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Snowball successfully making it from one end of Hell to the other or Senator Carly Fiorina?

Here come the death panels!!! and GOP's Tea-Party base

What disturbs me about people like Tom Tancredo is where they're elected

KO has a special commentary on Rubio

Michigan's public schools (even Bloomfield Hills) allow ads to raise revenue - 1st ads roll out 4/14

The Guardian's April 1 lead story is up: 'Advisers consider tactic of staged confrontation'

Uh-oh. Marco Rubio has now ticked off Keith Olbermann and agreed with Obama on the same day.


2 + 2 = -------?--------

Rachel Maddow just got outed... It's her birthday. Happy Birthday, Rachel! (Actually, it's tomorrow)

Did anyone see this stupid email about the 'proposed 28th amendment' - what BULLSHIT

Rachel Maddow now discussing my best friends in the world.

USA Today: Speeding 'cushion' may dwindle due to recession

Whips, Chains & Republicans

RNC Chairman Steele: "Sticks and stones may break my bones..."

Police foil Christian militia plot, seize 46 guns, 13,000 ammo rounds

Chris Hayes on Maddow: Washington hates progressives

Get your tickets now people.....The Values Voters Summit is coming this September

I disagree with Rachel!

END TIMES are NOW! Following LL Cool J's Lead, Toby Keith tosses TaliBunny under the BUS. You BETCHA

Woo Hoo! Finally breaking away from foreign oil!

Alan Colmes Busts Tea Partier on Racist Photo

Disastrous Unreality About Afghanistan and Terrorism

They just can't help themselves.

A Call To Conscience

Letter shows Pope Paul VI knew of child abuse decades ago

Dad of fallen marine ordered to pay

Was it Sarah Palins "come hither' look as she bent over and said, "Drill, Baby, Drill" that

Women and the labor force

My Friend Made A "Support The Tax Levy To Rehire Local Firefighters" Post On FB

A great George Carlin quote from 1988, still relevant today

Triangulation Nation...

ElBaradei blasts Mideast policy 'failure'

A Sinister Idea: Putting Obama Bumper Stickers On Tea Partiers Bumpers......

TEH STUPID, IT BURNS: Freeps bemoan "liberals at Fox who wish to undermine Palin and conservatives"


How Vatican Tries to Dodge Legal Fallout of Sex Abuse

I'm disillusioned with the electoral political process

on Olbermann : toby keith a conservative Democrat??1/!!

What's with the hand-slapping of Brian Ross by Cardinal Ratzinger on Nightline?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Obama Health Insurance Requirement Taken From GOP (individual mandate)

The cultural rape of Iraq

The cultural rape of Iraq

The cultural rape of Iraq

New Bumper sticker needed

New Bumper sticker needed

It all comes down to one thing .... "Follow the Money ....."

Job exposure to chemicals 'boosts breast cancer risk'

Updated my Lung transplant Blog....

Updated my Lung transplant Blog....

Toby Keith joins LL Cool J in shock at being used for Palin’s Fox News show.

Sorry, I don't really give a shit what "Obama said"

Media Matters: Fox News falsely claims Liu says "reparations [are] on the table"

Rove: "the lunatics" who claim he should be arrested should make the same demand about Obama

600-pound man pleads no contest to food scams

How Are American Police Officers Reacting to Terrorist Militia Threats?

Deputy not indicted for Tasering 72-year-old woman

Payback, still a b***h : "Palin's 20 House Dem Targets Use Her As A Fundraising Ploy"

Mortgage refi advice needed

Risk is clear in drilling: the payoff is not. (Alaska - R Senator says it's "better than nothing.")

(Federal) Jury rules San Jose cops did not use excessive force in Mardi Gras incident

Stanford Daily: Liu ‘91 turned to service on Farm

US Recants Claims on "High-Value" Detainee Abu Zubaydah

Call me Grandpa.

Citizens United challenges the strident side of Supreme Court ruling

"Rove helps county GOP christen new HQ" - Orly Taitz Listed As Local Dignitary

The Reason I Thought The "Drill Here, Drill Now..." Chants in 2008 Were Nonsense...

Fox News deceives viewers about guests on Palin show


Sungevity sees solar boom with launch of LEASE program

C-Span Caller Suggests They Change Their Name To Black-Span ...

Anatomy of a Fox News Headline

"Black people in general are not politically charged"....

Best meme: HANDLER says Rethugs "won't let Lesbians marry but PAY to see them (bondage)"!1 n/t

AM amusement:

LCS Missile Probs Detailed

Lewis soldier dies in Afghanistan

The Hutaree Militia

Was the giveaway to oil interests a peace gesture?

Umm, Google just changed its name to Topeka

28 Nations Helped U.S. to Detain "Suspects"

Lejeune Marine dies in Africa

Supreme Court: Bad advice on deportation can void guilty plea

Laura Flanders: RNC Stripper Stimulus

What's next for the Obama Administration........Iran?

Jingoism - does this fit current foreign policy of forever wars?

Negative US job report prompts recovery fears

Pope Benedict's Commandments

I spoke to Haley Barbour today, and now I have a civics question

3rd Annual Million Fag March in Topeka, KS is coming up!

One "Oh Shit!" negates about ten "Attaboys"

Scalia dissents and Thomas agrees. Why am I NOT shocked?

Second radioactive material found at Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant

Where's the best place to get a discount on a balaclava, some leather gloves and a Bowie knife?

Shocking Admission on Killing Civilians by Top US General Almost Completely Ignored by Corporate Med

Help Me Out Here... What Are The Job Prospects IF ....

FREE BIRD! What's left of Skynyrd & Charlie Daniels sign up for Hannity's Rip-Off-Veterans-A-Thon

Catholic Church should establish an order for priests who want to marry

US Aid Going to Afghan Partners... but not a dime for American JOBS

Vatican dreams

Joe Biden has perfect NCAA bracket (is this true?)

Caught this on the radio on the way into work: Gov Crist to leave GOP, go Independent

Non Sequitur

I shall not be pranking GD this year.

DISgusting: Student Head Butts, Spits On Teacher

Army chief: I won’t discharge gay personnel

“We have shot an amazing number of people, but to my knowledge, none has ever proven to be a threat

Anyone Think This Guy Was Murdered By Police?

US Aid Going to Afghan Partners... but not a dime for American JOBS

Free Market, Supply-side economics - Thank God it was instituted.

Teacher goes into stranger's home, is shot dead

Karl Rove has ... and believe me, these are words I never thought I'd type ...

Karl Rove has ... and believe me, these are words I never thought I'd type ...

"Hope and Change" . . . .

Introducing Translate for Animals (beta)

Introducing Translate for Animals (beta)

What is the most important future vote?

Go to Google and look! Then read all about it right here. You gotta love their sense of humor.

