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Guess which post is mine

Feith in the System There's legitimate interrogation, and then there's torture.

'You don't care about me,' Omar Khadr sobs in interview tapes WE ARE TORTURING TEENAGERS

'You don't care about me,' Omar Khadr sobs in interview tapes WE ARE TORTURING TEENAGERS

Guantánamo video released teenage inmate calling for his mother and begging: "Help me, help me."

U.S. states, cities welcome investment from abroad

Feith Lies To Congress: ‘I Championed A Policy Of Respect For Geneva’»

Kucinich May Get Hearing On Impeachment Resolution

Obama just ahead on Larry King - I believe for the hour 9pm CNN

Once again FOX displays its disrespect for Canada

Bush Joins In: Says Economic Woes Are All in Our Heads

Democrats Are Weighing More Tax Rebates, Pelosi Says

Author: Some in Congress calling for war crimes trials.. (we must encourage them)

Texas Registered Primary Voters: Dem Party Survey re PrimaCaucus System

Dayum. Scott Kleeb is babe-a-licious.

Bush: "The president doesn't have a magic wand"

Laura Flanders: No Bail Out - No Bail!

"Hell, Dick Cheney went out and rented a soul"

Who do you want to see as the next US president?

Obama is consistently wrong on foreign affairs...

Fun With War Crimes fans! Ep. 4's coming next week -- in the meantime, here's the Bush blooper reel

Blue America Thanks Doug Tudor (FL-12), Among Others

Colombian military used Red Cross emblem in rescue

Why don't the cops drag Rove's treasanous ass in?

Les Crane, Talk-Show Host, Dies at 74

AP: Downturn gains steam as inflation roars ahead

Doesn't the moon look full tonight? - Full Buck Moon - July 18th

PHOTO: Bush gives honest assessment of the US economy's direction

What kind of stuff do White People like?

Oil Brings Americans Closer to OPEC Debtor Dependence

Miss Bud's other license plate

Multiple bombings kill 40 in northern Iraq

Billboard displaying burning twin towers reads ‘please don’t vote for a Democrat

If you want to learn more about the US Petroleum Preserve and the dangers of depending on Oil

Offshore drilling ...............

Phil Gramm = UBS = Heinrich Kieber = Super Rich Tax Cheats Outed by Bank Clerk

With the New Yorker in mind, from "Queen Victoria" last year:

Boehner falsely claims there’s no ‘wildlife’ in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.»

Angry IndyMac Customers Prompt Police Response in Los Angeles

Why does God need money?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

People are pawning anything and everything according to local news report...

Just what the fuck is a "Reagan Democrat"?????

The future history of America and the world (part 1)

What went wrong last time the dems held the white house and health care reform? This might help

For the second time in two days, McCain refers to "Czechoslovakia"

House Judiciary Subcommittee on CSPAN2 Now.

Any advise about cashing in Cd's and paying a penalty since

Is It Inevitable that Unbridled Capitalism will Consume Itself and Come to an End?

I assume that God did not speak to Jesse Ventura...

If you are up late - turn on the MLB All-Star Game on FOX

I need debunking here, please, of RW propaganda....

MLB All-Star game MVP gets a Chevy Tahoe Hybrid?

The dumbest idea you'll see all day

Who do you trust, Bernake, Volker, anyone? Are they crying wolf?

$1,600 fine and 3 years inside for detonating a nuke in ireland

I'm against these "it's unhealthy" bans, but I do have a question.

Fred Phelps has lost nearly everything.

Detainees Drugged? Torture Memo Makes it Possible, History Makes it Probable

MSM at work: Ron Fournier, the Washington Bureau Chief of the AP email to Rove

What is the worse that can happen through the adoption process?

What is the worse that can happen through the adoption process?

Colbert and Jason Reilly: LET THEM IN! Let every immigrant

Racism is very real. Why any presidential candidate would want to

Interesting blog post at DFA....sometimes things are just as they seem.

Steve Forbes and the Today Show

Bush Administration decides to govern by polls for a change

BREAKING: U.S. Meeting with Iran's top nuclear negotiator will take place

Did W nationalize domestic petroleum?

I love Jon Stewart

Remember when impeachment proceedings for Clinton were sent to the Judiciary Committee?

When CNN's "Coop" says everyone is worried about the economy...

why isn't the media calling junior a flip-flopper on dealing with 'terrists'

Touching NYT Article: Losing Private Dwyer (The Photo Everyone Remembers)

Where is the discussion about H. Con 362 (sanctions on Iran) passing?

What do you call a hundred republicans on the bottom of the ocean?

Changing the map, state by state

U.S. Consumer Prices Climb the Most Since 2005 as Fuel, Food Costs Surge

What has viagra done for you and how old are you? I know what

US Official: Top American Diplomat to Attend Talks With Iran. Appeasement?

McCain on Morning Joe tells Harold Ford he is the kind of democrat we

Nadler (D-NY) Judiciary Subcommittee on Civil Rights: "In a just system, Bush would be impeached."

Greenwald: Tom Friedman doesn't understand why America is unpopular in the world

What would it take to truly develop a class consciousness in America?

A run on the bank at IndyMac? ...... These are interesting times.

I think the US economy is the process of collapsing, and they are only buying time

anyone hearing the horseshit LIEberman is spewing on cnn

Life After Bush - Theater Seeks Personal Stories About Life in Post-GW America

"How many lights do you see?"

GLAAD Report Ranks TV Networks: Praises ABC, Dings Fox

Across the aisle, a ballad to Kennedy

Federal court: Bush can indefinitely detain civilians

Scarborough's gotta go...

Stalin was right

Downtown St. Paul losing 4,000 parking spots during GOP convention (security)

...and while I'm at it: Screw Mike Barnicle...

First Republican convention protester: Bob Dylan?

US Iraq casualties jump to 67,203

Newsflash on m$nbc: how families get evicted from their homes,

Compare these two tables. Does it look like there is a pattern?

Marines in court, charged in nurse slaying

Senate website down?

Ask Someone You Know To Join Zogby Interactive


U.S. Media Continue to Black Out Iranian Diplomatic Overtures

"There is a perception problem"

New Jib Jab video

Maggie Thatcher, you're no Winston Churchill, according to Britons

US troops abandon Afghan outpost following attack

ABC News: Who's Next? List of Troubled Banks Worries Wall Street, DC

Impeachment Hearings: A Win is a Win-By Dave Lindorff

After three quarters of seeing my mutual funds hemmorage, I'm thinking of converting them to CDs.

Bush's BioWatch counterterror program called 'parasite' and 'squatter' by public health officials

The Rude Pundit: The President's News Conference Falls in a Forest of Reporters...

Are you involuntarily unemployed? or are you underemployed, again because

What is the greatest challenge we face (IE your #1 Issue)?

Mika's Brzezinski"s Fine Whine: A companion thread...

Beware Bush's preemptive strike on torture

Do any of the presidential polls out, ask about the Supreme Court

Va.-Warner (D) has a bit of an edge in fund raising over Gilmore (R)

Va.-Warner (D) has a bit of an edge in fund raising over Gilmore (R)

A LOT of people from South America are visiting to buy things cheap....

