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Archives: July 25, 2008

This Week on NOW: John Edwards' War on Poverty

It wasn't the first time ... "Savage" Wiener Has History of Belittling Children with Autism

Regnery Publishing attempts to SwiftBoat Obama with release of

Fascism R Us

John Conyers and an Opening for the Constitution

Grab your TIVOs..."Republican Strategist" Joe Watkins gets his ass kicked by Abrams

Fox host: Obama accused (just asked a question really) Fox of 'brainwashing our troops'

A long time ago a cousin of mine, wrote this. It's a very important read.

How Much Did Kraft Pay For the Product Placement in McGramps Presser

Flitty Fitness Guru Richard Simmons Courts a Run for Congress

Long Islanders to join SF protest over Michael "Savage" Wiener's comments

Mitch McConnell says this on high gas prices:

My wife made an observation today after hearing a person's comment on Obama

Fox BUSTED using footage of McCain from 2000

Rudy G9u11ni, please STFU.....

brian williams to barack obama: 'isn't ist time you've said the surge worked'

Look how much the military has contributed to AZ's economy and then

Antiwar? Read this and let's continue to grow it!

Are Europeans more or less racist than Americans?

Kucinich Robocall For Impeachment Came Up "Debt Reduction" on Caller ID - WTF?

Beck, Boehner: Arctic Refuge Is A ‘Wasteland,’ Wildlife ‘Couldn’t Care Less’ About Drilling

Pigs are flying - Frank Luntz is effusive in praise for Obama on H&C

Feds blame bob murray, mine operator, for fatal collapse

Why is Dan Abrams showing this lunatic Rush

Bad Boss Contest from Working America. Some real doozies here...

NZ students offer cash for "arrest" of U.S.'s Rice

You know, I think Republicans are losing their fucking minds

List of Michale "Savage" Wiener advertisers

Cspan: Hearing on Polygomy and all the Sexual Abuse

I would like to ask for help.....RE: Edwards

Michelle Malkin still clueless

Watch your newspaper front pages tomorrow

99 Red Balloons Go By!!!!!

Do racist/sexist/homophobic games have a negative impact on society

It would be nice if cable would give you a way to opt out of getting the Amber

Is there a way to find out how the pollsters do their polling?

Obama's visit to Germany today and America's chance today.

Oh the eve of the Imperial President/non-impeachment hearing: What are you

Top Astronaut: 'Aliens Do Exist'

Judiciary releases witness list for Kucinich impeachment hearing

Air America has been watered down

The Soundtrack of the Republican Party

Grover Norquist wants Ronnie Raygun on the $10 bill

Bush's Oh-So-Wrong Dick Love, & an Incompetent Pick for the SBA - Bush History,7/25

When is MSNBC going HD?

Knudsen Pure Juices - Blueberry, Pomegranate On Sale $7.99

Too funny: Giuliani's son kicked off Duke's golf team--and he sues!

We are the Borg.

Smoke from North American wildfires may block solar radiation in the Arctic

My new favorite song. "Sly Fox" by Nas.

Arkansas Pulls Hundreds Of 'Racist' License Plates

Woo hoo! I'm in Buzzflash's "Media Putz Of The Week!"

“We’ll do it live!”: The McCain Version

"No Fly List".

The Great Desecration

Spencer Ackerman: Years From Now, Right-Wing Will Congratulate America/Itself For Electing Obama

Larisa Alexandrovna: Questions For Rove - "Rep. Lamar Smith Helps Out Rove On Siegelman. Aww, Sweet"

Freeper says "by any means necessary".

Stern on XM/Sirius Merger: "I Will Never Vote For A Democrat Again"

Kucinich on Washington Journal (CSPAN) this morning 8:00 a.m.

Army begins treating PTSD in the field

Two witnesses on Kucinich Impeachment witness list:

Key House Races Shift, and it’s in the Democrats’ Favor

Gee. . PNAC signer Richard Holbrook coming up on Scabrough

So anyone think today's hearing will actually get any press?

Chernobyl Memories, Cancer Deaths Haunt Turkey's Nuclear Plans

Kucinich coming up next on Washington Journal!

Dow's ills spreading east: Asian markets sinking......

Dow's ills spreading east: Asian markets sinking......

FOX Racism Petition results

Ads for Mizzou football tickets heard during Savage Weiner on 710 kkKCMO?

What a hoot on WJ this morning

Blaming teenagers for Congolese genocide

U.S. Foreclosures Double as House Prices Decline

So I'm flipping thru the channels this morning and I see David Gregory on the Today show

Will Congress Rebuff the Supreme Court's Anti-Consumer Activism?

Have any MSM teevee news shows mentioned today's Congressional hearing?

New Poll shows McCain ahead of Obama - NPR

I think its fine Novak gets off scott free.

Constitutional Limits of Executive Power - C-Span 1 at 10:00 am

How much of what they're doing is to kill the economy on purpose?

Washington Journal continues its right wing love fest. fuck 'em.

Tweety uses the MELENDEZ Bros defense for Shrub

Obama is all over the german media. But Wapo, CNN etc. have tiny links in the corners.

ACLU Obtains Key Memos Authorizing CIA Torture Methods

Only 12 minutes from now. I am getting goose bumps

obama woos the world and here are the headlines at home...

Brian Kilmeade.....repugnant piece of festering, rancid right wing shite

Send Rove to jail petition passes 100,000

Tinfoil hat time!!! Man, twice in one week, I must be getting really good reception!!!

'Imperial presidency' hearing to feature 13 witnesses

So today the brave and honorable Dennis Kucinich

Presidential Misconduct Hearing (IMPEACHMENT!) live blog

Is there a media blackout on today's impeachment hearing?

How long till the GOP officially starts using "He is black, for god's sake" as a talking point?

Tonight on Bill Moyers' Journal: Torture on Trial....featuring Jane Mayer

Skinner apparently we need a UFO forum

Caption McCain

Mike Doyle (D: PA-14) rips into Michael Savage on the house floor

All I want to know is:

Veterans for Peace Reminder... Don't Forget! - Impeachment Hearings Tomorrow @ 10 AM !

Support ACLU? Read this!

Memphis police trying to out anonymous badged blogger

Hearing is starting now on C-Span.

Where can I find the real Obama quote:

Should the votes of dead people be counted?

***** IMPEACH = Hearing: Executive Power and Its Constitutional Limitations = LiveBlog *****

Anything exciting happen yet....

Re: Obama saying that Europe should help more in the middle east.

A bit about where Obama spoke today...

For those of you who actually believe in human-alien hybrids...

***** IMPEACH = Executive Power and Its Constitutional Limitations = LiveBlog II *****

Kucinich *just* started speaking

Why is it governments never do anything about any problem until it hits the wall?

Hank Johnson

I'm watching the Conyers hearings and Rep Kucinich is speaking now

McCain's famous speech on German

Is anyone else having a hard time with their internet connection?

who should stand trial in the hague?

Anyone know what time Conyers' hearing starts this morning?

up close and personal with the Urumqi No1 Glacier

***** IMPEACH = Executive Power and Its Constitutional Limitations = LiveBlog III *****

No MSM coverage of Impeachment hearing?

If You Must Impeach, Please Do It Politely

Is McCain Even In This Race? Sure doesn't feel like it from here.

Help with a wingnut - Did Hillary "accidently" pack the White House Silver?

Indict Bush - pic

New Zealand students offer reward for Rice arrest

Progressive Democrats of America Also LiveBlogging


Impeachment Hearings: Are We Going Through This Exercise To Complete A Cycle?......

Condi-Tired Of Killing, Torturing & Taking Away Our Rights-Just 'Wants To Go Shopping'

George Miller (D-Calif.) Pledges to Block 'Secret Rule'

I don't think the November election will be Obama vs. McCain.

The Rude Pundit: Citizens of the World Unite

Schools eye four-day week to cut fuel costs

looking at Fred and Fan from a differet angle

***** IMPEACH = Executive Power and Its Constitutional Limitations = LiveBlog IV *****

Bush History,7/25 Bush's Oh-So-Wrong Dick Love, & an Incompetent Pick for the SBA

Obama on MTP & McNuts on This Week. Both appear to be the only

McCain's blind spot on Iraq, Vietnam

is there updated news on the Miss. oil spill?

Never argue with a woman

Embarq admits they eavesdropped on their customers

Someone mentioned that the wingnuts are still pushing the Clinton White House Vandalism story

What is the House Judiciary Committee's Next Step?

"Greenhouse" bees spread disease to wild bees

Anti-War Movement Successfully Pushes Back Against Military Confrontation With Iran

Guantanamo testimony: U.S. let bin Laden's top bodyguard go

Good things coming from Obama's trip. Today he said Iran should accept the EU plan and not wait

Cablevision blocked out C-Span in my area

Pacifica Radio Archive of 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago

***** IMPEACH = Executive Power and Its Constitutional Limitations = LiveBlog V *****

Bush administration is stacking the UN with neocon ideologues

There will be no impeachment, they got away with it, and we have yet another media-created illusion

It there was any doubt who NPR supported, it was erased this morning...

