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Archives: July 17, 2008

World's Greatest Dad

How come these reporters act so different on KO than they do on the other shows on MSNBC?

Mike Meehan named KO's worst person in the world for billboard showing WTC

Back in 2005 Zogby showed 53% support for impeachment if * lied us into war

Police assault and false arrest (under color of authority)

Seatbelts My Pretties! Republicans 'Scorched Earth' Plan Is Underway....

Obama has shown he can lead people...

Turley-Pelosi's "Impeachment Hearings"=Fancy Dress Ball

Tonight I had a choice of TV programs.

U.S. Consumer Prices Climb Most Since 1991; Homebuilder Confidence Slumps

After Voting For Education Cuts, McCain Touts Education Reform At NAACP

Department of Peace Bill Has Bipartisan Support in Congress

A question about Army recruiting.

Elizabeth Dole Tries to Rename the AIDS Bill After Jesse Helms

I just got polled...

Fill in the blank: No More -----!

Good to have Keith back - Nothing against Rachel

Bush Blocks Congressional Inquiry on CIA Leak Case

This is what we're up against.

St Cloud, Flordia Wingnut billboard

Any mac mail users experiencing problems?

Buried in AP Tech Story: Apple Now the #3 PC

The Law: Is it legal to take pictures of cops while they perform their duties?

Housing Development Bars Gay Couples

Easter Island News: Rapa Nui to back Federal Moai Loan Corporation

2 Months from now, 7 Year Anniversary, September 11th 2001....

The HIV Travel Ban Is Repealed (Know Hope)

We're out of the woods, we're out of the dark, we're out of the night.

TPM: New OPR Investigation of Siegelman Prosecutor-US Atty Alice Martin

Obama outlines policy of endless war

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

The American Nightmare (Susan Atkins Thread)

"Obama VP buzz rises around two Democrats"...Nunn would be a HUGE slap in the face.

Does MSNBC own stock in JibJab?

7/16 State Dept. daily press briefing - on Iran and other issues

We have the numbers, but we do not have the coalition.

Toyota looks to lower '08 sales target

"There's Nothing Sacrosanct About U.S. AAA Rating" Mark Gilbert - Bloomberg

letter in my paper Re: PUMA PAC and Obama...any feedback from DUers?

Xcel expects to cut off service to 72,000 in 2008

Info from House Foreign Affairs Comm. on Iran

Wrestling Over War Powers - Dahlia Lithwick

Bush Admin Talks Big, but Does Little to Secure Foreign Nukes-Bush History,7/17

Has anyone noticed in McSame's latest ad

Creepy Motherfucker Of The Month

Ferrets face decimation from plague

Media is confused and/or dishonest about our loss of habeas rights

Obama needs to add one country to his trip.. The Czech Republic

The bloody battle of Genoa

I was surprised that I haven't seen more about the

My Fellow Amurkins...I, Contrary1, Need Your Support.

MUST SEE Twofer The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are EXCELLENT tonight! Replay starting NOW!

Airline pilots union discussing planes flying with 15 minutes extra fuel on

RUSH on Colbert!

When the promised lifeboats for displaced workers start to leak......

Gates: Afghanistan surge likely to happen soon

Can someone fill me in on Rush = pedophile?

Ron Wood enters rehab...

52 million. Obama. June. Avg Donation $68.00

Commander Helps Mold Future of America

Ok. I think I know why oil has been dropping the last two days.

Bolton, Iran and the Hawk-Realist Power Balance

* Wanted Loyalist As Justice Dept. Legal Adviser to Defend Interrogation Practices

Economic Fears Slice Oil Prices for Second Day

Bush claims executive privilege on CIA leak

Somethings Up With Bush and Iran

Housing Starts in U.S. Probably Decreased to 17-Year Low as Sales Slumped

More bad words from Jesse Jackson - what is Faux Snooze trying to pull here?

A GREAT man has passed on...

Rove Ignores Congress’ Subpoena, Yet Appears at TV Critics Meet


Genoa, 2001: Closer Than We Think

bush's war is LOST. The U.S. is DEFEATED. bush should SURRENDER.

Report: Foreign Banks Aided Tax Evasion

Ideology in a nutshell

Picken's Plan? Wind power... anyone heard about it?

Thanks to DU,my letters are the two most commented articles in my paper..

$48 billion??

WTF!!? I think Mika B.'s decompensating:

Don't worry, says the American Enterprise Institute. Be happy!

bush: The man who FAILED to get bin Laden. Don't let the easily outraged repubs forget.

Al Gore challenges nation to produce all electricity with clean fuels within 10 years

Only In Bush-World: Elizabeth Dole Tries To Name AIDS Bill After Jesse Helms

The Evolution of Wal-Mart's Corporate Logo

Obama Raises $52 Million in June

Development: US fails to measure up on 'human index'

Had Obama "only" raised $30 million in June, the media would be all over it this morning

The Nation: Exiting Iraq is Easier than they Say. By Chris Toensing

Small Business Owners - What Has Anyone EVER Done For You?

Progressive Book Club

T-Ball Player In Chief: Bush Has Done Twice As Many Sports Games As Cabinet Meeting/HuffPo

About the news from Iraq and Afghanistan ..similar to Viet Nam

Senate agrees to triple anti-AIDS funding

Why do Americans accept the argument that they have to bear the cost of drug R&D for the world?

Tom the Dancing Bug: The Great Photoshop War of 2008

The Nation: Portrait of a Panic

Bush Legacy: Presidents Can Be Impeached After They Leave Office

Middle East Democracy: Blowback Through the Looking Glass

Bush: Don't Tell Me Who Donates To My Library

The loonies have taken over WJ on CSpan this morning

Senate Energy Comm. - Oil Prices Workshop - 9am Thursday 7/17/08

The Anti-Union Bias Persists Among Some "Liberal" Democrats

JIB JAB has alliance with corporate MSN

Irony: Tony Snow didn't believe in universal health care

So here's the deal with impeachment--just a question.

Rival banks refuse to accept IndyMac cashier's checks

Just to put things in perspective ...

Editorial cartoonists: a dying breed

Robert Scheer: The Real Legacy of the ‘Reagan Revolution’

US slips down development index

LTTE: State Farm request for a 47-91% homeowners increase.

oops already posted

Sen. Dole wants to name an AIDs bill after Jesse Helms. What other bills can we name after Helms?

those attending Netroots, please check in here.

Fundies: "Liberals" block effort to help solve the energy crisis

$720 MILLION Dollars Per Day....

Did "Alvin and the Chipmunks" help bring down the Berlin Wall?

price of trained water buffalos has skyrocketed due to gas prices

rice stories from Japan that will make you grit your teeth

Eliminating 401(k) matches might actually be a savings boon

How many gas guzzlers did America crank out after it went to war?

reason for 3 to 4 days to transfer funds from bank to bank ?

It's time to demand more as consumers...

Bush: Don't Tell Me Who Donates To My Library

Notice we have had lots of posts ripping our Dem leaders for having the same position as Obama has?

Status Report on the Collapse of the U.S. Economy

POLL: Americans evenly divided between support for gay marriage, civil unions, and a complete ban.

Media Coverage of Obama and McCain: "Nuts" or a "Disgrace"?

sad today....