Poll: ‘McCain Is Yoked To The Legacy’ Of Bush»

You are what you vote for!

"President can order the military to seize from his home and indefinitely detain anyone"

NYer's votes may or may not be counted or counted incorrectly

Missouri social service workers ordered to help clients register to vote

Anyone know Latin?

Do you want to see the hearing on Bush's lying us into war on the M$M? DEMAND IT!

Banking crisis looming? See the video of NAOMI KLEIN ("The Shock Doctrine") with Tavis Smiley

A Ballad To Ted Kennedy

Must read from Barry Ritholtz

Rift Develops Between Prop. 8 Backers

Diplomacy good now? I'm so confused!

So are we being punished for hating bushitler so much?

Carbon tax vs Cap and Trade

Friedman still doesn't get why the world hates the US. Glenn Greenwald explains it for him

List of nearly insolvent banks? IndyMac was one, who else is out there?

Is there less traffic on the road today, or is it my imagination?

Report: 8,763 vets died waiting for benefits

Creating Credibility: 8 Years Later, There’s Still No Consensus on Ensuring Integrity in Elections

Oil down another $5 so far this morning

Dems choose the battles they can win

Photos, 7/16/08: Bush looking attentive, invigorated, fully engaged and not at all distracted

Bush's magic wand

I Support Every Step of the Impeachment Process, Until January 21st, 2009

Highways too hot to handle

I Told you so, I told you so .... Oil Prices

Interesting commodity markets today.

Obama should never say the word Iraq without following up with how it is ruining our economy

Give this article to all of your right-wing "tax cuts increase revenue" friends....

Police: 'Greatest Dad' shirt worn to sex meeting

The REALLY Sad State of Mortgage Servicing.. TAPED CONSERVATION!

Fannie & Freddie's Friends In High Places

Inflation nearing highest rate in a generation

The drop in the price of oil in the last 2 days proves one thing.

Fox's Hume to Step Down

Congreassional approval at all time low. 14%. Only 11% of Democrats approve.

What does the Kucinich Amendment mean?

The Rich and the Powerful take their cues from Jim Morrison, and we all lose.

Al Franken worries even the Democrats in Minnesota

Jimmy Carter Was Right - By David Knowles

Is John McCain's Campaign logo copyright infringement??

GOP Reps Issa and King giggle while trying to derail Congressional hearings on detainee torture

Officer wrecks squad car 29 minutes into job

The duplicity of a right-wing community.

Have the Intertubes been slow for you today?

NY Post busted trying to smear Keith Olbermann

Do you own a condo? Do you have an HOA where you live?

Getting under the Senator's skin. GOPer storms out of meeting with me.

The insanity of the markets

Millions to improve Texas colonias go unspent

So Nancy Pelosi issued six press releases yesterday about

Disturbing stat on Oil Spills

Oh FFS. Johnny Cake is in for Randi

Go Figure! (Conyers hearings question)

Come CAPTION Numbnuts. The joy of future generations depends on it!

Does the Bush administration have a secret succession order that bypasses Congress? (Reagan Did!)

I hope this helps in these hard times

Impeachment vote

Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

Joe and Valerie Wilson respond to Bush

Kucinich Decries Iran Saber Rattling in House Legislation

Ridiculous RNC Poll. It would be funny if it weren't so sad.

OMG - toooooo funny:

Not everybody perceives thinks, or reasons "truth" the way you do!

No traffic jams? I just spoke to a friend in Phoenix, where getting ANYWHERE took an hour

Oh Come, All Ye Faithful, the baleful need CAPTIONED!!!!

Do you believe the Bush family is making millions on oil speculation? Is there any way to find out?

Man, 94, Won't Face Solicitation Charge - Judge Says Elderly Man Entrapped

Does Scalia even know the basics of law?

For those of you who haven't seen this yet: best source for free legal music

Portland police privatize raids on homeless! (Clean and Safe Inc)

Bloody Republican Vs. Republican Fratricide In Top House Race (NY)

Bush’s Newest Nominee For Broadcasting Board Oversaw Fearmongering Campaign On Wiretapping

Wikileaks.. Chavez to hook Castro up to internet!

Make A List: The differences between private and public health coverage.

Ted Nugent talking out his ass once again

Attack On Iran On The Way? Uh, Maybe Not...

bush's war isn't a game to be 'won' it's a disaster to be retreated from immediately.

bush's war isn't a game to be 'won' it's a disaster to be retreated from immediately.


Hey, foreigners! Do any of your countries have a pledge of allegiance to your country's flag?

An original composition by Orrin Hatch may be played at the Dem convention

You couldn't get me to vote for a Republican if.....(a community list)

What a great day!

Computers to Cuba

Dowd returns to moronhood......

Let's give a big round of applause to FDR

The republicans are worried about "moral hazard".. BWHAHAHAHA!

Bush Invokes Executive Privilege to Shield Cheney’s Role in Outing Valerie Plame

"Our Constitution is being destroyed. We are losing our nation to a war based on lies."

A brief word from a foreigner about all those US financial institutions in trouble.

Bush’s Newest Nominee For Broadcasting Board Oversaw Fearmongering Campaign On Wiretapping

Seven years on, no answer from White House on anthrax attacks

(Poll) Question about voter fatigue.


An Open Letter to Luis Moreno-Ocampo, Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

Ways to Get Involved With theDarfur Issue

i've decided who i'm voting for. i no longer have to suffer the teevee fools...

breaking: FBI investigating Indymac for fraud

Bill Clinton and Al Gore to deliver addresses on healthcare and environment

Obama says time to rid world of nuclear weapons

I am so in before the lock on this.

Al Gore to issue important challenge

New York Times covers Netroots Nation convention in Austin

Rachel is back and on! I missed her. nt

AP: Rush (no, not him) to guest on `Colbert'

Rep. Hastings on Guantanamo visit: I got there early and ‘they were still whitewashing the walls.’»

The new customer service: no human beings

IRS Set to Close Tax Loopholes for Non-U.S. Banks

david gregory opens show with 'why can't obama take a joke?'

Caption McCain....... I think its too easy myself

McCain Ape Rape Joke Recalled By Sources

K.O. is back in the saddle tonight

Question on the non-impeachment impeachment hearings...

The Mortgage Marketeers: doing what they once did best.

"PANIC"-Jane Mayer’s The Dark Side: Chapter 1

Caption this * pic...

Workers break retirement piggy bank in tight times

Is Shitstain Shoots-Guy-In-Face....

Elizabeth Kucinich Live Online Tonight

Ok I have a real quandary for the bible thumpers.. maybe you guys can help me

I feel like I am living in The Twilight Zone

did the demand for oil suddenly go away?

Minutemen Scream "F@$k You Brown Boy!" at Latinos Attending Obama Talk

Contraception IS abortion

Why does AOL have so many bigots?