A CAPTION-a-day clears the passageways!!!

BBC reporter just said "President Obama*"

Forget your cares and fly away, it's Friday! . . . Come CAPTION!!!

Christianne Amanpour (the best reporter on the planet) asks Sarkozy ......

'Obama cain't even string 2 words together without a teleprompter'...HUH?

Front page of today's Stars & Stripes newspaper (and webpage)

Veterans Respond to McCain's "Obama Wants to Lose" Remark

***** IMPEACH = Executive Power and Its Constitutional Limitations = LiveBlog VI *****

The Republicans and Drilling - Possible responses

Pentagon Confirms That It Told Obama He Couldn't Visit Army Base With Campaign Staff

Putting the BS in CBS: WTF? They scrubbed McShame's interviews twice?

New product complaint web site

Does anyone have a youtube clip of Olbermann Last night re: McCain's OTHER gaffe re: Afghanistan?...

Moon-walker claims alien contact cover-up

Pay day lenders spent $3.8 Million lobbying... in Virginia

Bobby Jindal's Popularity

***** IMPEACH = Executive Power and Its Constitutional Limitations = LiveBlog VII *****

Bailing out stockholders is like paying ransom to kidnappers. - Today’s Headlines 7/258/0

Tasered Grandpa Sues Hospital - Security Guard takes joke wrong way

I wonder what dick and w is doing right now

Israel Seeks Input On U.S. Iran Report

The Age of Bush, Part III: TANG Dang Doodle

Why does it seem that everyone has completely forgotten post-Gulf War Iraq?

Karl Rove to meddle in Texas state house races

Tough summer at the theme park: Snapshot of a derailed economy....

Amy Goodman: Friend of Mexican Immigrant Beaten to Death in PA Gives Eyewitness Account of Attack

Every single fucking thing just HAS to always go down party lines...

Why didn't anybody tell me Iraq was post-war? (c-span caption)

To Be and Not to Seem : The Bush Debacle in Context

Utter Horsehocky!

Tax info we just got from our CPA (from my God mother)

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

***** IMPEACH = Executive Power and Its Constitutional Limitations = LiveBlog VIII *****

Caption Condi "down under"

The most credible testimpny at the judiciary hearing today has been

Listening to CSPAN - IMPEACH BUSH!! Vincent Bugliosi and Crying.

Remove them thar signs!! Oh gees, get a grip you Repug

About that poll from Washington Post showing Obama behind in Colorado

100 Thousand - Care to Make it 200?

First Two Crain's New York Business Articles Today

I Envision Dubya, Shooter & KKKarl Sitting In The WH Media Room On Plush Recliners.......

Very serious question: what does "defeating terrorism" look like?

Politico: GOP congressman would have Supreme Court watch over GTMO detainees

repukes should be ashamed

Bugliosi is one kick ass, take no names, bad ass HERO!!!!

WSJ: Batman-when you trace the outline with your finger, it looks kind of like . . . a "W."

Members of the Senate CAN be impeached

Say hi to Barack

Hank Johnson is awesome

How sick is this? Bungee cord killing for religion

Two Women - Two Hats - Two Candidates ... could it be any clearer?

What is the church inquiry, RE: impeachment? Sorry, I've

LynneSin's Weekly Senate Race outlook: Dem's +4 and 2 in almost dead heat

Too bad there was no ***OFFICIAL THREAD*** for this testimony.

CSPAN Junkie

Faux using 8 yr old footage to make McCain look younger...

Condi Rice looking forward to "getting back to shopping" after Bush administration

Boosh: ‘No regime should ignore the will of its own people.’

Lyrics to "Sly Fox" by Nas.

Woman on cross in protest over jailed son's care

***** IMPEACH = Executive Power and Its Constitutional Limitations = LiveBlog IX *****

“The way I look at it with those people is that they were trying to be slick”

Back to school -- economics school: Strain on household budgets will cut into apparel, dorm spending

Today's debut of Salon radio with Glenn Greenwald. First guest..Daniel Ellsberg.

Please help respond to this chain email I just got...

How can McCain top Obama? - ask Doonesbury

Army officials refute claim of Barack Obama snub in Afghanistan

Bohemian grove

Young, bright & hopeful vs. old, stupid & hopeless, it's a no brainer election.

Repubs will need a LOT of Oxycontin when Barack is elected president the poor things.

Friday TOONFEST part 3: Various Scum-sucking lowlifes

Voodoo Doll Prompts Extra Security For Commissioners

McCain nuttiness on c-span feed right now - "Iraq was in flames!!!"

Friday TOONFEST part 4: Economic woes

If we do not get bona fide impeachment hearings from this hearing today

Obama press conference in Paris

bush quote of the day: No regime should...

John McCain's foreign policy experience

Happy Birthday Me!!!! From my boss's boss -

Bush critics get an unimpeachable forum

{current} HIV drugs 'add 13 years of life' (BBC)


Ships filled with crude oil stacking up at the mouth of the Mississippi

What does the Runaway Bride, Police Car Chases, Anna Nicole Smith, Natalee Holloway, Terri Schiavo

Another Hate Crime - This time in Pennsylvania

of 100 Female Service members killed in Iraq. 39 are non-hostile

Moron Media attacking Obama's strength - eloquence

AP: 'Bush critics get an unimpeachable forum' - Pics from hearing at link

Neocons Lash Out at White House for Diplomatic Overtures to Iran

Peace is Patriotic sign at McCain campaign stop at the American GI Forum Convention - pic

Israeli paper publishes Obama Western Wall prayer

CLASSMATES.COM isn't playing by the rules as far as I can

Cindy McCain and the smell of death

scott mcclellan on hardball

Vets allege mismanagement of retirement colony

Hooray! Hardball's on! Time for Andrea Mitchell to talk shit about Obama!

CBS News: Big Crowd Gathers For House Judiciary Hearing On Bush "impeachment"

Caption the baby

Detroit Free Press: 'Committee hearing will discuss presidential limits'

With Arizona Changing, McCain Focuses on Home

HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS.... not 10's of thousands at Obama speech

Flogg'n Molly on world tour again! Woot.

Are you still registered? 2008 Voter Registration Deadlines (FYI)

Jonathan Turley links to DUer madfloridian's thread...

Plumber Claims Virgin Mary In Rusty Drain

congress spent 6 hours discussing bu$hco & impeachment and the msm is silent


Standard Newswire™ LLC a propaganda news outlet

Look at what Schwarzenfracker is up to now.

The Governator to Slash Wages Below State Minimum Wage

Novak's victim is an 86 year old homeless man

I did something smart today.

Would you like to see Obama at the convention at A Theatre Near You?

ALL of chimpy's Signing Statements(157) and Executive Orders(273).

Anti-war students offer reward for Rice arrest

Sen. Ted Kennedy Completes Last Day Of Chemo, Radiation

GWB Library to Open in 2009

Is there a single republican politician that isn't a goon? Even Hagel

The Company We Keep

Wexler: 'When An Admin Takes Actions That Amount To High Crimes-We...Must Seek Impeach'

McCain ignores 5,000 journalists as he whines about lack of press coverage

Breaking : McCain followed by Waaambulance to every campaign event!

Why do you recommend a thread?

John Dean: Congressman Kucinich's Impeachment Resolution

FOX 'News': 'Rep. Kucinich Gets His Day to Air Impeachment Article'

The List...Our Senate Candidates vs Theirs...and the money..

The List...Our Senate Candidates vs Theirs...and the money..

CNN closes comments on Bush Impeachment

Everybody, please make sure your registered to vote and can find your damn ID

The latest in the continuing saga of the great FDA Salmonella hunt -- Mexican jalapeños

I steamed green beans and the water was red?

Possible to Believe in Extraterrestrial Life and Not Acknowledge the POSSIBLE Existence of God?

Possible to Believe in Extraterrestrial Life and Not Acknowledge the POSSIBLE Existence of God?

I just e-mailed this LTTE to my local indie paper to rebut a rightie letter...

Good weapons are instruments of fear; all creatures hate them

LOL. I just got a LaRouche caller to hang up on me.

More radio stations dropping the Savage Weiner

How would the founders of our nation have dealt with bush & cheney?

Wow, with President Obama we can finally retire Ear piece One!

Is DickCheney hiding out ?

Patrick Carlin, George's brother was on Imus today...

Bob Barr Made A Very Important Point Regarding The Need For Impeachment

Honey Bees In Trouble - This really, really shows the importance of the bees for all of us.

From field to fork: Food-tracing system needed

Impeachment proceedings should be started right now against Mukasey.

GOP threatens to block adjournment

Obama camps hits McCain

'mc cain is humble & Obama is arrogant'....HUH?

What would it take for Obama to Lose? Obama @368EV, but 253EV if 3% of votes Uncounted & 6% Switched

I am all for Obama putting a Republican in his cabinet...

