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Which Lord Of The Rings characters best describe Bush and Co.?

Michael Mukasey to Testify Wednesday on the Hill

Washington Elitism

we just had the perfect example of the media lying for mccain....i.e. obama's iraq position

Administrator: County Clerk saves only $171 by eliminating weddings

Inflation rate over 4% but my credit union is only paying 2.78%

The McLaughlin Group: The Toxic Legacy of George W. Bush & Dick Cheney

The Iowa Floods are officially over.

Guardian UK: Britain teeters on brink of recession as companies cut back

U.K. Economy Faces `Serious' Recession Risks, BCC Survey Shows

Librarian with ‘McCain=Bush’ sign charged with trespassing at public campaign event

How did Pelosi win the primary?

Rachel is in for KO tonight! YAEH!!!! n/t

Can very dark-skinned people become Arabs?

Iraq's Maliki Suggests Setting Timetable for U.S. Withdrawal

Net Roots..... Everyone can ask Pelosi about her shit.... link and story

Net Roots..... Everyone can ask Pelosi about her shit.... link and story

What does it mean for a COUNTRY to be "Arabic"?

The McCain Campaign......unhinged

Interesting three wheeled scooter I saw today.. The ScootCoupe 150

Paramedics: Police officer coached responses of ex-San Jose cop involved in accident

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Johnny Wendell subs for Mike Tonight

FBI may target Americans without cause

Intrade has California anti-gay amendment at only 37% odds to pass

44 killed, more than 100 injured in suicide blast at Indian embassy in Kabul

Throw away the key

More full spectrum information warfare, The Surge is working: Liberated Iraqis pimping their rides!

"Judgment at Nuremberg" on Retroplex at 8pm EDT

Afghan children 'forgotten victims' of war: UN

Shrink ray’ hits consumers’ wallets

Muslims feel ignored by McCain, Obama

"Thoughts on the Death of Jesse Helms"

Chinese race to clear algae from Olympic sailing venue

A Bush Admin Admission, a Bush Admin Shoplifter, & Duped Evangelicals(Bush History 7/8)

George and Angela, he really can't keep his hand off her

"Where is the responsibility of those American industrialists who helped Hitler to refit his ...

Entire Chinese city suspends factory output for Olympic clean air......

I never tire of this smack down.(west wing)

Pelosi: pragmatist or traitor to liberals?

Man out-spits father, claims pit-spitting title

Photo: "You know sumpin', Russian President Dmitry Medvedev? Yer one funny guy, Stretch."

July 9th actions at Canadian Consulates in 14 U.S. cities War Resisters

In 2002, Ted (Toooobs) Stevens won with 78%... Now he's teetering at 45-47%

Time to think about democratic values and democratic positions on issues

SA Seeks to Charge 4 Seal Rights Holders and 140 Seal Clubbers with Animal Cruelty

The right-wing lunacy continues in my local paper! (Another OIL letter)

What the Republicans and the media prefer not to discuss

Who would be a better speaker of the House?

Bomb kills 4 contractors, injures 8 others near Mosul

C-SPIN: Mike Allen - Stenographer Extraordinaire

Afghanistan may very well be MORE fucked up than Iraq

Make August "Voter Check" Month

More Sex Means Less Chance Of ED For Older Men

Is that Brent Wilkes I see on WJ this morning?

Politico's Allen repeats RNC ad verbatim, doesn't report Obama response

Told you Politico was the replacement for Talon News

Will Foreclosures Affect Voting Rolls? Ohio Officials Worry about Voters Still Reg'd at houses lost

US exports to Iran rose in Bush years-Not letting Evil stand in the way of $’s!

Jesse Helms funeral services to be held at 2 pm today. NC Governor proclaims

This thread needs 500 recs before Mitch McConnell deifies Jesse Helms

John Nichols-Jesse Helms, John McCain and the Mark of the White Hands

The Two-Party System MUST DIE!!!!

Guardians of executive branch abuses of power.

CSpan 3 will have the Helms funeral

Is the GOP Cooking the Books to Avoid Recession Until After Election Day?

As America Collapses US Government Secret Plans Revealed

Hospital refuses to accept its own employees' health insurance

Wolfson and Lanny Davis have joined fox news

Iraq insists on withdrawal timetable with specific dates

Pet owners favor McThuselah?

Salve the sting of food prices with the G8 menu

Sarkozy is no wimp : bashed Bush at G8

Bush's Blood-Orgy in Somalia: "They Are Slaughtering Somalis Like Goats"

If you get tuberculosis in the US and aren't insured, you're fucked.

Glenn Greenwald: August 8, 1974 v. July 9, 2008

The Cover-Up Nearly Complete

Microsoft steps up battle over Yahoo board

MSNBC: "This video may be disturbing..."

Cheney deleted inconvenient truths from climate report

NPR just did a piece on the 'rock star' david petreaus

FBI Headquarters Not Cleared for Classified Intelligence

I'm forming a new 527 "PET OWNERS FOR TRUTH"

Keeping an eye on the ice caps

Soldier whose photo touched many dies in N.C.

msnbc hit piece: 'Why Obama’s Iraq policy created a media tizzy'

McCain Courts Young Voters in Denver

Argggh!......The repugnant Sheriff Joe Arpaio was just interviewed on MSNBC about immigration.....

Bernanke May Extend Benefits for Finance Sector Welfare Queens

Indymac is Closing All Wholesale Regional Operations Centers

World Leaders Discuss Global Food Crisis Over 18-Course Meal

CNN: "Iran's military warns U.S.," and yet their LEAD STORY is on Billy Joel's "The Stranger."

Has anyone had experience with Citizenre? (Solar energy company)

Pay4Pee Scheme Working In India

"Carriage Trade" department stores hurting: $2,000 Dolce&Gabbana bags 60 percent off!

Michele Bachmann would eliminate ALL federal energy permits and regulation

The AJC has closed down Luckovich's blog due to vicious hacking and other things

Dame and Knights of Malta.

By their license plates ye shall know them


Should we collapse the Science and Religion forums at DU??

Sneaky fast Low Tide? The Spirit of Glacier Bay runs aground

What Every American Needs to Know (and Do) About FISA Before Tuesday

Jesse Helms .... my tribute

A bride was among 23 people killed as US-led coalition forces bombarded a wedding party

As usual, the clueless, brain dead....(Caption please)

There must be some mistake

In Memory of Jesse Helms, and The Condom On His House

Lieberman and Coburn reading the Declaration of Independence now on

Conyers holds all the aces, and will still fold his hand.

Iraqis Just Say NO To Security Deal With US Unless It Contains Withdrawal Dates

Silly poll: Pet owners prefer McCain over Obama

30 billion fewer miles driven, and counting

Bush: ``Yo Harper.''

Full Page Ad in the Washington Post Against FISA Bill

Let's all take a look back at Governor George W. Bush's 2000 website

If there are thousands more captives being held in Columbia...why did the gov't spill the beans

Jesse Helms, I'll always think of you when I'm doing my laundry separating the whites from the color

And for this you get a Pulitzer Prize? Puh-leeze.

Group proposes George W. Bush Sewage Plant

we are seeing the results of the cheney energy task force-we should not be surprised


So warrantless searches are not Constitutional

Dodd: This Is It

world leaders 18-course banquet - discuss how to solve global food crisis

FOUND: A solution for the energy crisis (well, in Virginia anyway)

I might have to go see this. Talk about funny.

