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Miner Dies At Pocahontas Coal Mine Listed By Rep. George Miller

Blance Lincoln Debate - she flatly states $4,500 isn't enough to buy her vote

Barraquitter's Facebook Fatwa disses Franklin "Islam is evil and wicked" Graham's dis-invitation

Thanks to the Mining Families of West Virginia

Thanks to the Mining Families of West Virginia

Ho Lee Shit !!! - Lots Of Tornado Watches And Warnings Tonight !!!

Lowden Plan Medical Chicken Calculator

House Oversight Cmte. Hearing on Foreclosure Protection

Keith Just carried the Lowden Plan on His Show!!!

Keith Just carried the Lowden Plan on His Show!!!

Time to Start A List

Time to Start A List

Oh, dear! You have taken a wrong turn on the information highway

On what we could be spending Afghanistan war money

On what we could be spending Afghanistan war money

Yapese Stone Money- Talking About Alternative Forms Of Currency, Some Peoples Use Rocks

Protest PHOTOS: "Queen Meg (Whitman), Rich Enough To Rule"

The Arkansas debate is drawing to an end, and Halter looks very good

Well, damn!

Can I get an appendectomy for 10 slabs of ribs...

Google view shoots the same woman 43 times (as she walks her dog)

I've got a Chicken on my desktop what do I win?

Will Arizona have to check the citizenship of those celebrating St. Patrick's Day?

Party Affiliation Gap in U.S. Narrowest Since 2005

My granddad was a doctor who accepted the occasional chicken in his time...

Decline-to-state voters overtaking Republicans in California

My letter to the Vancouver Sun (re: Arizona)

Passenger held after trying to open plane’s door

Did you know Sue Louden is a Casino executive? wonder if

“He then said he was going to the border to shoot any Mexicans"

Let's have the best chicken phrases or ideas so far

Vatican says US lawsuit against Pope 'without merit'

GOP asks high court to undo 'soft money' ban

Alan Grayson coming up on Bill Maher...n/t

Son's autism leads to innovation

Unemployed office workers find work as exotic dancers

Something to send to Gov. Brewer and the rest of the fascist thugs

Arizona already promoting the new law.......

Fremont, Ne can vote on immigration (I guess we boycott this town too)

Attn Arizona Dems -

State of un-grace

holy moly, huff post comments on AZ crap up to 23,000!!

India IT firms surpass U.S. in revealing workforce makeup

Heads up: On tonight's "Real Time"


Glenn Beck covering his ass in regards to inciting violence


Brazil bars sales of Toyota Corolla

GOP Raised Wall Street Cash During Obama's Cooper Union Speech

"Yoo vill show yaw paypuhs now, pleez"

Detroit - can the once proud Motor City be saved?

Facebook page to remove the page praying for Obama's death

Here's my message to the Republicans in Arizona

(In Pittsburg, CA) Officers kill suspect in woman's death

Tanzania union sues after teachers caned

The next Catholic abuse scandal: Crimes against women

County GOP: Get Democratic Rep. Betty Sutton Out Of The House -- And 'Back In The Kitchen'

County GOP: Get Democratic Rep. Betty Sutton Out Of The House -- And 'Back In The Kitchen'

Soldier deployed to Iraq 3 times kills wife, hides body

List Of Countries W/ Compulsory Identification Cards

I spoke with the death panel earlier today...

Where do your federal tax dollars go?

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

I'm bored. Here's a picture of Chris Matthews stuffing his face.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio out in Orange County, CA today, supporting Bill Hunt for Sheriff

A deep metaphysical film.

Tea parties backing the Arizona immigration bill-NOW gov't should have more power?

Tea parties backing the Arizona immigration bill-NOW gov't should have more power?

Prop 8 sponsors ask judge to strike trial evidence

We had dinner with old friends, she is a NEW doctor

America's Historical Love Affair With Requiring Brown People To Carry Papers....

(while you were living in reality) OBAMA TO BAN FISHING ????

(while you were living in reality) OBAMA TO BAN FISHING ????

Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry vetoes anti-abortion measures

"The transgender former brother-in-law of Gov. Bob McDonnell ..."

A deep short film.

New light on the dangers of Millenialism to our Military - some good reading

New Rule - Bill Maher

Dear Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer....

How much info do the candidates have on the constituents in their district?

An ex-boyfriend of mine is from New Mexico.

Raw Video: Dog Leads Police to Fire

New rule: If the Icelandic volcano needs a virgin sacrifice...

Undocumented immigrant dies trying to put out fire in Arizona home, two other homes catch on fire

Healthcare Reform - Winners and Losers in the Industry

Why Do the Islamic Extremists Who Hate South Park Also Hate Triscuits?


Its TIME to JOIN with ...ask them to JOIN US a series of States

What if there was no Social Security, Food Stamps, etc during the Bush Depression?

My thought on an Arizona Law protest.

Now Joe Arpaio and his goons have this Arizona immigration law at their fingertips

The BIGGEST Obama Disappointment

Okla. governor vetoes 2 abortion bills

Want to help me tell Jan Brewer to go fuck herself?

Just for funsies, I penned this

U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva ( Ariz) closes office over death threats.

Relax Gringo

Way to go, mods!

Dear Arizona...

From my reading of the law, all law enforcement in Arizona have no choice starting in August

Police beating of Maryland student caught on video

Welcome to Arizona

Check out this lame report on a Long Island Tax Day Tea Party rally. I'm about to post a comment and

If this was a 40 years ago Laugh-In and Joane Worley would be in heaven

Arizona Gov. says federal govt failing to do its job...Rapture Ready board in awe!

