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Archives: April 18, 2010

WikiLeaks: CIA Report Into Shoring Up Afghan War Support in Western Europe(3/11/10)

White supremacists stir up opposition on the Los Angeles City Hall lawn (two hurt)

Pot enthusiasts gather at California cannabis expo

IRS worker describes horror of Austin attack (CNN)

Supreme Court takes up religious group's rights (to discriminate against gay people) on campus

CNN has a documentary on Death and Taxes about

do you secretly try to recommend your own post?

National Day of Prayer Deemed Unconstitutional, but Obama Will Recognize it Anyway

Volcanic Ash Strands French Students In Mpls

Goldman CDO case could be tip of iceberg

Poll Reveals Most Americans Don't Know They Got a Tax Cut

Frank Rich:Welcome to Confederate History Month

Mom Leaves Toddler Behind After Robbery

Kenya flower industry hit by flight cancellations (BBC)

Looks like we here at DU can be just as bad as the Teabaggers.

Warning that air travel chaos will continue as eruption intensifies The Observer, Sunday 18 April 20

Government yet to pay racial bias settlement to black farmers (BBC)

Goldman Sachs finds $5bn for pay and bonuses amid fraud investigation

I just got polled by the DCCC for HI - 1st Cong. district Spec. Election

Tea party group offers refunds for Hannity no-show

Bwa-HAH!1 Ariana tweets a pic of Tweety at the CA state Dem convention

Bwa-HAH!1 Ariana tweets a pic of Tweety at the CA state Dem convention

Students Accused Of Trying To Bury Classmate Alive

Chicken found wandering around downtown San Francisco has a new home

Tracking the cancellations

Mets-Cardinals 1-1 going to the 20th

Limbaugh: Volcanic ash cloud is God’s punishment for health care

Let us know when you start seeing groups of dejected looking doctors sulking on park benches

Dutch airline KLM and German airline Lufthansa have carried out test flights to see if it is safe fo

Springboro Tea Party rally fizzles

..if you just sign here.. a few small details..and I'll have them bring your used car around to the

GOP Senate Candidates Fatten Bank Accounts

proud2BlibKansan appreciation thread...

Inmate Faces New Security Ahead Of Execution-state tries to avoid another suicide attempt

A stimulus money story

LBJ's younger daughter hospitalized

Did Sarah Palin speak at that white supremacist rally in LA?

On the Improvement of Overseas Education (about to be published in my Chinese city's newspaper)

Tea Party + Nazis = HATE (pic)

300 k dollars for overdue books........

Show Tune -- Bet Against the American Dream

Reporter discovers the baggers like the media attention ... to a point

A photo of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano from Reuters - with lightning

Tea Baggers Take Notice: Ronald Reagan Tripled the public Debt

Sunday Talk shows

2001- we were warned about the real danger

The Pubbies must be running without saying they're Pubbies!

Rep. Luis Gutierrez: Obama Must Act To Ease Arizona's Deportation Panic

I think it's time to start a weekly thread with America's

"The Magnetar Trade: How One Hedge Fund Helped Keep the Bubble Going" MUST READ On Derivatives

Marcy Winograd Challenges Jane Harman On Stage @ CDP

Russian Prince's digs crumble away

New Tech Sees Dead People

What if Mt. St. Helens was active for 200 yrs

The inherent problem with electronic games...

Media Matters: Did Glenn Beck just post a new ratings low for 2010?

George Pataki has gone teabag (On WJ)

God made the volcano erupt because the Health Care Reform bill

Rabies-Infected Feral Cats Attack Humans

Corp Front Group Funded By Coal Industry Scorns Widow Of Mine Disaster: ‘Everyone Wants Free Money'

Cookbook has 'salted and freshly ground black people' typo

Rant. 'Delays reported ACROSS THE GLOBE???'

Waxman Pitchman for Jane Harman

Warner: GOP, McConnell should bring 'specific suggestions' , the fund truly is a death panel

Sarah Palin feels forever

Sarah Palin feels forever

Why doesn't Hack Gregory ask Geithner if the President

A NYC plan to charge homeless people rent in the middle of a recession -- cruel, or just crazy?

Goldman Had 9 Months' Warning From SEC--Report

It's the 18th of April - will Teabaggers make a midnight ride tonight?

Marsha Blackburn

George Washington racks up late fees at NY library (220 years worth)

'Reich Mother’ bids for power

How Bubble Barons Protected Their Influence While the Economy Tanked

Octopus steals diver's video camera - while it's recording

How are those 2 new Republican governors doing?

