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The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 273

(LAT) US Military No Longer Majority Republicans

Healthcare outsourcing now $300m biz, growing at 150%

Bush Tax Cuts Offer Most for Very Rich, Study Finds

Iraq may split Bush and GOP

U.S. puts squeeze on Iran's oil fields

Some advice for George Bush: a 'surge' in US troops in Iraq will not bring about peace

Labor Rights Begin at Home

Scientific American And The Silent Lie - Albert Bartlett

for the love of god, make the hatrack posts stop....

Cheney Speech In 1999 To The API Spells It All Out (Unbelievable)

UK Met DG - Climate Change Now "Irreversible" As Signals Flicker From Shropshire To Tibet

GM Announces Plans For Whole New Family Of Electric Cars - Starting In 2010, That Is - LA Times

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R - MD) To Introduce 15 Energy Bills, Including Peak Oil Resolution

Saudi Aramco Picks GE For Even More Seawater Injection Capacity At Ghawar (World's Largest Oilfield)

Summer Migrant Species Of Butterfly Entering UK Increase 400% In 25 Years - Times of London

Saturday Temperatures (6 January) Hit All-Time Daily Record of 72 In New York City - NYT

80% Of Orangutan Habitat Has Already Been Depopulated Or Totally Destroyed - NYT

Polar Bear Survey In Northern Ontario Shows Worsening Physical Condition, Weight Loss

Lake County (IL) Water Wells Petering Out - Towns Looking To Lake Michigan

GM Taps Two Suppliers In Race To Make Hybrid Battery - Detroit News

Catfight!! - The Sequel - UK Minister Quashed After RyanAir Comments - Greens Bash All Concerned

Adirondack Sugarbush Already Starting To Flow - Early Sap Means Less Sugar In Syrup

69F In Boston, 66F In Milford As Records Tumble Across Northeast - Milford Daily News

Despite Some Rain, NSW Drought Intensifies - 98% Of State Now In Drought Conditions - SMH

EU Visit Will "Pressure" The Decider On Post-Kyoto Emissions Framework - Times Of London

Malaria Has Returned To Italy - Scientists Think Climate Link Likely - Times Of London

Nice article about Winter Park ski area going green.

Um, I don't know the validity of this source but....SHIT

Barak seeks to regain Labor leadership

The Left in Israel and the Danger of a Palestinian Civil War

January 6th 2005: A March on Washington retrospective (photo intensive!)

Poisoning Of Ex-Agent Sets Off Alarm Bells

Incident at the Port of Miami-Dade proved to be just 'miscommunication,' authorities say

Men in Jordan charged with attack plots

SPRINGFIELD: Pay raise may be out for lawmakers

Cleric's story of abduction, torture, Letter opening salvo in CIA officers' trial

Sunday Times: Israel Plans Nuclear Strike on Iran

New U.S. Iraq commander says may need three years

WP: Democrats Revise Agenda To Deal With War in Iraq

Empty chair as 'Saddam' trial resumes

Republicans’ division over Iraq grows (

Military `surge' not enough to save Iraq, U.S. commander says

WP: War's Toll on Iraqis Put at 22,950 in '06

NYT: Plan Sets Series of Goals for Iraq Leaders (and target dates)

British Guantanamo Bay prisoner `losing his sanity'

Real animals infringe on Bambi - at Boing Boing

DUers who are excited to learn I am single, check in!

Smiles everyone Smiles

Happily Dead DUers check in!


Help me out here: is Via Voice worth anything?


Alright you Burger King Bastards, that was WAY too much toppings on my Whopper!

My daughter would like to say 'hi' to the Lounge!

You are so freaken beautiful!!!!!

Contrast and Compare, Anita O'day and

Would You Like To Have A Daily Thread For People Who Refuse To Work Out

Spiders on drugs!

I am looking for a good rental movie

Narcanon and Narcotics Anonymous ARE NOT Related!

Anyone else use Dr. Bronner's soap?

Franz Liszt or craigslist?

So, the Hooters up the street caused a shit flood in my area.

How does one dispose of an old computer???

Today has just been one of those days.

There better be a Top 10 Conservative Idiot list this week....


24 Fans: Sneek Peek at Season 6

A thread with only a link to a different thread?

Top Ten Conservative Idiots is up!

youtube video time

Best form of execution for local TV weathermen who call snow "the white stuff"

I'll stop the world and melt with you.

Cat Lovers I Need Some Of Your Favorite Recipes

Cause there's never enough kitty pictures in the lounge

eh. not what I envisioned.

I should have done my report about something else.

"American Dad" thread (George Bush appears)

Cat lovers....I need your advice....

The trailer park, dope, and insanity

Does hoodia really work?

MMMMm Homemade Chicken'n Dumplings....

Oh God, I feel so good right now!

Post here only if you have seen my butt

I have a thread on the GREATEST page...check it out....

Best 80s movie starring Molly Ringwald

Has anyone had cosmetic surgery, ie facelift related?

Ever completely change your life?

why would youtube disable the comment section of a video?

When the NFL game on Fox is over...

I'm feeling grumpy.

Okay - who here watches "What Not to Wear"?

Last night I saw a Twilight Zone I'd never seen before

Here's today's "We got a new kitten!!" thread York football fans?

Angelina Jolie hovers over WalMart...

Put my box in a box (d_ck in a box response)

Little Miss Sunshine...

What is a plaxico?

There is a very insidious anti- pot commercial using leeches

Bob Dylan just became my MySpace Friend.

I'm drinking YellowTail Shiraz. Who wants to join me for a Sunday-night tipple?

drop the pilot

Task list for the evening:

Invent an offensive and completely inappropriate advertising slogan

OK, my first picture thread. This is me.

Okay, it's official. This ain't right...

need some help.. i want to get a 1 or 2 GB Mp3 player... any suggestions..

What Makes You Cringe?

I don't have one person on my 'ignore list' ...... never have - never will.

Football (soccer) thread - who do you support?

An online book debunking the "great modern spiritual masters"


Manifestation group check-in...!

New "Strike At Tehran" - I am freaked out

"Fun Activity" FREEPED!

In America. Right now. American Children and families in Concentration camps

New PeaceTakesCourage Video: 3,000 Too Many

Scientist : NASA found life on Mars - and killed it

"Move 2: Let the Democrat-controlled Congress throw a fit"....

