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Archives: July 29, 2008

KO about to skewer McSame over the ad

Audits Find US Contractor Wasted Millions in Iraq

Defense firm, ex-employee spar in court Whistleblower defendant targets plaintiff’s venture

Blackwater Got Millions Pretending To Be A Small Business

ko knocks it out of the park in the fist minute

The Nixon Tapes Re: Health Care

Report of Defense audit scandal makes waves

Ad For Paper Ballots

GOP Gaffe Watch.

How Tim Pawlenty made his case for VP by wrecking the Minnesota economy

Anybody catch Keith Olbermann on "The Soup" on Friday?

McCain ought to make a campaign stop to a Remote Area Medical screening here in the USA

Support the troops? This shit isn't an isolated incident either..

Mercenaries to drop Guitar Hero, X360s over Afghanistan (Blackwater)

Call me crazy but I think VP has to be Hillary

Man, the times are a changin'

Don't know if this is true, but I'm passing it along. Rec'd this as an email today.

Statement on going after Big Oil

WNOX News talk 99 in Knoxville

Per CNN, Al Q in Iraq can't get in, so the surge is working.

Who's ready for World Politics, er, The Olympics !

Six Questions for Former U.S. Attorney David Iglesias, Author of "In Justice"

SURPRISE: Fox News Doesn't Find Murderer's Reading List Newsworthy!!!!!!!!!

Massacre shadows Mexico, Olympics

The Wrecking Crew

Healthcare System protest idea:

Torture, Political Manipulation and the APA

CIA X-files Support Astronaut Edgar Mitchell UFO Tale

I got phone-polled by the County Democrats and

Worried Banks Sharply Reduce Business Loans

World Trade Organization counts its last days

John McCain still sees three capital letters in Putin’s eyes - KGB

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

ATTN: West Coasters: "History Detectives" Starting NOW! PBS

2 Questions about the anti-gay marriage CA prop #8:

Ladies and gentlemen, the strike has been made against us

One killed, hundreds stranded by New Mexico flood

Al-Qaeda's Mad Scientist May Be Dead

Gunman Kills 2, Wounds 7 At Gay Welcoming Church

Did Steve Fossett Fake His Own Death?

Long Time Bush Insider Sounds Like he is with Obama - Bush History,7/29

When do we reach a "French Revolution" moment w/ bush & company?

Very Suspicious-McCain Adviser's Horrifying Iraq Track Record: Will the Press Notice?

US Stock Market Woes Must Have Caught a Transpacific Flight.....

Let's make this the official Bash Nancy Pelosi thread

We've got a lot of problems right now. The Church shooter

OMG! This trip down memory lane is CRAZY:

Interesting Article on Chernobyl


Governor Feinstein?

Governor Feinstein?

McCain says: Go see your doctor...

The FBI and the IRS launched a joint investigation into Cuyahoga County

Nancy Peolosi is on the Daily Show!!!!

I have a suggestion for Captain Combover ..... that baseball cap with "Navy" on it .......?

Not making light of Alzheimer's, but here's an unfortunate placement of news headlines:

'Nickel and Dimed' Author at Alternet: Suicide Spreads As One Solution To The Debt Crisis

Today's "My Way or Highway" photo moment: "Bush gestures in the briefing room of the White House"

This Adkisson guy is going to be a hero to millions of Americans

This U.S. Congressman Refuses To Say Why He Needs Your Money

Tucker Carlson recounts Novak's encounter with DU's Symbolman

Wow! The Justice Department Report on WJ this morning

So what is this crap about John Edwards???

Pelosi acquitted herself quite well tonight on The Daily Show

Petraeus: Level of violence in Iraq tapers toward 'normal'= Bomb attacks in Iraq kill at least 56?

Same Enquirer "reporter" on Edwards "case" played the same love-child card with Ted Kennedy in 2006.

#389: Stories that make you go 'Hunh?"

What's this? We DON'T need to bomb people to beat Al Qaeda?

Republicans block bill that would have aided victims of disability, disease, and crime

Meet Our Newest 'Progressive Patriot' !!!

Please support Al Franken in the Give 'em Hell, Harry! contest

Worried Banks Sharply Reduce Business Loans

On melanoma and McCain's headgear:

If those "evil liberals" had their way...

A Parting Gift to the Religious Right

CSPIN 1 - international courts - Professor Diane Orentlicher

MGM, Dubai Fall Behind on $3.5 Billion Loan for Las Vegas Plan

Ahmadinejad Condemns World Powers for Atomic Arsenals

Karma bites Chimp: he's got a comb-over!

How the Violent Language of the Right Poisons American Democracy

The New Right's attacks didn't start with Adkisson

Politics Gone to the Dogs

"A Face in the Crowd" You've got to see this movie if you haven't.

Whatever happened to the Preznit's 8-wk. summer vacation in Crawford?

BREAKING: Moviegoers buying "The Dark Knight" tickets because Patrick Leahy's in it!

Have any DUers read Goodnight Bush by Eric Origen & Gan Golan?

Will Merrill Lynch the US stock markets today?

Long Time Bush Insider Sounds Like he is with Obama - Bush History,7/29

County Says Guatay Congregation Can Party, Can't Pray

Newspapers spent 8 years cheerleading Bush and his war

Scott Ritter: Acts of War

Tom and Huckabee

Lucky Cleveland ..... bush will be there today

Bank Failures in Perspective (Chart)...Not Nearly as Bad as Some would have you Believe

Uh Oh....Repubs Crank Up NEW Voter Registration Purges in Swing States... LINK

one hateful conservative kills 2. In the Senate, hateful conservatives moved to kill hundreds if

Let's give "Blue Dogs" the boot By Glenn Greenwald

Congress Considering Ban on MySpace and Facebook in Libraries

The Misdirection = Always watch the unseen hand!!

15% of DU members are too cowardly or too mentally deficient...

RAND: Military is not well suited to countering terrorism

Running the Numbers

Home prices drop by record amount nationwide in May

Bill O'Reilly sounds off on the bad influence of Hip Hop!

Remembrances -- Senator Joseph McCarthy

Democrat from Kansas raises $95,000 after posting cartoon on his website

"BUSH Should Be Remembered: As PRESIDENT WHO EMBRACED TORTURE"-Eugene Robinson

I'd like to get Brad Blakeman into a dark, deserted alley

Proof Media Cherry Picks Data to Continue Horserace

Largest ever immigration raid creates turmoil in Iowa town

One man's protest emboldens Ohio city to fight drug violence

Are neo con icons inciting violence against liberals, yes or no?

"If what you say is true, why isn't anyone doing anything about it?"

Research 2000 has Bush at 22%.

Senate is debating Energy

"A resolution and report finding Karl Rove in contempt "

Question about Karl Rove!

"Working the Ref" The "Liberal" Media Myth Exposed

Big Oil wins again! BP says 2Q profit up 28 percent.

John Nichols on Impeachment

Do you think $4 billion is a lot?

Heller Files New Gun Case, Takes Aim at Semiauto Ban (DC gun ban)

Gas has just hit $3.00 on the NYMEX, for August Delivery.

NOLA DUers looks like you're under water today

I understand that it only runs in reverse.

Two degrees of separation from TN church shooting: Strange tales from strange times.

Fox Business Just Seven Decades From Victory

Fox Business Just Seven Decades From Victory

Anyone recall the Tom Metzger case?

Pres. Obama vs. Speaker Pelosi

Is this a fair definition of Republicans/Conservatives these days?

Right Wing Blogosphere Completely Ignores Domestic Terrorism In Knoxville

Another "liberal media" sighting on CNN "Analysis: Obama, McCain both have lobbyist ties"

Duplicate thread. IGNORE!

I guess Aussies aren't fond of overpriced, over-roasted coffee beans.....

End The Occupation Of Iraq - And Afghanistan by Marjorie Cohn

Lurking freepers: ask yourselves this

Lurking freepers: ask yourselves this

the Gallup treachery

There is a logical disconnect between what Dems in Congress know about Bush crimes and what they do

"Half of deaths occur in 17-state region as federal, private money dries up"

Typical Freeper

what happened to the Fourth Fleet thread?

How to properly re-edit a McCain interview - Lesson 1

US embassy billionaire crack dealers let off with a slap on the wrist

Before they're scrubbed, start finding/capturing any McCain/Stevens pictures now!

