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Archives: January 31, 2007

Bush 'spoiling for a fight' with Iran

Honesty in Elections: Obama, Schumer bill would make voter deception, intimidation a federal crime

Iran Must Get Ready to Repel a Nuclear Attack

The Nation: Libby Trial: Judy Miller's Memory Mess

For GOP, Discord In Dissent On Iraq

AlterNet: Republicans Scared Stiff of Bush's War Bumbles

Things Fall Apart: Containing the Spillover from an Iraqi Civil War ......... Brookings Institute

The danger of Bush's anti-Iran fatwa..... Juan Cole

Protect Wolves in Idaho and Wyoming...

B-52 Undergoes Synthetic-Fuel Cold Weather Testing At Minot

British Energy to Solicit Bids On New Nuclear Plants.

West's boycott pushes Hamas close to Iran-UK report (Reuters)

PM approves eastward move of section of separation barrier

Ministers decide to beef up policing of West Bank settlers

DC 9/11 Truth pics

Kucinich: "Finally, our plan is to tell the truth about 9/11"

FL -- Gov. Crist to recommend ditching touch-screen machines

Lessons of Ohio and San Diego: Recounts Easily Days late and Many $$$ Short

Olde Fashioned Legal Loopholes Allow Rigging of Hi-Tech Elections

What Bush Didn't Say About Social Security (WP)

Turkey warns Lebanon, Egypt against oil exploration deal with Cyprus

Labor Leader Is Parting, With a Shot (against Gov. Eliot Spitzer ’s planned cuts in health care NYT)

EU, Russia resist US on Iran sanctions - diplomats

Clemson University Probes Racist (MLK) Party

McClatchy: Iraqi prime minister said he warned U.S. about Shiite militias

Tobacco’s Stigma Aside, Wall Street Finds a Lot to Like

First Arab nominated for Holocaust honor

Obama Introducing Bill Mandating Withdrawal Of All Troops From Iraq By March 2008

Few Rush Out to Buy New Windows Vista

Pentagon stops F-14 parts sales amid Iran concerns

Bush, Democratic leaders agree on bipartisan Iraq panel

Crist wants elections with a paper trail

CBS: Could Syria Hold New Solution To Iraq?

(FoxNews) Officials: White House Holding Back Report Detailing Iran's Meddling in Iraq

Europeans fear US attack on Iran as nuclear row intensifies

Rice: Iraq missed political deadlines

Biden ready to join presidential race

A publicist for Sidney Sheldon says the best-selling author has died

AP: Oregon senator threatens filibuster (spending bill)

LAT: Germany may go after CIA-sponsored operatives

NYT: In Senate, Allies of Bush Work to Halt Iraq Vote

Despite Union Percentage Decline, Union Workers Make More Money

Germany's Merkel says she will fight against general auto emission reduction

CNN reporting: Iran may have been behind the "sneak attack" in Karbala

$80M Believed Wasted in Iraq Police Training Camp

Cuban TV shows 'stronger' Castro

"Spy Chief Nominee Faces Ethical Thicket" (Guardian)

How do you say, "But Maddy, I'm really a sweet guy with a pure soul..."

What Comes after Death?

Until their parents can give informed consent, trips to local clubs for baby seals should be banned.

Three rock songs no one else around here knew of!

check out my new sig line!!!

I feel a bit frumpy.

Do you ever watch or listen to something that you KNOW is going to upset you...

My daughter is dancing around the kitchen-

Harry Shearer responded to my e-mail!!!

well, matcom came thru Tampa again, and again he didn't invite me

Anyone Know Why TV Looks Like This?

Am I normal?

Sauerkraut ain't German. Damn.

Grey's Anatomy Star may leave the show.

I'm going slightly mad...queen

Gladys Hardy on The Ellen DeGeneres Show...

I accidentally caught a bit of Real Housewives... this is a REAL quote

A new management low at my employer- RANT ON!

Rape victim is jailed on old warrant

Yawn. It's been a long day... bowled in the nude for hours this afternoon.

I can't tell you how happy this little vid makes me

Name a celebrity you like for no particular reason....

'Bare Nekkid Mainers' Enjoy Buff Bowling

Hey, gang! Let's play 'Ambiguous DUer Innuendo'!

and every sense then...

Protect Wolves in Idaho and Wyoming...

Do You Ever Wonder If Kitchen Witch

I have found my new TV.

There is no way to describe Boston Legal tonight.

How do you keep a DU'er in suspense?

Is this a poll?

Cool Pic Of A Bobcat That My Dad's

Lurking Tonight?

"Hey, Mr. Knickerbocker....boppetty, bop..."

Metalocalypse fans?

Tomorrow afternoon isn't going to be much fun.

A rose by any other name

I am SOOO going to hell

Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll....

So do foreign women love American accents the same way American women love foreign accents?

My four year old keeps calling me a "jive turkey"

I feel like Tasering someone -- who wants to volunteer?


Has anyone had successful Lasik eye surgery?

Remember Rich Hall?

OMG my son just got back from WALKING to town.

Keith Olbermann used it!

I just swallowed an entire manatee - anyone have a defibrillator?

Daughter's biopsy came back. SHE'S OKAY!!!!!!!

Red plaid

Children of the 70s/80s...fave roller rink anthems

What word gives you a perverted giggle every time you hear it?

What is the best recipie for Chili?

Anyone ever use the Postal Service Home Service?

Courtney Love to replace Paula Abdul on Idol?

Sunset pic

RevActs! It's Anatomy time! I dare you

Ken Wilbur's new site and an amazing ND experience

CNN - Anderson Cooper coming up next: Silvia Browne

Good news! My daughter's biopsy came back showing NO CANCER!

Video from this weekend's march

Miss Minnesota carries a union card

Iowans say NO to Escalation in Iraq

Skelly's World

Bette Midler ... Sept 2001

Chariman Waxman questions witnesses on Global Warming (from today)

Keith Olbermann : Special Comment - 01/30/07

Look Into My Eyes...this is so sad

Obama Calls for Withdrawal by 2008

Pentagon developing "ray guns and plastic ice"

Anyone heard of

Thom Hartman: Join the Parade for We The People

US accuses allies of dragging their feet over Iran

YES on HR 508!!!

Women keep the peace

Boston Legal - Spoiler alert for those of you who taped it.

'Divine Strake May Kill You' - This is one scary read!

There is another candidate emerging from within the depths of the Democratic Party

Journalists who are feeling powerless: Check in here

The Prince William Peacemakers bus

"We're making enemies faster than we can kill them."

Breaking on DU: Najaf Terrorists May Have Been CIA-Funded Agent Provocateurs

18 Year old Tasered

Nearly 20 bills relating to getting out of Iraq have been introduced in Congress

I don't completely understand why some people are terrified

So Arlen Specter has climbed out from under his rock again...


Re: all the threads about Iran, yada, yada, yada

Olbermann will have a Special Comment tonite

warm up the TV! Mr. Gorgeous comes on in 15 minutes!

Great Interaction between Al Sharpton and Pat Buchanan Tonight!!

CNN Breaking Iran responsible for Karbala Attack

Breaking on CNN--Iran possibly responsible for deaths

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Illlinois) sent chills up my spine with his impassioned comments in the Senate

Glenn Beck is just plain dumb.

Add-on here to an ANSWER to the hatred-for-Shrub standard wingnut response.

The radical right has just gone off the deep end

Georgia wants to make it easier to kill


OMG! KO looks like a BLOCKBUSTER tonight!!!! n/t

Worth sixty seconds of your time:

Preview of Olbermann's Special Comment Tonight (Tuesday) "Falsehoods On Terrorism"

Cosmological model rivals Big Bang theory (Somtimes I think scientists just make up shit)

Wednesday: Press Conference, Zalmay Khalilzad on Iran

world nut daily has breaking news on Iran


Tax Surge would give everyone a stake in the War

Control of Regulatory Policy Question

John Stewert is REAMING the Wilson case, and Libby trial

Barnicle rips on Cheney and Praises James Webb...

Pentagon halts sale of F-14 parts to Iran...

