBC's Shuster unveils expected developments with Judith Miller

NBC Evening News shamelessly pumping Pentagon Propaganda...

* tours Caterpillar Plant in Peoria - pics

Subject: An iron curtain is descending......

Woman raped, jailed, deprived of contraception. Tampa.

That Infamous January 31 meeting between Bush and Blair

Nuclear Power IS NOT CO2 free nor Wallet Friendly

Grammar Nazi

Jim Webb: Class Struggle - American workers have a chance to be heard. (Call 1-800-459-1887)

Email from Sen Feingold -- Help him! Sign power of purse resolution

Cheney: "Well, I'm the vice president, and they're not.''

Why the poor can't eat healthy and organic

Two charges dropped against Lt. Watada

I'm watching 'Frontline' about the Berlin Airlift

YO ALBERTO: Gonzales May Have Been Involved In Effort to Sacrifice Libby For Rove!

Three new articles on the PNHP website regarding our health care

Report: FBI conducting sweeping Internet wiretaps

Impeaching Cheney ... a 20 Question Q&A...

wiki error - need help fixing it

Love these bumper stickers!

"For a black man, you live longer in prison than you do out of prison."

Tuesday TOON collection

Subliminal messages on FOX TV shows?

Nuns help dying man lose virginity to hooker

DUer The Witch - check this out (your pic w/the DU sign)!

Socks don't lie ...

Three critical issues, so little time. Which should be done first, in your opinion?

"I didn't mean to flick the 'ic'" -- bush

CNN: Ancient Village Found near Stonehenge

Just received a stupid RW email about John Glenn

I am crying, and shaking and physically ill after reading this

NY MAG >> The Loneliest President - What’s going on in George Bush’s mind? >>>

aarrgghh! Scientology Treatment Program for Prisoners Funded by Feds

Bush 'spoiling for a fight' with Iran - Guardian Unlimited

Mayor loses bet to Colbert, must declare his birthday to be "Stephen Colbert Day" in his city

Do you believe it is now clearly apparent that BushCo's response...

Sens to Admin: Explain Views on Congress War Powers

Franklin Delano Roosevelt born January 30, 1882

Stark. Raving. Mad...

Limbaugh's "Halfrican Americans" - why has no one called him on this racist term?

"After all, most minimum wage workers aren't poor"

Colbert Fans--Wikipedia Entry

Do you feel protests could become less peacefull?

Cheney's directive to McClellan re: Libby was submitted into evidence

When I'm forced to vote for Hillary

Oh, This is So Cool! A Freeper gave us the best complment.

ABC News: "The White House seems to be under attack from every angle" re : Democrats' investigations

LEAHY To BUSH ADMIN: "What (Congressional) Constitutional Authority Do You Recognize?"

IRAN: A couple of very interesting articles I found today while

Goddamn Fucking Walmart!!

Poor Sales, Plummeting Stock Price Plague Left Behind Games

Judith Miller & the "many dark actors" (Plame thread #9)

Chairman: Bush officials misled public on global warming. That's Chairman Waxman Folks!!

"N.J. school to test for weekend drinking "

Athletes hawking diet products/programs

Patrick Fitzgerald Official Website Updated: January 30th Materials

Who Is Changing To Windows Vista

My State Senator is a MORON...supports Cock fighting...

Soldier's Death Strengthens Senators' Antiwar Resolve- Kerry, Dodd Demand Stronger Challenge to Bush

DU, I desperately need advice on a problem in my community:

O'Reilly pledges to match each sale of his book with a copy to a soldier.

Look, "we" are not going to win the WH in 2008.

Paul Wolfowitz takes off shoes to enter Mosque. Holes in both socks. Class act. (with pic)

Notice to DEMS: You want to be our President? Then vote YES on Russ Feingold's legislation!

PC World says farewell to floppy (BBC)

Feingold: I can't do it alone. Demonstrate your support by co-signing my resolution

An Iron Curtain is Descending - And Most Americans Don't Know

Let's talk about society's perception of fat people.


Sy Hersh: "The worst is yet to come."

Heckler C-SPAN 3!

New Sibel Edmonds Movie to Screen Feb 3, with Panel

Newsweek poll: Impeachment supporters at 58% (up from 51%)

"Daddy's Little Princess", 'modest and beautiful' clothing for girls...

A Reminder of Who and What the Carlyle Group is: Documentary

Pandagon: How to Shut Down "Girls Gone Wild"

Any Anarchists in the house? Can you explain something to me?

The spitting incident at the march: my letter to the NYT reporter

Chairman: Bush officials misled public on global warming

Kucinich is candidate Americans can trust

Pro impeachment guys: we need to lobby Nancy. How do we do it?

Against Illegal Immigration: Xenophobia or Safeguarding American Workers?

Pelosi: redeployment is a step toward "stability in the region"

Humor/Irony; Guess what book the new White House pastry chef wrote?

