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Archives: July 23, 2008

Freedom of Speech Under Attack at Bush Events-Bush History,7/22

Fahrenholtz booted from ballot (LA-2)

Why is the Congressional Black Caucus high on Sam Nunn for VP?

KO is skewering McSame for one more massive gaffe

SecDef Gates finally questions use of Blackwater for military training

Chavez says Venezuela needs Russia for protection

Dale Earnhardt Jr. quotes Bobby Kennedy...

Scahill: Despite reports that the company is leaving the merc biz, Blackwater's future is secure

Kansas City area Savage Weiner advertisers

Why the heck does Tweety keep saying that Romney would deliver Michigan to McCain?

Good panel on Larry King: Katrina vanden Heuvel, Nancy Giles,

more troops for Christ

The more I see of Captain Combover, the dumber he gets

Bush Cronies Tried To Redefine ‘Carbon Dioxide’ To Save Power Plants From Emissions Regulations

Sex slave: "Every day we were raped"

Wingnuttery at it's worst!

Wes Clark cuts through bullshit the way a tank goes through tissue paper

Russia: Putin Wants Closer Military Ties With Venezuela

Who the hell is this nattering snot on Abrams

Do you really want Dems to win this election cycle?

Fundie panties in a knot over PBS' "The Bible's Buried Secrets" program

Dennis Kucinich: Thanks to You, Impeachment Will Be Heard on Friday

a few comments about the definition of a "recession"

Reality Creeps into Freeperville.......

So I spent a few days in Florida

Is it me or does it look like McSame cut a stinky one in this picture?

Isn't this where most of us "came in"?

Bush library cash-for-access scandal reveals darker foreign relations truth

How is our MSM similar to fake baby formula?

Okay, much to my embarrassment, I occasionally watch a show

Lieberman Speaks To Controversial Pastor's Group

Six FLDS polygamists indicted today, including Warren Jeffs.

LAPD Chief Bratton backs gay marriage with checkbook

So, did Couric and CBS edit McCain's responses to make him look better?

¡Putin, los ojos, ellos son tan hermosos!

Malloy really kicking a freeper's ass

how much money has t boone pickens spent on his television commercials?


How bad were the Soviet Union's economic failures compared to our own?

When are we going to bail out our schools?

Why Can't Bill O' Reilly Be Fired?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Bush was the guy you'd like to have a beer with...

anyone know anything about the former Clinton advisor

Secretary of Education Margaret BUSH-Spellings was just on

What the Holy Hell is an "Anbar Awakening" ??!!!

Hubert Humphrey on the measure of a society

Oh where oh where has little tuck gone?

Are you satisfied that Osama Bin Ladens' chauffeur is undergoing a military tribunal?

It's all about balance

U.S. lawyer urges Iran to sue over nukes

Brits Admit "thin" Iraq Case & Insider Concedes "disastrous" Results-Bush History,7/23

Robert Wexler Gets O'Reilly Ambush On Front Lawn

Have you gotten calls from "Card Services"?

Address for Tomas Young in Chicago

Kim Jong Dill!

Vanity Fair zings the Obama New Yorker cover!

Obama is so damn good looking

Andrea Mitchell has completely lost it !

Photographing thugs 'is assault'.

Has anyone heard a peep lately from Ann Coulter?

Does anyone else get Music Choice on Cox Cable?

This has been a problem on the SF gate bridge suicide problem

Du ladies. Awhile back there was a thread concerning comfy fit bras and body

France: Sarkozy government implements repressive police measures

GOP senators freed to side with Democrats

Mika B: STFU with that "You've got to stop that!"

Infamous last words

Democratic National Convention Committee Staffers Join Effort To Construct Home For Wounded Iraq Vet

Navassa, NC, police chief arrested over the weekend for DWI

Bush Think: A Nuclear War Can be Fought and Won!

When are they going to turn back on the WebCams in Iraq so we can see the success?

Convoy attacks in America?

John McCain, please log on, by Mark Morford

Blackwater to quit security business after Iraq trouble

And you thought only Xtians were nuts...

When Harold Ford grows up , he wants to be

Any thoughts on how the people can have a truth and reconciliation

Have you ever been to Tom Tomorrow's website? It's great!

The Venona project was a hoax!

Repukes in Senate 'for sale' to the oil companies on CSpan

Texas Grand Jury Indicts Warren Jeffs And Polygamist Sect

Chicago: “Life-threatening deficiencies” found in largest US jail

Typical 19 Percenter

Listening to the anti-gay bigot pigs on C-Span

Ex-soldier pleads guilty in Colo. killing

Still Secret After All These Years (The Rosenberg trial)

What is the deal with John Edwards and the Enquirer?

So like, now its all fun and games that the olympics are starting.

John McCain responds

Surge, Surge, Surge, Iraq, Obama showboating, Suge, surrender monkey

Savage ignorant remarks drawing consequences

The Nation: Dispatch from Minnesota: Al Franken v. Norm Coleman

Ex-cop may be charged in case of man Tasered to death

It's all in your mind!

Caption McCain

Pro Mccain protest in Israel..... Uh oh!

San Francisco Chronicle: Plan to ban cars on part of Market Street

TSA to fine Chicago for handcuff incident even though aviation dept. officers followed protocol

Jonathan Tasini: The Rich Get Richer: Time For A Change

But people have a lot more stuff and bigger houses nowadays...

Bush looks to abandon fake ranch. No longer needs prop

Nas to deliver 600,000 signature petition protesting Fox News’s attacks on African-Americans.»


Bank Gave Counterfeit Bills, Couple Says

Who understand labor statistics?

Bush History,7/23 Brits Admit "thin" Iraq Case & Insider Concedes "disastrous" Results

Der Spiegel: Maliki’s office approved withdrawal quote before article was published

A Frustrated John McCain

HAAA! Did you see the cover of Vanity Fair?

Let Them Eat Free Markets: How deregulation fuels the global food crisis

Report: Congress May Launch Big Bush Spying Investigation

A sign of the times!

SCDP Takes On Bryant

Wall Street's laughing all the way to the bank

McCain's response to Europe embracing Obama as leader

Maybe the Democrats need a bat-shit crazy Senator.

IMPORTANT healthcare changes for Chrysler's UAW retirees

Cuomo strong-arms Comcast over Usenet; by Declan McCullagh

Lieberman speaks to controversial pastor's group

Lavena Johnson's parents on Dem. Now today: calling for Congressional

Caption McCain and the Mittster

9 Okla counties declared agricultural disasters NINE

UM scientist shares stories of Rumsfeld phone calls, possible reasons for bee colony collapse

"Call your Representative!"

CNN Presents - Black in America

it rained the other day in Hubei -- 6 dead

Bush will vacate the ranch after November

VIDEO: John McCain's Neverending War

Did Anyone Else See Rep Steve King 1Hour Talk In Congress Last Night?

Karen Hughes Morphs Into A 'Burson Person'

New York City......sans apparel

My friend has a new film.

Robert Novak Cited for Hitting Pedestrian

Cheney Must Be Very Angry

Strippers jockey for pole position

Two Nvidia partners defect

Canoe Fraud Couple sent to Jail.

Protester glues himself to British PM

Dementia vs. Altzheimer's. What's the difference?

I, for one, refuse to believe Bob Novak hit someone and left the scene of the crime...

One of Letterman's Suggested Couric Sign-Offs: 'Putting the 'BS' in CBS'

Survey on conservative site "Classical Values".

The abuses of the Federal Reserve System

Here go the 401K plans

Virginia - Animal lovers - Looking for trackers

I defy you to show a better example of extreme narcissism

2 1/2 barfs: D.Gregory's ratings flat. Sherri wants religion for WALTERS. NBC recruiting LukeRUSSERT

***** Official HOUSE JUDICIARY hearing = MUKASEY, deceptive election practices *****

Anyone know where....

Al Franken rips Ann Coulter a new one (oldie but goodie)

Obama acknowledges Petraeus argued in private against withdrawal timeline

Obama acknowledges Petraeus argued in private against withdrawal timeline

105 more days of this bullshit...we can make it...

MSNBC aired caption with false claim that Obama is a Muslim

Does anyone know how to make a screen capture of a website before it gets scrubbed?:

Novak hits pedestrian, circles block, hits pedestrian AGAIN!

Your thoughts on the Beijing Olympics

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/22/08 - Obama 43, McCain 42 (both up 1)

Don't shoot the messenger

Has anyone noticed an increased feistiness with Thom Hartmann lately?

"When death is reminder to Live"

Joe Scarborough Making Excuses for John McCain

Has McCampainger: A) Jumped the Shark B)Gone negative C)Become McLiar.

