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Archives: April 16, 2010

Blue Agave as a sweetener: article claims just as dangerous as High Fructose Corn Syrup!

I'm Sofa King tired...

Rhetoric v reality - Rethug lies and taxes

Tea partiers are patriots. Their sign told me so.

The other 95% (article, facebook page)

Senate Judiciary Committee sends 3 Obama District Court nominees to the floor, 1 on party line vote

To start a facebook group or not too.

When it comes right down to it, We Don't Know Shit!

Our problem is that we individually subsidize privately owned substitutes...

Duplicate (double key)

Obama has taken on the Coal bosses in Virginia

Contemptible Repuke Judiciary Committee assholes suggest bringing criminal charges against Prof. Liu

Tech CEOs must be scared about H-1B backlash; they resort to push-polling

Powerful volcano blast sends ash raining over Iceland, Europe

Powerful volcano blast sends ash raining over Iceland, Europe

While some people complain about their brothers-in-law .......

The GOP’s Real Plan- Wall Street Bailouts Forever in Exchange for Campaign Cash

The Other 95% Say Thanks For Our Tax Cuts, Obama! - link and pics

What's your favorite weird news story today?

Toyota Slams Through Gwinnett Home

Do you think Obama had any idea how stupid some Americans are?

Why "One Man, One Vote" No Longer Matters

Mark Fiore: Pulitzer Thanks

Icelandic volcano ash plume as seen from space

Global Unions Call on T-Mobile to Respect Workers’ Rights

Do you think right-wing talking-heads *purposefully* try to incite violent behavior?


REPENT? HELL NO! PROSECUTE!!! (the Catholic Church is a disgrace)

Leahy Meets Again With Justice Stevens, why? "He’s one of my heroes."

Weekly Initial Unemployment Claims Increase to 484,000

Frontline kind of pissed me off tonight.

Let's play a game: Are you really middle class if you can't afford to...

Let's play a game: Are you really middle class if you can't afford to...


Rachel has all the crazies at Liberty University

Hint-of-Purple State Tebagger Appreciation Poll: Do you support the tax day Tea Party demonstrations

If Crist runs as an independent... Dems should support him....

Senate votes to extend unemployment benefits

Minimum wage and Adam Smith

The National Hockey League SUCKS!

Minimum wage and Adam Smith

Who didn't pay their taxes because of the recession?

WH Order: Hospitals may not deny visiting privileges on basis of race, color, sexual orientation...

UnitedHealth CEO Stephen Hemsley was paid $102M in '09

Letter from Chairman Patrick Leahy to Ranking Member Jeff Sessions, re: Liu nomination

Mommy Mafia!

Sen. Grassley Leaves Lawmakers Uninsured ?!?!? ( Payback time?)

Mr. and Mrs. Onehandle's doggy proudly drops off their tax return at the Post Office.

Does this look like many Earthquakes to you? Recent Earthquakes - Last 8-30 Days

Hopey Changey Working Just Fine Here. We got a tax refund! First time in three years!!!

Inside information about Kagan from someone who does know her well

are Reagan democrats the prodigal son?

are Reagan democrats the prodigal son?

Do Conservatives Pray to Corporations?

New Iran Drones Can Spy and Strike

I believe the overwhelming majority of cops are good people. But there are some ......

pictures from chicago`s tea party rally...


Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Lou Dobbs For President? Dobbs Confirms He's Considering Run

In praise of the IRS

Former Wis. Gov. Thompson won't run for US Senate, good news for Feingold and his supporters

If you could choose, where would you want your taxes to go?

NPR - Nina Totenberg: Senate Battle Looms Over Appeals Court Nominee Liu

NATO Strikes Killing More Afghan Civilians

Will Greece Go Bankrupt? And If So Why It Matters To You.

On Iceland, you know why they are having that little issue?

Got in an email: H.R. 2454 - License will be required for your house

Obama orders hospitals receiving federal funding to give family visitation rights to same-sex couple

Reid to seek cloture vote on 2 stalled Obama judicial nominees

If hospital visitation rules can be changed by presidential order, why not DADT?

Settlers-vs.-Indians board game rankles tribes

You know, I will admit that the Tea Party is right about one thing.

You know, I will admit that the Tea Party is right about one thing.

Justice Stevens' mixed record on civil rights

"The United States

Last time this volcano blew, it spewed ash for TWO YEARS

Last time this volcano blew, it spewed ash for TWO YEARS

Mormons don't even want to claim Glenn Beck

WOW! Michelle Malkin has 2 super-creepy downloads to help teabaggers root out "infiltrators!"

WOW! Michelle Malkin has 2 super-creepy downloads to help teabaggers root out "infiltrators!"

Kudos to Chris Matthews for his interviews tonight.

How Do the Global Elite Attempt to 'Herd (independent) Cats'...

Bernanke sez little relief for high unemployment

Deputy Director of C.I.A. Is Stepping Down

•••• Why the coup plotters of the Supreme Court will NOT be impeached ••••

Back on the downward escalator of declining pay

Arne Duncan and the Chicago Success Story: Myth or Reality?

Tea Party Express Announces 2010 Election Target List

Obama picks Reagan's Ghost to be the next US Supreme Court Justice (warning: very long)

Obama picks Reagan's Ghost to be the next US Supreme Court Justice (warning: very long)

Are any Democratic legislatures or govs raising taxes to save education?

TV Ad for Servicemagic has couple doing "terrorist fist-bump"...

I love tax day!

Central Europe's rightward slide: The repercussions of Hungary's election reach neighbors and all

The GOP’s Real Plan- Wall Street Bailouts Forever in Exchange for Campaign Cash

Did Sarah Palin not show @ any Tax Day Tea Party protests?

WNDU anchor arrested

After TV debate surprise, UK could be headed toward a true three-party system

Questions Surround Fiorina's Involvement In HP Bribery Scandal

Michelle Obama visits San Diego community farm

Michelle Obama visits San Diego community farm

How will the media be able to give massive teabagger coverage to Earth Day with only a week to rest?

Servicemembers teach Afghans the ways of small-town government

I see Hack Gregory pushing the anti-Iran Iine this morning

Since it is pretty clear that Fox is the de facto media organ for the Tea Party

Here We Go Again! (hero worship of the KKK?)