I just don't think "Here, let me Topeka that for you." is going to catch on.

Which is worse, Reagan worship or Military General worship?

Government To Save Billions

Government To Save Billions

The Billionaires Who Finance Global Warming Denial: A report published by Greenpeace

Roeder. The scum killer of Dr. Tiller to be sentenced Tomorrow.

Palin tells RNC to remove her name from fundraising invite (but still speaking there)

Sarah Palin is bright, articulate & America needs her!

Excellent piece by Richard Kim in THE NATION on the Baggers:

Excellent piece by Richard Kim in THE NATION on the Baggers:

Obama and Dems are making comeback in Ohio accoring to Q-Poll

A New Kind Of 'Interview '

GOP Senate candidate says Obama made economy worse...

GOP Senate candidate says Obama made economy worse...

Why are you a progressive?

New Plan: Get about 20/30 of your black friends, wearing African garb, to sign up at the Tea Party

Blanche Lincoln slips even more in polls...she needs to pull a "Dodd"

Horsey TOON - "The Red State Queen."

Is there anything American's agree on more than our mutual hatred of Fred Phelps...

What else in new?

***BREAKING*** Google changes name

Cutest Birther Ever right here

Plan Colombia: Government losing control while their military murders civilians and traffics drugs


1st pictures in from the Pirate Battle off the Seychelles

Should Ronald McDonald Retire?

The "Tyrrany" is going to kill us all!!

The sad and ugly side of homophobia

The Rude Pundit: Army Physician Says, "I Am a Fucking Idiot. Now Watch Me Poop"

What if we took all the pedophiles

New England floodwaters recede, but danger remains

Ready to Relax about the Prez

"I'm so stressed I could KILL someone!!!!!!!"-Hutaree Terrorist Upset By BOGUS Chain EMail

"I'm so stressed I could KILL someone!!!!!!!"-Hutaree Terrorist Upset By BOGUS Chain EMail

FEC inaction on enforcing election laws rises more than 600 percent

Thursday TOONS 2- RNC still has a problem

Do You Approve Of President Obama's Decision Regarding Off Shore Drilling?

US Recants Claims on "High-Value" Detainee Abu Zubaydah

Starbucks Listens to Customer Request for More Sizes..

10 year old boy tasered by police (Indiana)

10 year old boy tasered by police (Indiana)

Should the voting system for single-winner elections be changed, and if so, how?

Part 4....Why Geithner Must Go....

Thursday TOONS 3- Obama has a drilling problem

Thursday TOONS 3- Obama has a drilling problem

Schools, teacher sued by parent

Political World

To the right wing: how's that USA PATRIOT Act working out for you?

Huge crowd of teabaggers protests against health care in KS

"MLK: A Call to Conscience" (From Democracy Now!)

First April Fools hoax detected

I have decided to run for the state legislature

Post-election violence in Iraq hits Sunnis who ran for office and their supporters

Fox's Megyn Kelly To Code Pink: Who Are YOU To Try To Silence Karl Rove?

Fox's Megyn Kelly To Code Pink: Who Are YOU To Try To Silence Karl Rove?

Compassionate Conservatism, Patriot Act, Right to Work(for less), Paycheck Protection Act,

Compassionate Conservatism, Patriot Act, Right to Work(for less), Paycheck Protection Act,


No church, No Preacher, Catholic, Evangelical will ever judge this GAY cat ever again.

This poll is being Freeped; please DU it

10 million children now to get schooling - hooray

silence from Central and South America re: pope child sex abuse

I understand sticking to your principles, but getting politicians to honor them is more complicated

For those of you who missed Robin Williams on Jon Stewart, here's the link:

Democrats will GAIN seats in the 2010 Election

Is this a threat against the President's life?

Anti-Obama Sign Sparks Negative Reaction

“No taxes, no tyranny!” declare Somalia-bound anti-Obamacare Americans

"National Organization for Marriage" spending $300K to attack Tom Campbell

When Do Bush's Tax Cuts For The Rich Expire? And What Will Obama Do? ...........

First LL Cool J and now Toby Keith slams Fox News and Palin's new hosting show

quarter ounce of weed and a litre of good wine plus one tea bagger and you, locked in a room for 24

Specter Gets Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Endorsement, But His Opponent Has The Stronger National Record

T-Shirt Celebrating Health Care Legislation Features Biden F-Bomb

Threats to President Obama brings the Secret Service to Amarillo

Threats to President Obama brings the Secret Service to Amarillo

Google's April Fools Joke

Anyone living in Ga, contact Gov. Perdue & tell him to STOP

Pentagon pays to train, equip Afghan partners

Obama proclaims today World Tea Party Day.

McDonald’s scraps composting program because food won’t decompose

cnn: "Anti-Abortion Activist Sentenced" TRU T.V.: "scott roeder: sentencing for a murderer"

The "UPS Delivery Problem" Virus is Back

The "UPS Delivery Problem" Virus is Back

Arizona isn't like Mississippi, it is like Somolia

I Wish roeder Would Identify himself as a republican

Offshore oil will be sold to China or wherever - it will do nothinng to help our energy problem.

Offshore oil will be sold to China or wherever - it will do nothinng to help our energy problem.

Offshore oil will be sold to China or wherever - it will do nothinng to help our energy problem.

It seems Ann Coulter cancelled her UCLA appearance due to illness.

"Shall Make No Law Respecting An Establishment Of Religion"

Exclusive: FEC inaction on enforcing election laws rises more than 600 percent

“Terminally Ill Denied Drugs for Life, But Can Opt for Suicide” 8/6/08 Old story recurring problem.

“Terminally Ill Denied Drugs for Life, But Can Opt for Suicide” 8/6/08 Old story recurring problem.

Oregon AG to defend health care bill in court

Freeps Spinal Tap would say..."irony, too much fucking irony" on Obama & Military

Geithner: Disparity in recovery 'deeply unfair'

The Incredible Hypocrisy of the Catholic Church Leadership

Them's fighting words.

MA Rejects Proposed Insurance Premium Hikes

Toby Keith Surprised to be Featured on Sarah Palin's New TV Series

Toby Keith Surprised to be Featured on Sarah Palin's New TV Series

Show your support for our GLBT brothers and sisters!

Palin's 20 House Dem Targets Use Her As A Fundraising Ploy

Interview with Dr. Peter Wilk on Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty

We need Updated Smilies!

Vatican 'takes the gloves off' to cover sex abuse of 200 deaf boys & defend Pope

As a patriot of the United States of America, and as a Bostonian

Vatican to the New York Times: Quit playa hatin' on the Pope

Gawker's "The Illustrated Tea Party Dictionary" - (a.k.a "TeaBAGGERS")

Read the proclamation President Obama signed honoring Cesar Chavez Today (+ photo)

RNC "census" mailer offers phone sex number...

