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Vets For Freedom Ad

American News Project - July 4th: State of the Nation (interviews at White House)

Censoring Iraq

You can still go green in Denver while you're at the DNC convention

This OK?: Google/YouTube have to give user viewing records to Viacom per court order...

My July 4 State Of The Union Address

The NY Yankees PA announcer is 97 years old.

Ron Paul's Suspicious Death? Do you know anything about this site?

For Republicans, the Senate outlook is ominous

U.S. deserter wins appeal in fight for refugee status

Dear DU t-shirt vendors...

Necrophilia isn't just for warmongers anymore.

Bobby Kennedy Jr. interviews Douglas Feith!

Big Brother, Big Business

When Fox News Is the Story

a minor maintenance issue...

McCain 2000 wouldn't vote for Insane in the McCain 2008 why is Obama being painted as a flipfloppe

If Only Mugabe Were White

Houston lawmaker seeks congressional inquiry of Harris legal system

Are you what you Google?

Just saw a bullshit MSNBC add for the Beijing olympics using

Getting fit.... one of those things that helps to deal with stress

Writer Thomas Disch commits suicide

Major Global Financial Upheaval Underway? .... LINK

Keeping Count (When Ours Goes Down, Theirs Goes Up) by Dave Lindorff

A Road Map for Juvenile Justice Reform

What's this I hear about Rush Limbaugh being a drug and porn addict

Oil price shock means China is at risk of blowing up

The Great Mandala (The Wheel of Life) . . . by Peter Yarrow . . .

This is the problem with the Democrats position on gas prices

Man turns himself in over French student killings in London

Where is Katherine Harris (former FL Sec. of State) now?

Why does this new generation think the same job is bad?

How Can We Stop the Coming War?

MCM to speak in NYC this Wednesday night!

Bertha Becomes Hurricane

Genoa, 2001: Bush's first G8 summit.

“The nation’s psyche is battered and bruised..."

Bill Scher: All In The Same Sinking Boat

'Guerilla Gardening'- beautifying L.A. (and elsewhere) in the middle of the night

The Iraq war movie: Military hopes to shape genre

McCain & his camp are about to jump past the deep-end and off the cliff...

Detroit Free Press: Condo owners finding a cash crunch


On Protest and Patriotism

Spy chief Alex Allan found with 'blood everywhere'

WJ this morning - should Bush go to the Olympics

Tomatoes getting bad rap

Consider that Lynn has .........

"Yo, Harper!"

GM mulling thousands of job cuts, sale of brands: report

Another inspirational "mom" and athlete - Olympic Weightlifter

Faux News spokesman: "vile and untrue" that there was bias in show regarding NYT reporters

Bush receives ‘wooden box’ from staff for his birthday

WashPost: Film imagery of leaders as they relate to Obama and McCain

The National Right to Life Committee is having meetings televised on

Chris Hedges: Surviving the Fourth of July

Pension Funds Boosted By Oil

WIRED: Former GOP rep. Weldon working with US defense consulting firm brokering shady arms deals

UK & US: Shrinking Groceries

The Rude Pundit: Jesse Helms in Heaven (A Fantasia)

did you know there was two Summits? G8 and D8

Jesse Helms' legacy

Iron grip

Obama's plane diverting to ST. Loius

Israeli officials: Bush admin using Israel as a pawn in their own political battles regarding Iran

U student's eBay auction draws 0 bids, 1 felony charge - Selling His Vote

Prez Dumbo met Russian President Dmitry Medvedev today...

South Carolina plans license plate for Christians

John McCain says, ....

Aw.... did we forget to wish the pResident a Happy Birthday?

Famed Name Is Double-Edged as Two Udalls Run

Time for Health Care For America Now!

The ancient scripts that predate - and might rewrite - the Bible

A Nightmare On Main Street

Fear & Loathing for Tim Russert

Detroit Free Press: $4 gas is forcing late car payments

MarketWatch: Shadow boxing the apocalypse

And this is the asshole who said he'd be proud to share a foxhole with Chimpy

Freddie, Fannie Plunge on Speculation Firms May Need to Raise $75 Billion

Americans Don't Know: Plan on the Table to End the Nuclear Standoff

What the fuck is Verizon thinking??? (watch the video at the link)

One Last Chance to Stop Immunity

iPhone 3G Line Begins to Form in New York (but not for the reason you think)

Don't everyone jump out of their seats and come rushin' to CAPTION at once

Fundies: ACLU given 'veto power' over free-speech rights

Today will mark Day one of my quest to get my local stations to start playing Dixie Chicks again

Do you think the RW powers that be actually LIKE their followers?

U of Kansas Professor Writes to His Warmonger Congress Member

I just heard some CNN bobblehead say the DOW is down due to lower oil prices

Update on Michael Vick's pit bulls. Most were not euthanized.

MSNBC and Andrea Mitchell giving Eagleburger a forum...

Bear Reality: Perfect Storm of Bad News

Bush: "Sometimes in politics people tell you one thing and mean another."

Rocky Mountain oil from shale?

Iran leaks reflect deep internal division in US admin.

Boston Globe: Putting a cap on the bottled water industry

Cancer, HIV cure nearer

Ezra Klein: Limbaugh.

This billboard reminds us of how much the Republican Party has changed during the last 40 years.

Kristol: Bush believes he is leaving Iraq in pretty good shape for next president

I am, simply put, ashamed of this board

You Might Want To leave Your Child Behind

HEY MODS! Whats up I keep getting this "Danger: AVG Search-Shield has detected active threats"

Obama to Accept Nomination at Invesco Field!!!

Guantanamo Puzzle: How to know they harmed America if we have no proof? - Today’s Headlines 7/7/08

"The World According to Monsanto"

Another lying Repug POS who claims to LOOOVE the troops then backstabs them: Rep. Mike Turner, R-OH

Man caught with octopus sex images

Did I just see that McSame will give Exxon-Mobil

I just heard that song Umbrella and it made me sad

Paying More, Getting Less: How much is the sick U.S. health care system costing you?