C.I.A. Document Details Destruction of Tapes

Interviewer to Blankenship: “How do you sleep at night?”-ANSWER-"Its sort of like lifting weights"

C.I.A. Document Details Destruction of Tapes, Approved By Porter Goss

Mr. Fish To Catholic Church - Ouch...

Robert Reich: The Feeble Economic Recovery Ahead

2011 Chevy Camaro Convertible photos leaked on Facebook

Further proof that Tea Baggers are just not very bright

U.S. Congress and Arizona Deliver One-Two Punch to Immigrants

When these people do stuff like this, they shouldn't complain that we call them "Teabaggers"

The REAL Tea Party crashers: Christian Right continues effort to co-opt the Tea Party as their own

A KLAN By Any Other Name Would Smell As RACIST

Make Our Day! Democrats Giddy Over GOP Opposition To Financial Reform

You Are Being Mislead - Even Scott Brown is Afraid of You - pic

FIVE-BELL WEBCAM UPDATE: 1,000s of Web cam images, suit says

Iceland is fine-tuning marriage-equality bill

ugh, ugh ugh. it's snowing. great big globs of it falling fast and accumulating.

Question - About this Tea Party Mantra that 45% of people in the US pay no taxes

Civilian Contractors by the Numbers

Prediction: Dems will have small losses in November, not nearly enough to jeopardize either majority

Eyjafjallajökull Volcanic Eruption pictures and video

Thank you for your service, Mr. Hooks.

Iowa Tea Party protest numbers DOWN 2/3 FROM LAST YEAR!!

What is Treason

Jon Stewart tells Faux news talking heads to go FUCK THEMSELVES!

I wonder if there are tea-bagger types in Norway and Sweden...

How Bubble Barons Protected Their Influence While the Economy Tanked

Norway's Stranded Prime Minister Uses iPad To Govern From U.S.

Police: NJ man purposely vomited on Phillies fans

High School officials being investigated for handling of images in 'sexting' case

Ask the card-carrying socialists: Is Obama one of them?

Public Outcry Over Comcast Ruling Reaches the FCC

Sean Hannity - Tea Party No-Show

Trolls lurk carefree behind Internet’s wall of anonymity

Have you heard of the Gov Twit Directory???

Damn. KTLK and KPOJ have just shut down their streaming to non-USA users

Great resource: Twitter # of Congress people.

"I Didn't Do Anything, And I Got My Ass Kicked" - Police Brutality Video Case a Sobering Reminder

"I Didn't Do Anything, And I Got My Ass Kicked" - Police Brutality Video Case a Sobering Reminder

The success of divide and soften policy

Tracking TARP repay and...

NeedleCast Visits the D.C. TeaParty

Unruly Phillies Fan Assaults, Vomits on Cop and His Family

So, the teabaggers must have been big Bill Clinton supporters, right?

The WH needs to fight like hell for Goodwin Liu

The Nation: The Day of Silence brings awareness to the harassment of LGBT students

Whats it mean when an empty bank owned house has a crew there prettying the place up for a week?

If they made the movie "Terminator" today ..

Teabag This

White House Launches Campaign Against 'Foolish' McConnell, GOP 'Fantasy' On Financial Reform

White House Launches Campaign Against 'Foolish' McConnell, GOP 'Fantasy' On Financial Reform

I think Afghan elders should be listened to

37 things worse than a KFC meatwich by Mark Morford

37 things worse than a KFC meatwich by Mark Morford

We aren't ending manned spaceflight.... we are just outsourcing it.

GOP, M$M lied simple folks into siding with big insurance. Will they do the same for big banks?

NYT story: Study shows Immigrants are great for economy, business growth!!!

Veteran Of 'Collateral Murder' Company Speaks Out

Goldman Sachs, Bankster Godfather

Porn virus publishes web history of victims on the net

a beautiful but deadly picture of volcano clouds

I do not think for one minute that the teagaggers

N.J. H-1B case reads like Sopranos episode

Liberal Democrats Rising in Britain

Sometimes prejudice is subtle

Would Anita Hill be a suitable SCOTUS nominee?

We Need A New Head Of The DNC: Kaine Needs To Go

Mind if I play through?

Listening to Senator Sanders on TH, I love how the Senator casually refers to banksters as crooks!!!

Robert Reich: Fraud on the Street

Why Are Corporate Groups Funding the Tea Party?

WaMu’s Top Gun Loan Officers Targeted Low-Income Minorities to Rob the Bank and the Nation

Tea party supporter gets into a 'shoving match' with someone opposed to the tea party movement - pic

Jon Stewart To Fox News: "Go F--k Yourselves" (VIDEO)

Freepers cling to each other for safety as "lefty longhair drops f-bombs & g-d's everyone in sight"

Tom Tomorrow

Obama Orders Hospital Visitation for LGBT Families. All right!

Body Heat: Sweden's New Green Energy Source

Military docs pluck live shell from (Afghan) soldier's head

Gene Weingarten's memo to the Texas Board of Education

Friday TOON Roundup part 2

Kyl: Liu's writings 'vicious'

"Attention, Tea Party: You do not make money off Fox News! Fox News makes money off you!"

Federal Court Rejects National Day Of Prayer

AP - Democrats defend liberal court nominee Goodwin Liu


If you're not listening to Liu, you're missing somethin extraordinary.

Right To Rent

Breaking...Former L.A. Police Chief Gates Has Died

Welcome to Florida politics

Legal fight over Plumpy'nut, the hunger wonder-product

Where's the RW Morals Squad When It Comes To The Pope?

Army Researchers: Why the Kandahar Offensive Could Backfire

Taxes show inequality toward LGBT community

April 16, 2007 -- the Virginia Tech Massacre

President Obama vows to never shoot a bear

Obama, Sarah, Chacha

NRA Encouragement of TeaTerrorists-Increasing

8 Invented Diseases Big Pharma Is Banking on

The Rude Pundit - Photos That Make Teabaggers Shit Blood

I voted for Obama and the only lousy change I got was

Teabonics! The best misspelled signs

Is Mitt Romney a Socialist??????

WH "Scorched Earth" Response To Media: CBS "Enablers Of People Posting Lies"!!!

April 16, 1947 - Texas City disaster......

Reason #1,001,000 not to donate to the RNC (by Michelle Malkin)

Check out this insane facebook status update....