The most despicable thing I have heard in a campaign..I can't believe that McCain would go there

Joe Lieberman reaches a new low.....if that's possible

Last night 4 am NBC "news"

Someone fix Keith's hair! OMFG...

New McPuke commercial would have us believe that the GOP had nothing to do with high oil prices.

Joe Sestak for VP?

Some scented household products contain chemicals classified as toxic, UW study finds

Wall Street Welfare Reform

Wisconsin golf course converts maintanence vehicles to burn used fryer oil from local restaraunt

Help with this right wing e-mail

John McCain: decline your social security checks!

Der Spiegel: Maliki’s office approved withdrawal quote before article was published.»

Wall Street needs rehab, sez our prez. - Today’s Headlines 7/23/08

Major VP Virtual Market Shift

News You Might Have Missed: Court Confirms President's Dictatorial Powers

Reid takes on obstructionist Coburn: "You cannot's a waste of time."

TONIGHT: CNN Presents Black In America at 9PM ET

Guardian UK: Forget the myth-making. Obama is just what the Middle East needs

Setting The Jesus People Straight

Abused dogs used for sex find sanctuary

US Election Polls: McCain very consistent. He is consistently losing support in every region

Clinton makes pitch to letter carriers in S. Boston for Obama

Charles Barkley helps poor Philadelphia busboy.

Conyers, House Judiciary to Question MUKASEY at 10:15 AM, July 23

How many people listen to this savage person's radio show? I've never heard of him

Hey! I'm not "obese" after all!

Good current graphic of Dolly making landfall

So McSame is right even though he was dead wrong re

Keith O. calling McCain out for lying about the timeline of surge

Andrea Mitchells - Attire

Big Media - Lack of Diversity - Mindless Repetition of GOP Talking Points

TPM: Massive Domestic Spying Investigation Coming Soon? (Salon obtained a memo)

Swiftboat query: Did so-called war hero mc cain really deserve his purple heart?

Who is John McCain? (this pictograph will explain)

Berlin prepares for Obama

The press gave w a million gaffe passes yet they pray for an Obama gaffe.

wow! Anderson Cooper 360 is ACTUALLY leading with the CBS McCain gaffe!

List Your Energy Policy

List The 5 Reps In Congress That You Despise The Most....And Why

Tom Toles's solution to the Iraq problem.

Leave it to Dennis........ video

SFRC hearing on UN peacekeeping on now

Obama's Great-Uncle Recalls Liberating Nazi Camp

Get off your asses. Seriously. This is Pathetic.

CNN: "McCain hammers Obama for not saying surge was a success"

Woman runs sword into foot during Wiccan ceremony

'Hello, truth!'

How about that! Muslims actually don't hate us for our Freedoms!

Larry Craig wants to continue ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’»

please critique my 146th ltte-on soldier suicide rates

LOL Faux Sucks.

What could cool Obama do to cause grouchy McCain to fly off the handle during a debate?

Bangor (Maine) News: "For Failures, It Takes One To Know One"

US Military Recruits Children: "America's Army" Video Game Violates International Law

WP, Dionne: To win, Obama needs only to battle McCain to a tie on foreign policy/national security

If you didn't like the impeachment of Clinton don't do it to bush....huh?

The 7 Habits of the Highly (In)Effective Bush Administration

Anyone Listening to Cenk Uyger

Gossip - Laura gonna leave his ass !!!

MCain saying Obama would rather lose a war than lose an election is OUTRAGEOUS.

What would Freud say about the fact that Novak drives a BLACK CORVETTE? LOL

Obama Overseas! In Presidential Mode! Back Home, It’s McCain in a Golf Cart.

Tried to turn his mansion into a church to avoid property taxes

I've got your fucking grey poupon right here, asshole!

Obama in Israel

Bill and Mike don't smoke and are going to pay $375M to try to stop others from doing so

Chuck Todd...possibly the new anchor on Meet The Press?

AP: McCain credits Bush for drop in oil price

Obama press conference in Jordan from earlier today on C-Span now...n/t

Comment of the Day: All about Obama

Wesley Clark on Dan Abrams tonight

Do wingnuts suffer from abused wife syndrome?

What's with this Cowboy guy all over DU ???....

Ohio DUers - who is the Rethug congressman in Diebold's district?

WOW! AC360 calling McCain's latest gaffe about the timing of the "Sunni Awakening" a "game-changer"

Commercial Bees Spreading Disease To Wild Pollinating Bees

Just got home from an Obama House Party... about 25 people there

Who Is The Better Dribbler? - Obama or McCain?

McCain: "I'm going to Peking for the Olympics!"

NGO "Blacklist" Unfair and Arbitrary, Groups Say

Keith looks like...

So much garbage on the bottom of the TV screen you can no longer see the news feed!!

There is a disgusting article at the Enquirer about John Edwards....

Do conservatives lack the ability to remember the past or are they willfully ignorant

boy, the repiglicons really, really, really want obama to say the surge saved the world

It's a matter of history.

Can Obama broker a peace deal between the Israelis and Palenstinians?


Let's say Obama chooses Jack Reed and McCain picks Jim Talent.

Are you willing to die for Obama and his vision for America?

Just something sweet for you to ponder ...

McCain's not making 'gaffes' ...... he's a dottering old man

Rumors of Steven P. Jobs’s ill health have been greatly exaggerated

Lieberman Appearance at Hagee Conference Sparks Objections

McCain's newest, bestest statement, ever! "...I and Osama bin Laden are in agreement."

Fred Kagen was the source of this fucking 'surge' that McCain is so fond of.

SEE An Airline Can Make Money Allegiant Air

Wes Clark nails it with his view of Right Wing Three Step

If you didn't like the Swiftboating of Kerry, don't do it to McCain

McCain's Got 99 Problems

Will someone help David Schuster out

U have to love this Guardian request for a trial subscription & what they say about Bush here I got

Some Guardsmen, Reservists back from Iraq didn't get benefits

Poll shows overwhelming support for openly gay soldiers; Fundies cry that the poll was flawed

Cleveland's Unemployment Climbs (10.1%)

Reporters should report live during Tornadoes

How can we NOT win?

Media in love with Obama my ass. Why isn't McCain's latest gaffe blaring across all news websites?


Mass. Woman Kills Self Before Home Foreclosure

GOP Flatform 2008 ... oh, no, wait ... PLATFORM 2008!

Dick Morris: Obama Is A European Socialist Who Will Cause A Third War In Iraq

I am getting a little tired of everyone citing "Facts on the Ground"

Disabled at the pump

Secret Meeting in Congress last night at 10pm???

Things It's Legal for Robert Novak to Do

Obama campaign: McCain flubs on Iraq timeline

Does anyone else get the feeling that Bush isn't packing up

Did Scarborough say KO is Too Stupid to be on TV?

About impeachment,

Now that the first hurricane is approaching Texas,

Doesn't Obama's stance on Iran having nuclear weapons sound like McCain's?

Europe is about to give Barack Obama one of the grandest of stages for statesmanship.

The media better cover this ridiculous Awakening/surge timeline bullshit of McCain's.

Pakistan accused of disappearing terrorism suspects

The Morans are at it again on FOX:

AP Picks Up McCain Gaffe Story: "Obama campaign: McCain flubs on Iraq timeline"

What was Novak's BAC?

If Obama chose Howard Dean as his VP would you be happy, neutral, or sad

Venezuela is new home for email/web scammers and password thieves

Michelle, Meritocracy and Me: "Does that promise of uplift and integration only go so far?"

McCain Gets History Of The Surge Wrong, CBS Doesn't Air Footage

Chávez in Russia Discuss Closer Ties forge ties and poke a finger in US eyes

Children of the Presidents... (what fun)

Obama to meet with Bibi Netanyahu tomorrow!

Mybe this is the Serge McCain was thinking about...

US Lawmaker Seeks To Blacklist Press TV

Maurine Dowd doesn't trash Obama in her column today. A first?

Obama's Gravitas: "He looked and sounded Presidential when the eyes of the world were on him."

The new McGramps drinking game!

I Have A Feeling McSame Made A Huge Mistake Attacking The M$M...

U.S. military says Iraq troop "surge" has ended --but that's false.

Congress Passes Bill To Help Hundreds Of Thousands Of Homeowners

Your Health Care May Decide The 2008 Election

CNN's Wolf Blitzer hasn't reported on Novak's Hit and Run today

Rep. Conyers Says Justice Dept. Unprepared For Election

It's the End of an Empire sale and everything must go

There he goes looking presidential again.

There he goes looking presidential again.

Hey you 9/11 Republicans! WTF has your cowboy pResident done about it?

Senate GOP issues ultimatum to expand oil drilling

Bush says Wall Street "got drunk" leading to the current downturn. Isn't it the President's job...

Tim Kaine CANNOT be the VP nominee.

