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PA State police remove trooper as Roethlisberger assistant

President Obama Names Five to the United States District Court

If you use Google Docs

Amazing resemblance: Bull Connor and "Sheriff Joe". Who'd a thunk it?

Naked Foreign Man Attacks Japanese Police

Community radio goes solar in Tucson.

The New Republic - Details Behind Blanche Lincoln's Push To Regulate Derivatives

The New Republic - Details Behind Blanche Lincoln's Push To Regulate Derivatives

The 1% Doctrine applied to Climate Change

Colbert goes out of his way to prove the tea party isnt racist

Got ANOTHER "shipper" virus today...

Anyone know what channel Food Inc. is on in Nova area?

I just saw a clip of Lauden (Pub candidate running against Reid)

OK Guys - please clue me in. Obama will take away our right to fish???

Ensign Campaign's Haul Last Quarter: 50 Bucks

Behar is hosting one of the biggest A-holes/Frauds KINKY FRIEDMAN

William K. Black's Theory of Corporate Fraud

President Obama Names Five to the United States District Court, profiles and other details

I don't think Harry Reid has to worry much about getting reelected.

Bravo Mr. Baxter

For just $1,000, you can sit next to Sheriff Joe on a bus tour of the Arizona-Mexico border

Belgium considers ban on Islamic face coverings

Calif. loses appeal in Indian casino case

A Third World education system?

Thank you Rachel

Ahhhhnuld makes the worst governors list

Unpopularity of SCOTUS Citizens United Decision Approaching Constitutional Amendment Levels

A street preacher warns pot smokers of the evils of weed - pic

Army considers rescinding invitation to evangelist

WH: Arizona legislature less focused on voters' lives than in fringe right-wing radio conspiracies

WH: Arizona legislature less focused on voters' lives than in fringe right-wing radio conspiracies

Total Cost of Bailout: $23.7 Trillion?

Well, the Fiore app 'all were bitchin about is now in the App Store.

Cochabamba: the People versus Bechtel Corporation:

Anyone here hire a personal assistant for their "personal business" like

Jon Stewart f-bombs Fox News with gospel choir (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin, the Republican Party will have to destroy you.

With all this talk about Catholics, how do you feel with the SCOTUS being majority Catholic?

Teabaggers, "You" are not more important than your nation.

Where's the Roethlisberger outrage ?

NYT Op-ed: Nike's Woman Problem

WSJ - "Grassley Bucks GOP, Backs Derivatives Curbs" Or, McConnell Overplays His Hand

It's the bit players that you have to watch out for...

Does big profit bode ill for UnitedHealth?

The Sierra Club is twenty times bigger than the Tea Party (Happy Earth Day)

Wanted, liberal jurist/attorney under 50 for Supreme Court

FL Councilman "unsure" about Muslims holding public office, "would prefer" that Gays do not

We got NO Global Climate Change... no Siree

CNN poll

TOON: Pedophile scandal changes pope's name to ''Been a Dick"

Will SOUTH PARK show an unedited picture of Mohammed tonight?

Conn. mayor donates kidney to Facebook friend

So a judge found that the national day of prayer violates the establishment clause

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

What I Learned On The Radio Today...

The Bush Restoration Project

The Bush Restoration Project

Voters to decide whether to add 6 seats to Alaska Legislature

Jon Stewart's lupus of news will be covered on KO

Calling all parents and teachers:

Buy the medal - and the cannonball that tore off his arm

123 New Species Discovered In Borneo

Comments in Las Vegas Sun about Lowden

Sotomayor fitting in well on the liberal bloc of the court again today, despite our past worry

Your tax dollars at work: 8 arrested on various drug charges at the 420 Festival in Santa Margarita

Xpost EE: The Key to Fixing Global Warming? China (according to Energy Sec Chu)

Lol, I love republican logic and desperation

More Women the Supreme Court: Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling? (Kagan, Karlan are friends)

Marvin Pierce Bush

Requesting Forgiveness

The Sad Truth About American Politics

President Bill Clinton Honored for Contributions During Murrah Bombing - story with pics

Boneheaded Idea: Giving Fido A Bone; FDA Says No Bones From Meals For Dogs

You know, we're really facing some crazy junk from the tea partiers and their associates

Stop promoting HATE! (In response to the death prayer of the President) Facebook Group

Will Goldman Sachs sink Meg Whitman?

"Legalize gay pot marriage"

Britain: Details of hundreds of students handed to CIA

Why are Christians 'pro-life' & 'pro-gun'? Aren't they keeping people from their Jesus?

C language inventor spurns Google's language exam

Reader Rants: Skept-Artist on Being a Dick

Can the British curry take off in India?

The "Go Fuck Yourself Choir"

Media Matters: "Glenn Beck, the IMF, and the "Global V-A-T" "prison" conspiracy"- VAT Talking Points

Toyota falls to 360th from 3rd in Forbes' ranking (China, moving in the opposite direction, had 7)

Clegg's honeymoon is truly over as the Tory press reverts to type

The 3rd of every month vs the last Wednesday of every month

princeton, 1954. guess who?

princeton, 1954. guess who?

Bolivian President Blames Capitalism for Global Warming

As power shortages spread, Pakistan switches off the lights

Do you think Obama should bomb and/or invade N.Korea (for its aggression against S.Korea)?

Media Matters - RW Media Spreads Myth That Affordable Housing Caused Financial Crisis

Philippine president names manicurist to key post soon release a video of...controversial Farah province

The automobile is a blight on my beautiful city, Chicago.

"Many Americans struggling with rising rental housing costs"

Controlling, Vindictive Jilted Boyfriend

The WHITE HOUSE Blog: The AUTO Industry A Year Later

Suspect charged in slaying of sheepdog (Update from November 2009)

Obama now considering nominating a 60 year old Reagan appointee to SCOTUS!

Gunmen abduct 6 from hotels in northern Mexico. (Holiday Inn & another hotel)

Michael Steel Accidentally tells the truth

(NYT) Business of Green - The New Jobs in Atomic Energy

Chaos in Florida

For those wanting to repeal NAFTA. If you spend your time on it

President Obama may be visiting this area next week!