Jesse Helms, friend of Bono, dead at 86

Big Bertha

GOP Looks to Redistrict Itself Back Into Power

Anheuser-Busch has *NO* sense of humor

Why is Karla Faye Tucker on hot google trends today ?

Why is Karla Faye Tucker on hot google trends today ?

Unsubstantiated Rumor: Feinstein and Pelosi supporting McCain

Do we know when FISA Amendment will be up for the vote? Thanks. nt

WTF? Chimpy wears Crocs?

baby tossing caught on tape

Weak economy may be Wal-Mart’s strong suit

Ex-Prosecutor’s Book Accuses Bush of Murder

Iraq's Maliki Suggests Setting Timetable for U.S. Withdrawal

Wal-Mart Corp. Found Guilty of Wage Theft in Minnesota

They Hypnotize the People About A Liberal Media

Home Prices Fall in 23 of 25 U.S. Metropolitan Areas (Sacramento, Las Vegas, San Diego lead drop)

Question on two European-history works

Kallita 747F Crashes In Colombia

Condoleezza Rice Has Been ‘Playing A Lot’ Of Golf During Iraq War

Petition to Rescind 7th Calvary Medals: Wounded Knee

How Fox News Scares the Media Into Silence

Bertha now Cat 3

"Farewell to a Provincial Redneck": Hitchens takes out the sharp knives for Helms

7-year old killed in Salt Lake City drive-by

On a car today I saw a metal outline of a dinosaur eating a

U.S. big banks: Privatize the profits. Socialize the losses

Cnn just said....

The Amish have a brilliant entrepreneurial opportunity ahead of them.

Will the Dow Jones industrial average dip or fall below 10,000 before the end of July?

Local right-wing global warming denier does it again! (LTTE excerpts within)

So Where Is Rachael Tonight - After the way that neo-con, conservative right-wing Scarborough

Is loan refinancing a scam? Can someone tell me if I have this right?

Telecom Immunity: A Question

another great column by my friend in our right-wing paper re:McCain

Calling "Swift Boat Vets" a "veterans group" is like ____


And so the "independent" attack ads begin in earnest:

Wow. This guy picked the wrong woman to mess with.

bored?Get some of my letters on the front page of my paper



Bush v Ringo, War v Peace

How Karl Rove played politics while people drowned

New war brewing, U.S., Israel take dangerous steps

Oh for crying out loud............

Secret report: biofuel caused food crisis

Big Pharma now wants 8-year-olds on cholesterol-lowering drugs.....

This morning, CNBC was all giddy about the higher dollar, lower oil and rising stocks.......

The Political Establishment and Telecom Immunity — Why It Matters, by Glenn Greenwald

GM readies Volt unveiling to shift focus from crisis

Democrats are weak.

Limbaugh on O'Reilly: The Man Is Ted Baxter

There are lots more people with college degrees in the US than there are jobs that require a degree.

Excesses and extravagant lifestyles

Voter List Manipulation in Jeb Bush’s Florida for 2004 Prez Election(Bush History: Mon 7/7)

What Really Happened in Colombia? "A Rescue Staged for the Screen"

Washington State Gov. race PLEASE DU this poll!

Did they bribe Pelosi or blackmail Pelosi?

What Ralph Nader meant to say and why he couldn't say it.

US DHS has expressed great interest in a so-called safety bracelet that would serve as a stun device

Where are the rich people and politicians parking their $$$$$ these days?

In pictures: Running of the Bulls

Suicide car bomb kills 41 in central Kabul

Who Killed the Economy?

Italy to expel Palestinian, Achille Lauro cruise hijacker

Pelosi says "Don't hold Rove in contempt"?

Looking back fondly over the last 8 years.

Fox News intimidation of the media: Outrageous NY Times article for Monday. You have to see this.

Live feed of the Tour De France

Anarchists Announce Plans On-Air to Foil RNC Convention Goers

Want some torture with your peanuts? Airline Passenger Bracelet

Guess who had the main camera feed at the Bush Monticello event.

Fundies are just waiting for the Rapture!

Iran deserves it

Did Jesse Helms Die On the Unpatriotic THIRD of July?

Dana Torres 41-year-old mother makes FIFTH Olympics--in swimming

Georgie................ & the Third Term

DO THIS RIGHT NOW!!! FISA/Dodd Feingold ammendment

Straight pride parade to hit New York City

NY Times: At $100 for Tank of Gas, Some Choke on ‘Fill It’

I need a little help, here. (word usage people)

I need a little help, here. (word usage people)

"The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder" Bugliosi in NYT today

What would you do if you were spending $900 per month more then you were making?

Freepers aren't even trying to hide their racist hatred of Obama now.

Iraq Vet Made Famous By Photo Dies Of Drug Overdose

WHOA! The 'c' word on WJ just now.

Al Franken v. Coleman-DU this MSNBC poll

Joe Lieberman......Punkass

Goodbye Holocene, hello Anthropocene

Consumers get rare chance to try to effect changes in credit-card rules

Our Founding Fathers Must be Rolling Around in Their Graves... Agree???

Ron Paul's Campaign Manager, 49, Dies Uninsured, Of Pneumonia, Leaving family $400,000 Debt

Teens Arraigned In Taped Assault On Lesbian Classmate

New Prius ...Sweeeet! Great lines and it even uses Solar Roof to trickle in a charge to the batterie

so I was watching HGTV last night with the wife,

Tropical Storm Bertha 11 PM AST July 06 2008 Getting stronger.

7 Stories You May Have Missed Over The Holiday Weekend

"He Should Have Never Gone to Iraq" - A sad story in Newsweek from someone from my home town.