Yeah, Governor BREWER, *everybody* has cancer in the family AND is born in Hollywood

Obama administration spending billions on new global strike weapons

Obama admin spending on new weapons systems

FYI: Crucial Congressional Hearing on Rating Agencies

A question for Nevadans....seriously.

Bank Bust Friday. IL hits the jackpot! 7 banks fail today ALL Illinois

I received an email from Naomi Wolf on Thursday that informed me

Ex-worker at sex shop claims he lost promotion over not being gay

Hamdaniya Marine’s murder conviction overturned (nobody's guilty of killing an Iraqi man)

Army asks to cancel NLOS-LS ($466K per missle)

NATO Looks Toward Afghan Handover

Commentary: Blackwater 'just doing a job for the government'

Seven Honduran broadcasters slain since March

McCain's certainly been a "Profile in Courage"

Maybe We Should Ask The Lakota About Immigration Reform?

Alto Arizona PSA - Zack de la Rocha (anti-immigration law SB1070)

Zach De La Rocha & Tom Morello - CIW Why (Wild International) - New track from (One Day As A Lion)

Just curious....

By the Time I Get to Arizona

This is fun: Lowden Plan Medical Chicken Calculator

Another classic standoff in the making over immigration. It's a word that is often spoken these days

1 of 3 plaintiffs trying to take down Judge Baltasar Garzon removed

List your one main thing that you would like to see changed

Useless fishwrap rag alert: LA Times tries to equalize Meg Whitman's and Jerry Brown's Goldman ties

For Banksters with Financial Reform worries, nothing eases the pain like whips and chains

The Other Reason for Cutting Graham from Pentagon Event Which Was Equally Important:

Clowns to the Left of Me, Nutters to the Right

Larry Summers ,Professor Pants-on-Fire: Comment By William Greider (Nation)

BANK BUST FRIDAY !!!! (on Saturday): Windy City Wipeout

How long will it take john mccain to squeal about the cost of lawncare at his mansions?

How long will it take john mccain to squeal about the cost of lawncare at his mansions?

Security Stepped Up at Comedy Central Following Threats Against 'South Park'

C.D.O. Days, S&M Nights at Derivatives Conference

Coast guards call off search for oil rig survivors

A tale of two Afghan villages

Obama unchanged on offshore drilling despite spill

Please help Arizona get rid of Governor Jan Brewer!

E.J. Dionne: Arizona's shameful 'immigration' bill

Congratulations AZ

Buyer's Remorse in New Jersey?

President Obama and the mine disaster investigation: Waiting for more transparency

William Black - fraud, fraud, fraud - from Bill Moyers journal

Just imagine....

ACLU: Arizona Immigration Law Threatens Civil Rights And Public Safety

Anthem Blue Cross postponing rate hike -- again

Is the site "The Political Carnival" down???

Pennsylvania State Legislator Accuses Opponent of Not Being Gay

If we had targeted employers who exploit people for increased profits....

The Grifter lost the election because of a hacker

Have Conservatives Gone Mad? - Marc Ambinder

Should we repeal the antitrust exemption for insurance co. and

If we had repealed the antitrust exemption from the insurance co.

‘The Teabagger Boogie’: Ex-Geico Announcer Posts ‘Dick Armey’s Army of D****’

‘The Teabagger Boogie’: Ex-Geico Announcer Posts ‘Dick Armey’s Army of D****’

Palin’s Pinnacle Of Hypocrisy aka the M$M media continue to give her a pass and fail to do their job

Viet Nam vets (and others), post your most memorable latrinalia here.

How many chickens would be required to pay one insurance CEO's salary?

So what is wrong with the Arizona Immigration Law?

7 Chicagoland banks failed today

Sources: Votes lacking for immigration push in Congress

If the Chicken Lady beats Senator Reid that really indicates what kind of stupid we are dealing with

The Jon Stewart Gospel Choir

FYI: There are 66,000 references to 'CHICKEN' when I searched DU... (4-23-10)

Funny! Plastic Surgeon on MSNBC

My Mother-in-Law went before one of those so-called Death Panels

In Case You Missed This... Shorting The Middle Class: The Real Wall Street Crime - HuffPo

Wall Street creates money out of vapor by betting on outcomes

Jihad jitters at Comedy Central - (spoiler warning)

Republican Governors Pay Homage To Guy Fawkes

Free speech is also the prophet in a bear suit.

Former Pentagon propagandist Paul Vallely supports ‘birther’ officer Terry Lakin

Do the chickens used in the proposed healthcare barter system need to have birth certificates?

A new level of paranoia... seriously. Apparently we will become a radicalized muslim country

Let's Make Lemonade

3 Biological Hazard events: Oregan (fungus), Texas Golden alga, Philippines (poison)

Immigrants break the law to better their circumstances,

Florida GOP To Enforce "Loyalty Oath" Against Crist Supporters

E-mails show Goldman Sachs profited from mortgage crisis

A Political Reporter Who Boasts He's Never Seen Glenn Beck's Show...

From the SEIU Blog - Arizon'a Draconion anti-immigration law

Maher: NEW RULES and Alan Grayson on the panel --- VIDEO --- VIDEO

Puerto Rico to toss Birth Certificates, forces people to re-apply for Birth Certificates..

Vet gets prison for faking paralysis to avoid Iraq, ordered to repay $300K+ in disability benefits

Fear in the immigrant community

Freepers: Obama opposes AZ immigration bill due to fears of getting "stopped by the cops in Arizona"

Car Steered With Eyes, Computer Scientists Demonstrate

I want to know - Why no Fed civil rights violation investigation for Cameron Todd Willingham?

Oklahoma Abortion Bills Vetoed By Democratic Governor Brad Henry

So how do we stop Illegal Immigration?