Volcano's Eruption Beginning to Hurt Europe's Economy

Me Party - another 'Infiltrator' pic

$5- Colin, Zig Ziglar, Terry Bradshaw, Rudy, and.... "LIVE via satellite".... SARAH!!

Arizona to allow concealed weapons without permit

FRANK RICH: Steele has job security only because he is the sole black man in a white party hierarchy

NY senator (Schumer): 5 airlines say no charge for carry-ons

Obama Gladly Embraces Bush’s Anti-Terrorism Powers

cap the criminal...

Gov. Bob McDonnell is gunning for Big Bird. (cut all public radio-TV) oh and YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS

Invisible RFID Ink Safe For Cattle And People

The missed aspect of the separation of church and state

8 story high cocoon

Schieffer is thrilled, no, GIDDY over CBS's new hires: Sen Treasure Trail's dtr *&* Kathleen PARKER!

According to legend the only way to appease a volcano is......

General Electric got bailed out by American taxpayers (Hides Profits Overseas) -Pays ZERO Taxes!

Sen. Scott Brown, male Sarah Palin, empty suit spewing

Freepers Shift into high gear for their God.

Dog stayed with her master until the end

Solo rower across the Atlantic returns to Ohio-used 4 iPods, 300 chocolate bars, audiobooks

After Getting Bailed Out By American Taxpayers, General Electric Pays ZERO U.S. Taxes

Complaint in US Middle District of Alabama: Weatherly, Williams, Burkhalter vs ASU

For the masochists, Turd Blossom is on "My Show" in Denver right now.

Radiation fears lead to curb on CT scans - UK

using Blackwater (Xe) is the SAME as unleashing rabid religious fundamentalist mass murderers

Jeb Bush acolytes in FL legislature push constitutional amendment to abolish church-state separation

Chinese state holds parents hostage in sterilisation drive

"The French Revolution? What a bunch of pansies. Wait until you see the AMERICAN underground."

Barack Obama’s Final Solution For Health Care (cartoon)

"...half a Barbie doll, a tube of denture cement, a jockstrap and fake breasts..."

Nate Silver: Tea Party Bears Beck's Imprint

Karl Rove Slams Fox "News" Hosts For Bringing Up Anti-Rove Protesters

Do you think the volcanic cloud will affect America in the next few days?

Funny volcano tweet

An American shoe company produced “Allah” printed shoes

Tea drinkers against the "Tea Party"

Liberal Media Hoax

What's your favorite weird news this week?

My Position on the Foreclosure Crisis

Astroturf, and my reply

Pics of LA White Supremacy march and counterprotestors

pentagon sticks bloody nose into wind farm business

Greece as a Demonstration Project

Need some creative DUers to "mangle" some Pallin quotes


Attention all web nerds and designers... I have updated my Online Button Maker, check it out =)

Dark Lord Day is upon us again. Come join me for a day of Craft Brew Magic!

Why does Rasmussen tend to show more favorably for Republicans than other polls?

I Put Myself into a Tea Party Mindset and Came Up with This.

Criminal Enterprise: Goldman Sachs to pay $5 billion in bonuses

The Story of the Night Hannah Was Not "Officially" Raped

April 18, 2010: Today is the 4 year anniversary of Bush's "I'm the decider" quote

Top general says US withdrawal from Iraq on track

Ho-Chunk Tribe Selling Wisconsin Bison Herds-too expensive to raise and keep

Did the Jindal aides wearing imaginary Palin pins also have "B" scratched into their faces?

Is 'incorporation' a right or privilege?

Gang Violence Increases as Angry Haitians See Quake Aid Benefitting the Wealthy Elite

The Next Teabagger Event Should Be Aired Live And Hosted By These Guys

Where are we heading in regards to Iran?

Where are we heading in regards to Iran?

For anyone else is curious if this ash cloud will have an impact on the global climate

Cheapest Vacation Spots In Mexico?

Cheapest Vacation Spots In Mexico?

Despite oppressive new laws and thousands of deaths, Mexico is no closer to winning its war on drugs

Another $12 billion down the shithole....

Cornyn wants to hear my story? Really?

Russia flexes muscles in Western airspace

Protesting Girl’s Mom Charged with “Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor”

College students and others who need to annotate PDFs

Kathleen Parker: Due to rhetoric of right-wing pundits, "volatility could become explosive"

Kathleen Parker: Due to rhetoric of right-wing pundits, "volatility could become explosive"

Something besides ash to look for in the sky

Vatican's defense attorney specializes in sovereign immunity law, & immunity is the church's defense

How is the DC Voting Rights Act not completely unconstitutional?