Tom Tomorrow tries to play by the new rules of satire

High approval ratings "off the table"...16% see US on right track, public fed up with Bush, Congress

Scenes From an Iraqi Childhood (or, Why They Hate Us and Why We Must Leave)

is tony snow still dead?

I believe that all the Kucinich naysayers here at DU owe Kucinich an appology...

We Need To Take Back 9/11-And Rub It Into Their Republican Faces!

Crap I just saw an ad for olympic coverage on NBC. I forgot they have them, guess we have more of

Conyers may hold hearings, but plans no action on impeachment

Citizens Speak Up Against Military Action In Iran

Israel Concerned By U.S. Plans To Meet With Iranian Envoy

"I never thought I'd miss Nixon."

China rejects Bush's "religion freedom" remarks

One Tenth Of One Percent

the media hasn't mentioned bu$h*/flip-flop all day-yet our 3rd highest diplomat is to talk to iran

"We need an 'honest discussion about race.'"

Who's listening to Tweety?

Conservative Group('01) & Conservative Columnist ('06) Blasts Bush Admin-Bush History,7/16

"The War Is Over"... Originally published 04/30/2003... REAL SATIRE [PIC]

White-power groups recruiting from military

Fox News host: 15 year-old detainee ‘maybe deserved’ harsh treatment

Satire is satire, whether a wacko gets it or not! The New Yorker was right to run it.

Researchers find genetic trait that increases HIV danger for blacks

Rahm Wants Nancy's Job

Please join me in thanking 9 Republicans

How four accused African-American men came to use the white supremacists' flesh-and-blood defense

Susan Atkins will stay in prison.

Man Arrested For Unlawful Photography - taking a picture of a cop

What Impedes Election Reform?

sugars are sabotaging nearly every packaged and prepared food we eat

sugars are sabotaging nearly every packaged and prepared food we eat

AP: Energy tsunami coming, ex-policymakers warn

the artificial drop in oil prices is the work of unscrupulous, unregulated speculators

Author: Some in Congress calling for war crimes trials

How close has Obama come to saying the GOP pillars of deregulation and privatization are scams?


Need help/info for my nephew, folks..........

L.A. Times: Americans may be losing faith in free markets

Is there a DU book/DVD exchange, or would there be any interest in one?

ACLU: Proposed Bush Regulations Jeopardize Women’s Health

This ought to make the Reaganites crazy: "Did the Boss help bring down the Berlin Wall?"

Textbook piracy common on college campuses

I can't believe I'm having to post this: If you have money in a bank, how safe is it?

IVAW member on Daily Show tonight

High-Quality, Universal Health Care Is Possible -- With No Premiums or Deductibles

Am I wrong to leave racist comment

Tony Snow should be a lesson for all young-ish DUers..

richest woman in world demands handout. god save the queen.

My Stroke of Insight: Fascinating interview with stroke survivor/brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor.

fiction by my son - please read and comment thanks

It appears that way too many DUers don't understand what happened in Congress today

Republicans Voting for Kucinich Resolution - 9 of 'em

MYTHS THAT MUST DIE: Only liberals want big government.

Did you see the Miss Universe Pageant?

My man Obama is publicly asking bush, 'where the hell is bin Laden'?

GOP is trying to make birth-control illegal! Time to post The Handmaiden's Tale!

I'll be away for a while. My startup just vaporized. Have to find a job. Perfect timing.

Tom Tomorrow: Satire by the book

Bush former "body man" to be Deputy Chief of Staff at 28 years old

I am having a meltdown - I can't keep up with this economy anymore

Bush coming to the Napa Valley

Who turned off the A.C. so they could get some more hot air?

The other day, my hubby had surgery (it wen't fine, btw),

Can we PLEASE stop comparing the *Bu$h admin to the Nazis?

Thats it, enough tip toeing...I will say it.

I don't know why this hadn't occurred to me earlier, but we are being screwed.

What Bush and Cheney said during the FAKE California energy crisis!

Republicans = privatized profits & socialized losses

Is the guy covering for Randi this week nuts?

OK now I'm officially pissed. Cat food price up EIGHTY PERCENT this month!???!!

Behold the Ruling Class Position on War Crimes, Torture and Presidential Pardons

Anyone have experience with natural gas drilling, particularly in NY or PA?

Keith Olbermann's biggest booster becomes MSNBC's president

Who thinks NCLB stinks? Texas Republicans, that's who.

Waxman slams Cheney with commonly used right wing phrase

Do any of you old geezers remember the awful, awful Clinton years?

Does Countdown troll-lurk DU for stories?

I have two tickets to Motley Crue for next week, but no one to go with.

Can someone please tell me why the pre-game couldn't have started an hour ago?

What's Gore going to propose tomorrow?

Putt Putt

My night in jail after photographing police against their wishes

So if a prospective job calls your references

so, i bought a new computer tonite

Would you give up all of your possessions if the end result were to wipe out war, famine, disease?

So - if Wachovia goes belly up I don't have to pay off the Credit card right?

Officials: Oil prices due to fundamentals. Energy tsunami coming...

QUICK! Turn on MSNBC! They're reporting on

My knee looks like a grapefruit...

Does "FRINGE" look like something that you want to watch?

The idiot Repuke in Florida with the 9/11 billboard speaks. And it's a riot!

Those Dish TV ads with Frank Caliendo impersonating chimp make me ill

About that Chicken Marsala Recipe...

Great pitching display going on at the All Star Game tonight.

The Mother Of ALL DU POLLS!

Thank goodness it wasn't...

I predict the X-Files movie ends with JR Ewing waking up and saying "What a weird dream"

I smell a skunk outside

A toast to our late buddy, Khash. May he rest in peace

Your employer didn't pay shit for your benefits

Anyone else like the smell of pipe smoke? (crack, not tobacco)

If people are willing to pay $135 plus for a barrel of oil, why would I or anyone sell it for less?

Fun With War Crimes fans! Ep. 4's coming next week -- in the meantime, here's the Bush blooper reel

I am posting from the bathtub during a thunderstorm!

Young Frankenstein is on Fox Movie Channel


The Big Book of Enron: Domestic Spying, Election Theft and War Crimes

I keep hanging around the Lounge, looking at that thread...

Will someone PLEASE bring the suitcases up from the basement?

Anyone else like the smell of pipe smoke? (tobacco, not crack)

Cool new Guitar Hero

Josh Groban?!?

How's this for spam:

Dean taking voter registration bus across the South...starts Thursday at Crawford, TX

I log on every morning specifically to see if we've nuked Iran yet.

Your favorite thing to happen in a Star Trek: TOS episode

I'm gonna go watch Austin Powers 2 - I've not watched in a long time, and I'm in the mood.

Blackberry users - convince me it's worth a look.

A Million Citizen March

Ugly economic times can lead to ugly divorces

wow.... the next time anyone disses Red Sox fans

Supposably, there are some words that Redstone does not like, but...

Stalking the Shadows: If the worst happens, who will our leaders be?

I hate to see Brett Favre acting like a whiny boy.

Hey Lounge, I heard there was a party in your mouth...

Frau Blucher!

i did not get in for ween, and i am slightly aggravatied

George Strait has a new album!

