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"That's Adultery!"

Going to Iraq isn't as important as the character of our President.

Will the Ohio General Assembly Give Men the Final Decision about a Woman's Reproductive Health Care

Another no-bid FEMA contract, maybe?

John Bolton: "Intellectual Collapse".


What does it say about the GOP...

27 things by George Carlin

Speaking of cable moves - DirecTV moved one of my favorite channels

In other news

If one more of our Troops Die It's Blood On Your Hands Nancy Pelosi!!!!

If one more of our Troops Die It's Blood On Your Hands Nancy Pelosi!!!!

PHOTO: Doctor Pianist Secretary of State Skater Oil Tanker Namesake Rice at Press "availability"

NYC DA Subpoenaed Political Bloggers to Shut Them-up.

KS Gov Sebelius wants conservative Dem senator out of state senate

Moran (literally!) steals old growth trees, gets year in jail.

Here's a surprise: Jimmy Carter was on George McGovern list for VP in '72

Terrorism Funds May Let Brass Fly in Style

Anybody else watching video vigilante...

Look, my friends, I'm using the computer CRT thingy...and the hamster!

How do journalists feel about being turned from reporters into PR people?

Congresswoman Linda Sanchez: Why Karl Rove Should Go To Jail

Big box blight......

Here is a page to contact the House Judiciary members- DEMAND they issue a warrant for ROVE.

McCain: Oil Rigs ‘Very Successfully’ Survived the Impact of Hurricanes

Anyone But Me Have Problems With Huffington Post?

Blues in the Night: Big-band singer Jo Stafford dead at 90

The Anatomy Of A Smear Campaign.

Condi, you rascal...

Excellent Article in Harpers: How a gang of right-wing con men destroyed Washington...

To our uber-admin guys!

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

CNN - U.S. sticking with tough stance on Iran negotiations (while meeting w/ N Korea)

BREAKING NEWS: Magnitude 6.6 quake hits east coast of Japan. Tsunami warning issued

Could this be the end of Ted "bridge to nowhere" Stevens???

BS ?? Karl Rove named in "ELECTION FRAUD CONSPIRACY" by Mark Crispin Miller

caption Condi

Caption McCain ---->

Protections restored for N. Rockies wolves

state video tax fairness act

Guess Who's Coming to the Impeachment

1967 Shelby GT500.

It's time to get in their faces...

What we need to do to get President Obama

Senate Seat Update Democratic Increase between 4-9

David Baerwald's Stranger - One of the BEST fan created pro-troop, anti-war videos...

Caption this picture! W, DiFi, Aaaaahnold, and some guy who's supposedly our congressman

Anyone read "Replay" by Ken Grimmwood?

Pope apologizes for clergy sexual abuse

McCain backtracks, says he meant al-Qaeda would interfere with Iraq elections, not US

2 Ideas for political cartoons

Former Tenn. state senator convicted in corruption (John Ford)

At the pump I offered up a lil prayer of thanks that gas hasn't hit $4/gal in Clayton, NC

We really need to protect Medicaid

OK, which one of you called Washington Journal about KBR and being electrocuted

Anyone watch Bill Moyers and William Grieder on PBS ?

The AFA Has a Gay Old Time (just for fun)

An Interview with Gen. Time Horizon

Ohio Attorney Files Motion to Lift Stay in Ohio Case of King Lincoln Bronzeville v Blackwell

I do not know what it is going to take to wake you people up.

6 Days Until Hearings on the Imperial Presidency.

6 Days Until Hearings on the Imperial Presidency.

Is this our Democratic Party?

Harold Ford Heckled Over Fox Comment At Netroots Nation

Rep. Weldon (R-PA) Took Trip Paid For By Russian, Serbian Moguls

"More substance, please"

Iraq Leader Maliki Supports Obama's Withdrawal Plans

Mock Trial of Karl Rove: Va Beach, VA, 7_18_2008 (video)

OK, now I'm REALLY fucking angry. Why the FUCK are my tax dollars being used

An open letter to Ms. Pelosi

Daytona Beach cop fired for demanding free coffee

line-up for today's 'This is Hell!' -- begins at 10am EDT

Just when you thought the RW couldn't get crazier our FReeper friends set a new standard

delete dupe

McPrince and the Pauper go to School (John McCain's voucher proposal)

McCain Announces His Own International trip!

We don't need no education: Buyouts offered for nearly 300 UNLV faculty and staff

We don't need no education: Buyouts offered for nearly 300 UNLV faculty and staff

Alaska Governor Palin In Trouble Over Firing and Family Squabble Gone Public

President Gore calls on the nation to develop renewable energy alternatives...

I just found this 2006 study of Ohio 2004

Debit cards won't get you the "cash only" prices at the gas pump

Dave Lindorff: I Was a Victim of the Government’s Absurd and Over-Hyped War on Terror

On George Bush's Train Of Thought...

Seven years today


U.S.-Iraq Pact May Spur Democrats

I am searching for an analogy.

Moonies founder 'hurt in crash'

Political Dilemma (calling all dems)

Talk about wishful thinking! LOL

Iraq says new hotel to be investment milestone

Iraq Leader Maliki Supports Obama's Withdrawal Plans

Late summer in beautiful Northern Michigan with Michael Moore and lots of movies (and Madonna too)

Paul McCartney Joined Billy Joel For The Closing Of Shea Stadium

GOP House hopeful criticizes Boehner

July Photography Contest Now Open- The Theme is Light and Darkness

Clinton vows to fight "insulting" abortion plan

DU this poll

Smithsonian and Library of Congress EXEMPT from Freedom of Information Act laws:

Bush Radio: Thanks to the economic growth package we enacted, American families have more cash

Oddly, "time horizon" is an INVESTMENT term, referring to how long you plan to keep that investment.

Gas tax holiday talk dies; Congress eyes increase instead

Is this for real? A bill in Canada that would fastrack phramaceuticals and limit natural remedies.

