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Iranian goods offer economic lifeline to war-ravaged Iraq

DNC has breakthrough fundraising month in June

Secretary Gates: We Cannot Kill Or Capture Our Way To Victory

Howard Dean on Rachel NOW. nt

Tropical Storm Bertha - still going like the Energizer bunny

Jeff Wayne's "War of the Worlds" on stage AWESOME

Let The Eagle Soar: Ashcroft "hearts" waterboarding. USA! USA! USA! USA!

Who can elaborate on a recent court decision that seemed to declare open season on witnesses?

What are you going to do when the US mint releases the

this group has been running ads on MSNBC.

Live in LA? Want to adopt a pet?

DU this Poll

Madame say Let Them Eat KKKake - Molasses Spill Shuts Down Texas 6 at Southwest Freeway

It's like a flamewar with a forum troll but with an eventual winner.

Stephen Colbert to have spider named after him

Here is CNN Pelosi/ Blitzer Interview

Answering terror with terror

Nancy Pelosi, Damn Your Useless Hide

Chertoff: European terrorists trying to enter US (AP)

isn't Gore going to be on Larry King?

If you didn't see Jon Stewart on Bush "Stupid Economy" . . . catch up --

thanks to everyone who jumped on Dan Abrams re: AG error

Winemaker Bill Harlan hosting chimp/GOP fundraiser in Napa Valley tonight...

why is john stossell involved in a discussion of global warming and the need....

I Changed My Mind: I Think Congress Should Allow Karl Rove to Continue Ignoring Their Subpoenas

Barack Obama's $52 million June - Not quite a record but close - Freepers worst nightmare

What's Up (Or Down) with

This war is going to cost us $3 trillion dollars, and this nation is more concerned about Batman.

Hey Jon Stewart for the second time this week

Another not-so-subtle attempt by Bush to re-write his Katrina legacy: "I always come"

House Speaker Pelosi calls Bush 'a total failure'

Brainstorm: What STATE CRIMES has Karl Rove committed?

the world is about to meet obama after 7 1/2 years of dealing with the asshole-in-chief

Who here remembers Hubert Humphrey?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Roberts Court: Evidence that the Court Is Disturbingly Elitist and Anti-Democratic

Have the right wingers out there started an OBC list yet?

Voters to decide: Bush memorial sewage plant? (Measure qualifies for Nov. ballot)

an oldie but a goodie...

WooHoo, Time Warner Cable In Manhattan Finally Gets Some Competition

Hey DUers, need help finding a graphic

Neil Young on Charlie Rose; don't know the status as far as live, I

The surge has been a success...

"I'm afraid if I dig any deeper, people aren't going to like what I find."

1 in 5 poor pewople in Buffalo, NY area living in homes without utilities.

1 hour to: ELIZABETH EDWARDS on Colbert Tonight (07-17-2008)!

"We already have a system of Universal Health Care, it's called 'Prayer'....

Ok, cure my ignrance, WTF is a PUMA?

Bush Gives Nancy Reagan the Proverbial Finger, & Bush Stupidity Aids Terror-Bush History,7/18

July 17 Obama 304 McCain will lose and we will pick up even more house and senate seats

A thought I had today about oil prices.

Let us all be thankful for this very lucky break.

ACLU calls for probe of Chertoff over 'terrorist' watch list

Can someone explain the "wide stance" joke to me?

What is with the DU adbot?

U.S. may have waterboarded detainee before getting legal approval.

US Coastguard says Russia beating America to the Arctic

Joblessness reaches 15-yr. high in Illinois

Context Counts

Doing anything Monday?

Vince Bugliosi on CNN

== Here's oil in your eye = By Mark Morford

More of your tax dollars at work

NYTimes cover story on accidental electricutions in Iraq

Michael Savage shows AGAIN what a total putz he is...

"I've never seen a comic book with the phrase 'anal sodomy' in it before."

Mike Malloy read this Jimmy Carter speech tonight

Terrorism Funds May Let Brass Fly in Style

Food: A luxury Item?

please delete

Danes for Obama

Congress Catches the Bus on Public Transportation

I Would like Input and Criticism on my plan to catch tax cheats. (Before I write my Congress People)...

McCain says Social Security is broken and horrible, and smiles when he cashes his SS check...WTF

How long will it take to switch us to alternate fuel sources in real time?

how the neo-cons lost the argument over Iran

WTF??? Terrorism Funds May Let Brass Fly in Style

Dallas' new homeless shelter, The Bridge, off to bumpy start

Top Tyrants: Playing happy families with dictators Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin

Who Killed the Electric Car? (video)

The Onion, January 17, 2001

Truthdig: The Democrats’ Visionary (Mr. Gore)

Thieves drilling into plastic gas tanks

UBS Drops Offshore Banking Services for Americans

Tomato growers slam FDA as salmonella outbreak continues

Bush Sends State Dept 3rd Man To Iran-NOT To Stop War Drums But To Send Oil Prices Down...

Tell me Sauerkrauthammer.....

Are there any family lawyers in the house?

McCain says Obama Europe trip amounts to politics - bwahahahahaaaa

Weeds or Californication?

Oh No! We Could be Losing Our American Catfish

LOL...this campaign ad sums up the state of the GOP

How Long Will Your Doctor Continue Accepting Private Insurance?

Those who are attacking & destroying America are Enemy Combatants...

Electrical Risks at Bases in Iraq Worse Than Previously Said

Editorial: On FISA, Feingold again exudes real patriotism

My country 'tis of thee.......

Glenn Greenwald: The right-wing understanding of Government

According to the Navy Times: Women are 14% of the military but 46% of those ousted for being gay.

This American Family Association poll on Proposition 8 needs a little DU love....

Michele Bachmann Watch, 7/18/08: Squirrels For Bachmann...

Dickhead Drudge is starting the whisper campaign that Obama is "not safe" on this tour....

Olbermann hits back at NYPost: writers and "their boss Rupert Murdoch are sick, sick people"

What would YOU do with $100 million? (Mandela vs. Trump)

Lawyer drops his drawers to show Gitmo detainees treatment

Reuters - Hearing set on imperial Bush presidency - July 25th

As Price of Grain Rises, Catfish Farms Dry Up (food chain)

Massachusetts preps to recognize out-of-state same-sex marriages....Fundies go batshit!

Rapture Ready in a tizzy again ( BlueBear's Thread )

When is a coup not a coup???

Bush History,7/18 Bush Gives Nancy Reagan the Proverbial Finger, & Bush Stupidity Aids Terror

Anyone got a video clip of the N-word discussion on the View yesterday?

Al Gore: A Generational Challenge to Repower America

Have you hugged a revolutionist lately, taken one to lunch, invited (him)(her) in to talk

Dear Michael Weiner: You are a FRAUD, a RACKET and 100% of the time you need to

Dear Michael Weiner: You are a FRAUD, a RACKET and 100% of the time you need to

Florida is broke and will stay that way

Jim Crow And The Nuremberg Laws

Anti-meat ads on Chicago Transit Authority's menu

Rapture Ready in a tizzy again: teen listened to song "I Kissed A Girl"

Maryland State Police added anti-war activists to terrorist/drug-trafficer lists

Chicago Transit Authority considers ripping out seats to pack in more people

Time: 85% of US Unhappy with Economy

Oregon Senate Race: A Toss-Up...

men have liked waterboarding for a long time re: witches

Now that they're standing up, will we stand down? - Today’s Headlines 7/18/08

Russia's energy drive leaves US reeling

The Rude Pundit: A Few Observations from Netroots Nation

The Political Wind Is Blowing.