Liberals stick out their hand to Conservatives and Conservative pull away further rightward.

Liberals stick out their hand to Conservatives and Conservative pull away further rightward.

Obama is exceeding my expectations & keeping a majority of his campaign promises (ObamaPromiseMeter)

The Republican bondage scandal

Acampo anti-Obama sign taken down

Fuck Bill O'Reilly.

Hey China! Please Stop Our Wars!

RNC "Census" mailer offers phone sex number

Next Republican Convention theme song: "Dirty Woman" by Pink Floyd

Business owner arrested in connection with body parts case

A man crawls through a drive through window and assaults the worker...BUT

roeder getting life in prison has delivered two things:


Ohio Pastors File IRS Complaints Over C Street House

This news is really going to drive the RW bonkers

Jazz guitarist Herb Ellis dies aged 88 (BBC)

quiz time! what's the highest marginal income tax rate on corporations in the u.s.?

Dramatic rise in "rightwing extremist activity"

Mississippi A.C.L.U. Rejects $20,000 from Atheists for Alternate Prom

Rushed From Haiti, Then Jailed for Lacking Visas

NY: Levy, Lazio push legal challenge to federal health bill

Skinner has been active!

That's It: I'm Done

That's It: I'm Done

Just got my Census booklet---UGG! ----28 pages!

Researchers solve puzzle of recurring viral infection

OK, I want to contribute to a worthy candidate for this year's Congressional elections

A great paragraph.

CA's sole remaining auto plant is preparing to make its final vehicle before closing its doors

Quick FICA taxes fund Medicaid? n/t

JD Crowe is going to hell for sure too!

Steele Supported Obama in 2008

Abandoned animals and fish -- some dead -- found in closed pet store

Shelby 'Why Obama Can't Win' Steele can't catch a break

Teabonics - Priceless!

Republicans form new group to circumvent Steele & RNC, run by his predecessor, advised by Rove

Republicans form new group to circumvent Steele & RNC, run by his predecessor, advised by Rove

Ethics Questions Raised for Congressman and Senators Who Stayed at C Street House

God bless you and God bless the United States of America!

Graphs comparing recessions since 1948 show this one is really, really bad...

A real eye opener of an easter egg!

2 million eager for health care on parents' plans

No wonder republicans are so out of it... Fox News is not covering Obama's HCR speech in

N.S. medicinal pot ruling called a prescription for health care headache

Obama calls for offshore drilling and GOP...

WOW this is a new one on me...We have all kinds of weather watches in these parts but

BREAKING: Pope Benedict Resigns (developing)

Obama: “It’s Been A Week, Folks!”

pro-death activist roeder sentenced to life in prison

Roeder Sentencing -- live on Tru TV

Roeder Sentencing -- live on Tru TV

Roeder Sentencing -- live on Tru TV

Coming up on THom: Juarez: New Economy's Killing Zone

The Rude Pundit - Family Research Council's Statement on the RNC: It's Really About Gays and Greed

President Clinton Apologizes for Trade Policies that Destroyed Haitian Rice Farming

Have you "Topeka'ed" today?

However, he's not immune to God's judgement

GOP pitch lists phone-sex hotline

Olbermann Apologizes To Melanie Lawson, News Anchor With Multiple Sclerosis Who Fell From Chair

Olbermann Apologizes To Melanie Lawson, News Anchor With Multiple Sclerosis Who Fell From Chair

How I pranked Will Pitt on April fools day.

So will DOW hit 11,000 today?

Some thoughts on the WBC...

I present to you: Ernest T. Bag

Google April Phool #2..they removed the vowels.


Conservative leader tells donors to stop giving to RNC

Tweety about to discuss the split among the ReTHUG donors

Show me a better job creator than reversing our horrible "Free" Trade policies.

Sex vs.Violence

Video: Glenn Beck Meets with Jim Wallis for Social Justice Dialogue

WH spokesman Gibbs refuses to commit to repealing DADT this year, after Prez promised in SOTU

US manufacturing output hits a six-year high

Protesters debate race outside RNC HQ

New York Fed Losses Billions on Bear Stearns Loans

The Value Of Offshore Oil Leases Is What They Do To A Company's Balance Sheet

GOP, Dem websites reflect glaring differences in the parties.

I'm questioning a RW friends claims about US tax structure. Does anyone have any data

Don't the militia people realize the government has nuclear weapons

Investigation Shows Ensign Appealed to Company

Fox News: "5 (Republican) Female Power Plays That Men Should Know About"

Spaghetti Harvest

NOT ONE but two marches on DC on April 19th

How many of you believe the Hudatree nonsense? Hmm...?

Breitbart Website demands "Black Caucus Race Hustlers Apologize For Slandering Tea Party Patriots"

Help Fallen Soldiers Families.....Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder

Anyone notice Google home page April Fool Joke?

We should have a "Renounce Catholicism" challenge

Big donors shun Steele’s RNC, redirecting thousands to NRSC and NRCC

The time has come for us to send John Boehner packing.

Update: Discovery Advertisements On Glenn Beck

Is it possible to refi a fannie mae/conventional to a streamline?

Terrorist attack...

Bill Maher on Leno "GOP are sore losers"

Today's Dennis the Menace comic was good.

Has Obama done enough to expand alternative energy to make off-shore drilling look temporary?

Somebody just told me that we have a BLACK PRESIDENT

Should we not allow felons free speech rights or freedom of religion?

NEW Teabagger pic for those of you who collect spelling errors: "Politians are like dipers"

Crimson Tide fans welcome their new son, Crimson Tide

Boy killed in Disney bus accident

Frank Bars Staffer-Turned-Lobbyist From Contacting Committee (Yeah Barney!)

Out-Republicaning the Republicans: Triangulation gone wild

I also want one of these!!

Failed Banks and Failed Billions

Missouri broadcasters ask AG to validate white supremacist's Senate candidacy

Missouri broadcasters ask AG to validate white supremacist's Senate candidacy

BLT: Conservatives Aim at 9th Circuit Nominee's Questionnaire

Let's say the Supremes strike down the mandates as unconstitutional

McDonald’s scraps composting won’t decompose

Family Research Council tells members: Stop RNC're funding strip club visits

Do we need a "Media Matters" equivalent for the right wing rewriting school books?

did Hannity call teabaggers "MacVeigh" wannabes? Check out the video for yourself.

Did the border guards take my DU bumper sticker??

On May 1, Independence MO welcomes...drum roll...Palin and her guests, Fred Thompson and Liz Cheney

Defenders of Wildlife: Tell Discovery to drop Sarah Palin

WATCH: Jon Stewart Shows C-SPAN How To Handle Racist Callers

DNC sells out first shipment of Biden healthcare shirts

Don't I like to think between posting poems?

