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Social Security Give And Take

McCain, hands free.

Going Undercover at Mad Pastor Hagee's Christians United for Israel Summit

Real Presidents can cry, but Real Presidents don't whine

You have to be stupid to believe in god, and other myths found on DU

OK, I am Concerned about this John Edwards Scandal Brewing

Iowans to congressmen: Stop immigration raids

I went to the grocery store today...(lame GD copycat thread)

Thank you all..keep my letter the most commented

Fighting spam, and winning a bit

Jack Reed issues response to McCain Attack Ad....

CNN poll - housing rescue

Girls win 5 of 6 at Soap Box Derby Finals - YAY!

Postville detainee: ‘Congressmen, be our voice’

Black Radio on Obama Is Left’s Answer to Limbaugh - NYT

Sunday TV news shows

Was Obama punk'd by the Pentagon?

EPA Again Decides Not To Regulate Chemicals In Drinking Water

Jean Schmidt Is A Lying B****!

IA's Rep. King Maligns Mixed-Race Military Families (What a Jerk)

13 year old girl charged with felony murder

Can The Fist Bump Mix With Business?

We’ve stalled the Iran blockade bill! Help pass the diplomatic alternative!

Doug Rushkoff on the New Renaissance

Part of bridge falls and hits vehicle in Minnesota (Thanks Gov. Pawlenty)

McCain Apple Falls From Tree, Lands On Root

Just got that "obama snubs soldiers in Afganastain" email. From a fellow teacher no less

TOON: Sunday's Opus - "Naughty, Naughty CEOs!"

Scottish government hires firm accused of torture at Abu Ghraib to be census takers

Don't Count on The "Safe & Sound" Rating of

Hypersonic Jet Concept Could Chop Travel Times

Dear Congresswoman Pelosi:

Turning Voting Rights Act into a GOP Campaign Tool - Bush History,7/27

Sunday musings... Help me refine an open letter to Sen Obama

Turning Voting Rights Act into a GOP Campaign Tool - Bush History,7/27

Anti-war protestors try to confront long-time Bush advisor (Karl Rove)

McCain thinks Obamas 16 month Iraq withdrawal plan is a "pretty good timetable" now

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - "In Memoriam..."

Theatrical Premieres For 'Stealing America: Vote By Vote'

New Yorker is so last week but this is the weed report!

Hey Repigs....! you filthy Swine..

75% of US Bank websites have flaws

Picturing Casualties

What Bush and Batman Have in Common (sickbags on hand plz)

I want Europe & the world to love America, not fear it, is that so wrong?

"No regime should ignore the will of its own people

"Pull my finger"

Michele Bachmann Watch, 7/27/08: MB says wildlife goes "where the action is."

What kind of abysmally, terminally stupid geek would buy this 9/11 junk?

Fundie freak out of the day: Radical feminist abortionist destined for top UN human rights post

Ha! Spellcheck says that "Blitzer" may be wrong. Click "Ignore All" -- problem solved!

The O'Reilly Factor in 1 Minute

'chilling' climate change document - SUPRESSED

Rowing and Kayaking

Michael Tomasky from Guardian USA is on WJ this

4,000 US Combat Deaths, and Just a Handful of Images

Pentagon Admits More Electrocutions in Iraq -- KBR Denies Blame

FYI: Sens. Hagel and Reed on Face the Nation. nt

Military to push ballots through mail system more quickly

US says women suicide bombers seeking revenge in Iraq

Hagel smacked down McSame smear on FTN...

How long have you been following politics?

Religion is not harmless

Film Strip International

Traverse City buzzing at the chance to see Madonna

And they actually have the nerve to tell me the surge is working...

Silver State Bank: "company's dismal first quarter results".

Full frontal nudity....!

29 Executed in Iran

Is joking around about bombing another country (eg. Bomb, bomb, Iran) a sign of mental deficiency?

Bush History,7/27 - Turning Voting Rights Act into a GOP Campaign Tool

State Police Call Spying "Case Of Bad Judgement".

The next Baghdad?

Since China is being targeted by

Tom "SlurTheWord" Brokaw is unwatchable.

Do a LOT of people REALLY pay attention to the Olympics?

MarkAll Button?

hey, how do you like my new buttons?

KB & R Counts 2 More Iraq Electrocution Deaths

Why would a successful company allow itself to be bought by a bigger one?

Remember when McCain began jumping up and down like Yosemite Sam when death or war was mentioned?

"But what of the contemporary crusade to liberate world markets?

The possibility of Edwards having straight extra-marital sex

Slumping economy brings boom in garage sales

John Dean: Kucinich's Impeachment Resolution, the Parallel to Nixon...

posted wrong place please delete

Why John McCain's "Surge" Success Story Is A Lie

Oil Q's posted on Yahoo Answers: why trust big-oil owned party? Which is lie about new drilling?

Full response to ALL of McCain's latest attacks!!! I think they are great!

Guess what? Batman's real identity isn't Bruce Wayne--it's GEORGE W. BUSH!!

Has life really got this freakin lame???

U.S., Russia try to quiet flap over bombers in Cuba

Telecom Reporter Blogging on Wiretapping Could Use Some DU Love

Is enriched uranium harmless?

Hang On ... We Haven't Hit Bottom in the Housing Market

hiding in plain site-the images of war that the msm refuse to show

Detroit Free Press: This summer's travel stops at the gas pump

Actual Item Found In Newspaper

Tibet through a different lens.

Answer this fundamental question about our banking system

Michele Bachmann Watch, 7/27/08: MB says wildlife go "where the action is."

NYC Commissioner: We make it up as we go along.

Bush is Batman fighting the evils of Islamic terrorists.