Novak makes the news again

Constitution for the Neocon Gulag

Everyone blames Reagan for what's happened in the last...

Everyone blames Reagan for what's happened in the last...

Surge Success? 220 US Service Men and Women Have Died in Iraq in 2008.

Frustration and Disgust with the VA Med Ctr and Nat'l Guard

"Where's bin Laden"? & other questions no one even bothers to ask anymore

Big GOP Donor Faced Trouble Back Home

CAPTION McCain gets a terrorist fist-bump to the jaw!

ConocoPhillips earns $5.4 billion in quarter

Hey Obamaholics! Convince "Me" to vote for St. Barack!

Dear DU, Howard Dean is leaving the DNC. Period.

Will the Associated Press Be the Scourge of Yet Another US Presidential Election?

'Netanyahu asked Obama how he was feeling and Obama said, “I could fall asleep standing up.”'

Question: What's the New American Dream?

John McCain just gave us an opening to attack the very foundation of right-wing ideology

McCain unveils new campaign theme with French twist

McCain unveils new campaign theme with French twist

Larry Craig Wants To Jerk Your Gas Nozzle

SF. tech stays jailed; prosecutors say he rigged network to implode

Jeff Farias going off about CBS editing McCain's remarks last night...

No McCain, Obama would not have to be in Iraq if he had his way 5 years ago while you voted for war

Thank you Katie!

OKAY...... John McCain complaining about

How do we know 'the surge is working'?

Random observation; As hope starts to float, DUers lighten up, and get funnier...

I was NOT making fun Obama's "big" ears....

CNN Highlights Racist Writings To Argue That An Obama Presidency Could ‘Hurt Black Americans’»

Pentagon Pressured, Intimidated Auditors - more bu$hco crimes

Puke veep noms are rejecting McCain

Obama's great-uncle recalls liberating Nazi camp.

This McCain pic haunted me...until NOW

Mary Matalin Can’t Say McCain Is Running A Good Campaign

Women Are Now Equal as Victims of Poor Economy

Everyone remembers Sally Kern, right?

Hurricane etiquette question

Alice Waters is a goddam national treasure.

Colonel Hopper and the True John McCain - video interview

Aaaw... John Mccain's Baby Book

John Yoo and the Unitary executive theory's roots

The surge didn't stop the violence, a time line isn't radical and comparing the U.S. to Iraq?

Iowa nets 95,000 new Democrats, Nevada 60,000 since 2004 election

The Bandwidth Brokers are Coming!

Obama Dons Yarmulke at Yad Vashem; Peres Praises His "Moving Humanity"

It would be a Coup to get HAGEL to speak at the Democratic Convention...

Republicans worry Bob Barr will spoil McCain’s chances.

I can't wait to see McFlubber in a toe-to-toe debate.

"Attacking Obama at Yad Vashem" - McCain camp calls Obama a flip-flopper...on genocide.

More Kansas City area Savage Weiner advertisers

McCain's playing patriot games

CNN: The Crime - Shopping While Black

mc whine: 'Stop swooning over Obama & look over here at me'!

McSame: Rejected

I can't quite wrap my mind around the image of McCain and Obama debating

Are we there yet?

"The Neoconned Republican Party Is The Greatest Threat America Has Ever Faced"

** 88 mpg hwy/ 62 mpg city / 76 mpg combined !! ** New Ford Fiesta ECOnetic on Sale by end of Year!

RAS TRACKING POLL shows the beginnings of a "foreign tour" bounce? Obama 45 (+2), McCaint (0)

So, there was an armed standoff in my apartment parking lot today.

Can DUers raise $50,000 for the GWB Sewage Treatment Plant?

Lionel = Jackass

TOON: McCain's NYT op ed

Overseas, Obama campaign machine is as sprawling and seamless as it is on its home turf

McCain: U.S. presence in Iraq is not inflaming the Muslim word

Chris Kofinis. Press Secretary in the making?

So, are Reed, Hagel, and Nunn the VP candidates?

Kudos to Mr. David Bono - Cyclist that chased after Novak's sorry ass

How can you sit in a low slung open top plastic car and not know a body was splayed on your hood?

He's pulling it off- and that's quite a feat.

How I wish Obama would answer the 'do you support the surge?' queston...

You know, I Kinda Wish We Had Judge Judy For President

Who was the McCain Surrogate just on MSNBC? He said an attack on Iran

Joy guest hosted for Larry King last night. Guess WHO called in to the show. Whining???

Nunn is a bad choice for VP - takes away our argument tnat McCain is too old to be Prez

Will KO go after Joe Scarborough tonight? or take the high road.

McSame's 72nd B-Day coming up 8/29/08--How will he spin it?

McCain Has No Clue What He's Talking About

McCain looking to Hollywood for help to fill an stadium (doonesbury)

McCain complaining about how the media "loves Obama" while Katie Couric

King Abdullah giving the presumptive nominee a ride to the airport

Obama sets small-donor record with nearly $32 million in June

Finally, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp is recognizing Vancouver is NOT the rest of Canada!

Silent Messages from our troops in Iraq

Poor McCain now has to fight off a Hurricane getting coverage instead of his Town Hall

I hope Obama's IT people reserved web sites with both 45 and 44 in their url since


Minneapolis Star-Trib: As shoppers cut back, grocers feel the squeeze

Novak: 'Reprehensible' if McCain faked VP announcement

Breaking: Novak hits pedestrian with car, then runs off

Miller v. Forbes: Virginia's Fourth Congressional District

Obama's Florida Outreach - Key to Winning - Support Ferre

Bush has become the perfect anti-FDR. FDR started by ending the Depression and ended with

Bush supporters raising big bucks for McCain

New York Observer- David Gregory: NBC's Lame Duck?

McCain wonders why the media follows Obama so much but he is just as guilty for it

McGolfCart in bunker mode. Cancels press conference.

Did anyone else notice that Chris Matthews got

The media keeps trying to sell a neck&neck squeaker to the public.

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/23/08 - Obama 45, McCain 42 (O up 2)


Obama Coverage – When it's a Better Product, it's not Bias

Poblano (538): The Cellphone Problem, Revisited (the effect for pollsters)

Poll: Obama Narrowly Ahead In Virginia

Obama Overseas! In Presidential Mode! Back Home, It’s McCain in a Golf Cart. (NYT)

Obama Presser on Live now

Chuck Hagel on the issues

RealClearPolitics: Swing State Review: OHIO Parts I and II

McCain Camp Attacks Obama's Holocaust Museum Statement

MUST SEE VIDEO Uncounted - Bruce Funk (Republican in Utah FIGHTING Diebold)

Are there any liberals with the first name "Tucker" or is it

Obama Camp: Does McCain consider leaving Iraq to a sovereign government "losing" ?

Clinton meets with AMD chairman

It looks like the old days of blame Bill Clinton are coming back.


Debating From the Domestic Front

On the plane with Obama: 'We Have a Daunting Task'

Obama Shifts the Foreign Policy Debate; Declares Iraq war all but over, focuses on broader issues

McCain: When I Withdraw, We're Done. With Obama, We Might Have To Return

Have scientists discovered a cure for Alzheimer's?

After whining about not being covered, McCain cancels press availability!

If the election were Held Much Would Obama win By? Or would he Win?

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA meets with Israeli, Palestinian leaders, visits Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem

Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Pa.) wants Savage off the air over autism rant

"You kids! Yeah YOU! Get off my Lawn!"

Scummy rethug commercial: gas prices

The McCain strategy is to win by pushing Obama's negatives to extreme levels

Florida: McCain vs. Obama, RCP Average - 06/09 - 07/22, 45.8 - 45.8,Tie

Scowcroft, Brzezinski warn the dim son: Stop Threatening Iran!

Caption McCains supermarket photo op

EXPOSING Bush's Spying:Salon Uncovers New Evidence Spying On Americans That Could Rival WATERGATE

What I would Like Sen. Obama to Say About the "Surge"

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Here's a suggestion to Rasmussen and Gallup.....

GOP Tech Guru Mike Connell 'High IQ Forrest Gump...At Scene of Every Single Crime' Say Ohio Attorney

Bush to speak at the Republican National Convention on September 1st

Tell me if I'm wrong, but, don't we keep bailing out industries that are "in crisis"?

NPR today

What's up with CNN's strange treatment of New Mexico on their electoral map?

Obama daughters keep hectic schedules of their own

VA POLL: Obama 46, McCain 44

Dem pickups: CO, IN, IA, MT, NV, and NM || GOP pickups: (None)

Gallup Daily: Obama (D) 46%, McCain (R) 42%

Race - I gotta get this off my chest

For my daughter

There some Pubs who travel to meet important people for Photo op more than substantive results

PPP Virginia Poll: Obama (D) 46%, McCain (R) 44%

Obama Overseas! In Presidential Mode! Back Home, It’s McCain in a Golf Cart.

