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Lions and tigers and guns.....Oh My!

The King Fish: Preach It Brother Huey

Just when I think my (TX) red repuke county can't get any more ignorant

Gun rights group visits Idaho zoo to make point

LIVE: Special Sunday Night Young Turks Starts Now At (Also, Live Chat)

I guess our military brass can't fight the War on Terror in IKEA furniture......

Sad that... American Presidents and Candidates have to visit countries in SECRET...

Guardian UK: 'Thousands face job loss in UK'

Jane Mayer, author of "The Dark Side" is going to

Hearing-Gate Exposed! McCain Has Worse Afghanistan Hearing Record Than Obama

Why even call it "banking" any more? They are debt wholesalers.


Iraq Delusions, More Pollution, and Blocking Prosecutions-Bush History,7/21

Argentina's Economic Collapse 2001

Xcel asks to raise gas rate in August - 19%

Jihadists meet & greet in Pakistan army HQ city.

Autism Groups Plan Protest Of Savage In NYC

The shocking truth about "Operation: Desert Storm"

Bloomberg News: Bush Failures May Force McCain, Obama to Make Like FDR in 2009

Self delete - Dupe

Presidential economics: Do parties matter?

Has anyone read the new book by Vincent Bugliosi (sp)

Peggy "Reagan Speech-Writing Asshead" Noonan. Prescient Genius. Not.

A Kristol-Odierno Meeting at Fort Hood?

The shocking truth about "Operation: Desert Storm"

Thousands with criminal records work unlicensed as loan originators (Miami Herald spec report pt 2)

We don't often see this level of honesty from abroad

Science (math) proves diversity helps cooperation.

McLame is now being interviewed on NBC,ABC AND CBS..

If you're familiar with Rep. Steve King (R-IA), check this out.

Sour Chery: Bricklin suit claims corruption

Ex-convicts active in mortgage fraud (Miami Herald Special Report Part 1)

Mika is gushing like a schoolgirl again

Poll: Voters Think Supreme Court Is Too Conservative

Can we all agree that our Democratic officials need to show more FORTITUDE?

Anybody out there familiar with a book called "Debunking 9/11 Debunking?"

Iraqi Blood, Dirt Cheap

AlterNet: Are Fannie and Freddie Screwed? Bush Hopes So

Bush; has he drowned our economy in the bathtub yet?

Rudy Giuliani: Making Friends in the Epicenters of Gangster Capitalism

British Panel Doubts U.S. on Torture

British Panel Doubts U.S. on Torture

Companies in U.S. Plan to Increase Prices, Limit Hiring to Boost Profits

The Cable TV Rising Star, Who Doesn't Own a TV

We Did It... Let's Do It Again!

Former Canadian PM Martin Rips IMF: IMF ripe for shakeup

Divorce is Up, Personal Trainers Down

Rice: Iran "Not Serious" About Nuke Talks - 2 week deadline

Iraq as the 51st State?

Leading Index in the U.S. Decreased in June, Sigaling Growth Will Slow

Saving rain: How much is too much?

Scary Politics in Alabama: How the GOP Framed Gov. Don Siegelman-By Larisa Alexandrovna

There's a storm entering the Gulf. How much will gas prices go up?

Christian Science Monitor: Fuel costs strain U.S. mass transit, too

Soldier Fights Citizenship Delays

Marines Had 168 Suicides Since Iraq War Start

When people talk about offshore drilling... here is my response

CNN Quick Vote: Which candidate's judgment do you trust more on the Iraq war?

airhead on cnn---does obama risk looking too presidential?

gross.... "WSJ: Hannity inks $100 million deal"

Bush History,7/21 Iraq Delusions, More Pollution, and Blocking Prosecutions

c-span/AEI - Mukasey speaking about detainees

A "Tail-Gater" picked the Wrong person to tailgate today.

Pregnant Prostitutes Sell Sex Online, Say Police


Shuler termination investigation UPDATE

Shuler termination investigation UPDATE

Fixing Elections: Clint Curtis Testifies

Shell Evacuates Some US Gulf Workers Before Hurricane Dolly - Hurricane Watch Issued For South Texas

President Cokejaw is being exercised by his keepers on teevee

Berlusconi's gone too far

Discussion w/ republican arguing in favor of permanent bases in Iraq.

Larry Craig.....Unintentional Comedian

Attention NH DUers

Lindsey Graham compares McCain’s bird watching talks to interrogations at Gitmo.»

I am no economist, but I still have a plan.

The Rude Pundit: On Getting Tossed From the "Defending the American Dream" Conference

Thom Hartman likes shooting guns

Naomi Klein rips into BushCo (re: offshore drilling) on Faux

$6K for PIZZA?

Awesome Slowpoke TOON today on McCain vs. Women's rights!

Dean Baker: Vicious Ideologue Renews Attack on Social Security

Iraq government backs Barack Obama's troop withdrawal pledge

An Example of Why We're Fucked

It is thing's like this that will insure that our time in power

AL Gov. Don Siegelman Video At Netroots Nation

Quickvote: Which candidate's judgment do you trust more on the Iraq war?

It's time we stop, Children what's that sound? Everybody look what's goin down

Gunman shoots at emergency workers from smoke-filled St. Louis home

Bailing out the banks is rewarding bad behavior. - Today’s Headlines 7/21/08

By this, one can see I have not much to worry about this morning

There should be no debate about when we get out of Iraq.

McCain stutters and smiles for 7 minutes and 22 seconds

Officials AGAINST Torture Memo-Feared Wiretaps & Physical Danger!

Downsizing Government to Death

DNC’s Faith Resembles Anti-Gay Right Wing

Toledo Blade: Norwalk's (Ohio) largest manufacturer shuts today, idling 600 workers

caption mcsame

Joe SCABBRO: Public opinion supported the Shrub war crimes at the time

Meanwhile over in the place where, ummm...

Operation Musashi – The Entirely Possible Impossible - Stopping Japanese Whalers Cold

Why are so many with great talent, such absolute jerks?

Is mc cain Christian enough to be president?

Faux News - Asks you a question about your kids- Screen capture

Little Girl Runs Away, Crying, From President Bush (video)

"alters the fundamental relationship of man to government"

The new China Central Television headquarters building

And they say Faux News appeals to the low IQ crowd......

Nibble on this one....

Voting Rights Groups Encourage Voter Registration at VA Facilities

Court Reverses Penalty for One of the Greatest Assaults on America

Listening to right wing radio

Is ROBERT KENNEDY / Mr. KENNEDY / KENNEDY the name being redacted from this FBI document?

I have a great campaign slogan for John McCain.

WTF? Glenn BecKKK guest-hosting "Larry King Live" tonight....