Western powers start talks with Iran on nuclear dispute

I am heartbroken and damned angry because of how these dogs were treated:

Gone: 3,500 Newspaper Jobs In Two Months, $3.9B In Newspaper Stock In Two Weeks

Jane Mayer, "The Dark Side" on C-Span2 book TV

those 10,000 dead new-born penguins are washing on shore in Argentina

Congressman warns of "chaos about to be unleashed" on economic and political system by globalist

Bush "Appalling" Attack on Environment & Bush "Love" Attack on Merkel-Bush History,7/19

South Carolina Senator says that opposing social conservatism is the same as opposing free speech

An oil bumper sticker I saw today

'Some' tragic cases involving soldiers back from war

Eric Alterman: I Read the News Today... Oh Boy

Was Ahmet Yildiz the victim of Turkey's first gay honour killing?

I don't want to be the one to tell Thom Hartman... do you?

Florida loses 78,000 jobs -- worst in U.S.

Uncomfortable Answers to Questions on the Economy

Immigrant's Beating Death Exposes Tensions in Pa.

Hacker Runs Up $15K Phone Bill At Library

D.C. Homeland Security Chief Predicts Chaos in Event of Nuke Attack

29 years wasted

When Politicians Commit Crimes, They Must be Punished

Man arrested for videotaping 'Dark Knight'

Freddie chief jackpot

Lawrence Lessing keynote: NetrootsNation conference ongoing with live streaming video

Billboard displays burning World Trade Center with slogan, 'Please Don't Vote for a Democrat'

Library bucks extreme religious right; will keep linking to "immoral" site

Already censored article of prosecutors fighting Brent Wilkes' "secret benefactor"'s bail

A "general time horizon" versus "a light at the end of the tunnel"

Does the fact that it's against the law to possess drugs keep people (or you) from getting them?

Reenactment of the bu$h administration

Today's McC campaign scandal: "McCain's Moneyraiser Worked For Mariana Islands"

Are the DNC and RNC reading from the same script??!!!??!!??

Make the Pie Higher - by George W Bush

Takeovers Captivate Ecuador (U.S. Manta Air Base "host")

NYT: Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt

Iraqi PM Supports Obama's Withdrawal Plan

No Laughing Matter

Tropical storm strengthens near Carolinas

Felons (including Randy Cunningham) Seeking Bush Pardon Near a Record

Do you admire the loyalty of Republican voters??

PUMA - What is it??? Google tells me it is a shoe shopping outlet

Live Feed Of Pelosi At Netroots Nation

The Nation: Al Gore Makes Surprise Visit to Netroots Nation

CNN's MLK Disinformation - Tonight 8:30 Central.

My Neighborhood in the NATIONAL Political Spotlight!

One answer to the high cost of gas - but it could cause some problems

As wars lengthen, toll on military families mounts

Need help with a home built wind mill alternative power offer

You can write every filthy word and get away with it on this forum but mention

Greenwald: Political harmony v. the rule of law: an easy choice for the political establishment

I don't understand the need for ritualistic nationalism before sporting events

Six people shot in DC last night.

I have to stop getting so pissed

White House forwards praise from al-Maliki for Obama's plan

did you know that condoleeza rice was a chevron director from 1991 to 2001?

Al Gore at Netroots Nation!

Wow. How did I miss this?

Reader regrets losing son in Iraq - LTTE

Ok, it's ancient history, but how close was Ted Kennedy to getting the nomination in 1980??

Caption this pic - Wait, it already is

Hey NH & MA & ME & CT? You're under a Severe T-Storm Watch until 9 PM est

Pretty Funny MoveOn Video--It's All In Your Head

Jane Mayer ("The Dark Side") on C-SPAN2 at 8:30am EDT

Here's the video: Rachel Maddows Schools Noah Oppenheim

bu$h* gives iran two weeks....then what?

Status Report: Netroots Nation vs. Wingnut Wanking

Economic model followed by Wal-Mart and other big-box retailers is no boon for the middle class

We use "lied" and "misled." What is wrong with "deceived?"

I hope that DUers have read Alice Miller's books; they shed light on the behaviour of BuchCo

What living people whom you've not met would you most like to?

Purdue University panel finds misconduct by fusion scientist

Question on Social Security Part B

The GOP Threatens To Sue Its Supporters

Millionaires don't know crap about the economy

Went to PU son at work yesterday... Gas was $4.05; came back- Gas was $4.03 in SW MA!

Dark Humor

Link to pictures of President in waiting Barack Obama in Kuwait.

N.E. Revolution Heroes Help Subdue Naked Man On Plane

Here's an interesting letter from Iraq:

Price of gas in oil rich Venezuela: $0.12, Saudi Arabia: $0.91, Lime Village, Alaska: $8.55

Newsweek: An Empty Seat and An Exotic Getaway (KKKarl Rove)

Take the news IQ quiz

Gaith Rashad Pharaon

Clear pictures of the tanker Condoleeza Rice before it was renamed Altair Voyager

To Impeach or Not To Impeach?

Karl Rove's visit protested in Va. Beach

Can you believe john mc bush has only been to Iraq 9 times? Unpatriotic jerk.

Wow-being above the law is so cool! Can we do that too?

Gramm "quit" McCain b/c the bank he Chairs was busted this week for PROMOTING offshore TAX FRAUD!

Remember Bush wanting to psych test every American?

NY Times: Uncomfortable Answers to Economic Questions

Baptist church planned semiautomatic assault rifle giveaway to encourage teens to attend church

So Democrats whined phil gramm out of a job, what power we have!

Voter Fraud... It's that time again...

i'm sick and tired of the washington post having headlines like this daily....

Nurture Vs Nature Heads To Court

It's the rules: Utah to vote for Romney

United Methodist Church delegate pushing for appeal of Bush library decision.»

Look at this map. JULY 19 Obama 312 McNasty 199. We have picked up 7 states OH and NV among them

Ed McMahon to sue hospital, party host

SOA Watch prisoner of conscience publishes memoirs of prison

"The middle class is disappearing," says (Bernie) Sanders.