House Republicans push to get McCain editorial in NY Times

"Dear Friend and Fellow Republican????"

McCain: Peace Is Born Of Wisdom

How Far To The Left Are You?

That golf cart photo reminds me of

"Is Obama running for president of the United States or the world?"

POLL: 60% say timetable for withdrawal a good idea (Obama), 30% say it's a bad idea (McGolfCart)

Good Andrea just appeared on MSNBC

McCain *must* diminish role of Sunni Awakening in lessening violence

Obama: World must prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapon

Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan go on record to condemn McCain's sleazy campaign tactics

Can Obama break the Democrats' 44-year dry spell in Alaska?

Jeeze. Fred f'in Kagan is the 'Iraqi expert' the m$nbc talking heads

McSchizo Fred Kagan (McCain surrogate) says Obama=Bush

Vanity Fair spoofs New Yorker cover

McSame To Visit Offshore Oil Rig to Counteract Obama

Preston on Politics: PUMAs stalking Obama (VIDEO)

The right wing morons REFUSE to give up the 'Obama is a Muslim' lie, why?

Wexler: McCain Attack On Obama's Holocaust Museum Visit "Shameful"

Who's winning in Ohio? The polls are all over the place.

List of things we aren't allowed to say about McCain-

So...any coverage of the CBS McCain timeline issue?

McCain also visits Berlin on Thursday....well, sorta...

is the NATION site down?

So..........Is the race close? Does McCain REALLY have a chance?

Without focusing so much on names, what TYPE of veep will McSame select?

McCain Makes Polling Progress In Only One State Where He Advertised

And guess what happens on the day that McSame announces his oil rig speech?

Fineman: McCain's dark days in Obama's shadow

Hillary did a much better job of attacking Obama

Why accept students or immigrants from China if ...

McCain On The Run: Cancels Press Availability

Should religious flyers be distributed on public school grounds?

Not a Gaffe: A Fundamental Misunderstanding of Iraq

Troubletown TOON: The natives are getting restless...

John McCain voted against funding the troops! Why does he hate 'Merca?

Lets take a moment and say a prayer for the beloved Mr Novak

Mukasey Wants New War Declaration Of War

The Gulag Americano

Talk-show host Tavis Smiley tackles Obama and race

Talk-show host Tavis Smiley tackles Obama and race

Looks Like Obama's ME & European Trip Has Shaken Things Up With *Co.......

Re McCain VP choice

McCain On The Run: Cancels Press Availability

Happy Days we are going to have an Obama in Charge

Obama campaign's response to the RNC "troop funding" ad

Huff Post Article: McCain "I've Got 99 Problems..."

McCain calls Michelle O a nasty expletive !!!

Sen. Schumer has buyers remorse with AG Mukasey

I wonder if the Merkel quote broke to late for it to make the Daily Show taping?

I love my girlfriend!

Obama Camp Takes High Road in Response to McCain's "Voted against funding for the troops" Attack

This is our glorious TSA in action - prepare to be outraged!

Great Article On Yahoo - Re MSM Cover-Up Of McCain's Incompetence

New Obama girl?

"I Would Rather Lose An Election Than Lose A War," Senator McCain, "Obama..." [complaint follows]

Halperin: Reasons why some Republicans will flip for Obama

Question re McCain's visits to Iraq

I defy you to look at this headline without laughing or rolling your eyes.

Senator McCain is willing to demoralize the troops fighting in Iraq in order to win an election.

Surge Protection (for McCain). Also, McCain needs to apologize to Obama

Questions about Ageism and if we are being unfair to McCain.

US Military Recruits Children

A very judgmental question:

New Christian PAC Supports Obama

Is McCain Fit to be a Senator???

Is ‘The One’ Cocky or Commander in Chiefy?

McCain Falsely Claims The Surge ‘Began The Anbar Awakening,’ But CBS Doesn’t Air It»

John McSame is a lying piece of shit, and if anyone votes for him, you are too.

Bob Novak runs down pedestrian while looking for McCain's VP...

It's fascism, people

Liberal weather bias!

Liberal weather bias!

Berlin Awaits the 'Next JFK'

Antiwar Activists Split Over Obama's Afghan Buildup Plans

Huge quote of the day from Chancellor Merkel about Obama.

Oil prices plummet in wake of Obama mid-east visit!

McCain credits Bush for drop in oil prices

Newsweek: I’m Sick of Your Dirty Job

Media Matters: AP Washington Bureau Chief Ron Fournier - dangerous McCain hack

Burger flippers rejoice! The fed. minimum wage will go up Tomorrow to $6.55 !!

The Empire Strikes Barack

Is McCain's Age Showing? Tongues Wag Over Flubs

McCain’s Solution To High Gas Prices Is To Obey Those Making Record Profits Off High Gas Prices

Know your enemies

Know your enemies

Anbar Shiek Cited By McCain Was Assassinated Last Year

Realistic Vice Presidential Poll - July 23, 2008

McCaint's Bad Week and GDP

Halperin: There is an organized effort underway to get some big name Republicans to endorse Obama

Gaffes Vs. Campaign Ending Exposures of Ignorance.

NBC News Wall Street Journal poll due out at 6:30 EST

Due to weather McCain won't go to the oil rig, so he's not going to La. Going to Ohio instead.

Witness: ‘No way’ Novak didn’t know he hit someone; victim was ’splayed across the front’ of his car

All you 'Hagel for VP' supporters - answer me this question.....

Obama Overseas! In Presidential Mode! Back Home, It’s McCain in a Golf Cart.

** 70 miles / charge at 60 mph** New Fiat e500 now available

Right now, a death row inmate in Mississippi is walking to his death.

IN PICTURES / Barack Obama visits Israel

Tweety is the biggest asshole in the whole history of the planet:

"Britney Spears To Undergo Sex Change, Enter Politics"

Chi Sun-Times Lynn Sweet is blogging from O-Force One

Wexler: McCain Attack On Obama's Holocaust Museum Visit "Shameful"

Obama to buy advertising for Olympics - one of the most expensive ad buys in history

Obama Meets with Palestinian President Abbas

"Every two minutes, someone is raped in the United States. "

Obama Sits Down With Israeli Leaders

“Ultimately, This Is a Place of Hope”

Obama: Americans Will Always Stand By Israel(wth pics)

The Absolutely greatest quote of the day! (Novak's)

The Jed Report Exposes CBS Duplicity

New Florida poll numbers from Rasmussen Reports

Rasmussen: Obama ahead by one in Florida

News from Germany on the eve of Obama's visit

McSame's counter photo-op on oil rig cancelled because of Dolly.

60% in new NBC/WSJ poll say a withdrawal timeline for Iraq is a good idea

War vets don't seem to like McCain

McCain political ads are making him LOSE poll numbers in key states

Obama Chats With PM Olmert (with pics)

Question about Chuck Hagel (Please help me on this):

Mukasey is demanding that Congress issue a new declaration of war

Obamas trip to the ME has been so POSITIVE...the price of oil dropped $5

How about this, MSM: We'll say the surge has helped if you admit that this is the dumbest war ever

Been trying all day to get to The Nation's online page.

Breaking News. McCain having troubles finding a VP...No One wants it..Very quietly all have refused

Rasmussen Minnesota Poll: Obama (D) 52%, McCain (R) 39%

Why is Drudge so pro-Obama? I'm not complaining... I just remember how CRUEL he was in '00 and '04

McEmpty Quiver VS Obama and his TANKs...there is no match

Harold Ford To John McCain - Shame on you John McCain you owe the country and Senator Obama

Obama leads McCain 47-41 in new MSNBC poll. No change.

Another Obama hit piece on CBS. Anyone just watch the nightly news?

I've never seen the standards set so high for one person...

"The Neoconned Republican Party Is The Greatest Threat America Has Ever Faced"

The Media

This must be a joke...

If McCain Wins, Your Kids and Grandkids Will Fight His Wars

Ever wish you were a citizen of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland?

What Mainstream Publishers Don't Want You to Know About Door-to-Door Magazine Sales

Bush is understanding.....wait, What!?

Who Is The Better Dribbler? - Obama or McCain?

Someone is posting on DU from the UN!

Washington Post goes too far: Cindy McCain's "courage," Michelle Obama's "bitterness."

Yay..the weather in Berlin tomorrow will be sunny when Obama will give his speech

McCain's web site is whining about the media

Republican "Logic"

Obama leads by 13 when third party Candidate's are included!!!!

I'm getting a "Decider for Obama" T-shirt! WOOT!

It will be Romney.