"We're not affected by what's on the cover of newspapers" - Khadr/GTMO

Million Moron March: Fundies take their anti-gay protest to McDonalds headquarters near Chicago

Million Moron March: Fundies take their anti-gay protest to McDonalds headquarters near Chicago

Sovereign wealth funds bailing on the U.S. dollar....

Time: 85% of US Unhappy with Economy

A Bunch of Do-Nothing Showboats

Measuring income deprivation and poverty

C-SPAN3 at 10am (ET) John Ashcroft answers questions about ... detainee interrogation rules

I am tired of the Democratic Leadership in Congress bending over,

U.S. long-term liabilities estimated at $455,000 per U.S. houshold

Illinois Citizens Fighting Mega-Dairy Farm, Last Resort

Iran Pours Cash Into Afghanistan, Seeking Leverage Against U.S.

An observation on Obama

The baby Antarctic penguins being frozen to death by freak rain storms

Sen. Levin: Shut Down Giant Swiss Bank UBS

Bush goes to Tony Snow's funeral

Bush making fun of himself=funny how you can admit wrong decisions under the guise of humor

Can anyone ask Pelosi or Reid directly why they are letting

US slips down development index - BBC

44 million tax filers with no income tax liability?

Ashcroft: I was not pushed out, my depature was ‘voluntary

Americans have $6.9 trillion in bank deposits. $4.2 trillion of that is FDIC insured

Green Jobs: Mass Megawatts Launches Manufacturing Facility in Pennsylvania

Mindsummer Night's CAPTION. (Come do Numbnuts and leave absolved of your sins.)

Is The AG The Attorney For The People Or The President?

Training reassessed after plutonium spill (ya think)

I just got an email from Nancy Pelosi. How thoughtful of her.

John Dean Says Bush Could Pardon Himself

Conyer issues a statement on Karl Rove after Rove's refusal yesterday

. . . . predict largest Gulf of Mexico 'dead zone' on record"

Winning the Oil Drilling Debate

Marijuana farm busted on (Girl) Scout camp

So, has anyone gotten a friendly phone call from the Army

“Do not bite at the bait of pleasure, till you know there is no hook beneath it.” – Thomas Jefferson

90% say Bush is Worse Than Nixon [POLL} Now.. Can We Impeach??

Incredible opportunities in storks - too many bears here. It was inevitable

I get absolutely disgusted when the "fabulous success"

Get ready for the last oil war (From Energy Bulletin)

IndyMac Failure May Prompt Rush to Pull Bank Deposits

Wall Street Journal: The Declining Value of Your College Degree

Don’t Drink the Nuclear Kool-Aid

Mitch McConnell is a lying piece of shit (re: Gulf of Mexico oil spills).

Billionaire Tycoon Named In US Senate Tax Evasion Investigation

Hoenig out-pigs himself, says working for the common good is un-American

US Mainland was attacked before 9/11/01

Al Qaeda Outraged by Patriotic Osama Cover

Ah JibJab Sucks!

Need a laugh?

First Lady Laura Bush said:


Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Down Antipsychotics While Googling "Dementia"

Has anyone seen this Vid on the Muslim world. Its pretty powerful stuff.

The return of separate cash/credit prices for gas......

Question: Why is oil going down?Answer: Who were we getting close to?

Is it really true that oil co's keep applying to build new refineries, but

Is it really true that oil co's keep applying to build new refineries, but

Repugnant Email "The Frog Theory"

so a federal appeals court says der chimpenfuhrer can ignore the constitution,

Maybe dimson won't get his lieberry after all?

***Ashcroft Testimony Thread #2***

Memo to Obama, McCain: No one wins in a war (Howard Zinn)

We were meant to find out about them spying on us

screwballs on parade - downtown Atlanta

Iraq surge over, evaluation period begins

I hate how no one here on this board ever demonstrates market perspective in either direction.

Don't mess with the TSA, they'll get even.

Oil down, grain down big, US Commodity indices down.

Homeland Security can seize your Laptop at the border...

Legal scholar: Evidence suggests Bush committed crimes

Have you ever wondered if the wire tapping had anything to do

Texas gives green light to lots more wind power

McCain gets Social Security

BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!! O'Reilly to address "vile comments" on Tony Snow, posted on various websites!

Chertoff: Tohono O'odham chairman got it wrong

Michele Bachmann Watch, 7/17/08: MB Says Life is Tough in the Arctic

Dumping ground for the easily offended

Issa dissimises torture: ‘We treated our hospital patients worse.’»

Regulators raid Wachovia Securities

Nobody Else But "YOO" Would Do-"A Loyalist Who Would Provide LEGAL FOOTING" (WAPO)

best cartoon i've seen re: new yorker cover

I think I see what the October surprise is this time around.

Robert Wexler questions Ashcroft on torture...

If bush & cheney ever do go on trial for war crimes, they should be tortured for info.

"What happened to the Electric Car?" they now ask on CNN

It doesn't matter - Nothing matters

So, what is the REAL inflation rate?

Mississippi casino regulators got supplies meant for Katrina victims

"The worker of the world has nothing to lose, but their chains, workers of the world unite."

K-Street The Series

The reality of 'Photograph a cop, go to jail'

U.S., Canada, and Mexico establishes 'enhanced' licenses agreement

Tinfoil hat time!!! Yeah buddy!! Haven't had the inspiration in a long while!!!

caption time

EarlG has posted a new activist thread and we need you guys:

Remember what happened to Food Lion's butcher shops after that news report?

Hello green concrete, goodbye wildlife

Darrell Issa....POS

Dana Perino, unhinged.....Pt. XV: The Dumb Doublespeak edition

Every American family now owes HALF A MILLION DOLLARS....

Bush History,7/17 Bush Admin Talks Big, but Does Little to Secure Foreign Nukes

CONdi Rice is doing a phone interview right now with Han-nutty.

Lawsuit accuses collector of harassment over invalid debts

I've got to wonder: Why is it so important to us that we're "popular?"

Is this why georgie decided to talk with Iran?

What a classic diss - thank you Emily

Archaelogists using Google Earth to identify sites in Afghanistan - New Scientist

Companies Defraud Government For Millions

Gov: Chicago may get troopers, National Guard

Jane Mayer is on c-span now - event from Tuesday

'Fallujah's flames rekindled', Authorities have controlled the media better than the violence.

Ivory politics: China gets OK to buy tons

"If you didn't water board Khalid Sheikh Mohammed after 9/11 I wouldn't be alive"

nevermind.....FDA lifts warning on tomatoes. pssst they don't have a clue.

Woman gives judge earful, lands in jail

Bob Schaffer (R-Co.) Changes Story On Iraqi Kurdistan Oil Deal

DC Rejects Handgun Application (Heller's)

“Legislative leaders of a foreign capital” What country is Kucinich talking about?

Reporter Owned By Sled Video

Congressional Hearing to Examine 'Bush Imperial Presidency' July 25th

Flowerpot's spontaneous combustion blamed for fire

AP's Problem Is Not What It Thinks

The "crime" in speculation is this...

Ashcroft: Sometimes I Confuse What People Tell Me With Reality

We can see the neocons for who they are

FDL: Bush And Executive Privilege: Nixon’s Revenge, Part XXVIII

Mike Frey commentary: Two wrongs don't make right

RNC goes after CafePress and others for using the Republican elephant in parody

White House Web Site Transcript: "President Bush Attends Funeral Service for Tony Snow"

Something I don't understand about the Omar Khadr case

Sorry (NOT), but why would Keith fall for/promote the Jib-Jab CRAP?!1

Stephen Colbert Reaction to Nomination

Informal Bumper Sticker Poll

"This Modern World" takes on fake outrage in the M$M

Nancy ....... I used to be among your biggest fans ........

