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Deportation as union-busting in Arizona: Bisbee, 1917

Democrat: Arizona law like 'Nazi Germany'

Assembly repeals 'cures for homosexuality' language from 1950 law

Journalist Group Demands Probes Into Iraq deaths

Ex-FBI agent gets 30 years for CA drug house plot

Ousted U.S. Attorney Iglesias now a Guantanamo prosecutor

Kos:Halter won last week's debates, Lincoln refuses to do another

Molecular computer mimics human brain

Hugh Hefner saved the HOLLYWOOD sign yesterday

Oh no! We're screwn!!

KO has great coverage of the Arizona mess

Man Wearing Headphones Hit By Train

Progressive Radio Network from Phoenix Arizona

Expensive Tea

"Why Do Leftists Deny Reality?" Freeper thread.

Get your Sarah Palin tickets 50% off. . .seriously, 50% off. . ./UPDATED to include FUNDRAISER

You know, in view of all this talk about the many seats the Dems will lose this year

Ex-MI6 officer attacks America's torture policy

Demanding military veterans to prove their citizenship in AZ - to people who stay home in comfort

Atlantic - Notes That The Media Is Running Interference For The GOP

Duwamish Plea

Show me YOUR papers

Catering To Racists - Remember 2006 - House Republicans Make Undocumented Status A Felony

Forbes: The Real Reason For Toyota's Troubles

Imagine if the Tea Party Was Black - Tim Wise

Welcome to Annexia - Feds’ push to seize restaurant a rare one

Goldman Sachs case: Watch the roaches scurry as the lights are turned on


Chuck D: "By the Time I Get to Arizona" -- This Discrimination Must Stop

Anderson Cooper is not on his show tonight

Talking Points or Imperative

A bunch of squatters wants to kick the foreigners out of Arizona?

The general consensus is that immigration debate is bad for Dems in November

Paline Perjured Herself!!!

Bon Voyage, Manny. Au revoir, mon ami. o/~ Avril à Paris o/~

Every day I ask myself: W.W.S.A.D?-Thanks to Glenn Beck, now we all know - By Tom Tomorrow

The Bankers Still Don't Get It Why We Hate Them: India Knight (London Times)

Is this for real or another scam?

Rep. Leo Berman (R-TX) "proud to be in Glenn Beck Army," calls Obama "God's punishment"

Teabaggers analyze the new $100 bill (satire)

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

I Predict That The Republicans Introduce A Bill Restricting Affordable Housing As Financial Reform

Since I Screwed Up Before, Twice... On The West Coast (Maybe)... PBS American Experience Is...

So... What Stephen Hawking Is Saying, In Effect... Is That The Aliens Will Be Republicans ???

You too could have a cruise missile

Refried Swastika. ¡Que Bueno!

"Mike Huckabee Compares Same-Sex Adoption To Experimentation: 'Children Are Not Puppies' "

So, I'm reading Juan Perón's wikipedia page and came across what his opposition thought of him...

It's not who got the money from whom.

PG&E admits tens of thousands of problems with new SmartMeters

Will someone tell Grandma Pallin what "Juicy" means....

Robot subs trying to stop oil leak deep below Gulf of Mexico

Pursuant to another OP about helping Arizona elect Democrats: Support Maricopa Co. Dems!

Bill Halter closes gap with Blanche Lincoln to 7%: FIRE a corporate Dem--give to Halter

Body's Response to Repetitive Laughter Is Similar to the Effect of Repetitive Exercise, Study Finds

Boycotts can bring progressive change, please AZ DU'ers..

A little gadfly action for AZ

Financial Reform - Kill The Bill 2 - U.S. Chamber of Commerce Urges "No" Vote

Famous Italo-African Americans

Does Anybody Know What % Of White Arizonans Support Their State's Jim Crow Law?

San Francisco City Supervisors Call For Boycott Of Arizona....

shefiff joe is a f------ liar.

Hey Arizona!

Rep. Pelosi - Bring ENDA to the U.S. House Floor for a Vote ( petition)

Poll: 65% back Wall Street reform... Repugs just kneecapped themselves

Pittsburgh area employment picture brightens

Anagrams for the California Governor's Race

What is a fireman????

T shirt for blondes...

This unspoken Republican TAX on almost every American has taken it's toll on our nation.

So Stephen Baldwin wants some "Token" gifts sent to him?

Report: Immigration Reform Would Boost Economy

Ugly story about Church politics..and future pope

duplicate...sorry..please delete..

Exploding Rig’s Operator Has History of Safety Violations

William Ayers Stirs up Controversy in Fresno

Do Mormons Have a Problem With Tolerance?

Comedy Central is starting to look extremely cowardly

Does anyone know if the committee hearing with Blanfein's testimony will be

You want to harass some really dangerous people?

Something in the Air

WI Senate Refuses Vote on Penalizing Biz That Hire Illegal Immigrants

The New York Times' Muslim problem

The New York Times' Muslim problem

U.S. Supreme Court to hear arguments in Monsanto case Tuesday

U.S. Supreme Court to hear arguments in Monsanto case Tuesday

Wanna hear Sarah Palin speak? For less than Five Bucks?

The Q2 Fleeceafreep is in full swing....

Ford earnings up, govt to sell off part of Citigroup stake for 50 percent return

Pause a moment to remember a few tales about ICE & AZ from recent years

'Rude Man' Beaten, Pelted With Pasta (for not holding door open for women)

US 'to transfer Bagram detainees'

By writing off blacks and latinos, the GOP should just rename themselves the Tighty Whitey party

Amazing photos of Eyjafjallajokull (The Volcano)

BNP manifesto seeks more than votes; keen to turn voters into supporters of a racially 'pure'

Damn that Stephen Hawking!

VIDEO - John Stewart calls Arizona "the meth lab of democracy"

Great News! RNC and NRCC Join Forces For New Midterm Fundraising Operation

Will Pelosi and Reid have the guts to do the following:

The Usain Bolt ad for

Who's for having borders between countries that are similar to existing borders between US states ?

Why Has Mac D’Alessandro Decided To Run A Primary Challenge Against Stephen Lynch (D-MA)?