From Where I Sit: Now that the Right is done with "Pro Life", they're throwing the Catholics

Tea Party Photos! Find the non-white in the crowd! (Waldo)

So the other day, my teen son invokes the 5th...

BCBS is forcing our college grad off Our Family Policy for 3 1/2 mos before adding him back again...

Have any teabaggers burned their big gubmint provided Medicare cards yet?

Wesleyan student stabbed by samurai sword

Peggy Noonan trashes the Vatican

BREAKING: Obama says he'll veto a financial regulatory bill that doesn't control derivatives

Yahoo, Feds Battle Over E-Mail Privacy

I've been asking DUers for help on this for weeks

Bill Clinton's very important remarks

Christian Right Fail: "The Founding Fathers experienced religious oppression in England"

Texas city revives paddling as it takes a swat at misbehavior

Has anyone ever made a list of racist remarks about Obama?

Health Insurers Hedge Bets With Fast Food Stock

Stalagmite Reveals Carbon Footprint of Early Native Americans

Photo of the barf assault perp. Caption, please?

Fall-out begins for Charlie Crist...Connie Mack resigns as his campaign chair.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain. We have a small problem. All four engines have stopped.

The Senate Lynch Mob - Sessions, Cornyn, Coburn et all - goes after Goodwin Liu

That volcano, Inna-gada-da-vida, looks pretty serious

The George W. Bush Library

Breaking! Shameless! MASSEY mines cited for more than 60 safety violations SINCE the blast.

Porter Goss laughed? BFD. Bush laughed ON 9/11.

Wingnuts lie. Surprise. This edition being the assault in French Quarter over Quitter buttons

Union receives threats over 'tax the rich' ads

EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Frank says Ingraham "takes lying to a new level"

Laura Hall given drinking banning order across England and Wales

Breaking: Icelandic Volcano is Republican

Why Are We Still Discussing The Mandates?

Housing Crashes Again (This time, it's NOT the subprimes.)

Californians: "Parent-revolution" is ASTROTURF

What are the pros and cons of a strong national public option vs

Auto finance bill pits dealers against military, consumer groups

State Lawmakers Mix Scouts With Sexual Politics

Hilarious and sad opening sentence to NYT article on today's stock decline

'Ndrangheta assassin arrested thanks to his activity on Facebook

Where Were the Teabaggers WHEN...?

I looked, and something has not been mentioned about this Goldman thing, here.

I'll be at the County Democratic Party fund raiser tonight

Vet's Cemetery gets stimulus funds

Hey Hank - are you still grinning like a Cheshire cat

An Analogy for the Goldman Fraud

Now pre-workout stretching is bad for you??

The Texas school of falsification

The Americans healthcare should be patterned after the Oklahoma VA Medical system at Muskogee, Ok.

Obama Fans Storm Tax Day Tea Party

Fourth New Orleans Officer Charged In Coverup Of Post-Katrina Shootings

I'm sitting on the side of the road with a Rottweiler lab mix who got hit by a car

Your chance to comment on health care reform regulations--spread the word

Ex-Blackwater president indicted on firearms charges

Feds indict ex-Blackwater president

Interesting visual of air traffic over Europe...

The hottest news in the Caribbean that I can find nowhere on Google

Cyber-Warfare Chief's Deception

Cop in Roethlisberger case resigns

The German Titanic Magazine:

Pot Farm On Wheels

I'd like to find a good resource that contrasts socialism,fascism and communism-any suggestions?

Bill Clinton on Teabaggers

Blast from the Past-Pat Schroeder!!!!

Anti-stimulus South Carolina benefitting from the stimulus

I love the way I got crapped on here today

GE: 7,000 tax returns, $0 U.S. tax bill

Advocating the violent overthrow of a legitimate DEMOCRACY is something straight outta NAZI Germany.

Tweety is tearing Mitch a new one

Here's Something Fun: Test Your Ability to See Color

How many people out there still use a VCR?

Friday TOON Roundup part 3

63rd Anniversary of the largest industrial disaster in US History.

I don't like how Rachel Maddow is politicizing the Oklahoma City Bombing anniversary.

"It hurts" "we all lost men....we all sacrificed" this "should have come about a long time ago"

Once again, a young boyfriend kills kid of girlfriend

Skip The Appellate Court. Put Goodwin Liu On The Supreme Court

WOW!!! I very low flying jet just flew over my house! I live in nw Ohio, WTF?

Report: Insurers Shifting Costs to Avoid Healthcare Laws- NOW LET'S KILL THE MANDATE, add Medicare,

Judge wants San Francisco prosecutors to throw out 100s of pending drug cases

China jails three over 'rape case' investigations

March was the warmest month ever, Globaly.

High-flying welfare queens

If the ash crisis in Europe does not clear soon, it is not only travelers who will suffer.

The Tea Party Movement Isn't About Racism? Read this...

It's not looking good for the Lower Merion school district-- Webcam Spygate.

You might live in a Redneck neighborhood

BREAKING: McConnell Has The 41 Votes Needed To Block Wall Street Reform

Bill Clinton on Michelle Bachmann and her lunatic language

The GOP couldn't have picked a worse time to announce an attempt to block financial reform

Universities looking to federal gov't for funds

When Will The Job Situation Significantly Improve?

I think we ALL need to support this teacher, as he's really getting hit from the other side

Dark Chocolate Helps Lower Blood Pressure in Liver Patients

Friday TOON Roundup part 1

Sad, so damn sad

Posted without much comment

Counterpoint, but with Respect: I Dream of NASA.


37 things worse than a KFC meatwich, By Mark Morford

Today's moment of WRONG

Question for those watching Rachel Maddow.

Tax Day thought from my late-Grandfather

Former Bush aide attempts to use hatred against gays as a weapon against possible Obama nominee

BART Police Ordered To Turn In Tasers

Advice to Rachel....

Danziger TOON: How's that screechy-ditzy thing working out for ya?

Wait... Is Elena Kagan gay?

Georgia Militia leader calls for followers to overload 911 emergency system on April 19

You transatlantic travelers are weenies!

Whitewash of mine disaster being prepared: Who is David mcAteer?

It's NOT over:. "Afghan Prisoners Detail Torture, Abuse at Bagram Prison"

Is DU 'sick,' or slow this afternoon?

Better Training Needed to Curb 'Fatism' Within the Health Professions, Study Finds

Who is "Teach for America" founder Wendy Kopp's spouse?