Is it just me or does Reihan Salam look like some kind of comic book super villian?

Some accept the view that if mass murder at first doesn't work, then more murderers are needed.

Caption *

STFU Conyers, Kucinich, Wexler et. al

While I do not expect or even wish for an Obama Administration to

The Spin is getting more and more difficult, and soon overt racism is all they'll have.

DUers did any of you see any coverage of the hearings

John McCain: So Dumb, So Privileged

McCain's 'commander-in-chief' numbers will remain high until the media does its job!

My asshat congressman: Matheson says he'll skip Democratic convention

So Now What? Conyers Said He Would Answer The Impeachment Question Today

The MSM Spin Is Becoming More and More Apparent

So, what is the deal with Germany and the USA?

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/24/08 - Obama 45, McCain 41 (M down 1)

WHY do Pubs at a hearing ONLY ask questions of the Pubs on the

Obama Panorama

I watched this the other day

HEADS UP: The *Definitive* Iraq War Timeline...According To John McCain

Just got finished watching Obama's Berlin speech...

McSame calls Iraq "the first major conflict since 9/11." Afghanistan is bush league?

Robert Novak's hit-run victim talks

Valerie Plame, Ex-CIA Agent Outed by Novak, Criticizes Pundit for Hit-and-Run Accident

Sick of AB Stoddard and her bs. Sick of this serge crap, Obama is right and he does not

I seem to recall * consulting notes when he wrote something in

Playstation 2 component incites African war

Fuel from algae....if this is legit, why hasn't our govt looked into this?!

We have not won yet

No jokes, No corny "down home" humor, No stumbling, fumbling, barely formed sentences...

Wasn't John McCain supposed to make a big announcement today?

A noun, a verb, and "the surge"

Do you really think this is funny? Or inspired by a kid?

Do you really think this is funny? Or inspired by a kid?

Do we have a full transcript of Obama's speech in Germany somewhere?

Obama's Mideast/Euro tour has been very smart. Results won't show now

These repub pundits condemning Obama for saying America has not always been perfect...

Obama in Berlin: "These now are the walls we must tear down."

The Democratic Party is in a great position to win, but..

On the air tonight: Cliff Arnebeck and Steve Heller

Is it a Crime against Democracy, network news not reporting on Impeachment hearings?

Hey! Where's Cyndi McCain??

I'm so ashamed of my Texas contingent in Congress.

Did you all see Abrams tonite with FOX showing McCain from 2000 as if it was 2008?

Guardian UK: McCain's week goes from bad to worse

German Press Agog Over Obama

Christian Science Monitor: Fuel cost now driving up electric bills

Pesticide-Spraying Airplanes in My Neighborhood

The Nation: How Wall Street Wrecked Your Retirement

"Young girls dyed their hair red, white and blue . . ." Can we truly be a beacon again?

Librarians have more balls than Congress

please rate up and comment on my 146th ltte on Vet suicides and Obama

We should be calling McInane a NeoCON. His unwavering support of the Invasion of Iraq merits it.

Watching/listening to McCain is a cringe-fest.

State Dept. Double Standard: Diplomats Barred From Obama’s Berlin Speech, But Not McCain’s In Ottawa

This guy is in real trouble.

Watching some Countdown clips - the tagline at the bottom of the screen...

Only about 4 weeks away from the convention. Any news on possible Keynote Speakers?

McCain believes Bush's word responsible for oil drop

“Obama House Rules”, according to People magazine

ben sargent NAILS another one

CNN Online Poll : Who do you think would do a better job at building stronger international ties?

Anyone know where to get these?

What bothers me about the Obama campaign is they keep doing things the OLD way....

You know what would be really funny?

Today in Berlin, Obama started the process of restoring the dignity to the USA that Bush took away

Hours After Obama's Berlin Speech, Fox Declares "No Berlin Bounce!" on Poll Completed YESTERDAY

McVain uses a lot of "I's" and Fear/Blame GOP Mode ....Obama uses "We..." Truth, Hope, Change

OK fellow DUers.. It's time for photshop genius

Can we please remember that we haven't won anything yet.

Hey, McCane Had a Big Day Too.

Full script of Obama's speech (CNN)

Sarkozy: Obama's my 'pal', Obama victory "would validate" his strategy of reconcilation with the US

***** IMPEACH = Executive Power and Its Constitutional Limitations = LiveBlog X *****

Michelle Obama at fundraiser in Fort Myers FLA - great article

Fox uses film of McCain from his 2000 campaign with crawler "Happening now" with its story on McCain

Echoes of Rush (the band) in Obama's speech

NY Times' take: Obama, Vague on Issues, Pleases Crowd in Europe

Sometimes I wish Obama were white (and it's not bad, I promise)...

Obama beats McCain in Europe donations

Obama enjoys runaway lead over McCain among LGBT voters

You all know this but I thought it's heartwarming to see them in conjunction.

The "Right to Dry” ....... Make hanging legal

Obama is Bruce Almighty...try as they might...the McWhinerites cannot contain the guy

Let's compare the events of yesterday

Washington Journal topic is Obama: Only Republicans can call in


Yahoo! Time's Joe Klein points out McCain's neocon connections, brittleness in foreign policy!

Which of these should be leader of the free world?

When I was a kid and watched Huntley-Brinkley

One scary flight -Hole forces Qantas plane to land

Delightful little tidbit from a BBC Correspondent in Berlin

ABC subtle smear today.

McCain is weak on Internet Security

Did the U.S. Army Arrange a 'Sweetheart' Deal to Sell Russian Helicopters to Iraq?

Obama beats McCain in Arizona fundraising in June

It's funny how the the surge was such a great "political move" for McCain but

Caller to RW radio show exposes Obama crowd fraud!

Obama speech draws praise from chancellor's office

The Daily Smear from the NYT: Obama too "vague" in his speech

Obama beats McCain in donations from Americans in Europe (10 times more money!)

I'm supposed to believe that voters are looking to the GOP for energy solutions?

Obama receives 10 times more money from expats than McCain

Barack Obama, John McCain Get Superhero Treatment

It Is Kind Of Hard To Figure Why Obama Has Gotten More Press Coverage Lately

Obama's path to presidency is far from clear

We must have the mental attitude that this race is close------

Matthews On Scarbourgh This A.M. Saying The Race Is Close And.....

Pictures from Impeachment Hearings - spectators

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA departs Berlin, heads to Paris to meet with French President Sarkozy

Scientists Find the Trigger of the Northern Lights

The BBQ media Wants Senator Obama to Win? That's Rich.

Raoul Berger (Impeachment)

Larisa Alexandrovna: Katie Couric Needs To Be Fired Immediately

Impeachment Hearing Shocker: Where's the Backlash ?

9 of 12 Republicans running in Senate Race are either skipping the R Convention or have not decided

Who Will Be McCheesey's V.P. Pick?

Robert Novak's hit and run "accident" leaves me to wonder what more does it take...

Obama speech draws praise from chancellor's office

How great is Obama?

Obama discriminates against the fully follicled!

Brent Budowsky: McCain Doesn't Need a Fact-Checker; the Media Edit His Mistakes for Him

Obama: Partners abroad will help solve problems at home

And so the spin begins...Scarborough said that Barack blew off

John Nichols: Obama Tears Down the Wall

Reminder for MSM: Condi Rice demanded visits with troops kept to a "personal level"

The latest ABC smear against Obama..


The jealous rage continues: "McCain camp: Obama taking a premature victory lap"

Rethinking Afghanistan: "Another Trillion-Dollar War Without End?"

Israeli paper publishes Obama's wall note

Impeach the bastard!!

Ben Stein on Obama's Conv. speech: "75k people at an sports palace, that's something the Fuehrer..

Cindy(it's all about me)Sheehan walks out on Conyers

German Embassy estimate Obama's Berlin speech crowd closer to half-million people

two years ago, the vast majority of my coworkers had never heard of Obama

Huffington Post visual: World Candidate

OK, if turnout was for a concert ->

More McCain German Fun...PHOTO: Lindsey Graham wears blue shirt, red & white tie to the Fudge Haus

"GOP stalwart arrested in st. Paul prostitution sting."

McCain camp blasts Obama for "citizen of the world" line in Berlin...but here's the funny part...

McCain camp blasts Obama for "citizen of the world" line in Berlin...but here's the funny part...

McCain's blind spot on Iraq, Vietnam: "In a way, John is refighting the Vietnam War."

Live From The Obama Mosh Pit In Berlin!

The Economist: A Successful Speech in Berlin

Brian Williams was dressed EXACTLY like Obama in Berlin.

36 Hours In Israel (With Barack Obama)

Utah Army National Guard Intelligence Officer (i.e.,. spy) authors chain email defaming Obama

Well, fellow DU'ers, today the press seems to be working overtime to prove they're NOT biased...

