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Archives: January 4, 2007

A test for US allies: How they treat women

Bob Herbert Reaches End of Rope in 'NYT': Labels 'Slaughter' in Iraq 'Criminal'

Larry Beinhart: 2007 - Year of Madness

LAT: Analysis: Behind troop surge, a Neocon force

Where's the Outrage Over Escalation?

Iran's Secret Plan For Mayhem

MediaNews Calif. papers outsourcing ad production (To India)

In Padilla Wiretaps, Murky View of ‘Jihad’ Case

Health Care on the Hill — Democrats Set the Agenda (NewEngJourMed)

"Leave Now or You Will Die Like a Dog"

UCS Report Reveals: EXXON Paid To Mislead The Public

Inventer Cracks Centuries-old Puzzle (ultra low-head micro-hydro generator)

Iran leader says believes Israel will soon collapse

"We Know"

Christine Jennings:The Fight Continues for FL-13's Voters: We Filed Our Appeal

Hand Counted Paper Ballots NOW! Nothing more and Nothing less! nt

Radio Right now; SHould Touchscreens be Banned?

Author/Activist Tillie Olsen died yesterday

Fed hints at future rate increase (BBC)

I heard Mike Malloy is coming back

MediaNews Calif. papers outsourcing ad production (To India)

Nato laments Afghan civilian dead

Statement from the Office of Senator Johnson

WP: Bush Signals Budget Accord

Records show Diego Garcia link to alleged torture flights (Guardian)

Toyota creating alcohol detection system

Iraqi prime minister says he wants to quit office

Causey Heads To Prison for Role in Enron

Wal-Mart Recalls Trail Mix After Reports of Glass, Plastic

Protesters disrupt press conference on lobbying reform

Negropnte to move from Dir. Nat Intel to Dep. Sec State.

US warship 'Trenton' to join Indian fleet

Navy to name aircraft carrier after Ford

U.S. Bars Lab From Testing Electronic Voting

FEMA: Calif. Levees Worse Than Thought

Virtual recruiter on duty at Army Web site

South rated low on ladder to success

Qatari Freeper vandals blamed for online encyclopaedia sabotage

Have you ever been autographed in the nude?

Have you ever been spirographed in the nude?

Have you ever been pictographed with a 'tude?

My cat thinks he's a dog

Have you ever been photoshopped into a prude?

Have you ever been telegraphed with a fugue?

Have you ever had a chronograph in your food?

Satelillite TV 'snow'. Why?

is there a new Countdown with K.O. tonight?

These girls have upper-management written all over them!

Now I want a Kodak camera!!!111!!!

HELP! Is anyone getting this weird Bell South logo...

I got nuthin ' today...

Anyone ever had a nerve block?

I want love

How many of us are "IT" girls?

Wacky new laws (you need to know about)

Frustrated much, lounge?

Here's the trailer that was given to the execs who green-lighted "Rocky VI" (Rocky Balboa)

Is just me, or is there some kind"energy" around the Lounge today?

How many of us are "IN" girls?

Anybody watching Larry King with James Brown's widow .....

Who will the NFC censorship?

Which are the towns you can identify after seeing just a few bars...

Have you ever been photoshopped in the nude?

Mother F'N Snakes on a plane

Ever Woken Up Next To Someone And Said "Who the hell am I?"

Post a picture of yourself not hanging out with Queen Elizabeth in the 1980's.

Question: Did I start "it"

When two people are attracted to each other, who makes the first move?

I got my very first professional massage this morning

Apple fans, rejoyce. I have ventured to the other side.

Ever woken up next to someone and said "Donald Trump? I thought you were Natalie Portman!!"

What crosses your mind when you see this photo?

Salty, Sweet or Sour?

I'm chilling in the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj. Post if that means anything to you.

Cheney attacks Drake Hogestyn of Days of Our Lives

I finally puchased my first Democratic Underground T-shirt today

And those miraculous DU lounge vibes work again: I got the job!!

For the DU girls: Sexist Man of the Year

Wednesday, January 3. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

How many of us are Cousin IT workers?

Bush mum on Hussein hanging

For George, lizziegrace, and RRR...the hope of our future

My cat likes this YouTube video...

Ever wonder what *really* goes on in a cat house? I have pictures! (dial-up warning)

British Teenager Breaks Atlantic Sailing Record

I heard Mike Malloy is coming back

Does anyone remember

Ever hear a song that makes you really sad...

I dig love

Best parody/satire of Jimmie JJ Walker here!

I'm strong.

Am I the only shop rat?

I sent one of my little boys to California today.

I am filled with alabaster! My mass is jejune. A fork has foretold the dust of Hermes.

How many of us are IT workers?

It's so embarrassing when you run into someone who knows you, but you can't place them.

action on Africam!


Funeral Traditions (not about Ford)

Who are the performers you can identify after hearing just a few bars..

Post a picture of you from the late 80's mid 90's

What do you collect?

Tell me something

Ever Woken Up Next To Someone And Said "Who the hell are you?"

Associate Freely!

"Welcome to Enlightenment!"

Statues offer clues to Greek isle's past

sites with adult /gay content

Hey, Let's Start A Peyton Manning Retirement Thread!

ATN: Cardinal, Ram, Eagle, Jaguar and Titan Fans

Notra Dame???

Moon void of course

Do the troops really want a troop surge?

The SENATE is back IN SESSION tomorrow

I just got todays mail and I got mail from John McCain

Well you didn't think that you could go a day without a post from me,

"Strategery" is to strategy as "Truthiness" is to truth (Impeachment)

What's the deal with Bev Harris?

You know what? I'm the Bev Harris of the centrists.

Why are so many DUers pissed at Cindy Sheehan today?

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Democratic Underground, may I present to you...Madame Speaker

Two Myths That Keep The World Poor

at what point will rank-and-file soldiers refuse to be cannon fodder for a madman?

a few words about the timeliness of cindy's action

My Only Real Question Regarding Cindy And Her Interruption Today.

SE Fla Editorial: Americans are Stupid - Bush isn't so bad

negraponte is resigning to take the number two position at the state department

How stupid is Pat Robertson? His actions not words

William Rehnquist was a drug addict

Ethics debate over US girl "frozen in time".

Do you remember living through Watergate? If so, can you check in

The environmental cost of having a baby.

World faces hottest year ever, as El Niño combines with global warming (Independent UK)

Group: ExxonMobil paid groups to mislead public on global warming

Why is Negroponte taking a demotion ??

You are my life DU

I wasn't too sure about Cindy Sheehan before this latest outburst

I have personally spoken to Cindy Sheehan on the phone

OMG! The absolute funniest video I've seen about what Bush is doing to our country!!!

Our new back yard made the paper (photo)

Thank you, Cindy.

Oh, man -- first CNN, now - Yahoo News Captions Obama Photo With Name "Osama"

Mods: I make a honest proposal.


Rep. John Murtha: Extensive Hearings on Iraq

The drapes are measured.

Can't we all just... pretend to get along at least?

I found some old shoes the other day......(life, war, poverty, etc)

This week has got to have been hard on Betty Ford

Fine Art + Craft Online Auction to benefit the family of CNET's James Kim

On the eve of our new DEM Congress - what style do you hope we govern from?

My Problem With The Outbursts

John Negroponte to the state department, firstly...wasn't Karen Hughes...

Second U.S. carrier group to deploy to Gulf: sources

Brokaw snubbed Nancy Reagan?

I need national health catastrophe insurance...

So I see the Pink Tutus are going after Cindy......