Which is the nuttier statement?

Hannity angers Fox News management by charging Tea Party demonstrators to attend show taping

Obama orders crackdown on mines with repeat violations

Whenever I hear of FOX news blaring on public televisions while customers wait

Bachmann: tea parties are like a state fair / family reunion

I think the repukes are going to filibuster Goodwin Liu

Arkansas Judge strikes down adoption ban (Passed in 2008)

Yanno .... all this media blather about the repubs taking us to the cleaners in the Fall ....

Three Charter Schools Suddenly Announce Closure (Placer County, CA)

Contact Arizona governor Jan Brewar to ask her to veto draconian anti-immigration bill

2/3 of states saw job increases in March

United Healthcare just declined coverage for me.

Stunning photos of makeshift homes Haitians hope will protect them during hurricane season.

Federal judge rules Day of Prayer unconstitutional

Dems need a TV campaign right now, to pin bankster protectionism on the Repub party.

Ed Schultz is Killing

Friday TOON Roundup part 4

Charge against urinating teacher to be dismissed if he meets conditions

Muslim woman denied approval as foster parent because she won't serve pork????

"Taxes At Lowest Level In 60 Years... but as many as 34% of Americans think Obama raised taxes

Gary Jackson: Ex-Blackwater President, 4 Others Indicted On Conspiracy, Weapons Charges

Young Lib's Obama 'monkey' gibe

OCR: Petitioners conned voters into switching to the GOP

The SEIU is forming a third party in North Carolina

Just back from our local gathering of Teabaggers.

Cool new (to me at least) website

Texas city revives paddling as it takes a swat at misbehavior

Wall Street disappointed by news that a Bankster has been called to account for criminal activity

I can't tell the difference between the real teabagger signs and the fake ones

April 16th, 1943: the first acid trip

What's Really Going On In Space?

Here is this week's DU Friday history challenge!

Preparations for Kandahar Offensive Continue With Wary Locals

Bishop convicted for denying Holocaust

TOON: Tea Party Logic

BuzzFeed: "The Best Fake Teabagger Signs at the Boston Common Tea Party"

Screw the Teabaggers. Let's have our own Revolutionary War flag!

Trapeze artist falls, lands on children at circus

Apple App Store Bans Pulitzer-Winning Satirist for Satire

Supervalcano In Yellowstone Park

I hate to be the bearer of good news, but...(My pictorial of FLOTUS' visit)

How does your state rate on Choice?

There are several erupting volcanoes around the world right now.

Greed Is Christian Duty, Says Gilded Age Gospel: Lewis Lapham

Carbonite backup, thumb or external drive, or how much stuff do I really have to worry about.....

Glenn Greenwald: What the Whistleblower Prosecution Says About the Obama DOJ

Bayer admits GMO contamination out of control

US Awards Dubai Firm $2.2 bln Military Contract

Did you notice a little difference in treatment of the teabaggers and the anti-war protesters?

Anyone have that pic of a smirking Paulson w/ a smirking Dubya after the passage of...

US Govt Admits Most Piracy Studies Are Nonsense (i.e. media companies whine too much)

er,,,YAY... I guess I'm technically underemployed, now.

So, Porter Goss, co-chair of the House Ethics Office LAUGHED about the CIA tape destruction.

The Pentagon Papers Are Public This Time

Lower Merion schools: Number of webcam photos “substantial”

Friday TOON Roundup part 5

Tenured teachers are our experience

Steve From Nebraska Your on "The Ed Show"

Baby's first cubicle: Most depressing toy ever?

Baby's first cubicle: Most depressing toy ever?

Goldman Sachs lost $14.2 Billion today in market capitalization

Anyone on the ground seeing evidence to back up all the happy economic talk coming from Wall St ?

Bwahahahhahahahhaha send this to all your teabagging relatives!

I have a new name for them

BREAKING: Goldman Sachs charged with fraud by SEC

Paulson belongs in jail alongside Madoff

What has NASA done for you?

Check out my new World of Warcraft guild name

Question - About this Tea Party Mantra that 45% of people in the US pay no taxes

JK Rowling tells us muggles why we should pay our taxes.

Kucinich: White House Assassination Policy Is Extrajudicial

Mars eh?

With all due respect to the nation of Poland, I don't think it's a good

Photo: Peaceful, patriotic, freedom-lovin' teabagger warmly invites Obama to "Go Back To Kenya"

Don't We Need To Go Back To The Moon In Order To Practice For Going To Mars ???

"It's not just because he's black,"

"It's not just because he's black,"

Should people have a right to distribute political literature in front of stores at strip malls?

Fundies issue fatwa against Lady Gaga

My Tea Party Adventure - includes pics and my very own teabagger spelling catch (Dial-up Warning)

I'm sorry DU but they have us- you simply can't argue with this

Rachael Maddow, PhD is our generations' Edward Murrow!

New York to charge homeless to stay in shelters. Up to 44% of their income.

Are we really going to get creamed in November?

Anti-Census Campaign Is Epic FAIL

The real reason Hannity had to leave the Teabaggers little get-together?

Boy kills dad with sledgehammer after he refuses to let him play computer game

Any Other Hawks Here?

"Every appointed Supreme Court judge since 1971 has been more conservative than his/her predecessor

"And I can prove it"

Do Americans hate teachers?

My Shopping Adventure At TARGET This Morning....

How TV Superchef Jamie Oliver's 'Food Revolution' Flunked Out

Norfolk Without the Navy

White Supremacist Sentenced To 10 Years For Obama Assassination Plot

The Gadsden flag is now the "tea party flag" according to the M$M

The culture of violence plaguing Newburgh NY is by design, not accident

Idaho Tealiban endorses Blue Dog

The Rise of the Liberal Democratic Party in Britain

Morford: 37 things worse than a KFC meatwich

Republicans throw Charlie Crist overboard.

Actor Danny Glover, 11 others arrested in Md. during a labor union protest (Updated - pics added)

I am frankly surprised at the vehement reactions here against space travel.

Unruly Phillies Fan Assaults, Intentionally Vomits on Cop and His Daughter


Lower Merion students' laptop spy cams "wound up secretly capturing thousands of images"

Compilation of charter school scandals over the past year.