OMG! I Mean... OMG!

Newsweek: "Self-styled security expert Giuliani can't keep his campaign plans from getting stolen"

Betty Ford on 60 minutes ..... Wow

flip flop flip flop - remember the gop crowd at their convention?


Buy a Motorola RAZR from Sprint and they'll donate to stopping AIDS in Africa

Meet Rosalie Little Thunder - a Lakota woman doing great things.

My first youtube video!

Freeper mad when security at the airport effects their family.

"A surge is also a sexual metaphor, meant by wordsmiths such as Karl Rove to indicate..."

Life in the "free" Iraq...

OMG - Bush is on 'American Dad'

Schwarzenegger aims to cut welfare (would put tens of thousands of children at risk of homelessness)

StepItup2007: Nat'l Day of Action/Meeting on Global Warming -- April 14

Where is Matthew Brady when we need him? (Civill war photographer)

Americans; best entertained, least informed...proved true again.

Home Video Shows 'Tigger' Character Apparently Punching Boy's Face

POLL: What is the most critical/important issue to you, Global Warming or the Iraq War

I saw "Momma" (Stephanie Miller) Friday morning.

To all who think the Iraq war is not about oil.

A simple question about the environment I have never understood

How Much Longer Can Cheney Survive? ---pix--->>>

Hatrack's post in E/E about irreversible climate change-truly alarming

OMFG: ANyone else watch "American Dad" on Fox tonight?

Desperate Man funds his retirement by going to prison

Anglers fear ban on 'cruel' live bait will spread

Right now on the History Channel: Caligula

Cheney and Rumsfeld Used Watergate As An Excuse to Expand Executive Power.

Mother encouraging son to re-enlist for Iraq service...

Lambertville, NJ mayor to be the first to perform Civil Unions in New Jersey

This Modern World: A handy guide to the eminently sensible American healthcare system!

How should we celebrate 100,000 user registrations??

It's way too early to open up on Democrats for the tenor of their Iraq opposition

Is Gladio still around today?


Sheehan on Hannity's Sunday night show

Just had to share this one

There is a very insidious anti- pot commercial using leeches

I'm So FURIOUS Over This FWd RW BS: CO & Katrina!!

Bush hasn't made even ONE competent decision about Iraq so far, and yet . . .

I just read the Comments...

Blood and oil: How the West will profit from Iraq's most precious commodity

Will Bush ignore the votes of Congress on the Iraq war?

What is wrong with this picture????

NYTimes: bush* plan could take 2 to 3 years. Now ain't that convenient. Three years, I'd wager.

Obama and New Orleans

Zippy compares the Dem congress to an Adam Sandler movie!

Check out Frontline: Country Boys on PBS right now

McCain, Guliani, Brownback, Romney, Gingrich

Nobody should care what Bush "will" say about the war anymore!!!


About those 3 suspected terrorists in Miami.....Whoops!

Faux News: To Win in Baghdad, Strike at Tehran

The 'Bush Surge' is likely to add to debacle

House leadership is giving Monday off?

Who might benefit from striking the "Surge" with something special?

What's (TERRIBLY) wrong with this picture?

Woman wants kids back after social worker marries ex-husband

If it was a country, ExxonMobil would rank 6th in CO2 emmissions


Ill former nuclear workers question why Mound records were buried

Hillary's New Nickname to Annoy Republican's

Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld. ROTFL!

Are DEM leaders conflicted on question: Can we STOP BushCo's dollars for more war???

Angelina Jolie hovers over WalMart...

Detroit May Close Down Up To 52 Schools

US Suggested That Iran Needed Not One But SEVERAL Nuclear Reactors

USNews: Rove believes victory is still achievable in Iraq, and Bush should pursue it vigorously

Has anyone had cosmetic surgery, ie facelift related?

Dallas food chain to start accepting pesos

Police investigating death of USC kicker Danelo

Does Bush admin think of Saudis funding sunni insurgency in Iraq?

Pig Hearts for Humans: What the Public Needs to Know About Biotech Risks

NRA Pressured To Resist Bush Energy Policies

Radical cleric Sadr meets top Iraq Shi'ite Sistani

Imaging Pinpoints Brain Regions That 'See The Future'

How Hitler Used Christianity To Scapegoat the Jews and Become Dictator

Iowa Lawmakers Set to Debate 60 Year Old Law

Citizen Journalists on John Edwards' Campaign Trail

3,000 Too Many

Nuclear strike on Iran?

Waxman vows to keep watch for the taxpayers

Have they no shame? At long last, have the Repugs NO shame?

A sobering page to send to "Surge" Fans...

Iowa Lawmakers Set to Debate 60 Year Old Law (right to work)

Global actions target Starbucks union-busters

Howard Dean to Visit Kentucky

Social Security employees face $3.8 million in work-related fines

Congratulations DLC hawks on Saddam hangings 2nd victim - a 10 year old Texas boy

Help Me Save Democracy in Chicago

The "Last Throes" of the Bush War

It's Not A 'Surge' - It's A '14% Escalation'

Breakdown of soldier deaths in Iraq (Flash)

"Racial Undertones Complicate Handover of House Whip"/ Blunt/Clyburn

Caption this pic of our glorious leader (courtesy Xinhua, China)

I can't believe what Speaker Nancy Pelosi just said

Feb. 5th budget request -- $100 million more for Iraq

Abortion rights activist backs Edwards

Nixon And Gore?

Administration/generals implicitly blaming the American people for Iraq, just as Clark predicted.

Which Democrat spoke at a 2002 anti-war rally?

John Edwards as populist

Edwards tour stops in Reno - Democrat supports minimum wage hike, opposes Yucca

A First? All 7 'NYT' Columnists -- From Left to Right --Agree on Something (The 'Surge')


Surge and Purge

The Kucinich Plan for Iraq

Novak: Will Bush Back Lifting Payroll Tax Cap?


The stench of "politics as usual" and the anger from below

The Great Thirst: Looking ahead to a post-global warming life in California

America’s Holy Warriors (burrowed deep inside the Pentagon)

it ain't funny when only the comedians make sense

Krugman: "Quagmire of the Vanities" (Cynical vs. Delusional)

Clark Challenges Bush in DC on Iraq

The Self-Hate That Drives Republican Patrick McHenry

Iraq War – Bush Surge Policy and Why the Administration Cannot Admit Defeat and Failure

BearingPoint Corporation helps set Iraq policy - and profits from it

The environmental "surge" you're not hearing anything about....

