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Archives: January 6, 2007

A New Commander, in Step With the White House on Iraq

Dying for the Bush legacy

Prisoners forced to take turns sleeping (Haiti)

The real Iraq Study Group

The Surge to Nowhere

More troops will not solve crisis in Iraqi leadership, experts warn

The Nation: Taunting Bush on Saddam's Gallows

Clash of the Elites (JOHN WALSH)

Images of Hanging Make Hussein a Martyr to Many

Public enemy

I could use a Global warming expert.....

B'Tselem: Israeli security forces killed 660 Palestinians during 2006

Haaretz : A Six Year Mistake

What does this video show?

House Admin Committee Chairwoman Puts Florida Appeals Court on Notice Re: Source Code

News media seek audio of Libby trial

Fragile ceasefire in east Congo as talks continue

Buddhist congresswoman sworn in with no book, calls for tolerance

Is Osama bin Laden dead?

McCain: Iraq troop surge must be 'significant and sustained'

Nelson (Dem Ne) says likely Bush request for Iraq is a hard sell

US to seek China help to win peace in Darfur

Black employees find noose hanging at work

OAS Warn Venezuela Concerning TV Station

Fund banks on Cuba

Iranian Official: If threatened, we will use nuclear weapons

Personal Vibration Trainer

***The Alarm Bell in the Night***

I am going boring tonight!!

it's martini time on the North Coast....

Just a reminder..Be thankful

I'd like to tell you about a giant I knew.

Can a peanut butter and jelly sandwich be considered dinner?

Why is it that in many American cars you can open the gas cap from the outside?

I am going bowling tonight!!

How Superman the Movie should have ended....:)

"There are BIG kids RUNNING around the store.

How Lord of the Rings should have ended...

May I share my body with you?

Absolutely Free.

Anyone know of Political/Organizaiton Entities hiring?

Mrs. DTW is out and I'm all alone till around 10:00pm

10 Top Tech Towns

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

How Matrix Revolutions should have ended....:)

Why can't we just get along?

A funny, foreign commericial....

Self Delete

In a knock-down drag-out no-holds-barred fight on the Sattelite of Love, Who'd win?

And it pains me so much to tell


So long Bill Gates

Didja ever check your states unclaimed people and find money?

Who makes a better digital camera?

Why do older cats start to lose hair? Is it something in their diet?

Associate Freely #2

The WayBackMachine....Can You Dig It? Yes I Can

Kevin Bacon or a BLT?

Friday, January 5. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

does anyone watch the Arts cable channel?

Pet stories and pictures

I blew people born in 1872. Have any of you blown anyone

Bang Bang Shoot Shoot- Happiness Is ....

I lost my senses today

Folklore/Old Wive's Tale Enthusiasts...

Don't click. I want this to fall off Page 1 with only my one view.

We saw "An Inconvenient Truth" tonight for the first time.

Who wants to grope my mouse?

My very little cheerleaders being very very cute

What would Miss Manners say?

New Diet Drug Is Approved for Pudgy Dogs

It's Jan 5th, 10 pm, windows open, in NJ and I'm too warm.

Have a Happy New Year, you magnificent sons of bitches!

Check out this freepish grudge e-mail meltdown that lasted FOUR years!

A few days away from hell

Just saw "Little Miss Sunshine" - what did you think?

I just looked outside and did it get foggy.

But wait, there's more.

WooHoo! I got a job....!....

Watch this instructional video on how to turn the gals on:

The Cherry Cordial Creme Kisses are not a limited edition.

VCR Alert! On TCM at 2:00am EST Pam Grier double feature!

I just saw my first Festivus pole

Trump on Letterman---still Rosie---the guy is such a weenie!!

Even in '74, with a full head of hair, Patrick Stewart looked bald

gRay! GrAy! gray! GRAY!

The wheel on my mouse just broke. Aaaarrrggghhh!

I got a new job

Computer question.

CHEETAH! Africam Daybreak!

I am probably going to hell for this...

What's your Catch Phrase®?

What are you doing at home on a Friday night?

Please sign this petition to save Alaska.

Free Association 2 (for the lazy)

Post from your cache!

I swear

Yes, "Irisheyes," I know you want me. And YOU know you want me. But you can't have me.

"When I grow up I'm going to Bovine University!" Ralph Appreciation Thread:

Post from your cash!

What book are you currently reading, and

Can ANYbody 'splain "Goth" to me?

Brother of Providence's openly gay Democratic Mayor indicted

Mass. newsman Randy Price marries his long-time partner Mark Steffen

Gee, Senator Kerry was busy yesterday.

OT: Don't the citizens of NY mind being Hillary's stepping stone?

OT: Obama coming for the big JJ dinner for the Virginia State Party

A great democratic hero did not vote for Carter and Clinton.