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens indicted on criminal charges, U.S. officials say

The Wisdom Of Ted Stevens

You Can Watch the Live Justice Dept. indict. of Stevens

War Games: Army Lures Civilians By Letting Them Play Soldier

Ted Stevens hangs out with the nicest people.

IME, most right-wingers don't seem like very happy people. They may

Do we know who is going to give the keynote address

My greatest joy is knowing that after Ted Stevens is out of office....

Bennigans restaurant chain filed Chap.7 Bankruptcy today!


Pick your favorite Monica Goodling job interview question

Dan Senor Senior Advisor to then-Presidential Envoy L. Paul Bremer III,CAMPBELL BROWN'S HUBBY

Greg Palast will be on with Thom Hartmann between 2 and 3pm EDT today. Topic is election theft.

Democrat Ted Stevens D-AK Indicted On 7 Counts

Stevens Indictment Means Trouble for GOP on Senate Seat

Justice Department Press Conference on Stevens coming up on CSpan 2

We Got A Contract Agreement!... w00t!

Laundry list of Bush Administration wrongdoings gets a little longer!

The Broken Economy: Blame It On Clinton

Let's call Sen. Ted Steven's office today and gloat

"I tell people don't kill all the liberals.

Is conservatism dead as a mass movement?

Is conservatism dead as a mass movement?

Ted Stevens Indicted

May 15: Conyers on Karl Rove: 'Someone's got to kick his ass'

Miley Cyrus has to apologize once again

The Price is Wrong!

Novacula diagnosed with brain tumour.

Why are we not outraged at being under attack?

Former diplomat J. Michael Springmann: The Mistake Department

Caller on cspan--"They should give him (Stevens) a fine"

I have a serious question

Limbaugh considering purchase of St. Louis Rams.»

My sister's husband wants to move to Kazhakstan.

I'm Indicted! Caption me!


we are executing a member of the military??? just saw the crawl on msnbc

Senators coming back to the floor after their weekly Party Lunches. .

Driling in ANWR - Republican Snake Oil

Investigations: Rep. Joe Knollenberg (R-Mich.) Lowballs Value of D.C. House

Then came the old, then came the young, unto the site full of passionate CAPTIONS!!!

Election polls and the superbowl...

Jon Voight's Obama Op-Ed: "[He] Falls Short In Every Way"

Congress August Recess

A DUer told me an interesting concept that personally made me think

NO!!! Karl Rove has used his weather and earthquake machine to get Stevens off the news

USGS Website: 5.8 Los Angeles area

Suicide bombers kill 57 in Iraq

white house is bitching about the democrats and the energy bill

TEDTalk Tuesday: Architectural Inspiration

Senator Ted Stevens has been indicted for receiving gifts from VECO Corp.

US lawmakers to ban toxins from toys: reports

Eastern Europe's Roma: 'Tacit Apartheid' for Gypsies


PNAC website is inoperable

So what is Monica Goodling doing now? Does she have any shame at all?

So long, Ted Stevens and Don Young; get ready for David Cuddy and Sean Parnell

Talkin' Politics on "The View"

Good citizens check for duplicates!!!

Come younge gentlemen and ladies all, CAPTION yon clown before the fall.

Video: Classified US Military Documents Found on Sale in Pakistani Street Market

We Just Won Alaska Begich Senator

So What Exactly Happens when a Senator is Indicted?

Disinformation, deception, and outright lies

Falafel Boy's SMACKDOWN: "Bill O'Reilly Takes On Scott McClellan Over Talking Points Claim"

TPM: Rand Study questions Bush/McSame's "War on Terrah" strategy against AQ

Why do they keep saying that the McCain ad is 'desperate'?

After a successful, historic world tour, the major talking point is now the "Troop Snub" meme?

Sen. Stevens' conversations caught with wiretaps.


How About Making A Difference Each Day With A Click Of Your Mouse? Click To Give!

Guess which one probably listens to Rush Limbaugh....

Here's how gays are actually ruining society - ironically the GOP may have a point

Name a book you found quite by accident and turned out to be very good.

does anyone have the "no" video of Ted Stevens?

Report: huge jump in allied bombing in Afghanistan

Florida organization uses bar scene to engage young voters

Picture Of McCain's Top Economic Advisors

Snub for Iran eases nuclear crisis


Obama is going to build an Army in PA

AlterNet: The Killing of Rachel Hoffman and the Tragedy That Is Pot Prohibition

If it weren't for bad luck, we'd have no luck at all.

Was Porter Goss appointment a compromise to get the 9/11 commission mandated panel up and running?

Obama Olympic Ad Buy - Because Olympics Moved Back 2 Week?

** Bank Check ** is your bank safe and sound? Find out Now/Here

The Obligatory Weekly Republican Rebranding Thread

Ted Stevens (R, AK) Indicted On Seven Counts!

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/28/08 - Obama 45, McCain 42 (O down 1, M up 1)

Who saw Pelosi on TDS?

What I Loved about Obama’s Berlin Speech

Advocates, shelters step up efforts to register homeless voters for fall election

Love and Rainbows.

Let Us Hate What is Evil by Pastor Dan

OK, Sen. Obama, here it is. It takes 33 muscles to frown and only 13 muscles to smile. However...

Jerry Lewis caught with a gun at Las Vegas Airport

Yoda 2008

Are you watching Hardball

Obama heads to VP vetter’s office building

Uppity Obama

Inouye rallies to Stevens' defense

Encouraging Stat pointing to an Obama Victory (from Lou Dobbs, believe it or not)

Will the corporate media (or the DA) cover up the Tennessee church murderer's letter?

Desperation has to be setting in, in DC..

Bush to leave White House $10 trillion in debt

General Clark on Abrams now!

deleted dupe n/t

July Ratings: Countdown grew 49% year to year (with Keith and Rachel!)

Head’s Up Bush Regime: Ohio Has Citizen’s Arrest Rights

What is up with Obama and the capital gains tax???

bush as the joker.....

ABC: Without ‘creative White House accounting,’ Bush’s deficit is actually $600 billion

Did anyone in So Cal feel the earthquake just now? a long one!

Get your bullseye T shirts, right here:

Stevens Indictment Means Trouble for GOP on Senate Seat (CQ upgrades race for Dems)

Malkin’s commenter on the TN Church Gunman: He wanted to discredit Conservatives

I LOVE KO and Rachel!!!

Scott Ritter: The war between the United States and Iran is on.

I bet republicans don't turn on their own (Stevens) as fast as our ethics choir does on Dems

McCain on Iraq: "I said we would have an easy victory, and we did."

Lesbian couple has quadruplets. As two sets of twins!

The militarization of neuroscience

Oops! Larry Craig on Obama button

Fox News Calls The Election For McCain!

McClellan Says O'Reilly Didn't Receive Talking Points

"The Slime of the Ancient Mariner." Best blog post title of the week! (re: McCain's new ads)

digby: Working The Kewl Kidz

Former Progressive Media 527 Has Become A McCain Fact Check

WIRED News:How Carlyle Group pulled off $325 million deal with a blacklisted Russian weapons company

Now on PBS: John Edwards on Poverty

House Passes Government Accountability Office Improvement Act

Noun, verb, SURGE!

Hate Radio: RW Shock Jock on Welfare calls Obama a Socialist!

My Senate Race Predictions

Wow, Time publishes incredible fiction in obvious attempt to bolster McBlunder's maverick status

Hate Radio: Retreating Justice: On-air dork Jon Justice of Tucson

Rush Limbaugh puts HIS Ignorance On Blast

Wes Clark on Dan Abrams NOW!

'Laser jumbo' testing moves ahead (BBC) {airborne chemical laser weapon}

If you want to strike back at the fascist rightwing talk radio scum, boycott their sponsors.

Watch Turkey....Theatre for WWIII?

karl rove was in nasville tn. this weekend....held a fundraiser and barred the press.

Re: Veep polls: Our man(woman) has to be aggressive to cover Obama

On cablenews, the earthquake appears to trump Ted "Master Tuber" Stevens.

If a "liberal media" existed... wouldn't Ted Stevens' indictment be news?

GOP Braces For Ads Tying It To Oil Industry

Crosspost:Why we never need to build another polluting power plant

Why does the American Family Association send out links to porn in their e-mails?

(Mass.) House passes repeal of 1913 marriage law - Boston Globe


Will Stevens retain his seat in November? I'm not joking, isn't he a permanent fixture

Yell it from the rooftops... The Socialists are coming!!!! Quick ! Bar the door!!