Dems make major ad buy for Elizabeth Dole's seat

Global HIV/AIDS Bill Passes Senate


"The Billo the Clown Hour!"

De-Regulation sucks and I am sick of Corporate Welfare!!

Please Help us Counteract the Voter Registration Purging that Helped Make George W. Bush President

Lou Dobbs polls

I had to mute Barnacle on Hardball. He's not even trying to

I was wondering about the gold in Fort Knox...

Two Obama links

Rove Tried to Fire Fitzgerald During CIA Leak Investigation-by emptywheel

Link to C-Span Book TV: Vincent Bugliosi's LA talk... Must see.

Mock Trial of Karl Rove in Virginia Beach tomorrow!!!!!!!

Rachel Maddow next to get a show?

Happy 91st birthday, PHYLLIS DILLER!

Democratic House speaker calls Bush 'a total failure' on war, energy, 'you name the subject'


US Scareways?

EPA report on climate change -> human health effects

CNN's Drew Griffin on "the list" after criticizing TSA?

OK! Crude is down again today! Dropped almost $15/bbl since last week!

DoJ Investigating Siegelman Prosecutor For Misconduct

Probably saved a kitten today

Shell-shocked GM retirees react: 'This is a knife stab in the back'

Shell-shocked GM retirees react: 'This is a knife stab in the back'

Satire Toon..........Get it?

Update on Tomas Young

Caption this * pic

Bush Administration Trying To Redefine Contraception As Abortion

This Tells You Basically Everything You Need to Know about legal interpretation in the Bush Admin

Everybody join in and sing the Talkin' TSA Blues with me!

Airport Gestapo: How Bush's No Fly List is Making Americans Unsafe

Incredible opportunities in stocks - too much bearishness here. It was inevitable

Idea for rolling out renewables - please tell me what you think

Save healhty horses this administration wants to kill -sign petition please

Eliot Spitzer Paid So That the Bush Family Carlyle Group Would Not Have To, or The Lies of March

PETA ad: My little girl's gonna "get some". (excellent work)

Expert: Rove Executive Privilege Claim Won't Stand Up In Court

Ok!. . I give up... WHAT "risk"?? - Why does the media insist on claiming

Raw Story: Seven years on, no answer from White House on anthrax attacks

A list of Who is Funding California's #8 antigay marriage proposition

The Aspects of Bush Governance that Resemble a Mafia Bust-out

Have you seen this bizarre liberal email going around saying bush & cheney are war criminals?

Protest Bush in the Napa Valley TODAY

Bernanke is "concerned" that wages and salaries might rise!!!!!!!

Newsweek: FISA Law Leaves Data-Mining Program Intact

Welcome to Crawford, Howard Dean....from Wayne Slater's blog.

$4,000 of gas stolen from pump!! WOW!

Have you heard about the GWB Presidential Library?

87.5% of "Family" & DLC Affiliated Senate Democrats Voted Yes on FISA

Ohio county fires back at voting machine company

Tony Snow Memorial TOON

So I know for a fact...

Tell McCain: Viagra is not more important than birth control !!!

Impeachment Begins July 25th

Calling someone a war criminal just doesn't have the bite it used to.

Has anyone here heard of courses teaching you how to buy properties

US Congress leader Pelosi calls Bush 'a total failure'

DC residents can start applying for gun permits


You can't take your monkey into wal mart? That's just not right.

john mc yawn hasn't ignited the passions of evangelicals...(zzzzzzzzz)

Attention! Figs now hate God!

Rove Spotting - Why not arrest him when he shows up here?

TYT: Why Does Michelle Obama Only Have A 24% Approval Rating With White People?

DTBK has had her ears repierced!

Don't stop the gap

Is anyone here a member of this religion?

So how does the "You've won a free laptop" scam work?

You really can't go home. Post some videos with this theme.

Scottish seagull steals chips video

Nice to see an older feller (Jerry Lewis) rock one more time

I'm Hearing Flaming Lips In a Kraft Mayonnaise Commercial

The Age of Bush, Part II: School Daze

Interesting article about college - and those who can't do it.

What the F is wrong w/Andy Dick????

So....Jesse Jackson is using the N word now?


Flaming Lips - W.A.N.D.

I am home, what did I miss?

What should my wife do?

At what age should adults be given privacy at bath time?

The Family: "Elites who are submitting to the authority of an American-led fundamentalist network"

Progressive geek looking for 3,000 people to help him win Kansas election

This is amazing

Rant: Answer the f'n phone!1!

Meet Itchy Butt the cat. Funny video.

Make sure you tell the ones you love that you love them

I've been thinking today was Tuesday all day...

Soon he will start sweating and I'll

Anyone out there?

Can I borrow someone's hot tub?

Hey. Does anyone have any weed AND or Xanax they could sell me?

Eye update

Whoohh, I'm all packed and ready to go! Anyone else headed to Grey Fox tomorrow?

Gore says 10 years to transition to solar/wind and other renewables.


Leaked picture of US detainee on Wikileaks.

Is it wrong that I dont feel bad for people that get jobs based on beauty lose their jobs...

Not a Rick Roll

About that New Yorker Cover...

I never wanted a boy's night out, but a night in which the Vanderwall's constants for cesium gas

My baby is bigger than me now...AlienSpawn hits 4'11" and 115 lbs

Dems' Picnic Mocks McCain Fundraiser in Ne. (+ video)

Why do you not reply to the 21st century French pastry threads?

Second exam today. NAILED IT!

CNN: Situation Room: They Actually Accused Bush of Copying Obama's Ideas

Faithful Dogs and Faithful Cats

Ben Nelson applauds Hagel for trip with Obama

Wedneday Night Blues Thread w/ Reba Russell and Jimmy Thackery.

Scenario: Obama chooses Clinton, Nunn, or Hagel as his running mate

Damn it!

current favorite song by 'Kihn'

E25 - I miss that puppy!

Do NOT google "GG Allin" images.

"My Brother Was Killed on 9/11 with Republicans and Democrats"

Why is there a silicone and spray on tan festival on my TV?

To women who pee all over me: I'm not really into that.

The Original

"purse" vs "pocketbook"

English, motherfucker! Do you speak it?!

Holy crap! Yaphet Kotto was on Hawaii 5-0!

Boston Globe: Romney will eat campaign loans

All we have to do now...

Oh yeah, 45 seconds in

McCain's New Campaign Slogan:

The Hill: Few House GOP donate to McCain

With the sale of Anheuser Bush are

The "ex gay camp" episode of South Park is on.

Anyone watch Project Runway??

Let's sing a round! I'll begin...

Media should realize, Bill was Awe shucks, GWB is Dumb, McSame is Old, and Barack is well...Sexy.

Happy Birthday to Galled Goblin!

Mr. Chong Yip Jr. says I've inherited ten million dollars. DC DU meetup when I collect?

Keith just called Bush "a drunken cowboy"

Amy Goodman: Don’t Drink the Nuclear Kool-Aid

Condemned by the Order of the Penis

Ah, yeah. HBO SE is showing The Vagina Monologues again

Ah, yeah. HBO SE is showing The Vagina Monologues again


Today was my news free day, I need a break from the news because it is to damn sad.