Blue Gal's Palin-Bachmann "Thelma & Louise" poster: "like driving your country's brain off a cliff"

Big Oil Fought Off New Safety Rules Before Rig Explosion

Does anyone ever notice that RW-nutjobs seem to post a lot of comments for online newspaper articles

Patriotism, hard work, faith, principles: Four more reasons to vote Dem

Patriotism, hard work, faith, principles: Four more reasons to vote Dem

'Think before you print' messages are 'just bull,' CEO of paper company says

Drudge whines in fear

Federal agency to review Toyota crash (4 died in Columbus Day 09 accident on N.H. road)

Everybody step back take a breath, We will defeat this law in AZ

Re: Conspiracy Theories

TN Review of voter rolls prompts outcry

Betty White on SNL:

Rachel Maddow on ReTHUG filibusters - when will M$Greedia

Rachel Maddow on ReTHUG filibusters - when will M$Greedia

If Lincoln had given the Gettysburg Address in 2010..

I was in chat the last couple of days and I noticed something about the freepers

Class-action suit could mean money for your lawn mower

Kentucky Derby: Ready or not, horses fill up field

Do we want a national ID (citizenship) card or not?

Need Help with Email

Gah! Tim LaHaye's 'new' 'improved' more apocalyptic apocalypse book series.

PowerPoint slide of American military strategy in Afghanistan.

What is the argument against reinstating Glass-Steagall?

Maybe now that you know me I should introduce myself.

Where are the Repubs??

Home prices show 1st annual gain in 3 years

Lieberman is more reliable on the president's agenda than Ben Nelson

Lieberman is more reliable on the president's agenda than Ben Nelson

Lieberman is more reliable on the president's agenda than Ben Nelson

Lieberman is more reliable on the president's agenda than Ben Nelson

U.S. Supreme Court to hear case involving Elyria woman who reported sexual assault in prison

Tweety makes me want to puke!

"little red books" kelly Tsai

Mexico issues travel alert over Arizona new immigration law

Blue Cross got its increase in New Mexico, 21% approved by PRC

David Duke defends the Tea Parties from charges of racism: Why, they're just like him.

People Walk By Hero Bleeding To Death

What Southern senators *used* to propose during Depressions...

Teabaggers ...

McMahon Campaign Cancels Money-For-GOP Registrations Voter Drive

!ANYBODY!-Can SUE AZ Gov If They Believe Their Municipality Isn't Pursuing Enough Brown People!

Sen Levin: 'SHITTY DEAL' over and over

I am brown'ish, I will never go to Arizona again...

GoldmanSach's execs look to the senate for sympathy...

Minnesota Republicans know how to make sure their online poll about immigration turns out their way.

The Pronoun Plague sweeps the US.

There'll be one business in Arizona that will see huge growth!

GM Crops Go to US High Court, Environmental Laws on the Line

How long can the Republicans continue to filibuster the financial reform bill?

AZ Truck driver forced to show birth certificate claims racial-profiling

Freeperland weighs in on my Father's NYT article on Fighting Debt Collectors

Eco-terrorists 'plot to blow up IBM headquarters'

Eco-terrorists 'plot to blow up IBM headquarters'

Eco-terrorists 'plot to blow up IBM headquarters'

Yanukovych reverses Ukraine's position on Holodomor famine

Well I guess Timber Wolf really IS one sh*tty deal...

The Hopey-Changey Stock Market

What would she think of Arizona?

What would she think of Arizona?

Murdoch's crazies lose the plot

GOP, the party of : "VOTE NO, DON'T KNOW, and LATINO!"

Goldman Sachs executives are being "grilled" by Congress today.

Homeless good Samaritan left to die on NYC street

Does anyone ever notice that RW nutjobs just plain post a lot to everything?

The Potential Nomination of Merrick Garland: Analysis of his record

Does anyone ever notice that RW-nutjobs seem to post a lot of comments for online newspaper articles

"AN UTTER DISGRACE" - Arizona’s Act of Vengeance-By Eugene Robinson

Elizabeth Post, etiquette expert, dies at 89

Elizabeth Post, etiquette expert, dies at 89

will AZ law increase ways to fine/arrest legal immigrants on other charges?

Dow dropping like a rock as Goldman Sachs CEOs are grilled

Wow - Listen To The Goldman Sachs Hearing......

S&P Cuts Greece's Rating, Dow Down Triple Digits

The Dividing Line (story on Haitian earthquake)

Democrats are all racist, election stealing assholes. I know this to be true, because

Democrats are all racist, election stealing assholes. I know this to be true, because

Need a Fahrenheit/Celsius comparative poster for my ESL class. Can anyone help?

Newsweek: Are Tea Partiers Racist? Hey Newsweek, Do Bears Shit in the Woods?

Whistleblower Radack Compares Her Bush DOJ Persecution To Obama DOJ NSA Case

Bloggers are not Journalists, NJ appellate court decides

Consumer confidence rises to 57.9 in April

A million Brazilians can't be wrong

Stock market tanking after Republicans block financial reform

So is the outrage really just because of racial profiling or is it because we don't want to deport

My partner told me she heard Tancredo say he is opposed to the new AZ law




Remember kids, you can't spell NAZI without AZ. nt

The Slacker' Bible - Please Support A Long Time DUer's Creative Project

The timing of the AZ "papers please" law is to allow state-wide voter intimidation.

It's snowing. heavily. and the forecast is for up to a foot of it.

The real life results of "small government"


What does it say when FR is the place to go for debunking?

Has anyone read "The Big Short" by Michael Lewis?

Sen. Levin's committee on fire, in particular the Chairman.

Chinese billionaire shows how it's done; gives entire fortune to charity

The GOP has been holding back a secret cure for death.

If you live in Arizona, shouldn't you be calling the cops on your European neighbors.

A Public Enemy Classic: "By The Time I Get To Arizona"

Collection agency hired to collect school lunch fees

What is the inherent problem with illegal immigration?

Crist To Decide Potential Indy Senate Bid On Thursday

Ecuador President: Nationalized Oil Firms Would Be Compensated

I feel like going to AZ and asking some white folks to show me their papers.

AG: Court challenge possible on immigration law

question about the health care bill - high risk pool

Rep. Grijalva Calls for Federal Non-Cooperation with Controversial AZ Immigration Bill

Rep. Grijalva Calls for Federal Non-Cooperation with Controversial AZ Immigration Bill

How soon will it be before AZ arrest's a hispanic military service member / veteran?