Re: Fw: From A question about the natural history of the Grand Canyon.

"It was glorious!"

So 3 of Saddam's attorneys were...

UN staff accused of raping children in Sudan

Sirius listeners: Do you guys listen to Lynn Samuels?

Barney Frank: The Defense budget was passed already

Iraqis Say They Were Better Off Under Hussein

Diseases in the brave new world of global warming

Separating Myth from Reality for Democrats (Huff Post)

Dumb questions on Saddam not being tried for genocide.

Sugar Bowl coin flip - heads = White House, tails = American Eagle

Democrats promise action on ethics, Iraq

Free "Impeach Bush" icon

Editor&Publisher: NY Times May Drop Public Editor Position

and now I present to you:

How many Democrats do you think will go along with Bush's war escalation?

"Same Fued, Different Year" CNN sucks in public

UAE papers opinion piece on Saddam hanging

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

(TOON) Rowson, back from holiday, on Saddam's execution

NYT:Awaiting Bush’s Iraq Plan, Democrats Weigh Replies

Toyota creating alcohol detection system

Well the Ford funeral is over, can we now get back to the real issues?

Obama and Kennedy on Saddam's Execution

Negroponte to be deputy secretary of state

Carter Eulogy Links?

Another Osama/Obama "mix-up" (yahoo)

Another innocent mix up with Obama and Osama? I think not...

a Hoyer/Emanuel press conference is not a big loss

Ellison's Endorsement from American Jewish World - mentions gay victims of Holocaust

ExxonMobil cultivates global warming doubt-report

This week has got to have been hard on Some of US!

Anybody watching Larry King with James Brown's widow .....

Ford Pardoning Nixon to heal the Country was a bunch of BS

Will Negroponte bring Death squads here?


Yahoo confuses Obama and Osama

Blitzer about to give Looney-Robertson a forum so he can tell us he talks to god

I want to make a simple statement about Watergate:

What's The Goal?

EACH of us needs to stand up and demand Democrats end the occupation of Iraq (Re.Cindy&me&you)

Nardelli's $210 million golden parachuse reminds me of this scene from "Wall Street"

LOL - God has been talking to Pat Robinson. Again.

PNAC is dying?

In Meetings With Allies, Clinton Hones ’08 Strategy

Ever heard of the 'condom cartel'?


Betty Ford quotes

Tweety the Putz made a very telling statement:

Bt Cotton:: The great White GMO Hope it was Hyped? umm Not so Much...

China Confronts Price Of Its Cigarette Habit

Paula Zahn to ask Glenn Beck if he's "okay with" Jefferson's Qur'an

Barney Frank coming up on Countdown

Home Depot CEO resigns after six years, lousy performance and $450 mil. in compensation

C. crawford on KO talking of SH hanging. and tony snow fluffing it off.

Saddam's execution was NOT "Iraqi justice"

Has *bush recovered from his brain freeze yet?

Cindy Sheehan is the Bev Harris of the anti-war movement.

Economic Report: Surgeons Are Taller, More Handsome

in bush's world, a call for bipartisanship means, do it my way or else i will unleash my attack dogs

John Dean on KO right now

MSNBC declares B* "disconnected and delusional" over Iraq policy

MSNBC - Negroponte to become Asst Sec of State?

The environmental costs of our babies

Who the HELL is Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Man, she is smart and cool

866-348-0481 too funny.... the Congressional Page

Iran wants reparations for 1980s Iraq war

Author/Activist Tillie Olsen died yesterday

I'm watching Tweety now and I wish we had someone better than Steny Hoyer on

We have done well in the world

Cafferty on CNN is blasting the hell out of Bush.

Bush talks of "Sacrifice", but it is only the People who are doing the "Sacrificing"

Republicans Support Impeachment

New Year, New Alderman: Naisy Dolar's 2007 Resolutions


The Ethics Bill is a piece of trash.

Now the WH is trying to convince us that we're the ones "out of touch" on Iraq

AFL-CIO, UFCW Sue Labor Dept. for Inaction on Worker Safety Rule

On the "Democrats being partisan by ignoring the minority and going

If Smirk runs roughshod over the Dems, what will the 111th Congress look like?

what will you be watching on CSPAN tomorrow?

Attention Cindy Sheehan > Democrats promise policy to END THE WAR in Iraq ~ AP

Is your local paper listening to soldiers' dissent?

BUSH MUST GO! Demonstration at Opening of Congress, 12 noon, Jan 4

"Surge and Accelerate"? Isn't that what they recalled a bunch of Audis for?

Multiple Choice Romney

Tomorrow we will finally see hope, lets not sit by complacently and allow that hope to fade away

I hope and pray bush* has a long life and lives to be 100 years old

My prediction on Bush's troop increase he will get his wish and here's why...

Tony Snow: Americans ‘Out of Touch With Reality’ In Iraq

So ANYONE with the Nads to take oath on the CONSTITUTION?

Feingold Leads Once Again on Bringing Troops Home

Charles Krauthammer says the US will suffer because of Saddam’s execution

Sen. Harry Reid due to become majority leader at the stroke of noon Thursday.

Some are arguing that the Dems should go along with the "surge"

Why didn't Fred Phelps protest Gerald Ford's funeral? n/t

This will go over well in Jesusland-- Der Mittenfuhrer signs pro-gambling legislation

I am not a happy camper.

New Names on Senate Web Site!


Is Bankruptcy Different for the Wealthy?

Obama Vs. Bush On Cocaine Past: John Kerry Explains

Rudy 2008 plans

There are 10 posts about Cindy Sheehan on the Greatest Page.

Was Cuba ever really a threat to the United States?

Dems, We're Citizens, Not Consumers (ROBERT PARRY)

Finally, Cheney is kicked out of his office by none other then Charlie Rangel

We let them do it - Molly Ivins

My Father’s Red Scare

Why Hawks Win - Foreign Policy

Saddam: From monster to martyr?

Vision Time - Bill Scher at Huffington Post

Ahmadinejad: I Believe Israel Will Soon Collapse

3,003 ... and counting


All the Kings Horses

Chaos during hanging raises U.S. doubt on Iraqi leader

NYT Editorial: The Ugly Death of Saddam Hussein

Underestimated US ethanol craze may hurt poor-EPI - Reuters

Silent wind turbine is ultra-efficient (UK)

Powered by Solar, Financed by Third-Party (CA)

Wilmette, IL Will Fell Nearly 3,000 Ash Trees In Try To Stop Emerald Ash Borer - Tribune

No new nukes for UK

Belarus hits Russia with oil tax - BBC

Wal-Mart readies large-scale move into solar power

FuelCell Energy Submits 98.6 MW of Bids for Connecticut

Explosive Ethanol Growth - Kansas City Metro Now Has 3 Stations With E85, Up From 2

NY's December snowless for first time in 129 years (AP/CNN)

Nevada to Quadruple Its Geothermal Power, Says GEA Report

World Wheat Stockpiles At 25-Year Low, Thanks To Droughts, Biofuel Demand

MidAmerican Energy's 99-MW Victory Wind Project Online (Iowa)

TCEQ Delays Vote On TXU Plan For Coal Plants In Robertson County - DMN

Canada To Shuffle Cabinet To Polish Environmental Image - (Ambrose To Be Fired) Reuters

Yellowstone Snowmobile Use Down Substantially Since 1990s - Boston Globe

Eleven Towns Tour - Dutch Skating Marathon - May Be Permanently Over; Last Held 1997 - Reuters

Self-Delete - Dupe

Snow finally blankets the Alps (BBC)

Transportation takes top honors in carbon dioxide emissions for Reading (MA)

Canada cabinet shakeup turfs environment minister - Reuters

American Energy Technologies Commissions (236 kW) PV Array (NJ)

Southern California Edison Secures 1500 MW Wind Energy

Bulgaria shuts two nuclear reactors

Reactors shut-down at Sizewell A

Nuclear switch-off at Dungeness A

Egypt proposes possible four-way regional summit

Foreigners advised to leave Gaza

5 Palestinians killed as internal tensions reignite in Gaza Strip

Gunmen target three Hamas officials in apparent revenge attacks

Envoys: US, EU alarmed by corruption in Israel

Words of Wisdom on Lebanon - where we need to avoid the next crisis

Israel forces raid Ramallah (BBC)

Once the Italian Far Right is connected to terrorism, you can tell THEY did it Announces New Improved Website

WTC 1 and 2 - Impact Zones

Easier question, forget thermite...