Pentagon Rebuffs Iraqis on Withdrawal Timetable(Iraq does not belong to the Iraqis)

Ex-Prosecutor’s Book Accuses Bush of Murder

What is preventing the U.S. from getting Universal Healthcare?

The GOP is running up budgets in order to bankrupt the government.

Co-worker doesn't know who is worse, Obama or McCain

Jesus, less than 6 months and I don't think I can take it!

YEAH! Now this is what I'm talkin' 'bout, y'all! ... {aka don't burn, baby, burn}

Happy wedding anniversary Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter!

Do we blame FEMA or GWB ?

I've fucking had it with Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi Opposing Contempt for Rove

Schoolboys punished...for refusing to kneel in class and pray to Allah

Okay, if the economy does collapse, how will a new one be structured?

Anyone Else Notice Your Food Is Shrinking?

FISA DFA asks you to call Reid to put a hold on FISA. I called. The staff says

The future in a cartoon

Is the Bush administration blackmailing the Democratic Leadership?

British UFO sightings at 'bizarre' levels (includes map)

Be on guard: Sojourners and Democrats for Life abortion reduction plans...leave out contraception

Obama "refining" his Iraq policy: looking ahead to 2012

Mr. Limbaugh, please dispel these ugly pedophilia rumors once & for all.

What eventually happened to that idiot bar owner selling the Curious George/Obama shirts?

In 2009, the U.S. economy is going to collapse...

I like this John McCain parody...

Opus' response to gas prices

Black Cool

McCain a "hero"?....try Admiral Stockdale on for size. A short bio:

Touch Smart... Closes like a deck of cards.

Name a conventional pairing of story and stock footage seen on TV news

Saw a shorter version of this George Clooney "Nespresso" commercial in Italy. God, he's cute!

hey all

Upcoming Marvel comics movies...

Was I the only DU'er that went to the USO Street Fair in Manhattan?

Do you text?

anyone watching the Nature episode on Penguins now?

Annoyed Over FISA? Don't whine about Obama... Act.

Ok ok, is anyone else just sick of Lance Armstrong's face appearing

"Wall-E" is available on the Internet, already!

Oh look, Independence Day is on again!

The L Word

The wheels are coming off of McCain's Bus Another lifelong republican is seeing the light..Obama FTW

Prices groin up: hard choices ahead.

Hey keyboard players...good prices on used Hammond clones?

Looking Back, Looking Forward to Obama

NYT: Obama’s Organizing Years, Guiding Others and Finding Himself

Billy Kristol praying that strategist Mike Murphy comes and saves McCain's campaign

How perfect a candidate is Obama for you?

Post Your Inappropriate Pictures (no nudity) (dialup warning)

I just realized.....Bush is going to be speaking in primetime at the GOP convention right?

Jim Hunt (former NC governor) says North Carolina could go to Obama

Bush donors in Florida slow to ante up for McCain

Say Goodbye to the clean campaign McSame promised - enter Steve Schmidt

McCain - the real elite

What has to be said, cannot be said in a campaign. The only way out of Iraq

Ok, what % of American's will get a tax cut under Obama, please include the source.

Conservatives Ready To Battle McCain on Convention Platform


Which are more fundamentally horrible:

AutumnMist is working on a new web page (Hockey Related)

I am having a surprise sleepover tonight. Helping my little cousin heal a broken heart.

FEAR... it is not for Republicans any longer

Rocky Mountain News: DNC Problems Denied

My baby pic.

laptop question

Yellow kitchen paint.

What an unoriginal, unimaginative ass McCain is

Bryant Park Project: Gen Y Corporate Media With a Smirk?

It's either been three days, three months or forever

I'm heading to Atlantic City tomorrow - any advice?

Should I watch Donnie Darko?

I'm heading to Atlantis tomorrow - any advice?

Friends don't let friends vote for Bob Barr.

(imagine a thick scottish accent)

I just IM'ed with an old, old friend I haven't heard from in years!!!

sexy ugly, my big 10 inch

Drinking problem

When and how did you learn about the "Birds and the Bees"?

I heard this on the radio today and dang near had to pull over

Hey, I made it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame..kind of

I got a Dalmatian, I can still get high!

"Captain Cheeseburger" Sabathia has been traded to the Brewers!

I shit you not, having no responsibilities is the shit.

Quantum LOL cat?

Gull Rock Trail - Hope, Alaska -- photos for my late-night friends

Must see this movie!

I heart Dave Chappelle, or rather the Chappelle Show

Bob Ostertag (HuffPo): Obama, FISA and the Netroots

Firefox 3 freakin' ROCKS!!!!

Demographic Makeup of the Midnight Train to Anywhere

John McCain's Skeleton Closet

Never underestimate cheap, easy or stupid in home maintenance

Baron Cohen dupes Israeli intelligence

Allman Brothers fans: original Fillmore or the remixed?

Old guy vs change: McCain, Obama images take shape

shit!! mouse IN my kitchen, IN my shopping bag! eww/eeeeeeeeek!!

I have not watched or listened to any political coverage for three weeks

"I hate your ugly face, you fucking bastard!" My significant other just exploded at his computer!

The FR Gang rallies around the McCain budget plan...

Meet Sam and Dave

E.J. Dionne: The Stand That Obama Can't Fudge

For those who light their own fireworks on July 4...

Obama Expresses Desire to Work in Favor of Full Equality

I am getting text message SPAM... any ideas what to do?

Free! Free from the avatars of bad baseball teams!

Which will suck worse?

No one knows anything about you.

Official Reply To Obama's FISA Vote: "We ask that you back up your words with action"

Firefox add-on: Colorful tabs.

Hey! When are we going to see Campaign Underground 2008?

Paging MissMillie. MissMillie please pick up the white courtesy phone.