So yesterday many DUers were bashing Lance Armstrong, BUT HE DIDN'T ENDORSE McCain. . .

55% Rate Obama’s Berlin Speech Good or Excellent

The REAL reason there were 200,000 Germans there:

Link to Der Spiegel photo gallery from yesterday:

McCain goes German -- at Ohio Sausage Haus

I opened DU's HTML Look Up Table and look what I got !!! WTF?!

I think these pictures make it VERY clear

Obama's Moment-Presidential Hopeful Steps Sure-Footedly Onto the World Stage

Gas Prices. how did we lose that issue?

Genocide Politics: Armenians Endorse Obama

Pentagon Confirms That It Told Obama He Couldn't Visit Army Base With Campaign Staff

Times of London: How Obama was thinking of embarrassing (Gordon) Brown

Obama phones wounded soldiers

What do people think of the CNN "Black In America" series

This is Obama in Berlin!

Why hasn't McCain gone to Senate to propose his Gas tax Holiday yet????

Obama's Press Conference

What's with all the crane collapses?

He ventured forth to bring light to the world

******Ooh Ooh - LIVE now - Meet the Bloggers!*******

End of the Affair - The New Republic


McCain could be even a bigger prick than Bush

Boosh Buddy Bartlett: Maliki's move a game-changer, incredibly damaging to McCain

E. J. Dionne: The Year The Youth Vote Arrives

Sarkozy: an Obama presidency “would validate” his strategy of reconciliation with the U.S.

When Obama gets elected, should he set up criminal prosecutions or a truth commission?

DNC Memo: Re: Another Bad Week For McCain - Apparently it CAN Get Worse

John McCain called me this morning.

Friday TOONFEST part 2: You're Just Jealous, McSnooze

Obama spokesman: "We weren't going to have wounded men & women become involved in a campaign event"

Obama spokesman: "We weren't going to have wounded men & women become involved in a campaign event"

So this is what it's like to have a prez with a 3 digit I.Q....

Friday TOONFEST part 1: Obamamainia

****Heads Up: Obama And Sarkozy Live Right Now****

McCain campaign releases McCain's senior thesis.

Professor Randy Pausch - "The Last Lecture" Died Today

I think Andrea Mitchell is filling in for Pat Buchanan

OMG, Stein's comparison of the Obama Crowd to a hitler gathering - not the first time done

Is it possible for John McCain to go even ONE day without a terrible jaw-dropping gaffe?

FRONT PAGES: Our presumptive nominee in this morning's newspapers

TPM : McCain timeline of quotes on Iraq, He supported Bush since '03

Did this AZ repuke just blame 9/11 on Clinton?

The next Messiah

McCain, playing the Jesus card, will choose Franklin Graham

Most important news story for the week ending July 25, 2008.

Republican Senators in competitive Senate Races are skipping the GOP Convention

My 7-Year-Old's Interpretation of McCain's Commercial and His Philosphy on Cheating Presidents

CNN had McCain speaking to Vets a few minutes ago... anyone else see?

Who would you prefer to become the 51st state?

I am voting for Senator Obama but I can't afford to donate!

Veterans Respond to McCain's "Obama Wants to Lose" Remark

McCain's Double Standard on Campaign Visits to Military Bases

Army Officials Refute Claim of Barack Obama Snub in Afghanistan

Why Vote for Obama? **MUST READ**

BSN: Obama Close To Making VP Selection. Surprise Front Runner:

Hear This Barack - NO Bush, NO Baker, NO Corporate War Maker!

Right Wing attacks Obama for being too ...... popular.

McCain believes 'Obama failed, not our military'

Here is how Obama should get the media to stop campaigning for McSame

Angry bloggers on left and right united over FISA

New Poll; Israelis Prefer Obama

Note: if you're ever a political candidate, photos ops in grocery stores seldom turn out well.

Raw Story; Sheehan,activists booted from Judiciary hearing

Andrea Mitchell is totally hammered during her afternoon Obama report on Shuster's MSNBC show!!

GALLUP POLL: Obama 47 (+2), McCain 41 (-2)... Bumpity Bump Bump

It Seems a Major Segment of Americans got THE STOCKHOLM SYNDROME

Washington Post- "Making His Own Luck", by Eugene Robinson

Help needed. Inlaws need a reason to vote Dem...

World writes open letter to McCain

I need a tiny favor..

What's Schuster Talking About?

World writes angry letter to McCain. "Drop out" (From TPMCafe)

First Read: Even Karl Rove's electoral map has Obama winning

Wisconsin Democrats oust delegate over McCain support

Obama press conference with Sarkozy. He looks so Presidential right now.

I *LOVE* that the WORLD loves our Democratic Nominee

Why is the current meme that Obama has to prove that he's not a risk?

John McCain: Barack Obama failed the commander-in-chief test on Iraq

Meet The Bloggers Starts NOW at (hosted by Cenk w/ Harry Reid)

Terry McAuliffe Tips His Hand: Hillary Won't be VP Candidate With Obama

Big news! FOX received your message!

Obama's Savvy Ad Buy

Biden: Justice Department Memos Point to Endorsement of Torture

McSame is a mean old troll

The greatest photo at an Obama event I have seen. And the best one for McCain, too.

McCain Win Would Confirm The Death of Democracy & Triumph of Corporate Thought Control

McCain and Gang need to STOP USING the US Wounded Troops.

John McCain Condemns Negative Campaigning - Proclaims His Positive Campaign

Sarkozy: Obama? He's my buddy!

I'm steamed about telemarketers- What the hell can I do?

Grumpy McGriddle disses WSJ reporter yesterday when taking questions

c-span playing sarkozy obama press conf now

Television brainwashing

Shuster made a ridiculous statement on Shultz today.

McCain live on CNN....3:12 PM CDT

Former Bush Aide Dan Bartlett: Maliki's Withdrawal Comments 'A Game-Changer, Incredibly Damaging'

False Premises in McCain’s Foreign Policy

Big Media Bias Ex #3212 - Angry Men - Howard Dean versus John McCain

McCain is the arsonist who wants you to vote for him for Fire Chief.

McCain on CNN - TPM chronicles the series of extraodinary statements

****For HawkeyeX***** Pic

Roger Allen Stone...Who Do We Write To, To Keep This SOB

Any NYT fans here? Is Krugman telling the truth here:

On C-SPIN Now. McCain in Denver

Obama Memo: American people looking for serious debate...McCain only offers angry, false accusations

McCain on CNN just said the Iraq War has had a positive impact on Afghanistan.

Obama Lands in London

Obama -- At last, someone who acts and thinks and talks like a real president.

VetVoice: McCain's Double Standard on Campaign Visits to Military Bases

Would McCain Rather Win Than Catch bin Laden?

Matthews asks Helen Thomas biographer why the press corps is not as tough as Helen

Teddy Kennedy as Keynote at the DNC Convention?!

The obvious choice of VP

He Came, Trod Gently, and Did Quite Well

Chuck Todd et al. wonder if this week is "The Turningpoint"

Obama should really step up his attacks on McCain

Radio Lady: Did you hear Harrison, the talk show host who took over for Randi Rhodes on...

Photo Gallery: Obama in England

McCain looks like he will leave us soon

Wis. Democrats oust delegate over McCain support

Ron Reagan Jr.: "Isn't it nice to see Europeans waving American flags,

This is 1980 all over again.

"Press love affair with Obama is over." WTF does that mean?

Portrait of Dorian McCain: Fox MAGICALLY HALTS aging process by running campaign footage from 2000

McCain rejects 'audacity of hopelessness' for Iraq (Yahoo)

Obama and McCain: Juxtaposers!

Pentagon Confirms That It Told Obama He Couldn't Visit Army Base With Campaign Staff

That Obama is worse than a flip flopper ad..

McQuaid: Edwards Love Child, Yawn

Campaign alert! Obama's senior year paper is missing!

Wis. Democrats oust delegate over McCain support

Wis. Democrats oust delegate over McCain support

Berlin a flash forward of the Obamalympics and the end of Bush Cowboy Diplomacy

Conservatively biased from the ground up segment with Doocy and Lichter decrying liberal media bias

Greta's gossip game

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/25/08 - Obama 46, McCain 41 (O up 1)

Pics from Obama trip *PIC HEAVY*

Holtz-Eakin: McCain may not speak for the McCain campaign on the economy.»

Skipping the trip to the hospital was boneheaded screw-up.

Vets blasts McCain's double standard of attacking Obama for doing what McCain did, too

McCain and the "Surge" ** DELETED**

If you had a nickel for everytime McCain has said the "surge"

For all those who think Obama should be doing this or that...

Its Pretty Irresponsible For McCain To Refer To Maliki's Plan As Hopeless

McCain's cat farted, but you'd never know that if you relied on the Liberal Media.

Hunter S Thompson was always going on about the weirdness of the

Rush Limbaugh Says Reagan Found Something Wrong With Being An American!

McCain is angry and I predict will eventually blow.