Facelifts for our founding fathers..... its on the money

Vermont bear rescued from milk can

Brazil Sex Tape Priest Luiz Marques Barbosa Under House Arrest

Tim Scafuro is missing.

Penny for your thoughts on this circulating the internet

FROOMKIN Re Wikileaks Video: "Where's The Outrage? - I want someone on Capitol Hill to give a shit"

Fresno hate radio, KMJ, spews lies about Bill Ayers, and State Depart cancels venue for Ayer's event

How many BJ's do I get for a three-surface filling?

Michael Steel: Why should an African-American vote Republican?-"You Really Don't Have A Reason To"

More weird shit from Philadelphia...

Good Earth Day TOON

Students at Warren, Michigan high school protest firing of principal

OBAMA: 'Free market was never meant to be a free license to take whatever you can-however you can'

Job Listings for both East and West Coasts

Who Let The BLUE DOGS Out?

Wholesale prices rise in March as food costs jump

We are not racists. We just speak like them. A teabagger explains.

Michelle Obama coming up...speaking on Take Your Child to Work day

Repuglican relatives visiting? Have I got a deal for you!

Making off with / continuing THE LOOT. Wall St. cartoon by Fitzsimmons

Glenn Beck-Led Tea Baggers to commit Mass Suicide! Beck on suicide watch...

Was there an interest rate on the auto bailout received by GM et alia?

Arizona Winning ‘America’s Dumbest State’ Contest With New ‘Birther’ Legislation

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Gay activists tell The Mouth that they plan to step up protests until they get a straight answer

the Jethro Bodine-ism of the GOP

This Little Gem Just Popped Up As A "Cut & Paste" Status Update On Facebook

Final Tribute/Eulogy - RIP to John McCain's integrity

Rep. Michael Honda Backs Afghanistan Military Withdrawal Timetable

For most of human history, most people’s everyday lives were pretty much the same

Financial Reform and Taxing Wall Street

EAST AFRICA - Green Agriculture Growing in Leaps and Bounds

Louisiana Well Blowout Forces Hundreds From Homes

Teabagging Morons with Signs: Tyranny is in the eye of the bad speller

The Afghan Conflict: A Map of Possible Scenarios (Impressive Infographic)


Why the sudden "bi-partisanship" from the Republicans?

Bribes for contracts would suggest the contracts cost too much.

Oh freepers, I love you

OK to require men who have unprotected sex to post million-dollar bond first

Von Maur Shooting Victim Fired By Von Maur

[Nutbag church's] abstinence campaign raising some eyebrows

So, are the Freepers taking time to piss on Gaylord Nelson's Grave today?

Can't We Just Get Rid of Arizona?

In his 1st book Michael Moore blamed Southern resurgence on...

Going to Vegas. How many chickens should I take in case I get sick?

Mother cluck. I tried buying a new car with a coop of chickens and was laughed out of the building.

Equal Pay Day 2010: Women, 78 Cents, Men, $1 (worse for women of color)

Westboro Baptist Church and the Dove World Outreach Center join forces

Does anyone recognize the hypocrisy of going after Massa, which

Does anyone recognize the hypocrisy of going after Massa, which

North Korea 'Sunk South Korean Warship', Killing 46 Sailors

Bristol Palin's testimony to nowhere...The Mudflats

Bristol Palin's testimony to nowhere...The Mudflats

Just put up the South Park Muhammad image as my facebook profile pic, in the name of free speech

WTF Oklahoma?

Todays WaPo The fix

Who was the last president to balance the budget before Clinton?

When is or was the WH Correspondents Dinner?

When is or was the WH Correspondents Dinner?

Chicken Math

"Motorcyclist deaths drop, sour economy cited"

Alan Grayson regular Thursday gig

Michele Bachmann defends her Gangster Government© talking point

Romney endorses "Leaky Pete" Hoekstra for governor of Michigan

Cooking in Hot Greece

Gohmert leads Tea Party rally in East Texas

"We lined the border with our crappiest states"

Can any DU'er give me a "Thailand crisis for simpletons"?

Help us all: Secessionist Rick Perry to throw his hat in ring for POTUS

There is no liberal Rush Limbaugh By Joan Walsh....

Home sales rise as unemployment claims fall

God I hate our media. It's not a bailout you assholes

Born to Lose by Mark Fiore

Born to Lose by Mark Fiore

Pataki is a whore (no offense to sex industry workers intended)

Environmental groups oppose nuclear reactor design; New design flaw in AP-1000

$1,000 to sit next to Sheriff Joe Arpaio on a border bus ride

Empire Executions! What an ironic name for a Stock trading co!

Iran Plans To Produce Missile Systems Similar To Russia S-300: Official

$120 million from GM sparks hope in Detroit (Chevy Malibu / Volt will be built there)

On the Ohio Campaign Trail: Jennifer Brunner's Drive for U.S. Senate

How about requiring women who want to give birth to a child watch a video?

In Honor of Earth Day: Pete Seeger - "Garbage"

Robert Scheer on Goldman Sachs: Geithner Opposes Banning Swaps and other Derivatives:

Saint John's Hospital Opens Egg Store

Does Gordon Brown look like Mr. Slave in this picture?

PIC- University of Colorado 4/20 at 4:20 "Estimated 12,000 to 15,000 people exhale marijuana ..."

Who should get compensation for Volcanic ash losses?

Why do some people find comfort in thinking we're all doomed?

CA State Senator Receives Racist, Homophobic, Threatening Messages For Questioning Palin Contract

"A young drunk girl out club-hopping is fair game."

V.A.T. will drive the last nail into the coffin of the remaining small U.S. manufacturers.

Hey, they held a party at taxpayer's expense- Tarp Banks Cut Lending, Raised Salaries

DOH! Prostitute in Fostoria propositions police chief

Pentagon considers disinviting Franklin Graham from the National Day of Prayer

Toon: If Goldman Sachs made cars....

Violent Beating Of "Gay" Man Described As Brooklyn Murder/Hate Crime Trial Begins

Eleven workers missing after Louisiana oil rig explosion

Chickens Costs About $2 to $5. My Last Checkup Was $185.00

Hey Nevada, how is the "chickens for healthcare" story playing at home?

Do you think President Obama was tough enough on Wall Street?