Do you think some are reluctant to vote for Obama because Democrats will have House & Senate

McCain Campaign "Concedes" That Obama Is Patriotic

I'd like to be the first to congratulate the China quake on its two adorable babies

Obama plane trouble?

For some years I intended to become a urologist

Idea for McCain ad. "Things I don't care to know".

Zogby: Obama leads 44% to 38% Nationwide as Barr Takes 6% EC: O-273!

Wow! We must be headed for a landslide, because someone at the DNC has time

Did anyone see REO Speedwagon on PBS Soundstage the other night?

CONTACT PELOSI! Remind her of her OATH to uphold the LAW.

Nicole Kidman has baby girl

Happy Birthday, Ringo Starr!

It's official - Obama to accept nomination at Invesco Field (DNC Press Release)

"Now more than ever, it's the old guy against the agent of change."

Habitual Victims; aka

Cashing In on Obama and McCain

Do you approve of disapprove of the way Barack Obama is conducting his presidential campaign?

Does this guy resemble Chuggo?

I can't believe somebody thought Midlo was levelheaded today

Unruly family kicked off flight.

Obama Making Gains in Red States

The Facebooker Who Friended Obama

I have decided I am done watching any msm

Please give us a kiss, love.

GOP response to Mile High . Predictable and laughable

Texas election officials looking for workers for polls in November

The timing of Obama's Mile High Stadium announcement probably trumps McCain's Denver appearance. . .

Okay, mixologist experts, some help with this one please....

Will the Republicans have a big fight at their convention?

Whoa Nelly!

Iraq says may agree timetable for U.S. withdrawal

Midlo Just Sent Me Pics Of 'Baby Midlo'

tjwmason, where are you?

I really wish bidets would catch on in the PUS

McCain’s economists (300) reject ‘two big chunks’ of his economic proposal.

Once again underpants has shown he's a failure and others have to do his job!

McCain Hires Giuliani's Campaign Manager!!! ZOMG! LOL!

Here, I think, are the proper tone and frame for the McNasty POW story:

Bill Clinton Invokes the "Bad Dreams" of a Former P.O.W.

Hanging Tough with Obama When Obama is Not Hanging Tough ( BUZZFLASH)

McCain's plan for fixing the economy involves this Orwellian reality

Apparently, Facebook thinks I'm spamming people

Kerry has a good point

TPM: Last nominee to give acceptance speech in a stadium was JFK, at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum

Online Activists Keep the Pressure on Obama: Obama Statement & Online Response

Every so often the stars align, the harmonics are in convergence, and right prevails

I really wish baguettes would catch on in the US.


Paging Matt Foley...paging Matt Foley...

Paging Midlo,. Midlo please pick up the white courtesy phone.

I Just Passed Midlo On The Freeway In Her Midlomobile

John McCain is a walking contradiction on Iraq...

Christian Right goes straight for the gutter

Crazy 2AM thought about Ol' Bob Barr

BUZZFLASH Editorial On Obama

I saw George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic yesterday!

I need advice and don't know where to ask. My friend's son died.

Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)

"Obama to take on McCain 'the Chicago way'"

Insider Advantage - Obama Could Carry Georgia, But Several Factors Must Come Together

Cat people...Scabs under chin?

Obama's Liberal Platform

About small business being devastated with Obama's plan to increase taxes on those making over $250K

MySpace: Is there anybody with a page who hasn't befriended me?

Interesting. NYT op-ed piece on Obama reaching out to Eisenhower Republicans

Now that Cheney's team has taken over McCain's campaign, will they keep him or

McCain's tough road ahead

McCain= Bush Light.

I can't believe Obama did this

Can't we all see that we are being played by the M$M! McSame has HUGE problems, not Obama!

Obama turning grey.

GOP Blasts Obama For Accepting Nomination In Stadium, Though Bush Considered Doing Same In 2004

Woman Drivers In Virginia

BarackObama Factcheck: Reality and Rhetoric on McCain's Tax Speech

Awwww - this is the most adorable Lolcat - to cheer up your Monday

I think my window fan is giving me nightmares.

Movie/TV character riddle - can you answer?

Anybody else have tomorrow off.

Wow. This headline is a real shocker.

*****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Speaks In St. Louis, MO******

Email from DNC about the Obama Acceptance Speech to be delivered in a Stadium

Is McCain fooling us? He's a terrible speaker or what?

Fillmore East or Fillmore West?

McCain Campaign Falsely Asserts That Obama "Changed His Mind" On Iraq

Have any of you had strange experiences with the sleep medication, Ambien?

AP: California dreaming — can McCain win?

Boy, those scientologists are weird.

Have any of you had strange experiences with the freep medication, Rush?

McSame grabs ahold of the "third rail" - proposes balancing budget on backs of seniors - SS "Reform"

hef and jerry garcia

I am a good bureaucrat apparently

This should make everyone happy = )

Will McCain cut Social Security -OR- Raise the payroll tax?

Ugh. McBush is doing that fake creepy giggle/smile thing again

John McCain Admits He's Doesn't Know How To Use A Computer!

The RNC is running an ad for McCain for the first time in my market (western WI),

"McCain could lease a McDonald’s, and they wouldn’t even have to shut down the drive-thru."

Odd version of "The Chicago Way" - The Knifefight

"Progressives Must Guard Against Helping to Promote Republican Narrative..." by Robert Creamer

Is it just me? Or....

Have any of you had strange experiences with the Freep medication, Scambien?

Midlo And Husband

Barack Calls North Carolinians

The NATION magazine: Thanks Democrats, But Obama's Got Bigger Plans

Politico's Allen repeats RNC ad verbatim

I just ate an entire jar of Trader Joe's Spicy Smoky Peach Salsa ask me anything.