E-Voting Machine Test Lab Shut Down by Feds

Election, Fraud and Related News, Thursday 01/04/07

Would Senator feingold's plan to censure Bush pass this time around?

CNN: Sources: Bush likely to send up to 40,000 troops to Iraq

Iraqis Say They Were Better Off Under Hussein

Two bombs kill 5 at fuel station in Baghdad

Judge quits to avoid disciplinary action

AP: Volcano forces evacuations in Montserrat

NYT: Exxon Accused of Trying to Mislead Public

In tally, Nelson, Hagel (Ne) are Bush men

India’s Firstsource acquires U.S. outsourcer

AP: Pentagon helping restart Iraqi factories

(AP) NTSB: Pilot Error in Blair Fla. Flight

High Noon for the GOP

CNN: Pensions for convicted lawmakers draw watchdogs' ire

U.S. Bars Lab From Testing Electronic Voting

AP: No courts-martial for British soldiers (Amarah video)

FBI Drops Demands For Jack Anderson Papers

In Padilla Wiretaps, Murky View of ‘Jihad’ Case (No Plots Discussed)

(Deval) Patrick may overturn Romney picks

(Senator) Harkin hopeful (bill to lift the) stem cell ban will pass this time

Rawstory: Bush considering smaller-than-expected increase in troops for Iraq

WP,pg1: Democrats Hope to Take From Oil, Give To Green Energy

Bush Lawyer Harriet Miers Resigns

Bush, Maliki discuss execution, Iraq security

NYT/AP: Democrat Deval Patrick Sworn in As Massachusetts Governor

Saddam Co-Defendants to Be Executed Thursday (AP)

MNF Iraq: Security patrol attacked (1 soldier killed - Baghdad)

Bush seeks consensus on No Child Left Behind (CNN)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday January 4

NYT: NY Gov. Spitzer Requests Sweeping Array of New Measures: Health insurance for all children

Texas Boy Dies Mimicking Saddam's Hanging -- CBSnews

Nation’s retailers report disappointing sales

Angry Nixon vowed to 'ruin' diplomatic corps

Seattle Times; Lt Watada's lawyers seek OK to put Iraq war on trial

Iraq denies Saddam humiliated before execution

AP: Bush to Name Retired Admiral As Top Spy

Omar says he hasn’t seen bin Laden for years

Key Democrat Might Consider Troop Boost In Iraq

Bush quietly authorizes opening of Americans' mail

Reuters: US activists plan Guantanamo jail protest in Cuba

Kuwaiti in talks to buy Saddam's 'noose' -- Businessman ready to pay any amount of money

Iraq threatens arrest of police officer (Capt. Jamil Hussein acknowledged)

AP: Bush to Seek Renewal of Education Law (NCLB)

Possible meteor or space junk seen all over the region

"£108m golden farewell for DIY boss in US". The head line in

Two in Calif. sentenced for voter fraud

Police locate and tow wanted Chevy Tahoe

NORAD looking for Russian rocket in Wyoming (AP/CNN)

Nuclear security lapses cost program chief his job (AP/CNN)

AP: U.S. seeks more Canadian beef imports

Gallup: Majority of Americans Feel Iraq Media Coverage is 'Inaccurate' -- and Mainly Too Negative

President Bush Will Nominate ZALMAY KHALILZAD As The New U.S. Ambassador To The U.N. (PNAC)

AP - Flaw found in Adobe Acrobat PDF format

Rangel Boots Cheney (has evicted Cheney from his office in the Capitol)

Israel helps rescue Arabs in Saudi desert

Bush Chooses Adm. William J. Fallon to Replace Gen. John Abizaid; David Petraeus for Gen. George Cas

Mystery deepens over missing plane

McCain reaffirms support for US troop 'surge' in Iraq

Iraqi Official: Militias Hijacked Saddam's Execution

Former president Bush undergoes hip replacement at Mayo Clinic

Libya to erect Saddam gallows statue

AP: FTC Fines Weight Loss Pill Firms $25M

W pushes envelope on U.S. spying

Harriet Miers resigns to crash McCain, Lieberman speeches

Saddam's execution blamed in boy's death

(India) Teenager hangs herself over Saddam's execution

LAT: L.A. mayor seeks federal aid to combat gangs

Booze, (Service) dogs too much for some Muslim cabbies

Scientists say 2007 may be warmest yet

Nancy Pelosi officially elected Speaker of the House

Abortion provider killer on trial in NY

I am finally in my avatar.

I'm selling imaginary tickets for a free ride to paradise

Can I get some feedback on this pelagic?

It's what - 1:28? I've poured a glass of cheap wine and am playing

Hockey fans from years gone by ... Earl "Dutch" REIBEL has passed away.

Is the universe also infinite into the microcosm?

Notre Dame and the BCS...

Deeee- Lish !! a wonderful retro-fashions blog..

Bob Seger, and Good Night.

I know your future - want answers?


I'm seeing the psychiatrist tomorrow.

derby's rave party mix for the swearing-in of the 110th Congress

It's 5 AM, I can't sleep. Who's awake?

How did your Dead Pool list fare in 2006?

Wow, nothing really much happens around here at 3am

We are young.

You know the annoying thing about having 2 jobs?

Pueraria lobata

Boy Falls Out Of Window, Land On His Head During 'Jackass' Stunt - Critical

Boy Gets New Madden Game After Finding Porn On The First One

Well, maybe you'll have better luck. Capitol Hill Switchboard... Oh, well

What band am I thinking of? (#7)

Grr. Stupid MacBook. Stupid Apple "Concierge."

Hugs for FedUpWithIt All!

2 canonizations of new saints needed.

Elderly Man Shot With Stun Gun For Swinging Cane At Officers

Happy 110th Congress!

I am a brave and magnificent human being.

So vent-less fireplaces, who knew?

Public Service Announcement from the United States Air Force

And so it goes. I google Willie Horton and I get this.

Cheney attacks soap star!!

Buddhamama NUKES her coffee!!!!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 1/4/2007)

LSU>>>>LSU>>>>LSU>>>>LSU>>>> BOO'YA!!!!!!

why doesn't cindy sheehan just shut up and get back in the kitchen


What are the words you can identify after going to just a few bars..

Great cookie recipe - a little late for the holidays, but the Super Bowl is coming!

I feel sorry for comedy sketch and other parody/satire shows today

If you could, would you eat your cat?

ZombyCoffee: Democratic Congress Blend!

teaching fish "the international language"

Is Lillian Munster the best undead bride of your lifetime?