Breaking: Smirking makes you smart!

YouTube Music Video Thread GO

Calling OmahaBlueDog! It's storming again! Our lights are flickering!

What is with the freakin' arrogance of Town and Country people?

Adam Kokesh Assaulted by Undercover FBI Agent & MPD (DC) Officers!!

Listening to "Get Back" right now - the album

Anyone ever done the Crypt Lake hike?

Do you have a favorite joke based on wordplay/pun?

Right Wing license plate and bumper sticker of the day:

Another health care screw up!

Rahm Emanuel wants to be speaker

Graywarrior, I found some info on that training class you were asking about.

Never mind.

µTorrent is trying to tell me something

Cue Music

supposibly some major asshole peed on the toilet seat at Yankee Stadium

What kind of stuff do White People like?

Idiocracy Fans - check in here!

I am so essssssssssited!

I had a wingnut boast to me today that the decline in the cost of oil

JD Drew?

Christ, will this yankee stadium circle jerk last all season?

Am I crazy, or have I been on DU for too long?

Am I evil if...

Fade into You....

I just heard, "What a wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong on the Craig Ferguson show.

You don't have to be human to be a great movie asshole.

We are seven years on and STILL have no answers...

*** - ** - * -- **** - *** - * -- *** - ** - * -- **** - * - **

I can't find my phone

Yeah Wednesday!

Found a tape of some instrumental pieces I wrote in college. Enjoy the naive whimsy, won't you?

Leno just played a video from JibJab website, pretty funny.

So, MissHoneychurch and 48%er are going to BER-LIN to see Obama

IAU Designates New Dwarf Planet


That's right detective, she just started screaming at me and accusing me of peeing on the seat...

News flash - oil found in partial-birth-aborted fetuses

I am in Star Trek heaven...

If you have a Youtube account and no scruples, could you help boost my rating?

In honor of the lazy-ass Red-State-Blue-State narrative

Predatory Lending and Elliot Spitzer . . . .

Oh yeah, I could be a millionair... sure.... Anyone get a copy of this scam in their inbox?

New definition of buzzkill

Show your Desktop, Tuesday edition!

Pic thread! Welcome to Western Massachusetts!

Taking up a collection (we all need a laugh today)

Gay Italian wins discrimination case

Anyone else wonder if the GOP strategy for small government

OMG - you have to watch the new Jib Jab video!

Give us a story using only the letters in your name

little pig little pig- let me in ROFL ROFL'd you like to be Dan Uggla right now?

Colbert Report TOMORROW (07-17-2008): Elizabeth Edwards.

"Ay my age, naps are more important"

Serious question for once. Viagra...

DOW closes up 276, S&P 30, TRAN 257

The Killers - Somebody Told Me

Let's take a groovy little tour of my freedom garden

There's a new Chick tract...a new LAME Chick tract...

Put the seat down and flush the damn toilet already!

A Frickin’ Elephant

The Beverly Hillbillies....

When will W.Va. and Va. unite again?

Helen Thomas health update

Just fuck it

Wall Street Socialism

Awesome: Meet the Bloggers (W/ Cenk, Maddow, Huffington, Cusack & Many More) Starts Friday!

Photograph a Cop, Go to Jail

Is it possible that Republicans and Iran only pretend to hate one another?

Federal employee groups step up political efforts as fall elections approach

Did the Russians actually build a "doomsday machine?" (And is it still "ticking?")

Obama on Larry King? No link? nt

PISSED OFF (Caption)

Shuster tells Howard Dean the economy is better...Dean says not for 80% of us. Video

"That's why we've got the first amendment."

Thank you, Dan Abrams. "John McCain has what, THE WORST attendance record in the Senate?"

another bank collapses

Past McCain Rape Joke Comes To Light!

so who was it that defined insanity

Ok, which one of you posted this on LOLCATS???!!!

There's 5 minutes of The Dark Knight leaked - not the bank scene - link

WTF???? "God Bless America" instead of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" at the 7th inning?

Obama proves he's never visited DU

Hats off ot EMS here-but a 30 minute response time?

McCain Ape Rape Joke Recalled By Sources

I would never have expected this. Not EVAH!

What Do You Think About When You Are Using Your Ped Egg?

Bride of Chuggo

Guess who lacked Foreign Experience....? W Bush ...he hardly left the country prior to 2000

Does anyone else believe the world don't fit in them?

I don't know

Two Centuries Ago a Band of Patriots......

Anyone get the copy of Rolling Stone with Barack Obama on the Cover???

why I love obama

"It's a cartoon Larry, that's why we have the First Amendment..."

So, how the hell are we going to get enough voting machines???

Hot pussy

WTF - "I know how to win wars"

Du'ers you miss and wish they would post more...

Du'ers you miss and wish they would post more...

Who loves Dick?

Puppy lullaby...

Hmmmmm.... Something Tells Me McCain Could Be on this List!

The neverending explaination.

The neverending explaination.

Blood work..not sure what to make of this

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/15/08 - Obama 44, McCain 40 (M down 2)

"Here in Northeast Ohio"



Appeasement...of sorts.

How Bush might swing the election for McCain.

Are Obama and Mc Ebbing or Flowing..

U.S. ban on visitors with HIV could end soon

Those from AZ - is Cindy McCain right that you all have to have small private planes to get anywhere

Rep. Chris Van Hollen doesn't support Obama???

George W. Bush makes me physically ill.

Online gay basher gets her just desserts

Gallup and Rassmussen National Polls Continue to Embarass Themselves

I don't care what you think - I think Geddy Lee is attractive with his unconvential looks!!

Plastic for the flip- flop factory

Obama is returning to Indiana for a campaign appearance at Purdue University with Sen. Bayh

Going Live With Obama

SO, when are you going to see The Dark Knight?

Trying to find an online video, need your help (possible Laetitia Casta content)

MSNBC: Relax, media Obama bashing is just a figment of your imagination.

ya know... someone could TELL me....

More Homeowners Taking in Boarders

I think some Obama supporters owe an apology to

Understanding Recent Changes to FISA — A Visual Guide (Flowchart)

Reuters/Zogby poll: Obama 47%, McCain 40%

Brangelina clearly crate their new son [View All]

Crippled by capsaicin--for two hours!

Keep an eye on Drudge/Romney

I has a revolutionary baseball idea!

Journey To The Center Of The Earth- kiddy fare, or enjoyable by all?

A Safe Way to Check Domain Name Availability?

What should we do for our 25th anniversary?

VP short list quiz ... Can you guess who I'm talking about?

Muslim = Black in the minds of a lot of Freepers...

Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon

Geebuz... WalMart is like Hanta

electric cars and ever higher electricity rates ????

Microsoft loves Step 8

MSNBC reporting on Starr Jones' ex-hubby not being gay. Film at 11.

Montana DU'er's. I will be out for a couple of days in early August.

To those who blasted Obama for endorsing Barrow in the primary (GA-12), check this out:

Rasmussen, 7/16: Obama 45%, McCain 41%

OMG, it's GONE!!!!!!!.....