I recieved a call from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

I recieved a call from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

Is Sarah Palin only relevant because of the whole MILF thing? Seriously, why is she relevant?

if something happened to the president

Germany and Britain may lauch probes into International Bankster Goldman Sachs

Gretchen Morgenson:This Bailout Is a Bargain? Think Again

Who is paying for the Tea Party rallies? You, me, and every other taxpayer in the US.

Why do these LOUD teenagers come to the library anyway?

Teabaggers all about violence

well, looks like my hun and I are incompatible. Next time I'll check for Progressive creds first.

New Balance sidesteps FTC ad rules

Current map of Volcano ash coverage (9 PM Saturday)

Help for the stupid: Which party in Great Britain is more progressive/liberal: Lib Dems or Labour?

Chinese fur farms skinning dogs, cats, raccoons, and other animals alive.

Chinese fur farms skinning dogs, cats, raccoons, and other animals alive.

Will the Comcast/NBC merger neuter MSNBC?

What Conservatives Mean When They Say "Libertarian" - Daily Kos

Gov. Rendell: Media blow Tea Parties out of proportion

Joe Klein calls out Fox, Beck and Hannity for rousing the Tea Party

Joe Klein calls out Fox, Beck and Hannity for rousing the Tea Party

It's been a while but now that Tax Season is over, I can finally post on my Blog...

Jail Time for Insurance Evaders? Yes, Said Fox News (nice summary)

Glen Beck promo on Fox - Jon Stewart's "Go F*** yourselves."

$3 Healing Device Speeds Up Wound Treatment

$3 Healing Device Speeds Up Wound Treatment

Anti-Gay Group Got $3M From Feds

The Empathic Civilization: The Race to Global Consciousness in a World in Crisis

Gang violence increases as angry Haitians see quake aid benefiting the wealthy elite

The tip of the iceberg

was Malthus right?

was Malthus right?

Bloomfield Nursing Home Loses Labor-Case Appeal

Bloomfield Nursing Home Loses Labor-Case Appeal

9th Circuit to become even more liberal


The Magnetar Trade: How One Hedge Fund Helped Keep the Bubble Going

Pope vows to protect kids, and punish abusers


World News Daily and Newsmax NOT a reliable news source for Rapture Ready Forums

A lot of silence about Charlie

Obama isn't a Citizen!!!!

Clinton: Rubin and Summers Gave Me Wrong Advice on Derivatives,

Clinton: Rubin and Summers Gave Me Wrong Advice on Derivatives,

About Those 47 Percent Who Pay “No Taxes

Why did Sen. McConnell take Sen. Cornyn with him to meet Wall St. execs??

Vostok, Antarctica

Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano is nothing to 'Angry Sister' Katla

Name One Nuclear Plant That the NRC Approved In Advance To Have PERMANENT Onsite Storage?

Kids reap what they sow in gardens growing at Stanislaus County schools

Is this the end of migration?

FBers! An absolutely excellent group to join!!!

Is violence acceptable as long as "bad" people are being targeted

Is violence acceptable as long as "bad" people are being targeted

Elena Kagan Is a Progressive on Executive Power

Republican Corker in a tough spot on financial reform

Just Curious - What Happened To Dick Cheney......

International Dark Lord Day is upon us again. Come join me for a day of Craft Brew Magic!

Col. John Eidsmoe and the Wisconsin Tea Party

Help Bill Halter defeat Blanche Lincholn by donating $4

Taser International feeds meth to sheep, then hits 'em with the Taser

Taser International feeds meth to sheep, then hits 'em with the Taser

"Freedom" and the contradiction of "Corporations" and "Free Enterprise"

Corporate Front Group Funded By Coal Industry Scorns Widow Of Mine Disaster

Iceland Volcano Erupts With Stunning Aurora Backdrop: (photo)

Colonists-vs.-Indians Game Rankles Tribes

Top 10 Men Who Were Really Women

NY Times: Arizona Goes Over the Edge (Immigration Legislation)

Local Mass. campaign says website targeted in anti-Semitic, racist CyberAttack

Local Mass. campaign says website targeted in anti-Semitic, racist CyberAttack

Local Mass. campaign says website targeted in anti-Semitic, racist CyberAttack

Limbaugh Lies About Big Branch Mine: No, Rush, It Wasn’t Union

Black Man To Tea Party: Welcome to My World

The Chris Mathews Show: Fox News and the 'Close To Seditious' Behavior of Beck and Palin (VIDEO)I

Press the meat: Marcia Blackburn is as dumb as Sarah Palin

Meet Tarryl Clark, folks. The anti-Bachmann!