More college students turn to food banks

Russian Missile Shield in Cuba could help protect USA and Europe

More than a "Senior Moment"

Televangelist preaches prosperity — and his relatives gain it

Operation Brimstone naval training op taking place of east coast (prepping for war?)

"Jean Schmidt Is A Lying Bitch"

What kind of HEARTLESS MONSTER is John McCain?!

McCain Is Just Pitiful (MHO)

A McCain presidency, even a McCain candidacy, is unacceptable

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is on LIVE with Bob McChesney now. They'll be taking callers.

McCain would mean our only hope is a 12-Monkey's style do-over.

Why aren't countries who possess nuclear weapons allowed to be on the US terror list?

Scientists develop tobacco plant which turns red when it detects landmines

Ron Paul tickets flying off shelves: 6,000 in six hours.

McCain knows how to win wars.

Taser Proof Clothing

I filled up my tank today. Gas has dropped at least $.15 a gallon.

The Endless Smearing of Joe Wilson By Robert Parry

What's Behind Copley's San Diego 'Union-Trib' Sale? (Ominous outlook for newspapers)

"Obama returns to face Mccain music over missed Gi visit..." WTF?

Who do you think will become the permanent host of "Meet the Press"...

Here comes the body counts to show we are winning

Re the Edwards thing

Woman bumps burglar on bike, suspect drops items

2,000 homes threatened by 'erratic' wildfire near Yosemite

Word for today: "hostis humani generis"

McClellan confirms FOX News channels White House talking points

Three advertisements that say it least to me.

Does John McCain whine too much to be President?

Freeper Fun. They try to blame Bill Clinton for the Housing Crisis. Can Clenis be next?

Wow these are some of the saddest pictures I have ever seen

Comments on Comments

Why is NY Times neo-con columnist David Brooks' columns for ....

Americans Don't Believe Bush, Industry Claims on Gas Prices, Poll Shows

What you are doing when you recommend a thread? Intention versus consequences.

Mother Nature is a Democrat

For Those Who Criticize Mary Landrieu for Not Being Democratic Enough

Hard times for the rich: 'If you can, you pay $5 million for a mansion instead of $6 million'

Sam Seder hosts ring of fire tonight

Janet Jackson's Boob Is Thrown Out

Why The Housing Bust Is Good For The Homeless

17 Year Old Teen Dies After Shot With Taser Gun

UUA President Releases Statement on Tennessee Shootings

Taser Nation

Oh jeeze...not again! - Severe Thunderstorm Warning - MA, RI, CT & NH until 800 PM EDT Sunday

Poor Johnny Mac

For your viewing pleasure, the W trailer.

NASCAR driver goes green

If Anybody Doubts Who The MSM Is Supporting

Anyone with Good Knowledge on Hagel?

Still trying to find a transcript

McCain Fumbles His "This Week" Appearance

Bruce Springsteen is 58 years old. He looks better than ever

Fla. woman attacked by fox, then shot in the leg

KBH to run for TX governor-chief advisor Phil Gramm

Did DUers watch McSame on Blitzer today

do workers with H1-B visas pay taxes?

US military admits it lied about killing innocent Iraqis last month

Hello from Asher Heimermann

In Defense of Lever Voting Machines

"The stakes are high. The corporate alliance is in the midst of conquering its final

Hello from Asher Heimermann

some videos of McCain getting angry, i don't think he would be a good negotiator, president ,

This evil fucking garden gnome ONLY gets a $1.6M fine???? That's it? For murder?

The Battle For A Country’s Soul-by Jane Mayer

I can't find the picture of the crowd at Obama's speech in Berlin.

MPs cast doubt on Iraq torture denials (warning:graphic)

Friday's hearing made me sick.

Ex-Insurgents Want More Money - OR ELSE (going back to al-Qaeda)

John McCain's FP Legacy - That Of A Whiny Blind Squirrel

Senator Barack Obama to Speak at Journalists of Color Unity Convention Tomorrow

McCain gives in on Iraq, adopts Obama's position

O Kaaaayyyyy

ABC Interview: McCain's Pure Arrogance on Display

Obama Should be in Chicago By Now.

AP anti obama piece

"Walker" says McSame too old for the job...

Dick Morris Wants To Start War Against Iran To Help McCain Get Elected

Israeli newspaper publishes Obama's private prayer

Gallup Daily: Obama Retains Lead, 48% to 41%

McCain: Whiner In Chief (the Angry Penguin Must Win!)

CAPTION: Weekend at Johnny's

McCain rips Obama on Europe trip, troops

Take heart, friends....Pawleys Island, SC for Obama event

Brzezinski: McCain would start WWIV

Bush Giving A Terrorist Fist Jab

Huffington Post: "McCain To Obama: Welcome Home, Troop Hater"

And now an important message for Citizen McCain

John McCain being made to look, um, 25 years younger in campaign ad

Is our next President home yet?

When did Obama first mention the 16-month timetable?

A Kennedy Goes Public

To Obama's Campaign- I Want To See The Pentagon Memo Re: Not Visiting Troops In Germany

Saturday's News: From Paris, France

Gosh - I Agree With John McCain! In 1983...

So I have been having a little online discussion with a rabid anti-choicer

Why Americans Don't Vote

John McCain Questions President's Open Ended Handing of War! Demands Clear End Game!

Woman on a mission: Michelle Obama (Miami Herald)

Please delete

which is better? pic heavy

Liberal Church attacked, one person dead

Michelle, meritocracy and me

Very nice profile of David Axelrod in the Observer (Guardian)

Those McCain 'weekly radio addresses': What about equal time?

McVain HATES so much he is close to an apolexy. Insanely jealous of Obama's success, he goes into

My Theory re Media Coverage: Buy Their Ads!