About face for Dems: About Time!

Iran's latest 'net crackdown: mandatory site registry ......

White House uses secret memo to fight court order --AP

Froomkin: Purge of the Unbelievers

The US has spent a million dollars for every dead Iraqi - is that what they mean by value for money?

WP: Why We Left the Episcopal Church

Sale on Negroponte Move by Richard Sale

Is Israel Planning a Nuclear Strike on Iran?/ Der Spiegel

Bush, Blair worse than Saddam, says Malaysia ex-PM

9th Ward can be rebuilt, planners say (AP)

Broder: Suggester in chief

Auto Think-Tank Finds Hybrids Do Save Money As Total Package (Depreciation, Tax Breaks, etc.)

Greenpeace declares "threatened" status for Polar Bears a victory!

Montserrat Volcano Shoots Ash 5 Miles Up

500,000 Jobs Expected From Renewable Energy (Nigeria)

Sakhalin Taimen Nearing Extinction - World's Largest Salmon, Can Reach 200 Lbs. - Japan Times

The Land of Rising Conservation (Japan - NYT)

Extended Warm Streak Extends Feral Cat Breeding Cycle - Long Island Shelters Filling W. Kittens

Lawrence Livermore - Expect "Severe Negative Impacts" On California Crop Yields From Warming

U.S. puts squeeze on Iran's oil fields

Toyota Launching "Huge" Effort In Prius Production & Promotion - FT

(Endangered) Baby (Oriental White-backed) Vulture Born in Captivity in India

Global Warming Adds to Oil Volatility, Analyst Split (Update1 - Bloomberg)

New ExxonMobil Promise- PR Effort Will "Soften" Image, "Better Explain" Warming Stance - Guardian

Temperatures rise, oil prices fall, buyers save (Maine)

Tony Snow Says Bush Cares About The Environment - AFP

Aussie Firefighters Battle To Control Gippsland Bushfire - 540K Hectares Burned Already - Age

Indian Holy Men Boycotting Ganges River - Say It's Too Polluted - AFP

Wisconsin Ice Fishermen Head For The Boats - Only A Few Bays Of Superior Have Frozen

Concord New Hampshire Hits Warmest January Day In 130 Years - Concord Monitor

UK - DEFRA Secretary Slams Organic Foods, Gets An Earful From Farmers, Consumers - Guardian

Record High Temperatures Registered Across Tibet - AFP

Death Rates In Alaskan Yellow Cedars Accelerating - Juneau Empire

Future of Iraq: The spoils of war

Climate Change Solution: Move the Planet!

I am so proud of my neighbors.

Car Boom Puts Europe on Road to a Smoggy Future

War and Cheap Oil: A Second Look

Iran oil exports could dwindle

Oil is the answer to our energy crisis as killing Iraqi's is to the war on terror, not.

Russia oil row hits Europe supply - BBC

Palestine..Peace Not Apartheid

IDF soldiers say ordered to 'shoot to kill' at Gaza post where Palestinian girl died

Peretz calls for final status talks within six months

Israel planning tactical nuclear strike on Iran

Is Israel Planning a Nuclear Strike on Iran?/ Der Spiegel

Indeed there is Apartheid in Israel

Hustler Mag: Was 9/11 an Inside Job?

Tin Hat Alert - Manhattan odors - how do we know that some

The Twilight Zone Tower

NYT editorial: Electronic Voting Machines: Testing the Testers

Voter Action's Big News, Year-End Review, & New Year's Update

Invitation to Attend or Watch Debra Bowen’s Inauguration as CA’s Sec. Of State

Six Years After Florida, Where are We? Election Fraud - Research News 1.8.06

(All) Britons (and other foreigners visiting the US) to be scanned for FBI database

Israel denies plan to hit Iran enrichment plant with tactical nukes

6 Arrested Following Russian Roulette Death

'US Diplomat and General and Struggled to Delay Execution of Saddam’

New US strategy to call for benchmarks for Iraqis

9 workers killed near Baghdad airport

Reuters: Gunmen attack Baghdad bus killing 15 - source

14 survivors of Indonesian ferry accident found alive at sea after 9 days

MNF Iraq: Task Force Lightning Soldier killed in Salah Ad Din (2 incidents, 2 dead)

Indonesia concerned over US troop increase

Hmong hunter's death has Wis. on edge

Reuters: Clashes spread as blockade paralyzes Bangladesh

Bobcat announces layoffs

Tigger Smacks Kid at Disney World

Healthcare outsourcing now $300m biz, growing at 150%

Damra not heard from since his deportation

Conservatives Decry Terror Laws' Impact on Refugees

Iraq ex-minister denies graft charges, slams govt

LAT: Health insurers deny policies in some jobs-Common medications can also be deemed too risky in C

Senior Iraqi Shi'ite joins sectarian war of words (al Hakim)

NYT: Bush Tax Cuts Offer Most for Very Rich, Study Finds

BBC: China irate at Chen's US stopover

Israel planning tactical nuclear strike on Iran

MSNBC TV : Gas Odor comming from Manhattan somewhere

Egypt orders probe into new torture video (tortured woman confesses to murder)

U.N. refugee agency says Iraq needs aid (3.7 million Iraqis displaced)

Infosys To Offer Outsourcing Services To Hospitality Industry

Neo-Nazi arrested on child porn charges.

The Times: American diplomat secures top political post at UN

About face for Dems: About Time!

AFP: September 11 accomplice sentenced to 15 years in jail in Germany

Mexican Drug Cartels Move Into Peru

Thomson Corp to set up 2nd service centre in Hyderabad

Utahns break from Bush on Iraq-Reddest state no longer behind war's handling, split on 'surge'

Anger mounts on decision to deploy Kurdish militias in Baghdad

Advocates propose (clergy) sex abuse reforms

Discovery Of Dead Birds Shuts Down Congress Avenue(Austin, TX)

(WiredNews) GM Resurrects the Electric Car

AP: Supreme Court Won't KO Airport ID Policy

Package at Port of Miami posed no threat


Doctor: (Sen. Tim) Johnson Improving After Surgery

Genocide charges against Saddam dropped

Bomb squad investigating positive test for explosives at Port of Miami

Cheney to hunt at Rolling Rock (Today-Scene of Pheasant/Duck Massacre)

Democrats may deny funds for Iraq surge

Bush picks Fred Fielding as new WH counsel

U.S. launches air assault on Sunni haven (US troops go door to door)

Chavez nationalizes utilities. Calls OAS Chief "idiot".