Dick's birthday present, ball snatch! Heh! Can't wait!

If you haven't read any of John Dean's books, do it!

I Thought We Were Fighing Al Qaeda in Iraq? Overnight it's Iran.

Crist almighty! May we finally see the end of the computer voting machines in Florida?

Bush almost runs down the Press Corps with a tractor...

Barnicle is Giving Common Sense advise on Scarborough

"Iranian Involvement" in Iraq

In light of everything, a question for Progressives

Right now on HDNet World Report

Dennis Kucinich v. insHannity coming up on Faux News next (8:20pm/CT)

Heckler interrupts hearing on Iraq THREAD 3 - LINK IN THREAD 2 IS DOWN

NYC changes up school transportation, some rough routes left for kids

Lets see how much we have learned over the past 6 years

Saudi Arabia to cut oil output to raise prices - report

LIVE NOW | Mike Malloy reading from the Federal Anti-Torture Act (NovaM Radio)

Cannabis drug may help fight obesity

situation room - Arlen Specter " Bush is not the sole decider"

BREAKING MSNBC....BUSH Want Another War....

Can anyone here help me out, regarding Bush statements?

Breaking on CNN: Military says compound attackers in Karballa may have been Iranians

Obama announces:Iraq War De-escalation Act of 2007

This just in;

Could Jim Cramer be any MORE annoying?

Scarborough -- Do not invade Iran... gas will be too expensive then

Bush Tries to Run Over the Press Corp

90-120 billion barrels of oil reserves = war with Iran

Tweety OBSESSED with Hillary's "joke"

Cuban Dems hope to win Right Wing Cuban Vote

Anyone Get this EMail? "International Effort to Turn Off Lights on Feb1'st?

I'm watching CSPAN2 replay of the hearing on BushCo's lies about climate change....

Can the voters of Connecticut do a recall election on Lieberman?

Stop the negative whining! It won't be handed to us.

Man in chimp attack to receive money

The Right Wing Racial Attack on Barak Obama

NASA Broke Law In Kerry Bunny Suit Visit

Same ones saying "Iran did it" are the ones who said "WMD in Iraq"

Is there an Expat group on DU? Anyone interested?

What is going on with the Halliburton complex/city in Iraq?

bu$hler Most Closely Resembles Which Of The Following:

Top down vs bottom up humor--why the Repubs will never have their Daily Show

Possible attack on DPRK?

CSPAN Repeat: Foreign Relations Cmte with Hamilton and Baker - NOW

If chimpy wants a war with Iran, then draft all dittoheads.

When Politics Go Bad

One day in the future most of you will get angry enough to take it out on Republican contributors

Ambulance Company Forgives Bill for Family of Woman Who Died

Deleted post

Olbermann's special comment tonight couldn't have been timed more perfectly

Look at what those anarchists spray painted on the Capitol steps (video)

So soon you may have coverage issues because of genetic issues....

Bush: No plans for Iran invasion

My posting selections are up!

Local TV Station claiming that the snow fall is causing gas prices to jump

The Iraq War vote didn't mean shit.

Keith Olbermann and David Shuster

Colbert: "What's better than an invisible beam to fight an abstract concept?"

On Daily Show, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, author of "Death By Black Hole."

Here is the executive order featured in the New York Times story about Bush:

Judy Miller's Note Triggered Memories...

Tufts U. newspaper attempts to 'whitewash' their vile racist Christmas "parody"

Peace Prayer

Sometimes I think the left/liberals/progressives are sending some really mixed messages

Bremer will testify before Waxman on Feb 6th

Four rules to live by.

Sidney Sheldon Died!

Iraq blog: A witness to the attack on US troops in Karbala insists the group leader had blonde hair

Protect Wolves in Idaho and Wyoming...

Bush Throws Veteran Under a Train - Chris Kelly @ Huff Po

My 1000th post. Thanks DU

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Edit wrong day LOL

"Y", "W"? Consonant or vowel, make up your mind. We're at war!

Story of Florida's jailed rape victim, deprived of contraception...on MSNBC and AP

BUSH: “I’m about to crank this sucker up.”

what does Bush hate even worse than rewriting history?

'I Love Lucy' co-creator dies (Bob Carroll Jr.)

scarborough: "Iran May Have Planned Deadly Ambush Of U.S. Soldiers"

Uproar at Clemson U over white party mocking blacks.

For all you Edwards maniacs. An article in Politico that gives him a nice write up

Cheney is the final sacrifice???

Conyers gets his first REAL hearing tomorrow. Here's the link to watch

Thank you, Chris Matthews... "I don't want to wake up one morning,

13 US Intell Operatives Face Arrest In Germany For Kidnapping, Beating & Detaining German Citizen

VIDEO: Olbermann Special Comment -"Congratulations Sir-You Are The Hero Of Jaws 2"

How is Iran arming insurgents and sending operatives to Iraq different from our practices?

US 'victory' against cult leader was 'massacre'

Wow! Look at what my friend did today!!

Olbermann Countdown SPECIAL COMMENT Alert!

DU - What's the latest on C.O. Status?

The downfall of O'Reilly?

Howard Zinn: Impeachment by the People

Passive smoking kills one bar worker a week

Jim Cramer - War with Iran = $5 gas, $100 barrel oil

Caption This!

Today's House Oversight Hearing Materials: Political Influence on Climate Change Scientists

Why would we spy on Quakers?

Hissyspit's B*ttload of D.C. March Pics Thread #2 - "Beginning Of The March" (DIAL-UP WARNING)

What can WE do to light a fire under the Dems' asses to STOP a 'perceived' Iranian surge?

FOX- Bush holding back a secret dossier detailing Iran's meddling

April 2006 California Impeachment Forum with Malloy, Rep. Maxine Waters & (1,000) others

Any DU thoughts on the FAA plan to raise airline pilot retirement age from 60 to 65?

Woman Becomes Quadruple Amputee After Giving Birth

Heckler calls James Baker on his shit! (final thread)

HOLY CRAP! MSNBC BREAKING: Well they've found their Gulf of Tonkin...

Amanpour is reporting that the Iranian story is skeptical

Senator Kennedy: "How many more billions of dollars do we have to give you, Mr. Republican?"

The "Escalation" meme is a red herring. Am I crazy or am I a Canary in a coal mine?

TRANSCRIPT: Keith Olbermann's 1/30 Special Comment "Fact-checking The President On Terrorism"

When does the Senate debate on the Surge resolution begin?

Do you get regular manicures or pedicures?

How far will we have to go to stop attacks on Iran? It cannot be allowed to happen.

Tweety gets chatty about hookers!

in more than 10 years of the Vietnam war we had 6 women killed in action

ARE WE DU STRONG?????? Can we make a difference????

SD legislature just can't leave it alone-new abortion bill introduced!

Why are Pelosi's comments about Iraq being whitewashed???

Should people who deny victims of rape birth control because of "religious objections"...

Admit it, naysayers! So many DUers said Patrick Fitzgerald was full of shit.

The plot thickens re: Joshua the spittee at the march on Sat

The report that Iran is sending militia into Iraq probably is true.

Hissyspit's B*ttload of D.C. Pics Thread #1 - "This Is What Democracy Looks Like" (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Hissyspit's B*ttload of D.C. March Pics Thread #4 - "...My Pride ...My Shame" (DIAL-UP WARNING)

RED ALERT!! Fundies in mass melt down, end is near, satan is on the move


Hissyspit's B*ttload of D.C. March Pics Thread #3 - "Rushing The Capitol Steps" (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Blackwell's Ohio Record - Spurs Voting Rights HE NEVER INTENDED

@#$!!* Florida...

ATTN: Asian-American DUers/political needed...

Oh my...Prensa Latina website about Bush Family land grab in Paraguay now gone from the "internets."

I'm so upset...tears are welling up in my eyes re: alchohol testing in high school

I hold McCain responsible for the birth of KKKarl Rove.

