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Archives: April 19, 2010

Even as the Tea Party weeds out overt super-racists, thousands of coded language racists remain.

WSJ: AFL-CIO Slams Bankers' Pay On New Web Site

Health Care Reform bill energizes anti-choice activists to prohibit abortions

Manpower survey says employees will look for new jobs when economy rebounds

FoxPAC -- Fox News hosts and contributors raise big bucks for GOP

The Kennedy/Johnson push into space was in part the result of mental illness

Question on taxes

Anti-gay marriage and anti-spelling......

Canadian Mounties Destroy Defective Tasers!

Canadian Mounties Destroy Defective Tasers!

A POLL : What Are Tea-Baggers ?

Did you know that Arianna Huffington wrote a book that was turned into a movie?

The Birfers think they've hit the jackpot.

Is it time for a moratorium and national review of police intimidation vs 'liberal' protesters?

Who Will Vote to Tax Cannabis in 2010?

Teabaggers: One Inconvenient Truth that makes you look stupid

On Ameican Exceptionalism

Jeffrey Lena: California lawyer is voice of Vatican, Pope Benedict in U.S. court

Conservatives Want to Go Back to the Golden Age of the 1880s

Legislation proposed to ban box-office futures

Holy Crap! I just found more proof that Obama is a Muslin!11!1!1!

LA Times - "Fox News yanks Sean Hannity from Cincinnati Tea Party rally he was set to star in"

Volcanic ash cloud approaching Canada

In the A.M. I have to ship this ebay item to someoneone with the last name of a known terrorist.

Toyota to recall 870,000 Sienna minivans for rusty spare-tire cables

Will Obama rise to the occasion??

PICTURES: Finnish F-18 engine check reveals effects of volcanic dust

One other thing about the CDP Convention...

One other thing about the CDP Convention...

Wall Street Execs Give McConnell and Cornyn Earful on Financial Reform

Goldman Sachs May Face U.K., German Inquiries After Fraud Suit

You guys are wrong about publicly funded art.

"Corporations don't pay taxes, people do", Marcia Blackburn (R) Tenn. How to decrease our taxes, yet

An inspirational quote...

BFD! Toyota fined. Check this email I just received.

Don't grab the Buddha by the head.

Davis calls penalty on himself, gives up shot at first PGA win

Can the repigs take control of Congress?

Should child sex crimes have a statute of limitations?

Would a heavy reimportation tax discourage offshoring?

Scientific American approves of Obama's decision making technique.

"My toilet flushed 4x for no reason...could 4/4/10 be the date of our Rapture?"

Top general says withdrawal from Iraq on track

LCS 2 design could become fleet standard

Millions stolen from Iraq rebuilding

Volcano will probably not effect climate, unless...

AP Exclusive: Taliban say buildup under way

Navy looks for answers after Seebee dies from malaria (caught in Africa)

Warnings about Camp Lejeune's tainted water unheeded for years

Warnings about Camp Lejeune's tainted water unheeded for years

Poll: Americans' distrust of federal government is deepening

nevermind...alfredo beat me to it!

Stand by, Newfoundland .......

Happy Patriots Day Everyone

Cindy Jacobs, the "faith healer" at the Teamugger rally, is allied with the anti-Gay work in Uganda

Sarah, I'll take hopey-changey over your 'paranoia may destroy ya' any F'n day.

V. A. T.

VA laboring under surge of wounded veterans

Tip of the Hat to the Joyce Meyer Ministries (Can't believe I wrote that)

Where have I heard the talk of a "socialist government" taking away citizens guns and rights before

Do you support personed space flight?

Costs soar for compensating veterans with mental disorders

Paul Krugman: Looters in Loafers

Scott Brown: Republican Rock Star

Florida jobless rate inches up to 12.3%

I just had a flashing MAIL on my DU page

4/19 - All Americans should remember.....(graphic)

Bill Cunningham: "In 2003, most people, including Democrats, believed Barack Hussein Obama had WMDs"

Did Kieth O's twitter account get hack

Did Kieth O's twitter account get hack

President Clinton: I Was Wrong To Listen To Rubin and Summers On Derivatives

Massey CEO's Pay Soared ($17.8M last year) As Mine Concerns Grew

Tea Partiers Protect Wall Street - By Bill Moyers

dear m$nbc, show the fucking 'mcveigh tapes' and get the promos off my teevee

Mayor Bloomberg: regulating financial services across state lines is BAD...

Anybody here actually watched that creationist puff piece "Expelled"? I need something.

Shuttle landing to be viewable by many in U.S. on Monday morning

Anyone from Oslo?

53% of Tea Party: "Would NOT Even Consider Voting For Palin"

Your Laptop Could Detect The Next Earthquake

Your Laptop Could Detect The Next Earthquake

Who is this total flake Jason Mattera on Cspan right now?

So I held my nose and went to the WH today....

Volcano Ash Cloud's Jet Damage: NATO F-16 Fighter Jets Suffer Engine Damage

4 Positive economic indicators that show an improving economy

DFA Training with Howard Dean (pictures)

DFA Training with Howard Dean (pictures)

Rumble with the Banksters

Be careful out there today.

Okla. Bombing Victims' Children Build New Lives

Freeper sees Sarah Palin as numerogical "Song Of Bernadete"

My daughter loves Ireland

A little reassurance in these trying times...

A little reassurance in these trying times...