Girl crime rises 25 per cent

7/15 Election Model: Obama 420EV...2008 Election Fraud Scenario Analysis...Understanding 2004 Fraud

Remember when repubs screamed 'no man is above the law, not even the president'?

I've got the Red State Blues, y'all

Profits Fall for Coca-Cola so Coke is raising its prices after Labor day.

City Leaders Say Curfew A Success

U. S. to Mandela: Happy 90th and You're No Longer a Terrorist

caption Bush & Arnold

Does anyone know if the President is stripped of pardoning powers.....

Reminder: LIVE online - Cenk with Arianna Huffington at 1pm Eastern

Network Anchors Join Obama World Tour, Little Coverage for McCain Travel

Gramm and McBush reconcile - Gramm will continue as McBush's econ adviser

Read This Only If You Enjoy A Bit Of Tin-Foil Now And Then..

the Black Commentator has a great cartoon & a wonderful photo

Two thoughts about torture

McCain Says Al-Qaeda Preparing to Strike Before Election

McCain Says Al-Qaeda Preparing to Strike Before Election

How can we get back at these two rich homophobic scumbags?

GOP cyber-security expert suggests Diebold tampered with 2002 election Georgia

I was watching Andrea Mitchell's interview Petraeus in Baghdad

STEALING AMERICA Vote by Vote PREMIEREs in NYC Aug. 1, 2008

System Builders Relieved As AMD's Ruiz Steps Down

This is Satire

I certainly hope that ALL of you are also getting the ad for "how to lose belly fat"

Donated GPS units give directions to Minnesota troops

When I heard the news that Jesse Helms had died, I remembered this joke from comedian George Wallace

So is McCain referring to Obama as a socialist?

McCain surrogate: ‘The Muslims’ are ‘going to kill us.’»

McCain surrogate: ‘The Muslims’ are ‘going to kill us.’»

Caption Time...

One American will finally be met with "flowers & dancing" by the Iraqis

Happy 90th Birthday Nelson Mandela

What does it say for America when its our own government that is our worst enemy?

U.S. out of Iraq 5 years after Iraqis take lead on security, which could take years. "Someday maybe"

Army to shoot live pigs for medical drill

Col. Ann Wright: The Costs of War: The Parents’ Agony

Dali Lama: "Bush has a lack of understanding of Reality"

No "timetable" for withdrawal of troops but...

Poll: Senate GOP Leader McConnell Barely Ahead In Re-Election Race

Corruption in small populations (like our Congress)

Sen Larry Craig: Don’t let foreigners “jerk us around by the gas nozzle” video link included

Obama ‘Slave’ Shirt Sparks Lawsuit Threat

The Post-Social Contract Generation

The Costs of War: The Parents’ Agony

Billo waxes rhapsodic over Bu$h eulogy for Snow

Are you comfortable with how time has changed your looks?

You want the ONE reason why there may NOT be war in Iran?

House Speaker Pelosi calls Bush 'a total failure'

Hey pres. asshole, face the people & say, "I did not lie us into a war", just do it punk.

Jesse Jackson "paved the way for an Osama bin Laden"?

The patriot/morality test for Shitstain Shoots-Guy-In-Face....

Police spied on peace groups

Some IndyMac Customers Have Trouble Depositing Checks

The REAL REASON behind high oil prices (or Doing the Math):

Glenn Greenwald: The Right-Wing Understanding of Government

The new Batman movie and a reference to FISA

Which Breed Of Dog Is Most Aggressive?

GM shows McSame the Volt (I wish the door)

McCain Campaign Declines To Disavow Top Surrogate's Remarks About "The Muslims"

Air Conditioning Poll

GOP cyber-security expert suggests Diebold tampered with 2002 election

Prius drivers get last laugh

T. Boon Pickens - oil man for alternative energy?

Friday TOON Roundup part 3: War, Beer and other topics..

John McCain, the foreign policy "expert"..

School Children Thrown Under the (Private) Bus

Friday TOON Roundup part 2: McInsane totters on....

Free Energy Efficient Light Bulbs from Citgo

Rep. Olson (R-Minn.Wife-Beater) Won't Run For Reelection

My random worthless musing for the the naming of generations....

Killing terror with kindness (video)

Memorialize the tragedy

What the Democratic Party stands for ?

ANOTHER crane collapse??

An interesting approach to soliciting donations and campaigning.

Yes, MSM, it's a "horserace", alright...

Spice-Rack Favorites Battle E. coli and Other Foodborne Pathogens


So did anyone upset by the New Yorker cover read the Obama article in the issue?

GM, utility group to announce electric car tie-up

Where the Hell is Matt?

What happened to the thread with the lips sewed shut guy?

The surge worked?

Outlawing gangs is proposed (same guy wanted to outlaw pit bulldogs)

Politicizing the census

army paratrooper lands on army band - cnn clip

Vegans & Vegitarians...Become a carnivor again and EAT MEAT...from non-animal source

Ruh-roh, 'it' is going to Crawford......

are karl's five days up?

Can someone answer a question about Rove's subpoena?

So who hopes to one day become a US autoworker or banker?

One in a million: black twin and white twin

There is a real tide turning lately

My sister-in-laws anti-Obama opinion

From now on I shall refer to him as "McCrocodile"

Interviews with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid - December 2010

Care about war with Iran? Easy activist opportunity

When is a timetable not a timetable? When the Bush administration is flip-flopping

Mika B., just STFU already...For crying out loud!

Wow! A patient just brought me two presents:

Now that bush says it time to get out of Iraq what was accomplished?

Bush Shuns Advice to Fire Special Counsel

Got these beautiful pictures in an e-mail today...."striped icebergs"

Is anyone going to the opening of Obama's Richmond office tomorrow?

Economy creates new word: Staycation

...the power to imprison U.S. citizens without charges

Why focus exclusively on working families?

Since I got my new computer, DU is growing nearly impossible to use...

Alcohol costs US Society 185 Billion & Excess weight rivals smoking in its impact on American health

Bush is fighting deforestation one shameful tree at a time

California unemployment rises to 6.9%, LA area rate is 7%, was 5% a year ago

....when bu$h* says he'll reduce troops, at best it would be pre-surge levels

The Gratitude Campaign. Have you seen this?

Ohio Election Lawsuit to be Re-Opened to Protect 08 Election—Discovery to Include Karl Rove Emails

Cheney's Wyoming Address

Please help me find a thread

Freddie Mac CEO got $19.8 million in 2007

California opposes move to ban gay marriage: poll (51 / 42)

Conyers' "investigations" may disallow Bush's war crimes from being redressed at the ICC.


CAPTION Phil Gramm & C***y McCain blowing kisses at each other!