Dogfighting investigations on the rise in Philadelphia - Michael Vick to credit, or blame?

If corporations are people, why don't we tax them like people instead of like businesses?

What's the best April Fool's thread ever posted here?

Charity's Christians-only hiring policy draws fire

When you handle oil anywhere near water, the water always loses

For the brave: If you REALLY want to know why U.S. cars (and other products) often suck.

Gun rallies on 4/19/10..................

Am I the only one who thinks Bill Donahue...

I was asked to change my sigline.

I'm not yet ready to begin thinking about considering the 2010 elections

Oops! RNC Fundraising Mail Listed Phone Sex Number

62% of all the fish in the world come from Alaska and half of those come from Bristol Bay

Do we laugh or cry? Depends on whether he's a rep or a dem?

Senate Dem Dines With CEOs After Airing EFCA Skepticism

Freep compares Palin's fake interview show on Fox to John F. Kennedy's "Profiles In Courage."

LOL - Today's Jeopardy program had Will Ferrell introducing the categories

Don't lecture me! I will call them Teabaggers until they stop...

"Hepburn Appreciation Sub-Thread"

Now You ( they) Get Mad !

Seems "our side" has it's "Teabaggers" too.


CNN minimizing the Michigan plot kill a cop


Government Admits Abu Zubaydah Suffered from Cognitive Impairment

Information please: New poll with pug lead in 'generic ballot' question? (Discussed on Hardball)

Thanks Health Bill for the $250 Million Back to Abstinence-Only Education

What is your expectation for tomorrow's job report?

Irony of Ironies: Moonie Times Operative Writes Book calling Obama Fans "Zombies"

Pres. Obama to Boehner: Where’s the Armageddon?

I need to find a good web company to maintain my two sites at a decent price.

On Health Insurance Reform and Tiger Woods

On Health Insurance Reform and Tiger Woods

DRILL BABY DRILL! It sounds so much better when we say it.

Dear MSNBC: You suck.

It's a Tea Party in Omaha

FINALLY! Ethics Complaints Filed Against 'C' Streeters

Neil Howe: Generation X Does Not Get Its Due

Another Mr Fish Easter groaner

The criminal NSA eavesdropping program by Glenn Greenwald

Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church Cult

I am a paid operative for the DLC.

The repubicans are close to being marginalized

Timothy Geithner is a Sniveling Scamster

Does anyone know which direction we are headed??

Has President Obama started his own political party?

Has President Obama started his own political party?

Who said this?

Judge giving Roeder HARD 50!!!!!!!

Jamie Dimon Complains About Demonization of MegaBanks

Jamie Dimon Complains About Demonization of MegaBanks

You know who has a big share in the responsibility for the uptick in Bullying.

How a 77-Year-Old Visionary Author Became the Target of a Far-Ranging Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory

From Jan 2001 to Jan 2007, the GOP held congress and the presidency

Happy Birthday Rachel Maddow!!!!!!!!!!

Did Hannity Call His Audience "Tim McVeigh Wannabes"?

Multi-Generation Study of Harvard Students Reveals Some Surprises

EPA issues strict new guidelines for surface coal mining.

Drinking a litre of cola a day could reduce male fertility

So... does the Democratic Party even share my values anymore?

Joe the Dead Rancher? McCain, Hayworth use corpse as an opportunity for a pissing contest

Damn right, I'll support this Democratic president

Rep. Alan Grayson To Smug Repug: 'Your Principles Are Anger, Hatred and Violence'

If they say ObamaCare, we should say Obama Cares

Arizona isn't like Mississippi, it is like Somolia

Thursday TOONS- Pope still has a problem

If the elections were held this week, many people would be surprised, Tweety...

today our corp sent out news that layoffs are coming - probably 100 at my location

Army doc announces he will 'disobey my orders' until and unless Obama produces birth certificate

A Method to Republican 'Madness'

Do you really understand what this President is up against? - by OrganizedCrime

Toyota Sales Up 35% In March 010 Over March 09

Elizabeth Warren Says to Expect Commercial Real Estate Trouble

Congressman thinks Guam will tip over and capsize:

Hooked on the IGNORE Key

"Sorcerer faces death in Saudi Arabia"

Peace House in Crawford, TX needs help

I'm sorry but on its face, taking a republican position and passing it over thier no votes

What are your thoughts on the MA. bullying case?

What are your thoughts on the MA. bullying case?

What are your thoughts on the MA. bullying case?

Most insane, over-the-top political claims you've ever heard?


Plot to Defraud GOP Derailed

When are some going to learn that you cant believe all you hear here.

Do you consider yourself a socialist?

Hartmann: Off-shore drilling a political coup for prez

"6 Cities That Were Caught Shortening Yellow Light Times For Profit", privatizing law enforcement.

Skinner has Finally approved a 'Porn Forum' for Democratic Underground!

Now this pisses me off: CNN's front page link to Roeder story

I want one of these!!

From a 9-11 family member to the DU: THANK YOU

"If Fox News had existed throughout history"-funny, but sadly, all too true!

Is The American Dream Still Alive?

Why Are We Afraid of Saying "Socialism"?

TARP bailout much worse than we thought.

--3 Federal Judges Conclude: Bush-Cheney-NSA Director-Bush Officials--Broke Law--Committed Felonies.

So, when we detect that Iran has a nuke, what will happen?

Afghan President Harshly Rebukes West and U.N.

Tax ACCUMULATED super-wealth.

I wish the stuff was 20 bucks a gallon

I wish the stuff was 20 bucks a gallon

False right wing chain email linked to Hutaree group's resentment of the government

1 group fought in vain, fought the passage of NAFTA tooth and nail.

In Talk Show Rant, Inebriated G.W. Bush Claims He Partied with Saddam in 1986...

The wealthiest 10% own about 90% of all wealth, they pay under 70% of all income taxes, why not 90%?

This cartoon nails it

How will DUers react to tomorrow's job numbers?

This year was the largest tax refund I have ever had with one less deduction... thank you Dems

Inside the "mind" of a Teabagger

Over population may cause Guam to tip over? From one of ours. Ouch!

Ron Paul - Lincoln should've just bought the slaves and freed them.

Ron Paul - Lincoln should've just bought the slaves and freed them.

Large U.S. magazine publisher outsourcing to India (RANT)

Police chief: Stun gun use on (94 lb)10-year-old not needed

To so called "conservatives": You're getting everything you want...why are you complaining?

Trudeau nails the teabagging motherfuckers (TOON)

Fox News Caught In Massive Nielsen Ratings Fraud

Nordic Nations Criticize Canada For Arctic Snub

2 children shot to death; dad a suspect

Obama's inconsistency on student loans and health insurance reform

Crazy From The Ground Up (re: last week's PROJECT to collect online wingnuttery)

I got "hopey-changeyed" today, too.