'if he fails or fumbles...make or break trip to small mistake on the world stage'

Details of the Next McCain Trip Abroad are Revealed !

Let's remember: Bush is merely a symptom, not the disease.

ThinkProgress post removed on advice of lawyers?

Should we have to elect more federal officers?

Graph of gas prices for the last 6 years

Court ruling: Pot smell isn't cause to arrest everyone in a car

HuffPo: "Oops: WH Accidentally Sends Reporters Story On Iraqi PM Backing Obama Withdrawal Plan"

The Great Photoshop War of 2008

"Coddling Our Crybaby Corporations" by Bobbo

Five-star hotel planned for Baghdad (Green Zone)

Don't Iraq Iran (***BIG and GRAPHIC***)

Does regular exercise help you cope in these troubled times?

VFP meeting with Chairman of Judiciary Committee, Rep. Conyers is CANCELLED

Strength of US evangelicals is one of the big myths of our time

Isn't It Interesting How Quick Gas Prices At The Pump Go Up With The Slightest.......

"It's a Class War, Stupid"

Family Values: Father violently chases gay son from home

The Onion mocks media coverage of Barack Obama

WP: McCain lies about flip flopping on Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

"Things younger than John McCain" is now a book

Just thinking out loud...

McCain in KC -- trashes Obama's voting record, clashes with his Missouri state campaign chair

Media Matters pulverizes new McCain ad about Obama going to Afghanistan

Nobody could have anticipated 9/11. Nobody.

Let's have an end to the wannabe's, chip on your shoulder government.

McCain Leaks Details Of Obama's Iraq Trip

Oh no! Gramm quit.

McSame's potential VP choices

Urge the Obamas to adopt a homeless dog

McCain on Conan on now

JOHN MCLAME: Always Had A Reputation For Being As HORNY As A Three-Balled Tomcat.

SNOPES ALERT: "Them Demmicrats iz milkin' us dry!"

I just got a call from the Obama campaign

I have a question for Mr John McCain!

I smell desperation ...

Are you guys watching this republican on with Keith?

John McCain’s Perfect 10

Political Compass numbers check-in

Pew Report : People around the world expressing confidence in Obama and change for the better

NYT on Gramm's resignation...

The question for McCain is "whether he will continue to keep the economic plan that Gramm authored."

Obama's goodie bag

Why is there no mention of the most reprehensible car ever on DU?

Is it legal for a Republican ad to take out the word "really" when Michelle Obama

Did anyone see Bill Moyers last night, about the mortgage crisis?

Why did McCain pick - as his ECONOMIC GURU - a patron of Enron, sub-prime lenders & tax cheats?

So where does McCain think he will be next year? lol.

McCain only raked in $16.4 million in June

Indigenous grandmas nearly kicked out of Vatican

Murray says Bush, GOP block energy solutions (radio address)

Why is it everytime I blast McCain in GDP, someone comes in and reminds me he was a POW?

'RATS' redux: Subliminal anti-Obama message in McCain ad?

Conservative Group to Air Anti-Obama Ads (Rove operative; replay of the flip flopper meme)

Obama's Record in the Illinois State Senate

Email from Novack pretty much says stay the course , smear Obama

McCain leaks details of Obama trip to Iraq... SERIOUS security breach.....

Zimbabwe introduces $100 billion banknotes

Obamania grips Europe ahead of visit by "John Kennedy of our time"

Air-Powered Car Coming to U.S. in 2009 to 2010

McCain backer's comments anger Muslims

Iraqi PM backs Obama troop exit plan: report

In casee you missed it, PUMA People: Hillary Clinton rejects and denounces your position.

I Received The Following In An E-Mail This Morning From A ........

Moonie Times: Wheels are coming off McCain's campaign

I got a job - and ....

The one photo op that the McCain campaign does not want ?

Obama in Afghanistan (Pictures)

Talk about a missed photo op!!

McCain is winning – in Israel

Senator McCain, do you disagree with the leader of Iraq, Maliki?

Apologize if not new, but MSNBC just said that Iraqi PM agrees with Obama's plan for withdrawal.

Obama Arrives in Afghanistan -- Pool Report

"Obama's surrounding himself with all the appeasers from the Clinton years-the ones who got us in

Greed is more deadly than terrorism

Strength of US evangelicals is one of the big myths of our time

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/19/08 - Obama 43, McCain 41 (both down 1)

Anne-Marie Slaughter on the Obama Doctrine

McCain out of touch with his own run for president

Top McCain Fundraiser has Abramoff Ties

Newsweek - Ad Hawk: Bon Voyage, Barack!

Susan Rice of the Obama Campaign responds to Maliki's support for withdrawal plan

Time Horizon = Time Line - An Horizon is a line.

McCain Collects His Social Security Checks. Why Shouldn’t We?

GREAT Billboard in Duluth, MN

The most difficult subject. But this week has brought it up to me.

Is it just me or does the Obama camp seem to be letting McCain bring the fight then not respond

Obama office in Wisconsin vandalized with pro-McCain graffiti

Anyone thought about leaving the country if McCain god forbid wins?

The Evolving Role Of The Vice President (NPR this morning)

CBS Analysis Race Between Obama and McCain shows "Extraordinary Enthusiasm Gap"

Obama visits Afghanistan to tour war zone

Have you seen a MCCAIN 2008 bumper sticker yet?

Thank you PM of Iraq?

Smart for Obama to go to Afghanistan first

Obama Memo Flexes Foreign Policy Muscle (Obama Leading on Foreign Policy, McCain Following)

The mother of all photo ops

Wha? Maliki supports Obama's withdrawal plan? Hasn't he talked to our commanders on the ground yet?

Al Gore on "a position in a hypothetical Obama administration"..."I don't think it's the best idea"

NY Daily News: Clinton aides have bought numerous sites with "2012" in them to prevent mischief

Obama Memo Flexes Foreign Policy Muscle

I think the slight drop in the polls for Obama is related to the Republican push for more drilling

At the Democrats' party, a Pentecostal minister

John McCain: Out of Touch on Women's Health

Energy czar?! Repub against off-shore drilling...