John McCain and the GOP have decided to go Racist/ Sexis t/Homophobic /Anti-Immigrant to Win

Randi Rhodes blogs about the Tenn Shooter

$1.6 Billion Spent Targeting Kids

caption this Cheney pic...

The only way repubs can win election 08 is by stealing it from Obama, & they WILL try

Let's give "Blue Dogs" the boot

Glenn Greenwald: Things I learned today about democracy

Pelosi on now with Jon Stewart....first question should be:

Slow news day?

Dinger's VP Poll

I feel disaffected..... There's an evangelical church down the street.

'Extreme Makeover' home in foreclosure. Family used it as collateral for $450,000 loan

Tim Kaine may be Obama's choice

They’re Taking A Stand Against The War, One Step At A Time

A Growing Trend of Leaving America

Obama – The Greener Candidate

RNC Creates Parody Facebook for Obama

The McCain camp takes no position on the Edward's "Love Child" but state that they can prove that...

The Senate should demand McCain apologize for his untrue attack ads or censure him.

McCain Spokesman: John McCain Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About On Social Security


NYT: Clinton Doesn’t Seem to Be High on Obama’s List

Jim David Adkisson and the threat to reason

Mass. To Allow Out-Of-State Gay Marriage

McCain is always bragging that supporting the surge could have cost him the election...

Pundits are so damned lazy

radiation rolling along the highway

So Novack hits a homeless man and drives off

If "National Security" was such a big deal then why...

Caribou slaughter shocks Alaskan wildlife officials

Meat Ax McCain Goes Over-the-Top Negative

Obama to Chat With Pakistani Prime Minister Tuesday

Harbingers of a U.S. Fascist takeover...private armies.

Our economic isolationists will be happy, AP breaking that trade talks in Geneva have collapsed

Who is more obnoxious?

Holy Shite Ted Stevens indicted -corruption charges

I feel really bad about Ted Stevens. Really. Seriously bad.

Members Of Congress Charged With Crimes Since 2000

O’Reilly: Richest 1% would have to finance ‘folks who…smoke reefers 24/7.’»

Please hit McSame with "support our troops ad"

What will the GOP-controlled media be talking about when it covers...

In case you missed it, there was just an 8.0-magnitude quake from the force of McCain

The wonks are dissing McCanes Staff...Tweety, etc are always asking what can McCane do or say to win

earthquake in california?

If they are purging electoral registrations -->

What can DU'ers tell me about Enexus Energy Corporation?

Bush's Pesonal Body Count

Carly Fiorina, says Obama would drag US into depression

When Congress abrogates their function of oversight, investigation, enforcement, impeachment, etc.

"I'm a Liberal who shoots back and I won't miss"

Monday, 9pm John McCain on Larry King Live

Bush FINALLY does something right!

Did Nancy Pelosi just called the Democratic Party

Many here don't seem to get it--the best way you deal with these people is IGNORE THEM!

Are "crocs" unsafe? This is the second child injured due to wearing them

FLASHBACK: "It's Gephardt" for Kerry's Vice President

Why no gay, handicapped, Buddhist black latina woman on the VP shortlist?

Congressional voting records from a Progressive perspective - Check how your Rep voted!

Just read an interview with cartoonist and noted liberal Jules Feiffer...

Baseball Caps and Sunscreen: McCain's Melanoma Cover-Up

Conservapedia thinks atheism is caused by moral depravity. No, I'm not kidding.

Where is the fire? Why are they letting the Shame team get away with these lies?

To Richard Cohen - Don't be so worried

MSM = McCain's Sycophantic Media

GOP suffering from a lack of (ballot) initiative

I don't even watch Dancing with the Stars, but if he makes the cut, I HAVE to!!

Lets talk about the "independent" voter

Adkisson should read this

Sorry Folks. But I'm seeing the same mistakes Kerry made..

im not worried yet

TPM: McCain Adviser Randy Scheunemann's Horrifying Iraq Track Record: Will the Press Notice?

McCain Confesses to Lying for Votes

Another McCain LIE: Offshore Drilling Can Lower Prices In Months

Another McCain LIE: Offshore Drilling Can Lower Prices In Months

Young Americans - Listen Up!

accidental Dupe

Here's how we got here and why nothing ever changes:

Chuck Todd slams Gallup and gives a reality check on polls

Bush approves soldier's execution

Where Do I Go To Find The Proof That Bugliosi Has On Bush?

Sleazy Campaign Tactic of the Day - VA Repug Chairman telling people not to register to vote

Bill Richardson is looking better and better to me

How much pornographic content is there in the short stories and novels of Robert A. Heinlein?

Petraeus's Public affairs office disputes quote from Maureen Dowd article

Now Scarborough has a audio from a fundraiser Obama did last night

Anybody Who's Talking Doesn't Know & Those That Do Don't Talk

Joe Scarborough more sucky and odious than ever this morning.

Inexplicable Fox News silence on bombshell DOJ politicization report

John McCain's Confused Geography

Last night on Larry King, McSame said "I'm befuddled..." then

War Architect Richard Perle Looking To Enter Oil Business In Iraq»

Pics of Michelle Obama and her mother at a Women for Obama luncheon Monday

Waxman Calls For Special Counsel Bloch To Resign

'...He is NOT what he appearsto be ! because he appears to be President'

Guys, do you really want the Obama camp out there whining about McCain...

Video of McCain confused and holding hand over face should be viral

FOX News Hosts' Books Read By Knoxville Church Shooter

McCain: The Press Does Love Me (VIDEO at link): Media Matters montage of press fawning over McCain.

Sebelius v. Kaine on Coal

Brian Schweitzer?

NBC: Republican sources close to McCain say his VP short list is down to three

Katie Couric / CBS News & McCain footage - Evidence NOT MEDIA BIAS ?

Win a Free Copy of "Shock Jocks" by Rory O'Connor

when the temperature reaches 98 in china- it's time for a nice refreshing dip in the public pool...

John McCain Needs Equal Media Coverage? Sounds Good To Me...

Who Pays What in Taxes???? You Won't Believe It!!!!!!

Obama ahead in local Pa. campaign offices

oil prices

McGaffe now says he may raise payroll tax for Social Security

Why John McCain’s “Surge” Success Story Is A Lie

Someone on NYT blog said VA. Governor Tim Kaine is pro-life????

To Those who want Obama to Get Tougher on Gramps: Remeber Iowa

Join Barack Obama at a barbecue in Union on Wednesday, July 30th.

Tiki Barber is by far the most intelligent person on Joey's show:

New Ad Lampoons McCain's Love Affair With Media

GOP unveils 'BarackBook' to spotlight Obama's 'friends'

TOON: Preview of Republican National Convention

Bill O'Reilly, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity on accused shooter's reading list

Hillary's a weak (but acceptable) choice for VP - Biden's got her weaknesses, none of her strengths

An old sad tale of many an election. Politician A said to his neighbor after losing

Let's give McCain an August SURPRISE birthday party!

My Question for John McCain

PPP NC Poll: McCain (R) 47%, Obama (D) 44%

MSNBC: "Is Barack Obama failing to seal the deal with American voters?"

Aide to Artur Davis D-AL says Rove's written answers not enough...need live, personal testimony

AP: McCain backs off his no - new - tax pledge (He is now pissing away fiscal conservative

Florida Race Begins

AFL-CIO is Blowing the Obama Myths out of the water (New Mailer)

John McCain has shown himself to be the true lowdown scumbag that he is..

Riddle me this, Batman

Cenk's Dad, Dogan Uygur, Wrote A Letter In Response To An RNC Request For Money

Tim Kaine was on the receiving end of one of the most vicious..

Rasmussen Markets Update: Kaine Now Favorite to Become Obama’s Running Mate

Didn't McCain learn anything from Jan Brady's mistake?

I would rather eat splinters than put a single dollar in Nancy Pelosi's pocket

"continues to make one mistake after another"

Ambinder:McCain's advisers playing tohis worst instincts/He views O with contempt/Potential backlash

Let's give "Blue Dogs" the boot


(Pelosi Relief Fund) Nancy Pelosi Desperately Needs Your Help--Please Send Nancy "The Goods" Today

CNN: McCain Says He Can Support Timetable and that Saddam Was "Bent on Getting WMDs"

Huck compares McCain to Dole

TOON: This Modern World - "Farewell, My Lovely Economy"

Lessig: "fixing the bankruptcy that is Congress is the first step"

Rasmussen: Obama loses Berlin Bounce

David Gergen says Gallup poll today has McCain up by FOUR!!??!!