McCain's Croc of Hooey

A Word To The Water Wise


Busting the CRP-high grain prices, bakers,pheasants, and Ducks Unlimited

Feinstein, Halperin: why the compromise FISA bill sucks less

food scam


Rockefeller just urged Sens to vote AGAINST Feingold/Dodd/Lahey amendment. nt

Petition to Rescind 7th Cavalry Medals: Wounded Knee

Sen. Spector (R-PA) against Telecom Immunity

Boxer has the floor for 10 minutes now on C-Span 2. nt

ACLU to Mark One Millionth Addition to TSA Terrorist Watch List

Radical or moderate?

Congress is helping Bush break the law–it‘s a great day in America. - Today’s Headlines 7/8/08

Rising prosperity producing expanding waistlines in China

...mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable...

Bush's reversal on climate change

McClellan: Iraq’s Oil ‘Certainly Played Heavily’ In Cheney’s Desire To Launch War

Thom Hartman talking to Siegelman

Actual FreeRepublic signature lines:

Right-Wing Fruitcake Alert: Jonah Goldberg compares Obama’s national service plan to slavery

What's the point of congressional investigations & hearings if actual justice is off the table?

Anybody know if this afternoon's session of the Senate will be covered?

Whose this nutbag lady on Thom Hartman's show defending McCain?

McCain proves that he gets it

Are they playing ping pong in my head....

Ed Rollins is an out of touch old geezer

woo hoo! timetable for withdrawal requested by iraq!

Question: When you call Congressional offices, do the staffers ask your name and telephone #

Angry flier uses emergency slide to exit Delta jet

Want Some Torture With Your Peanuts?

Richard Cohen wakes up....(Reagan piece)

Right-winger losing it...

Daniel Ellsberg - What Every American Needs to Know (and Do) About FISA

CSPAN2 -- Back Live, Debating FISA

Pelosi, Reid (and the rest of the Dem capitulators), FISA and Contempt

A few observations

Having daughters - a propensity to run for (Democratic) President?

Want a simple way to protest FISA and Immunity?

Want a simple way to protest FISA and Immunity?

When Money Is Speech, Speech Is Not Free

Huckabee Faults Obama For Not Having The Convictions Of Segregationist Jesse Helms

i hate hillbillies, white trash and freepers.......

McClellan: Iraq’s Oil ‘Certainly Played Heavily’ In Cheney’s Desire To Launch War

Iraq presses US on timeline for troop pullout

Down goes Dow

Meanwhile, China goes big.

Bush Administration tells truth for once, apologizes for doing so

The price of gas is too high. Why doesn't the government stabilize the price for us?

Bush & Co. you can have my skeletons and lump it!

Edit: wrong forum

Who would prosecute the Telecoms?

McConnell speaking now at the Helms funeral

Am I the only one who doesn't have a problem with the G8 Leaders lunch/dinner menu?

This Modern World-The ongoing adventures of Sparkman and the Blinkster

Bush Just Can't Keep His Hands Off Merkel

Fundies: Fairness Doctrine...would force Fundie radio to promote abortion and "homosexual lifestyle"

The Young and the Indebted

"Domestic spying quietly goes on, NSA faces new limits, but surveillance thrives"

Hagee's Revenge? Videos Of Controversial Pastor Removed From YouTube

Do you believe a majority of Americans are racists

Dumb question about Mexico

Obama's speech to the League of United Latin American Citizens

Higher CO2 levels may be good for plants: German scientists

has the pelosi story been verified???

republicanT Banking 101

DUers we missed the 100th anniversary of the

Gene Editing Could Make Anyone Immune to AIDS

From Chris Dodd

The AP wins the ridiculous political story of the year award.

Medical Insurance Industry - evil or just uncaring?

I want an honest answer

Steamy novel based on Laura Bush stirs controversy

mc stupid says 'victory in Iraq' will pay off the deficit.

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: John McCain Hates/Hearts Economists

NJ Du'ers! Call Lautenberg's office on FISA!

Guy James Has a Great Suggestion

Was 20 Million Dollars Paid to Free Betancourt and 3 American Hostages in Colombia?

"And finally ...... we're waiting to see if former Hillary Clinton voters will get behind Obama."

Is it just me, or is Rachel Maddow getting pretty damn good at hosting Countdown?

(Snort) The REAL reason we haven't been attacked recently

T. Boone Pickens has a plan to get off foreign oil

Is Malaki asking us to get the fuck out a 'condition on the ground'?

Oil on Ice..... (must see)

Army Veteran Awaits Fate After Refusing Call To Deploy To Iraq

So we told the Iraqis no...are we officially occupiers now?

Caption McCain

Caption McCain

Daniel Ellsberg on Warrantless Wiretapping Bill FISA

Russian President Says Talks With Bush Brought No Progress

It finally happened. My car got keyed.

4th of July weekend 2004-$38 oil and 853 US deaths in Iraq

Constitutional question: Ex post facto laws

Why not? It's not like there would be any consequences.

Your search criteria return no matched results. Please try again

Boeing, SkyHook to build rotorcraft to carry freight

'Science fiction like' weapons on tap for political conventions

TEDTalk Tuesday: Teaching Simulations to Walk

GOP: Don't blame manufacturers for toxic trailers

Who remembers having a doctor make house calls?

Just for you, Jesse Helms:

If ever there was a person to whom....

Boy sets fire for revenge against Grandma (who grounded him for pranking 911)...

US exports to Iran rose ten fold in Bush years

Another WTF regarding kids. DJ rescues naked toddler girl from traffic.

Is there a bicycle rack in the parking lot at your place of employment?

Congressional Approval Falls to Single Digits for First Time Ever

The guide to right wing group names

Under Bush, US Exports to Iran Surge

Metal thieves suspected of toppling cell tower

NYU Law School Professor Michael Walden: Congress, if it had a backbone, could throw Rove in jail

What ever happened to the "Axis of Evil"???

Have you all called? About FISA?

Americans Evenly Divided on Morality of Homosexuality

Breaking News:

Kucinich to Bring Single Article of Bush Impeachment for Misleading US into War

House Candidate Accused Of Choking Daughter Pleads Guilty

Am I missing something?

"Big Oil poised to make triumphant return to Iraq" thanks to Cheney's Secret Energy Meetings

Damn I am SICK of Randi being such a know-it -all

Act now! Limited Time Offer!

An executive run amok, a supine Congress, a national blood lust

PRISON: How Many Bush Administration Officials Will End Up There After 2008?

Moms, kids find officer's loaded gun in South Austin park

US Senator Ted Kennedy Tired But Doing Well During Brain Cancer Therapy

Calculate your own car's miles per gallon. This does it for you.

Russians suspect Welsh arsonist stripper could be British spy

Beltway myth: "The left-wing base" vs. "the American people" on Iraq

What's with TeeBonePicikins buying air time to talk abut his 'plan' to solve our foreign oil crisis?

A phrase that grates on me like few others ..........

Greenpeace Japan detainees need your help re: 23-day jail detention

Stupid stupid stupid stupid

T.Boone Pickens just had a TV commercial on NBC Nightly News

I just heard Lou :puke: dobbs

Autism: Google it. Read about it. It ain't going away. It's going to

Pelosi to Bush: Turn on the tap {SPR}

Steamy Novel Based On Laura Bush Stirs Controversy

WHY will bush, cheney & the neo cons get away with it all Scott free?

If not Ms. Pelosi ..... then who?