John McCain Made The SAME Decision re: Visiting Wounded Troops

Compare Obama's trip to Berlin to Bush's trip to Berlin.

You know folks, Obama criticism is okay and doesn't mean it's an attack or one's not for him...

LA Times: Obama Gets Initial Poll bounce Over McCain For Berlin, Paris Stops

Obama rescues 53 kids from fire, republicans demand an apology.

Despite primary, Pennsylvania is Obama's to lose

Musharraf: Pakistan Has Right to Retaliate if Allied Forces Attacked

Bye Bye Europe

Obama caught on tape!

McCain is just plain pathetic.

McCain is just plain pathetic.

Obama Camp Response to McCain Ad “Troops”

Why do channels run ads that have been proven to be deceptive?

Today's Gallup: McCain 41% -- Obama 48%!!

If I were among the leaders of the rest of the global community,

It's time to say it: The Harrisonburg (VA) Daily News Record is the worst rag in journalism.

The Freepers are polluting the LogoBama Flickr Stream

Obama to McClatchy: Goals in Afghanistan should be modest

Uninformed voters

Industry Gushed Money After Reversal on Drilling (McCain)

McCain's new ad...what an idiot.

Only 100 days left until we get to vote!!

Uh oh, McCain is in trouble and he sounds angry...

"the trip-when obama became acting president"

How many troops wouldn't BE in the Landstuhl hospital if it weren't for Republican rule?

“The Geopolitics of Iran”, a succinct primer for discussing Iran in the presidential debates.

new word to describe McCain & his campaign: "cranky"

Dems to 'hide homeless in movie theaters' during the convention???

SURGE-ON, apply directly to the forehead. SURGE-ON, apply directly to the forehead. SURGE-ON, apply

Indiana DUers, what are the logistics if Obama selects Bayh as

A microcosm of what is in the air and what we have to do:

Oil's well: McCain campaign's 'gusher'

Fox News to Provide Pool Camera Coverage of DNC Convention

Rasmussen, 7/27: Obama 46%, McCain 41%

Rasmussen's 7/25 poll on Obama's Berlin speech: 55% rated it good or excellent

Yes or No

The MSM is in a flop sweat

Why Franklin Graham is McCain's only chance.

John McCain is a hypocrite:

Richardson hits McCain's "sour grapes"

Another McCain Flippity Floppity - On Affirmative

Obama on MTP now... FYI

Obama is Guest on Meet the Press for Full Hour this morning

Does Obama have ANY media allies?

Obama shifts focus from foreign policy to economy

Pentagon Confirms That It Told Obama He Couldn't Visit Army Base With Campaign Staff

I love this ABC headline:

John Bolton is nobody's buddy, buddy.

Hey! YOU..... yes YOU

Obama trip gaffeless, picture-perfect

Tweety asking stupid questions AS USUAL

Heartland Voters Take Look Abroad

I'm fairly late to this "PUMA" bullshit . . .

My dollars are going to go exclusively to 527's. This gasbag needs to be attacked

HEY BROKAW (Channeling McCain) - guess what:

Obama Back in the U.S., Back on the Trail

Tom Brokaw is an idiot

Same church shooter attacked: Church sponsors drop-in centers for gay teens

Jeez Newspeople! ASK MCDUMMY about HIS Troop Support!!!

I found a "George W. Bush" record on

Generals gather in their masses. Just like witches at black..."Hello?"

CNN carrying Obama's appearamce at the Unity (journalist) conference -- ON NOW

Another rocky swing through Colorado for John McCain

Does it annoy you that they replay McCain ads for FREE as if they were "news" ALL DAY LONG?

So Tired of the RW RE: Obama / Surge / Iraq (Obama Camp, READ)

Am I the only one who won't put an Obama sticker on their car

Yes, Age is an issue: See this story:

Someone sent me a vocabulary test to help fight world hunger

The ObamaMessiah meme

You know darn well Obama will be hitting McCain back with an ad of his own. When will it happen?

Did you notice when Cokie Roberts said Obama needed to pick a "boring white guy" ...

100 Days -- You don't have to thank us Senator McCain

McCain Clarifies Position on Gay Adoption - "It’s not the reason why I’m running for president...

"I have yet to hear any of you ask John McCain whether or not his vote to go into Iraq was a mistake

Clinton to Hit the Trail for Obama in August

"Presumptuous?" Going for That Presidential Look, but Trying Not to Overdo It

Obama Interview in London on Meet The Press

McCain's "bluetooth"????

"Totally failing to get bin Laden" CANCELS OUT "7 yrs. without an attack"

It makes no difference to my vote that our candidate is better looking, better spoken...

Good news everyone! mc cain says he'll follow bin Laden 'to the gates of hell'

R Talking Point Counterpoint = re Winning a War or Winning a Campaign

Wisconsin Democrats oust delegate over McCain support

****Heads Up: Obama Live Right Now****

"Is Obama a EMPTY SUITE?"

McCain ad on oil prices is the biggest lie I've ever seen.

Barack live NOW on CNN

Oil Industry Floods McCain With Cash After Offshore Drilling Reversal ($1.1 million in June)

Obama plans Thursday visit to Cedar Rapids

Washington Post article analysing constitutional grounds for impeachment

Obama just delivered a smackdown GOOD ON HIM

OMFG! Breaking News About Obama's Trip!!