U.S. Businesses at Odds Over Minimum Wage (AP)

Fallon Says U.S. Miscalculated Iraq (AP)

My theory on this new power grab executive order.

What did Ari really say to Gregory, Dickerson at the side of a road in Uganda?

Another GOP Defection

Heads up - When "they" start stories about Al Gore's personal carbon footprint

P. Krugman this week's column called for more partianship.

Help: Was a tax hike approved this past Saturday?

If this is true it is a really shameful thing for the Democratic Party

The Humane Society Becomes a Political Animal

Obama: Facebook numbers!

Interesting statements/questions raised 12/13/1995, by a Dem!

Pelosi reaching out to bloggers to push the Democratic agenda

Feingold Investigating Congress's Power To End War

It's pretty obvious to me that there are only two ways to end this war anytime soon

Snowe, Collins to co-chair McCain (Presidential exploratory) group

Ohio 2008 Numbers

Sen. Ted Kennedy on C-Span 2 right now debating minimum wage again.

Warner or Webb for VP

Anyone Else Enjoying Senate Min Wage Filibuster ?

Pressured by conservatives, the Pope ordered Father Drinan, model of moral tenacity, out of Congress

Al Franken giving "serious consideration" to Minnesota Senate bid

Dean in South Carolina says Dems value the state's diversity,


Why Not the Kombat T-98?

"I Know Which Way THIS Conversation Is Going!"

It is looking real bad for Libby will he cut a deal to save prison time?

How is "large manufacturing" hurt by a Min.Wage increase?

Please co-sponsor Sen. Feingold's resolution to redeploy our troops

The Bush-Clinton Dynasties

Der Mittenfuhrer and the strategy that only a campaign finance lawyer could love

Senate Clears Way for Minimum Wage Vote (AP)

Possible Constitutional Loophole? Denying Bush the use of the military.

If Iran Was Transporting Weapons Into Iraq - Why Would They Keep....

I think Bush is praying that Democrats will stop the funding for the war

Tonite: Keith Olbermann Special Comment. I hope he mentions

Q+A: Bill Richardson

Kos on the electability of the top three...

Spitting on the truth (now with an action alert)


Judy's on the stand! Follow it here:

More on Bush Mercenaries - Blackwater Inc

hack on hartmann blaming economy on 9/11

Biden to Announce tomorrow.

MSNBC's Tucker Carlson calls Conyers et al "Cowards" for not impeaching NOW

Political Masturbation: Surge, no surge, resolutions, Abu Ghraib Gonzales, Cheney hogwash

NASA chief cleared of one charge in a different, minor Tom DeLay scandal

Where do the '08 candidates stand on NOLA?

Calling all Clarkies! I need your help with this BRAINSTORM !

Any Word On The Report That Gonzalez Was Supposed To Get To Leahy....

Let's talk about something different for a moment. Let's talk fat people.

A thought on the eventual impeachment of Bush and Cheney....

Excerpts from Adm. Fallon's confirmation hearings; not encouraging

Captain Brian Freeman, An American Hero

World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, with holes on his socks

Feingold's resolution...will Hagel support it?

So now Bush says........

What is Feingold's Problem?

The DNC says Wes is in??

Rutgers Won’t Interfere with Workers’ Freedom to Join a Union

Wolfowitz's Iraq Invasion Plans: Not For Oil, We Need Their Socks!

For those who love polls--check out this one from Feb 2003!

The Nation: Tancredo the Terrible

AG Gonzalez says habeas corpus NOT in constitution?

FEINGOLD Should Be Our Nominee... He Wowed Me Just Now...

if HRC wins the nomination could Bill be nominated VP???

Happy Birthday, Dick Cheney

John McCain is NOT too popular with my fellow MMA fans!

Ten Who Again Voted Against Minimum Wage Increase

Real Reason Feingold Will Not Run in 2008

Local (Raleigh) Columnist offers to trade 'cribs' with Edwards

Okay, That's It, I've Had It!

Pre-order "The Assault on Reason" at to support Al Gore!

Freepers Claim War Is Going Well

Gingrich within 3 points of McCain, #3 in GOP Nom race

STL DC bus riders and all war opposers ATTENTION PLEASE!!!

I applaud Hillary Clinton for admitting she was wrong about Iraq.

"The Aspens are Lying" Judy Miller on the stand now.

Which candidate is most like Dean?

OH Poll: Hillary leads McCain and Guiliani...Obama by 25...

Lobbying for Impeachment

DNC Winter Meeting Features Democratic Presidential Contenders

(Tomorrow) Chairman Conyers puts Bush abuse of power `On the table'

Healthcare reform never talks about healthcare costs...

Wesley Clark mentioned on teevee (not Faux) in context of possible 08ers

****** 2008: You heard it here first ---------- Clinton/Obama *******

Lobbying for Impeachment: Take along a Big "Clue Stick" !

The press manufactures John Kerry's tears