Pics of JK in Iraq taken by the US Army (never seen before)

Sen. Biden releases the Schedule for SFRC hearings

The Words of Kerry That Forever Won My Heart

Excuse me said this big looking thing that looks like a deer

Hats Off To An Invaluable DUer

If Mr. Bush wants to see our mail, then so be it.

Book TV Schedule: January 6th - 8th

argh! NBC: weird weather "not global is El Nino"

Pro impeachment guys: tomorrow we're doing an action on the beach.

Chirac on Bushco's War: A Scathing I Told you so

THANKS to the Voters of the Unites States of America – Heroes of Election 2006

Do Thoughts and Ideas, and emotions

Robert Fisk: The whole bloody thing was obscene

*** TOONS: 2006 Greatest Hits - Quarter 3 ***

Is McCain Planning On Choosing Lieberman As His Running Mate?

Best MSM Article on E-Voting Ever! BREAKING: U.S. House Puts FL-13 Court on Notice! MORE...


Al Gore sez.... I am ready for 08

If Sadr's militia is sacred to the Shia which is obviously true, then

*** TOONS: 2006 Greatest Hits - #2 ***

Faculty at SMU (Dallas) rejecting the Bush library

I lived in San Fran throughout the 80's and I really don't see what the fuss is about?

Pelosi: "I believe the biggest ethical issue in this country is the war in Iraq"

Got this disgusting email from a freep co-worker this morning

Tim Johnson's son on his dad's progress

More coup rumors rattle Bangkok

Independent (UK): From all corners, support grows for Iraq peace plan

Bacharach, Dickinson say daughter commits suicide in California

Anti-Gay VA Foundation Starts Bashing Straights, Demands Restrictions of Divorce

Keith Olbermann....

The Reid/Pelosi letter to Bush: Will it matter?

Nick Saban personally offers interview to BSU offensive coach

Please support Progressive Dem's efforts to work for peace and justice.1/27-29th

Dammit!! Pelosi and Reid playing follow the leader.

The Queen of Cinema in Germany "Leni Riefenstahl - A Memoir"

This year's weather

ARG! Oh Mighty DU, Help Me Slam This Wingnut RE: Katrina

The Speaker's web site is finally active!

The White House is trying to classify past visitor logs...

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

47,000 dangerous abandoned mines in California

Matthews attacks Webb for talking about issues in addition to Iraq

How many baby girls will be named Nancy today!

Well, this is one way to control spending...

I thought I'd tell Sean Hannity what I think of his show.

If these sorry SOBs would spend less time hiding and secreting...?

Juan Cole on the "adults taking charge" of Bush's war

Douchebag of the year award goes to..............

Is Nancy Boyda nuts?

Army asks dead to sign up for another hitch

Bush Sr.'s hip replacement: it will take him a heckuva long time to

Some potential bad news scenarios happening in Iraq -

There's a way to confirm or deny whether Muqtada al-Sadr was at the Saddam execution:

A Cooper is talking about Rehnquist and Placidyl

Noose was hanging in area accessible only to white managers

Pat Robertson claimed Norfolk would be nuked

Scarborough kicks O'Reilly's falafel ass VIDEO

"Bush is just lucky this isn't a real democracy, or else he'd be in trouble."

Can I ask an absurd question? What is the penalty for a soldier refusing to fight?

Boyda, former Republican, now D?-KS on The McCain Doctrine

Talk about bad timing!

PIC: Saddam execution recalls another Vietnam image...

Meditations of Thorax

Security project focuses on Apple (BBC)

Fox "news" wastes no time smearing Pelosi...

Cheney pleads no contest to assaulting soap opera star

I find it amusing that one of John McCain's favorite movies is The Manchurian Candidate

Just what America needs right now...

Watching the Dem press today... Hoyer laid it out

Audio: President Shepherd Press Conference speech from

HELP! I wanted to copy a pic someone had

Rest warming doesn't exist

Bush White House changes rules to hide criminal visitors from the public

Cindy Sheehan on Hannity and Colms coming up.

The one-day honeymoon is over, here come the hit pieces. Exhibit A:

Get it straight. It's not a "surge" it's "The McCain Doctrine"

Finally....the explanation of why Michelle Malkin is the way she is:

Inflating Hillary Clinton's Chances of getting the Nomination

The battle of Iraq's wounded - U.S. poorly equipped to care for tens of thousands of soldiers...

This week in 1643 Massachusetts established concept of divorce in America

White House Postponing Loss of Iraq, Biden Says...

'Ware the Ides of March ...and today's B-teamers.

Arriana Huffington on KO

Anyone watching Hardball right now...?

Must see: The Freeper Iraq Plan! (Warning: Disturbing)

The “credibility” of the right-wing blogosphere

there was an anti-war protest outside AEI today

Can we get Saddam's rope to send to the White House?

Failure Personified: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice...

Bush Admin Makes White House Visitor Records Disappear...

Dispatch from the Turner-Chan War

LMAO: Scarborough calls O'Lielly "GOP suck-up"

WHERE THE HELL is the reform of the Marianas sweatshops?!?