Where in the world is Ron Reagan, Jr.?

Frank Newport on tv trying to justify his conflicting polls...

Predictions. And feel free to add your own.

Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James donated $20,000 to....

NYT: A Hug for Obama, a Handshake for McCain

Regarding the shooter's recently discovered library - Savage, Hannity, & O'Reilly clearly have...

GOP plans to begin using "Pelosi-Reid-Obama" in the same way that Democrats use "Bush-McCain"

Barackbook: McCain Continues To Struggle With Internet Traditions

If it came down to these two: Biden or Kaine--who would you favor as VP?

Media starting to call McCain out for his BS - on Obama's troop visit and energy.

Jail is like a series of tubes... with bars

Boy Scout Leader: 'Watching child pornography relaxes me"

Obama to Bush Administration: Pay Theft Is Illegal

on Tim Kaine...

McCain defends his tech smarts in S.F.

Please Tell Congress: No acts of war in Iran - No Land, Air and Sea Blockade!

Media Meme: This election is all about Obama, forget McCain.

Another WTF Media Meme :: Stevens indictment is good for McSame

Of all the people Obama could pick for VP, this one is the best pick

How to Get a Job By Shooting Up a Church

McCain regarding gaffes: "The American People Know Me"

After 8 disastrous yrs of Bush, is it as unsettling to you as it is to me that the polls are close?

Asheboro NC is holding a vote to Legalize Alcohol today! (July 29th) the church is fighting it.

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

Obama and Oil

Did anyone say McCain and Photoshop? (Bandwidth warning...)

Thought DUers might be interested in this...

Fineman: Obama and Kaine: Peas in a political pod?

Gallup Daily Tracking - Obama 47% McCain 41%

Liberals - Is Our Tolerance A Bad Thing In An Election? Too Tolerant Of Stupidity?

McCain Adviser's Horrifying Iraq Track Record: Will the Press Notice?

Not familiar with he an attack dog?

Video: Michelle Obama and the Blueprint for America's Working Women and Families

Ted Stevens Appreciation thread.

CNN talking points today: Why is Obama

"Obama Defangs Maureen Dowd?"

Refreshing my memory about Evan Bayh, this is for the tinfoil hat crew..

RWers Attempt Recall of Phoenix Mayor Who Stands Up To Sheriff Arpaio

Sam Stein, Huffington Post: Underlying suggestion of "confused" + "angry" = "John McCain is old"

House poised to apologize for slavery, Jim Crow

Fox's Henneberg falsely claimed Obama's campaign said he didn't visit troops at Landstuhl because...

Everyone can tell you who Chandra Levy is, can you name Scraborough's dead intern?

In Gonzales' DOJ, Lesbian Rumors Could Cost You Your Job

The VP grid all laid out.

If it came down to these two for VP, who would you pick: Richardson vs Kaine

Mark Penn crawls out from under his rock to mumble something about...

Obama finally starts to hit back on gas prices, with ad in Detroit market.

Can we have a special Election Fraud awareness group through the 08 election?

Call to action: Operation Counter Spin....

Will it ever end?

Where's Obama's crack anti smear team?

Draw me a Venn diagram of the following:

"So what's the best way to debunk the false Obama smears?"

McCain's Economic Plan - Battle "Radical Islamic Extremism"?

'The media are terrified of being called liberal...

I'm sick of the VP foot dragging. Time to introduce his VP pick

The Media Wants Tim Kaine...but Kathleen Sebelius Still Very Strong Dark Horse

*Impeachment Step 2*

Obama launches massive Latino voter drive


Could the new poll be backlash for Obama's Foreign Trip?

Say Obama/Kaine 10x fast and you'll understand why it will never work

WH press corp hasn't asked Perino a single question about the DOJ scandal

Dates VP's were selected going back to 1968

Senator Ted Stevens (R- AK) indicted on seven counts

Sebelius, Kaine, Bayh, Biden VP Choices for Obama

Strategic Vision: Obama Leads in Pennsylvania, Washington

I think it goes beyond the media.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll pee yourself...McCain Photoshop thread

Obama 2008

in all the Obama-hates-the-troops nontroversy, have you heard ONE single dem surrogate discuss

Eric Boehlert: Reporters whine about Obama; ignore McCain attacks on the press

Nice to Know the Election is Over and We Lost...

McCain Camp: having “more fans than Paris Hilton” is not a qualification to be president.

Kaine has no better political option.

Fiat hikes production of 500 minicar to 200,000 units

The plus and minuses of Tim Kaine as Obama's VP by Larry Sabato

Rush can afford to buy NFL teams? Meanwhile his idiot listeners can barely afford to pay their bills

msnbc: Obama and Kaine: Peas in a political pod?

Facebook users: Let's have some fun with the Pugs

Schweitzer not being on the VP short list is a blunder..

McCain's "No New Tax" pledge..."I KEED"

Part of me would LOVE it if Obama chose someone that was a total

Coulter quote on killing liberals

Hispanics embrace Obama’s $20 million outreach

Join Dennis Kucinich & Demand Impeachment Hearings Now!

I have a dot on my t.v. screen that is right

Playing His Own Game

Big Labor Blitzing Swing States With Obama Mailer

Democrats take aim: Campaign ads attack GOP candidates for oil industry ties

Why all those damn "low information voters" might still totally screw us this year after all

Great read fron Huffopo's Paul Jenkins: Obama Still Does Not Know His Place

Video: New Obama Gas Ad

Are Obama's People Aware Of What Happened To Kerry?

Yes another VP poll, WP reported top three

Nancy Pelosi should be Obama's VP

Dear John

I've had all the WASHINGTON EXPERIENCE I can take! Have you?

O'Reilly, Savage, Hannity on accused church shooter's reading list

An anti-McLame ad idea. Who is John McCain? What does he stand for?

John McCain = The Washington Generals

AFL-CIO launches campaign to dispel Obama rumors

NYT, Herbert: "Obama will have to turn people on bigtime just to win by a little." How? The economy.

Campaign Ads Attack GOP Candidates for Oil Industry Ties

John McCain lies to children.

Ryan Kauffman at HuffPo sees it trending Obama 442, McLame 96. I'll have what he's smokin'.

Happy humans on planet Earth. NASA video that will make you smile big.

SCOTT HORTON: Prosecutorial Misconduct in the Siegelman Case

McCain Wins Gold for Flip-Flops

Government at work: tornado area can't have basements

BarackBook is history. GOP forced to shut it down

David Swanson: Pelosi Says She Would Impeach Bush If Somebody Knew Of A Crime He'd Committed - List

Non Partisan Tax Policy Center: McCain's even more regressive than Bush

Now Here's A Fab Ad Against McSame

Knoxville Relief Fund - Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations

Has this afganistan smear been debunked yet? EDIT - Yes it has.

Why these VP choices?

Toby Keith is a dick weed or a southern representative of true values?

Quick report from Malaysia and Singapore: they want Obama; they REALLY want Obama!

URGENT: need your help - Impeachment Petition Deadline Midnight Wednesday

Is anyone else worried about McCain picking a woman for VP. I think that is really his best bet and

"I'm not voting for Obama and it's not because he's black, it's because I vote Republican"

Obama opens up 9 point lead in PA, leads by 11 in Washington, only down 4 in NC.

Is McCain Following In Reagan's Footsteps? (It's Not What You Think It Is)

The demolition of housing projects, diffusion of poverty and crime, and a reversal of white flight

Obama Counters McCain's Gas Attack Ad

McCain Fails McCain’s Commander-in-Chief Test ("F" for "Effing should not be President")

Obama met with Hillary, women's leaders

Why do native terrorists (ADKISSON) & enablers (LIMBOsevic) slip by with minimal outrage?

'Extreme Makeover' house faces foreclosure

Are you seeing a lot of Presidential ads in your area yet?


If Mcshame doesn't find time to visit U.S. Troops every single day.. is gone **poof**

I find myself frustrated like I did in 2004.

Tomorrow? Kaine cancels baltimore fundraisder due to "scheduling conflict."

What happens if Obama chooses Kaine as VP? Planned Parenthood

Is Joe Lieberman toast because of Stevens?