Boltok Yakusz: "Hairy Back"

Soccer spectators are shocked as a team actually scores a goal in a game

If I Could I Would Eat Your Cat

I need help. It's been years since I had a lapdance--I need info on way-out nightclubs.

I am thinking Cindy Sheehan nukes her coffee too!

Justin Timberlake: "Sexy Back"

I'm seeking a plagarism mentor.

Rockstar Supernova debut concert review : Attn. Graywarrior

Wheels Fall Off Discount Tour Bus

Over or under?

I'm seeking a plagarism mentor.

"I will feel equality has arrived when we can elect to office women who are as incompetent

Lets revisit the worst video ever.

Does laughing at this get you sent straight to hell?

You know those before and after weight loss pictures?

Could your cat eat a couple after hitting just a few bars?

Dog Nurses Her 8 Puppies - Plus 12 Orphaned Puppies

Brave? ..... or stupid?.....

One of our own Loungers at Pelosi swearing in!

The Chantix is kicking in now

I just got a strange email, what does this mean!

I have been drinking at home for two days and I like it!

I went to bed with wet hair, so I took a picture the results this morning:

Advice needed...

Ladies- have you shopped at H&M?

Where did Environment/Energy go?

Need a Smile? See my Puppy

I need help. It's been years since I had a laptop--I need info on wireless internet.

Anyone watch that ABC News show last night on the fundies?

I used to be the babysitter for Grendel's mother, when she was a child

Spiders in Nature: Interesting behavior when subjected to drugs/alcohol.

Looking For Interesting Things To Do With Rutabagas-

Why do you love America?

I've been unemployed at home for two years and I hate it

Oh goody I have Bell's Palsy

Why it is important to be at least bilingual in this world (ultimate proof ahead, graphic warning:)

The greatest hard rock band in history

If someone calls you a "prevert," does that mean that

Associate Frehley!

Was the EST inventor guy a criminal fuckwit or a soulless shitbag?

RevActs jumped LaraMN with a banana!

I killed a thread about LUST--what does that mean?

I love that smell in the morning. You know up on the Hill, that smell of Democrats? It smells like

I give up...

Hey, People!

I predict a surge

It's that time again. Goodnight all

Want to learn something new today, look inside....:)

"I don't care what you say anymore this is my life."

I've lost the will to fax.

I've lost the will to fart.

Dammit. I just now figured out what I want for Christmas.

Just wanted to poke my head in

Life Lesson #478

I screwed up

I got a foot masssager.

Being able to 'hold my liquor' is beginning to kinda suck

There has been, and continues to be, a serious lack of profanity in the Lounge as of late.

How much Dust is there in your life?

I've lost the will to flirt.

Looking for interesting things to do with bananas.

38 posts from 29,000. Ask me anything!

12-Year-Old Charged With Disorderly Conduct (She Wet Her Pants In School)

Is it impolite to comment favorably on someone's ass..ets?

I'm such a mean Mom.

I lost it this evening with an eye doctors answering service.

"Looka me! I'm a TEW!!!"

Do the Admins Exist?

Is Lily Tomlin the best comedienne of your lifetime?

Would you find it easier to die for or kill for a righteous cause?

New Neighbor this week....screamin' obnoxious doggie too....

my damn dog treats winter walks at the park like a goose crap salad bar

If it could, would your cat eat you?

355 Days Until Next Christmas!!!

There's no global warming (but trees are budding in Jan. in NW Ohio) pic

I have been working from home for two days and I like it.

Did you hear about the Mortician with OCD?

Relax, have a drink, and recap your day.

I'm Seeking A Riding Mentor

Apparently 5 posts ago, I had 8000 posts.

Just wanted to poke my head out

Don't use Linux

Paris Hilton fired! (who knew she had a job?)

HEyHEY posting on his new laptop

My sister had to have her appendix out last night...

Ok, admit it, who plays World of Warcraft?

This is for any of you who watched this season's "The Wire"

Baby pics thread!

Would you prefer to be a different gender?

Is it impolite to comment favorably on someone's accent?

Share your weird job interview stories

Four posts to 4000, er I guess

Favorite Simon & Garfunkel Tune

Life Lesson #476

41 days

Asking for a bit of auto advice :)

Pic Post. You're desktop says a lot about you. Post yours here.

To What fictional Soap Opera city would you move?

Tulum, Mexico: The only Mayan city on the coast (Pics! Dial-up warning)

Radio Lady Reviews: “Notes On A Scandal” (Opens January 5, 2007 in Portland, OR and other cities.)

What are your favorite albums of 2006?

I could really use a hug about now...

Does it matter if any of the legendary founding fathers of religion actually existed?

Editorial: Rosie O'Donnell, ACLU owe existence to Christianity.

"I disagree with the FACT"


Brooklyn teen is charged in alleged anti-gay rant at Mall eatery

Landmark court ruling gives little boy two mommies and a dad

Please forgive me if this is a stupid question, but...

Notes On A Scandal - homophobic film in theatres

The Pheonix reports: A deadly move against same-sex marriage

Any Gonzaga fans here?

Criticism of Stern

Excellent SI cover this week (Eagle fans will love it)

Is ANYONE surprised by the ass-whuppin' put on Notre Dame?

The anti-Shula bails out as a greasy, dishonorable coward

help me with these deja vu-type senses I've had

Some information on trauma (PTSD) recovery ..

Just A Cool Letter My 3rd Grade Class Got From A Vets Hospital Here In Wisconsin

Peace surge needs help!

A crucial time for saving Lebanon's fragile democracy

If you want to see a certain Senator being sworn in...

hahahahahaha - Cheney Gets the Boot

OT: Negroponte to go to State (I think to bail out Condi who is a failed SecState)

Most bizarre vlog combo ever -- Ted Kennedy playing w/ dogs on CBN

Anyone else noticing CNN's coverage of congressional pensions today

New post by Jonathon Powers on HuffPost: Dear Congress, What's Next

Just for laughs: Troll diary about Kerry's xmas cards

And it just keeps on snowing...

Jax, back from the groomer, enjoying a cigar.

Nation Building -- A Different Perspective on Saddam Hussein

Heads up Boston Legal

Great Nancy Pic - - No Caption Needed.

How to get Cindy Sheehan out of your face....

Ultimatum to the Democrats: Do what I say or I will post incoherent rants on the D.U.!

Oprah tells all why she avoided America's poor

Iraq Vets Come Home Physically, Mentally Butchered- Disability Claims Skyrocket

Questions about Rahm Emanuel, the man Cindy interrupted.

Iranian missles & the US Navy in the Gulf

Our apologies good friends, for the fracture of good order. Reflections on Sheehan's Protest

Ethics reform? Is it still O.K. for Skinner to use the pivate DU Jet?

I understand why Cindy Sheehan did what she did yesterday

U.S. air strikes against Iran in 2007/08 as all-but-a-done deal.

Daniel, Martin and John.

My "left wing" christian group is asking that we all stand behind

Who do you trust, DLC apologists or Cindy Sheehan?

Murtha: No Surge For Bush

Bill Moyers: For America's Sake - The Long Night Of the Junta Is Over...

We have the majority! We must secure fair elections so we can take the White House in 2008!

Oil giant 'paid groups to mislead public' on warming

I just sent an email to Sean Hannity

AP: Booze, dogs too much for some Muslim cabbies...

Senate MAJORITY Leader Reid: "Please sign my petition... for raising the minimum wage."

1 more, once again?

Virgil Goode: BIGOT (ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

New postal law lets bush READ YOUR MAIL.

Do you consider yourself a feminist?