Rep. Frank: Goldman charges improve chances for reg reform

Offensive Tea Party sign of the day...

I was in Germany on the day of the OKC bombing

Why am I seeing google ads on my DU? Am donor, and have them disabled in preferences

Why am I seeing google ads on my DU? Am donor, and have them disabled in preferences

An online tribute to the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing

Florida Democrats feel specter of former Gov. Jeb Bush

Recently killed Abu Ayyub al-Masri has an interesting background

For what one Christian's opinion is worth...

Do we have any DUers on the ground for the two gun rallies today?

Iraq prime minister says Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, the Abe Vigoda of al-Qaida, is REALLY dead this time

Gee, I guess the issue against Goldman is all political, at least that is what one would believe

If you're going to get stranded by a volcano.......

Interesting tidbit about MSNBC's "McVeigh Tapes" -- they aren't real!

meet an honest chicago alderman- joe moore debuts on huffington post



Let's have a Tea Party!

OhJoy, OhJoy, Kelsey GRAMMER's video launching Wingnut "RightNetwork" (Comcast)

oopsie DUpsie

Today is NOT Timothy McVeigh Day. It is the anniversary of The Battles of Lexington and Concord.

What is with the Republicans' obsession

Germany lets Lufthansa fly 15,000 back home

Welcome To Main Street: Truly The Most Depressing Commercial Real Estate Project We've Ever Seen

I'm not sure if this means anything to anyone else, but

Pope Benedict recently watched "Something About Mary."

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Poll: Majority lacks trust in government

Breaking Toyota will pay a fine for their sticky pedals

Breaking Toyota will pay a fine for their sticky pedals

Breaking Toyota will pay a fine for their sticky pedals

Breaking Toyota will pay a fine for their sticky pedals

Sonoma County CA separates elderly gay couple and sells all of their worldly possessions

Three Credit Card Rewards Programs Worth Checking Out

Why Do You Think that 'Hard Hitting Journalism' has Died in the US?...

Obama Wall Street Speech Set, President Will 'Go Big' On Reform

Ahhhh. . The 1880's - a Libertarian paradise?

My favorite new freeperism: "Wool in sheep clothing"


LTTE, Need help with a slogan

Rick Steves is stuck in Venice Italy

I haven't quite figured out yet, does the poor economy fuel the wars or is it the other way around?

The Democrats Go For It All On Financial Reform

A great visual representation of the current recession:

The DeNiro Film: "The Dark Fields" is being shot right outside

This thread will serve as a DU tribute to Hillary Clinton.

Monday Toons, Part 2

Monday Toons, Part 2

I didn't know teabaggers were into

Dear Lurking Tea Party Patriots: How to Travel to The Perfect Tea Party Paradise

get revenue

Will all the Global Climate Change Deniers, all become Heckla's?

Monday Toons, Part 1

NH gubernatorial candidate Jack Kimball compares paying taxes to being raped

Bush Greatness in spades

Con Artist Newt Gingrich raises $2.7 million in the first three months of the year

The right network???

Toxic cloud caused by Tea Partiers, not volcano

Tom Tancredo says we should send Obama back to his "homeland" of Kenya

A Question: Do you think Goldman Sachs execs profited from John Paulson's...

Image of Helka Erupting

I'm away from the TV - have any freepers blown any shit up or got someone killed yet today?

Some guy just had the crowd in DC take the Oath Keepers oath.

If someone said to me, ‘What is your product, earthling?’ I would say peace.”

Response to a Conservative's accusation of Tea bagger infiltration on the left

We have little to fear but ignorance

Breaking: Second Icelandic volcano Hekla has begun erupting

Airlines erupt in anger over volcanic ash crisis

Simple Concise

The Founding Fathers

Jenna Bush to Bill Clinton: "In fact, they joke that you're my grandfather's stepson."

Would the invention of an Artificial Womb make the Abortion debate moot ?

Why are people so offended by a National Prayer Day?

Question regarding a "well-regulated militia" and the security of a free state:

Gun Toter rally LIVE>>>link

My goodness, the second Icelandic volcano has started erupting

Will Ireland start blocking access to sites?

Reopening of British airspace to begin tomorrow

How many times now has it been reported that al masri has been killed?

How many times now has it been reported that al masri has been killed?

The Rude Pundit - People With Nothing Better to Do Descend on Virginia and DC

OK - my response to a teabagging cracker colleague of mine:

Secret prison revealed in Baghdad

Witness: To Appear Important, Ex-FL GOP Chair Had Blank Notes Brought To Him In Meetings

A misprint in Australia, a cheering cry for teabaggers?

Apparently 4 out of 5 don't trust the government - what are the stats on trusting the media?

Wisconsin legislator pleads no contest in drunken driving case

Brief Meditative Exercise Helps Cognition

Brief Meditative Exercise Helps Cognition

Sen. Levin: There Is ‘Another Big Shoe to Drop on Goldman’

Have you seen what calories & fat some restaurant *salads* have? Crazy.

Has there been any reporting on the people of Iceland? I keep

From now until Earth Day---Earth Day is coming this Thursday---

Orin won't Hatch

Second volcano erupts in Iceland, all of Europe facepalms

The 10 Tackiest Things Only the Superrich Can Afford

I had my first discussion with a teabagger type saturday

How To Protect Yourself From The Coming Interest Rate Rise

From scaring seniors to scaring homeowners...