(Hillary) Clinton Meets With Union Leaders (WP)

WaPo: With Iran Ascendant, U.S. Is Seen at Fault

Obama: Begin redeployment by May, 2007, to be completed no later than March 31, 2008

US Congress 'has the power to stop Iraq war'

(Ohio) Labor group demands minimum wage apply to farm workers (home-health care workers, & others)

Media playing the GENDER card for Hillary

PBS NOW video of Smithfield Packing now online!

St. Louis Janitors Won Contract With Community Support In Justice Campaign

More questions arise about spitting incident

I had no idea Jesse Jackson came in 2nd behind Dukakis in the 1988 primaries

Nurse Fired After Stint in Iraq Sues Health Giant

Minimum Wage Bill As Amended .. What?

CNN Breaking News: Iranians COULD BE responsible for attacks in

‘It’s Un-American for Children to Not Be Able to Get an Education’

Labor opposition to Iraq War growing (look at the banner in the photo)

Pursuit of Happiness to Homeless

*Spontaneous Generation* -- Science or Politcal Hype?

The Guide Stones

The legacy of George W Bush and Dick Cheney

*Germ Theory of Disease* -- Science of Political Hype?

OUT of IRAQ! Feingold plan vs Obama plan - both lead in the right direction! Which is best?

Dean and NAFTA....I see the issue is coming up again though he is not running.

BREAKING NEWS: here we go again the saber rattling for war with Iran

What the F**K?

10 "presidential candidates" to speak at DNC winter meeting this's the scoop.

Obama Update: Support Amongst Voters of African-Descent

A query for the Arizonans among us ..... your junior senator, John Ensign .....

Idea: Can Democrats call an emergency session in the middle of the Republick National Convention...

Obama seen as VP to every Dem Candidate....You heard it here, first!

Lets Be Honest: The GOP has nobody in 08

Probably No One Left here who REMEMBERS when GE's MSNBC saved Clinton...

Give Bush a Sword and Let Him Fall on it. Or, as long as the

*Global Warming* -- Science or Political Hype?

Gore-Feingold 2008: The most ideologically pure ticket?


A drunk and a bigot - what the US Presidental hopeful HASN'T said about his father

Worthless Treaties That Don’t Mean Squat To The Great White Father In Washington (Mogambo)

Inquest told of 'rogue' US attack on British convoy

Bolivia's Morales: 'This little Indian won't be leaving office'

Francis Fukuyama: The neocons have learned nothing from five years of catastrophe (Guardian)

The Kennedy Assassination & the Current Political Moment

This duplicitous liberal-left is nothing but a straw man

Hillary's big lie grows (Michael Goodwin, NY Daily News)

Bobby Kennedy Jr.: Exposing ExxonMobil

"What habeous corpus means to you" -- in lay terms. Great essay.

Birth rates 'must be curbed to win war on global poverty'

Senator: U.S. Offensive Space Abilities A Must

Inconvenient truth: Why Plame had to go

The Nation: Walmart organics - Buyer Beware!

Dan Froomkin: 'I Didn't Do It'

Guardian: What we need is spin (integrating Islam in Britain)

Outsourcing Reaches Its Tipping Point

VID: Columnist decribes Cheney as paranoid,arrogant,frightened

Ted Rall: Iraq Fiasco Exposes Faith-based Reasoning

Robert Parry: Iran Clock is Ticking

Global warming is "hot" as politicians scramble to keep up with science and public opinion

The Endlessly Maddening (for Liberals) Case of Ralph Nader

Maureen Dowd: Mama Hugs Iowa

A rant about Dick Cheney


TomDispatch: Chalmers Johnson, Nemesis on the Imperial Premises

Paul Cummins: Leaving Children Behind

Robert Scheer: A Case for Impeachment

IRAQ: Explosions destroying people and infrastructure

US 'victory' against cult leader was 'massacre'

Ask the Expert: Chávez and Venezuela

Energy Experts Unveil Plan to Reduce Global Warming Emissions

The More Inconvenient Truth

Millions To Go Hungry, Waterless

Harper Jabbed Over 2002 Quote: Kyoto "Socialist Scheme To Suck Money From Wealth-Producing Nations"

At Current Consumption Rates, Melbourne Has 18 Months' Water eft - 7 Yrs To Refill Reservoirs

Study Projects Eightfold Rise In Over 65 Heat Deaths In Sydney By 2050, Substantial Loss Of Beaches

Message to Bush: Nuclear Power Is Not A "Renewable Source of Energy"

Combined Solar-Electric System to be Raised in South Plainfield (New Jersey)

Edison Considers Doubling Wind Power Investment to 1000 MW (Mid Atlantic US)

Solar Powered Internet Shops Opened in Gambia

Major Global Warming Report Due Friday

U.S. Gets a 'C-' on Protecting Oceans - AP

U.S. loses 20-year attempt to deport 2 immigrants

Palestinian Cease-Fire Holds on 1st Day

Nasrallah: Bush made Lebanon chaos

Panel to vote on changes to law exempting Orthodox from army

Larger Palestinian force may get U.S.-funded training (Reuters)

Rabbis face criminal probe over death threat to IDF officer

Essay Linking Liberal Jews and Anti-Semitism Sparks a Furor

Ramon found guilty of sexual harassment

'Palestinian Genocide Day' instead of Holocaust Day

Peres: Cluster bombs a mistake

Paula Zahn story tonight about 9/11 Conspiracies.

I posted a video today.

Engine planted at Shanksville

Alleged Hijackers May Have Trained at U.S. Bases

911 Hijackers got visas with help from the CIA

Sale on eBay exposes vote security flaw-Encoders, access cards auctioned

Election Reform, Fraud & News Wed 1/31/07 - I Want NOTHING To Come Between Me & My Ballot

More Indictments? The Story Behind The Story of the Cuyahoga County Recount Trial

AP: 2 Accused of Terror Ties to Stay in U.S.

NYT/AP: Eiffel Tower to go dark five minutes for release of Intergovernmental Climate Change report

Ecuador Protests Shutdown Congress

Honesty in Elections: Obama, Schumer bill would make voter deception, intimidation a federal crime

EXCLUSIVE-N.Korea eyes 2nd test if dispute not resolved-source

Wife convicted of poisoning Marine

Bush 'distorted' climate change reports

Fla. governor wants machines that leave paper voting trail

U.S. Senate advances corporate exec pay measure

Reuters: Experts say Congress can halt Iraq war

Investigators: Millions in Iraq Aid Wasted

Ethics watchdogs looking for teeth

BBC: AU fails to secure Somali force

Nasrallah: Bush made Lebanon chaos

Minnesota business delegation to visit India

NATO, U.S. neglect 'psychological warfare' - report

FBI probing Rep. Miller's (R) land sales

Blair's fundraiser arrested again

Germany May Go After CIA-sponsored Operatives

CNN: Ancient Village Found near Stonehenge

Rawstory: Bush has near 'tractor accident' in visit to Illinois factory

Kimberly-Clark outsources HR functions

Windows Vista Hacked Within Hours Of Launch

Investigators: Millions in Iraq aid wasted

"Indonesia, Pakistan Say Muslims Must Unite" (Guardian)

Bush Accused Of Nearly Hitting Reporters With D-10 Tractor (Newsweek via HuffPost)

12 dead in car bombs, attacks in Baghdad - Threat Stops Reading (RW Terrorism or censorship?)

Fuel truck blows up at Iraqi army base - police

I really don't think this is the person to criticize CEOs job performance....

Bush seeks to cut farm program funds

Author Sidney Sheldon dies at 89

MSNBC just showed video of a woman having a miscarriage and police refusing

US may have botched training of Iraqis

Gonzales to release spy program details

Marines In Iraq Decry Lack Of Laser System (simple device to save civ lifes

(US official:) Suicide bombers ‘entering Iraq from Syria’ (also Saudi Arabia and Sudan)

Cheney's Handwritten Notes Implicate Bush in Plame Affair

Suspicious package closes Boston highway

Washington Post Drops Demand To View Cheney's Visitor Logs

Al-Maliki: Iraq won't be battleground for U.S., Iran

Miller can't be 'absolutely, absolutely' sure Libby was first source

Iraqi PM says Iran attacks U.S. forces in his country

Castro looking stronger in new TV images

Bush administration asks court to end domestic spying challenge

Fed leaves interest rates unchanged

Bin Laden relative killed in Madagascar

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday January 31

(Adm. William Fallon) 'I don't know the details' (of Bush's new Iraq plan)

LAT: Air Force's role in Iraq could grow (more flights likely along the Iranian border)

Gay Mexican man gets asylum in U.S.