U.S. general warns against Russian bombers in Cuba

Edward R Murrow: Look now, Pay Later

A majority of Americans think Barack Obama is a riskier choice

Clinton Delegate May Lose Opportunity To Attend The Democratic Convention

Woman commits suicide, asks family to use life insurance money to avoid foreclosure

HuffPo: Anbar Sheik Cited By McCain Was Assassinated Last Year

McCain's clueless, and it's not all that cute (Morford / SF Chron)

Protesters Overrun GOP Event

It's CAPTION TIME! (((What's Wrong with This Picture Edition!)))

CBS defends McCain interview

David Gregory: NBC's Lame-Duck?

Finally, somebody asks, "how long is too long to wait for stock markets to recover?"

Explain the status of this lawsuit to me. Dimaio vs DNC.

Church Committee vs. Nuremberg Trials: Why We Need Impeachment Now, Not Investigations Next Year

Obama's Strategic Vision: With no military experience, looking to be a smarter commander than McCain

McCain Unveils "Saintly" New Poster (LOL)

One in Four Americans Compare Their Workplace to a Dictatorship

Comparison photos of Bush's "Yurpeon" Vacations

McCain should consider himself lucky he doesn't have the same scrutiny as Obama on his tour

Has anyone ever asked McCain whether pulling out of Vietnam was a bad move?...

"Surgin Joe" is really wound up today

If McCain decided to do his own European tour--how do you think it would go?

How Can You Cover An Election When One Candidate Is Clearly Better Than The Other?

Think Tank Calls For Bush to Be Dictator For Life

I just saw my first McCain bumper sticker and wouldn't you know

I am so sick and tired of hearing about the "Jewish Vote"

On Halperin's Page...

It disgusts me how complicit the media is in trying to help McCain.

What happens if the EV splits 269-269?

Anti-War Movement Successfully Pushes Back Against Military Confrontation With Iran (Res.362)

Contractor Receives Record Fine For Worker's Death (pregnant teen denied access to shade and water)

400,000+ gal tar-like fuel oil spill in Mississippi River (New Orleans). Damn it all

The Daily Widget – Wednesday, July 23 – Obama 344, McCain 194 – Bizarro Map (Without Rasmussen)

Who will hold CBS accountable?

Jindal says NO to the losing veep spot, joining everyone else.

Quote from TSA blog:

Does Tweety understand US demographics?

****** The 44th President of the United States of America ******

Robert Novak's Claim Not To Have Known He Hit Pedestrian Disputed

I've noticed something about Giuliani since he's returned to the trail

My Version of the Creepy McCain Poster

I'm moving to Wisconsin to do field organizing for the Obama campaign.

Wes Clark just schooled Joe Scarborough.

Wes Clark just schooled Joe Scarborough.

Hip-hop star Nas protests FOX News 'Obama smears'

German Chancellor Merkel on Obama: "he is well-equipped -- physically, mentally and politically.""

Olympic Deal Sealed: Obama Makes $5 Million Buy


Embracing Obama's Agenda Abroad

Obama's on Cover of People Magazine

John Edwards. I'm afraid he's done for good politically.

"I told him that it was obvious his (Obama's) political career was going nowhere"


A bad habit I wish Obama could break is his very frequent use of uh. I'm not trying to be mean but I

Is General Petraeus a DEMOCRAT? Heard that before. NOW DOWD DROPS HINT

McCain LA Oil Rig Visit Cancelled, Huge Oil Spill Nearby

CBS/Katie Couric edits out McCain Gaffe & then provides fake answer for viewers to cover for McCain

Driving home today, I heard a story on Democracy Now that shocked even me!!

Didn't the Shrub rather famously fuck up a wreath laying a couple

BREAKING: Willie Nelson agrees to Farm Aid-type event in support of Impeachment

The "bicyclist" who witnessed Bob Novak's hit-and-run is a PARTNER in a major DC Lawfirm...

God, these Dem strategists are pathetic! But at least MSNBC was covering the McCain screw up

Putting Alaska in play..."Claiming the last frontier".. both Obama and Dean building there.

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Iraq to IGMFU -- A McCain Meltdown? (Mary Lyon)

Of all the crimes bush & cheney have gotten away with, which galls you the most?

McCain Surrogate: The Truth About Iraq Undermines Our Troops (it's like watching a train wreck)

LOL! My husband neatly handled an "Obama is a Muslim" rumor monger.

Don't have anything in your mouth when you see this --->

Obama's Overseas Success: What's His Secret?

Prius has mode to lock out gas engine & go all electric and has more range EXCEPT in US

Will Obama's speech in Berlin be available live online?

Is Senator John McCain the greatest living Republican over age 35 who hasn't been President?

Anyone know what time/day the Obama Berlin speech will be live in the US?

Change you can Depend on

This Obama Photo Takes My Breath Away

Is 500 miles too far to go to have a relationship with someone? Or 500 more?

Sam Peckinpah meets Monty Python

Anybody here play Mobsters on myspace?

HELP! I need a photo.

The squeaky wheel gets _____.

Is it possible to go overboard with

"Springtime for Hitler" has been replaced as my earworm of the week by

Just got back from phonebanking and I feel bad.

During A Tribute To George Harrison, There Was This Moment...


Aww Shucks. I'm just a fake good ol' boy.

How many pairs of socks to you have, I have almost 40 pairs.

"Ich bin ein Amerikaner"

Should the girl in the Commercials

Should the girl in the Commercials

You guys are boring me..I'm going to bed

Curious Cat Gets Stuck In Mason Jar

On one of our maps at work, of an area here in Lubbock, they labeled a Church...

At my age, there are always questions... Is this person dead or alive?

are there any non-mainstreamed (co-opted) countercultures out there?

What is the story with that Albanian guy at the deli

status update

Couple kissing, both with mouthsful of blood. Is this normal?

SOteric sent me her Wynton Marsalis recipe and no, I'm not sharing it.

I'm so high...

112 minutes of WOW

Depeche Mode Fans?


Volunteer tells McCain to get new staff

My favorite Office episode is on

Is $49.99 too much to pay to have a relationship with someone?

What is the story about the PITA hatred?

Dark Knight inspired me: Tonight, I become a Vigilante

Novak has Hit and Run before- We filed charges against him for ASSAULT in 2004


Estelle Getty (Sophia) will be missed.

Joe Garagiola was right — baseball is a funny game

Trigger Hippie

Cross Town Traffic

Some of us have been traumatized for 26 years by that damned song.

The Series "MadMen" Is Great, But It's Really Cigarette Porn

Brittani is rejecting her new lungs

Miss You

Spoiler Alert

Conservative GOP Nutbag 'Airplane!' director eyes Michael Moore

I got woke up by a raccoon!

"High Level Sources"

PNAC Signatories - Lest We Forget

Du ladies. Awhile back there was a thread concerning comfy fit bras and body

Vanguard: Celebrity never dies by Sarah Hutchins


Does the sound of the mouse click bother you?

Eminence Front

So I am going to see Obama speak tomorrow in Berlin

Romney on the ticket will secure the orange vote for the GOP

Brawl in final seconds of WNBA game

How do you feel about T.S. Eliot?

Is it just me, or is DU's home page looking a little grayer at the moment?

Superheroes WITHOUT superpowers

Are you willing to die for Olive Garden and its vision for America?

Bid Sales at Government Sites

I need some help/explanation

The Lord Said, I Am The Light Of The World

We are nearing the end of a decade, and our genius (LOL) MSM has yet to come up with a name for it.

I don't like killing things, but the wasps have got to go:

How can I tell my assistant their social skills suck?

I know that I have lots of information stored in my head...

What is the weather today in your area?


How can I tactfully tell my assistant that he, well, smells?

I come from the land down under!

so, I work for this pretty cool person

Grizzly Safety Quiz

Novak hits pedestrian, circles block, hits pedestrian AGAIN!

So apparently The Dark Knight made another 24 million on MONDAY!!

So I Just Sent the Brazillion Joke

Ever read 'Sacajawea' - By Anna Lee Waldo ?

How can I tell my assistant that....oh shit, I forgot, I don't have an assistant

If crim son and crimsonblue were to get together, would they make crimsonpurple?

What is the story about the PTA hatred?

TYT: If We Drill in the US, We Don't Get the Oil

Just got back from seeing a friend at the hospital-BUMMER

"Crime and Punishment." Who's read it?

What time is Obama's Berlin speech? can anyone take me along in their car?

Is China GD's Olive Garden?

Soundgarden's 'Black Hole Sun'

How NOT to get out of a speeding ticket

Shoes along highways? Why

"Both Ways Barack"

happy birthday to me

Man loses cash to wind; did bystanders help or take it?

If I have to hear one more NoelMN joke about Alfonso Ribiero, I will cry.

what smart phone should I get?

i'm in the 20's, got any good advice?

The Argentine Lake Duck is my new hero!