Anybody have any information on & teabagger Van Irion?

did they dump shuster for donnie douche?

FL Gov race tightening.. McCollum: 40% Sink 36% (Quinnipiac)..

CNN posts "Stop Hating Teabaggers" article as top story - send them your love!

Obama-signed law will let militia pack heat at rally

Do tea baggers know what teabagging means?

"Liberials Are Stealing My Liberty"

I have an Oathkeeper pal


"Majority don't trust government"

Anybody have any information on

Wow, just got notice from the IRS that they didn't accept our filing.

George Washington racks up late fees at NY library

Another homeless person beaten to death.

Families want accountability for Afghan battles

VA underpaying on GI Bill living stipends

How would these people feel if it were Blacks or Muslims protesting armed

So who turned MSNBC over to Donny Deutsch?

Just a coincidence - Miles (?) and Shuster

Sarah Palin, deep thinker

Tossed salads, scrambled eggs, and Dr. Frasier Crane starring as Rupert Murdoch

toyota has recalled more than nine million vehicles since november

SEC Dems voted in favor of suing Goldman Sachs, Republicans against it

President Obama to "Go Big" on financial reform...

Comcast Says They are NOT a Partner in RightNetwork

Don't you just hate it when mother nature interfers with Business & Industry? What a commie bitch!

UN Report: More people in India have access to a mobile phone than a toilet

Pot smoking legal for thousands at Cow Palace (San Francisco)

Walter Reed Army Medical Center - Home of Warrior Care

Why did Pelosi not want to impeach Bush? Why was she so adamant that


Anyone know what Obama's schedule is this weekend?

Fighting Crazy With Silly, What A Real Grassroots Pushback Looks Like

I'd love to do a THROWDOWN with a TeaBag leader over the use of the Gadsden Flag.

The Oregonian: Leaving NW uncovered to protect VP Cheney

Onward Christian Soldiers .........

Katla & Hekla Webcams and Katla Tremor Graph (Icelandic Volcanos)

Habitat's Women Build starts construction in Foley

The gun debate is growing

Marijuana growers in Colorado Springs.

Crist to Rubio (again): Release those tax returns (Thrasher protecting Rubio)

There isn't one thing the GOP has touched that hasn't turn right into shit!

Millions Of Dollars Donated To Reduce The National Debt

Randi Rhodes

EU to resume limited air traffic

SCOTUS oral argument transcript posted on case - school v. group that discriminates against gays

First Florida, now Colorado. Obama's RTTT is pissing teachers off across the nation.

Facing fiscal 2011, states prepare to cut again

IRS Promoting Tax Credits in New Health Care Law

TAKE THAT, HATERS!: Ark. to allow non-married couples to foster, adopt

SEC Seeks Records of GE’s Disclosures in Financial Crisis

Leaked: The media's formula for deciding whether a protest is representative of how Americans feel

Masses stranded in Europe, no assistance or recognition from ANY US AGENCY.

Most Tea partiers don't care if they get taxed less w/ Obama...

Icelandic (C)ash approaching UK

Vatican-skewering Flash game: "Grand Theft Paedo: Vatican City"

Vatican-skewering Flash game: "Grand Theft Paedo: Vatican City"

I doubt that too many of the Tea Baggers are overtly racist, but...

Waiting Room

No religion will ever judge this gay cat ever again.

A few thoughts about the racism in the tea party movement

Gun nuts' Muster on the Potomac is reminiscent of Bush boy's 'landslides' of 2000 and 2004

I get really nervous when the light turns red and a Toyota is behind me

I get really nervous when the light turns red and a Toyota is behind me

Lucy Sets Ball, Invites Charlie Brown To Kick!

Iranian cleric blames women's immodest dress, promiscuity for earthquakes, urges repentance

It may be true that adverts are not supposed to lie, but really

What do you think of money?

What the hell happened to Ed Shultz?

Should airlines be "bailed out" for volcano-related losses?

Monday Toons, Part 4

Updated: Reports of second volcano eruption in Iceland inaccurate

A seriously stupid quote about right-wing extremists

Cloture motion happening now in the Senate on nominee, more to follow!

Hutaree tape: 'A war of this magnitude will not be easy'

I never would think of curling as exciting.... until I saw Cheryl Bernard.

So I saw the LaRouchites at the California Democratic Convention...

So, I listened to the RW radio today

Protest planned for Massey Energy stockholders meeting.

If you missed Tweety earlier, please tune in

B of A and Wells Fargo paying NO taxes this year

I've Been Stoned, And This Teabagger Lady On The Ed Show Looks WAAAASTED.

Nutcase in LVRJ (editorial) says women should not have right to vote

Merkel takes the bus home from Italy

Pro-gun rally near Washington Monument (Patriots' Day) - pics

Sigh. The Two State Solution looks better all the time.

Gibbs: Media cover "food fight" between Obama and right-wing talkers but don't fact-check

Iceland Finds Economic Cure

Educational testing companies paid Thrasher's former lobbying firm(Jeb Bush ally who sponsored SB6)

Anita Bryant Redux

Obama to deliver miners' eulogy

Charlie Crist is going to fugg up Rubio

Massey mine question re: fines/sanctions

'Restore the Constitution' Rally in Arlington, VA - pics

Kansas Man Who Flipped Off Cop Gets $4,000

Questions for people who were old enough to remember the civil rights movement

Questions for people who were old enough to remember the civil rights movement

Sarah Palin is America's new Illiterate Idol

If they are not "racist," could they swear in court they NEVER used the "N" word?