Call to Raise the Minimum Wage - Jan 9! Call 1-800-459-1887 (Time to get to back to work, DU;)

For Those Following the Saga of Neo-Nazi Hal Turner: He's Booked on Insanity & Colmes Tomorrow Night

Military contractors lose their "get out of jail free" cards

There really is a christian left.

Alexander Cockburn considers Jerry Ford "America's greatest president"

Off the wall and bizzare perhaps, BUT: what would you have done about slavery in the 1800's?

Heh. Heh heh. Heh heh hee hee hee hah hah hah HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!!!


Time for another DU flower purchase

Daily Kos has the saga of one person's campaign against hate radio.

Savage Uses Truthiness To Say Global Warming Can't Be Man-Made

Rehnquist Files Reveal Bolton Shenanigan (sent FBI after witnesses)

Are you ready for some PAYBACK?

Somebody had to say it.

If you're pro-choice on abortion, how do you feel about Ashley?

First draft of Bush's Wall St. Journal Op-Ed posted on the Internets!

TOONS for TODAY- Pick your subject!

Wages for working people are up 2%

Bush Extends Hand With Fingers Crossed

Charlie Rangel needs to sweep his new office for bugs!

Metal Storm - Holy Jebus...

OFFICIAL 110th Congress Thread (For Cube Rats) #2

1st Annual Wedgies - nominations are now open

First In A Series Of Hit Pieces Against The New Dem Majority

we're filling up the Earth with GARBAGE . . .

Boy, 10, Dies After Mimicking Saddam's Execution

My LTTE makes the big time(albeit censored)

OK, here's an LTTE that will make you go "WTF?"

Susan Collins and Norm Coleman were the sponsors of the Soviet Postal Reform bill.

My God - Here is the feminist agenda - I never knew people thought this way.

Anyone else besides me who couldn't have kept their composure and walked up to the noose?

Have I worn out my welcome?

OBAMA=OSAMA: The Yahoo News Edition

Feingold: "Redeploying Our Troops Out of Iraq" call THIS Winter?

"She (Cindy S.) is all your's"--no longer Jr's problem says

Conservative are fucking idiots. This proves it.

New Aircraft Carrier to be named after...Gerald Ford!!!! This must STOP!

Newsflash: Bush administration LIES about increased tax revenues

Why? - Why doesn't FDA food labelling include Glycemic Index?


It bothers me that THE FAIRNESS DOCTRINE is being

I've not been fan of Pelosi....but OMG she gave a Blockbuster Speech AND

John Lennon had it right

Escalate the Occupation, Own the Occupation

Since Bush is gonna read our mail...envelops pre printed with FUCK YOU W

Poll: House Republicans were most upset about the transition of power today because:

Bush administration considers unloading mercury on world market

my lungs are still trying to take in oxygen after andrea-republican-ass-mitchell asked john dingell

Rep. Keith Ellison: Choose Generosity, Not Exclusion

I would like to apologize for this post from yesterday.

Cops baffled by mystery object that crashed into home

What the flying eff does Arlen Specter have to do

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Thurs 1/4: Congress-itis?

The US post office can open any sealed mail. NBC News. n/t

My victory over the neocons, at least for now.

So, today is the day I've been waiting for and I'm expecting great things!

Here we go! Rush Holt up with Parliamentary Inquiry

Tweety needs to STFU already

Anybody who thinks "The Surge" will be directed at any nation besides Iran IS NUTS

Madam Speaker or Mrs Speaker or Ms Speaker

Are we giving too much credit to Pelosi and Reid as Progressives?

DU this CNN Poll

Little to no help from the govt. for those Americans in the plain states

Bumper Sticker today: ATTENTION Flag Burners

Saudi Arabia & its ICBM program, designed for nukes?

Congratulations To EVERY Aspiring Young Girl/Woman In America!

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!

Ultimatum to the Democrats: Do what I say or don't.

Live press conf. coming up Bush and German pm per msnbc -coming

Bedoya (D) Kansas...didn't make me feel much better with her answers to Charlie

WTF is "Tasking?"

I think I've fallen in love with Nancy Pelosi...

ABC News: “The president wants a clean sweep”

Environment at center of Canada cabinet shakeup

Cindy Sheehan on Rachael Maddow right now

Somebody get McCain out of the media. He is the only

Politically Speaking ...

Dissappointing story after such a great headline: "Rangel Boots Cheney From His Capitol Hill Office"

Anyone listening to Drier and Alcee Hastings...?

It appears that the House GOP strategy is to 'slow' things down by making them

Kirsten Gillibrand kicking ass on the new Rules

News: NY Times: US Shuts Down E-Voting Testing Lab

"I disagree with the FACT"

FINALLY, they're having the vote on the Ethics Rules package

OMG did you see that look Pelosi had???

Message from the Senate

Will CSPAN Be Showing the Voices For Impeachment Press Con. Tonight?

Webb on CNN: Open to troop surge.

U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) at the podium - pics

When did Specter change parties?


Good bye and good riddance William Donald Schaefer...

Dreier is still on.

Madam Speaker Pelosi... Madam President Pelosi?


WHat's the price of gas in your area?

Gerald R. Ford World Tour 2007

Watch Dennis Hastert's unenthusiastic applause for Nancy

Any DEM that votes for a "surge" needs to be branded with a Scarlet Letter!

God chose the Democrats to lead Congress. (Thank you God!)

Why don't they have a rule that no House member can travel on Private jets?


What Nancy needs most is a sharp sense of humor.. I think she has one

Did you see this? Rangel sends Cheney a packing

Am I the only one that's a little annoyed when congresswomen are referred to as "Mrs."?

Note To Lieberman: Pull Your Head Out Of Your Ass & Stop Lying

a blog posting from (I think) a right-leaning psychiatrist

Congratulations! You are now a member of Congress! What is your top priority?

I can't wait for Mike Malloy tonight.

A US Congress without Charles Taylor...

Sex-for-Oil Scandal Rocks Interior Department - not exactly but something's rotten in the MMS

TPM: What does Negroponte's "demotion" mean about the office of DNI?

The only positive thing I can think of about the "Surge"

Ethics Bill passed, now on to debate for implementing the Rules

Controversy and the Struggle to Define the Center

Jesus taught that his followers are to treat others as they would treat themselves

Republican Plan: Drive us insane with constant whining

"I'm trying to find some way to be gentle as I restore the dignity of that office,"

I was in a government office today

Jacks Cafferty's questions today


Hysterical Redstate Agit Prop against the "Democrat Takeover"

The anti-choice Neocons' Iraq war really hell on the pre-born!

Aw, they are DISAPPOINTED. Come on, Republicans; UP OR DOWN VOTE

If Bush wants troops to stay in Iraq, can Congress actually stop him?

I love this picture of the "HANDOVER"

UGH, Dreier is stalling the vote on the Rules package

Somebody call a Waaahmbulance!

In my cube farm just now: Repubs talking about which DEM they'd vote for

New Postal law allows Chimpy to read our mail

John McCain Suicide Watch: Day 59

House GOPer: Looking Back, We Coulda Been Nicer

My DVR screwed up, anywhere I can get a video of Pelosi's acceptance speech?

What are the toll free numbers to the Capitol Hill Switchboard?

OFFICIAL 110th Congress Thread (For Cube Rats) #6

Groups Clash over Ariz. Minimum-Wage Disability Exemption

Want to see a nice photo?