Can Airplanes Progress To Fly Without Petroleum?

Startling National Enquirer headline: "Elizabeth Edwards given 6 months to live."

Boston Globe: France’s food fight

If President Obama states on Thursday that he is in favor of ending the whaling moratorium

Am I the only one who does not see a disaster in 80% of Europe's airspace closed?

A small town Georgia kid named Derrick went to prom last night

Silk brain implant could aid spinal injuries, epilepsy

Fortune 500 Shed Record 821,000 Jobs in 2009

CO2 Emissions: Planes v Volcano (Large graphic - dialup warning)

CO2 Emissions: Planes v Volcano (Large graphic - dialup warning)

Anyone on DU ever travel by Ocean Liner? I did as a child (Europe to US)

On the Ash cloud

On the Ash cloud

April 19th – Mobilizing Meeting with Jonathan Schell & Organizers (Nuclear Disarmament)

The recovery in your town: What are you actually seeing? (Not what the news and stats say)

The recovery in your town: What are you actually seeing? (Not what the news and stats say)

Best "Infiltrator" Signs Today

The most aggressive dog breed....

What in your opinion is fueling the TEA baggers' outrage?

If corporations are now persons, & the person knew it was selling fraudently

Thousands of dolphins block Somali pirates

Have You Seen This (Ash Cloud Progression) ???

The Debate About Spaceflight (Manned or Robotic) Vs. Poverty, Has ALWAYS Been A False Choice

An Open Letter to Anti-Abortion Organization who Portray Themselves Our Victims

Eyjafjallajokull volcano joke :D

Kulula Airlines.. BEST ever plane paint job

NYT Editorial: The Republicans "Are Doing Nothing More Than Shilling For The Banks"

You Want Conspiracy ??? - Driven to Destruction – The Streetcar Conspiracy - FDL

You Want Conspiracy ??? - Driven to Destruction – The Streetcar Conspiracy - FDL

You Want Conspiracy ??? - Driven to Destruction – The Streetcar Conspiracy - FDL

You Want Conspiracy ??? - Driven to Destruction – The Streetcar Conspiracy - FDL

You Want Conspiracy ??? - Driven to Destruction – The Streetcar Conspiracy - FDL

Now we know the truth. The financial meltdown wasn't a mistake – it was a con

I'd like to think that among the most amazing political moments

GOOD LORD! Look at the list of possible Pub candidates fir 2012!

Book mixing math and crochet wins UK 'odd' prize

Camouflaging a Christian Nationalist Worldview Behind a "Pro-Israel" Facade

Limbaugh: Volcanic ash cloud is God’s punishment for health care

"Rove lashes out -- at Fox & Friends hosts"

Some history of US leftist political violence. Evidently, some people believe theUS left

DU'ers that haven't watched Food Inc, be a good DU'er and please watch it.

New 'Jews for Sarah Palin' movement

Tea Baggers are 18% of the population.

Nooses and N-Words in East Texas

Ann Colter is dating JJ. From Good times? Mr. Dynomite. Is this true?

Just back from Kennedy with two stranded Brits.

america has always given female teachers a hard time

Blankenship's treatment of maid "reminiscent of slavery ... an affront to common decency".

You guys are wrong about manned space missions.

Liberal Socialist Guerilla Pinko Treehuggers of DU, What'cha reading these days?

Los Angeles white supremacist rally turns violent, 2 Nazis severely beaten

"What The Founding Fathers Really Thought About Corporations"...


Is the Best Antiwar Voice on TV Glenn Beck?

How insane are these folks: Miley Cyrus is the left's "perky little trojan horse"

Whistleblower: U.S. Politicians Kept Off-Shore Accounts With UBS

Is this a bill you could support? (Pregnant Women Support Act)

The Case Against Elena Kagan by Glenn Greenwald

Florida again attempts to let state government fund religious schools.

WikiLeaks Video - Vets Letter of Reconciliation & Responsibility

6 Myths About Poverty in America, Debunked

It's the Corporate Feudalism, Stupid

The executive order on abortion does not consider the health of a woman

Facebook Page Prays for Death of President Obama;

Same Tired Old Story: The Political Dynamics of the Tea Party Movement

Online Button Maker - update

I'm back...

do you secretly try to recommend your own post?

Anyone have experience with Ygnition internet service?

If Porter Ricks could post on DU, he'd tell every damn dolphin to leave the crime solving to him.

There is nothing wrong with your computer monitor.

do you secretly try to recommend your own post?