Bush History: Tues 7/8(Bush Admin Admission, Bush Admin Shoplifter, & Evangelical's False Idol)

Hagee's Revenge? Videos Of Controversial Pastor Removed From YouTube

A Brief Preview of the 2008 Republican National Convention

all of you at freak repuklic suck. I just got done watching SHUT up and SING

Obama's Plane - Passengers were told they might have to Assume Brace Position

In 2007, Bush promised Iraq withdrawal if asked by Maliki: ‘I don’t see how we could stay.’

***FISA Telco immunity stripping amendment being debated now***

Ex-official: Cheney wanted climate change report altered to downplay public health risks

Bill Hemmer, Here's Your Sign

If the immunity provision is removed from FISA, I'm gonna sue AT&T.

Suppose it was Barack Obama Who Had Married "a younger heiress of a billion dollar beer empire"

Waxman Threatens Attorney General With Contempt

Waxman Threatens Attorney General With Contempt

Defeating "retroactive Immunity" is defeating "inherent authority" and "unitary executive"

Danel Ellsberg warns against the FISA Bill

Study: Military Gays Do Not Undermine Unit Cohesion

7/07 Election Model: How much FRAUD will it take to steal it this time?

I'm going to lose it if the North Carolina media doesn't shut their yap about Jesse Helms

The Nation: How Democrats Could Turn Texas Into the Blue Star State READ IT NOW WOOHOO!

My 4th of July brush with tyranny

Noodly Appendage alert!

Even T. Boone Pickens prefers alternative energy to more drilling

Bra Power: Can Bouncing Breasts Charge an iPod?

Mr. Fish on Jesse Helms

Important historical library and museum not slated for funding in Florida.

Let's put OSTRACISM on the table

my mass email re: George Carlin

Remind me again how we are a democracy

NYT: Howard Wolfson to join Fox News team.

Barack effing Obama has NOT 'moved toward the center'. He's been consistant...

Carpal Tonal

Is this a sign waterboarding is coming to an end?

Lordy: NRA wants Mickey, Goofy and Minnie to pack heat

hypermiling works! i now get 37.5 mpg (epa says i should get 21 city / 27 hwy / 23 combined)


ACLU: U.S. blocking payments to Guantanamo attorneys

Too fun not to repost

Librarian with ‘McCain=Bush’ sign charged with trespassing at public campaign event

McCain's got a gambling problem. Also an ethics/corruption/IRS problem. We need to bust him on it.

for your reading pleasure,"the 14 points of fascism"

***** YES, I signed the Kucinich IMPEACH BUSH petition *****

Grabby America Needs to Grow Up

"Goodnight Bush"

Parade sparks outrage (Gloucester pregnacny pact).

Wow...I just identified a list of names.

August 8, 1974 v. July 9, 2008

Help DU this poll!

How will they control the supply with solar and wind energy?

Obama cannot be for impeachment at this stage into his candidacy.

Digby: For The Record (Let it be known: We tried to stop FISA telecom immunity)

Woman shoots self while trying to kill mice

Are car companies going to raise the price of small cars?

Mutiny! Admiral Mullen Sends Israel A Message: NO "Green Light" To Attack Iran

Dem Leadership "Basically Carrying Out A SECRET Agreement With WH"

I don't know about you, but I resent being directed to a fucking comment line when I call the

Nikkei tanking; Global stock markets in the crapper

Uncle Sam wants YOU ass!

I'm tired of hearing about our addiction to oil

Oil falls to $136 today........

Telecoms Sue Over High-Speed Links They Wont Provide

Chomsky: US public irrelevant

Impeachment Article to be Introduced Thursday, letter from DK

Holy cow! McCain/Abramoff Connection? - Wanna bet this gets buried?

U.S. Among World's Worst Surveillance Societies...ACLU

DHS wants ALL airline passengers to wear taser bracelets.

A Flock of Sequels.

Day and a half and still no confirmation on the Pelosi story.

Can we tolerate just one more thread about the family that got kicked off the plane?

JULY 8TH, 1959


Amy Goodman: AT&T Whistleblower Gets Cold Shoulder from Democrats in Congress

The United States is finished.

What is Obama's relationship to the DLC?

McCain will be on Morning Joe tomorrow -

Why is it every time I see McCain on TV Cindy McCain is right up under him like a lost puppy

Fox Photoshops Keith Olbermann! Makes him Jewish

NOTHING at TPM that Pelosi opposes contempt for Rove


Look at how different Olbermann looks.

You don't have to worry about tax increases

Potential Cabinet Members for Barack Obama

Maddow hosting Countdown. Don't miss it

DU this poll, lol

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/7/08 - Obama 46, McCain 41 (O down 1, M up 1)

Has the worry of a threat of war with Iran EASED?

Obama hires Clinton's chief of women's outreach.

Almost time to get my feet on the street!

Could Nancy Pelosi's district PLEASE fire her and vote in a stronger Democrat?

NYT: Internal Politics Heat Up at McCain Campaign

Obama's speech will do what McCain can't

Audio of today's phone conference with Dean and Sebelius about Obama's speech venue change.

Pet Peeve: "irregardless" isn't a word!

The Press Corps’ Unshakeable Crush on McCain

Wow, I missed a couple hours--are there Kerry rumors on the internets?

So, I Saw A Guy Today With Two "Huckabee" Bumper Stickers On His Truck...

Edwards and Clinton - "Popular, but Polarizing"

The Atlantic: Webb refused the VP slot after Obama vetting team requested info for background check

I think Nancy Pelosi should get consideration for the VP candidate

'The George W. Bush Sewage Plant' - "a fitting tribute"- roflmfao!!

FAIR: Two Standards on Public Financing

McCain looks vulnerable as red states cool

"Experts Worry That Good News From Obama Election is More Than Americans Can Handle"

Jim Doyle for VP.

Nevada tilting blue

McCain on Rights of the Disabled

Video: Librarian Kicked Out of McCain Town Hall Meeting

For any Hillary supporters who won't support Obama,

Atlantic poll: Will Barack Obama raise your taxes?

New York Times' Herbert: Obama "taking the base for granted", "guaranteed to cause disilussion"

The NRA loses its mind, goes to war with Disney World......

Democratic Centralism

Webb balked at a background check

Georgia GOP in attack mode for Obama visit

When will Obama announce his VP choice?

Red State Update makes it into the Tennessean

Why I think Sen. Obama should consider Gov. Brian Schweitzer of Montana for V.P.

You cannot be seriously considering John Kerry for VP.

McClellan confirms Cheney started war to enrich himself.

How Democrats Could Turn Texas Into the Blue Star State

dkos: Anatomy of a Smear 2.0: Flip Flopper

I got the "Obama is a Muslim" letter yesterday.

One Obama idea I really love: Sunlight Before Signing

Question about the "big announcement" email

Our next president is on CNN right now!

Stupid Poll: Pet Owners prefer McAmbien to Obama 42-37%

Wingnut "loses it" in public

The "founding fathers" is a meaningless and misleading term.

Nevada Trends Democratic

Obama says despite shortcomings of Bush administration, impeachment is not acceptable

Courage, defined.

Group Proposes "Honor" to President Bush by naming sewage treatment plant after him

Would John McCain of 2000 vote for John McCain of 2008?

Chatting with the Obama family(video)

I Am Getting My Stimulation Checked By Friday

New Feature: Obama-McCain By The Numbers

Barnes To McCain: Misuse The Gays

Howard Wolfson (Clinton campaign) joining FOX News

He Was A Patriot...3 years ago, Andy died...(includes images)

Folk Banjo. Discuss.

When is the first Obama/McCain debate ??

I just took my shirt off.

On the 15th Anniversary of Mia Zapata's murder, let us honor her by

Ed Begley Jr cracks me up!