Woman Sues Police After Losing Baby

Obama's Grudge Factor --WaPo

Ford Sees Its Jan. Sales Down 20 Percent

GOP sets benchmark for Iraq progress (they do not want to embarass

BBC: "Police raids target 'terror plot'"

Democrats Move Leftover Spending Measure: Special Projects Stripped Under Earmarks Ban

GOP, Democrats Clash Over Spending Bill (poor poor babies....

"Hicks charges false, lawyer claims" ( Guatanamo Bay)

Iraqi airways cancels flights to Syria till further notice

Bush takes aim at executive salaries (pay should be tied to shareholder interests)

ABC: Bush Says Invading Iran 'Not the Plan'

Two U.S. soldiers, one marine killed in Iraq

Bill to ease curbs on Cuba visits introduced

Mexico tortilla march organizers sideline leftist leader

Dad takes war protest to Times Square

Suspicious Devices Found In Four Areas In Boston

Teen will be charged in 2006 (fetus) death

Wolfowitz vs. the World Bank Board: It's Trench Warfare

Defense Contractor May Be Indicted In Cunningham Case (Brent Wilkes)

Network Claims Responsibility for Suspicious Devices

Bush says Obama has long way to go to be president

US 'victory' against cult leader was 'massacre'

Venezuela's Chavez gets powers to rule by decree

For GOP, Discord In Dissent On Iraq (WPost, p. A01)

Molly Ivins dies

Sanchez Accuses Democrat of Calling Her a 'Whore,' Resigns from Hispanic Group

Matthew Cooper Testifies That Rove Told Him About CIA's Plame

Comedian Al Franken to run for Senate in Minnesota

I posted a pointless thread on GD.

4 posing as women held in thefts

Tab Hunter just blew away Ray Walston

It's snowing in NYC!

Beauty of the beast (pic)

I don't have any cats. Only miniature tigers.

"V For Vendetta"...(Land Of Confusion Video)

Hey, anyone know the best way to get free (or nearly free) land?

You women need to realize that I'm the best thing that ever happened to you!

You women need to realize that I'm the next thing that will happen to you!

This is EVIL!!

How do you feel about "To Catch a Predator"

Stupid Americans.

posted in wrong place :(

Alan Ladd just blew away Jack Palance....

Tessa Campanelli - Love her or Hate her?

I'm sorry...

Don't take the family to the heroin deal

Is my daughter a Maoist revolutionary?

If you happen to stab two people to death do NOT sing about it

3 Attacked With Saw At Nursing Home

My Dad's cancer is going into remission...

2,500-Year-Old Mirror Dropped And Smashed Accidentally On Chinese TV Show

Which yucky biting things would you be willing to go skinny dipping with?

Congratulations Lex!! 15,000 posts

Hunter Dines On Raw Cougar Meat - Gets Sick

Has anyone ever improved their eyesight through eye exercises?

Are you on the same page?

How do you keep a DU'er in suspense?

Only in America

Poetry from the search terms that end up at a blog

Celtics suck ass.

I was so tempted this morning

? of ? and the Mysterians has lost everything in a fire

It's only 11:00 and I'm looking for lunch

I just saw a Cymbalta commercial

A horse is a horse, of course, of course,

World Series of Pop Culture


Author Sidney Sheldon has died at 89...

I fear I will not survive one more therapeutic massage...

Optical illusion...

Flu "protection"

4 Towels 1 Ashtray Taken From Motel 6 (SLOOOOOW News Day For THIS Paper)

Until animals can give informed consent, all foods containing them should be banned.

HUGE disturbance in the force

Woman, Driving To Court For DUI Charges, Smashes Into Cars At Court House - She Was Drunk

WooHoo - My income taxes are done - WooHoo

Anyone cook a whole chicken in a crock pot?

Wolfowitz' fashion statement

Wow. I walked out to my car this morning,

I want to raise a baby: Queerspawn!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I want to have your baby.

Wow. That really is a pimped out john

Ferrero Roche

Ten Years After at Woodstock, doing "I'm Going Home",,,

Conaco Getting Rid Of It's 76 Balls

Chihuahua Drinking Beer From A Bottle! (PIC)

Question for NOVA/DC Duers

The University of Illinois Girls of Engineering 2007 Swimsuit Calendar!!!11

Is There a Song, That You Know...You're The Only One Into?...

I know four women who've had gastric bypass surgery

Fuckin POS PC!!!

Congratulations caledesi!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations ronnykmarshall!! 20,000 posts

Man Sues Police To Get His Pot Back

I made some vegetable soup and it was OK except that the okra

Lisa Lampanelli - Love her or Hate her?

Until February/March babies can give informed consent, all milestone threads... oh, fuck it.

iPod gurus.

Happy birthday Estimated Prophet & Solon!!

It's RAINING!!!!

Just back from the store and in anticipation of the coming storm,

It's WINDY!!!!

Can you tell which is Billy's wife, and which is his daughter?

Any labrabor experts in here?

I started a modest flame war in GD

I am a wiener!

Eskimos have more than 100 different words for amateur linguist. Discuss.

new scam e-mail, how should I respond?

I've got mine. I'm set for Sunday.

Poor doggy! Dog gets tongue caught in shredder

I think I want to have a baby

Who's cooler--Booger or Mitchell?

How old is Barbara Walters, anyway?

Until all loungers can give informed consent, threads by ohiosmith should be banned.

Florida Residents Being Warned About Super Bowl Halftime Toilet Flush

The White Album kicks ass!

Will you spend in the tens of dollars during this weekend's athletic contest?

I just saw a bald eagle!

When was the last time you used a typewriter?

Hey, LostinVA

Who's the last person to see you being rude?

I am a Winter

Students Use Weed-Killer To Etch Giant Penis Into School Lawn - Image Shows Up On Google Earth

Ever find yourself in a creepy mood?

PSA: Watch out for the 'articulate' bomb in GD today.

I am a winner!

I am addicted to my label maker.

Ever find yourself in a Crepe mood?

Help! I need to make a brochure.

BREAKING NEWS: Horrifying bomb scare paralyzes leftofthedial's home!

I'm going to upgrade to Office 2007. Ask me anything!

Letter I want to send to all the Democrats except Feingold and a few others.

Ever find yourself in a crapping mood

Fox News: Obama - Animal Rapist and BDSM Clown Dominatrix?

Taser oil kudzu pump nude Will Pitt HUGH!! SERIES!!1! spanking boobies: CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN NOW!!!

Man In His 60's Kills Attacking Pit Bull With Bare Hands

I am a Wiener (lame copycat)

I'm getting kicked at the moment!

Please do not reapond to the "taser oil kudzu pump nude" post.

I am making the jump to HDTV! (With tivo!!!!!!!)

Tired of the Outrage Fatigue, Taking care of me and mine


I am a lame copycat wiener

i am taking money away from * tonight.

I'm gonna eat supp-ah now.


Schoolyard Penis is first in record books as visible from space

We're supposed to get slammed with a snowstorm/ice storm tomorrow...

It is written: "The innocent shall be made to suffer, big time" - Ignignokt

Watch this bride throw a fit about her hair.

AARP sent me a recruitment letter today.

Post a picture of a famous model and tell everyone it is you.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 1/31/2007)

Who's the last person you'd want to see in the nude?

How much does your SO restrict you? and how much are you ok with?

An icky storm is coming our way, VA DUers

Movies the big stars want to forget!

I am in a rotten mood

Happy Birthday To Me!

Ever find youself in a crappie mood?

I would like to tear my professor's face off.

I just spent nine hours getting Vista to work on my computer. Ask me nothing...

