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Archives: July 31, 2008

David Horowitz calls Democratic Party the "Party of Defeat."

CNN is reduced to reporting on this?

Has anybody seen this bumpersticker?

Anyone watching Keith? Is Dana Milbank on today?

Bush History, 7/30 - Bush Rewards the Saudis Again, While they Undermine US Efforts in Iraq

The next President must resist the temptation

Momentum grows for Aug. 2 protests to ‘Stop War on Iran’

McCain, Berlusconi, and Netanyahu

Who saw the Hairballz segment with Rothenberg and Cook talking about the Senate races?

You know, in light of McCain's recent ad, my feelings are starting to change

Amy Goodman: ‘It’s a Global Election’

I do not know much about Chrystia Freeland...

Congratulations to Howard Wolfson on his new gig!

Questions About Siegelman Jury Center around Auburn University (Forged E-Mails)

Schumer introduces S. 3350 regarding FDR documents

Obama-bashing G.I. retracts claim senator 'blew off' Afghanistan troops

They're taking a stand against the war, one step at a time

'the war on terror is a bunch of crap' keith olbermann

Bush threatens to veto equal pay for women

Will there be spying at the China Olympics?

Would you like to see a major cut in the...

CIA concerned about Pakistan intelligence service

Mud Cookies

No Mention of Housing Bill Bush Signed Today? On-Line Credit Cards.

North Dallas office building foreclosed, Coit and Central

Three US Senators Call for EPA Chief to Resign

My present to John McCain

2005 White House hiring directive: ‘Place as many of our Bush loyalists as possible.’

Back from Canvassing for my State Senator... (responses)

Bush threatens to veto equal pay for women.

So what influenced YOU???

Did anyone, like me, at one time find Dennis Miller funny?

the 30-year george w. bush tax bracket

Why September?

RE: New anti Obama ad. Are you ALLOWED to use the pic of a celebrity

I just have to ask this

Poll: Netanyahu is public's preferred choice for next PM

Guardian UK: British Gas provokes fury with biggest ever price rise

Ladies. China wants to finger you

Bushco preparing to raid mass transit fund to pay for highways

Guardian UK: Here comes the global recession - let's eat, drink and be merry

Nancy wants to wait until Sept. to decide on Rove?

India and Pakistan exchange fire in truce zone

Lobe: Neo-Cons Make Their War Aims in Iraq Clearer

Anyone remember this guy?

HuffPo: McCain Is Taking Foreign Policy Advice From This Guy?

Constitution, 2008

Song that reflects your mood about the state of the world: It's Nine Inch Nails' "Terrible Lie" 4 me

The Obama ad vs. the McCain ad

Dose of Durst

What are the odds that McCain's choice for VP will be

How many times are we going to hear this from Fox news?

Time to google bomb the University of Denver

Um. Holy Crap. Executive Order 12333. Scariest thing Bush has ever done in my opinion.

Lott accused of encouraging witnesses to give false information

Platoon. Barnes or Elias?

heh, I was kind of hoping that KO would call out Dana Milbank for not including the full quote.

Jon Stewart is brilliant! That segment on CNN was da bomb!

Pentagon Attempted To Cover-Up KBR’s Negligence In Electrocution Of U.S. Soldier

Now that it's plain Pelosi is on Bushco's payroll, how much

I'm getting sorta pissed, what does the gov't have to do with gas prices?

Response to "Celeb"

Flashback: 1999 - Broder determines Bush is stupid:

Paul Krugman vs. Ben Stein: Larry King Live, as I type 8:11 CDT

CNN Uses Racial Extremist as Source for Its 'Black in America' Series

OK, enough of trying to guess who Obama is going to pick! Time to guess

we need to get organized befor th next election, to hit th streets in millions if they steal another

Esther Slater McDonald


Barack's new ad - the sound "mix" is terrible - on MSNBC only?

Xylitol (sugar substitute in sugar-free gum) can be DEADLY for your pets!

Wa-HOO! Obama releases new ad featuring the Bush twins! (George & John, not Barbara and Jenna)...

What is firing you up? Are you? Are you pro-Obama, pro-McWhacky, or is life

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

Don't mess with her!

A question the media must pose: Why is McCain FLAILING already?

How can the public NOT know Obama??

Where In The World Is cheney?

Crosby, Stills and Nash on Colbert Report Now

sham "stop war on poor" group blames liberals & environmentalists!

About Ludacris - can we look at this issue another way?

Minutemen in San Francisco today. All 12 of them.

Obama Camp Sees Potential in Discontent on Right: May attract disaffected Republicans

Got 10 hours? Want see why we are where we are?? Watch & learn ..

Kriminal Rove is on H&C

Bush bloopers.

Poster over at Kos is saying Obama's Veep is Daschle. Fits Bush picking Cheney

Have there actually been any polls (outside DU) on the impact of VP choices?

Kucinich on Pelosi's Claim of No Crimes Committed By Bush or Cheney

The Perfect Election for a DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE

Interesting tidbit I found re: Alaska politics.

Should Iraq repay us for their 'liberation'?

The Parable of the Talents, Updated for Modern Times

New poll confirms Senator Obama with massive lead in PA-Is PA safe for us?

Beautiful rant by Rachel Maddow about McCain's lies

Is your interest in the Olympics the same as it was a couple decades ago?

From Tom Tomorrow: sean insannity, Obama and duh-bya

Cindy McCain on May 8: "My husband is absolutely opposed to any negative campaigning at all."

Did the M$M blow off the scary EPI report on jobs yesterday????

Août en France ! Woohoo!

Any AARP members out there? Is it a good thing?

Muse of music move us this morning

Muse of music move us this morning

Obama May Be Presumptuous, But Would It Kill Dana To Get His Facts Straight?

Chris Jordan's Lastest Digital Print: 25 Foot Mural Of Constitution. Made Up Of 83,000 Detainees.

Jesus' General: Torturing the non-compliant

Guardian UK: Starbucks to go: The US coffee chain is closing 70% of its Australian stores - hooray!

Flame Away (I'm used to it). McCain MUST add some veritas!

Pentagon think tank advocates LAW ENFORCEMENT approach to counter Terrorism & NOT a Military one

Important! (RE Karl Rove Contempt, Please Read!)

In 02 it was patriotism and securing the homeland. In 04, it was gay marriage. In 08, it will be



McCain to create new ad

NY Times - 12 PAID Commercials - 100s of Free Showings Of False Ad

Mike Malloy took off on Nancy Pelosi tonight..anyone hear it?

McCain thinking of picking Lieberman for VP according to ABC

Why is mcmean going negative? Cause he has NOTHING positive to sell that's why.

McCain Tries to Define Obama as Out of Touch

Republicans giving money they got from Stevens to charity

Can someone please tell me what Rachel Maddow said to Pat Buchanen last night?

AlterNet: In a Perfect Storm of Economic Stagflation, the Yachting Set Says: "Let Them Eat Pizza"

If a cocaine addict can become president, haven't we WON the war on drugs?

On CNN's Homepage: Exxon Mobil made nearly $1500 per second

People are hurting badly.

AlterNet: Our government finds it necessary to protect us from academics who disagree with Bush

Newsweek admits McCain's attack ads contain lies, but calls his strategy "SAVVY" anyway...

Kucinich on Pelosi's Claim of No Crimes Committed By Bush or Cheney

Sad news. Dick Cheney's sugar mama has passed..

Word is that Obama must be punished for making M$M

Little progress made in bridge repairs across US

News networks refer to McCain's "Low Road" tone and risk for backlash

Clip: Obama Responds to McCain Ads

In the issue of fairness, some open advice to John McCain:

Need DU help with local yocal Ted Stevens poll...

Was there a "bump" in Senator Obama's numbers after the overseas visit??

CNN POLL: 40% say McCain is attacking Obama unfairly.

A challenge for the cable and broadcast media

Exxon profits, people pay more

The 10 Levels of Republican Desperation

White House seeks to protect health-care workers who object to abortion

John McCain and the RNC are acting 13 years old

Interesting list?

? Would any normal responsible journalist behave the way Couric and Milbank have?

MarketWatch: Initial weekly jobless claims up 44,000 as eligibility found

Dwarf in luggage was checked in at airport

The way to deal with Corrupt Bush Republicans and their corrupt friends is to make them poor....

whats so bad about feeling good?

"Terrarists on the run", polishing up that legacy?

Bush signs housing bill in private, after calling it 'socialistic'

This is an example of GOP family value: Rep Sessions fundraiser at strip club!

Arrg!!!! Theres a chimp on TV

More controversial running mate for Barack Obama:

House should pursue inherent contempt

Just returned from Obama rally in Union, MO

Good luck with all that, Senator Angry Old Prick......

Candidate's ex-wife funds campaign against him

Want to get free airplay for your campaign spot? Fill it full of lies!

how i will PERSONALLY end McCains presidential dreams!

i am god awful tired of missing out on the hoaxrage of the day

WJ this morning - is the McSame ad over the top?

Soldier Charged $100 to Fly Gear

So was America's revolution totally pointless after all?

The media can't resist Britney Spears and Paris Hilton

Audacity, new repub Obama hate site is hilariously stupid

Doonesbury relates to life after the primaries:

N.Y. Times A Tale of Three (Electronic Voting) Elections

article: U.S. Military Interests Reign Supreme in Italy + Dear George letter

I like Mike Mallly but..

Video: Obama Responds to McCain Ad

Why Obama is in good shape.

McCain "Arizona ranch" more like "weekend retreat"

Has Obama released any attack ads on McCain?

What would happen if there were two Americas?

A lyric for McCain and his campaign.