While you check this local 'news' poll, start mixin' the corn flake chicken batter

Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood enters rehab for ‘continued battle with alcohol’

Rachel Maddow's video compilation of McSame and his love for * has to go viral.

I just got Rickrolled on my cellphone!

Today's Obama Iraq and Foreign Policy Speech : Full Text & Video

I haven't been to Iraq in 14,066 days.

How the heck can I figure out an address from a Google map?

Re: renting the movie Vantage Point (non-spoiler review inside)

JibJab's newest: "Time for some campaignin'" I think you'll enjoy it.

Do you believe it's acceptable for supporters of Republicans to peddle their crap at DU?

Second time in two days McCain cites current events in 'Czechoslovakia'

John McCain Went to Iraq...and Talked to the Wrong People

NC POLL: McCain 50 (-1), Obama 45 (+2)

7/16/08: MSNBC Obama Lovefest

* Sending Representative To Iran For Sit Down Talk

Action Alert From FAIR: WAPO's McCain Friendly Poll on Iraq is DECEPTIVE


S-l-o-w-l-y, but surely, we sink into the quicksand of personality...

Lauryn Hill - Sweetest Thing

California Field Poll: Obama: 54% (+2) McCain: 30% (-5)

Wes Clark thanks "the progressive netroots community". And will speak at Netroots Nation

ginbarn's in the new JibJab!

For the "cousin Pauls" out there, Jonathan Alter has answers to questions about the Muslim rumors

N.J. woman sues surgeon over temporary tattoo

To the people who were kind enough to ask, pics of the kitten

Rasmussen: Obama up by 9 in Oregon

Is there any Glory in being a Yankees fan?

Obama Campaign Criticizes New York Times Story On Poll

NAACP crowd sparse for McCain

What do you think about when you are brushing your teeth?

A computer tech just told me that Microsoft will shortly abandon Vista. Anyone know if this is true

New Season of Project Runway starts tonight!

Great covershot of Obama on Rolling Stone - great job to the Editors!!!

The New Yorker

Get your tickets now for the Dark Knight!

Obama is 'Anti-Christ Muslim' Email Still Circulating -- And Here It Is

Planned Parenthood Highlights The Viagra Moment

Kucinich Says Unidentified Foreign Official Wants to Speak at Impeachment Talks

To women who pee all over public toilet seats: I still love you.

Deeply Disturbing

McCain speaking to NAACP to get the Moderate White Vote

Today do you think a Clinton VP is more or less likely?

Poll of polls update: Obama ahead by six

Sound familiar? NARAL Members Barred From McCain Town Hall

New Moveon ad takes aim at McCain's Iraq policy

Who are you?

Biden Praises Obama's Spine, Tells McCain To Study History

I see more "W" bumper stickers than McCain

Favorite Animated Gif Files Thread

Maureen Dowd is bored...and, now, back to the election

McCain praises Obama in NAACP address

What ever made McCain think he was funny?

Post a short story or essay that you like


do you live below the poverty line?

Have you got any names for a rock band that haven't been thought of yet?

OMG, the newest Jib Jab video is out!

Terrorist Fist-Jabbing Retirees Invade Local Gof Course

Terrorist Fist-Jabbing Retirees Invade Local Gof Course

Obama leads fundraising in Florida with fewer big donors

Reporters Spar With McCain Press Aides Nicolle Wallace, Brooke Buchanan (VIDEO)

May I please be granted permission to dance on a PUMA grave?

CNN Poll of polls (Gallup, CBS/NYT, ABC/WP, Quinnipiac, Newsweek) update: Obama ahead by six

Thank you to whomever gave me a star!

Eric Boehlert: Obama and McCain coverage: "Nuts" or a "disgrace"?

New NYT/CBS Poll-Errr, Interesting "Angle" By The NYT

Have you guys seen this New Yorker magazine cover?

Faithless Delegates, or what would happen if The Denver Group/PUMA got their way?

What is the likelihood we could still get involved in events in Denver?

Obama: It's Time For A Real Offensive Against Terrorism

****Obama Now Live Discusses Nuclear Proliferation****

Hey, I heard there's some kind of anti-Democrat billboard in Florida...

Fannie, Freddie spent $200M to buy influence - Lobbyist ties to McCain


Pro-choice t-shirt-wearers barred from McCain event

Help me refute this e-mail please

Most EXCELLENT Emily Latella moment going on in GDP.

My new computer is (mostly) here! Woo!

Nugget from Obama campaign - free tix for Denver speech

At plan for world domination is complete!

MSNBC reporting on Starr Jones' ex-hubby not being gay. Film at 11.

Obama to Be Boston Birthday Star

Obama Releases Another Ad Touting National Security Creds

John McCain's Fake Town Halls

Follow up: Susan Atkins denied "Compassionate Parole"

Cool :)

Gee, I wonder what Disney is up to with Swing Vote...

Watching Morning Joe this morning really got me going...I almost chucked the remote at the TV.

Jib Jab's lastest chuckle: "It's time to start campaigning." Warning:

Did they ask to see his receipt?

Ooh My!

"leave that up to the court"...Mitt Romney on gay adoption just now on CNN

Neocon McCain Adivisor says Obama mirrors Bush's stubborness on war. *This is not from theonion*

So I was taking my boys for a walk this evening (1.5 meg picture attached)

Results of a GDP experiment. (recreational outrage versus content)

Watch "Obama's Summit on Confronting 21st Century Threats" from today

I don't get baseball.

Obama responds to announcement on Iran

The worst clock of all time

Is it acceptable to shill for Republican candidates on Democratic Underground

I am so in before the lock on this.

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/16/08 - Obama 45, McCain 41 (both up 1)

DU book/dvd exchange (cross-post from GD)

Catholics United calls on McCain to dismiss adviser

Talkingpointsmemo: 'Joe Just Being Joe'

Romney on being VP (somewhat interesting interview with Mika). Video link.

FAIR ACTION ALERT:Washington Post's McCain-Friendly Poll Deceptive question misleads on Iraq positio

For the record, I think the recent JibJab is funny as hell...

Greatest Simspons character to appear in only one episode? (dialup warning)

Howard Dean going Dixie(video)

Obama's new ad -

I have worthless dogs. Worthless WATCHdogs, anyway.

Obama-Kaine on signs shaped like ointment tubes--can you see the editorial cartoons??

Obama-Kaine on signs shaped like ointment tubes--can you see the editorial cartoons??

David Corn: Why Does McCain Repeat His Gaffes?

New national poll: Obama now ahead by 20 POINTS

New national poll: Obama now ahead by 20 POINTS

current favorite song by 'Ween'

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 7/16/2008)

A wonderul DUer has died.... Khash

I just hit 25,000 posts.

Another bonus to the NY mag cover

A Vote for Obama is a GOOD VOTE

Half Of McCain's Campaign Cash Came From 500 Bundlers

"If Obama wins, that just proves that there is no more racism in America"

Quetion: has anyone come across the tourist industry numbers for attendance being off?

So it is OK for McCain to go to Europe and the ME, But not Obama?