Obama Leads on Iran and Iraq – Bush and McCain Follow

Let's play a game...Guess what a "Time Horizon" is....

Al-Maliki's Announcement: A Big Deal. Response from Repuke strategist: "We're fucked."

McCain re Maliki's agreement on timetable: Voters will follow what the military says forget Iraqis

Cast of hundreds advises Obama on foreign policy

Weekly Standard: Gramm was right, you -- yes you -- are just making up this goddamn recession

kestrel reporting in from the Big Easy, that better-than-ever city

Obama Endorses Calls for New Federal Poverty Measure

Mrs. Obama shares thoughts on professional women

Hilarious beyond words (another Bush screwup that helps Obama).

McCain Campaign Responds to the Maliki Report


Obama for America?

I think the powers that be in the Republican party want to lose this election.

Obama makes two 3 point shots and gains an Al Maliki timetable endorsement

Question only for Obama’s supporters.

Is Obama Still going to be at the Bradenburg Gate?

Maliki backs Obama timeline

Oh joy. Thomas Sowell jumps on the anti-autism bandwagon.

Prominent Clinton supporters tell Hillary Donors And Supporters to stop whining and get behind Obama

I'm glad Lieberman is supporting McCain

McCain Aide: Voters Don’t Listen to Maliki

Is Gov Richardson trying to groom himself to be the VP by growing a beard?

San Diego-area wingnut who drove toward protesters is charged

Vets for Freedom claim "25,000 Members" But Only 5 Donors? Is This The New Math?

McCain was right: Obama has just landed in Afghanistan.

I'm worried. Tell me not to worry.

Batman is a fascist.

What's happenin' in Crawford 'bout now???

White House mistakenly sends out email with pro Obama message

LOL! Sludge headline: "Mag: Iraq leader Supports Obama plan"

Title this McSame Pic

Bush's Afghan Troop Plan Didn't Work, Neither Will Obama's


John McCain takes a ‘holiday’ from reality

July 18th, 2008: Obama wins the presidency.

I'm just sayin'...

HAHA! MSNBC Anchorbabe apoplectically upset that

Al-Maliki's support of Obama's plan: prominent Republican strategist "We're fucked."

Official: Obama to meet Karzai on Sunday

Did Republicans ever restore full convention seating for the 5 states that voted too early?


Please, DON'T vote for a republican. (billboard suggestion)

Pgh. Post-Gazette Editorial: "Comcastic? Fans smell a political rat in moving MSNBC"

ABC News, Washington Post Withheld Results Of Poll Favorable To Obama

McCain Leaks Details Of Obama's Iraq Trip

Republicans Lose 1 Million Registered Voters

Big Deal? No ... Bigger

I would love to be a fly on the wall in the "straight talk express" right now

Guess Who's Coming to the Impeachment

Quote from republican about what Malaki endorsing Obama's 16 month plan means: "We're fucked."

The right is FREAKED over the Obama trips. You can tell from the MSM and the pundits..

Barack Obama Redefines the "Center" of our Nation's Defense Against Terror

The WH must be pressuring al-Maliki. Spokesman says he was "misunderstood".

The McCain Campaign is Over: Ended by Iraqi PM, Nouri al-Maliki

The Obama Doctrine

Phil Graham resigns, the Media yawns.

McCain on Recession: "it's psychological" "it's psychological" "it's psychologi

TYT: Bill Scher (Liberal Oasis/CFA) W/ Cenk On The Conservative Mindset On The Economy & Much More

Iraq Timetable: Did Bush Just Blink?

9:12 AM Monday

Obama is paying my health care costs.

Video of Obama getting rock star status cheers from the troops in Kuwait

More on Maliki

Just watched Obama playing basketball with some troops

ABC News/Wash. Post withheld results of poll favorable to Obama

Chuck Hagel just might be the VP pick and it may already be decided

"Germany meets the superstar"

White House Accidentally E-Mails to Reporters Story That Maliki Supports Obama Iraq Withdrawal Plan

Denial of parking permits prompts review

Should the Roman Catholic Church allow women to be priests?

I'm a lifelong conservative activist and I'm backing Barack Obama

My Brother and I, with a combined total of 42 yrs of mil. service wil vol. for the Obama camp

Pictures of a mccain presidency....

Everyone's interested in the Presidential race- please put some of that energy into a local race too

VIDEO: Cliff Arnebeck, Bob Fitrakis Press Conference

Anyone here still write checks in stores? Have any problems?

Halliburton Dream, to be bathed in Gasoline

Nekkid man disrupts flight from Boston to LAX.

Got me a sixpak of Blind Pig and Pliny the Elder for the weekend!

David Corn: McCain Better Watch Out for a New Meme: He's Not With It

Ok, so this new movie coming out, "Mama Mia..."

It's alright now

Time for some iPhone love

Has No name No Slogan been around lately?

Has No name No Slogan been around lately?

King For A Day

If McCaine chooses Dan Quayle, it will be a meet and potatoees kind of ticket.

Paul Krugman Tells 'Net' Activists: Obama Will Win -- But Then Press Will Slam Him

these guys are still cool

Too Young to Die

Stillness In Time

Sexy or Hot Scenes in Movies..

The Case Against Hagel as V.P.: Listen Closely, Barack and Dems that don't get it.

Hollywood Swingin'

We need a standardized Lounge Scale of Pain for when we whine

Obama Will Speak at the Victory Column (in Germany)

Can I substitute frog spleen for eye of newt?

One of the weirder video mixes i've seen

Hi Lounge!

Friday Night Blues: Albert Collins - I Ain't Drunk

Does this look infected to you? (not seeking medical advice) nt

The economy must be horrible, Americans are going to hand $100M over to a hollywood

I almost drove my car out of my driveway

WSJ: John McCain's JFK Opportunity

Or Dewey Decimal?