Just found out tonight that Phil, from "Deadliest Catch" ...

proud2BlibKansan appreciation thread...


Has anyone here tried



Everything is never quite enough - just a song

Anyone watching COACHELLA on the webcast?


Cook-book misprint costs Australian publishers dear (BBC)

Want to see some photo's of my work?

Sleeping Beauties...

"More Than a Feeling" - Charming doggy video promoting adoption;

420 theme tonight

The SNL Effect

Attention DU Techno Monkeys!!!

Great. 3 am & I'm wide awake

How can Pauly Shore be 42 and still look amazing???!!

I just can't read anymore Twilight.

proud2BlibKansan appreciation thread...

Chicken found wandering around downtown San Francisco has a new home

"The Bigger the Lie" -- The Republican Strategy & Joseph Goebbels

What movies about Mars will you watch today

All-Day or Three-Day Music Festivals.

OK. Once again, I'm confused. Help me sort this one out:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I think this photo says it all for tonight...

Preparing for the arrival of the Icelandic Death Cloud

I have one conservative friend..

So there was a 20 inning game AND a no-hitter in the same day...

How come...

I guess Hurley, Jack, Sawyer et al were unsuccessful

Anyone see this film "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" Is it worth seeing??

Whatever happened to 70's and 80's cock movies?

I'm new here, obviously, and I'd just like to say thank you.

Just did my taxes, and boy am I bitter.

Dances. Post them here. How many are they, anyway?

If Flipper could post on DU, he'd angrily correct everyone who called a dolphin a "fish."

You stay classy, Spencer Pratt ("Who elected you to gage cool - - B**CH!")

What Kind Of Unpowered Superhero Are You?

Stranded couple marry despite volcano!

Preserving photographs sans negatives

Cheapest Vacation Spots In Mexico?

If Father Time and Mother Earth had a baby, what would they name it?

How can Lucy be 3,200,066 and still look so amazing?

WOW! I just learned something today

How could I be 110 and still be such a fine-lookin hunka lady-killer?

Chick and Gal

Oh boy.

This question has been asked a million times

Only Geezers watch 60 Minutes.

Here's a strange question about cable companies...

I'm quitting while I'm behind.

How can a show that's screwy to begin with, be satirized?


Well, went out and did my civic duty this afternoon. My community service

WTF? Has nobody "Jumped the Shark" or been "Thrown Under the Bus" all frackin' Month?

How can the Mona Lisa be 500 and still look amazing?!!!

R.E.M.'s "Murmur" is an amazing album

How do I remove a stuck PCMCIA card in a laptop?

Woohoo - Ryan Phillippe knows where he is from...

I have to go help dig up a dead tree, in the rain

I appreciate that the Clash are such cat people, but WHY do they want us to rock the catbox?


How come my yellow lab can sense from across the house when I'm thinking of a walk but...

How can Keith Richards be 66 and still look amazing?

Bumper sticker I saw today: "My SUV..."

Would you want one of these?

Junkyard Dog

Interesting horse

well, looks like my hun and I are incompatible. Next time I'll check for Progressive creds first.

Dog stayed with her master until the end

Just a fun list . . .


Forget Weird Al. Forget Tom Lehrer.

Pony People!

Post a music video about or mentioning mountains.

Redneck Hoopty Revisited: The Hillbilly Express is now restored (8 pics)

Ted Nugent scratched by kitty next predicts "fever," plus a long run of crappy albums

Why do these LOUD teenagers come to the library anyway?

How can I get my cat to laugh?

A timely PSA: Buzz Aldrin on how to refute moon conspiracy theorists

Why, yes... yes it is.

How to cuddle with an elephant seal

Which of these is your favorite fish?

I'll tell you another thing that pisses me off about vegans and vegetarians:

Native American music

Which is your cell phone provider and are you happy with it?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Yearbook Photo Edition

So after a long search I finally GOT A JOB!!!

I'm glad I'm not flying anywhere!

Could I request some of those famous Lounge vibes I've heard so much about?


Name a movie that was almost as good or as good as the book...

Can someone explain the appeal of NASCAR to me?

Gates Says U.S. Lacks Policy to Curb Iran’s Nuclear Drive

For Goldman Sachs, a winning bet has a price

Pope: Church will protect young from abuse

Ecuadorean threat to oil giants

President LBJ's youngest daughter hospitalized.