WTO talks on brink of failure: Mandelson

Amniotic Stem Cells Offer Alternative to Embryonic

Exclusive: Arnold's Primary Plan (Feb. CA Primary)

Pelosi: Dems will not cut off Iraq funding

Chemical Cloud Over Sugar Land: Residents, Students Warned To Stay Inside

Ethiopian Soldiers Attacked in Mogadishu

Military Families React To Possible Troop Surge

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday January 8

TIME: Exclusive: Bush Picks a Replacement for Harriet Miers

Human Rights Watch blasts Iraq on executions

AP: White House confirms Khalilzad is Bush's choice for U.N. ambassador

AP: Court turns down Iran opposition group (terror indictment appeal)

Court drops charges against Saddam

Calif. gov calls for universal (health) coverage

Future of Iraq: The spoils of war (New Iraqi law to grant extraction rights to western oil giants)

WTO trial could cost city millions (Seattle civil rights violations)

Iraq to give Western companies control of oil: report

Study: Price for border fence up to $49 billion (Lawmakers' estimate falls far short of total)

Bush congratulates new Nicaraguan President Ortega

Dummies 'guard' Iraq garrison

GE seeking bids for plastics business (MarketWatch)

Iran threatens to stop oil flow via Hormuz strait

Tony Snow: Democrats Can Cut Off Funds, But Can't Stop President's 'Surge'

New York hit by gas smell, not dangerous

Blair refuses to match US troop 'surge' in Iraq

(USA TODAY/Gallup) Poll: Americans want Democrats, not Bush, at helm

Saudi child hangs himself imitating Saddam's execution

Canadian victim of CIA brainwashing seeks class-action against government

BBC: (Indonesia) Airline hunt spots metal in sea

Chavez: Will nationalize telecoms, power

Greenpeace tries to shame Apple into "cleaner" electronics

OK, I'm insulted. The Google Page Rank on my "My Posts" page is higher than

Where is Rita Cosby, Don Corleone's voice coach?

Kid Beyond - Live-looping beatboxmaster extraodinaire!

But You Can't Deny How I Feel, And You Can't Decide For Me

5 1/2 years here. Fairly happy.

Three songs.

I'm listening to "Doolittle"

Way cool, Daddy-O, way cool.

Will humankind ever transcend its natural prettiness?

Frank Black's version of "Hang on to your ego"

5 1/2 inches here. Fairly happy.

"To Serve Man" on the Sci-Fi channel right now (Twilight Zone)

Animals and small children KNOW.

The emergency broadcast hound

How come men are non-entities in most marriages?

Especially this Time of Year: Any OTHER DUers have NFL Season Tickets ?

Weird Weather Continues: UAE is Getting Siberian Cold Outbreak

Post here if you want to massage my neck

Google maestros: little help?

Could somebody who is not on Ignore tell billyskank that I'm posting an apology.

Man Pulls Down His Pants At Chuck E. Cheese - Arrested

I may have to give up my guitar hobby-it's getting to be too expensive

The most painful YouTube video you will ever watch.....

Six Family Members Hospitalized After Eating Poisonous Mushrooms

Old Louis Armstrong clip that just made me smile

Man Returns Library Book 47 Years Overdue - Pays $171 Fine

Ok, who ate three of Taco Bell's bean burritos?

I am so proud of my neighbors! (Recycling story)

So: I uninstalled IE7 from my laptop; and now I can't connect to the internet.

The BEARS cannot shit in the woods today!!!

Good Monday morning

It's the Swatch appreciation thread!

I need your support

Father Says 'Tigger' Hit His Son

Happy 82nd Birthday, Mom.

Happy Birthday to the David Bowie....

Giant "Impeach" message. Gotta love it!

I want a Diet Piggy!

Rate my new graphic!

Be prepared to say AWWWW.... Real theatrical Bambi and Thumper

Sometimes i really dont understand the lounge at all..

Yay Desperate Housewives!

JEOPARDY! online test coming up; registration deadline 10:30 pm EST

I'm feeling Dopey.

anybody ever have to do classroom aid duty at kid's school?

I am running away from the lounge!

Warning to all Western PA DUers (and those in Ohio on the PA Border): STAY INSIDE TODAY

Happy Birthday to Graham Chapman

Scientist Says NASA Killed Martian Life

Hey NYC, who farted?

Man Run Over, Set On Fire By His Own Car

What band am I thinking of? (#8)

Would your husband say he is basically more urban or rural?

Yeah I've been thinking about my doorbell

There are alot of overweight people at my gym,


Who would like to get old?

Funny yet sad. Family Reunion squabble.....

Please Sign This Petition:

New Kick Ass Rock from yours truly!

I figured it out!!!!

they caLL me the chatterer

What a dilemna...Tony Soprano and George W. Bush both on at the same time Wednesday...

Just 6 more days!

Read into this what you will...

After the first round of the playoffs - who is going to win the Superbowl

CNN and its captions does it again

So, if you knew someone cheated on their ex - often

How to kill a thread:

3rd Annual INTSS Sci-Fi Spelling Bee

I support the right to keep and bear arms.

Paris: "City Of Light", NY: "City Of Smells"...

Happy 60th birthday David Bowie!!!!

Weirdest place you ever tried to make whoopie?

Question about the movie "Simon Birch"

Will humankind ever transcend its natural pettiness?

Children of Men = good movie.

The gayest, yet most addicting song I've ever heard.

I need some help here... anyone here know very much about Wordperfect:???

Inventor Fuels Car With Dead Cats

Ah, the wonderfulness of those infomercial best-of-xx's collections...

Americans May Lose $8.2 Billion On Unredeemed Gift Cards

Congratulations LeftCoast!! 15,000 posts

Cheeseball movie night!

Steak tonight on a $20 grill.

Breaking: Elvis is still dead.

I'm completely irritated at my Union right now

Who would like to get bold?

What are your favorite funny shows at the moment?

Be prepared to say AWWWW.... Real life Bambi and Thumper

Did anyone notice we are close to registering our 100,000th person?