For those of you who have never seen Tab Benoit, you really need to check this out!

I finally watched "End of the Century" this week.


She's a Superfreak!

Working the night shift (pic)

Part of me thinks people should be licensed to have kids, here's why

How have you dealt with people who repay kindness with unkindness?

MoveOn giving out free Obama buttons here:

Okay move along people,

Four out of five dogs.....

McCain Ad: Subliminal Messaging, or ??????????????????


Craigslist: hmm so you can now find "420 friends" to "chat" with?

Let's talk DUODECIMAL!

I'm not really seeking medical advice here just some general info...

Anyone want to join me at the Goodwood Revival?

Well looky here:

So, I spoke to a former coworker tonight

If you ever doubted AP bias, this will cure you...

Does this sound like a pinched nerve & what should I do about it?


You know it's bad when the dust bunnies begin to hop.

Paging greenbriar

Haven't made a dorky post like this for awhile, but....

Well I bought a new alarm clock

Hi! I'm new here!

I had my two year evaluation at work today.

Yeah Weekend!

No, this can't be true.....

Will someone please review my dating site profile?

HRC & DNC to anti-Obama Democrats: It's time to shift or get off the pot

Damnit Leeroy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SarahBelle reviews "Control"

"It kills germs without the burning sensation of Alcool"

Hey bi-baby - check out this promotion!

how fast can you type with one hand?

Looks as if I have a chance to buy a house and move to a job at Wal-Mart.

Hey, wanna see Celine Dion sing "You Shook Me All Night Long?"

Hawkeye-X reviews Dr.; Giggles

I must be melancholy - I have moved on to Jackson Browne

Checked bag policy question

I swear to the FSM, this is my new religion

Wonderful blog..peaceful, fun things..nature, drumming, games,ecostuff, etc.

Bright Eyes has gotten me through some rough times...

Aw fuck.

I hate my cousin and his lying, white trash bullshit pathetic wife and her family.

howdy loungers! friday night picture thread?

Flight 404 - Solar, with lyrics. (Music with Java video beautiful enhancement)

Dance With a Hole in Your Shoe

Double post because I'm so fucking angry.

Forign Films: The Fast Runner (Atanarjuat)

I have a question about the DUzys

Please give this thread some love...(x-posted from GD)

The Lounge Semi Quarterly Limerick Thread

My posting privileges should be stripped for the copycat

Nazis as Trustees Confiscate Jewish Property.

Anyone awake?

My friend and I split a fifth of Maker's Mark tonight

See me, feel me, touch me, heal me

Damn it, I miss Health

Old Time Movies. can you go home again?

To you people...

Rep. Jeff30997 (D-Can.)introducing article of impeachment against Skinner:

"Don't bother me anymore"

Sing sing sing

My favorite fictional characters are Dr. Hannibal Lecter and Dr. Stephen Maturin

I Now More Then Ever Believe In Afterlife

Cypriot Sects Don't Like to be Called Greek...

DOn't you just love it when you come home to dog puke all over your place?

WOW I just generated a PURE MAGENTA Phoenix!

The tbyg52 Oven Post is an example of why The Lounge is

Some kick-ass CG for your Saturday enjoyment...

THREAD 2: First Issue of "Dee Youer Magazine." Vote on your favorite cover.

Can someone take a look at this post please?

WOW I just generated a PURE ARGENTA Penis!

Third house showing in a row this morning.

GoPsUx Reviews Static

Two women who pee all over public toilet seats: I HATE YOU!

Random Kitteh question... can cats have yogurt?

Happy Birthday jasonc!

I'm supposed to eat Eddie Izzard tomorrow...

Just saw "The Dark Knight"


Lets party.

My town rocks hard

Internal conflict.

Hey! Hey! Hey, Beautiful Day...

What is your mood today?

Busey PSA: white hair dye for grizzly bears....

it's saturday morning...I'm making pancakes...cartoons are on...

I'm getting a cold.

ForrestGump Reviews Test Pattern

Amtrak long distance. I've got some vacation time.

Suggestions for budget tracking software?

My 30 year HS class reunion is tonite and I'm not there. Wanna know why?

go to about 4:11 in this video

Datasuspect reviews: "The Butcher's Cut: Store Brand Beef Salami"

Anyone ever won an Oscar posthumously?

What If?

I went to pick up my new glasses today...

serving suggestion

do you think it is possible to deny all the evidence of objective reality that surrounds you?

Oh, this is lovely...

Some vibes please

Drunk History

Jason Bateman is Paul Anka's son-in-law

Damn it, I miss Heath.

This Video will change your fucking life!!! 4 evah!!!

Two men who don't pee all over public toilet seats: YOU REALLY EXIST?!

Is Weird Al Yankovic our generation's Shel Silverstein?

Should I smoke some Crack?

does shit suck so much that you're fucked up and your shit's all retarded?

Console gamers or wannabes - choose your poison:

Shia LeBoeuf as the Joker's sidekick? WTF?

Your opinion of the pocket penetrometer?

SheiKra ...the most awesome one of a kind 70 mph roller coaster in the world

Your opinion on bloating

OK, after a few weeks, I can conclude: I love DishTV!

How do you fix garbage disposals?

Those Crazy French People.

Wifey and I are seeing Eddie Izzarrd tonight!

Anyone else watching Dawn of the Dead on SciFi?


OK this humidity has to stop now.

Blue Hills at Dusk

With friends like these

should I sleep in a tent tonight at the annual pool camp-out?

Seriously, who buys items like this?

I'm struck at how happy these soldiers look

This is my state of mind right now

OK - SpongeBob just rules!

WOW my post made it to front page first time EVAH

Creepy pic of the nite/morning

I don't wanna cause you no trouble,

My brother has taken my mom to see the movie Mamma Mia

i pulled out my old bread machine today

So I'm thinking of looking for a new job, and graphic designer came to mind...

is it okay to buy software here?

Best. Smoothie. Ever.

Say what ye want about video game systems or churches, but this news article RAWKS!

