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Archives: July 22, 2008

The Horror.

U.S. Embassies order not to help Obama by Sec of State Rice.

Why do people dress like crap nowadays?

Gitmo judge throws out information obtained by coercive means.

No surprise: Another Bush failure.

Karadzic caught! How did I miss this?

"...They don't have a father around to tell them, 'Don't act like a moron.'..."

Spencer Pratt: John McCain Is Helping Us Go To Iraq

Who has the foreign policy experience now?

Citigroup Unravels as Reed Regrets Universal Model

Survey question I'd like to see: Do you believe that offshore drilling in the US

Sea Turtle Patrols Cut - Texas Millionaire Issues $25 K Challenge

Countdown ..... wtf happened? Olbermann does a half hour and Maddow the other half?

Guardian UK: 80% fear we are heading for recession - ICM poll (but support for Labour increasing)

Justice Dept. in Hot Water Over Dubious Grants

Is Rice trying to find a way around the Hatch Act?

New pics from Iran of their missles (and more weapons!)

All these damned TV nanny shows are blatantly anti-American

hey, all you Navy guys out there... wtf kind of uniform is the Admiral wearing there?

ACLU: 'Mukasey calls on Congress to subvert Constitution'

Lou Dobbs or-------

Bride-To-Be's Boy Left In Hot Car Dies

If This Family Doesn't Deserve A Visit By Extreme Home Makeover,

Busted... The RIAA should go after MSNBC

Shocking - Big Oil Plowing Record Profits into Stock Rather than Exploration.

Legal Schnauzer On His Firing: UAB's Spin Machine Lurches Into Action

An Outrageous Attempt by the Bush Administration to Undermine Women's Rights

Petraeus ..... at heart he's ............

NY Times: Poor Economy Slows Women in Workplace

Are T. Boone Pickens' oil wells drying up?

Here is a chart to use.

Rachel takes over in the middle of KO. Dang KO. I know she's fine but put a fight man.

xenophobic Reliant Energy ad in Texas touts 24/7 Texas based customer

Man threatens to jump from Hart Building atrium

help! question about angel investors, kiva, and stuff like that.....

Bill O'Reilly compares Netroots Nation to a "Klan Gathering", slams Gore for attending

Larisa Alexandronva: Scary Politics In Alabama: How The GOP Framed Gov. Don Siegelman

So much for "small government" conservatism.

Fun With War Crimes -- Episode 4 is now up! Enjoy!

American Express Profit Drops 37% as More Cardholders Default; Shares Fall

An Outrageous Attempt by the Bush Administration to Undermine Women's Rights

Ohio's fund for jobless claims could run dry next year

Imperia Invest: Scam or not? Help me convince deaf people.

TDS: "Barack Obama kinda gives me a boner!"

'UK to lead fight against nuclear Iran' (operation Brimstone)

Fish pedicures: Carp rid human feet of scaly skin

Warning: Auto Warranty Scam

Daily Show: Obama Quest - The Legend Begins!

Freedom of Speech Under Attack at Bush Events-Bush History,7/22

Some one please explain

Prof Juan Cole 7/21/08, a long and complex post including video.

This is Sick and Disturbing

Meet Iraq's future president.

GOP State Senator "Explains" Why He Posted Osama-Obama Photo

URGENT: TAKE ACTION To Impeach Before July 25!

Oh Noes! "Gitmo judge: No ‘highly coercive’ evidence"

Rice says Iran did not take nuclear talks seriously

Time out for a smile...dare you not to... Take a McCain break

Bob Herbert on David Addington & the Must Read Book "The Dark Side"

If the internet were around during the Reagan era, how would it have effected him in the polls?

This Breaking News Just In!

one, two, three, what are we fighting for? weeeeeell, I don't give a damn, we're off too Afghani...

T. Boone Pickens is a right wing freak. But I like his ads, and here's why

Look at this Nazi-fest going on at 750 kxl in Portland

Iraqi backing of Obama plan irks White House

Would you expect the police to respond to your call?

Look at this Nazi-fest going on at 750 kxl in Portland

Heather Thomas, liberal activist!

Frank Rich: John McCain's Disaster Economics

Photo: CAPTION Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiu as he watches Monkey Boy HOWL for the press

Raw Story says man is about to Jump from 7th floor of Hart Senate Office Blding

Katha Pollitt: McCain Opposes Contraception - Pass It On

Speech Of The Week - Gore's Energy Challenge/Transcript: "Future Of Human Civilization Is At Stake"

How long until Bush and his thugs let their Death Squads loose again in Iraq?

You must see this

Bear cub with burned paws rescued from Calif. wildfire. PICS:

"Someday" he told his young wife

There is a God....(Karadzic arrested in Serbia)

Neocon Randy Scheunemann (McCain Policy Advisor) Lobbied for Stephan Payne

Big Oil spends on search, splurges on investors

Looking for a List of Michael Savage's Advertisers

Fewer than half of Americans polled by Pew believe humans are causing global warming

Poll: GOP Sen. Ted Stevens Down By Eight In Re-Election Bid

Ohio's fund for jobless claims could run dry next year

MarketWatch: Profit woes piledrive futures

Wacky Wachovia: Bank posts record $8.9 Billion loss

This is truly an amazing statement from the Bush Administration:

The "surge" was a mere one tactic used by the US during this occupation...

Bush is linked both to the bin Ladens and BCCI!

Over 100 Members of Congress Urge Bush to Halt Abortion Proposal

I predict that gas will be below $3.00 a gallon by November.

Did the US refuse to join the World Court ?

Peak oil to hinder world development -UK Lawmakers via Reuters India

coleman voted 80% with bush, what is wrong with Minnesota?

Telling Economic Hints (American Express' bad numbers)

Drivers Line Up As Station Offers $1.99 Gas

Oh, Christ. Crazy Condoleezza has given Iran another ultimatum

New FTA rule means more San Diego Charger fans will drive to the game

MarketWatch: UAL, US Air plunge into the wild-red yonder

Bush History,7/22 Freedom of Speech Under Attack at Bush Events

lol, what a badass pic of Obama.

We MUST make these illegal now, before another person is killed

David Gregory just asked Giuliani what Obama is doing wrong...

John Edwards in L.A. announcing the creation of the New Generation Fund (affordable housing) - pics

How awesome is this? McCain becomes unhinged trying to smear Obama

Charities ask for help to feed hungry children in places where there are taxes?

Washington Metrorail.....Filled to the gills

All of McCain's talk about the Iraq/Pakistan border has got me thinking...

Apparently Obama is about to face an angry horde of reporters.

MSNBC's new mission is clear -- OBAMA MUST ADMIT THE SURGE WORKED!

Ok they were all waiting for a major gaff, I didn't see one. Did anyone?

Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, Dems in Congress betrayed Constitution for a tote bag

obama must feel like he's running against mccain and the entire u.s. media

Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) on Charlie Rose tonight: "It's been a 5 year occupation."

Wachovia loses $8.9B, cuts 6,350 workers, dividends

Fired worker accused of trying to cut boss' power

CNN this AM ..... Observations on Steph Miller, Obama, and "Wrinklegate"

Thus it has always been.

"The Power of Nightmares"

Petition to Sign to SUPPORT Gore's Call for Clean Energy in 10 years

So why has Cox cable taken out MSNBC?

Conservative Senator Denied Delegate Slot For Not Being Right-Wing Enough

Leave Savage alone!!!

This is something we should never forget.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

California School Dropout Rate "Recalculated".....Nutty Fundie blames Teh Gays

Teach your kid to mind or we'll beat his ass

SlyDial - Wicked

Economic Stimulus, my ASS!

Good LTTE on George Bush the Environmental Disaster

If YOU were president, would you end these imperialist wars or continue them?

Good thing they labeled the porta potty

Mika is just terrible. McCain flip flops are predictable. Obama flip flop in a short period of time

*** Official T. Boone Pickens/Congress Thread ***

Nine Reasons to Investigate War Crimes Now

Silly Rabbit! National Security is for Kids (Too)!

Will someone PLEASE give McCain his pacifier already?

The Media is completely out of control

Senate debating - Energy Speculation Bill - now- C-Span II

mccain is on the cable - live in NH town hall meeting

The world is round.. First day of trying to "save" DOHA falls flat on it's face!

Shave your cable:

Who’s Paying for the Conventions? Corporate Sponsors Pour Millions into Party Coffers

Vive la revolution! .....Quotes from British MP Tony Benn:


FDA nails down salmonella to jalapeños in Texas.