Obama campaign: "McCain economic plan represents a continuation of the same economic policies"

Forget the crowd in Denver on Aug 28.... you know what will be REALLY impressive?

OMG Carly said "VIAGRA"!!!11!!

OMG Carly said "VIAGRA"!!!11!!

If I won the lottery, I'd start a community radio station

Obama launches new ad in states where RNC spot aired

There is brown water coming out of my faucets.

HELL AND DAMNATION! Monty almost sat on my cup of tea!

HELL AND DAMNATION! Monty almost sat on my cup of tea!

Sucked into a huge hole of propaganda, like a giant magnet...

Weird verbal exchanges in icky bar bathrooms.

Host or Attend a Democratic Platform Meeting.

I Am Getting My Stimulation Check By Friday

Strictly from a feminist point of view --

Lines on the mirror...lines on their face

Obama Responds to RNC Ad With New TV Spot

It appears there is a foundation right where my damn fence is going!

Napolitano to lead DNC Platform Drafting Committee

McCain protects Guv from Abramoff bribe scandal

Dems & Obama mess up big time!

Don't hit me but I would like to trade out first lady's

Should Obama have a speech to address the very concept of "flip-flopping"

Evangelical Leaders to Support McCain

Mother Jones: McCain Campaign Screening Questioners?

OK Female DU'rs I Did Not Mean That 'Women' Are Folk Banjos.

Thinking of what FDR always said to Eleanor

If Kerry is the VP everyone must get "Going upriver".

I missed Tweety and Race for the WH. Should I watch or would I rather have a root canal?

NRA has Support of 56% of Americans, but its Endorsement Means Little for McCain So Far

Whoa, go to the front page

I Threw It All Away

Republican brand sinking fast

Tough Questions at McCain's first Town Hall Meeting

Okay, I'm going to say it. It does not matter who Obama picks for VP.

STRENGTH of Opposition: Obama crushing McCain in Strength of Electoral votes

Obama Camp Hires Another Clinton Veteran

Bob Dylan broke from the old left wing because they got too stifling.

Housekeeping hint for the lounge....

************ BARACK LIVE ***************

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, Rachel...

Pat Boone's rug flies off on live TV!

Digital camera suggestions?

Hey Now Baby, Get Into My Big Black Car...

If you people don't stop saying mean things about John Kerry, I'm leaving and not coming back!


For better or worse, sex in space is inevitable

You're the Green Manalishi with a two-pronged crown!

McCain & Starting the Forrestal Fire: Talk about his ACTUAL blunders instead

post lyrics that have current significance to you

Obama's "Open Convention" Trip Promotion Called Gambling

HuffPo blogger: "Obama is setting a pietistic tone for the presidency to which he aspires."'s VEEPSTAKES has a winner and the Dem final four

Webb Out, Who's Up?

Brittani (An Update)

ANOTHER McCain Flip Flop - McCain On The Budget Deficit!


New York Times Takes On McCain's Economic Hokum

2,700 screaming supporters greet Obama in Cobb County

weather FAIL

Andy Borowitz (HuffPo): Obama Posing Threat to Rock Stars, Rock Stars Fear

Andy Borowitz (HuffPo): Obama Posing Threat to Rock Stars, Rock Stars Fear

This guy had "Immpeach Bush & Cheney" and "Honk to Impeach" signs

Hot Damn! I'm doin' it!

Has anyone else ever fallen asleep with your legs crossed Indian style...

Floating VP names

Unless your income $250K+, Obama will not raise your income tax, payroll tax, capital gains tax, or

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/7/08

Insert movie quotes into pants.

OK Loungers...time to start planning for 2009?

Equal Opportunity Narcosis: McAmbien anesthetizing Latinos

Prominent civil liberties activist sides with Obama on FISA

Prominent civil liberties activist sides with Obama on FISA

I'm Still Setting Off Fireworks on July 7th Poll

Former TV stars arrested in meth lab!

Best cover of a Pink Floyd song. Ever.


Not giving medical advice...

woke last night to the sound of thunder ...

My...hovercraft is full of eels.

Damn interesting street art.

Ted Koppel's four-part China series begins tomorrow

one small step for a kitty...

SB Viral Video -McCain's testy response to Veteran on GI Bill question

Sorry, no Taco Bell run tonight.

my epiphany

Obama should win.

I went fishing with my friend at the bayou today, you should have seen the big catfish I caught.

Man caught with Oeditpus Rex images

Bumper stickers

12 step programs

Poll shows economic worries similar to 1992: "It's the economy, stupid — again."

Obama perceived more moderate than McCain.

Poor McCain. Even the Iraqi government has endorsed Obama. McCain doesn't get it: no one wins.

Can we be serious for a second?

McCain: "I Would Imagine That We Are" In A Recession

Iraqi Official Says Government Wants Timetable for Withdrawal - WaPo

Great Fourth Of July ecard (yes, I know it's LATE.)

Dupe Dupe Dupe of Earl

Remind me again why I'm *NOT* paying $70 a month for satellite TV

McCains easy solution to the budget deficits- just win the wars

Ripped from the headlines: "Network" (1976)

Soylent Orange is kitties I tell ya kitties!!!

Solyent green is people I tell ya People!!!

What's your excuse today?

Bra Power: Can Bouncing Breasts Charge an A-Rod?

Obama says he WANTS us to have input on the platform.

Father Guido Sarducci on college.

A Message to the McCainStream Media:

Oh, Kitchen Witch.....

Anyone driven the Beartooth Highway?

President Bush Worse Than Nixon? 90% Say Yes! (Over 4250 Votes) Sad... But Still Funny

With Clark probably off the list, and Webb definitely off the list...who is the next best VP choice?

Photos: One-week-old African leopard cub, and its mom...

Sweet! - Obama Proposes Changing Bankruptcy Laws!

Simple Green solvent is cleaner, I tell ya, cleaner!

Nice post, Hitler-as-a-baby!

At the inaugural ball

Senate back in session and online at.....

Isn't it amazing how people read the weirdest things into your post(s)?

AOL has a poll on its front page showing McCain winning by wide margin

AOL has a poll on its front page showing McCain winning by wide margin

What is the definition of progressive? It seems that some think it is a specific set of stances

Nancy Pelosi to urge Judiciary committee NOT to go forward with contempt against Karl Rove.

About that family that got kicked off the plane; what about the gerbil?

Worst Series Finale?

First day of P.A. School. Long and tiring. Thanks for your prayers and good vibes.

A graphic for you

Question about security deposit for AT&T wireless

Punk w/loud stereo rant in a rural area.

McCain Has Welcomed into His Campaign All the Same People Who Smeared His Child in 2000

Ever thought things were FUBAR but it mysteriously turns out everything was fine?

Is Obama a symptom or cure

Am I the only one here who notices eerie similarities here?

So I'm watching Weeds Season 3 on DVD

Where in the world are Flickr pictures coming from?

A great American Song...

The Speech Obama should give about Iraq

Sheesh! I got a ticket. Seems so unfair - but what can you do?

Only 5 days until Julie Chen's *glorious* return to prime time TV!!!!

man, do I have an attitude towards a coworker today,

McCain Will Balance Budget By End Of First Term. Or Was It Second?

Raise your hand . . .

A Friend Of Mine Sent This To Me...

Obama tops McCain on executive skills test



O God...please help, anyone who knows Windows (I'm on XP) computers!

I have my first real job interview tomorrow

OK Male DU'rs I Did Not Mean That 'Boys' Are Joseph Liberman

My grandson had a substitute teacher today.