Catholic Church ostracizing nuns who supported Health Care Reform

If corporations are people why the hell isn't Goldman in jail??

Fundies: Jim Wallis is a bad Christian

Kansas Gubernatorial Candidate Arrested at tea party event

Ending Wars: The Flexible Waiverable Timetable Approach


Teabaggers Hate Being Called Racist

The leader of the DC Mall gunbaggers is on the Ed Show to tell us why they are afraid of Obama.

less big gov? NO! more Big Corporate, likeToyota, Bank of A, Goldman Sex,

Tea Party speaker gay-baits Lindsey Graham

Village of Wasilla.......

Can Someone get this to Rachel or Keith?

Another example of the government not being able to do anything right...

Glenn Greenwald makes the case for Diane Wood as SC judge

Mother Jones: How Immigration Reform Could Split the Right

Mother Jones: How Immigration Reform Could Split the Right

Once branded a coward, he fights for PTSD victims

Just got back from the Democratic State Convention in California....

I'm a Liberal

Caption time!

In Safety Study, Sheep on Meth Are Shocked With Tasers.

This "totalitarian" government did not put any Tea Baggers into "Free Speech Zones"

Harley D. Brown for Congress website (insane racist pig)

Too big to exist: Six banks hold assets in excess of 63% of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product

All 41 Repubs sign letter to oppose financial reform.

Clowns kicked KKK Asses

Clowns kicked KKK Asses

Monday Toons, Part 3

SCOTUS splits sharply on campus Christian argument

The Iceland Volcano

BWAHAHAHA: Michele Bachman Claims Bill Clinton Is Trying To " TAKE HER OUT "

No wonder she couldn't name a founding father..

I'm getting a lot pissed that Obama has not rolled back the tax cuts for the wealthy

McConnell explains Wall Street meeting with Cornyn

Perry: Anyone Who’s Not A ‘Rank Political Hack’ Realizes That Bush Was A ‘Very, Very Good President’

Al Gore Takes Cash for Water Campaign from Chemical Firm

Paddling in school: What I witnessed when I was a student.

In the U.S. Catholic church, if there's a battle between the nuns and the bishops,

In the U.S. Catholic church, if there's a battle between the nuns and the bishops,

If 'they' came to get your guns & bibles, which would you give up first?

My new favorite bumper sticker

How are you spending Timothy McVeigh Day?

Tour Detroit's Destruction

Want to see what ash does to a jet engine?

Dear best friend of almost 50 years (health care vs illegal immigrants)

Here's a few everyday restaurant menu items way worse than KFC's Double Down

"Democratic" governor attends Tea Party

Saturday, May 8: Help Letter Carriers ‘Stamp Out Hunger’

Obama DoJ indicts important NSA whistleblower on 10 felonies...

Why do TeaPartiers side with CORRUPT MineOwners, BIG insurance, and BIG banks over the little guy

Secondhand smoke linked to common nasal and sinus condition

Noam Chomsky: “I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime"

toYOYOta is now including 24 months of 'free' maintenance on all new toYOYOtas sold

Question about "Well regulated militias"

The Icelandic Volcano: The Absolute Correct Pronunciation

An Open Letter to the Iraqi People, From Soldiers in the Unit Depicted in the WikiLeaks Video

Harry Reid threatens all night sessions on judicial nominees

caption this Dick Armey pic..

Afghan hash at an all-time high

Tancredo: Send Obama 'back' to Kenya

How often do colleges pull this stunt:

The teaparty people aren't the only ones with funny signs

All the rage - Where all this right-wing paranoia is heading - By Tom Tomorrow

Transforming Hawaii: As goes Uganda, so goes Hawaii ?

Newsweek: The Texas Curriculum Massacre

WaPo: Airlines, European officials urge end to flight restrictions

Pew Poll:Republicans experiencing the lowest public trust levels of any party in the last 50 years

Fifteen straight years of no net job growth?

Have you ever gone around the streets of Paris at Google Earth Street level?

Timothy McVeigh's IQ was..........

World warming to US under Obama, BBC poll suggests

Can we live too long?

Morons With Signs.....Repetez en anglais, s'il vous plait?

Palin: Founding Fathers Wouldn’t Agree With Separation Of Church And State

Palin: Founding Fathers Wouldn’t Agree With Separation Of Church And State

If George W Bush had left Barack Obama a $260 billion dollar surplus...

Please sign the Greenpeace petition

•••• How do you pronounce the *%$#&*ing volcano? (And what's the economic & political impact?) ••••

Bill Clinton: It would be better if he appointed somebody younger

Couple Bush Lies?

Mailman unwelcome at tea party

Incredible lightning at Icelandic volcano

Do you own a "smart phone"?

UK Election: For the 1st time in 104 years the Liberal Democrats are leading Labour & Conservatives

UK Election: For the 1st time in 104 years the Liberal Democrats are leading Labour & Conservatives

Obama to Nominate Jesus Christ to Supreme Court..

Kucinich: Obama’s drone attacks in Pakistan ‘inspire radicalism

The gun-carry rally is HUGH!!