The last person to see you in the nude, other than an SO?

Ever find yourself in a crappy mood

The "What are a couple of letters among friends?" name game

I'm a better rapper than Akon. And so are you.

Uncle Tupelo Live, 1989

Words in a post guaranteed to pump up the views.

Okay now THAT is a Miss America

Until animals learn to offer their protests in writing, I say to hell with 'em.

Aww! Poor girl is offering Super Bowl tickets just to get a date ;-)

Are you watching "The Sarah Silverman Program" tonight on Comedy Central at 10:30 ?

photoshop assignment - important dates

The Clash cover in Over the Hedge

Christian DU'ers - How is it like to argue with fundies over the bible?

It's SNOWING!!!!

Recruiters/interviewers of the Lounge: a question about interview questions.

The best tasting pepper

TOP Chef Finale: Marcel or Ilan?

Waiting for the brand inspector.

Having a day where you want to physically run away from your job??


The NEXT person to see you in the nude, other than an SO?

Stupid bank.

Who's cooler--Bogart or Mitchum?

Sooo, whilst we were in Florida, we got new neighbors - they have a dog - wanna GUESS?


INTRODUCING for the FIRST TIME ON DU!! My Boys, Luke & Jesse!!

CONFESS!!!!! When did you join DU and what inspired you to sign-up

What is your Sexual Orientation. How do you Identify?

Congratulations TheMagistrate! 40,000 posts

The Second City troup at the Flamingo in Las Vegas is... to die for!




Prayer—does it help?

Religious Fundementalism Is Worse than Drugs

Do you oppose Public Secularism?

Relative of anti-gay activists arrested in heterosexual pedohilia sting

She Did It!!!!!!!!

A beautiful article on Molly Ivins by Harvy Wasserman:

Discovering Stonehenge's Twin

So, I know what I want to do, regarding work.

Hello Everyone...

Rick DiClemente's Starself Astrological Newsletter for February

Tet 39 years later

Listening to Kerry on the War

Digby defends Kerry from the Beltway kewl kidz klub

We Love John Kerry has a funny, new post up (int'l intrigue)

Cuz sometimes ya just gotta laugh. (Mass Repub Party)

Biden lays into Edwards, Obama, and Clinton - Yuck!

Kerry on the McCain, Obama, Clinton proposal on global warming.

OT: Webb to Condi: Ahem...

"One misstep" and it's war with Iran (and it relates to Brian Freeman's death)

NH Recognizes & Thanks JK for Helping Turn NH BLUE!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ....


Once again, the Herald sinks to new lows.

Joe Klein today called Kerry first "Frenchie" and then a "Jerk, et al"

3 hearings this morning, 1 this afternoon

Kerry's decision- Hey, my commentary was published!

Kerry to Question FCC Chairman Over Direct TV-Major League Baseball Deal

Life in the Iraq "Green Zone"

Nicaragua - A Nations Right To Survive

penny evans - anti-war song by steve goodman

Imus calls OReilly disgusting

Olbermann's Special Comment on Terrorism

Kucinich at the Peace Rally January 27

Jon Stewart explains the Scooter Libby Trial

Gill Hicks call for peace

Film Trailer: 911 Dust and Deceit at the WTC

US Tank vs. Iraqi car

Trial of the Century Chalabi's Bitch

Gore and Clinton, 1997 on Cspan 3 now

Primary Calendar Serves Few

On the chalkboard in Honors Chem: "New - clear"

Freepers juvenile attempt at an Al Gore myspace profile

Oooo...if only it were true...

Looks like FL elected a RINO for governor (Crist wants voting paper trail)

BUSH - Its THIS Big...I Swear...

Inconvenient truth: Why Plame had to go

Wall Street unleashes its 'weapons of mass manipulation' on you

CNN, Anderson Cooper with guest Michael Ware, repeat 12:00

Paula Zahn story tonight about 9/11 Conspiracies.

Ah what the heck: Do you favor testing people for drinking and smoking?

DU- this--- MSNBC: Rate this story-- Low or High -- Bush 'distorted' climate change reports

Bush, Democrats agree to form war-on-terror committee

NOW can we impeach the two of them?


Opinion Only...

I wonder if Bushler will take credit for this too?: "Police raids target 'terror plot'"

Iraq War by the numbers.

So now theyre clamoring for 'battleship diplomacy' against Iran?

MSNBC: * to deliver a "State of the Economy" address in NY.

Millions wasted in Iraq reconstruction aid:audit paints grim picture

Civil Unrest R Us

============= MARK MORFORD'S NOTES & ERRATA =============

Scooter Libby - speed bump?

The Iran Solution... Will reality mirror fiction?

The light in my refrigerator went out tonight. And I have been thinking...

BBC: US money is 'squandered' in Iraq

...To Defend America Against All Enemies, Foreign AND DOMESTIC.

bush: Invading Iran? "Nobody's talkin' about that".

This is NOT what I want to hear from a Democratic candidate for president.

Does anyone remember when we hoped someone would mention the "I" word?

Anti-tax supporters join anti-government militia groups's stand-off in Plainfield, NH

Flu Stories: CDC Press Conference Tomorrow On Pandemic Flu Preparations

Man stole his brothers identity to substitue teach in public school for three days

I trust Iran more than I do *

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., ExxonMobil's War on Science

RW Nutjob on Bernie Ward now.

*** DUzy of the Month winner for January: jgraz***

If the House impeached everyone possible, but the Senate didn't hold

Cheney & Libby Protecting Themselves By Classifying The Hell Out Of Their Own Deliberations

Bush claims "Democrat party" was a "gaffe" - HERE'S THE TRUTH

Will the Conyers' Judiciary Committee hearing on signing statements be televised today?

See Hillary run. Run Hillary, run!

Apparently, if you are a RW'er, "NO!!!" actually means "maybe"

Muslims may not be as Socially Conservative as the Far Right would like them to be

Windows Vista Hacked Within Hours Of Launch

Can anyone tell my why flags have been at half mast all month?

"Gore Thinks He Can Use Global Warming As His Ticket To WH" (Inhofe)

U.S. commander urges lower expectations in Iraq

Al can't go onstage for Oscar. & Tomkat lobbied Scooter for Scientology

Malicious Buffoonery — Or Craptastic Lack Of Comprehension?

Saddams Republican Guard were training for urban street fighting and guerrilla warfare in 2002

The Nation (David Corn): "Judy Miller's Memory Mess"

here are two WTF? stories. man some days it just doesn't pay

State Government of South Dakota is basically RAPING all the Women of the State

Condi Rice is the only Secretary of State who has not visited Syria

Former Joint Chiefs chairman: Changes his mind. Time to include openly gay troops

Does a Clinton/Obama ticket greatly expand the electorate? Leads The Charge Against Escalation in New Television Ad

Constitutional experts and lawyers at DU:

Sign - Same S***, Different A**Hole

Well it seems right wing darling Malkin is again at it, (warning link takes you to her site)

Inhoffe is such a fucker ...

If Mexico or Canada were invaded

Bush Commits One Additional Troop To Afghanistan

Rendition Alert: "Gerrmany Issues CIA Arrest Orders!

Three yesterday; one monday

Dateline To Catch a Predator and upbeat about Iraq

History is going to judge the United States very harshly

Remember when media was asking if B* was smart enough to be President?

I'm sorry America but this is just getting really stupid.

what would the neocons do if they knew bin laden was in Saudi Arabia?

Radical Fringe Toon - Wed. 1/31 nearing flatline

C-Span caller (WJ): "The media wants to destroy America."

So what would be wrong with a United States of Iraq?

C-Span Repub caller: Only a fool would have thought this would be easy in Iraq!?!?

Iraq non-binding resolution -- are you banging your head on the wall too?

CNN Barbara Starr...Iran's involvement in Karbala is a THEORY

White House Quietly Retracts Entire State Of The Union Address

is anyone going to watch the State of the Economy coming up in a few minutes?

Jenna Bush looking for a book deal

"The way forward". What a stupid f------g Nazi slogan.