After watching Food Inc. the other night, all this chicken talk

The very first video uploaded on Youtube.

gentrification sucks

Infusion Pumps - 710 deaths

Found!1 Quitter PALIN's perfect running mate: Evo MORALES ("Chicken causes The-Gay")

A question about that arizona state law

Nothing in here to scare illegal employers

A Parable of the Taxpayer and the Commons

A Parable of the Taxpayer and the Commons

The Trouble w/Arizona's New Law

Thanks Mods!

John McCain and Republicans Determined to Permanently Alienate Latino Voters

Two comments on the AZ Immigration Law

Combat Veterans Find Military Service Can Hurt Job Prospects

Goldman e-mails: ‘Serious money’ to be made

Vermont Legislature Votes to Begin Designing 'Single-Payer' System

American Youth Too Fat to Fight?

Grayson Discloses That Dodd Bill Covertly Eliminates Passed Legislation Requiring Full Fed Audit

Budget Committee Proposes Slashing State And Foreign Aid Budgets While Increasing Pentagon Funding

Nevada GOP gubernatorial debate: 2 of 3 favor Arizona-style immigration law, the other gets booed.

'The Woz' and his iPhone prototype t-shirt.

2 Iraq Tours, A Tailspin, and A Tragic End

How many bailouts were there? (complete list with color coding)

Beginning of the End for Afghan War?

Why we don't learn from history...

If Fox News existed in the Harry Potter universe...

Goldman CEO Lloyd "Crazy Eyes" Blankfein on subprimes: "We lost money, then made more than we lost" has a pledge up to boycott spending money in AZ

C'mon Long Islanders! I could use some back up on these two threads on Huntington Patch:

Should Free Toasters be part of Banking Reform? (satire)

7 Killed (22 Injured) In Drone Strike, North Waziristan

2 questions about Arizona's new bill...

Attacks Against Contractors Rise In Afghanistan

Ominbus Bill for veterans, caregivers headed to White House

I know the Republicans are using bigotry and fear in this Immigration issue

Death of 'Caveman' ends an era in Idaho

Has Arizona lost its mind?

Has Arizona lost its mind?

If You're In The Southeast... Lookout !!!

Documentaries About the New Deal

Source: Barrett murder may've been over sexual advances

Bill Maher Blasts Tea Baggers For Ignoring Defense Spending (VIDEO)

Texas: Photo Ticket Firm Gears Up To Fight Public Vote

Satan-spouting man diverts flight

Question About the New AZ Immigration Law and Native Americans

Question About the New AZ Immigration Law and Native Americans

40 years since the 1970 wildcat postal strike

It's time for Public Enemy to remake "By the time I get to Arizona"

Selective Service expands alternatives for conscientious objectors

Military Accused of Diagnosing Soldiers with PD (Personality Disorder) to Save Billions

Wall Street Is No General Motors: A Missed Opportunity

Condolences to Yazoo City/Miss. Du'ers.

Tenured University professor runs Thailand sex tourism website

Tenured University professor runs Thailand sex tourism website

Scalia's "Establishment Clause (analysis) permits the disregard of his own religion"

Scalia's "Establishment Clause (analysis) permits the disregard of his own religion"

Surprise! Arizona Tea Party Backs New Immigration Bill!

Navy Names Amphibious Ship for Congressman John Murtha

NACA's Bruce Marks: Quirky Populist Lights the Fuse of Homeowners' Rage

DU Lawyers: What is "probable cause" in relation to the AZ law?

Bernie Sanders letter to the NY Times...

I don't know if this has been mentioned already, but Thank You Mods.

A New Climate Movement in Bolivia

It's still NOT Buhes fault for the colapse in 2008

How Ayn Rand caused the GFC

A strapped Mad Hatter. Come CAPTION!!

Dubbo airport PIN taped to security gate

Arizona republicans should take a lesson from the British National Party. Getting rid of "illegal

2 Iraq tours, a tailspin _ and a tragic end

Colleague (of accused anthrax killer Bruce Ivins) Says Anthrax Numbers Add Up to Unsolved Case

Regarding my locked "Tombstone" post (Free beer!)

Blippy User's Debit Card Numbers Still Appearing In Google

Born to Lo$e - Bank$ floating on a $ea of Green. Mark Fiori - first one after the Pulitzer win

Born to Lo$e - Bank$ floating on a $ea of Green. Mark Fiori - first one after the Pulitzer win


Barack Obama Knows How Arizona Latinos Feel

Mad Hatter II can use a CAPTION as well.

Does anyone know where the video is..

Saturday's the day to CAPTION!! Please come do one for this Mad Hatter.

Richard Holbrooke Had Better Cut the 'Baloney'

Monologist Jean Shepherd on Ayn Rand:

Politics in America is more like:

Nevermind - I'm not in the mood for the snark today.

Nevermind - I'm not in the mood for the snark today.

Prosperous South Korea has the highest suicide rate

Msg from Texas: Thank God for Arizona!

As someone with conservative leanings on immigration, I find the AZ bill to be an abomination

Why Do Republicants Hate Anybody Who Isn't White?

How is hacking Palin's email acct a more serious crime than Memogate? ... From the memory hole ...

"Former Political Powerhouse" Karen Hughes' recent speaking gig at a Dallas senior living community

Closing a hotmail account:

This is NOT about immigration.

Arizona: So just suppose...

