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Archives: January 5, 2007

A revolt against Reaganism

Race to the gallows: Behind the shabby trial and execution of Saddam Hussein

Time for the Father to talk to the Son.

Speculation Surrounds Choice by Spy Chief to Take Step Back

Hope grows in this wide, wide world

If Iraq fragments, what's Plan B? - By Peter Grier at CSM

Global Warming: Hell And High Water

FORD beats GM to market with a ethanol powered engine with 15% BETTER fuel economy than on gas alone

Japan developing MONSTER CANE: 3 times the ethanol, more bagasse, more drought resistant.

Ten Reasons Why Climate Change May Be More Severe than Projected

Olmert's approval rating dips to a low 23 %

My husband came up with a Conspiracy Theory Re: Saddam

Peter Dale Scott & Sibel Edmonds

Diebold strikes again in Ohio- Dr. Richard Phillips analysis shows huge manipulation

Prosecutors Cite More Favors by Lawmaker

CBS: Texas Boy Dies Mimicking Saddam's Hanging

CNN: Senate Majority Leader Reid to push reform agenda: Releases list of first 10 bills

CBS News Poll: High Hopes For New Congress (Baghdad Bush's Approval @ 30%)

Democrats Voice Concern On Mail-Opening Authority

NYT: Speculation Surrounds Choice by Spy Chief to Take Step Back

Reuters: US business group vows fight over union organizing

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez Chooses New VP

WP: White House Postponing Loss of Iraq, Biden Says

CNN: Rockefeller "deeply troubled " with timing of Negroponte's resignation

Guardsmen overrun at the Border (National Guard unit stormed while patroling the border)

France's "right to housing"

Cubans forced to change hotels over US trade boycott (in Norway!)

Well, I can either just go to bed or gorge my rum numbed brain on

Asking For A Bit Of Manual Advice :)

I will the flirt to lost

There has been, and continues to be, a serious lack of profundity in the Lounge as of late.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Tell Me Nothing

Nancy Pelosi wants me.

IP Freely!

Who will win The Super Bowl?

Woman Settles Suit in Flour Condoms Case

Does anyone have the phone # for Netflix?

Keith seems happy this evening...

Boston Bruins Tribute!

hand-eye coordination plus WAY too much time to kill leads to ...

"Marge, don't be so Olive Garden."

My brothers and sisters......

Should my sunglasses be bi-focals?

Should my sunglasses be bicameral?

Should my sunglasses be bi-curious?

I've been reading the John Lennon Encyclopedia

Thursday, January 4. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Where's Leftymom?

DingDangit I Friggin HATE dry Brownies.

I have been posting on GD all day.

Good Grief! How many adorable grandchildren.......

It's officially silliness time

hello, hello - you say goodbye - while I say hello!

I'm having a superficiality crisis

Good night my friends

Cabernet Sauvignon and pizza! Man I got EVERYTHING!

You got $100.00 extra in a refund. What do you do?

More "weirdable" stuff from my son...

Now there are lots and lots of different animals on africam!

Four posts until the 700 mark

zebra on africam!

It's on Americas tortured brow. That Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow

It's January 4 th it was 58 degrees today in Ohio

I think another one has come out from under the bridge.

Another Reason Why Snuff Films Are Not A Good Idea!

My partner is finally employed again

If you post a Brazillion joke and no one replies, is it still funny?

I want links, right here, right now

My town, Sheboygan, made the AP again...


Western poll

Country poll

Ladies of DU!! I have question for you

Soul poll

Soaking my foot/ankle/broken tibia, in ice water right now....

Rock poll

Do you know people who are always in a bad mood...

The crim son Appreciation Thread!

Take home pay calculator??

What's for dinnah tonight?

I am so not in the Smallville demo....

Hey! I'm getting married!

Is your body a wonderland?

How Canadian Socialist et al spent Christmas Eve...

Meet the newest member of our family


Eagles are not the only patriotic bird!

Didja ever check your states unclaimed property and find money?

Ladies of DU!! I have an answer for you

Baseball Cards --you guys know everything.

Is a hard headed woman good or bad?

Rep. Kristen Gillibrand, (D) from New York state... is a looker! Wow!

Movie buffs...I'm going to do some bragging.

Which part of your religion/faith/spirituality is the most important to you?

''I'm disappointed that I'm being victimized a little bit here,'' Saban said. ``

What happened to the thread on manifesting in the New Year?

Quick astro question on our favorite dwarf planet

OT: Begala is a total jerk!

Delete Duplicate

Farewell 109th Congress

McAuliffe has a book coming out in a few weeks about the Dem party. Expect more

Let's get some more truth on the latest "career moves" in the Decider's administration

Negroponte's Replacements Are Master Chefs Willing To Cook The Books On Iran (Larry Johnson)

Emanuel not entirely silent on Iraq, if you check press releases

Girl, 12, charged by police for wetting pants

The Time May Have Come - The Iran We Cannot Avoid - Michael Ledeen

Any hard evidence that 'the surge' is related to an attack on Iran?

BBC - Ronald Reagan's bizarre sex hangups

Are you now or have you ever been , a member of the DLC?

I've found the Meaning of Life

CBS POLL: Bush Approval 30% - New Dem Congress 68%

In crashes, infant car seats ‘failed disastrously’

44% "Somewhat Approve" of the way Bush is handling his job

A Poverty Of the Mind- Black Youth, Self Esteem & The "Cool-Pose" Culture

Why do Americans Obsess over World War II in Europe?

The best $600 per employee ever spent!

Ten Reasons Why Climate Change May Be More Severe than Projected

I can't help but feel sorry for Harriet Miers.

Iran's Supreme Leader dead?

The most revolting fucking thing I've EVER heard a rightwinger say:

A Sad Realization Regarding the Recent Colorado Blizzard

Our neighbor had a meltdown today. The new Congress is just too much for him

Feeling old tonite, 32 year in media

Am I the only one dumbfounded by the Repubs in Congress

A quick, brilliant post

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Happy 1st day of the

WHOM would you like to try and imprison Bush for War Crimes?

USPS Press Release about signing statement

It appears Poppy is falling apart. Literally.

HOLY SHIITE! Scarborough went ballistic!

Wes Clark is hoppin' mad and sounding alarms again in Washington

OMG! Turning Washington into San Francisco! Sacre bleu!

Nancy Pelosi & Keith Ellison: Two "Firsts" in One Photo

Just watched The Ground Truth. Devastated. All pols (Dem and Pug) for the war

A thought on social change & political activism

Is anyone else watching Washington Journal?

DU, HELP? Any East Coast peeps with connections here?

Does anyone know for sure if Cindy Sheehan is going to be

Poll needs DUing - Was the capture and execution of Saddam worth it?

“The president wants a clean sweep” Replacements for Generals Abizaid and Casey

Hankypanky At Fox?

Pat Robertson might not be all that far off in his prediction for 2007

Guard chief: Any surge should be involuntary whole-unit call-ups

OKAY Leftie DEMS! We NOW have a Powerful FORUM! US House!