Two good posts from Krugman's blogs, re: rightwing ideology

If Congress goes after habeas corpus again before Bush is out office,

NYT: As Papers Struggle, News Is Cut and the Focus Turns Local

NYT: As Papers Struggle, News Is Cut and the Focus Turns Local

Which did congress demand more proof of before acting, starting war in Iraq or impeaching Bush?

McSame on TV blaming Obama for not voting against the sham resolution

It is very possible that a person can simultaneously be a sympathetic victim and a *really* bad guy

OK - this has me scared: Family Security Matters

Might Want To Watch This Video

Elkhart Lake vintage race car parade

Repression in Italy continues - Gays face extra restrictions when driving automobiles

I have to laugh about Nancy Pelosi's upcoming "conversation" here in New York

Playing Games with Iran

Jack the Ripper buffs: Who do you think it was?

Updated: NYT REJECTS McCain Op-ed because Victory Definition Wanted; leaked to score Poli-points

(*) to be dictator... for life...

The White House Wins Again

Iran and N. Korea Still Part of 'Axis of Evil'--White House

Mr. Atkinson of Family Security Matters should consider Ulster.

When the day comes that NoMoJoe 'Traitor' LIEberman gets his just deserts

New Social Security Calculator Online

Government stiffs nuclear workers - Sickening story

Would someone please explain to me....

Another GOP House seat slips into competition (Capito from W.Va.)

Hey "Troops".. McCain has a "plan" for you..

Alaska Senate: Begich (D) Opens Nine-Point Lead Over Stevens (R)

Ever seen real Third World poverty? How do you get it off your mind?

While we are all focused on the national picture, don't forget to

Fineman: Bush needs a McShame third term for the coverup ( just like St. Ronnie)

Fineman: Bush needs a McShame third term for the coverup ( just like St. Ronnie)

Salim Ahmed Hamdan trial , July 21, 2008

Preznit Fuckstick meets real athletes, who scare the shit out of him....

Stephanie Miller to be on CNN's "American Morning" tomorrow

So Bush's Iraqi puppet Maliki wants pretty much the same troop pull out plan as Obama?

Summer jobs for teens (two questions)

South Dakota abortion providers must tell women abortion terminates "life"

enemies of America

TYT: Author of "Love, West Hollywood: Reflections of L.A." On The Unique History GLBTQ...

Louisiana doctor cleared in patient deaths recalls Hurricane Katrina

Please Help Our Cause...It's Still An "Escalation" and Not a "Surge"

What do you do when someone uses the N word?

Feith: "the president..dealt with the 9/11 challenge and the Iraq problem soberly and in good faith"

It's January 21, 2009. Barack Hussein Obama is America's 44th President...

Agreeing to be McCain's VP Pick is like boarding the Titanic AFTER it hit the iceberg & is sinking..

Is there some where that lays out Obama's tax plans.

Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann: If not for the Dems , gas would cost $2-a-gallon

Anyone familiar with self-proclaimed oil man T. Boone Pickens?

Florida man's mountain deals in N.C. are a mystery (Mortgage fraudster with mob ties; SunTrust)

"Johnny, I want you to turn off that tv and clean up your room in this time horizon!"

I just noticed something about this picture of Obama

Sad prediction.....

Can XM-Sirius merger stand up to Washington politics?

Bush: ‘I do know about YouTube.’»

"Road To The White House" actually watchable. David Schuster

Aetna Denied Brain Surgery to a 19-year-old

'Le Tour ' - am I the only one still watching?

Good Kerist .... Captain Combover looks older than Poppy.

Do you think the shredders are working overtime at the White House

NYT Confirms "The Bombshell" But Makes You Work For it

CAPTION? 80-something year old man looks to McCain!

andrea mitchell whining that the press hasn't had much obama afghanistan & iraq

Think Tank Calls For Bush to Be Dictator For Life

If you missed the Jane Meyer/Dark Side interview ... here it is at Democracy Now! . . .

Beijing putting on the final touches for Olympics. Amazing set of photos.

Cable news as Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

Woman convicted of raping 11-year-old boy

I was only half listening ..... but MSNBC seems to be saying Jack Reed

Mrs. Alan Greenspan seems shocked that Barack is being well received by the troops..

We don't need new ballots, we need a new definition of "ballot"

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents.

If you like your horror movies graphic with a hint of political/environmental allegory

Will you be watching the Beijing Olympics?

Yay! War Criminals will be found! Top war crimes suspect Karadzic arrested in Serbia

India's govt. might fall because of US nuke deal

Dress Code Fatwah!

Jackson 'malfunction' fine dismissed

Economic Report: U.S. Pays Most For Health Care, Ranks 42nd In Life Expectancy

Lots of Obama signs in a very "old money" part of town today

Seeing Shades of the 1930s

Re-Linked from June 2007.. What Happens to Iraq after Bush?

Have the June $$$ figures from the campaigns posted yet?

Where are the NN08 *live* blogs.....

C-SPAN's Road to the White House: BHO's sister Maya Soetoro-Ng meets

Independent UK: Barack Obama, the most dominant force in British politics

Will Bob Barr be on the ballot in every state?

Miit Romney: America's Ken Doll

League of Conservation Voters to endorse Obama

Bingaman’s energy bill to include drilling

In case you missed Bill Moyers' Journal's program on the mortgage meltdown....

Will The Bush/McCain Administration Allow Maliki To Live In Light of Maliki's Call For a Timetable?

Can you imagine if Maliki backed McCain's plan for Iraq

The drill everywhere movement is in full swing.

42,000 Say: Don't Hang with Hagee, Lieberman

UGH! I just got 'The Real Cindy McCain' chain email.

Obama. a success in Afghanistan just like here at home.

Hey, I want my flying car that operates on trash!

The OTHER "Surge"...early ticket sales for Obama Illinois Inaugural Gala on Jan. 19

He is dominating the news

So...apparently the translation was correct and Maliki does support Obama's timeline

Obama stops in Kuwait: report

Ohio ballot must have Libertarians (Not good for McCain LOL)

Jalapeno Pepper Sends CNN Anchor Into Uncontrollable Rage!

EMILY's list: Huckabee's loss a lesson for women.

Like Dobson was not going to endorse McCain.

In 30 years how many Democratic Presidents have We Had?

NYT: Influx of Voters Expected to Test New Technology

When it comes to the Oval Offic..Brains is Better than Beer..People want Better.They will vote Blue

Biased AP story (quoting Rush Limbaugh!) asks if media is "playing fair" in campaign coverage

Breaking: Obama has arrived in Baghdad

So, given the breathless front-page coverage that Obama's Iraq trip is getting,

AP and Republicans whine about not getting fair coverage!!