Is Republican strategist Ed Rogers and Ralphie from A Christmas Story the same person?

We need to stop letting them frame the debate!

Amazing: I just stopped watching Hardball and changed the channel to:

Ollie North: Bush, McCain & Lieberman Are WRONG-Surge Is NOT The Answer

How to fight..

Deep in Le Carré country, the remote Polish airport at heart of CIA flights row...

Can't you just picture it: The loyal Sean Hannity fan driving in his car.....

Allawi has a peace plan (sorry if that has been posted already)

U.S. sees "severe consequences" to new N. Korea test

dupe; please delete

Iran and 'the door we never opened..." Must read from ATimes Online

No More 'Surge' Protection? Now Oliver North Comes Out Against Iraq Plan

CNN Report on Muslim TV Comedy Sitcom

Speak the Truth / Condemn Extremism...

Cindy Sheehan Blasts Timid Democrats

Harlan McCraney, Presidential Speechalist

1981 Bohemian Grove exposed - ABC News

A few questions:

Democratic Progress - Day 2

White House uses secret memo to fight court order

Final Jeopardy Answer

Lieberman cashed in the last shred of his DEM soul today!

Dan Burton (R-Indiana) Is Lone Vote Against Ethics Legislation

KO Now!

Anybody else notice Hastert the Hut sat on his fat ass in the back and

Thank You Gov.Napolitano for a smart bipartisan Inauguration in a GOP State!

Boxer to head Senate Ethics Committee

Time to begin questioning *'s grip on reality in formal sessions of

Ring Out The Old, Ring In The... um, "New & Improved" Old!

Don't you wish we had media like Fox News?

Congresswoman McKinney's floor speech giving reasons for impeachment

Secular fundamentalists are the new totalitarians

Decision Time (J. Post on Israel's capability and fallout of attacking Iran)

They have made a killing

19th Annual Awards for the year's worst reporting - 2006

White House Seeks Lawyer Wise to Ways of Congress - by Jim Rutenberg at the NY Times

A Letter from an 'Old Iraqi Lady' to President Bush

Barack Obama: A Chance To Change The Game

Dems prepare slew of oversight hearings By JIM KUHNHENN, AP

Jonathan Turley: The truth about oaths

Kissinger urges US to drop nuclear weapons

Bush's Strategy of Massive Resistance - by Paul Begala at Huffington Post

Help with a question, please...

Washington Post Grows A Pair by Marty Kaplan at Huffington Post

A Heckuva Claim (Bush on Tax Cuts Success) --WaPo Editorial

NY Times: Bush Plan for Iraq Requests More Troops and More Jobs

India to continue its lead in IT outsourcing market: Report

Damn Liberals Cost Us The War!

Things found on the way to other things (Madison speaks on Christianity)

Miers Departure a Good Sign

Science on the Agenda - by Adam Bly at Seed Magazine

Swing Blades By CHRIS FLOYD (Oldie but Goodie)

Questionable Mission --WaPo Editorial

Rap is the culprit in killing of black men

Can We Let Intelligence Officials Lie With Impunity?” (MCGOVERN & LANG)

Apple fired lawyer who wrote Jobs option award

Victims of History

Opera Browser - Two Vulnerabilities

In global energy rush, nuclear gets a resurgence

David Hughes on Canada's oil and gas situation

Trees cut down at Gettysburg National Battleground; taken to papermill.

China's Coal Future (Part 1: MIT Technology Review)

(AP) Unusually warm weather this winter, 10-20 degrees above normal

Censorship: Why did Ntnl Science Teachers' Assn. refuse 50,000 free copies of "Inconvenient Truth?"

Senators Re-Introduce Coal-to-Liquids Legislation (Obama, Bunning)

Three Maine cities have warmest year

Whooping Cranes Rebounding in Texas

Renewable Energy Roadmap: Rural America Can Prosper

Buccaneer a badge of honour for whaling opponent (Sea Shepherd flag struck)

Report: Egypt let Haniyeh bring $20 million into Gaza via Rafah

Abbas declares Hamas militia illegal, raising stakes in factional battle (AP)

US deports Israeli convicted of conspiring to aide Hizbullah

The Arab states drift into irrelevance

If I were a Palestinian

Europe’s Muslims face rising ‘Islamophobia,’ says report

Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century: The Resurgence (PBS)

Terror's Trivial When It's Not Muslims

Billiard Balls and Momentum

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sat. Jan. 6, 2007

A request from Clint Curtis

Why didn't the Democrats in Florida challenge the huge irregularities in Attn General race?