Constantin Films files copyright claim against my Palin/Downfall video

Constantin Films files copyright claim against my Palin/Downfall video

Constantin Films files copyright claim against my Palin/Downfall video

Constantin Films files copyright claim against my Palin/Downfall video

Constantin Films files copyright claim against my Palin/Downfall video

Constantin Films files copyright claim against my Palin/Downfall video

At audition, Steven Seagal **ALLEGEDLY** told Jenny McCarthy "Sit on my couch. Take off your dress."

Just had a 5.0 earthquake here.

"We shan't play together again" UPDATE: Jack Bruce curdles hope for future Cream reunion

Anyone know the difference between 'schwacked' and 'schwapped' ?

Why are there so many different debit/credit card-swiping machines?!1

Edit: Got it thanks, and I feel appropriately brainless. I left the message here just for fun!

I am watching V on Hulu.

Levon Helm Band with Warren Haynes - "Chest Fever," Wanee Music Festival. Live Oak, Florida 4/11/08

Phil Lesh & Friends 7/5/08 Saturday In The Park, Sioux City, "Chest Fever"

Social Distortion - "I Was Wrong"

The Prisoner remake

My new most favorite commericial

Knock Knock. Who's There? Orange . . .

On The Outside, Looking In (graphic art)

Doc Barack shoving health care reform (ahem) down their throats:

Hey, Oedi! I'm in Reno!

Colorado woman WINS fight for her right to garden wearing only pink gloves & yellow thong. USA! USA!

Phish - "Watcher Of The Skies" (Genesis) @ R&R Hall of Fame

Iggy & The Stooges - "I Wanna Be Your Dog," Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Slash w/ Lemmy & Dave Grohl - "Ace of Spades," 2010 Golden Gods Awards - Los Angeles, CA

April 15, 2010 Tax Day- Free Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts

Tidbits from professors or others, knowledge you'll never use anywhere:

Cocteau Twins - "Heaven Or Las Vegas"

Today's almost epic horny fail

Police: Man purposely vomited on Phillies fans

Our Beagle arrives this weekend!

As if Marlins fans haven't suffered enough...

'Trailer Park Entertainment' - now that's entertainment!

WTF Caps?

wtf lower case?

WtF mIxEd?

WTF copycats?

Post-tax-day blues

Some at MoMA Show Forget ‘Look but Don’t Touch’

a work related haiku

Somebody talk me down

I have to admit that I was both pleasantly surprised yet also somewhat disturbed...

Posted all over the net, but for those who haven't seen it...a cat learns to use the iPad

Life is like a cock.

Blur - Music Is My Radar

Photo of George W. Bush Elementary School teacher and student. (EDIT-it's funny)

Maybe it's FUCK but I think LynneSin is way over used

Oasis, Blur, or Muse?

Has anyone heard from PARCHE??

Scientists discover new deadly plant, the Venus Hand Trap

OK, who else submitted their taxes today?

I'm drinking a beer right now called WTF.

So the other day, my teen son invokes the 5th...

Thick Black Smoke Spewing from Iceland?

Novels that have been adapted to movies more than once where the less faithful version is better

Unintentionally scary/creepy photos

You stay classy, Michelle "bombshell' Magee

Police: SC motel guest uses snake to hit man

Megan Fox loves Dr. Strange. Photographic proof right here:

Listening to a show from Bowie circa 1974 during the "Philly Dogs" tour

Identity politics...

Thamks for the vibes; they worked!

They don't make many of these.

tommy the cat...

Obama, Sarah, Chacha

Wesleyan student stabbed by samurai sword

.-- - ..-. Morse Code?

Lets go girls, get in the car we are going for a ride


PSA: Don't open Sky Masterson's thread without invite.

Update from the nest: the Dingbird has done it again!

2011 Chevy Camaro Convertible photos leaked on Facebook

ugh, ugh ugh. it's snowing. great big globs of it falling fast and accumulating.

Last weekend, some hipster said to me "Wow, I didn't realize people were still drinking coffee."

The German Titanic Magazine:

"When I (do this) I think of (this person or thing)... (because) "


good days gone bad and vice versa!

Look at this *ucking teabagger....

This is very funny... at the same time, it's more than a LITTLE sad.

This thread is to be opened and replied to by invite only!

Question about one of my favorite songs: Sinead O'Connor 'Nothing Compares 2 U

Your Favorite John Carpenter Film

Daniel Woo, Eugene OR

How many people out there still use a VCR?

Doc says it's anxiety but I think I'm really sick. Can anyone relate?

Happy Brithday!

Early Friday Night music - have a great weekend!!!!

So, the first Sex and the City movie was kind of awful. Any takers for the sequel?

Here's Something Fun: Test Your Ability to See Color

FOR DEBI ONLY: Who would you claim as the current Actor/Actress of the Generation?

Mosquitos serve no purpose.

Octopus steals video camera and swims off with it (while it's Recording)

Question for "Arrested Development" fans

Question for "Arrested Development" fans

Who is your favorite Doctor Who?

LOST - another theory about the Smoke Monster

The biggest loss in music

What was the one movie that had a particular scene that freaked you out

Deposed Kyrgyz president leaves, allowing U.S. outreach to new leaders

Toyota delayed Venza recall in U.S. for six weeks, records show

Dengue Fever Re-Emergence in Florida

Bhutto murder investigation flawed: UN

Young Lib's Obama 'monkey' gibe

N.S.A. Official Facing Charges In Leaks Case

Senate Dems pave way for financial reform vote

Two Care Bombs Explode in Kandahar, Killing 2 and Wounding 23

Former Sen. Mack withdraws as Crist campaign chair

Police: SC motel guest uses snake to hit man

* * Afghanistan Terror suspects held 'illegally' in Afghanistan prison named by charity