NYT clarifies ... Translator works for Maliki. Direct translation validates Der Spiegel.

'NYT' Rejects McCain Op-Ed On Obama Column

QUICK! Lou Dobbs poll....

QUICK! Lou Dobbs poll....

Mainstream media pushing Rovian "War Crimes" meme re Guantanamo trials

The lesson for McCain and the RNC this week

League of Conservation Voters to endorse Obama

Photo: Oy F**KING Vey. Poppy Bush feels the need to tape a "Property of #41" sign on his GOLF CART.

South Padre Island, Texas has been raped and pillaged: A rant:

Obama begins first hand inspection of Iraq

Is the "War on Terror" winnable?

(Huffpost) Obama's VP List: A Few Good Men -- And No Women?

A message from former Hillary supporters to those concerned about former Hillary supporters.

Caption this pic

McCain Visits Buffalo Today; Looking for $$$$, Not Votes.

Fed-up Christian families moving toward 'secession'

So what is the significance of Obama meeting top leaders with Hagel and Reed?

Tweety says top choice for McCain VP is Tom Ridge--would he deliver PA to McPain?

Is McCain surrounded by NOTHING but crooks?

Let's discuss DU, and DU rules.

A Conservative Lineup for Obama's cabinet

Gordon Brown Plans to Withdraw (All UK) Troops as He Backs Obama Over 'war on terror'

Well, Bush has gone and ruined it for the chimps....

MSNBC: Congressional Delegation has arrived in Iraq


The Nation: 9 Reasons To Investigate War Crimes (Why We Can't Let The Bush Admin Get Away With It)

was karl rove arrested today for ignoring a congressional subpoena?

Why Maliki's endorsement matters

Reuters is reporting that Obama has met with Muslim Middle East leader who wants us out of Iraq!


Obama roars with 6/30 $25M one-day haul

Oh man, this is too funny. Rasmussen- "Belief Growing That Reporters are Trying to Help Obama Win"

MSNBC: McCain= the Joker

I know it is not nice to make fun of McCain's age, but.... (snort)...

League of Conservation Voters to endorse Obama

Every Republican is named George W. Bush

Horrible hate/race crimes ONLY happen in the South...

How often does McCain talk over women reporters?

Obama unveils new plane -- poised to depart from Chicago for Mid-east and Europe (Big Pics)

21% BUSH Approval - ARG

Have you actually seen a McCain bumper sticker?

McCain and Obama Agree to Attend Megachurch Forum

How much does it cost to custom paint a commerial airliner?

If Obama picks Kaine for VP, would that confuse some of the dittoheads voting for McCain?

Hey Bidenites, Biden is winning MSNBC's veepstakes

"We're f!cked."

Harris Poll: Obama Leads McCain by Nine Points Among Registered Voters

On Iraq, Game Over For McCain?

McCain Camp On Maliki: "One Inartful Statement"

Pgh Post-Gazette: Comcastic? Fans smell a political rat in moving MSNBC

If it were up to me... and it's not.... Jack Reed would be Obama's VP

American Samaritans

McCain: I Know What Iraqis Want

McCain meets with Poppy Bush

I, for one, am loving it that, just by his presence in Iraq, Obama

With No Frills or Tuition, a College Draws Notice

Perhaps we should be looking for Osama on the Iraq Pakistan border?

DSCC, DCCC post strong fundraising numbers

New McCain Ad: Obama To Blame For High Gas Prices

Larisa Alexandrovna: Front Group Associated With Cheney Calls For Bush To Be DICTATOR FOR LIFE.

McCain Owns 1st Foreign Policy Gaffe ("Iraq/Pakistan border") During Obama's Iraq Trip (VIDEO)

Iraqi: "The face of America was spoilt by the Republicans and Bush. A McCain win means Bush stays"

Obama's Layup Shot: Dueling Interpretations

Clinton to Court Union Support for Obama

Once again, hip hop proves to be one of the truest forms of social commentary

Clinton unity tour in Boston today

Obama's world tour is a low-risk media sensation--and John McCain has only himself to blame for it

Shameful: US Lands On "Non-Extradition" List

OK, it's after midnight. So it's Monday. Is this the day Karl Rove is going to get

Rasmussen, 7/21: Obama 42%, McCain 41%

In major reversal, James Dobson flips for McCain

Advice from the Losing Team (Oliver Willis)

Watching middle aged white guys on Hardball with no BB skills themselves discuss how many dribbles

Obama to Arabs Is Just an American With a Muslim Middle Name

The media not being FAIR? They pounded Obama before he left, and they pound on him while he is gone

Monday Morning McCain Gaffe

There is a wake like atmosphere on Morning Joe. For those who can't stand to watch

New McCain Ad Blames Obama For Gas Prices just did an ad about Iraq and the support Obama has

Unlike Sen. John McCain, many seniors depend on the Internet

McCain A Second Fiddle To Giuliani At Yankee Game - Largely Unnoticed By Fans At First

Remember Former Cencom Commander (Ret.) Fox Fallon? Contrast With Patraeus

Clinton being officially vetted?

WHOA: Politico Reporting that Obama raised $25M in one day last month,

How ABC did FAIR and BALANCED coverage of Obama's trip

Iraq sees hope of US troop withdrawal by 2010

New Nickname For McCain AND Brilliant New Term Coined For His Endless Screw-Ups (click to find out)

Poll; CNN; Which candidate's judgment do u trust more on Iraq War? Check out results

Obama and Petraeus meet in Baghdad

OH POLL: Obama 48, McSame 40. Voinovich approval at a lowly 31%.

As expected, NeoCon wackos at NRO are now turning against their boy Maliki.

F Rasmussen. Obama back UP in Gallup today 47-41

What's with the NeVAHda pronunciation? mcCain keeps using it.

Sec. Rice: Foreign Embassies Shouldn't Help Pres. Candidates

Look what I got in the mail from a "friend." How should I respond?

Obama's Oversea Trip Already A Success

John McCain Gets an Allowance

If 911 and the Iraq debacle happened during a Democratic administration

The "Roma Emergency"

SC state senator (R-13th Century) puts Obama/Osama T-shirt pic on his website

About that surge: CNN's national security analyst Peter Bergen spoke with Anderson Cooper, July 15th

VP straw poll for our fair booth

****Heads Up: Please Vote For Obama On This CNN Poll****

Night Before Senator Obama Left For Irag-Condi Rice Issued Message To Embassies-DO NOT HELP OBAMA!

McCain ad blames Obama for rising gas prices

Posted in wrong place Sorry!

McCain plays fear and division cards with Jerusalem press.

Is the McCain campaign embarassed of their National Director of Hispanic outreach?

Message to right-wingers upset that the NYT won't print McCain's editorial....