Bruno strikes Arkansas. "Red, White, and Blood."

Obama Addresses Critics on ‘Centrist’ Moves


Caption this!

C-SPAN : Sen. BOXER now speaking on stripping telecom immunity from FISA bill!

C-SPAN : Sen. BOXER now speaking on stripping telecom immunity from FISA bill!

C-SPAN : Sen. BOXER now speaking on stripping telecom immunity from FISA bill!

******Obama Live Now************

Another question for the cycling enthusiasts.

One Thousand

For the record, I'm not saying ALL women are hysterical, shrill harpies.

Goodbye my little Tiger Baby...

Well, I have a day off without pay...

I have ten bumperstickers that need a home!

Holy crap! A legitimate kudzu post.

Hurry, they're going fast

Is McCain Poised To 'Refine His Position' On Iraq?

If you are not keeping track, just disregard this

You still have 3 days to make it to the 6th annual Christian Nudist Convocation in Crossville, Tenn.

Perturbed at the Pump? Blame Reagan

Since Bornaginhooligan is refusing the VP nod, I will now accept in his place.

Carper(D MBNA) going on about post-911 wiretaps. He knows they started in Feb. '01.

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA speaks at a town-hall today in Powder Springs, GA, returns to D. C.

Okay, I think "Chuggo" is back!

Tweety doing a decent job on hardball now

Why doesn't anyone want to run with Obama?

Chris Matthews Covering the Iraqi Withdrawal Story

It's the heat

A rebus for everyone...

GOP at decade low in party ID (in NH)

Rush Limbaugh addresses prep school. Gives them perspective about career opportunities.

70% Say Balanced Budget Good for Economy but Question if McCain Can Achieve it by 2013

I just saw bullshit on kudzu


Why are we losing the email wars????

I'm locking this thread before it starts folks, even though some of you may not concur.

Wanna see some photos from the 6th annual Christian Nudist Convocation in Crossville, Tenn.?

Soylent Blue is Smurfs, SMURF'S I tells ya!!!!

This Is For All Of You DU Folks Out There

Here's a couple of polls in need of a few good respondents...

go rec this thread!

I'm bullish on kudzu!

Should Brett Favre return next season?

DU Folks, Do You Like American Music?

Season baby?

Race to the White House: "You've heard the speeches, now we'll discuss the facts"

ZOMG!!11!! suenturtle has eaten the granite cookie!

Sheets: Irish Linen, French Linen, or Superfine Cotton?

Will FAUX provide the only coverage at Mile High Stadium?

Add snipers to the list of things that aren't what they used to be

F * * K!!!!!

Happy *gulp* 50th Birthday to...... ... .....KEVIN BACON

Zogby: "MO-Bama" and BOB BARR HURTS w/ 6% !!

Kitten Picture of the Day for Tuesday July 8


Greater than 50% and yet.....only 1 out of 9

The Eagles. Both sell out and genius. Both annoying and ephemeral. Discuss.

Left lacks leverage to stop Obama's rightward tack

Typography Nerd requested.

Has Politico reported on McClain's campaign lobbyist connections

Welp, I've started drinking bleach again...

Pet peeve #951: People talking on cell phones at the gym

I propose an evil twin week in the Lounge

Amazing! Harold Ford did a pretty good job on Gregory's program today

Swift Liar contributes $125,000 to NM GOP

Happy Birthday, crim son! Post your FEAR Here!

Barack Obama

The Daily Widget – Tuesday, July 8 – Obama 365, McCain 173 – Going Back to the Basics

Laptop question

I am so mellow after my day of fishing yesterday, I don't even mind people talking on cell phones.

Whatever happened to the kid we were gonna save with pull-tabs for chemo or dialysis or something?

games for those at work

I have every right to ask this, and so I will.

Bra Power: Can Bouncing Breasts Charge an iPod?

WSJ Opinion By Karl Rove The Progressive! - Obama Can't Buy The Presidency!

Iraq asking for timetable for withdrawal,possible political ploy by the GOP,so McCain can flip-flop?

Inside the republican mind: McCain's infidelity.

Obama's VP pick re: lay off the Dem bashing

Kerry camp: Senator in no way interested in VP - Now can we stop Kerry thrashing.

Appreciation Thread in Pictures... Feel free to do your own

did someone post a blueberry cornmeal muffin recipe here?

I think the old woman and the McCain rally who asked that the taxers get "offa my back" .......

I am not going to bash Obama...BUT and HOWEVER....

Breaking on DU: I've decided not to accept VP position.

Pelosifan PM Me!!

I cannot believe it. I am actually seeing an advertisement for a penis pump on TV.

Does anyone here use Freecycle?

NYT McCain campaign early glimpse of "messy, unstructured way in which McCain WH might be managed"

Kerry for Veep? Hell, why not go all the way?

Will Obama campaign in Utah next?

I just bought a ton of organizational stuff

DU Fantasy Football League now opened!!

Who would you want to play you in the DU movie?

All I wanted was a freaking yard sign

MSNBC will "monitor" Obama's speech and bring us the "highlights"?

I'm mellello like jellello

How McCain Is Skirting His Own Spending Caps

David Corn: Will Baghdad Pull the Rug Out From Under McCain?

Do not tease the 400 pound kitty!

To Defeat McCain, We Must Defeat Supply-Side Economics

DU Knitters, Crochetiers, Spinners, Beaders, Seamstresses, and Weavers!!

Ok all my loving fans... I'm outta here!

I love it when the judge gets a little slappy behind the bench

Bumper Sticker Report: O - 4 M - 0 (Dayton)

A Monkey... A Obama... Is there a Difference

God dammit, I lost my government bribe money.

The Obama girls are the cutest ever! (Just appeared on NBC NN)

Hey Loungers, since y'all tend to have long memories...

Pet owners prefer McCain over Obama

'Kim Taylor thought she had set the emergency brake'

Strategically speaking, when do you think Obama should let the VP cat out of the bag?

Gnome or KDE ?

By the way, I'd like to reassure all of you that I DIDN'T DO IT.

John McCain can't handle Vet question over GI Bill

Its A Fire...

Okay, now seriously: Who do you think Obama will choose as his running mate?

Is God Male Or Female?

I know I am supposed to be conserving energy today

I learned how to do youtube slide shows with out spending a dime on software

Edwards opens door wider to veep bid

Is God Mail or Email?

What exactly is a DU Legend? And what if you are only a legend in your own

Ok... I'm back from my appts

While listening to my iTunes on Shuffle mode, I realized something...

Hello, I DU ,Won't you tell me your name?

HTML in signature help needed.

Today's phrase is "epic mount." Modify a title to include this phrase.

this is one big fucking mouse I've got here

Obama Slams Hoop Dreams for High School Diplomas (good for him!)

Good stage name? Der Zauberer von Musik?

I'm now going to replace matcom as official lounge lesbian

Why Criticize McCain

I think I am officially through with GE appliances.

For all of those offended by my comparing John Kerry to Treebeard the Ent...

Where Should lionesspriyanka Go On Her Honeymoon?

I escaped jury duty today

John McCain vs The NFL.... Am I Wrong Or Is This A Big Issue For the GOP?

What the hell is going on in here today?

I for one will welcome the day when we finally run out of oil

Human mirror at Improv Everywhere

"Why McCain Fails My Mom's Test"

Isis - 'Oceanic'

Bay Area DUers - I AM COMING TO YOU! (said in a fake Persian voice)

Ok. I know I am weird but, I really thought this thread deserved

7/07 Election Model: How much FRAUD will it take to steal it this time?