Let's say McCain does select Romney--boy can we have some fun...

Would you rehire a plumber who flooded your house?

Manual recounts out in close elections (you guessed it, Florida)

Obama has to choose someone like Wes Clark for VP

And in the category "more government lies for your own good"......

Does anyone know McCain's latest views regarding the Canadian/Mexican border?

Ethanol from Solid Waste....Simultaneously cleans up land fills and provides fuel ... Mr. Fusion !

Calif's second-largest storage reservoir at 30 yr. low

*Bush tours America to survey the results of his disastrous presidency

CHINA-the Egg, The Water Cube, and the Bird's Nest

A Product’s Place Is on the Set

Army Releases Powerful Photo of Obama in Iraq

Michele Bachmann Watch, 7/22/08: MB touts $2-a-gallon gas!

MoJo Blog: Is Blackwater Leaving the Security Biz?

ACLU: Federal Court Once Again Upholds Ban on Unconstitutional Internet Censorship Law

President Obama is on TV right now

Bush appoints new son in law as deputy chief of staff

Who is this fucking IDIOT on Thom Hartmann's show right now?


" The Urge to End it All"

People who believe the MSM is liberal. Some theories about this.

File this under petty: I had sooo much fun checking into freeperville on election night 2006

New process makes biofuel directly from sawdust.

Young People: Living on the Edge

Why don't we do a photo comparison thread? Obama vs Bush

Videos of Elephants painting Elephants

OMG! Stephen Colbert just did a HILARIOUS "Better Know a Lobby" interview with the Sierra Club guy!

Have a great time on your vacation in sunny – BAGHDAD! - Today’s Headlines 7/22/08

More weak ratings for San Diego's KLSD 1360

Hello Dolly

huge hailstones shoot out of apt. house toilets during storm

Terror trial openings describe al Qaeda world

Anti-drug war demos at both GOP and Democratic conventions


The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) didn't conquer empty-handed. He had the Koran.

If nuts like McCain didn't support invading Iraq no surge would have been needed

The new Afghan government has promised public stonings will continue but only with small stones

Pack your bags for Baghdad? Iraq looks to tourism

Why are felons barred from voting?

The Anti-China Protests: When An Official Enemy Is Targeted, Media Take Notice

TEDTalk Tuesday: Psychology Today

Lina Newhouser, Co-Founder, 1951-2008

For some, life changes in an instant

Theater goes dark for Ebert, Roeper

FUCK!!! Tropical Storm Dolly Threatens Coast, Oil Prices

Has anyone else noticed just HOW MANY corruption cases are springing up?

three things necessary if the United States government is to better provide for the American people

Estelle Getty of ‘Golden Girls’ Dies at 84

Dalai Lama coming up on CNN. Wonder what he'll say about Bush?

Look at what was tucked into the bottom of the Berlusconi immunity story

Beck on King Last Night, Please Complain to CNN

Why I'm voting Republican this November.

Fox's Moran Moment

Boy Was Thom Hartmann on Fire....

So is McCain's basic Iraq position...

McCain Surrogate(Congresswoman Heather Wilson) He Might Withdraw From Iraq Sooner Than Obama!

Should Kasparov go to Iraq and declare a stalemate?

Greta Van Susteren is a scientologist!

Soldiers recount deadly attack on Afghanistan outpost

Lest you think we forgot you, this post is for you

McCain would rather lose a campaign than END a war

Interesting graphs about voters from Pew.

Even Howard Stern was ripping on Savage

S.3268 Stop Excessive Energy Speculation Act of 2008

Here's how the debate between Obama and McCain will go

Obama camp answers CNN's stupid editorial on Race.

Developing: Attack outside Obama's hotel in Jerusalem by Palestinian construction worker

Latest poll puts Begich (D-AK) ahead of Ted Stevens by 9 points.

Nepotistic inbred elitist motherfuckers.

Put these special wonders on your must-visit list before they disappear

What WAR Is McCane Talking About? America Is NOT At War With Anyone

Tuesday TOONS, Part 1: The Bush Economy

Price of crude is down again today! Hmmm...I wonder if all the talk of

So I’m sitting in a local sports bar today...

Listening to Rush on good Democratic days is a guilty pleasure

Finally canceled my Washington Post subscription

Oil Leases

Renewable, Clean Energy in 10 yrs. - Al Gore asks us to sign MoveOn petition

Fuel costs for Iraqi war approaching $1 billion per week

McSame says "Iraq-Pakistan border" on this morning's Today Show.

Think about this for a moment before you dismiss it as a crazy idea

McCain's excellent adventure!

Bank Failures

its obamas fault gas is so high

It's all Bob Dole's fault..

Anyone know about a secret meeting in Congress that was leaked?

memo to david gregory - walter cronkite would never have hosted the today show

I Don't Watch TV News, What's The GESTALT Re: Maliki's Obama Comments?

National Guard Confiscating Guns in New Orleans

Feds: TV news anchor hacked, then leaked colleague's e-mail

Lou Dobbs head exploding over the "liberal media"

Duke Cunningham asking Bush for the "Libby treatment"!!

Spain Faces Worst Economic Crisis in its History

obama is right...commander in chief makes the policy

AP: Text Of Obama Statement On Trip To Iraq

Obama Haters Always Welcome on Fox

Is it time for Congress to “grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal” since terrorists in the War on

"Obama isn't a uniter, he accepted MoveOn's endorsement "

Aflac pulls ads from Savage’s radio show (RE: autism).»

Tuesday TOONS, Part 2: Comparing Obama, McBush and the original...

Obama Not Afraid To Engage GOP On Foreign Policy

House Secret Meeting Info Please?

UNBELIEVABLE!....Chris Matthews just said the Iraqis should be "grateful" the Americans freed them.

McCain/Kucinich 2008!!!!!11111!!!!!

Don't miss the interview on with Adm. Mullen !

God, Andrea Mitchell is even on Dan Abrams tonight?

If they lie about bushitler's I.Q.on the advertisement at this address,

Since McCain 'doesn't know' if Obama is a Socialist, let's play a fun game!

Statement of Senators Obama, Reed, and Hagel on Trip to Iraq

The Iraqis should be grateful that we freed them!!!1111!!!!

MSNBC's Hall didn't challenge Pfotenhauer's claim that Obama "fought funding" for troops in Iraq and

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/21/08 - Obama 42, McCain 41 (Obama down 2)

Obama Leads McCain by 9 Points Among Registered Voters (Harris poll)

Fresno's GOP mayor says 'don't pay your income taxes' over water

Holy Batsmack! Batman smacks his Mother and sister around..

Phil Gramm, not so gone after all

Data entry for campaign

Need help to DU a poll

OH NO... The new drumbeat: Obama shouldn't

I just got done listening to katie and Obama and katie and mcsame

Since "the Surge" started, 950 American soldiers have died.

John McCain: When all else fails, blame the black guy

Senate Bill Introduced to Require VA to Provide Access to Voter Registration

I wonder if this guys shot his "stacked and packed" PSA from his parents' basement. . .LOL

Interesting movie...

Ruh, roh, McShame has lost Novak. (Novak got played)

Can anyone explain to me why someone would suggest a Republican't for VP?

Mark your calendars! - Bush impeachment hearing on July 25

Now "Larry King Live" has a full hour of Obama bashing....

National Guard mobilizes for POSSIBLE hurricane in Texas

Did anyone here hear Harrison(?) on Randi yesterday talking about a Bush directive to suspend

Police use taser on blind woman with cancer

What's up with McLame having the Secret Service on his FEC debt page?

Deadly denial: Government fails to help sick nuclear workers

POLL: What is your choice for this week's Activist Corps action?

The Wal-Mart Weekly: Labor relations still not where they need to be

The news from Iraq you didn't hear about.....

According to Der Spiegel, Germany is asking Obama not to ask for more German troops

The Rude Pundit: How Many Motherfuckers Does It Take to Screw a Light Bulb Into a Detainee's Rectum?

'Heal Thyself?' by Elizabeth Edwards

NC POLL: McCain 43 (-2), Obama 40 (-1),

RWers Now Kvetching About Obama's Security in Germany

Larisa Alexandrovna: Help Free Paul Minor, Another GOP Political Prisoner

Obama on ABC Nightline now

TeeBoneNosePicker is saying the right stuff ...............

To the rest of the world our two party system must seem bizarre-

Tipper Gore for VP. Caller to Bender who is sitting in for Maddow.