Could Bush be any more full of himself? He really has power issues.

USNews: Senior Republicans are disgruntled that the WH still isn't reaching out to them

David Obey giving them hell in the House...

Back in 2004, Fitzgerald questioned Bush for 70 Minutes regarding the CIA Leak case

Help. Need links to stories of FBI agents hassling demonstrators

Link to DC rally pix from Catnapper

Internet Hoax ? Is this about the Draft Bill ?

Question about Judith Miller Questioning:

What was it bush said about the troops having the needed equipment?

The horrors of Iraq

It is not 'executive unilateralism', it is not 'monarchy'; it is treason...

Will Undersea Hydrates Provide "Limitless" Energy and Solve Peak Oil? Exciting!

"I'm about to crank this sucker up."

A Mother's Thoughts on Supporting the Troops

Official John Conyers Signing Statement Hearing thread #1


Rawstory: Bush has near 'tractor accident' in visit to Illinois factory

Stupid People in America

Dem Wyden Oregon talking of our Health care sytem on Senate floor. He

Anyone see this asswipe Darrell Issa on C-SPAN yesterday?

More on Sparling, the spitter and The Old Gray Lady

Edward's House. Biden's Mouth. Hillary's past and IWR.

Libby to Be Allowed to Question Reporter

Local cable access show airs pro-wrestler urinating on a Brazilian flag

PLEASE take a look at this Leads The Charge Against Escalation in New Television Ad

Army Spc. Carla J. Stewart, age 37, has died for her country.

oh,hell...bush is so full of shit..state of the economy

Woman Jailed After Reporting Rape

Germany seeks 13 over CIA 'kidnap'- arrest warrants issued

The Rep Tancredo- Dave Barry feud continues!

how was Olbermann's Special Comment last night?

"Cheney's Contagious Culture of Cover-up and Corruption" - MSM Prepping Halliburton Segments?

Is Firedoglake down?

Young Miami leftists meet tough crowds

CBS News: Katie: Getting Chills Over Climate Change

Pentagon Inspector General: Soldiers Under-Equipped

Abramoff: "We were a band of killers"

Lowes drops O'Reilly Factor Ads...

In reference to Chimpolini's uniform fetish

GOP unity splintering over the "surge." They are literally falling apart.

Potential for mistrial in Libby case?

Justice For Ground Zero Workers - pics

Laptop with personal recruit info stolen from National Guard office in Lowell, MA

Gonzales to release spy program details

Bush: Link exec salaries to performance

Unhappy Meals

Somebody please explain to me if U.S. CITIZENS can be detained w/no habeus corpus under the MCA

Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations (Joint Publication 3-12)

Joe Biden's Trent Lott moment ( No not the one today)

Open Letter to Howard, Nancy, Harry, Hillary, Obama, and the rest of the Democratic Party:

According to Joe Biden-- Obama's a clean and articulate Negro.

Windows Vista Hacked Within Hours Of Launch

I Have Had My Differences With Members of the Press. But it's Nothing That Burying them Under Tons o

I bet Shirley Chisholm's rolling over in her grave.

Lights out at Eiffel Tower

"Global warming" covered up on White House site - WTF?

Another example of how idiotic some people have made this country.

We aren't invading Iran. Idiot Son has depleted the military.

US May Have Botched Iraqi Training - private contractors to blame

Why do people hold the contributors to the GOP blameless?

Ok that's it!

"Radical populism" means???

Preznit Putz: "I'll work hard to try to elevate" the level of distrust in DC

Video of Kucinich at the rally on Saturday

Fox News Channel NEWS ALERT: Car accident in Ca, no one hurt

Iran SHELL GAME: Administration Lies About Troop Deaths Buried Under Accusations Against Iran

Did you catch this in the State of the Union Address?

DU This FauxNews Poll On The Economy

Religious Fundementalism Is Worse than Drugs

Jonah Goldberg, NRO editor at large & chickenhawk: "The French were right"

Bush is on his way over to the stock market--sell now.

Don Imus sees through Bill O'Reilly's humble "gift" to the troops serving in Iraq

Bush Evades Soldier's Question - "What If Your SURGE TO Baghdad Doen't Work?"

THIS is how Bush/Cheney plan to deal with Iran...

Power Outage - Russia

Officials: White House Holding Back Report Detailing Iran's Meddling in Iraq

Al-Maliki poised to boot US from Iraq?

Anyone watching Nora O'Donnell grilling Gilmore on why he considers himself

Biden on The Daily Show tonight, Jed Babbin on Colbert.

This is too funny. When the Matt guy from NBC's morning news show

you know what to do

Only 33% Believe THE SURGE Will Work (Rasmussen Reports Poll)

BUSH "We don't need to change the law, we need to change the way the law is implemented."

warmest Jan. since 1706 in the Netherlands

Lets start a DU campaign to send Patrick McHenry some cheese....

Hilary is presiding in the Senate today!

Crap, KOS just crashed

The Masturbatory Fantasies of a Chickenhawk NeoCon

And people said the GOP congress was a rubber stamp for B*sh

Predict the Fed's rate decision (due today at 11:15 a.m., Pacific Time)

So will Ed Meese be the next Enemy on insannitys show?

Who is this moron on CNN salivating about

DU Valentine's Day Roses for those with no tomorrows (Carol Lam and Molly Ivins)

Kissinger: "I see little incentive Iran has to help us solve the Iraq problem.'"

US Defense Firms Report Q4 2006 and Year-End Results

AAR keeps cutting out on me ever 10 min o r so...any computer paople

Question about there any legitimate reason an OS should take up so much space?

I just went out for lunch and on the tv was Bush visiting the NY Stock Exchange.

Cspan and networks aren't showing Senate hearings with Kissinger testifying.

Woman miscarries and police officers IGNORE HER!

This screams of their real motive: DESTABILIZATION IN IRAQ

Wail when a Wednesday woes worry witches! . . . Then please CAPTION!!!

I have so little respect for bush*cheney, I will no longer use caps for their names.

Wonder where a Wednesday got its hump? . . . Come CAPTION!!!

Gee, I wonder why all the rich people on Wall Street like President Bush...

I really don't think this is the person to criticize CEOs job performance....

Bob Parry: Iran Clock is Ticking

Anyone know what Mike Malloy's take on the new AirAmerica ownership/mgmt?

One for the hardcore tinfoilers

DU Valentine's Day Roses for Carol Lam before she leaves office...

Scientists Criticize White House Stance on Climate Change Findings

Life under Saddam's rule doesn't look that bad.

Susan Lesovitch just had an orgasm on CNN

"Churches should stop raising 'nice boys' and raise warriors instead"

Have you signed...

Iran two to three years from nuclear weapon: think tank (Caution!) - AFP "U.S. Solution to Iraq: Impeach Bush"

Marine’s Mother Interrupts Senate Hearing

> Show your support for a clean Fair Minimum Wage Act:

HEY! Wanna hear something REALLY depressing!?! Fresh Air interview w/Iraqi I.G. on NOW!

How Uncle Seymour Brought Peace to the Forest

Teens hailed for march for peace

5 suspicious packages, found on or near highways, detonated today.

I'm a white woman who used to live with a black man (re: Biden)

Rove to Matt Cooper: "I've already said too much, I've got to go."

DoD and incompetent cotractors training Iraqi Police= anothe failure

Iran announces plan to aid Iraq in reconstruction, training and equipping of military, and ecomomy

If Cheney is connected to the suspicious packages...

And B*sh says "So Senator Hagel, you oppose me?"

PHOTO: Shirley Chisholm. Clean! Bright! Articulate!

Great exchange in Conyers' signing-statement hearing.

Measuring & Muffling Dissent-by the Numbers. Corp Media's Crowd Count!

Did Hannity call in to the Stephanie Miller show today?

3084 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

BREAKING: Cheney Hand-Written Notes Discovered in Suspicious Packages

Military coup d'etat. If you think it can't happen here... it already did.