Second (Citizens) Arrest Attempt On Karl Rove In Iowa Leads To 4 Arrests

Utah Army National Guard Intelligence Officer reportedly authors chain email defaming Obama

Anybody else wish the election was tomorrow? I don't want to go through over 3 more months of this.

New York Times is working to undermine Obama

Kitty Pilgrim subbing for Dobbs looks like a snarling witch...

Remember that graphic posted a week or so ago comparing income taxes

RASMUSSEN: Daily Tracking Poll for July 25th shows a 5 point bounce for Barack Obama

What the biased NYT failed to discern from Obama's speech

Yeah!!! Rachel Rocks!!! She just got in the student protest to citizen arrest Condi!!!

McCain's position in a nutshell. As long as there's a shit ton of troops in Iraq, things will be OK

GOP House Nominee Banged for Backing Obama

Breaking NEWS: The Queen of England met Obama at the airport. Drove him to Buckingham.He was Shotgun

Post a question for the presidential debates!

OK What in the world is going on here.

Newsweek: Behind McCain's "unscheduled " campaign stop at PA grocery store

Bumper stickers

About 15 minutes to Countdown and Keith - the hour of sanity

More fair version of previous poll: Can McCain go one day without a gaffe?

Have you noticed that the corporate media keeps saying there is no bounce?

Rickety bus, rough terrain, McCain loses.

The Daily Widget – Friday, July 25 – Obama 356, McCain 182 – The Nail-Biter States

The Daily Widget – Friday, July 25 – Obama 356, McCain 182 – The Nail-Biter States

Who is a tougher opponent for Obama- Clinton or McCain?

I just heard the I word on CNN.

Pentagon Sabotaged Obama's Military Hospital Visit & Initially Told Obama He Could

Interesting Factoid: When Barack Obama wins in November....

Congress Hears Ringing Call for Impeachment

McCain: 16 Months is a "Good Timetable"

AP: Paper publishes Obama prayer left at the Western Wall.

Howard Dean gets protested in Raleigh by.......

MSM Fun! Instant Fame With Big Media! Become A PUMA!

I'd like to see McNasty top this figure anywhere...200,000 people!!

The greatest Obama photo I have ever seen

Pics Of Obama And Sarkozy

Any DU'er have link to "Progressive Review" of Batman Movie? I need to refute the WSJ's Review

Eleanor Clift: Obama's trip made him look strong, while McCain looked out of touch

I just created an account at FreeRepublic.....

Jack Reed's Sherman statement - No VP for him.

WSJ: Republicans' Grip on Alaska Is Weakened

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA arrives in Paris, meets with French President Nicholas Sarkozy

After TWO stolen Presidential elections, why would ANYONE ask why the polls are close????

10 Minutes in McCain's Stall

So when are we going to see the first debate?

We can't let America elect another unhinged raving lunatic

Can you identify this United States Senator?

A brotherly portrait of Michelle Obama (great article on her quoting her brother, Craig Robinson)

Obama is a royal POS who went exercising rather than visiting injured troops

Fox News the scums going after Edwards....

JUST IN: Cindy McCain Smacks John McCain with Bottle

Soaring murder rates in Venezuela

Link to Obama Berlin Photo Album, 48percenter

Panic on the Republican Plains in SC

You know why the Rightwingers are pissed - because McCain can't pull off what Obama did in Germany

Damaged goods

Shouldn't Obama point out to McCain the number of Iraqi's death

Michelle Obama gets warm reception in conservative Southwest Florida today.

Whose War Is It? Hitting "the Switch" enabled "the Surge".

Dumb question: if more troops didn't make a difference in Iraq, why would they in Afghanistan?

Sarkozy Calls it for Obama

ok, what's going on? did Candy do a fairly good interview or do i need to be pinched?


*** DUzy Awards & Announcements for week ending July 25, 2008 ***

Zogby: Obama Ahead in Electoral Votes; Four States Change Color

SPEARHEAD webcast tonight! (all weekend cast from 10K lakesDEAHEADS!

So evidently Frank Luntz must be a good pollster after all

Which DU experience is the most frustrating:

Cutest KOS Diary Ever!

Watching Hardball. Everybody here is right: Andrea Mitchell is in the tank for McCain.

Name the last song to get stuck in your head.

Here's an old Scorpions tune from the Lonesome Crow album.

Anyone know what Christopher Nolan's ("Dark Knight") politics are?

Ridiculous McCain Photo Repository Thread

I asked you to go to the Green Day concert, you said you've never heard of them....

Pentagon sabotaged Obama's military hospital visit. Report sees McCain's hand.

“Latino-vs.-black violence drives hate crimes in L.A. County to 5-year high” (LA Times)

if you were a documentary from what endowment would your program be made possible by?

Who else can't wait to see Obama (over 6 feet tall) standing next to McCain (5 foot 7) on a stage?

I am soo FRIKING PISSED just found out my 16 year old daughter is signed up for the ASVAB she did

Who robbed cock killin?

At last! Incontrovertible proof that "The View"'s Sherri Shepherd is indeed a dolt

when* humans become extinct

The GOP Plan to Disenfranchise Millions of Democratic Voters


I had no idea that Patrick Leahy was in "The Dark Knight"

Heirlooms in the marketplace.

How abut this new Vibing GIF?

So I've been under the influence of the Datasuspect and...

Journey at the Center of the Earth

Official Vice Presidential Predictions :: Who and When?

HELP! Would You Please Tell Me What Mattress You've Got.

HELP! Would You Please Tell Me What Mattress You've Got.

Excellent movies you've seen lately. Mine are:

Who killed cock robin?

Would you like to see Obama's speech at the convention at a Theatre Near You?

** Snopes: Obama Snubs US troops in Afghanistan -FALSE! **

i remember i saw a beavis and butthead episode and they had a porno mag entitled "Spank"

The weirdest damned thing has started happening

Alanis Morissette "My Humps" video

women only ever want me for two things:

I have a huge blister on my left heel

If you're fortunate, you will see this before you die. The world's art and Classical Gas, 1968.

the best steel guitar player ever?

So I've been under the influence of the Holy Spirit and...

Many women 'regret tattoos within five years'

does DU have a nudist's group?

BMW in heaven....

Sweet, My Cousin Vinny is on again

quintuple time - Take Five

I made the Berliner Zeitung! Obama Crowd!

Do you think about brain tumors when you're on your cell phone . .

Does it bother you when someone posts something goofy in the lounge?

This just in: "My Cousin Vinny" still cracks me the hell up.

Do you think that some people use magnets for being treated badly?

Nudity in the workplace

Everyone ignore the Third Coast

Wikileaks: Bohemian Grove guest list..2008

A new reason to love Heidi Fleiss

Bread does not belong in diaries. They're supposed to be private.

there is only one thing you can know with certainty:

Okay Pelosi, whatever you are being blackmailed for........

Please watch this! You'll thank me! I promise!-Olympics Sports Monkey

Open letter to all grocery store managers here at DU

So I've been under the influence of narcotics and...

let's not make fun of the Mid-West!

let's make fun of the East Coast now that our folks out there have gone to bed

It's Friday! It's Warm Fuzzies Friday!!!

Has any candidate before been warn so much about being cocky or arrogant as Obama has

This song should play everytime I enter a room...

Based on the little y'all know of me...What should I be doing differently?

"The last time I was in water like this

Anyone driven from the West Coast to Chicago, or vice versa?

kat_kringle ....

So I've spent the evening watching "Deadliest Catch"

"John McCain Has No Chance Election Will End In A 50 State Sweep"

Why is it so

abba is on bio tonight... ok. hottest abba chick... frida or agnetha...

YOU BE THE JUDGE: Performance art? Or genuine line-dancing demo?

This song should play everytime I enter a room...

Has sometimes DU favorite, David Shuster, dived into the tank for Captain Combover?

Play a honky tonk song!


Who's up? I guess I'm up til morning....

The Dopers Strike Again!

Did you know that the Wax Museum is

Does it bother you when someone posts something poopy in the lounge?

Broads do NOT go in the fridge

Cthulhu doggie!

have you ever gotten the feeling...

If you have questions about my home planet, ask them now

Anyone remember Chip's Challenge?

Who here is watching Generation Kill?

You can become a potent agent of change in your life RIGHT NOW!

Chest pain fucking scares me to death!

Christ almighty....on the road again I go

Hands down, Back to the Future II is the greatest movie ever made.

let's make fun of the West Coast now that all the insomniacs are still awake and

Let's Make Fun of Coast!

Brawl erupts at Dragons game, fan struck by ball

If today is National Tequila day does that mean that tomorrow is

flvegan is mad at me, because I called his car a station wagon

Sean Connery on slapping women

I have just come to the realization that I suck.

In Space...

Movie re-makes that actually rocked?

This thing is WAY too much fun:

Are you a dirty girl?

The last time I saw her - Gordon Lightfoot

This post has one intent: to make Fenris homesick.