Somehow the US Supreme Court needs to share the blame for this latest oil disaster.

Somehow the US Supreme Court needs to share the blame for this latest oil disaster.

Why East Timor Has Declared War on Ninjas

Rubio's credit card hypocrisy: 'Examine everybody else's statements except mine'

Right Wing: "Birth control pills will give you AIDS"

Pocahontas speaks:

Will George W Bush's taxes increase when the George W Bush taxcuts expire??

For your entertainment....more Teabag Nuts

Do oil slicks tarnish white sand beaches?

Oklahoma Outrageous: This Is Simple LUNACY!

Nancy Skinner's latest blog post -- "Why I Go on Fox News"

For those who wants to send a love letter to Scott Roeder (Dr. Tiller's Killer)

United Mine Workers Endorse Mark Critz for Congress (PA 12th District)

Facebok taunt to high school pitcher "come to Peotone and be ready to be noosed in the trees"

Breaking: Terrorism Has Won-South Park Episode DELIBERATELY Censored by Comedy Central.

Live stream - British Election Debate (Foreign Affairs)

Being Pro Choice Includes Persons Who

Anyone see the PEW poll on trust in the Government?

A lightning storm close enough to hear the sizzle and smell the ozone...

Huge Protests Planned for Showdown on Wall St. and at Banks Across the U.S. to Demand Financial Refo

Every person arrested for pot, all 700,000+ each year, should request a jury

Every person arrested for pot, all 700,000+ each year, should request a jury

Michael Steele Acknowledges GOP Had “Southern Strategy” For Decades

Missing the Point: We are not trying to stop Bankers from failing

DADT vote could happen next month...

My metric for knowing when Obama is doing well and for when he is struggling...

Justin Coussoule: Campaigning To PREVENT House Speaker John Boeher

We live in a country where people like this are celebrated.

"Cluck, cluck, cluck cluck cluck."

Nevada ChickenCare Proposal Question...

Palin drops in on "Pamper Me Please" in Peoria and the ladies at the shop eat it up (pics)

This is why mankind should outlaw oil+water.

Next month marks the 50th anniversary of the birth control pill

Palin's Speaking Demands...

Buried language in Blanche Lincoln's banking legislation preserves potential for future bailouts.

Buried language in Blanche Lincoln's banking legislation preserves potential for future bailouts.

Buried language in Blanche Lincoln's banking legislation preserves potential for future bailouts.

Buried language in Blanche Lincoln's banking legislation preserves potential for future bailouts.

Buried language in Blanche Lincoln's banking legislation preserves potential for future bailouts.

Buried language in Blanche Lincoln's banking legislation preserves potential for future bailouts.

Buried language in Blanche Lincoln's banking legislation preserves potential for future bailouts.

US soldier took $1.4 million bribe from contractors

Happy Earth: imagine what these past for years would be like if Republicans had their way.

Morning Joe: A must see interview with Treasury Secretary Geithner regarding Finance Reform Bill

Who Benefits from the Government's Economic Policies?

Schumer To GOP On Financial Reform: You Lie!

Republicans Block Start of Debate on Financial Bill

Do Blacks Have a Reason to Vote GOP? Michael Steele Says No

Chickens for Checkups Facebook page...

Chickens for Checkups Facebook page...

Cow Feed May Be Causing Valley Air Problem (Calif)

Paulson -- secret meetings prior to bail-outs?

Is Jon gonna let Bernie get away with this????

With FinReg reform, it seems the Democrats have learned their lesson from HCR

Ezra Klein: Explaining FinReg: Derivatives

Bwaaaaaaaaaah hahahahahahaha Dear Sue

The dichotomy that is Glenn Beck and his followers.

Tennessee GOP State Rep.: Some People Pay For Health Care With Vegetables

The two basic rules of teabagism

Take the Texas State Board of Education Quiz

Link to Scott Roeder's Habeas Corpus Petition:

The Rude Pundit - If the Beverly Hillbillies Had Invested in a Fraudulent CDO

It's odd that Republicans aren't able to make arguments for their point of view...

What's with all the chicken references lately?

NYT Magazine piece on Politico's Mike Allen reveals Washington society at its most nauseating

Tweety has Specter on now

Mayor donates kidney to Facebook friend

This Is the Most Heartbreaking Story You Will Read Today

Toon: States


Our President, Democratic Leadership, and the bulk of Democratic representatives never address this

Former White House counsel representing Goldman Sachs

Quake just now in SOCAL

Sexual slavery of Afghan boys is once again a flourishing trade

Issa Admits He Has No Proof For His Conspiracy That Obama White House Is Colluding With SEC

Are Gay Rights Controversial?

Wall Street to Obama: Hands off!....spanone to wall street: fuck you

Read responses “Student loans throw us further into debt” (Daily Titan, Cal State Fullerton)

This is why we need to find a better method for funding schools

Teabaggers, this is why you are idiots

Nick Clegg Doesn't Believe in God

Theoretically I can have access to limitless amounts of capital...

Kendrick Meek will be on CNN at 7pm EDT tonight.

Economist: Anti-bank reform effort ‘kind of thing you saw in Soviet Russia’

Being Pro Life Includes Persons Who

Being Pro Life Includes Persons Who

Factory farm chickens are so pumped up with steroids that they grow..

Men accused of beating pigs to death

UC-Davis students charged with torturing hamsters

US man names Pope Benedict in Milwaukee abuse lawsuit

"Male alligators in Florida are developing micropenises"

Video: Taliban fighters swarming 'Valley of Death' base just days after U.S. troops withdraw

Roethlisberger's Nevada accuser says settlement offer is off

Got a weird email.

Goldman CEO to Perform Community Service as Treasury Secretary

Over 50 job-seekers: Do you include years on your resume?

What do ya'll think of this idea,

HCR bill lacks Third Party Review Procedure for Protecting Breast Cancer Patients:

Bwahaha...tea baggers get tickets during protest for Parking offenses!!!

An Evil Monstrosity: Thoughts on the Death State

"Students launch "Meet the Facts" urging fact-check of NBC's Meet the Press"

Blanche Lincoln canceled a fundraiser with Goldman Sachs?

Old Scratch, is that you?