Does anyone remember the Ixtoc 1 oil rig spill?...

BP, Other Oil Co's. Opposed Effort to Stiffen Environmental, Safety Rules for Offshore Drilling

Freepers SADDENED that Palin's "Media Tweet" will be "ignored by deaf and blind media." Aw, SHUCKS.

Fox "News" host Brian Kilmeade drops a C-Bomb on live TV. HE MUST BE FIRED! I'M SERIES111

The 2010 enthusiasm gap (in chart form!)

Tuesday TOON Roundup 2

The mysterious, yet ubiquitous term 'MSM' is...

Tuesday TOON Roundup 4

Tuesday TOON Roundup 5

Expert: Invalid Warrant Used in Raid on iPhone Reporter’s Home

The Group Behind The Harshest Immigration Bill In America

Breathing While Undocumented

Breathing While Undocumented

Virginia gun lobby pushes for right to drink alcohol while carrying a gun in public.

Malcolm X Killer Released From Jail

Crossroads pastor's letter hints at politics

Have you read Rachel Maddow's blog today? Racist roots of Arizona's immigration law

Postal Service Probing RNC 'Census' Mailer

My tax refund wasn't intercepted this year!?!

Reich Blasts Anti-Reform Group For 'Cynically Distorting' His Words In TV Ad

A big Stink in Denmark right now is that major world Corporations aren't paying taxes here

Greece has been cut to junk status. Portugal next.

Chamber of Commerce RUNNING ADS For Blanche Lincoln

Seafood safe despite oil in Gulf of Mexico, experts say

Seafood safe despite oil in Gulf of Mexico, experts say

Arizona's Brightest Students - No 'Teabaggrs' here!

This Modern World: Damn, Thanks To Glenn Beck, Our Secret Plans Are Blown

White supremacist opening nightclub for youths

Paperos porfavaria

Goddard leads Brewer 47-44 in Arizona race.

So are the Wall Street boys manipulating the stock market today

Okla. House overrides abortion restrictions vetoes - Washington Post

Arizona: White Armpit of the Country (photo)

Cafferty/CNN: 2/3 of Americans support financial reform, but Senate GOP blocks it

NY-19: Candidate says GOP liberated Europe in WWII

Meghan McCain: AZ Immigration Law "essentially a license to pull someone over for being Hispanic"

Meghan McCain: AZ Immigration Law "essentially a license to pull someone over for being Hispanic"

MediaMatters: Long List Of Bad Headlines For GOP On Blocking Wall St. Reform....

Writer Goes Undercover At An Ex-Gay Camp

Arizona DUers: Any mention of tourism boycotts in the local press?

U.S. training Afghan villagers to fight the Taliban

Second vote on Health Care Reform now on in the Senate...

Second vote on Health Care Reform now on in the Senate...

¡Atienda, usted dumbass gabachos conservadores!

Headlines Across The Country: GOP Blocks Financial Reform!!!

Delete, please.

TOON: I can tell by the color of your skin...

Arizona arrests ‘undocumented’ crater (entered state illegally)

Broad Bipartisan Coalition Fighting Fed In Senate

Slowpoke TOON "The Circle of Stupidity, II"

Feed the parking meter until 8pm, feed it on Sunday too

The US' Largest Spanish-Language Newspaper Calls For Arizona Boycott....

This whole issue scares the heck out of me. Must we all now carry papers?

If You Are Watching The Goldman Sachs Testimony - This Guy Joshua Birnbaum Is A.......

Dick Gephardt - From Labor Champion to Wall Street Flack

Install microchips in illegal immigrants?

Business Model (Marijuana) Debate: Big Tobacco Vs. Big Pharma

while we were watching the health insurance debate I got hit with

BP has NO insurance coverage for oil spills

Time for SNL to bring back the Coneheads. On a roadtrip. Crossing thru Arizona.

Dodd in talks over congressional input in taxpayer bailouts

Arizona agency asks for federal help on immigration law (to help prepare officers)

"He looks like a fish that swam too close to a nuclear reactor."

Arizona White Voters: 11 Point Swing To Brewer (Jim Crow Law Signer) For Governor!

Who on this site carries your Birth Certificates with them everywhere you go?

Clinton Urges Iraq to Form New Government Quickly

Anybody heard from the guy that was going to Arizona to tell the cops to fuck off?

Imagine if the Tea Party was black, by Tim Wise

I just spoke to Maureen Cotner at AZ governor's office...

California mourns the discovery that Death Valley is no longer the lowest point in the country

California mourns the discovery that Death Valley is no longer the lowest point in the country

OBAMA! Thanks for the extra 800 bucks!

GOP Candidate: We should microchip illegals

Language and Politics: "Government Run"

GOP circulates alternative regulatory plan, more limited consumer protections

Michael Moore will be on Larry King Live on CNN tonight for the full hour

Kathy Griffin and Levi Johnston Crash "Sarah Palin's Alaska"

"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free...

Students Walk Out In Protest Of NJ Budget Cuts

Center for Reproductive Rights Files Lawsuit against Oklahoma’s Ultrasound Requiremen

Expert: Inspection of Toyota in fatal Minn. crash showed cruise-control problems

Comparative Derangement Syndrome

history buffs: how have other nations dealt with fascists without having to go to war

Census lowest in SW Kansas. Good I hope it bites them in the ass. Jerry Moran can kiss mine!

Damn. City of Wichita "Caves" to the teabaggers. wimps


We are not your weapons – we are women

Crews may set fire to burn off leaked Gulf oil

Strict Abortion Measures Enacted in Oklahoma

Scarah Says ... not sanctified by the Almighty

Biden thinks gun owner should have his head examined

"Do you think they know you think it's a piece of crap when you sell it to them?"

What signing the Immigration Bill did for the AZ Governors Popularity

Pulitzer Prize Winning NTY Journalist: Done With Arizona As Long As Jim Crow Law Remains...

The Floppy is Dead: Time to Move Memories to the Cloud

With These Goldman Sachs Hearings Going On - Is It Too Premature To Pass Financial Reform Now?....

Deadline looms to apply for Disaster Unemployment Assistance

Was it Drill Baby Drill or was it Spill Baby Spill?