"Fear government regulation!" cartoon

Smoking Gun Time for Goldman: Emails Confirm "The Big Short"

Smoking Gun Time for Goldman: Emails Confirm "The Big Short"

No Brownies Welcome: The Arizona Persecution

3 more arrests in white supremacist Richard Barrett's death

Google Image Searches of the some notable Prophets

Spain has large protests against Franco-era immunity (And for Judge Baltasar Garzon)

OCR - "Petitioners conned voters into switching to the GOP" - Where's the National outrage?

I got a smile today watching BookTV's panel on inequalilty - LA Book Fair

Hiring Hispanics for Higher-Paying Jobs

"Reparations for Slavery? The Bill Was Paid–in Blood".

Union (UMW) Endorsement Heats Up PA Race (Murtha's seat)

CNN Reporter witnesses solemn 'ramp ceremony'

With all the current Arizona Furor

Arizona Democratic Congressman Raul Grijalva closes office due to death threats...

What is the main reason immigration is not open?

Boycott Arizona movement starts to grow; truckers, lawyers announce actions

OpenLeft: Massive civil disobedience is MORALLY NECESSARY to overthrow Arizona's racist law

Neo-Nazi supporters behind controversial Arizona immigration law

2005- immigration enforcement is ended after Western Growers Association (lobby) protest

The NaziZona Video Responses!

We could end Palin's career real fast: Find a union hottie with an attitude

We could end Palin's career real fast: Find a union hottie with an attitude

Major diplomatic row over 'ideas for his 'cover up the pedophiles' on his

Negative comment from Napolitano on the Arizona Law

Why can't I own a Surface-to-Air Missile? Isn't it my 2nd Amendment Right?

How do you access the internet away from home and work?

As if you needed another reason to loathe Rupert Murdoch.....

While we've been decrying H-1A visas, H-2A visas are the real problem with illegal immigration

We all are one! AZ immigration legislation s*cks!

As perhaps the most pro-business, pro-banker/broker DUer in existence, let me say the following:

Russia's Proton rocket takes U.S. satellite to orbit

2009 Immigration Detention Reforms

The google doodle is really quite clever

City of cranes, If you fear heights don't go here... PBS documentary

FBI Requests Removal of Document from Public Intelligence

Seattle Cartoonist Promotes May 20 ' Everybody DRAW Mohammed Day '

what does the AZ law require?

thank you mods. Deleted this as it isn't worth it.

Bank failure Friday: 7 in Illinois, one tied to Obama

Here's something new: "Obama is a fake put into the White House by Nazis!"

AIG May Be on the Hook in Lawsuits Against Goldman Sachs Board

"I'll drive from state to state. Do they let you do that? No papers?"

Austin passes sweeping green energy plan

I know let's all draw pictures of Jesus having sex with Satan.

Seven Honduran broadcasters slain since March

We’ve been spending most of our lives, Living in a Reich wing paradise

Monday climate bill rollout scuttled as Graham decides to walk away

People who vote against their own self-interest

Appropriately, the Phila. Eagles drafted Kafka...

Caption this:

Why all the Hating on Israel?

Newly released e-mails prove Goldman Sachs made a lot of money betting against the mortgage market

Frank Rich: Fight On, Goldman Sachs!

For those going, but what Arizona did is ilegal and will be thrown out

I've seen replies to threads stating that some DUers favor the new AZ law. If you do, check in here

Second Class Citizens

Gingrich: Tea Party will become ‘militant wing’ of GOP

Gingrich: Tea Party will become ‘militant wing’ of GOP

Arizona's 10 year pattern of legislation...Nurenburg Laws!

The Rise of the Corporate Court: How the Supreme Court is Putting Business First

Stop subsidizing the nuclear power industry

Coast Guard: Oil leaking from blast site

Coast Guard: Oil leaking from blast site

What a place Arizona must be....sigh n/t

So a 3 legged coyote crosses a metropolitan backyard

Plano mother who cut baby's arms off ordered back into state mental hospital

SPYCAM EDITORIAL: Philly Inquirer...

Goldman Sachs, criminal enterprise

Of 376 tickets handed out, 56.3 percent were issued to drivers with Hispanic last names

Remember when the world turned on Sinead O'Connor?

Wow! This Arizona Immigration Law is crazy!

Imagine if the Tea Party was Black....interesting read.

The way to get rid of the Arizona law is to make them enforce it.

Taibbi: Goldman Sachs vs Civilization-Our Collective Decision NOT To Screw Each Other Over

Media Matters: Fox News' ever-expanding ethics nightmare

Will Charlie Crist stick with the Republican Party? Stay tuned.

Lou Engle and other Christian Rightists going to Uganda to try to revive 'Kill the Gays' bill

If you're not 100% sure get tested

My Brother- in- Law works for a plant company that pays Mexicans to come here

Yazoo, MS Tornado

A time line for the descent into fascism over in Germany...

Boycott Arizona

Immigration documents accepted in AZ

What could really put the hurt on Arizona:

Gov. Christie to New Jersey: Kiss My (Prodigious) Ass....I Don't Give a F**k what you think......

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party and financial reform???

Tomorrow Night On American Experience: My Lai (Check Local Listings)


To All The “Angry” Tea Partiers by Helen Cox, used with permission (adapted from a forwarded email

I Really Haven't Followed This Immigration Issue As I Devoted All My Time To HCR.......

YouTube: Still a Time Waster, Still Fun-5 Years Ago YouTube Started With a 19-Second Video

suspect in slaying of white supremacist is laying groundwork for 'gay panic' defense

(we tried to warn them) "Buyer's Remorse in New Jersey?" (Gov. Christie)

Here’s the guy running the Arizona Legislature, Russell Pearce, on immigration

Hi, been a while. So. Are we agreed yet that our country is totally fucked?

I found something on my FBook I thought I'd pass along.