Did anyone watch Dan Abrams' compilation video of McCain's mistaken statements on foreign policy?

Receiving neoCON hate mail? Send this letter.

I don't understand these lyrics.

I'm going ni-night. I'm willing to share my bed...but you'll need your own chamber pot...

Comcast moved MSNBC to digital - I don't have or want digital cable

Obama Joins Forces With 18 State Parties (Party leaders think the program can help downballot Dems)

I don't think McCain actually commits gaffes..

These puppies go to sleep when the man sings to them!

i'm trying to follow a flight on Google Earth but it's gone now

Ice Creme carton sizes have dropped again

OMG I think I may cry. Sea Lion rehab video from Peru.

NOW'S YOUR CHANCE to let Pelosi hear how you feel about IMPEACHMENT:

Are you a Thread-Killer, or do you just happen to "get in the last word"?

To offset my F22 post: Rediscovering treasures of Bamiyan

And Just When You've Had More Than Enought Of Joe... Meet, Ricki Lieberman !!!

The Andy Dick weed-cocaine-sexual battery Mug Shot, trying a little too hard to look batshit crazy

I don't give a shit that Elizbeth Hasselbeck is upset that Rev Jackson said 'the n word'.

Cold as Ice

Also on MSN-Diet tips from Olympic athletes

CRAP! They showed up two+ hours early! I haven't cleaned the catbox!!!

I have a tuxedo cat as my Icon...

It's my birthday and I ain't doing diddly today that I don't wanta

A 14 year old local kid DIED playing "The choking game???"

Former Town Mayor (Placerville CA) Calls Obama A Terrorist?

Former Town Mayor (Placerville CA) Calls Obama A Terrorist?

Letter in my paper re: PUMA PAC and Obama...any feedback from you guys?

If you believe you simply don't fit in the world, you probably don't.

I have had lucid dreams before, but not like I just had now....

need help finding a certain LOL Cat

How is the economy effecting you?

"Sopranos" fans: very trivial question....

Rare house showing today! (meaning, notoby's looked at this place in months)

I'd like to rejoin the DU community

McCain - skillfully exploiting loopholes in a campaign finance law that he wrote.

For post 10K

New sport a hybrid of boxing and chess

a 1.5 liter bottle of Grolsch is a good beer

Why do you not reply to the 14th century French tapestry threads?

Hulk Hogan Has Obama's Back

So, like a good DUer, I did my Activist Corps email.

are relationships imploding--like more than usual?

These days more and more I realize Jimmy Buffett was right:

Who decided it was a good idea for Toby Keith to make a movie?

This is simply an amazing music video.....please watch!

I just ordered one of these

Obama's first 100 days - what should be done, and post your predictions here.


How do you attach a picture you've photoshopped onto a post here at DU?

New update on Tomas Young

New Neighbor to Neighbor Online Tool on mybo

More Crap from the NYT -- Apparently the Media Favors Obama

Obama v. McBush on taxes, posting with a graph

I Look Stupid - How to take a Web head shot

At the risk of sounding melodramatic....

Sigh - Weirdass dream.

Tommy Thompson for Rethug VP?

So, is the new meme going to be the McCain campaign complaining about media bias?

Politico: McCain's humor often backfires (mentions the ape rape, Chelsea Clinton/Janet Reno"jokes")

So progressives and the base have abandoned Obama. Nonsense.

Attention Democratic Underground! Please read!

Who would be the strongest VP choice for McCain?

Let's call some talk radio stations today

I've got one word for this guy: Decaf

What Is Your Favorite Breakfast Cereal?


3 posts away from 10K


MSM: Obama raised $52M in June? Pfff. More good news for McCaint.

Breaking: Obama doesn't sweat - media sees conspiracy - calls him gym rat

A nation of WHINERS, do victims of abuse and bullying count?

A Detailed Analysis of Obama's Failures in Cartoon Form

Anyone have the itinerary for Obama's Tour of Europe and the Middle East?

I've never owned a pair of corduroy pants. What am I missing out on?

WARNING: New email being circulated about Obama's tax proposals

LOL -- Whoppi made Elizabeth Hasselbeck cry

Nancy Kerrigan and "the Governor" have been gnawed by locusts and a rabbit!

"Your Whiteness is Showing:"

I have a great idea, lets take Nancy Pelosi off the table...

New York Times Blames Obama for not Eliminating Racism in America

Bolton upset with Bush meeting with Iran: "like getting an Obama administration six months early"

Is this a one-candidate election?

Have you seen the latest polls

McCain campaign: McCain’s rape joke is ‘a good example of McCain being McCain.’

F22 Raptor wows Farnborough

Next week is going to be good.

I have a great idea, lets take Nancy Pelosi off the table...

yesterday, Obama = Bush. Today, Obama = Rumsfeld (!). McCain camp showing their desperation.

Do you own a Democracy Bond?

Conservatism: What Is It?

The gif that sums up the McCain campaign thus far

Good Morning! Meow!

Defending Michelle: Attacks infuriating-Barack interview with Glamour-Calls out Faux News MO attacks


You know what would really modernize the image of the Catholic Church?

Did you know McCain's chief foreign policy adviser is a neocon, PNAC's Randy Scheunemann?

Bush flip flops on Iran and continues to follow Obama - Establishing diplomatic presence in Iran

Another Simon's Cat video!! "TV Dinner" (from the kitty wake-up cartoon guy)

My bicycle mechanic and I were discussing the Presidential election today as I

It's CAPTION TIME! (((My God! What Have I done? Edition)))

Oh, Oh, More On McCain's Abramoff Connection

CBS News Analysis: McCain - Obama Polls Not As Close As You Think

Latest McCain ad has Ronnie Raygun superimposed on it

Obama camp correction: "Obama ALONE has $72 million on hand"+DNC has $20 mil. = $92 million on hand

Obama Faces His Overseas Audition

Doers and Thinkers at DU

Brad Delp is doing cartwheels in his grave!!!

The Ballad of George & John

Al Gore is giving the speech I was waiting for Obama to give.

McSame VP question

McSame VP question

Elmore Ruel Torn Jr.

McCain Has A Bad Week On National Security And Foreign Policy

Chuck Todd says that since Obama is forgoing GE funds, he better raise minimum $50 million/mo.

What do you think of Russ Feingold for VP?

7/17/08 Rasmussen NC - McCain ahead by only 3

Why the long lapse of time before there is a debate??

Comparing Obama To Bush. It's Beyond Anything I Could've Imagined.

Copycatting in GD

The Affects of PUMA are being Observed in the latest Rasmussen Poll

What's the "problem" with the DNC's fund raising? Should we worry?

I'd gladly walk a mile in this man's shoes.

Ben Smith, the 'Dem' blogger on Poltico, trying to compare Obama to Bush

Do you think Chimpy will create an incident or event to steal headlines from Obama next week?


Adam Smith is a rock solid surrogate for Obama

impeachment in january?

F.Y.I. John McCain is older than the ballpoint pen

Need help finding Vid of Countdown showing Obama didnt change on Iraq

Obama opens six campaign offices in Montana!

AUGHH! It's not "real-a-ty" and "real-a-tor"!

McCain is trying to paint Obama as Bush's 3rd term according to Countdown

Are all of McCain's spokewomen Yellow-headed Miseries?