Have you seen The Descent?

Van Halen/Hagar inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

"Leslie dress-up magnet keeping Austin weird"

Invisible Cat Update: You will be pleased to know...

Florida Trying To Find Someone To Take $1.8 MILLION In ICE CUBES

How do you get stale bread soft again?

College basketball fanatics, weigh in.

OMG! Tigger being falsely accused!

Happy birthday MzPip!!

i just had a reaL Life, "anti-drug ad" moment

Farm Worker Attacked By Herd Of Pigs

The moran in front of me at the stoplight today

Any Insurance (auto) company recommendations?

Can I get some ipod help?

Look at us!!

Kids, Do NOT Try This At Home!

I have a cold. Should I go get some pho?

Momofuku Ando-inventor of instant noodles- dies at age 96

Heisenberg Uncertainty Glasses & Contact Lenses

I'm not getting more conservative as I get older.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 1/8/2007)

Can anyone tell me about their experience with In Vitro Fertilization?


I want to rage against machines.


I'm getting old. Ask me anything!

Happy birthday, Elvis

A Duer needs our help....:)


GoPsUx PM'd me a picture of his butt...

I need some music help

Post pictures of your looking a bit goofy.

Which episode of Star Trek (the original series only) would you recommend to people?

Can Florida beat Ohio State for the Nat'l Championship?

I'm just posting to show off my new sigline.

At the risk of sounding pitiable, would you be my friend on myspace?

OK, so she picked out the engagement ring. I paid for it...

Does anyone remember this song by TLC?

Anyone know anything about this Southbeach Diet?

Should there be a Land of the Lost movie?

I've got to escape politics for a while. So how about a little movie trivia?

Prisoner Ate Parts Of His Cellmate

Any other mothers with no outside lives?

Charity yarn and fiber sale

Man Gets Through Airport Security With Hunting Knives

NC Renaissance Festival photos

Beatles song question

What's the correct way to dispose of unused prescription drugs?

Do any family-based sitcoms NOT portray the father as a dumbass?

Whom do you think will win the Worldseries?

My possible new cat.

The religious affiliations of the new congress members

Atheists' contumely and condescension?

MGLPC Candlelight Vigil in front of anti-gay church in Boston, Wed. Jan 10, 6:30 PM

Blogactive pressures Democratic Congressional Committee to post job policy

Israeli experience may sway Army policy on gays

Bobby Hamilton dies at 49 (NASCAR driver)

Petrino To Falcons

The problem I have with the college football bowls

Predictions Ohio State v Florida

The Colts have to go back to Baltimore

Why didn't the Cowboys let Alexander score with a minute to go?

Michael Vick's Talent Level

The Gators are frauds and will get annihilated tonight.

Three New Breeders' Cup races added

Since we do have astrologers

Comet McNaught

New Matthew message from January 7, 2007

The Right's condemnation of a Just War and the villification of the media/Left

Larisa has a killer scoop on Raw Story

Very, very NICE article about Kerry as Small Biz chairman in Business Week

More nastiness about Kerry

Some talk about California moving primary up

More about a potential Kerry run.

I was up, so I snapped a pic of the sunrise


Cool website, balance the national budget!

41% of the undergraduate population at Cal-Berkley is Asian

Abolish all labor laws. Let labor and management duke it out, mano e mano

"Twenty thousand doomed to die, and they wonder at my hat!"

Geraldo Rivera Describes Olbermann As A "Midget, Punk, Slimeball" & Threatens to Beat Him Up

Theory: Viking Landers may have detected and killed Martian Microbes in 1970s


About The Soul, Honor, and Strategy Of Democrats On Iraq

The Rahm Emanuel operation.

Chess in schools could have prevented Iraq War

I never use bumper stickers.

"Animal protection is a just cause"

Anyone have a larger version of this?

T- 024:04:45:48 ..... Iran.

"The use of force against Iran is only an absolute last resort."

The Ape's-ass of Evil

I just watched NEW Saddam video - THEY SLIT HIS THROAT TOO

No Shocker: CIA Docs show H.W.'s Oil Co Emerged w collaboration Covert CIA Officer

I heard a republicon on C-span say...

NY Times: Unconsumption

Krugman: Quagmire of the Vanities

The Myth of "The All-Volunteer Army"

Stupid, stupid move Nancy...

So if Bush is a sociopath and Cheney is pure evil, how do we get rid of them?

Final Total for the DU Year-End Charity Donation Drive: $27,525 in financial and in-kind donations.

If Al Gore runs---I wonder how he'll run?

Monday (and Sunday) TOONS

Bushies Bi Partisanship, working together to solve/heal/advance, is full of shit

You are invited to a "Christian Peace Witness for Iraq" - March 16, 2007 in Washington, DC

Government databases: A threat to your civil liberties?

Dilemma of the Pillow Angel

For everyone who argued with me about Saddam Hussein:

Bush, Blair & Olmert Joining Forces In A Rush to Armageddon As Time Runs Out- by: Robert Parry

Dick Cheney as a member of Dick Tracy's Rogues Gallery?

Is anybody here optimistic about the future? I mean, the long-range

A show to watch: "Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century: The Resurgence"

Can't this congress repeal the IWR?

A FISA Case of Interest

The War Against Meaning

Story from today that has you most frightened:

How far are you willing to go to prevent Iran from getting nukes?

Doctors 'Optimistic' About Happy Life for Barbaro (injured Kentucky Derby-winning horse)

Bush's Latest Plan To Perpetuate His Bloody Iraq Failure

Active-Duty Soldiers to Deliver "Unprecendented" Appeal for Redress to Congress on MLK Day

Oh my - the Christmas mytery minibouce is over for * - link below

Steny Hoyer: Use of Force Against IRAN On the Table

Hannity's New TV Show Bestows A Weekly "Enemy Of The State" Award

GHWBush, CIA, and Zapata (and a good bit more)

Cool children's book: "Why Mommy is a Democrat"

"Stop bologna of tolerance..Nuclear war maybe our only option if we are going to stop radical Islam"

Need a great job with great benefits and 6 months paid vacation?

What happened to the SUPER highway for the north american union?

Dead Men Walking (Karen Kwiatkowski, Military Times)

Christian Newswire: "Barack Obama is anything but an Evangelical Christian!"