CAPTION: Popeye the Senator Man and Swee'Pea Brain

Conservatives Against Bush - This date in Bush history

The head of the U.S. nuclear weapons program is leaving his job because of security breakdowns

Rangel Boots VP- happy days are here again

Oh, no! No more Denny Hastert send ups by Jim Ward!

The money spigot needs to be turned off, and We The People need your help.

Don't you just love the righteous indignation coming from the Repugs?

Republican's not doing themselves any favors in the House right now

Looks to me like the house is divided

Do we need a separate forum just for Cindy Sheehan discussions?

Bloggers Hand Amway a Huge Defeat on the Net

In fond memory of all the women who built toward this day--

Damn it! I knew it...I am starting to have gay thoughts!!!

Absolutely Conclusive Positive Proof of Global Warming (funny pic)

Bush's New Iraq Plan is BS

WP, Froomkin: Opening our mail: Is Bush's abuse of signing statements a Constitutional crisis?

40 Years Ago Today My Cousin Died in Vietnam

There may be trouble ahead....

Listiening to the Republicans speaking right now onC-Span is making me laugh

Boehner just referred to the Democratic Party as the "Democrat" Party

DU family, help me out with "humanistic agenda"

Maliki tells WSJ he doesn't want to be PM anymore.

If you were a protester in the Civil Rights movement what would you have done differently?

Everyone who can should watch the House on Cspan today

11/7/2006 > Snow: Zal Khalilzad is not leaving Iraq ambassador post after the elections

Military challenged in recruiting efforts

Peace surge....JOIN THE SURGE TODAY! (FAST!!!)

I was waitng for this, Dreier mentioned 9-11.

3 times in the past 8 minutes All Things Considered replayed

First Roll Call vote of this Congress, on the Ethics Rules, NOW

Maybe it's just me but that number 110 looks good. Easy to remember

Please... just 1 more?

Should members of Congress who've been convicted of a felony lose their pensions?

David Dreier is getting on my last nerve -


I think a lot of republiks hate Nancy cause she's a female with power.

Seeding starvation in Iraq

The whining and crying is so rewarding.

Clever Independent frontpage: Saddam: From Monster To Martyr

Iraq: The nightmare of sham democracy

Just think when the Joe Sixpack's and Soccer Mom's get home from work today and turn their TV's on

George Will's salary ought to be $0/hr

"Choose Generosity, Not Exclusion," by first Muslim Congressman, Keith Ellison (D., MN)

How the FREEPER's doing today?

So...what's really going on here?

Dreier is talking about his "Minority Rights"

Officials: Bush "driving toward" new Iraq plan

Boehner once again slurs the Democratic Party

In Spite Of Conservative Ranters, Broad Majority Of Americans Support "Liberal Ideas"

Stupid statement on CNN: Re Keith Ellison

Woo hoo! Nick Lampson (D-TX) is in da House!!

So now that the Democrats have officially taken control, will McCain keep

Is it just me or do you feel a mild sense of relief after

Rawstory: Chimpy "considering" a BUMP instead of a Surge

Louise Slaughter is whipping them with the truth...

Keith Obermann: "Now we are sending them(US troops) to their deaths for your ego"

Louise Slaugher is a goddess. She's laying it on the line!!

Soldier Asks What Will "Next Story" Be To Keep Troops In Iraq. Does Anyone Know?

Today is like heroin for a political junkie

Fox News Belittles Most Powerful Woman in Politics!

Greenhouse gases to shape coal debate

Nick Lampson is speaking. TX-22 can be proud again

I cannot WAIT for Chimpy's SOTU this year!

I support Cindy but I do not agree with her tactics by interrupting the Dem Pres Conf.

Historic Tower Gets Woman Power (Reuters/CNN)

Want fraudless e-voting? Import the software.

Anti-war protests coming up

Republican whining is best described by Alan Simpson on Tweety's show

Who should pay for rescuing people who choose a certain lifestyle?

"Let's Strangle Rangel"?

She's gonna make me cry.....

Caption this pic of Sen. Kennedy and cheney

For only $24.95 you can get your very own Saddam hanging doll

Once the Italian Far Right is connected to terrorism, you can tell THEY did it

The first House debate begins!!! (Holding my breath)

Who is the REAL Party of Family Values, eh?

Granny Bee – In with the New

Remember the busted firefighter who was paid while 'away' in Iraq? A fucking mercenary

A step toward making the USA something to proud to the eyes of the world

What happened to Hastert the Hut?

It's Official! Deval Patrick Sworn In As First African-American Governor!

National Conference for Media Reform Jan 12-14

Tony Bennett is in the gallery in the House!

Rawstory: Bush considering smaller-than-expected increase in troops for Iraq

Fox News Ratings Down 20% In 2006; MSNBC Sees Big 4th Quarter Gain

Why does the message of "Sacrifice" never apply to the rich?

Mind on loudspeaker - the effects of anonymous posting and discussions

OFFICIAL 110th Congress Thread (For Cube Rats) #5

Happy 198th Birthday to Louie Braille

Brick stupid Freeptards acting dumber than wooden posts....

I don't recall ever seeing children at the swearing in ceremony

C-Span 2: Senator Boxer on addressing Global Warning

David Dreier is a hypocritical piece of shit

"ABC memo reveals Air America advertiser blacklist"

Sen. Byrd: "Hallelujah!"

Virgil Goode please shake hands with your first Muslim Congressman


Here we go, Florida 13th challenge

Who is the REAL Party of Family Values, eh?

Who is the REAL Party of Family Values, eh?

MSNBC Breaking News: Harriett Myers resigns

Nancy keeps talking about a New American Century...

Hot Damn, but this woman has style, dignity and poise......

Mr.bush signs expand his powers further, scary and maddening. Why?

For the children

Boehner sounds intoxicated... ?

"... all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC..."

Send all your junk mail to Mr.bush!

New names for "Operation Surge and Accelerate"?

Bush: Government Can Open Your Mail

"From the kitchen to the congress"..

When in history have soldiers refused to be cannon fodder for a madman?

"We have broken the Marble Ceiling!"

We now are watching history being made

Official Gloat Thread

Here's a bill of minority rights for the GOP

Last F*cking time--it's the DEMOCRATIC Party, got that minority party!!??

Ivory Perry; Activist or Agitator? (another Cindy thread)

Did you notice how well-behaved the kids were?

From Harriet Miers' Blog.....

OFFICIAL 110th Congress Thread (For Cube Rats) #4

Is there a special reason that Nancy Pelosi keeps kissing men

OFFICIAL 110th Congress Thread (For Cube Rats) #3

It'll take a woman to clean up this House...

NYC Loves Subway Hero Wesley Autrey

A great new progressive website just launched over here:

OFFICIAL 110th Congress Thread (For Cube Rats)

Even the clerk seems excited!

Massachusetts governor-elect considers overturning Mitt Romney's appointments

The Trump Card: Impeachment

It is now official HERSTORY!!--Speaker Pelosi

In honor of Nancy Pelosi's other first in the Speaker's Chair

if you havn't tuned into CSPAN, now is the time

Cool Video of meteor over Colorado this a.m.

Oh now THIS was beautiful to read...

Help fir Glenn Beck! Sign the petition!

Now It\'s Official! Please Welcome Our New Speaker Of The House, The First Woman Ever:

The coming battle

Here's a picture of a truly empowered and

local wingnut columnist uses Denver quest for convention to bash unions

Watching our new Democratic Majority be sworn in by Darth Cheney makes me SMILE!!

And now ....heeeeeeeeeere's NANCY!