From a Florida Paper: From 'straight talk' to smear campaign

Lawmakers who have not officialy endorsed Obama

Bush Fights Science & Common Sense On Global Warming & Morning After Pill - Bush History, 7/31

Sen. Ted Stevens to face judge in corruption case

Obama's best strategy? Attack

Alaskans fear life without Daddy Tedbucks..

McNasty in last throes...something close to Cheyne Stokes...weakened by self indulgence and

Do DUer's who can't speak, insulted by the word "Dumb" ?

My first hand report from Obama's Town Hall meeting in Springfield MO

I don't like what's going on...

Has the Democratic Party earned your vote based on past performance since 2006?

McCain and disability payments

Clinton to Introduce Obama at (AFSCME) Labor Convention, today at 1:30 ET.

Obit: David Popper, ambassador to Pinochet's Chile

OK, the GDP allegedly grew by 1.9% (less than the 2.4% forecast) WITH the stimulus checks....

Oh you Whippersnapper!

Q: 'How did bush & cheney get away with it all'? A: We let them.

Gibbs vs. Wallace Joust on Morning Joe on MSNBC (VIDEO)

I've heard Bush say the oil in Iraq belongs to the all the people of Iraq, he doesn't believe

The Booshe misAdministration is lying about the GDP

"Toughguy"Tucker Carlson: Barack Obama is George W. Bush circa 2000

Response from ICC prosecutor re: war crimes trials for *

All together, do millions of smokers around the world make enough smoke to reduce global warming?

Nate Silver on the New Quinnipiac Polls and Why Today's Sping Will Be Wrong

Why isn't there outrage against w for failing to win the war all these years?

Under New Proposals, Some Rape Victims Wouldn't Get Emergency Contraception

Housing rescue law. What do you think of the Gov. taking 50% of profit if you sell in 5 years?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Rove calls contempt vote ‘ludicrous,’ admits to exerting no ‘personal privilege.’»

" Al Qaeda In Iraq" has high-tailed it to Afghanistan..

Newsweek: How Saudi Arabia's Prince Bandar muscled Tony Blair into silence

Please DU this poll. Thanks.

Political cartoonist Tony Auth on McCain and the "Straight Talk Express"

Anyone watching Idiot Hasselback get her ass handed to her on The View?

Will the real George W. Bush please stand up!

Video: Congressional Hearing on Electrocutions of U.S. Troops in Iraq

Morning Joe has shown McCains Paris Hilton ad at least 3 times now, eom.

CHEETOS - The new wingnut term for mockery

Somehow, Sen. Stevens will get off easy:

Obama says Republicans trying to scare voters

Israeli military chiefs spent last week in Washington

Jim Adkisson is driving me mad

If John McSame is a real Maverick/Conservative, how come we never

Natural Gas Discover ON LAND in Louisiana -- 250 trillion cubic feet of recoverable gas.

His Irrelevancy giving early morning Iraq presser

Hilarious! Fox Showed Britney, Paris and MCCAIN In The News Promos Last Night! hahahahaha

Dennis Kucinich on with Thom Hartmann right now

To my industrious friends at DU

Draft HHS Regulation Treats The Pill As Abortion

A Tale of Two Houses - Bush vs. Gore - Something smells here.

McCain Gets a Protective Pool, Too.

Disney's profit over 5% HIGHER than Exxon! Call congress right fucking now! 13.8% profit to Exxon's

MarketWatch: GDP revisions hint at recession

Breaking News!Obama leads In Florida,Ohio and Pennsylvania

Is it just me, or has been abandoned?

Has or has not McCain voted for every Bush budget? He keeps

Preacher arrested in pulpit after body is found in freezer

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

Obama's Convention Crowd: Biggest Phone Bank Ever

$1,485.55 a second - Exxon 2nd quarter profit

Court Rules on Miers/Bolten Subpoenas

Larry Wilkerson on John McCain:

Bennigan's and Steak & Ale are closing

CNN's ad revenue must be down, with all this "issue number one" crap, the US economy is all

Can a presidential candidate mail money out to people?

McCain and the Rage Celebrities; wouldn't he be most like Naomi Campbell and Amy Winehouse?

So McCain called Putin the President of Germany, Hey?

Gore likely to star at Democratic convention

Sleeping man beheaded on Greyhound bus

Wow, look! The Pope is a big celebrity just like Paris Hilton..

Why not Sebelius?

Does Ludacris actually WANT Obama to win?

These commercials are really bad

Obama vs. McCain. Obama wins hands down. Obama vs. McCain AND Media. Obama loses.

Will our County, our supposed nation of laws, be able to survive the

Beyond Britney Spears and Paris Hilton: What’s at stake this November

The "narrowing" in Quinnipiac only has to do with changes in partisan weightings.

Collapsing Bridges, Sinking Levees. It’s (Past) Time to Invest

Aravosis believes that McCain is gay-baiting Obama.

Government says economy grew because of "stimulus", but doubts remain

Blast from the Past: Now there is a buzz that Dick Gephardt is under consideration for VP

"I wrote that John McCain was an honorable man and he would run an honorable campaign. I was wrong."

Bush HHS pushing reg that would require hospitals to tolerate bigots on staff

Any editorial cartoonists and/or animators out there?

Federal Judge rules against Miers, Bolton...and Rove on subpoenas


Bill Scher: Headlines You Won't See: Americans Support Clean Energy

Anyone here going to the dem convention in Denver?

Oh my GOD! Britney Spears wants to raise my taxes!!!

Props to Obama. At the town hall meeting today, Planned Parenthood volunteers

It all boils down to this

Raw Video: Obama attended a town cookout at the park pavilion in Union City, Missouri

Rap... Still Controversial

WHO's 'Out of Touch'? A Few Basic Biographical Facts

lol @ Rep Zach Wamp(R) of Tenn

CommonDreams: Celebrate, Don’t Mourn, Collapse of WTO Talks

Fears Of A Government Shutdown In September


Question I got from C-SPAN

Citizens of the World

McClatchy: Experience called poor predictor of presidential success

What is going on with the Unemployment Numbers-A Hidden Toll on Employment: Cut to Part Time

Common Cause: House should pursue inherent contempt

On the CNN radio news (during Thom Hartmann) just now, they reported on Exxon's huge profit......

Kirsten Powers Gives Karl Rove Hell Over "Obama Snubbed The Wounded Soldiers" Smear

Sheikh flies Lamborghini 6,500 miles to Britain for oil change

Obama to focus on economy during Iowa visit

Video: Gibbs, Wallace Joust on MSNBC

As Aides Map Aggressive Race, McCain Often Steers Off Course

I heard the shrub was going to speechify on Iraq this morning?

First Obama attack book in the works (publication scheduled for Aug 4)

Cook Political Report upgrades Obama in nine states -- NC a tossup!

The Nation: Now They're Calling Him Gay

IRONY: Pompous Presumptuous Pundits Point their Pretentious fingers and make Pronouncements

GDP was up 1.9% in the second quarter, but gains will be attributed to stimulus checks

So the Senate Republicans BLOCKED the Stop Excessive Energy Speculation Act

they got the old one following a script

McCain desperate, Democrats say

Let's beef up those July Fundraising Totals!

A simple ad fix for the Obama campaign...

2pm - C-Span 3 to cover House Armed Svcs Hearings on Gitmo & Supreme Ct

Time to watch the Senator at the Court House

A quote that says it all

Arugula lovers: Why do you hate America?

Hillary Gets Keynote Slot At Convention. Same Night 19th Amendment (Women's Vote) Ratified!

Barack Obama as Britney Spears, and John Kerry, and Malcolm X...all at the same time?

How did McCain get involved in politics? Who is Cindy Hensley's father?

Christopher Hayes: Rich, Out of Touch Elitist

Did Keith Olbermann say anthing about that POS Dana Milbank tonight?

New York Times ascribes "McNasty" to the DNC

Call O'Loofah & Hannity LIVE to confront them with ADKISSON!1

So, McCain compares Obama to Paris Hilton...

Stupid John McCain?

Canada Economy Unexpectedly Shrank in May on Natural Gas, Car Production

WaPo: Obama's Veep Vetting Enters New Stage, more candidates being exposed to "deeper dig."

N.Y. Economist declares "We're in a recession. It's going to widen, it's going to deepen."

ABC-Exxon spent 1% on Alternative Energy (BP 3%) --VIDEO 01:39

Crude Oil Drops on Indications U.S. Fuel Demand Will Deteriorate Further

Daily Kos: Tim Kaine Endorsed Joe Lieberman for President in 2004

Republicans Walk Out of Intelligence Briefing

Whoa! St. Pete Times eviscerates McCain -- "From 'straight talk' to smear campaign"

Is John McCain Running a Presidential Campaign or a Campaign for Student Government?

I have this political fantasy...

Sometimes, it’s not a good idea to tell a friend she’s an idiot.

ABCs Jake Tapper says Obama called McCain a racist. Goes on to lick McCains boots. Disgusting.

ABCs Jake Tapper says Obama called McCain a racist. Goes on to lick McCains boots. Disgusting. a letter from credit card company telling me my rate is going to "flexible" status

Obama "celebrity" gaining traction?

'A nasty turn'

John McCain resumes his grand strategy of whining, whining, and whining some more

CNNMoney: Exxon made nearly $1,500 per SECOND in Q2

Where There's a Will, There's a Well -- and Water

Let's talk deregulation

McCain resists call to Remove Embattled Catholic Aide

The group urging Obama to pick Clinton as his running mate is closing its doors

ECO-BIKINIS Eagles Cheerleaders Go Eco-Sexy for calendar

Obama outraises McCain in Idaho

Seven killed in Minnesota small plane crash

John McCain - Should We Call Him Jan Brady?