German Gossip Report: " I worked out with Obama and he didn't even sweat"

I thought Obama handled himself well overall on MTP, except for one thing

New Study: Media Scorching Obama, Easy on McCain

Study shows clearly: Media has been harder on Obama

Hagel: McCain “Treading on Some Very Thin Ground”

Hagel: McCain “Treading on Some Very Thin Ground”

Obama gets "6-7 point BOUNCE" after trip abroad

Obama: McCain based entire foreign policy on Iraq surge (Video)

Pawlenty loses MULLET hairdo

For those that get Obama Emails ..... here's one to send back ...And It’s All True 8-)

SF: War Protesters To Rally In Front Of McCain Fundraiser - CBS-5

This Weak w/ John McCain

For Europeans, Obama is in one person both MLK and JFK

Is McCain Channeling Dole? - KYPost

Florida Marraige Amendment: The Politics Of Sanctity - The Gainesville Sun

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/27/08 - Obama 46, McCain 41 (M up 1)

Out of ALL the 'news' stories in the world, WGN radio chooses to cover: Obama stiffing the

For those who missed Obama on "Meet The Press" you can watch it here...

Taste the desperation- McCain camp "jumps" on Obama remark (this is funny)

Carrying McCain’s Water Is Heavy Lifting

Despite primary, Pennsylvania is Obama's to lose

*NEW* Nicknames for McCain.

Substitute the word "plan" for the word "timetable"

The "Post-Don't Tase Me, Bro" Society.

WP, pg1: Obama's trip abroad was a clear success

Obama says he's becoming competitive in red states

Obama's answers to reperations & national apology questions on CNN.

McCaint: "Wall Street is the villain" - Oil companies should be "shamed" into passing on profits

Caroline Kennedy to Stump for Obama, Downballot Candidates

Obama Campaign's Response: 'McCain Is An Honorable Man Running A Dishonorable Campaign'

I am starting to change my mind about Gov. Sebelius as a VP pick.

(From the 'do what I say/not what I do' dept): McCain Family to Make $2 Million on Cuba-related Deal

hardcore supporters of the candidate look like this

NYT MoDo on Obama: "Stalking, Sniffing, Swooning"

John McCain can lecture me on lots of things

Consensus Developing: Trip has resulted in a real "bounce"

Gallup Daily: Obama 49%, McCain 40%

I have what I think is a great anti-McCain ad idea...

One of your worst nightmares is coming to pass

"John McCain visited these same countries . . . Now I admit WE did it really well."

Obama's baton is Longer than McCan't s...Obama conducts us to SING, DANCE, LIVE...

Carly Fiorina is an embarrassing pathological liar.

Bayh's stock is climbing like mad on the Dem VP markets.


It finally hit me why McCain blinks so much on camera.

Rachel Maddow agrees with me: No senators for VP!!

Obama will pick his VP this week.

50/39 - The psychological break point

John McCain's Blundered Attempt to Beg For The Family Values Vote

Who remembers Tim Kaine's "There is a better way" Dem response to the 2006 SOTU address?

The courage of his convictions

Why Not Kathleen Sebelius As Veep?

Exploding Heads for Sludgebots - Savor the Moment

McCain's 'senior moment' has turned into a 'senior month.' There seems to be no end

ROFL !!! - McCain Spokesman: Obama Hasn't Visited Mexico City !!!

Women Governors' Townhall in Pennsylvania. I see a VP in this video.

Why do the Republicans always get to have their convention last?

Why Hillary will not be VP.

Obama has not visited Wynnewood, PA...Oh wait...he HAS!

“Obama says conditions to dictate final Iraq force” but what has congress done?

BREAKING: McCane going nuts after his plan to embarrass Obama went sour

Obama declares foreign trip a success

McCain VP Announcement Tomorrow? Plus Bonus Pawlenty Whiff...

Correct me if I'm wrong...but is McSenile challenging Obama to visit the troops?

Obama Not Basing VP Pick on Geography

Military hospital visit - Obama misstep?

Obama Fest in Lake Mills, WI - July 24, 2008

Obama Fest in Lake Mills, WI - July 24, 2008

There are only 2 ways we lose the GE: racism or media

McCain missed every Armed Services Committee hearing In the last two years ...........

Help, Folks. I want a list of flip-flops & other things McCain has said

DNC game plans taking shape -- Obama will accept the Party's nomination from the 50-yard line

In the path of lightning

No cliffhanger, more like an Obama landslide

Damned if he didn't....

Damned if he didn't....

Has there ever been a contested VP selection.

Gunman opens fire in Tennessee church, 7 injured

Dear Senator Obama:

Where are the Democrats? Why aren't they defending Obama and demanding an apology from McSame?

McCain's "Bucket List"

"That wasn't an applause line in Germany"

Obama on MTP: very high marks from me.

Who is likely to be Obama's VP

McCain: Orphans need a mommy and a daddy, not two mommies or two daddies

Barack Obama's Euro-bounce: Nine up

Ok, so I missed Meet the Press.

****Heads Up: Obama Landed In USA****

Thanks to you all,My LTTE was the most commented this week!

Obama McClatchy interview : "Its how you use your time"

How can anyone say M. Bloomberg is a viable VP for McCain, when MB is Pro-Choice, Pro Gay Rights?

What in the hell is wrong with people in this country???

Priceless Obama quote

Frank Rich: How Obama Became Acting President

Joe Klein: McCain's New Ad

Obama has not visited The International Space Station!

Did Obama tip his hand this morning?

Freepers aren't happy with debunking their bullshit smears - accuse a liberal bias.

Lanny Davis and Memories of A Purple Finger.

Ralph Nader Candidacy Helps Obama Expand Lead Over McCain!: NBC/WSJ Poll

Yay...kudos to Sen. Clinton!

Carrying McCain’s Water Is Heavy Lifting (Media Matters)

This Obama = Muslim thing is driving me nutz

This Obama = Muslim thing is driving me nutz

OK I've let this slide too long-What does PUMA stand for (I've tried "the google")

It's going to be Obama-Clinton

Obama Taps Buffett, Rubin, Summers for Economy `Fine Tuning'

Group tries to keep Hillary's pres. candidacy alive

I'm not waiting to get a knife in the back.