Bumper crop of idiocy in SC

Henry Kravis: Who Is He?

Al Gore....a big picture man

Didn't Petraeus say that he found weapons of mass destruction in 2003?

Will American Traitor....

Lee Hamilton for VP

Citizens United To Release Anti-Obama Documentary

So what if people overseas like Obama?

The Worst

Michael Savage defends autism remarks: I’m just “defending of the defenseless!”

Congress will begin special "Impeachment" hearings this Friday...

Whomever McCain picks as his VP...

Face it, folks--we're not going to win with this "Obama & The Press" thing.

Government Agencies that are broken and need to be put back together again. List your picks

A difference in translation

Obama to visit Czechoslovakia and the Iraq-Pakistan border on his trip.....

Compare and contrast.....

2 articles: Obama/McCain = realist/idealist, winner/loser

Chutzpah Award - McCain Claiming He Was Right On Iraq?

Alright Time Magazine, I like this article

50 State Strategy Note...

"Election System May Buckle"

Some people will think this post is fucking offensive

"John McCain is too old to be President in my opinion."

There's a whiff of decay in Baltimore's air this evening ......

GOP Levity...

Wow that nightline interviewer was a $%#%@

McCain's Temper... Is He Plotting Revenge Against Maliki?

Obama Far More Popular Among Jews Than Lieberman

McCain closes in on VP. Possibly this week?

About the digital tv switch: some things I dont like

Who do you THINK is going to win?

NYT Analysis: For Obama, a First Step Is Not a Misstep

This Modern World: McCain mania explained

Now CNN is saying that Obama made his first mistake


Krugman reveals the NYT urged him to ‘lay off’ the Bush administration.»

The best quote concerning Iraq strategies so far? (on KO's show)

McCain, 'Bush on steroids.' Neocon advisors, willful ignorance, operating by the seat of his pants.

GOP frees GOP members to vote however they need to get elected

Did You See The Clip Of John McCain - #3 Story On Countdown Tonight......

Washington Post: Campaign Advisors Release Details of Remainder of Obama Trip

A Little Empathic Perspective on Recent Events

New York Times Spares McCain Embarrassment By Rejecting Op-Ed

Obama Far More Popular Among Jews Than Lieberman

Pictures of Obama with troops compared to Bush

He has got to make a mistake.

Pathetic Sen John McFucked is Fucked per Keith Olbermann Countdown

Katrina vanden Heuvel, wow this lady never stops to amaze me with her ability to discuss

Let's get real: White House interferes in the election, then accuses Iraq

Does anyone know what time here in USA Obama's speech from Germany tomorrow will be? TIA. nt

E. J. Dionne: The Test Obama Must Pass To Win The Presidency

CQ Politics Upgrades Colorado Senate Race To "Leans Democratic."

Our next prez is addressing us from Jordan now, 9:00am CT. m$ms. nt

ALASKA: Mark Begich Has Nine-Point Lead Over Sen. Ted Stevens

USAToday Live Blogging Obama Press Conference

McCain-No Longer Winning One for the Gipper?

Little help here....Ted Kennedy and the Chappaquiddick incident.

“Iraqis want an aspirational timeline, with a clear date, for the redeployment...

Obama welcomes 'growing consensus' on timeline

McCain says it was much easier to do a fact-check when he was growing up. Back then,

Tonight, did many of us see the birthing of a meme?

Hey McSame and the Repubs:

We talked about Senate Repukes. Which Dem Senator would you most like to see win?

VP Choice For McCain

Death of Free Internet - Canada Will Be Test Case

Heads Up: Obama Press Conference Scheduled for 10:00 AM (ET)

Dolly is now a Category 1 hurricane....

California Secretary of State Says Alan Keyes is AIP Presidential Candidate

Mika B.: Boo Hoo; It doesn't get any better for Obama than this...

Electing Obama is a great way to apologise to the world for the malfeasance of

mccain to meet with piyush jindal

Politifact: McCain's new attack ad is false

Tell me the worth of a life

When Obama Returns, He Needs One on Each Arm

IMO, Jindal was not lying about being VP, McCain will dropout and endorse him for the nomination.

Since NYT wouldn't print McGaffe's op-ed, he sent it to the NY Post to print?

Photo of a detainee held by the United States, with his face wired, lips sewn... unveils new site format with substantial improvements

For Obama, a First Step Is Not a Misstep (NYT)

Barack Obama's excellent adventure

Iraqi backing of Obama plan irks White House

Obama to speak in Berlin Thursday at 7:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EST)

Clearly, Barack Obama Is a Muslim.


Remember when Hillary said that she would work her heart out for the Democratic nominee?

Lose one for "the Gaffer"...

The John McCain groundswell continues...

It would be really funny if McNuts lost Arizona!

What about Voluntary Human Extinction?

McCain Adviser Points to 2020 Iraq Withdrawal Date

CNN: McCain camp admit that rumors of potential VP pick help distract attention from Obama's trip

Obama holds a 32-point lead over McCain (61%-29%) among unmarried women

Watch out folks! There's going to be trouble on the Iraq-Pakistan border!!

McCain gaffes pile up; critics pile on

maybe we should ask McCain to be Obama's travel agent

So is Bob Nofacts wrong again about McCain picking a VP this week?

BWAAAAH! Glenn Beck was ASKEERED of having Big Ed Schultz on!

The emailing keyboard commandos are in full attack mode! Anyone get this email?

Why Would Any of Them Want to be McCain's VP??

This has got to be the worst .

MSM Reviews: Obama trip a huge success so far! -- McCain as "the gaffe machine."

Jim Webb on The Colbert Report

I'm sick of the Media and their Myth that Obama gets preferential Press Treatment! THAT IS A LIE!

McCain to NY Times: Dammit My Friend, Can't You See? I Am Right, Obama's Wrong. Let Me Repeat.

Obama's successful trip may lessen the need for a national security VP

When it comes to the Middle East, McCain can't keep his Shi'ite straight.

Obama in Iraq: No Better Gift Than A Timetable For Withdrawal

McCain just now in NH town hall meeting: "We have won in Mosul {Iraq}"

Poor McFraud...caught in the Head Lights of TRUTH. No one told him Pens are mightier than Bombs

McCain accuses Obama of wanting to win the election!

McCain Surrogate: He Might Withdraw From Iraq Sooner Than Obama!

Of course McSame was right about Iraq!

well the concern posts have gotten so pathetic

Palestinian makes Obama bagel for candidate visit

Obama says committed to Iraq withdrawal timetable

Lou Dobbs spent his entire opening segment last night trashing EVERY aspect of the Obama trip

Does anyone really think Bobby Jindal will be McCain's VP?

TIME FOR A GOOGLE BOMB: Associate Gaffe With McCain.

McCain draws a lot of attention to Obama not taking a trip to Iraq in 2 years. NOW...

Attention Grampy McSame: You might want to flashback to May 1, 2003

A Matter of Life and Death

I know I'm a little late, but I HAVE to say a few words about Savage's comments on autism.

Time for the McCain on Iraq footage.

McCain just claimed Obama would rather lose a war than an election, and "his" timeline would reverse

Obama Meets With Jordanian King Abdullah

Funny posts re: Jindal VP? - on the CNN Ticker this morning

KUCINICH VIDEO: "Thanks to you, impeachment will be heard Friday"

Another Bit of MSM Bias - Notice How Obama's Correct Calls Are Attributed To Luck?

Very sneaky "Obama is the anti-christ" meme from Monica Crowley.

Politico: McCain gaffes pile up; critics pile on ("Are the gaffes the result of his age?")

Changes I'd like to see from a Pres. Obama

Arianna Huffington: Tell Me Again, Why Is Obama Being Popular With Our Allies a Bad Thing?

Who pissed in Andrea Mitchell's coffee?

Strategic Whining

The World is Watching

Why doesn't Obama make an issue of the fact that all of the Joint Chiefs

CNN Logic - A Hillary Victory Would Have Hurt Women?

I think a McCain breakdown is possible this week

John McCain doesn't even have an office in Indiana

U.S. faces global funding crisis, warns Merrill Lynch

Wkileaks: Framing Obama... What the corporate media didn't tell you!

Conditons on the ground

McCain's rejected OP-ED says Iraq should have an air force

Watch Obama`s Press Briefing In Jordan

Anyone else got the feeling....

Senator Angry Old Prick must have gotten a phone call....