How long might it take for the repukes to put impeachment of Obama on the table?

According to Barack Obama, I will never have the American dream

The Elitist Celebrity Quiz - Jake Tapper at ABC News finally offers a bit of truth.


BUSHCO's New Executive Order-Signed In Secret=MORE Spying

New name: McMarshaMarshaMarsha

China: Tourists Not Welcome

Hilarious McCain in a Debate "Everyone is dummer for having to have to listen to you"

McCain "I Will Run A Clean Campaign" UPDATE: "Obama Playing The Race Card"

Tapper: JMM Says Britney Ad Implies Obama Has a "Taste for Young White Women"

Does anybody know if the Judge's decision to allow contempt citiations will affect anything?

Why Do All Of McCain's Surrogates Look Like Younger Versions of Cindy McCain?

Rasmussen: 30% of Conservative Democrats Say They’ll Vote for McCain

heh, lovely. It starts. McCain campaign chief: Obama played the Race Card

Republican nutjob Jon Voight makes his Washington Times debut!

DU's own Larisa Alexandrovna on Hartmann's 3rd hr. Topics: Siegelman case, Paul Minor case, Diebold

Insider Advantage Poll: Obama down by 4 in Georgia!

The perfect response.

Nevermind Obama, the real savior of America is Al Franken

Eleven Point Seven Billion Dollars In PROFIT

Law Prof Larry Tribe on Kennedy v. Louisiana (child rape death penalty case)

"Biggest celebrity in the world" playing on stupid anti-christ crap

Held Suspect

Great editorial cartoon in our paper re: DOJ hiring practices

More Judicial Horseplay? Paul Minor says Judge Henry Wingate piled on extra prison time

So, now OBAMA is playing the race card?

Special Treatment for Stevens

Someone should bring up that Karl Rove "played the race card" (so to speak) with McCain's daughter

Life in Iraq: "He had to use a wooden stick to turn off the shower. . . ."

Parents who take responsibility for their adult children's bills...

McCain's Oil Drilling Hoax

'barack obama has fans he doesn't have voters' asswipe on msnbc

McCain's $520 loafers put 'elitist' shoe on the other foot

McCain's $520 loafers put 'elitist' shoe on the other foot

Obama's best strategy? Attack

Jon Lovitz McCain

Time to Ridicule me for Tinfoil observations

If Hasselbeck was Dem I would still mute the teevee when she came on

Like a fart in a windstorm ......

Conyers Hails Landmark Ruling on White House Subpoena

Factoid of the day (McCain).

MCain and Lieberman = the new Milli Vanilli, mouthing the words that Bush/Rove have written

****Heads Up: Obama Live Right Now****

Tobacco regulation

Great Lakes water diminishes and EVERYBODY wants some

Would you find Dick Gephardt acceptable as a V.P. nominee?

Offshore drilling could have legs for Repubs.

I wonder what's on his reading list?

Lanny Davis Angered By 'Other Women' Obama VP Talk

Why does the "DRILL,DRILL,DRILL" crowd believe that the oil companies ....

Sen. Stevens pleads not guilty, asks for trial before election

Note to media: for you to discuss a campaign "ad" there should be an actual ad buy otherwise it's PR

Group Devoted To Pushing Hillary As Veep Closes Up Shop

N.Y. gov: 'If Rush Limbaugh said it, I know it's wrong'

McCain In Iowa: "I'd Just Commit Suicide" If Democrats Take Control Of Senate

Alligator Attacks boy in Louisiana, tears off arm

Great editorial cartoon re: DOJ mess

sweet jesus - the walmart virus

Obama VP prospect Tim Kaine isn't the most exciting choice, but he's passionate about public service

Larisa Alexandrovna: "Your Corruption Fix - How Many Ways Can You Indict Karl Rove This Week?

I know Obama's schedule is jammed, but I have a question for those with contacts at the campaign.

Honestly, I think the press and the Obama campaign thought better of McCain

I wore my Impeach Cheney hat to the RMV today and people smiled at me!

It must suck to be John McCain and have all that huge

Oil Companies Get $33 billion in Taxpayer Handouts

How Far Would You Be Willing To Go Have Obama Pick YOUR VP Choice?

Obama camp responds: McCain not using race, is taking 'low road'

Pelosi: San Fran 'Mischaracterized' by Right as 'Out of Mainstream'

Zogby Poll: 3 Senate Seats Now Held By GOP At Big Risk Of Being Taken By Dems Disproves Obama "Celebrity" ad

Did anyone watch the McCain town-hall in Racine WI today?

Do you think Congress will lift the Off-Shore Drilling Ban?

SFRC hearing 2pm - Defining the Military's Role Towards Foreign Policy

Parents who apply for jobs for their kids

New anti-McPainintheass Poster:

McCain will not be the GOP nominee after the convention.

Local California state employees peeved over pay-cut threat

The Wave of "Capitol Crimes" Continues --Bill Moyers and Michael Winship

Arabs Divided on Obama (from Al Jazeera)

McCain just played the paranoid white man card....n/t

Fight back! Latest sleazy McCain attack ad. Help Obama get HIS new ad on the air!

Obama slams McCain on oil, negative campaigning

Gulf Paper: Purpose Of Mideast Negotiations Is To Help McCain

McCain just said he was proud of the Paris Hilton ad..

A Few afternoon toons...

Ted Stevens' GOP primary opponent says: "George Bush is the Worst President"

Obama needs to Make Nice

WSJ: Is John McCain Stupid?

LOL! (pic), part two.

ABC News Afghanistan correspondent: "Traveling any where in Afghanistan is not safe these days"

I Think Obama Should Wait As Long As He Can Before Announcing His Veep Choice

Using the news to make "news". Obama should call for more research funds for early dementia detectio...

Midlo Alert--------Play Bunco Online!!!

McCainerly Hillbillies (video at link).. "oil, that is.."

Totally misleading headline (again) "Obama AND McCain go old-school in political jabs"

My perception of John McCain

Led by "czar of Bush war room," McCain attack campaign "reminiscent" of attacks that defined Kerry

30% of Conservative Democrats Say They'll Vote for McCain - This does not add up at all

Write your best soundbite line for Obama to respond to the McCain attack with

Air pollution - the gift that keeps on giving.

New Obama ad in response to McCain's attack ad! Very good...

Hilton’s family fuming at McCain campaign (from a conservative blogger,take it for what its worth)


The GEORGE W. BUSH PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY is now in the planning stages

The United States' HIV Immigration Ban Eliminated? Not So Fast!

Obama slams McCain over oil company tax breaks

McCain Campaign Says Obama Is Playing the ‘Race Card’ (NY Times)

Jerome Corsi, #1 Swiftboater, is back again with a book on Obama

Ohio newspapers rate the McCain ad a zero for truthfulness on scale of 0 to 10

Obama to McCain: "Is That Really the Best You Can Come Up With?"

I heard Mcsame say he was doing the lords work in the house of satan.

Kentucky Senate: McConnell in a real fight

Rasmussen, 7/31: Obama 45%, McCain 43%

Ron Brownstein implies McCain using Blonde lascivious women to smear a Black Man

Glenn Greenwald: Karl Rove’s Media Birds Chirp About Obama’s ‘Arrogance’

Obama camp responds: McCain not using race, is taking 'low road'

Gallup, July 31, 2008

OIL commercial Obama should run:

So Exxon records record profits, the stimulus was a bust and not so stimulating LOL and the surge

Fired Minn. official now at TSA (CNN)

So Ted Stevens wants the trial date changed to not interfere with the elections

The quickest way for Obama to change the subject...

Judge Rules White House Aides Can Be Subpoenaed

N.C. called dogfighting hot spot

Dem Nick Lampson files legislation to drill in ANWR

Study: 90% of Obama's ads don't mention McCain

After nearly a whole damn week of pretty much calling Obama "Uppity"

2008 Electoral College Counter

The ladies on "The View" did not leave for haitus yet

Sen. Kerry: McCain is 'Dead Wrong';

I know the Iraq $120B thing was just rumors, but if a country offered an aid package to the US, just

NASA Turns 50 This Week

As Usual, Republicans/Drudge/ABC Are Driving the News: NYT Declares "Racial Issues Return"

it's time to convert the current msm into opinion programs and start a new MSM

Mayor Announces DNC Events for Residents

Who’s Paying for the Conventions? Corporate Sponsors Pour Millions into Party Coffers

The one attack ad I want to see: John McCain Funded By The Oil Companies

When will the Sergeant at Arms arrest Rove?

AFL-CIO Ready for McCain's VP (alleged) Choice: Fred Smith

More proof the AP and the mainstream media is slanted to the right..

Red Sox Fans, thoughts on the possibility of trading Manny.

McShame party accusing Obama of playing the race card.

Fired emergency response exec now at Homeland Security

I know this Toon is from June but I can't wait for the debates!

Instead of reacting to GOP drilling campaign on gas prices, subpoena Cheney Energy Task Force docs

U.S. Guns going to Mexico Watch Democracy NOW !

I Think Obama WILL Go Negative, But Not How You Think

John McCain Had Attack Ad Ready in Case Barack Obama Did Visit Troops

What does Olmert's resignation mean for the timing of the Israeli attack on Iran?

Today's idiotic LTTE about Obama ("Liberal media," "hope," "nonsense," "Prince of Platitudes")

Election Violation? Any Site That Tracks and Value Free Replays Of McCain Commercials?

Oh my god. EH is in full TWIT mode today

The repugs have good reason to fear Obama's celebrity...

Not good- Race tightening in PA, Ohio, FL


Low Road Express — This is good!