Call me naive - but thanks Keith - I think you read my email?



Obama-Biden 2008... all the way, babe.... let's WIN THIS F*CKER!

Kerry was right. McBush still wrong on so--called war on terror.

Kathleen Sebelius: Obama's Vice President? and Huffington Post

How To Lose a Presidential Campaign For Dummies:

I was initially angry with Rachel Maddow re: her repeated assertion of a McSame win...

Major McCain reversal - breaks previous vow not to raise taxes - Conservatives Livid

This Is The Best Article I Can Imagine Seeing Summing Up The Current Status Of The Race....

caption this photo

If Obama chooses Hillary as vp...

Something I've noticed about the media and those who dance with them.

BTW, I read books by liberals and they inspire me to go out and do things too....

I think I've figured out why Nancy can't see Bush's criminality...

If it came down to these two: Kaine or Bayh--who would you favor as VP?

Dear Whoever is Thinking of A Seated Virginia Politician for VEEP

Cop Stripped Of Badge After Assaulting Bike Rider

The Daily Widget – Tuesday, July 29 – Obama 364, McCain 174 – Comparing the “Big 12” National Polls

John Aravosis (Americablog) on Tim Kaine

Baby Boomers

Obama is to Paris Hilton as McCain is to..

Nice update on Senator Tim Johnson: Makes first TV campaign ad since debilitating brain hemmorhage

McCain Spokesman: John McCain Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About On Social Security

A story that everyone should know.

Michelle Obama makes International Best Dressed List

Firstread: Stevens can no longer serve on Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation committees!

Jonathan Alter and Wes Clark on Verdict - in case you missed it

Where is the DU Emergency Preparedness Forum?

This thread is NOT about whether or not porn is harmful/less.

Senate Dems call on EPA chief to resign

Obama hasn't visited L.A. yet following the Earthquake!!!11

Wanna work at CNN or FOX? READ THIS!

Pa Governor Ed Rendell tells Obama to pick Biden for V.P.

The Ad That Will Ruin McCain's Week

So, while people were bashing the Duggars for their choices

Virginia Planned Parenthood Responds to DU on Governor Kaine

Dear 42, 43, 44 percent of the the USA (or whatever it is today)....

Pro-McCain email received, about Military Losses. Refutations?

As a Professor, Obama Enthralled Students and Puzzled Faculty

Vanity Fair's Best Dressed List winner........MICHELLE OBAMA

PHOTO: HOWL, monkey, HOWL: Bush forms mouth into "O," slaps together flippers while issuing Fatwa

President Bush is almost exactly like Batman. He's a real-life superhero.

So like, Marilyn Manson causes school shootings...

Mississippi River fully open to Traffic tonight at New Orleans

Jon Voight slams Obama's "socialist seeds" & "angry militant black upbringing"

I can't stop laughing. Hey, Sen. Stevens, I got your "tubes" right here. Hanging.

Why is Bayh always mentioned?

Bill O'Reilly Continues Spreading Hate For Progressive Americans

6 week old puppy kills two month old baby in Tulsa, OK

With Ted Stevens about to be indicted, vote on which MSM will label Stevens a "(D)" first

Thoughts on the War and the Presidential Race

FauxNewz at it again....

John Kerry advises Obama...

39 Years Ago, Humans First Walked on the Moon. Today, I remember President Kennedy.

Obama and RW Smears - Key Needs To Be Grassroots Support

Western Wall rabbi apologizes to Obama for publication of note - wishes all his prayers come true

Why Do We Continue To Blame Big Media's Failings On Gore, Kerry, Obama, Etc.?

Gravel: Take Bush to The Hague

A Murderer's Bookshelf: Hannity, O'Reilly, and Savage On Killer's Reading List

Obama 'Months Ahead' Of Gore/Kerry In Organizing Florida

CNN just said "the media's love afair with Obama is over!"

Alberto Gonzales aides broke the law in hiring : NY Times

Can't wait 'til tomorrow. Hope the Gov. Kaine talk is accurate.

If it came down to this choice for VP, whom would you pick?

This media/news situation is in a dangerous state and needs to be addressed

Ding, dong! The ANWR oil drilling is dead! Ding Dong! The ANWR oil drilling is dead!

LA to Vote on Fast Food Ban in Low Income Areas

Hey peeping Freepers

I am not buying this media spin...

Watch this video. Read this article. Do you really think ignoring this is wise?

McCain Wants To End Corp. Tax Deductions on Healthcare

not to start another war on smoking ,

The Harder They Fall.

PLEASE,PLEASE!!for the sake of humanity-for the sake of the peace of world-A.B.B. ANYBODY BUT BAYH!!

Time to Stop Buying Bottled Water

Possible comment by church shooter found on Fox News

Quick Question. My wife in her new job has a chance to sign up for a

Big Suprise: Bennigans and Steak and Ale go out of business

My Plea to Democratic Underground: If you want to win, address election theft NOW

DNCer's respond to PUMAs

DNCer's respond to PUMAs

Is the word "househusband" offensive?

Overheard: "If you throw chum in the water, expect the Sharks to attack" re:Tennessee Shooting

"The biggest purge of voters in history" ... (2008)

abortion...let the pregnant decide

YESSSSSS!!!!! Obama in Cedar Rapids, Thursday.

Do you believe the television imagery and video...

What Greenwald learned about the Blue Dogs and Democracy today....

Is it selfish to buy things like DVDs and CDs when there are so many starving people in the world?

Thank you Judge William Wayne Justice, rules Texas ESL has failed

If nothing else, I think almost every DU'er can agree on one thing: FUCK NADER.

So where are the leading Democrats coming to Obama's aid when the mccain camp

Never, Ever, Ever Talk to the Cops!!!!!

Woman, 44, gives birth to her 18th child

Cop body checks cyclist. Caught on tape.

Is it unethical to kill animals that annoy you on your property, such as ants, mice, and wolves?

(Telephone rings) "Speaker Pelosi's office."

Nader calls Obama: "crooked politician"

$1,000 to Ask Pelosi a Question

Are repubs more inclined to shoot those they disagree with than liberals?

Scientology ad on DU? WTF?

Where are the John Edwards Photos? Enquirer not publishing them this week

Marijuana Decrim Bill To Be Introduced in Congress Tomorrow

My new favorite smiley!

Watchin' Keith and posting on DU at the same time.

Post your own "word cloud"--

'Cause I've got a golden ticket ...

Wars not make one great

a Thank-You thread

The cat came home...after nearly a week missing.

Skittles v. Eminems

I am a closeted republican

Now *this* is a good condom commercial...

Iron City Beer Appreciation Thread!!1!!

Okay, it's the official lildreamer, Huskerlaw and JulieRB Birthday Thread! The bar is OPEN!

Lolcats? Lostcats!

Best. TV. Series. Ever!

I DID IT! Four! Four exams down; three to go!

Under the blacklight, out in the garden...

Does anyone know how the Washington Reagan Nationals did this weekend?

I could take Skittles!! Any day of the week!!!

Who uses ChaCha? (not the dance, but the text messaging service)

The Portland Maine Whole Foods Market totally ROCKS OUT!

Okay.. what is normal water consumption

Romanian Joker

Do you want to accept my offer?

3 Libras

Tool - Stinkfist [hq - fullscreen]

Good Vibes for my coworker, please.

Any (ahem) interesting piercings in teh Lounge?

Tool - Sober [hq - fullscreen]

Yes or No?

Numb - Portishead

Red hot chili peppers- Pea live

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge

WP Kaine in Serious Talks with Obama-- Bayh and Biden also

Good Night Beautiful People Of The Lounge

Be Sure To Wear Your Helmets, Life Is Tough... and Aim High

Cuil, dude!

Cuil, dude!

BASEBALL UPDATE: Baltimore Orioles 11; New York Yankees 0

I saw Hair in my shower last night. Ask me anything!

Ack, I usually love that the kiddo only takes 1 nap a day

I've fallen, and I can't get up!

I am on DU less these days.

Lounge-Type Fantasy Poll For VP

Why is my toolbar vertical and how to I make it look normal?

I tried sea beans last night...

Beards, goatees, mustaches, soul patches and all other forms of facial hair

WOW...Just when the situation with my Ex couldn't get more fucked up...

Presenting to the Lounge; My new tooth!

buonas noches.. yum!

What if the answer isn't 42?

Who else is up at this gawd awful hour? Ask me anything!