Teh cute...iz too much...makez mah toofs ache...

Beck - Modern Guilt - What did you think?

Computer Techs Don't Like to be Called Geeks


Need help with helping a friend.........advice welcome

Your opinion of TheVoight-Kampff Test Instrument (Poll)

Back to school cards - YIKES!

So I just got done watching 'Idiocracy' n shit.

Okay, when somebody has lips that are scabbed and have a clear substance over them,

Karma looks great in a miniskirt

Have you seen Dr. Horrible's sing along blog?

I quit smoking on 4/8/08

i am determined to expose myself

so Celine Dion, John Kerry and a Horse

Obama in Afghanistan (((PICS)))

1967 Shelby GT500.

Buh Bye Colorado!

So which actual, for-real t-shirt slogan is cooler?

Daring to hate 'Dark Knight'; with commentary on Internet Mob Mentality

I'm bored.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/19/08

So I Gave Rev Acts Her 2 Year Evaluation Today...

I just came back from the Gonzo movie, I liked it

Suicide. I hope you will read this. I tried it once years ago. And now my wife has too.


THREAD 1: First Issue of "Dee Youer Magazine." Vote on your favorite cover.

Mark Twain tonight featuring Hal Holbrook

The real Iranian missile shield revealed (finally!)

pitcher and catchers report tomorrow!

The most overhyped movie I've ever seen may also be one of the best I've ever seen.

Seeking help from Microwave oven guru....

Movie Quotes Game

The French press - The FSM's gift to coffee drinkers

Kitten Picture of the Day for Saturday July 19

Very funny clip from Ellen DeGeneres show


Is it just me, or does the Montana / Idaho border look like Richard Nixon?

Maddy McCall reviews DVD Rentals: "The Ruins" and "Shutter"

roasted eggplant dip, made. Garlic dip for roasted potatoes , made

Oh. My. Stars! So I'm over on OKCupid

Am I one of only two people on earth that doesn't find Eddie Izzard to be very funny?

Never again will I take having a birthday for granted...

"It's usually considered bad luck to have a woman aboard a crab boat"

Anyone else get totally exhausted from being out in the sun?

I'm supposed to see Eddie Izzard tomorrow...

Do you have a family member or co-worker, who insists upon exposing others with contagious illness?

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Impeachment: Facts vs Fiction

Help! My son thinks Obama will tax us to pay UNCF!

What... Exactly, Do Centrists Stand For ??? And Which Founding Father...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 7/18/2008)

Joke time - post yours. I have to tell this one I heard tonight at poker....

Is Jon Bon Jovi our generation's Frank Sinatra?

It's that time of the month again! Post your desktop!!

The sun cleared up my eye infection!

So, am I the only one who thinks of Sundog with Mamma Mia out in the theaters??

For Those That Have Not Seen The Video - Dancing 2008

Best superhero ever?

Know your BFEE: 1984 Death of Outstanding Congressional Staffer Buried Poppy-Moon Relationship

Ray McGovern & Coleen Rowley: 'Justifying' Torture: Two Big Lies

BIOFREEZE appreciation thread!

We're going to the Eastern Shore (of MD) tomorrow.

Production 2010 Chevy Camaro Revealed

The theme to 'Jeeves and Wooster'

More laptop questions: does Vista suck so bad that I should pay extra to get XP?

Hey Music Lovers: what's the best instrumental hook of all time?

"...we ran out of wood and I burned my mother's dining room furniture. I have no oil for hot water."

Tattoo parlor sued again over another misspelled tattoo

Playing out tonight. Been a while, so I'm a little nervous.

This time tomorrow I will be

How many computers do you actively use?

SPK reviews DVD rental "Alvin and the Chipmunks"

Obama's willingness to escalate...

McCain critiques Obama Afghan trip

Should I buy a Mac?

Your Opinion on Blogging

I'm going to the POLICE CONCERT TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

"Water 'widespread' on early Mars " . . .I KNEW it!!

What Are You Doing To Prepare For Human-Alien Sex?

Music anyone?

Damn it, I Miss Universe

Without the Internet, would we have any access to the truth?

Top Dems say keep harmony, protect Bush. Don Siegelman says "give me a break."

REmember that cute kid who played Zero in "Holes"

Travel advice wanted!

Which three states would you never live in.

The media is letting McCain get away with some very flawed fundraising...

Your opinion of The Myers-Briggs Test Instrument

Phil Gramm steps down as McCain’s co-chair

Production 2010 Chevy Camaro Revealed

Cambodia and Thailand continue troop buildup despite pledge to hold talks

Terrorism funds may let brass fly in style

Prohibiting the sale of alcohol in Peru creates controversy (Bush ally)

Immigrant's Beating Death Exposes Tensions in Pa.

Bush, in Shift, Accepts Idea of Iraq Timeline

Report links Cheney office, oil giant to global warming policy shift

Quit operations, Taliban warlord warns Pakistan regional leaders

Acceptance of Gay People in Military Grows Dramatically

Iraqi premier backs Obama troop withdrawal plan: report

Could D.C. Bribery Have Cost Troop Lives?