I Get Mad (Goat) video from Sesame Street (w/link) - Who's watched it??

Du ladies. Awhile back there was a thread concerning comfy fit bras and body

What's your all-time favorite guilty pleasure TV show?

So I spent my sick day watching "Legally Blonde the Search for the next Elle Woods"

We need new bumperstickers!

Somebody post a cool T-shirt for me to buy.

Not enough phones in Richmond Va.

I Just Lost Some Cooties I Was Holding For Someone, Did Anyone Find Them

Gentlemen! You must choose one and only one!

Dark Knight may owe its bite to Nolan team's English sensibility.

Fellatio and Flatulence: it does happen.

To the person(s) who tried to rip me off on craigslist, do you really think I'm that stupid?

Its official Senator McCain is running for POW-in-Chief

Rick-Rolled is SO yesterday. Be prepared to be DICKROLLED!!11!!!

Photoshoppers: Post your art! *pic heavy*

Bag, Borrow or Steal has got to be the BIGGEST rippoff

I heard a man say today you can tell if a TV show is a soap, even if the sound is down.

(sigh) I Miss You, Joe

I'm your sledgehammer.

PIZZA - Evil food or misunderstood snack?

"The Very Hungry Caterpillar." Who's read it?

Why do monkeys throw feces when they're angry?

Spam rules?

It's taken me almost four years to do it, but I'm finally up to 4,000 posts!

The word of the day "turtleandsue." Replace any word in a thread title with "turtleandsue."

Why I Don't BelieveThe N ational Enquirer Story About John Edwards:

URGENT -- question for someone with auto mechanic expertise

Bush 08?

Has anyone tried biofeedback for stress or meditation

"War and Peace." Who's read it?

Ok, which one of you dumbass slackjaw idiots gave me the cooties???!!!

You go girl!

Kleeb sighting in GD.

great new websites

for GOPisEvil, who misses my remodeling stories from hell

Excuse me, but I have to go water my car.

Kim Fight!

Obama's guestbook entry at Yad Vashem- in his own handwriting

kick ass tortoise does`t any shit from cats

If underpants and Bleachers7 got together, would you get really white underpants?

Hell is other people. A loner post-

I Am Going To Travel More Starting The End Of This Year

MORAL Kombat! (Slap some sinners silly)

DC DU Obama Inaugural Meet Up 17-21January 2009

Where Is Billyskank?

Wii users - Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - worth the buy?

Kinetic sculpture = very surreal and cool


Who Else Has Stepbrothers?

Sing Sing

Bela Lugosi is STILL dead.

McCain Campaign: Pictures are not fair -- clear thinking not fair

It's gonna hit the fan again! And I get to be the Girardian scapegoat!

How do they decide who the jury foreman is?

Sing Sing Sing

Is the writer of this ad from DU?

My son picked all of the cookie dough out of the ice cream.

A question on what to do with mail we are getting that is not ours

East Coast vs West Coast


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 7/23/2008)

What's the highest amount of money that you've tossed into the street...

not only is someone actually supporting the AFA McDonald's boycott,

."If You Give a Mouse a Cookie." Who's read it?

Gentlemen! You must choose one and only one!

Brad Pitt, you used to be you are just a jacked by the

Computer's been crashing for months. I fixed it by uninstalling 1 piece of software. What was it?

Has anyone else dealt with managerial restrictions on granting references?

new tattoo....peacock feather behind ear

A group of ladybugs is a loveliness of ladybugs, by the way

Tavernertavern Is Serving: Russian River Pliny the Elder. El Toro IPA. DFH 90. Chau Tien.

I am very doubtful that the GOP will allow McSame to be their nominee

do you think it is important to be fair?

My oldest and most wonderful cat (if you tell the others I said that, I'll deny it), is in the hosp.

What's the highest amount of money you've found on the street?

As promised! Kitty goodness inside!

It's flooding down in Texas

Are you vegan? Vegetarian? Rabidly carnivorous? Omnivorous? Something else? Spill...

How do they decide who George Foreman is?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/23/08

Kitten Picture of the Day for Wednesday July 23

50 degrees outside this morning.

jtg33's 3000th Post Celebration SPECTACULAR!

Midlo Sighting In The Lounge

The Twins will never ...

"Anna Karenina." Who's read it?

Dammit, Walker Texas Ranger really sucks!!!

Dammit, Walker Texas Ranger really sucks!!!

Hit it, C.C.

My Golden Lab is addicted to RW talk-radio

Has Anyone Ever Made Fried Green Tomatoes?


Outbid - again - at the end of the process on E-bay. Why bother?

Any schoolteachers in the Lounge? I have a question...

Home encyclopedia growing up?

need some sugestions for affordable hotels in boston

So I Just Sent the Brazillion Joke

Arrested Development is the greatest show of recent years

Hasslecrack is at it again.

My letter to strata

Have you ever discovered a part of your heritage that seems unreal?

From the files of the Westboro Baptist Dum-Dums!

My way-back machine took me to 1920. Need advice.

Ever see a rosy-lipped batfish?

tell us something about your childhood that traumatized you

I'll see your kittehs and raise you twin baby moose in sprinkler

"The Night Of The Hunter" (film) -- worth renting?

Should refugees be a basis for taking territory to compensate the international community?

Saw "The Dark Knight" this evening. It was pretty damn good, but...

Jilted Bride Awarded 150K After Wedding Called Off.

If This Has Been Posted I Would Like To Know & Where I Can Find It.

Brides trash their wedding gowns

Incongruent? Odd but true...

New element discovered and added to Periodic Table:

Kleeb sighting in the Lounge

Barack Obama and Afghanistan

I passed 25,000 posts and didn't realize a belated Yea Me!

Erk.... there's a wasp nest outside my back door....

What grocery store do you shop at.

Alcohol, Drugs and Guns

OK...admit it, when you first saw Rocky you were moved

How to Make a Folded-Paper CD Case


Passed Exam #3 today!

Rescue Kitties, as promised.

Other than Willie Nelson and Steve Earle, are there any Lefty Country Singers?

Are violent video games bad for society? (as opposed to the non-violent kind)

I have been working and not spending a lot of time in the lounge

Shout Out to San Francisco! Ballot measure OK, so you can vote on the George W. Bush Sewage Plant.

I'm back! (if anyone cares)

And now...the latest J. Chick tract. Pic heavy, baby!

Picture Thread : please post yours

To the person who ripped me off on eBay: I hate you, and hope you die in a fire.

Steelworkers Join Los Angeles Activists in Demanding Occidental Petroleum Stop its Complicity of Hum

Union Pacific to pay $102M over Northern California fires

About Half Of Pension Sponsors Have Frozen Plans, Potentially Risking Benefits For Millions

Oil: BP's Russian venture put in doubt after staff are pulled out

Workers In Chicago Sue United Airlines Over Illegal Exploitation of Immigrant Workers At O'Hare

Sect leader Jeffs is charged with child sex assault

Canada's once-lofty Afghan goals downgraded, defence files show

Flight carrying members of Congress makes emergency landing

Rice meets top NKorean diplomat

Might McCain pull out of Iraq faster than Obama?

UM scientist shares stories of Rumsfeld phone calls, possible reasons for bee colony collapse

Thais brace for border clashes with Cambodia

Ron Paul's political event moves to larger venue (during RNC convention)

Bill would require VA to provide voter assistance to veterans

Pit bull attacks, kills 3-year-old in Jackson

Give it up, brother tells FARC leader

Army falls further behind processing wounded

Pakistan Accused of Disappearing Terrorism Suspects

Gavin Newsom Gets back keys to city network

Iraq's (President) Talabani rejects election law

Canada sends deserter from Colo. back to U.S.

Iraqi president rejects provincial election law

Italian courts say jeans are no barrier to rape

Big GOP Donor Faced Trouble Back Home

McCain Camp Attacks Obama's Holocaust Museum Statement

Employers Took 1,643 Mass Layoff Actions In June (Highest since August 2003)

Adviser: Iraq approach likely in Afghanistan

Poll: Most in China happy with country's direction

Have scientists discovered a cure for Alzheimer's?