Think of the possibilities....

To All Chicago Cubs Fans:

Which breakfast should MMjr. wake up to?

University Park boy finds 2.75 carat diamond at state park

Bummer! Huge limb broke off my pin oak during the night and fell on my '65 Chevelle!

It's Millie's birthday

My billboard is SOOOOO much better!

saw Bill Maher last night in concert.

saw Bill Maher last night in concert.

This is the sweetest thing ever!!!!

7/24 Election Model: Obama 368EV, State-54.1%, Natl-53.8%; 253EV if 3% votes Uncounted & 6% Switched

A question for the Mothers of the Lounge...

My dear friends...

Look for me on the Green Monster tonight

Do you think that some people are magnets for being treated badly?

Firsthand pics of the Obama speech in GDP

I am so damn lucky to be here, and to have found all of you...

Why is the day before vacation so extraordinarily long?

See What Happens When You Are Gone For One Day

Truespace 7.6 released to everybody for FREE

Can you read/write mirror writing?

Ah got ah thummer old

Just hanging out in San Benito Texas

I'm gonna get me a laptop to have at home. I want to be able to sit on my couch and read DU.

Just put the kitten in the dumpster....and her mother watched!

Why do people get upset over Art remakes?

I surprised with the way this election is going that BarackMyWorld

Native American Tribes Bless Pepsi Center for DNC

The Final Resting Place Is Today

Mr Coffee has given me an e-taser.

If Tom Brady had a comic book...

What would the Freeper version of the Lounge be like?

DuStrange, you magnificent bastard!!!

I realized something kind of cool about DU last week.

Inspired by Swede: The Arnold Schwarzenegger sound board....Enjoy!

you better, run run run, run run run awwwwwayyyyy.....

Man, I gotta clean this room


For Blue Jay: Disappear here

So the local full gospel Baptist church is hosting Vacation Bible School

Manson Follower Susan Atkins Has $1.4 Million Hospital Tab Since March

What does everybody think of DuStrange's Crack Chicks?

Police: Paparazzi, guards, fight at Jolie chateau

I no longer have a DVD player

If Fonts were people..

Heidi!! You around? And anyone else who loves rummage sales and artsy fartsy stuff....

I hate Whistler, but I'll be making the drive on the Sea to DIE highway for this

My little Munchkin

Now I know why I was craving mushrooms last night!

Radio Lady: LIVE LINK to trailer for Bill Maher's new movie "Religulous"

They shouted Dean down in NC...yelled Dump Dean. Held NoObama signs.

Do you like Huey Lewis and The News?

Never argue with a woman

Who here has (a) cat(s) that attack their feet 24/7???

What word or words have you now or in the past had trouble spelling

The Goodyear Blimp is hovering over my office.

So I went to the doctor, and he told me to stop masturbating.

Bayh As Veep? But He Co-Chaired Neocon Committee For The Liberation Of Iraq With McCain!

So my doctor said to me, "Describe your sex life."

Google Image Ripper

Which Esquire cover do you like better?

I think I may have torn something in your back.

Girl I must warn you

If a psycho zombie chicken scratches near a graveyard, does anyone hear it?

I am craving mushrooms sauteed in butter...

They Love Gitmo...


More proof that eloping is always the best choice

Question for those in administrative support positions.

Even in reruns, I still like "The Big Bang Theory"

It is official. Everything is broken in the US. It will never be repaired.

Favre to report to Packers training camp

Ween plays Zep!

Favre was on DU and got tombstoned!

I think I may have torn something in my sack.

Do you have trouble reading BlueIris's poem threads?


Should I get off with the water guy?

Can someone put that goddamn fire out already?

Should I go off on the water guy?

I am not going to see the latest Batman atrocity because...

Fan in hospital, pitcher in jail after minor league baseball brawl

Mind-numbingly loathsome MTV "celebrity couple" Montag & Pratt shop for $12 million beach house


I'd describe myself as an "agnostic pagan"

Sex, Drugs and Saved By the Bell

Match game story: "His robe now saturated with the blood of innocents, DS1 turned to ___ for succor"

PSA o' the Day - Do not do an image search for Chastity Balls


Everybody Love Everybody. Please.

Can someone please explain what "grief ninnies" are?

My Baseball Player is Out for the Season.

Does anyone know if matcom has any kids?

Radio Lady: True romance! New York author Tara Bray Smith finds her mother... and a new husband!

I've already fixed myself one regular margarita, and it was good.

Brett Favre given permission to talk to Midlo's bunco brigade

I reject and denounce the Lounge

apparantly, my life here on DU may be a short one....SO

Are you willing to give your life for $3.59 gas?

Are you willing to give your wife for $3.59 gas?

Why is it called 'birth control'?

Had my annual exam this morning...I hate the American health care system!!

Google to face charges over Down's syndrome video

just got pulled over for cops personal objections to my drugs

Creekdog: ----I think this is kinda redundant

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 7/25/2008)

Why does MrCoffee hate America?

5 year old boy slips out of day-care, winds up at Hooters.

Does the following photograph support the "gay agenda?"

Another installment of "I did this experiment so you don't have to."

Creekdog: Ahem. Let's try this again.

Bread does not go in the fridge.

I've found it - a patriotic country song guaranteed to make even Lee Greenwood puke.

I found some Engrish the other day! (Pic)

It's a good thing I can't reach through the phone lines

What prize should the DU Lounge give to registered DU member #124,000?

Not posted at the OP's request.

Okay, who's seen the new X-Files movie?

"Miley Cyrus & (fill-in-the-blank)" to be the next "Britney & Kevin"

I had a bad experience yesterday

Huskerlaw: Locking. Please do not call out other members of DU.

Yeah, well I just paid 60 bucks to fill up on ass.

today i was tortured in an mri with fergie and the jonas brothers

Remember the old lady I told you about when I was in the ER?

I winned me another DUzy today! Ask me anything!

Nanny Grief.

Guess what's in the kitchen cupboard at my state dem party's office!

Well, Mrs R FINALLY made me do it - I went to the doctor for a physical. And it turns out

Nanny Fine.

Why do people get upset over others getting upset over something that doesn't upset

Dr Pepper fans -- Dr. Pepper Rush Rox, any idea where to buy them?

I just replaced 5 old hard drives on my server with a 1 Terabyte drive.

I got my DU bumperstickers!

Moved into the New Place

Its the goddamn batman!

This is going to be a LOOOOOOOONG night

Something's happening here.

Repugs you'd 'hit'

Is it just me, or have they upped the volume again on blaring commercials?

I have completely lost control of one of my threads

Little Ms. E.G. just asked me for some more "Weche"...

OK, I know half of you either don't know me or don't remember me, but can I get some vibes anyway?

In case you were wondering....

Grief Ninny...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/25/08

Buffy the Vampire Slayer music video

After seven years, I require a new meme.

So this is Grief Ninny Friday?

Man sings puppies to sleep

Kitten Picture of the Day for Friday July 25

How do you pronounce kilometer?

Post here to tell me why I should put you on my BFF for life list

I just paid $3.59 for ass!!!!

LOST poll

LOVELY - I have been denied insurance coverage

Okay. Not looking for pity but just a vent. DUMPED AGAIN!

Need kitty toy advice

Any one hear of using pumpkin pie filling to clean out cats..

Are there even 29 trees in 29 Palms CA?

McCain blasting Obama on "citizen of the world" is like McCain blasting FOUNDERS of USA (quotes)

I have lots of jalapenos , cilantro, limes, tomatoes, corn, onion and garlic...

Firefox users who are into earthquakes - there is an addon!

Who do you think Obama will choose of his reported top four VP picks, according to Dem Chris Kofinis

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD

Couples with pets AND allergies, how did you handle that?

I just paid $3.59 for gas!!!!

Friday night "What Are You Drinking" thread....

Asai Kenichi is the most awesome singer / songwriter!!

I created two smilies. Pick which one that you like the best

Why do people get upset over movie remakes?

For the second time in my life, a store clerk asked me if my contraceptive works

just got pulled over for cops personal objections to my dogs

Straight women DUer's over 30, how do you refer to your SO?

There are days when the lounge is

Movies that Hollywood *should* remake

Bayh As Veep? But He Co-Chaired Neocon Committee For The Liberation Of Iraq With McCain!

Those flinty New Englanders . . .

Does it ever make you sad that a lot of great music will eventually disappear...

Anyone else watch Life on Mars?

In DU's General Discussion forum, do you ever get the impression...

DuStrange appreciation thread

If you had to guess, which smilie gets used more on DU?

Tonight's verbal irritants: "RPMs" and "ATM machine." Listen, people:

UBS Is Enron

Archie Goodwin. Beyond Dick Tracy

Post here to tell me why I should put you on my exclusive "Dead To Me" list

Should the UN take territory from countries that actively or negligently create refugees?

Peru wants jail for nude woman who used flag as saddle

What kind of monster would you most like to sleep with?