Obama: "Fox News...went fairly deliberately at her {Michelle} in a pretty systematic way"

Is the US is doomed if we elect another Republican President?

IF Hagel is the VP candidate, will the ES&S fix be in for us?

If you gave money during the primaries, are you still giving?

A modest proposal to counter the email spam machine

Hillary? Its time to tell your "supporters" to shut up

Poll: Obama Might Have Shot At Flipping North Carolina

Top McCain Education Adviser Squandered Federal Dollars

Obama campaign funds question

I love my landlord

Living with opposite-sex roommates

McCain's Humor Often Backfires

48% Agree With Obama That Iraq is Not “Central Front” in War on Terror

McCain Speaks Out Against Abortions, takes various lame "swipes" at Obama

If I had to guess the eventual winner of the Veepstakes at this point...

POLL: Most Americans Agree with Obama That Iraq is Not “Central Front” in War on Terror

DNC And Obama Total Cash On Hand: $92 Million

The word of the day is "terrapin". Replace any word in a thread title with "terrapin"

In Iraq, Mixed Feelings About Obama and His Troop Proposal

Is the media trying to make Obama seem stiff and unapproachable?

Bela Lugosi supports Republicans!


"McCain didn't recall telling the rape joke"

McCain says he will be in the Senate next year at a Town Hall

Denver Group runs newspaper ad against DNC, 2nd time.

I think Obama should give a speech in front of AARP and praise McCain in front of them

I think Obama should give a speech in front of AARP and praise McCain in front of them

Drunk squirrel video.

I've heard stories of house cats interbreeding with bobcats. Anyone know if these are true?

Now I've seen it ALL!!!

Post the other things (in addition to the rape joke) that John McCain can't remember here.

do stupid people like you?

How do we derail the "Straight Talk Express"?

One Reason Why the MSM is Askeered of Obama


McCaint Disputes His Own Spokeswoman's Claim About Obama Trip

Obama Camp Response to McCain Memo on Iraq

Obama Memo: JOHN McCAIN on IRAQ: 4 more Years of bush’s foreign policy

TNR on the "Biden Watch"


Obama on his upcoming Iraq Trip. DON'T GO! I THINK THAT IT'S A SETUP!

Garrison Keillor et al re Obama and the Second Amendment. RKBA will be an issue in October

McCain Rally

PSA to the Lounge: PeterU wins the Lizard triple crown..

Obama HAS studied Spanish

I think McCain doesn't really want to be president

How Does McCain Get Credit For Being #1. POW and #2. Maverick After Voting To Allow Waterboarding?

McCain should go on a fact finding mission to Czechoslovakia

Obama campaign exposes WSJ as a lying piece of right-wing ass wipe.

McCain "Documentary" On Obama And Iraq Fails To Draw Real Blood

Watch out for headlines like "Obama campaign says" and other mischaracterizations.

Obama "snubs" netroots nation

Health care - When are Americans going to "GET IT" ! Literally!

People need to start wrapping their heads ...

This Is How A President Looks Like!

Obama/Dean '08. That's the ticket folks

Obama not quite his father's son: Similarities, but in many ways "quite the opposite"

Rasmussen: Obama Up by 2 in Nevada

Obama and McCain coverage: "Nuts" or a "disgrace"?

What did you think of the movie "This Is England"?

Dean's Register for Change Tour Hits Austin

What the hell? I got the email about Obama's June fundraising

Really like Rachael Maddow, but.....

A Tale of Two Campaigns

Rahm: Bush and McCain Are Following Obama's Foreign Policy Lead

The McCain Campaign SUCKS!!

Petition For Open Debate By Google of all Presidential Nominees

To all lurking freepers upset that the big three network anchors are following Obama on his trip....

They went after Hillary, now it is Michelle

NYT - Gore Is the Democratic Nominee, But Earth Is Still Getting Warmer

McCain Gets What He's Asked For - Obama Getting More Press Coverage......

Final Showdown: Veepstakes MSNBC - Clinton VS Biden

Hot Queer as Folk fan vid.

John McCain for President

Arizona Donors Give McCain Cold Shoulder

Third-Party Groups Unleash Barrage of New Ads

McClatchy: Can anything slow Obama's fundraising juggernaut?

The war vs. the election?

Blacks and Whites for Obama and McCain

Rachel's Making Ben Smith (Politico) Look Totally Toolish

OFFICIAL FREE CLUE THREAD: for those who haven't any.

Absent: McCain Attended Zero Afghanistan Hearings In Last Two Years

Wanna have some fun DU? McCain in Three Words

John McCain: We Have SUCCEEDED In Iraq

Which institution is the genesis of political thought?

Na na na na na! "Nunn says 'Czechoslovakia' too!"

What McCain Economic Policy?

Anyone love their lapdance and want to recomend it?

RFK Jr. Now Endorses Obama

When Has McCain Gone To Iran?

Words that just don't belong in songs...

Not Disappointed with Obama! But not excited either!

Work it, baby! Obama hits the gym, again and again and...

I iz tireddddddd

7/15 Election Model: Obama 420 EV...2008 Election Fraud Scenario Analysis

"Hi. I'm Carly Simon. I like to smell my pits."

As Obama prepares for European trip, Neocons admit Bush Policy Collapse

Absolutely pathetic....(Senator Angry Old Prick)

Charleston SC Obama volunteers video on Huff Post!

Ass Appreciation Thread

Obama has shown he can lead people...

"Amazon recommends....

Corporate media is becoming a TAD BIT Obvious in their attempts to vilify Barack Obama!

"Obama could be so loved in Europe that it may cause resentment in Appalachia and other places

The dreams I have when the TV is tuned to C-Span

Proof that Mildo's bunco freepers brother is legit:

Marlboro Man?

PURE - Party Unity Really Exists

HELP! If You Could Ask A TV Journalist ONE Question About Media Bias In The POTUS Race

I want to be different, like everybody else I want to be like

I have a GREATER idea...

"NYT says Obama should have fixed the US already"

Obama's Statement on Al Gore and Our Energy Future

Thrift store Bacchus

Harry Nilsson appreciation thread

Clinton says he's ready to campaign for Obama

The Daily Widget – Thursday, July 17 – Obama 356, McCain 182 – Monthly Scorecard

Holy Shit!

Talkingpointsmemo's Josh Marshall: Do Your Job. Stop Ignoring Randy Scheunemann's Past

Most Appropriately Named Celebrity

The Thursday Brainstorm: we need your ideas for next week's Activist Corps action

Is it just me or do the stylists on Shear Genius come up with the shittiest hairstyles?

Duty Calls

Does anybody else see the disconnect in McCain's "hippie love" ad?..

Jackson uses n-word when referring to Obama.

PUMA group plans to protest Dean's tour across the South to register voters.

Product names that people mispronounce?

Is it unethical, due to over population, to breed many children.

Woohoo! It was "new toiletries" day!

The dog days of summer are upon us.

The HUGE McCain Blunder No One Knows About....Yet

Today's young actors are a bunch of namby-pambys. Can ANY of them compare to this guy?

Good household hints

My new old rockin' girlfriend (don't tell MrsCoffee)

Which "Blue Collar Comedy" star do you find the most irritating?

Perhaps...a ....THIRD emmy...... for .... SHATNER?

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Can't Take a Joke (Mary Lyon)

My yard is 50x120 SQ. FT.

Best Big Cities for Walking-See how pedestrian friendly your area is

Warning for Midlodemocrat tonight at Bunco night...