Madame Speaker

This certainly won't help Dumb-Dub's poll numbers

Ok, I'm going nuts and being too anal about the taxi book

Much improved .gov websites!!!

Democrats on dismantling Bush tax cuts: "We're not going there."

wh press conf with tony snow coming up! (12:45---it's 12:36 eastern

Let's put every criminal con on the stand and in jail now

...Why did a russian rocket break up over colorado?

How many Republicans will vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker?

China aims for outsourcing supremacy

NPR just said... "...bush and Merkel have a

Heads up. Ten minutes till the House goes into session!!!


to accuse or charge with misconduct in office; to attempt to discredit.

Fox News reporter says Bush admitted using cocaine

First vote in the nice is it to finally be AHEAD in a vote?

Bummer, please remove. nt

First vote in the nice is it to finally be AHEAD in a vote?

When I Am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple has a new look

Sugar Bowl pumps $175 million into New Orleans

What was that I just saw Byrd doing to the Dick?

If you work for government, do your repub coworkers demand taxes go up

All I can say to the whinnie assed republicans is you should have done these investigations

Is it just me or is Reid a little rusty on running things?

The republiks voting Boehner sound, um, pathetic.

Watching the Deval Patrick Inauguration: Kennedy and Kerry aren't there ?

Murtha Plans To Deny Bush Funding For Troop Escalation

Revoke Bush's war powers/authorization-your input is needed

Everyone is all upset about illegal Immigrants on WJ today.

Official Tells NBC Troop Surge Is "Political Decision"

Signing Statement Watch - Bush claims right to open people's mail

Sam Seder hinting a B*sh admin official behind Sadaam execution video?

Tony Bennett being greeted in the gallery. He looks great.

CNN poll: Will sending 20,000 to 40,000 more troops to Iraq

Rehnquist suffered delusions in 1981 after 10 year addiction to painkillers.

E-Voting idea. How to do It fraudlessly.

This is great Dick Cheney has to swear these guys in.

Do You Think Keith Will Get Nancy Pelosi And/Or Harry Reid For Tonight's Show?

Was that Steny Hoyer standing behind Senators?

another negroponte theory(s)

MA Gov to be inaugurated so sooooon! Yay!

Another Obama misspelling (on MSNBC)...

JOHN F. KERRY: A crucial time for saving Lebanon's fragile democracy (Boston Globe Edit)

Yesterday someone was asking the maximum age to join the mililtary.

any internet streams of congress opening? nt

Rangel Kicks Cheney Out

What do you suppose Delay is doing today?

There are a record number of women serving in the US House now.

Harry Gets Gavel From McConnell

House Convening NOW

ANOTHER to caption

A horror story with a "happy" ending from Iraq.

MSNBC's Coverage of the 110th Congress...

Frank: Bush already has his war money

Bush Claims Power to Open Citizens Mail - do we have a post on this?

Mass. to inaugurate first black governor

Charity program at work

Thomas Jefferson Library is in Rep.Goode's (R- Va) District...

Minority Bill of Rights....simple form

Caption *

Operation Nipples - Update

Is it naive to expect Democrats to be an "organized" Party?

Negroponte's ascension???

So when exactly do the first 100 hours begin?

The problem with "Call-In shows is that

Streaming video of Congress today?

Has Nancy Pelosi been officially elected Speaker yet?

2006 marked a decline in the cable news audience — except on MSNBC

Dems need to work like Fitzi for Impeachment Success

I'm still deeply offended and pissed off about Poppy's "eulogy"..

Halliburton gets $30 per soldiers' meal...

The MOST important Republic vehicle in the new congress

Let's hear it for the CBC and the great leaders they are contributing

The most delibertive body on earth is now on the hundred hour sprint

Sen. Tim Johnson update:

cspan call to newly erected congresscritter

NYT: Key Dems Say they Could SUPPORT Short Term Troop Increase" WTF?

The war WILL NOT patiently wait to produce more dead while congress

Good Lord! I thought today was supposed to be the New Congress!


Heard on MSNBC

Anybody know what a Femifascist is?

Firedoglake on the upcoming Libby Trial

I just saw an ad on TV for CITCO which said

Murderers who support social programs

Pat Robertson will, God willing, *WIN* the War on Christmas this year (please help)

Dem Congress Must Revoke Bush's War Powers ASAP


"You'll never CAPTION alone..."

I think bush & his pals are DARING us to stop them.

Folk Songs of the Far Right Wing

5 Deferment Cheney hands the American flag to Betty Ford

'Mullah Omar hasn’t seen bin Laden for years'

Social Security, Immigration and a Stupid RW email

Stuff this turkey of a Thursday, please come . . . CAPTION!!!

Attn all Stephanie Miller fans & stalkers (progresive radio listeners too)

House MAJORITY Leader Steny Hoyer: House Floor Schedule for Thursday, January 4, 2007

McCain called the NYT a Communist Newspaper?

Minority Bill of Rights (McHenry R) on C-Span now. nt

I saw grown men cry (re: school shooting)

"You'll never CAPTION alone..."

Could B$sh be considering this man for John Bolton's replacement?

Isn't it ironic that the greatest damage to this nation in living memory

We Need Indictments, Investigations, Impeachment & End To Belief Of Imperial Presidents

The Bush Economy is GREAT

January 4, 2007

High Noon for the GOP

Head for the hills!!!! Buddhists in Congress too.

ACLU has done MORE for Christians than 'christian' Right will EVER do

We fight our way in now the only way to get out is fight our way out, screw that

LAT Analysis: Behind troop surge, a Neocon force

Cheney's spontaneous flag combustion, film at 11

I was utterly appalled and sickened by W, Cheney, and other

Senator Bernie Sanders is on C-Span now! nt

Anybody have the stomach to watch Faux News all day today?

If sending more troops does nothing, or makes things worse, will...

Why hasn't effing McCAIN been screaming bloody murder over Iraq for 3 EFFING yrs?

Cancer Returns for Teen who fought Custody

We actually could win the Iraq war with military force.

New Word...

No Girls Allowed - Japan to drop woman monarch plan

Holiday news items suggest that some of the GOP congressional leadership

Editorial: Rosie O'Donnell, ACLU owe existence to Christianity.

McHenry on Washington Journal now continuing his whine from yesterday.

Nancy stop this crazy thing!

omg...."Kuwaiti in talks to buy Saddam's 'noose' "

Any Constitutional experts care to take a swing at this?

AP: Officers' lawyers want charges dropped in post-Katrina shootings

Today the long nightmare of Republiklan leadership has ended.

The Very Rich Love Global Warming! More time To Use Their Yachts!

could this be the Conyers/Pelosi impeachment strategy? . . .

110th Congress: Your mission is to DESTROY neo-fascism in America, not play nice with it

WOW! Linked in the Smirking Chimp!

Middle Class squeeze..(Or Why don't y'all just do us a favor and drop dead already)

Anyone watching the ceremony honoring Pelosi on CSPAN1 now?

People come, and people go, but

Anyone heard about Talks about House distribution

Worldview Weekend "Think and Live like a Christian"

Positive Reinforcement - (AKA We've Got Your Backs)

Who heard that lovely Shad Up

And Now You See Why Repubs DID NOT Use the 'Nuclear Option' in the Senate...

Has anybody here seen TomYossarianJoad?

It's good that we knock heads over issues.

I'm Curious. Where's The Noose?

Our defiant prez may send 20,000 more & tell us to fuck off.

Nixon vowed to 'ruin' diplomatic corps

For those about to rock, we salute you!

Welcome to Life

Tomorrow starts a whole new era...