UK Airspace Ban Extended To 1pm Sunday

Emerging powers call for reform of financial system

White supremacists' rally sparks violent clashes in Los Angeles

CA AG Brown Challenges GOP Rivals To Debate

School districts face more homeless students

UK may use navy to bring home stranded citizens

Microsoft's China suppliers get 2 wks to end illegal practices

Iceland volcano: Kenya's farmers losing $1.3m a day in flights chaos

Massey CEO's Pay Soared As Mine Concerns Grew

Independent team will review MSHA's record of W.Va. mine explosion

France extends airport closures to southern half of country

Shuttle's Descent May Be Visible Across U.S

Palin taken aback by Obama 'superpower' remark

Pope: Church will protect young from abuse

Gordon Brown and Angela Merkel attack Goldman Sachs (r'uh-r'oh)

GOP leader: Take bank reform back to drawing board

In Oklahoma City, a new anti-government wave

European airlines fly test planes despite volcano ash danger; pressure rises to end flight ban

Gates Says U.S. Lacks Policy to Curb Iran’s Nuclear Drive

Air France: We carried out succesful test flight

Parents of Children Killed in Pool Drain Accidents Outraged By Federal Agency's Rethink of Safety La

Laser strike on JFK-inbound jet

'Save the Ta-Tas' cancer-awareness T-shirts land Mona Shores High students in hot water

World opinion of US rises under Obama, BBC poll finds

Clinton: Rubin and Summers Gave Me Wrong Advice on Derivatives, and I Was Wrong To Take It

Brown says he would filibuster financial reform

AP Exclusive: Taliban say buildup under way

Iran calls US nukes tool of terror, intimidation

Party guest says Roethlisberger was drunk, groped her

CSM - "Tax day 101: How is the tax code changing under Obama?"


65 years later, New Yorkers recall FDR's funeral train

The Plum Line: Sarah Palin Mangles Obama’s Quotes To Paint Him As America-Hater

We need to have Democrats talk like the kid in Frazz

Men beating women in the name of religion

I'm watching Pataki on C-SPAN...

Bill Clinton: I was wrong to listen to Rubin and Summers' advice against regulating derivatives

the GAO reported that its first graduates were not trained on taking off and landing the Predator

Oh Sh*t! It's true! The volcano is Obama's fault!

stuff about our favorite corporate citizen, Murray Hill, over on Huffington Post...

What would happen if Obama nominated a liberal version of Thomas, Scalia, Alito or Roberts?

\"if something happened to the president\" “Sing hallelujah!”

Obama to sell financial overhaul to country

Graph On Job Creation By President and Party

Gibbs: White House proposed end to anonymous administration sourcing


"We ALL want a bill. But we want a BIPARTISAN bill-not a partisan bill like the healthcare bill

White Supremacist Rally Ends with Five Arrests Two Assaults(LA CA)

"Perhaps he should have chosen words with fewer syllables."

Clinton: Democrats to hold Senate, House 2010 .. From your lips to GOD'S ear Bill

Obama is Japan Attacking Pearl Harbor-Santorum at Tea Party

Barbour, advisers privately mull 2012 run

Pelosi: Two 'pillars' down, one more to go in passing Obama's 'blueprint'

"Evidence Mounts of Strong Recovery"

Republican vs Democratic contributions over the past 100 years

Weird question about Obama's passport in Parade Magazine today

Another hate filled group on Facebook praying for Obama's death

proud2BlibKansan appreciation thread...

The Iceland volcano has the possibility of making everything else on DU look small.

Limbaugh: Volcanic eruption in Iceland is God’s reaction to health care’s passage

Goldman Sachs set to pay £3.5bn in bonuses

Geithner says economy growing faster than expected

Sonoma County CA separates elderly gay couple and sells their home

'Do we have plans to invade the Middle East?' (6;13)

Congress Passes Porn Concealment Act - Protect Future Generations

Stonewall Uprising - Theatrical Trailer

Parents speak out in SF about teacher layoffs

Tom Goss and Matt Alber sing anti-DADT anthem, "This Is Who We Are," on the National Mall.

Rachel Maddow Maddow previews The McVeigh Tapes

Rachel Maddow After McVeigh, 15 years of hurt, healing

Lawrence O'Donnell on Countdown: Mad Tea Party

Will Phillips' Acceptance Speech at the 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York

Champaign IL Mayor Schweighart says Obama is not an American citizen

Liz Warren: Call Your Senators! NOW!

SNL No More

Kyrgyzstan's second "tulip revolution" Pt2

Rachel Maddow covers the nomination hearing of Goodwin Liu

CNBC: Jim Cramer Called Out - 'Most Previous Guests Public Relations for Goldman'

4th Anniversary

Honduran campesinos under the gun.