Bush wishes Saddam hanging had been more "dignified"

Tell me who here believes in pre-destiny?

ABC News: North Korea preparing to test another nuke (while Bush and Levin want more troops in Iraq)

Rep. Keith Ellison sworn in with the Koran

I saw a scroll at bottom of screen on Scarborough Show....

Friend's published 2 cents! Wooodamnwhooo! It's a stinger!

Its time Sibel Edmonds came to Capitol Hill and testified openly...

GOP Barely Held On To 15 Seats (margins of 3% or less)

Can Someone "Clue me In" about big Rehnquist on Drugs/Bolton Stuff?

I haven't watched the History Channel in a long time, the show I am watching now is really anti Iran

Patrick to take oath on Amistad bible

Supersize Me to be on MSNBC!

How to beat your wife

Arianna@HuffPo: Dem leaders to make major statement on Iraq tomorrow

So, maybe Obama is going to run

"Guilt" donations. What I said/What I wished I had said.

Insane Freeptards acting, well....

Lord Pissypants, bloodthirsty cowardly AWOL filthbag

Hillary's pushback.

More great pics of Nancy's first day!

While the champagne corks are popping, please remember this:

NYC expects 69 degree temperatures Saturday

Cafferty: Surge = Escalation = Vietnam

Looking for victims of attacks from right-wing websites.

I'm going to put this on my snail mail until bushit stops this insanity.

there are much better Democrats than Robert Byrd...

I need some research help: Can anyone tell me where to find out how many Generals resigned

If we could impeach shrub and darth cheney then, Nancy

Damn, I stand corrected - we REALLY can't vote to stop a "surge" .

"Thanks for the Memories" A little history lesson. (must-see video)

The Phallic Surge From The Armchair Militarists at AEI

If 3000 slaughtered soliders are "a pittance" are 3000 slaughtered on 9/11 the same?

Another amazing save in N.Y. City: Men Catch Toddler after 4 story fall from fire escape.

Ted Olsen: "I'm not going to be replacing Harriet Miers."

"No back rubs," Bush tells Germany's Merkel

(Oh, no. He didn't...did he?) No back rubs, Bush promises Merkel

Mac tablet laptop to be unveiled next week!

Invite Virgil Goode to a Mosque

For those that missed it - CSPAN is replaying this morning's opening session of congress right now

Sunsara Taylor leader of WorldCan't Wait is on O'Lielly right now.

Iraq postpones execution of Saddam aides

It's going to be ALL C-SPAN ALL THE TIME...

How long will the US flag be flown at three quarters mast?

Quick list of all resolutions passed in the House today

RW Sees Problem as "We're Too Humane in Waging War on Terror"

Malloy is cracking me up tonight...(in his unique way)...

Army readying 10,000 troops for Iraq duty if requested,

Can someone fill us in ofn the Scarborough event? What happened?

Scarborough has had to butch up lately

Oil plunges 4% on mild US weather

Ok... Just Got Home From Work, So If I May...

Film fight resumes despite FOI ruling

Keith laughing at Hastert the Hut; will be joined by Murtha, Rockefeller

Mathew Gross (created blog for Howard Dean's campaign) working for Edwards!

Bush's Original Op Ed

The Offical Truth Squad of The Republican Party.

Senator Rockefeller to KO:

I just have to say this

The Net at Risk...

Warning to Pelosi, Rangel and All House Dems: Your "New" Offices are Bugged.

Bush at 30 percent approval -- CBS Poll

U.S. death sentences drop to 30-year low, -This has to be good

Anybody listening to this Republican fool on C-Span

Bill Frist and Katherine Harris

Limbaugh on the Fairness Doctrine

FEINGOLD begins 110th Congress with push to REDEPLOY our troops *FROM* Iraq

What Will Bush's New Iraq Plan Be?

Harris Poll: By 56% To 34% Americans Want Investigations Of Bush Admin

Hearing Mr. Speaker addressed to Barney Frank

NYT: Bush's top spy Negroponte 'never seemed comfortable in spook's clothing'

C-Span 1 NOW - global warming

The history books are already being written on Chimpy.

As an manager, I know that there are 4 steps to a successful hire.

2006 WTF? AWARDS!: All those bizarre moments when you thought you drank the wrong elixir...

I hope abortion clinics, gay bars, and other targets of the wing-nuts double their security..

Who should we purge today?

Bush wants to be impeached?

Trent Lott just tried to use this a justification for invading and occupying Iraq on Tweety

So, what's the deal with the first hundred hours?

What if FDR had waited until September of 1945 to come up with a WWII plan?

Bush What Does Serge In Iraq Mean?

Hey...Check out my new look in recognition of this historic day. nt

A late Happy New Year to all of you from Little Boots

BBC News - bush to appoint Khalizaid as UN ambassador

taking calls on C-SPAN now!

House GOP so heroically calls for reform on Rep's pensions, and sings their own praises

Calling for more editors for the RW-Infopedia

Anyone going to DC for the march?

Truth Behind Ford's Nixon Pardon?

Farewell 109th Congress

On Ethics Reform (pics)

Who is the Native American Representative in the house?

Reuters: Bush says to outline new Iraq policy next week

Who wants to see what a party devoid of moderates looks like?

Payback from Democratic Donkey

U.S. Supreme Court Case Could Hurt Labor’s Ability To Make Political Contributions

Kucinich is a classy guy. Just saw a YouTube video, he walked

(Reuters) Paulson: Politics block Social Security reform talks

Edwards takes to the road for much-needed fundraising

Salazar VP?


* had a two - hour phone converation with Maliki today

Nuclear security director forced to resign over lapses

A. B. Sttodard of The Hill is THE BOMB!

We need a President who will give a speech like this

A novel idea...

How many troops are we prepared to send to die for ..."a POLITICAL decision....not a military one "?

Pelosi was better than Rove today, managing her image --

help, I am looking for that video - Deans first speech in Burlington VT, 2003 IIRC

Two More Great Pictures From WaPo

So answer me this - what book do Jewish Senators & Representatives use to swear their oath?

When nice people send out snotty e-mails

House Majority Leader Hoyer unveils new majority-leader website

Bush Making Changes in His Iraq Team (WP)

McClatchy: Some light moments emerge as Democrats take over Congress (This is Great!)

A desperate president, one who's obviously quite ill, is a ticking time bomb

Where is Karl Rove?

Can anyone tell me why Chris Matthews routinely

Okay, now I'm in love with Joe Scarborough. He just slapped

Just how far did Bush have to search for "Yes Men" to replace Generals Casey & Abizaid?

Webb savors every minute of his moment

The False Argument of Obama's Inexperience

This is pure speculation on my part...

"Rahm and I have been the best of friends since the election”

Wonderful to see Nancy Pelosi cradling her infant grandchild on the House floor.

Stop the damn war.

Begala today called Dean an a**hole from Vermont.

I think Nancy Pelosi was brilliant today, dispelling the false image of powerful woman as 'shrill'

The Party's Over ...