Gallup, 7/27: Obama 49%, McCain 40% -- 9 POINT LEAD! Largest lead yet, in Gallup tracking.

Research 2000 Poll: Obama 51% McCain 39% Barr 3% Nader 2%

Seeing where we are today, does anyone seriously think Captain Combover ..............

Andrew McCain's now former bank is suing the state of Nevada

Why didn't McCain want to see the troops in March?

Thank you Reed and Hagel.

Wow, McCain just sounds stupid on This Week

****Pics Of Obama At The Annual Unity Convention in Chicago, IL****

****Pics Of Obama At The Annual Unity Convention in Chicago, IL****

Would you be happy with Russ Feingold as VP?

Who would be your IDEAL pick for Obama's VP?

Obama sneaks into Waziristan (wherever). Alone. Goes into a cave. Comes out

(Please Don't) Get Smart

FRAME THIS: The term "surge" is a Bushspeak term. The REAL term is "escalation"

Anyone have any dark horse possibilities for Obama's V.P.?

Do you think the PUMA folks will be able to create...

What about Governor Bill Ritter of Colorado as a possible Veep?

Tom Brokaw goes to bat for McGrumpy

An interesting idea for McCain's VP pick...

I can't support Obama any more--(LTTE text):

Does anyone else notice


Police Taser 16 Year-Old... Lying On the Ground... With A Broken Back

McBlunder, who opposed the GI Bill, sinks lower and lower, gets called out by Hagel

Ok, let's pick McCain's veep for him.

An Open Letter to Sen Obama: Act PREMPTIVELY to stop another stolen election in 08

Think Tank finds that ABC, NBC and CBS were tougher on Barack Obama than on John McCain

Bills mount for family of dog attack victim

Obama not basing VP pick on geography

Gallup: Obama Opens His Largest Lead

When the going gets tough, McCain gets disgraceful

Obama gives Brokaw the "STONEWALL"

Who are your Democratic HEROES??

Next week: Tom Brokaw and John McCain on Meet the Press

Choosing Hagel for VP would be a smart move for Obama

My take on Obama's MTP appearance today

Florida newspaper declares we are winning in Iraq...only a few "scattered battles" now.


No cliffhanger, more like an Obama landslide (Sydney Morning Herald)

John Dean: "Congress Is Well-Aware Of Bush’s Imperial Presidency and Its Abuses of Power"

History: How the US Government Was Overthrown In Three Easy Steps

Any Toyota FJ Cruiser owners out there?

Talk about a banana republic...

If a baby is born past the due date, then should the doctor pay a fine to the public library?

The world's classiest mayor

i'm surprised we don't have a general health forum/group

so i'm sitting at an ATM machine talking with my two sister in laws

Blossoms galore!

A bit unPC, but damn funny video

I must be getting old. We were invited to spend the night at a $4-million beach house in

TOONS: Cartoonists On McCain

I Feel Pretty, O So Pretty...

Some people need to GET A GRIP!

So I made the fried chicken (no cornflakes).

They all don't grow straight and tall

;*Happy Song* !!!(yes with whistling) Kaiser Cartel 'Season Song'

The first two Austin Powers movies rocked and the third pretty much sucked

some down home southern rock love bo bice style

My dolphin hasn't spoken to me for 24 hours because I told him to "get your own damn porpoise"

I dare you to listen to this song and NOT smile...

Where's Billyskank been lately? Did I miss something? nt

Naked woman dancing in a flame

PHOTO-THREAD! (Now with more Sea Slugs)

Effing Neck!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrr arghhh// rrrgrrr arghhhh ack!

So cute! an LOL cat that i HAD to share

Guess the movie from the quote...

Here's a poem I wrote back in 1994. Looking at it now, it seems to be about John McCain.

The Appletini....

Janis Joplin biopic in the works

Drunk and sunburnt makes for one helluva Saturday night

OMG - I'm actually watching HANNAH MONTANA: BEST OF BOTH WORLDS - what's wrong with me?

Bad catnip hangover...

Sat night earworms...:)

Woman gives birth to 18th child in Canada

Can't believe it!

Have you ever taken someone back that cheated on you?

Have you ever cheated on someone that has taken you back?

Meeting people in a new city is tough!

I've got insomnia especially bad tonight

FDR put a chicken in every pot. Bill Gates put a computer in every home.

good morning west coast

What's the record low for tombstoning? A guy in GD got launched at eight posts.

This guy "ADVERTISEMENTS" keeps threadjacking...

Summer 'snow' in the Wild and Wonderful...

Didn't have time to watch "Cloverfield"?

Still depressed. Think I'll go spend some time in the Expanded Universe.

one more question on my rescue shiz-tsu

Because I'm in a dorky mood at the moment...

The logjam is broken: My newest poem...


So I waited three days for this response from T-Mobile's support.

"It's so nice to be insane, no one asks you to explain,

I bought 'Lies' by Al Franken for a $1

I've passed the 15,000 post mark! That's right, rev, I'm catching up with you!!

frustration .. doesn't anyone sell

Woo-hoo! My buddy just won *TWO* Eisner Awards for Y: the last man

I thought Dark Knight was a sequel to Batman Begins?

Let's get nasty

We caught a newly hatched garter snake at the shop

The TSA needs to get their shit together

Hot! Damn Hot!

What do you miss most about MrScorpio?

West Chester, PA! Habitat for Humanity fundraiser TONIGHT featuring Anna Wilson!

Man, I'd have so much more respect for Jimmy Stewart if he would have been a Democrat.