You know why the New Yorker cover is a problem?

Has Obama Commented On This? This Is A Major Move Against Choice!

Separated at birth? ---WARNING---

Boy banned from kindergarten because of long hair

VP POLL (cutting to the chase) Clinton versus Hagel

McCain Camp's New Attack: Obama Is The One Who's The Same As Bush

Bush sucks. I mean, literally. Has anyone noticed lately how he purses his lips and sticks them

Rolling Stone: "David Byrne and Brian Eno Plot First Tour Dates," new album later this year

Has anyone seen this New Yorker cover? It's OUTRAGEOUS!

Does anyone seriously think Obama isn't going to win this?

Obama lookin' good in these polls:

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA today at Purdue University with former Sen. Sam Nunn and Indiana's Evan Bayh

Why Can't Obama Take A Joke?.......

McCain Aide: Obama Is Stubborn Like Bush

Voting REPUBLICAN??? Are we NUTS? Haven't we been duped enough?

BET Unveils Election Coverage Plans

Are there any coin collectors here?

Obama Campaign Criticizes New York Times Story On Poll

Obama Campaign Opens 20 New Field Offices In Virginia

It finally bloody happened (Andy Dick arrested)

Biden on Today Show this AM (crushing Graham AGAIN)

I can't say who, but guess who's son dropped by my store yesterday?

Ambinder: Management Secrets Of Barack Obama

Another cutting to the chase VP poll - Let's see where DU'ers are REALLY at!

A Florida Billboard Idea;

I like how McCain pulled the "7 Minute Abs Strategy" on Afghanistan

I'm back...

Liddy Dole wants to name AIDS bill for homophobe Helms?!

Two potential VPs join Obama on campaign trail: Nunn and Bayh

Obama Steers Clear of Michigan Muslims He May Need to Win State

Lost beagle back after 5 years, 850 miles

Barack Obama's super marketing machine

Attention! God now hates Figs!

NYT: "Obama isn’t closing racial divide..."

This is what it's like to work with conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham!

Jib Jab is politics for idiots

New Yorker TOONS

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/16/08

How Many Baseball Games have you attended this season?

I have an office party tomorrow and nothing to wear

TPM: Bayh As Veep? But He Co-Chaired Neocon Committee For The Liberation Of Iraq With McCain!

Yes We Can Has

Does anyone else believe they simply don't fit in the world?

Helen Mirren: Yowza!

Also on MSN-How to avoid being stuck by lightning

NBC, ABC, and CBS News Anchors going to Europe and Middle East to cover Obama's trip next week

Email addresses for Jon Stewart, Comedy Central and Viacom

7/15 Quinnipiac poll: Democrats would like Clinton as VP, 56% to 33%

McCain Aide: Obama is stubborn like Bush, and Americans have had enough. So vote McCain.

Barack Graduates from High School

Bush thinks GROWTH is GOOD?.....WTF? No one told the dufus?? Growth is now BAD

Who is going to the convention and how do I get tickets for the big event

"The Nation" strikes back w/cartoon.... and "Democracy on the Net"

G. Gordon Liddy: "The New Yorker finally got it right."

RW nutjob hawking his crappy CD w/billboard blaming Dems for 9-11

Rush fans...they will be performing on The Colbert Report tonight. Tivo Alert!

McCain raises $62.5 million through public finance loophole

Gregory: "Is Obama making a mistake by taking a trip abroad when the economy's in such bad shape?"

McCain Sending Cash in the Mail

I volunteered for Obama today

Obama's Sizzle Factor

$1,600 fine and 3 years inside for detonating a nuke in ireland

White House, Obama camp squabble over Iran meeting


The Daily Show Slams New Yorker Cartoon Outrage

DUers - go you have an inappropriate or dark sense of humor? Has it gotten you in trouble?

Is Cindy McCain a Felon?

Isn't this picture COOL?

What does "Change in Washington" MEAN, precisely?

The Daily Widget – Wednesday, July 16 – Obama 356, McCain 182 – The Republican Enthusiasm Void

Rachel is none too happy about Nunn or Bayh as Veep potentials. nt

Electoral College Impact - Which VP Candidate will have the most impact?

List things which seem like they should be inexpensive but aren't.

I know I never bring it up, and it's not the New Yorker, but let's talk education.

When Obama wins in November what will you be drinking?

Rasmussen: Obama Leads Bush by Twenty, But Clinton Does Better Against McCain

Can someone please tell the Obama Advance Team ...

Planting Seeds

AP story: Patti Solis Doyle says she could easily work for HRC again if HRC is on the ticket

How many friggin movies can Will "Dipshit" Farell make in one year?

i love it, 13th inning in last all star game @ yankee stadium and

Songs that basically say "FUCK YOU"

Well, I married my dream girl

"Hellboy II"--can I see it if I haven't seen the original Hellboy?

What about Howard Dean as VP? Why is this never brought up in the MSM...

Thank God for Vicodin...

At what age should small children be given privacy at bath-time?

Tonight's "word" that makes me cringe when I hear it: "Supposably." For God's sake, is it SUCH

Obama campaign: McCain ‘got confused again’

Any DU meetups in early August in CT, Mass or NYC?

There is a new member of the Greenbriar Household. GRIDLEY was adopted at 10 AM

Obama says New Yorker insulted Muslim Americans

Design the cover of the first issue of "The Dee Youer" magazine.

My beautiful dog Corey died yesterday.

Define VAPID using images you have seen/heard/read in the media today.

Maybe if I post a kitten pic someone will notice me...

Why do you NOT reply to the Poetry Threads?

Are you going to see the Mama Mia! movie?

Two DUers are going to BERLIN to see Obama!!

Breaking: Spanking makes you smart!

Catholic school principal caught in public gay threesome

MPs: Probe outsourcing by MI5 of torture

(Indiana State Univ) Laptop with students' info stolen

U.S. troops abandon Afghan outpost following attack

Release denied for dying Manson follower

U.S. Marine dies from injuries in Iraq (from "action against an enemy force" in Anbar)

Court Backs Bush on Military Detentions

Consumers never gloomier in 27 years: ABC poll says

Cambodia: Thai troops still in country

World Court to Rule on US Executions

Fannie & Freddie's Friends In High Places

American Envoy To Join Iran Talks

Democrats See a Need for Further Economic Stimulus

U.S. Consumer Prices Jumped in June by the Most in 26 Years

More Homeowners Taking in Boarders

Federal judge rules against RNC protesters

White-power groups recruiting from military

Researchers find genetic trait that increases HIV danger for blacks

Big Brother Britain 'going too far'

Energy tsunami coming, ex-policymakers warn


Mass. Senate votes to let out-of-state gays marry

Report blasts agency over Martí no-bid deals (Congressional investigation)

Navy: 30 tons of drugs seized in Persian Gulf

Rep. Markey urges more conditions on Sirius-XM merger

IRAQ: Call for more help for Iraqi refugees

FBI looking into IndyMac Bancorp.