I pulled over a car with an Obama sticker last night.

How to bankrupt the "Tea Party"

Did you see it?

Armed Militas, The Antichrist, and Obama by Chip Berlet

Post-Palin Alaska has largest debt burden in U.S.

Don't judge a "Book" - or someone who looks like a "Redneck" by his "coveralls"

Residential Solar Panels and Tax Credits - Where's The Info? Is It Worth It?

The oil thing - I'm reading between the lines - and I think Obama made a very shrewd move..

You know, if every DUer joined their local Tea Party chap., we'd shut them all the fuck up

Tweety thinks we are going to lose the House and Senate

Would dew believe it? Stunning pictures of sleeping insects covered in water droplets.

Singer Erykah Badu strips nude at JFK death site

Have teabaggers and right wingers made you want to own a gun?

Even more proof the Tea Party people are being conned by the corporatists...

I'm totally convinced that Obama is playing at some Jedi Master level...

I will be on NPR tomorrow to discuss bullying.

Texas Senate Votes For Secession.

Sean Hannity calls crowd Tim McVeigh wannabes and gets cheers.

Robert Reich: The Fed Is In Hot Water:

I still have no access to health care.

The New ipad

Recovery? What is there left to "recover"?

Amen Amen, Howard Troxler of the St. Pete Times. Dems SHOULD run someone for FL governor

I can't support President Obama because

Oh, man. T. Boone Pickens weighs in, and suddenly I understand.

'Scar My Tattered Body No More With Your Punishing Dildo Mallet': (TPM- militia) *Workplace warning*

Post your comebacks to "how's that hopey-changey workin' fer yew"

If your church preaches hate, intolerance, homophobia, anti-choice sexism then please leave it.

I am giving serious thought about the prospect of becoming a jockey. n/t

Play this at work, and turn the volume ALL THE WAY UP..."The Departed, Short Version"

It's Enron: The Musical!

Who would win in a Death Cage Match? Gibbs or Mr. T?

Here's one for Bennyboy...FURTHUR, "Wharf Rat" (in 2 parts), Asbury Park Convention Center 12/12/09

Do you have a White Castle in your area? If so, where ?

"I'm tryin' to get to heaven before they close the door..."

Patti Smith Group - Pale Blue Eyes / Louie Louie

YouTube is all different now

Lost W2.....Need Help

x-post from C&B that can use a little more love.

OK.. Either we have a real problem here, or else this is just funny as hell.

Hi. My name is Zomby, and I am addicted to Slaw & Porter

What have you done my brother

The Zac Brown Band sucks sweaty tapeworm balls

Well, one would think so. n/t

Steve Earle: "Copperhead Road," live on David Letterman, 1988

Lou Reed & the late, LEGENDARY Robert Quine: "Kill Your Sons," Italy '83...with wild-ass Reed solo.

The sun's not yellow, it's CHICKEN

Men: speedo before 60?

Sunspots alter my hair growth. n/t

Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" by "Applegirl" (the iPhone Apps whiz)...

Strange dream I had last night

Patti Smith - About a Boy (tribute to Kurt Cobain)

Here we are now, entertain us...Patti Smith, "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Anyone knowledgeable about workers comp?

Speedos - Breakfast of Champions!

This pope just creeps me out.

Russian Army Promo (VDV Paratroopers) They should open for Snoop Dogg!

Is OoofOoof here? n/t

I just damned near knocked myself silly! OUCH!

I'm wearing a Speedo and Doc Martens.

Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon arranged for NES

Elton John and Lesley Duncan - Love Song

Neil Young & Crazy Horse w/ Pearl Jam - "F*!#In' Up," R&R Hall of Fame

What's a fair deal when selling a car to a cousin? We will get the dealer's

John Martyn, anyone? Live, October 15, 1977

Raspberries - Go all the way

Context. It all is context. If you don't understand, seek context.

Has anyone seen this? Kids school play - SCARFACE

Just read "Eat, Love, Pray." Loved it. Heard Julia Roberts is star of the film. Hated it.

Did Bob Dylan open the door, or kick it in?

What else for April 1? The Fools: Psycho Chicken

Best. Imagine. Parody. EVER.

"Colbert Stunned to Hear That Ricky Martin is Gay"

Last night I decided to join a Tea Bagger party. I'm a changed woman!!!!!

Admit it. You know love it.

I just invented that device that allows me to punch people in the face across the internet.

I'm addicted to these Lipton rice dishes


I did some research on Ronald Reagan (with photo)

I have this friend who has a problem and I don't know where else to turn

Chives, Thyme, Sage, Mint, Basil -- combos?

True or False

New TravelWiki article for Mordor

Humble Pie - "I Walk on Gilded Splinters," Bilzen Festival Belgium, August 29th 1969

My April Fool's link of the day, does ANYONE remember this TV show?

Allman Brothers with Eric Clapton, "Dreams," Beacon Theatre 3-19-09

Today, you bear witness to the greatest musical amalgamation ever assembled.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/1/10

My April Fool's Post...How to handle people who want to control our behavior and can't take a joke

There are two kinds of people in the world. Which are you?

What vehicle would fit these criteria? (Series question)

The dumbest antelope in Africa

"Leavin Trunk" - Taj Mahal with Allman Brothers Band @ The Beacon, New York 03-09-2009

Spaghetti Harvest

What percentage of people listening to SISTER CHRISTIAN did drugs while listening to the song?

The "S" is out: Johns Hopkins is now JOHN Hopkins University

what modern mythical monster has the most chance of being real?

Cliche help: "The sun _____s down on the desert"

You all know what day it is today

Fool me once!

Guess what?

I really thought Skittles was a nice girl and great DUer, turns out she did a 4-way with Jesse James

Just so you know, all you peoples are gonna rot in hell - SINNERS ALL OF YOU !!!

OMG. All is lost. I found CreekDog in the freezer.

Anybody been to Grand Inagua or the southerly Bahamas?

Today would have been our 14th anniversary

I'm hungry. Blech!

New season of South Park

Who out there owns a purebred dog?

Jesse James had 4-way with Michelle the Nazi, Skittles the Receptionist, Eric the Tattoo Artist

vote here

About the purebred dogs:

Where can I hear Rush online?

I was in a store today, and the English-speaking clerk had a woman on the phone yell "SPEAK ENGLISH"

They announced the date of the rapture today on "Family Radio"

Ricky Martin: "I'm really straight. I just said that to get some much-needed publicity."

Say what you like about the pope, the man's got style when it comes to shoes.

Nice April Fools stunt at

We are all going to die. OK - go on with your day.

Alley just called me and said the dockmaster called her to tell her our boat is sinking..

I want to create a thread that never dyes.

Leno now claiming that both he and Conan got screwed

Skinner Corleone.

Video of graywarrior doing a pole dance....bwahahahahahaha!

A Poem for all the Fools

Who out there owns a douchebag?

I HAVE created a thread that never dies. This one, to be exact.

William FUCKING Shatner is playing the dad in a TV show of "Shit My Dad Says."

Got zapped good by the I'm With Coco group on facebook.

DC area DUers

April Fool's Thread!

Motorhead - "Snaggletooth" live @ Lowlands, August 19 2007, Biddinghuizen Netherlands

Fun on April Fools Day

KISS - "Shock Me" & Ace Frehley Solo, Largo, 1977

The Romantics - "What I Like About You"

Anyone else having trouble reading this thread in GD?

KGB (short-lived Bloomfield - Appice - Grech - Goldberg "supergroup"), "Sail On Sailor"

Peter Gabriel - "Here Comes The Flood," piano + vocal only, Kate Bush BBC TV Special, 1979

Today's phrase is "Dildo Mallet"

I'm going to legally change my last name to Scorpio

In comming pizza!!

Project Runway tonight- someone leaves unexpectedly and someone returns

'Mr. Trololo' Reflects On His Internet Success: 'Pleased...But Not Surprised'


Filet-O-Fish Thief: Man Climbs Through McDonald's Window, Slaps Employee (VIDEO)

Corn_on_ a_ rope!!! Are you here???

Is the word "douche" now acceptable on DU? I see it used alot here

Hey, Symarip!!!

I want to create a thread that never dies.

It's been awhile, but I'm back.

Tommy Tutone, "867-5309 (Jenny)," Live on "Fridays"

Woman's tattoo turns out not so 'beatiful'

The first ever Teabagger meeting?

Awww! Baby camel

Dance the Cossack dance! Fun video!

Is anybody else's internets down?

So today is...

April fool's tricks to pull on tea baggers?

Rosebud Sioux Tribe of S.D. on Heidi & Spencer's "Native American Names"..."ignorant, disrespectful"

I had posted some pics of a mock wedding Lisa and I had to benefit UU-UNO’s

After another hour of watching "Hoarders" I took the first step to end my hoarding

Check out this abandoned building in Russia

Google goes nuclear

There are REALLY only two kinds of people in this world.

Did Achilles call his own Achilles tendon MY ACHILLES TENDON, or something else?

They say customer service isn't what it used to be, but telling someone to go to another store? WTF?

Is the word "alot" now acceptable on DU? I see it used a lot here.

Fake antivirus

Getting drunk on PBR

OK - I heard Blonde on Blonde, I heard Hwy 61 Revisited. Didn't 'get' Dylan

What do you think of this photo?


Favorite Star Trek series?

19 year old cat friend put down long were a splendid animal.

Who out there is married to a douchebag?

Would you pay $65 to do this?

You people are all fools

help me name a kitty cat!

Computer games that deserve to either be remade or have a squel...

Post your H.S. graduation date and Senior song: 1983 - Another Brick in the Wall


Alan Grayson Say State GOP Smells Worse Than a Rotting Carcass

OFA: Vote for Favorite Commemorative HCR T-Shirt!


Is this Obama’s Clean Energy Plan or Palin’s Drill Baby Drill?

A Call To Conscience

New York Times analysis: Risk is Clear in Drilling; Payoff isn't


(Very Big) PHOTO Am I the last to see the official BFD t-shirt?

By George I Think He's Got It! Obama's Idea To Lessen The Deficit: Eliminate The Senate!

PHOTO Man with threatening sign ordered to leave state capitol by Denver police

NYT: A sensible and useful middle ground

Breaking: Sacha Baron Cohen takes off mask, reveals himself to be Sarah Palin.

Photos: Natural Resources (The Obama Presidency, Day 436)

Obama to promote health bill's business benefits

Palin states,"I was wrong, and I admit it." Palin asked that her name be removed from

LOL Google is now "Topeka"

Remember The Green Bay Girl Who President Obama "Pardoned" Last Year?

Commerce Secretary Gary Locke: Don't Believe the Write-Down Hype

Thats it! Enough is enough.. I have had it with the Administration..I am up to my ears with it

DNC mocks RNC for doing business while watching “lesbian bondage scenes”

Palin to RNC: Take me off fundraiser (Politico)

Happy Census Day!!!!

PRICE CONTROL: Mass. agency limits health premium increases

Place Your Bets.....When Will Michael Steele Resign?

Plum line may have distorted the statement from Kerry's office in their title

NY Times: Risk Is Clear in Drilling; Payoff Isn’t

States can start new Medicaid expansion today

Holy Crap it actually is happening; Tony Perkins urges conservatives to stop giving money to RNC

Obama's offshore drilling doesn't go far enough! Get rid of beaches... they cause skin cancer!

Watching Mika The Mouse on Moron Joe yapping about Obama poll numbers showed exactly what is wrong

RNC Mailer offers phone sex number

Sarah Palin - The model of fiscal Conservatism.

Maria bartalona is ..

PHOTOS: President Obama departs Andrews Air Force Base in route to Portland, ME via Portsmouth, NH

Obama flip flop on oil drilling? Not so fast.

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner: Disparity in recovery 'deeply unfair'

Being of two minds on Obama's energy plans...

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Repealing Health Care Reform 'Is Not a Realistic Option'

If HCR deemed unconstitutional... good news?

President Obama shrugs off healthcare law criticism

**** Heads Up: POTUS Speaks about THE BFD, 3:25pm EDT! ****

Obama's Brave Decison to Drill Offshore

New federal auto mileage rule on tap

Did the media do polls about re-election 1 yr into Bush and Clinton's 1st term?

The Presidents #16: Abraham Lincoln

Today is Rachel Maddow's Birthday

There are many important aspects to the drilling issue

Thank goodness the Census wasn't done when Bush was President

"Can't afford health care? Wait 'til June"

Those who are for Obama's oil drillng should pledge right now to clean up

Oh dear - now it seems Willow is becoming a Palin wild child.

This will make you feel kind of dumb,

MSNBC gets a new poll

Manufacturing growing at fastest pace since ’04

“I know everybody here is on a 24-hour news cycle. I’m not.”

President Obama is obviously planning to nationalize the oil industry

Why I Decided to Challenge Bart Stupak in the Democratic Primary

PHOTO Looks like Harry Potter's a Dem

DNC sells out first shipment of Biden healthcare shirts

New Rasmussen Poll: President's Approval Rating Dips to 32%

Afghan parliament rejects Karzai takeover of vote panel

Caption time!

Hugo Boss Heads Back To Bargaining Table Over Ohio Plant

PHOTOS The Maine Man

Geithner to discuss economy, investment in India

OMFG Breaking NOW. Steele to pose in Playgirl!!!!

Dad of a fallen Marine perseveres against protests at military funerals

US Recants Claims on "High-Value" Detainee Abu Zubaydah

Pope-appointed bishop accused of ritually beating orphaned children

Major powers agree to pursue new Iran sanctions

In the category of WTF? Georgia Dem: Guam crowded, might "capsize"

Labour's election strategy: bring on no-nonsense hard man Gordon Brown

New federal auto mileage rule on tap

94-year-old Mexican woman with 10 pounds of pot strapped to body arrested at Arizona border

1963 letter indicates former pope knew of abuse

Prosecutors: 46 Guns Found In Home Of Alleged Hutaree Member

U.S. & Colombia Cover Up Atrocities Through Mass Graves

Israeli who trained Colombia guerillas wins appeal against extradition (paramilitaries)

The justification for expansion of oil drilling is too "inside baseball" for me

(Iraqi PM) Stay away from politics, Iraqi army generals warned (rumors of military coup)

Construction spending at lowest point since ’02

House Move Blasts Hopes to End Mountaintop Mining This Year

No Reprimand for General Who Pushed Gay Ban

India Census: World's Biggest Headcount Includes Attempt To Photograph, Fingerprint All Adults

New Study: 88,000 U.S. Citizen Children Lost Parent to Deportation

Toby Keith Surprised to be Featured on Sarah Palin's New TV Series

Rep. Charles Rangel likens conservative foes of health care reform to racist foes of civil rights

Big Energy Firms Blocking Solar Power in South

Jamie Dimon Complains About Demonization of MegaBanks

Van Hollen: Congress likely to extend tax cuts before election

Mass. agency limits health premium increase

Either I'm a genius, or this board is just WAY too predictable.

US manufacturing sector growth speeds up in March

GM's Four Core Brands Post 43% Sales Increase In March; Ford Sales Zoom 39.8%

Investigation Shows Ensign Appealed to Company

Special Edition April 1 (April Fools' stories from San Diego's East County)

Federal Judge Rules Bush Program Illegally Wiretapped Americans

Baptist Leaders Plan to Cut Ties With Georgia Church With Female Pastor

Fox News Caught In Massive Nielsen Ratings Fraud

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday April 1

Afghan President Harshly Rebukes West and U.N.

E.P.A. Rules to Limit Water Pollution From Mining.

Investigation Shows Ensign Appealed to Company

Palin to RNC: Take me off fundraiser

UK okays world's biggest sea reserve, angers islanders

White supremacist murder defendant stable after suicide attempt

Papal ally accused of 'ritual beatings'

Afghan president Karzai accuses UN over election fraud

Record rainfall, flooding force evacuations in Northeast

U.S. Bishops Quietly Reinstate Accused Priests

Brazil: Top Amazon activist shot dead

Report: CIA Deputy Director Helped Cover Up Detainee Death

join my new left wing militia and win prizes!!!

Kan. Abortion Doc's Murderer Gets Life Prison Term (Roeder)

WHO To Probe Rise In Iraq's Deformed Babies

Those who are against Obama's offshore drilling policy should give up oil-based products for 1 day

Millions of H1N1 Vaccines About to Expire

CMD Releases Comprehensive Bailout Tally, $4.6 Trillion Spent on the Bailout to Date-

Ford to show off Lincoln MKZ hybrid today

The Presidents #15: James Buchanan

More suicide bombings rock Russia

Vatican lashes out against sex abuse coverage

18 gunmen killed in attacks on Mexican army bases

U.S. Navy frigate captures pirate mother ship (breaking)

Japanese start buying affordable electric cars

Hoarding, Not Hiring – Corporations Stockpile Mountain of Cash

Goodyear raid: Union leader says drug use not tolerated

BREAKING: FOX News is bankrupt. Will cease all broadcasts on April 15th.

Accused terrorist Harkat gets bombshell help from declassified U.S. documents

Here's a very interesting video I found while doing research on the Beatles

Wrong number: RNC lists phone-sex hotline

The Presidents #17: Andrew Johnson

New claims for jobless benefits drop slightly

"Niggardly" Obama Sign Causing Controversy

Dylan Ratigan on Drilling: I'm Against Slogan-Based Solutions - It is a fraud.

Afghanistan War Veteran Testimony: DC Anti War Rally March 2010 - Students Speaks Out

The Lasting Appeal of Sarah Palin

Empire - US and Iran: The best of enemies?

Jimmy Kimmel on Guns in Starbucks

Tea Party Rally in Searchlight Nevada, Obama Flag with Bullet Hole in it!

Record Precipitation continues to fall on New England (first it was snow)

Helen Thomas on gender and journalism

Iran Photojournalist - Reporters Without Borders - JTMP.ORG

Rachel Maddow: Billionaire Koch Bankrolls & Propagandizes Climate Denial

TYT: Conservative Fired For Criticizing Fox News & Republicans

Keith Olbermann: Bush Wiretapping Ruled Illegal - 03/31/10

CTS_Futurama (what you could do with a Hummer)

Scott McClellan and David Frum rip tea parties as extreme, bad for GOP

Singing...dancing...even RAPPING! You haven't lived until you've heard a Teabagging weasel RAP.

Olbermann: LL Cool J & Toby Keith Interviews come as a big surprise to LL Cool J & Toby Keith

Sarah Palin's Alaska First Look (found this clip posted on NPR)

Tea party leaders say they would ‘absolutely’ abolish Social Security.

TYT: Obama Caves on Abstinence-Only

Obama jokes about Washington chatter about health care:

A dog's advice for teabaggers

Did Hannity Call His Audience "Tim McVeigh Wannabes"?

TYT: Insurance Co Lawyers Finding More (Major) HC Loopholes (w/ Article)

Rep. Hank Johnson (GA-4) worries that Guam will tip over

Gunn High School Sings Away Hate Group

GOP Strip Club 2K

Army Officer Joins Birthers, Defies Obama's Orders, Calls Them Illegal Since He's Not "Natural Born"

Dylan Ratigan: Is Obama Betraying The Left?

"No Lie Is Too Low For Them": What the Terri Schiavo Affair Can Teach Us About Today's Right-Wing

Robert Parry: A Method to Republican 'Madness'

The Twisted Legacy of Hitler's Mountain Retreat

Joe Conason: Democracy and Domestic Violence

Paranoia on the rise

The criminal NSA eavesdropping program

Jim Hightower: Wal-Mart and the Essence of the Inhuman Corporation

Everyman on Everest

Rushed From Haiti, Then Jailed for Lacking Visas

Gen. Petraeus's comments subtext: Israel vs. OIL

Anti-government extremists target Rendell, other govs

Short-Term Medicaid Rate Hike Breeds Long-Term Concerns (Washington Independent)

Mike Malloy: April (Gun) Showers

GOP Blames Dems for UI Benefits Expiration?

America, the Land of Limited Opportunity: We Must Open Our Eyes to the Truth (RGE)

Six major world powers have agreed to begin putting together proposed new sanctions on Iran

The Evangelical "Mainstream" Insanity Behind the Michigan "End Times" Militia

A Call To Conscience

Teabaggers Charge Obama Is Only For Drilling 'Black' Oil

Hilarious stuff, and right in line with something I said in the Guardian

Will Real Republicans Take Their Party Back?

Pope Paul VI May Have Been Warned About Pedophile Priests In 1963

How to Stop a Bully

How to Stop a Bully


Drumbeat: April 1, 2010

House Move Blasts Hopes to End Mountaintop Mining This Year

Riddles in the Dark

American industry's thirst for water: First study of its kind in 30 years

JP Morgan Chase Funds Mountain Top Removal Coal Mining & Global Climate Change Denialists

There and Back Again-The Opening of Cornucopia LLC (April Fools'? or is it? You decide.)

CBD Claims CA Fish & Game Cooked Report On Pacific Fisher To Favor Logging Industry

Ex-Entergy worker returns as NRC sleeping watchdog

The inside story of the Nissan Leaf price

Take Sarah Palin Off 'Discovery Channel and Animal Planet'

Suisan Bay Ghost Fleet Finally To Leave SF - Will Be Cleaned, Sent To TX For Scrapping

2010 May Shape Up As One Of Worst On Record For Monarch Butterflies

The Myth Of Energy Independence - Seattle Times

FedEx Introduces All-Electric Delivery Trucks in the U.S.

For the Smart Grid, a ‘Synchrophasor’

Big Energy Firms Blocking Solar Power in South

Greek Tv Show Radio Arvyla Presents Max Keiser (Eng sub)

TYT: Another Terrible Obama Mistake

Drill, Barack, drill: Obama to open up US East Coast for oil exploration

Anyone else think Justine looks a little heavier this year???

Cardinals trade Lugo to Orioles (NOT an April fools Prank!)

**BREAKING** "Jerry Jones announces sale of Cowboys to George W. Bush"

New poll out: Iowa City rated as most boring college town.

Ryan Zimmerman Traded to Dodgers for a Chicken Soft Taco from Del Taco

UConn Posts Historic Shutout In Title Game

Who's Better Lebron James or Kevin Durant ?

Sports viewers mostly Repukes..

Opening Day Sunday! Let's Go Yankees!

Ovechkin drives a Nice Car...Parks like a D-Bag

Is Chávez Quelling Dissent with Anti-Defamation Law?

Putin Visits Chavez in Russian Bid to Grow in Obama’s Backyard

U.S. & Colombia Cover Up Atrocities Through Mass Graves

Paramilitaries’ Heirs

HRW report: Paramilitaries’ Heirs The New Face of Violence in Colombia

Amnesty Int. accuses Ven. goverment of deliberately attacking opposition (Span)

Updates on the La Macarena gravesite

Guatemala: Assassination of two Indigenous and Rural Workers Trade Union Movement of Guatemala (MSIC

Israeli who trained Colombia guerillas wins appeal against extradition

U.S. & Colombia Cover Up Atrocities Through Mass Graves

Are Cuba's true martyrs a portent of a new 1989?

Peru's Machu Picchu reopens to tourists

Venezuela to buy GE gas power plants for $600m

Take your money back

Not For Profit: How Hamas Sabotages the Gaza Charities

"A ‘Regrettable’ Event in East Jerusalem" By Noam Chomsky

Marty Peretz: Outraged that Obama's Seder Was At White House, Not Bibi's House

Open Letter to Berkeley Students on their Historic Israeli Divestment Bill

Israeli warplanes bomb Gaza Strip: witnesses

Likud MK: 'Hussein Obama' can't kick us out of Hebron

Protesters silence Israeli musicians in London

Art Levine: As Congress Leaves Jobless in Lurch, Will Grassroots Push for Strong Jobs Bills?

'This American Life' on Auto Workers: A Hack Job

Palestinian Christians to be barred from Old City

First Student Drivers and Monitors Choose Teamsters

Union Workers Rally To Push Massachusetts To Gamble For Jobs

Today in Labor History Apr 1 Several great items today

Hamas must not carry out executions in Gaza

Shaw's to cut heath care coverage of striking workers

3-star (Mixon) not reprimanded for gay ban letter

OK man who fought to get 'IM GAY' on license plate found dead-

Westboro Baptist nutters SHAMED by students!

2 children shot to death; dad a suspect

Illegal use of gun anecdote post moved to GD

Jewelry thief's career ends in early death.

Career-burglar shot while burglarizing cop's home.

What does the gov't do with all the guns it seizes?

Eight U.S. militia members enter not guilty pleas (Follow-up to earlier thread)

Someone is trying very hard to lose their job...

On "caring" and prohibition.

Obama has said that he wanted to ban "assault weapons." We really don't want this crap again.

Father on the stand: 'I admit to shooting my son' (retaliation for daughter's alleged sexual abuse)

Police: Slain Intruder Had Criminal Record

He flies thru the air with the greatest of ease

The cherry blossoms in DC are fantastic

March, going out like a lamb

April Photo Contest ideas

Turning a Hot Tub into a Time Machine

Spirit dead? Or just sleeping?

U.S. Air Force Launches Secret Flying Twinkie

Astronomers See Historical Supernova from a New Angle

Deep Ocean Waves Break on Sea Floor

Teacher goes into stranger's home, is shot dead

Science writer Simon Singh wins libel appeal (BBC)

Tossing out an offer that just keeps coming at me

Faery magic again?

April 2010 Prayer, Light, and Healing requests

~APRIL 2010 ~ Vision, Dreaming & Intuition Thread !!

Swiss Roman Catholic bishops apologise over abuse

Vatican was told 50 years ago to act against paedophile priests (Guardian)

Would it be possible to persuade Christian farmers to stop growing food...

We should have a "Renounce Catholicism" challenge

Dr. Dino (aka Kent Hovind) - April's Fool???

Bacon or bagels? Higher fat at breakfast may be healthier than you think, says UAB research

Joannie Rochette wonders why her mom didn't seek help

Bird With H5N1 Virus Found in Bulgaria

Vulture funds prey on poor countries

To Russia, With Love

Picture = thousand words

Who's buying all that stuff China is making?

Man arrested at Large Hadron Collider claims he's from the future

Florida Owns-Union, 4/1: Thrasher amends Florida SB 6

Valerie Strauss: Teachers fighting back in Florida

One political cartoon that teachers don't want to miss.

KCK school board revokes charter status from Holman Academy

Uproar Over School Cafeteria That Doubled as a Nightclub (Charter School)

Georgia teacher found not guilty at 'dirty dancing' trial