I really think, ultimately, a lobotomy was the best thing for McMurphy.

I wish, I wish, I wish I framed these fish. (Picture heavy)

I would not want to be in this car.

HI! I'm back......

Prepare to melt...

Peaches: do you like to eat them?

OMG! Snark Week starts today!

I saw a cloud that looked like a huge boob today on my way home.

No MO today? I checked WJMS 's journal to be sure...NO MO ???

New Ben Stiller movie, Tropic Thunder

I'm bored. So I scanned some old pics...

Shark Week on HD-TV

Let's see if anyone can answer this question...

Dating service web sites

Anyone need a bag over their head?

My husband hasn't spoken to me for 24 hours because I told him to "get your own damn popcorn"

OMG! Ted McGinley Week starts today!

Need a laugh? Worst album covers ever:

You're a naughty, naughty fat cat!

I have met my soul mate

I'm always amazed at the pics people use to show their apartments on craiglist

So, 5 creators of popular primetime cartoon shows are pitted against each other...who wins?

Full frontal nudity....!

My Friend hasnt spoken with me for a full 24 hours,I just told him:"do your own heimlich maneuver"

OMG! Shark Week starts today!

Argh, why must the post office be closed on weekends?

"Saving meats" for people at public events. Discuss.

Sunday Wild Flower Pics - High Sierra Style

If you don't play WoW, you probably won't appreciate this

"I'm a Republican; I'm SUPPOSED to lie"

Does one tip one's cable installer?

Unnecessary (but interesting) Knowledge

Kitten Picture of the Day for Saturday July 27

What's for supper, DU?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 7/27/2008)

Now that I have a laptop with wi-fi, I can google any question that comes to my head.

Ok. So as you know, I am a little bored today.. I click on this flickr link...

I am soon headed to the new Famous Daves they just opened by I-80

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/27/08


So I got me one of those quick release

Do you applaud when the plane lands?

Post in this thread and I will rank it on a scale from 1-10.

Is this a Fashion Faux Pas?

Don't get scammed into putting nitrogen in your tires for 40 bucks

So, I was wearing my really cool summer top--you know, the one I so cleverly made

I feel like starting a Lance Armstrong flamewar

my friend asked me last night why she isn't 'over' losing her baby 3 months ago. it broke my heart

Let's see if anyone can answer this question...

I need a faster 'puter

Just saw the Public Theater's revival of Hair in Central Park this weekend

Rufus! Rufus! Rufus! Does Judy! Judy! Judy!

My kitten has been diagnosed with FeLV

Sunday Pic Thread

Tell me what my neighbor is doing.

My dog just died.

You're casting "The Joker" role for Batman 3 or 4, who do you pick? (spoilers)

Your Sunday lolcats (dialup warning)

Radio Lady: Friend sent this link to Shanghai Sculptured Gardens (2006) (PHOTOS)

Access2003 help needed

Post Secret is really good this week.

Looking for an image in a recently deleted thread.

I can has job advice now please? Long post, but I could really use some opinions.

John McCain Is NOT a 'War Hero'

WTF is wrong with Madonna?

Have you ever noticed Rethuglicans AREN'T animal people?

Calling Tortoiseshell Cat People (pics!)

I saw "The X-Files: I Want to Believe" today.

Hey WetzleBill, swag too, Wylie G. is on A Prairie Home Compaion now!

Troubles fail to drive down Hummer owners' passion

Black Radio on Obama Is Left’s Answer to Limbaugh - NYT

Scottish government hires firm accused of torture in Iraq

Analysis: US Now Winning Iraq War That Seemed Lost

McCain Gives Qualified Endorsement to Iraq Timetable

NZ students offer cash for Condoleezza Rice's "arrest"

BBC: 'Obamania' sweeps through papers

Obama gets initial poll bounce over McCain for Berlin, Paris stops

Relatives of televangelist (Kenneth Copeland) prosper

McCain Fumbles His "This Week" Appearance

DNC Chairman Howard Dean Stops in Atlanta

Seven pilgrims shot dead on road to Baghdad

(UK) Army's torture of prisoners 'had official blessing'

Falling Concrete Closes 35E At Maryland Bridge (guess where?)

Bomb Wounds Iraqi Councilor, Kills 2 Guards

Industry Gushed Money (to McCain) After Reversal on Drilling

Gunman opens fire in Tennessee church, 1 killed

Title for Calif. gay marriage ban changed

Lobbyist reports show $181,000 for McCain

With huge budget shortfall, (Chicago) city (massive) layoffs loom

After Iowa Raid, Immigrants Fuel Labor Inquiries

McCain calls Obama's stance on Iraq war political

Black Soldiers Get Apology For WWII Convictions

Coal price soars, electric rates close behind

Republican Hagel Blasts McCain Attacks on Obama

Two blasts rock Istanbul, killing 13

Turkish Warplanes Bomb Kurdish Rebel Targets in Northern Iraq

Gregg votes against heating aid bill he sponsored

Oxygen tank explosions eyed as Qantas jet hole culprit

Iowans Attempt To Arrest Karl Rove

In study, evidence of liberal-bias bias

McCain calls Obama's stance on Iraq political

(salmonella update) Food firms lobbied on U.S. policy (* admin killed FDA record keeping)

Schiavo debate relived in Valley; Sanger woman in coma center of wide dispute

FDA Faulted over Unapproved Uses of Medications

US admits soldiers killed innocent Iraqis

Obama's Secret Rescue Mission

Gallup Daily: Obama Retains Lead, 48% to 41%

Uninsured left in the lurch-Thousands pour into SW Va. this weekend seeking free health care

Spanish police arrest Spain's FARC commander

Man opens fire inside Knoxville church; at least six people shot

Governor (Schwarzenegger) vetoes climate change curriculum

MSNBC Mixes Up Joker and John McCain (What Would Freud Say?)