Britney and Paris should be seriously pissed at being used as 'tools'

Obama campaign manager: buckle up

Photo: "Y'see, ah'm a FRIEND of coal, comes inna lump, 'bout this big...BIG ol' lump"

I'm trying to remember - what happened the last time there was a financial crisis in CA?

Gee, ONLY 10 or so Americans dead in Iraq this month.

Obama Has Obviously Gotten Under McCain's Skin

Bill Press: John McCain Plays the Race Card

New site set up to fight back against McCain's attacks.

"Bush" --four letters. What other four-letter word can you think of to describe Bush?

Holy Cat: Jesus' Face Seen In Feline's Fur

Talking points sent to the VIEW

Top McCain Adviser's Chalabi Ties Ran Deep

John McCain Plays the Race Card

Milbank, accusing Obama of hubris, crops quotes, makes false insinuations, neglects basic reporting

O'LOOFAH harping on Obama-Ludacris, but not a PEEP about him & ADKISSON

McCain says he's disappointed in Obama

LIEberman: McCain ad "creative"..."People complain about it.--They should just relax and enjoy it."

The inversion of reality

Does anyone else feel we are getting dumber as a country at an EXPONENTIAL RATE?

McCain was prepared to attack Landstuhl visit-Had the script-READY TO GO

The polls reveal numbers...MILLIONS of AMERICANS switching to BLUE

Sorry, I clicked on Drudge. He has a big dollar bill photo up, with Obama's pic on it.

World's oldest joke traced back to ancient Sumerians...

McCain's $520 Loafers Put 'Elitist' Shoe on the Other Foot

Ras Poll: Kentucky is closing McCain 49% (-8) Obama 39% (+7)

Former K.O. "Worst Person" & GOP hopeful Allen West: "Al Jazeera Tried to Kidnap Me in Florida!"

McCain Camp's Rove Acolyte Decries Obama's Tactics As Rovian

What’s with neo-cons and their obsession with female genitalia?

OK.... what about an Obama 3AM ad to counter McCrap's"Celeb" ad ?

Is McCain's speech defect because of his age, or another condition?

McCain had an ad script ready to go if Obama had visited the wounded troops

I think we all could use a laugh...

McCain looks immature and pathetic...

McCain knows how to win a war?

McCrap is trying to neutralize the power of Obama's Ivesco Stadium nomination

Britney, Paris Air Savage Anti-McCain Ad

Lieberman On Britney Ad: "Just Relax And Enjoy It"

RAS POLL: Montana: Obama: 47% McCain 47% (with leaners)

Mukasey: No, I Will Not Enforce Citations for Contempt of Congress

McCain Goes Negative...Again

Looking at the map, I see little reason for Obama to leave the states of MI,OH and FL

McSame, McMean, McNasty, McDubya, McBush, McStupid, McAncient...

Daniel Ellsberg: "I think a turning point, a tipping point, has been reached here."

Obamamania sweeps the pre-school set (DKos)

The Universal Soldier Who Protects Us All

Ok what is wrong with Lanny Davis

"Obama has fans. He doesn't have voters. That's why he lost PA by over 20 points to Hillary..."

John McCain and the corporate media propaganda machine.

McCain surrogate Rick Davis pwned by Andrea Mitchell; meltdown video here:

John McCain and MTV

His smell was his 'tell' -- stinky gambler ejected from casino

RAS Poll: Texas McCain 52% Obama 44% (no change)

EUREKA! They found water on Mars! T. Boone Pickens buys up all the rights to it!!

Mugabe's Biggest Sin

Those Privacy-Hating Chinese Communist Tyrants

Dear Obama, PLEASE Demand McCain Apologize For Using The Troops As Political Footballs

Damn the torpedoes!...

Political Commercials

Pew Poll: Obama (D) 47%, McCain (R) 42%

McCain vs. truth: Ad it up

I wish Barack would give another watershed speech right now

I wish Barack would give another watershed speech right now

Welp, folks, it's time to throw "the kitchen sink" at that miserable old war-mongering bastard

"A Radical Time to Be Alive"

Two possibilities come to mind

If McCain were a Democrat ...

How Low Can He Go

Polls exaggerate McCain Gains

Max Baucus introduces bill to help wildlife and hunters

Skocpol: Forget Racism, Use Memorable Ads to Make McCain's Economics Scary

Obama Abroad: Not Just Another Rock Star

WTF is going on today?

Obama is going to have to get nasty right back at McSame...

Looks like the NRSC forget where they stored their broom...

Russ Warner for Congress in California's 26th Congressional District. Toss out David Drier!

GOP congressman hints at support for sending Rove to jail

How about a little Thursday humor?'s sh*t?

The Prosecution of Bush for Murder: this Sunday on Book TV

McCain Camp Taken Aback by Charges of Racism

The interesting candidate and the boring candidate.

Today on Jeff Farias -Jeff is playing great tunes & topics are KB&R; Rape in Iraq, GOP Liars, McDumb

What about McCain's character?

Limbaugh Called Spears & Hilton "Twats" On The Air Today...

Why Bush folded on Iran: Now Bush Sounds Like Obama by Juan Cole

"The Election Time Republican Deluxe Party Kit" - what would YOU add??

A Clueless McCain / America’s Future At Risk

Republicans and bush to blame for 110th congress

Does GEM$NBC advertise posts or keep them all

Anyone else feeling like Obama is playing more defense than offense lately?

Dan Ellsberg: "They Are Totally Complicit" (Insightful-Interview By Glenn Greenwald)

When you step back and review all backgrounds.. is Evan Bayh really such a bad choice?

Hey, McShame, those oil companies are gonna want somethin' in return

The difference between today's conservative press and yesteryears Liberal one

I'm seeing some posts stating that Barack's campaign should start hitting below the belt in his ads.

Let's teach the McCain campaign and it's surrogates what is meant

McCain: Fire bad, Bread good, Britney Ad GOOOOOOD ("We are proud of that commercial")

John McCain's long lost brother was on TDS last night, and Jon kicked his ass

Nervous about DNC

Budweiser's new owner does business in Cuba

M$M.. Whenever they talk about "racism" they get a black commentator

Tim Kaine, possible Obama VP, on Charlie Rose now, 11:42 pm CT. He loves Barack! nt

Ad play

Shuster Just Reported: McCain Planned To Attack Obama re: Troop Visit No Matter What

Barack Obama has a Muslim name.

Whistleblower Assists Larisa Alexandrovna Investigation Into GA Diebold Patch (Max Cleland Election)

John McCain and MTV

Ted Stevens pleads not guilty, hopes "unusually speedy trial date" will "clear his name" before Nov.

Message from Barack: 'The Low Road'

It's sad when a Republican like Michelle Bernard even has to smack down Buchanan

So average Obama supporter, do you know why you're voting for Obama?

Obama camp says McCain tactics worse than Rove's

McCain commanded troops? Really?

McCain pilots presidential campaign...and, predictably, crashes it.

If John McCain were to ask my advice and I were to give him honest advice

If John McCain were to ask my advice and I were to give him honest advice

An elderly politician makes an ad with Britney Spears?

The quest for a McCain bumper vacation and more

I'm concerned about John McCain's money .. Email

Ya know, McCain is right. I don't want a rock star, capable of drawing a crowd of 200,000 wildly

Bizarre 'Monster' Washes Up On L.I. Shore

McCain Says He Is "proud" to make the election about Britney Spears

56% of voters favor a 3rd party - Pew

CNN Scoff's at WH abuse of power hearings: "Stagecraft". Your blood will BOIL!

If the Oklahoma City bombing occured today, how would Faux News spin it?

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA today at a townhall meeting in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Anyone else get their Obama T-shirt yet?

Bigot-Bait Twofer

"Britney Spears is nothing but Willie Horton in a halter top."

44-pound cat's owner had lost her home to foreclosure

HOLY SHIT. Just turned on Hardball and Pat is losing it!

Obama Campaign: McCain Is Riding The "Low Road Express"

holy shit the sky is falling on R4TWH

VIDEO: "The View Fights Over John McCain As Whoopi vs. Elisabeth Heads Into Round II"

Mark Malloy: McCAIN Is A "Lying Son-of-a-Bitch"

Gallup daily tracking: Obama 45%, McCain 44%

New Polls from Idaho and California

Republican candidate says Bush should be impeached

Pelosi says Rove contempt citation is possible later today

Obama slams McCain over oil company tax breaks

Just decided that any money that I would have given to Obama will now go

Media critic calls Dana Milbank "the worst pseudo-journalist in the entire world"

Obama, Clinton address union delegates in SF

RIck Davis (McCain's Campaign Manager) Has Meltdown on MSNBC 1:19 EST

My how things have changed: Repub latches on to Kerry and Obama's coattails (updated)

Secular Coalition to DNC: "Unity" Event Should Include Us

Big Media - Talking Point #2433 - Obama May Not Respond To Smears b/c That's Playing The Race Card

Stevens gets chance to clear name before election

**2008 Senate Races- Early Predictions**

Cafferty: McSame is a Jealous Pri*k

DU Obama fundraising seems pretty slow.

Is it POSSIBLE for Obama to go on the offense?

Watch the Eclipse online -

Rove:Obama is 1. trash-talking basketball player both cocky/lazy;or 2.cocky black guy with hot chick

Senator Barack Obama's Address to the AFSCME 37th International Convention (video)

Lieberman Defends McCain Attack Ad: "Just Relax And Enjoy It"

Utopianism as an accusation

Judge orders White House to find, preserve e-mails

Why are people bitching about the cost of gasoline?


Hey - it's only 95 days until the election!

Man, Kerry just went all total bulldog on McCain shill Jon Kyl on David Gregory's show

Meanwhile some supporters in Rolla, MO.....