Obama continues to outraise McCain in West Virginia by over 2 to 1

DU this poll...

DU this poll...

I wish this election was over NOW.

Surge Idea Belonged To Gen. Shinseki Who Was Forced Out Without A Peep From McCain

Matthews:"A lot of African-American faces over there, very happy, delighted faces..What's the story"

I've decided I'm going to start my own news network, and here is my all-star anchor/reporter line-up

Question for resident historians of DU

I want to make a stand here for bipartisanship.

WTF Alert: McCain Surrogate (Wilson) Suggests Troops Could Come In Fewer Than 16 Months

Impeaching Bush and Cheney now is our only option as Bush can issue preemptive pardons...

Pressure builds to send Karl Rove to jail

Conservative Lawyers Urge Bush To Issue ‘Pre-Emptive Pardons’ To Officials Involved In Illegal Progr

When a Son Goes Off to War

TPM: At Jordan Presser, Obama Keeps Co-Opting GOP Language On Terror

msnbc reported there was one (1) reporter to greet mcsame at new hampshire airport yesterday

Is it true that John McSame came up with the idea of "The Surge?"

It's sort of become a campaign

Need Photoshop Help - I Think? Need Pic Of McCain Made From Countdown Clip.......

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA travels to Anbar province to meet with Sunni tribal leaders

Mommy, mommy they're not being fair!

Et tu, Brute?

Damn that lib'rul media! CNN wonders if an Obama Presidency would hurt African-Americans.

McCain "I Know How to Win Wars"

I'm very impressed with how the Obama campaign is organizing locally

Dems just missed another chance to get McCain! They HAVE to be more forceful!

Obama's betting everything on voter mobilization. Will it work?

When you get those emails criticizing President Jimmy Carter,

Obamamania in full flight ahead of tour of Europe

Less Than a Year Ago Hannity,Coulter,O'Reilly trashed McCain (Looking for video)

New Michigan Poll: Obama and McCain in tight race

The Nation: As World Embraces Obama, McCain Attacks

Obama now in Israel...this is the stop I'm most nervous about.

Please, if you believe in the Power of our thoughts

McCain camp targets media "love" for Obama, holds stupid contest on their website.

It seems that it will be raining in Berlin on Thursday when Obama will give his speech

almost drove off the road laughing at Limbaugh today

Rep Wilson R-NM Calls Obama 'frighteningly inexperienced.'

Please don't share information on your or your group's political activities with the police

The crybabies need diapering..

The Delegates Of National Association of Letter Carriers Endorses Obama!

Should mc moran pick a VP stupider than himself, or is that even possible?

Former Ohio official Blackwell appears in anti-Obama ad

Why is everyone (media) acting like its ok for McCain to claim Obama would rather "lose" the war

Obamamania grips Europe in anticipation of Barack's tour

Breaking News: "Lotta smiling, white faces in McCain audience!"

Does anybody believe that there's going to be anymore than a dog

Right Wing Cartoon Watch

Confession.. I'm listening to Rush today and enjoying it.

Newsweek: McCain Ad a Full Tank of Nonsense

comments on this article please

McCain Turns Contempt (for all of us) Into an Ad Strategy

Would you join the military...?

What the fu@k? 'Faith of Our Fathers: John McCain Story' movie being sold at local grocery store.

One Reporter Greets McCain in NH, but He Does Get Town Hall Meeting Air Time...

Palm Beach oval to fill in. Must connect two arrows?

As Loan Giants Are Inspected, Bush Prods Congress

McCain needs to denounce Michael Savage over his scathing autism remarks

Who would you love to see performing (musically) at the Convention?

Snarf! CNN asks: "Could an Obama presidency hurt black Americans"?

Any astronomy/telescope experts out there?

Delete this thread.Dupe.

New Poll: Obama leading by seven in Colorado

Is Chris Matthews running for Senate?

It's Official! Rush has lost his friggin mind...

Sports Analogy - Should Democrats Ride The Refs (Media) More?

ROFL! Quick, Google "McCain" and click on the News Results.

Get the impression that some of the media who are so hooked up right

McCain Falsely Claims That Obama Is Denying The Success Of The Troops

Obama Spars With Couric Over Surge Success (Partial Transcript and VIDEO)

Super McSame! The Comic!

So far positive news for Obama on Hardball.

Dee Dee Myers thinks Obama is and has been getting more favorable media attention?

Robert Novak complains he "may have been used" by the McCain campaign...

McCain: "I'd rather lose this election than lose this war."

Does US labor legislation drive US manufacturers out of business?

Friday Is Our Nuremberg or If Kissinger Had Gone to Jail, We Would Not Have Gone to War

Bobby Jindel; Louisiana Governor - "A rise and a fall

Obama started manipulating oil prices when he was 17 years old!

News in hot spots appears to aid Obama

McCain Turns Back on Grand Canyon

New Zealand weighs in: Obama hitting the right notes

Obama makes me feel like the possibilities are endless, whereas Bush made me feel

Whose Fault Is It?

Foreign tour is media bonanza for Obama

PHOTO: BARACK OBAMA arrives in Israel, makes remarks beside his campaign plane

pickens is making sense, says Kunstler/Peak Oil "Right on"

cnn headline: Could an Obama victory hurt black Americans?

Video: Obama Lands in Israel

The Myth of A Toss-Up Election

Richard Holbrooke: "It's a devastating blow to the McCain campaign, ...

David Gregory is a total McCain shill, operating under the guise of a journalist...

CO: Obama 49 (+1), McCain 42 (+6)

CO: Obama 49 (+1), McCain 42 (+6)

McCain’s Afghan Strategic Blunder

McCAIN MANIA!!!!! (Tom Tomorrow)

I'm looking forward to when it is not "us" and "them", but "us" when

Lou Dobbs is such a lying sleezebag!

Andrea, Andrea, how stupid you can be.

Someone should ask McCain: If a plan crashed on the border of Pakistan and Iraq, on which side would

Bill Richardson to John McCain: Stop Whining

Anybody watching Obama on CBS? My cable is out from storms. Hows he doing? nt

Gramm is right! The leaders are a bunch of whiners

Wow The king of jordan drove obama to the airport personally.

Who’s Foreign Policy Adult?

Obama spends less in June, saves resources

Obama's lead in daily tracking polls, 7/22: Rasmussen 43-42, Gallup 45-42

"He looked and sounded presidential at a moment when the eyes of the world were on him."

Obama continues to outraise McCain in W.Va.

Obama: My Iraq judgments match reality

New Democratic Party Slogan Revealed

Conservative group takes aim at Obama as "overhyped media darling" in ads, film

Watch Obama being interviewed by Katie Couric on CBS

What state will be Obama's biggest upset?

The thing that gets me about Iraq is

So Lufthansa turns a profit, while US Airlines face bankruptcy?

The Nation: What was John McCain thinking?

McCain said, knowing what he knows now, he'd STILL invade Iraq. WHO'S the one with bad judgment?

Goddammit! I'm so goddamned angry, goddammit!

The Fear of Losing Your Job Trumps all Fears

Nightline host's final sentence reiterates talking point Obama unfit to lead

Anyone watch Tweety? He Is Bsing again.

Are you excited to work for Obama this fall?

Look at this lead story in Pravda !

Expect rapid intensification of Dolly over the next six hours....

Joe Klein on "McCain Meltdown"

Joe Klein on "McCain Meltdown"

McCain Pining for Another Stroll Through the Baghdad Market, Sans Flackjacket

Watching it all fall apart at once

Fuck you David Gregory..

My email to our local radio station that airs Michael Savage

First attack ad in Ohio from the folks

Should we be worried about New Hampshire?

The Daily Widget – Tuesday, July 22 – Obama 365, McCain 173 – Weaker South and New England?


Flight carrying members of Congress makes emergency landing

Poss. McCain VP Choice - Sarah Palin - A Female Dan Quayle?

113 Washington drivers ticketed for cell phone use

An Economy in a Test Tube

Is anyone watching CNN right now?

City people (and our friends), what do you think of this idea?

Who will Bush pardon first

RAWA (Afghan women's rights org) opposes the US invasion and occupation.

What's UP With Andrea Mitchell???

Obama more popular among Jews than Lieberman

Do people really think Mittens has a chance to be McCain's VP?


How Long Before McSame Blows His Top. ?

How do you think Republicans plan to distract from the huge welcome that Obama gets in Germany?