Barack Obama visits the UK (BBC Coverage)

The World According To Leo Blair

Jane Mayer on the CIA Tapes

Jane Mayer on Cheney and the War Council

Remix: Al Gore's Challenge to repower America

Pepsi Center Progress Straight from the Construction Team

Mainstream Media Commercial

Women Governors' Townhall in Pennsylvania. I see a VP in this video.

Raw AP Video: Sen. Barack Obama Returns to Chicago

Stephanopoulos Corners McCain On Timetables

King George Bush II Declares Himself the King of America

John McCain in "Missing, Presumed Dead"

Red AND Blue State Update

McCain Unloads a Whopper on ABC: "I Didn't Use The Word Timetable"

TYT: What Wars Has John McCain Won?

Will TYT Sue John McCain?

The Headzup/ GoLeft Week In Cartoons

Barack Obama at Unity in Chicago

McCain Denies He Used ‘The Word Timetable,’ Claims ‘We Were Greeted As Liberators’

TYT: Cenk's Take On Norm Coleman's Patronizing Ad On Al Franken

Obama Pushes Back on Reporter's Iraq Questions at Unity Convention

TPM: McCain: You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Breaking Down Electoral Map - July 27 (Importance of NH!)

McCain - I Know How To Catch Bin Laden

Face The Nation: Reed & Hagel Slam McCain's Desperate Tactics

The Adventures of T. Boone Pickens, Episode 5

McCain Melts Down (Ronald McDonald Rejects VP Offer)

The Adventures of T. Boone Pickens, Episode 4

Mr. Mukasey’s Justice

Judge their judgment before Iraq war started (Ellen Goodman)

Blind To Toll From Colombia Violence: Lieberman Ought To Meet Victims

U.S. war on terrorism loses ground in Pakistan

Leaking Crimes of State - Daniel Ellsberg's Lessons for Our Time

Another McCain Backfire: Challenges Obama to Travel to Outer Space

Yank Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick before city falls

Thomas L. Friedman: Texas to Tel Aviv

Analysis: US Now Winning Iraq War That Seemed Lost

WP, pg1: This Time, It's Different; Little chance gas prices will retreat to past levels

A Modest Proposal for Eco-Friendly Stimulus: "Cash for Clunkers"

Slammed: Welcome to the Age of Incarceration

Diplomacy is ultimate politics.

Carrying McCain’s Water Is Heavy Lifting

Black Radio on Obama Is Left’s Answer to Limbaugh

History: How the US Government Was Overthrown In Three Easy Steps

Relatives of televangelist (Kenneth Copeland) prosper

The Nation: Attack of the Global Pirate Bankers

The Adventures of T. Boone Pickens, Episode 6

Frank Rich: How Obama Became Acting President

Why target only tyrants of small nations? (Sunday Nation / Kenya)

Oil May Become GOP's 2008 Issue

Iraq: Poised to Explode

Obama Dazzles Old Europe while McCain cries "No Mas"!

Tased Until Dead: The Epidemic of Taser Crazy Cops

Time to tell Kilpatrick he simply must go so city can move on

Sunday Times: Sleaze scuppers Democrat golden boy

Burn Up

Floods foul Iowa environment

Deccan Herald - 400 Indian Himalayan Glaciers Retreating 15 - 20 Meters Every Year

Puffin Populations Fall By 34% In Only Five Years At UK's Biggest Nesting Site - Independent

July 2008 - Valero Gets Word Of 15% Cut In Mexican Supply To TX Plant; Tata Announces Nano

Ontario Government Makes No Allowance For Warming In Boreal Logging Licensing

The Next Wave - Article Argues That Chinese Buyouts Of US Coal Firms Next Shoe To Drop

The Prodigal Leased Vehicle - Automakers Face Wave Of 3-Year-Old SUVs No One Wants

1 Month Out, Bejing Air 3X WHO's Safe Limit - Endurance Athletes Fear Permanent Physical Damage

Harman (pellet) stove dealers try to keep up with demand (Maine)

King Coal: Willing To Kill For Kilowatts

Pakistanis go hungry as economic troubles bite

(wild)Firefighting costs soar

Question about the webcam image:

Electricity-starved Iraq turns to solar streetlights

Ferry shipments of 'terror-threat' plutonium end (UK)

Among Hummer Die-Hards, A Twinge Of Doubt - Chicago Tribune

List of sites for possible nuclear waste recycling facilities scrapped

Marylanders exhaust solar, geothermal grants

NYT: Baseball Team Clashes With Environmentalists Over Oil Company Advertising

I was looking at fireplace inserts this weekend. Very impressed with the

Scientists warn that there may be no ice at North Pole this summer

Ontario nuclear plant weld failure "unprecedented," documents show

Paul Roberts - From "The End Of Oil" To "The End Of Food" - NYT

Al Gore's fantasy energy challenge

California's Newest Green Product - A Hybrid School Bus - Saves Fuel, Reduces Emissions

Info on batteries for Electric Vehicles

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says The Reactor Revival Is NOT Ready For Prime Time

Lithium-ion batteries could ease fuel and evironmental woes

A boondoggle to end all boondoggles?

Pentagon Auditors Request Probe After Criticism

It's Still a Bear & The Oil Bubble

Danger Lurks When Shopping for Student Loans

Columbus, Georgia - Front Page: Synovus profits drop 93%

Compliments of the St. Louis Federal Reserve......................