Why hasn't the AZ law been enjoined yet?

Dr. Cornel West's take on the lack of contrition by those responsible for the mortgage crisis

Sen. (King?) Graham says immigration dead until borders are secured

Concertgoers show the Reich stuff, are beaten by crowd(Philadelphia)

Crist wont say whom he will caucus with if he wins as an I...

"It smells like mold, and it tastes moldy," Water is safe to drink though

UPDATE to "FL Councilman unsure about Muslims holding public office "would prefer" that Gays do not

Will the good Christians in the tea party movement accept money from a strip club re: Palin

Profiling Arizona legislator Russell Pearce: Author of immigration law is pals with noted neo-Nazi

CA Senate President Steinberg To Schwarzenegger: Review (& Possibly Break) Arizona Contracts

Teen rape victims needn't take polygraph tests, judge decides

A new mini-sport. Defriending Facebook friends who post anti-Obama garbage.

Hartford Courant: Key GOP Backing May Help Obama Nominee From Connecticut

After years of praise, Glenn Beck decides to label Bush a ‘progressive’

Dumb Letters to the Plain Dealer, Part CCXV = "MY Republican Party . . . right now and ALWAYS!"

Big Ed just reported that the feds conducted a surprise raid on Massey mines

Tweety is barking up the wrong tree by classifying Palin as moving away from her base

"Shitty Deal"

"My Life With A Learning Disability" (Thought I would share this short film)

Men's Rules

Look who opposes Arizona's immigration law:

I think I just had an epiphany...

Organic, small farmers fret over FDA regulation

Hero Quitter Evan Bayh gets stood up by the NCAA

Thug running against Senator Feingold looks like a real piece of work

Goldman Sachs Hearing - Thread 2

N.Y police say Micheal Moore should have left the crime scene ribbon up (dark humor)

Document: Goldman 'shorted' mortgages because world wouldn't expect it

Pork Products+ Am I more: Angry/Disgusted/Guilty?

So how serious is hacking? For once I agree with the Paybots and the Freepers.

DU oldsters will remember this but you young ones may not know (re: nuclear)

Betty Bowers: Are you doing your part to pretend to care about the US Constitution?

First Arizona, now Missouri

Actor Jason Alexander hits teen bicyclist in Mid-City

Engineers to build giant dome to contain US oil spill

Financial Reality Check: As early as 2003/2004, there were warnings in the NYT and major news-

Ben Nelson, corporate shill

Two Conservative Utopias

Arkansas Senate Primary Moves From 'Leans Lincoln' To 'Toss up' !

Once again...a few facts for Republicans...

Glenn Greenwald: War propaganda from Afghanistan

The huge oil slick in the Gulf Of Mexico, as seen from space

Time to get the Wall Street bankers attention.

Fabrice Tourre: Too Young To be Vice President?

For all who don't understand the election makeup of Az, and why we can win.

Hugh! Series!!!!!!1!! I found DU's old Geocities Page!!1!!!

David Letterman tells Dr. Phill "Leno didn't get a bum rap'got everything he deserved"

Is America Really Building More Prisons/Jails Than Schools? This Issue Is Very Personal To Me!!!!

Vote Republican

Economy over Environment: The Limited Coverage of Louisiana’s Oil Spill

Snowe, Collins, Nelson vote "No" on second Financial Reform vote

My wife...

Cool video: First 30 seconds of Apollo 11 launch in HD and in slow motion

male politicians of Miss. and Ala. hate women (Tenn. too)

••• News flash! Italian arrested on suspicion of being Hispanic! •••

Key Expert Calls FBI's Theory About Accused Anthrax Terrorist 'Impossible'

Financial Reform Talks Near Collapse, GOP Prepares To Cave

Best response yet to Arizona's new law:

Goldman Sachs is the natural progression of Capitalism

This 2002 documentary on the Weather Underground is excellent!

Washington Journal - Financial Bill Impasse

On mass deportations and racism in US History.

Poll: Overnight AZ Latinos have gone from most pro-GOP in Nation to among most anti

oklahoma abortion law protects doctors from malpractice suits IF THEY LIE TO PATIENTS

Company Displays Controversial Message-"Stay 100 meters back, or you will be shot."

Obama’s phony banking “reform”

'Audit the Fed' Coalition Gains Steam in US Senate --

Middle-aged black men are much likelier to be veterans than anyone else

Can anyone translate Teabag to English?

Now Ohio being pressured into AZ-style immigrant law

President Obama through NO fault of his own, had a very 'polarizing' effect in '08...

Goldman Sachs Exec's. to appear today

Goldman Sachs Exec's. to appear today

Ratigan is a 100% ReTHUG hack

I actually think

BWHAHAHA: Glenn Beck Labels Bush A ‘ PROGRESSIVE '

So Arizona, what about all your companies that invite illegal aliens into our country?

JimRob pathetically begging FR for $$ to keep "delivering pages"

Mexico issues Arizona travel alert

My profile: Dark brown hair, check... brown eyes, check... olive skin, check...

Turn on Ed Shultz quick - Joan Walsh is devouring that Heidi

Lawyer 4 White Nationalist Group Brags That He 'Helped' Russell Pearce Write Arizona Immigration Law

Make Way for Ducklings!

Children undeterred by attacks, want education

I have never been to AZ and now I have no desire to go

Second Banker Accused of Stealing High-Frequency Trading Code

In the US, it would be most unusual for anyone to admit to marrying somebody for any reason other

Graph: Tea partiers' attitudes toward race, equality and liberty

Recent disaster shows dangers of oil drilling in Gulf of Mexico

When the shit hits the fan and the oil hits the beaches.

Fair Oaks mom: Why were autistic twins dumped from class field trip?

Tuesday TOON Roundup 1- The Big Arizona Toon collection

Update on the Spanish Inquisition of "The Bush Six"

Tuesday TOON Roundup 3

Wow Joy BEHAR has wingut tool Alex CASTELLANOS being pwnd by DONAHUE

"I'm Mexican, Pull Me Over"

If you are hispanic and live in arizona, call the cops on your hispanic neighbors.

Idaho scientists find fabled Palouse worm!!