Obama's Plane makes unscheduled landing in St Louis? Control issues in the Pitch

Who is going to be VP -- Joe Leiberman said he would take it

What the economists didn't sign

what setting have I accidentallly changed?

Should Obama play to his base or make it bigger?

Should Obama play to his base or make it bigger?

i felt a lot better when i thought

Did Bill Clinton officially endorse yet?

Some nonsense about Obama

McCain: Obama Will Take Away Your Weird Trendy Plastic "Crocs"

Obama on taxes (Cliff notes = McCain campaign full of it)

Have any of you had strange experiences with the sheep medication, Lambien?

I live in a neighborhood where everyday....

MSNBC Article On McCain - Free Pass On Moving To The Center

Big sign in front of bar: "Beer is cheaper than gas. Drink, don't drive"

Is anyone really upset that Obama's a Christian?

It seems as if Warner, Webb, & Strickland turned down VP talk rather forcefully

Obama-Schweitzer, I like the sound of that.

The Further Adventures of Gary the Idiot

WONDEFUL NEWS!!! Another new liberal has been born - a baby boy for Ramsey

For the love of God....

McCain's "economy" speech on tv now. Just me, or is he "louder" than usual?

Just saw "Children of Men" - I have some questions (spoiler warning)

Hey Midlo - we never did find out the answer to this question

Do you think that McCain could fill a 75,000 seat stadium for a rally?

Give a man fish and you feed him for a day. Give a man a fishing pole

Pumped Up: If gas is more than $4 a gallon on Election Day, no way GOP wins the White House

Republican Insult Generator - cause keeping up with those pinheads can be tedious

Want to see the Georgia GOP straw poll?

Cheri Jacobus: "Americans could use a little cash to buy an extra bag of marshmallows."

Holy Moley....please caption....

Sex Crimes in the White House

McCain campaign is childish

When will Obama Make/Announce His VP Choice?

Do You Think Obama Will Announce his VP before he Goes on European/MidEast Trip?

Who Will Announce Their VP Selection First?

Debate 1, wheel out a laptop and Obama should ask McCain to Google "computer".

I'm upset at Obama for turning right.

Its Pick On______________Day

Any DUers from Illinois know who might replace Senator Obama in the Senate?

Coalition of Latino Groups Launches Voter Drive

Reclamation Day

I watched The Ninth Gate for the first time last night!

Dude! Olive Gardens are so freakin cool!

The word about DU is getting spread around...

Badly needed: Context of John McCain's "I am a war criminal" statement in 1997 on "60 minutes"

Why is it that Dem spokespeople never address Obama's tax cut promises

Obama's Search Team Begins To Vet

Question: When Did Kerry Make His VP Choice?

I could eat Reece's Pieces until I threw up.

Cross Jim Webb off the VP list

Here's another very sad ending to a veteran who served in Iraq

Here's another very sad ending to a veteran who served in Iraq

Carly the HP wonder moron and her pet baby chimp try to sell him as "computer hip".

Semi-Pro: Love it or hate it?

Poll: 19% of Americans associate just one word with McCain

Hey, who has my pants?

Wanted: snide remarks disguised as captions

McM$M calls for an overhaul of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security

Webb: "Under No Circumstances Will I Be A Candidate For Vice President"

Donation Could Mean Free Trip To See Obama Speech

Dude! Gardens are so freakin cool!

OMG I got an interview!!!!

More sari/reception pictures (DIALUP WARNING)

The Country has gone Fucking Nuts .....

This kind of rejection of a parent by a child is just sad.

DU is currently guilty of allowing open violations of the ToS, aka bigotry versus the religious

Webb says "NO" to vp

Who wants to break it to Gormy that her new pet is not a cat, but a skunk?

Do People In Delaware Go To Church

I believe Obama has made his VP decision.

Any Odd Thomas fans out there?

Just how clever is this Barack Obama fellow ??

My wife took this picture of a flower.

Obama will ANNOUNCE His VP Just before or on the Day of the Convention

I hate phone tag!

Why Is Obama Not Kerry? (and why we must not be comfortable in any sort of lead)

"I'm afraid he'll be assassinated" -- Is this a "code" phrase for something else?

*Steps up the podium*

McCain hires another senior gay staffer, one week after

Memo to Obama: Moving to the Middle Is for Losers- Arianna Huffington (420 comments)

OK, so I am terrified

Could money be the reason Obama's acceptance speech was moved Mile High?

Are there any dem African Americans running for senate?

Before the rumors start flying around, I just want to let you all know

What is it with men ?

FIA prez sues tabloid, denies Nazi sex orgy

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 7/7/2008)

And now it's...

Hello. I would like to learn how to be a mean person.

Why does LynneSin hate me so?

USA TODAY: Obama showed independent streak in lobbyist dealings

Obama needs to understand there is no downside in defending Constitution...

Mark Crispin Miller: Obama's FISA Statement is a Mess (Just like his Stand on Faith-based Programs)

Coach Needed For This Delaware Team

George Lakoff: The Mind and the Obama Magic

I no longer fear hell for I have watched 'The Golden Compass'

Hurricane Bertha Heading For Virginia and Delaware

is anyone else still holding out hopes for Edwards as VP?

Who told my 14 year old Honda that my paycheck went into the bank??

I'm not interested in endlessly examing Obama or parsing

I just had a wisdom tooth pulled. Ask me anything.....

You know those Motivational Posters - not sure who they were targetting with this one!!

Want Some Torture With Your Airline Peanuts?

McBush has a poor Leadership Ratio....his numbers are horrible.

The Daily Widget – Monday, July 7 – Obama 365, McCain 173

Is black cherry juice supposed to taste absolutely disgusting?

Caption this!

Could you call yourself a follower of a philosophy without accepting 100% of it?

Flight Simulator fans, check in!

ABC: Michelle Obama's Passions: Wife, Mother, Intellectual, American Woman

Any DU'ers ever fornicate each other after meeting here?