Takeovers Captivate Ecuador (U.S. Manta Air Base "host")

Iran Nuclear Talks End Without Agreement

British hostage death unconfirmed

Mexico to honour Senator Kennedy

UK 'must check' US torture denial

States balk at checking farm workers' documents

Govt (of Japan) drops plan to send SDF (Self Defense Force) troops to Afghanistan

Brown plans to withdraw troops as he backs Obama over 'war on terror'

Protections restored for N. Rockies wolves

County voter drive blocked (by Homeland Security)

No free ride for Europe, says top Barack Obama aide

Obama Lands in Afghanistan

Iraqi PM backs Obama troop exit plan: magazine

Iraqi PM backs Obama troop exit plan: magazine

American Airlines planning to cut 1,500 more jobs

US general: al-Qaida may be easing effort in Iraq

Kucinich To Investigate Police Surveillance Of Protest Groups

Metro King County Council member (R) sued over campaign photo

Felons Seeking Bush Pardon Near a Record

McCain Leaks Details of Obama's Iraq Trip

Blackwater expands its fleet of airships

The American Chestnut Returns

Library Confrontation Points Up Privacy Dilemma

Moonies founder 'hurt in crash'

Obama, McCain yet to take stand on pricey new Marine One

U.S. says Iran faces cooperation or conflict

I think you're a Nazi Baby...Stephen Lynch comedian

McCain: Too Ridiculous for Sesame Street

This is what you want........this is what you get

Charlottesville Virginia Says Don't Attack Iran

COUNTDOWN: Gramm Resigns From McCain Campaign

TYT: John McCain Can't Make Up His Mind about Contraception

Naomi Klein Debunks Bush's Offshore Drilling Plan, in the belly of the beast (FauxBiznutsChannel)

Dean's keynote at Netroots Nation

Are Republcans Girly Mens?

First Video of Obama in Kuwait on his way to Afghanistan

Major Conservative Republican Endorses Obama!

Idiot Son of an Asshole

Country First? Is McCain's new message a slogan you can believe in?

Howard Dean Netroot Convention 2008

Al Gore gets standing ovation at Netroots Nation

Cafferty File: Congress Giving Bush a Free Pass?

Al Gore blasts oil drilling at Netroots Nation

COUNTDOWN: Republicans Jumping Ship To Obama

Senator Obama visits US troops in Kuwait

On Iraq's Front Lines, It's 'A Woman Thing'

Longest Walk 2: Fighting for Native American Rights

The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)

NBC: U.S. Military Commanders Oppose Obama's Iraq Withdrawal Plan

The High-Tech HighJack of Ohio 2004 (and more!)

TYT: Is Israel Negotiating With Terrorist Groups?

Obama Shoots Hoops with U.S. Troops in Kuwait

KFC in Fallujah

Senator Obama Opening Remarks in Kuwait - Enthusiastic Response!

Hannity to Obama: Do You Have The Guts To Come On This Program

Obama visit to Afghanistan

TYT: 'We In This Country Have Been Brainwashed To Hate'...

McCain Surrogate Day: "The Muslims" are "Going to Kill Us"

McCain: 'We Have Succeeded in Iraq'

Make It Personal

Independent UK: Was Ahmet Yildiz the victim of Turkey's first gay honour killing?

The Post-Social Contract Generation

The view from Canada: 'The house that IndyMac built' (very long)

McCain Serenades Gramm: '50 Ways to Leave Your Hoover'

Bob Herbert: Yes We Can

There's a lot specific that we need to do ( Hurricane Katrina)

Plans for George W. Bush Sewage Treatment Plant

Spying Uncovered: Documents Show State Police Monitored Peace and Anti-Death Penalty Groups

The long road back to respectability

Canada reaffirms support for Khadr’s Guantánamo Bay detention and prosecution (15-year old)

The results are in! Corporate Hall of Shame 2008

Credit Cards and the Mortgage Meltdown

Bill Moyers and Michael Winship: Mother’s Milk of Politics Turns Sour

Robert Fisk: When propaganda turns out to be fact

Matt Taibbi: Economic Realities Are Killing Our Era of Fantasy Politics

"My Brother Was Killed on 9/11 with Republicans and Democrats"

Obama's Revenge: Leaks Schedule of McCain's Nighttime 'Leaks'

Deep in the capitalist doo-doo by William Bowles

AlterNet: Synthetic Pot as a Military Weapon? Meet the Man Who Ran the Secret Program

BAR: Where Obamaism Seems to be Going

Acceptance of Gay People in Military Grows Dramatically

Nine Reasons to Investigate War Crimes Now

Johann Hari: We have everything to fear from McCain

"I Read the News Today.....Oh Boy!" (Eric Alterman - The Nation)

Guardian UK: 30somethings can't admit they will face an impoverished retirement without proper care

The Free Market is Corruption

THE MATH Weekly – For the Week Ending Sunday, July 20 – Obama 364, McCain 174

Eleanor Clift: A Perception Problem

Economic Collapse by Norman Livergood

Plan Colombia pays off for Washington

Hospitals Federalized, Health Care Salaries Boosted in Venezuelan Capital

18 July, 2008 [ 16:30 ]

Channel 4 to be censured over controversial climate film (UK)

2008 Photovoltaic trends: Innovative thin film technology and large-scale power plants;

eSolar Announces Breakthrough Pre-Fabricated Solar Power Plants & solar thermal tech. advances

Protections restored for N. Rockies wolves

Florida Gives Green Light to Largest Solar Power Plant in U.S.

How Big Oil Persuaded the Bush Administration to Abandon Proposed Regulations for Global Warming…

Delta water diversion a threat to fish, judge rules

Appalachian Residents Have Found the Antidote to Coal

MIT Research May Bring Down Cost of Solar Energy

Threat of runaway battery meltdown causes "renewables will save us" advocates to abandon batteries.

Lunar Solar Power?

Failure to Fix Base Hazards Worried Pentagon Official

Police: Missing Texas soldier may be in danger

Swan Song for Fanny Mae

When Fannie and Freddie hit the fan

Poll: Acceptance of gays in military grows (75% say being gay should be a-ok)

Does anyone know of any messageboards that are friendly to LGBT people?

Ex-professor sues San Jose City College in flap over class discussion on homosexuality

What happened to Russia in the 1990s that caused their economic collapse

Today in labor history July 19 Women’s Rights Convention opens in Seneca Falls, N.Y.

New Rules for OSHA

New Rules for OSHA

Tomatoes or Children? (9 year old worker killed by tractor)

Unions also want Obama elected

Machinists authorize a strike

Actors Union Says Studio Proposal Offers Too Little

Poultry Plant Picket Lines Reflect Commitment to Fight for Living Wages


The great language heist (David Landau)

Ruling Palestine II: The West Bank Model?