How Can We Turn Arizona Blue

We've been saying the right wing was losing it's stranglehold for the last several years, but

Larger pens breed chicken 'cannibalism' on egg farms

Alleged Montana 'house theft' may have been inspired by extremist websites

Author of AZ immigration law is pals with noted neo-Nazi (pics of the 2 arm in arm)

What is Arizona's largest export?

Seems the DSCC is still taking sides against Jennifer Brunner in Ohio.

Orlando-area homeowners associations want buyers to pay back dues on foreclosed homes

Shatner is interviewing Rush Limbaugh on tv

NASA Announces Wednesday Media Teleconference About Search For Extraterrestrial Life

This gets you a LIFE sentence?

From Betty Bowers to tea partiers: Are You Doing Your Part to Pretend to Care about the Constitution

Google Maps Gains “Avoid Arizona” Option

Gulf oil spill could threaten Florida ( all the way to the Keys and Atlantic ocean.)

"I believe every woman should carry every pregnancy to full term."

Has Linda Ronstadt said anything about the Arizona law yet?

holy shit, Green party candidate has a real shot in Colombia

The GOP has somehow dood it...they have done to themselves whot they were trying to do to us....

Why boycotting Arizona is a bad idea

Any chance the DIAMONDBACKS will boycott Arizona?

Cartoon: The Correct Response to "Show Us Your Papers"

Does anyone read anymore or just react RE: Arizona.

Facebook Group: 1,000,000 For Strong Financial Reform

Study: 'Pre-born' most adoptable

Anyone seen M.I.A.'s new video "Born Free"?

Feds Say Judge Hampering Webcam Spy Probe

Sue Lowden Finally Backs Off “Chickens For Checkups” Barter Policy

BREAKING: Republican campaign committee orchestrated Wisconsin HCR repeal lawsuit

Why do we not have state bills like we have the state quarters?

Mississippi school excludes lesbian student from yearbook

Will Greece Go Broke And Take The U.S. With It?

Remember how a bunch of Mattel toys were recalled

"Colored folks all work on de Mississippi, Colored folks all work while de White folks play."

2 Chicago state reps: We want National Guard to help police our streets.

PBS American Experience: The My Lai Massacre

Have you ever heard a nuclear supporter refer to "the MIT study"?

Email from President Obama asking me to work for Specter vs Sestak. I'm supporting Sestak.

"Mrs. Republican" where I live in the apartment building, just came

Place your bets here: Predict the Republican reaction to the oil spill.

While We're On The Subject Of Racism... Here Is A Fantastic Reading List For Further Study

Can You Pass The Iran Quiz ?

Ted Olson Retained To Represent Paul Minor In Appeal To Supreme Court

KS Gov may add a one cent sales tax . I am FOR could save a LOT of students and teachers!

The Real War Reporters (re: David Swanson and the DC Teach-in)

Did you ever work a union job where there were undocumented workers there?

Philly Crowd Attacks Men in Nazi Garb

Arne warns states not to "water down" education plans to please unions.

DISASTER... Oil Slick 1800 Sq Miles... 42,000 gals per day... Leaking 5,000 ft below surface....LINK

Noah's Ark found.

What the hell is wrong with Larry King?

Am I the only one who is dying to see American Idiot on Broadway?

I miss Grandma. :(

drinkin to my dad's favorite song

self portrait from last month

Who here likes Imagination Movers?

What do you think of Fox and ABC rejecting the Stephen Hawking ad for Lane Bryant?

Has anyone figured out what you're supposed to do with the three seashells?

Do You Remember The First Time?

DU boasts about "threads that never die" 'bout a 5.5 YEAR long thread

Pulp - Lipgloss

World's smallest horse?

I've got everything together. Now I just need a buyer.

WTF? What do you all think of this homepage for

Do you really want to live forever?

DU Physicists: If someone wears ankle and wrist weights while on a rowing machine...

My dad died 16 years ago today

Practicing my lecture this week...

Portrait of Chelsea.

Generator Blog.. be creative

An "OMG" moment! New headphones!

World's Tiniest Horse? (video clip)

Slowcooker Question: Have You Ever Noticed....

My fellow DU’ers in the following states:

Billy Ocean's "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car?" Yeah, that's an earworm 'tis.

Tommy Carcetti's birthday party gets out of hand

You stay classy, Kim Kardashian's ex-husband Damon Thomas.

I had this earworm in my head all night!

Playboy's Hugh Hefner helps rescue Hollywood sign

Mariah Carey: 'I'm NOT pregnant'...USA! USA! Come on, you in the back! Let's HEAR it! USA! USA!

Today's grammar rant

Where can I buy bitter? Having English friends coming to visit me

Hitler Finds Out Lady Gaga's Screening His Calls (3-D video!)

"Arizona Nazis." - "I hate Arizona Nazis."

Corn smut? Tastes great and good for you, too

About Nurse Jackie

*You Don't Know Jack*

It's almost 2 PM. Guess I'm going to get out of bed.

Why would anyone over the age of four but not an adult yet go to DisneyWorld!!???

my 2 month old niece is already going Green

Who's good at corporate bullcrapese?

If GOD has an iPod (and you KNOW He does), "Ultra-Lounge On The Rocks Part 1" is ON IT.

Bought a rowing machine. Now I actually enjoy exercising.

Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah

Belle and Sebastian - "Seeing Other People" - the Live version

I very much hate the world and wish to get off

Awwwww......(Miniature horse foal)

How physically fit are you?

Police say man wrapped in toilet paper robs store

'Rude Man' Beaten, Pelted With Pasta (for not holding door open for women)

Ok , hate to say it , but Peter Gabriel's most recent album (cover songs) totally sucks.

Go Red Wings!!!

The last Celebrity Apprentice episode (spoiler)?

I know I will lose DU Cool Points posting this comment but it MUST BE SAID

Candy O

For Tommy "Goofy Hats" Carcetti

What is your favourite dream? What do you want to do in the future?

Just made a huge pot of Portuguese soup. The whole house smells great!

I need Advice - I'm trying to help out a dear friend...

Why do the yellow and green skittles suck so much?

Coming to a city near you. The THC Partyers will be smoking you out...

Thank you asshole driver of that Grand Marquis who made me 20 minutes late for work.

Today's my birthday...

Awwwwwwwwwwww... tiny newborn pinto stallion pics

Sticky Boobialla

Let's just say I go to a CCW state

My cats are so goofy, I give them canned food

Is it weird to tape the news?