A total WTF moment, right here.

Been listening to The Raconteurs quite a bit lately

How many of you have read the book McCain wrote back when he had some integrity?

I have no tolerance for rednecks

I am now cooking taco's with recalled beef from Krogers & I feel fine!

I have a headache , please chop my head off

I Think I Grow Less Tolerant To The Heat Every Year

For the first time in three weeks I don't have to worry about whether our info table is staffed

rammstein cover of barbie girl

What do you think about a Honda civic coupe for a 6'6" guy?

I can eat fifty eggs.

I have a toothache.......Please take my mind off of it!

Cross Your Fingers, I Have A Humungous $$Sale Tomorrow

I'm starting my own tool list...

When was the last time you visited Obama's site?

When I have customers check their internet connections, I usually tell them to try

I'm giving up on Hondas...

Iraq violence contradicts McCain, and Kerry nailed it: he's desperate

Who Does LynneSin Dislike The Most On DU?

It's a shame that a Obama can't express his personal religious beliefs ...

Any DU'ers ever divorce each other after meeting here?

Any DU'ers ever divorce each other after meeting here?

E-mail from Senator Feinstein (D-Ca) re FISA

It's vibe request time again

crim son is the best!

Feeling better today!

"John McCain's Gambling Problem"

What the children drink at ChezMidlo

Any DU'ers ever marry each other after meeting here?


Details Emerge of Obama’s Summer Trip Abroad

Old computer ads

A picture of me in my sari!

Personally, I think the choice of John Kerry as the VP nod would be a little weird.


Man caught with octopus sex images

25 years ago today Dad had a cerebral hemorrhage

IMO, the following veep "possibilities" aren't serious options and never have been

In less than 48 hours

As of (today?) I no longer have health insurance

Could you drink monkey milk?

Kitten Picture of the Day for Monday, July 7

21 years ago today

I am now receiving 100'ds of Emails a day from about 15 different

Digital-to-Analog Converter Boxes

Traveling with family members.

ZombieNixon Worships The Goddess Lelapin. And other pics from the weekend.

Kerry for VP?


Through The Fire and Flames, the Mario Paint version

Can we finally talk about changing MLB's All-star voting?

Profile Yourself Test

Profile Yourself Test

Insert "pants" into a movie quote.

The Twins and some tiny team from New England are on ESPN tonight!

Tim Kaine = Jim Webb + Hispanic voter appeal (he speaks fluent Spanish and lived in Central America)

Christian Right attacks Obama calls him "the abortion President" - offensive images as depiction

McSame's Insanity: Fix the budget by attacking it where it is healthiest.

There is something seriously wrong when I am way ahead of the rest of the class...

How do you kill black widow spiders?

3 Facts: Which Candidate Is Pro-Life? (A Brief Email To Share)

A dog and cat diary

Many people nowadays think that being rude and obnoxious is

Remind me again why I'm paying $70 a month for satellite TV

McCain: "If you believe you should pay more taxes, Senator Obama is your man"

I am thinking of getting this pup....

What's your favorite old school arcade game?

Where do deleted subthreads go?

out of all the women in the world -- A-Rod chooses Madonna?!?!

First day of Physician Assistant School tomorrow. Prayers and good vibes, please.

Why families should be abolished.

anyone playing Metal Gear Solid 4 or Grand Theft Auto 4?

We had a 'Come to Jesus' meeting at ChezMidlo last night.

My husband was accosted in a parking lot over my Obama bumpersticker.

MSNBC: Rumor has it in DC that it will be John Kerry for VP

Have any of you had strange experiences with the creep medication, Rabrrrrrr?

You've gotta caption this pic. Just too good to pass up.:

Do You Laugh When Some People Get Bent Out Of Shape Over Something Small?

It's 108 here in Redding!

What is the last purchase you made at the Adult Book Store?

Picture thread time!

Just Checkin' In

OK Female DU'rs I Did Not Mean That 'Women' Are Cowards

OK Its Bash Me Day, Give Me Your Best Shot...

McCain was a total fuckup in the Navy

Cat discipline advice needed.

Should the government pay for a woman's right to choose an abortion?

Whats Your Favorite Food Of All Time?


How old are you, and do you have a Facebook account?

Obama's plane lands in St. Louis for maintenance

Houston Oil CEO's wife - "as oil escalates I will only get flashier"

Obama never claimed to be a liberal. We voted for him on his platform of bringing people together.

David Bowie on the McCain campaign????

Brian Scweitzer Gov. of Montana VP

Woman and children booted off Southwest Flight

For some years I intended to become an astrologist

Barrack Obama seeks the help of God to attract more votes

McCain Campaign Big Lie "Obama is a Typical Politician" Hits DU: The Vanilla Version

It's my birthday!

Obama's VP: BIDEN : KERRY : CLARK : EDWARDS - You Decide

Should DU have a Rapture Ready group?


You going to the Convention???

A study in doves for those who like birds

Barack Obama isn't the only one who can fill a stadium. Republicans can fill a stadium, too!