Nevada ChickenCare Proposal is endorsed by Nevada GOP

Tom White D-Ne will he get elected to US Congress?

Hypothetical: I need emergency open heart surgery...I do not farm, I am

Onehandle - I love your signature photo

Food Inc and chicken coops

First they came for the Hispanics, but I was white,non hispanic, so I stayed silent

Breaking: North Korea torpedoed South Korea's Navy ship

Breaking: North Korea torpedoed South Korea's Navy ship

Schools urge parents not to take kids to work

Schools urge parents not to take kids to work

in honor of the original spirit of Earth Day - quotes from Sen. Gaylord Nelson

The new immigrants come in and build communities. Real communities

Derivatives 101: All you really need to know in plain English

ABC News has coverage of the oil rig explosion

Bisexual Softball Players Sue After 'Gay World Series' Discrimination

Belgium edges closer to veil ban

Specter was a big supporter of Palin in 2008. Who can believe that he is a true Democrat?

GOP: Put Betty Sutton 'back in the kitchen'?!

Cardinal involved in sex abuse scandal is uninvited.

Bilbray claims you can tell "illegals" by their clothing


Toyota Stalls Customer (accelerator pedal stuck on her recalled 2009 Toyota Camry)

Iranian Cleric: Promiscuous Women Cause Earthquakes

Goldman's White House connections raise eyebrows

The truth about corporations donations to politicians. inform me.

The truth about corporations donations to politicians. inform me.

The Rude One explains How Jed Clampett dealt with financial fraud.

Bring A Chicken To The Doctor Remix :-D

Man: Toyota "took off" in Port Chester lot

Is Arlen Specter a Democrat or a Republican??

Parents Not Happy With T.I. School Visit [Read for the principal's snarky response]

Prehistoric Jewelry Reveals Neanderthal Fashion Sense

Perfect graphic to sum up the Arizona anti-immigrant law.

Congressman Conyers: Say No to Secrecy for the Deficit Commission:

Morons With Signs: Teabaggers don't like being the Butt of jokes

Initial claims SURGE downwards (24K from last week)

Today on financial reform: OBAMA! OBAMA! He hit a 3, won the Masters and scored the winning TD!

Today on financial reform: OBAMA! OBAMA! He hit a 3, won the Masters and scored the winning TD!

New Christian Right Says It Owns Both Rep & Dem Candidates for Hawaii Gov.

Right wingers scream about losing liberty yet are ALWAYS in favor of the most invasive government

Scott Roeder: "Waah! People in prison are treating me like I'm some sort of murderer or something."

Hey - Pastor Fred Phelps is coming to Atlanta

Vacationing a human right, EU chief says

WTF? How many times has the hundred dollar bill been revamped?

Elizabeth Warren for the Supreme Court

German troops in Afghanistan call on Angela Merkel to explain why they're at war

Just saw a GM commercial where the exec says: "we have repaid our gov. loan in full, with interest

Freeper: Obama is the tool of Satan

OK if we have to barter for services, what do we do until the crops come in?

UNR grad Alicia Parlette, who chronicled her struggle with cancer, dies

White Supremacist Richard Barrett murdered

Facebook has changed privacy stuff today...

You can thank President Obama for the SEC going after Goldman Sachs

President Obama picks a new messenger for health care law

What's your thoughts on couples with a stay-at-home partner?

EPIC/MRA poll: Michigan voters prefer TAX HIKE to cuts in education ... by a WIDE margin

A literally sickening pattern

Phelps-a-Thon at Boulder High School pays it forward

The 'natural born citizen' question. Let's say our President wasn't born on American soil.

TPM: ChickenCare Goes Viral

I have to go to the Drs. tomorrow how many chickens do

Unwelcome neighbor problem at Dallas site for Bush presidential library involves feral cats

The "Other" Supreme Court Justices

April 22, 1993: Mosaic Browser Lights Up Web

Cry Baby Roeder filed a petition complaining of his treatment in prison. Not even a month in.

Cry Baby Roeder filed a petition complaining of his treatment in prison. Not even a month in.

Senators Brown, Kaufman Introduce 'Too Big To Fail' Amendment

Where are we??

Where are we??

Alito's America - to the right of Scalia, Thomas, and Roberts

Do you think some youth are more selfish and emotionless today?

Do you think some youth are more selfish and emotionless today?

What does the GOP want???

WellPoint Routinely Targets Breast Cancer Patients

Asshole of the Year.. I nominate this guy

This is Alabama. We speak english.

You know, the one thing I've noticed about cop reality shows...

Larisa Alexandrovna's mother is ill

US annual health care costs in chicken terms

Lowden needs donations if she's to oust Reid.. People need to support her

There is something fundamentally wrong with this MSNBC segment

Dr. Margaret Flowers: 'Frontline' Fronts for Corporations, Not the Public

Please add me to the list of newly employed DUers.

I have to aplogize to the DU Community...

Next time you see a Birther/'Bagger protest, do me a favor.

Dhimmitude, an email I received today

Kansas school cutting Driver's Education program

Withholding evidence case in Seattle

Serious question: How many of you young working people-around 30 or so-

Bush Adm. “Knowingly” Imprisoned Innocents and not a Single Report from the US MSM

Bird Flu Epidemic Traced To Chickens In Dr's Waiting Room


The Democrats are kicking ass and taking names.

Wow-the prophet Muhammad looks quite a bit like Jesus

SPLC in the sights of the Religious Right

Morales: 'The Central Enemy of Mother Earth is Capitalism'

VIDEO: That Douchebag Fox News Ambusher Jason Mattera...

So, you might have heard that Scott Roeder *really* doesn't like prison...

Why isn't Puerto Rico a state? I've always wondered that.

Ron Paul says, Anyone can be elected President

Pro-life group at the college my son attends.

Internet Ruins Racist Pickup Truck's Fun

"What's your favorite war?"

The Middle Class Game Is Up: We're Heading to a Slave Labor Planet

What is the best security feature of the new $100 bill?

Red State Road Trip

What's YOUR defn of pro-choice, pro-life?

May I request a channel change?

Health Care bill Shockingly similar to 1993 Republican bill cosponsored by Ted Stevens!