Snow: "The president will announce a way forward that is designed to lead to victory in Iraq''

Republicans = "Indian Givers"

"...a U.S. Army infantry battalion fighting in...Afghanistan..." is being redeployed to IRAQ!

The people of earth have come to a crossroads

Your worst fears are true-- 3,000 US soldiers did die in Iraq for oil company profits!


Those lazy weasels! Out at a damn football game! How dare they?

Bankruptcy Info?

So where do you think the chimp's approval rating will be after Wed night?

How does dumping the war on the next prez help Chimpy's legacy?

Post editors DECIDE (FOR YOU) that most of the images were too graphic to publish in the newspaper.

Do you believe Dem leadership should forcefully press for our...

So are we Orange? Red? What's our Orwellian Weather Report today?

Have I heard correctly? "Job Corps for Iraqi's" with More Money when we

Does anyone REALLY believe that w will give up his precious war?


OMG! NBC Nightly News REPLAYING NOAA meteorologist saying EL NINO, not Global Warming

NOT THE ONION! A faith based fashion website" "celebration of grace and virtue

Damra not heard from since his deportation

Here's Some Sad Speculation

Have you noticed the difference since Gates and Negroponte joined the team?

Transforming Fear into Power: The Politicization of Child Sexual Abuse

America is said to be the land of opportunity.

Olbermann=Internet Buzz, and found on

This has been the plan all along, to trap the Dem's.

Bill Gates on American education.

Cheney: "Deficits don't matter."

not a conspiracy theorist BUT... gas stink in NYC on Mon, Chimp speech on Weds.

Tonight on Countdown

Republican Whiner Of the Week Rep Phil Gingrey R-GA

Top 10 Bushisms for 2006; "I'm the Decider" Number 1

Is the world better with or without nuclear weapons?

So Bush is Captain Queeg now -- no more doubts about it...

Other Gas Leaks being reported today....this get weirder by the hour...

Why Hawks Win (human biases favor conflict, not concession)

Brian Williams "is ElNino just half of the story?" YEA! I hope.

Jefferson Peace Nickels

Film: Why We Fight (1hr 39 min)

"Bloggers on a Plane" !!!1!!

DaimlerChrysler to start selling Smart Car in US

Political Question for Chicagoans!

NBC Nightly News: Bush* Plan Will Take Several Months to Implement then 2 or 3 more YRS.

I've set a new goal. Become Sean Hannity's "Enemy of the State".

The Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Hardball: Breaking - Tweety Says Bush WILL SEND 20,000 MORE TROOPS

USAToday/Gallup Poll: Americans want Democrats, not Bush, at helm (2-to-1 — 63% to 32%)

WTF is wrong with this world???

On Hardball just now: Gordon Smith meets with W at WH and will not support surge

CBS Poll: Americans Split On Troop 'Surge' (45% for - 48% opposed)

So, Bush chose Fred Fielding as White House Counsel.

PHOTO: Here's your 20,000 troops, you monkey

Would a bunch of Chinese occupation troops kicking in your door at midnight make you love them more?

CIA reporting that US. planes and ships were fired on by Iran.

Fred Kagan, PNACer, on CNN now - promoting escalation of Iraq War.

Has anyone else noticed what's going on with the "surge" (escalation)?

Box in Miami port contained sprinkler parts. NPR Just Reported.

Sprinkler Parts

Lowell Finley tapped as California’s new Deputy SoS, Voting System Technology and Policy

Bay Buchanan is a crazy bitch

White House no longer calling for surge. The new phrase is "plus up."

Birthday-suit parties all the rage for Ivy League students(Bush Twin '02?)

Anyone Remember The Maple Syrup Smell In NYC About A Year Ago?

I think we've lost our Air America affiliate today.

CIA panel blocks book by outed agent Valerie Plame

The only way to get "real" reporting of the war (& potential wars)


Screw "Remember the Alamo." Remember New Orleans.

Ed Schultz spreads anti-Hillary meme

Saddam was a Bastard---but he was Iraqs Bastard.

Dammit! It's not a surge!

Might we find ourselves in a no-win situation?

Jack Cafferty's questions for today


hey congressman Goode?? how about that Muslim representing the U S at the u n??

I heard Rush L. whinning today that Pelosi was using "esculation"

U.N. wants $60M to help scattered Iraqi refugees (300,000 displaced just since November)

A familiar Yahoo photo I'm hunching you'll want to rate up.

Back To The Maple Syrup & Chemicals Which Emit That Smell

Chemical leak in Sugar Land Texas! Tune to your radios.

Neo-Nazi leader arrested on child porn charges

Is invoking the 25th amendment against Shrub really that far off?

NYTimes: Bush Plans Aggressive Effort to Sell Iraq Plan

Question: Does the 20,000 troop increase need Congressional approval?

ANOTHER terror scare from port of Miami? on cnn

What is it that bush desperately needs again to save his ass?

Iraqi forces ate live frogs & rabbits to show courage

Terrorists resort to sprinkler parts. Whoops...again in Miami.

why did the WH bother leaking "The Surge", anyway?

we americans don't sacrifice a thing

Truth Surge?

Fred Fielding named White House Counsel.

Painting of Jolie draws notice

Battling the outsourcing monster

Exclusive: Bush Picks a Replacement for Harriet Miers

TSA Pilot Would Offer Ads at Airport Security Checkpoints

Near Sadr City, U.S. troops await attack

Sunday Times: Mission Iran, "Israel will not tolerate Iran going nuclear..."

Gen "We will be in Iraq for years" AND "Western Oil Co. to get 75% of Iraqi Oil sales" ...

Denver-based Web site tracks legislative bills in all 50 states

If the generals in the field didn't come up with it, and the ISG didn't come up with it...

How do you feel about the adds on progressive radio ?

terra terra terra

Democracy Now! mentioned a website today,

DU this Poll! Would more U.S. troops help stop the violence in Iraq?

Red State values: Texas Cheerleaders run Wild

Rove is obviously a one-trick slimeball.

Working....Has Miami or New York Blown Up Yet???? Is Austin Still There????

Taxes. No surprises here.

If the surge done...

Can some one explain to me what happens to the troops on the ground

Effective tax rate dropped from 24.2% to 19.6% for those earning $1.25 mil/yr

Bush's new plan leaked:

Senior Repubs to bush: Surge DOA

We're taking back the moral high ground and re-establishing our leadership position

Cause For dead birds in Austin found!