I Have Never Seen a Presidential Campaign Melt Down So Fully So Early

OK, I just signed up for the CT Brigade for choice to go to New Hampshire

Schwarzenegger orders 22,000 job cuts amid fiscal crisis

Who would you like to say "Go Fuck Yourself" to and why?

Copied off of John McCain's website store. (Just for fun.)

Bush History, 7/31 - Bush Fights Science & Common Sense On Global Warming & Morning After Pill

ZING! Obama Taunts McCain: "Is That The Best You Can Come Up With?"

Now, for a little diddly: Know Thine Enemy. (vol. 1)

Can I watch Hardball and Race for the White House today or will it make me want to hang myself?

Paris Hilton's parents gave McCain $4,600.00 toward his campaign.

Bedwetters and handwringers unite!

Okay, now see if I've got this right....(to those against impeachment)


O'Reilly & Dick Morris Agree-For McCain To Win He "Needs To Scare The Hell Out Of The Folks"

Cara Italia: Can Italy Save America?

Notice to Nancy Pelosi

Notice to Nancy Pelosi

Obama Campaign Fundraising Goal

NBC's Brian Williams to Rush: ". . . congratulating you on a great run. . . Go get 'em."

Biden statement on 1yr anniversary of UN commitment to send peacekeepers to Darfur


Charter cable communications/internet service SUCKS!

Sorry Rachel this election isn't about Obama

You see this crazy murder in Canada?

Arkansas Yanks ("Racist") NGR License Plates

Arkansas Yanks ("Racist") NGR License Plates

When the ‘presumptuous’ meme jumps the shark (calling out Dana Milbank)

Honestly, I'm glad McCain is going negative----

Robert Parry: WPost Calls Out 'Uppity' Obama

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program By the Numbers

Monster or Myth? Bizarre Creature Washes Up On L.I. Shore

Dennis Kucinich's Response to Madame Pelosi's Objection to Impeachment

This just in...McCain seen taking a beach break

How long will it take for conservatives to be de-programed after the election?

Woman finds Jesus in a bag of Cheetos (a new junk food icon)

Paris' Parents to McCain: How Dare You

McCain Camp releases statement from former Landstuhl surgeon attacking Obama for "canceling visit"

Caption *

How Can Obama Best Counter the Attacks?

Rachel brings up the Harold Ford white girl ad

Got Screen Captures of FauxNewz w Rethugs Under arrest with "D" Instead?

Fear of PUMA's : Siege Mentality on DU

Tom Lehrer is alive and well and voting for Obama

The Daily Widget – Thursday, July 31 – Obama 359, McCain 179 – Re: Poll on Swing States, Part 2

THIS is what RW hate-monger radio has brought to this country

The Million Mom March "code of silence?" (re: Mary McFate)

Mccain reminds me of Elmer Fudd going up against Bugs Bunny.

Is Obama doing a, "donate before the end of July...

What did Obama mean when he said he doesn't look like "other presidents" on the currency?

Is anyone following the missing toddler case - Caylee Anthony??

"...Faulty Levers &/or corrupt human counters cut Kerry's NY 'margin' by 750,000 votes!" - x

Obama: Game, Set, Match. The Britney Ad will become a national joke.

This is why I hate politics.

Fired Pawlenty Administration DoT official now working for Homeland Security

Fired Pawlenty Administration DoT official now working for Homeland Security

Breathtaking hypocrisy: McCain had ad script prepared in case Obama *did* visit the troops.

The New York Times SLAMS McCain

Free Obama Stickers

Obama Campaign Fundraising

While we're waiting for the VP pick, what about second spouses?

Here is why I know that Senator Obama will make the perfect choice in picking a VP

"Obama is playing the race card! From the bottom of the deck" - this is a rallying cry

Hasselbeck needs to be kicked off TV

"They're not interested in being informed, they just want to be affirmed."

Pelosi can't get anyone to buy her book

Rednecks for Obama

we don't need an ailing president who will die soon

I hate to say this, but Obama needs to eat a Big Mac with one hand...

gates: 'Terrorism still enemy #1, even if we lose bush's wars?

McCain picks Britney Spears as his Vice Presidential Running Mate

Jeeeez republicans, JEALOUS much?

Obama's convention crowd: Biggest phone bank ever . THIS IS AWESOME! MUST READ

Cop goes crazy on cyclist at critical mass ride-video

Meet Rachel Maddow's life partner

Tomorrow: Barack Obama To Discuss Economic Security With Floridians

I am afraid for this country because of our inadequate, complicit, incurious media.

MSNBC will not release video of Rachel Maddow destroying Pat Buchanan

Let America Be America Again

H.R. 1955: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention

The entire media is in full-throat anti-Obama mode. I have never seen anything like this Home Page:

Senator Menendez to McCain:"after a lifetime opposing offshore drilling now you are for it"

And you guys honestly thought Obama was running against McCain----Snarf!

ROFL! Ad NOT hot "Miss Hilton was not asked, nor did she give permission for"

CR student Obama mentions who works, takes care of disabled sister, flooding ruined her home and


Pelosi Should Be Indited for Conspiracy to Torture and Violation of the FISA Act

Who will break the UPPITY barrier first?

Who will break the UPPITY barrier first?

Fat cat turns out to be male — and a foreclosure victim

I just don't get it somebody help me..

Kerry Kicks [Kyl's] A$$

"Exxon spends less on R&D than they do on their CEO" - Ellen Ratner on the Thom Hartmann show

James Warren: McCain's Attack Ads Ridiculous but Quite Dangerous for Obama

Dear Main Stream Media - Go ahead and say it.

Accusing someone of playing the race card is what RACISTS do when they are called out. . .

Just Donated $25 as a FUCK YOU to John W McFuckhead!

Do we win or lose in November?

Rachel Maddow on Pat Buchanan

The U.S. Air Force helped with the production of the film "United 93"

CBS News: Reality Check On Offshore Drilling

SCOTUS Would Have To Overturn US v Nixon For Rove To Avoid Testifying to "GROSS VIOLATIONS OF LAW"

Jeff Koopersmith eviscerates Michelle Malkin for her unsubtle "dog whistle" racist language

Obama: "You haven't heard a positive thing out of that campaign in a month"

Wake Up America-McCain Received $881,450 From Big Oil Since Announcing Support For Offshore Drilling

I don't think high gas prices are hurting the Democrats

Cenk Calls Out The MSM On The Fable of John McCain (Wash. Post Article Pushed Him Over The Edge)

Cenk Calls Out The MSM On The Fable of John McCain (Wash. Post Article Pushed Him Over The Edge)

I want to thank McCain for the pro-Obama ad.

Can we lay some stereotypes to rest?

McCain not talking to the Press on his Bus or Plane.

Watch thin-skinned McCain abruptly end interview with CNN's John King re playing of the race card.

An email from the Al Franken campaign

CNN Anchor with Bush ties dismisses abuse-of-power hearings as 'stagecraft' (FAIR Action Alert)

Does anybody here watch the CBS News with Cutie Couric?

What name will be the most popular male name for new babies 5 years from now?

Why is McCain comparing a Constitutional Law professor to Britney and Paris and

Golden retriever adopts 3 tiger cubs at Kan. zoo

McCain's "Celebrity" commercial is a classic example of playing the race card

Photos: Clinton voices her support for Obama at AFSCME

Should Nancy Pelosi be replaced as Speaker of the House by another Democrat?

Homeless disabled Nam vet says goodbye to his best friend of 16 years (Get out the Kleenex!)

Gotcha! Gallup Commits "Polling Malpractice" Startling New Info/Controversy on Poll

Tom Cruise named in $250 million Scientology racketeering

Rep. Dingell to Rep. Boehner: "the minority leader, is going to be amongst the next to die"

Did NRA Mole Mary McFate have a DU Account?

Please Obama... PICK JOE BIDEN!! He Is ONE Person Who CAN & WILL

Just THINK of where WE would be had GORE been President...

Do you purchace carbon credits?

MSNBC Is Still Talking About Rick Davis' Crazy Ass 1:53 EST

MSNBC Is Still Talking About Rick Davis' Crazy Ass 1:53 EST

Announcing the BuzzFlash "America in 2012" Progressive Video Contest!

Biden would be Great! Edwards would be Great! Hillary would be Great! Kaine would be kinda sucky

The Two Facts War Supporters Are Least Likely to Know


Sunday Meet the Press will have Lieberman for McCain and Kerry for Obama.

Kerry KICKS Kyle's A$$ on MSGOP!

hi! It's me--Jitterbug

Lieberman To Introduce Resolution Praising Success Of Surge...

I'm concerned about John McCain's Money - funny potential chain email

I'm more convinced Obama needs Hillary because shes a good attack dog

Long term freeper's husband has stroke. No insurance. What to do?

GOP congressman hints at support for sending Rove to jail.»

'The Gender Pay Gap' - "Unmarried women earn only 56 cents for every dollar married men earn"

I need a friend tonight......

How big a lie do GOP "talking points" have to be before we can call them a Stalinist "party line"?

New energy in NM! Just LOOK at all the offices opening in New Mexico!

If Obama really wants to alienate Hillary voters -- and millions of other women --

Not naming any names, but ANYONE who posts ANY bullshit on DU about

DU thursday morning dance party

McCain refused to be released by Norht Vietnam, not out of courage, but out of self-preservation

Obama must distance himself from Oprah!

How Do You Fight Back In Big Media When Big Media Is Against You?

John Sebelius and the inevitable vetting / scandal

McClatchy: McCain's attack ads could backfire, voters and experts say

Rachel Maddow said Obama camp is inept

Please read the first line of this Reuters "news" story about Gore speaking at the DNC.