Coca Cola's Role in the Assassinations of Union Leaders Explored in Powerful New Documentary

An Irony of Reagan

"Let's just start the whole thing over"

Why it is difficult to prove you are a citizen.

Illinois teabagger candidate used provisions in Pres. Obama's stimulus package to not owe any taxes

The heartbreaking story of a homeless hero.

Michael Moore to Broadcast Kent State Truth Tribunal for 1970 Campus Shootings of War Protesters

A daring mission derailed (1980 Iran hostage rescue)

When someone says '"This is not about free speech" it's about free speech.

President Obama probably having a fun weekend in Asheville despite the rain.

Toyota recalls 151 Prado SUVs in RP for skidding problems

“I have had guys come to me and cry,”...“Grown men cried — because they are scared.”

They hope we're as stupid as they think we are: Congress Pushes Surge in Ongoing War Against Iran

I've been feeling guilty about being unemployed

FDL - "Where Are the Tea Party Protests About Wall Street?"

Media campaign against Bolivian President Morales claims he said chicken causes men to become gay!

Rev. Wallis Says Churches 'Will Not Comply' With New Arizona Law

The REAL "666"!!!! There has been ONE MAN who IS "666" by the letters in his name:

More US Soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan this year than...

Which movie characters more closely resemble Tea Baggers?

The regrets of Bill Clinton

Part A - Neocons Should be called Neocons, not Republicans!

Maybe the government could discourage the use of high-fructose corn syrup through food stamps.

This toon sums up Republican "Bipartisanship" Exactly

Cemex still trying to mine sacred Jesse Morrow Mountain, which is on the way to Kings Canyon Nat'l P

So I've got my copy of Hitchhikers Guide,

We wage war and give subsidies to corporations, and we have the funding for it. But God Forbid...

what did they call that armed meeting of the minds in N. Virginia?

Microsoft dodges $100m of taxes in Washington state with job loss threats. Gets $1.25b tax amnesty.

Could you prove your citizenship if stopped by a police officer?

Drill Baby Drill? Hell No! Grow, Hippy, Grow!

Hispanic celebrities and the Arizona law

Must Read -When Are WE Going to Get Over It?

Caption this pic

Short discussion on child abuse.

We need a tattoo system to identify people... (how conservatives love government intrusions)

want to eat some copper?

Awesome tornado picture!

Someone at the gym: "Our ancestors were immigrants, but they came here LEGALLY!"

Very disturbing... I see how "it" can happen here

LATINOS and how the AZ GOP just handed us a gift!!!

LATINOS and how the AZ GOP just handed us a gift!!!

I got a job!

Edwards Forced to Testify About Sex Tape

Here's the text of the Arizona law.

'I don't want to be me any more' And with that, 21 yo job seeker takes own life


Wichita tea partiers upset with parking tickets

Do you REALLY want to stop illegal immigration?

Stay home in November... and watch the whole country become fucking Arizona

Boycott the Arizona Diamondbacks!

Please pray for my mother...... (by Larisa Alexandrovna)

I just purchased a pair of American made sneakers!

Updated: F*ck you, you f*cking f*cks!

What happened in Arizona that got this law passed?

City-owned (SAN ANTONIO) Toyota experiences sudden acceleration problem

Prof Henry Gates: Ending the Slavery Blame-Game

I just saw on the weather channel that 30 homes were flattened in Vicksburg

Bolivian president says eating chicken turns men gay

I went into a store in Phoenix today and guess what I saw?

Everyone who believes in Civil Rights should boycott Arizona until this law is repealed /nt

Obama administration spending billions on new global strike weapons

Planes flying, but many still waiting.

Want to know what it took to end the racial profiling in a little town near here?

Arizona's bigoted law BACKFIRING UPDATE: Massive Latino movement into Arizona!

Will Haly Barbour ask Obama for socialism money?

L. Merion school official to turn over computer/full "i love it" e-mail chain in court records

L. Merion school official to turn over computer/full "i love it" e-mail chain in court records

L. Merion school official to turn over computer/full "i love it" e-mail chain in court records

"Imagine if the Tea Party was Black" - amazing read

NYT's investigative article about Imagine Charter Schools and Dennis Bakke.

Fact checking Bill Gates and his statistics about KIPP Charter schools.

I'm going to Arizona so I can tell a cop to fuck himself.

MAHER: If You're Unwilling to Cut Military & Give Up the Empire You Don't Really Care About the Debt

NY public schools have $500 to advertise, charter has $325,000 ad budget.

"It can't happen here."

EXCLUSIVE: Chamber of Commerce-CAUGHT-Coordinating Wall Streets Stealth Lobbying Campaign

French police fine Muslim driver for wearing veil

If I was a typical Mexican, I'd be here illegally.


Marshmellow Murder, an entertaining 1:13 youtube video.

A Long Time Gone {youtube 4:09}

Speed prevails over power, unless power is speedier.

Ian Dury and the Blockheads...

Sue Lowden's chicken medical plan calculator!

Join the movement: The Restoration of Stephen Baldwin

Women more likely to date men with stiPh ones.

YouTube - Iggy Pop, "Louie Louie"...UNPLUGGED...on French TV. C'est magnifique!

YouTube - The Runaways, "Cherry Bomb," live on Japanese TV 1977

YouTube - New York Dolls, "Personality Crisis," live on Midnight Special 1973

YouTube - Johnny Thunders, "Born To Lose"

YouTube - Richard Hell & the Voidoids (featuring Robert Quine) - "Liars Beware"

YouTube - Alice Cooper, "Feed My Frankenstein" LIVE

I purchased a new over the counter sinus medication today.

Kitty, kitty kitty....

Anybody here...




It's a Fire


Ape foot syndrome. I don't believe it.