So has anyone had a candygram? What do I need to do before? what do I expect?

Bought myself a Mac Book

help! there is a republican in my bed

So, is 125,000 registrations a milestone?

Doorbell sounds in teevee ads

Have you ever had a nose job? (sorry, I'm spamming teh lounge tonight)

Academy of Linguistic Awareness: like, need I say, like, more?

This guy lives down the street from my sister.....

LOL! (pic)

Seriously.... what is so difficult about cooking pasta?

You know what food freaks me out?

Why do we say "going to the dogs" to mean something is getting worse?

I love you all.

The Los Angeles Times telemarketers are driving me effin' crazy!!

OK that is one ugly kitten

Calling all LOST fans!!!!

Big thunderstorms here, and there are 6 (of 7) cats either on me

Half Munchkin cat must walk along ledge

Okay, so I get it

Yesterday, I made a weird dinner

I am about to play online Dominoes...

Unidentified Flying Threats

Yesterday I had my Mohs Surgery and everything went well.

Wow, that was a completely fucked up dream I woke up from...

Do the batshit crazies like Hannity, O'Reilly, Coulter, actually tell people to kill liberals?

I got a second-degree burn on my forearm from the damn oven rack

Phony ’Joker’ arrested in Michigan

Kitten Picture of the Day for Tuesday July 29

Wicked headline

For Sale – One Useless Cat

Of course, we like dogs too

A word of advice that may make you all safer...

Hilarious "Engrish" list!

What would you consider yourself? Religion wise,

Tonight's menu: Blueberry crumble and vanilla ice cream.

Heaven...I'm in Heaven

Yesterday I bought Jericho on DVD

Tokyo Summerland Wave Pool

As if seeing her huge chicklet grin on Ritz boxes weren't enough...she's gonna make dog food now.

Nothing like a litre of dark-roast in the morning

look what I made this past weekend

Boy, this is horrible. A puppy kills an 8 week old baby.

I'm leaving for vacation in FL tomorrow....

Add this to the stack of crazy Japanese stuff that I really really want

Just felt a quake here in Northern Orange County.

It always seems like my friends have "teh awesomest" times out when I can't go

My book illustrations to be turned in today

My feet itch!

Esperanza Spalding - Precious (WOW...great soul funk jazz !!!)

Harvey Keitel Spews Anson Williams from Nipples

Official Energy Drink of the GOP

Anyone seen a total solar eclipse?

I'm looking for my leopard...

How do you deal with a churning online bush?

Sister Joan by Paul Gilmartin

So, I'm applying for a gig for which I have an "in" - however....

Alligator hoses up traffic on Interstate near New Orleans

Day 4 of Graduation Party leftovers.

I splld mlk into m kybrd lst niht

New "Flipping Out" tonight!

Stars who are your age: post one!

Stars who have NOT aged gracefully

wow-----michelle made vanity fair top dressed list !

If you're in LA, get off the phone.

The Bushes are moving into my neighborhood!

Parche Reviews: OK Loungers Fill Me In ON The Movie Critic

Who Got Tombstoned Yesterday?

$695.00 for a new alternator , fan belts and battery connections on a Honda (Labour+Parts)

My youngest is out in the driveway practicing parallel parking.

Am I the only CA expatriate who wants to be back home right now?

Activities that being drunk makes more fun?

Recommend this thread if you doubt that McCain will support Crusade Finance Reform.

Blackjack question for the lounge pros

I think the 'mad' in madinmaryland is less of an angry 'mad'

I just nabbed about 5 seconds of my 15 minutes of fame!

For a bunch of "gay-loving latte liberals," the Unitarians made short work of the armed terrorist.

The people on Star Trek are stupid

Getting my f&*k on

There is no HamdenRice. Only Zhul.

"An extraordinary nut sack"

It's 4 pm here and I'm on my third drink. Is that bad?

Ahhh craigslist - free big box of nudie mags! (ballard)

anybody else's animals acting crazy today?

Warning Do not have a bag of Sun Maid Mixed Fruit and lemonade ....

Ryan Seacrest Bit By Shark In Mexico: Shark is reportedly in stable condition.

"Helter Stupid" - The Greatest Album from the 90's you never heard

Do I need DU as a guidepost for every facet of daily living?

I have the sudden urge to watch The Little Mermaid.

Recite the "I'm a Little Teapot" nursery rhyme in the style of a celebrity!

Anybody been to the park lately?

Firefox question

Damn, do I hate the Big "D."

The Mariners won their fortieth game of the season last night!

Movie not to watch while hormonal: "Billy Madison"

Movie not to watch while hormonal: "Billy Jack"

Drunken man tries to fill his car with jet fuel.

Movie not to watch while hormonal: "Billy the Kid vs Dracula

Fables really is a fantastic comics series...

People whose 15 minutes of fame should have ended a long time ago.

9-Year-Old Arrested In Del. Kitten-Burning Case

If You Are Going To The Obama's Presidential Inauguration, You Better Get Your Hotel Rooms Now

Does Tim Kaine look like a used care salesman?

So has anyone had a mammogram? What do I need to do before? what do I expect?

Madonna's publicist: Photos of her looking emaciated were doctored, mentions "amazing glowing skin"

I'm going to be a father!

Whoooaaaa...was that an earthquake in LA?

Hey vegetarians, anyone have any good chickie patty recipes?

Where Has Chuggo Been Lately?

So I was in the bathroom wondering what it would be like to have eye stalks

Rue the squirrel.

74 Year Old Nude Sunbather Attacks Man And His Dogs

Movie not to watch while hormonal: "Billy Elliott"

Doghouse of death in Boulder Creek (CA)

How do you deal with wanting a burning online crush?

Would you notice if your spouse or SO suddenly had new piercings?

Cat Haiku

it finally occured to me-i need a friend.

There's a guy out front who's punching all the trees

I'm feeling really optimistic about the house showing today.

You know what is good?

Check out this video from CreekDog Productions!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 7/29/2008)

"An extraordinary nut snack"

P.A.R.T.Y. is ON!! ~~ The official "Sen. Stevens Indicted" Celebration Thread!!

Feminists cry foul over Fat Princess

Hope Our Southern Californians Are Safe (Earthquake)

Does seeing your pets sleep make you sleepy?

How Many Earthquakes Have You Been In

Come to California - We are a spontaneous amusement park here!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/29/08

I can haz Xanax plz?

Movies you've seen bits and pieces of but never in their entirety:

Please, PLEASE! Help me to stop grazing, bingeing, eating, whatever you

Wish me luck please?

Take 2 innocent words that, when combined, sound disgusting.

Do you need DU as a guidepost for every facet of daily living?

"If it's announced DNC protesters won't be searched...isn't an invitation to do something naughty?"

IN YOUR FACE, CALIFORNIA!!!!! Wisconsin still tops in cheese taste and production!

I am riding my bike 150 miles this weekend, and I seriously have not trained enough

I Have a Friend...

Chicago is going to stand up to the NRA

So I think atleast one of you should have a burning crush on me

I've been out of CA for 8 years and I am STILL sick of this:

OMG...if this is a true billboard it's HILARIOUS

it's not a party until someone wears the toilet seat.

Would you send an email to Skinner in support of a new Boojatta:Religion/Theology forum?

what would you consider yourself religion-wise?

So I went to the beach today...

What TV series ended way too soon?

Californians! and former Californians, what is your most memorable Earthquake?

Why couldn't my crazy gutsy daughter just take up skydiving or climbing Mt. Everest as a hobby?

Would you please send a kind thought to Philboy the dog?

If You Want Awesome Dreams Eat These Before Sleep

SEN. STEVEN INDICTED. Who's Who in the "Corrupt Bastards Club" & WHO IS NEXT?

So, what is it that cats actually do?

My mechanic wants $800 to replace the radiator on my 1974 VW Beetle

Geeks and gamers of the lounge... quick question.