My dog Henry is in a cutest dog contest.

Fucking hell - I use some of their products, but I FUCKIN HATE Apple!!

I have to do *another* presentation.

Bobby Flay. Master Chef or fukken PUNK?

If You Could Pick any Road/Highway to be Named after Yourself, What would it Be?

Let's get into it - Why the hell would you bring a toddler to a theme park?

Echo and the Fucking Bunnymen!

Have you mooed at cows

Arrested Development movie not dead yet...

Is L O S T on tonight?

I say Lord Palmerston was England's greatest Prime Minister...

Favorite Roller Coasters?

Is there a place where you've always wanted to move to, or still do?

Men's Rules

Any "Chopped" fans in the lounge?

How do you deal with people who are habitually late?

Wow! Raw nature in my own back yard.

Was stuck at Disney Hell this past weekend. One thing I cannot fathom for the life of me:

Name any historic event you would like to have witnessed

'Don't Ask' advocates worry about timeline

Finance Bill Hits Impasse

Republicans block bank-reform bill

Uh, Look Man ... Renegade Toyota Lawyer's Own Attorney Wants Out

The Floppy is Dead: Time to Move Memories to the Cloud

Big Brother to track your medication compliance with electronic transmitters in pills

Senator seeks visa sanctions in Russia case

Parliamentary chaos as Ukraine ratifies fleet deal

U.S. training Afghan villagers to fight the Taliban

Most back stricter financial reform, advantage Obama

a quick self portrait

Voters give far right a drubbing in Austria presidential election

Ex-MI6 Officer attacks America's torture policy

US admits progress 'lagging' following Iraq election

Finance-Bill Proposal Worries Banks

Volcano spews sand and ash over Guatemala

Two kidnapped Chinese men freed in Afghanistan

Senate to hold afternoon vote on bank reform: Reid

Ex-CIA official facing sex charge arrested in Va.

Sierra Leone: Free Health Care To Mother And Child

Immigration bill should mirror Arizona plan, sheriff, state rep. say (Ohio)

Customer shoots would-be robber (Walgreens Omaha)

Big Oil Fought Off New Safety Rules Before Rig Explosion


(UK) Soldiers viewed all Iraqis as 'scum', Baha Mousa inquiry hears

Pundit picks Palin for 2012 presidential bid

Mexico issues travel alert over new Arizona law

House votes down automatic pay raise

DoJ: AstraZeneca to pay $520 mln over Seroquel

More Drilling Planned At Site Of Oil Leak In Gulf (up to three months to drill a relief well)

Senate GOP Blocks Financial Reg Bill Again

Reid: Senate to act on climate before immigration

Obama to deliver eulogy for Dorothy Height

Conservatives suspend Scottish candidate over homophobic remarks

AstraZeneca fined $520 million

Consumer Confidence Hits Highest Level Since 2008

Forecast: Auto Industry To Add 88,000 Positions

NM Blue Cross Hikes Premiums Before Public Hearing

Gizmodo editor's home raided in iPhone prototype probe

Paris-to-Atlanta Flight Diverted To Maine Airport

World Bank Accused of Promoting Land Grabbing

GM to invest $890M in engines, save jobs

New immigration law won't hurt economy, Arizona governor says

Jurors Say Everett Police Officer Did Not Kill Man In Self-Defense

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday April 27

Lindsey Graham: I Think Arizona Immigration Law is Unconstitutional

Nelson’s Investment in Berkshire Hathaway

Malcolm X Killer Freed After 44 Years

Pentagon to comply with only part of Fort Hood probe

Arctic explorers get nasty surprise -- rain

Greek bonds rated 'junk' by Standard & Poor

Bernanke Says U.S. Needs Budget Deficit-Cutting Plan Soon

Rove says he has ‘problems’ with AZ immigration law

What did you learn from your relationships?

Mexico Issues TRAVEL ALERT Over New Arizona Law

(Protestors at Rove Book-Signing in Alabama) Karl Rove Addresses Charges Made by Don Siegelman

Chevron Lawyer Faces Sanctions for Misleading Court Over “Dirty Tricks” Operation in Ecuador

(San Francisco) City workers banned from official travel to Arizona

Blackwater trained our troops (Canada)

Toyota Tundra Design Flaw - $4000 Repair Needed (at your expense)

Okla. House overrides abortion restrictions vetoes

Jury clears Everett police officer Troy Meade of murder, manslaughter charges

Coast Guard May Burn Surface Oil to Reduce Rig Spill (Update1)

Ford posts $2.1 billion 1Q profit on strong sales

Venezuela's Chavez Denies Iran Troop Presence

Barack Obama orders review of Arizona immigration law

Catholic sex abuse scandal could trigger donations slump, Vatican warns

Dow Closes Below 11,000 After 213-Point Plunge (Amid European Debt Concerns/Goldman Testimony)

Email your Senators! Tell them to strengthen financial reform bill and hold big banks accountable!

If the GOP wants Latinos to vote for Dems at the same rate blacks do...

“New NABE Survey Shows Business Recovery Gaining Momentum, with More Jobs Ahead”

Kagan had ties with Goldman

The GOP is sending out the meme that Obama is responsible for

"So now a 50% job approval rating is a bad thing?"

"Sen. Kerry (D-MA) says news of the death of the climate bill is greatly exaggerated."

Wall Street Rules Help GOP Fill Campaign Coffers

Looking at the upsurge in Non Traditional students at our community college is a big sign

Obama to eulogize civil rights activist Height

No tax hit for covering 20-yr-olds

Virtual Summit on progressive approaches to reducing the federal deficit

Levin: "Should Goldman Sachs be trying to sell a shitty deal?" (edited with video)

POTUS to GOP: The American People Can't Afford Your BS

Is Obama the only Chicago politician that can continue to get away w/ bashing the Cubs?

Consumer confidence rises to 57.9 in April - highest level since September 2008

All my amateur political instincts say that the GOP strategy to OPPOSE Wall Street Reform will...

The Arizona immigration law hurts their tourist industry AND high-tech industry

Sen. Levin's committee ripping into Goldman guys! It's on the business channels! Must see TV!