Credit where credit is due: TeaBaggers tell Neo-Nazi to leave

Brilliant protest against Mitch McConnell

Wikileaks' Editor Julian Assange Reviews "Collateral Murder" - A Valuable Addition To The Original

Teabaggers' Grand Poobah claims it's IMPOSSIBLE for Teabaggers to be malicious or racists. USA! USA!

Young Turks: Economist Simon Johnson Interviewed In-Studio by TYT

Mike Malloy: Facts & Statistics Which Prove The Teahadists' Motivation Must Be Racism

McCain on Iran: Never pull a gun on somebody unless you're willing to pull the trigger

McConnell Can't Answer Why Head Senate Republican Fundraiser was at Wall St. Meeting

McCain is now not running away from 'Maverick' but *is* adopting Hannity's catchphrase (2:30)

Mike Malloy - Ten Inconvenient Truths Teabaggers Don't Want To Hear

Limbaugh: Thank You Mr. President

Games of Medieval Islam

Glenn Beck Blames Obama's Smoking For European Ash Cloud

Feds: Militia leader told members be ready to kill

Taxes, Triggers, and Tea

18 April 2010: Sarah Palin and Her Supporters

What Conservatives Mean When They Say "Libertarian"

Of Mice And Men

Whose Side Are They On?

A Parable of the Taxpayer and the Commons

Goldman Sachs: At war with Washington

This volcano is about more than flights........

Moyers Journal: Will Financial Reform be Real - Simon Johnson & James Kwak

Simon Johnson: Wall Street's Stranglehold on Our Democracy Must Be Broken

Special provides chilling look at homegrown terrorist Tim McVeigh

Sons of Confederate Veterans Says They Were Fighting for the Same Things.......

Tea Parties Have Right Spirit, Wrong Target

Who Killed the Responsible Republican? Bill Kristol, of course.

Once again, the GOP opts for deceit as a short-term political tactic...

"Crocodile Tears on Wall Street,".......[.Bill Moyers]

Joe, why did you crap out on us? (Joe Bageant)

Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano is nothing to 'Angry Sister' Katla

GOP's battle cry of “no more bailouts” is disingenuous.- NYT editorial

Republicans say Hell with the Tea Party and Side with Wall Street Banksters

Radioactive Waste Near Skyline Mine 10 Times Over safety Level

US Geothermal Industry Grew 26% in 2009 (during the Great Recession)

Independent UK: Gore takes cash for water campaign from chemical firm

Pickens bails on wind; pushing "Natural Gas Act" through by greasing sponsor's palms

Argentina and Russia Sign 3rd Nuclear Power Development Agreement in 18 Months.

How Our Cell Phones Kill Gorillas

US Solar Sees 38% Growth in PV Capacity in 2009 (during the Great Recession)

Just a reminder: Leaking soot from biomass kills about 1.6 million people a year.

Interesting. Bill Gates funding traveling wave reactor.

Vermont Yankee says Cesium-137 is not a new leak (feel better now?)

Nuclear power: no solution to climate change

Maine EPA Wants to Remind You That Wood Smoke Is Carcinogenic.

New ICE engine design promises up to double the fuel efficiency 75 to 100 mpg. -(this not a joke)

Tritium leaks are contaminating groundwater at (at least) 6 nuclear plants

Just a reminder: The "famous" pebble bed modular reactor was ABANDONED this year

Ethiopia uses ethanol stoves to reduce deforestation, reduce air pollution AND IMPROVE HEALTH!

Mets-Cards 1-0 in the Bottom 19th

Habs 4, Caps 1 with 2 min left in the 2nd Period

The first no hitter in Rockies history! ! ! ! ! ! !

Mets-Cardinals 1-1 going to the 20th

The Pirates win a thriller (again) in the bottom of the ninth against the hated Reds.

VS back on DirecTV??

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, April 17)

Lincecum toys with hated Dodgers....Giants roll 9-0

Anybody watching the Lakers game? Kevin Durant just told Kobe: "No mas"

The Pirates complete a sweep of the hated Reds with a 5 run burst

The Tampa Bay Rays humiliate the inept Red Sox and sweep the series

A's beat hated Orioles in bottom of ninth

The JR Chess Report (April 18): Anand stranded in route to Sofia match

Bill Clinton: Haiti's future will be violent if international community doesn't stay involved

Sean Penn visited Cuban camp in Haiti

Mercenaries circling Haiti

Haiti: In Leogane, Venezuelan doctors go to the people

(Miami Hurled) The Mariel exodus: from trickle to tsunami

Aerial Images Of Mining Impacts On Dagua River, Cauca Basin, Colombia

Peru town copes with being devoured by mine

"Honduran campesinos under the gun", posted by Andronex

The War Against Cuba: New Budgets, Same Premise - José Pertierra

Colombian court strikes down health reform

The Black Roots of Salsa. A documentary film.