Air Force officer (Brig. Gen.) found shot dead in home

DOJ officials broke law in promoting partisan hiring practices

COLOMBIA: Indigenous Groups in Danger of Disappearing

Pentagon screens grisly movie at Gitmo trial

Rape charges against Kadena soldier advance

Rolta set to acquire Chicago IT firm for up to $50 million

Gallup/USA Today Poll: McCain +4

British Airways, Iberia Holding Discussions on Merger

Merrill Lynch loses another $5 billion

Worsened deficit outlook laid to economy, rebates

Lawmakers Agree to Ban Toxins in Children's Items (phthalates)

Merrill to Sell $8.5 Billion of Stock, Unload CDOs

Army Recruiter Caught Using Scare Tactics

S&P/Case-Shiller May 20-City Home-Prices Fall 15.8%

Cambodia,Thailand loath to blink first over temple

Bush approves execution of Army private

Audit questions millions in Blackwater contracts

Convention protesters won't be searched(Denver)

Sherri Shepherd: I’ve had more abortions than I would like to count

Afghan reporter detained after criticising government

Mexico dig fails to find 1970s victims

After immigration raid, Iowa town deals with Somali immigrants

Lawmakers Agree to Ban Toxins in Children's Items


Questionable findings found in Blackwater contracts

Hamas, Fatah accused of methodic torture


US election: Buffett joins Obama to solve economic crisis

Study Proposes Revamping U.S. Security System

Mark Whitaker tapped to replace Tim Russert as NBC News Washington bureau chief

Strong quake shakes southern California.

Democrats Dangle Drilling Votes

(Adviser to Condeleeza Rice:) Iraq invasion was a 'f**king stupid idea'

Russia hits back after McCain's G8 threat: official

Merrill Analyst Adds to Goldman Bank Deal Chatter

IOC rescinds Iraq’s ban from Olympics

Istanbul - Rising Death Toll at 17, 6 Victims Critical

Abortion ban to get a second look from court

Petition seeks pardon for jailed (Cuban) exile bomber

Company-Owned Bennigan's, Steak & Ale Close

EPA tells staff don't talk to investigators,

EPA e-mail to workers: Don't answer inspector's questions

Ex-Enron exec pays $31.5M to settle SEC charges

Senate Hearings Show Deadly Sugar Blast Was Waiting to Happen

McCain backs off his no-new-tax pledge

Contractor Allegedly Knew About Pool Danger(6 Yr Old Died)

Unpaid Payroll Taxes Total $58 Billion

Starbucks to cut 1,000 non-store jobs

Admitted technophobe McCain insists he's 'in the loop'

Pinochet's daughter seeks office in Chile

McCain backs off his no-new-tax pledge

Gov. Palin: Premature to call for Stevens' resignation

Pickens rips Yahoo management, sells entire stake

NGO claims the US was involved in coup against Chávez

FBI searches county offices in Cleveland

Buyers of bogus degrees named

City Democrats To Attend McCain Fund-Raiser

Charges Possible for La. Cop Accused of 9 Shocks

Taliban kills Pakistani officers

WTO talks collapse in U.S.-India farm row

Mervyns files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

Colombian warlords enter guilty pleas in US court

Former Newark Mayor Gets 27-Month Sentence

Laura Bush: Afghan work unfinished

Judge: EPA turned 'blind eye' on Everglades

GOP chairman calls for a statewide voter fraud investigation

One in four U.S. bridges needs repair - report

Former JPMorgan executive arrested in Argentina

Earthquake In Los Angeles


Judge ruling on Sprint termination fees is blow to industry

Turley: 'Pathetic' if Monica Goodling takes fall for Bush officials

(Former US Attorney Margaret) Chiara believes she was fired over sexual rumor

Rights group: US, UK should suspend military aid to Kenya over torture allegations

Big powers 'going down,' Iran's president says

Blackwater protected Barack Obama in Afghanistan

PG&E announces $250,000 donation to 'No on 8' campaign

Home deaths from drug errors soar

Veteran Alaskan senator (Ted Stevens) charged with hiding gifts

China Using Olympics as 'Pretext' for Crackdown: Amnesty

(Richard) Perle Linked to Kurdish Oil Plan

Study: 'Pre-dementia' is rising, especially in men

Opponents of gay marriage say they'll sue over changed wording in Proposition 8

Evangelicals warn against Romney on ticket

D.C. Is Sued Again Over Handgun Rules

Officials Investigate Reports of Censorship at Olympic Press Center

Leave John McCain ALONE!!!

Gusher - Flip-Flopper McCain in the Tank for Big Oil

COUNTDOWN: McCain doesn't care about the Troops

Obama Surrogate Greg Craig with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC

Guantanamo: The Torture of Omar Khadr Aged 15 (Disturbing)

Rachel Maddow & Olbermann on McCain's Double Talk on Supporting the Troops

Countdown: McCain Ad Full of Lies

Barack Obama: Meeting with Economic Advisors

Nancy Pelosi interview: George Bush is "a total failure"

AG Mukasey Questioned About Sending Detainee To Syria

It's election season, so it must be terror alert time

Solutions for Colorado

Ryan Seacrest Attacked By A Shark

Mayer: DOJ lawyer says lunatics running the country

Rove can't spin McCain's Awakening gaffe

Postville (Iowa) Immigration Rally - July 27, 2008

McCain's only hope is for a secret-sex tape with he, Cindy and Tyra Banks to emerge

New MediaMatters Ad: Media Hearts McCain, not Obama

I'd like to dedicate a song to Jon Voight

Breaking: Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) indicted on seven criminal counts.

Rev Billy on Fox Business Happy Hour

Musical Interlude: GOP Senator indicted on seven counts

McCain on OBL: To the Gates of Hell, But Not to Pakistan

Progressive Accountibility's new Big Oil ad is here!

What Got Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) BUSTED!! $ Gifts $

McCain Flunkie Flails Away on FauxNews: Taxes and Social Security Flip Flops

Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Michelle Obama spoke at a Women for Obama lunch reception in Chicago

Alaska Senator Ted Stevens Indicted on Seven Counts

TYT: Cenk On Crazy Right Wing Conspiracies Against Obama

TYT: Justice Department Aides Broke The Law = "Karl Frikkin' Rove" ordered it

Lionel Bashes Obama, MoveOn, Liberal Blogs

John McCain Promises Little Girl He Won't Raise Taxes

New RNC Ad: Obama TV Ad in Berlin Parody

Jess Ventura teaches Insannity about fascism

O'Reilly calls McClellan a liar, then is contradicted by D. Morris, callers all agree w/ Scott

Bill O'Reilly is scared to death of Stone's 'W'

TYT: We Should All Arrest Karl Rove (I Love This)

$1,000 to Ask Pelosi a Question

J. Turley comments on Monica Goodling's crimes w/ KO

DOJ Press Conference about Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) Criminal Indictments

Hilarious new viral video on McCain, absolutely brilliant

Hottest Fox News Ever

NYC Cop tackles bicyclist.... NYPD claims biker 'Assaulted cop'

Pelosi on The View Says If Somebody Had A Crime That Bush Committed It Would Be Different Story Grrr

Is McCain for or against adoption by gay couples? The mystery deepens

TYT: Rich People Pay Less Taxes Than The Middle Class &...

UK military may have used banned interrogation tactics in Iraq: rights panel

There Was Smoke — and Fire

The good war?

Eugene Robinson: Bush’s Legacy of Torture

McCain Complains About TOO MUCH Press Coverage

McCain's Painful Dilemma: Iraq as Vietnam 2.0

Let’s Give ‘Blue Dogs’ the Boot

‘Re-missioning’ the War in Iraq, and the Supreme International Crime (Interview w/ Noam Chomsky)

Robert Parry: Big Media Hectors Obama on 'Surge'

Brent Budowsky: John McCain's Anger Problem

NYT: The Story Behind a Canceled Obama Visit (NYT sets the story straight)

How does outsourcing radiology impact the US workforce and economy?

What the University of Chicago right thinks of Obama.

US Transfer of Military & Intelligence Functions to Private, Anonymous Operatives

Calculating Economics of an Eye for an Eye

Merrill sets $5.7 billion write-down, to sell stock

Gary Kamiya: Waving the flag on Iraq -- now in rerun!

US consumer outlook remains shaky (BBC)

Climate crisis: Roosevelt revisited (BBC) {100 months to battle GW}

A Message to Voters Older than McCain

AlterNet: Are We Facing Just Another Market Problem or a System Collapse?

Be Careful What You Wish For

Cuba Reforms its Food Production Process

Scott Ritter: Acts of War

Forget the Surge -- Violence Is Down in Iraq Because Ethnic Cleansing Was Brutally Effective

Bob Herbert: Can Obama Run the Offense?

America's house price time bomb (BBC)

Amnesty International website blocked at Olympic venue

Women's Advocate Is UN's New Human Rights Chief

Haiti: Mud cakes become staple diet as cost of food soars

Richard Cohen: "Just tell me one thing Barack Obama has done that you admire?"