" Montana Ready for US Health Care Overhaul" (first to set up insurance exchanges)

Washington Examiner: "Obama Disses White White Guys! Rallies Blacks, Latinos and Women!"

Deal or No Deal? Reid says No! Yet Dodd and Shelby are close to a deal-if only Dems sell us out

Kerry: We’re Sending Climate Bill to EPA for Analysis

Scott Brown: Welcome to my temporary website

Hispanic is a culture not a race.. So how in the heck will the AZ law

Cloture fails again! 57-41. Will Reid do as he's threatened and keep Senate in session all night?

Nevada Republican gubernatorial candidates debate AZ immigration bill

Obama to Muslim world: A 'new beginning' has started

War Propaganda from Afghanistan

Crist Will Announce Decision Thursday

Carnahan to appear with Obama during Missouri trip

Democratic Runoff Likely in NC Senate Primary; Burr Coasts to Victory in GOP Contest

Kansas: Jenkins' Primary Challenger Makes It Official

Democrat John Richardson Drops Out of Governor's Race (ME)

Boyd out as Republican candidate for governor (GA)

** Obama Town Hall is already underway **

Breathing While Undocumented

GOP Political Consultant Planning Run Against Schumer

Politico claims Obama is personally attacking his foes; they just can't find many good examples

Questions for the Obama Administration on its Drone Warfare Program

Glenn Beck Is Instructing His Listeners To Kill The President

Discredited Military Commissions Resume Despite Persistent Flaws

Harry's gettting tough!! -- Financial Reform Revotes Coming Tuesday And Wednesday

Even Utah's right-wing Attorney General thinks the Arizona law is unconstitutional.

GOP Congressman Rips RNC For “Deceptive” Census Mailers

"2/3 of Americans support financial reform, but Senate GOP blocks it"

Australia shelves key emissions trading scheme

The irony is thick; Boner claims Dems have a credibility problem!

Pelosi...on Republicans Blocking Debate on Wall Street Reform in Senate for Second Consecutive Day

I think the only way Harry Reid can win re-election...

Obama preaches reconciliation with coal bosses

Republicans offer phony alternative (Fannie and Freddie) to financial reform.

Simon Johnson: The Republicans Help Reform, Inadvertently

Obama's approval rating is 51% yunno

Dont like the economy? Get ready to work your ass off

AZ-Gov: Goddard Leads All Comers

Photos: Club Obama (The Obama Presidency, Day 461)

Santa Clara County (California): Supervisors ban toys with fast-food meals

Remember Obama's commencement address at Arizona State U?

"President Obama's strategy gets personal"

"President Obama's strategy gets personal"

it's "dangerous" that Obama...wants the nominee to consider how laws affect the lives of Americans

Jeb Bush Slams AZ Immigration Law

Now a chief deputy from AZ just told Chris Matthews that the only time they can stop someone

Kerry: For First Time in Five Years, Foreign Relations Committee Passes Authorization Bill

Blanche LINCOLN v. Bill HALTER Debate - Unions 4/24/10

Rep. Matthew Hill & Wiki Bro Edit Out 50+ Washington County Jobs

Ed Show: Sen. Sanders on Financial Reform - 'You've Got to Break Them Up' (GOP Party of Obstruction)

Mike Clark - "The Politics of No" April 22, 2010

Mike Clark - TN 1st U.S. House District Campaign Announcement April 17, 2010

Timothy Geithner Has Never Had A Real Job..

Could PLM have prevented the Toyota fiasco?

Nomi Prins - former Goldman managing director

Immigration Reform Can Bring $1.5 Trillion Economic Growth

Stop The Chamber interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about Massey Energy

Rio Tinto miners receive Troublemakers Makers award

The Smoking Gun On Health Care Fraud

TYT: R's Filibuster Financial Reform Despite Poll Showing Public Support

William Black explains the "F-word" of banking

Arizona Immigration Law

George Carlin on Politically Incorrect Part 1

George Carlin on Politically Incorrect Part 2

Truly vile campaign ad in Alabama governor's race (Fob James' son)

Keiser Report - Insider trading on Cantor Exchange? + Goldman Sachs' Black Box Demonstration

Papantonio: Thieves on Wall Street

Alwaleed Says He'll Continue Working With Goldman Sachs

Dale Sky Clare: Validity of Gateway Theory

McCain Questions Legality of Arizona Immigration Law He Supports, Agrees with Bill, Hasn't Read Bill

Levin To Ex-Goldman Partner: 'Should Goldman Sachs Be Trying To Sell A Sh--ty Deal?'

President Obama gives eulogy for West Virginia miners

Furor Grows Over Arizona's New Immigration Law

Fox News Defends Goldman Sachs Fraud!

Look White So You Don’t Get Pulled Over In Arizona Kits, New Arizona immigration law

An animated primer on the allegations against Goldman Sachs

RUSSIAN MIG 29 Fighter Shot down UAV Above Georgia

Wall Street Reform? Party of Nope thinks you're a Dope

How Does Goldman Sachs Make Its Profits? (Part 1)

McCaskill: Wild, Wild West on Wall Street

Obama's National Security Adviser General James Jones and the Jewish joke: what was he thinking?

Bob Weir - "When I Paint My Masterpiece" - Earth Day 2010 DC - Song 1

Napolitano: Concerns on Arizona Immigration Law

TYT Interview: Peter Buffett (Warren Buffett's Son) On Money, Happiness & More

Thom Hartmann - Steven Hill on Europe's Promise is the Best Hope

Hitler Calls Lady Gaga

Mike Malloy - Glenn Beck Idiocy Tour

Is South Sudan another Darfur?

Elaine Marshall: Guts

Video of smoke bomb egg fight in Ukraine parliament

Mexico president attacks Arizona immigration law

I hate republicans

Shitty Answers To A "Shitty Deal"

SCOTT BROWN: Trades His MA Truck for a Wall Street Limo

Mike Malloy - Government Of The Minority

Risky Business

Once Again, Rep. Boehner Lies About Wall Street Reform

Arizona immigration law, Look White So You Don’t Get Pulled Over In Arizona Kits

Thom Hartmann - Senator Sherrod Brown on the Financial Meltdown

Stephen Hawking Says Space Aliens Worse Than Italians

MUST-VIEW Sen. Franken: 'I really don't know how to make this ANY CLEARER to my colleagues...'