Minimum Wage Increase In Oregon Did Not Cost Jobs

Obama To Announce "Very Soon"

Does anyone think Obama is TOAST because of his admission of cocaine use?

Senator Byrd, 90, sworn in in signature style; later, stands behind Bernie Sanders as he takes oath

Hey, DU, is Scooter Libby really going to be tried Monday

Will Clark run if Hillary does?

Congressman Ellison seeks out critic Virgil Goode (R., VA) on House floor

Report Sees Tet in Iraq

Little Mosque treats Toronto - Canadian Press

Feds pushing for Internet Records

More Troops = More Targets by Oliver North

Robert Fisk: Saddam takes his secrets to the grave

Short-Circuiting the Surge, E. J. Dionne

Craig Crawford‘s 1600: Power Outage

AP's Editor Criticizes Those Who Questioned Iraq Source

Rattled America will find it can't spin itself out of this one

Back To Work On The Issues That Matter - Charles Schumer at Huffington Post

Traveling the Planet Neocon Road to Baghdad (Again) (ROBERT DREYFUSS)

Blue-ing the West .......... The Nation

Saddam hanging will haunt Bush (Reaction in India)

Mark Five Years of Guantanamo by Closing It (HRW)

For America's Sake - Bill Moyers in The Nation

Soldier's lawyers seek OK to put Iraq war on trial (Support Lt. Watada please!)

The politics of sexually repressed men

The crowd then erupted in a chant of "Impeach for peace! Impeach for peace!"

Bringing the Spirit of a Vietnam Vet up to Speed on Iraq

Seeking Refugee Status or Lenny Bruce was a Conservative

How Long Do We Continue the Farce of George W. Inspector Clouseau Bush?

Democrats push for Alaska drilling ban

Earth Policy Institute Projecting Biofuel Grain Demand At 2X USDA Totals - 140MT

SW Australia Awaiting "Perfect Storm" As Cyclone Remains Combine With 750-mile Storm Front - Reuters

In Richmond, Flowers Up, Turtles Basking, Spring Peepers Out - Times-Dispatch

Football Stadium-sized Brush Pile Burning Near San Antonio, Prompting Smog Complaints

55 degrees in Burlington Vermont

Alaska natives left out in the cold (BBC News "Green Room")

Building Solar, Hydrogen Power in Your Garage (NJ DIY PV H2 system)

Oil Group Blasts US Democrats' Tax Agenda

Ioke: ACE of 81

2006 tropical storm season review (Jeff Masters)

Coal fueling energy debate (WA)

(US) Alternative-Energy Spending Fizzles Out

Tibetan Glacial Melt Rate Accelerating - 50 Sq. Miles Annually: Snow Line Rising - AFP

Ethanex Energy plans to use RENEWABLE FUELS in producing Ethanol to become low cost leader.

Nearly 800K Salmon Escaped Last Year From Norwegian Farms - AFP

Bears Break Hibernation, Peacocks Lay Eggs 6 Months Early In Bulgarian Zoo - Reuters

Deepwater Rig Costs Tripling In India - Rigzone

Meeting With Merkel, Bush "Open To New Ideas" On Climate

Catfight!! RyanAir CEO, UK Environment Minister Square Off On Airline Emissions - Guardian

IPCC 4th Assessment Out 1 February: Expect "Bleak", "Terrifying" Data Behind Bland Language - AFP

Warming Oceans May Kill Off Coldwater Fish Species By Overloading Respiratory Systems - Nature

2006 Wildfire Season In US Sets All-Time Record For Acres Burned - AFP

January 6 Forecast for New Jersey: High of 68F.

Proposed - 5,000-mile Natural Gas Pipeline Through Heart Of Amazon Forest - National Geographic

NSF Paleoclimate Team - Earlier Climate Shifts Jarring & Sudden, Not Linear - LA Times

NASA Study Finds World Warmth Edging Ancient Levels(Dr. James E. Hansen)

In Baltic Sea, Scientists Find Direct Link Between Warming Waters, Falling Fish Stocks - NS

Harper Government #1 Environmental Priority - Get Reelected - Globe & Mail

Conservationists say oil hunt damages Congo park - Reuters

U.S. to give Abbas forces $86 mln amid power struggle (Reuters)

Haniya and Abbas agree Gaza deal

The gravest offenses?

Rattling the Cage: A bigot called Bibi (Netanyahu)

Dr. (Col.) Robert M. Bowman on impossibility of official 9/11 story and cover-up.

What ever happened to the Joint Terrorism Task Force?

Is HAARP capable of affecting the weather?

9/11: Was There a Conspiracy?

Want to learn more about Engineering?...

NYT: New York State May Suspend Tests of New Voting Machines

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRI. 1/5/07 Feds Failed to Warn on

Mrs. Buchanan hit the button THREE times??

Which way will it go?

Wishing a very happy, well deserved, New Year to ERD friends.

ABC News: North Korea preparing to test another nuke (while Bush and Levin want more troops in Iraq)

Lawyers Appeal for Saddam Co-defendants

AP--Reports: Bush to replace top generals (Abizaid *and* Casey)

Miers Steps Down As White House Gears Up for Battle

Mubarak calls Saddam execution pictures "barbaric"

Sen. Boxer rescinds honor amid terror concerns

(AFP) Australia's Sydney targeted in terrorist plot: police

Ney filings are pay-to-play price list

El Salvador to Send More Troops to Iraq

Reuters: American civilian contractor kidnapped in Iraq

(Geraldo) Rivera's syndicated newsmagazine axed

Lebanese stage symbolic funeral for Iraq's Saddam

AP: House Dems Move to Change Budget Rules (PAYGO)

Judge says Nazi camp guard must be deported (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

Government wants restrictions during Coke trade secrets trial


Iraqi PM accuses Sunni clerics of fuelling tension

Bush's massage message to Merkel ("No back rubs")

Lawyers for soldier accused of 'fragging' his superiors in Iraq want independent investigator

Official calls for expansion of Iran-Pakistan economic ties

Feds order Tijuana cops to disarm; patrols halt

San Diego Union-Trib:Tijuana police force ordered to turn in guns

Steeler's Coach Bill Cowher resigns.

Former governors differ on back-to-back terms (Virginia)

Iraq war bred terrorism, says Chirac

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday January 5

Friendly fire status denies Purple Heart to wounded soldier

Critics slam possible Iraq troop boost

Bush Will Seek Aid, Jobs Funds To Bolster Iraq

Counter-IED systems jam tactical comms in Iraq

Bush expects full Saddam inquiry

U.S. death sentences drop to 30-year low

Iran: Reports Supreme Leader Dead False

Jordanians protest hanging of 'great' Saddam

Iran exile says Tehran steps up efforts in Iraq

Sen. Tim Johnson to lead spending subcommittee

CNN: NM Gov. Bill Richardson heads to Sudan on diplomatic trip requested by Save Darfur Coalition

The roof at B.C. Place stadium collapses

E&P: Gallup Finds 44% Still Read Newspapers Daily -- As Web Reliance Cools

CNN: GOP Congresswoman Heather Wilson: U.S. operating 'catch-and-release program' for al Qaeda

Conservatives blame Shalikashvili's stroke for his support of Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal

AP employee found shot to death in Iraq

GM CEO sees more job cuts in 2007

Chrysler revs up Asia foray amid cuts

CODEPINK Delegation Travels to Guantanamo to Protest Infamous US Prison

Ex-Dem. Party boss (McAuliffe) blasts Kerry in book

Bowen plans full review of voting machines (Debra Bowen)

Some fliers can skip security lines — for a price

IBM Worker Says He Was Fired For Being A Muslim

Text of letter Dems wrote to Bush, RE: Iraq:

Baghdad Initiative to Go Door to Door

Free MIT Education Just A Click Away

Ex-Duke Lacrosse Player Sues Feminist Prof Over Failing Grade

House Approves Changes to Budget Rules (No More Bridges To Nowhere)

Minimum Wage Offer Interests Democrats (smart move I believe

White House visitor records closed

Buddhist congresswoman sworn in with no book, calls for tolerance

There's a live one (for now) in GD

ok...i am officially drunk ask me anything

the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory nobody saw coming (and so obvious)

Altered movie trailer

Don't be obtuse.

FBI: Burnt cat hair found at crime scene.

I knew people born in 1872. Have any of you known anyone

Scene from the movie "Snatch"...

A few recent wave pictures.........

AMA: Burnt cat hair cures acne.

NEA: Burnt cat hair found at ground zero..

MPAA: Burnt cat hair to star in remake of "The Odd Couple"

Olive Garden: Never-ending Burnt Cat Hair returns to the menu!

WTF is the DEAL with burnt cat hair?

snoozed all day... insomniac now... ask me anything!

One more Hurrah for BSU

FYI: Burnt cat hair smells really, really bad.

Africam, quick, look!

Geostationary banana over Texas

It looks like we're getting another few inches

So who has a new pic for '07?

I wish people weren't so bitter...

It's been pouring rain since 8PM.. That damned song lies..

Late night google challenge

One day off during the week is a wonderful thing

When do we hit 100,000?

I got a phone call at 7 AM today. I talked to the person, went back to sleep

Ever forgot the name of someone you had... er..dealings with?

Where is yvr girl?

Bright yellow vomit

Burglar Breaks Into Home, Has Beans & Booze - Passes Out - Arrested

Police Hunt Pub Urinal Thief


Finance Minister Wants To Tax Strip Shows

Dog Lost In Colorado Found In Tennessee

Intruder Breaks Into Home Of "Days Of Our Lives" Actor - Tries To Exorcise Devil

Look what I got in the mail today

Profile of Clyde Allen Emshwiller

It sure sounds better to say

Question about Snakes on a Plane

can someone explain to me what poker has to do with travel?

I've completely changed my mind on global warming

That's it. My New Year's resolution is to keep a dream journal.

Bride Jokingly Says "No" At Wedding - Official Breaks Off Ceremony

Here's Bush's plan - it's so wild only the Lounge can fully appreciate it:

Woman Accused Of Castrating Man With Her Hands Says She's Innocent

I had a dream that I was at the water hole on Africam for two days now.

Bra Saves Woman When Bullet Falls From Sky

Welcome to Friday!


1,100 Pound 'Hogzilla' Killed By Hunter

Truck Driver Falls Asleep - Plows Through KFC

DUers : Have you ever been to a...uhm "DU" party....

Men: Have you ever been to a...uhm "keg" party....

Electricians - a few questions

Connect Yourself With Bacon!

Paul McCarthy drug use time line

All hail jpgray

Rock Legends Kiss Endorse Credit Card

I'm tired of "bobcat" threads

I'm tired of "copy cat" killers.

I'm tired of "Bobcat Goldthwait" threads

I'm tired of thread.


Bill Cowher just resigned. Anyone got the skinny?

All jail jpgray

So who here has a cat with their very own credit card....(with pics)

I'm tired of "body cast" threads.

I'm tired of threads.

I'm tired of "re" treads.

The trouble with vibrating Coke rings

I'm tired of "copy cat" threads.

Grime sired gov "sloppy pat" dreads

Rubber Ducky

Man sues cops over seizure of 114 frozen felines, dog named Snowy

New toilet: $183

Connect yourself to Sir Francis Bacon

i am in a juried show!!!!!!!!!!

Is it "adult toy" day in the Lounge?

Pac Man runs amok in Minnesota

anyone here brew their own beer?

What have you decided not to carry on a plane?

Band Aids: Fabric or Plastic

What's all this about an Africam? And where do I watch it?

Hey I.T. guys....

Those "liquor heads"! Ruining it for everyone!

I'm cranky. Please amuse me.

I'm skanky. Please abuse me.

It is a great feeling to know

CONFESS!!!! What was the first alcoholic beverage you ever had and how old were you?

For all you Ansel Adams fans

I'm tired of "catty cop" threads.

i've finally discovered my sole purpose in life

You all totally lack a sense of humor

you know you're a pothead when...

does it seem like there is no end to the amount of people/things out there designed to rip you off?

Anyone here see "Ziggy Stardust"?

And your lack of fondness for Brazillion jokes speaks poorly of you, too.

Does anyone watch As the World Turns?

retail greyfields

& the 'Battle of the bands'

I should know this but WHO THE ^%$#@! IS DON SHULA???

I'm all done in

Don't let the bedbugs bite!!

I've heard rumors about the 20,000 posts crowd...

mp3 Playlists: What're yours?


Ladies - you think you like that new bra?

Do you know people who are always in a good mood?

My seven-yr-old just came up to me, pretended to pick his nose

Now that the Democrats have been in charge for a day, it's time to tear them down and eat our own

Hi folks, Capn Amerika here. Let me introduce myself.

How's the weather where you are?

I'd rather connect myself to Ewan McGregor than Kevin Bacon.

OK. That does it

I caught the death

Just bought a solar radio.

I just waded into GD.

:banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

Lounge Lizards!!! Attention! Check out this thread from LBN!!!

Which Science Fiction universe would you find most interesting

What's a decent price to pay for DSL?

My parents have been married 61 years today!

I am bullish on vibrating cock rings. They're going places!

Any gift ideas?

Ladies: Have you ever been to a...uhm "toy" party....

Things I love about San Francisco, CA #9754

Lawmakers In Washington Lose Rick Santorum's 'Candy Desk'

Meals that freeze well?

I'm having an ADD day

May I share my day with you?

Prayers for my mom please, she just went into surgery for her kidney transplant...

Congratulations ocelot!! 10,000 posts

what are you currently reading?

Ebay problems. Ever had them?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 1/5/2007)

Could someone please explain the "Robb is a dingbat" thing to me?

O Brother Where Art Thou and Office Space: two great films with one thing

Question of the Women

Steeler's Coach Bill Cowher resigns.

Broken arrow and Bottle of Rain?

Early MTV and YouTube

Must-see funny video...

Connect yourself to Eggs & Bacon

Overheard in a staff meeting this morning: "Explanation point"

Early morning political phone call--

Cat people: Wet, dry, or both?

Vegetarians and Vegans: was meat eating like an addiction for you?

Fill in the blank: "Happiness is ____________."

I feel very adult. First time in my life i have sent out Thank You cards.

Wal-Mart is selling vibrating cock rings.

My wife just spent almost 200 bucks on shoes.

A Fine Democrat and Wonderful Man

Loungers - tell me how YOU would respond

I'm just tired. I'm going out tonight. How do I get myself in the mood?

Super Size Me, the Documentary

What size shoe do you wear?

Baby Boy Chinchilla Born January 5, 2007 (pictures)

what consumer product would you endorse?

Speaking of feline diabetes...

Punchlines to bad jokes. I'll start: Free ham.


Guitar players- a few questions

Connect yourself to Kevin Bacon

It would make more sense if there were only two religious denominations.

Interesting analysis of conservative Episcopal churches

Sam Harris's Faith in Eastern Spirituality and Muslim Torture

the L Word Season 4 premiere parties sponsored by the HRC

Anti-gay marriage group withdraws $5 million lawsuit against Mass. Legislators

Maybe we should force a quick popular vote on marriage

Mother Fears for Family as Gay-Bashing Killers Prepare for Parole

Science told: hands off gay sheep

Gay City Council workers ban their straight colleagues from Christmas party

Cowher announces resignation

Dolphins' Taylor is Defensive Player of the Year

Charle Barkley is doing color comentating on a game tonite

ATTENTION FOLKS!! There never will be a D-I football playoff

Steeler-nation take heart

"New Year-- New You" manifestation group interest thread...

"OOOOOOOO-WHEE!" - Karen Bishop - January 5, 2007

Senator Webb Introduced a GI Bill Yesterday 1/4/2007

Bush Assigns Navy Admiral to Command Desert Troops


Heres a nifty little piece on McAuliffe teamsters bribes & troubles with the grassroots.

For Mass folks: nice little diary about the Deval inauguration

Hearings next week!!!!!!!!!

OT: United Democratic front against the troops surge (excellent)

Why the McAuliffe book has made my day

"But a Democrat out whacking Democrats sells books,” Terry McAuliffe quote


Some speak, other act - Aid to New Orleans

TPM Final Post on 'Lonely Guy' Photo

Don't forget about activities for Kerry lovers.

Guard chief: Any surge should be involuntary whole-unit call-ups/ Army Times

The next 100 Hours? A DU plank project.

Waxman Creates New "TRANSPARENCY" Subcommittee To Break Thru Bush Admin Attempts To Hide Truth

now is the time to force a constitutional crisis down Bush's throat....

Gays only 2% or less?

Is anyone in the Northeast as creeped out by the warm weather as I am?

Joe Lieberman loses control of "Connecticut for Lieberman" party! Too funny.

I am reading John Dean's latest book and it explains a lot!

CBS: Military Tells Bush It Has Only 9,000 Troops Available For ‘Surge’

Are pro football, basketball, & baseball players overpaid?

NOAA guy on NBC News "Debunks" Global Warming along with Brian Williams

Trent Lott Accuses Cheney & Bush Of An Impeachable Offense

And the "Head so far up their ass LTTE of the year" award goes to

MUST-SEE: Folk Songs of the Far Right Wing

Pastor sentenced to 7 years in prison for child molestation

ATTENTION all College Republicans!

Just for Fun "Stanford College Republicans"

Frontline soldiers say NO amount of "surge" will fix things!

How friggin blatant and obvious

Pelosi & Reid's letter to Bush, and Bush's reply

New Details in about Andy Stephenson? Was it not a prank, did RW'ers try to take him out?

Has anyone retrained for a job...

***DUzy Awards for week ending January 5, 2007***

ABC News Poll: 57 senators indicated they would have voted against war in Iraq

Proposal: Nancy Pelosi should fine Repubs for using "Democrat" as an adjective during working hours.

Who lost "our" war? Look no further than Halliburton/ Bechtel/ Blackwater/ Dyncorps

Snippy, Pissy Red Headed Rep. (R-Fl) Adam Putnam, pft-bwahahahahaha....

congratulations to my new Congressman, John Hall (19th-NY) . . .

Give me one reason why the D-controlled congress should give even one more cent to the Iraq war.

Biden "Admin Officials, Maybe Even Including VP, Believes Iraq Is Lost"

So, the election was basically meaningless, & our votes irrelevant.

So, if your town appears to be skipping winter this year, check in.

Reid, Pelosi warn Bush on escalating the Iraq War: REJECT DEEPER INVOLVEMENT

TIME: What a Surge Really Means (Administration official: "None of this is going to work.")

Young Caregivers: Parents Turn to Children for Help

The War Profiteering Prevention Act of 2007

Sacrificing Our Soldiers To Surge Forward In Iraq

International Law, the U.S. Declaration, and the George W. Bush Administration

Good Lord, I've finally figured out the reason for this "surge" bullshit!

OK, someone explain to me why he will not be impeached?

Read this summary/analysis of _Downfall_ and tell me


Um, this is NOT an environmentally friendly car, no matter what BMW claims:

The Surge: 9,000 now, 10,000 on alert in Kuwait? WTF? (Iran bombing in the works?)

Should the U.S. switch to a parliamentary system?

We've had five babies in 12 months, now we're saving up for a vasectomy

Elder-Care Costs Deplete Savings of a Generation

Please keep this in mind. In my opinion, we forget this at our peril.

RIVERSIDE '1000 to 1' HACK CHALLENGE: CA County Official Gets Desperate! Makes Up New Rules!

ABC Poll of Senators: 28 of 77 would vote differently knowing then what they know now

Molly Ivins: STOP THIS WAR, NOW!

C-Span just interrupted Barney Frank in mid-sentence, to cut to American Enterprise Institute

Might I make a suggestion?

WP,pg1: The story behind WH counsel Miers' resignation: "You guys better lawyer up."


Rice to testify on Iraq before Senate committee Thursday

I have a real problem with anyone who voted for this war

Dear Terry McAwful

Saddam execution is stain on America

Sunni website claims al-Sadr one of the masked men who put the noose around Saddam (*warning pic*)

"Satire is traditionally the weapon of the powerless against the powerful."

Leahy goes after Halliburton and others

Center for American Progress - Dems CAN cut funding for Iraq!

New Guidelines recommend universal screening for Down Syndrome.

I'm a disruptor!!! How many disruptors do we have here?

Cindy Sheehan coming up on Hannity

*** TOONS: 2006 Greatest Hits - Quarter 1 ***


The Surge Battle Is Joined

WHOA! Mass Rep James McGovern issues the smack-down!

So funny listening to Republicans try to sound like Democrats.

Pictures of two beautiful women who never met each other

Impeach Satan First - pic

McCain: Lieberman’s re-election proof Americans don’t want Iraq exit

Brain...exploding...Ann Coulter is a Deadhead? *^*fritz fritz fritz...does not compute*^*

The Cyber Klux Klan - Right Wing Intimidation On The Web.

Why did FoxNews just identify Lieberman as (D), instead of (I)?

Who do you hate most on MSM?

I just couldn't resist..... (pic)

Ex-Dem. Party Boss Blasts Kerry in Book

are these real Clinton quotes? need to debunk freep-mail. Thanks!

Intelligent Design vs. Evolution: the board game

Wesley Autrey puts his daughters through college, the HARD way. (kleenex alert)

Stupid design - take THAT - Kirk Cameron

My New Buzzflash column just debuted---Power Plays-World Energy Watch

Another set of New York City heroes

To ALL freeper lurkers: You are now insignificant.

DU this poll please! (Its being freeped)

Is anyone else watching the repukes whining on Cspan?

Senator Rockefeller and the Senate Intelligence Committee Phase II Report

If this Dem Congress can prevent this maniac in the WH from starting any more wars we have succeeded

Heritage Foundation-- Social Security is an "unsustainable entitlement"

Women facing terrorism charges for white powder incident (Stupid over-reaction)

If we hired him, why can't we fire him?


Come on DU, give us a kiss!

Louisiana mayor's death stirs furor

Could you marry or have a partner who is a creationist? This lady did.

Iran could bloody our nose if Bush attacks. A look at Iranian missiles.

I got my letter from the Selective Service today.

Blast a hole through the weekdays behind you, please CAPTION!!!

C-span 1---Repugs want to put Health Savings accounts on the floor

Jeff Danziger throws W's words right back at him

Randi Rhodes - Cheney has sent orders to Stratcom - if terrorism, attack Iran...

My friend's 10 yr old asked her what was difference between the "politics parties"

Cops charged in La. shooting can work

Aussie Doc: Don't Treat Smokers

A Word About The Weather and Survival

The Bush economy in a nutshell

Two terminals closed at Oakland International Airport...

Subtle, but effective TOON

Why are England and France still on the planet? because they knew enough to stay..

I actually had tears in my eyes Thursday afternoon

Presidential "Signing Statements" are nothing more than Presidential "earmarks" and amendments

Condi Gets OWNED:

Homicides on the rise in New Orleans

Could what we have now be considered a Junta?

Majority of Americans View Media Coverage of Iraq as Inaccurate

I just received this's about Jane Fonda (Hanoi Jane)

A new weather poll as per request

Want to find out who's visited the White House? Too bad... you can't

Yesterday I posted something about when people get home from work and they turn their tv's on

anybody want to hear my plan to end the war in Iraq?

Job Market Ends 2006 on Strong Note

LAT op-ed: De-Republicanize the military

Mark Foley, who?

O’Reilly "Pelosi is About the Most Liberal Woman In The World’"

Bush, Merkel Pledge Closer Cooperation on Mideast, Global Warming

First act of the new Senate: Repeal the filibuster for the next 2 years.

Reds: The Vatican Edition

Nancy with reporters on CSpan 1

Senators Who Voted for the Iraq War: Forgive? Forget?

WP, Froomkin: "Purge of the Unbelievers"


When is the killing going to stop?

Surge = Escalation = Greatly Increased Probability of Nukes,

Do you believe the...

CUT WAR FUNDING! That's what the Congress needs to do!

Must-see funny video...

A poll about the weather; East Coast version.

Forget new rules, we need a new flag burning bill, ASAP!

A "Bush bash"! Jeb, George H.W. and Barbara to "celebrate reading"

Hmm....Anyone notice...

WP, Dionne: Senator Biden is studying possibility of reconsidering original Iraq war resolution

We let Muqtada al-Sadr kill Saddam?

Jack Cafferty's questions for today:

Update on Crawford Peace House

tweety's comedy hour

Is George W. Bush is totally delusional?

Maybe we should get some of this for Hastert.

Easy way to take *Action* re: Meat & Milk from Cloned Animals

How I would balance the budget.

Olbermann's Theory on Harriet Miers' departure...

A question about ear marks: What percentage of them are used

Nancy and the kids on NY Times front page! "Jubilant Democrats Assume Control on Capitol Hill"

I saw a video today of bill and hillary clinton laughing and joking with cheney

The President Lied

"Surge" or Not, the Implication of one Puts Free $$$ in Halliburton's hands NOW

I need DU help! If you know about Trademarks, and can apply for one, click here!

Natalee Holloway's stepfather seeks divorce

Whitehouse Press Conference Heads Up 4 PM

Post Your New Year's Resolutions Here

Is HAARP capable of affecting the weather?

Let the hitting of the fan...

BITTER IRONY: Kid kills himself imitating Saddam lynching

'50's Nuclear Bomb Tests Affected Most Of U.S.- Now, Bush Wants New Testing - Divine Strake

Caption McCain and Lieberman

How many RW "foreign policy" strategies has this War totally debunked?

Manchild is teasing his Iraq "plan" like a new TV show

ABC News Survey: 33 Senators Say They Were Wrong To Vote For War In Iraq

NORAD asleep at the wheel again.

Russert: Bush will get his Iraq 'surge'

Now Rep Steve King is the delusional, forgetful one

Hartmann reading from "they thought they were free"

Small town Texas Sheriff ousted for (amongst other things)illegal

Its Friday ya bastads!!!!

memo to nancy d'alessandro pelosi:

Why shouldn't every American be outraged by what is happening?

Bush: Hussein could have been hanged in a "more dignified way", quote.

Dear DUers - help Congress steer straight. Please consider this thread:

WH Press Briefing Now Scheduled For 4:00 PM EST

Degradation for Dummies

Negligence Can Be A CRIME

Anybody else watching C-SPAN right now

"I'm not here for the Iraqis. I'm here for George Bush"

Iranian TV claims Iraq rushed Saddam's execution to thwart alleged US escape plan

Loan pledge is proving just too expensive??? We need to start making calls

Republican Hypocrisy

The only person to vote against Ethics Reform in the House...

What is a "conservative"?

Happy Birthday Walter Mondale!

How did *s handlers get rid of the coke jaw?

So are we out of Generals yet?

Democrats are back in charge, and Good Samaritanism reigns

did Tony have a WH press goggle today? one was scheduled.

Two thumbs up and one finger for today's bumper stickers

Rep Patrick McHenry is an idiot

255 new DUers to reach 100,000 members...

You cannot win a culture war by killing people

This crazy weather is even helping set the stage for Gore to run.

Counter-IED systems jam tactical comms in Iraq

Canadian wins damages in false pie-assault arrest

Where was the chimpy in chief during the conference call

Anyone watching C-Span?

I wonder if * reads the comics?

Should Bush/Cheney be brought to trial in the U.S., The Hague, or Baghdad?

Garrison Keillor: Do We Need This Many People To Die So That One Dude Can Look Like A Leader?

Very unusual security at flight school that trained 2 of the 9/11 hijackers

Israeli Experts Say Middle East Was Safer With Saddam in Iraq

DEM Congress votes 430 - 1 on ethics! What gives with Rep. Dan Burton (Mr. NO vote)?