U.S. Accuses Goldman Sachs of Fraud

Senate Climate Bill to Be Unveiled April 26

Hennis sentenced to death for 1985 Eastburn murders

( Tea Party ) Group wants anti-U.N. item on ballot

President Signs Bill Extending Jobless Benefits

Destruction of videotapes documented in CIA e-mail

ISI used LeT to foment anti-India passion in Kashmir: UN report

U.S. Accuses Goldman Sachs of Fraud

Solar airplane's first flight a success

Obama at Democratic Fundraiser: Tea Partiers Should Be Thanking Him for Tax Cuts

Senate restores $18 billion in jobless benefits

Goldman Sachs Sued by SEC for Fraud Tied to CDOs

8 dead in hospital attack in Pakistan

Court tosses CU (University of Colorado) gun ban

Silicon Valley jobless rate jumps to 12.3 percent

Eurocontrol issues latest update on air traffic situation

Christian music star Jennifer Knapp comes back and comes out

Goldman Sachs charged with fraud, stage set for fiery reform debate

Laura Hall given drinking banning order across England and Wales

Ohio unemployment ticks up to 11.0 pct in March, highest since 1983

US housebuilding at 16-month high as repossessions rise

Boy kills dad with sledgehammer after he refuses to let him play computer game


Army Corps finds new WWI chemical site in DC yard

SEC knew of Stanford scheme since 1997, inspector general says

Tea party rally upbraids 'gangster government'

German Chancellor Forced to Land in Lisbon Instead of Berlin

Anthrax hoaxer arrested on new threat charges

Liberal court pick ready for Senate GOP grilling

Gardner pleads guilty to murders of Chelsea, Amber

Obama launches 'Great Outdoors initiative

State Judge Overturns Ark. Adoption Ban Law

First bank of the night topples. Lakeside Community Bank, Sterling Hts, MI

Arkansas man sentenced for Obama death plot

Low-cost coverage in Obama health plan not for all

(Ohio) Bomb Squad Called After War Vet Commits Suicide

U.S. contractors failed to train Afghan police to adjust AK-47 sights

(Bush) White House, CIA Lawyers Angry at Tape Destruction

Clinton alludes to 1995 bombing, says words matter

Jack Herer, Marijuana Hero, Emperor of Hemp, Dead at 70

APNewsBreak: Feds indict ex-Blackwater president (Gary Jackson)

SEC Sues Goldman Sachs, Alleging Fraud in CDO Tied to Subprime

White House unveils $50 million plan to boost Democratic support

(Haley) Barbour, advisers privately mull 2012 run

Former LAPD police chief Gates dies Blocked (then restored) for Navy Personnel Blocked (then restored) for Navy Personnel

Cincinnati Tea Party: Fox Isn’t Telling The Truth About The Hannity Broadcast

Champaign (IL) Mayor Doubts Obama's US Citizenship

Three-person IVF 'may prevent inherited disease'

Tea party group offers refunds for Hannity no-show

BART police pull Tasers, will retrain officers

Treasury: Drop $50 billion fund from banking bill

Bank bill in peril, WH urges part be dropped

Exonerated anthrax suspect: FBI harassed me

Ex-NYC top cop Kerik says he never betrayed trust

Health Insurers' Fast Food Holdings Raise Flag

Nick Clegg (Lib-Dem) now in contention as potential PM, Guardian/ICM poll shows

Senators consider gasoline tax as part of climate bill

U.S.: No Charges in Florida Boot Camp Death

McConnell Strikes Out, Financial Reform Advances

President Obama urges Democrats to "stay true to ourselves"

Senate passes jobless aid package. Scott Brown votes against it

Vote for Marcy Winograd at Primaries matter!

Obama makes light of anti-tax protests

Tweety and his polls today.

My Tea Bagger Rally report......Nuts on Parade........

Feinstein defends Obama court pick against GOP

Obama at Democratic Fundraiser: Tea Partiers Should Be Thanking Him for Tax Cuts

Does anyone else smell something burning?

Fucken A!

Recalling ’95 Bombing, Clinton Sees Parallels with Teabaggers ("militant antigovernment line")

How does one Poll for "intelligence" and level of Education?

Candidates clash over who can unseat Burr

Colorado is a Muslim nation...

Can we gain a bit of perspective about the so called Conservative Momentum

Three more senators sign up as cosponsors for the Fair Elections Now Act! Who will stand up next?

I'm not sure what to think of Obama's NASA policy.

NYT: Obama's foreclosure prevention efforts have failed; should push for mortgage cramdown

The Tea Party's Phony Populism

**** Heads Up: POTUS Speaks Live on Environmental Conservation, Live! 10:15am ****

Why did Fox pull the Hound??? IMO, to openly attach to a political party brings

Eliot Spitzer for Supreme Court!

Why the GOP's Starve-the-Beast Strategy Is Suicide

NYT: U.S. Accuses Goldman Sachs of Fraud

NY-Sen: Bankster challenges Gillibrand

OK, Here's my prediction for the best thing to happen to global warming deniers:

Photos: Obama is from Earth, the Teabaggers are from Uranus (and we're all going to Mars!)

Anyone watching Gordon Liu confirmation hearing on C-Span?

Just wondering.. Who has the time to take a bus ride across America?

Obama launches 'Great Outdoors' initiative

The short-sightedness of economism.

Has anyone else received this email about Letter to Obama from Procter & Gamble executive?

President Obama sais he veto bill without controls on derivatives

John Cornyn, Mitch McConnell, GOP Stand By Their Wall St. Man

Panic on the CNBC aisle!

Another reason why the DNC sux. Where are those vids of Boehner telling Wall St. he'll protect them?

Labor Secretary Solis Goes After Massey for Pattern of Safety Violations

What are the chances we'll keep both houses?

POTUS on Wall Street Reform: “Every Member of Congress is Going to Have to Make a Decision” (VIDEO)

Dear Arianna Huffington, You Cannot Reason with Close-Minded, Bigoted, Regressive People

Palin launching '11 Presidential bid?

The Other 95%

DePue/Bureau County Democratic Club's Numbers on the deficit, job creation, recessions, ect.

(Michigan) Police: Man tortured 4-year-old to death for wetting his pants

What are republicans going to do about President Obama's directive to allow

Georgia labor chief leaning toward US Senate bid

Nassau Comptroller Eyeing Schumer Challenge

Coleman (hearts) Rybak

Sowers Outraises Emerson for Second Time

Nevada: Titus Widens Cash Edge Over Heck

The Stock Market's get-out-of-jail-free premium

What do the tea party, formaldehyde and David Vitter have in common?

Stimulus a boon in SC, where many didn't want it.

Crist doesn't rule out independent bid

Crist doesn't rule out independent bid

Richard Blumenthal for senate

"White House is preparing to go on offense against Mitch McConnell"

Reid Hits GOP With Goldman Charges

NC won't join health care lawsuit

With Thompson out, Leinenkugel sounds like a candidate

Don't Miss the Progress

Bachmann raised $810k in 1st Qtr.

Dept of HHS establishes new "Office of Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight."

The West Wing Open Obama

Clinton: Media, Politicians Shouldn’t Fuel ‘Hatriot’ Groups With Anti-Government Rhetoric...

Americans United Praises Federal Court Decision Striking Down National Day Of Prayer

National Consumer Law Center Hails Rule to Protect Seniors' Bank Accounts

Will the Iceland volcano cause a worldwide economic collapse? After 18 months of spewing ash we may

Buzz Blog: Florida Dem Senate candidate Kendrick Meek getting some good Beltway Buzz lately.

Sen. Boxer fundraiser with Obama sells out

FDR, Costigan-Wagner, and the Lynching of Reuben Stacey: Against Romanticized History

If the Tea Party movement isnt republican...

Imagine for one second if the 2003 anti-war protests had a 1/10 of the coverage Teabag rallies have

That Obama Is Such A Corporate Tool!

Obama Says He'll Veto Financial Reform Without Derivatives Controls

C.I.A. Document Details Destruction of Tapes

Another Twitter threat to Obama, Secret Service takes note

Paul Krugman on Mitch McConnell's 'shameless performance'

"They are not gangsters. They were elected. They are not doing anything they were not elected to do.

300 ex-Congress critters are among the hired guns who kill progressive reforms

Wow. This place never changes....

My short LTTE re Tea Partiers.

If republicans pick up 4 or 5 seats I look for Lieberman and Specter (if he wins) to switch to

CNN - Bill Clinton to be interviewed by Blitzer in a few minutes

Meg Whitman publishes campaign MAGAZINE

Ok, after my tea bagger talks yesterday I will admit....

Plumline: Chris Van Hollen ties Republicans to the SEC charges against Goldman Sachs

This is pretty special. President Obama called Janice Langbehn and apologized

Senate gop Has Votes To Block Financial Regulation Debate #$%@8%^

Romney Endorsing Rubio In Florida Senate Race

Obama orders hospital visit rights for gays, lesbians

We survived Bush. You’ll survive Obama.

I'm joining The Other 95%!

I'm joining The Other 95%!

News appears to be underplaying Goldman Fraud Charges - But didn't Tiger Woods & Massa!

Where Were the Tea Partiers WHEN...?

President Obama orders hospital visit rights for gays, lesbians

Kevin Zeese from on The Dylan Ratigan Show - Mining Regulation

Uncorporatizing the Constitution

Blanche Lincoln Got $1.3 Million from Wall Street

Ed Schultz Fired Up! Freedumb: Tea Partiers On Tax Day

Feminist Video Nominated for Webby Award: Buffy vs Edward

Donald Duck 1943 cartoon war propaganda on why people should pay taxes

Rahm Emanuel Comes To Your House

Showdown: Tea partiers vs the other 95%

The Other 95% - Counter Tea Party Rally in DC 04-15-10

First Lady Michelle Obama Speaks to Youth in Mexico City

Pres Obama Orders Same-Sex Couples Hospital Visitation Rights!

Terri Watkins Talks About New McVeigh Recordings

McVeigh's Chilling Words Detailed

Climate Crock of the Week/Debunking Lord Monckton, Part 2

Palin and her millions

Vomit Bomb Mitch McConnel

Papantonio: The Tea Party Clown Car

A Novel Approach regarding Texas Secession..

Brainwashed Member Of Palin's Cult Goes Into Hysterical Chanting Mode When USW Turn Up At Rally

Dem Rapid Response: Luntz Lead

UCC Ejector Seat Ad (United Church of Christ)

THIS is how you take the fight to Republicans in a campaign ad.

UBS whistleblower jailed longer than tax cheats he reported on

Rep. Hare Discusses West Virginia Mine Tragedy on MSNBC's "The Ed Show"

Glen Beck Confesses! by Old Fart Rants

Young Turks: Which US Schools Still Segregate Students?

Thom Hartmann vs. Tea Party Patriot Ryan Hecker

Victoria Jackson sings 'There's a Communist living in the White House' at a Tea Party rally

Thom Hartmann challenges Former GOP NY Governor George Pataki


West Wing Titles - Barack Obama, Year 2 (The Real West Wing)

Do Liberal Democrats Have A Chance Of Taking Over British Politics After Outright TV Debate Victory?

I'm A Teabagger For Jesus

TYT: Did Obama Cut Your Taxes?

Tea Party Idiots Exposed by the Boston Globe!

Maddow - Koch Ind. tries pre-emptive denial, busted for Tea Party instigation

Major US politicians hide their wealth offshore to avoid taxes

The Tea Party Strategy to Avoid All Taxes

America's Great Outdoors to focus on U.S. conservation.

Buck McKeon (R-CA) is Hiring!

The Nation: Black by Choice

The Supreme Court has a vacancy. The Federal Reserve has three. Anyone notice?

'Soul Of A Citizen' EXCERPT: 'From Drunken Party Girl To Climate Change Activist'

Republican Pinocchios: A Brief History of our Debt

Alfred W. McCoy: America and the Dictators; From Ngo Dinh Diem to Hamid Karzai

Toyota's trust-building begins with the truth

Obama warns GOP not to fight financial reform for Wall Street - WaPo

Mitch McConnell’s Lying Oily Smarmy Face Makes Me Downright Punchy

U.S. government accuses Goldman Sachs of fraud

How Immigration Reform Could Split the Right

Lawyer: Laptops took thousands of Images

Tea-baggers hold praise-serfdom rally. Swear fealty to Corporate over-lords

The Fire Next Time (Krugman Column)

"Tea Party" protesters descend on state's Capitols

David Sirota: Journalism's parasites

The Single Mother's Manifesto (by J.K. Rowling)

Solar energy production has enormous potential in southeastern Ontario

White House complains about CBS News blog post saying that possible Supreme Court nominee is gay

An Evening (Weekend) Wasted with Tom Lehrer April 16-18, 2010

What the whistleblower prosecution says about the Obama DOJ

Tea bagger sign: "We vote with bullets"..when you have no legitimate argument fall back on violence.