7, 835,000...??? dear boyfriend was telling me about this today.

Fox News airs altered photos of NY Times reporters (anti-semitic propaganda pics)

Who is your "D" list celebrity crush?

Best TV Series Finale?

I have to play in a MINIATURE GOLF outing on Friday



Odds that one or more sneezers from the wait staff ended up in that 18 course G8 meal

Things you can't do with a shattered ankle

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 7/8/2008)

Maybe This Would Have Been Better...

Most amazing craigslist find EVER: $1400 Crate & Barrel sofa bed for $50.

Would you donate your body to science?

I'm in hell!

What’s Behind the New York Times’ Anti-Obama Slant?

Ok all, here is my apology for all to see.

I have no right to ask this, but I will anyway.

Let's go retro! A message from Sheriff Mike Hunt of Aiken County!

Can we ban the use of the word "folks"?

Once again, I prove that I am the master of MS Paint

DU Folks, Do You Like Folk Music?

Examples of the corporate media propagating the lie that McCain is a "maverick"

We Had Concern Trolls – Now We Have Apathy Trolls

Cindy and Monty: Separated at birth?

Yahoo! Good news!

I found a clip of my wedding on You Tube.



Sen Edwards now on Cspan speaking about poverty

DUPE - DOH! How about a thread with LOL cats?

Even These Hip Waders Aren't High Enough

Rut Roh. This is gonna piss off "you know who"

********Happy Birthday, crim son! Post your CHEER Here!***********

Give a sample from your music collection

Should "Epic Mount" be the new Lounge fad?

I don't necessarily concur that "folks" is a bad word.

Kerry is NOT interested in being VP

I'm prepping for Colonoscopy tomorrow -ask me anything!

Christina or Petrozza? Tonight's the finale!

Worst tv series finale?

Well won't THIS be a downer for your Disney World vacation...

Favorite imaginary television moments featuring DUers?

My Letter to Senator Barack Obama

Hah! We KNEW there was a conspiracy, and MSNBC just confirmed it!

RIP Dad, November 23, 1908 - July 8, 1983

Worst (recent) celebrity baby name?

My wife now reads RACHAEL RAY'S magazine


Kerry won 48 state primaries in 2004. He lost 2. He's a liberal lion and would make a GREAT veep!

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood....


The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/8/08 (warning: very graphic language)

McCain's Secret Gambling Promotion Trips Called "Lobbyist Corruption"

Don't go back to Rockville and waste another year

"Can Obama now win over the regular folks, white folks, against John McCain?"

Folks, we've got to stop using the word folks to refer to other folks.

U.S. based oil corps are exporting record amounts of gasoline

Only an idiot (Jonah Goldberg) would compare volunteerism to slavery

Do you talk with your neighbors?

I can't wait until this shit is over...


a big reason I support Obama...and will continue to criticize as necessary.

tweety asks "What should Obama do with Bill Clinton at the Convention?" my answer...

Obama should move toward the center

What's your favorite fast food restaurant?

WTF? This does NOT make sense.

Not seeking medical advice....

Obama said that any name that does not come from him as per V.P. is rumor .

Obama given honor bestowed upon only presidents: Granted access to speak at Brandenburg Gate.

Am I being unfair?

Husker Du appreciation thread

Hell Just Froze Over on Hardball

Favorite paint color or soft porn movie title

Rachel Ray - ????? WTF?

Happy 50th Birthday Kevin Bacon - what are your 6 degrees of separation from him?

Chocolate-covered bacon - I has it!

DNC, Obama to seek broad input for party platform

32. (THIRTY-TWO.) Yes, thirty-two. THREE-DASH-TWO.


For those who value facts, Kerry ISN'T more polarizing than Hillary.

Not sure how to intro this, so I will let the picture do the talking...

I thought I heard you sing... I sang and you heard...

WALL-E is a great movie?

Need cat help! My wife is trying to rescue two...

squoil update

Can I talk about my political life in here?

Why are some people so fucking evil?

I toured a Castle and tried a shot of Absinthe today..

Ped Egg.

The Eagles. Gonna win the Superbowl this year - I just know it!!! Discuss.

Why does my brain keep telling me the word prove has 2 "O's" in it?

Bad Boy/Girl Spankage Time

Were you aware of the "offer on the table" described in the...

Racism Hidden in Gallup Religious Poll

Southwest Airlines Strands Mentally Ill Children

*New shirt pics*

Stop bitching, Obama is not moving to the right.

Watch CNN's John Roberts 'interview' a thin-skinned and testy John McCain this morning.

Senator Feingold on Immunity - July 8, 2008

Support Buzzflash, get Obama Pint Drinking Glass!

Do you believe the U.S. has any legitimate basis...

Obama denies shifting to reach political center

ABC "News" Teams Up With Drudge to Smear Obama Again -- Insinuating He's Using His Kids as Props

ZERO McCain bumper stickers from Raleigh to DC...

Don't call your surgeon, even he says its too late

My 401K has lost 14% of it's value in the first 6 months of this year.....

worst Corporate logo ever

Who is the most morbid American poet?

Are You a Good Girl or a Bad Girl?

New M-W definition: WTF????

OK, Siamese kitteh "owners" me out here.

I'm Recruiting For An Invasion Of Canada

Just curious -- what you call the "pack" on your back:

Sunday Rose? Try "Vorsprung Durch Psycopathic"

My ex-lover's dog was attacked this morning by a boxer

Don't Let Them Get Away With It (A Follow Up To 3 Facts That Can Change This Election)

My years supply of freeze dried food is going on the truck for delivery tomorrow!

Best Mel Brooks movie

Thin Mint Cookie Blizzards at Dairy Queen!!!!!

Why Criticize Obama

Coalition of 27 groups opposes the FISA bill.

Big announcement coming up on Countdown re: Olbermann...

John Kerry is 500 times more polarizing than Hillary, so let's hope those rumors are false

Is Obama "Progressive"? (101)

Progressives who want to keep Obama progressive are NOT the enemy.

Mortgage Rescue Plan Draws Senate Support

Bush: ``Yo Harper.''

Study: Military gays don't undermine unit cohesion

Temple on disputed Cambodian border a heritage site

Iraq insists on withdrawal timetable

World Leaders Discuss Global Food Crisis Over 18-Course Meal

Evangelical Leaders to Support McCain

Ohio Company To Cut 600 Jobs (Cardinal Health)

G8 leaders endorse a fifty percent emmisions reduction

Pending home sales fall 4.7 percent (Figure lower than expected as market troubles continue)

England church backs women bishops

Obama slaps McCain on bankruptcy laws

US expects 40 per cent rise in visa applications

Burned bodies found in Tijuana street following drug violence

Hagee's Revenge? Videos Of Controversial Pastor Removed From YouTube

Russia balks at US missile shield agreement

Procter & Gamble will boost product prices by up to 16%

Obama says he wouldn't attend Olympics opening ceremony

Iraq insists on U.S. withdrawal timetable: official

Wal-Mart Opposes Workers Comp Disability For Shot And Beaten Police Officer

Bee Gets Stung By Leading Campaign Backer (AZ-8)

Panel demands US war power reform

White House apologises for Berlusconi slight

Carrier Says Safety of Obama's Plane Was Not in Question(NTSB Investigating)

(FISA)Immunity delay will be vetoed(according to Mukasey and McConnell)

Fed Chair Says U.S. Economy Needs New Regulatory System

Wife-killer leads cops to body in deal with D.A. (Hans Reiser in the Bay Area)

Panel calls for new war powers legislation.