CNN confirms Guardian Report: US to open direct office in Tehran

You won't believe it until you see it.

How long can a cricket live?


My goodness, but there are a lot of stupid people in the world.

Pork chops sizzlin' on the grill....

Dean debunks the ads by the Denver Group....wind out of sails.

What is the greatest MONOLOGUE in movie history?

Check out this spider missive.

Obama Raises $52 Million in June

Statue of Liberty maze unveiled in Yorkshire

Air hostess picks up chocolate bar, wins space trip

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na.....

DU This Poll, please

Cool,January 1st,Redwings vs. Blackhawks at Wrigley Field.

Rejected ideas for Care Bears

Oil has dropped $16/bl in three days -- have gas prices followed suit yet?

Name some albums from 2008 that dont suck.

A question about stereos and fidelity Host Exception: at Socket Impl.connect(Unknown Source)

Photoshop Tennis

I feel left out.

Hey,expert craigslisters

I need to be in charge of all large group luncheon menus from now on

So if InBev bought Anheuser-Busch, who is Wonder going to sell out to?

What color do you see?

Why don’t you take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut!

So I was rickrolled, and I just noticed for the first time...

A little whimsy for a Thursday night

E3: What games are you looking forward to?

WTF is she wearing, and WTF is Tommy taller than her?

Obama Calls Hugo Chavez Enemy Of U.S. Urges Sanctions Against Venezuela!

Obama DOESNT call Hugo Chavez Enemy Of U.S. NOR does he Urge Sanctions Against Venezuela! !!

"AF AM" - is this racist, warranted or just lazy?


Art Linkletter is 96 today

Iran: Once again, Bush follows Obama's lead

Iran: Once again, Bush follows Obama's lead


I think DuStrange works for the Colbert Report

Yeah, yeah, yeah, GREAT...SUPER...Rachel's getting a show. But where the hell is MY show?

Get it here, folks. An honest to God, actual email from a 19% -er.

Kitten Picture of the Day for Thursday July 17

I remain more offended that a private conversation was made public than I am about what Jesse said

Meatloaf BALLAD thread (INCHY I expect to see you post on this thread)1!!!!

Some Kitteh advice please.....Gridley is new to our home

No little cute doggy or kitty will sway me

Obamamania strikes Europe =] - The Scotsman

Dog going nuts, noise on my roof big truck in my driveway??? I am getting a new roof!!!!!!!!

It's time for the official DU vice-presidential pool!

Dodge trucks... you may never see them the same way again

MSNBC Eyes Rachel Maddow... YES!

whats your current favorite youtube music clip?

Today, Nancy Pelosi is an honorary southerner.

What species is this animal?

MSNBC just announced Obama raised $52 million in June! Average donation was $68.

Cathedral dig yields finds from 1700s New Orleans

Check out this massive Spider

John McCain is on Social Security?!?!?!?

My protest signs look like a kindergarten project!

Sup dudes and dudettes...

The South wasn't right, but they are fat

[View All]

Alcohol during day functions at the office

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 7/17/2008)

Weep for me. I can't get the good cholesterol numbers from my current regimen.

PHOTOS: MICHELLE OBAMA campaigns in Seattle, Washington and Centennial, Colorado

Hey, Lounge Lizards, please go check out my thread in GD...

Mistress Heidi!

For the satire challenged:

WTF? (temeah would like this)

Dad in Vietnam

Secretary of Defense Gates ---- Senator Obama's new best friend

Does anyone here have dogs with really bad allergies?

Junie B. Jones: Satan's Child?

I Went To Warped Tour Yesterday!

I have passed the 5K post count

i spent last night in the ER

I'm calling out whichever one of you is Sean Tevis

Just back from my 1st trip to Los Angeles.

I'm gone for good. So long

Well, I went shopping for a new pair of running shoes, tried on at least 20 pairs and nothing fit.

how much do you figure a private school voucher would be worth?

Guess who got an A+ in Stats without buying the text book...

Throw this guy eight bucks.

Two dogs and a garden (pics)

Wondering- What would happen if gay marriages last longer than hetero?

Olivier v. Branagh in a Henry V-style steel cage death match

What would the world be like if people were different species,

Wait, so you're telling me I can have both the deep, meaningful and beautiful music of ABBA...and...

Time for half yearly Pet Tribute video...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/17/08

I think I may have found a litter box the beagle won't be able

Anyone love their laptop and want to recommend it?

A question about marriage and infidelity

My cubicle is about 20 sq ft. It's tiny. How does it . . .

The best movie I've seen... maybe ever..

I don't know what I need or want, if anything

All this chatter about the sheer evil that is Pelosi is hypocritical

Time for half yearly Pet Tribute video...

To people who post cruel comments on other people's blogs:

Best sports nickname?

"Tuxedo cat" thread

a message to former Hillary supporters

If you Ignore Me

Why aren’t we in the streets?

What animals do you think are capable of thinking, and perhaps even self realization?

Open Letter to Pelosi, The House Judiciary, The House itself..

Anyone else watching McSame and noticing something different today?

How big is your cat? Post pictures too. Gridley is 12 pounds of hairy love

Quick! Can I get popcorn to pop in coconut oil? Does it get hot enough?

I'm fishing for subscription suggestions for a new mom

It's time to deliver the death blow.

Favorite gemstones/"precious" or "semi-precious" stones?

This important article, with this graphic, are really making the rounds on the internet.

Hahahahahahaha -Smoker who has 10 cigars a day celebrates his 100th birthday

Only 906 signatures to go!!! Please sign.

US Airways pilots: We’re pressured to cut fuel

One of every four California students drops out

In Iraq, Affection for Obama ... but His Proposal?

Obama Adds 20 Va. Offices In a Big Push To Win State

Iraq Case Sheds Light On Secret Contractors


Sarkozy call for second EU vote provokes storm in Ireland

U.S.-led forces confirm killing Afghan civilians

Part of Alaska to be opened to oil and gas leasing

Father hopes son's death helps change Afghan policy

US presence at Iran talks shows unity: Rice

Top McCain VP pick kills 'South Carolina is so gay' ad

Big Tobacco Lures Young Smokers With Menthol Cigarettes: Study

Pakistani Investors Stone Karachi Exchange as Stocks Plunge

The Guardian (UK) reporting that US plans to re-establish diplomatic relations with Iran.