We knew it: The real deal behind wiretaps and intimidation and Cheney is evil

Question for McCain

Excitement Growing in Germany as Obama Speech Nears

Well Hello, Dolly!

Is McNasty trying to set a target on Obama's head? The fucker is just sick

Another McCane gaffe...the Iraq/Pakistan border

McCain, Obama to share stage

Boffo Blowout sale at Gallup: All McCain votes must go. Obama 47%, McClearance 41%.

Oklahoma City Commissioner defends his "very good" campaign comic book linking gays to Satan

Hey McShame, does that mean they can come home now?

Iraq government backs Barack Obama's troop withdrawal pledge

Obama will speak before a major gathering of journalists in Chicago this Sunday

Has Hell frozen over?

McCain flops on emissions standards

heads up Atlanta! - Offline generators caused germ lab outage

Speculation swirls around Patrick appointment

Univ. of NH Poll: Obama (D) 46%, McCain (R) 43%

Va. Veterans Voice Support For Obama

Smear emails about Obama, an updated count

McCain truly isn't receiving the same amount of press, so to be fair, I give you this:

Woman Gives Birth Under Torture: Homeland Security Hell

If Senator Obama does not get the same level of security McCain got

Didja ever notice that....

Any news on Ted Kennedy?

Is the NY Times deliberately working to get republicans elected?

Whiny McCain: The NYT Won't Print My Editorial!!!!

Found: John McCain's cell phone

Please boycott Rock Star Energy Drinks - CEO is Russell Weiner.....

Crooks & Liars: McCain’s Record Shows Little Reason Why He Would Be Suited For Presidency

CREDO Action: Send Karl Rove to jail

LA Times: Barack Obama, Iraqi leader Nouri Maliki appear to be on the same page

WP: Liberal Bloggers Brace for Victory

I may look like a hippie, but I WILL cut your heart out if you mess with me!

Trent Lott is an asshole...

Whatever happened to Sam Seder? Is he still with Air America?

Wow - Barack's New Ride

McCain advertisement

Did any of you see Lou Dobbs yesterday?

Anybody else find this Ironic?

John McCain: Americans Are Tired Of The Blogosphere

Listen up, you idiots on the right!

Bill Moyers on How Money is Choking our Democracy to Death

Obama A Feminist, Sister Tells Tampa

Obama Who? The Name W will not Utter.

CNN: Wolf will interview "top" VP candidate Evan Bayh... PLEASE

Black. Female. Accomplished. Attacked.

Small Business to Dell, Home Depot, other Fortune 500 Companies

Is this newspaper headline fair & balanced?

Secretary Rice knows who she's voting for - but she's not telling.

Win A Free Trip To The 2008 Democratic National Convention

Good point by Harold Ford on RFTWH: Bush is more concerned with his legacy...

Obama bumper sticker sighting in Houston:


I have a "concern" - so sue me: why do the Berlin rally?

We need a McCain version of "Bushisms"

"WAAAAHHHH!!!! Obama's getting more coverage from the MEDIA!!!!"

Novak: McCain VP Announcement coming this week to take attention away from Obama's trip

Alaska: McCain Leads Obama 45% to 40%

PPP Ohio Poll: Obama (D) 48%, McCain (R) 40%

According to the FEC, the McMillion Campaign Owes $1.37M to American Express.

Did you hear about what that sleazebag hag, Condi, did?

It's McCain-Duke!

First the approved line was: WAITING FOR OBAMA TO SCREW UP

Fuck CNN!

Brown Plans to Withdraw Troops as He Backs Obama Over "War on Terror"

Stand back, Rush's head is going to explode. Soon.

POS Kevin Bryant Shows Picture of Osama and Obama side by side

I LOVE it! The same press that fawned all over the "Great Communicator," peed on themselves at the

Trouble when Obama was in Kuwait?

AOL ???

It has been 5 days plus 6 days since Rove was given 5 days to respond

HA! HA! HA! NYT Rejects McCain Editorial Rebutting Obama's Previous Article

McPain to name VPthis week!

Today in images...guess who wins?

Obama, McCain Set for First Joint Election Appearance at California Megachurch

Obama, McCain Plan Joint Appearance at Rick Warren's Church

Is media unfair to McCain (a poll that needs hitting big time)

Don't get your hopes up..McCain likely won't announce his VP this week

Andrea Mitchell is scared as shit

May as well get the whole effect for comparison...

The Daily Widget – Monday, July 21 – Obama 364, McCain 174 – Mixed Signals

Should Obama Choose Bob Dole As VP?

DU this poll re whether media is unfair to John McCain

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA arrives in Iraq, meets with PM Nouri al- Maliki

Take a look at this AF-1 and tell me it friggin' needs to retire and replaced with this...

Will Obama be to Afghanistan what LBJ was to Vietnam ?

Am I wrong or are we seeing less of Ann Coulter since she is not spouting the Repubs' party line?

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA tours Baghdad with Gen. Petraeus, Chuck Hagel and Jack Reed

Ridiculous: Media Continues to Push Its Own Story That It's Biased for Obama with Biased Poll

Was it food poisoning I got last Sat nite

Air War: MoveOn’s ‘Not Alex’ ad scores big with independents


Which potential VP would attract the most voters who are concerned about the economy?

Hillraisers raised less than $20,000 for Obama in June....

Under what circumstances might you pity John McCain?

What do you all think about this Jack Cafferty fellow on CNN?

The media wants Obama to win

Is Obama the Democrat's Reagan ?

Virginia: 500,000 new voters under the age of 26

Big Media Talking Point (Whine) Of The Week - Big Media Loves Obama

Image is everything, Obama should use something like this in his ad.

Autism Groups Plan Protest Of Michael 'Savage' Weiner In NYC

O’Reilly Attacks Gore...: ‘The Same As If He Stepped Into The Klan Gathering’

Isn't It A Pity...

I was Spied on by the Maryland Police

Brokaw Gets Obama For Meet the Press & Obama Network Press Schedule

Poppy Bush 'a little jealous' of Obama

McCain in Louisiana Thursday for "major announcement." Could it be Jindal as Veep?

Did Andrea Freaking Mitchell just say that Obama was asked fake questions because

Obama-Hagel ???

Novak is breaking that McCain will anounce his VP this week.

If Charlie Crist isn't McCain's pick for VP, how long till he and his fiancee call off the wedding?

The increase in oil prices today doesn't make any sense. to me.

Political Insider Suggests Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI) May Be Obama's VP

McCain Makes Historic First Visit to Internet


Leaked photo of a detainee

Small Farmers Pushed to Plant GM Seed

About Dennis Kucinich. If you could........................