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/26/08

The Black-Scholes Atomic Debt Bomb & 7 Predictions

WITNESS-Return to Gaza

Pelosi, Itzik talk tough on Iran in speeches to Hadassah

'Lebanon got a plump prisoner, we got bones in plastic bags'

Fatah threatens to arrest 200 Hamas men in West Bank

Palestinian family losing Jerusalem home after five decades

Obama: We'll make sure Palestinians have a state

Canadian student faces deportation from Israel following protest

WSJ: Democrats Seek Tougher Crane Safety Standard as Deaths Mount

Today's working family cartoon: Injured

Today's Carol Simpson cartoon: Grief-Counselor


Six Little Words ("on the basis of union membership") -- A good read, imo

Whistle-Blower: Agency Tasked with Protecting American Workers Fails to Protect its Own

Imperial Sugar to contest OSHA fines of 8.77 million

Barack Obama readies the organized labor card

AFL-CIO Trust Preserves Affordability at Big Six Towers Development in Queens With $7.8 Million

Union Movement Rallies Around CWA, IBEW Members at Verizon

Baltimore stadium cleaners vote to join AFSCME

Students and Striking Workers Picket LSE Starbucks Event (State of Israel's occupation of Palestine)

Minnesota: Starbucks baristas union drive comes at key time

Actors union board reaffirms demands in unanimous vote

Labor's Foot Soldiers (turn out more than 13 million voters - union members, their families, retiree

W Post: Democrat Vows Bill to Block 'Secret Rule' on Workplace Toxins

AP: Immigration raid tactics draw congressional ire

Feature story: Scale of destruction in 1877 railroad strike 'mind-boggling' (45 people died)

This week in Michigan history: Ex-Teamsters leader Hoffa disappears

Area UPS workers brace for strike over pay, benefits

Santa Maria family searches for answers in death of field worker

Death under the sun (Another farm fatality underlines risks)

United Steelworkers Reach Tentative Agreement With Packaging Corporation of America Mills

UFW Demands EPA Ban on Endosulfan

Why does the US keep poisoning our children?

Today in labor history July 27 Mine Workers organizer Ginger Goodwin was shot by a hired private cop

Maria was only 17 (and pregnant) when she died (her approved wine list)

Waiters feel jab of LongHorn’s labor costs-Changes made to tip-share plan

BOLIVIA: Total Recall - Divided Nation Faces Historic Vote

Latin America’s struggle for integration and independence

Hawks behind the Dove: Who Makes Obamas Foreign Policy?

Chávez and Venezuelan Interior minister were on AUC target list

Food shortage having surprise side effect (Bolivia)

COHA Press Release: Colombian Defense Minister Visit to Washington

US Lawyers to Defend Victims of Paramilitaries

Bolivia to fight cocaine trade with its own funds

Blind To Toll From Colombia Violence: Lieberman Ought To Meet Victims

Manny Pacquiao vs Erik Morales III

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (July 26/27): Magnus works his Magic in Biel

Boxing: Photos from Saratoga Springs

Damn Yankees

Dear Baby Jesus, THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!! NFL camps are in full swing.

Greatest individual effort *ever* in college football

Dare you not to get lost in this image

wickfordbard's Leo Solar Eclipse newsletter

This ia a great message from Mother Earth

Could everyone send me some "de-cluttering" vibes?

Starchild Earthlog| 26th July : The Incoming Energies...Grounding Heaven on Earth....Water Ceremonie

ack! the eclipse has begun firing!

Health 'Facts' You Only Thought You Knew

I Didn't Practice Evidence-Based Medicine Today

Nutrient depletion in fruits and vegetables, is it causing the

Bad catnip hangover...

Star Babies

Slighty processed zinnias

Variations on a Theme

thread out there about Biden for VP

Question for fellow Biden fans - when did you start listening to him?

Sounds like Biden to me:

The website of a certain candidate for senator of DE has been updated

Two women defend themselves with a gun

Shark Week returns! (Discovery Channel)

I had some great cookies tonight

New Exotic Particle May Explain Milky Way Gamma-Ray Phenomenon

Does anyone have the "world's best Bellini" recipe? I want to have one for my

Subbing Honey for Sugar

Globular Cluster NGC 6397

An interview with the Phoenix Mars Lander

We use the word "bigotry" too carelessly.

Philosopher: human consciousness and free will are the result of "physical processes"

Prayers for TVUUC requested

On the evolution of 9/11 skepticism...

How the U.S. Government was Overthrown in Three Easy Steps...

9/11 Truth: They Wanted War, They Got It

Pentagon Exit Hole

The Serotonin God?

Interesting interview from 2004 with Peggy Kerry that I never saw before

Kerry battles former state GOP strategist over Obama-McCain qualifications

Frank Rich NYT, mentions JK...

Is quicktime ok or is there some other free program that is better?

Help! How do I get rid of a "landing page" on my computer?

I've got to get a new laptop. I am so confused. I want fast and able

Laptop battery test??

I have to share a story with...

JK in West Harwich

Help me understand Obama's position on the surge in Iraq. I understand he has

Coleman got some points?

I-35E closed in St. Paul after part of bridge falls, hits vehicle

Why don't we hear more about abstinence-only religious education?

First It Was Song Downloads. Now It’s Organic Chemistry

NY: In Defense of Lever Voting Machines

Election Reform and Related News: Sunday, July 27, 2008

CRITICAL ALERT: Stop Feinstein's Black Box on a Black Box Bill S3212

Traverse City buzzing at the chance to see Madonna

BP's Russian boss goes into hiding

Wisc GOP sex trial to happen during GOP convention

Is the Wisconsin GOP simply a bunch of IDIOTS?

Fran Townsend

Possible protests for Arnold cutting state worker pay in budget fight:

I have a question regarding Disability Parking placards

Visiting the Bay and looking for travel tips.

Here's what we should REALLY be worried about: