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Archives: July 9, 2008

Rush Limbaugh & friends release version of Woody Guthrie song.

Dollars and Cents?

Good news, bad news

McCain April 22, 2004...if the US were asked to leave Iraq, it's obvious we'd have to leave

Atheist soldier sues Army for 'unconstitutional' discrimination

Thank you, Jonathan Turley

China Warns President of France, Sarkozy, Not to See Dalai Lama

No KO again tonight??

Southwest Airlines refunds tickets for family kicked off flight

New California Law Requires Notice From Lenders Before Foreclosure Starts

Is the McCain campaign screening journalists’ questions during conference calls?»

McCain is a comfortable shoe?

Allen: McCain doesn’t want his balanced budget pledge to be recorded on tape.»

I turned 2 people blue in a BATTLEGROUND state

"Now is the time for all good citizens to come to the aid of their country!"

Anti-Lieberman Group Delivering 43,000 Signatures To Senate

OMG. The women I love but can never have is hosting Countdown again.

Book Rec. For A Conservative Friend - Need Suggestions

Children's Programs Face Declining Share of Federal Spending, Report Finds

Brad Blakeman is an undiluted asshole

Fisa capitulation

The 4th amendment is going to be eviscerated

Wanting to end dependence on foreign oil is a racist position.

There is NOTHING that is impeachable. Ever.

The Theofascism of James Dobson

Rachel Maddow is the anti-Ingraham.... in every possible way....

India, Pakistan, Fighting 'Proxy Cold War' in Afghanistan

Didn't Obama say...

I now believe there truly is an energy crisis

Election Model: A Simple Precinct/PC/Spreadsheet Solution to Eliminate Election Fraud

The press hostility to McClellan and his message is understandable

The War Prayer by Mark Twain

The University of Iowa Flood Costs

Tale of two speeches: Latino crowd gives polite applause to McCain, standing ovation to Obama

Bush Deletes Line from Jefferson Quote that Criticizes Religious Superstition

Judge to White House: Gitmo gets top priority

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Sam Seder Subs for Mike!!

When FISA passes...?

he's everywhere!!!

If Bush=*, what does McCain= ?

Turley: 'Dems Concealing Crimes-President Committed A Felony-Not Once-But At Least 30 Times'

If / when FISA Immunity passes, will it be too late ?

Good old, American can-do spirit!

Uprising in Florida: Meet Doug Tudor

Who is Carly Fiorina and why does Novak think she's a nut?

Ex-Khmer Rouge minister loses appeal

Are these girls adorable?

Just in case Bush didn't hear Maliki say "Get the fuck out of our country!", it's been underscored

2 dead, 8 hurt in NYC apartment building fire

The Bush Administration Strikes Oil in Iraq

The Bush Administration Strikes Oil in Iraq

OK, here's one I can't research at this moment. Has anyone heard of Bill Phillips?

Why did they BURY Jesse Helms? Shouldn't they have just scattered his ASHES?

What's with T Boone Pickens' commericals re: energy?

McCain jokes about killing Iranians with cigarettes

Atheist soldier sues Army for 'unconstitutional' discrimination

Watching Charlie Rose - James Baker and Warren Christopher. Very telling -

Hardball segment on Iraq - Matthews to young repub dude - "No, you're waffling!"

Steak is $10/lb???

Heartbreaking-A recent and frank exchange with a member of the military

From now until the end of August, love your candidate or work against him.

If the FISA bill passes that's the end of voting Democratic for me

Good, gods, what is wrong with some people?

You knows what's Crazy????

On sunday, they said Bertha wouldn't be a hurricane till wednesday

"Yuck", is a racist word.

What Obama Should Be Saying About FISA

McClatchy: After 25 years, economists press for regulation...

Analogy on US alliances with brutal dictators...

Editorial: Compromising the Constitution

"It's JUST a goddamned piece of paper!" - President George W. Bush

Let's remember who our FIRST choice for POTUS once was

What's the difference between

McCain's Croc of Hooey?

In 2007, Bush promised Iraq withdrawal if asked by Maliki: ‘I don’t see how we could stay.’

Wal-Mart Seeks to Deny Workers’ Disability Benefits—Again

Is there any way to find out how many people get political info from the net?

Cheney Aides Altered CDC Testimony, Agency Official Says

McCain: Feel the Excitement!

Firedoglake is down?

Get busy DU, Whorin Hatch is on Washington Journal and they are waiting for your calls

May you Rest In Peace.

Chest and back pain

IRAN: Did IAEA Revive Uranium Paper Issue Under Pressure from AIPAC/US?

McCain=Bush. Why is that bad?

This is one of the absolutely funniest things I have ever read on DU

Senate Offices Now Open...CALL!!

Some guys just can't catch a break.

Attack outside US consulate in Turkey, 6 dead

Great Democracy Now! today - do listen.

Hatch is spinning away on WJ


hee - look at the picture on the "live player" from this Utah radio station

What's evil about latex?

McCain aide: DOJ scandal 'nonsense'

Our Democratic Congress Makes Cheney Look Good

McClellan: "I Could Not Say Honestly Today that this Administration…Does Not Engage in Torture"

Minnesota cartoonists' hilarious take on the RNC coming to town

McGovern: War heroism doesn't make a president

Mexican comic book sold at Wal-Mart called 'racist' by some

DUers in the mortuary industry........

Time to GO! Iraq Wants Withdrawal Timetable In U.S. Pact


Fox News and NY Times continue scrap.

Sex Crimes in the White House

Boy, that movie "American Soldiers" sucks.

Mrs. G's Family Archives - a video treasure trove for music lovers . . .

No , Mr Rockefeller

Don't Forget, Jay Rockefeller Has At Least 67 THOUSAND Reasons This Year To Support FISA

*** OFFICIAL FISA THREAD & Update*** Dodd up now!

Progress In Iran May Require Regime Change - In The United States

Man Robbed While Trying To Purchase Crack Cocaine Calls Cops, Is Arrested

Bush: 'Significant progress' on climate change

Jesse Ventura To Run for Senate?

Some totally unsubstantiated info on airline procedures that ring true to me:

When did liberals start using fascist terms such as "war hero" ?

FYI: Windows XP will be supported Until 2014 !!

Former GOP Rep Weldon's Firm Lobbied White House to Buy East European Arms for Iraq

TV One, African-American themed network, to cover DNC but not RNC

Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen in cage fighting prank

Durbin is on now - c-span3 DOJ oversight hearing

The Roll Call of Treason continues ...

Dogs win; Michael Vick files for bankruptcy while his dogs live the high life

Specter caves again!

S&P 500 Index: Worst Performance in History Under Bush 43

delete dup

Newsweek: 3 Iraqi bankers killed by US troops in secure zone

The new T. Boone Pickens ad: What do you think?

How are the get out of jail votes for the criminal class going?

Bush has learned that facts are stupid things

Telsa Motors hires someone who knows what he doing.

30 Acres of Manure--Illinois

****OFFICIAL FISA THREAD 3**** (They're voting on the Dodd/Feingold/Leahy amendment)

Rockwell Re-enlisted for a Nation’s Darker Mood

Lanny Davis praisies Obama decision on FISA....

An Important Message From Chris Dodd

Has anyone ever got the "antivirus xp 2008" virus.....

Obama: I regret putting my daughters on TV

Let's Make A List! Reasons Dem Senators Would Vote To Approve Blanket Immunity For Telecoms...

ewww... Mark Penn and Karen Hughes teaming up?

Why the fuck don't we just hold the FISA vote during Jesse Helms' funeral today??

Hospital bullies take a toll on patient safety

New York hospital ignores elderly woman while she dies..


HR 362 and the Alarming Escalation of Hostility Towards Iran

Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran?

c-span 2 DoD press conference - McCain's plane meddling and now Iran

Dreams of Laura

Get Bent Perino

McCain: "Social an "absolute disgrace.""

Remarks Of Senator Russ Feingold In Opposition To FISA Amendments Act - July 9, 2008

Get Even for FISA !!

Tonight on The H.O.R.N.: Max Blumenthal on Censorship

If you had an employer, whose rule was "no moonlighting, you need to work x, y, and z hours",

Joe Lieberman faces petition to expel

56-42--We Lose! wait...WE got the 56. We still lose.

One line on my mom's 5/3 ER bill (the day of her stroke .. she died 6/26)

City to enforce law on lost guns

Please delete, thanks mods.

***OFFICIAL FISA THREAD 4 *** (Specter's amendment (I think) up for vote)

Guantanamo's Forgotten Soldier (from 2005 + link to documentary)

Italy to Free Berlusconi from the Rule of Law

Where is everyone in the Senate chamber?

The problem with China: how do we escape? What will it take? Is it even *possible*?

"Please impeach me, let me go! " sung to "Please release me..."

Caption Bush


New York's Chrysler Building Bought by Abu Dhabi Fund

Anyone watching FISA VOTE? How does Clinton go from an AYE vote to a NO vote?

Mark Penn, Karen Hughes Team Up On Corporate Crisis Group

Turn about, Smirky, is fair play.

Suing George W. Bush: A Bizarre And Troubling Tale

Jet lag or a hangover?

I literally feel sick to my stomach watching the FISA debacle.

America, no longer America?

What if we threw out all the illegal immigrants?

Did Casey of PA vote Aye? Had streaming problems.

Question of the day: With "opposition" parties like this, who needs collaborators?

It's happening as we read... FISA Bill Vote... LIVE Coverage Link

Under Bush, US Exports to Iran Surge (Anybody else thinks this is Nuts?)

We're NOT in a recession. John Stossel says so!

Daprisal--anybody who's been in medicine a long time, or otherwise,

I'm convinced that Dick Cheney is one of the top ten...

They don't even deserve the right spelling of fucker, they're fukkers.

McCain Holds Press Conference Without Press

How dare Iran threaten to defend itself? - Today’s Headlines 7/9/08

Just Because...

On MSNBC, Dennis Hastert, a shadow of his former whale self.

White House threatens to veto e-mail storage bill

What George Jr. meant to say was, "Being the King of A-...

Federal identity programs boost biometrics market

Have you called your Senator's Office this morning about FISA? Here's thenumber.

Waxman: FEMA Trailer Maker Knew Of Formaldehyde Danger

Foreclosures, Repos and chicken parts announcements in an upper middle class suburb-- swing state

Civil liberties oversight board goes dark as White House rejects nomination of progressive advocate.

Dores anyone have a link to the roll call FISA vote? I know Obama voted "Aye and Clinton and Levin

Something positive has arisen from the FISA bill

Growing Hemp Legalized in Vermont

*Bi-partisan* coalitions to hold lawmakers accountable should aim at BOTH parties.

*Bi-partisan* coalitions to hold lawmakers accountable should aim at BOTH parties.

How will you react when our Chinese Overlords take over?

Senate commits to shielding telecoms from suits

I thought I had to be dreaming when I read this

Worst People in America?

Senate Panel Approves Expanded Cuba Travel in Spending Bill

Some advice please on getting your Parent's birth certificate

List of 21 Democrats who voted for FISA!

Thinking the Unthinkable. Speaking the Unspeakable.

definition of america 2008

The disappointment has been around for at least 25 years.

Abu Dhabi corporation has bought the Chrysler Building in NYC..

David Brock's Third-Party Research Group....,

Want to see what the world thinks of.....

Third-Party Group Reconstitutes As Anti-McCain Research Outfit

Vets For Freedom Won't Reveal Donors

I have to leave. My head is about to explode.

Senate Foreign Relations Committe hearing on Iran, C-Span3

Was Yar Klein in bed with FARC?

Most people, including me, don't care about FISA or R.I.

are there any polls out there which indicate what the people think on the FISA vote?

Pentagon to Rebid $40 Billion Air Force Contract

195 days and 3 hours until Bush gets away with it...

And now for something different: Cindy McCain Lied About Her Age to John – At First

Oil prices rose on news of the Iranian missile test- if prices were just

CNN spooging all over themselves because they

Protesters Blockade Rep. Ackerman’s Houseboat

Suicide Or Murder Inside WV Jail

It's official: People here apparently don't get smarter.

Sen. Kit Bond: New FISA bill does not encroach rights "unless you've got al Qaeda on speed dial"

July 9th, 2008 marks the day that fear has won.

Did anyone see this?

Democrats for domestic drilling: Hoyer

Sen. Webb Pledges Support for Nuclear Power

I Just Called To Thank California's Only Senator For Her Votes

It's not easy to carry out the will of the people, but it's your job!

Exclusive: Mexican Truck Pilot Program – Fast Pass to Disease and Drugs

A Gas Gouging Heads up

Redistricting in 2010 could favor Republicans

Has anyone else had trouble logging on to DU today?

'Keep a sharp eye on Senators as they vote on FISA today'

Skinner, EarlG, Elad, have you seen this?

What's the deal with Bobby Jindal?

Breaking: Kennedy Returns to the Senate for Medicare Vote; Cloture Passes 69-30

Egad the stock market took a beating today, Dow -238 to 11,145

Rights group urges Saudi Arabia to protect domestic workers

Just in time for a democratic president.. James Baker's fancy idea to rein in the presidency

Not what one expects to see in the National Review...

FEMA may help with septic tanks and wells

Bush calls Berlusconi "amigo"

EXCELLENT Biden Op Ed: Oil companies have lots of leases to drill

has anyone read the bill and actually understood it???

Yes or no? Can the new FISA be overturned by the courts?

obama voted for the fisa bill because.....

Enough of this fugging Iran rhetoric

Pat Buchanan Advertises His Book On Neo-Nazi Radio Show

Free Speech Radio News report on Mukasey hearing today

Wednesday TOONS : Part 2- A multitude of worries

Al Qaeda Suspected In Istanbul Consulate Attack

CNN : Something terrible happened..

Obama votes Aye on Dodd - Feingold Amendment

Liberals. In the Democratic party.

What do you DUers think of T. Boon Pickens push for energy alternatives.


This Would Be a Great Time to Do a Rip Van Winkle

State Employee Refuses to Lower Flags for Helms. Retires Instead!!!

Hillary voted "NO" on FISA: "Oh my god she IS trying to win at the convention!"

NOTE TO DEMOCRATS! Stop Talking To Fox Reporters. PERIOD.

The FISA vote

The world is becoming a happier place: study

obama just saved me a pile of money. I'm going to let the telecoms fund him. They owe him and

BREAKING - Iowa Congressman Boswell medical emergency

Surely There Were Lots Of repub Defections

What, exactly, do those Dems who voted for FISA hope to get/accomplish?

NC employee refuses to lower flags for late Helms

The solution to FISA.

Since the New York Chrysler Building was sold to an Abu Dhabi group what should the USA sell next?


CNN: "...cutting his 'manhood' with black people"

In Memoriam, Part ll

Japanese man, 45, died of overwork.

From Robert Wexler: Help MoveOn Stop The Smears

Ailing Kennedy returns to the Senate for vote - A big hurrah for Teddy!!

Hey look on the bright side. Bush could always veto FISA.

For those suffering the FISA Blues....

Rasmussen Polling: Congressional Approval Falls to Single Digits for First Time Ever

Tell your Rep we should NOT go to war with Iran!

It isn't cool or liberal to call the departing "cowards", IMO.

A Private Dance? Four Million Web Fans Say No

So where do we go from here?

If I posted how I feel today about the FISA Bill I'd be eating pizza tonight.

Can the FISA vote/bill be used by the GOP to....(QUESTION CLARIFICATION)

Re FISA...can't someone with immunity be compelled to testify...

I was reading in Newsday that CBS pulled Lara Logan from Iraq, and now they have no Iraq corresponde

Lincoln veteran 91, dies on way home from D.C. (National World War II Memorial)

Hitchens Gets Waterboarded, Withdraws from Iraq in 11 Seconds

Dear Senator...


Why is everyone surprised?

Something to remember about the FISA bill...perhaps.

I'm sitting here

Just because Obama won the primaries doesn't mean he doesn't need

Okay....pains me to say it, but Rachel is out-K.O.'ing K.O.

Caspar Weinberger set the precedent that sinks any chance of prosecutions for illegal spying..

I propose that Americans who care, fly their flags at Half Mast

Ron Kuby doesn't like black people

Progressive is an often misused term.

Where Do DUers Fall with Today's Passage of the FISA Bill?

Wednesday TOONS : Part 1- Never Again?

This is what the U.S. Army uses to break in doors in Iraq.

Limbaugh Begins Second Phase of 'Chaos'

Hell if Ahmadinejad farts, Andrea Mitchell says this will create quite a challenge for Barack Obama

Would you rather have the constitutionality of the FISA bill decided

I need a link to Obama on gun control

Draft Al Gore ! ! !

Iraq:Guess how Long it Takes to Burn $1 Trillion at $100/sec? (Bush History 7/9)

Who is this election about?

Was There A Constitutional Convention Today? Did I Miss It?

Uprising In Florida: Meet Doug Tudor (FL-12)

Senator Leahy on Air America live NOW. nt

]"The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands ...

DNA clears Jon Benet Ramsey's family of murder

US announces Iraq uranium transfer

Support requested for the Ocelot

Dallas county officials spar over 'black hole' comment

The Commission by Philip Shenon details the fraudulence of the 9/11 commission

serious question: should i start bottling spring water and selling it?


hardball: tom delay is ready to strike 2 or 3 months - because obama won't

TYT: Are The Republicans And Barack Obama Going to Give Into the Terrorists?

Anyone know why Tom Delay is on Hardball

The Sorry Legacy of Jesse Helms

Response from My Senator on FISA Call: " We don't need your Name & Address-we can see your Phone #"

FISA HEADLINE: "Bowing to President Bush's demands...."

As Global Food Crisis Tops G8 Summit Agenda, World Leaders Enjoy Lavish 18-Course Banquet

Wow! I didn't know there were so many fricken experts on DU.

Prosecutor: DNA clears JonBenet Ramsey's family - points to "unexplained third party" ~ AP

Betancourt's husband says love may have died 'in jungle'

Earths Population of Assholes, Pricks, Egotists, Cynics, GROWING BY THE SECOND

Can anyone explain why there wasn't a filibuster on FISA?

"The Surge"

Okay... I'm a Flip-Flopper (FISA)

My thought of the FISA bill passing tomorrow.

FISA Civil Immunity: 500,000 Telecom Jobs Held Hostage

Larisa Alexandrovna: Pelosi is basically saying Karl Rove is above the law

Spent the morning tilting at windmills.

Photoshop of Horrors: The Frightful Faces of Fox News

I almost drove off the road listening to BBC news today

Fascist America, in 10 easy steps - Naomi Wolf

Hillary's FISA Vote - Is It A Patriot Act Flip Flop - Consider Her Senate Race

$4 gas helping revitalize small towns

Could telecom immunity lead to charges against this administration?

Microsoft on Vista: ‘The time of worry is over.’ (ZDNet)

Yoo hoo! Terri Schiavo's "angels", here is your big chance. Save this child .....

== You are not reading enough = By Mark Morford

Democrats need to take back pet owners!!!!!

With both sides saber rattling, I ask DU again, will bush make war with Iran?

Congressional Approval Falls to Single Digits for First Time Ever

Dems Introducing bills to make sure Congressmembers get approval before posting any info to the web

Who's on Obama's short list for VP?

The Guardian: 'Should Bush be tried for war crimes?'

This may surprise you, but....

The Fourth Amendment

you know, this fisa bullshit is exactly why senators shouldn't run for president

The Democratic Party no longer represents my best interests.

The Democratic Party no longer represents my best interests.

FISA and Immunity is going to make me leave the Dems.

Lets do our small part to fight the butchers of bejing! - DONT WATCH THE OLYMPICS!

Breaking News - Iran test fires 9 long and medium range missiles !

Obama voted for cloture and final passage...links - FISA

Pelosi NOT Trying To Block Rove Contempt Charge

Medicare bill passes Senate with veto-proof 69 "AYE" votes!

Why I think little compacts went away and SUV's came to dominate

An internet-related research question for tech-savvy DUers

Since the right to Life is guaranteed under the Constitution

The Rev. Jesse Jackson has apologized for "crude and hurtful" remarks about Barack Obama

It Took Humanity Thousands of Years to Produce the U.S. Constitution --

Oh gawd! If ever a cartoon told the painful truth, this one does!

FISA question


Eugene Debs

Wow... a lot of people who joined this year or late last year are already giving up.

"Black Hole" is now a racial slur?

Should one stick to their principles even if it jeopardizes their chance to win the election?

The reason why Teddy returned to the Senate is quite apt: a health care vote

Head of an NC State lab quits rather than lower flag to honor Jesse Helms

He quit rather than lower flag for Helms

+++ Official DU "Thank You" Thread for Russ Feingold +++

So will anyone apologize to John Ramsey?

AT&T Cell Phone Service

Online Movement Aims to Punish Democrats Who Support Bush Wiretap Bill

What does it cost to live in America on avg?

Media(to Clinton): "When will Whitewater be off the front page?"

The Right to Remain Silent

Chicago people! Got a question for ya.

Protesters Blockade Rep. Ackerman's Houseboat

Idea for a campaign song for Obama

Antibiotics To Get Warnings Over Tendon Damage

Not Only Is McCain Running From Bush and the GOP, but the GOP is running from McCain

Watching the Obamas on Access Hollywood...what a lovely family.

Obama Tells Latino Group That McCain Sold Them Out On Immigration

LaNeve: Hummer is the only brand under review

"Barack Obama: Just the party line" Why is this a bad thing?

Why FISA doesn't matter if Obama is elected

In "honor" of the FISA votes, who's read Cory Doctorow's "Little Brother?"

Warner2008 - Support Funding Critical Health Care Services (petition)

Removed by poster as duplicate:

I'm an idiot: I don't understand this FISA thing.

Nader is at it again! (Funny Cartoon)

We have become that which we feared

The roll call on Dodd amendment

Among McCain's many stupid unfunny jokes is one now that includes killing innocent Iranian people

Among McCain's many stupid unfunny jokes is one now that includes killing innocent Iranian people

Help, where is the rating that popped up here during the primary attempting to show Obama was a DINO

Judicial Advisers Line Up Behind Obama, McCain

Liberal Rag WSJ's Progressive Columnist Karl Rove Calls Obama Arrogant

HEADS UP: Obama to hit ABC, NBC, CBS morning shows Wednesday.

Newsday: Senate Dems not backing Obama on wiretapping bill

Bunch of "Dry Powder" blew out of the US Capitol Building Today...saw some drifting by here in NC...

History being rewritten from now on................. .......................


Tale of two speeches: Latino crowd gives polite applause to McCain, standing ovation to Obama

Obama Campaign Subject Of Gambling Probe

USA TODAY: Convention cities sued by protesters

It MUST be done. Every time McCain mentions Rev. Wright, the Obama campaign must equally warn...

Heh, Mike Murphy might be the new "NBC political analyst"?

Obama campaign agrees to modify website -- no donation required to win free trip

Obama Action Figure

My response to those who say they are giving up because of FISA

Good news/Bad News

As I sit in my swingin' 1970's house, I propose a little love-in.

Telecom Immunity is a Red Herring.

Nude photo of me in my 30's MODS: Please don't remove. Done for professional modeling class.

Obama moving to the WHAT?

Imagine. McSame reading the SOTU speech, or any speech.


Dead fans: look at Bob and Jerry styling here...

Any Ivan Doig fans in the crowd?

Thank you, Hillary, Russ, Leahy, and all the BRAVE Dems who did not CAVE in to B*shCo.

The other place I go everyday

I would give anything for either mashed potatos and brown gravy from cracker barrel or hashbrowns

I'm going to continue to donate to Obama.

FISA JUST PASSED! (Obama Voted YES!) And "It" OFFICIALLY died today.

Election Model: A Simple Precinct/PC/Spreadsheet Solution to Eliminate Election Fraud - (TIA)

Ok, let's speculate on what is going to happen when Wendy Slaughter

Lost comedians. Anyone remember Mark B McCollum?

Kitchenwitch, are you watching the game right now?

It would be so easy for Obama to vote the way you want. Why won't he?

Midlo= flame war starting disruptor

Look on both ends of your aluminium foil & saran wrap. Push the tabs in & the roll won't fall out.

T. Boone Pickens is now a Proponent of Solar and Wind Power?

Networks may limit convention coverage (extra cost with Invesco Field)

Bush sorry over Berlusconi insult

Belated Happy Birthday to my favorite basic cable b-movie dastardly duo


Can we concur to stop using the word "Volk?"

LAT: Obama shows signs of trail-weariness

Did anyone see Anderson Cooper tonight?

Etiquette Question: Is it rude to turn off your host?

Karl Rove Attacks Obama On Abortion - Praises John McCain's Pro-Life Policies

I love this place.

Etiquette question: Is it rude to turn off your host's television

"No American should be forced to seek safety over liberty."

Who do you like more, men or women?

Time to play: "Separated at birth?"

McSame's Flippity Floppity on Iraq: In 2004, Admitted We'd Leave Iraq if the Iraqis Wanted Us To

Congress votes to immunize lawbreaking telecoms, legalize warrantless eavesdropping

Burgers, Burghers or Bergers ?

John McCain's Sappy Side - New Ad "Love" - McCain The Love Guru!

Convention catering one tall order (noncontroversial -- the food sounds great)

48 Hours Mystery tonight is about a Tucson crime.

Hitler-as-a-baby has a big surprise for you....

My boyfriend told me he's going to get me a Hannah Montanna CD

The Protect America Act of 2007 & The Patriot Act I & II

Glad to see this topic is still going...McGovern: War heroism doesn't make a president

AMD, Intel, or "Other"?

FISA surprise: Why legislators not reading a bill before they pass it can be a good thing.


this got me laughing pretty good

Why are some people so evil fucking?

Has anyone seen "chimpsrsmarter" around lately?

This is uncanny; there's a woman in my P.A. Class who reminds me of NewWaveChick1981.

This just in... I am officially sick of the Generation Kill graphic.

The Church's 'Destination' just may be the 2nd most persistent earworm I've ever had

Fiber One Caramel Delight ROCKS!!!!!

Can someone please explain the appeal of "Twitter" to me?

The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution

When Congress/Senate knowingly pass a law that violates the Bill of Rights...

Calling all trolls, bring your worst

In Memoriam

Fish heads fish heads

I need somebody to come over and eat most of my cooking.

My daughter says:

Primary Colors is on again

Just in case anyone's forgotten -- Iraq did not have WMD,

Damn you, KitchenWitch

I heard a female singer do "Sweeney Todd" this morning on the radio.

Disturbing products:

Help me edit my anti-McCain attack ad.

I don't want to brag but Obama asked me to help write his platform

What's your least favorite sit-in restaurant?

The New Republic: "McContradiction", by Robert Gordon and James Kvaal

Want some right wing love?

I have a bump on my ass

I'm My Owm Grandpa

Do you think I can reach 57000 posts tonight?

Michelle Obama to Meet With Michigan Women

Congratulations to ThicketWinch on 57K!

Juan Cole: Al Maliki statement may have effect on US election

McCain Responds to Maliki's Call for Withdrawal Timetable

Heads up For Today - Wednesday, July 9, 2008

U.S. Senate and Presidential Oath's of Office

Obama to visit Berlin for foreign policy speech

Clinton, Obama to Fundraise in NYC

Clinton, Obama to Fundraise in NYC

They speak with one voice and are outward directed.

I feel so much better today knowing that the ladies of DU now have well exfoliated feet

Good night, Lounge

McAuliffe thinks Biden will be VP

The Obama campaign welcomed al-Maliki's and al-Rubaie's remarks.

McCain Blasts Obama For FISA 'Flip-Flop'

Schweitzer vs. Kaine- The best VP choice for Obama between those two is...

The polls must be wrong people. McCain can't be losing.

Discussing McCain's immigration flip-flop, MSNBC's Brewer asked, "[H]ow is that really changing?"

And for my 57000th Post, I bid you all good night

Steve Wilson: Some Vaccines Still Contain Mercury -- transcript and video

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/9/08 - Obama 45, McCain 41 (O down 1, M up 1)

A poll on reducing friction.

McContradiction-What's worse than flip-flopping?.. . promising two opposing goals at the same time

July 9... suppose I should change the calendar from May I just say feck it

WARNING: Do not click on this thread or your head will asplode from teh cute.

Bush administration apparently trying to prevent Obama speech at Brandenburg Gate

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer has become my number one pick for Obama's VP!

If the Conservatives knew what was good for them, they'd vote for Obama

Obama in Boston. . .street art installation: Abraham Obama


Has anyone else toured a Body Worlds exhibit?

McCain desperately attempting to paint Obama as a "flip-flopper"..

Midlo- are you the hibiscus freak?

I heard yesterday on NPR some interviews about the Blackwater/San Diego thing

Many of McCain’s 300 economists ‘don’t actually support’ his full economic agenda.»

Screw Lynn Forrester

Folks is people I tells ya, People!!!

S-Tone Inc. - In The Mood For Love

Forma 2000 by Nicola Conte.

Zuco 103 - Treasure - Tales of high fever

Economists 'Endorsed' McCain's Economics Plan? Actually, No

Ticks on a plane! (Bugs delay United flight)

And they call Democrats liars...

So what’s your tipping point? What would have to happen to get you to act?

Light As A Feather - Chick Corea

A Spanish-language McCain radio ad gets nearly all its facts wrong.

VP Choice Imminent? Obama makes unscheduled visit to chat with Eric Holder.

Bent - Magic Love

Zogby: Obama wins Kerry states + NV, CO, NM, IA, MO, VA, NC, AR, SC, and AZ

Zogby calculates Obama leads McCain, 44% to 38% and 273-160 in a new Electoral College Count!

Dems to target McCain for Medicare non-vote

clara hill - nowhere

A local radio host in my town said Bob Barr "looks like Rev. Wright"

Cmdr. Data BEFORE Star Trek (link to video)

I *thought* I'd be feedling better by now

Dollars and Cents

Plantlife - When She Smiles She Lights The Sky (4Hero Remix)

4hero - Morning Child

5 Reasons Why Obama Can Win Georgia

Sorry Folks, Obama HASN'T Failed Us on FISA

70 Senators will vote for FISA bill without knowing what is in it?

When Bush staged that McCain hug for his campaign, did McCain call it an attack?

Charlie Crist has announced his engagement..

If I never fill out another job application, it will be too soon.

N.J. GOP club accused of racism (Philly Inquirer story about disgusting anti-Obama "joke")

This Can Happen to You!!

The press spin on McCain's latest "Iran" joke so far is truly laughable.

Oh! Oh! Oh! I just got a business proposal from a Mr. Wang in my email!

Two rotten peas in a pod: Mark Penn and Karen Hughes join forces.

****Heads Up: FISA Legislation Now Live*****

AFL to go up with anti-McCain ad in six states, form Vets group

Hollerin' from a Harried Housewife! Thought for today... suggestions welcomed!

Errors en Español (McCain Spanish ad nearly all wrong)


$57,000 dinner standard-issue fundraiser...

How many inside jokes in WALL-E did you notice?

Merkel Uneasy Over Obama's Brandenburg Gate Speech

Quite a Statement by McCain

McCain campaign is calling an Obama ad featuring their candidate hugging bush an “attack ad.”

I suspect my sister is bi-polar. How do I deal with it?

Iraqi Official: U.S. Could be Out by 2011

Gnarls Barkley - Run

Famously Open McCain Campaign Restricts Press Access

My Last Post. #1754

What do you visualize when you think of the ancient Mayans?

Italian Sausage Pie - yummo!

Trial About Privacy in Which None Remains (how much of a spanking do you want?)

Transcript of McCain interview

Remember the days when...

Some poxy guys. Pig heavy.

GOP club accused of racism for Obama web banner

Kid trys to pull a Barney Miller in Ft Worth: drug laced cookies dropped off @ police station

grrrrrrrr why can't hubbies just do as asked? I have been sick...maybe have cancer sent hubby to

Clergy, Politicians and Career Military Officers

I'm Leaving EU....Don't try to talk me out of it.

New DNC Web Ad Blasts McCain's Shifting Positions On Iraq

BBC: "strange movements in her underwear" - it was a sleeping bat

Caution: Can Iran cigarette jokes be dangerous to McCain's political health?

McCain does not Equal Bush...

If Cats Could Talk, What Would Yours Say?

She said I found somebody new to take your place!

Lynn Forrester is an elitist

A little something to send to your friends and family

A little something to send to your friends and family

Attention GOPSux: Please don't leave PU

Are we giving McCain a pass on his Iran joke?

Which states will Bob Barr do most damage to Johnny Boy?

Obama made McBush look like a fool. Statement no-show McCain released before the FISA vote

What's your favorite indulgence?

Case Study in "Worth a Try" Activism

New DNC Web Ad Blasts McCain's Shifting Positions On Iraq

It's finally time to say it...

Kanye West - Flashing Lights

Nearly run over by a Tesla this morning.

From where I sit, the 4th Amendment was gutted with the passage of the Patriot Act(s) in '01 & '03

Notice that as Afghanistan falls apart, the War on Terra, is now formally the War in I-Rack only....

Just Wonderin'

You guys don't want to miss this one from TygrBright!

Guard kitty?

Teenager finds bat asleep in bra

Need some advice I think

Poll: Obama Ties McCain Among Less-Educated Voters

AFL-CIO ad criticizes McCain on war, veterans

Tesla- one heck of a good band

WP: Close Kerry-McCain Kinship Has Dissolved Since 2004

On perceived rightward moves...

Tesla S1070 - one heckuva computing system

The Zogby Electoral College Map

The Tony Danza TapDance Extravaganza

Today is my second anniversary with Lisa: I am celebrating this with a ...

Page 2 Is Like...

Instead of listing your one favorite candidate for VP name those you could really support

big-time embezzler fundraises for McCain

Snoopy at Rockefeller Center

Hooverphonic - Inhaler

I Believe In You - Amp Fiddler

maria moita

Loran's Dance - Idris Muhammad

Any Canadians out there?

McGovern Says McCain's War Experience Not a Qualification for WH: Says Clark was misunderstood

Gormy Cuss to me via PM.

Only and Always - Muhsinah

Only and Always - Muhsinah

Flying Lotus Tea Leaf Dancers Video

I don't remember John McCain being this incoherent - is it his Age?

Rich Medina - Happiness

The Rude Pundit: Dirty Fuckin' Hippies...For Real

GALLUP POLL: McCain’s Age Seen as More of a Problem Than Obama’s Race

The Pocket Change game


Donald Byrd - Places and Spaces

My Little Girl- Bobbi Humphrey

you can't turn me away - sylvia striplin

Johnny Hammond - Tell Me What To Do

Was Kerry bashed continually on DU during the 2004 elections??

McCain Campaign Unleashes Misleading Attack On Obama Over Iran

Anyone ever had an allergy skin prick/scratch test?

Just back from the VA hospital, had to take my father for a doctor's visit.

I'm going to Times Square. What breed of sparrow do you suggest me seeing while I'm there?

"Now is the time for all good citizens to come to the aid of their country!"


I'm Not Your Friend, Buddy!

Nicola Conte - Bossa 31

Braces. Did you ever have to wear them?

MSN Hot Topics : Poop Museum

Hey loungers! Ever had one of THOSE days?

McCain Camp Clarifies: We Should Leave Iraq If They Want Us To

SPACE: 1899


Faux Campaign Ads for Swing Vote

I don't understand why W is so unpopular as a vowel

People need to learn to accept the fact that Spanish is the language of the Western hemisphere

GOP Rep: Race Is Over If It's A Referendum On Bush

WBC gets Rick Roll'd

Worst Reality Series?

It's Nude Recreation will you celebrate?

Can anemia make your toes turn blue?

I love everyone!

The Octodog cutter? Huh? Is this the dumbest kitchen tool ever?

King Crimson - Starless and Bible Black poll today: Did Sen. Barack Obama err in allowing an extensive interview with his daughters?

My daughter's bungee flew away on her birthday.

I'm thinking about canceling my contract with Verizon.

Tell us who your LEAST favorite 60's artist/band was?

***Senate Voting on procedural vote for H.R. 6304 (FISA) Right Now***

Can somebody be ept?

McFatherTime Captions

Britain's Missing Top Model

Latino Crowd Gives Applause to McCain, Ovation to Obama

One of these things is not like the others

Rasmussen Missouri Poll: McCain 47%, Obama 42%

Best improvement on a product ever.

This is my first journal and I'm not even sure it works.

NYC fundraiser featuring Obama and Clinton has to be moved to accommodate larger crowd

Conwall says Belushi knows!

I Don't Blame Obama for FISA

My BIL is almost finished building his boat. DIALUP WARNING

Kitchenwitch, if you're not watching the game, don't bother...

I am renaming my sunroom.

Postulated: Hell is exothermic and therefore does not exist, proving that God does

Who is the most turgid American poet?

I Have a Dumb Question Regarding Pay Pal and Accepting Funds. (help)

How can we make them care about us?

Some sexy guys. Pic heavy.

I am taking Tiki to the vet today

Some sexy gals. Pic heavy.

Struggling German SDP searches for its "Obama"

My second post

Okay so curiosity might not have killed the kitties but....

Remind me not to go in GD when its in meltdown mode

McCain Jokes about Killing Iranians ... AGAIN

Hell's Kitchen finale discussion thread (FULL OF SPOILERS!)

A shirt for Sniffa...

CNN is reporting that Ted Kennedy is in the Senate to vote on the Medicare bill!!

It is mighty funny that Iran tested a missile today........

Conservative Christian Group Invokes Slavery In Opposing Obama

I'm starting to think that McCain could be a democratic operative sabotaging his own campaign

McCain Re Call By Iraq PM For Withdrawal Timetable - PM Is Just Being A Politician

What To Expect on Tomorrow's FISA Vote

Senator McCain Did Not Vote For The FISA Bill

Houston man gets 35 years in stinky feet slaying

GOP club accused of racism for Obama web banner

I'm not a Republican or Dead Ender..

Barack's statement on Iranian missile testing

Since when did dissent become unpatriotic?

Is Sallymander at a Red Sox game?

List five movies that made you feel someone...

Hey jasonc...

Tourist in your own hometown

Nascar Hits a Wall as $4 Gas Makes Weekend Campouts Too Costly for Fans

It's not longer a rumor: Belushi has confirmed Conwall's story!

You want Obama to win in Nov? I am convinced the only way to achieve

I'm not a member of PUMA......

Now I'm watching Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. OOOOOOOOOO!

Phone popcorn secrets revealed

Post a famous song title and we'll guess what song it is

Northwest Airlines runs down Superman.

When a politician takes a stand on an issue & I don't agree with it...


109 degrees and smoke as thick as fog.

Anyone know why McIdiot didn't vote on FISA today?

Sherrod Brown of Ohio Capitulates to Bush and Approves Torture!

Now I'm watching The Bad Seed. OOOOOOOOOO!

I can't wait until July 25th!

What the heck are these things?!

Obama’s Lead over McCain Slips a Bit in New Jersey

151-proof cuteness: Mama cat nursing panda cub!

The McCain flip-flop that matters to African Americans

Did you see this CNN Poll? Some Clinton supporters still not embracing Obama

Boulder, Colorado, is so farkin' crowded.

When the (inevitable) "October Surprise" comes (*cough* terrorist attack *cough*).......

McCain: Social Security "a disgrace" because young workers' taxes pay current retirees.

Immigration - Hispanic Vote - John McCain Pulls Rare Triple Flip

Bill O'Loofah-Luvin' Phone-Sex to play Jackson trash talk tape tonight

My 5 year old wants to take apart an old microwave.

Eek! Help me! I'm acting like a codependent heterosexual teenage girl!

BREAKING: Country music leads to S-E-X

Suing Bush Boy: US District Court Judge Rules Bush Lacks Authority to Disregard FISA

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 7/9/2008)

As President, could Obama overturn the telcom immunity? n/t

Oh, Christ. Now Jesse Jackson hates Obama too! (not really, Wolf is just all about the drama )

I am really getting piss with DU today...

I Had A Really Scary And Dangerous Moment Today When A Huge Chunk Of Something Landed On My Car.

The Page: CLINTON, OBAMA fly with Veep Vetter Caroline Kennedy to NYC Fundraiser tonight

Do Obama and McCain differ at all on FISA?

McCain says Social Security is a disgrace...

Obama’s ‘Sister Souljah Moment’ on the Surveillance Bill - by Lanny Davis

I support Hillary Clinton for office of president in 2008.....

Statement of Barack Obama on Passage of Medicare Bill



Progressives for Obama fool themselves

Jesse Jackson's press conference is on local radio in Chicago and CNN right now. . .

Possessives for Obama Tool Themselves

That's IT? Sludge posts Jackson's "trash talk":

Pru had a Chocolate Chip Cookie yesterday...

"People who get into debt are really stupid. They should just be more frugal and save."

I would like to propose a new Democratic Underground feature.

WHO CARES?! Yes, we know Clinton voted no, and Obama voted yes.

PSA: If you think you might have a spider bite, do NOT, I repeat DO NOT Google for images!

Fresh from the oven, guys.

Alright, what's going on around here?

Lieberman for VP!!!!!

To Everyone that wanted that Blue Dog Webb as VP...He voted AGAINST Obama and Boxer

Oh look, new information on Pelosi

Jesse Jr. statement on Jesse Sr.'s comments. . .classic

The Daily Widget – Wednesday, July 9 – Obama 365, McCain 173 – One-Stop Shop for Public Opinion

The check was made out, sealed in a stamp envelope and addressed to the Obama campaign

I propose a GD:Quizlings for supporters of today's vote.

Does anyone seriously think that Obama or anyone running for President could have done differently?

and, oh, yeah.... I got a haircut

What the heck is up with Obama trying to be a moderate

That's it! Obama shouldn't even be reelected to the Senate now! He deserves to lose his seat.

EarlG is teabagging folks in GD:P

My moment with McCain

I'm watching Blair Witch Project and getting motion sickness.

My Racist Father... Now An Obama Supporter (UPDATE)

Why is Delay on MSNBC? Why isn't he in prison?

I Propose a GD:FISA So the purists have a place to go

Jesse Jackson, Obama thanks you.

Dear Mr. Obama, I have a request.

There could have been no Fisa Filabuster

I never thought I'd miss the threads about Jeremiah Wright.

NYT: Bitterness among Obama and Clinton donors remains

Shame on you Lounge. Not a single FISA thread on page 1

Which of the Bill of Rights is NOT in play during a Presidential election?

What excuse does Grandpa McSame have for being a no-show at today's FISA bill?

Florida man ingnites salt water with his machine

Obama voted yes because he agrees with the bill. He rejects retroactive immunity. This vote......

(Other) Worst celebrity baby names?

Will the Bradys come back to do a new variety show?

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 7/8/08 - Obama 46, McCain 40 (M down 1)

Warren Jeffs taken to a Las Vegas Hospital

NJ GOP Club takes Obama-O.J. slogan off Web site

115 and smoky

Man draws YouTube fame by dancing like a Really White Dude in 42 countries

Ventura Complicates Minn. Senate Race

What kind of dog should the Obama family get?

Referendum on Obama, my ass

the very last winner....strike that....the last democrat i voted for...

the very last winner....strike that....the last democrat i voted for...

Anyone hear from OMC lately?

Has the FISA vote given Bob Barr the perfect issue with which to condemn both parties?

OK, I hate the emphasis placed on standardized testing in our schools. However...

You all know damn well that Hillary would have voted for this bill

Obama made a mistake, recognized it quickly, & won't let it happen again

Just when I thought I had seen every slimy trick in the book, I

Wasserman-Schultz' staff called Big Eddie today & said CNN distorted their words..

I got to meet ThomCat!

Holy cow. Amelia Earhart was beautiful.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/9/08

Germans in Tizzy over Obama and Planned Speech. What's the REAL STORY?

Say something nice about a fellow Loungie.

Obama and ‘Merci beaucoup’ — the conservative outrage of the day

Obama campaign tripling staff in Missouri

Campaign coverage highlights disconnect between media, black community

A Sign Read " MCCAIN = BUSH " - Why Was It Considered An Offensive Sign?

I applaud HIllary Clinton for voting no on FISA, but let's get real

Who Will Be Veep?

I Can't Wait Until this Idiot Bush is Out of Office (FISA THREAD)

Turley on Countdown: " I am completely astonished by Sen. Obama's stance on FISA"

For all the Kerry supporters who also kind of like and love Uncle Teddy

Tesla Coil- One heckuva good transformer

My comments sent to Lou Dobbs regarding his dishonest distortions and ethnocentric rants

List Time Travel Movies.

Obama's camp just put out a statement in response to Jesse Jackson's comment:

Jackson attack: Accident or Brilliant plan?

Hillary's Internet adviser posted her FISA statement at Daily Kos

Kitten Picture of the Day for Wednesday July 9

So Mcsame couldnt be bothered to vote on FISA?

You can tune a piano,

Is McCain campaign illegally coordinating media strategy with outside groups?

looking for a good book recommendation?

Are you happy with Obama being our nominee?

I may be drinking Kool-Aide but I don't think so

We're going to win this one, but we've got to have boots on the

Full Senate Roll-Call Vote - H.R. 6304 (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 )

If the neighbors' chickens crap on my back porch one more time

So Senator Obama voted yes on FISA and Senator Clinton voted no?

Is it true? Are the Democrats in on it too?

Animator seeking ideas

Roll call to strip immunity from FISA bill

D'Angelo - Devil's Pie

PPP Missouri Poll: McCain (R) 47%, Obama (D) 44%

Nikola Tesla - The Forgotten Wizard

Joe Biden as VP is something we can all support

Canadians! They Walk Among Us!

Obama got it wrong. Clinton got it right. And, McCain...

Oh Joy! Tom Delay looks dispirited, depressed, demoralized on "Hardball"

Kick a thread on page 4.

This is a very emotional week for me

Cat-of-the-Month Club

AWESOME views of Earth from Endeavour

One common sparrow and one not so common sparrow

Favorite GD / GD:P Flame War

Hillary supporter Wolf Blitzer gloating about Clinton voting No; Obama voting Yes

Pet Peeve: People saying, "What?"

Some people find bats in their undies. What animals do you find in yours?

List five movies that made you feel something...


A little story about the torture and FISA bills

Obama: My Kids Won't Be Doing Any More Interviews

Rachel Maddow in for Kieth Olbermann good idea or bad idea?

July 9, 2008 - The Day America....went right on just the same as it ever has.

obama has my support and he didnt have to kiss my ass to get it

Obama Just Voted To Strip Immunity

I got the Ped Egg! *** Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!***

Why the Left Doesn't "Get" Obama (Huffington Post)

BREAKING & Updated: Rev. Jesse Jackson attacks Obama. Distressed, says "sorry"

Is MO Gov (Republican) Matt Blunt gay?

Can We Finally Admit That There Are Plenty of DUers here who Don't Give A Damn

Retro Kids got new Haircuts!

Where can one retire where they could live a rather modest lifestyle

Somehow Obama saying that people should also speak Spanish is controversy.

So the fuck what, what Hillary would have done? What someone "would have done" is irrelevant.

My understanding of FISA bill... tell me where I'm wrong

Post a Movie Song Title, and We Will Guess What Movie It's From.

Say it with me, "John McCain is NOT an ex-fighter pilot!"

Open Letter to Obama: A Personal Perspective on Late-Term Abortion

Senator Clinton voted against FISA.

NOW will you help retire Clinton's campaign debt?

NOW will you help retire Clinton's campaign debt?

Match Game Story: "Bleeding from the neck down, Robert ____ his tie."

Hillary Sticks With Pledge: Votes NO on Wiretap Bill.

Where else can you brag about kicking the asses of 15 other DUers and post about it....

Do you guys realize that we've been talking nothing but FISA for three weeks

I am feeling really anxious, lately...anyone else feeling this way?

Which Breed Of Dog Is Most Aggressive?

Ah Jeez .... McCain lied about support for his economic plan

Media uncritically repeat McCain's claim that Obama would raise taxes on 23 million small businesses

My kitty died today :(

Obama did what our nominee had to do and Clinton voted her conscience

Obama/Biden will beat McCain/Romney by 4-5 points (which is a lot)

While focusing on FISA, don't overlook today's Medicare vote. Huge, and McLame didn't show.

Turley, Obama and the Appeal to Authority

A Good Day to say "Goodbye".

I'd just like to thank Obama for voting against Telecom immunity today.

ACLU and EFF will file suits about this FISA bill.

We're electing Obama, not his family

Why such strong feelings about "losing" candidates running again?

Say it aint so, O.

I support Obama's FISA vote!!!

Why John Kerry deserves some R-E-S-P-E-C-T post 2004

My Republican Senator is campaigning on Obama's coattails.

Zogby showing Obama +3 in Arizona

Jesse Ventura To Run for Senate (Minn)

McCain Squirms on Birth Control Question- " I don't know what I voted" (!)

Merkel warns Obama not to use landmark for 'electioneering'

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: ""They need to be wooed."

Sorry folks. It isn't OKAY that Obama failed us on FISA.

Obama was never the progressive candidate, but don't let this one vote fool you: neither was Hillary

POLL: Have Obama's Centrist Policy Policy Declarations Surprised You? (OpEdNews)

Edwards would 'seriously consider' VP offer

Listen, I came here to dish it out. Not take it.

On CNN yesterday, they banged the drum that Clinton supporters will not support Obama

Who is the biggest flirt?

Jesse Jackson made a "disparaging" remark about Obama?

Q: What is the cash value of gun rights? A: Its a valuable wedge issue for the GOP.

A Rapist's View of the World: Joss Whedon and Firefly

the last time we saw Chris' birthparents,

Who is Morton Halperin and why is he supporting the FISA compromise

Why is Obama supporting a right-wing white incumbent against a progressive black challenger?

Indian left quits govt over nuclear deal with US

Bush administration told to speed processing of Guantanamo inmates

Cheney's office tried to alter greenhouse gas testimony, former official says

McCain says supports (bigger gov giveaways to corporations) Fed move to extend lending

Cheney's Staff Cut Testimony On Warming

Kurdish official doubts ‘legality’ of (Iraqi) oil deals

Terror profiles at issue for Mukasey (will appear today at Senate Judiciary oversight hearing)

Obituary: John Templeton, 95, investor and philanthropist

Clinton, Bush Advisers Steeped in Crisis Join Forces

Former Oregon GOP bigwig who owes millions to fraud victims continues donating cash to McCain

U.S. regulator finds questionable practices at ratings firms

AFTRA, in blow to SAG leaders, approves contract

Attack at US Istanbul consulate

News of imminent deportation (from Canada) shocks U.S. army deserter

Networks may limit convention coverage (of the Democrats)

Massachusetts House considers bill to eliminate Electoral College

Top Democrat may back new offshore drilling: report

Iran progress "modest" on nuclear program-U.S.

General: Iraqi Security Forces Still Need US Help

State employee won't lower flags for Helms

Michelle Obama talks health care, insurance with women in Pontiac

Lawmakers Say Pentagon Will Reopen $35B Tanker Bid

US Seeks Extradition Of Rebels Captured In Hostage Rescue

McGovern: War heroism doesn't make a president

Iran tests missiles amid tension with U.S., Israel

Wiretap immunity bill gets closer to president's desk

One out of five Iraqis is a refugee, U.N. says

U.S. Finds It's Getting Crowded Out There (U.S. Dominance in Space Slips)

Phone popcorn secrets revealed

Obama Says Sanctions For Iran While McCain Says Missile Defense Shield

Betancourt's husband says love may have died 'in jungle'

Murder Conviction Overturned After 36 Years in Solitary (Former Black Panther Albert Woodfox)

GOP: Don't blame manufacturers for toxic trailers

Attack kills Darfur peacekeepers (and others remain missing)

(AG) Mukasey: Get government all terror-fighting tools

White House Downplays Iraqi Government's Call For Withdrawal Date

Who's Watching the Spies? (civil liberties board goes dark under Bush)

Medicare Fee Dispute Puts McCain on the Spot With Elderly, Their Doctors

Kosmas has nearly $1 million on hand

Northwest to trim staff by 8 percent to cut costs

Leahy faces off with Joker in The Dark Knight

Senate bows to Bush, approves surveillance bill (4th Amendment null & void)

New legal threat to school science in the US

Salmonella Infects Over 1,000; Peppers Now Eyed

Family cleared in JonBenet Ramsey’s death.

Bullying caused woman's suicide, inquiry told

White House spokeswoman demands apology from Calif. lawmaker (Sen. Boxer)

Kennedy back on the Hill

Pro-war 'Vets for Freedom' ads roll out in Hampton Roads

Pelosi Denies Trying To Block Rove Contempt Charge

McCain: Maybe Cigarettes Will Kill the Iranians

China's economy to become world's biggest in 2035: study

Oil prices fall by more than $5

Labor bureau: Japanese man, 45, died of overwork

Ex-Khmer Rouge Official Loses Appeal

Merkel warns Obama not to use landmark for 'electioneering'

"This fight is not over." ACLU will challenge FISA update in court

White House threatens to veto e-mail storage bill

Dallas County officials spar over 'black hole' comment

Guantanamo may become US Marine base

Jesse Jackson sorry for comments about Obama

White House in climate change "cover up"

Atheist soldier sues Army for 'unconstitutional' discrimination

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday July 9

NOPD officer punished for wearing the wrong uniform(15 minutes before retirement)

Lunchtime mikes strike again at G-8 (Bush in high chit-chat mode)

Iranian shelling reported in northern Iraq

Report: Rebels proposed peace days before hostage rescue

Struggling Airlines Issue Urgent SOS to Customers

Kennedy Casts Key Vote as Medicare Bill Passes

GM Lordstown's new compact called Cruze

He quit rather than lower flag (for Jesse Helms)

Cheney's Office Has Part Of Climate Change Testimony Deleted

NON-flip flop Gate

Countdown: Campaign Ad Wars, with Chuck Todd

John McCain - Lost in Space

The newest idea for Airport Security-It will shock you

San Francisco Demands Pelosi Resign or be Recalled.

Bush Presses For Diplomacy Toward Iran on Tweety


At Town Hall, Obama denies shifting to reach political center

Barack Obama at the League of United Latin American Citizens Convention

Senator Feingold on FISA Amnesty Bill

McCain Jokes About Killing Iranians (Again)

BraveNewFilms: Bruce Wasserstein: Gouging Grandma

McCain continues to lie and fear-monger about Social Security

AFL-CIO goes after McCain in six states

Crosby, Stills & Nash - "Denver" (6/26/08) - Antiwar DNC

Speech by a Canadian girl during 1982 UN conference on environment

McCain and crazy anti-tax lady

Barack Obama Responds to Iran Missile Test

Brave New Films: Sorry FOX, we won't let you trash Michelle Obama

When? (DNC slams McCain on Iraq)

McLame disses woman with disabilities at town hall - Talks of more hot water for babies. WTF!

Soldier who became atheist sues military for evangelical christian discrimination policies

TYT: What's Happening In Denver? Librarian Get's Ticketed (Free Speech?)

War cheerleader not sure how to deal with Iraq telling US to get out on Hardball

U.S. Consulate Attacked! Six Dead. Istanbul, Turkey

Ted Kennedy Back On The Hill

Should Dems Play Offense or Defense?

McCain jokes about killing Iranians

Al Franken: Congress members should "never" become lobbyists.

Bush On Iraq's Timetable For Withdrawal

Jesse Jackson Apologizes To Obama

Rachel Maddow & Jonathan Turley on FISA - 7/8/08

Obama daughters take their dad to task

Chuck Todd on McCain Iran joke

Joe Biden brings the snark smackdown on Mukasey

TYT: Iran Continues To Buy American Cigarettes and Bull Semen (Work-Safe Vid)

TYT: MSNBC Spins Obama's Popularity As A Bad Thing (Cenk Calls Them Out)

Rep. Al Gore's bill to regulate human organ transplants (circa 1984)

Jesse Jackson JR Outraged Over Fathers Words

CNN 1984: Reagan on Gulf oil (this was during Iran/Iraq War)


John Edwards on FISA-7.9.08: "I Would Not Vote For It"

CNN: 'Top secret' weapons to be used at political convention

TPMtv: McCain's Absolute Disgrace

Ted Kennedy Welcomed Back to Senate with Standing Ovation

Free trade's false promises:Nafta has hurt the Mexican economy..US-Colombia free trade deal stands t

McGovern on McCain

MORTON H. HALPERIN: Listening to Compromise

Free trade's false promises

Trawlermen Cling on as Oceans Empty of Fish - And the Ecosystem Is Gasping

August 8, 1974 v. July 9, 2008

G8 summit marked by impotence and division

Long-term unemployment in the US climbs 37 percent in one year

Millions Face Disaster Due to U.S. Ethiopian Occupation of Somalia

African Dictatorships and Double-Standards

Naomi Klein and The Shock Doctrine

Numbers Racket: Why The Economy is Worse Then We Know (Kevin Phillips)

The McCain Rules

Why Protests Against Telecom Immunity Fell on Deaf Ears

Madeline Albright/William Perry: McCain's bad G-8 judgment call

May High Gas Prices Prevent Poor from Voting? - One more way to steal an election.

Gene Lyons on toeing the story line

Fake Hostage Rescue to Become Hollywood Drama.

Ben Bernanke -- Socialist

Who's Watching the Spies? The civil liberties board goes dark under Bush.

At 96, he says he's ready to go

Study Finds Flawed Practices at Ratings Firms

World Leaders Eat 18-Course Meal While Discussing Solutions To Global Food Crisis

Why Were We in Vietnam? "The cause of democracy was of no real importance at all."

Turning the (time)tables (Eugene OR Register-Guard)

GM Lordstown's new compact called Cruze

The George W Bush Presidential Library: A monument to his years in office :=)

Matthew Rothschild: Bush's Secret Army of Snoops and Snitches

At least Barack & Hillary had the guts to vote. McCain did not, eom. David Gregory &

It's the Oil, stupid!

The McCain Rules


Mukasey defends FBI and DOJ procedures before Senate panel

Concerns about the new foreign surveillance measure are overblown

Wish Upon A Pump...... Who got us in this energy mess? Start with Ronald Reagan

Is it Safe Now to Admit Jimmy Carter Was Right?