For those of you who were really bullied/harrassed in school

Name a character from a well known movie and we'll guess the title

Ex-Prosecutor’s Book Accuses Bush of Murder

US defense chiefs fear failure in Iran attack

South Korea announces first oil contingency measures

When Fox News Is the Story

Iran, EU agree on nuclear negotiations timetable

Baron Cohen dupes Israeli intelligence

Barrack Obama seeks the help of God to attract more votes

Female bomber kills two in Iraq market blast

South Carolina plans license plate for Christians

5 explosions wound at least 25 in Pakistan

US holds navy exercise after Iran comments on Gulf

UK to slow expansion of biofuels

U.S. Attorney Pat Meehan to step down

Photog Kicked Out of Iraq Embed For Showing Photo of Dead Marine

Bush: Russian President A "Smart" Guy

Colombia accuses Swiss diplomat of financing FARC

Joint Chiefs chairman: Security gains holding

SFO contests Saudi deal decision

Sikorski meets Rice this afternoon

Conservatives Ready To Battle McCain on Convention Platform

North Carolina speech: Obama lumps McCain in with Bush on economy

Kennedy's wife says he's handling treatment well

Poll shows economic worries similar to 1992

British UFO sightings at 'bizarre' levels (includes map)

Radical Islam Stirs in China's Remote West

Forgery Alleged in Weldon Firm's Iraqi Arms Deal

Syria sees no Israel peace before Bush quits

Suicide car bomb hits Indian Embassy in Afghanistan

Iraq floats US pullout timetable

McCain promises to balance budget (in 4 years)

Obama Moves Nomination Acceptance Speech to Football Stadium (Official)

Oil's Rapid Rise Stirs Talk of $200 a Barrel This Year

E Guinea court sentences British mercenary to 34 years

E Guinea court sentences British mercenary to 34 years

At Magnet School, An Asian Plurality

G8 protest video features leaders singing ABBA's 'Money, Money, Money'

Indymac Issues Stakeholder Letter

E Guinea court sentences Briton Mann to 34 years (coup plot)

Air traffic controllers report near-collision at JFK

IndyMac Cuts Half its Staff as Mortgage Losses Mount

Doctors Press Senate to Undo Medicare Cuts

Pentagon rebuffs Iraqis on withdrawal timetable

Ex-hostage Betancourt urges Colombian president to tone down 'hate' speech toward rebels

With Pride, Californians Step Up to Fight Fires

Mechanical Problem Forces Obama Plane to Land

Barroso call isolates Bush on climate change

Climate change report like a disaster novel, says Australian minister

Britain's Brown tells families to stop wasting food to help calm price rises


Toyota to install solar panels on Prius

Long wait for satellite radio deal may end soon

Justice Dept. Sued Over Political Bias, Applicants Begin Coming Forward

Supplies for Katrina victims went to Mississippi agencies

The Iraq war movie: Military hopes to shape genre

Jewish human rights group hunts Nazi doctor in Chile, Argentina

Report: 22-year-old arms dealer to plead guilty to fraud charges

GM mulling thousands of job cuts, sale of brands: report

G8 summit: Gordon Brown has eight-course dinner before food crisis talks

Southwest denies family travel (4 unruly kids)

Iraq says may agree timetable for U.S. withdrawal

Why Gay Marriage is WRONG (sarcasm if needed)

Charlie Rose - Sumner Redstone / Jimmy Wales

Barack Obama Addresses A.M.E. Church General Conference

CNN revisits the Bush’s administration’s Iraq war deception.

Charlie Chaplin Speaks

TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup: Iraq 'Backtrack' Flak

New RNC ad

Keith Obermann Special Comment *To Barack Obama on F.I.S.A.!

Red State Update: Obama's Iraq Flip-Flop

Kerry on McCain's Iraq Position, CBS Face the Nation

McCain On Off-Shore Drilling

Dick Cheney Visits Boston-July 4th--Protest

Boycott VIACOM

Ted Koppel claims that Obama is as cynical and imperialistic as Koppel himself seems to be

61-year-old librarian kicked out of McCain event

Christopher Hitchens says a bunch of nasty, amusing things about everyone on PBS

CNN reviews the historical cavalcade of lies concerning Iraq

Juan Williams seems tired of Bill Kristol's happy talk on Iraq

Lieberman: After Iran wipes out Israel and ‘Arab countries’ in the Middle East, ‘we’re next!’

TYT: Tom (Ihavenobias)'s Three Reasons To Vote for Democrats as presented by Cenk

Forget the Computer, Forget the Teleprompter, McCain Struggles With the Telephone

These days, I assume that everything I do is probed and examined by omnipotent corporations

Our Government: Powerless to Outlaw Guns, Able to Outlaw movies

Paying More, Getting Less: How much is the sick U.S. health care system costing you?

Bill Moyers/Michael Winship: The Iraq War Was About Oil, All Along

Kinsley: To Swift-Boat or Not

Truthdig: A Loss of Transatlantic Harmony

The Truth Commission

The Mightiest Nation

"Culture of secrecy": At Age 42, the Freedom of Information Act Is Feeling a Little 'Bush-ed'

NYT editorial: Iraq and Afghanistan: Where Do We Go From Here?

"Fox News has been living a life beyond consequence for years."

When Money Goes Out the Door, Love Flies Out the Window

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Where We're At (James Kunstler)

Pessimism rising across the nation

Behind the Bush Bust - Krugman

George Will: The Knock on the Door

Iraqi Parties, After Meetings in Finland, Agree on Principles to Guide Further Talks

Improbable Database Of A Farc Commander

AlterNet: The Superstitious Right Fights Good Science on Global Warming

Hurricane watch

Why Fly When You Can Float?