Barack Obama: "I Make This Look Good" (((PICS)))

Robert Creamer: The Significance of Obama's Foreign Trip

I agree with mcbush, the media is covering Obama too much

McCain: Americans Tiring of the Obama Presidency

Get fined for showing more than three inches of underwear in IL

McCain is losing his cool live on TV

In satirical payback, Obama camp denies New Yorker writer plane seat

Possible Scam? I got a call from an Obama Bill Collector

I don't want my party to continue bush's wars in ANY way, period.

This weeks New Yorker cover is a hoot!

General's my take

Poll: Obama Holds Healthy Lead In Ohio

The the four horsemen of the Apocalypse wore the emperor's new clothes, would they look like this?

Last chance to catch Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog for free.

Any guesses as to where this is?

I've been dead for thousands of years and I've got some advice...

deleted by Radio Lady -- wrong subject.

Foo Fighters show was unfuckingreal!

Foo Fighters show was unfuckingreal!

Police helicopter spotted by UFO

'Look, that rabbit's got a vicious streak a mile wide! It's a killer!'

where can one sell a kidney?

FUCK It! Fit in As You See Fill _____________

I am still an egg inside my Mother waiting for my Father to show up, any advice.

One week until that holiest of lounge holidays, Shark Week.

DU Lou Dobbs poll; Do you believe the national media is biased in favor of Sen. Barack Obama?

I Was Abducted By A UFO And Spotted A Police Helicopter

An etiquette question for the lounge.


I'm 50. I don't need your advice

Who here doesn't have Hair Conditioner?

Gun advocacy group tours Idaho zoo while armed

Hey SPK - I have the "perfect" gift.

Brett Favre - any news?

Eliot: T.S. or George?

UFO spotted by police helicopter

Elliot: Ness or Gould?

I forgot to do my laundry today- now I don't have a clean thread anywhere.

Spoon with Fidel & light some incense at your altar to Joe Stalin you America-hating dirtball hippie

Help me with an old Twilight Zone episode (black and white).

What could go wrong?

I Was Born In Illinois. Got Any Good Advice?

Should I shave my head?

Why doesn't Donald Duck wear pants?

Oh no! Tonight's remastered Star Trek

ok, if I can't sell a kidney how about finding a sugar daddy?

Hurricane watch issued for parts of states of Tamaulipas and Texas

My Army husband's one comment about Obama in Iraq "Look how happy everyone is to see him"

Is "than" really much different from "from"?

Fox 5 (Washington D.C.) Reporter Turns Tables on Purse-Snatchers

We had a good thunderstorm and almost an inch of rain this afternoon.

Batman Fans, It's Time Now To Forgive Joel Schumacher

I'm in my 30s, got any good advice?

You know what would make me happy?


Fill In As You See Fit: FUCK _____________

"CAUTION: For safety, please keep pet birds out of the kitchen."

Cy Twombly doesn't know how to paint.

Just finished watching Episode VI. Them Ewoks were some pretty pissed off teddy bears! mt

Rant. I don't give a damn about my bad reputation.


Pollo Asado

I'm 0x2D, any advice?

My ex-wife is driving my current wife's shit around

Are two heads better than one?

What the hell are you people doing up at 3:09 AM CST?

Is Catherine Zeta Jones our generation's Rachel Ward?

Parenting Tips: Right vs. Wrong Techniques

I'm 26, any advice?

Graduating high school early?

Man, I could go for some bad ass Bar-B-Que right fucking now!!!

sweet or salty snacks???

Men sentenced for setting friend's crotch ablaze

Elvis jamming on stage with electric guitar in 1970

GAAaaaaaghhh!!! It's 11pm here and the temperature is 91 degrees!

Fireman sentenced for getting all drunk and crotchety.

Who here doesn't have Flair Positioning?

Based on my resume, Career Builder thinks I should be a teacher, small arms repairman, or nurse??

What ever happened to string bow ties?

Well, I have spent the whole day without using my knee brace or cane, this took some courage.

What kind of exotic pet would you have if it weren't too much trouble?

Ok, you guys are all SLACKERS!!!! Rapture Index down 5 points in like a month

Someone said they were adapting this book to film:

Yeah, Vista sucks

Screw the Ped Egg - If you want your feet supple soft you need CRAP

I want my life back

Men sentenced for setting friend's crotch ablaze

I can't remember the last time

Has anyone here seen Toots and the Maytals?

"and extraordinary nut s(n)ack"

Kitten Picture of the Day for Monday July 21

I am dead and speaking to you from the grave.

my brother made national news (GMA)

Learn how to talk like Frank Sinatra

Screw the Ped Egg - if you want your feet supple soft you need CARP

dry cleaning ties is expensive

And how about bolo ties?

"Tell No One"


NBC Destroyed The Fourth Hour of The Today Show

Instead of calling people "Neanderthals" to insult them, why don't

Yesterday I went to a Unitarian Universalist church.

Who was *NOT* in 'Dude, Where's My Car?'

OMG! Orrex finally posted something in his Journal!

What kind of erotic pet would you have if it weren't too much trouble?

Salty Nuts

Seriously...would you not marry someone if they had bad breath?

I'm in the womb, got any good advice?

So I bought this cat bed at IKEA...


I am on a journey to find the perfect toaster.

Do you do the same job your father did?

Free ebooks and wallpapers at until July 27th

SJParker's "American Artist" reality show picked up by Bravo...

Cyrano: Yes or Nose?

Jessica Simpson Booed At First Country Concert

Who wants to see a funny picture of me?

I just finished having my morning tea out on the veranda....

Lithium-anyone else get seriously screwed by this medication?

Damn, coworkers pup is going to The Rainbow Bridge tomorrow

I know Clerks was the better movie but seriously, Clerks II is funny as hell!!!

Dave Chappell's Sesame Street

Why does Rush Limbaugh hate me so?

Star Trek Movie Poster

Hey! kick-ass-bob... I hate olives too!!11!1

Stuck between a rock and a hard place...

Got a funny nickname?

trying to decide if I want to drag my self down to the Y for a water aerobics class

Who agrees Aaron Eckhart is the Paul Dano of The Dark Knight?

OMG! Another offensive liberal magazine cover of Obama!!

It has been less than 24 hours since I left Little MB

Help me choose a skin for my new laptop, if you would.

That deaf dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball

Ever wish you lived in a time when things didn't change much?

dupe; please delete

dupe; please delete

If I had to choose any sport as my favorite (as a spectator), it would be...

Has anyone here ever broken their "pinky/little-toe?"


I don't know....Am I the only one who doesn't like the idea of staying in Afghanistan?

Whatever happened to gum commercials?