Barack Obama Tours Holocaust Memorial in Israel

Obama campaign: McCain flubs on Iraq timeline

Anti-gay group protests at McDonald's (Pix)

McCain: Make combat-disabled top VA priority (rationing veteran's health care)

Lawmakers press Labor Dept on worker exposure rule

U.N. council to take up Cambodia-Thai dispute

McCain credits Bush for drop in oil price

Some Guardsmen, Reservists back from Iraq didn't get benefits

Senator: Waste, fraud, neglect hurting U.S. soldiers

President Bush drops opposition to housing bill

FEMA seeks immunity from suits over trailer fumes

Lieberman praises pastor repudiated by McCain

China to Set Up Protest Zones During Games

Peugeot Profit Rises 49% on Cost-Cutting, New Models

Bernanke's personal finances far less rocky than public ones

Flight With 7 Congressmen Makes Emergency Landing

Reporter held for trial in Pa. courthouse gun case

Bush visits Pentagon to talk about Afghanistan

Private funding, tolls pushed to fix roads

Obama’s Campaign Manager Promises Support for House Democrats

Rocket planes to ship for first demo race

'Wall Street got drunk' says Bush

Teen Sues Teacher For Calling Her Ugly

U.S. Rushes to Change Workplace Toxin Rules

FEMA Seeks Immunity From Suits Over Trailer Fumes

Jindal: I will not be VP

( hits McCain on troop pullout

Rosenberg evidence kept secret

Pentagon plays down fears over Afghan violence

McCain to counterprogram Obama in Germany with visit to Gulf Coast oil rig

Florida: Obama Ahead by One (Rasmussen)

Child Online Protection Act Is Unconstitutional, Court Says

Net Censorship Law Struck Down Again

Diesel spill closes Mississippi River

Robert Wexler's (Rep FL) Delray residency disputed by opponent

Mukasey pledges to fix Justice Dept. rep

Obama Trounces McCain... In Sales of T-Shirts, Badges, Caps

McCain denies he misstated timing of Iraq surge

UK - Villages becoming 'exclusive enclaves' for wealthy

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday July 23

U.S. rejects outside probe of Canadian sent to Syria

Sound waves, goo guns won't be used on protesters (Denver)

Senators' lesser-known pot of money

Researcher Says Gulf Dead Zone Bigger Than Ever

European Union Moves Toward Ban on Seal Product Trade

Anbar Sheik Cited By McCain Was Assassinated Last Year

Report Says Pentagon Pressured, Intimidated Auditors

Banned Camera Catches Bush Sounding off on Economic Crisis

McCain: Make combat-disabled top VA priority

Obama Says Nuclear Iran Poses "Grave Threat"; Would take "no options off the table"

FCC Reaches Tentative Deal To Approve XM-Sirius Merger (more misleading news?)

Magnitude 6.8 quake hits Japan

NBC/WSJ Poll: Obama keeps lead over McCain

Breaking: (Robert) Novak cited after hitting pedestrian

10th circuit strikes down anti-religious scholarship rule

US talks with Iraq could stretch years

Ambassador: Al-Qaida leaving Iraq for Afghanistan

Interior proposes lower royalties on oil shale

Turkey makes 'coup plot' arrests

Oil tumbles $4 on slumping demand

Jindal Says He’s Not Interested in No. 2 Spot With McCain

AG says Siegelman findings to be released

U.S. General Warns Russia on Nuclear Bombers in Cuba

Bank Gave Counterfeit Bills, Couple Says

Justice called uncooperative on voting rights

Protesters denounce Fox News as racist

Toyota Beat GM in Worldwide Sales in the First Half of the Year

Cal wins big in battle over athletic center

Mass. woman kills self before home foreclosure

Pentagon to recommend more troops for Afghanistan

Source: Novak's Victim Worse Than First Thought

Army grad won't get shot with Lions after change in military policy

House Passes Housing Bill After Bush Says He Will Sign It

Colombia: Vote Sought to Permit 3rd Presidential Term

No plastic bags in L.A. stores beginning July 2010

Savage Loses Advertisers (including Aflac & 7 Mississippi Stations) Re: Autism

COLOMBIA: Torture as a ‘Side Effect’ of Forced Disappearance, Killings

Richest Americans See Their Income Share Grow

Late 1970's/early 1980's V.D. Public Service Ad: "#1 fact of life, VD gets around"

Late 1970's/early 1980's Employment Public Service Ad

Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi Keynote at Netroots

Al Gore at Netroots Nation 2008, Austin TX

Al Gore at Netroots Nation 2008, Part 2

Al Gore at Netroots Nation 2008, Part 1

Dick Cheney's Flightless Bird Safari

Bush: Wall Street was drunk, House Hunting in Dallas

Mitt Romney Let the Dog Out

Countdown: Worst Person July 22, 2008 = Bill-O the Clown

Dave Chappelle about Clinton and Bush

Countdown: McCain Makes False Assertion on CBS News

Raw Video: Obama Meets With Israeli Leaders

Verdict: McCain Screwups and Make Believe Media Bias, w/ Wes Clark

MyBO Supporters at Netroots Nation

Leaked Video of George Bush


Desperate McCain

The Ramones - Bonzo goes to Bitburg

1981 New York/New Jersey campagin ads (Dinkins/Florio)

Where Were You? 1963 (Part 1 of 2)

"Don't Shoot Me, Dude!" (Apes have rights too, ya know!)

McCain Makes False Assertions On Iraq War & CBS EDITS IT OUT!

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Suskind reveals March 2001 Pentagon map of Iraqi oilfields.

Coleman attack ad

Obama vows close Israel ties

Video: McCain/Couric interview + the Awakening Sheik it did not save!


Barack Obama at Yad Vashem, Israel

Berlin gears up for Obama

Obama arrives in Jerusalem

KO: The Whole Republican Thing Is A Joke! Lie After Lie!

Where Were You? 1963 (Part 2 of 2)

Barack Obama: Thoughts on Iraq and Afghanistan

Lieberman's Jewish Problem

Wes Clark on Barack Obama and Iraq

Barack Obama visits Sderot, Israel

TYT: Why News Reporters Should Be More Like Sports Reporters

Unaired CBS Clip: McCain Falsely Asserts Anbar Awakening History

McCain Adviser: Facts on Iraq Undermine Our Troops

TYT: Cenk On O'Reilly's LAUGHABLE Defense Of McCain On Birth Control

TYT: How Much More Childish Can This Administration Get?

Commanders asks for more troops for Afghanistan. Pentagon says "no can do...they're all in Iraq'.

Obama lays wreath at memorial in Jerusalem

Katie Couric Interviews Obama on CBS: "What area do you feel least comfortable with?"

Scene from UnCounted

Iran, Iraq, Impeachment: I've Got Good News and I've Got...

Gook: John McCain's Racism and Why It Matters

CBS Edits McCain's Whopper Out of Broadcast (w/original video)

Countdown: Jonathan Turle on Pardons/Prosecutions

What A Reunion!

CNN v. MLK - a video critique

Michelle Obama Speaks to DNC's Gay & Lesbian Leadership Council

Ultimate George Bush Stupidicy Video

Mosh - Obama Remix

McCain Aide Scheunemann Linked To Bush Library ‘Cash For Access’ Scandal»

Why No Outrage? By JAMES GRANT / Wall Street Journal!

NYT editorial: On the Olympics, "China has read their silence as complicity."

Guardian UK: Prisons are the scandal

Bush is about to waste a second crisis

McCain ‘Falls Asleep’ on the Sunni Awakening

Madness and Shame

AlterNet: How Scores of Black Men Were Tortured Into Giving False Confessions by Chicago Police

The REAL Rejected McCain New York Times OpEd

Al-Qaeda's got a brand new bag

The death-knell of Bernankeism

News, No News and Not So News

Dangers of 'the best military'

Robert Kuttner: Shorts and Fannies: A Brief History

Colombia’s Gains Are America’s, Too

McCain knee-capped by Maliki

America, Iran and faulty intelligence: Bernd Debusmann

On Iraq: Wiping Out The Legend

McCain’s Op-Ed on Iraq Rejected by 'The Pennysaver'

Let Them Eat Free Markets: How deregulation fuels the global food crisis

Nat'l Geographic: Persia: Ancient Soul of Iran, A glorious past inspires a conflicted nation.

11 reasons America's a new socialist economy

Exposing Bush's historic abuse of power. Documents point to a potential investigationn of WH

ACLU: Congress Should Demand Answers from Attorney General

Obama Satirized as a 'Jew' by Jordanian Magazine, 'The New Ammaner'

UK shadow PM, Camerons' interesting holiday destination.

Method In The Madness; Why They Want To Attack Iran

Using Law to Justify Torture

Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater is here to stay

Desert Storm: Obama's surge across the Middle East

Mukasey’s Wary Start Dismays Ex-Backers (i.e. - Schumer)

Vicious Ideologue Renews Attack on Social Security

Matt Taibbi: America's Middle Class Can't Take Much More Punishment

Adviser: As President, Obama Would Only Prosecute ‘Egregious’ Bush Crimes

Conservatives Want Bush to Issue "Pre-Emptive Pardons" to Officials Involved in Illegal Programs

Debt capitalism self-destructs

Brazil president toughens environmental enforement in Amazon

Loans for solar --where to go if your state doesn't have a good residential program?