ACTION ALERT: CNN Scoffs at White House Critics 7/31/08

How old were John & Cindy back when he was married to someone else, and chasing her around a desk?

To Provoke War, Cheney Considered Proposal To Dress Up Navy Seals As Iranians And Shoot At Them»

Rap and homophobia.

Rap and homophobia.

Teacher to Obama: I'm coming back, next year, when you're President.

Today on the View the Twit Elisabeth Hasslebrat shouted that Obama would double our taxes

Don Siegelman needs your help (sign the petition)

Obama T-Shirt by Alex Ross "It's Time For A Change"

I have to share a conversation I just had with a coworker.

Lieberman To Introduce Resolution Praising Success Of Surge ‘Against Enemies Who Attacked America'

Why is ou party afraid to go negative?

Chanson, S'il vous plait?

Bailar de Tango, Mi Amor?

There's no kitchen implement more annoying to clean than a chinois

Thank god Project Runaway and Shear Genius is on tonight

Slim's Return

Go Cubs!!!

I'm buzzerer than hell off 3 beers!


Fairytale Generator...


Who is your favorite project runway contestant?


Manny the Marlin?

The Dangers of Mastication (warning: graphic)

hell is getting awfully cold: Marlins are in talks to get Manny!

Rumor has it that Ed McMahon was the "straight man" for Johnny Carson.

Obama Warns Against GOP Scare Tactics

Taller and taller {dial up caution}

I had an awful day.

I shot the Lounge sheriff

Very relieved today! My family had a pretty bad scare yesterday.

Ok, Cuil flat-out SUCKS. It's the single worst search engine ever

Do the Lounge Police hang out at the Olive Garden?


Afternoon soundtrack for the Lounge - Bob Marley

The Flying Spaghetti Monster manifested himself in my spaghetti! I saw Him!

I can't be interrupted, Walker Texas Ranger is on

They're back! Cheech n' Chong launch "Light Up America" tour in Sept.

I have decided that the lounge is just not very interesting when I am not posting.

Busy schedule coming up!

Has anyone ridden cross country on a train?

Hey this a relative of yours?

Lesson learned: fly nonstop, or don't fly.

If elected President first thing I would do.....

Simple fried chicken batter?

Help! Need last minute Manhattan hotel. What's the cheapest way to book? Priceline? Orbitz? Hotwire?

Oh Jeez. I just got Rick Rolled

Tae Kwon Do is awesome for 5 year olds

Good night everyone.

Supid Negative Campaigns WORK. Ask Kerry now or we may be asking Obama Later!

When I was five-years-old, I told my Mother that I was running away from home

Laura Branigan

Primate1- Know about this?

Journey To The Center Of The Earth Is Teh Awesome In 3 D

Today was Progressive Politics day in my sub...a happy day with happy people

Is it the idiot gene at work or simple teenaged shenanigans?

In the TV show 'Alias' why didn't they just CGI Garner's pregnant belly out of the scene?

I think I've become boring

It's BS he is the only one singing it.. but here is a song for the old man

Did I mention my son just got cast in a movie?

Wrote a poem about good byes

Toby Keith, African-American Studies expert.....

Toby Keith, African-American Studies expert.....

How About This... Fuck War!

I saw the DU hearse yesterday

I Just Saw WAL-E

If I type Pubic instead of Public one more time on this appraisal...

That animal rescue commercial just breaks my heart every time.

I seen Uther Pendragon and Saxons in one day...

Website converts Youtube videos to mp3s for download

Damn those Saxons. What's wrong with them?

I wouldn't presume to fix anyone

My sister is going to put LeftyKid singing on YouTube.

If you have anything else to say to me, say it now...

Why are YOU awake?

Project Runway Thread: *possible spoilers*

Cheech & Chong "light up" for new comedy tour

Bush or Batman

Need cat help.The girl child's crazy yellow cat needs to be shaved. I told her DUers know stuff.

Do you ever maul your cats until they run away

Another game. Who am I?

DING! Fries Are Done!

My son has turned 6. How should I tell him it is time to get his own place?

Who are these muppets muppet characatures of?

Holy Crap! My young painting instructor is a FRIGGING GENIUS!!

Animaniac Appreciation Thread

Good Morning! Cubs 7 Brewers 2...

Don't want to do my homework. Pout.

Do any of you use any kind of vacuum food sealer contraption?

Post a classic Commercial

Nothing like scaring the hell out of yourself first thing in the morning

Up late? Why?

Came home today to find a UPS ticket on the front door.

Frustrated Packers consider Favre trade to Bears

Frustrated Packers Sexuality?

Deckard has just found out it's an artificial snake scale.

Have you guys tried the shortbread Cookies with Chocolate Filling at Trader Joe's?

Big Dicks

I saw the DU curse yesterday.

Why do we like Dali's paintings?

BTW, I'm A Real Person

Important! Old McCain ad mocked Obama by putting his face on $100 bill

Platoon. Barnes or Elias?

I can't go to work yet this morning

Holy Crap Dog The Bounty Hunter Is Back On The Air

Going to the Opthamologist today. Looks like I'm going to need glasses for work

I had the most AWESOME bus ride yesterday.

I just gave a grammar lesson to a 2nd-year law student.

People! Skinner is a daddy....AGAIN!

My last muppet post, in which I ask the question "Is Kermit touching himself?"

Who's got the link to the saga of Oscar?

What does Disaster Movie have to do with disaster movies?

yay or nay

Help! How do I convince the kitten to stop peeing on the couch!

BREAKING NEWS: Federal judge sides with Congress, says Bush aides can be subpoenaed

I saw James Taylor at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, last night.

Post a painting or photo, then let us guess the artist or photographer

Stepping Into Tomorrow

General Discussion reviews: Rap Music

Anyone seen The Bank Job?



Big Boobs

After four and a half billion years of this planet's existence, we call this civilization?

Shhh....Chuggo's dog is taking a nap

Shhh....Chuggo's dog is taking a nap

Do you think Congress will lift the Off-Shore Drilling Ban?

I just got the news that a friend died on Tuesday.

Why do crazy drunks and druggies always end up naked?

the new Firefox SUCKS

Crucified frog sculpture near Pope's summer holiday base provokes protests

All New York Area DU'rs A-380 Landing At JFK Friday 4:45pm

Help! How do I convince the bunny to stop peeing on the couch!

*** Official MLB Trade Deadline Thread ***

it's all too much...


Skinner and Mrs Skinner had a new baby... You know what that means...

I'm calling out DS1!

Midlo Alert--------Play Bunco Online!!!

Do you lie?

My dog just turned 6. How do I tell him it's time to get a place of his own?

Breaking Dawn - Final Book of the Twilight Saga

World's oldest joke traced back to 1900 BC

Boss asks if you can work late, you say no, then they say, "Why not?"


Midlo Alert--------Play Bunco Online

Rachel Maddow "Smack Down" for Buchanan...I heard so much about turned out to be NOTHING!!!!

I love working union, but sometimes I get pissed.

While the preacher was busy giving a sermon, the cops searched the freezer for his wife

Oh, fuck (I think). The doctor wants more blood for tests, just a few days after

Police say wife, not cattle stampede, killed man

YouTube: John Carpenter's "The Thing" Recreated Using GI Joe Figures

Man, I hate calling 911...

What percentage of you bosses have gotten where they are through nepotism, ass kissing...


This is a horrendous story

Just ordered my collector's copy of Tales of Beedle the Bard (Harry Potter).

my boyfriend just called me from the er

Angelina Jolie wants to play the role of Catwoman in a future Batman movie

After reading this, I *WANT* to see an all Chicago world series.

Jesus in a bag of Cheetoes!

Apple Mac users: how does one selectively edit text using the Apple keyboard and mouse?

I just had a truly odd experience

A question on a well-known saying

Ass Like That

I have just one thing to say about The Dark Knight.

Another joke from the Internets....

Potty training help...Please!!!!

You know what isn't really art? Modern art.

More Cat Talk...what kind of litter do you use? I use Fresh Step

Where Has Gorn Been Lately????

Don't fuck with Colorado cyclists.

are our friends in Boston still alive?

A joke from the internets....

This is my 25,000th post

You guessed it, another joke from the internets....

Yet another joke for the Internets....

It looks like the Cubs are sweeping the Brewers in Milwaukee

Who is this?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 7/31/2008) (Warning - Cuss Word & Sexual Images)

My Ex's think i am a lot more exciting than i really am...

Kitten Picture of the Day for Thursday July 31

Damn. I just got home from a trip to a town that is about 25 miles away from me.

So I just finished my last graduate course...ever!


I know there are many Olympics haters - who else LOVES the Olympics?

NASA Spacecraft Confirms Martian Water, Mission Extended

How come there is no show called "America's Smartest Criminals" or "America's Stupidest Cops"?

Flvegan, here is your reason to get an iPhone...

You know what is really Art?

What's for Dinner, DU?

Is there a place to get lyrics for soundtrack albums?

Boy, the new diet is REALLY working. (photo)

Why is it popular to hate on Billy Joel?

Cross-posted from Illinois forum: Attention cat lovers!

GROSS!!! My dog is farting like crazy and won't quit following me.

I think my kitty is going to live

Do you have a favorite "feel good" movie?

WOW!! WHoopi and hasslecrackie

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/31/08

I cannot sleep, so I will share a bunch of remodeling pictures with you.

Twilight: Edward or Jacob?

My dreams have been trampled in teh mud!

Suede annoys Monkeyfunk

Guys in their 20s: care to weigh in?

New and improved NOM cat food--

A truly great liberal has left us- my brother.

Are you Master of your Domain?

What potential bad theoretical side effects would there be if...

A Hello Thread! Add your hello to the Lounge!