(Somewhat off-topic) Congress takes another stride toward public access to research

"Missing" Heat May Affect Future Climate Change

Debunking Climate Teabagger King Lord Christopher Monckton on Climate TV

UK Government puts £30 million into low-carbon transport

Public Spending Drives Robust Growth in U.S. Geothermal Industry, Report Says

Big coal gets frosty reception at Congress climate hearing

Atlantic plastic garbage patch found

Report: BMW hydrogen-electric hybrid drivetrain could see use in Mini lineup

Double post. Delete

Congress worked out health care. Is climate change next?

Egypt's first modern solar thermal large-scale facility is almost complete (Desertec reference proj)

Drumbeat: April 16, 2010

ODAC Newsletter - Apr 16

E.ON powers up one of the UK's largest offshore wind farms (180MW)

Oozing Chemical Pits, Abandoned Wells TX Landowners' Legacy - EPA Defers To State Environment Agency

SEIA 2009 Review Shows Solar Industry Grew In Spite of Recession

Russia shuts down last weapons-grade plutonium reactor

Volcanic Eruption in Iceland Unlikely to Have Global Effects, Says CU Scientist

Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs Rebound - Count Up 60% From 2009

Ocean salinities show an intensified water cycle

The Social Cost of Carbon - the most important number you’ve never heard of

Your New Car Is Made Of Old Carpet, Milk Jugs, and Ripped Jeans

A road paved with — hog manure

Lockheed To Deliver Surveillance Radar For UK Offshore Wind Farms

Natural Gas May Be Worse for the Planet than Coal

Bill Clinton says act now lest planet be ruined for grandchildren.

Report: March was Earth’s warmest on record

Accurately Estimating EV Efficiency for Consumers Proving Elusive

MIT analysis: wind farms will contribute to global warming, weather changes

NRC excuses Exelon for huge security failure (allowing terrorist access to their facilities)

The Future of Capitalism - Profits and Growth

Canadian Harp Seal Hunt Flops - Little Ice, One Buyer, Hardly Any Sealers Participated - SMH

Argonne Director: Battery electric vehicles not quite ready for prime time

The National Hockey League SUCKS!

Can Cantu keep streak alive?

Going to my first Sounders match tomorrow!

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, April 15)

What's going on here?

Unruly Phillies Fan Assaults, Vomits on Cop and His Family

Cleveland Browns talk to Rams about No. 1 pick

Let's do this, what's your favorite sport?

Yankees Fan Saves Choking Woman at the Game

Jays get Fred Lewis from San Fran...

Miami Dolphins trade Ted Ginn Jr. to 49ers for fifth-round pick

Cuba and Obama over drinks at Gloria Estefan's

Hillary Clinton implies Castros like embargo, Gloria Estefan misses opportunity for change in Cuba

Thousands show up for mortgage relief program in Miami Beach

Worker's Strike in Venezuela's Oil Industry

Venezuela's Economy in Further Slide, President's popularity drops

Brazilian Judge suspends Amazon dam project

Frank Calzon: No more `Open hand' -- Obama must get tough with Castros

Obama attends Estefans, Arsht Center (w/video)

Brazilian Judge suspends Amazon dam project

Support US miners locked out by Rio Tinto

Millions of workers are being misclassified by employers

Ah so finally started the actual research in a serious way

Today in Labor History Apr Employers lock out 25,000 New York City garment workers & more

Times Reports Shift in US Mideast Policy ( MJ Rosenberg)

A new coworker said the most amazing thing to me...

I just found out today that there is a facebook group dedicated to being against the GSA I advise

Bad Faith in the Holy City: How Israel’s Jerusalem Policy Imperils the Peace Process

Time to say goodbye

Israel seizes 4 water pumps in Jordan Valley

The United Church of Christ Releases New Gay-Inclusive Ads

Shalit family appeals to Hamas chief

Salon: Is the Star of David the new swastika?

Ya'alon No need ever to remove any settlements

Goldstone 'barred' from grandson's Bar Mitzvah

.Stirrings of less violent protest in Hamas-ruled Gaza

Elderly couple hold burglar at gunpoint (NO shots fired, police were called)

Self Delete - Duplicate of other thread.

Dog Shot, Man Killed In Atlanta

Veteran Machine Gun Amnesty Period Gets No Support From Washington Democrats

Court tosses CU (University of Colorado) gun ban

Gun sales continue despite the economy ...

What gun regulations would you pass? Here is your chance!

Should Open Carry of Guns Be the Law of the Land? (Poll at link)

'Weather' keeps doing it!

a thousand suns

I kind of want to change my entry

Icelandic Volcano’s Ash Plume as Seen From Space

Oldest Martian Meteorite Not as Old as Thought

Networked Networks Are Prone to Epic Failure

I have a question about how birds feed

Are We a Step Closer to a Viagra for Women?

Supervolcano: How humanity survived its darkest hour

Stalagmite reveals carbon footprint of early Native Americans

Researchers Find Electrical Current Stemming From Plants

Prehistoric Mummies Poisoned Arsenic-laced water may have killed off coastal peoples in Chile.

How do hybrids and electric vehicles blend regenerative and friction braking?

New quantum algorithm can solve monster-size equations

A Tale of Two Volcanoes

Are the Planet's Volcanoes Being Triggered by Global Warming?

Question about compass directions

Should I be concerned

Sending out a Special round of HUGS for JA

FREE CHATROOM minireadings...TODAY@ 5pm est/2pm pst

Has anyone here had a Life-Between-Lives regression?

April 2010 Prayer, Light, and Healing requests (part 2)

The United Church of Christ Releases New Gay-Inclusive Ads

Health insurers shifting costs ahead of law: report

Libel claimants get what they deserve. So do you.

Now pre-workout stretching is bad for you??

Check out the asking price on this dump.

UBS has “witnessed a Waterloo”

Yet Another Reason To Break Up The Big Banks

Text of SEC's complaint against Goldman Sachs

SEC Sues Goldman for Fraud


God helps those who help themselves.

Obama says would veto bill without derivatives curbs

The Only Way to Prevent Another Bailout

Goldman Sachs's New Palace Creates Princes, Serfs

Wall St. Corruption (80s - Present ) and Cold War strategy

JPMorgan gets paid to borrow $271 billion from the government

Great Article in Harper's about German Labor Market (aka Forget China. Pay attention to Germany)

Perchance to dream, perchance to write for young children

Adequate yearly diddily poop, part 4: let's do it right

Mississippi schools ordered to end racial imbalance

The Science of Making Up Stuff

Lois Weiner encourages teachers to fight back against neoliberalism and build a democratic union