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday July 16

Opposition, From Both Parties, Over Fannie, Freddie Bailout Plan

Foreign donations suspended, Bush library says

Feds: Bellevue Man Was In Nazi 'Mobile Killing Unit'

Kick-starting the US economy while it's down

Canada dismisses pressure over Guantanamo inmate (Omar Khadr)

Blacks’, whites’ views of Obama differ starkly

US assured State that CIA flights never used Shannon (Ireland)

Inflation Soars; Home Builder Sentiment Crumbles

Federal court: Bush can indefinitely detain civilians

Bush claims executive privilege on CIA (Plame) leak

Supreme Court rejects bid to remove gay marriage ban measure from November

Obama warns against 'fighting the last war': pledges focus on nuclear, bio, cyber threats

San Francisco plan would snuff out smoking even further

Mississippi casinos got items meant for Katrina victims

NFL Hiring Experts To Monitor Gang Signs

Colombian military used Red Cross emblem in rescue

'Who Is Next' lists 7 banks in 'danger zone'

State Farm seeks 47% rate hike on homes

US troops poised to cross Afghan border for raid on bases

Switzerland Asks Colombia to Stop Harassing Swiss Mediator

Religious Group Demands McCain Staffer's Ouster

Chesapeake watermen fear blue crab not coming back

Blagojevich: Chicago May Need National Guard Help

Record Store Closings

World Court asks U.S. to stay 5 executions

Bankruptcies loom for airlines - report

Wary China Tells Local Leaders To Manage Unrest

Afghan NATO force hits targets inside Pakistan

Guantanamo Bay interrogation video released - 15 July 08

You Dont Have To Live In The Ocean To Learn About Fish

Video blog on Jesse Jackson

Freeper v Liberal

Fun With War Crimes fans! Ep. 4's coming next week -- in the meantime, something for you ...

Michael Skelly for Congress -

Collateral 50-Would it surprise you?

Hacking Democracy pt1

Verdict: Interview with Jane Mayer Author of The Dark Side

Rogues gallery of katrina oil spill deniers

Tommy Douglas - The story of Mouseland

Harvesting Wind: North Carolina's Alternative Progress

TYT: Bush Will Solve Our Energy Problem(!)

The End of Suburbia - 52 minute documentary on oil Press Conference on Capitol Hill

MoveOn AD: Timeline

Countdown w/ Rachel: Bush's energy plan: Hot Air

John McCain Visits Egypt

Joementum declares that OBL sets our war on terra agenda

Countdown w/Rachel: Bushed, July 15, 2008: corruption and contraception

Bush Adminstration makes McCain and Obama critics look like fools by talking to Iran

McCain staff challenges TV reporters about camera angles

Red State Update: Miley Cyrus In The Shower

McLame Panders to the NAACP: Barack is "an impressive fellow in many ways" giggle giggle...

Barack The Casbah

Teacher Rails Against McCain For Bush Ignoring The Poor

MT Gov Brian Schweitzer commemorates new park/wildlife habitat

DNC ad calls out McCain on social security privatization

Sam Seder riffs on Phil Gramm's 'whiners' quote

Rachel Maddow on McCain and Bush: McSame

CBS News: Ford to NYC: Don't drop dead just yet (1975)

Obama On Larry King Live

CBS News: Rumsfeld confirmed as Sec of Defense (1975)

Laura Ingraham off-the-air, from Harry Shearer, 'don't come in my ear'

CBS News: Eldridge Cleaver returns to the U.S. (1975)

Pox & Fiends claim that 'you can't make jokes about Obama', but McCain is fair game

BUSH LEAGUE JUSTICE: Rove Says WH Won't Allow Him To Testify, Attacks Abrams

Northport Fla. County Trucks Mowing Down Dem's Signs! UGLY CAMPAIGN TACTIC!

Rachel Maddow on Obama, McCain, and Getting Out of Iraq

Planned Parenthood Anti-McCain Ad: Simple Choice

Bush wishes for a magic wand and doesn't know the price of oil.

Evan Bayh addresses Indiana about the Presidential Election

New Yorker Cover of John McCain

Pretty damned funny....

Backstage with Barack: Stadium Trailer

Verdict: "Dark Side" Of The Bush Administration 7/15/08

TYT: Does John McCain Really Know How To Lead A War?

Hope & History: Obama/Biden '08

Sam Seder - Vincent Bugliosi Interview (01/02)

Michele Bachmann: "We are the Saudi Arabia of oil."

Meet the Bloggers - Coming in July

joe 'dead intern' scarborough calls Jon Stewart a 'hack'. Also browbeats Mika, insists she shut up

Grover 'bathtub' Norquist complains about taxes. You'd think he'd oppose expensive, wasteful wars.

TYT: How Phill Gramm & Republican Economics Ruined The Economy

Tempting Faith by David Kuo, Countdown 2006

Independent UK: Credit crunch hits hollywood

Guardian: Torture: MPs call for inquiry into MI5 role

Richard A. Stitt: Can Barack Obama Dodge the Republicans' 5 Percent Doctrine?

Blogging Brobdingnagian Blowback--Review of new TomDispatch Reader.

Corporate love for communism

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Get Daily Reckoning

When it Comes to Barack, Maureen Dowd Jumps the Snark

A Bargain Bailout? What saving Fannie and Freddie will cost you. - Newsweek

Genocide Charges Against Bashir Should Have Bush Worried. (a look at the list of charges)

Robert Scheer: The Real Legacy of the ‘Reagan Revolution’


The FundamentaList: This week in the religious right:

What really happened in Colombia?

Canton, Ohio Times-Reporter: Soldiers’ families deserve the truth

Human rights at home?

The Terrorist Watch List reaches 1,000,665 Names and is still Growing!

The "Ownership Society" By Mike Malloy

Venezuela's Women's Development Bank - Creating a Caring Economy

Check That Vote

Interview With Rep. Dennis Kucinich -

John McCain's approach to terrorism is almost as old as he is, a true relic of the Cold War.

Satirists Riot Over The New Yorker Obama Cartoon

It's the Economists, Stupid

A War of Convenience? Was the Iraq War for our safety, or a premeditated seizure of political power?

Naomi Klein: Bush Sees Crises in Fuel, Food, Housing and Banking as Chance to Exploit Us More

The 28 Percent President: Disdained, ignored, overridden

McCain Opposes Gay Adoption of Highways

The Psychopathic Origins of Bush/GOP Wars, Torture, and Injustice

Saudis offer Moscow billions to break with Tehran: report

Tom Friedman Doesn’t Understand Why America Is Unpopular In The World

The Fictitious Economy, Part 1, An Interview With Dr. Michael Hudson

McCain spokesperson lies: Katrina and Rita ‘didn’t spill a drop’ of oil

Peak Oil - How Will You Ride the Slide?