Ebert and Roeper leaving 'Ebert & Roeper'

More LOTR: Arwen vs. Éowyn

A little personal venting: STBE shirking responsibilities

i got my hair cut, straightened, and dyed blonde

I hate pregnant possums.

I think this would be a great product.

I hate pregnant pauses.

Match Game time!! 'Dolly the sheep was bored. She went to the python exhibit at the zoo and ______

I know the name of that movie now: It's "Indochine"

Wow!! A motor running exclusively on magnets.

Jessica Simpson BOOED at her first "country crossover" concert: "It's crap. She doesn't belong here"

If termites could vote, then fire extinguishers would contain barbecue sauce within...?

My great uncle has died.

Who do you get better along with in Texas, natives or transplants from other places?

It sucks being a woman in her 40s

Talk about a hot topic: Men Sentenced For Setting Friend's Crotch Ablaze

finishing a blanket for my boss's b-day on Wednesday...

Lobster shall survive!

Anyone else here watch Mad Men on AMC?

Intelligent Design or Evolution?

The beagle is SOOO smart! She can predict the weather.

Monday afternoon pathetic poetry!

The Golden Age of Air Travel

How did they get all those parts back together again?

Wireless network MAC Address filtering = more hassle than it's worth.

Which direction state would you like to live in.

To those of you who think disco is the worst genre ever:

The mind of Carlos Mencia?

It's noon and I just woke up.

In the past week I've seen Kung Fu Panda, Wall-E and Mamma Mia.

N.J. man blows up apartment spraying for bugs

I hate pregnant feet.

I just managed to say 'no' to a snickers bar

BEST * CONCERT * EVER - George Clinton

I have a bladder infection. (Not advice-seeking, just a whine).

Why does my monitor go black for a brief second when I change pages?

Why does my assistant like the office so bone-chatteringly cold?!!

I think a psycho bird from hell is stalking me

After the Dark Knight comes Harry Potter "The Half Blood Prince."

Why is most alcohol consumed via beverages rather than foods?

Look at my nice juicy balls

I'm not gay or bi but i truly think this guy is somewhat hot.

Holy carp my new laser printers is cool!

Passenger Sues Continental Airlines, Claiming Humiliation by a Flight Attendant

Was/Am I the only person who liked/likes ALF?


I think David Schuster could totally nail Contessa Brewer if they were out drinking.

"Eureka" is back on SciFi next Tuesday - anyone interested?

Post your favorite coffee guilty pleasures here.

Attention, Lounge. In case you haven't noticed, the lounge is kick ass again.

Congrats, DS1. The official photoshopper of the Lounge magazine.

Do you line among felines?

Photos: The 2010 Chevy Camaro.


Engine light and battery light won't go off

Moms & nurses: Debunk this myth: If you eat meat, it's a boy, if you eat dairy, it's a girl

Favorite Meals that You Can't/Won't Eat Anymore....

Tomorrow I interview for a promotion...

William Greider: " rich people taking advantage of poor people....This is Usury."

On being sent to Coventry.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 7/21/2008)

is anyone else here . . .

Do you live among melons...

There is absolutely NO reason any DUer should be advocating a Repub for Obama's VP

Attention: Those who are fixing to move into an apartment.

Parche is no longer Gorn!!1!!

Three garden pics :) Just flowers.

I started a thread in GD and now I need love

How they keep progressive Dems from being elected and reelected. Cohen, TN

What is your favorite non-alcoholic beverage?

People, it's "lose," not "loose."

Some coverage of Dean's tour of the deep South...articles and pictures.

WBC to picket China at the Olympics in Beijing, Aug. 8-24! Oh, I can't wait!

Did Gardenburger stop making Barbeque Riblets?!?!

Who Is Up For A Washington DC Meet Up 20January 2009?

The neighbor kid who threw a rock through my window last summer

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/20/08

Name one thing that sucks more than the NL West in Baseball - I bet you can't!!

GrayWarrior Meets GD

I DARE you to use a semi-colon properly!!!!!

I Just Want To Thank ALL DU'rs For Their Hugs And Good Thoughts

NYC MEETUP: August 10th.

Do you live among felons?

KitchenWitch & CaliforniaPeggy...up to no good!

who gives a fuck about an oxford comma?

Happy ending to a stray dog story (pics)

Traveller or Traveler?

Would you take a pay cut for a higher grade (level) job?

More punctuation

Pentacostal Scientologist; WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT!!

I have a few cat pictures. Please tell me which cat you want to see:

If you were making a disc of Joni Mitchell tunes for a friend...

Why do people dress like crap nowadays?

Pap Smears had to have been invented by men grrrrrrr

Just saw the new Batman... and holy crap. (as spoiler free as possible)

Did I tell you about the racist at Subway?

Which original Street Fighter 2 character would you most want to be?

Does anybody here own the Vincent Price cookbook?

The people who fostered my cat Picasso just called to tell me he had to be put to sleep

Parkinsons & marijuana

Nevada GOP cancels convention

McCain Shocker... VP Pick to be announced in New Orleans on Thursday is....

Down the Usury rabbit hole.


maybe a cat picture thread would help

TOON: Senator John McJoker

"The Dark Knight": a few quirky comments and questions (spoilers, obviously)

Despite all the manual recount in close elections in Florida.

If you chose not to have children... what was/is your reason?

Which toothpaste flavor would you prefer?

Lounge, good vibes, thoughts, prayers needed for our Maddy McCall.

Newsweek Cover: Young, Gay, And Murdered In Junior High! (homophobicly bias article)

Anime nerds, who's the best obnoxious idiot in all of anime?

Unbiased view: Do you think Obama's trip is going well?

I made fried chicken . Real mashed potatos and gravy and creamstyle corn NOBODY ate it

Jerry Horne is right

WHEE! Sprained ankles are so much fun...

Friends wonder about veteran care when system didn't save Army medic in iconic photo

Troop withdrawal timetable concerns Pentagon chief

McCain to speak at Sept. 11 forum on volunteerism

US Secretary of State heads to Middle East, Asia

Louisiana Doctor Cleared in Patient Deaths Recalls Storm

Inquiry launched after film shows Israeli soldier firing rubber bullet at Palestinian at close range

Talks fail to end Thai-Cambodia temple row

Iraq asks oil majors to shorten service contracts

Obama begins firsthand look at Baghdad

Economy top concern for voters as White House race heats up

Flint remembers GM's glory with parade marking 100th anniversary

Border produce scam may spark harmful ripple effect

Hurricane Watches Up for South TX and Mexico

Afghan officials: 9 police killed in mix-up

Thousands of former UK troops now mercenaries in Iraq

Iraqi officials hopes for US troop pullout by 2010(comments made Mon. after Maliki and Obama met)