Bush complains about size of CEO packages

Obstruction of Medical Care Should be a Crime

How B*sh plans to influence gov't policy AFTER 2008


bumper sticker seen this morning on Rt 128 outside Boston

Breaking: Cheney's hand written note found in Boston about Edwards' house

YouTube: Biden Responds to Observer comments (FUX clip)

Graffiti at the Capitol? Not helpful.

Bumper stickers spotted in Tulsa, OK during morning drive:

Update: B*sh, Cheney still allowed to walk free in spite of MULTIPLE impeachable offe

So I live in Boston, and one of these things was in my neighborhood.

The Neocons Have Learned Nothing from Five Years of Catastrophe (Fukuyama)

Caption *

If we lived in a non-bizzaro world, Tim Russert would be drummed out of Journalism for good!

NYT war drums: Iran May Have Trained Attackers That Killed 5 American Soldiers, U.S. and Iraqis Say

Boehner is having Another news conf on cspan-complaining of being

Email alert from Sen. Kennedy's office re: Minimum wage bill:

Hey stupid, Big Bro is watching:

A little something I learned while homeschooling my daughter today

OMG! The suspicious package: lit up leds forming a smiley face...

Timeline of the (DEBUNKED) "Obama went to a Madrassa" Smear

Anybody up for some Randi Rhodes?

Bush re: Obama: "He's an attractive guy. He's articulate"

Bush: "I don't feel abandoned" on Iraq

What Bush DIDN'T tell you about terrorism at the SOTU

Having been raised Catholic, I absolutely love this story.

25 pit bulls to be euthanized - very sad story all around

Biden Clarifies Obama Remarks

America: A Poem (Apologies to Walt Whitman) By Layth al-Sandouk

I've got to get out of this crazy ass state - statue of Zell to be debated

Can The People Themselves Restore Constitutional Government? (Chalmers Johnson)

Boston "Bomb" really "Aqua Team Hunger Force" advertisements:

"Delusional Dick and his Audience of one"

CSPAN2 Kennedy up for a rant!! n/t

New findings out today show that our economy is strong. Please explain this me.

Psycho visits CAT Plant

Blitzer ask: Will Dems overplay their hand ?

Bush calls on companies to rein in CEO pay.

The GMA website ignores Biden's Obama gaffe...

MUST READ: "Cheney's Handwritten Notes Implicate Bush in Plame Affair"

Harry Reid ---thinks they are close to a compromise on a Senate Res0

New Bush Comic: Pay 'em What They're Worth

Well here we go, it's started. The propaganda campaign for war with Iran has begun..

The MLK Day Walkout (Smithfield)

Official Conyers Signing Statment Hearing Thread #2

Why Do Freepers Like to Wear Military Paraphenalia Yet Would NEVER Fight Themselves?

Pubbies planned a walk out? Didn't go anywhere:

Where farm subsidies came from, and why they're still here

Packages were a 'marketing ploy" Hardball now

Caller to Randi Rhodes ... the President has committed treason

*** New threads- Libby Liveblogging at

Bernie Ward on Catherine Crier

Freeperville: Human Breathing Causes Global Warming!

Do we have any idea why Libby lied?

NYT op-ed: Bush Is Not Above the Law

quick, someone google 'hillary clinton + articulate'

Somebody explain the significance of the Fed not raising interest rates

Empire v. Democracy (intense read)

Anyone recieved this sick email about Hillary and Co

a publicity stunt for a cartoon network?

Is ours a culture of fear?

Raging Granies performance from the Saturday March? Video?

Defense contracts awarded 01/30/07

Have you guys noticed...

Where is the Bush Tractor story from Catepillar yesterday?

On Biden, mainstream blacks, and Obama

The following six (6) companies were awarded on Jan. 26, 2007 an indefinite delivery/indefinite

This is not a war on terror , it is a take over of oil .

Leaving Children Behind

Enduring Bush as President is tantamount to having William Hung win American Idol

Support the troops, oppose the escalation


i reaLLy Like obama

Biden's comments lead NBC news n/t

Public Pushes Back Against Planned Test on Old Nuke Site

WSJ Survey: Halliburton Has Worst Corporate Reputation

Latest SIGIR Report Published Just in Time for Waxman's Hearings into Iraq Reconstruction Next Week

Wife guilty of fatally poisoning Marine husband

THIS (these) are what folks are all worked up about?!

Christian Coalition irate! "Cindy Sheehan not arrested, US Capitol spray painted!"

SO.....just how mild and goofed up is your weather this winter?!?

Report: Shampoo Scents Make 3 Boys Grow Breasts

All-Clear Called in Boston, packages deemed a hoax.

Gallup: Dems have clear edge in party partisanship in 33 states, GOP in only 6

Bush's Muckraking Militarism Toward Iraq And Iran Is The Greatest Threat To Our Security

McCain calls for immediate withdrawal, cutting off funds

Maybe candidates should shut up and not buy a damned thing

I would never talk to Fox ‘News’

AOL Poll Re: Candidates Not Running

Congress Can Limit President's War Powers (must read)

We Love You Molly - By Harvey Wasserman

John McCain asked me to pledge my support, so I did.

Torturing children for their own good

It's the Blasphemy Challenge!

Richard Nixon and George H. W. Bush; Two of the Most Experienced Presidents of the 20th Century

Bremer "Confirmed" for Waxman Hearings Next Tuesday

Rove to Catapillar Execs: "Is Your Insurance Up To Date?"

Is it possible the real Boston bad actor was the tipster?

What to eat tonight?

Mary Matalin to Scooter Libby:CALL RUSSERT To Complain about Hardball, Russert hates Chris Matthews!

Holey Sugar! Did anyone see NBC Nightly News? They were DEBUNKING Bush Iran claims.

If I hear "It emboldens the enemy" one more time - I'm going to scream.

Just heard (from local news) Germany seeks arrest warrants

"you got the first mainstream Republican-American who is articulate..."

Die Welt: If Merkel and EU follow Bush's lead on Iran, results could be "incendiary"

Boston Terror Alert was an Ad campgain for a Movie?

Looks like some of the whites here on DU are striking back....

The reason why Biden's comments are so bad.

Another victory for al-Qaeda.

What should we call Biden? Biden the Bigot? This is the SECOND TIME...

Is Death Fetish Porn protected speech?

I FINALLY got an email reply from God

Dennis Kucinich Debates Hannity And Colmes On The Fairness Doctrine

Biden's Comment Meant to COMPLIMENT Obama; ENOUGH ALREADY

Fitzmas: Did Cheney implicate Bush's involvement in PlameGate?

What Biden gaffe? There's no gaffe.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Attacks Boston, 10 Other Cities

CSpan3 showing the debate on the 2002 Iraq War Resolution this evening

The Battle for the Soul of SMU and Why You Should Care

Ted Kennedy Needs Our Help!

Molly Ivins Is Buzzflash Wings Of Justice Honoree

My "discussion" with a Republican...

Conference shows need for MEDIA REFORM

Boston Bomb Scare - these people are guilty of ... littering. That's it.

Legal question please help

You do know you do not have to call the police if you see a "suspicious package"

Bush Accused Of Nearly Hitting Reporters With D-10 Tractor (Newsweek via HuffPost)

Daylight Savings Time Change - Not "automagic"

An "articulate" "rock star". Hmmmmmmmm.........

Same Old Bomb

The Word 'Articulate' Is One Of The Most Commonly Used Descriptive Terms For Political Candidates.

It's brilliant! Use "Homeland Security" fearmongering for your own commercial activities.

FW: Social Security for Illegal Aliens

Global Warming: Australia Completely Fucked

MO Marine mom needs our help — son facing possible redeployment after he & mom protest in DC

Impeachable Offenses Occurred At The Highest Level Of the White House- By Robert Scheer

MSNBC reporting 3 "suspicious" packages found around Boston

Your impressions on this Rapture painting please.

Joe Wilson: "The wheels of justice grind slowly, but they will grind very, very finely"

How does anyone know chaos will occur if we remove our troops from Iraq

Take a look at the sign my 10 year old son made for the march

So, looks like Army Information Systems Command-Pentagon is poking around my blog

Cheney's Handwritten Notes Implicate Bush in Plame Affair

Should Biden drop out?