AZ's Troll Lord Russell Pearce attacks Cardinal Mahony for criticism

Stunningly beautiful child.

Let's call it by its real name: Anti-choice. It's not pro-life

Bird Shits on Former Fox News Anchor's Face

German families look to US for asylum (to home-school their children)

German families look to US for asylum (to home-school their children)

SEC and Pornography: Workers Spent Hours on Porn Sites Instead of Stopping Fraud

Cheney: Telling Leahy to ‘f*ck’ himself was ‘sort of the best thing I ever did.’

Oil rig spilling 13,000 gallons per hour...

Dear Scott Roeder

The McSame Legacy...

This scares the shit out of me

Someone Must Have Been Telling Lies About Joseph K

Only a fucking Teabagger can go from bashing banksters to protecting banksters.

U.C. Berkeley School of Law activist stocks campus bathrooms with "John Yoo Torture Toilet Paper"

Teabaggies too dim to figure out what to think about financial reform

Employee sues Ritz-Carlton over 'no colored waiter' request

I was laughing so hard today I had to make this Bumpersticker

K&R if you are going to stand with the Democrats against the Tea Party movement in 2010!

Motherly Love - pic

Teen in NY runs down eldery woman, says she didn't feel as bad since she was old

BEAKING! World Faces Grave Chicken Shortage! Chicken Rationing Certain To Follow!

I never realized Michelle Bernard was such a fucking idiot

For the first time in my life I have to be responsible

Cleveland School Board votes to lay off 545 teachers, 773 total

Republicans lose control of the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals as the Senate confirms Denny Chin

Those Who Destroyed Our Economy Will Pay Zero in Taxes - and Get $33 Billion in Refunds

Gay rights are not "controversial"

Financial Times: Are policymakers, economists and peak oilists starting to speak the same language?

Duped? POTUS said people were duped re derivatives

California voters say "Light 'em if ya got 'em"

Nutty conspiracy theories bridge far left and far right...

Robert Baer: CIA sources say the interrogation tapes' images were "horrific"

Just saw a pro-life ad on television that I had no problem with

The Obama mortgage flim-flam: another stealth bailout for bankers.

Who do you consider to be "NATIONAL TREASURES'?

I love George Carlin. Save the Planet

Do I look Illegal?

ADVOCATE: White House shut down DADT repeal in February at secret meeting

•••• World & US come to an end - anti-Democratic tsunami predicted for November ••••

would you vote for obama again?

Oil rig has sunk. More oil than the ExxonValdez, Is the Obama offshore expansion still fabulous?

IPad Helps 99-Year-Old Rediscover Reading

Boy did Obama really step in it...

#nickcleggsfault hashtag on Twitter (UK election and the RW media)

Holy shit.

2010:Unified theory of tv

Lin Yu Chun & William Shatner Duet

DU'ers from Maine...tell me all about your state, because I want to visit there

When prom dresses go bad /course/isb/202 /ebertmay/images/boobies.jpg

v. 420.1


It figures...I finally crawl behind the TV to hook up the blu-ray

I found an injured pigeon today with a tag on its leg. It is supposedly a racing pigeon.

Come to think of it, if it were really MEANT to have bread...

I'll trade someone


A followup on my earlier post

I've never been to a prom...

One thing about cats that NOBODY ever talks about...

For those who play Zynga games on Facebook...

Was South Park YANKED?

A fractal self portrait (hi-res pic)

Cats + laser pointers

Donate to Lowden's campaign

Watched Tuesday's Daily Show last night.

I just watched the movie City Of Ember.

For ONLY $15,294, YOU can own a "Billy Gibbons 'Pearly Gates' Les Paul Standard"

I just have one thing to say...

Anyone ever wonder about the expression- stick in the mud

For when the ordinary popcorn smiley isn't enough

Anyone see the movie "Moon"? What did you think of it?

The Rock Pantheon

Worker punched after confronting man about odor

Live Long and Prosper, Leonard Nimoy. (Spock is retiring!)

10 ways to a flatter stomach... (simplified version)

How do they make burritos where you live?

If you could turn Pure Awesomeness into a color scheme that flagrantly violates copyright law

Head On...

Burro is to burrito as Chuggo is to chugito

I'm going through burrito insertion

I'm going through burro withdrawal

I just withdrew a burrito from my burro

Is this Chuggo?

What's with all the chicken threads in GD?

"Cluck, cluck, cluck cluck cluck."

Nevada ChickenCare Proposal Question...

Did South Park episode 201 air tonight?

I'm drinking, wondering why I didn't go to 4/20.

Vanessa Hudgens of "High School Musical" to play Spider-Woman?

Peter Frampton, Jack Bruce, Ringo Starr & Gary Brooker

It's good to be back


Are certain novels sacred from being filmed?

If insurance also accepted the barter principal for health , I wonder what my co-pay would look like

I have but one thing to say

Is Facebook down for everyone or just me?

OK, bird me identify a bird call

I absolutely HATE Google

Grill, baby, grill

In honor of Earth Day, name a song related to taking care of our planet

The yellow pear tomatoes are ripe!

Today was the day that shook us to the core.

Poll: When do you prefer to

Unintentionally perverted toys for kids

Follow up on my high (7) PSA.

77 Sensationally Staged Scenes (photo contest)

Not many people know that for a long time now, I've been hoping to get married again.

Trash being dumped in my yard weekly

In case you'd ever wondered how DU worked

For Earth Day: Post a pic of your environment

My dad collapsed and died this morning while waiting for surgery. I don't


Questions about bar mitzvahs from a shiksa

Now, I KNOW cats are curious and all, but...

Are Threads About Chickens Still Lockable?

Everyone needs to see the movie "Food Inc."

Archie comics is going to have a gay character!

Yesterday, I stopped the microwave oven WITH ONLY TWO SECONDS LEFT!1!!

"The first rule of Tautology Club is the first rule of Tautology Club"

Any suggestions for a redesigned DIME? It's due.

"American Dream" - Rebecca Foust

I'm going to be in San Francisco for a few days in late May and Savannah, GA in late June

How much did you have to pay in tutition when you graduated college, and how much is it now?