Two rescued as B-52 crashes into water

US-Iraq deal won't spell out troop levels: White House

Spain drops reassuring gloss as crisis deepens

1st war crimes trial begins at Guantanamo Bay

Dobson shifts positions, may endorse McCain

Court Overturns Fine Of CBS Over Janet Jackson

Mukasey: Congress should set rules for detainees

FCC 'wardrobe malfunction' fine overturned

Afghan secrets revealed on Google Earth

Plea deal unlikely before Gitmo trial

Feingold: Mukasey trying to 'create election-year security issue'

McCain, Obama to share stage

Suicide epidemic grips Japan

Radovan Karadzic arrested

French lawmakers back Sarkozy's constitution rewrite

Mediation offer in Thai-Cambodia dispute

McCain says Obama still wrong on Iraq, Afghanistan

Mugabe, Tsvangirai sign Zimbabwe framework deal

FEMA Delivers Incomplete Disaster Housing Strategy

France backs constitution reform


Marion Jones asks Bush to commute 6-month sentence

Iran, N. Korea still part of "axis of evil": W.House

Chavez Goes Weapons Shopping in Russia as Latin America Arms Race Quickens

FDA Finds Salmonella Strain in Jalapeno Pepper

(Randy Schuenemann) McCain adviser lobbied for Stephen Payne

Bernanke, Paulson Pressed to Seek Big-Government Bank Bailout

Blackwater plans shift from security business

Obama uses crucial foreign tour to promise more troops for Afghanistan

McCain OpEd Not Up to NY Times' Snuff

Firms look to open casino in Saddam's Babylonian palace in Iraq

Russia Needs Bombers In Cuba Due To NATO Expansion - Ex-Commander

White House irked by Iraq support for Obama plan

Bush law chief seeks new Qaeda war declaration

Savage Stands by Autistic Remarks

Boarding soon: Cuba flights from Windsor

Rice limits embassies' aid for candidates

New Apache chopper can kill at 50 miles

Brazil Appeals to Neighbors to Cut Dependency on the US and EU

New York Times defends not running McCain op-ed

McCain and Obama Agree to Attend Megachurch Forum

Gypsy girls' corpses on beach in Italy fail to put off sunbathers

Bosnian Serb wartime president arrested

Legions Of Sick Truckers On The Road

Murder Suspect Was Protected By SF Sanctuary Policy

Female soldiers raise alarm on sexual assaults

dead but president said safe (Bolivian President )

John McCain - "The Straight Talk Express"?

Argentina's Economic Collapse

Jane Mayer on Possible War Crimes (and subpoena envy)

Obama visiting and dining with U.S troops in Afghanistan(longer version)

Satellite Of Love

Obama meets with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in Baghdad, Iraq

Insurance Company Rules

Rep. Roy Blunt Lying About Oil Spills on Late Edition

Iraq: Pull US troops out by 2010

Media spins Adm Mullen comment as criticism of Obama.

McCain Says No To Iraqi Timetable: I know what they want

TPMtv: McCain Responds... And Responds...

CNN - Obama in Basra, Iraq

TYT: Cenk's Take On McCain Surrogate: 'The Muslims Are Going To Kill Us'

Lieberman: Barack Obama Was Prepared To Lose In Iraq

Fit to be President? McCain Gets Confused ...Again

Al Franken ad currently on TV in Minnesota

McCain Latest: Iraq/Pakistan Border?

TYT: South Dakota Passes Absurd 'Pro-Life' Legislation. R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S.

How To Tell People They Sound Racist

TYT: Cenk On Hasselbeck Crying, Whoopi And The N-Word On The View

Al Franken's response to Norm Coleman's hockey ad...

Sun shines on Obama's Iraq debut

Fixing the System Obama Broke (Public Financing of Campaigns)

Bush Failures May Force McCain, Obama to Make Like FDR in 2009

“People come to believe what they must believe when they must believe it”

Venezuela Chavez May Hug Spain King, Won't Shut Up

India's outsource giants feeling the pinch

India Knowledge@Wharton | McCain a better bet for India?

Liberal Bloggers Brace for Victory

Nine Reasons to Investigate War Crimes Now

A computer science professor's never-ending H-1B fight

The anecdote to the New Yorker cover...

Evolution and Flip Flopping: The Media's Double Standard in Covering McCain and Obama

'Death tourists' buy drug at Tijuana pet shops

McSexist McCain’s War on Women

How big will Democratic gains be this fall?

Iraq withdrawal: Obama's plan leaves McCain in precarious position

New Regulator in Rescue Plan Spurs Debate

COINTELPRO Comes to My Town: My First-Hand Experience With Government Spies

Interesting little snippet in the context of our rampant corporatism in the UK,

Article From Fortune Mag: McCain's Econ Brain

People see in Obama what they want to see - that's a blessing and a curse

Matthew Yglesias: Maliki's Walk Forward

Liberal Bloggers Brace for Victory

Boost for Obama over Iraq withdrawal

Robert Parry: Gitmo 'Justice' for US Citizens?

Calamity John

Louisiana Doctor Cleared in Patient Deaths Recalls Storm

Unsealing Secrets Of The Rosenbergs

Death of Free Internet is Imminent..Canada Will Become Test Case

8,500 U.S. banks; many will die soon

Pushing Back on Immigration

Study: IT jobs will drop in 2009

Health Insurance industry forming activist army(industry on the defensive since Dems took control)

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 345

UC San Diego Enacts Green Energy Initiatives (4.4 MW: PV and biogas fuel cells)

Soaring costs spark 'green' legislation in NJ

Southern California Edison Begins (250 MW) Solar Panel Installation Project

Voith Siemens Hydro To Equip New (850 MW) Spanish Pumped Storage Plant

On the farm, a back-end solution to an energy crisis (Canada)

Indonesia oil marker under scrutiny as Minas shrinks

Insects as a viable food option?

Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Detected In Fish In S. Lake Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin - LAT

Today's big global warming denier crowd news turns out to be....

Top-Ten Greenest & Worst US States For Carbon Emissions

Energy Matters: Neighbors to help neighbors through winter of high prices

IEA/Fatih Birol - Non-OPEC Production Peak Within Next Two Years - Times

Drying Murray-Darling Basin May Pit Aussie Farmers Against Government, Towns - SMH

Oysters Dying In The Millions Off France's Norman & Med. Coasts - Independent

A question about rain barrel water stagnation and misquitos...

Saving rainwater illegal in Washington State?