Iranian president says no war with US, Israel

US exports to Iran rose in Bush years

Pension plans suffer huge losses

Iran's Revolutionary Guards begin war game with warning to US, Israel

McCain, Obama at odds over Iraqi withdrawal demand


White House sorry about Berlusconi bio gaffe

Probe finds dead doctors used in Medicare scams

Fed eyes extending emergency loans for Wall Street

Texas Oilman wants to supplant oil with Wind

Count Murphy Out for McCain Campaign

Lawsuit to Strike Down DC’s Checkpoint Program

FDA Warns About Cipro, Other Antibiotics

"The bull market for commodities will last for decades to come,"

Army medic made famous in Iraq photo dies

Freed US hostage denounces Colombian rebels

Congressional Approval Falls to Single Digits for First Time Ever

Judge dismisses Condit lawsuit against author

Ecuador seizes TV stations; economy minister quits

House Panel Threatens Attorney General With Contempt

(Michael) Vick files for bankruptcy protection

Sarkozy thanks Chávez for "tireless efforts" at hostages' freedom

U.S. sees 9.8% spike in '09 electric bills

Peru farmers block roads, Machu Picchu rail (protesting Peru's President's FTA with Bush)

Feingold: Senate asked to grant immunity in the dark

Poll: Pet owners prefer McCain over Obama

Foreclosure Crisis Hitting Homes Not Yet Built (California)

Kucinich to bring single article of impeachment for misleading US into war

Study links virus to rare cancer in heterosexual men

GM Pushes Up Production Of Volt Electric Car

Cheney wanted Congressional testimony on climate change cut, ex-EPA official says

Australia minimim wage rises to $13.61

China's Pre-Olympics Media Clampdown: Extorting favorable coverage for credentials to cover

Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki demands US withdrawal timetable

‘Shrink ray’ hits consumers’ wallets (Less product for the same price)

Russia Warns Of Military Response If US-Czech Missile Defense Agreement Ratified

Barack Obama on the Economy in St. Louis - 7 July, 2008

Countdown: Obama Change of Venue at Convention - 7/7

Remember Virgil Goode?

Racist Explains Hip Hop Culture

Roy Zimmerman: 'Is America Ready?'

Cocoa Teas Obama song gets a good reception in Germany

McSame's WTF Oddball TownHall - Giggles and "Crocs"

TPM: Karl Rove protegees in McCain's campaign

Countdown: McCain and Obama's Economic Plans

Bill Maher with a different take on the Lewinsky 'scandal'

Health Care Group Being Promoted By Elizabeth Edwards Goes Up With Ad

Countdown: Public Financing and Attack Ads

Chuck Robb OWNS Ollie North (1994 US Senate stump speech)

Obama's "New Energy" Ad

Police Attack Kiddie Village, Rainbow Gathering '08, clip1

Russ Feingold Launches the 2008 Patriot Corps

Rudy on McCain Hiring His Political Director

BUSH LEAGUE JUSTICE: Karl Rove Officially Refuses To Testify Before House Judiciary Committee

Freeway Blogger Video Feature

Bill Maher on the GOP appropriation of Jesus

Mark Begich

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton Phone Call Leaked

Campagin 1984: Marvin Bush, Jessie Jackson Jr, Andrea Hart

Barack Obama on the Economy in Powder Springs, GA

Angela Davis on Buchanan/Braden

Countdown: Bushed! 7/7 - Timetable-Gate, Injustice-Gate, and Slow Learner-Gate

Barr has McCain WORRIED! Blink, Blink, Blink.

TYT: Obama Breaks Down Why We Need Separation Of Church & State (Not On Homepage)

8 year old Marjoe Gortner, amazing video.

Rep. John McCain circa 1984

John McCain Gets Testy With Vet Over GI Bill

Countdown: Obama Non-Flip-Flop, McCain Flipping Out - 7/7

Genome sequencing leaves Creationists unable to respond

KUCINICH: Tens of thousands signed petition to IMPEACH BUSH

McCain's Summer of Love ad-nauseum

McCain's Fuzzy Math on Balancing the Budget

Don Siegelman calls for Karl Rove to be held in contempt

Obama at today's Town Hall, on learning foreign languages

Obama to Speak at Mile High Stadium; McCain to Join Mile High Club

Don't Trust Me on Guantanamo, Read This: Ann Woolner

McConnell, Mukasey: Bush Will Veto A Delay of Even Ten Minutes on Retroactive Telecom Immunity!

Michael, Row Your Case Ashore: One Man Against The Machine

Aggression, then and now--a blast from the past

Unboxed: If You’re Open to Growth, You Tend to Grow (NY Times)

Drill Drill Drill

Siegelman finally contacted by DOJ's Office of Professional Responsibility

Congress to Forego 'Contempt' Against Rove, in Favor of Neutering

In These Times: Food Fights

China’s renewable energy plans: shaken, not stirred

David Sirota: Lame Duck Agency Gifts to Corporate Donors Officially Begin

Lies, kidnapping and a mysterious laptop (Inde - UK)

NYT editorial: Compromising the Constitution (FISA)

“As GM Goes, So Goes the Nation”

Cheney leaving as he arrived?

Arianna Huffington: Surge Amnesia: The Media's Newest Affliction

G8 - half world emissions of greenhouse gasses by: 2050

Pennies a Bucket Don’t End Slavery for Florida Pickers

Bob Herbert on Obama

America's AIDS Apartheid

Media Matters: The NY Times sends a Dittohead to interview Rush Limbaugh

Richard Stallman Blasts Bill Gates On His Way Out

NYT op-ed, James A. Baker III and Warren Christopher: Put War Powers Back Where They Belong

What Every American Needs to Know (and Do) About FISA Today

NOAA: Half of the remaining coral reefs in U.S. waters are in poor or fair health

Senator Obama is and has always been centrist on the issues

German government wants to build 33 offshore wind parks

The World of 2108 - Captain Paul Watson

Cheney wanted cuts in climate testimony - AP

Peak Oil Review - July 7th, 2008

Malaysia: Scores Of Fishing Boats Grounded Due To Diesel Shortage

Mexico begins rationing gasoline to station owners

Dear King Coal, We’re Not Kidding! 8 Arrested in Ohio Coal Plant Fight

Head Of Reef Science Group - "The Situation Is Serious To The Point Of Desperation"

Australian Government May Delay Emissions Trading Plan Until After 2010 - Reuters

IPCC Head Pachauri - Lack Of Emissions Plan Through 2020 "Serious Omission" - AFP

NOAA - Nearly Half Of All American Coral Reefs In Fair Or Poor Condition - Star-Tribune

Jimmy Carter Speech from 10/08/1977

Sudden Aspen Decline Showing Up Across Colorado - Causes Remain Unclear, Though Drought Suspected

EPA Enforcement Is Faulted; Agency Official Cites Narrow Reading of Clean Water Act

Russia's Hydroelectricity Output Down Sharply As Railcar Shortage Tightens Coal-Fired Power Output

"Listening to Compromise (Mort Halperin--in support of FISA compromise)

G8 Climate "Plan" - No Base Year, No Cuts By 2020 - Scientists Rip Announcment - AFP

As expected

Transition Town Conference 2008

As Kudzu Moves Across Ohio, Studies Suggest Substantial Loss Of Native Forest In Next Few Decades

Rising fuel prices will help reduce road traffic

Bertha achieved cat-3.