Rep. Obey to GOP: "You forfeited any right to squawk about how we cleaned up your mess."

USS Bataan Transits Suez Canal, Enters U.S. 5th Fleet (Persian Gulf)

Rude Pundit: Why Bill O'Reilly Ought To Be Sodomized With a Microphone (Vermont Boycott Edition)

if you can stomach it: Bush Transcript: State of the Economy link


Phone Number for Biden: 12022245042

What about Saudi Arabia?

guess the boston heraLd's headLine for tomorrow!

Why I've changed my mind on impeachment

BRZEZINSKI To TESTIFY: The War In Iraq Is A Historic, Strategic, And Moral Calamity.

Canada fires the top environmental official pushing for action on climate change

Obama camp has "frozen out" Fox News

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Libby Trial reveals Addington Memo 2: List of Cheney's Media Whores To Out Plame!

Please do this for Molly: Stand Up Against the Surge

Bidens not the first white guy to say a black guy is articulate.

How much is enough? How far will he be allowed to go? Who's going to stop him?

Franken tells Dems he's running for Senate

More Troops, More Dollars

Help put new VoteVets TV ad on the Super Bowl (MoveOn)

Wes Clark Will Be On Matthews This Friday, Feb. 2nd!

Blackwater responsible for Karbala?

SMOKING GUN Cheney Handwritten Note (Pic): This Pres asked [Libby] To Stick His Head in Meatgrinder

Some great Molly Ivins quotes

Molly died.

There is nothing wrong with Biden's statement

Biden weirdness on Obama: "you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate..."

Midweek TOON updates

BREAKING: Cheney's Handwritten Notes Implicate Bush in Plame Affair

Randi Just said Bush & Cheney are GOING DOWN IF......

Democratic Underground mentioned in article on Feingold Iraq story in Madison Capital Times paper

Matt Cooper on "double super secret background" (PT 10)


Sadist on a Bulldozer: Bush threatens to run over reporters, others at Peoria factory

Conyers: "We No Longer Give License To Bush WH To Ignore Constitution & Govern In Secret"

Did anyone hear about the three terrorists at the university in mich?

Does the * bulldozer incident open up another line of attack for us?

Senator James Webb is having alot of fun with the Bush Administration

Question? Other Than ANSWER, Does Anyone Have Information About

Any idea what 'victory' in Iraq is supposed to look like?

fwd: Sad news from Austin - Molly Ivins

Fascinating blogger update on the jailed rape victim....and more info on Armor Correctional..

AP: U.S.-Iran Tensions May Trigger War

California May Ban Conventional Lightbulbs

Obama is handling this beautifully

Ralph Nader: An Unreasonable Man

My father homesteaded in western South Dakota and IMO only

Moonie preacher implicates RevMoon in shark-poaching scheme.

Libby notes-Mary Matalin -"Call Tim (Russert). He hates Chris (Matthews) - he needs to know it all."

Just for fun ... Are you a psychopath????

Alabama coach calls Lousiana worker coonass

Homelessness Mounting Among Kids, Families

Biden voted for the Bankruptcy bill


Will Iraq have a massive civil war if we leave or will the violence slow down?

I'm getting pretty goddamn sick of these bullshit "guerrilla marketing" stunts.

MSNBC just showed video of a woman having a miscarriage and police refusing

Did Scientists CURE CANCER last week and nobody noticed?

Jesus. They found ten packages, some with wires and electronics, here in Boston.

Put it on a PLATE and then put it on the TABLE

Who's fault was it that Boston authorities mistook the marketing ploy for a bomb?

PNAC -For those who still don't know about Shrub's plan for endless war!

Email I just sent to Lieberman

Democrats Give Bush The Business on Trade

Soldier's Death Strengthens Senators' Antiwar Resolve

In wage bill fight, Big Dig is a weapon (Boston Globe)

Der Mittenfuhrer once hosted fundraiser for Democrat Doug Anderson

Cybercast Noise Service falsely gives Repukes credit for blocking congressional pay raise

"How the White House put its own spin on research"

More wasted lives and money, and Bush admin screw ups

The Most Feared Woman on Capitol Hill

851,000+ votes for impeachment at

Congress and its Authority to STOP BushCo -- What is going on?!?

Bush "state of the economy" speach today

Real Costs and Agenda of Iraq War

NYT: Feingold Tugs on Iraq Purse Strings

Healthy Political Faith and Dissent


OK, I got lost in all the wiretapping stories...

Jon Stewart - Runaway Perjury - Videos on Libby Trial

Libby Wants to Know Miller's Sources (AP)

Gore ex-campaign chief wishes on her star - Wait till Oscar night,' Donna Brazile says

Nader still in the crosshairs (Mickey Z.)

Jack Valenti on Hardball

It's hard out there for inarticulate politicians sporting Hair Plugs!

The president of the United States does not have the sense God gave a duck.

EU-Russia Summit in Helsinki, November 24, 2006.

Hey, is down????

This is not the first time Senator Biden has made racially insensitive remarks

Trendspotting {Libby Trial)

Oh well. Looks like it's Biden's turn to get shredded today. But I guess I can't complain...

A worrisome and serious question for DU'ers

Obama Bill Sets Date For Troop Withdrawal

I think that senators who are running for the White House

Chris Bowers calls "Bullshit" on netroot's "Clinton - name recognition" claim

Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations (Joint Publication 3-12)

Gonzalez to turn over FISA Court papers to Judiciary committee

"this Pres. " More links.

US has decided (today) to halt F-14 parts to Iran

How many people here drive a car ...

Bush, bulldozer. = Dukakis, tank?

Why would Barack Obama have a problem with his BIG ears?

Roster of DLC Members?

Young Marine Dies Of PTSD - And Neglect

Woo Hoo... Maliki Showing Some Cojones!!! Don't Know How

Google and The Democrat Party

Biden's new defense--He's not responsible for what he said about

Good on Imus, not so much for Col. Jack Jacobs

Vilsack raises $1.1M for 2008 campaign

My Error - Deleted, Made comment elsewhere, not on Fox. N/T

Barack Obama busy working on preventing voter suppression!

For crying out loud: Media manufactures John Kerry's tears

112,000 flag memorial on U. of Oregon campus commemorates war dead

Is the average person, regardless of race, articulate or bright?

New Bush Comic: Pay 'em What They're Worth

Germany issues arrest warrants for 13 suspected CIA agents in alleged kidnapping case

Does no one hear the war drums beating Again?

they are just waiting for a felony

If only ALL the Democrats had voted against the Iraq war resolution in 2002.

Online DE paper shows curious naming of protestors at Bush visit

Biden Unbound - NY Observer 2/5/07

Trans Fats -- Is NYC violating people's civil rights?

"You got the first mainstream white woman who is articulate and bright and clean and pretty"

What if Limbaugh said the following:

Senator Clinton: Compromise “Not a Dirty Word”

On the News in Austin - Molly has died

Obama's Feb 10th announcement: did he sandwich Hillary?

Biden....Sec State?

WTF? Iran And The United States Already Sparring On The Ground?

Round 2: H-1B Battle: American Engineers vs. President Bush!

When did Libby/Cheney know Plame was Covert?

GOP on Congress stopping a war: The sickening smell of hypocrisy

Biden: Obama's the first articulate, bright and clean mainstream African American

Biden calls Edwards' Iraq withdrawal plan "against American interests," proposes ethnic transfer (!)

Gay + Iraqi = Dead

"I didn't take Senator Biden's comments personally, but obviously they were historically inaccurate"

No more eastern Dems for POTUS!

Obama Freezes Out Fox Noise Channel Reporters

Kate Michelman, lifelong feminist and former head of NARAL, on why she's for Edwards other news, Bill Richardson supports Cockfighting ban...


Biden: "Clean" comes from mother's saying, "clean as a whistle, sharp as a tack."

Hagel (R-Ne) may run; Hagel may write

Why would anyone have a problem with what Biden said about Obama?

Edwards on poverty (awesome editorial)