White-collar Chrysler retiree group looks to protect benefits

Washington State Patrol cameras will snap license-plate photos at 2 ferry docks

UBS used 'cloak of secrecy' on US tax

Single-Family U.S. Home Construction at 17-Year Low; Manufacturing Shrinks

Administration Wanted Loyalist As Justice Dept. Legal Adviser

In Iraq, Mixed Feelings About Obama and His Troop Proposal

Clinton Foundation Sets Up Malaria-Drug Price Plan

Girl Missing 5 Weeks Never Reported Lost; Mother Says Doing Own Search

Cases against Iraq IG, deputy, end without charges (cleared by the President's Council on Integrity)

Media Stars Will Accompany Obama Overseas

Iraq To Limit No-Bid Deals With Big Oil

Lula to talk FARC, defense council with Colombia's Uribe

FDA: OK to eat tomatoes again

Tax cheats cost Americans $100 billion

Seattle sells 5 of its troubled toilets on eBay

Wis. court hurts chances of animal rights museum

New York Governor Paterson, NAACP condemn New Yorker magazine cover

House passes CIA contractor ban over veto vow

Seattle Police seize medical marijuana, patient records

Obama Raises $52 Million in June

Hacker Holds Key to City's Network (San Francisco computers held hostage)

Romney not getting his $45m back

Climate change puts U.S. way of life at risk - EPA

U.S. to establish presence in Tehran

Development: US fails to measure up on 'human index'

An Abramoff Connection Among McCain’s ‘Bundlers’

Sen. Levin: Shut Down Giant Swiss Bank UBS

Pinochet deputy indicted over Chile 'disappeared'

Ashcroft defends waterboarding before House panel

In California, Support Grows for Offshore Drilling

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday July 17

Judge Refuses to Postpone Trial of Bin Laden’s Driver

Deregulation Jolts Texas Electric Bills

Venezuela's CITGO Petroleum is handing out energy efficient light bulbs across the US

U.S. troops abandon Afghan base where 9 troops died

Ashcroft defends waterboarding before House panel (doesn't constitute torture)

Sen. Kuehl tries again for universal health care system in California

Bill Clinton: I'm Ready To Campaign For Obama

Unique business aims to spread solar power (Shocking! Baffling!)

House Speaker Pelosi calls Bush 'a total failure'

Evangelicals quietly worry about McCain, may not drive voter turnout like they did for Bush

Police Spied On Local Activists, ACLU Says

North Carolina’s Shuler Now Rated ‘Safe’ in House Race (Opponent suspends campaign)

Cambodia, Thailand border dispute 'worsening'

Body of missing Colombian labor leader found in dump

Zimbabwe inflation tops 2m per cent

Gore makes major challenge: Electricity produced through Earth-friendly sources within 10 years

The D-Team, starring McCain....

Charlie Chaplin: The Great Dictator ("Let us unite!" monologue)

Voter Registration at the Black Arts Festival - Denver, CO

COUNTDOWN: Olbermann points out Huge Holes in Basic Republican Logic

Romney: McCain Authored the Philosophy of Surge in Iraq

Sam Seder's "A Bad Situationist"

Obama Grassroots Snapshot: South Carolina

Mr. Frank Watson from Denver, CO

Organizing Fellows: Andy in Ohio

Obama: The Dark Knight

Does The Media Treat Obama & McCain Differently?

Rachel Maddow on the "End" of the "Surge"

Bayh: Obama got it right

David Gregory - Life's a Cabaret

How You Ended The War

The more things Change, the more they remain the Same

Bush jokes about gas prices (July 08) & McSame Agrees with W

Stephanie Miller in London

Denver, CO Office Opening

Bush Iran Reversal Bolton: Collapse of the Bush Administration Strategy

TYT: Why Do Barack And Michelle Poll So Low With White People?

McDumb As Bush

Tell McCain: Viagra is not more important than birth control.

The Truth about PUMA

Karl Rove Making Excuses for Ignoring Subpoenas

AL GORE: DC Environment Speech 7.17.08

Elizabeth Dole wants to name HIV Bill after COMPLETE Bigot: Jesse Helms.

James Ellroy, Bruce Wagner, Rose McGowan endorse John McCain

Larry Craig: Don't Jerk Us Around by the Gas Nozzle

PUMA leader on FOX...their group will refuse to vote for Obama

The bloody battle of Genoa

US plans to station diplomats in Iran for first time since 1979

Foreign Policy In Focus: An Uncomfortable Conversation about Nukes

Medicare Showdown (New Eng Jour Med)

The Dark Side: Jane Mayer on How the War on Terror Turned into a War on American Ideals

Amy Goodman: Fmr. Chief Guantanamo Prosecutor Says Military Commissions “Not Justice”

McCain Proposes More Troops for Czechoslovakia-stan

Arrested Actors From 'Bush Movie' Claim Executive Privilege and Immunity

In Iraq, Mixed Feelings About Obama and His Troop Proposal

Independent UK: We have everything to fear from McCain

Truthdig: The Do-It-Yourself Economy

Some perspective on political satire

D.C. Socialists Save Crashing Capitalists Another Bail Out for the Financial Elites

Patriotism or Idiotism

John McCain, Underachiever Extraordinaire

The Republican “Better Qualifed To Lead Us In War” Myth Is Crapola!

The Nation: Exiting Iraq Is Easier Than They Say

Condi's coup: how the neo-cons lost the argument over Iran

NYT editorial: Obama's "Talking Sense on Iraq"

Med schools: Next abortion battleground

Jets? Yes! Sharks? ¡Sí! In Bilingual ‘West Side’

The bloody battle of Genoa

Judging an Elitist by His Cover

For Pelosi, a Fight Against Offshore Drilling

Soldiers Killed in Valor, Buried in Shadows: Margaret Carlson

What It's Like To Watch FOX News For 24 Straight Hours

Banks Continue to Prey on Social Security Recipients

X-Factor judge Louis Walsh says of fellow Irishman Bono, the world poverty expert:

Nat Hentoff: Disillusioned about Barack Obama

Don't blow up the mountain: A ballad of mountaintop removal coal mining.

Big Oil's Raid on the Great Plains

Interior Department Opens Up 2.6 Million Acres In Alaska

NRG, State Of New York Cancel Planned "Clean" Coal Plant - Too Costly - Reuters

Peru's glaciers melting

India: National Aluminium to Import Coal to Avoid Reducing Production

Nigeria locals blow up Eni oil pipeline, output shut

Andrew Revkin - Did I Give Gingrich Too Much Of The Benefit Of The Doubt? - NYT


Michigan, Gasoline Prices & The Shakeout For Home Health Care

Controversial canal best option to solve water woes, group says

OPEC blames biofuels for the rise in oil prices!!! No, seriously!

Great Lakes face $200m annual economic risk from invasive species

Tom Whipple - Not Quite 100 Of Earth's 266 Nation-States Now Reporting Continuing Energy Shortages

NRG Cancels Plans for IGCC (coal gasification) Plant in Western New York

Nature - 3,000 GT Cumulative Atmospheric Carbon May Be Threshold For Irrevocable Greenland Melt

PSE&G's Innovative Solar Loan Program Now Available to Residential Customers (NJ)

Floating wind turbines poised to harness ocean winds (UK/Italy)

Gore sets 'moon shot' goal on climate change

Some Beltway Dems Complaining About Gore's Timing In Unveiling 10-Year Energy Proposal - WP

Don’t Drink the Nuclear Kool-Aid

TS Bertha, Heading East, Claims Record For Longest-Lived July Tropical Storm On Record - Reuters

Undersea volcanic activity has been blamed for a mass extinction in the seas 93 million years ago.

Biogas Flows Through Germany's Grid Big Time

An Air Car You Could See In 2009

Why Our Food Waste May Be Our Greatest Asset

Pope Says Young People Inheriting Scarred, Squandered Planet - ENN

Feds predict a fiery future for the western United States

£110M plan to turn human and cow waste into electricity (UK)

Poison Ivy proliferates with higher CO2 levels

Survey: Consumers hot for hybrids, but not E85

Severn tidal fence

Soil under strain

Warming May Have Substantially Bigger Impact On Sierra Snowpack Than Previously Thought - CCT

Unmanned Planes At 500 - 1,000 Feet To Provide Detailed Greenland Ice Data For NOAA - AFP

Think you have it tough? Because of the gas crunch,

Sorry deniers: Eighth warmest June on record means Great Ice Age of 2008 is STILL over

California Moves To Speed Solar, Wind Power Grid Connections

the new big lie has started, on wind turbines ...

Water fresh from the tarp (BBC) {ultra-cheap water still}

All aboard the nuclear power superjet. Just don't ask about the landing strip

Giant (7.5 MW) wind turbine is set for go-ahead (UK)

Semi-facetious question about nuclear waste disposal

The High Cost of Nuclear Power

First tidal power turbine gets plugged in

DOE says nuclear dump cost to top $90 billion vs $58 billion

NOAA Confirms - Gulf Of Mexico Dead Zone Will Hit All-Time Record Size This Year - Reuters


Who is the American Physical Society and how dare they challenge the IPCC?

France orders probe at all nuclear sites

Updates on Tomas Young


US StOCKS--Market soars on Wells Fargo, lower oil price

It's all in your head.

Inflation surge puts Fed in a quandary

"Obscene" profits and "unfair competition"...

Okay...I don't usually post in this forum, but...

Looking for some opinions here...

I need some help here with people on this board leveling charges of "homophobia"

A list of Who is Funding California's #8 antigay marriage proposition

Oklahoma commisioner mails out homophobic comic for re-election campaign

Ballot Argument Against Proposition 8 (California)

Blood drive posters: 'No faggots allowed'

Heat bills for ND homeowners may be 'frightening'

Employer Doesn’t Pay You? Under Bush Wage and Hour Dept., You’re Out of Luck

Labor law restores fairness

GM workers, investors, retirees share pain

Maybe someone here in labor

Democrats Seek to Bolster Wage and Hour Enforcement

AFL-CIO: Social Security Is Not A “Disgrace”, Doesn’t Need McCain’s Privatization

The Anti-Union Bias Persists Among Some "Liberal" Democrats

Senator tells UC to quit threatening discipline for striking workers

It’s No Longer Just “Men At Work” On Atlanta Road Signs

Today in labor history July 17 Charles Luth was murdered in a St. Paul hotel

KCMO teachers contract thrown out

Yesterday I received a letter stating that my unemployment benefits may be extended.

Media Workers Guild Charges MediaNews with Firing Union Supporters ...

AFL-CIO in Coalition to Fight McCain’s Efforts to Gamble Away Social Security

Opposing view: Stop scapegoating teachers

USA Today working family cartoon: Bills

Firefighters come to aid of colleague

W.Va. hospital workers to protest overcrowding

Community Commentary: Workers deserve free choice on unions

Israel concerned by U.S. plans to meet with Iranian envoy

Jerusalem Municipality allows criminals to turn the Dahiyat a-Salam neighborhood into a garbage dump

Goldwasser, Regev were killed in initial attack

Hamas and Islamic Jihad to move offices from Syria to Lebanon

Lebanese prisoners released vow to continue fighting Israel

Arab media mocks Hizbullah 'victory'

Ellis sets Oct. 28 for (AIPAC) trial

Israeli ex-spymaster in leak probe

U.S. plans peace talks with Israelis, Palestinians

Israeli Claims over Journalist Challenged

Triumph and tragedy in the Middle East

Israel low on American Jewry's list

Barghouthi: Prisoner swap is a triumph of steadfastness

Freed Lebanese prisoners vow to fight Israel

Will Israeli Settlers' Terrorism Finally Be Prosecuted?

Brian Wilder: What unions have brought us

Metal Mining in Central America: Pain and Resistance

EU, Latin "banana wars" in focus at WTO talks

Cervical cancer toll high in Latin America

Uribe admits Red Cross emblem used in hostage rescue

Extradition Request for Posada Carriles Still in Effect in Panama

Costa Rica asks to join Chávez oil group

Argentinian Senate rejects farm vote

SAUL LANDAU: "Obits for Opposites" Jesse Helms, George Carlin & Latin America

Red Cross will not take action against Colombia for use of emblem

FARC assasinates between 5 and 8 peasants in Gauviare

Lula to talk FARC, defense council with Colombia's Uribe

Struggle4progress overnight LBN; Body of missing Colombian labor leader found in dump

Winners at ESPYs.........sharapova???? ok, now, what exactly has she won lately???

I finally found a workaround for utopiaradio (Mac)

Starchild 15th July : Becoming a Vessel for Radiant Peace...and moving into the Changes

How To Create A Thriving Economy By Using The Law of Attraction

A (crystal) child that feels too much?

Woo hoo! 2012 crop circle!

Moringa Olefera - has anyone ever heard of this?

Biden Hardball clip - the not working for anyone...

Biden/Lugar/Menendez/Hagel bill on Intl Clean Energy Tech

Biden/Lugar HIV/AIDS bill passed


Biden getting federal funds for presidental campaign debts

Anyone see this in the WaPO, Joe not contacted by Kennedy or Holder? (VP vetters)

Harvard Medical Dean Urges a Rethinking of the Pre-Med Curriculum

My SO survived the triple bypass. But he lost his vision during the surgery.

Merck to start Vioxx settlement payouts in August

Update on my SO and the triple bypass and his loss of sight.

From the Well, Duh! files: Prevention Is Less Costly Than Treatment

Girl, 13, may be paralysed by disease that baffled doctors for six months - but her mother diagnosed

Meat Eaters Live a Lie

I'm not sure what I think of this guy . . . I'm not sure I like his attitude, but I DO

and the numbers are in

Pensioner arrested for chasing away youths with piece of wood

Armed man scares store

Dick Heller's application for handgun registration denied

Parents: Teacher silenced son on hunting

Wal-Mart's Pubicity Coup

(GASP!) I just fainted when I looked at the French...

Love this site! Cooking for Engineers

Somebody mentioned rice cookers

My birthday date meal!

Cook My Dinner! (but you don't win anything)

I've got a 3-3.5 pound bone in pork butt roast I'm doing in the pressure cooker tonight

Live dissection of giant squid

Quantum Leap

More Fun with Crop Circles.. this time its Dec. 2012

Me and my cyberpistol

Mere Christianity, or the fine art of practicing what you preach...

One reason some religious people are such a turn-off.

Don't you DARE invoke 9/11 to dissuade people from voting for democrats! Don't you DARE!

Firefox, cookies, domains and exceptions

Anybody gonna be at netroots nation?

A Learning Experiance..xpantivirus2008...

Are there any decent IDE RAID 5 controllers out there?

Michele Bachmann has an anti-war primary opponent who's embarrassed by her

Remind Bachman and Kline of Fake CA and OR energy crisis

FTC Closes Investigation Into Alleged Deceptive Marketing by 2 Lenders

Panel sees public appetite to pay for change

Hi, Canadians! Does anyone live in Nova Scotia or are you familiar

Rep. Lofgren Responds to Hans von Spakovsky

Check it out!!

Uncounted clip of Clint Curtis, the million-dollar programmer. Needs sending far and wide.


Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 7//16/08

Please Help us Counteract the Voter Registration Purging that Helped Make George W. Bush President

Please forgive the totally off-topic intrusion -- but is there anyone here in touch with Kurovski?

The Emmy Award nominations were announced today.

Another election protection post: invitation to films and discussion, July 24

Please Help us Counteract the Voter Registration Purging that Helped Make George W. Bush President

The Hypatian Shore

"The Truth Takes a Beating" an email...

Did you know...