'Fixed' AZ Election Detailed in Letter to State AG

Joe Biden wins MSNBC Veepstakes

If you need to smile

Bill to crack down on oil speculators moves forward

The media is covering up the new movie starring Phil Gramm, John McCain and Carly Fiornia

Obama table in Madison: July 19 Edition (tenth one in 2008)

Hillary Donors Gave Obama 1.8 Million in June

Just HOW long can America be 'on the verge of winning' in Iraq?

Clinton supporters lend Obama a big fundraising hand

Pull out your kleenex.

It doesn't get more pathetic to realize that Jack Cafferty is the most sensible

Can somebody please put McCain out of his misery?

END to Global Warming!! CO2 Levels Back To Pre-industrial Levels By Adding Lime To Seawater **...

Al Franken and Air America Radio

I LOVE IT! The Republicans are whining that Obama is "showboating" on his International tour...

Photo Gallery: Berlin Prepares for Obama Speech

Barack and troops at US Embassy in Baghdad

GOP Tech Guru Mike Connell 'High IQ Forrest Gump...At Scene of Every Single Crime': OH Attorneys

Edwards, Nunn on Obama's Veep List (AP)

Vanity Fair spoofs The New Yorker for its August issue.

Does Stephen Hayes blow donkeys, pigs, or horses, when he's not

Just when you thought the media couldn't go any lower...they've come up with a new angle on race.

"Wall Street Got Drunk": 'Banned' Bush Video Surfaces

seven years underground

John Kerry Blasts McCain

Senator Grassley bounced from Iowa delegation for investigating evangelists and their finances.

Vanity Fair counters with mock cover of John and Cindy McCain

This Pic Is What Has McCain $%!##!^@ His Pants (and the GOP Thinking They're F@(%#&)

Please ask Howard Dean to protect our vote. It will take only five minutes.

American Jews Prefer Obama To Lieberman

Edwards story. Rumors or truth?

BREAKING: Headlining Band Booked For Obama Convention

My brother met Obama in Iraq and he is "very impressed"

Brazen daylight robbery in Chapel Hill

Here's how to handle your FISA-voting congresscritter!

He wasn’t driving drunk, he didn’t hit anyone, but he might still go to jail

Congress Preparing to Address 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Giant housing development in Calif. goes belly-up in the middle of nowhere

The National Enquirer is NOT reliable in Presidential politics.

I Just Googled "Puma"

OMFG....No Blacks or Mongolians allowed in Bejing bars !!!

The repukes are pretty predictable: That's why McCain's VP will be Romney

Dee Dee Myers is totally wrong. The media's intense focus on Obama is cover for McCain.

I'm astounded at how incredibly weak and pathetic McCain is..

Jack Reed Gives Obama Cover on Iraq

Do you have any taxes in Jefferson?

McCain gets $1,930 a month from 'broken' Social Security system

Papa Smurf must have been invented by Rabrrrrrr

How free market ideology backfired, sabotaging capitalistic democracy

Tonight at Tavernertavern: Cajun style Dirty Rice + Lost Abbey Devotion Ale

I just popped my neck and it was AWESOME!!

The Ped Egg is so, like, last week. The new in thing: Fish pedicures!

I am trying to be nice, but it's getting harder (rant)

Some stellar navigation advice

Photo: Dinner is served (Cedar Plank Tilapia)

Woof Woof

Man, GD is really silly tonight

Daniel Day-Lewis, Penelope Cruz, Sophia Loren, Dame Judi Dench, Nicole Kidman, and... Fergie??!!

The family that paints together stays together -- video

Anyone watch Operation Repo on

I am not seeking medical advice, but can you use a roastnear to cure an itchy cooter?

Was/Am I the only person who liked/likes MILFs?

Support the Kucinich Impeachment Hearing on Friday

I Ran is a damn good song!

Do you live among melons?

I'm just curious, did DU have a rep at the netroots convention in Austin?

SFIA anyone?

Went to vote today and got goose bumps

If you were making a Joni Mitchell CD for a friend...

Montanto is officially a God amongst mortals

ShamWow or ZorbEEZ?

A bit of elegant poetry for addition to a few other things...

Cool things I just learned about two actors in Dark Knight (NO spoilers)

Men sentenced for setting friend's crotch ablaze

Anyone else watching I Love Money?

Who decides what jail you go to?

For you, A child holding a flower

Letterman on Eyewitness news

Is Mother Hubbard A MILF?

Is Mother Goose a MILF?

Why do people dress like carp nowadays?

All these damned TV nanny shows are blatantly anti-American

Star Wars fans, why the hell couldn't the Jedis fly?

Michaelangelo's "David" returns to Italy...

One of you Lounge Lizards needs to watch Operation Repo with me.

Don't play with fire!

6 Day Business Trip to Manchester, NH -- What to do with my time?

A very very happy video from APOD Honest, it will make you smile.

New sig line.....self explanatory

Talk of Super Secret Session at 10:00pm in Congress

My blog is lonely

Crooks and Liars: Let’s ask Andrea

Hi Honey, I'm Home!

DUer "The_Wizard", aka Barry the F@#$&^% Wizard, runs for President 2008

"The Whole Of The Moon"- Mike Scott

Does anyone else watch Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations?

Hex thread

Oeditpus Rex RUINED "Annie's Song" for me.

Google Blocking UNCF web site!??

Better late than never — impeach Bush and Cheney - Hearings Fri., July 25th @ 10 AM

Heard this today, someone please explain it to me...

Free Bird

I Have Skilz!

Last week's epiphany moment -- Some people don't want help.

Rasmussen has McCain up 10 in Ohio today, we have work to do.

"I don't care if you're dead"

Dapper Dan or FOP?

So I just got a Macbook...

"And the band plait on..."

One of my fav music videos (post your favs)

Is Mother Earth a MILF?

Holy Carp! Famke Janssen was on TNG?!

caption this photo

Yeah, it's lame to some, but it just means something to me tonight


Have you written an entire snarky reply and then just hit the previous page?

Savage has gone to far! How dare he say this about those with Autism!

I Hereby Appoint Misshoneychurch as the Official DU photographer

Art Interpretation

A couple of questions about race and racism....

Ever heard of It's for people who are . . .

Let's see who can wrestle up a CAPTION

4 yr old kid wants to help with work

Which is MORE proper?

Video of new Camaro

I was at the family shop today


Not to call RetroLounge a liar, but...

Wildlife Gallery

So how 'bout Schumer for veep.?

My coffee is weak,

It Won't Go Down

In honor of the Dark knight, create your own superhero!

I really don't understand people sometimes

Pap smears had to have been invented by Rabrrrrr...

Democracy Now: Cass Sunstein, Glenn Greenwald debate FISA, transcript

Who is Jack Schitt?

The spurge is working!

Superhero/Comic Book films you'd like to see.

I've done it again!

Stay away from Shaw's Supermarket in Conway New Hampshire

Stay away from Shaw's Supermarket in Conway New Hampshire

Radio Lady Reviews: “Mamma Mia!” The Movie (Opens 7/18/08)

Someone sent me the cutest kitty video but I don't know how to post it

Would you take a pay cut if it would help Boojatta advertise on DU?

Kitten Picture of the day for Tuesday July 22

Welp- coworker just got the call from husband re: her puppy

hilarious movie on TCM tonight -- did you see it?

Great Jordanian singer/songwriter

Has Barry Gibb been knighted? If not, don't you think he thinks

Why do people dress like carp nowadays?

HI ho

Michael Savage is Going DOWN!

Women on antidepressants may benefit from Viagra

You say there is no protest music?

So long everyone, you are a great bunch of folks.

Request for vibes please

So Pierce Brosnan can't sing.

Your top 5 films: BRING IT!

cant help but feel a bit offended here

Hiegh Ho!

If you could pick a place to live, where would it be?

If you could pick a place to live, where would it be?

Stephanopoulos falsely suggested Obama "now" aligned with McCain...

Does anyone know the release date of the movie "Ring 3"?

Heil ho!

Where is the daily picture of Mo the kitten, I need my fix.

Should We All Take Up A Collection For KitchenWitch?

If Sigmund Freud applied his tests to himself, would he need to see a shrink?

Man caught "Fishing" for booze in liqour store attic

Heigl ho!

High ho

Anyone here driving a new Honda CRV?

Estelle Getty - RIP

Get your baby bunnypants pic here, folks!!!!

Man caught "Fisting" for booze in liqour store attic.

Happy to be alive tonite......asshole ran me and my family into the ditch and through the median....