Songs with body parts in the title

Draft Picks

Good chess puzzle today

Ukraine to extend Russia naval base lease, pay less for natural gas

Afghanistan surge planned as shift to Kandahar proposed for UK soldiers

Oil rig explodes off La.; 11 missing, 17 hurt

Hugo Boss to return to bargaining Thursday

Former IOC President Samaranch dies: Pushed for the Inclusion of Women in Sport

Greek Workers to Strike Today as Papandreou Faces Bond Rout

US soldier took $1.4 million bribe from contractors

A North-South Pact to Resolve Water, Sanitation Crisis

Decrying U.S. ‘Threats,’ Iran to Launch War Games

Boy who punched schoolmate won't be deported

Gunmen abduct 6 from hotels in northern Mexico

Former McDonnell brother-in-law addresses gay-rights rally

Vermont bear rescued from milk can

Zimbabwe leaders split over visit of Iran's Ahmadinejad

Netanyahu tells US: We won't stop east Jerusalem settlement building

Taleban defectors 'are rejoining insurgency'

New bishop (Promoted to lead diocese) once blamed devil for abuse lawsuits

NATO Apologizes for Killing Unarmed Afghans in Car

Unwelcome neighbor problem at Dallas site for Bush presidential library involves feral cats

Goldman CEO attacks SEC fraud charges: report

NRA gun-safety program for Va. grade schools criticized

Pakistan holding thousands in indefinite detention, officials say

Obama Under Fire To Act On Immigration

11 are missing after blast in Gulf of Mexico

11 are missing after blast in Gulf of Mexico

Invitation to Cardinal Is Withdrawn

Earth Day Climate Rally on the Mall, April 25

Mexico City offers bikes in its clean air campaign

Europe air flights back to '100 percent'

(Calif.) Assembly approves Maldonado (R) for lieutenant governor

Pope accepts resignation of third Irish bishop

Judge orders unprecedented joint trial for 20 Paquette (Church) sexual abuse cases

Americans show preference for U.S.-made cars, poll finds

ACTA treaty aims to deputize ISPs on copyrights

Runaway luxury train derails in S.Africa, 2 dead

Kal Penn robbed at gunpoint in DC

Wholesale prices rise in March as food costs jump

Moody's lowers Toyota credit rating over profit concerns

(Steny) Hoyer says he regrets using "un-American" in health care op-ed

Banks May Not Be Lending, But They Are Buying Treasurys

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday April 22

Blackwater executive blames feds (Says CIA Approved Weapons)

Belgium to debate ban on Islamic veils such as burqa

Jim Greer charged big on Florida GOP credit card

Burning rig sinks in Gulf of Mexico

Cheney Backs Rubio: He’ll Block Obama From “Restructuring Foundation Of Our Freedoms”

(Uganda) Govt softens anti-homosexuality Bill

Major rating agency downgrades Greek debt; warns of possible further downgrade

Identified by DNA, soldier laid to rest 94 years after death

Dems accuse GOP of 'lies' on bill

Scott Roeder: Abortion Doctor's Killer Complains Of Treatment In Prison, Files For Early Release

Early Afghan pullout would be worse than 9/11: Merkel

The son of evangelist Billy Graham is removed as speaker at Pentagon event due to remarks on Islam

Tech Firms Take More H-1Bs

Blagojevich Defense Team Moves to Subpoena Obama

Republicans Block Start of Debate on Financial Bill

Hundreds of Orange County teachers strike over pay and benefits cuts

Blackwater executive blames feds

Air Marshal Accused of Rape at Gunpoint

Exclusive: WellPoint routinely targets breast cancer patients

Internal RNC probe finds financial controls in disarray

Goldman CEO Blankfein feels that ‘government is out to kill them.’

Federal Reserve Made $47.4 Billion in 2009

4M Estimated to Pay Health Care Penalty in 2016

Navy Seal Cleared By Jury In Iraqi Prisoner Beating Case

GA Legislators try to join the AZ birther brigade

Investigators say St. Paul Toyota had its brakes on (sent him to jail for eight years)

Muslim group warns 'South Park' creators of death

Bush Still Gets More Blame for Economy Than Obama (Gallup Poll)

President Obama arrives Thursday to bring some heat down on Wall St.

"Axelrod flying out to 'Leno'"

Mitchell Touts Survey Showing A Big Lead In ME GOV

Entenza to start running TV, radio ads

Griffith Still Has Democrats’ Cash

Dems to Introduce Bill in Response to "Citizens United" Tomorrow.

National Security Adviser Gen. Jim Jones Discusses the Israeli-Palestinian 2 State Solution

Presidential wAVe...

Photos: Reaching for the ring .... the GOLD one. (The Obama Presidency, Day 457)

Video: CNBC Interviews the President

Another Conspiracy Theory Bites The Dust

Asshole rightwinger has it in for Big Ed

Senate Dems assert themselves as governing party, work around Republicans filibusters on wide front

American Idol!

Fighting "too big to fail" is kind of simplistic

** Heads Up: FLOTUS and Bo Discuss "Take your Child to Work Day" Live! **

Obama's 5 Point Plan for Wall Street Reform (plus excerpts)

NYT: Both White House and R's oppose requiring big banks to spin off their derivatives trading

Employee sues Ritz-Carlton over 'no colored waiter' request

POTUS: "Free market was never meant to be a free license to take whatever you can get..."

Just Doing My Job

Cheney Backs Rubio: He’ll Block Obama From “Restructuring Foundation Of Our Freedoms”

Bush Still Gets More Blame for Economy Than Obama

"Schumer To GOP On Financial Reform: You Lie!"

President Obama Heads to Asheville, North Carolina for All-American Vacation

FDR comments on the banks in 1936

Joe Conason: The World Prefers Obama’s America

I'd like to dedicate this to Weird-ass Chicken Lady from Nevada

Wellpoint Lobbyists Axed Key Protections for Breast Cancer Patients From Health Care Bill

Goldman's White House Connections Raise Eyebrows

Campbell, Whitman hold wide leads in Republican primary races

Gingrich: Tea Parties are ‘likely to end up as the militant wing of the Republican Party.’