Ninth Circuit Court takes BLM to the woodshed

Boehner falsely claims there’s no ‘wildlife’ in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Energy tsunami coming, ex - policymakers warn

Amory Lovins is on DemocracyNow today

Relax, it's just satire: "Pour un monde nucléaire"

'Farm In The Sky' Planned for NYC

Fluoroquinolone Resistance Appearing In Malaria Patients Who Have Never Taken The Drugs - Reuters

U Rhode Island Scientist - Much Of Beijing Air Quality Problem Beyond Beijing's Control - AFP

Russia's oil output down 0.6%, gas production up 1.7% in 1H08 (yoy)

TX Poultry Magnate Paid $9,000 In Airfares For Gov. Goodhair's Anti-Ethanol Presser Appearance

Pine beetle threat grows in the West.

Boosted By High Corn Acreage & Flooding, Gulf Dead Zone Likely To Equal Size Of New Jersey

Natural gas rates could increase by historic amounts this fall (Pacific Northwest)

Evergreen Solar Takes US $1.2 Billion Order (long term contracts now at $3B)

Some Brazilian Politicians Portraying Amazon Activists As National Security Threats - TVNZ

Power plant will convert to biomass (from coal, NC)

Chrysler Announces Plan To Launch Electric Cars Within 3-5 Years - Reuters

PowerShares Global Wind Energy ETF Lists on NASDAQ

Coal to Liquid Plan Means a Kentucky Fried Earth

Missing brackets blamed in Vermont (Yankee) nuke mishap

Tesla's wild ride

Utilities plan rate increases as costs soar (Oregon)

Saudi king wants lower oil price

Details of Bush's new climate control plan leaked to the media

NHC - High Potential Of Tropical Cyclone Formation - 225 E. Windward Islands - 7/16 8:00 AM EDT

EPA unveils first rules on carbon dioxide storage

Price Tag for Nuclear Waste Dump (Yucca Mountain $90 billion)

Nature - The Long Summer - Front-Row Seats To Arctic Meltdown As Scientists Traverse Basin

Strike cuts fish trading by quarter in Japan - industry

Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab Stocks Down 70% Since 1990 - Oysters At 1% Of Historic Levels

EU adopts emergency aid package for fishing sector

Lights Out?: How the Grid Copes When a Nuclear Power Plant Goes Down

White House buries climate change deaths report

European Car Sales Fall on Fuel Cost, Spreading Gloom

Biden calls for $50 billion in alternative energy

Arctic Sea ice curves broken down by subregion

Strongest/Weakest Banks

Commercial property hits the front page

Must read from Barry Ritholtz

Russia - A study in financial collapse

401K help.

Wal-Mart shopper finds nail in pail of ice cream

Contact Your Senator: Say No To Fannie Bailout

How are people feeling about their banks?

Good idea or not as an alternative to cash?

How safe are the big mutual fund houses

Apologies to any economists here....

Why did Jackson County evict gay campers?

Heterosexual assumption and 'passing' for straight

Labor Gets Its First Openly Gay National Union President

Elizabeth Dole Says "Fuck You" To Americans Who Died From AIDS

Are You One Of Millions Of U.S. Workers Chafing Under Bad Bosses?

Ohioans' jobless benefits in crisis

Despite a temporary restraining order, pickets ignore order, demand better pay

Breaking... Farmworkers call for action against 3 heat deaths (and 1 activist Macareno murdered)

Wal-Mart signs collective labor contract with employees

Just in Time for Latest iPhone: Union Plus Offers 10 Percent Savings

TV, newspaper ads attack Al Franken on union views

Today in labor history July 16

The Historical Significance of the Cochabamba Factory Workers' Strike

Israel arrests 7 Hamas activists in West Bank

Experiment: People's Peace Plan Number 1

Children are paying the price of injustice

US diplomat to attend Iran talks

Kidnapped troops return in coffins from Lebanon

Gazans celebrate at sight of coffins turned over by Hizbullah

Abbas congratulates Kuntar's family for killer's release

Dueling gauchos: Argentina pro and anti grain tax rallies

What is the Venezuelan News Media Actually Like?

Report blasts agency over Martí no-bid deals (Congressional investigation)

Computers to Cuba

Colombian military used Red Cross emblem in rescue

'Cartel of the Snitches' scores on Colombian TV

Former Haitian paramilitary leader accused of mortgage fraud in U.S.

American League by 2 runs

I admit it -- I get choked-up when they introduce the old-timers

A book I love: The Pleiadian Workbook Awakening Your Divine Ka

Vivid dreaming...

Grace Light

The Alchemist

Space particles play with the mind

Solar Eclipse (Aug 1) Hits George W. Bush

Not about Biden, but make sure you check it out -


Just posting this here -

Didya hear Bush is sending Burns to talk to Iran?

Just sayin....

Biden on Today Show this AM (crushing Graham AGAIN)

Whoa --check this out!

Hey - this sounds cool!

OK... Any plant people out there, please send us some good vibes tomorrow!

Oh my, Rush is going after Joe!

Post your favorite Biden quotes -

Amy Klobachar - keep your hands off of Joe!

Squibb settles with states for $403 million

Through integrative therapy, she started to heal herself after abuse

What Do You Think About This Health Care Plan

Welding's Toxic Legacy - fumes contain manganese and can produce Parkinsonism

Dementia Patient makes amazing progress using infra-red helmet

In 1908, the five leading causes of death were -

My flower child

Link: Activist Corp needed to protect a basic civil right under attack by local government.

Where are the gun rights groups now?

Brady Center VP claims HELLER ruling creates "paradox"

Woman, .357 blazing, chases intruders from home

Ham in a crock pot?

IAU Designates New Dwarf Planet

Alberta woman on jungle trek in Peru died from caterpillar poisoning, doctors announce


Pressure cookers?

SHOUTING AT THE COSMOS...Or How SETI has Taken a Worrisome Turn Into Dangerous Territory

District Heights Mayor / Baptist Minister Completes 'Rehab' for Solicitation Charges

Church suspends Christian Methodist Episcopal Bishop indicted on sex assault charges

Catholic Church panel didn't share tales of abuse with outside agencies

'Moderate' responses to 'evangelical atheism' all sound alike: Smug. Self-righteous. Way off-base.

US Church vandalism news for first half of July

Eucharist taken from Cathedral tabernacle

Archbishop of Canterbury: Conservative Bishops 'weakening body of Christ' in row over gays and women

If Obama is elected in November, what do you think he will do about 911?

I Just looked at a computer simulation of the JFK "magic bullet"...

The multiple meanings of "conspiracy theory" and "conspiracism" - highly ambiguous and loaded terms

"Kerry's camp responded immediately,"

Whoa. E-mail I just received from my daughter-in-law...

"Ode to John Kerry"

another user trained comodo wrong, can't get firefox to open any pages now.

Tarrant County finance reports- some interesting developments

Which VP Candidate Would Be the Best for Texas?

Windows Service pack 3 - do I want to let this install?

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori

Micxhele Bachmann: ANWR perfect place to drill because it's dark all the time

Our district threw out our contract on June 30; we are in a stalemate

Khadr video splits Canadians

In case you didn't notice, a bill for paper ballots was just voted DOWN in Congress.

Help - New To IPod And......

Milwaukee Dems help me with this...

I Got Interviewed By A New York Times Reporter Today!

LMAO - The Cracker Controversy