Happy to be alive tonite......asshole ran me and my family into the ditch and through the median....

Just About Got Hit By Lightening

Mystery meat question

Superman didn't come from Earth, nor did his parents. So wasn't he Superalien?

Who here has sat in a LC4 lounge?

Who is John Galt?

woot!! These boots are made for walking


Can-D or Chew-Z?


Went Fishing On Sunday For The First Time In Years

Window washer fell about 82 feet before his safety harness kicked in

28557448--Very important number to remember,

Would you get a fish pedicure?

Which do you prefer: staying in a resort hotel ...

Given the number of Dark Knight threads posted in here, I think it's evidence of ...

My back hurts, so I'm forming a kiss-my-ass sympathy express!

Hey, Mouseketeers! Now sing THIS!!

Gay pride dancer jumps off boat, is shot dead by rescuers

Anyone do internet banking from one of the big national banks?

Anyone have any tips for getting alcohol-smell out of the fridge???

Estelle Getty of "Golden Girls" has died at age 84... She struggled with Alzheimer's disease...

I am so ashamed... I am a gossipmonger

All these Batman threads are causing me anguish

I don't care about your age - here's some advice:

Not your mother's desktop wallpaper

TT or PU?

SOteric Is So D**D To Me

Which Car Should Jasonc Buy?

Pray to God this never happens to you!!

My name is kay1864, and I am ASHAMED

Boy, there sure are a lot of hookers on Dot Ave

Boy, there sure are a lot of hookers on Dot Ave

Why aren't men supposed to wear bras in our society?

So I Am Driving My Car In Ft Worth And A Cop Pulls Me Over

anyone else stopped going to a salon/barbershop/etc for hair cuts?

Rant... got my first speeding ticket yesterday.


Blast from the past!

Whoa. Did you feel THAT?

In 1994, 'Star Trek generations' was deemed mediocre. In 2008,

Attack kat_kringle Tuesdays!!!!

Can I make instant pudding, put in the freezer, and eat homemade jello puddin' pops?

Since so many appear to be doing the low-carb thing....A recipe from ME!

What is the story about the PITA hatred?


Moribund or Not...?

Oi, it's national ice cream month!!

What's geekier?

Feedback on an animated short...

SOteric sent me her chicken marsala recipe and no, I'm not sharing it.

I got a laptop, this is awesome!

Lord. have mercy. I remember this commercial from its original run!

State two differences between Connie Chung and Saddam Hussein...

I have invented a new tasty drink to be guzzled with ease!

Batman actor Christian Bale arrested over assault allegation

Hell, even The Dark Knight's Original Soundtrack kicks major ass!


Grammar Crab says: "Anymore" refers to something that no longer exists.

Is 4999 miles too far to go to have a relationship with someone?

Oi, it's national I scream month!!

I have been Published in a Literary Magazine.

Grr. the worst thing about taking oral chemotherapy...

Fire made it good.

Couple kissing, both with mouthsful of food. Is this normal?

Obama's Global Victory Lap Has McCain Desperate

Hypnotoad: I'm so sorry. Sophia died!

Just what the world needs: A sequal to "Top Gun".

Credit Card Cancellations...

any electricians around here?

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA meets with King Abdullah of Jordan and holds press avail

Ahhhhh, fuck, I am a moron...

What is the worst book you have ever read?

Ahhhhh, fuck, I am a moran...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/22/08

iMac question

Is 5000 miles too far to go to have a relationship with someone?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 7/22/2008)

This is my first time in the lounge.

Why are cars supposed to wear bras in our society?

Apparently there will be kitten pictures on wednesday.

Suppose your avatar image were a hit of blotter acid.

Err, I don't think we can get our oven that hot.

For some reason, this does not make me feel safer.

Ahhhhh, fuck, I am a man... or

Could anyone who owns a Kindle answer a couple questions for me?

Since valuing etiquette and manners is elitist scumfuckery, I'm adopting a Cambridge accent as well.

Why are people still so superficial?

Suicide barrier for Golden Gate Bridge? Public debate promises to be emotional

Suicide barrier for Golden Gate Bridge? Public debate promises to be emotional

Whats Your Favorite Seafood?

Mnemonic devices.... post 'em!

Mayor Fargo Tries to Resurrect Gang Tax Idea

Ahhhhh, fuck, I am a mormon...

Sergio Leone was brilliant

Cats and Self-Esteem

Bentley or Rolls?

A post...

Oil down more than 12 percent, gas down less 2 and 1/2 percent.

What Is DU Reading?

Why are women supposed to wear bras in our society?

The words of the day are "Don Ho." Replace any word in a thread title with "Don Ho"

Holy crap. Christian Bale ("Dark Knight") arrested in London for assaulting his mother and sister

Why don't you people seem to care about Radovan Karadzic?

867-5309 Very important number to remember,

Okay. Inexpensive gift for eight-year-old boy?

Samarisine(x)/Samaricosine(x) = ?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/22/08 Bonus (one from our new Poet Laureate)

Your top 5 all time TV shows. No BS. Yes, it's tough, but don't rank them. Time to fess up.

What would YOU look like as a Southpark character...

Your Top 5 Spots (Views)

So this new Kohl's 15% sale card arrived in my mailbox today... 'inspired by artists, worn by you'

Uh-oh. I just found out why it got so cool this afternoon.

Which toothpaste flavor would you prefer? (Revised options!)

Are you old enough to know why this is funny?

What is the story about the PETA hatred?

What role should John Edwards play in Obama's Administration?

Comic Book Lovers! What is/was your favorite comic crossover?

So, I slept 18 out of 24 hours and missed work today.

Okay, Gamers.....should it be Microsoft 360, Wii or Playstation 3?

The Ferry Scene in The Dark Knight (SPOILERS)

What's in your photobucket?

Catchphrases, See if you can guess whose catchphrase this is.

The Nihilism of the Joker (some spoilers)

You just made it big as a musician, what's your first album going to be called?

Music chain game


Does anyone have any tips on applying for a federal job?

Episode 4 of Fun With War Crimes is now up! Enjoy!

Please help create August 28th a night of Solidarity for the Party

A picture of Khashka...

Britain on alert for deadly new knife with exploding tip that freezes victims' organs

Top War Crimes Suspect (Former Serbian President Radovan) Karadzic Arrested in Serbia

Iraq agrees conditionally with Obama on troop pullout, irking McCain and White House

American Express Profit Falls on Higher Defaults

Gitmo trial begins for bin Laden's driver (Judge bars forced Gitmo evidence)

U.S. highway trust fund veers toward crisis

Council of Europe report urges nations to make human rights domestic policy issue

McCain indicates U.S. troops could withdraw in 2 years

US gives Iran deadline for nuclear freeze

Iraqi backing of Obama plan irks White House

Man convicted of hate crime for accosting Wiesel

Barack Obama's excellent adventure

Big Oil spends on search, splurges on investors

Leno's last `Tonight' is May 29; O'Brien in June 1

Cambodia asks UN to intervene in 'imminent state of war' with Thailand

Brown signals Iraq troops withdrawal

Iraq's parliament passes poll law, Kurds walk out

The prostate cancer 'wonder pill' set to save thousands every year

Who’s Paying for the Conventions? Corporate Sponsors Pour Millions into Party Coffers

Tobacco plant may belp with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Iraqi journalist shot dead in northern Iraq

PM Plans To Downsize Iraq Troops


EPA told to rethink import of PCBs

Amerigroup near settling Medicaid fraud damages

Thanks to Olympics, Beijing gets its Eiffel Tower, of sorts

Huge math error in Katrina supply giveaway

Obama says his plan gaining ground

Plaintiffs settle in latest BP blast trial

Argentine government to buy out airlines

33 arrested in unemployment insurance fraud sting

Senior al-Qaida leader gives interview (on Pakistan's Geo TV)

US 'may miss' Iraq pact deadline

Indian Government Survives Confidence Vote

Rise in TB Is Linked to Loans From I.M.F. (Eastern Europe)

Funding for free Cuba is frozen ( US funding fraud)

A.C.L.U. Sues Alabama on Ballot Access

World's fastest train under Olympic starter's orders

Post Reporter Hopes Protesters March on Post Building over Chandra Series

GE, Abu Dhabi firm in $8 bln joint venture

Influx of Voters Expected to Test New Technology

GOP senators scramble for life boats

US offers further cut in farm aid, Brazil says not enough

Bush administration taking early step toward taking oil from vast Western shale deposits