So they are fighting them over there so that we don't have to ...

Should Dem leadership be forcefully pressing for our...

Gas Smelled All Over Manhattan --->>>

FDA OKs new inhalable flu vaccine

Chemical leak in Sugarland TX according to Randi

Newsflash: Bush reads the polls

Various forces of the RW are slipping

Republicons are talking about lets just bomb them all...

What does the future hold for Chimp-boy?

Gas in NYC? Dead birds in Austin? WTF?

Even neo-con's Oliver North and George Will are saying NO to a "surge."

Lieberman on Surge: What’s “The Worst that Could Happen”?

Near Sadr City, U.S. Troops Await Attack

Suspicious package found at Port of Miami (remember yesterday?)

Israel planned nuclear strike on Iran Psywar trick?

Will Dubya's signing statements apply to future presidents, too?

Anyone else waiting for Randi?

The lynching of Iraq..-- STOP THIS MAN (worthy of reading, believe me)

Bush's nominee for U.N. is a member of PNAC, supports Taliban, and UNOCAL advisor

Funny yet sad. Family Reunion squabble.....

Iraqi Court Drops Charges Against Saddam Which Would Have Implicated Reagan/Bush

President Creates Cabinet-Level Position To Coordinate Scandals

Rumsfeld: "The more troops you have, the greater the risk that you will beseen as an occupier"

C-SPAN 1 NOW - Dems talking about the war

VIDEO FLASHBACK: Bush Says Sending More Troops To Iraq Would ‘Undermine Our Strategy’

Now we hear about all of the threats...

O.I.L. U.S. Senator Jim Bunning knew what Iraq was all about in 2003

ATTENTION: War supporters - your country needs you -Glenn Greenwald

Do you feel it's true people are not agaist the war but we are not winning ?

Do you think these are ...

did you know soybeans were making kids gay?

New Dem slogan? 'Fund the Withdrawal' , NOT ' Withdraw the Funding'.

Goodness! How do you deal with a child who just won't listen?

"No Child Left Behind" is a big success!

Q:Where does the Iraqi Parliament meet?

Tonight I killed some robots and gave my daughter super powers

Stephanie Miller Just Talked About Me.....

Caligula "I don't care that they hate me as long as they fear me"

C-SPAN 2 currently: Health Care Bill

McCain Lieberman?

"Turns out Bush isn't human and he isn't guided by God"

Where's Achmed Chalabi?

Karl Rove: "Victory Is Still Achievable & Bush Should Pursue It As Vigorously As He Can"

I think the Dems should stop the giving of kids names to recruiters as per No Child Left Behind

Let us revisit a Molly Ivins classic:

No one will listen as long as Bush is the so called president...

What's with Ike Skelton? I just listened to him speak as new committee

bush's New Way Forward is "Too Little Too Late"

Commander says Iraq war may last 2 more years

This just baffles me....

Christian Peace Witness for Iraq

Hand that heals also harms - Gates Foundation

Human Rights Watch has noticed Bush's Iraq puppet government is eerily similar to Saddam's regime

Chimp's Big EYE-rack Strategery Speech: Weds. 9PM EST

'Surge' sounds like a setting on a blender. eom

Iraq court drops Saddam charges

Bush Crafts Iraq Troop Plan Despite Skeptics

Hey Dems your in charge now. Turn off the effing cell phones and beepers during news conferences!

Mysterious dead birds prompt downtown Austin shutdown

Ex-Iraqi minister who escaped from a Baghdad prison defends escape, plans return to Oak Brook

Any word yet of where Bush is going to admonish America?

Lantos announces Series of Hearings on Iraq

Department of Peace Conference Feb 3-5 2007 Washington DC

Looks to me Like New Orleans is Just Gone.

Bush going back to that "9/11" well..............


Managing Escalation: Negroponte and Bush's New Iraq Team

Mourn for a Monday, bemoan its morn, swoon in its noon, but first . . . please CAPTION!!!

Are politically least informed citizens happier?

The Brits are having another Diana inquest? Whats that the 15th one?

(Reuters) Future flu pandemic toll could be "very scary": U.S

Senate session on CSpan2 Now (Morning Business)


Former CIA Officer Speculates on Folly of Attacking Iran

Anyone else have any natural gas leaks in their neighborhood?

I can't believe they're still doing this sh!t (puke alert)

"Coalition of the Willing" and the Bush "Splurge". Question:

LAT: Health insurers deny policies in some jobs-Common medications can also be deemed too risky in C

BBC: Taser launches 'stylish' stun gun (for every day use?)

Cheney is going hunting again today

So King George Wants To Read Our Mail, huh?

When Dems freeze the war $$ repubs will say we're hurting the troops.

Tin Hat Alert - Manhattan odors - how do we know that some

Baghdad airport ambush kills nine

Anyone know anything about this Southbeach Diet?

"gas smell" in midtown Manhattan

Bush's Latest Plan To Perpetuate His Bloody Iraq Failure

2 false alarm scares in 2 days, media keeps hysteria jamming

A small miracle

Rupert's crown as king of media is slipping

It's funny how the word "Pimp" has become mainstream.

It Looks like Bush's Surge Might Just Get Stopped - by Congress

Anyone notice the Rovian Bush* 'Surge'. All the media is speculating. Dems are speculating.

Is the answer to Bush's supplemental request "Pay As You Go"?

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Mon. 1/8 -- all hands on deck chairs

It's STEPHANIE MILLER.. you listening? check in

Oh no they didn't!

Wes Clark : Diplomacy the SMART SURGE: Washington Post

Any soldier killed during Lil Boots stage escalation needs to be considered as a murder by Lil Boots

If escalation makes sense?

Rudy Guliani giving major address right now!

CNN says Bush won't drop 20,000 troops into Iraq all at once, he'll deploy them in stages

It's a "Christmas Miracle"!

Conservatives Decry Terror Laws' Impact on Refugees

The lynching of Iraq

How do you ask Barney to be the last dog to agree with Smirk?

Signing statements

"Peace" by Esther Sparks. You must see this.

Atomic attack on Iran? Here's how it might go down.

Something amusing for the morning

WoW! The comments in the WAPO that follow McCains "surge" Oped are like 100% negative.

Local news says Cheney is in the area for another "hunting" outing at the exclusive

The Freedom Writers

Anyone listening to Sam Seder?