One thing you remember from your childhood that is no longer around

Dean tours Invesco asked what they will do if it rains during speech.

Dean tours Invesco asked what they will do if it rains during speech.

an unfortunate ad slogan: "True North: An extraordinary nut -----"

Living with Panic

Do you agree?

Soy-based foods may lower sperm count

Obama beats McCain in Arizona fundraising in June

Republicans block effort to subpoena global warming documents

3 shot at Phoenix community college; 2 critical

3 Wounded In Community College Shooting

Maine wages fight against toxic chemicals

Memphis police trying to out anonymous badged blogger

EPA E-Mail Concludes Global Warming Endangers Public Health, Senator Says

Young Republicans worry about McCain's appeal

Heritage listing creates temple of doom

(Rep. Sam) Graves has less campaign cash than opponent (Kay Barnes: MO-6)

What’s Lurking in Your Countertop? (Granite countertops pose risk)

Playstation 2 component incites African war

Formula for cheaper gas: Baking soda, water, $200

Bush calls Indian PM to push nuke deal

Sunlight on a ‘Dark Market’

HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS.... not 10's of thousands at Obama speech

Minot airmen fell asleep with classified nuke hardware

Obama's path to presidency is far from clear

Impeachment Backers Gear Up for Hearing

Riches in the Arctic: the new oil race

DRM still sucks: Yahoo Music going dark, taking keys with it

FARC turns over 8 hostages to Red Cross

Missing 'spam king' kills self, family

Air strike kills 40 Taliban, UK soldier dies in Afghanistan

Cambodia: UN help if border talks fail

Did the U.S. Army Arrange a 'Sweetheart' Deal to Sell Russian Helicopters to Iraq?

With parting shots at Nadler, impeachment candidate ends run

(New Zealand) Student group seeks Rice citizen arrest

Rights group wants US officials probed for ordering torture

Housing bill clears hurdle, vote seen Saturday

University Park boy finds 2.75 carat diamond at state park

Ministers 'duped by US' over Guantanamo inmate's torture claim

Prof whose "last lecture" became a sensation dies

Qantas jet lands with gaping hole in fuselage

Valerie Plame, Ex-CIA Agent Outed by Novak, Criticizes Pundit for Hit-and-Run Accident

Lawmaker (State Rep. Cohen, D-N.J.) investigated for child porn, sources say

Senate energy speculation bill fails key vote

McCain May Act Soon on VP Pick

Speaker Pelosi visits to aid Cheeks Kilpatrick’s campaign

Colombia, Switzerland at odds over mediator

GOP congressman would have Supreme Court watch over GTMO detainees

State Department Probes Iraq Oil Contracts

Embattled (Republican) Rep. Young Touts Wrong Group in an Ad

Big crowd gathers for House Judiciary hearing on Bush "impeachment"

Labor Party Suffers Defeat in Scotland

France succumbs to Obamamania

Chrysler Financial Arm To Stop Leasing Vehicles

Judge: (Mayor Kwame) Kilpatrick must post $7,500 bond to remain out of jail

Utah mine collapse caused by faulty design: probe

Obama world tour reaches France

AP: Bush Critics Get an Unimpeachable Forum

US home foreclosures jump 14% in 2nd quarter: survey

Most Americans See Obama Win - Poll

Iqaluit (Nunavut) sizzles through hottest day on record

CQ Politics: Key House Races Shift Towards the Democrats

Three States Accused of Illegally Purging Voter Lists


Democrats blast Bush administration for targeting workers, not employers, in immigration raids

KBR counts 2 more Iraq electrocution deaths (has counted 15 deaths)

Spanish king, Venezuelan president make peace

Obama: Iran should not wait for next U.S. president

GOP stalwart arrested in 2-day St. Paul prostitution sting

Fugitive spammer dies in murder-suicide

8 blasts rock Bangalore

Leading Colombian party chief arrested

Qantas flight makes emergency stop in Philippines

Condolezza Rice leaves Perth after whirlwind visit

Rove Threatened GOP IT Guru If He Does Not 'Take the Fall' for Election Fraud in Ohio, Says Attorney

Iraq Sahwa ("Awakening") seek more US cash to fight Qaeda (threaten to rejoin insurgency)

McCain: bin Laden could face Nuremberg-like justice

Tuned In: MSNBC says money, not politics, drove Comcast decision

Medicare Part D a boon for drug companies, House report says

Secret Service wants more money

Same-sex marriage foes warn of kindergarten lessons on gay matrimony

Randy Pausch, noted CMU prof, succumbs to cancer

Tax rate on wealthiest 1% falls to 18 year low

Pa. teens charged in fatal beating of immigrant

Poverty leads to playing lottery, study says

U chancellor defends instructor who defiled Eucharist, tore Qur'an

Anti-War Protestors Try to Confront Long-Time Bush Advisor (Attempt at 'Citizens Arrest' of Rove)

Israeli paper publishes Obama Western Wall prayer

Man revealed as bin Laden's bodyguard released by U.S.

Countdown: Brian Williams Interviews Obama

JFK, Obama & The Wall - part 1 of 3

JFK, Obama & The Wall - part 2 of 3

JFK, Obama & The Wall - part 3 of 3

TYT: Cenk's GREAT Break-Down Of Bush's Hidden Camera Comments

Plastic Bags - Just a low-key reminder.

IMPEACH: Hearing on Limits of Executive Power, Rep. Tammy Baldwin

IMPEACH: Hearing on Limits of Executive Power: Jerrold Nadler

IMPEACH: Hearing on Limits of Executive Power: Steve King

TPMtv: It's the Surge, Stupid

IMPEACH: Hearing on Limits of Executive Power, Bruce Fein

McCain: World's Worst Press Conference at Fudge Haus in Ohio

Pentagon prevents Obama from visiting troops in Germany

Jane Mayer "The Dark Side" on Letterman 7/23/08

The Coming Prison Crisis

IMPEACH: Hearing on Limits of Executive Power, Bugliosi on WMDs

Rep Kucinich Takes Phone Caller Questions on Impeachment - II

Out of touch? McCain needs cue card to remember milk prices

McCain Follows Obama, Now Supports Timetables

Requiem For the Masses


John McCain Cracks Himself Up

IMPEACH: Hearing on Limits of Executive Power, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX)

IMPEACH: Hearing on Limits of Executive Power: Kuciniches Enter To Cheers

FauxNews uses Eight Year-Old Footage of Johnny McSame

IMPEACH: Hearing on Limits of Executive Power: Robert Wexler

IMPEACH: Hearing on Limits of Executive Power, Rep. Steve Cohen

Who is this moron?

TYT: Cenk--'George Bush...Couldn't Give A Speech 1% As Good As This'

Barack Obama in Paris

McCain: I Like Maliki's Timetable, Not Obama's

Rep Kucinich Takes Phone Caller Questions on Impeachment - III

Rep Kucinich Takes Phone Caller Questions on Impeachment - I

POS McCain Attacks Obama, But Forgets His Own Record

Mammoth crowds for Sen. Barack Obama

TYT: Leaked Republican Senate Election Plan--'Get Well With Voters'

Olbermann On McCain's OTHER Gaffe (Credits Cenk Of TYT)

IMPEACH: Hearing on Limits of Executive Power, Rep. Maurice Hinchey

Ospreys Transport Obama in Iraq

Bugliosi "Bush is guilty of 1st Degree Murder" Impeach

Barack Obama in Berlin (full version)

Rep. Wexler Recommends Impeachment Hearing During his Opening Remarks - 7/25

RudeAss McCain Disses Wall Street Journal Reporter

Soviet/ USSR Anthem in English

Applesauce Attacks McCain

IMPEACH: Hearing on Limits of Executive Power, Hon. Rep. Dennis KUCINICH

TYT: Cenk Fights With A Republican/PUMA In Disguise On-Air!

Female soldier brutally killed/raped by US soldiers. Army said "suicide"

Griping Online? Comcast Hears You and Talks Back

IMPEACH: Hearing on Limits of Executive Power, Vincent Bugliosi

Corporations pay plenty for conventions (Amy Goodman)

No. 44 Has Spoken

Food industry bitten by its lobbying success

Independent UK: Economy heads for recession as growth slumps

McCain to 'Match' Obama With Tour of Epcot's 'World Showcase'

McCaskill Takes On Military Industrial Complex

To Make Him Look Younger, FOX News Depicts John McCain as a Fetus

Hentoff takes the piss again....

The risk of Obama rapture Conservatives to argue Obama's audience popularity ought to raise doubts

WSJ, pg1: UNRAVELING REAGAN; Amid Turmoil, U.S. Turns Away From Decades of Deregulation

Obama wows Berlin crowd with historic speech

HHS Proposal Undercuts State Birth Control Laws

Two Takes: Drugs Are Too Dangerous Not to Regulate—We Should Legalize Them

The Adventures of T. Boone Pickens, Episode 3

Vive la Obama différence! Why the French love Barack Obama

The 25 Most Vicious Iraq War Profiteers

Bayh As Veep? But He Co-Chaired Neocon Committee For The Liberation Of Iraq With McCain!