Rachel is slaughtering em on Race to White House. Somebody please make it stop!

Myth of Consensus Explodes, Opens Global warming Debate

Oil markets looking for signs of bubble burst

Office of Special Counsel official quits in protest

AZ Republican Mayor plotted rival’s death, wife tells cops

Phil Gramm, McCain's Financial Advisor, Is Vice Chair of a bank that set up "secret" offshore accts:

Wingnut talking point: "Troop morale is high". What the fuck does that mean?

Breaking on CNN, crane collapse @ oil refinery in Houston kills 4 people,

Don Siegelman launches

Senate Votes To Repeal Ban On Visitors With HIV

do congressmen learn anything when they go to iraq? is it just a dog and pony show?

Watching the Full Moon Rise

Doctor, is my heart strong enough for Sex?

Proposed George W. Bush Sewage Plant makes ballot

Scientists seek: "a vast interdisciplinary effort to further our understanding of how life evolves"

Saw this on a program about outdoor activities in Wisconsin last night..

Air force sought anti-terror funds so generals could fly in "World class" comfort

Suggest new names for DAVID GREGORY'S show... because...

Iglesias: Rove Won’t Testify ‘To Keep Himself From Being Indicted’

Photo: "Give me the bat, Wendy"

Protesting the scumbag war-chimp in Napa Valley yesterday (pics)

Friday TOON Roundup part 1: The Stupid Economy

Nine Republicans Break Party Ranks

I'm Donna Smith from the film SiCKO...

Complicit Dems and Wingnut Conservatives...What's really going on?

Rove : Why he's laughing his ass off.

ok. i see these posts every day. let's strike, let's have a revolution, let's shut it down...

"SEND KARL ROVE TO" SIGN the petition people.

Seen a McCain bumper sticker yet? LOL me neither...and this is TEXAS!

Savage on autism: "A fraud, a racket. ... In 99 percent of the cases, it's a brat who hasn't been

NOW Newsletter - 7.18.08: The Forgotten War

Not sure why I am posting this Optical Illusion, except that maybe it is educational

Wall Street Journal: The Declining Value of Your College Degree

McCain says Obama trip to Iraq soon (McCain jeopardizes Obama's Security)

Veterans for Peace Calls for Week of Impeachment Actions

I am getting tired of defending Obama

Help for Afghanistan "may" be delayed! (video)


West Point Terrorism Expert: Turkish involvement in Terror is 'best kept story'

Zogby Poll: Obama/Powell Ticket Could Bode Well for Democrats

An open letter to Joss Whedon about Firefly

Death of CBS Radio News...Media example...

My response to a right winger who thinks it is "no big deal" that Sen Pat Roberts owns Halliburton

Immigrant's beating death exposes tensions in Pa.

Report: 8,763 vets died waiting for benefits - Army Times

Anyone at DU listen to any shows on

Gary Sick: John Bolton is Right about Iran

Starbucks location Closure List here:

I just visited the website of an advertiser of Thom Hartmann's show. Wow!

Diebold tampered with 2002 election - Larisa Alexandrovna and Muriel Kane

our Grizzly is tough but - - - -

WANTED!!! For Crimes Against Humanity!! If you see this person, proceed with Caution! (may be armed)

How has George W. Bush affected your life?

Hiow about an "Awwww..." moment for the hell of it?

Way To Go Al! Al Franken's latest ad:

What do I tell my children?


GOP Threatens CafePress Over Shirts, Stickers and Logos

Most important news story of the week (ending July 18, 2008)

While Obama is overseas what crap do you expect McCain to pull?

New tax smear against Obama

The U.S. is PRETENDING that bush & cheney aren't war criminal profiteers.

Scam Alert


Finally KO brings up the McCain rape joke from 86. Where is the rest of the media

This is a pretty cool statement "He's a fundraising god," said one political scientist.

Stop The Smears On Obama & Taxes.

* pic to caption

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/17/08 - Obama 44, McCain 42 (O down 1, M up 1)

Senator McCain Isn't Funny, So Stop Encouraging Him

Should we give Limpballs a taste of his own medicine and

Thanks to everyone who can't afford gas with their other expenses

Since some here are the AC police, lets ask them if they have a flat screen TV.

Is McCain guilty of patent infringement?

McCain’s Aches and Pains

Rep. Brad Miller Introduces Contempt of Congress Legislation

After Voting For Education Cuts, McCain Touts Education Reform At NAACP

Ooopsie. McCain Has Worse Afghanistan Hearing Record Than Obama.

Marc Ambinder: For Obama, Who's Being Vetted?

My 77 Year old friend said "That's the Next President"

"Mudcat" Saunders is spot on about Obama -- Campaigning trumps # of field offices

Okay folks, let's face it... This November, we're completely...

Posting a smear about Obama isn't ok just because you slip in the old "I hope this isn't true" line.

"Improve your news": Barack Obama on Media Consolidation

Live Streaming Now from Netroots Nation; Wesley Clark followed by Howard Dean

Live Streaming Now from Netroots Nation; Wesley Clark followed by Howard Dean

The $64,000 Question for the Speaker of the House

Autorank: Loser Taker All - Election Fraud and The Subversion of Democracy, 2000-2008 (2)

New Poll of Nevada: Obama 47% (+5) McCain 45% (no change)

A Name for VP that hasn't been mentioned - MD Governor Martin O'Malley


McCain rape joke?! Where is Geraldine Ferraro the "Fox News Media Warrior Against Sexist Candidates?

NW Progressive blogging of Dean's speech tonight.

Police: Boys Use Taser On Woman, Rape Her

Obama 320 McNasty 204 Tied 14 July 17 also taking house and senate

Are any bloggers going to be on this trip with Obama, anyone know?

My S/O wants to purchase Obama t-shirts but the logos.....

Divine Speech (Michael Sean Winters in TNR on Obama/Religion)

I gave Karl Rove the finger today!

McCain Attended Zero Afghanistan Hearings In Last Two Years

On State's Election Map, Some Areas Are Purple Question Marks

That's it. I'm officially pissed at/concerned with the Obama campaign.

Ever notice that Bob Barr supporters look like Bob Barr?

One sunny day in 2009

And the media says that Barack Obama has no sense of Humor! Well what about....?

OMG Olberman rules!

For the next few days, Obama will be getting a lot of press. I think McSame

McCain having trouble getting the Jesus voters

Hearing-Gate Exposed! McCain Has Worse Afghanistan Hearing Record Than Obama

CBS Chiefs to Face Questions in Dan Rather Suit

LAT: The secret hidden within John McCain's campaign schedule

McCain Tries to Attack Obama ... Hits Hillary

Anyone working on “Energy-Efficient” transportation

Kirk Dillard who is a Republican and a McCain delegate is taking the heat for praising Obama

Crash McCaint: the money scramble.

A Cast of 300 Advises Obama on Foreign Policy; His Own "Mini-State Dept."

How do Non-Americans DONATE to the Obama Campaign?

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/18/08 - Obama 44, McCain 42 (unchanged)

Why isn't McSame's "ape rape" comment all over the teevee news?