What's up with Brownback? Nuthin'....and that's the problem

McCollum backs Rybak for governor

"SEIU: President Obama Aggressively Challenges Wall Street to Stand With America's Families"

KS-03: Jordan Drops Out

Congress May Allow Private Student Loans to Be Shed in Bankruptcy

Lafayette businessman Mike Spears begins campaign for U.S. Senate

4M Estimated to Pay Health Care Penalty in 2016 (CBS News)

"Blago Asks to Subpoena the President"

Pretend you're running for president with intended policy to destroy corporatism

"President Obama in New York, on a roll"

"Existing home sales rise 6.8% in March"

**** Heads Up: POTUS Addresses Wall Street Reform, Live! (11:55am EDT) ****

Peter Orszag leaving??

Republicans are uncertain as to whether opposition to a Democratic idea is in their best interest.

Presidential Invitation

Cheney: Cursing at Leahy 'sort of the best thing I ever did'

"Reid: 'Games Of Stalling Are Over' -- Vote By Monday At Latest"

Photos: "Heel!" (The Obama Presidency, Day 458)

Dems in Congress and Obama at odds over timetable of DADT vote

Seventh journalist shot dead in Honduras.

Kerry: 2010 is 'last, best' shot at climate

Tell your senators to support the Brown-Kaufman SAFE Banking Act to cap size, leverage of big banks

Tell your senators to support the Brown-Kaufman SAFE Banking Act to cap size, leverage of big banks

Army Files Charges against Military Birther

I have to say this, we gays made what happened during this administration for gays possible

FL GOP Prepares For Crist Indie Bid

Any True Blood fans here

What is this about?

Chris Hedges on Poverty and the Permanent Lower Class

Ed Schultz Responds To Hugh Hewitt Come On My Show & We'll See Who's A Joke!

Fox News: Megyn Kelly and Monica Crowley probe the subtle nuances of Geico-Gate

Anderson Cooper confronts Cecil Ash (R-AZ) regarding AZ law, Obama's bc, being a foreigner, etc.

GRITtv: Education Inequality in "Liberal" New York

Roland Martin Corrects False Equivalence Meme Spreader John Avalon: Birthers ARE Stupid!

Thom Hartmann - You've got to be Kidding....Bartering Chickens for Healthcare??

A busy mom has no time to play some kinda political power struggle games and be into titles...

Octopus Steals Video While It Is Still Filming

A BIRTHER Platonic Dialogue

Thom Hartmann - What does outing Senator Lindsey Graham have to do with immigration reform?

DADT Protest Chased Away From White House

Sue Lowden's plan to pay for health care?

John Yoo TORTURE Toilet Paper Action at UC Berkeley Law School

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema EXPLAINS Her Opposition To Republicans' BIRTHER BILL' On House Floor

George W. Bush, Internet Activist

Bipartisan Senate Deal Near On Financial Regulation

Euro on way to a crash?


delete dupe

Jesse Ventura really has lost his mind...think 9/11 was an inside job now?!

Goldman and the direction of the US economy

Brian Bilbray, GOP Rep., Claims Clothes Identify Illegal Immigrants

99 year-old loves her first computer -- an iPad

Credit card scandal rocks Rubio FLGOP

Nancy Skinner confronts "an environmentalist" climate denier on Fox Business

Sanders Passes Budget Amendment for Tax Fairness

Oil rig sinks, environment threatened

Nancy Skinner on O'Reilly talking Jon Stewart vs. Fox News

Midweek Politics: Host Compares Timothy McVeigh to Teabaggers

THIS is how Democrats will gain Senate seats

TYT Reaction: Geico VO Actor Fired For Bashing Tea Party

Mike Malloy - We Don´t Want Your Guns...We Want Your Women

Rachel Maddow's take on Chicken Sue

Countdown: Jon Stewart Fires Back At Faux & Goldberg With A Gospel Version Of "Go Fuck Yourselves!"

TYT: Cenk Debates Libertarian/Tea Party Leader Wayne Allen Root

Anderson Cooper OWNS Birther-RepubliKlan Rep. Cecil Ash Over Arizona's "Birth Certificate Bill"


Supreme Court Protects Dog-Fighting Videos, Bans Dog-Humping Videos

Arizona State Settles DNA Case With Tribe.

The populist charade

The Law of Armed Conflict: Six Questions for Gary Solis

Obama's NASA: The president seeks a cost-effective space program

Greens close in on Colombia election win

Paul Krugman: Stop Stop Too Big To Fail

Proposed constitutional amendment for voting and election rights

Joe Conason: The World Prefers Obama’s America

Wall Street On Trial (Gene Lyons)

The Obama administration's righteous stance against indefinite detention

Jim Hightower: The Screwed-Up Airlines Are Proof That 'Free Enterprise' Is Bogus Corporate PR

Po' Boy Blues--A true story of New Orleans

In Coal County, a Culture of Fear-Massey Intimidates Workers, Families Into Silence

The Shady Underside of U.S. Military Ops In the Afghan Region

Rise of the Corporate Court: How the Supreme Court is Putting Businesses First

The Middle Class Game Is Up: We're Heading to a Slave Labor Planet

Why is the Patriot Act still in existence?

I regret that I have only one lawyer to give to my country, says General Wesley Clark.

Wellpoint Lobbyists Axed Key Protections for Breast Cancer Patients From Health Care Bill

Kandahar Cluster**** Watch Pt. 2: military intervention...inflame Afghan public opinion against NATO

The Myth of Small Government

Geico voice fires back

WellPoint routinely targets breast cancer patients. This is who Tea Party trusts to manage

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

'Soul Of A Citizen': Jesus And Climate Change -- The Journey Of Evangelical Leader Rich Cizik

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid is an American hero

Mind-numbing Cypress Times (TX) OpEd: "Sarah Palin, Ready To Lead The Nation"

Food Inc - Independent Lens on PBS. Great documentary

Goldman's White House Connections Raise Eyebrows

Medical Marijuana and the Law (New Eng Jour Med)

actor who provides voice for Geico's Gecko fired for criticising Tea Party

The Bush Restoration Project

Health Care Bill Does Not Fix Health Care System

So how's BP's "World's Largest Solar Plant" in Portugal working out?