Friday Talking Points (40) -- Obama Shines, McCain Whines

EPA Head "Declines To Explain" How Report Explicating Climate Dangers To Humans = No GHG Action

Top Chinese Economic Planners Discuss Imposing Price Caps For Coking Coal, Steel - Bloomberg

Total Wild Bird Populations In Wales Down 50% Since 1960s - "No Sign Of Recovery" For Some Species

China's Urumqi #1 Glacier, Key To Water Supply For Millions, Melting Rapidly In Western Mountains

Doctors' advice to Britons: have fewer children and help save the planet

First Solar to Build 10 MW Solar PV Power Plant for Sempra Generation (NV)

Town of Kent Goes Green (Conn.)

UGI to generate 11MW of electricity from Broad Mountain facility (biogas, PA)

Peak oil notes - July 24

Limes May Help Cut CO2 Levels Back To Pre-Industrial Levels

Bright future for China's solar billionaire (Guardian)

What do Senator Harry Reid and I have in common?

(Greenpeace) Activists arrested at oilsands protest (Canada)

New Scientist - Average Polar Ice Thickness, 2004 - 2.6 Meters; Average Thickness, 2007 - 1.3 Meters

Democrats need to get off Capitol Hill to win the gas price war

Carbon dioxide project could help the Delta

Typhoons Bury Tons of Carbon in the Oceans

Sempra Generation Wants To Own 500 MW Of Solar

Despite Yellow-Gray Haze Over Beijing, Gov. Official Says No Need For Masks For Athletes - ENN

First U.S. Town Powered Completely By Wind

Amish also feel strain of high fuel costs

Duncan Hunter: up the creek without a wildebeast

Scientists Debate Moving Polar Bears to Antarctica as Arctic Melts

Stiff sea breeze blows away school's electricity bill

Fatal MRAP rollovers prompt warnings

Geographical Pattern Eyed in 1991 Gulf War Cases of ALS

please rate up and comment on my 146th ltte re vet suicides and Obama

Wounded Warriors, Empty Promises

Indian film on lesbians impresses US

Mars Pulls U.K. Snickers Ad Criticized as Homophobic

Poll shows slim majority opposes Prop 8

Sadly, reading some disturbing comments re: Xfiles movie (spoiler alert)

When Batman Was Gay

A great post at Pams House Blend from a reformed bully

LongHorn passes some costs to waiters

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/24/08

Ron Paul on the Housing Bill

Federal grand jury investigating Countrywide, IndyMac, New Century

Fraud at IndyMac

Walmart Moves to Towards Local Product

Fannie, Freddie Subordinated Debt May Be Cut by S&P

"Idiots Fiddle While Rome Burns"

Particularly Bad Timing (Globalization propaganda by the NY Times)

Even now, retailers see a blue Christmas

Visualizing Dow 6,000

IDF commander: We must deal with settler 'provocateurs'

Hamas asks Egypt to help save 'Mother of Martyrs'

Palestinian killed as bomb explodes outside Christian cafe in Gaza

Really living here

Five Palestinians killed in three separate Gaza bombings

Tali Fahima: Zakariya Zubeidi is Israeli security service's whore

'Allah willing, I'll kill more Israelis'

The Palestinian Bar Mitzvah

Serious consequences

Tough love for Israel?

Midwest Airlines Pressing Hard For Pilot Concessions Using Bankruptcy Threat

Midwest Airlines Pressing Hard For Pilot Concessions Using Bankruptcy Threat

Election challenge arises to SAG leadership

NY: Union Dues Now Permanently Mandatory for Public Employees

Clergy, Community (LITTLE ROCK) Join Together to Support Sanitation Workers

Cal/OSHA Cites and Fines Farm Labor Contractor in Death of 17-Year-Old Farmworker ($262,700 !)

Jobless claims highest since late March

Surviving (or Not) on Minimum Wage

UNITE HERE Criticizes Apparel Industry Over Queens Sweatshop Scandal

Crane operator pleads to involuntary manslaughter

OSHA probing 2 sewer deaths

Fines aren't enough. There must be criminal prosecution in the death of 17-year old heat victim

Today in labor history July 25 They secured agreements for a closed shop and the firing of all scabs

TV news video: OSHA Investigates 2 Sewer Deaths

Ecuador draft constitution passed

Inter-Am. Court of Human Rights Denounces HAITI for Pol. Persecution of PM Neptune

CUBA: Berman lifts hold on funds for Cuba democracy project

Argentine Ex-Army Chief Gets Life Sentence in ‘Dirty War’ Crimes

Colombia, Switzerland at odds over mediator

MACHETERA; MORALES on the WTO Negotiations Round

Spanish king, Venezuelan president make peace

FARC turns over 8 hostages to Red Cross

BOREV: The South American Defense Clusterfuck

Leading Colombian party chief arrested

Colombia Defense Minister Santos says Colombia to join So. American Defense Council!

Favre expected to submit letter of reinstatement to NFL by Friday

Blanco leads MLS past West Ham

Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitz is pissed.

A poem I wrote you all might like

Cruel summer

Animal group souls

"Current Ascension Sympoms, Tools For Comfort, & What Is Yet to Come" (Part 1) - Karen Bishop - 7/24

FYI Liz Greene Obama analysis

8:8:8 Galactic Gateways Open

Women turn to acupuncture for "nonsurgical facelift"

Legislation focuses on bonuses for canceling or limiting a patient's coverage

In-store (retail) clinic growth slowing

Health Hazards in Household Cleaners Exposed

WBZ TV in Boston about to show a segement "Is Guardasil really safe"

They Know What's in Your Medicine Cabinet

Gummy bears that fight plaque

These dudes have freakish eyes

Water Falling Over Things 2008: Part III

Twelve hours on Hurricane Ridge (MASSIVE DIAL-UP WARNING)

Biden press release on torture memos out there

photos of the photographer!

For my Biden Brigade!!

NRA endorses Altmire (D) in race against Hart (R)

Interesting comments from progunprogressive re: neighborhood problems...

The Alternate Reality of Gun Control—Why so false?

Trigger-Happy on the Hill

FAS Launches OTA Archive

Rare fossils in India threatened (BBC) {crushed for gravel}

Asteroid Crash May Have Demagnified Mars

So,we're located in a minor spiral in our galaxy.

Historian predicts the end of 'science superpowers'

alternative to Wikipedia for astronomy

Really bad answers

hearing 7/31, 2pm - defining military role in foreign policy!

Can Leah Daughtry (works for DNC) Bring Faith to the Party?

Does anyone EVER admit to being brainwashed?

The Great Desecration

Support Congress in Opposing Blasphemy Laws Worldwide

Interfaith service to be held at the Democratic National Convention: Should atheists be invited?

Who is more likely to be a Christian?

For those of you who actually believe in human-alien hybrids...

I'm Austin-bound!

My letter back to Cornyn responding to his stupid email update:

Tarrant County Democrats elected 41 new Precinct Chairs

Truespace 7.6 released to everybody for FREE

My computer is powering down for no apparent reason

Finally, I did it. Took this gizmo to a computer guru and had him

Anyone up for defending Senator Kerry on Health Care? At Daily Kos.

Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L, Q6600 mobo - running 3 virtual machines... O/C to what?

I'm gonna get me a laptop to have at home. I want to be able to sit on my couch and read DU.

??? Cognitive Disconnect on the Right. ??? Picken is now swiftboating ... America (Fox News)

This is AWFUL. Obama wanted to visit injured troops at Ramstein, but Pentagon prevented him.

Win XP, Sysprep, smartboard

We always knew that waaaay after the stolen election we'd hear more...

i'm having problems playing Youtube videos.. plays 2 sec loads 4 sec, i have a very good computer,

Mark 63rd Anniversary of U.S. Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan


CopWatcher Beaten Up and Arrested

Strib: "GOP stalwart arrested in 2-day St. Paul prostitution sting"

Ellison votes Yes for Impeaching the President

McCain in the Metrodome?

Praxis II: Social studies: feel unprepared even with a 3.97 gpa

Federal government runs $517M deficit in April, May

Bo Lipari Looks Sequoia's ImageCast in the Eye...and doesn't like what he sees.

Blackwell, and von Spakovsky were to testify on '04 Weds-Anyone Catch this?

What would it take for Obama to Lose? Obama @368EV, but 253EV if 3% of votes Uncounted & 6% Switched

Radio Lady Reviews: "Mamma Mia!" The Movie (Now playing at your local theater)


Are Scotsman insane?

Clinton delegate loses convention spot over McCain support

San Francisco Mime Troupe

We rescue Ball Playground from Fresno cops Video

Friday Fun Post: Heidi Montag Goes 'Christian' In Iraq

Randy Pausch dead at age 47

Beware the believer the Richard Dawkins Rap