Early 8,000-Strike Lightning Storm "Doesn't Bode Well" For 2008 California Fire Season - AlterNet

Highway Congestion Eases, But Beijing Skies "Stubbornly Smoggy" As Olympics Air Rules Kick In

Pakistan: Mystery behind disappearance of trees in coastal towns

Media coverage slams the Great Global Warming Swindle

UAE to shut 150,000-200,000 bpd oil output Oct-Nov

Prepare to be shocked by heating bills (nat. gas bills 30-50% higher in Midwest)

College accuses fusion scientist of misconduct

Ford to retool U.S. plants for (its) European cars: report

(posting again )A question about rain barrel water stagnation and misquitos...

Rush of wind power to hit the Northwest (too much for the grid to handle?)

U.S. highway trust fund veers toward crisis

Bear encounters on the rise in the Pacific Northwest

Climate Report Calls For Green “New Deal”

Solar Industry Growth Prediction: US Largest Market by 2011

More Than Half Of Philippines' Native Animal Species Either Threatened Or Facing Extinction - AFP

Apollo 13 and the energy crisis of 2008

Climate documentary 'broke rules' (BBC) {Great Global Warming Swindle}

Dupe deleted

Green light for massive wind farm (BBC) {in Scotland}

I encourage every dumb fundie anti-nuke to ignore these numbers.

For the serious weather geeks (like me!):

Save 1000 Whales from Harpoon Death by Japanese - Sea Shepherd

Squeeze a little lime into seawater to cut carbon: scientists

More golf carts leaving greens

Wetlands could unleash "carbon bomb"

7/21 08:00 EDT TS Dolly Extreme NE Tip Of Yucatan - Max Sust 50 1005 Mb - WNW 16 Mph


Mysterious discrepancies in grain prices "baffle" experts

Yesterday I purchased a solar light to put out over the pool

I would request that the pro-nuke people on here to read this post from GD

Burn Up (BBC)

Gov't wants Ky. widow's suit over VA death tossed

Crew confusion for LCS

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/19/08

BLS BS Exposed: Commercial Bankruptcies Soar

Six Ways to Protect Yourself With FDIC Insurance

Bush vs. Bernanke on the Economy

Borrowers and Bankers: A Great Divide

Futures Imperfect

A failed insurance market

FDIC Faces Mortgage Mess After Running Failed Bank

Peak retirement

Looming Water Shortage Creates Profit Opportunities for Investors

So what about CDARS? They are FDIC-insured CD's up to $50Million

American Express Profit Drops 37% on More Borrower Defaults

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 07/18/2008

Uncomfortable Answers to Questions on the Economy

Kids in NC get thrown under the bus

Young, Gay and Murdered

Bigot Sighting (Brockton, Mass)

I'm curious what multi-millionaires are doing right now with their money?

Mamma Mia! Shameless Gushing Here.

Given a Shovel, Americans Dig Deeper Into Debt

I'm fighting 2 wars, don't need a 3rd'

Hebrew U. students not surprised by al-Qaida arrests

Inquiry launched after film shows Israeli soldier firing rubber bullet at Palestinian at close range


Israel willing to free Marwan Barghouti for Shalit

IDF reservists: Guarding former Jewish terrorist is unjustified and a waste

Low-income women have ally to defend labor rights

Az Leap in state unemployment ranks No. 2

Obama Supports North American Union Agenda

Employers, labor become 'foxhole buddies' striving for survival in tough economy

"Free Gaza" initiative to try and enter Gaza by sea and open port

Today in labor history July 21 First documented case in the U.S. of a robot killing a human

Hagee conference opens

Can XM-Sirius merger stand up to Washington politics?

Big Chicago Teamsters Local Ready To Strike UPS If Necessary

Union (AFSCME) urges Citi to break up

FARC SPEAKS: 'We Will Never Give Up the Struggle for Justice"


RUSSIA needs bombers in Cuba Due to NATO Expansion

Chavez touts socialism to Venezuela kids

Five dead as helicopter used by Bolivian president crashes

Jeremy Shockey to Saints??

Boxing! (July 23 - 26, 2008)

Fantasy Football league

COMPLETELY off topic... need to jog my memory

The Stars This Week: "You're a Star!" - July 21 - July 27, 2008

Newest supplement find (and it's greeeaaaat).

Paying doctors more may be good for patients

Our Ailing Emergency Rooms

Migraine's - Try Celery

Tobacco Plants Used in Cancer Vaccine

a Biden fan at a Pakistan newspaper

comments on Biden in Boston Herald article

I also volunteer to be dropped

Green Anole in Monkey Grass

Sebastian has his first birthday. :-) Cute baby alert.

So, anyone paying attention to Jack Reed?

Biden & Kerry interviewed on Iran - with a Midde East channel?

48 Percenter -- you might find this take on Berliners interesting

MSNBC Veepstakes

Is gun control the last refuge of Freudians?

Carmi woman organizes Chicago gun rally

Governor would double gun license fees

U.S. Position Complicates Global Effort to Curb Illicit Arms

Thom Hartman likes shooting guns

How not to buy an AK-47

Thanks to Eleny's recommendation for Manjula's Kitchen

[OT] You'd think that I could own at least one working vehicle

Grilled Pizza (with **lots** of pictures)

Difference engines with a difference.

Most "Earth-like" planet yet found...

Dozenalism (Base 12) number system

Richard Dawkins slaps creationists into the primordial soup

Periodic Table of Videos

Catholic activist group looks to change doctrine

Will the (Lambeth) conference bring communion? (BBC)

When the Catholics compare their OWN POPE to Stalin, you got problems.

The Horror.

Anybody out there familiar with a book called "Debunking 9/11 Debunking?"

Guardian UK: Who knows what happened on 9/11?

What happened to Ed O'Reilly's campaign website?

OT: For those who follow the Siegelman story

Issues for Working Texans: Toll Roads, Public Health, TTC

Kerry swings through Framingham

Hey guys -- I had a blast at Netroots Nation ... and next year it's .... PITTSBURGH!!

In the column, why I hate the Democratic Leadership - Pickens, Democrats agree in calling for altern

Just got my Kindle ask me anything.

Error 82

OT: For those who follow the Siegelman story

Minn. girl delivers petition after biking to D.C.

FEMA shortchanges I35W Bridge Collapse Reimbursement

What's with the hockey puck?

School board brings back paddling with parental permission

The Next Kind of Integration

With No Frills or Tuition, a College Draws Notice

Invention camp means business

Update on our contract situation

Bring back Khadr, former PM says

Afghan violence rising, top soldier concedes

CP: Muslim leader accuses Harper of indifference to 'brown skinned' Omar Khadr

Influx of Voters Expected to Test New Technology

Transcript of the 7/17/2008 Velvet Revolution Interview with Cliff Arnebeck and Bob Fitrakis

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 07/21/08

Study: Poor ballot designs still affect U.S. elections

Britain on alert for deadly new knife with exploding tip that freezes victims' organs

Did Jimbo fall off the face of Earth?