Katie Kieffer Cries Theft After Being Punked by Tea Party Prankster Robert Erickson

I am Anti-War

For 8 years I attended over 20 massive protests in DC & NYC

TEA BAGGER OLYMPICS? What kind of events should be at a TB Olympics?

baby girl dies after being left in car overnight

Celebrities I once liked, then found out how disgustingly right wing they were

Child poverty skyrockets in Colorado

A case for free school food

A little heads up for the Teabagger/Militia folks from one who once packed heat for Uncle Sam.

Send your good vibes for my niece, who may not live to see the sunrise

Smoothie Suggestions

William Katt

Prom-Goers Watch Repo Man Drive Away in Their Limo


The faithful dog post inspired me. Read about Voytek the Soldier Bear!

Katt Williams

It's not nice to fuck with Mother Nature

Repeat picture. 1930s craftmanship.

Some of our dearly departed Freepturd visitors, gleaned from my 'friends' list, so sad

Some of our dearly departed Freepturd visitors, gleaned from my 'friends' list, so sad

LOST Series Finale Pool - Give your predictions on how it all ends

I'm selling a futon on CraigsList. Ask me anything!

Kat Von D

btw... if you are wondering why the GD people are ending up in the lounge

A column of minutemen just marched by my house/Happy Patriots Day

"Toking" with Lawrence Welk

Fuck you, quinoa!

Don't grab the Buddha by the head.

"I am an American conservative shitheel"

GAH! I'm Trapped!

cats and lasers

Offensive Tea Party sign of the day...

11:59 PM ,April 18th--the midnight ride of Paul Revere and The Raiders

Don't know who this "Ignored" guy or gal is, but they really enjoy replying to my threads!

'Cause we're all gonna die. Kiss your ass goodbye.

So my Gmail got jacked this weekend

Jesus Raptor (Don't know what else to say but I love this

LOST LOL-style

Could this be a reason to ban immigration by Gypsies?

He isn't who he says he is...I demand answers..

BREAKING-white mob chasing black men through Boston area streets

Thousands of dolphins block Somali pirates

Another sign for the ages

Who is Salt? Angelina Jolie 7/23

Dear Whoever You Are...

Christina Aguilera has a new version of 'Beautiful' out~

Fox on Sex: Vajazzling: Do You Dare to Decorate 'Down There?'

Dammit Darwin: Idiot Sits On Exploding Airbag

The Dancing Plague

Time to play I SHIT YOU NOT.

You know who's responsible for that volcano?

Given Toyota's recent Lexus SUV recall for potential rollover problems

"My toilet flushed 4x for no reason...could 4/4/10 be the date of our Rapture?"

If I wanted your opinion, I'd beat it out of you.

Your favorite bumper sticker?

If you had a friend visiting from another country and wanted to serve her something Californian

Paul Giamatti as John Adams? Your Opinion Requested.

They're TEA BAGGERS. Not the Tea Party.

My daughter loves Ireland

Monday Michiru

I flipped over to the CMA awards- I think I now have a relationship with Carrie Underwood

Loud Neighbors next door...what to do?

Holy SHIT! Midlo is on Wheel of Fortune. She was talking about Bunco Night

Who's going to buy "Avatar" on Thursday?

How can the Universe be 13,730,000,000 and still look amazing?!!!

Legend about cats I'd never heard before, in Rita Mae Brown's book CAT OF THE CENTURY:

Whose voice is that on the public address system on M*A*S*H?

Mother Nature Abides: Przewalski's Wild Horses at Chernobyl

Today's travelogue - Kodiak, Alaska

The Iceland Volcano like you have never seen it before..

Sharon Osbourne to give breast implants to Ozzy

people who died the year you were born

The unwritten rules of videogaming...

So for a second date...

I think they stopped making the deodorant I like

How can I look so old when everyone else looks so amazing?

Is $500,000 In credit card debt a lot? Because that's what Lindsay Lohan owes.

I get to see Iron Man 2 in the theater before you suckers.


Ann Coulter Is Dating Jimmy "JJ" Walker

When driving on a three-lane road, where the center lane is exclusively for turns...

Thinking of going to the Bodies Exhibition in Dallas

Best medication side effect ever.

The 10 Tackiest Things Only the Superrich Can Afford

My Dad died this morning

What is salt? NaCl.

Bond 23 is dead

Christina Hendricks beats out Megan Fox for Sexiest Woman

Which famous person is most deserving of a PROPER movie done about their life?

Name the movie that most accurately depicts YOUR high school experience!

Peru town copes with being devoured by mine

Republican Corker in a tough spot on financial reform

World warming to US under Obama, BBC poll suggests

Democrats Seize on Financial Oversight

British Met Office Warns Volcanic Ash Cloud Could Reach America's East Coast At 1PM EST

McConnell explains Wall Street meeting with Cornyn

McConnell explains Wall Street meeting with Cornyn

Sorry, duplicate. Please delete.