Blizzard Warning in Hell: Ollie North Against Troop Surge

Has the Media Called Bush's IRAQ Commander shuffle a FLIP-FLOP yet?

Something I noticed in the House today

Good God, I love Alcee Hastings!

Did anyone see the quick bio of Harry Reid on CNN?

Help Stop a Possible Nuclear Weapon Program Test Near You

Fling a curse at the White House's worst . . . please come CAPTION!!!!

Um, with the 100 Hour clock ticking.....

Are the videos of the 110th congress being archived anywhere?

Do you think they REALLY are opening mail, tapping phones?

Okay, the Democrats have been in power for almost 24 hours now

You hear the darndest things in a parking lot

If we have equal justice under the law, how can they deny a ex-rep's pension

Democracy Bonds - join today! (from Howard Dean)

Another Conservative Caller on AAR this a.m.: I am in favor of Bush's War as long

Well, THIS should settle the Immigration debate...

Michelle Malkin and other RW blogs eat crow

White House Press Conference

Drier and others---on cpan 2 News Conf. complaining of fairness Again!

Anybody notice the difference in priorities between R and D

Blunt Blunted

Oh my GOD! Piss is a weapon of mass destruction!

Tornado warning for Atlanta Georgia

Nimrod Quote of the Day

A 'Heartless' practical joke

I'll need my CSPAN next week. Please someone tell me about

Price tag: 3000 troops TOON

I made some Pelosi avatars. Help yourselves, if you like

McCain and Joementum about to speak on CSPAN-2.11:30ishCT. nt

Congressional Democrats Call for Troop Reductions in Iraq

Is it time for a weekly "Top Ten Liberal Geniuses" list?

Deployed SSGT`s letter to Stripes inre: US troop escalation in Iraq

Pelosi and the kids... CAPTION em

France was right. Want a coke and some "Freedom Fries" w/ that bush?

I don't know where to begin on this article

If you missed ER last night... or have long since moved on to Grey's or

dupe. nt.

A world without time

Did anyone else drop in on Faux News last night?

Rep. Ellison approaches Rep. Goode on the House floor

Juan Cole on AAR now (1:07 PM EST)

McAuliffe calls the (2004) Kerry campaign gun-shy, distracted and incompetent.

Navy Admiral Fallon is "unusual choice to head CentCom, which is responsible for land-based region"

How Many Here Have Been Victims Of right wing Intimidation On The Web?

If the Dems cut the funding who will end up being blamed for the Iraq fiasco?

Where has Kucinich got to?


This Nov. we won only one battle against the thugs. But we can still lose the war.

Google Answer to Filling Jobs Is an Algorithm

So let me get this straight

Bush Rearranges Deck Chairs on Titanic -- errr, Bush Builds New Iraq Team

Guardsmen overrun at the Border

Things about the new Congress that make you smile; I'll start:

The bush* crew knows full well that they are guilty of many crimes,

Google Answer to Filling Jobs Is an Algorithm

Puke alert--Kagan and Keane at AEI arguing for escalation in Iraq. C-span2

I just received this anti-Muslim email, and I'd appreciate any comments

WP, Robinson: Standing up to Bush on Iraq not partisan politics; it's Dem majority's patriotic duty

The "Democratic" strategist on MSNBC just said in response to Biden's

John Boehner on NPR: "I'm out of touch with reality"

New guidelines allow troops who've recovered from traumatic stress disorders to redeploy

Four-in-Ten Americans Predict War with Iran


Surge so we can say we tried everything - Don't Surge for Success

Boeing has record year in '06. 1,044 new aircraft orders. (WSJ)

Immanuel laying it out on the floor! CSPAN NOW!

Methinks the pukes should reconsider carrying water for the robber barons

Right-wing blogs score a propaganda victory with the AP Hussein story

Another Dem smear possibly in the Orlando Sentinel this morning.

Iraq- Iceberg Straight ahead (cartoon)

A new Sasquatch sighting

Hearts and minds...

Any word on total amount raised by DU for America's Second Harvest?

CAPTION: Unka Dick with Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy

Dem Leaders Planning To Release Statement On Escalation Today

O Happy Day ! - The DLC is going to lead us to victory...

"In this era of official evasion & posturing, we offer instead a detailed agenda 4 national renewal"

Message to Dem pundits to be on cable programs tonight.

Delivery for the Speaker from the DNC staff.

Just turned on C-Span & thought I saw Sean Hannity speaking on the floor.

"Toleration is not the opposite of intolerance but the counterfeit of it"

late night ramblings...

LOL! Check out the pic of * on CNN's homepage....

The Republican Rap Sheet

Sen Susan Collins: What'd you do to my mail bill, Mr. Prez?

What happened with the votes on the rules packages last night?

Dreier again showing why they got the boot

Thanks Time

Yet another CAPTION opportunity

RADICAL FRINGE TOON: Fri. 1/5: Breaking in new shoes may be painful

Anyone have a link to listen to Stephanie Miller?

Seen on HuffPo--we must be "slumming it"

Strange Shrub picture of the day

Caption *

So what is the new Congress going to do about the secret ops already in Iran?

Hey Republicans. The Handcuffs you refused to take off the Democrats wrist for 12 years feels tight?

Can a Marine recruiter be sent to a war zone?

david Dreier on cspan whinning that Minority is being left out

WP: Republican advisers have been telling the White House to be ready for war

Thanks to DU and Skinner, et al

Did you know Sadr's office quickly denounced the thugs who chanted "Muqtada" at the hanging?

Lott: I May Oppose Troop Escalation

Democrats should not rush to change the Republican rules of the House...

Someone from Rep Tom Reynolds office just called my husband at work

That's it, boys and girls - the 'K Street Project' is dead...

BUSH: Is experience really necessary? It’s only HOMELAND SECURITY

Bush's "Yes Men" say "No" to Bush, get fired.

Republican Christian "congratulates" Hindu victor with sermonizing email

U.S. Funded Radio Sawa: bodyguard of al-Rubaie handed the Sadrists the smuggled execution video

Two Months After Elections, Bush* In No Hurry

Joe Barton, a self-serving, bitter little turd who forgets whom he serves

Caption this please

Rice Gives Iran Weeks, not Months, To Decide on Nuclear Talks - 6/2/06

How dare any right-winger make a fuss about Obama's early cocaine use?

Vern Buchanans wife told him she had trouble voting.

The ultimate disgusting, clueless, sexist article about Pelosi

So, when do the Reps agree not to filibuster?

cspan caller: Pelosi is the most evil, immoral person ever.

Podcasts from today with Dean, Barney Frank, Louise Slaughter.

Rep. Ellison is ANTI-AMERICAN!

Another priority we should address...Congressional Pensions for felons

10-year-old boy hanged himself after watching news of Saddam's hanging

White House Postponing Loss of Iraq, Biden Says

August 9th....National republican Resignation Day

so let me get this straight regarding the rules package

"Atheists challenge the religious right"

Widespread Panic! Muslims & Buddhists in the Government!

So. How do you think the media is treating the 110th Congress?