It is now time for your LOL Al Capone.

Cat Typing Detected

Let's talk about: Sex Tapes

Is there anyone who would actually download songs by Yoko Ono?

I found a thread that had a link to Cindy Lauper.

Ladies of the Lounge: I have discovered an eternal truth.

What Birthers Believe

I got your "Too Big to Fail" right here

Excellent video, James Randi speaks.

Look at what some yahoo employee sent to our offices all over the country

Lead me not into temptation. I can find it myself.

Clumsy ninja leaves bank empty-handed

Beautiful video of elephant seal

Claritin rocks! I'm new at this allergy thing as...

FB has done the service of allowing me to do some living in the past lately..

Is it just me? Why have I never met a girl named Sloopy, Puddin'n'Tain or Rama Lama Ding Dong?

Who would win in a fight: Pootie Tang vs Blade?

Nothing says "Saturday Morning" like a "Scary Clown Photo Thread." They're coming for YOU!

Happy Birthday, fuckin guy!

Those Duluth jean ads are cracking me up!

Ian Brown (ex-Stone Roses) - Stellify

A Song For The Lovers - Richard Ashcroft

The birds are at war in the back yard; the cat is beside herself

Copy Catting Detected

I just changed my sig line for the first time in nine years.

During study group today, my fellow Physician Assistant students and I were mocking "Chicken Health

Find out for yourself. Go to the source.

How do you handle those annoying DU hiccup-dupes?

How do you handle those annoying DU hiccup-dupes?

Roll With It

A great Rock & Roll Statement© by solitary prophet© Neil Young: "Powderfinger" @ Farm Aid 1988

John Squire (ex-Stone Roses) - I Miss You

Ramones - "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker"

help! help! i am having a furniture emergency! florence knoll

Kitteh pic!

Alison Krauss - "A Living Prayer"

Chet Atkins & Leo Kottke - "Sleepwalk," live on "Prairie Home Companion"

This game is epic! (Nashville - Chicago)

The Beatles - "This Boy," live @ Washington Coliseum, 1964

What would you do for your 10,000th post on a forum?

Annette Funicello at Disneyland: "I have to dance, dance every chance, woah baby, don't say maybe"

Infomercial fail compilation.

My brush with, um... shall we say... um...

I found youtube of my favorite cooking show ever...

tomato do and dont

What channels do you have on Pandora?

Is of any value to someone seeking employment?

Twilight: Eclipse

I can't stop smoking!

Awesome Pics of the Iceland's Eyjafjallajokul Volcano. Really, just Stunning!

King Crimson...the "Double Trio" lineup, "Red," live in Japan 1995

Something I learned from my cats...

Please post some good sites for getting photographs printed

And now... HARRY SATCHEL in "What's That Smell?"

How do you access the internet away from home and work?

Rolling Stones - Plundered My Soul

I Can't Find The Beatles Version of "Rock And Roll Music" s On iTunes - Help!!

how much does it cost to get a massage?

I found out today that going to a Saturday afternoon party is NOTHING like posting on DU.

U Satyrdee LOL Cats

I'm bored. Here's a picture of Chris Matthews stuffing his face.

They airbrushed me out.

PHOTO - This is just WRONG on so many levels: "Krispy Kreme KFC Double Down"

OMG Cat, Standing Cat and the Standing Mongooses watch the Dramatic Lemur

Richard Thompson, Cambridge Folk Festival 2006: "1952 Vincent Black Lightning"

For the first time in my life, I have to have surgery on Wednesday.

Sweetie, dahling! My friend and I as Patsy and Edina

Why do kids need cell phones, and should they be allowed in schools?

What music is everyone listening to?

Seeking advice on GPS units for a total noob.

Friday off the wall: Does anyone know anything about voice recognition software?

How old is the oldest message in you DU inbox, and what's the subject line?

Is it weird to like raw asparagus?

Is it weird to like raw asparagus?

MY favorite cooking show person ever...

Only in WI do these guys qualify as "celebrity guests"

She told him "Your hard drive is too small."

Stuff you can't unwatch

Any film recommendations

I need a rice cooker recommendation

Jon Stewart on South Park death threats

Is there anyway to tell a Bipolar person in a manic state

I'm watching Burton's "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory"

NEIL (dialup warning...enjoy).

Oh my Christ, the new Robin Hood movie looks even worse than the last (Costner) one

Who is your all time favorite

Senate moves toward combined bill on derivatives oversight

Jury verdict hits Boy Scouts with $18.5 million in punitive damages

Seven Honduran broadcasters slain since March

US Nuclear Option on Iran Linked to Israeli Attack Threat

Insurers aim to recoup claims linked to Toyota

ECB Officials Rebuff Concerns That Greek Crisis May Spread

Lawmakers turn to credit raters, prepare overhaul

New home sales, orders for most durable goods rise

Court turns down ACORN request for help

USGS says 6.1 quake strikes near Indonesia's Ambon

Arizona immigration bill: Mayor Gordon (D) says Phoenix may sue

Tornado Hits Yazoo City, MS

Toyota recalls 100,000 Corollas in Brazil - 8 million cars this year

Seventh Victim Of Anacortes Refinery Explosion Dies

Denver launches first large-scale citywide bicycle sharing program in U.S.