What did Cindy do today?I don't have cable and it was not on the news tonight

Clear your mind

Chuck Todd and the latest rankings

It's Subpoena Day!

Some Democrats could support Bush troop increase, NYT to report

The first 100 hours...

I live in the Central Time Zone and it's after midnight! Ch-ch-changes

Chuck Todd and WH 08 rankings

Are you upset with Cindy, or those who are upset with her? (Poll)

Ok, admit it, who plays World of Warcraft?

Biden: "I think we‘ll only have to accept responsibility for the war if we remain silent"

Would Senator feingold's plan to censure Bush pass this time around?

Overpopulation? Environmental costs? Sounds like the Late Great Planet Earth and Fundies

the wonderful thing about cindy sheehan protesting democrats:

I am finally in my avatar.

Puritans among us.

Some things never change

Alive in Baghdad Part2...

Iraqi People Speak...

Stephanie Miller & Jim Ward bust it out old school for liberal radio

CNN apologizes for error - this lesson FOX News could learn

Alive in Baghdad...

The YouTube Get OUT of Iraq Campaign.

Keith Ellison Introduces Himself to Virgil Goode on House Floor

Sheehan, protesters interrupt Dem press conference

WP: House Intelligence Committee Chairman Silvestre Reyes: From El Paso to the Shadow World of Spies

WP op-ed: Senator Obama on ethics reform: "A Chance To Change The Game"

3000 KIA...the equivilent of 3 to 10 Battalions....Army 300 to 1000 in each battalion

Lieberman Party Now in Hands of Critic

So If Nobody Saw What Really Happened At Saddam's Hanging........

States Take Lead in Ethics Rules. Congress fails to prohibit lobbyists from running their campaigns.

The Elephant in the Room: Senator Tim Johnson's medical condition

Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) Speech -- The National Press Club

Oh Happy day

Give Nancy Pelosi a Chance

I am sick to death of The American Enterprise Institute

What to say to wingnuts who complain "the Democrats will be spending up the Treasury"


Nancy Pelosi -- CSpan Now!!

Vacation done, celebration is overwith - time to get back to work

Winger wit: oxymoron or contradiction in terms?

Dems agree to continue chair term limits

Where are they now: James Baker's ISG?

Fox lies about control of the Senate (Updated)

LAT: Speaker Pelosi kicks off 3-day celebration with ladies' tea turned power rally

Repubs love "balanced budgets" when Dems are in charge...

Ethics Panel Fines Weldon, Feeney 30k for Trips

Will Bipartisanship Work?

Watch 110th Congress live on Cspan2 here (in about 15 seconds!)

WTF!! 110th congress is more than 15 seconds late!

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Democrats Burn the Republicans' Bed

republicans whining about lack of bipartisanship on C-span2 now

Seen on MSNBC - Earlier this morning I noticed the promo being


House Democrats' lobbyist rules legislation apparently riddled with loopholes

Does not seem to be a thing the Democratic Party can do to stop the Iraq "surge"

The Dems 100 hour agenda is brilliant..

Best wishes to the new members of the House and Senate.

Dick has a lot of damned nerve giving an oath about supporting and defending the Constitution

Freepers not very happy today. Not too chatty.

What a great day...especially watching the new members...

Obama Supports Independent Ethics Commission

Rove "boldly" bets Five Dollars that bush won't raise taxes

Watch 110th Congress live on Cspan2 here (in abut 5 mins!):

Senate Democrats' First Ten Bills of the 110th Congress

Wes Clark's Loose Lips, and why that's good.

AFP: Bill Clinton predicts bipartisan cooperation in Democrat-led Congress

Yay!! Nancy!

It's official! Nancy Pelosi is the new Speaker of the House.

This link is the most beautiful thing I've seen in ages Bush can seize and read our first class mail

will Pelosi and co. stop the building of the super highway and the plans

Reid: pledges to support good government -- McConnell: pledges to support warrantless wiretapping

Words of Wisdom on Lebanon - where we need to avoid the next crisis

Enjoy it.

"From the kitchen to Congress." It doesn't get better than that.

ABC News is doing a Special Report. Breaking in for Nancy's speech.

Nardeli: License to Steal?

Is Buchanon of Florida being seated in the new Congress?

My Brief Thoughts On Pelosi

An email from Senator Feingold..

A word about illegal Mexican "immigration"

bush supporters long for the good ole days

Today is an AMAZING day for Pennsylvanians - here's 5 reasons why:

Here is an indication of the bipartisanship intended by this

Skimming the DU Home Page, I can only surmise that

Red State Wankers

Pelosi sworn in

Out of Touch With Reality in Iraq

All the republicans in the house are doing is crying!

The word of today in the House is "Disappointed". Let's see how many times we

Democrats Were Not Elected To "Respect The Minority"

Has any dem used "up'r'down vote" yet? Come on, let them have it! nt

Democratic Majority: 3 simple proposals

Rate this Yahoo photo of Pelosi, my friends!


bear in mind that forces of change come from outside the halls of power.

Bush to Nominate Khalilzad to U.N. Post

Never mind.

Now that is strange looking

The 5th Ammendment...

Hey Sean Hannity, are you watching TV today?

Question: Now that I want to follow Congress - what is the best website for succinct results?

Hey Boener, it's "DEMOCRATIC PARTY" you asshat

I hate to do this, but DAMN. "The Democratic Party: A Vast Sleeper Cell"

U.S. kid copies Saddam Execution

Key Democrat might consider troop boost in Iraq

Yay! Dr. Dean!!!

If the democrats cave on not getting troops out of this war a 3rd party ...

Activists on the Left Applying Pressure to Democratic Leaders

Goode vandalism

Some dem's already back pedaling on Iraq already

Poll data for those who think Wes Clark has little chance

Wow. Rep. Sarbanes looks and talks just like his father.

Salon: "Stopping the Surge" -- new Iraq funding request this month?!

Wow, Harriet Miers was an idiot

How many violations of the constitution, er -- signing statements does this make now?

A song for DUers who feel we should work with the Repubs.

CNN Poll: Will the Democratic-controlled Congress be good for the United States?

Chronology of Bush Iraq Lies BEFORE the Iraq War vote?

McCain website

Email from Christine Jennings, Dist #13, Florida

The legacy of Paul Sheldon Sanford

Can I please get an 'Amen!"?

Eat this Virgil Goode....

Tweety going insane on MSNBC

Lab that tests voting machines barred by US

David Dreier has a lot of friggin gall

Senate's First Day Sure To Shock Bush

George Will: Minimum Wage Should be $0 !! (No, I'm not kidding.)

Charlie Rangel mentioned General Clark's possible candidacy on MSNBC

Dem Congress Must Revoke Bush's War Powers ASAP

Oh, goody goody. Now AAR is glad Cindy is embarrassing Democrats.

CNN all over pensions for convicted congressmembers, but ignored Dem bill last March

the left took a nap after 1992.

The dreaded D WORD now on the rise...its becoming an issue, slowly the wheels turn....UP....!!

Social Security Agreement With Mexico Released After 3 1/2 Year Freedom of Information Act Battle

Wes Clark Is Steamed!!! Huffington Post Wes at swearing in of Palosi

ABC evening news: Nancy Boyda (D) seems to agree with Bush**. Something like

Riddle me this, Batman. Is Cindy embarrassing all Dems or just the ones who support the war?

Edwards' anti-war, pro-labor candidacy swings through Chapel Hill

A Muslim and TWO BUDDHIST members of Congress walk into a bar...