***The Second Bush Administration Shake-Up is HERE***

This BS has got to stop, make this f**ker veto the bills....

Paula Zahn interviews Glenn Beck (LOL) Too smart for TV??

George W. *bush is Charles Foster Kane

Keith Olbermann said something tonite about Bush wanting to open our mail..that its OK if he directs

Pelosi: "Taking care of the children...and the country."

110th Congress TOONS

Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys

Anyone on here know

With the New Postal Law, We have all become Prisoners in the Big House

Surge Protection For Our Men And Women In Uniform

Here is the best scenario we can hope for on the Iraq War...

RW mantra regarding Saddam and justifying the invasion

E Voting tester temporarily barred. Money grabbers!

It was supposed to be a warning, not a business plan

According to BBC, oil has dropped TWENTY DOLLARS a barrel since summer

Let the ugliness begin.

Extreme specialization is for insects.

I like Senator Byrd... But..

Wow Imus quoting KO

President is too dense, too stubborn, has a distorted sense of American honor and his own credibilit

Hastert hacks Pelosi's website!

Please help me out here. What was the status of the investigation of Pelosi using...

Comments from the swearing in today

scarborough on o'reilly clip

Iran:The Next Iraq is on the History Channel now.

More on Ashley Bush and her "Texas Dip"

From Sadly, No!: "Decency?" Surely, You Jest!

I summit these two videos Not Going anywhere Guys

Bernie Ward RANTING over Constitutional rights -- Freeper callers

One more Hurrah for BSU

"Let god sort 'em out"...From my nutball sister

"I'm not homophobic, but..."

US military code will apply to contractors - and embed journos?

Think Progress: More "Straight Talk" from McCain on Iraq

Sharks & Blonde girls are so... Last year.. The new thing is "wealthy adventurers at risk"

U.S. housing falls for 8th month

I have this idea - assuming this goes badly now in Iraq,

If you ever want to know what pale, sad and pissed off republican faces look like...

Sen. Trent Lott: Administration "Pushed" Intel on Iraq

Presidential Speeches

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough calls out Bill O'Reilly

F0x host confused about Bush cocaine abuse (short)

Tony Snow - Americans Out of Touch with Reality

May god have Mercy on our souls...*graphic content*...

New Congress: Barney Frank on Economic Justice

Senator Byrd 2-12-03

Making Herstory: Speaker Pelosi

Talk about a MANDATE

Bush says he's almost ready to spell out his Iraq strategy

Those who still shop at Wal-mart

The unpolished but shrewd Reid

It's all about the tools & Pelosi is just getting them back .

Why I love the right

Whose mail do they really want to read?

Drier and Slaughter going at it on Cspan.

barack is the perfect candidate


Confirmation battle looming

Warning: Bush is putting the military in charge of all Intelligence...

Hannity’s Latest Smear Tactics Against Ellison: Distorting His Past To Make Him Seem An Anti-Semitic

That's it, boys and girls - the 'K Street Project' is dead...

Republicans sentenced for Registration Fraud in California

Next two years will see lots of "behind the scenes" dealing,...

“Bush works against U.S. sovereignty”, LTTE Tuscaloosa News, Alabama.

When is the State of the Union speech?

A warning from someone inside Mountain Meadow Mitt's cult

FBI Documents Reveal Nixon, Reagan Intimidated Rehnquist Witnesses, painkiller addiction

Webocracy Island

Joe Scarborough

A sudden, curious interest in sound budgets and fair play

Impeachment is no longer an option

I'm so happy there is no global warming

Are You Ready??? Rush says the Repugs have been aced out

Would you support the troop surge...

If democrats block "the surge," does that "cover" Bush's ass?

How did the VRWC react to yesterday?

Happy BLUE Year - The Dem's Make A Stand on Iraq

Breaking News on MSNBC TV......

Limbaugh just admitted that the Republicans are elitist

Glenn Beck wants New Yorkers dead

Rep. Ron Paul is up on CSPAN now

Can I get some help debunking Coulter Crap?

Bullshit MSM Meme du Jour: "Pelosi is the warm-up for Clinton"

Dems pick Senator in intesive care to lead spending subcommittee! I love this!

Pelosi Sets Aggressive Pace

On C-SPAN Now - Patrick McHenry (R) NC - Hold your hand on your asshat.

* plans to nominate Khalilzad as UN Ambassador

There's been a lot of wondering why Dan Burton was the only vote against ethics reform...

Is there a time limit on "speakers" at the House? I'm very new to

If you haven't visited the Draft Gore website....

Joe Barton -- only House member who remained seated when Pelosi entered

Howard Dean: Consequences

Iraq, another day, another several dozen lives

Harold Ford will be on This Week on Sunday

Ed Rogers coming up on Tweety. God give me strength.....

Vote for Nancy - MSNBC - Picture of the Week

Dan Burton only nay vote on Ethics

"But a Democrat out whacking Democrats sells books,” Terry McAuliffe quote

McAuliffe blames everyone but himself for Losses under his watch

So why does bush keep stalling, per "announcing his *new* plans for Iraq?"

Bush, Atari, and the Consequence of No-Consequence

Celebrity Political Contributions

Let's freak out the Republicans: Obama/Patrick 2008!!!

Britain considers restricting stem cell research (AP/CNN)

No More 'Surge' Protection? Now Oliver North Comes Out Against Iraq Plan

brownback (r) is running for prez

FOX News Banner On Nancy Pelosi: 100 Hours To Turn America Into San Francisco

FOX News Banner On Nancy Pelosi: 100 Hours To Turn America Into San Francisco

Repug Ed Rogers says Hillary will be Nominee and he's ready...and

Thrilling! WP: Women Bask in New Speaker's Shining Moment

On The Second Day of The Democratic Congress.....

John Edwards to get backing of abortion rights activist Kate Michelman

Are we about to attack Iran?

Ahm, Cindy Sheehan is not a Democrat

Another Right-Wing Smear Campaign Snuffed

It's time for the Democrats in Congress to spit or get off the pot.

Want to smile today? Check out photos from Gov. Deval Patrick's inauguration

More Cindy Sheehan red meat for ya!

Reid and Pelosi to Bush: No More Troops to Iraq

CBS Poll: Bush at 30% Handling of Iraq 23 %

National Journal's 2008 White House Rankings, Jan 3, 2007

Time to flex some of our new muscle BRING BACK THE FAIRNESS DOCTRINE

Early speculation: Most likely '08 Presidential nominees

She is a heart-broken mother who is not paralyzed and silenced

Progressive blogger on Sheehan: Chants drown out the message

What about Deval Patricks, Gov. of Massachussetts?

Former Virginia Gov. Gilmore (R) to File for President on Monday

So, what can be done about this "Democrat party" crap?

I have decided to start organizing for Gore 2008. Join me?

One of my regular customers, a Marine, came in today.

Remember What We Voted For (Mary Lyon)

McAuliffe, Begala and Carville are proving that Hillary's team certainly has fears

An e-mail from a right winger!

Which new Democrat is COngress makes you the most proud.