Howdy Loungers! It's me, Jitterbug

What do you call a 44 pound cat??

You know what we don't see on TV or hear on radio? Ads for musical instruments.

You know what Obama needs to be the perfect president?

Happy Birthday to ChavezSpeakstheTruth!!

What's the difference between all the "F" class fighters?

If a DUer username was an airline - what would it be?

A poll for horrible nerds. What's your favorite of the Final Fantasy Games?

Manny will be Manny in L.A. now

Meet the newest, smallest, and sleepiest member of the extended DU family. Yes, we had another baby!

What little things does your SO do to show his/her love?

Just spent $97 on cat number three.

May I please have good vibes for my dad?

Your opinions on this piece of art?

What's your gender and sexuality?

Du'ers under 30 years old, you'll find this hard to believe, but

How many songs are in your workout playlist?

Stuff that's younger than John McCain

Typewriter, dial phone, clothesline - what else don't our children recognize?


Favorite Diet Soda

I have to disown my sister...she did the most unthinkable thing EVER...

My son's friend may end up doing life, because he's an alcoholic & stupid.

Those of you who have had bladder infections before....?

Elmo and Simon got their outifts for the wedding! (pics)

YouTube: Comcast had it coming

Vibes requested....

Olmert to quit, leaving Mideast peace initiative to uncertain fate

Soldiers may have been exposed to toxic chemical

Not in Afghanistan to guard pipelines: MacKay

California to sue EPA on greenhouse gas emissions

Paul Minor Says Judge Wingate Piled on Extra Prison Time

IOC: Media Not Told of (China) Censorship Plan (Amnesty International Condemns Restrictions)

Chile faces its dark history by tracking down torture centers

Sen. Stevens faces arraignment in corruption case

Car thieves -- beware

YouTube Video Exposes Cop who Attempted to Cover Up Assault on Bicyclist (Given Desk Duty)

Body in freezer as man preached

Bush signs new rules, roles for spy agencies

Does Bush proposal threaten access to the pill?

Rep. blasts veto threat related to vets bill

Suicide Attack Targets Iraqi Police, Kills 3 (Fifth Suicide Attack in Iraq This Week)

Wiring still fatally flawed in Iraq

Obama Says Republicans Trying to Scare Voters

Clinton to Speak Tuesday at Democratic Convention, Sources Say (Anniversary of 19th Amendment)

Terrorism focus of new US military strategy-report

Bush signs new rules, roles for spy agencies

(Hillary) Clinton to speak Tuesday at Democratic convention, sources say

Strategy Against Al-Qaeda Faulted: Rand Corp. Report Says Effort Is Not a 'War'

Group Devoted To Pushing Hillary As Veep Closes Up Shop

Bush Orders Intelligence Overhaul

Rising Oil Prices Swell Profits at Exxon and Shell

McCain: 'We're Proud of That Commercial' (Obama "celeb" ad)

Argentina 'dirty war' suspects to federal prisons

CNN Poll: Obama Up 7, McCain Criticisms Aren't Sticking

McCain camp accuses Obama of playing race card

Sen. Ted Stevens gets chance to clear name before election

Judge Rules White House Aides Can Be Subpoenaed

U.S. Recession May Have Begun in Last Quarter of 2007 (Update2)

Report: Number of illegal migrants in Ariz., U.S. plummets

Pelosi says Rove contempt citation is possible

NBC Hires Luke Russert as a Correspondent

DA says two ex-teachers sent lurid messages to teen

Shooting victim reflects on rampage at Knoxville church

Scouts from Little Sioux (survived tornado that killed 4) camp visit President Bush

Another inmate's confession halts execution {in AL}

Schwarzenegger signs pay-cut order

Schwarzenegger signs pay-cut order

Governor(CA) orders layoffs, steep pay cuts for thousands of state workers

Gore Likely to Star at Democratic Convention

Kucinich Press Conference to Announce 'Oil for Iraq Liberation' Act

White House unveils intelligence powers overhaul

U.S. Navy boots captain after fire on carrier

Oral arguments set in Sen. Craig appeal

Contractor: Losing immunity would hurt Iraq mission

Bush signs bill to provide $2B for Indian programs

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday July 31

Nasa's lander samples Mars water

Treating the Pill as Abortion, Draft Regulation Stirs Debate

Sen. Stevens Enters Not Guilty Plea

Edwards ending college program

Judges preparing for first trial on genocide in Cambodia

Mass. set to allow out-of-state gay couples to wed

Tim Russert's son to join NBC convention team

Family: Bank would not cash check for burial

Growth weaker than hoped; economy shrinks in Q4

US judge: White House aides can be subpoenaed

NYPD calls on citizens for amateur video evidence

Venezuela, 18 other nations create food fund

Exxon has record profit again on soaring oil prices

Mom Arrested after Baby Found Stabbed to Death

NASA says liquid confirmed on Saturn's moon Titan

TV reporter Hummel quits ABC6 news ('They've lost track of the integrity')

Congress: No annoying airplane cell phone calls

Documents Show Georgia's Secretary of State Knew of Diebold Patch (Whistleblower Provides Documents)

Botched SWAT Raid Officers Given Medals for 'Bravery Under Fire'

Houston Doctors May Have Found A Way to Destory HIV

40-year-old suspect held in gruesome Manitoba bus killing

Man stabbed, beheaded on bus to Winnipeg from Edmonton

U.S. House Vote Says Cigarettes are Drugs

U.S. House Vote Says Cigarettes are Drugs

Britney Spears to sue McCain campaign over photo use?

Scahill: Blackwater now in the private intelligence business

"Catfight!" a Play Based on GOP Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

John Bush McCain's Worst Nightmare: Barack Obama Fights Back

COUNTDOWN: McCain is losing his Marbles

Countdown: Obama Challenges McCain to 'Duel'

Headzup Interview On Air America Radio


Inside Look at the DNCC from Sky Gallegos

Federico Peña: Why I'm a Democrat

Denver's Finest - Five Points

Countdown: McCain Takes the Low Road (w/ Rachel Maddow)

Obama's Volunteers in Pennsylvania

Gov. Bill Richardson: Why I'm a Democrat

Countdown: The Low Road Taken By John McCain

TYT: Reid Ready To Put On His Knee Pads & Buckle On Drilling

The Real McCain....Real old

Detroit, MI Campaign for Change Headquarters Opens

Keith Ellison at Obama CFC Campaign Office - Part 1

Obama & Sarbanes - United for Change Phonebank

NBC Corzine America needs Obama part1

TPM media examines the case of Ted Stevens: Down the Tubes

Sierra Club Pro-Obama Ad: On Big Oil and Energy

GOP congressman wants to send Iraq contractor to Gitmo

VERDICT: Judiciary vote to hold Karl Rove in contempt = Reps. Sanchez & Jones

Keith Ellison at CFC Dearborn Campaign Office

Rove calls contempt vote ‘ludicrous,’ admits to exerting no ‘personal privilege.’

Amazing NEW Message from T. Boone Pickens

ABC News 1972: Food Prices on the Rise (Denver Group reactes)

TYT: Ludacris Gets Denounced By Obama - Do You Agree?

Obama Smacks Down McCain's Same Old Politics: Time for game playing is over

Red State Update: Astronaut Says Aliens Exist

AZ News: Tom Horne (R) Power Grab Loss

McCain Defends Negative Ads In Wisconsin -- "All I can say is that we are proud of that commercial"

More Of Pelosi On The View

Ladies of the Press: Guest Muhammad Ali (1965)

New ad "Gimmick"

ABC News 1972: Battle of Kontum (Vietnam)

McCain and Paris Hilton caught together on video

Olbermann: White House sent me talking points too, ‘I still have them.’

Toby Keith tells Glenn Beck that Obama 'Talks, Acts, And Carries Himself' as a Caucasian

Maddow Smacks Down Buchanan on Race to the White House

Listening to McCain makes you dumber

Rick Mercer - Talking to Americans - more of my countrymen making fools of themselves

Obama attended a town cookout at the park pavilion in Union

Obama Must Start Connecting Bush To McCain In His Ads

Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West

TPMtv: Dana Milbank, We Salute You

GOP challenged on its home turf

Barack Obama: Town Hall in Cedar Rapids - "Is that the best you can come up with?"

Seven Days In May (1964)

Haliburton & KBR Officials Grilled! US Troops Electrocutions

Desperate Times

KFC in Fallujah?! Gen Tommy Franks and Faux and Fiends Discuss. No joke!

The RACHEL MADDOW smackdown of Pat Buchanan - 7/30/08

TYT: Another Republican Trick to Confuse Voters

Howard Dean in Charlotte, NC. Shouted down. Part 1

Police Raid Berwyn Heights Mayor's Home, Kill His 2 Dogs

Facing questions, Edwards evades reporters

The Rat Trap

British Forces may have to rent helicopters (from Blackwater)

There's Something About Mary: Unmasking a Gun Lobby Mole

US investigators continue to pursue new regime (BAE)

For White House, Hiring Is Political

Obama's Iraq Fumble by Karl Rove

Field of Schemes: Congress Probes How New Sports Stadiums Turn Public Money into Private Profit

Dave Lindorff: Friday's House Judiciary Hearing on Impeachment: A Victory and a Challenge


A new attack on birth control

Potential McCain VP Pick Fred Smith: Bad For America, Bad For Workers

Republicans Should Be So Lucky To Face Obama-Kaine (National Review Online)

Progressive Daily Beacon: Preventing the next con massacre

A Devil's Dictionary of Finance

Will the Real 'Ludicrous' Please Stand Up

XP: The New Arms Bazaar: From Russia, With No Love

Does Bush proposal threaten access to the pill?