Obama lands in Israel

McCain: Obama More Worried About '08 Campaign Than Losing a War

Vanity Fair Covers The New Yorker

McCain: Media 'in love' with Obama

Gates questions combat training by contractors


Dark predictions made at (Central California) water hearing

Lawmakers plan hearings on state police spying (MD)

Drug for deadly prostate cancer

Bush: Economy was "drunk," now "hungover"

Huge oil trading loss sinks energy trader SemGroup

Station nixes 'Savage Nation' over Autism Comments

Restrictions Eased for Pakistan Nuclear Scientist (A.Q. Khan)

Flight carrying Ron Paul, other Reps. makes emergency landing

US: Deal With Iraq May Have Many Security Handover Dates

Wachovia has $8.9B loss, cuts 6,350 jobs, dividend

Pool Arrest Highlights Drain Dangers

Officials fear Dolly could break Rio Grande levees

Berlusconi escapes trial thanks to new immunity law

Gitmo judge: No ‘highly coercive’ evidence

UM scientist shares stories of Rumsfeld phone calls, possible reasons for bee colony collapse

Estelle Getty of 'Golden Girls' dies at age 84

Pitt's Cancer Institute to warn about cell phone health risks

Fannie, Freddie rescue could cost $25B

Poll: Obama, McCain locked in tight battle for Michigan

Young Republicans feeling left out

Attacker Killed Near Obama's Hotel

Chavez says Venezuela needs Russia for protection

Exiling the Happy Meal

Pharmed founders charged with fraud

Barack Obama's sister. =)


John McCain's new ad - 'Blame the Black Guy'

MAMMA MIA! John McCain is the Loophole King!!!

Red State Update's Historic

Join more than 1 million of us!

McCain TV Ad Parody

Gitmo Interrogation Video Released - 'You Don't Care About Me' Khadr Sobs

McCain's Social Security Disgrace

AP: Savage Angers Parents of Autistic Children

Why I'm a Democrat In 2008

McCain's borrowed stock footage

AP Raw Video: Sen. Obama Meets With Gen. Petraeus

Obama at Today's Presser: Iraq Now Needs a Political Solution

Michael Savage Attacks Another Disease

Uncounted, The Sleeping Media

Helena Cobban on Alternatives to Attacking Iran

Carah Ong on Alternatives to Attacking Iran

WTF! ::: Stephanopoulos: Obama Agrees Now with McCain on Afghanistan

Obama in The Middle East: Restoring America's Moral Leadership

Protest Outside of McCain Town Hall

Protestors out against McCain in Buffalo

Helena Cobban and Carah Ong on Why We Should Not Impeach Bush and Cheney

Obama in Jordan Talks Tough on Terrorism

1968 Election: Hubert Humphrey's concession speech

Hijacking Catastrophe:Politics of Citizenship

Oil Executives Tell McCain Coastal Drilling Is A Good Idea

No War in Iran Protest - San Francisco, July 19, 2008

NBC News: Analysis of 1968 Presidential Election

Bob Novak Finds McCain Trick "Reprehensible"

Convention Week: Online Streaming of the Convention

Oil Prices Increases Due To Speculation

OPEC Head Slams Oil Speculators

McCain on Drilling: "Oil executives say within a couple years we could be seeing results from it."

Countdown: Barack Obama's Overseas Tour

Colbert's Green Screen Project: Borg McCain

These Colors Don't Run

TPMtv at Netroots Nation: ALASKA Senator-to-be Mark Begich Interviewed.

Rep. Joe Sestak Refuses To Be Bullied By Sean Hannity About Obama’s Trip Abroad

Countdown: Bushed! July 21, 2008

Obama at Today's Presser: On His Conversation With Gen. Petraeus

Obama's middle east visit

Countdown: Spinning out of Control, KO and Chris Hayes

1968 Election: George Wallace/Curtis LeMay's concession speeches

Richardson nails McSame on FauxNews: "I don't know why he's whining about this."

John McCain's Neverending War

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008): A Wonderful Must See Video

TYT: Bush Scares Off A Little Girl

Obamamania in Baghdad

TYT: McCain Goes On Today Show & Gets Clobbered by Vieira!

TYT: Michael Savage Goes Off On Kids With Autism

TYT: China Set To Ban Blacks & Mongolians

Rep. KUCINICH: Thanks to you, impeachment will be heard Friday

VR Speaks to Ohio Lawyers About Karl Rove and Election Fraud

It's here at last -- Episode 4 of Fun With War Crimes!

COINTELPRO Comes to My Town: My First-Hand Experience With Government Spies

Guardian UK: The global war on sex education

Credit Card Promises

Book Excerpt: An Innocent Man in Guantanamo (Murat Kurnaz / Esquire)

Author: Officials against torture memo feared wiretaps, physical danger (Raw Story)

Guardian UK: Who knows what happened on 9/11?

A New (and Unlikely) Tell-All (Kevin Burnett, whistleblower testifies today)

U.S. shows a new willingness to engage 'axis of evil'

WP: Mortgage Crisis Threatens to Reverse Urban Revitalization Successes

In These Times: McSexist: McCain’s War on Women

The Aisle of Least Resistance

Restrictions, red tape face new immigrants

Catch 23

Inside Bush's Diary: Lame Ducks and Lame Dems

Cindy McCain sounds like a very sad, lonely woman

Shorts and Fannies: A Brief History

Castro promises idle land to farmers to boost food production

Monday morning Momentum

“They work here, they live here, they stay here!”: French immigrants strike - and win!

Reject Colombia Trade Deal

Evo Morales on the WTO’s Round of Negotiations

Promoting Incompetence in Iraq

Never Underestimate McCain, But ... (

Shorts and Fannies: A Brief History

White House Climate Change Policy -- Delay, Delete, and Deny

You say there is no protest music?

POGO: Latest Target: Sole Source Contracting

Maybe al-Maliki’s Comments Really Were Lost in Translation

NY Times Challenges Al Gore to Make 'Climate Change Campaign' More Dramatic

Air Force Cyber Command: Building the Infrastructure for High-Tech War Crimes

Peter W. Galbraith: The Surge (dated March 15, 2007)

Radovan Karadzic-A Criminal Like No Other

McCain - - Mr. Foreign Policy?

Is new AP head saving or destroying the AP?

John McCain Resubmits His Op-Ed to The NY Times

Simulating Urban Warfare

Chris Hedges: Bad Days for Newsrooms—and Democracy

Boom and bust: It's the American way

Downsizing government to death

NYT: Women Are Now Equal as Victims of Poor Economy

Death of Free Internet is Imminent;Canada Will Become Test Case By Kevin Parkinson

Wikileaks: We've Just Started to Blow the Whistle

Bob Herbert: Madness and Shame

The Greatest Bank Robbery of the Century By William Helbig

Economic Stimulus That Also Reduces Energy Consumption By Dwight Black

The Adventures of T. Boone Pickens, Episode 2

Corporate Freedom Amendment

The tragic case of Omar Khadr (Spratley in The Canadian)

Evil as the Absence of Empathy

McCain gaffes pile up; critics pile on

Eric Boehlert: The AP has a Ron Fournier problem

Age of hope

Oceans Death? Answer Should be Blowing in the Wind

U.S. Utilities Evaluate Solar Power as Portfolio Option to Meet Nation's Energy Demands

Monetary roadblocks lessen nuclear prospects

Solar panel makers are developing neater and cleaner products

Full speed ahead on new energy: T. Boone Pickens and Al Gore challenge the next president…

World’s first commercial-scale tidal power system feeds electricity to the (Irish) National Grid

"The Great Global Warming Swindle" - Broadcasting regulator verdict

With gas prices up, so is ridership for Downeaster (Amtrak, Maine)

QANTAS CEO - Aviation Faces "Not Blip Or Shock, Not Even A Crisis, But Permanent Transformation"

Pelosi: Climate Progress hinges on an Obama victory

Peak Oil Review -- July 21st, 2008

2 Of 6 Climate Satellites Eliminated, Gaps In Microwave, Sea Ice Coverage Until 2013 - New Scientist

Naturally occuring nitrates killed 71 wild horses on Nellis

Japan's Hokuriku reports record summer power demand (heat wave)

xpost: huge hailstones shoot out of apt. house toilets during storm

Wetlands Could Unleash "Carbon Bomb"

"Where The Wild Things Were" - CSM Review Of Interesting Book On Human-Predator Relationship

Invasive Lionfish - Introduced By Hobbyists - Chewing Up Native Caribbean Fish Stocks - AFP

Nutrients Dropped In Ocean From Amazon's Outflow Key To Marine Carbon Uptake - AFP

Dolly satellite image.