American Energy Policy, Asleep at the Spigot

With Gas Over $4, Cities Explore Whether It's Smart to Be Dense

From The Where The Cheese Binds Dept. - Oz Government Facing Major Climate Plan Backlash

Brazilian Govt. Says 20%+ Of Amazon Deforestation Happens In "Protected" Areas

Shell Extends of Gulf of Mexico Oilfield With Water Injection

Bush Remarks On G8 Climate Talks: "Yeah, I'll Be Constructive" - AFP

With Inflation At 11%, Saudis Speak: "Gas Prices Are Low Here. So What? Can I Drink It?" - IHT

Beyond homes, entire neighborhoods going green

Guardian(UK): America's love affair fades as the car becomes burden of suburbia

Mitsubishi, University Team to Charge Electric Vehicles With Renewable Energy

How a Giant Solar Tower Could Power the Future

Solar power plan for Prius aircon(ditioning)

Jimmy Carter's "malaise speech"

Wave-powered boat finishes crossing (from Hawaii to Japan)

Wingers Eyeing McCain Positions Suspiciously, Including His Putative Environmental Stances - WP

Decades Later, Toxic Sludge Torments Bhopal

Harvest Of Teff - Source Of Ethiopia's Staple Bread - Has Largely Failed - Age


After Closed-Door Deal, Plum Creek To Unveil Huge Subdivision Plan For Montana Forests

Japan Sees a Chance to Promote Its Energy-Frugal Ways

PEMEX - Cantarell Output Down 34% YOY In May - Biggest Drop Since 1994 Hurricane Shutdown - BBerg

5 Reason Carbon Capture and Storage for Coal is Bulls**t

San Jose to Welcome Underwriters Laboratories' Solar Testing Facility

"Clean" coal? Check it out:

Wind turbines could cause mid-winter black outs (in UK) - FUD

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/06/08

$1.6 trillion: New estimate on magnitude of writedowns

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 07/04/2008

Faustian economics: Hell hath no limits - Wendell Berry

Millions turn to internet swap shops (UK)

Pay Attn If U have any money investedWith most funds, managers have none of their own funds at stake

Taxpayers' cost to keep arrested workers in jails: $590,000 a month

Obama's Contradictory Marriage Views by John Corvino

Sci-Fi Writer Thomas Disch Commits Suicide

On Capitalism and Greed

July 5th Global Day of Action in Grand Rapids

Starbucks Union Demands Clarification on Store Closures, Initiates Global Action

Coca-Cola settles lawsuit (union pension funds) for $137.5 million (class action)

Today in labor history July 07 meeting to discuss ways to keep new immigrants from scabbing

Faced With IWW Pressure, Starbucks Releases Sub-Par Health Care Number

Hollywood: George Clooney plays peacemaker as strike looms

Labor firm ordered to cease again-It was shut down temporarily after teen worker died

Rallies Held Worldwide to Protest Firing of Pro-Union Starbucks Workers

Dile a la madre de María, Jovita, que a ti te importa

Restaurant Opportunities Center Scores Big Win for Service Industry Workers

IDF to step up campaign against Hamas in W. Bank

We have lost our cool By Yehuda Ben Meir

Terror victims' family sues Palestinian Authority for $172 million

Official PA paper: Israel poisoning prisoners

Israeli settlers bind Palestinian teacher to pole and club him in Samu'

Israel blocks WBank village over barrier protests

Paralysed Gaza girl, Marya Aman, in plea to Israel

Secret memo shows Israel knew Six Day War was illegal

Bereaved families file lawsuit in US against Lebanese banks

Warning the following messages may contain pictures not suitable for minors

Spanish sources

Colombia says to seek direct contact with rebels

Ex-hostage Betancourt urges Colombian president to tone down 'hate' speech toward rebels

Improbable Database Of A Farc Commander

Peru leftist gears up for general strike

The NY Yankees PA announcer is 97 years old.

Cleveland agrees to deal starter C.C. Sabathia to Milwaukee for prospects

Cubs Fans

Barry Bonds practiced with the Red Sox?

Boxing: July 8 - 12

48percenter - hope you're away from the coming hurricane?

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay (the movie)

Parents of the Astro/Spirituality forum: was anything spiritual or paranormal involved in the...

A compilation of free mp3's

Starchild Earthlog th July : Diving into the Depths …the Cancer New Moon and the Incoming Energies

Ringing Cedars of Russia ( I think this may have been posted before, but..)

Without Funds, NJ Hospitals Face Crisis

FDA to urge black box warning for epilepsy drugs

'Suicide by cop' a troubling trend

Florida may limit paying for some kids' drugs

Cholesterol Screening Is Urged for Young

More from the trail

Me in my sari at a wedding reception in Wichita 7/5/08

A study in doves for those who like birds

Boy are these mothers are hard to shoot

Anyone interested in playing Photograph ABC?

World Wide Moment: August 8, 2008

Pioneer Woman asked for her reader's recipes. She got over 5000

HOLY CRAP!!! Avocado chocolate pudding works!!!

shelf life of an apple pie?

A **_Second_Call_** to all the Gravlaxians ...............

Has anyone here ever entered a cooking (recipe) contest?

7-year old killed in Salt Lake City drive-by.

What's wrong with gun suicide?

14,000 knife victims a year (UK)

Gun control is security theater

One Last Trip to Open Hubble's Eyes Even Wider

Did Giant Lightening Bolts From Space Form Some Canadian Craters?

Post your favorite science cartoons

Male biological clock 'ticks too'

Nanotube Radio

Save the Arecibo Observatory

Evangelicalism may be losing its political influence, scholars say (THANK GOD!)

Anglican communion denies ties to new 'Chavez Church'

Interested in Buddhism

Dead Sea tablet suggests Jewish resurrection imagery pre-dates Jesus

Minister delivers eulogy, forgets the name of the deceased.

The ancient scripts that predate - and might rewrite - the Bible

Support referendum for 9-11 probe

Controlled demolition of World Trade Center 7 Building

DailyKos diary to rec and comment

My favorite random blog post about JK. An Israeli puzzles as to why JK was in Jerusalem

Veep rumors, anyone?

Wow. The deadenders at TalkLeft can go .... (*&(&$#*(^W#*($&@(#&$)

Hey, let's get the Texas 2008 Campaign Underground Thread going!

Hard Times in Sherburne County

An Opportunity to Open Presidential Debates

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 07/07/08

Foreclosure Lists-The Next GOP Strategy to Challenge Ohio Voters?

Non-mainstream film report: Roman de Gare

FEMA disaster relief hits $1.3 million per day; hydrologists on the way

Look at this shit...

Have you seen this thread...