Paulson May Face Litigation Following Goldman Suit, Whalen Says

Toyota to agree to $16.4 million government fine

Top Goldman Leaders Said to Have Overseen Mortgage Unit

Quake hits central Afghanistan, at least 7 killed

Early Apple Blossom Triggers Fears of Killer Frost

Immigration is not fuel for BNP support – IPPR study

Issa: White House unpaid internships are not fair

US Leading Economic Index Hits Record High in March

FedEx, Teamsters Battle Over Bill

Report: Countrywide Facing Criminal Probe

Iran wants nuke fuel talks with Security Council

BREAKING NEWS: Large plume indicates second Icelandic volcano, Hekla, has begun erupting

Top Goldman Leaders Said to Have Overseen Mortgage Unit

AP Source: Toyota to recall 2010 Lexus GX 460 SUVs

Va. Tech victims' families press for gun show bill

Stakes are high for Alberta in Canada-EU trade talks

Mailman unwelcome at tea party

Leading Economic Indicators Index in U.S. Rose 1.4%

Leading Economic Indicators Index in U.S. Rose 1.4%

UK Airspace May Start Opening Tomorrow

Pakistan suspends officials after scathing U.N. report

LA mayor calls for 750 layoffs to close budget gap

Icelandic Met Office says NO ERUPTION at Hekla volcano

Men Face Charges Of Firing Guns In Manchester Neighborhood

US soldier dismissed for threats in Iraq protest

90-year-old vet finally receives medals from World War II

New volcanic ash cloud threatens attempts to reopen UK airspace

(Rep. Sandy) Levin: tax cuts for the wealthy will expire

Obama not weighing value-added tax, spokesman says

Officials: Top 2 al-Qaida in Iraq leaders killed

Iraq says local al Qaeda leader has been killed (again)

NATO fighter jets land safely with volcanic ash damage

Halliburton CEO: Sees 'Plenty Of Work' In Iraq

Anybody else think that youtube sucks since they upgraded it?


Court Upholds OSHA’s Power to Protect Workers

UK Election: (Liberal Democrat) Clegg Poll Lead Slashes Chances Of Tory Win

Kelsey Grammer conservative TV project gets viral buzz from misreported Comcast deal (Tea Party TV)

(6-year-old) Schoolboy killed in blast in NW Pakistan

NYPD launches probe of NYPD commander accused in 'Twilight' sexual harassment case

UK Flight Restrictions Extended Till Tuesday (Volcanic Cloud May Reach US East Coast 1pm EST Today)

Cuba's 'seed man' wins global environmental prize

Obama to deliver miners' eulogy

Secret Prison for Sunnis Revealed in Baghdad

Gunman opens fire at Tenn. hospital; kills 1, self

Priest says he was pressurised into taking blame for pope

Poll: Most NY tea partiers are Republican, conservative and from Upstate

Senior Iranian cleric blames earthquakes on promiscuous women

"Obama to sell financial overhaul to country."

Lower Merion report: Web cams snapped 56,000 images

Every Democrat or Progressive I know is in a slow burn about teabaggers, the Palin crowd and the

Photos: Inside the Obama White House, April 18th, 2010

Paul Krugman: Looters In Loafers

A day in the life of Obama (as envisioned by a typical Republican)

"Democrats Seize on Financial Oversight After Goldman Suit"

First stop on the Wall Street reform tour .... Wall St! (Thursday)

How long will this forum last, with its cyber gangs trying to silence opinions and its uncivil

Boner doesn't have to make sense, and doesn't...

Clinton Advises Obama On SCOTUS Pick: Late 40s Non-Jurist With Progressive Stripes

Goldman Sachs Exec: "This is all out WAR!!!!!"

Biden speaking now in WH daily briefing

Ben Smith (Politico) reporting that Crist has pulled ads of TV

Robert Reich:The Only Way to Prevent Another Bailout of Wall Street is Cap Size of Wall Street Banks

"The Republicans' 2012 problem"

There is precedent for Rasmussen erring huge in favor of Republicans

Obama nominate Donald Berwick as administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

"To me, Obama is nothing but a terrorist...period."

The Buzz: Crist on indy bid: No rush on decision, "I take my cues from Floridians"

Handy Healthcare Facts

Tallahassee Democrat: McCollum's Lawsuit Against National Healthcare Hurting Him in New Poll

Oy. Tweety has some live ones on

Leading indicators point to steady recovery - 1.4 percent jump in March is fastest pace of growth in

Senate Democrats Move on Stalled Nominees

Democrats get Americans Reprieve from blood sucking Airlines, While GOP meet w/t WS Bankers!

Gallup: Democrats show significant increase in optomism after health care passage

Irony of the day award

send positive vibes

Tea Party fringe groups are a national security threat; FOX and the Becks are acting seditiously

David Corn: Wall Street Reform: If Obama Can't Win This Message War

White House Talking Points Rip GOP As Puppet Of Wall Street

President Obama going to NYC Thursday to discuss financial reform.

"He was known for his smile. He was never negative. He was always happy," RIP Michael K. Ingram Jr.

"After a year, it appears the 'Obama effect' is real."

Gallup: Americans Still Most Confident in Obama on Economy

Has the media made the link of the Gun Rallies and the Oklahoma Bombing yet.....?

Has the media made the link of the Gun Rallies and the Oklahoma Bombing yet.....?

American Global Influence in One Chart

Nothing Wrong With Touting Good News

Lieberman, Collins serve administration subpoenas on Ft. Hood

BBC POLL: World warming to US under Obama - first time America's influence more pos than neg

Health care overhaul includes 'game-changing' long-term care coverage

Watching the CNN stream of the DC Gun Rally... compared to anti-war rallies in the past

Obama swooping into L.A. to boost Sen. Boxer in tough reelection fight

If Crist Runs as an Indie, what should Kendrick Meek do?

Am I the only one here who thinks the Repubs will cave on financial reform?

The Tea Party: Populism of the privileged - "race definitely part of what's going on" (E.J. Dionne)

AARP backs financial regulation in new ad

"UnitedHealth to Speed Coverage of Young Adults"

Biden: Iraqi killings devastating blow to Qaeda


About Those Hateful things posted in every Crook & Cranny of the Internet about our President....