Shalit talks deadlocked as Hamas hangs on to 'asset'

Questions over raid’s impact on labor investigation remain (Rep. Braley, D-Ia stands 4 workers)

A West Bank Town's Fight to Survive

ABC News: Texas Is One of 35 States Not Requiring Crane Operators to be Licensed

Jewish labor group petitions kosher meat producer

Labor Agency and Migrant Education Program Partner to Prevent Heat Illness in Agricultural Industry

Union members calling households in labor fight

NYT: Politics Has Dissidents Talking to A.F.L.-C.I.O.

Prostitution decriminalization makes SF ballot (The Erotic Service Providers Union :-)

Crane operator's death (age 22) warrants criminal charges, union group says (Cn)

Labor board issues complaint against Aramark

NYT: W.T.O. Rules Against China for Its Tariffs on Auto Parts

Fourth possible heat-related death investigated this year in Ca. fields

Construction Safety - Fall Protection: Employee’s Rights within the Workplace

OSHA Fines San Antonio Lath & Plaster $63,600

OSHA proposes $110,000 fine for Savannah plant (25 safety violations)

Leola firm fined; crane killed worker ($3,430 fine did not have an important safety feature "stops"

Workman crushed at Wallace work site

Unions Worldwide Target K.K.R.

L.A. Carwash Manager Accused of Threatening Worker With Violence

Holt Baker: Union and Civil Rights Movements Can Turn Country Around

Coca Cola Strike: Still No Talks (Coca Cola's plan to take away their pensions)

Gov. Corzine's Former Girlfriend Accused Of Fiscal Malpractice

Teamsters Applaud Iowa Employee Misclassification Crackdown

Electrical Industry Extends Helping Hand to Returning Vets - Now on

Message to Nurses is Right on the Beam

The secret of Hizbullah's success

Report: Hezbollah vows to carry out more abductions of IDF troops

Gunbattle at Palestinian camp in Lebanon kills two

Kucinich Denounces Bush Policy on Gaza

US papers call Kuntar welcome 'repulsive'

A summer of deadly heat

Ronald Reagan's War on Labor

Speaker Pelosi in R.I.: ‘Things can be different’

McCain is winning — in Israel

McDonald's franchisee pleads guilty to illegal labor

Former defense official says IDF did not tell gov't of cluster bomb use during Lebanon war

Fannie and Freddie symptoms of larger problem

Charlton Heston, Union Hero

Obama sends letter to UAW workers

Palestinian conflict hits cyberspace

Prohibiting the sale of alcohol in Peru creates controversy

Prohibiting the sale of alcohol in Peru creates controversy (Bush ally)

Peru's Alan Garcia drops even further in polls

Takeovers Captivate Ecuador

Brazil, Venezuela to lend Bolivia US$530M for cross-continent road

Haiti Close To Getting A New PM

Cuba reforms turn to state land

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (July 18): 4-way tie in Poikovsky; Three big events start this wknd

URGENT - Brett Favre unretires!

Any fantasy footballer's here?

Greg Norman leads British Open, co-favorite with Padraig Harrington

Input regarding rituals/traditions, please :)

Solar Eclipse on August 1st and other things

Tested today

Kisses to brighten you day....

Kundalini Rising

UFO's causing missile failure and watching nukes

Rock Reflects Crop Circle

Newsweek potential VP profiles - Biden

Hey 48 percenter --

If Joe were the presumptive nominee --

Problems Persist With Red Cross Blood Services

Alzheimer's Drug Reverses Cognitive Decline Over 12 Month Period In Early Human Testing

So... My wifes 6th back surgery was a fusion.

Women to give birth at 100 within three decades

An honest question regarding veg vs meat eating... (not flame bait!)

Some Nat'l Geographic pics for you to drool over...

Goodnight dragonflies,duckling and sun

HEY 48percenter Volume II:

Comment Thread for the ~~July Photo Contest~~

July Photography Contest ~~Submission thread~~ Theme: Light and Darkness

A photoblog you might like..

Reporters attending a police briefing on the success of an anti-gun campaign accidentally shot

The great untold truth about gun registration.

Browned mashed potatoes.

Oh, How I Wish Food Network Would Pick Up This Guy

I'm taking early retirement, and will be doing much more from scratch

Chicken 'n Dumplings? A dupe request I know, but I have a birthday next week, and a twin,

'Potato' salad, light

Home Goods Score Thread

Canal fossils give clue to formation of Americas

Ammonia may have been found in Mars' atmosphere-Life signature?

Purdue panel finds misconduct by fusion scientist

Hey's time again to play "Name That Wine!"

Ah, what joy

God's other Son in helicopter crash

Capuchin monk + power chords = Metal Up Your Nave

Bush backs a Timeline, as long as he gets to call it something else.

Irony! And aggrevation!

“I’m a convicted felon but want to vote in the Presidential election. Will you help me?”

YOUR Verdict REQUESTED: Dead hard drive(s) or dead motherboard?

“I’m a convicted felon but want to vote in the Presidential election. Will you help me?”

GREAT Billboard in Duluth, MN (Cross Post from GD)

Fun trip to Walker Minnesota

Does new S.A.T. help with admissions decisions?

Texas: Bible Classes Approved

Best piece on vouchers I have ever read

NY Times: Check That Vote

Lever Lawsuit Gears Up; "Stealing America" Premiers Aug. 1st

Richard Hayes Phillips...

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News, Friday July 18, 2008

Haven't "got over" the 2004 election fraud? Tune in at 2:00 today, WVKO, Cols.

The High-Tech HighJack of Ohio 2004 (and more!) (X)

New York faces voting challenge Commissioners concerned about new machines

Our Day in Court: Research into Ohio's 2004 Election Misdeed Finally Bearing Fruit

2008 Bibliography of Scientific Studies on Software Driven Voting Systems

“I’m a convicted felon but want to vote in the Presidential election. Will you help me?”

“I’m a convicted felon but want to vote in the Presidential election. Will you help me?”

Our Land is Rich, Yet we are Poor (where am I ?)