Suing George W. Bush: A bizarre and troubling tale

Seymour Hersh: US Training Jondollah and MEK for Bombing preparation

How To Withdraw from Iraq: Pretend It's Your Mother

What's worse than flip-flopping? Consistently promising two opposing goals at the same time

We are a slob species with glorious potential for transcendence.

Wall Street Journal's Bret Stephens' Religion of Denial

Kudzu could be the next biofuel

Russian floating nuclear plant builder Sevmash diverting cash to other projects

Hidili Says Coking Coal Prices to Trade at Record

Data center power: the cost reality

Rare Microorganism That Produces Hydrogen May Be Key To Tomorrow's Hydrogen Economy

Entergy rate hikes in Miss. slammed by consumers

Russia's uranium breakthrough

Transition Towns Parts 1-4

Investors Fund US $10.75 M for Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning

Cambodian Dolphin Numbers Down By Not Quite 50% In Three Years, Only 71 Remain - BBC

75% Of 55 Fish Species Surveyed Off HI Islands "Critical Or Depleted" - Reef Fish #s Falling Fast

Nature - Overfishing Much Worse Than Thought - 3X, 4X Underestimates Common In Major Fisheries

Peak Toil - A peek at the future of peak oil.

Who got us in this energy mess? Start with Ronald Reagan

Oh Goody! The G8 Are Going To Have A SPECIAL CLIMATE MEETING In 2009!!!!! AFP

200-Foot Natural Ice Dam In Argentina Bursts During Winter For First Time On Record - AFP

Gazprom Offers to Buy All Libya's Oil and Natural-Gas Exports

Only 25% Of Caribbean Reefs Still In Good Condition - AFP

Why Not a Renewable Energy War Supplemental?

China Busy Sweeping Tens Of Thousands Of Garbage Pickers Out Of Town During Olympics - Reuters

Cord wood prices, anyone?

BMW builds electric Mini for California

FAO Reports Land Degradation Worse Than Previous Worst-Case Model For Cropland - ENN

Gathering of the Vibes - volunteer opportunity

A major milestone has been reached in efforts to produce a high quality biodiesel fuel from algae

Glaciers on Mt. Shasta keep growing

France's environment minister says nuclear will shrink as a proportion of the French energy mix

The Adventures of T. Boone Pickens, Episode 1

D&S: Remittances to the Rescue?

Pricey Drugs Put Squeeze on Doctors

Fed Sees Turmoil Persisting Deep Into Next Year

The Senator and the Swiss Bank - Did Texas' Phil Gramm help undo UBS?

Hey, fellow DUers be sure & pay attn when U put your credit card in @ the pumps at some gas stations

Who are the Middle Class?

Homophobia Alleged In Workplace Shooting

Transgender Shelter Says Director Was Attacked

Drifter Sought In Murder Of Gay Miami Man

Straight Pride Parade to be Held in New York City

In Memory of Jesse Helms, and The Condom On His House

Ready for a huge shock? Conservative Calif. County Delivers Setback To Gay Marriage Foes

Hundreds Of Paper Workers Hit The Picket Lines Over Retirement And Health Care

I just found out yesterday a union brother has Pancreatic cancer

Today in labor history July 09 Five thousand demonstrators rally at the state capitol in Columbia, S

Pennsylvania ATU Members Spread Word About Obama’s Working Family Policies

Airlines Having Rough Ride Through Economic Turbulence

Families of Palestinian prisoners duped by con artists

Fayyad: IDF West Bank raids sabotage Palestinian security efforts

Gaza: Blast at Hamas training camp kills 2

Website exposes Israeli 'nuke secrets'

Nearly billion dollars direct aid disbursed to Palestinians in six mo

71% Of Americans Say U.S. Gov't Shouldn't Take Sides In Mideast Conflict

Dissident librarian ticketed & threatened w/arrest then removed by government thugs.

NDP slams Colombia deal's 'kill-unionist-pay-fine' clause

Free trade's false promises:Nafta has hurt the Mexican economy..US-Colombia free trade deal stands t

Report: Rebels proposed peace days before hostage rescue

Guatemala to join Petrocaribe alliance

Betancourt's husband says love may have died 'in jungle'

And Then the Roof Fell In

OK, this has got to stop. What an outrage.

Can someone explain to me WHY Jason Varitek is on the all-star team????

DailyOM: "The Effect of Not Doing - When We Don't Take Action"

Salon did a nice piece on Biden for VP, and another great pic...

reminder - SFRC hearing Iran 2:30 Wed.

Biden for VP

My band is awesome

This forum is awesome

biden op-ed on oil companies already having unused leases

Biden smacks down Mukasey

Apparently. . .

Friday was awesome

Here's TayTay's link to the SFRC hearings going on NOW

Never mind - I am sooooo confused!

Biden, Dodd and Clinton vote NO on FISA

has anyone ever done reconnective healing?

Okay now that they are laughing their asses off at me in GD,

Yoga is awesome

Hope & History For America: Joe Biden For Vice President

Something light! Vacation pix! Take a break

One of my former classmates committed suicide--I just can't wrap my head around it.

Chest and back pain

FDA Mandates Black Box Warning for Some Antibiotics

"Provider Discounts" are a joke

Suggestions to boost immune system?

Sick Around The World

One common sparrow and one not so common sparrow

Warm Spit Photos (dial-up warning)

What's the next contest theme?

What A Pair!

Tried my first savory pie today.

Prosecutor calls Pa. senator reckless in gun trial

"get the baby"!!!

Victims demand firearms control (UK)

A post on gun issues in another forum...

Cop's loaded gun found in park (Austin, TX)

Police chief quits as firearms instructor (UT)

Food blogs - your favs or newly discovered

Woman shoots self while trying to kill mice (CA)

Minister to tighten law on registered handguns (Ireland)


Mercury probe's flyby gives long awaited answers to planet's composition

First DNA Molecule Made Almost Entirely Of Artificial Parts

Fossil feathers reveal their hues (BBC)

Extraterrestrial nucleobases found in meteorite

Group theory and spinal injuries

Chief Rabbi investigated for illegally accepting hotel accommodations

Ex-Geneva priest paroled again

Malooly seen as forceful advocate for victims Area Catholics hopeful

Porter trial update: Witness says pastor's comments weren't sinister

Convicted pedophile priest Tony Rodrigue admits to 5 victims a year in 20 years

Atheist soldier sues Army for 'unconstitutional' discrimination

Dinesh D'Souza and Christopher Hitchens set for second debate on religion

Stonington Reverend's Teen-drinking Case Continued To August

Pastor Faces Tougher Charges In Minnesota

The emancipation of women as a challenge to the Church (2002)

Mid-Daily Items: Taking SpongeBob to church

New ultra fast optical switch

Martin Luther - Father of western protestant Christianity/ Nazi Holocaust

Why You Should Be a 9/11 Truther Even if You Don't Believe the Government Carried Out the Attacks

Church divided: Women bishops an obstacle to unity, Vatican warns

"Kerry on your Corner" (pics)

This is just too sad for many words. You just have to ask yourself why?

FYI - hearings on CSPAN

WP: Close Kerry-McCain Kinship Has Dissolved Since 2004

A nice gift from Zulchzulu on GD-P

Wonk Request - Medicare Improvements Act (Blocked in Senate; McCain AWOL)

Pic thread, cuz, ahm, it's Tuesday

Dems who voted FOR FISA and Telecom Immunity

Appeals court hears Texas electronic voting case

Internet Security Software.....What's the best deal?

Help meeeeeee

Auto update screwed me up!

i somehow lost the "Sleep" function.. which was handy. i dont know how this stuff happens

Question re Norton 360, Firefox, and lost 'visited links' color change

State DFL BBQ Saturday, July 12

City Pages RNC Comics Issue

FISA: Amy Klobuchar voted No, while Norm Coleman voted Yes.

Are we having a meet-up this Saturday? n/t

Jesse Ventura running for senate?

How do we turn the FISA carping into something productive? They shout the end of Democracy..

Reuters: Canada's Harper: inflation not the major concern

ID requirements, for travel from US to Canada and back

Election Model: A Simple Precinct/PC/Spreadsheet Solution to Eliminate Election Fraud

Surely this is a UK spoof, isn't it? “Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand In My Pocket”

New Winery - between

Republican Rep. to switch to Independent Party

Obama office in Milwaukee opening Wednesday

You suppose there will be a lot of cold-related deaths this coming winter?

U.S. Sen. Feingold: Praises congressional passage of medicare reform

Democrats present plan to tax California's wealthy

Governor signs California mortgage bill