'Holocaust' tax dodger jailed for hiding funds in UBS

Hispanics fear profiling under new Arizona law

Graham threatens to ditch climate bill if Dems push immigration bill

Obama Marks Genocide Without Saying the Word

Japan moves to settle dispute with U.S. over Okinawa base relocation

Wipro: India outsourcer's quarterly profit up, attrition rises

Amid strike, interim CEO says she thinks as a nurse (strike by 1,500 nurses and allied professionals

Oklahoma governor vetoes abortion bills

Palin raises money for GOP in liberal Oregon town

Report on nuclear security removed from US site

47 Afghan students (girls) fall sick after ‘toxic spray’

Obama lauds auto industry rebound and pushes for financial regulations

Tory links to Murdoch under scrutiny after Ofcom ruling

(San Francisco DA) Harris turns drug-lab scandal over to state

Seattle utility leads national LED street light effort

Kerry, Graham, Lieberman to unveil climate bill

Southern Arizona congressman closes office amid threats

Glenn Beck to deliver Liberty University’s commencement address

7 Mexican police officers killed in Ciudad Juarez

House passes Vt.'s own take on health reform ("Public Option")

Goldman: We made money betting against mortgage market (Internal e-mail released Saturday)

NYT: Massey Mine Owner Defends Work and Pledges ‘Accountability’ / 48 Miners have died in the area

LeMieux Considering His Own Future

Levy lags Lazio in race for GOP chairmen support

Romney endorses Hoekstra in Mich. governor’s race

Barack Obama dips into 4th District race, hands Hank Johnson an endorsement

Vanderhoef won't seek nomination to challenge Gillibrand

Need more proof that Republicans are lunatics?

Ambinder: Gay Activists v. The White House: The Inside Story

NPR: Experts Says Bills Won't End 'Too Big to Fail'

"W.H.: Cost of bailout reduced "

"W.H.: Cost of bailout reduced "

Photos: "I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same" (The Obama Presidency, Day 459)

Arizona immigration situation. If only there was someone in law enforcement..

McCain to Obama: Send troops to border if you don't like new immigration law

White House leaves Dick Durbin hanging

so let me get this straight

Obama Marks Genocide Without Saying the Word

Some Legacies Can't Be 'Restored'

Paul Krugman: The Real Chicken-Checkup Fallacy

Earp withdraws from House race

Suggestion for Arizona DUers:

Videos from my appearance on Fox News' Cashin In this morning

VMI to Present Award to Secretary of State Clinton

Democrats, Republicans–and the Sunscreen Party

Axelrod spills secret on the President - He Loves Pie and Cheeseburgers

Axelrod spills secret on the President - He Loves Pie and Cheeseburgers

Regulations aren't worth crap

GOP: The Party of Macho

GOP: The Party of Macho

Poll: 45 percent approve of Perdue's job performance

Guy Fawkes, New Republican Hero

Pataki won't rule out 2012 presidential bid

DFLers get ready for a long night

Democrats demand probe of Vitter

Bill Maher is on his A game tonight. I hope Obama has this on DVR.

Lol - This cartoon says it all


Lindsey Graham trashing Dems for pushing 'phony' immigration law changes

Palin Crime Family Hypocrisy vs David Kernell

NYT: Jon Stewart’s Punching Bag, Fox News

NH-Gov: Lynch Up Double Digits But Under 50

NC-Sen: Cal Cunningham adviser sees blacks and women as a fundraising problem

Not long ago, I posted about the self-destruction of the GOP...

Please President Obama: No New Nukes/Close the Old Nukes: New Reports on Leaks "everywhere"

Newsweek: How Hillary Found Her Groove With Obama

Tim Wise: Imagine if the Tea Party was Black

Slow Down - Start Over - And Kiss My Ass

WTF....I am not even sure how I would prove I am not an illegal alien!!!

Will / Would Arizona Deport Cheech?

Why Resistance Is Essential

Archie Comic's New Gay Teen Character! - Interview with writer and artist Dan Parent

Mike Malloy - Obama Speaks To Deaf Ears

Palin' by Comparison -by Sarah Hickman and the Austin Lounge Lizards

Spy plane in latest US military mystery

Meet Queen Meg, the Billionaire Who Would Be Governor

Strike support at Fabcon

Weekly Address: Good News from the Auto Industry

Protest and attempt of citizen's arrest of Karl Rove at Univ. of MN, and Mall of America

Arizona immigration law sparks controversy

Chicken Sue goes Gonzo!

The Tea Party Is Over by Old Fart Rants

Cheech Marin: Born in East L.A.

My Phone Call to the Tea Party Movement Hotline

MADDOW: How will Arizona Profile People? SHOES!

MADDOW: How will Arizona Profile People? SHOES!

David Bowie, This Is Not America. Disrespectfully dedicated to Gov. of AZ, Jan The Profiler Brewer

In the midst of financial meltdown, SEC employees were surfing for pornography while on the clock


Tea-baggers owned in Huntington Beach California

Public Enemy - By The Time I Get to Arizona

The Myth of Corporate Personhood

Race 'n Arizona

1992: Sinead O'Conner booed off stage at Dylan concert for speaking out against abuse in the church

Steve Leser on Fox News' Cashin In Regarding Al Gore's Inconvenient Youth Climate website

WAR duet by sinead o'connor and bob marley

MSNBC: Cenk On The State of The Dem Party w/ Ratigan & Ezra Klein

Young Turks: Breast Cancer Victims Dumped By Insurance Co

49-year-old who was sentenced to death in 1985 for killing an attorney chooses firing squad

Steve Leser on Fox News' Cashin in Re: Congress' legislating caps on Health Insurance Premiums

Steve Leser on Fox News' Cashin In 4/23/10 re: Obama's Job Creation Policies

I love Rachel and Sinead

Bill Maher BECOMES a Teabagger - 4/23/10

Cenk on MSNBC - Goes Off On Tea Party

Woman toasts AZ Governor, says she has no problem with her Mexican or Black friends

Spare Change

Arizona Progressives Devise Ingenious Way to Beat Harsh Immigration Law

U.S. Nuclear Option on Iran Linked to Israeli Attack Threat

The shame of Orlando Figes

US Nuclear Option on Iran Linked to Israeli Attack Threat

The Tea Party's Toxic Take on History. Ignore it at your peril.