Obama is giving another speech on Wall St. Am I the only one that thinks it's a bad idea?

Issa: White House unpaid internships are not fair

DVR Alert: Biden to Appear on "The View," Thursday.

Reaching Out Quietly to Muslims in America

Militia movement will be packing heat at rally on the Potomac

Is $10 an hour a fair wage for mowing the lawn?

AFSCME "PAC'd" (Lincoln vs Halter)

I hate Iceland!

A Financial Protection Sing-A-Long

The Bachmann Agenda: Limitless Hypocrisy

CBS News - Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary

Tea Party Patriots

Mexican Assassins: Police caught in the act?

Mike Malloy - The Teabagger Dissection

Mike Malloy - The Catholic Church: A Criminal Enterprise

The Mike Malloy Gallery

Mike Malloy - Classics With Republican Callers - Mel

Mullets, Pandering and Paranoia in Florida (Tea Party Rally pt. 2)

Mike Malloy - Classics With Republican Callers - Mark

Mike Malloy - Tea Party Helps Fighting Fascism?

Parker Griffith: He's A Jackass

Congress Announces Plan to Hide the Nation's Porn

Sarah Palin on Book Burning (Rednecks 4 Palin)

Midweek Politics: Anti-Gay Nut Paul Cameron Makes a Fool of Himself

EFSGV report from 4/19 Open Carry protest at Fort Hunt, VA

Tea Party Express in Buffalo, NY 4/12/2010 (lying about crowd numbers)

Economy is in the Eyes of the Beholder

TYT on MSNBC: Cenk Vs. Conservative, Says R's Are Useless & Debates Spanking Students w/ Ratigan

Mike Malloy - Classics With Republican Callers - Drew

Limbaugh respectfully commemorates anniversary of Oklahoma City bombing by blaming the Clenis

Why the Drug War makes absolutely No Sense

Mullets, Pandering and Paranoia in Florida (Tea Party Rally)

Teahadist whining about the low white birth rate

TYT: Truth Behind The AZ Doctor Retiring Over 'ObamaCare'

Republicans Relate to the Base

Mike Malloy - Classics With Republican Callers - Nick

Victoria Jackson is a Nutbag, Pt. 2 of 2, Buffalo NY 4/12/2010

TYT Reaction: Bill O'Reilly Ambushes Al Gore (Video)

Kelsey Grammer on Right- er uh... Reich

Victoria Jackson is a Nutbag, Pt. 1 of 2, Buffalo NY 4/12/2010

Michele Bachmann Puts the Gangsta' Rap on Obama

Health insurers won the pot. Reformers need a new game plan.

Stopping Iran

Ninety-Four Percent of Kandaharis Want Peace Talks, Not War

Tea Party? Ha! More Like Me Party

Call it Republicare (Ernest Dumas, Arkansas Times) {WWND?}

Did the SEC Bait Goldman Sachs into Compounding Its Legal Problems With 'Kiss of Death' Message?

Vanishing Words, Vanishing World: ‘When we lose a culture, the whole world loses

Nick Clegg's rise could lock Murdoch and the media elite out of UK politics

Contact Congress TODAY and get them on Record with Non-Violence

North Carolina Democrats' votes against health care push labor to form party

The Great Unreasoning

Forget Kagan, Right Wingers Turn Anti-Gay Campaign Against Jud-gy Garland

My Take on the Tea Party Movement

The First National Bank of (Your Name Here)

MediaMatters summary of the Fox News' product: The Tea Party "movement"

People With Nothing Better to Do Descend on Virginia and DC:

E.J. Dionne: The Populism of the Privileged

Politicians and Mainstream Media Finally Catch On To Extremist Tea Party Activists

Microsoft debuts 'fix it' program

Looters in Loafers By PAUL KRUGMAN

Bill Clinton: What We Learned in Oklahoma City

I am in favor of people "Opting-out" of the Affordable Health Care Act...

Imagine a World Where People Love Their Jobs

Militiamen Waving Guns At White House To Celebrate A History Of Patriotic Intimidation

Noam Chomsky Has ‘Never Seen Anything Like This’

Washington State's Department of Ecology Weighs in on Wood Smoke's Health Effects.

Maine Legislature Lifts Moratorium on New Dangerous Natural Gas Lines in the State.

Residents of Vinalhaven, Maine, wonder why they didn't ask more questions about their wind turbines,

Drumbeat from the weekend...

Drumbeat: April 19, 2010

BlueOcean Energy proposes floating (LNG) terminal to supply gas to New Jersey (Exxon-Mobil)

It has not always been Al Gore.

Excerpts from "Energy, Growth, and Sustainability: Five Propositions" by Steve Sorrel

Been a little out of touch. Was there some sort of volcano thing happening...?

That Didn't Last Long: Germany Pays For Admission to Gen IV Nuclear Program.

Let's Go Birding: Pics of Europe's Largest Eagle, The White Tail Eagle on Norwegian Island.