City of Sarasota (FL) to Place Instant Runoff Voting on the Ballot

Times E-Mail Part of Hatfill Libel Case

US, UK struggle to crack Pakistan's terror pipeline: Newsweek

US marines killed Iraqis one by one in Haditha: report

Baghdad police chief survives bomb attack

CNN: Biden will file presidential papers at the 'end of this month'

NYT: Images of Hanging Make Hussein a Martyr to Many

Reuters: Rebels kill 28 in multiple attacks in India's Assam

Reuters: (Supreme) Court to hear delusional death row inmate's case

Sex charge filed against ex-employee

Reuters: Police ambushed after 27 bodies found in Baghdad

Two interpreters of kidnapped US citizen found murdered

(BBC) Iraq PM warns over Saddam hanging

(Black) Employees Find Noose Hanging at Work (CNN report)

(Polish) Airport at centre of CIA interrogation storm

Buccaneer a badge of honour for whaling opponent (Sea Shepherd flag struck)

India to continue its lead in IT outsourcing market: Report

U.S. army says it mistakenly urged dead officers to return to active service

Insurgents elude forces in eastern Iraqi province

US Army urges dead to re-enlist

Iraqis to lead assault to take back Baghdad

Brownback to Move on Presidential Bid

Texas company sells ready-made embryos

KraftMaid cuts hundreds of jobs

Denver-Based Company Recalling Sausage (18 States)

Report: Iraqi Army Kills 30 Militants

Bush's Iraq plan faces battle on Hill ( Jr. working on SATurday).

New details emerge of SunCruz-linked bribe to ex-lawmaker

Islamic Terrorists using Google Map and GPS systems to locate, track and monitor India’s IT (hubs)

Webb Introduces Sweeping Expansion Of Veterans Education Benefits

MSNBC: Avalanche buries cars 60 miles West of Denver.

Bush confident on deal to balance budget

Reid wants end to 'intractable' Iraq war (radio address)

Reuters: PM says Saddam hanging Iraqi affair, warns critics

AP: New Facts Emerge in Iraqi Slayings Case (Haditha)

Plan would create '.xxx' Web porn domain

Reuters: Polish archbishop admits working with communists

Baltimore Sun: All signs point to home: Speaker Pelosi honored in Baltimore's Little Italy

(Kite Flying) ‘Ban relaxed for 24 hours’

John Russell contests election.

Moscow slams U.S. sanctions on its military firms

Burt Bacharach's daughter commits suicide

"Codepink 10" Arrested New Year's Day Request Apology, Charges Dropped

Attack of the zombie computers a growing threat, experts say

Israel plans nuclear attack on Iran; Sunday Telegram

Guatemalan files renew hope of justice

Democrats Rename 5 House Committees

LAT: Troop surge can't be brief, backers insist: 18-month minimum

New Orleans eyes curfew after 8 slayings(in first wk of new year)

NYT/Reuters: Democrats Mull Trying to Cap Iraq Troops Levels

CNN/AP: Bill would permanently bar drilling in Alaskan refuge

Saddam hanging deplorable - Brown {UK Chancellor}

NYT/AP: Democrats Prepare Slew of Oversight Hearings: "Congressional power in its rawest form"

Dark cloud over good works of Gates Foundation

Toys 'R' Us Baby Contest Sparks Fuss ( rules first baby has to have American parents

Taking guns away from police brings some peace to Tijuana

Israeli Experts Say Middle East Was Safer With Saddam In Power

Army to Apologize for Letters

CNN: Rice to testify on Iraq before Senate Foreign Relations Committee Thursday

Raytheon (Missile Systems) Replacing Striking Workers

La. mayor's death sparks controversy (ruled suicide)

My husband came up with a Conspiracy Theory Re: Saddam

BBC Video appreciation thread!!

Do Your Head and your Heart always agree?

An empty place and a long path

Phrase your latest cache

I threw-up oatmeal this morning.

Body function thread

Good night

Making the world safer for sexists everywhere

Classic coked up Waylon (youtube thread)

Jesus, I never thought I'd say this: I'm having fun with the kitten.

I'm almost at 16,700 posts

I think I just bruised my spleen

Don't you want me?

A question: How do you rewind phonographs?

Does the size of a man's Hasselhoff really matter?

Angels write their words at midnight


Saddam's cat up for adoption, she's cute and playful

I'm almost at 100 posts

The Temple of George W. Bush.

DAYUM I think my house is going to blow away tonight!

Perfect name for this 8-time DUI...

There was a church down in Texas...

Okay, this has to be one of the worst nighs of all time;

A very crappy infomercial (literally)

How do I uninstall Internet Explorer 7.0?

Ice cream

The guy the invented Instant Ramen noddles has died!

I slept with a stud last night (PICTURES INCLUDED)

So, I wake up today and it's already 62 degrees

1 year ago it was 5 degrees out. Today it's 30.

Just remember, I warned you not to look in here

Do You Feel Like Peter Frampton Does?

Nic Cage as Ghost Rider...

So, I wake up today and it's already -8 degrees

Another Hogzilla in Georgia...what's in the water down there?

I seem to have stumbled on some j...j...j...

Dreaming: Wet, dry, or both?

Have you ever come up with an idea for a brilliant invention

The Army asks dead to sign up for another hitch

Get even with telemarketers.