Just how thin is the North Pole ice?

Statement on going after Big Oil

Japan to Boost Nuclear Accident Compensation Fund

Vehicle to Grid Tech in the Smart Garage

As Horses Arrive For Olympic Events, Hong Kong Hits Worst Pollution Levels On Record - Reuters

Saudis To End Spot Fuel Oil Sales Once Peak Demand Ends This Summer - Economic Times

Why we never need to build another polluting power plant

Caribbean volcano spews ash 40,000 feet in air

Green group: Beaches closing or warning at near-record rate

AASA Survey Finds One In Seven School Districts Considering Four-Day Weeks To Save On Energy

IHT - Middle Eastern National Air Carriers Expanding Rapidly - Emirates Orders 58 A380s

Energy company raised funds fraudulently, SEC says

GM crop trials 'should be secret' (BBC)

GUINEA-BISSAU: Fishermen turn to trafficking as fish profits drop

First Littoral Combat Ship gets underway

Reports: F-15 crew cleared in British deaths

Former FED employee pleads guilty to Humphreys leak

Veterans appeal ruling in lawsuit against VA

Air Force says resignation won't affect cyber command decision

Mexican voters reject Calderon's plan for oil industry

Another chunk snaps off Ward Hunt ice shelf

Advisories: Avoid Carp, Catfish Eel Caught In Potomac, Anacostia; Limit Bass, Bullhead, Sunfish

TEPCO:Don't expect quake-hit plant to restart '08/09

State (Florida) shuts down FPL energy program

Renewable energy is attracting Wall Street (and nuclear isn't - k)

Greenlands glaciers hold enough water to cause a sea rise of 23 feet.

Oil sands get nod from U.S. anti-poverty group: 'All Energy Is Good'

Post about caribou slaughter in GD

Thousands Evacuated In E. European Floods; Mining Waste Lakes Filling Rapidly - AFP

Dolly may have shrunk Gulf 'dead zone'

"The Air Quality In Beijing During The Olympics Will Not Affect The Health Of Athletes"

Small farming is the future

Blue Cross Agrees To Cover Gay Couples

Anti-gay organization leader: Shooting of liberal church proves no hate crimes protections needed

NPR:Does Same-Sex Marriage Law Apply To Prisoners?

Pacific Gas & Electric donates to fight Gay Marraige Ban!

Gov. Tim Kaine - another disappointment if true

Short sale of a house

Bad News and Bank Runs

As US Internet companies expand worldwide, being un-American can be key to success

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/28/08

Mortgaged to the World

Blackwater a small business?

wait ... Mr. "I really don't know much about economics" is touting his credentials

Siemens seeks damages from 11 ex-execs

'Extreme Makeover' house faces foreclosure

'Collective Funds' Gain Traction in 401(k)s

The Grand Summary: Our Empire of Debt Is Collapsing

Bennigan's, Steak-and-Ale chains abruptly close

What Obama missed in the Middle East

Poverty pushing people into Hamas militia

Lynching the state

Hamas, Fatah accused of methodic torture

More abuse charges for Naalin officer

University heads: IDF interfering in enrollment process

Top PA officials to Post: 'PA on the brink of bankruptcy'

86 truckloads of goods enter the Gaza Strip Monday

Explosion rocks Hamas training camp, 6 wounded

IDF commander suspended after failing polygraph on West Bank shooting

Hamas to Fatah: Only Zionist protection keeping you safe in West Bank

Morrissey arrives in Israel

Medic: Boy killed by Israeli fire in West Bank

Ariel Sharon's inner circle joins Livni camp ahead of Kadima race

Financial reward offered for terror attack heroes

Promoting the al-Dura myth: Role of Amnesty Int. and HRW

Today in labor history July 29 Following a 5 year table grape boycott they sign their first contract

AFL-CIO Drops New Mailers In OH, MI, PA, WI

25,000 West Dock Workers To Begin Evaluating The New Contract Agreement

Alcoa fires workers over alleged slowdown

Wal-Mart Upper Management Knew About Breaks Violations

Pinochet's daughter seeks office in Chile

Ecuador's Roman Catholic Church attacks draft constitution for gay unions, abortion

Brazilian University Will Fill Half of Its Vacancies with African Students

NGO claims the US was involved in coup against Chávez

COLOMBIA: Indigenous Groups in Danger of Disappearing

"U.S.'s neglect in narcotics war is obvious," Dominican drug czar says.

Mexico dig fails to find 1970s victims

Nicaragua: Trivelli: Populist Governments Always Fail......

52 murders in Caracas over the holiday weekend

Venezuelan ship seized off Spain with 2.5 tons of cocaine

Colombian warlords enter guilty pleas in US court

Petition seeks pardon for jailed (Cuban) exile bomber

Who are you more sick of? Manny or Brett?

Boxing: 7-30 to 8-2

Limbaugh says he might buy Rams if given chance

Prerequisites for developing the wings of awakening.

My iMac fried...

Track of August 1st eclipse- arctic in crosshairs

Happy Birthday, lildreamer316!

Sweet Little Kagome has gone back to the Cosmos..... :=(

Can someone please help me find my bracelet?

Aspects: Congress Passes Historic Housing Bill

Very bad dream last night.

A Call for a Warning System on Artificial Joints

Doctor and Patient, Now at Odds

Populations Exposed To Environmental Uranium

The Story Behind Kennedy’s Surgery

Alzheimer's drug 'halts' decline (BBC)

Statins 'may cut dementia risk' (BBC)

Study Suggests 86 Percent Of Americans Could Be Overweight Or Obese By 2030

Man Offers $1 Billion Reward for Breast Cancer Cure

Summer (such as it is) in Anchorage

Going from 20D to ?

Anybody like the FNP? How about the CZ 40B?

BBC-A man accused of shooting dead two people in a Tennessee church was motivated by hatred of liber

VP Poll with the "top three" from the WaPo article:

VP Stuff--

NYTimes editorial on Pakistan - supportive of Biden-Lugar bill

“Gun Control” Policy Priorities and Recommendations of the Anti-Defamation League to the Dem Party

Democrats Negotiating with NRA

tsegat -- were you rattled by the quake? nt

Goddamn it - I can't stop myself!

The Nature of Glass Remains Anything but Clear

Hmmmn --

Wild Orangutans concoct plant-based soothing balm

Russians in landmark Baikal dive (BBC)

I saw what you did! (ahem)

Malaysian Shrew Survives on Beer

Emergence and Potential Space

Speaking of stoves--

Warp Drive Engine Would Travel Faster Than Light

Gravity Observation

If I hadn't already bought a new stove

Satan is ...

A bit of a religion conundrum:

Meta Poll on Boojatta polls: Do you understand Boojatta's polls?

so-I live in an area with very conservative Christian values.

A Third of British Muslim Students Justify Killing for Religion

I hand prayer beads out to all my patients and their families-if they agree

True or false: Jesus is to Christianity as the Koran is to Islam? n/t (e.o.m.)

And the hits just keep on comin'

The Zapruder Film

After Dallas DA's death, 19 convictions are undone

San Antonio lawyer to steer Obama’s Texas campaign

Jobs in Pasadena, TX

Taking a break from the presidential race for a while.

Any thoughts using Jetico Personal Firewall

If Stevens is found quilty does Kerry's Cunningham amendment hold

Saving webpages permanently

and...weirder; my Menu Bars are Pink

Having trouble with broadband cable not holding connection and affecting my voip phone.

Kerry was right

Concert: Bridge over Troubled Water 8/4 at 7pm

How Tim Pawlenty made his case for VP by wrecking the Minnesota economy

So, early last week Katherin Kersten had a column blaming the attack

No funds to lend to 40,000 students

Fuel prices force schools to weigh class, staff cuts

Globe and Mail: The Ugly Canadian at global trade talks in Geneva

Surely we can do better than that !!!

New voting machines: Paper trail to nowhere? Reminder about FL Opti-Scan Problem

The Fight to Hold on to Our HAVA-Compliant Lever Voting System: Keeping the Air and the Facts Clear

CIA X-files Support Astronaut Edgar Mitchell UFO Tale

Warrant issued for Lib Dem donor

'Remains found on Saddleworth Moor'

The blasted lawnmower made it to "Countdown", but why no

Earthquake in LA! nt