Gas drilling debate rages in Del. River watershed

Stanford University Directly Harvests Electricity From Algae Photosynthesis

BC Facing Grim Outlook For Fires This Summer - Trend Likely To Continue For Years - Minister

Let's go Turtling and Fishing: Oyster Creek nuclear power plant KILLS sea turtles and fish

U.S. Ethanol Growth to Feed China’s Hogs, Dorr Says (Update1)

Electromobility: Fast-tracking innovation

Microbial Fuel Cell: A New Source of Green Energy

Problems at the Davis-Besse nuclear reactor near Toledo are worse than expected--Cle. Plain Dealer

Food vs. fuel: MSU scientists say growing grain for food is more energy efficient

Nuclear power makes a quiet comeback in the states

First Concrete Poured On Leningrad II Nuclear Reactor.

Japan Ministry of Industry issues Energy 2030 plan (14 more reactors).

First Concrete Poured For Second Tiashan EPR Nuclear Reactor.

Baldacci Admin. (Maine) puts best face on "Ocean Windfarm Waterloo"

You cannot do passive solar heating with the windows they are selling

US unveils climate report in runup to Senate bill

China DUPIC Fuel Recycling Program to Reuse Us Nuclear Fuel Without Chemical Recycling in Trials.

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, April 18)

Davis calls penalty on himself, gives up shot at first PGA win

Big Dog knows It's All About The U

Former Boxing champ, Valero, commits suicide in jail.

Penn Relay

Garnett suspended for Game 2 against Miami Heat

Dwight Howard- 5 points

Another Tennessee Vol is arrested. Typical SEC.

Albert Pujols is good

The Orioles Won!!!

New Boise State turf to reduce glare

I never would think of curling as exciting.... until I saw Cheryl Bernard.

Manny toys with hated Giants... Blasts a pinch-hit 2-run homer in the 8th ,,,,

Tell me they're not cursed..

Mexico: Rights Activists Face Threats, Arbitrary Detention - and Worse

Cuba's 'seed man' wins global environmental prize

Dominican Republic: Refinery sale to PDVSA has been deferred

Despite billions in U.S. aid, Colombia struggles to reduce poverty

Colombian candidates on military incursions in other countries. Spanish

Global Press Watch: Extensive article about Cuban journalism and blogging

Trapping Migratory Birds is Illegal, Cuban Immigrant Learns

In Defense of Pachamama

Massachusetts School Bus Workers Join Teamsters Union

Union honors Millard P.E. teacher (will compete for a national teaching award )

Manufacturers find reasons to bring production back to U.S. (from China)

Today in Labor History Apr 19 The American Revolution began & terrorist bombs Oklahoma City

Aussie Olympian announces he’s gay

Our story: A gay couple, torn apart by DOMA By

Taking bets on the outcome! - Court splits sharply on campus Christian argument

April 19, 1989 - USS Iowa turret explosion

Hate crime: Rainbow flag burned at Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center in NY

Jordan queen pledges to improve east Jerusalem schools

Israeli PM Says Jerusalem Settlements Justified

Op-Ed: Palin’s policies reflect Americans’ spirit on Israel

Why DADT? Why ENDA? Why not DOMA????

Anti-Israel row threatens Pride Week funding

Hamas vows to keep executing 'collaborators' in Gaza

Attack on Berkeley divestment bill dishonest and misleading

An immaculate conception?

What would happen if Palestinians unilaterally declared statehood?

Obama's Israel Problem

TX 2nd Amendment "march"

Support Is Growing For Openly Carrying Permitted Weapons (Connecticut) (Poll at link)

The Second Amendment

Any opinions on BVAC ammunition? nm

Va. Tech victims' families press for gun show bill

17-Year-Old Girl Shot in Milwaukee

Question regarding a "well-regulated militia" and the security of a free state:

Columbine, 11 Years Later

WOW, lots of blood in Chicago-stan..., Mayor Daley, blames the victims

The gun debate is growing

My answer to the gun show "loophole"

15-year-old Oakland girl charged with murder in friend's shooting

Great Iceland pic

Lonesome Town.

The new way to ride a bike


Beautiful Kodiak

First outing since I had my eyes checked

Imagine my surprise when I found out I could play guitar...

Head-Ramming Dino Had 'Gears' in Skull

Tiny Sea Creatures

Free on iTunes Planet Earth From Pole to Pole in HD

A Brain-Recording Device That Melts Into Place

Materialistic People Liked Less by Peers Than 'Experiential' People

Ladies and gents, I need your help.

I'm in the Chat room RIGHT NOW and I will hang around, come hail or hi-water for the next 2.5 hours

Phoebe (hummingbird cam) is building a new nest and is very active today

White House Quietly Courts Muslims in U.S.

For what one Christian's opinion is worth...

Iranian cleric blames women's promiscuity and revealing clothing for earthquakes

Silk implant could aid spinal injuries, epilepsy

NHS bars woman after she saw private doctor (UK)

Doctors Hear Many Questions About Health Law

Secondhand Smoke Boosts Sinusitis Risk

Cows on Drugs

Is Marriage Good for Your Health?

Green Tea May Strengthen Your Teeth

The first line in a Bloomberg story reads:

GSachs toon

Another Goldman Sachs story, insider trading

Mortgage relief = huge FAIL

So just who was Hedge Fund Mgr John Paulson's personal

Rivera, the Self-Described Zionist, Fools No One

Successful, beloved D.C. principal found fatally shot at his Montgomery home

Business solutions wrong tactic for schools

Idle speculation about Michelle Rhee's family:

The Good News Is The "Rubber Rooms" Are Closing. The Bad News Is That Teacher Due Process

Alternate Path for Teachers Gains Ground