Stop what you're doing and run... don't walk... to The Good Shepherd.

I seem to have stumbled on some jazz...


a secret I've never told ANYONE..

Gosh, I miss the holidays already.

God Hates Figs

*question for e-bayers*

Phrases you wish would just go away??

My cat just farted, and it smells like Heineken

Noisy neighbors

Today is January 6, and it's 69 degrees in Manhattan

I seem to have stumbled on some spazz

Big big avalanche west of Denver. Careful out there, CO folks....

Computer please ...a question about KBs

1974 Weight Watchers recipe cards

Rojo the Rescue Husky's first time dogsledding! (pics)

Appalachian Islamic Drag Queen Soul Singer Burqa Fugate Rockin' Newport, Ky.!

Does your driver's license contain sensitive personal information?

For the David Lynch fans...

I just bought a new car

Superheroes wearing rubber suits these days - why?

It's another LIW birthday! My son is five today...

I'm itchin' to change me name again. What shall I change it to?

I was at walmart today and they didn't have any cock rings.

I wanna hear some sexy music

What's the least religious song you ever sang as a Christmas carol?

I'm coining a new phrase. Hope nobody beat me to it.

Ugh. People that like writing technical book reviews, give me your wisdom (or links)

Use the words "Vice President Cheney" as a "code" for sex.....

It is 3:24 am EST. Do you know where my pants are?

A question: How do you resize photographs?

I have TWO whole days off...and they're in a row

Is anyone going to see the film "Perfume"?

What are you drinking?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 1/6/2007)

The Lounge has become rather like the hellhole in which I live

I'm going to see Bob Seger tonight with my 13 year old son.

Breyers doesn't sell 1/2 gallon containers of ice cream anymore

Two effective methods of bathing a cat (from best of Craigslist)

Does pepto-bismal actually work?

I love it when they try to ell us what our win means

I'm taking down my Christmas tree

I give you, Tabasco the Christmas Kitty!! (pics)

Inventor of instant noodles dies (BBC)

I have figured out why you annoy me so much...

You know you don't want me..and you know I don't want to

How long do you wait for someone on a blind "date"?

How lazy were you when you were younger?

I'm having plugin problems with FireFox 2.0.1 and Vista. Can someone help me out?

Wow. Amazing video on effects of drugs on spiders.

Finally, 5000 posts from the cranky one on a 70 degree winter day


Look what I found in my backyard today! (Pics)

Someone tell MissHoneychurch

Quick: The difference between Punk-Pop and Pop-Punk...

Who wants to be put in a casket when they die?

Anyone have experience with or the like?

The new firewall at work declares everything to be of adult content or ponography

If You Happened To Be a Teenager Again

Say something really, really dumb so I can whack you

Official Chiefs - Colts thread.

I tell you what.... That Katie Elder had long breeding years...

Yes, "matcom," I know you want me (to spank you). And YOU know you want me (to spank you).

Impeach at the Beach!

A 1 terabyte HD for home computer?

I'm All Alone for the Weekend. What to do?

I can't find it in the bible, but is it an abomination...

How do you bring about change in your life?

When I think about you, I touch myself.

I just realized something about that show MXC

Hi, everybody!

How many of you have mice with balls?

I think I have figured out why Justin Timberlake annoys me so damn much.

The Subaru Outback is a lesbianmobile

Whatcha listenin' t'?

Waaaahhhhhhh! My cake turned out hideous!

Guess The Truth

Single DUers check in!

Disconnect yourself from Kevin Bacon.

Chihuahua parents and admirers! Listen up.....about taurine!

I Want You... To Want ME!

Hard Cider, anyone?


APOCRYPHAL (books not included in the New Testament)

Ancient religion may face extinction

Secular fundamentalists are the new totalitarians

Dems in Congress to pass LGBT bills

Governor Spitzer: Gay Rites Ahead

nfl/bcs predictions. post them here

I've had a small miracle! and maybe a big one, too!

a Jungian's take on *

Here's a website for anyone interested in learning more about CO

Reservist’s yoga class keeps deployed troops centered

Better than sex....

Wouldn't you say Kerry has foreign policy experience?

How would you answer Leo's question?

Did you all know that DU has a "Propaganda Debunking Forum"?

Something I didn't know about the $87 billion, though I probably should have.

You should know some things about Terry McAuliffe. Ask him about

The military, voting, and Election 2004

Anyone remember the analysis that was done on voter increases over the last 30 yrs?

Export Products not Jobs act re-introduced on 1/4/07

Kerry Campaign Speeches

Right Wing Blogosphere has now gotten THREE stories wrong

BUSH'S URGE TO SURGE ... (another symptom of Vietnambien Syndrome) ===>

Senator Jim Webb introduces legislation to bring back GI Bill

When will being gay not matter?

List of House and Senate Committee Chairs

Group wants to make divorce harder (freepers unhappy)

Pictures from Impeach on the Beach while we wait (dial up warning)

My Partner Just Found Out Her Company Is Closing Its Doors Next Week

I think the WH visitors list is no longer public knowledge due to visits by Jeff Gannon/Guckert

Which photo will we see first, Bush leaving White House for good or last troops leaving Iraq?

How are thoughts created?

The Coming "What Are We Going To Do About George" Problem

Can any one explain the $2.3 trillion missing from the Pentagon books?

'Wash Post' Obtains Grim Report on Haditha Killings

*** TOONs: In Memoriam - Passing in 2006 ***

Sat TOONS. Congress is now in session

This is why I love Cindy Sheehan.

White House Visitors No Longer Public Knowledge

BUSH Admin Wants Your Internet Provider To Track EVERY Web Site You Visit

First baby born in 2007's mom not legal resident; prize goes to next born

Tillie Olsen, Feminist Writer, Dies at 94

WP editorial: A Heckuva Claim: Bush is oblivious to the consequences of his tax cuts.

Lots of popping and snapping in my LA house tonight. Potential quake weather?

Mr. Ford Gets the Last Laugh - By CHEVY CHASE

Sheehan to join protest march outside Guantánamo

Guess whose anniversary is today!!!!

I'm taking down Christmas Tree while Daughter is at the Beach - NEW YORK

ANOTHER rightwing blog story goes down in flames

Red ass Home Depot CEO made more in his first two hours than one employee for entire year.

My neighbor, a die-hard Bush supporter...

Here's how you (yes, YOU) can get involved with the demo in DC on Jan 27

Frank Rich: SURGE IS A SHAM & Forces that killed Cindy Sheehan's son now in control of Iraq

New rule: No Federal Senator or Representative may run for President...

The Effect of Drugs on The Common Wood Spider

Dark cloud over good works of Gates Foundation

The Democratic Iraq dilema.

Job Cuts-- many, many announcements

Put a smile in Saturday's eyes, beneath bright blue skies, . . . please come CAPTION!!!

"We don't keep records on hogs,"

"If Bush Got Impeached & Cheney Got Had Hunting Accident-Nancy Would Be Pres?"-Written By 10 Yr Old

NYT: Images of Hanging Make Hussein a Martyr to Many

Bomb Iran? Which of these treasures would survive?

Drudge: Paper says Israel is preparing to nuke Iran!!!

Media blackout? Not if we can help it!

Expert David Wallechinsky lists the top 5 worst living dictators 2007 edition

The horror, the horror of Iraq, in poetry - by: Sgt. Brian Turner

I am not sure Bush will recommend a surge---sending thousands more. KO

Man, you can TELL it is winter in New York

Thanks for the memories, Saddam

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sat. 1/6 -- take a number and get in line

Audio files of hate & bigotry from the right

Right wing blogs DEAD Wrong, AGAIN!

LA Times: Gates Foundation pours money into investments that hurt many of the people it aims to help

Ding-a-Ling, bring out your dead

Weird coincidence

If Democrats fail to address the Fairness Doctrine

Calif. Electronic Voting Machines Deemed Accurate

NYT: "General Petraeus is expected to back a rapid five-brigade quickly as possible"

Dem Rules Committee chair to whining GOP: "I feel your pain"

Will US soldiers be harmed by a nuclear strike in Iran by Israel?

most of us will like the most/least annoying public figures list of 2006 from

"There was a little toolshed where he made us suffer...

Cavuto Battles Frank: ‘Congressman, Is It Always Incumbent Upon You To Be So Condescending?’...

"Surge" Without Congressional Approval Is Impeachable Offense

Is the definition of Jihad and what we face today actually a new concept?

Mexico offers GPS units to illegals to aid crossing journey into the US

War-ravaged city offers fleeing Sunnis refuge from death squads

{Roman} Colosseum lit {in protest} over death penalty (BBC)

A Challenge to the Supreme Court: Can the US Kill Iraqi Children Legally?

Everyone learn the new White House Theme Song

SURGE™ = Bulge?

Democracy in The U.S.

FL Governor Pissed at McCain Over Leaked Giuliani Dossier

Here's a website for anyone interested in learning more about CO

Bush's lies about his tax cuts & the economy.

Idea for solving minimum wage issue (What do you think?)

Global Warming: How would YOU answer Leo's question?

So I'm guessing it's going to snow up north in August?

Reid: We Will "Demand Real Solutions & Keep Working To BRING THIS WAR TO A CLOSE"

Bulgaria: "Mild winter triggers spring fever in zoo "

The rethugs are great with their euphemisms....

Woman's bra stops bullet. Teh..heh

Is Monday a national holiday?

Trust me on this one. Video - Clinton does Lennon.

President Fords Casket....

Subject: Military Coups

Bankers Face Ruin If Limited to 36% Annual Interest Rate

OK people, what kind of white sheets do you want to send to Rep. Virgil Goode (Bigot-VA)?

Rumsfeld to Bush: Initiate jobs program for unemployed Iraqi youth

Rearranging the deck chairs

Liberal. Conservative. Fundamentalist. Democrat(ic). Republican.

Now I have heard it all: Pfizer Medication for Obese Dogs Wins U.S. Approval

WP editorial: A Christian Embassy campaign at the Pentagon tests constitutional boundaries.

2006 taxes...anyone doing their own?

Army asks dead to sign up for another hitch

Barney Frank kicks Neil Cavuto's ass

Come to DC on Jan 27! Tell Congress to END THE WAR!! (Pictures)

"A U.S. television report said ..Gates wants 20,000 trooops by spring"

A question about the DC March on 27 Jan...

70 degrees in NH... no snow in NYC for Nov and Dec.

A first look at the Reid-Pelosi Iraq Surge Protector: Prevents Overloads:

Vote for Your Favorite Blogs HERE:

The "Boy Who Cried Wolf" effect

The Oaxaca Struggle Continues


If Jobs Are More Plentiful, and Wages Are Up, And Inflation is Steady, Why Don't Americans Feel It?

patrick mchenry (R-obviously) shows his ass live on C-SPAN

Do terra-ists get dental work?

Democrats Rename 5 House Committees: What Would You Rename Dept. Homeland Security?

To King George: "Lawyer up, Because they're coming for you."

It's 70 Degrees F in NH

posted in Breaking News - avalanche buries cars, etc.

EU to Urge "New Industrial Revolution" in Energy (at last!)

George W. bUsh and his catapulting bullshit

Steve Bell on W's Civil War:

Bush's Dusty Veto Pen May Soon Get Busy

Terror's Trivial When It's Not Muslims

E&P Survey, At Critical Point, Editorials Offer Little Commentary on Troop Escalation

First winter closure EVER for Ontario's largest ski resort

OK, so it's Jan. 6 and all my windows are wide open

It's snowing bigtime in Las Cruces, NM.....several inches already and

Remember Hookergate?

Democrats want to shift oil tax

A proposal for a new and more correct name for the Iraq War:

Iraq is Cheney's war. N/T


This made my Day Blue Man Group on Global Warming

Funnyman * needs a caption...

Countdown to Sundance 2007 Ghosts of Abu Ghraib

Army asks dead to sign up for another hitch

Robber barons in health care industry not happy with Democrats

What's with americans ?

Sharp losses on Wall St. after report of surge in new jobs and wages

Ca. Storm Kills 2, Blacks Out Thousands

Letters urging "return to service" sent to dead/wounded officers

Falwell: Is the Culture Overpowering our Churches?

I feel so sorry for our kids and their fears of global warming

Texas Republicans answer to Global Warming: 16 New Coal Power Plants

So how was Cindy on Hannity's show?

Something to make you laugh -- re: ann 'the shrill voice of treason' coultergeist

WH Releases Photo of Bush in "Video Conference" - Where Have I Seen This Before? ---pix--->>>

Neo-Nazi leader arrested on child porn charges

Saddam was a brutal dictator

President Gore will be speaking at the Taco Bell in Boise Jan. 22

Army asks dead to sign up for another hitch

The Powell Doctrine


A film that is a really eerie parallel to what happened to us the last six years...

Today's ON THIS DATE IN BUSH HISTORY... Lies to Congress

30% 30% 30% 30!

Silly (or maybe not so much) meme: GWB stands for Global Warming Bush.

CentCom Expected to Shift Focus to Threat From Iran

Democrats to Bush: No more troops to Iraq

How to stop the Chimperor from pardoning his cronies

Ok..what if * just keeps doing what he is doing, regardless?

Don't celebrate too early

Global Warming brings heating-fuel costs down! See, a silver lining!

What the 'liberal' Media isn't telling you about Right Wing Terrorism. Hit list prompts 57 arrests.

BUSH & SADDAM - "A Tale Of Two Criminals"

Images of Hanging Make Hussein a Martyr to Many (NYT)

Tough and Not Tough

Wash Journal is pretty funny today

(Black) Employees Find Noose Hanging at Work (CNN report)

Can ANYbody 'splain "Goth" to me?

High Fives for Democrats

Charlton Heston sued by neighbors over mudslide

Democrats mull trying to cap Iraq troops levels

Watching the McCain-Lieberman Love me some more war Fest now.

Jan. 01 Clinton Approval Rating was 66%

Should we just ride out the storm?

Tweety solved a problem for Obama last night:

If Bush and Cheney had even an atom of integrity they would resign NOW.

The war that comes home, uninvited and unrelenting..... doing what

Please tell me that in all of these upcoming hearings, that all of the administration

World relaxes a bit at news of Osama's death. (not really)

New name for Republicans

Man vs Wild - DU Style

Excellent article on why Bush must be impeached.

You send the Capitol Police to enforce your subpoena. I'll send the 82d Airborne to resist them

The Temple of George W. Bush.

I turned my tv off for the last time for a while

The Land of Rising Conservation

UN apparently not as evil as RW'ers say it is, has fired over 150 Peacekeepers for sex abuse

What will we do after Bush? I think that I may have an answer to that.

Anyone else think we're hesitant to impeach because the GOP tarnished the impeachment process?

Additional tickets for Al Gore's sold out Boise speech will be available 1/9

I followed the psycho stories for six years, and that's enough

Historical question. Any occasion of an ex-empire being subjugated by a foreign power?

I found this- Bush and Blair

Baghdad Initiative to Go Door to Door

For all of you to think , here is a a gift...............

Watching WJ Reruns from this morning (Conyers and babysitting)

What about this song.........remember?????

remember, when he song...I want my country back

AP: Japan, U.S. warn N.Korea on nuke tests

"What is Truth" - a song from 1972 by Johnny Cash

Our President is a Big Fat Loser (and we all know it)

Do we have dates for hearings yet?

(Reuters) Dead Russian spy planned blackmail: acquaintance

If your name is "Flake", be careful how you are photographed

Are the House Dems going to allow Republicans to sit on conference committees?

Investigate! Investigate! Investigate!

Global Warming--a risky business

The Sensible Response to Global Warming: Build 154 coal fired plants before they're banned...

I joined the Steelworkers Union in their associate member

Bill Maher's classic rant on protesters

Olbermann - Sep 5 2006 - Bush Nazi issue

Depleted Uranium Alert Part 1

Crazy Pam

New York subway Hero

Carter delivers touching eulogy for President Ford

$2.3 trillion missing

Iraq: getting the call. a soldier's story part 1.

Soros Compares President Bush To Nazis

Blue Man Group Stop Global Warming

DNC Chair Howard Dean thanks activists and the Netroots for the 2006 victories

Giddy Sea of Fresh Faces in the Capitol, United by a Serious Mission

CNN: Biden will file presidential papers at the 'end of this month'

Rep. John Hall (D., NY): From Rock'n'Roller to Congress

How to decide who to vote for in 2008

Mubarak of Egypt: “They turned him into a martyr.”

My DINO Wishy-Washy POS

Army asks dead to sign up for another hitch

The Week in Political Cartoons

Lawmakers slam plan for more Iraq troops (including Republicans---McCain skeptical)

Our CIA continues to put "protecting American economic interests" well above human rights and democr

Bush's new plan is same old ill-conceived policy

Now for Vice-President criteria!

The Letter means little, The surge is inevitable.

AP: Dems Prepare Slew of Oversight Hearings

Dennis Kucinich: "Creating a Peaceful New Year"

Thanks for the Presidency of George W. Bush

MP3: New impeachment song - "We Have To Impeach The President"

The Fastest Way to End the Iraq War

With Each Fallen Soldier, a Field of Flags Grows

Just watched an address to the Senate by President Ford in May of 2001.

When in doubt, blame the victim

Details from the Swamp that we call Florida Politics....FL 16...Lutrin speaks out.

Do you believe him?

have had a reply from the Edward's campaign

Bush Admin Makes White House Visitor Records Disappear

I got an enraged Rep/Con phone call from my letter to the editor

So who's advice is Bush taking? He asked for input from many sources

My Head Is Going To Explode- Help Me With Refuting This RW-BS Email

Brownback to Move on Presidential Bid

Brownback to announce Jan 20th.

Barney Frank on C-SPAN (Natl. Press Club) Economic Growth

"No neocon concedes that the very idea itself of launching an unprovoked war

Anti-Surge Protests Against McCain, Lieberman

Bush's Iraq Plan Faces Battle on Hill (from rethugs, too)

AP: Bush confident on deal to balance budget (weekly radio address)

Can/should wrecked military careers be resuscitated by the next pres, who **will** be a Democrat?

Quote I found in the book Pulse: the coming age of systems and machines

The Pelosi/Reid letter about the surge was a good thing, but can anything stop it?

The Russian Energy Inc powerhouse

Libya to erect statue of Saddam on the gallows

Somebody, help with the Kerry eating alone myth in Iraq...

ABC, CBS, CNN largely ignored Bush's claim of power to search mail

Why are Bill and Hillary smiling at this man....?

New Congress Gets Glowing Press

Am I paranoid? Is this a possibility?

Iran: Is the Supreme Leader Dead, or Dying?

Just heard a McCain clip challenging dems... "what would be the plan be -

Schwarzenegger on collision course with California GOP: Positioning for U.S. Senate run as centrist?

Has Bush Done Anything RIGHT?

The Great Awashed

McCain make Olbermann's "Worst Person in the World" list

Could B*** start this "surge" before the Dems can do anything to stop him?

Video of Nancy Boyda, KS, speaking at the DNC conference...

When is the best time to announce for the Presidency ?

CNN/AP: Problems in New York, Denver leave Democrats scrambling for a Convention city

I make $6.50 an hour. Am I poor?

A Dozen Preferences for a President