Does motivation for posting a thread take away from the meat of a thread?

Good Lord the #s are looking like Obama is gonna crush McCain

One thing about Joe Biden, he sure has Obama's back -

High gas prices: Good or Bad for November?

McCain on gay adoption, another foot in mouth moment......

Anybody know anything about the T. Boone Pickens ads?

McSame insults Hillary Clinton!

What are your thoughts on Obama going to Afghanistan?

ABC news: McCain attended ZERO Afghanistan Senate Hearings in 2 YEARS

I thought the Jib Jab latest animation SUCKED ASS

CNN - No Obama-Gore ticket

the McCain camp seems to be awfully worried about Obama's trip , for people claiming not to care

The dangling of the "you can have your own show" carrot and the

Which McShame advisor is consulting with Rove?

Planned Parenthood's Scorecard on McCain and Obama Re Reproductive Rights

So when do you think we will start seeing the first reports

Just sent my monthly contribution to Senator Obama's campaign....

Pew Research Center...Cell Phones and the 2008 Vote: An Update

Rasmussen 7/18: Obama 44%, McCain 42% (with leaners, 47% to 46%)

Reuters/Zogby: Obama Leads McCain (47% - 40%) & A Four-Way Race Helps Obama

Obama's trip a photo op...?

Help make a Collection of McAnus Flip-Flop Videos for a Compilation

Has Obama retracted or clarified this?

McCain predicts election-related terror in Iraq

"the taking of thought"

Secretary Rice to meet with North Korean counterpart to discuss Nuclear issues

Turnabout is Fair Game: What Would a John McCain ' New Yorker Mag 'Cover Look Like?

Workers World Party formally endorses (Cynthia) McKinney

300 Advisers Shape Obama’s Foreign Policy

The Big Picture: Obama, Dems Likely To Vastly Outpace Republicans In Fundraising

McCain: 'I don’t know' if Obama is socialist

Top Clinton Donors Meet with McCain Camp

you may not remember it you young scamps

Great article by Chicago Trib's Steve Chapman !

California AIP switches national affiliation to new (Alan) Keyes-backed party

The Caster Family and where are their funds coming from?

*** DUzy Awards for week ending July 18, 2008 ***

Send Karl Rove to Jail (New petition)

Clinton Aides buy 2012 Website

so out we went

McCain's next trip to include Czechoslovakia, East Germany

So I turn on the TV to watch Olbermann and the screen is blank

Doing my first Obama canvass this weekend...

Gramm to continue as McCain adviser and surrogate.»

Will the media treat Obama differently after his trip??

A pretty good write-up by Rasmussen on Obama's white "problem".

A pretty good write-up by Rasmussen on Obama's white "problem".

Crying girl darts away from Bush at White House tee-ball game

How is it ok for conservative ELECTED officials to call Democrats socialists...

What the Medieval Warm Period Can Tell us about the Future of Global Warming and World Civilization

No sh*t!: George W. Bush Sewage Treatment Plant renaming qualifies for November ballot

The new MSM "Balance" covering McCain and Obama

THIS is McCain's brilliant response to charges of his own flip flops?

What will McCain do next week to take the spotlight off Obama's trip?

Be-careful -what-you -wish -for Department: John McCain's campaign

Myth of Consensus Explodes: APS Opens Global Warming Debate

The Microscopic ETs are in Bushies Brain...the Aliens are here in our Gov't

What is it about Barack Obama that Jesse Jackson does not like?

State Polls Indicate Obama's Tidal-Wave Potential...

McCain predicts 'spectacular' terror attempts in Iraq

McCain spokesman: 'the Muslims... are going to kill us.'

If Bush, McCain are adopting Obama's foreign policy positions (like it seems)

"If you ask me, there isn’t much suspense in this year’s election:"

David Sirota: In search of the American 'center'

Whoo hoo! shows Obama pulling 325 Electoral votes now!

Hey GOPers .... go ahead ..... attack Michelle Obama ....

Obama just got Sean Hannity...?!

Reminder Of Why Obama (Or Any Democratic Presidential Nominee) Is An Underdog

Obama's summer of success

What will be the most powerful image from Obama's trip?

GOP whistle-blower names Karl Rove and others in election fraud conspiracy

Here's one surge that *is* working - Democratic voter registration trends

McCains revealing Obama is to be in Iraq this weekend could break the campaign wide open....

"News" no longer even tries to pretend it's independent: Exxon- Mobil reads you the news.

So, where's that DU Preparedness Forum? All pro-Preparedness Forum people check in here.

McCain comes out with Negative (and misleading) Obama Ad

"I will, will, will implement......."

Heads up. Dean's speech last night at Austin on at 8:00. Clark's video already posted.

Newsweek: "McCain, Obama and the Millennial Generation"

McCain's Moneyraiser Worked For Mariana Islands

California uses more gasoline than China. Sheeit.....

Obama's Foreign Trip: Yes, He Should

Flip-Flop: McCain Now Opposes Emissions Limits

McCain Forgives Gramm For Calling America "Nation Of Whiners"

Has anyone else been watching "Last Comic Standing"?

Obama Camp Response to McCain Ad

Who wants to join me in a drink?

Eating meat is not inherently unethical or immoral

Good-bye Lionel.

Obama Response to McCain’s “Socialist” Comment“

Who is going to go see Dark Knight tonight?

Call me crazy, but I dont think McSame will be on the ballot in November

Jesus H Christ so if Europeans embrace Obama too much on his trip it's bad?!?

i think this is about the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

McCain plots itinerary in Obama's absence

Obama Campaign Is Making Progress With Evangelical Voters

Hey Hey My My

One sunny day in 2009

NBC does another In-depth Report on Obama vs McCain

The Straight Talk Express should stop and ask for directions.

What is the McCain campaign thinking? Their marketing materials are so old fashioned!

Who would have thought I could revive a dead laptop battery by putting it in the freezer.

Pelosi Secures Her “BUT”

I have seen Michelle Obama's comments about "proud of her country"...

Daniel Burrell (HuffPo): Can America Afford a McCain First Term?

Gallup, 7/16 article: Obama Maintaining Support Among Liberals

Environmental groups slam Obama's pro-coal record (he once voted to condemn the Kyoto protocol)

I saw advanced copies of the Batman movie (WOW!!1!!) No Spoilers

Does anyone remember who did the video with the moving floor

Obama to meet Germany`s chanchellor Angela Merkel next Thursday

Obama's Big Lead in a Big State: California

Ah. McMenamins. If we only had those in California

Lifelong Conservative Activist Is Backing Barack Obama

There are two huge raccoons in my backyard, and the beagle wants to go out.

Darn-Breaking news-Phil Gramm resigns as campaign co-chairman

John McCain is a Traitor to the United States

Rachel mentioned that Obama might NOT speak at the Brandenburg Gate?


The Atlantic is heatin' up...4 areas of activity to watch now....

When do you think we'll be getting coverage of Obama abroad?

Both the kids had their braces put on today.

Nearly 70 percent of Americans say the country is ready for a black president

ok I am NOT posting in greenbriers thread about

What DU'ers do you think are capable of thinking, and perhaps even self realization?

Here's a gif gift for all you PUMA Fighters!

I just heart Elliott Smith's "I Didn't Understand" for the first time.

Fox 13's John Wilson just reported that we have as much oil as Saudi Arabia.

Pics Of My Students At Lambeau Field Yesterday:

Sometimes, nothing's quite like a good old fashioned red pop.

One of the most creative fund rasing efforts ever, join the 3000

uh oh...

Remember how you felt in '04 if Kerry wasn't your original choice?

LynneSin it's time to check Rapture Ready

I hope... she doesn't make him laugh... because his laugh

What do you think Midlo said tonight when she saw the right winger at bunco

Rachel Maddow's transformation... or: I take back what I said about her mole...

Congresswoman DeGette (CO) buys congressional members matching shirts for Convention...

Send questions NOW For Rachel, Arianna Huffington, John Cusack, Cenk and MORE!

Seriously, where are the McCain bumper stickers?

Best Alfred Pennyworth (Live Action)

"Japanese manners squad will force you to give up that seat"

Details About Obama’s Trip Abroad

The Pew News IQ Quiz- take the test


Obama's Electoral Strength Factor Up Six Percent THIS WEEK! (Highest EV Strength YET)


Turn Me On, Dead Man

Nerdiest. Site. EVAH.

Is it even possible to buy bad salsa anymore?

Good for her! - Clinton distances herself from Anti-Obama "Hillraiser"

The Daily Widget – Friday, July 18 – Obama 374, McCain 164 – Scorecard for the Other Side

Can You Separate An Artist from Their Politics?

You know, the world is going be very pissed at us if we don't have a President Obama.

Removing Scratches from CDs and DVDs

Bryan Adams and Foreigner are coming to town.


McCain says Obama's record is to the left of Socialist Bernie Sanders

Cash Cab

Reason #451 why I love XKCD

remember the game "mousetrap"? This blows it away

remember the game "mousetrap"? This blows it away

Earth as seen from Mars

Dammit, I REALLY need to clean my apt. and do my dishes

Nobody here remembers freedom

Is anyone else aware that "You Don't Know Jack" is back online?

The ONLY way the name of this new drug could be any funnier is....

Shadows Of Ourselves

Board shorts are the BEST THING EVER!

The beagle and I are going out into the raccoon-infested backyard.

No Favre isn't "___" of the DNC

I Have Seen

The Shadow of His Smile

Big Sand

People Make The World Go Round

Universal Traveller

Por Do Sol

Yippee Ki-Yay, Harry Whittington!

On Est Ensemble Sans Se Parler -- L.O.V.E.

Traffic alert! If you're headed for the Wilson Tunnel, watch out for some dead whale parts...

Anyone love their lapdance and want to recommend it?

The Rock Lobster earworm has unintended consequences.

Dammit the new Batman movie looks awesome.

Which DU group is best for Punk, Metal, Electronica, Hip Hop, hybrid genres, etc..

I stuffed myself silly again tonight!

Okay, who did it?

Did McCain 'Really ' Just Do That?

Any Mystery Science Theater fans out there?

Do you think the last surviving beatle will start shit-talking the others?

Is "doing a spell on myself" another euphemism?

Any scam-baiters in the hisouse?

I love podcasts

Popcorn Alert: Obama thread on cRapture Ready.

Dear Skinner: Please fire Southpawkicker


Public Toilets for Sale:

Tanzanians love Obama.

Rail Safety Train Runs Over Rail Worker

I'm gonna get flamed in LBN

What's your morning earworm?

Dammit, the male kittehs are killing my garden and I need them to stop it

Keep your powder dry

Family Guy or The Simpsons?


I'm leaving......

What is your Voight-Kampff Type?

Watch out. Lesbianism is in the air.

Deleting this because

My Hero!

David Gregory trying his best to find something Markos Moulitsas disagrees with Obama on

I am SOOOOOOOO glad for the hide thread message

Chocolate Cake In 5 Minutes!

More blue, less red. Not a pretty picture for McSame.

Floating stairways

For those who didn't see Rush on Colbert last night here's the clip

So I just finished the first season of Dexter last night

BREAKING ON HARDBALL! WH Issues a Statement on "GENERAL TIME HORIZON" for Iraq Withdraw!

i can't decide which i hate more...freecell or spider solitaire

Journey to the Center of the Earth

How is everyone tonight?

IQ thread

NYT: Netroots Try To Label Fox News As 'Opinion Media' At Conference: Good Idea?

A chat with Glendora

Al Gore Likely to Host Obama Fundraiser in Nashville

Are they going to do this a billion times?

What movie should I go see this weekend?

34 years and still kicking ass! Rush was AMAZING last night!!!

accountability in education

4:37 of joy and happiness on this Friday morning

If Obi-wan didn't want Darth Vadar to find his kids then why the hell

Harper's: How a gang of right-wing con men destroyed Washington and made a killing

Parachutist lands on band at Kansas military ceremony, hurting 3; and yes, the band played on

Why The GOP Is Seriously Screwed if Obama Wins

Cop fired for threatening "slower emergency response" if refused free Starbucks

Here's your Friday laugh - Dried Fried Ass on the Menu

The ULTIMATE Classic Sitcom WEASEL

Salma is free!!!

Weeds or Californication?

I have just one word to describe The Dark Knight...

Pickle w00t

Elizabeth Edwards pics from The Colbert Report! (cross post from GD)

an addition to the moran lexicon:

My 7 year old junkie

And Obama's VP pick is.....

Wes Clark at Netroots Nation

"Respect" -The Rotary Connection

List terms or phrases you personally came up with.

Why or why do I do such stupid-ass things!!!

Those top Clinton donors meeting with McCain...some guesses who they may be.

I had a weird dream last night.

In honor of Money's #4 pick for best places to live

Hide your children, close your blinds-batton down the hatches!!

Woman wears racist anti-Obama T-shirt, gets her ass kicked

It does not matter how buff he gets...

Hannity Challenges Obama To Co-Host His Fox Show

Anyone else giving only one shit about the Olympics and reserving the second shit until later?

The Home page seems to have gone gray.

A tax question

LeftyKid hax0rs the cable box update: He got a pay per view movie again.

Declaration of a Fat Woman

I always thought "old people" were full of shit when they said...

‘Nerd Girls’ out to prove that beauties can be brainy

So how is it that when I get dressed i see a normal sized girl in the mirror but...

So if Turtlensue thinks I am like a brother in the way I playfully tease her....

jumping shark jumps shark

I can't believe I am turning 30 this weekend!

Finally, a cure for autism

Kermit covers NIN's Hurt

Most annoying toy ever.

My first foray into MS Paint Hell!

My protest sign made the paper up here!

Pictures made with Microsoft Paint

weird video game. 'Again'- fun weird.

Watchmen fans-- the movie trailer has arrived! (link)

two questions for michelle obama

Oh My...I just took 2 of hubby's 7.5 lortabs instead of my 5. I am dizzy

Microwave Sandwich Carton Origami Fun

The Dark Knight is one of the best movies I have ever seen

Salma Hayek = single again.

What in Hades does an SUV have to do with sports?

A poem

How do you use a fork and knife?

Poll: Zoom or Britesmile?

Excellent new musical discovery=Beach House

Does William Shatner shill for a local attorney in your town?

Barenaked Lady busted for coke, riding the white horse.

Shell Beau appreciation thread!

I am taking 12 12 year olds, one 16yo, one 15yo, one 17yo

What is the quintessential 1980s Schlock-Pop song?

Fundies: States targeting "religious believer" pharmacists re: the Morning After pill

I have somethin' that's REALLY gonna make you jealous.

In honor of Mamma Mia being released, what's your favorite ABBA song?

GAAAH the clock part on the alarm clock radio CD player died

Oh, no. One of my local Starbucks is on "to be closed" list.

Girl Scout Camp Marijuana Farm Busted

Anyone here ever read "It Can't Happen Here" by Sinclair Lewis?

Tutankhamun-bound, baby!

A message to LynneSin. I am about to give Sex and the City a compliment. Please pay attention.

When they make a remake of Young Frankenstein, who will play the monster?

Holy mother of god. Why?

Check out my friends' totally adorable music video

Hey DuStrange do you watch CSI?

McCain: Oil Rigs ‘Very Successfully’ Survived the Impact of Hurricanes»

A poem by me.

Is it okay to give human meds to dogs?

I was obviously in a time warp today

Just venting...4 days a go I broke down on the road...with some help I got to a dealership

Soccer Players Restrain Naked Airline Passenger

They made a concert film for Lou Reed's Berlin...

Here I am, shirking my duties at work...

Obama disinvited 'lobbyist' Cleland

Because it is Friday and I need attention...

Most other countries are bi-lingual and use the metric system

I go another DUZY, baby!

Phallic Phriday Photo thread

I'm a DUzy Award Nominee Ask Me Anything!

Jesus Buddha in a disco! I come back from a short hop to the store to THIS!

The hair! The bass!! The weed!!! Rock me, baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My yesterday morning, 24 hours on.


The toilets here at work are very powerful and the sound they make remind me of the beginning of...

I Think That Perhaps Dolphins, Whales, Chimps, Orangutans....

PSA: Nekkid Gardening = Bad Idea

We need a revolution.

Is The Dark Knight worth going to see by myself?

I think Mr. Scorpio just farted!!

Have a brew, it don't cost nothin

"That's Adultery!"

If President Obama asks you to sacrifice something, be it


I'd switch teams for

you are all invited to my pants party

Post a song that makes you feel good

Ohio Attorneys to Assert RICO Claim Against Karl Rove for Orchestrating Theft of 2004 Election

Let's talk METRIC!


Kitten Picture of the Day for Friday, July 18

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD

Elizabeth Edwards pics from The Colbert Report!

When did Freepers invade and conquer Fark?

Live from Netroots Nation in Austin: Markos vs. Harold Ford.

Gallup, 7/18: Obama 45%, McCain 44%

I need medical advice concerning sex and bodily functions.

so i'm new, so what?

"Neurotic's Haiku"

To all my friends who are kitty-cat fans. (get your Kleenex)

Ok, the song Blue Monday by Foreigner.....I must know and I can't find anything

Wii owners - help! Which game is better?

windows vista question:

How many Starbucks are closing in your area?

I've been named to our city's "green" committee! How cool is that?!

Name the GOP incumbent you want to see LOSE their seat the most!

Name the GOP incumbent you want to see LOSE their seat the most!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 7/18/2008)

Anyone else super-duper excited about the Olympics?

Dave the Hen

I'll take a quick thought or prayer, if you feel so inclined

Raise your hand if you were on a train today.

MasterPlanistan is rated number 4

Ever had a summer cold?

We Mississippians aren't happy with Brett, either.

ok_cpu and wife + five

Turtlensue! My home town is the eighth best city to live in the US.

OK, did I just ruin my oven?

Richmond area DUers! Is anyone going to the opening of Obama's Richmond office tomorrow?

Maybe my family is heartless, but this creeps me out.

Tell about a time when the opening act band was better than the band you paid to see.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/18/08

So why aren't YOU reading BlueIris's poetry breaks?

What was the song that enraged parents and clergy when you were in school?

My new Obama bumper sticker got put on today and within 5 minutes I got the bird flashed at me

My Mom Just Died

So this is it; I'm leaving

has anyone ever tried meatcake? (and clean out your dirty little minds right now!)

I have a new career ambition!

HELP! Does anyone have any experience with Mop and Glo and cats?

Fate Overcomes Death

I've been watching the Star Wars movies in order the last few nights.

The first "Watchmen" trailer is out.

Anyone else not give two shits about the Olympics?

flvegan= awesomest boyfriend ever.

I can't believe I am admitting this...

Heath Ledger, Batman, BMW M5 Diamond, cops, etc

"I'm a convicted felon and want to vote in the Presidential election. Can you help me?"

"I'm a convicted felon and want to vote in the Presidential election. Can you help me?"

News 8 Austin video...TX GOP furious about Dean being there in TX.

What year did you graduate high school? And did you learn to drive in high school?

Concerning amputations, I have a question.

Overall, was high school a good or bad time for you?

Radio Lady Reviews Movies: "The Dark Knight" (Opens 7/18/08)

I hesitate to ask this, but what the hell...

What was your earliest memory?

lizziegrace is being mean to me :(

dark knight: BAD ending.

A burned baby bear needs help!

What is your Myers-Briggs Type?

Hearing-Gate Exposed McCain Has Worse Afghanistan Hearing Record Than Obama

A burned baby bear needs help!

Lou Dobbs polls

Cambodia-Thailand dispute worsens (Update - weapons drawn)

Chertoff: European terrorists trying to enter US

As Govt teeters, India to tell IAEA why it's a big deal

Electrical Risks at Bases in Iraq Worse Than Previously Said

EU plans 'spare' 1bn for Africa

Four cleared over Madrid bombings

Methodists endorse Bush library at Texas school

Al-Qaida draws more foreigners to Afghan war

Dallas' new homeless shelter, The Bridge, off to bumpy start

Chertoff: European terrorists trying to enter U.S.

Myth of Consensus Explodes: APS Opens Global Warming Debate

Nelson Mandela Turns 90, Celebrates With Family Near Birthplace

Majority in poll rejects gay marriage ban

McCain Surrogate Fiorina Meets With Clinton Supporters

NATO force denies Afghan civilian casualty report

Office of Special Counsel second-in-command quits in protest

Judge Tells Reporter To Explain Spy Story

U.S. and Iraqi forces mulling new offensive on Falluja

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. and Iraq call for deal on 'general time horizon' for American troop withdrawals

Poll: Obama backers are more excited than McCain's

Florida job losses fuel gloomy forecast

Formal calls for probe into (CNN) reporter's name on no-fly list

Police Spied on Activists In Md.

Report: Bush assassination plot?

U.S. blasts jail conditions (Chicago)

McCain receiving Social Security benefits

Contract Mess: Bogus Firms Qualify for Federal Program

Police officers attacked by mob over litter row

Freed Lebanese prisoners vow to fight Israel

S.African to replace U.N. rights chief

Bush, Maliki Agree on 'Time Horizon' for U.S. Troop Withdrawals

EPA: U.S. Summers to Get Hotter and Deadlier Due to Climate Change

US faces global funding crisis, warns Merrill Lynch

Florida willing to get tough over oil drilling ban

Feds look to tighten English law for truckers

As Price of Corn Rises, Catfish Farms Dry Up

GOP cancels state convention; panel to pick Nevada national delegates

Tax havens closed as Lowy files revealed

Boehner Says Economy Surprisingly Strong, Rejects Stimulus Plan

Voinovich Finds Gore's Energy Speech 'Ridiculous'

Bush, Maliki discuss 'time-frame' for Iraq security transfer

FAA restricts airspace for RNC

Investors burned in auction-rate meltdown

McCain says Obama trip to Iraq soon (McCain jeopardizes Obama's Security)

Chertoff: European terrorists trying to enter US

Occidental Petroleum on Trial in Colombia Tribunal: Steelworkers Demand Justice for Trade Union Murd

US inflation quickest in 17 years

McCain: We Have ‘Succeeded’ in Iraq

Electrical Risks at Bases in Iraq Worse Than Previously Said

(US) Government says it can hold captured teen fighters

Proposed George W. Bush Sewage Plant makes ballot

Investigation of Iraq IG Ends With No Charges (Stuart Bowen)

Democrats press Gates, KBR on poor electrical work

U.S. and Iraq Agree to Goals for Troop Cuts

House Republicans Block Democratic Effort on Oil Leases, Calling the Bill a Sham

AT&T mistakenly announces free Wi-Fi for iPhone users...again

Phil Gramm Stepping Down as McCain Co-Chair

'It's gonna be a bloodbath,' fallen soldier told father

Terrorism Funds May Let Brass Fly in Style


GOP cyber-security expert suggests Diebold tampered with 2002 election

Oil lobbyists convinced White House to drop environmental regulation plans

US CREDIT-Large defaults could test (the $62 Trillion) CDS market

Voters to decide: Bush memorial sewage plant?

McCain: States should set fuel efficiency marks

McCain Says Al-Qaeda Preparing to Strike Before Election

Opponents keep up fight against Bush library at SMU

Crane Accident Kills 4

Hillary Clinton Rips Bush Abortion Proposal

North Korea's "Hotel of Doom" wakes from its coma

Conservative Oklahoma Politician Brent Rinehart's Comic Book Targets Foes

N.H. will accept free oil from Chavez after all

Mukasey Rejects Inquiry(no special counsel to investigate *admin officials that approved torture)

Army to shoot live pigs for medical drill

McCain missed Afghanistan hearings for 2 years

Israel makes arrests in alleged plot against Bush

Fitzgerald says Rove was trying to fire him during CIA leak probe

U.S. hits weight marker: 1 in 4 officially obese

Oil prices tumble in biggest weekly drop ever

Obama to Speak at Berlin Victory Column, Berliner Zeitung Says

Hard Day on the Planet - Loudon Wainwright

COUNTDOWN: McCain is one sick Bastard


MUSIC VIDEO: Rock Me Sexy Jesus (Singalong Version)

Kucinich introduces Resolution for Impeachment of Bush

Will Congress listen? IMPEACH NOW! Bush is a Threat to Peace

Can you smell what Barack is cooking?

COUNTDOWN: Countdown: McCain Campaign Complaining About Media Coverage

A Casey Porter film on LOB bombs in Iraq

Obama - A Different Kind Of Interview - Part 3 of 3

Pope hails Aborigine apology

Obama - A Different Kind Of Interview - Part 2 of 3

TYT: Associated Press Is Heading In A New Direction. But Is It The Right One?

Wes Clark speaks about the "Right Wing Freak Machine" at Netroots Nation

Tom Delay Fingerprinted Oct 21, 2005. Nancy Pelosi, what have you done since?

Ron Paul vs. Ben Bernanke

Keepin' It Real: UHW Members Rock SEIU's Sham Hearing

NN08 : Howard Dean July 17, 2008 Rally Netroots Nation (1/2)

Teflon John: McCain gets free pass from MSM

Crimanimalz - Freeway Ride III

Voices from Fairfax, VA

Word on the Street: Denver Digs New Thurs. Night Site

Senator Joe Biden CNN's American Morning July 16, 2008

Naomi Klein vs Fox Business News

COUNTDOWN: Worst Person In The World "Billo The Clown"

Time for Some Campaignin'

Obama - A Different Kind Of Interview - Part 1 of 3

Michelle Obama & Jeannie Ritter Co-Chair Del. Service Day

Washington state GOP attacks Michelle Obama

Obama's sister stumps in Tampa, Florida

Send Karl Rove To Jail

Al Franken's latest ad: "Let's Invest in America"

(VP Nominee?) Tim Kaine stumps for Obama at the Virginia J-J Dinner, February 9, 2008

Girl runs from Bush

TYT: Does It Bother You To Find Out A Celebrity You Like Votes Republican?

Red State Update: McCain Can't Work Internet

New Al Franken for Senate commercial:

Masters Of War (Bob Dylan - 1963)

Ray McGovern: September/October Surprise?

(Happy Birthday!) Mandela's journey to 90 amazes

World migration body laments conditions for displaced Iraqis

Pentagon documents sought in Pat Tillman probe

Ashcroft faults '02-'03 torture memos, Former Justice chief says it wasn't hard to withdraw opinions

Who spread false tales of heroism? (NYT via San Gabriel Valley Trib)

Administration Wanted Loyalist As Justice Dept. Legal Adviser

The right-wing (warped) understanding of Government

McCain-As-War-Hero Myth

Reasons mount to set withdrawal timetable (Des Moines Register Editorial)

Gasbags by E.J. Dionne, Jr. Will Dems listen to Al Gore?

The 'Hunt' Oil Deal Nobody Wants to Talk About

Saudi-Russian Military Cooperation

Canadians fear Afghan role not 'peacekeeping'

The Dark Side of the Toyota Prius

Dianne Feinstein: The distraction of offshore drilling

Friday Talking Points (39) -- Republican Elitism Edition

Obama shifts stance on environmental issues

Gore Urges Change to Dodge an Energy Crisis

Using Bombs to Stave Off War

Is America ready for Obama? Maybe not, if the recent New Yorker cover is any indication.

McCain Offers Justification for 'Joke,' Asserting HE Was Raped By an Ape

Scientists seek: "a vast interdisciplinary effort to further our understanding of how life evolves"

National Propaganda Radio has really sunk to a special low

Firefighter rescues tiny injured bear from Moon Fire

Controversy water over the dam (Fort Halifax dam finally breached, Maine)

Texas approves massive wind power connection project

Scientists at Arctic research station take pulse of the warming Earth

Science - More Antarctic Icebergs Means Greater Scouring Of Seabed, Home To 80% Of Area Biomass

Shelby plans Tesla killer rollout for 2009

Purdue panel finds misconduct by fusion scientist

Chesapeake Bay Also On Track For Record-Setting Dead Zone This Summer - AFP

Text of Gore Speech: or, Damn this sounds familiar...

Washington State - Crop Residue May Be Too Valuable To Harvest For Biofuel, Even If Cellulosic Works

NSIDC 7/17 - A Different Pattern Of Sea Ice Retreat - Update On Arctic - Interesting!

Evil Liberals! All-Powerful Environmental Radicals! It's ALL THEIR FAULT!!!!!

China Commits $1 Billion To Six-Lane Highway Around Main Nigerian Oil Port - AFP

For those interested

UK Gov Admits It Will Miss 2010 Carbon Targets, "Badly Underestimating" C Output

EnerDel/Argonne Advanced High-Power Battery for hybrid electric vehicles

The Nimbkar Agricultural Research Inst has been developing Sweet Sorghum for years (it takes work

Scientists Produce Plasma in Korean Fusion Reactor

watch Garbage Island

Switchgrass May Mean Better Soil (USDA ARS research)

Venezuela (Citgo) to Give Energy-Saving Light Bulbs to Low-Income U.S. Communities

Environmental groups file suit against EPA

City tests out new hybrid trash truck

$462 million dollar industry decimated by biofuels; 10,000 jobs lost.

ethanol stove for rural areas in India - great health benefits to be gained from its use.

Peak oil is a done deal

NAS Estimates Hydrogen Car Fuel Network & Total Research Costs - $200 Billion

Iraq's al-Qaida fighters now `furtive terrorists'

A burned baby bear needs help!

Nation’s Largest Net-Zero Energy, Residential Community– Launches in Colorado

Deadly tension on the roads — cars vs. bikes

Bank executives' comp played part in meltdown, says bank group

UBS exec admits bank's sham tax shelters broke U.S. law

Wal-Mart's Wages Rise in China; "Rollback" in U.S.

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/18/08

End of illusions

States battle mortgage foreclosure threat

Congress to hold hearing on ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

Appeals Court Asked To Deny Public Funding To Childcare Agency

The bullying bill is dead

You should learn the name of the new Poet Laureate of The United States.

Calif. Pastors Defy Church, Marry Gay Couples

By law, not a hate crime

Field Poll : Majority of California Voters Oppose Proposition 8

Was Jesse Helms a Cross Dresser?

Anti-Gay Group Boycotting McDonalds Holds Press Conference and The Press Doesn't Show up

Dad tries to beat "the gay" out of son with baseball bat:

Thousands Across UC Leave Work For Picket Lines, Basic Campus Services Short-Handed

SEIU Global Day Of Action Urges End of Tax Loopholes For “Buyout Billionaires”

Dell hit by class action over unpaid overtime (6 US call centers)

AFT Convention Endorses Conyers National Health Care Bill

Journalists Protest Baltimore Sun Job Cuts

Economic Report: 70% Of American Workers Feel Burned Out

Today in labor history July 18 Hospital workers ended a 113-day strike

No Friend of the Workers

Bayonne wants union labor in projects

U.S. Businessman Questioned in Olmert Corruption Case

Children are paying the price of injustice

Minister claims Israel threatening Lebanese by phone

Using Bombs to Stave Off War (Benny Morris)

Israel makes arrests in alleged plot against Bush

Shalit talks deadlocked as Hamas hangs on to 'asset'

Israeli experts say many Lebanese are not celebrating

A kidnapping in the valley

Israel threatens West Bank village with expulsion

The new Lebanon

Talks Signal Mideast Shift

Oaxaca: After the Barricades (#4)

Nicaragua president open to FARC talks

BOREV: US Battles Left in Central Am: Will Magic Laptop Tip the Scales?

Occidental Petroleum on Trial in Colombia Tribunal: Steelworkers Demand Justice for Trade Union Murd

Workers at Drummond coal mine in Colombia go on strike

Wow is David Duval ever fat???

Full circle-here is how to resolve the Favre situation so everyone wins

Heard on ESPN radio today that the Washington Nationals average 9000 households...

How long until Vinny Testaverde shows up in the Dolphins' camp?

Why Yankees won't sign Bonds

The change has started and is becoming more obvious

Esoteric blog you may like:

Prayers and blessings and Mayan Fire Ceremony (August)

Ok. This is FREAKING me out.

Noticed a lot of LUNACY today;

Cave Man

FreeWillAstrology is brilliant this week.

The universe giveth, the universe taketh away.

Biden -> DeMint letter on the whole Obama holding hearings nonsense

video of Biden over in that forum - cnn morning 7/16

BIDEN Issues Statement on the Arrest of Malaysian Leader Anwar Ibrahim

Am I wrong here?

BIDEN Statement on Bush-Maliki Agreement on 'Time Horizon' for Troop Reduction in Iraq

Blue Shield sued for allegedly lying about its coverage

A Sad Day: Olympians Tout Botox

Self delete...wrong forum

2 Calif. health insurers to pay $13M for dropping clients

Fairview Health Services could leave Blue Cross (Minnesota) network

Most don't understand ER doctor's order

I need some - tripod - advice please

Checking Out My New Lens........

what do you guys think of this?

vote in EPA photo contest

Tofu 'may raise risk of dementia'

2nd Amendment political cartoon by David Fitzsimmons,Arizona Daily Star, Tucson AZ

Can I use eggplant and summer squash for shish kebab?

NASA Spacecraft Shows Diverse, Wet Environments on Ancient Mars

Water 'widespread' on early Mars

Grunting fish yield vocal clues

How a semiautomatic pistol operates

The Earth-Luna System - Dance seen from 31 MegaMiles away

Under what conditions would electricity and magnetism become separate forces?

For those of you who have spent any time in a lab--this is funny.


A Founder of the Religious Right has matured and written a book

Lawyer's Home Vandalized For Views On Religious Liberty

Is "radical Islam" really all that different than Christianity?

A Question on Wind Turbines.

The Searl Effect Generator. Is this thing just an elaborate scam?

Senator Kerry "talks" tax evasion.

Instant headache

Mid-Cities Democrats Ice Cream Social with David Sirota- Sun. 7/20 @ 3:00PM

It's that stormy time of year again

Anyone familiar with eMmule for file sharing? nm

The latest Firefox update has me stuck in an infinite loop.

Wifi... DSL... cable... I'm so confused!

Maintaining a web page - can I learn to take it over?

Great turn out at the Obama State Headquarters Grand Opening!

Fairview could leave Blue Cross network

What Right-Wing Bloggers Are Thinking These Days...

Rod Grams wants to puke over GOP candidates

I donated $250 to the Al Franken campaign this month. Prominent Christian conservative takes over Tory research

Election commission is challenged to explain voting machine accuracy

Election theft disguised as the "Bradley effect"

RAW STORY: GOP Expert Suggests Diebold Tampered with 2002 Election

STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote PREMIERE = Aug. 1, 2008, NYC

GOP whistle-blower names Karl Rove and others in election fraud conspiracy (X)

Police officers attacked by mob over litter row

Re: Tanker incident in Marinette County

Poll indicates congressional race between Rep. Steve Kagen, John Gard could be close

I Made The New York Times Today! (Posted This In GD Too), Couldn't

Bible, watermelon stop stray bullet.