Climate protester tries to glue himself to Prime Minister Gordon Brown

Drilling Ourselves Deep In a Hole

Uprising Against the Ethanol Mandate

Nebraska utility planning wind energy expansion (400 MW)

Who covets the electric car? Sales surge in Ottawa

A Shortage of Democracy, Not Food - By Frances Moore Lappé

Almost Perfect Wingnuttery: Global Warming's the Ultimate Liberal Conspiracy

Pelindaba suspects are still at large (SA nuclear facility attack)

sustainable farming and rolling back the desert in Burkina Faso

Harvest the Sun - From Space; use ISS for proof-of-concept

"Addiction to oil is so bad, Bush is considering cooking rocks as an energy solution"

UK's nuclear clean-up industry in turmoil, report reveals

Population bomb 'ticks louder than climate'

Former Senior EPA Staffer Directly Contradicts Johnson's Sworn Testimony On California Air Decision

Crackdown on oil speculators caught up in partisan squabble

Salazar, Limbaugh square off on shale

Texas To Canada Solar Car Race Ends

Aviation: Half price oil, cheaper tickets - report sees flaws in case for third Heathrow runway

UK's nuclear clean-up industry in turmoil, report reveals

Pearson International Airport (Toronto) On Track For Wettest Summer Ever After Brutal 07 Drought

( Driving plug-in technology with investments of $2.75 million (Investing in Aptera)

Plea for netroots support by Al Gore

Hoffa calls for greens, unions to team up

Upstate New York's looming natural gas nightmare (about impacts on water)

Bake your own bread and defy consumerism

Hurricane Dolly -- category 2 landfall

Venezuela and Russia to coordinate on energy

Harvest the Sun — From Space

More Jellyfish Making Their Way Into Bays & Rivers Of Jersey Shore This Summer

Four-leg drive the way to go

Postal Service Explores Options for 'Green' Delivery Fleet

U.S. Takes Global Lead in Wind Energy Production

Uprising Against the Ethanol Mandate

Center for American Progress: Solutions to a Global Climate Crisis

What is a "Rocket Scientist"??

A recession will give ecological development a new life

Nissan Says Electric Cars Will Be Quickly Profitable

Is growth over? (Calif., water, LAT OpEd)

Profiting from Alternative Energies That Work

First Solar: Quest for the $1 Watt

NPR: Portland, Ore., Rides Bikes Around High Gas Prices

In California Neighbors’ Dispute, Officials Find It’s Time to Speak for the Trees

New contamination incident at French nuclear site

U.S. Senate candidate Rick Noriega (D TX) calls for wind, solar power in all Texas homes by 2019

Once a t-bone pickens always a t-bone pickets...

Human-Frog Hybrids May Reveal Autism's Secrets - New Scientist

First Sail -Transported Cargo Of French Wine In A Century Will Arrive In Dublin This Week - Times

Our National Water Policy… Oh, Wait, We Don’t Have One

Unknown disease killing off Florida's state tree

Uranium Leaks Rattle France's Nuclear Support, Anger Villagers

Emissions testing, Al Gore take note and take action

World Bank May Have Vastly Overstated Financial Committment To Environment - By Tens Of Billions

TH!NK about it: Norwegian company releases electric vehicle

Tall ships make a comeback as oil price hits export

Veterans for Robinson Ohio’s 12th Congressional District

EERC director: Hydrogen vehicles nearly available for commercial use

DDG 1000 program will end at two ships

Cherished myths fall victim to economic reality

Hearing This Week On Repealing Military Gay Ban

Knight Rider Dropping Bisexuality

Katy Perry and the media’s ‘Kiss’ of hypocrisy

LAPD Chief Bratton supports gay marriage!

Sordid Lives is on tonight.

Legal power couple take public stand on marriage vote

Private jets grounded for Merrill’s top brass

National Review editorial - PRO gays in Military

"There are no gay or lesbian people in Sudan"

The Economic Populist

American meritocracy at risk

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/22/08

11 reasons America's a new socialist economy

Bank Investors Expect Less as Losses Mount

Motivation to operate under US labor laws when competitors don't have to obey US labor laws?

Chrysler plans to cut 1,000 salaried jobs

not only is someone actually supporting the AFA McDonald's boycott,

Tapping your 401(k) at the ATM?

The World Will Not End - Take a Deep Breath

I hate to say I told you so

Nusseibeh tells British PM EU aid to Palestinians should be cut

Forget the myth-making. Obama is just what the Middle East needs

Obama in Jerusalem: I'm committed to Israel's security

Barghouti spin highlights faults in Mideast media

Israel keen to crack down on East Jerusalem

Robertson Advocates Israel Striking Iran Before The 2008 Election

Israel a 'miracle,' Obama says

Iran to get new Russian air defences by '09 -Israel

Soldier who killed peace activist denied appeal

Arab media cartoons depict Jewish control of US pres candidates

Firefighters Union Likely To Endorse Obama (members almost evenly spilt)

Union coalition raises $152,000 (in 2 weeks), right-to-work group shut out

Women's jobs are more vulnerable in downturn, report says

Labor board backs UAW in Foxwoods labor dispute

Hofstra prof: Young people hit hard by unemployment

Labor Commissioner Cites Los Angeles Orange County Carwashes over $350,000 for Violations

Editor and Publisher: Bay Area Guild Unit Files NLRB Charge Over Layoffs

NLRB Again Finds Confidentiality Policies Unlawful

Company faces fines for safety violations ($8,000, one dead)

Verizon workers authorize strike if contract talks fail

Today in labor history July 23 Berkman shoots and stabs but fails to kill steel magnate Henry Frick

More Good News from the Big Three

Labor stat question

New Omaha fire, police chiefs announced (An old friend moves up in the ranks!)

WSJ: Do Cell-Tower Climbers Have the Nation’s Deadliest Job?

Steelworkers Join Los Angeles Activists in Demanding Occidental Petroleum Stop its Complicity of Hum

FARC delegation may have already arrived in Nicaragua, from Venezuela

Senior U.S. official visits Bolivia to mend ties

Honduras May Join ALBA

DNA tests find stolen baby in Guatemala 13 minutes ago

Give it up, brother tells FARC leader

"learn how to haggle"

Colombia’s Gains Are America’s, Too

Chavez open to a Russian base in Venezuela

Recently opened organic fertilizer plant employs 30 Colombian men and women demobilized from illegal

Brett Favre.....not the sharpest tool in the shed?

The WNBA found a way to steal the headlines tonight

My Rustle got admitted to the Vet hospital today.

'To me, seeing angels is natural'

Cancer drug dramatically shrinks prostate tumors

Government to release revised U.S. HIV estimates

Sunscreen safety is called into question

dark hand

BIDEN Issues Statement on the Arrest of War Crimes Fugitive Radovan Karadzic

Question, Bidenites:

Some Obama rally pics from Detroit. Pic heavy!

Busy Biden's Bill on Burma

SFRC hearing at 3pm EST on UN Peacekeeping

Just realized I'm glad Biden isn't on this trip

wonder what Biden will say about McCain's comments on surge->awakening

Alcohol, Drugs and Guns: Interesting GD thread

Wilmette Illinois Handgun Ban Dead, 7-0 Vote Repeals Law

Civilian armed patrols may start up again in New Haven...

Supreme Court decision in action.

I just got back from NOLA and so can we talk, um, CAJUN food?

Culinary Prep Food Marinating and Sanitizing System: Anyone know about this?

Constant Failure

A primer on intolerance

Pro-Islam film to be released in response to 'Fitna' from Iran govt.

I am trying to decide if groups such as Atheist Agenda are hate groups or

The Puritans' "Christian" Agenda?

Why accept self-serving propaganda from governments and religious institutions?

“The Bible’s Buried Secrets" on NOVA

Is Islam a branch of linguistics?

Bin Laden driver knew 9/11 target: prosecutor

Insurance for UFO Abductees

Another 9/11 Apologist Exposed

And when I thought Austin couldn't get any bluer

OT, but related to JK's idea of service. Obama's great uncle comes forward with WWII story.

"I've never seen the standards set so high for one person..."

George W. Bush. The PHONY, who will not be living in Crawford, anymore.

Even ANWR drilling proponents ridicule Bachmann's lack of energy knowledge

Sounds like McCain chooses Pawlenty...

The College Credit-Card Hustle

Globe and Mail: Canada's once-lofty Afghan goals downgraded, defence files show

About Time

My three year old is in love with this bird

I'm thinking of taking a trip to Montreal next month.

ACLU Sues Alabama on Ballot Access

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 7/23/08


Hey, If You Live In The Wausau Area, Watch Channel 9 Tonight

Teen Sues Teacher For Calling Her Ugly

UK Times: Dawkins slaps creationists into the primordial soup

I think I've got a secret admirer!

Atheists speaking at an interfaith service ... does that work?