RIP Doha Round - Another WTO Collapse

Joe Conason: McCain's Oil Drilling Hoax

John McCain and Barack Obama seem to occupy different universes

A Hidden Toll on Employment: Cut to Part Time

speaking of insane repubs: Democrats impede U.S. on energy

GOP Trades McCain, For a Candidate To Be Named Later

The Trash Talk Express

Bush’s 'Mission Accomplished' Finally Achieved: Iraq in Better Shape Than U.S.

Guardian UK: Starbucks to go

Obama Retaliates in 'Celebrity Wars': Compares McCain to Abe Vigoda

McCain's 1968 Heroism Can't Excuse His 2008 McCarthyism

Termination fees ruled illegal

AlterNet: Despite Overwhelming Evidence, Creationists Cling to Unreality

Arabs divided on Barack Obama

Karl Rove’s Media Birds Chirp About Obama’s ‘Arrogance’

Why 2008 will be a year for North Carolina Democrats?

Defeated in Iraq? By Mike Whitney

WSJ: Is John McCain Stupid?

DoD IG backs off Iraq electrocutions report

Guardsmen warned of possible chemical exposure

Audit finds lax oversight on LCS 2 costs

Bush to visit Yongsan Garrison next week

"War on the Poor" or a fight for big oil?

Time to encourage biomass growth (BBC) {Viewpoint}

New turbine to harness wave power (BBC) {Aye, in Scotland!}

Developing nations of "Rainforest Coalition" agree to avoid deforestation

Arctic ice bigger than 2007, but thawing long-term

Iowa Floods Cause $40 Million Worth of Soil Erosion, $30 Million of Road Damage

From LBN: Bangladesh gaining land, not losing: scientists

Shamefully Ignorant About Energy by Paula Poundstone

Peak Oil Notes - July 31

(Sweet) Sorghum taking root as a source for ethanol - (in florida)

Pemex cuts target to 2.8M barrels a day

he Nuclear Regulatory Commission says the reactor revival is NOT ready for prime time

Truckers want relief from punishing fuel prices as Senate debates issue

Cypriot Businessman, Brother, On Trial For Destroying 233 Trees That Blocked Their Billboards - AFP

File Under D For "Duh" - "Gas Rage" The Rage From Sea To Shining Sea - MSNBC

Bush says coal part of his "sprint to the finish"

Spain to reduce speed limit

Spain's Initiative - 31 measures to save energy

About the eBox

When can we expect extremely high surface temperatures?

U.S. drivers should think in gallons per mile: report

June 2000 - June 2008 - 150K Km2 Of Amazon Rainforest Razed, Will Continue "For Forseeable Future"

Reviving The Household Economy: The World Outside The Market

Coal-to-Liquids — West Virginia ready to become a global leader

'Major discovery' from MIT primed to unleash solar revolution!!!!!!

Rinehart loses Okla. County commissioner race

horrific killing of transgender man idiocy: Five Logical Errors of the 'Born Gay' Ideology

Man leaves Homosexual life to Glorify Jesus (so he says)

GM to cut 15 pct of US, Canadian salaried workers

Apocalypse Down Under

The New Arms Bazaar: From Russia, With No Love

Misleading jobs data

2 different headlines today...

Congress Changes Rules to Defeat Oil Speculation Bill

Restaurant analysts blame aggressive expansion plans, consumer cutbacks for bankruptcies

Inflation Staggers Public but Economy Still Seen As Fixable

A Hidden Toll on Employment: Cut to Part Time

The Military Holds the Dollar Up by Catherine Austin Fitts

Oversupply and Compression: How the Median House Price Will Fall from $215K to $70K

Ruling Palestine II: The West Bank Model?

Hamas releases abducted German TV cameraman

Study: Both Hamas and Fatah guilty of human rights violations

The end of Olmert

Student back in Ontario after being deported from Israel

ANALYSIS / Ehud Olmert failed in war and failed in peace

Did the economy grow 1.9% last quarter

Palestinian protests against barrier turn savvy

Poll: Netanyahu is public's preferred choice for next PM

Neocon Flap Highlights Jewish Divide

Hamas' Christian convert: I've left a society that sanctifies terror

West Bank wall bigger than Berlin's

'SS Liberty' Sails to Challenge Israel

Answering the Rumors About Obama

Time to Act Now on China’s Devastating Currency, Trade Practices

Machinists say contract talks with Boeing "in deep trouble"

Edward Gorham: Reject smears against Free Choice Act

Obama supporters step up effort to woo Hispanic, union voters

Six Little Words To Fix America’s Wage Crisis

Today in labor history July 31 NFL Association begin what is to be a two-day strike, their first

NYT: A Hidden Toll on Employment: Cut to Part Time

The Paycheck Fairness Act (H.R. 1338 and S.766) - Female workers.. Pay Attention!

AFSCME in San Francisco – Al Gore Goes Green

Senator Clinton (D-NY) addressed AFSCME's 38th International Convention (video)

My employer laid off 10% of the company this week

Pope Gives Blessing for Ex-Bishop to Lead Paraguay

Gilberto Gil steps down as Brazil culture minister

Chile faces its dark history by tracking down torture centers

Ecuadorean gov't, City Oriente cancel oil contract (U.S.-backed oil company)

Venezuela, 18 other nations create food fund

Argentina 'dirty war' suspects to federal prisons

Chile faces its dark history by tracking down torture centers

Where will Manny be playing tomorrow?

Manny to the Dodgers?

Red Sox Fans, thoughts on the possibility of trading Manny.

My son told me that Manny made some ugly comments abut the trade. Any links?

Manny shouldn't be in LA...he should be in jail...

Two and a half weeks ago, I lost my new job.

Okay. Help/insight needed. Again.

I've been feeling weird yesterday and today

Solar Eclipse tomorrow-astro patterns for the coming week

Nova Science Now: Join a Research Group

discouragement in the air

I have a very complicated situation with my husband

Dreams of abandonment, not being heard...

The Leo Birthday Thread

Weekly Healing Project #1 | July 31 - August 9: Healing for Change & Transition

Nolle's AUGUST Astro-forecast

August 2008 Prayer, Light and Healing Requests

Mothers from affluent neighborhoods near highways increase odds of low weight babies by 81 percent

News Release New Study Shows Compounds From Soy Affect Brain and Reproductive Development

Genes for schizophrenia uncovered (BBC)

The profit from obesity.

In AICAR, scientists say they've found exercise in a pill

A fish! Freeze!

Sigma conversion update.

Check out the work of Carl de Keyzer.

How can I take a photo of a picture in a glass frame?

Loaded And Ready For Takeoff....


My favorite paperback cookbook was deteriorating.

Live fish caught at record depth (BBC)

Is Aging an Accident of Evolution? Stanford Scientists Say "Yes"

Discovering How Greeks Computed in 100 B.C.

Epilog: An Image in Words -- e.e. cummings

Probe gets eyeful of Mars moon (BBC)

UA's Mars mission finds conclusive proof of ice on red planet

Biden also met with Pakistani Prime Minister today:

stumbled across Race for White House VP discussion just now

Good summer squash recipe that freezes well?

2pm hearing - posted a link "out there"

GREAT statement by Menendez* on McCain's oil drilling bullshit --

Another reason to love Joe

This should be interesting...

Biden statement on 1 yr AV of UN Darfur commitment

Biden/Brownback Bill on Human Trafficking Passes Jud. Cmte.

Biden Bill to Compensate Victims of Libyan Terrorism Passes Senate

More good things being said about Biden on DU.

Biden's statement at start of hearing today on military role in for. policy

a pro-Biden for VP thread if you want to weigh in

Greg McKendry Jr's Guest Book.

Concern for Christian orphans in Iraq comes to top of google search on Iraqi orphans

US female bishop Catherine Roskam: male prelates 'beat up wives'

preacher arrested for incest and murder

Separation of Church and State: Perhaps the greatest idea the founding fathers had


Austin DUers: How is the Swede Hill neighborhood?

So when's the next Austin Meetup?

Might be a dumb question. I've been trying to download

Kerry met with Pakistani Prime Minister today

DailyKos diary to rec & comment.

BMG diary of interest

Sen. Kerry's Speech on Terrorism delivered 7/31/08

JK vs. Kyl on Road to the WH NOW! n/t

Diary at Kos about JK

Kerry on MTP Sunday.

John Kerry on TPMCafe now, talking about terrorism & his speech today.

Could anyone please tell me what causes loud static in my speakers?

Gordon Smith is now featuring in his latest ad ..... John Kerry (TOO FUNNY)

David Wade going to work for the VP campaign

This MUST be posted here in the MN forum... "Catfight"- musical based on Michelle Bachman

Small plane crash kills at least 7, injures 1 in Owatonna

Fired MnDOT supervisor Sonia Pitt now working for Homeland Security

War Made Easy movie Aug 9th at Riverview Theater

Teacher to Obama: I'm coming back, next year, when you're President.

Alberta's health minister says low wages didn't drive doctors away

Provinces enthusiastic to being granted more autonomy

Riveting Videos of the Lawyers Bringing Suit Against Rove in Ohio for 2004

Preliminary Voting Machine Allocation Report for Franklin Co OH, Public Hearing Set for 8/14

State Supreme Court upholds Brunner in elections-board dispute

BradBlog: L.A. Registrar 'Not Closed to Idea' of 'Pilot Project' to Hand-Count Paper Ballots

NYT: A Tale of Three (Electronic Voting) Elections (Cleland, Jennings & Siegelman)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 7//30/08

The season for movies about voting = STEALING AMERICA + +

Why does Wisconsin have to make everything so complicated!

Madison Area folks ...

UK local council software blocks atheist websites, allows Christian ones