CSPAN Q&A with *'s speechwriter, Michael Gerson, on now...

I wish a network would make this years congressional hearing a new reality show.

Caption George ---pix--->>>

Where is Rita Cosby, Don Corleone's voice coach?

Whose shadow?

Kurdish soldiers being sent to Baghdad to "help out"

Shocking Comment In My Rabid GOP Cousin's New Year Letter

If Dems make oil companies pay the royalties etc.

I thought major media was still pretending this was real

Bush Says We Are Fighting the War on Terrorism - have you seen any

Edmonton Journal: Big Easy murders

More McCain flip-flop (via

From today's "A Word a Day" subscription: " malkin"

5 MORE U.S. SOLDIERS DIE IN IRAQ....Take your time, you monkey.

Malkin (definition -- think: Michelle)

TOON: hot tub

John Pilger: Nicaragua - A Nation's Right To Survive (1983)

Gosh, bush is becoming quite UNpopular.

Lieberman at the American Enterprise Institute

Dad, can I have an advance on my carbon allowance?

We should change the War On Terror to the War On Fundamentalism

3,012 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war of choice

Not just a number to this family, Mr. Bush

New Iraq Album out

Senate is in at 11:30am today (Morning Business, Ford resolution)

Palestine..Peace Not Apartheid

Hail in Cincinatti

Even the NRA is turning on Bush

World War 2.5, or why not to shake up the MidEast

Private Firms Lure C.E.O.’s With Top Pay

Who Will Be Number One Hundred Thousand?

Tonight I saw an "Impeach Bush" sticker on a directional sign

The Surge Sisters

How about a "surge" in the Congress to oust bush & cheney?

Wonky question. Does the $2.6 trillion federal budget include the Iraq war supplementals?

Pelosi about GW

Um, I don't know the validity of this source but....SHIT

Latest Favorable/Unfavorable poll

A little Pelosi funny

Stand In Silence, Together - During the Entire Bush State-of-the-Union address

Stay on the power grid, keep driving your gas powered car to a job you dislike, buy all your food.

Please check out this link regarding my labor law OP

the time is now.

Rapper Bush

Who Killed the Electric Car trailer

Kidnap and Torture American Style

Couple gets kinky presidential style

Slanthead's Mistake

Have I Got News For You on the Yo Blair incident

Suspect Nation - Surveillance State

Presidential straw poll at Florida State Fair in February,..sponsored by DFA

"U.S now looks for another Saddam Hussein." another interesting op piece...

A world where no one rules.

Bush, Blair worse than Saddam, says Malaysia ex-PM

"Freedom" . . . .Whad'ya mean?

Gas Odor Reports in NYC?

Democrats should prepare for withdrawing troops in 2008...

It's a Beautiful Morning in O-H-I-O

Likely requests in the Bush "supplemental" for Iraq?

Anti Iraq war websites

New Operational Commander in Iraq: "may take 2-3 years to gain the upper hand in the war."

One Error Message Is Worth a Thousand Words

Must be a SLOW news day the media is going bunkers over a smell

How To Stop A Massachusetts Republican in His (or Her) Tracks.

here is latest right wing crap email going around

I had to laugh at this definition of "Malkin" in today's A Word a Day

Iraq War Hearings Start Tomorrow

Rangel gives Barack Obama the green light (and a word about a possible Clark run)

AP: Bush to announce Iraq plan on Wednesday (9 PM)

The new numbers on Iraqi death toll in 2006

Follow Speaker Pelosi's "framing"...

ABC Breaking on Nigerian Threat

Something troubling in the new House!

DNC: No New Plan, Just New Talking Points

Majority leader / House schedule mailing list..

Hannity’s America Offers A Kinder, Gentler Brand Of McCarthyism

THIS is why I fought so hard for democratic majority

Who said the following?

Clintonian compromise -- win, lose or draw?

Biden says Congress is "constitutionally powerless" because lawmakers already authorized war.

How do you think the new Democratic Congress is doing so far?

Watching Iraq, I'm reminded of a stalemate in chess

‘Benchmarks’ make a comeback — with the same questions and problems

Why was McConnell chosen by Cheney? Scary stuff from Lala:

State Rep Kathy Stein (D- LEX, KY) dropping gay marriage debate like a hot potato

WKC writes another ARTICLE..Washington Post

The Lies That Keep Killing

Let's Play Chicken - When * Says He Wants A Surge Of 20,000 Troops The Dems.....

Hanging Saddam - another surrender to barbarity

Let's Play Chicken - When * Says He Wants A Surge Of 20,000 Troops The Dems.....

While you're captioning photos.. this one needs a caption too!

Please DU this poll........

Remember when 'they' said Dems wouldn't have a cohesive

Bush Sr. early CIA ties revealed.

What was Biden trying to say?

The Bush Administration has given Halliburton a contract to build more concentration camps in US

The Republican lie that never gets old

Dems in Second Life

Screw "electability"!

Is Ryan Lizza insulting Dems in general, or is he trying to make Rahm look macho?

Prediction: CIA reporting that US. planes and ships were fired on by Iran.

Clyburn Sworn in to 110th congress- with his hand on a Gullah Bible.

Shake Off Vietnam (being against the surge isn't good enough)

When Joe Biden Speaks, I listen....

Is there any Kanye West/Barak Obama connection?

Mass. lawmakers draw hard line on Bush's Iraq plans

Senator asks Bush to explain signing statement that gives President authority to open mail without w

For 2008: If not 'your guy' ...... then who?

' I am the most powerful woman in America!'

Edwards leans left, where votes are

"What A Party - What A Hypocrite." (McAuliffe)

Patrick Says He Will Support Kerry If He Seeks Presidency Again

Joe Lieberman Says He Will Support Joe Lieberman If He Seeks Presidency.

Clark's "In Your Face Challenge" to Bush on Iraq

Clark: Stop the Surge! Sign the Petition!

Impeachment 101: We Would Need 2/3 of Senate (67 Votes) To Remove Bush

Bill Clinton Says He Will Support Hillary If She Seeks Presidency

Is the MSM becoming less relevant?

Cindy Sheehan arrives in Cuba?

Sign Gen. Clark's petition

Edwards' hometown pins hopes on 2008

The Nation Demands Impeachment next Monday, Help us...