Haiti after the quake - Imperialism with a human face

Cuba Clamps Down on 'Ladies In White' Protest

Brazil's Serra widens lead in October race-poll

Peru town copes with being devoured by mine

Why is Bush's Sec. of War, Gates, mucking around in US/Colombia trade bidness?

Elian Gonzalez raid: 10 years later (w/slide show)

Building Bridges: Massey Energy Company Flaunts Power, Evades Regulation and Miners Die

Ga. labor commissioner considers US Senate run

Orem firm pays $500,000 in child labor penalties (1,482 minors ranging from 13 to 15 years old)

Labor secretary stresses worker safety

Transport Workers Union to American Airlines: 'Stop corporate greed'

Unpaid Internships could become extinct if Obama Administration and Labor Department have their way

OSHA calls for fine in death

Complaint Filed Against Porn Agents

AA union stepping up protests of exec wages

Are union mines safer? W.Va. tragedy at nonunion site rekindles debate

U.S., Canada Workers Rally for Locked-Out California Borax Miners

Oregon High Court: Employer Free to Fire Medical Marijuana User

Three years after mine tragedy, lawsuit filed (Tri-Star Mining Inc. in Barton)

Another Serious Refinery Fire Prompts USW to Renew Call for Better Process Safety

USW say Sears Canada has locked out 500 warehouse staff over dispute

Cintas settles wrongful death case 4 days before it was to go to trial

West Virginia: First Suit in Mine Deaths

Today in Labor History Apr 18 West Virginia coal miners strike, defend selves against National Guard

Judge overturns Arkansas adoption ban

T.E.A.B.A.G.G.E.R = Totally Enraged About Blacks And Gays Getting Equal Rights

Sonoma County CA separates elderly gay couple and sells their home

Mike Huckabee is an ignorant C@#!

Suppressing book bolsters settlers

Swastikas, Palestinian flag sprayed on Jaffa buildings

An immaculate conception?

Economic settlers eager to head home

Obama has potential of being known as president who betrayed Jews

IDF using bereavement as fig leaf for settlers

Israel's manufactured outrage over a presidential palace

Israel warns Syria over Hezbollah attacks

UK Bans Western Wall from Israel Tourism Ads

The NRA sits on sidelines of gun fight with feds

Even more Chicago shootings ...

The steady gains of Gun Rights, is accelerating into a rout ...

Gun Ban Activists Picket Denver Starbucks

Arizona to allow concealed weapons without permit


lichen on cedar

I stumbled across this naked young lady on the beach today,

Ducks don't perch on wires, do they?

House being demolished

Too much time on my hands (or hand) today

Cactus Thorns

Went on a photo spree today

Why the sky was red in Munch's 'The Scream'

New Tech Sees Dead People

Quantum Leaps In Consciousness

Your Laptop Could Detect The Next Earthquake

lildreamer - are you ok?

Shape within Aurora Mystery

Earthquake Frequency: Is it on the Rise?

I'll be holding the next free chatroom @ on Monday 4.19.2010@ 6pm EST

funny conversation at the garage yesterday morning


Wish me luck, found a job that I REALLY REALLY WANT

Woman shot in face while driving

California Atheist Wins Freedom From Prison & Christian Oppression

Rate your favorite TV evangelist!

Pope Cries & Says He's Sorry & Yada, Yada, Yada.....

Pope falls asleep during mass....Classic!

Hey Jewish DU'ers - can you sue this guy?

CT bishops fighting bill that would repeal statute of limitations on child sex crimes

Men beating women in the name of religion

“Big bill for pills not warranted” LTTE Montgomery Advertiser, AL

Goldman update: Connecticut AG wants to file criminal charges (maybe NY, too)

What is going to happen - and can we change it?

Food for Thought: A Graphical Peek at Income Inequality in the United States

You won't believe this, but - Merrill Lynch Accused of Same Fraud as Goldman

High-Frequency Trading as High-Tech Robbery

Now we know the truth. The financial meltdown wasn't a mistake – it was a con

Cosmic Symphony: A Deeper Look at Quantum Consciousness

Education Law Should Give Teachers Tools, Time and Trust

Judge halts Bobb's plans for DPS

Dean's words from 2003 on education are quite different than now.

California's university system: What went wrong? (in-depth San Jose Mercury News report)