George Soros on SEC v Goldman & the Disaster of Derivatives

Have Conservatives Gone Mad?

Nevada Sen. Candidate Lowden Opposes 'The Public Chicken Option'

C.D.O. Days, S&M Nights at Derivatives Conference

Imam for Peace Sows Discontent

Ollie North: Atomic Ayatollahs

AlterNet: Dismantling the 5 Big Talking Points of Marijuana Prohibitionists

Afghanistan’s Boys in Blue. With cops like these, who needs robbers?

Homeless live in man’s backyard

Russ Feingold will have an opponent....

Keiser Report April 23

Jon Stewart’s Punching Bag, Fox News

Get ready to fight for S.F.'s political soul (on moderate vs. liberal Democrats in San Francisco)

AlterNet: What's Behind the Republicans Fielding 32 Black Candidates for Congress in 2010?

Friday Talking Points (120) -- Republicans Chicken Out

"Where Are the Tea Party Protests About Wall Street?"

Remake of 'The Graduate' to Feature Goldman Sachs

The Down Side of Alternative Energy

Biden Predicts Job Growth Will Grow 250,000-500,000 Monthly

A Soft Focus on War: How Hollywood hides the horrors of war

Arizona’s Law May Spark Pro-Immigrant Movement

Strain of deadly fungus spreads (from Vancouver Island) to Oregon

Whales fertilising the Southern Ocean

Greenpeace statement on pending climate bill

Human bodies of victims killed by dangerous fossil fuel and biomass waste would form a chain

Percent Talk: All Danish Renewables COMBINED Compared With Dangerous Natural Gas Consumption:

With Chevrolet Volt, GM Builds a True, But Pricey, 'Green Car'

Plastic Beaches

Edging Back to Nuclear Power

3 oil giants to support climate legislation

Ocean Acidification Hits Northwest Oyster Farms

State Decision Blocks Drilling for Gas in Catskills

Nuclear protesters form 120-kilometer human chain

Baseball TV analyst helps stop plane passenger

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Friday, April 23)

Hey Alabama, Florida, Stanford, Oklahoma, UCLA, & Utah fans: your school is...

Redskins ship Campbell to Raiders

Bobby Orr's rookie jersey fetches $191,200 at auction

San Antonio Spurs: Birther Controversy

Appropriately, the Phila. Eagles drafted Kafka...

Tim Toone, WR, Weber State is Mr. Irrelevant

Yikes! What have they been drinking in Fricso?

Jason Campbell to the Raiders??? WTF!!

Montana and Rice top Most Valuable Draft Picks of All Time list...

Tebow Goes Before Clausen?!?!?!

The JR Chess Report (April 23): Championship Match Starts Tomorrow

Colombian official: trade with Venezuela can be resumed under Chávez

Venezuela conduct raids on cocaine labs

Seven Honduran broadcasters slain since March

Washington’s Invented Honduran Democracy

I was thinking last night that it's about time for Evo to be Chavezed in the press.

Venezuelan economy expected to have the biggest contraction in Latin America for 2010 and 2011

Cuba is at a critical turning point. By Jorge Castañeda | NEWSWEEK

Evo Morales: 'Chicken causes baldness and homosexuality'

Return of top predators is key to ecological future, author suggests

UFW: Polarizing anti-immigrant bill targets Latinos and farm workers

USW Union Local 2599 member dies from job incident

Union: Nurse’s suspension may violate 1st Amendment

Today in Labor History Apr 24 halts shipping on the West Coast in solidarity with Mumia Abu-Jamal

Watch and Discuss "Emmerdale": A Tragic Turn

Lou Engle and other Christian Rightists going to Uganda to try to revive 'Kill the Gays' bill

Why all the Hating on Israel?

Earth Day in Israel: Apartheid Showing Through the Greenwash

Your favorite Gay/Lesbian band/singer?

BDS is a long term project with radically transformative potential

'Abbas rejects 60% of WB'

Parking lot killing came after $10 dispute-Suspect's father posts $1 Million dollar bail

I wish all the guns would go away.

Rape victim questions gun laws

Shopping with guns (Man and woman open carry in Wisconsin)

You need 'papers' to prove you belong here but not to own a gun

Why can't I own a Surface-to-Air Missile? Isn't it my 2nd Amendment Right?

Alabama SBR & SBS ban repeal passes

0304 est here, doggy, doggy


0320 est... who am I kidding?

0250 est as I plot the demise of the dog

Biped Robot Achieves 4.4 mph (video)

Big, beautiful spiral galaxy NGC 1055

We Are Here: The Pale Blue Dot

A question about molecular structure

So then, what about all those lines on Phobos?

Mental Feng Shui

Double Your Pleasure ?!?! Birthday Wishes to davsand & NMDem

Review of Philip Pullman's "The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ"

Poseidon is a real god and I can prove it to you in three easy steps.

Does anyone else here eat raw vegetarian?

Financial market regulation is a mess

Rating Agency Data Aided Wall Street in Mortgage Deals

I dont know if this goes here or not, but I think I found a way

Record 21% Of Americans Think They'll Get Canned In The Next Year

Learning How to Fight the Collector

For School Company, Issues of Money and Control

NYT in-depth piece on Dennis & Eileen Bakke, founders of charter Imagine Schools

More Unions Bow Out of "Race to Top"

Indiana: State calls off race for education reform grant