"Hawk watchers marvel at influx of hundreds at Gunsight Pass"

Drumbeat: April 22, 2010

Obama's green agenda under attack from group linked to chemical industry (Solvay chemicals)

Global biofuel drive raises risk of eviction for African farmers

Green Agriculture Growing in Leaps and Bounds (in East Africa)

Renewables out of the bottle -- it is time for a little satori in renewable energy

Global Temperatures Push March 2010 to Hottest March on Record

Is Fixing Zoning Laws Part of the Solution?

Green investments spur growth, emissions cuts (according to two federal government reports)

New solar concentrator design - Cheaper solar concentrator with fewer photovoltaic cells

Iceland volcano: why we were lucky we weren't wiped out

42% Efficiency in Internal Combustion Engines using neat alcohol - EPA (2003)

Sec. of Energy Chu on China

Happy Earth Day!

'Paltry' Copenhagen carbon pledges point to 3C world

China to Build 28 More Nuclear Power Reactors by 2020

'Planet or death!' Morales tells summit capitalism is biggest enemy of Earth

U.S. electricity demand fell 4.2 percent last year, the largest drop in 60 years

Independent review challenges safety of new nuclear plant design

In Colorado, "clean" wind turbines increase emissions from coal

“Re-Greening” the Sahel Through Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration

Offshore rig burning off the coast of Louisiana, several employees missing.

Cow Brain Protein May Hold Alternative Energy Promise

Florida Atlantic and Western Kentucky get dramatic during delay

First pick of NFL Draft is

Tigers score 2 in ninth, edge Fallen Angels, 4-3

The LA Dodgers move within a half game of the slumping Ginats*, and also

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, April 21)

The lowest attendance of any game ever in DC?

NFL Pro Bowl appearances by high draft picks, team totals, 1997-2007

Quite a night in Boston

Hicks Up To His Old Tricks

Yankees turn a triple play, but Oakland still beats C.C. Sabathia, 4-2

Honestly--- I can't see Tebow making it as an NFL QB.


MadinMaryland. Don't look at this! >>

NCAA on Verge of 68-team Men's Basketball Tournament, Every Game to Air Live on TV

Lately there's been a whole bunch of Animosity in the Sports forum---

Where is everyone??

I think this guy was out anyway. Video link >>

2010 NFL Draft Thread

Celtic-ManU to play in Toronto in July. Celtic and Rangers in Boston???

Conference Expansion Comments of the day: Terrapins to the Big East??

Ibope: Serra leads with 36%, Dilma with 29%

Greens close in on Colombia election win


DAS wiretapped European Parliament

president cancels trip after attack


End Cuba blockade now, urges Alba summit

Paraguay president wants military rule in north

Ex-general: Cubans involved in Chavez's military

Crime specialist says that Venezuela is the most violent country in the hemisphere

Nicaragua protests escalate

USW: Often It’s Production Or Profit Over Safety In The Oil Sector

Teamster Trash Haulers Go On Strike In Seattle

Today in Labor History Apr 22 Death of Ida Mae Stull the country’s first woman coal miner & more

Deal Reached That Averts a Walkout by Doormen

Ex- McDonnell in-law speaks for gay rights

WH Deputy Chief of Staff Messina shut down DADT repeal in February at secret mtg

question about my friend

Bisexual men sue gay group, claim bias

"Pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act NOW!"

'All options' open if Syria gives Hezbollah missiles: US

U.S.: Failure in Israeli Palestinian talks strengthening Iran

Israel, U.S. secretly working to bridge gaps in peace process

Indyk: If Israel manages alone, it can decide alone

Israel to US: No building halt in east Jerusalem

Netanyahu tells US: We won't stop east Jerusalem settlement building

Business with Israel pays off in Jordan

World poll: Only 19% see Israel in positive light

Rightists: Burn Effigies Of Obama

Goldstone rebukes rabbi on bar mitzvah

Israel deports West Bank prisoner to Gaza: Palestinians

Poll: Obama gets thumbs down on Israel

Israeli military dubs settler clash 'intolerable'

Obama offered Netanyahu a gentlemen's agreement on Jerusalem

Poll: One-state solution gains ground

Gil Scott-Heron: don't go to the moon

New York Airport 'Blind' to El Al Racial Profiling

How To Beat Back Israel Divestment Bill: Get Organized

NRA gun-safety program for Va. grade schools criticized

Looks like the Pink Pistols better stay away from the teabggers...

I just received this email from the Washington Times!!!!

The Founding Fathers Speak on Firearms

Just Jump

Hey guys!

Magnolia Budding... spring at last!

Sunday Mourning - Thoughts, please?

Osprey & Dinner

77 Sensationally Staged Scenes

USS Cairo, Ironclad

Another baseball picture

If you own/could own one Canon IS (Image Stabilization) lens, which one would it be?

Fine Art Photography

Here is a brain on perfume --

First Light images from the Solar Dynamics Observatory...

Jesuitical vs. Talmudic - Making arguments, splitting hairs

Nasa's Solar Dynamics Observatory returns first images

Story Musgrave on Humans vs Robots

Bizarre Matter Could Find Use in Quantum Computers

Satellites to issue speeding tickets from space

This website will self-destruct...

Sperm Recognize "Brothers," Team Up for Speed

Super Slow Motion Footage of the Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch

Happy Earth Day 2010! Much love and light to our beloved mother!

~WINGS~ Karen Bishop 4/20/10

How's that Mercury Retro workin' out for ya?

Archie Comics Welcomes a Gay to Riverdale

Happy Earth Day!

Army considers having Evangelist and bigot Franklin Graham speak

Privileged communications

Brain shuts off in response to healer's prayer

The Next level of Religion and Theology is Quantum Physics for the human race

The Big Bang Happened 13.7 Billion Years Ago, Therefore There Must Exist a God!

The 7 Craziest Things Blamed on Homosexuals

Drug Could Stop Spinal Injuries, Researchers Say

Naps boost memory, but only if you dream

London's richest people worth 273 times more than the poorest

GS Abacus CDO deal ... A Thought Experiment

Jump in food prices boosts wholesale inflation

Crude Declines on Cushing Oil Glut the bizzare world of republicans...Crist is the bad guy on education

...race to the bottom

Capistrano School Teachers On Strike Over Pay Cut

Bill Gates talks philanthropy, science, child rearing at Stanford