Farmers tell of drought devastation (Australia)

Colleges, universities take the lead in building green

DOE and Sweden Sign MOU to Advance Market Integration of Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

GM Adding World's Largest Rooftop Solar Power Installation (12 MW) to Zaragoza (Spain) Plant

China Shuts More Coal Power Plants; Warns on Shortage

John Sauven: 100 months to save the Earth

Massachusetts Enacts New Energy Bill Promoting Renewable Energy

Sharp's solar-powered LCD TV

Australian solar power station gets boost from space technology (46% increase in efficiency!)

Thousands of bees move into (Texas) Prosper neighborhood

He was a nuclear engineer, a nuclear industry executive, a nuclear industry whistleblower, and now

Chinese Officials Say Sailing Area Clear By 7/10 - Not So For Remainder Of Qingdao Coast

Solar power companies look abroad as sun sets on tax credits

Two megawatts of (lithium-ion) batteries connected to power grid (energy storage)

Streets across Arizona crumbling as shortage of funds stalls repairs

Big Pickens: T. Boone, the Oilman, Ups the Ante in His Wind Bet

Solar curtains

James Hansen - G8 Pledge "Worse Than Worthless"; "A Death Sentence For Uncountable Species" - AFP

Small Scale Ethanol Plant for Farmers the size of a Fridge.

"Surreal" Protests As Fishermen Demand Cheap Fuel So They Can Keep Destroying Their Resource Base

I'd love to have a solar powered table fan...

There are parts of Maine that could “become uninhabitable” this winter.

Why is it whenever RW'ers....

Nationwide 55 MPH Speed Limit

DHS Official expresses interest in Shock-Collar type bracelets for travellers

After the Battle, Fighting the Bottle at Home

Siemens cutting 17K jobs worldwide to cut costs

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/07/08

"Let's hope we are all wealthy and retired by the time this house of cards falters."

McCain's Supply Side Tripe

Machete Attack Leaves Gay Man Permanently Disfigured

Arkansas Fight Fans Angered Over Caged Male Combatant Kissing

Who else is ready for the Sordid Lives series to start?

Lawsuit Over Oregon Partner Law Could See Issue Put To Voters

Seven Dirty Words Working People Should Remember This November (7 dirty words you can’t say on TV)

NYT Editorial: False Victory at the Border

Will "right to work" reawaken a sleeping giant?

Oregon high court decides against Sizemore group

Today in labor history July 08 On this day in 1862, labor organizer Ella Reeve Bloor was born

NOW is the time: Health Care for America Now!

Why do so many...

Striking Indian Diamond Workers Riot And Attack Company Owners' Homes

Indiana Union Members Tell McCain: ‘Don’t Tax Our Health Care’

Israeli arms company successfully tests Iron Dome anti-Qassam missile

U.S. analyst: Mullen made clear Israel has no 'green light' to attack Iran

Palestinian reconciliation

Israel to open Gaza border passages

Haaretz Editorial : Maintaining the cease-fire

Arab comps buying lands in Jerusalem selling it to Israeli comps

Iran says would strike Israel, US navy if attacked: report

Carlin was right about workers' plight

Crime: Effort to mend a violent reputation (Brazil)

TODAY: COL Discussed on Dem Now AND the COL Meeting Now with OAS "Triumph of Liberty & Democracy"

"Lies, kidnapping and a mysterious laptop (Inde - UK)"

Caracas Sarkozy thanks Chávez for "tireless efforts" at hostages' freedom

Peru farmers block roads, Machu Picchu rail ( protesting Garcia's FTA with Bush)

the movie talk is already in the works, Colombian hostage rescue

New Detroit area thoroughbred track ready to open

Time to vote


This week's VPstakes at MSNBC --

tsegat - check in please.

Omg - it's practically official!

Response to questions about The Secret/LOA.

This picture...

Glanced "out there" - the VP battle is getting just as vitriolic as old GDP, isn't it?

To those in this group who are here mostly for astrology..

Medicare to start comparing nursing homes with star ratings

Desperately seeking help for stubborn elderly parents.

Measles once again endemic in the United Kingdom

My 99-year-old mother has MRSA

Independence Day Fireworks

Water running over people. Hard.

The more I use this lens, the more I'm impressed by it . . .

Rocky Mountain National Park

Does anyone know what kind of insect this is?

How do you do meat lasagna?

Bear with me here - Quiche Pizza

where did that recipe for cornmeal blueberry muffins go?

ACLU updates its 2nd Amendment Position

D.C. post Heller says voluntary commitment to a mental hospital prohibits RKBA.

D.C. Police Lose Track Of Thousands Of Guns

CBC: U.S. travellers carrying their personal guns into Canada: report

Hey Shakespeare, sardines!

Truffle Aroma Descriptions? (the Fungi, not chocolates)

District of Columbia v. Heller Supreme Court Second Amendment Decision Hailed by Black Activists

Outrageous Fruit Salad Recipe I Created

"We're not a gun ban organization. "

Die-off of bats mystifies experts

Testing “spooky action-at-a-distance” on the International Space Station

What would human society be like if humans came in season like animals?

Who wants to be a Cryptozoologist???

BBC: Atom: The Illusion of Reality

Cooking with dogs

Pell accused of sex abuse cover-up (Catholic Church)

Polls Of Evangelicals Clash On Salvation

Ohio Town Split Over Middle School Teacher's Acts

Vicar kicked wife in the face as they fought over what to have for dinner

Church of England votes to ordain women bishops

What full communion agreements do we know about?

Apocalypse Now? The Strange Common Dream of World's End

Help needed - pork chop, potato and Lipton onion soup bake

Russia 'backed Litvinenko murder'

As America Collapses US Government Secret Plans Revealed

A Nation Challenged

9/11 Families Lose Bid to Search For Remains

BBC Conspiracy Files: 9/11 - The Third Tower

Beatty claims he would have voted against the IWR.

Lowell Sun article on Sen. Kerry's visit to the canal district

Okay, question. Does this work for anyone?

Pickens is scum.

Wow. Our state is finally doing something to help poor mothers.

Callout to attend Wendy Davis' press conference TODAY,

Vista question. Deleting old backup files.

The Nation: How Democrats Could Turn Texas Into the Blue Star State WOOHOO.

Changes coming to Democratic 'primacaucus'?

Best barbecue joints?

"Farmer" Michele Bachmann reaps more federal crop subsidies in 2007

Children say No more Child prisoners. July 10th

Michele Bachmann would do away with ALL federal energy permitting and regulations

Ask Senator Amy Klobuchar to vote against the FISA bill.

So I called Kieth Ellison and Nancy Pelosi today requesting..

Join July 9th, rally and fast to oppose War against Iran

My Private Ballot comes out for Coleman and not Franken

Vigil at the Canadian Consulate July 9th, 12-1pm Resisters.

Thunderbird mail - need help please.

School Official in Dispute With State on Severance

Globe and Mail: A bridge too far from John McCain

Macleans: Tale of the tape redux: How do you deny what was never said?

Bush to Steve: 'Yo, Harper'

LA: Republicans tar registration drives as "phony" and LA SOS "investigates" their legitimacy

7/7 Election Model: How much FRAUD will it take to steal it this time? -x ( TIA )

Production stills from Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince

C of E bishop will lead Anglicans to Rome

Lightning strike kills teen during Wisconsin storm

Coming to WI soon: John McCain TV Ad - "Love"

unemployment benefits extended!

OneCareNow Tribute Dinner for State Senator Sheila Kuehl on 8/3

I'm curious -- who in CA's 8th district supports Pelosi?

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