Albino Humpback Whale Sighted Off East Coast Of Australia - BBC

Chinese Researchers Say Air-Quality Claims Far Off The Mark On Ozone, Particulates

More Than 100 Bat Species Found Packed Into Five-Acre Patch Of Ecuadorian Jungle - NatGeo

Food banks turn to gleaning in lean times

Arctic lake a laboratory for studying climate change's effects on ecosystem

Solar jobs rising in Oregon

Some Members Of US Cycling Team Will Wear Surgical-Style Masks In Beijing Meets

I got flamed for posting this in GD, but I'm not convinced it's a bad idea.

Biologists confirm first breeding wolf pack in Oregon

Russia to raise oil export duty to record $495.9/ton from August

Solar jobs rising in Oregon

Refining Losses For China's Top Two Oil Cos Rise To $850 Million Jan-June 2008 - Up 47.9%

Huge oil trading loss sinks energy trader SemGroup

Saharan sun to power European supergrid

Minimal liquified dog manure required to dramatically increase diesel

Nuclear Power outed in Ontario, for speeding-up Global Warming, and Great Lakes water depletion

New Mexico: Residents asked to limit energy use

NASA Imagery Of Wilkins Ice Shelf Breakup - Very Cool Graphics

SolarCity Offers San Francisco Residents Solar Power for Less than Their Electricity Bills

Dubai: Cost of shipping doubles in the past 12 months

What and how do you determine if switching to alternative energy

eTec to Evaluate PHEV Fast-Charging and Smart Grid Interactions for the U.S. Department of Energy

Japanese 10-year-olds taken on school trips to whale slaughter

Brazilian ethanol plants to get $260m loan

Central Valley water shortage may cost $175 Million in crop losses

Bush Cronies Tried To Redefine ‘Carbon Dioxide’ To Save Power Plants From Emissions Regulations»

Wind power: A reality check

On Mustang Range, a Battle on Thinning the Herd

A Locally Grown Diet With Fuss but No Muss (business opportunity for gardeners?)


"Privately, I am told that Gore now opposes atomic energy, including new reactors."

Bloomberg - PEMEX June Output Down 11% YOY - Cantarell Down 35% YOY As New Wells Fail To Keep Pace

Nuclear power plants could be built in protected areas

Acetohydroxamic acid found to speedily reduce Neptunium VI to Neptunium V, salt free.

Big oil spending more on stock buybacks than exploration. What could it possibly mean?

So far, hydrogen-powered cars are fuel for future thoughts

GM, Power Companies Join To Make Plug-In Vehicles Work

Solarizing: yea or nay?

Trauma related chronic pain linked to PTSD

I guess that waiver policy isn't working very well. . .

Are Fannie and Freddie Screwed? Bush Hopes So

World economy in greatest danger

Regional banks report today

Usury Bill

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/21/08

8,500 U.S. banks; many will die soon - Daily Kos

Some thoughts on the Larry King case

Mistrial declared in strangulation case

Do CA marriage certificates record the gender/sex of the partners?

Aussie Developer Plans Gay Retirement Village

Dear New York GLBT Du'ers: We are having a Brunch on August 10th in NYC

Oklahoma official defends comic linking gays to Satan

My letter to the editor got run (about the bullying bill)

Hugs to all the transsexuals.

Court Rules Lesbians Are Not Just From Lesbos

Fed estimates $25Billion for bailing out Freddie Mae etc.

Too big to fail: list of 19 institutions.

U.S. food companies plan more hefty price increases

The huge threat to the US economy

Why No Outrage?

Police Shoot, Kill Man At San Diego Pride Event

Oil at $100?

U.S. official preparing scathing report on Israel's West Bank policies

Bulldozer driver attempts to recreate Jerusalem rampage

Obama....'Attack a reminder of Israel's reality'

Report: Hamas operative killed in Gaza blast

Help the Palestinians Help Us

A missed opportunity at the Knesset

Israel fears scathing U.S. report on its West Bank policies

Caught Between Sobbing And War Chants

Met with silence

Israel excited by Obama visit

2 Arabs narrowly escape lynching in Jerusalem

Musicians' unions stay out of digital debate

Shared Struggle Led Women to Political Action

LAT: Urgency is absent in contract stalemate between SAG, studios

The Dark Side of the Toyota Prius

Today in labor history July 22 A bomb was set off during a “Preparedness Day” parade

Starbucks workers make demands

Company raises pay to help workers with gas prices

At Worksites and Doors, Union Members Get Out the Message (Obama)

Employers blocking efforts to unionize

Should deaths in the vineyard be on wine drinkers' consciences?

Women Are Now Equal as Victims of Poor Economy

Argentine government to buy out airlines

Venezuelan paper factory stops operations

Venezuela and Russia pledge to cooperate

Cuba-Venezuela ties boom under Raul

Police officers found guilty of killing Honduran environmentalists escape

Funding for free Cuba is frozen

Bolivian leader may survive recall vote

Pharmed founders charged with fraud

Andy Mills - happiest person in the world

Oh boy ... player tasered...sure sign football season is here.

Brutal KO from last weekend's UFC, Rory Markham vs Brodie Farber

Saints open training camp in Jackson, MS this week. Temp yesterday 104 degrees

Crop Circle Depicts 2012

Animal tissue rejection advance (BBC)

Human blood vessels grown in mice (BBC)

Ticker fix spares patient open-heart risk

Eye worm

Rift delays release of study on safety of cellphones

Hardball - Biden #1 Veep? is this from tonight?

OMG. Seriously. This is bizarre.

Joe won the MSNBC Veepstakes!

48percenter --

whoa whoa whoa --

"Research finding a drop in violent crime rates from Right-to-carry laws"

“Falling short of 10,000 men” campaign to retake Philadelphia's crime-ridden streets fails.

Msybe tomorrow for the pizza thread


empress - the pulled pork turned out great!

Getting fed for free

Things I discovered this weekend while experimenting with bread.

Yemen embraces its Jurassic past (BBC) {dino tracks}

Solar Systems Like Ours May Be Rare

Lonely Galapagos tortoise may sire young

If You Have a Problem, Ask Everyone

Where Research and Tourism Collide

Mirrors Don’t Lie. Mislead? Oh, Yes.

Is rust good for anything? I just googled and I can't find any USES for it. nt

Black Man With A Gun?

So, I made my yogurt last night

So ...... we went into a Williams-Sonoma this afternoon.

Cheese Omelet

Muslim charity founder gets year in prison for lying

A Textbook Case of Intolerance

Startling video reveals NEW INFO on 9/11!!!

So, you believe in Conspiracy Theories, do you?...

Favorite 9-11 myths thread

"O’Reilly loans campaign another $200,000"

This is a hidden gem that defends Senator Kerry's war record and goes after Pickens.

State District Court Denies Brimer Ballot Challenge

Looks like we won't be coming to Austin after all.

Sen. Kerry talks Foreign policy, McCain and Massachusetts. Video!

Ha, ha, ha! EOR has lent himself MORE MONEY -- another $200K!

Hope Andrade could be Perry’s secretary of state

Want a laugh... Beatty: If McCain picked Romney as VP, he’d win Mass.

Help! Any SIMPLE instructions for a Ubuntu DVD player intallation?

Interesting exit polling from 2004.

Did anyone catch John Kerry on MSNBC? I guess he did a great job:

Is Michele Bachmann having trouble raising money from constituents?

He's Baaaaaaakl..... Rep. Mark Olson files for Senate (16)

Vista vs. XP on a new laptop?

Water pact will deplete Great Lakes, expert fears

National Post: Guantanamo justice

A.C.L.U. Sues Alabama on Ballot Access

Hearing on: Lessons Learned from the 2004 Presidential Election

EarlG has a poll up in GD for our next action. Please vote!

Help prevent Republican Election Fraud: DU Activist Action Needs Support:

Explosive Video: Republican Vote Stealing Machine Exposed

Instant Runoff Voting Means Touch Screen Tricks in North Carolina

Outdoor Pizza Ovens thread (note: pic heavy)

Rowan Williams disguise fooled the world for 13 years?

Wisconsin's budget shortfall

The Anderson Family

Kucinich fundraiser in Los Angeles

X post for my San Francisco neighbors: idea to make small grocery stores