Fundie graduation benediction - denounces humanism, then collapses

Dale Sky Clare: How Cannabis Legalization Will Deal With Previously Arrested Individuals

Mike Malloy - Glenn Beck Is Instructing His Listeners To Kill The President

Rachel Maddow: White Supremacist-Connected Wrote AZ 'Papers Please' Law

TYT: Glenn Beck & OBL speeches nearly identical, Leo Berman: Obama Is God's Punishment

China from "A" to Zambia

Rupert Murdoch takes New York

Afghanistan's Little Men

Progressive radio pioneer says public ownership, not regulation is answer.

GOP Claims Financial Reform Will Create 'Meth Panels'

Breathing While Undocumented L. Greenhouse

Can't Concentrate? Maybe It's the Fast Food

The anti-semitism warning in Kunstler's latest is something new.

Gruesome Videos of Violence in Afghanistan and Iraq Are Internet Sensations: Footage Too Much?

The Republicans Help Reform, Inadvertently ( Simon Johnson)

Eugene Robinson: Arizona’s Act of Vengeance

Honduras: anti-sweatshop campaign hits Nike

American al Kaida continues on its destructive course for America, dragging feet on Flnancial Reform

Daily Kos weekly poll: President Obama Favorable: 54% Unfav: 41%

Crazy Talk: ADF Lawyer Makes Nice With Florida Radio Extremist

How the GOP Obstruction Gambit Could Strengthen Financial Reform

Reinstitute Glass-Steagall?

US banks pouring millions into bid to kill Barack Obama's finance reform bill

The Dawn Of A New Economy: Latest Findings on the Habits of the Wealthy

Will Goldman Sachs Prove Greed is God?

Bankers – A book you can read by its cover

“The United Nations Is Beyond Reform…It Has to Be Reinvented”–Fmr. UN General Assembly President Mig

War Propaganda from Afghanistan

Where Do the Children Play?

The Nazis Didn't Even Dare This, But Mainstream And Even Progressive Media Voices Are Silent

U.S. plan to arm Afghan militia founders on tribal rivalries

Ten Things You Don't Know (Or Were Misinformed) About the Goldman Sachs Case (Barry Ritholtz)

Mattel may cut jobs at Fisher-Price in outsourcing move

The Reason Why Americans Are So Lonely, and Why Prosperity Means Socializing with Your Neighbors

What Are Your Thoughts About This Goldman Op-Ed

The Staggering Collapse of Living Standards in the US -- 92% of Americans Unhappy with the Economy

Who's buying Microsoft's outsourcing excuses?

Welcome to the New Honduras, Where Right-Wing Death Squads Proliferate

Just a reminder. The last year of dangerous fossil fuel dumping was a trillion dollar disaster

Gulf oil spill could have impact on Arctic regulations

U.S. and UAE Sign Agreement to Strengthen Cooperation on Clean Energy

Sierra Club Urges Senate to Move Forward with Climate and Energy Bill

Germany opens its first offshore wind farm

Peak oil review - Apr 26

Drumbeat: April 27, 2010

Depletion of fossil energy resources

Germany's Leading Meteorologist - "Temperatures Are Continuing To Move In One Direction - Higher"

Potsdam Institute Study - Even IF Copenhagen Accord Implemented, 50%+ Chance Of 3C Increase By 2100

Oilwatch Monthly April 2010

Multi-Day N. China Sandstorm Kills 3, Produces $80 Million In Property Damage To Crops, Vineyards

Steady Increase In Flooding Driving Washington's Hoh Tribe Away From Their Home River

8 Pacific Island Nations Proceed W. Plan Closing 4.5 KM2 Of Ocean To Tuna Fishing - AFP

Did Lindsey Graham sink the climate bill?

India signs deals for 2 MORE nuclear reactors.

Interesting house

The Simpsons Discover Wind Power

Spiegel - Merkel Dumps Goal Of Binding Agreement Aimed At Holding Global Temp Rise @ 2C

EPA Issues Report on U.S. Climate Change Indicators

Air Products’ Hydrogen and Technology Fueling Wegmans’ Warehouse Operations

Affordable Fuel Cells May Get Boost From Artificial Diamonds

Reuters: Scientists refute carbon capture doubts (well... carbon storage actually)

Jordon complete geological studies for nuclear reactors.

Just a reminder. The oil rig that killed those guys is still leaking, generating zero calls from

James Hansen proposes "People’s Climate Stewardship / Carbon Fee and Dividend Act of 2010"

Is Iran Running Out of Uranium?

DOE report "20% Wind Energy by 2030" discusses what needs to be done to get there by 2030

Oil spill endangers fragile marshland-Clean-up efforts begin after oil explosion in the Gulf of Mexi

Red Sox beat Blue Jays with extra point, 13-12

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Monday, April 26)

Is Lagging MLB Attendance a Crisis or Fluke?

Sports Angle to Sarah Palin Article in New York Magazine

Where's the Congrats Bruins Thread?

Westbrook Passes Rams' Physical

Phillies sign Howard through 2016 ( 5 years, $125 Million!)

Ireland Apologizes for Asking Dez Bryant if His Mom Is a Prostitute

Mets flatten Superbras..

Two reasons Tebow might start for Broncos in 2010...

SEC exploring expansion, just in case.

DeAngelo Hall says Skins will dominate NFC East

Dwight Howard- What a series

Mayweather vs Mosley:

reporters without borders issues enemies of the internet list

Risky Hillside Favela Construction (Rio)

Brazil's outgoing prez plans to stay in politics

Argentina, Chile mull joint peace force

Chavez accuses US plane of `electronic warfare'

Brazil: PSB will make its support for Dilma Rousseff official today besides attacks from Ciro Gomes

Chevron Lawyer Faces Sanctions for Misleading Court Over “Dirty Tricks” Operation in Ecuador

Venezuela's Chavez Denies Iran Troop Presence

World Bank Accused of Promoting Land Grabbing

Journalists' murders in Honduras draw criticism from rights advocates

Uruguay: junta foreign minister gets jail term

Welcome to the New Honduras, Where Right-Wing Death Squads Proliferate

Chevron Vs. Filmmaker

Colombian candidate backs coal-fired power

Ivanhoe says Ecuador happy with Pungarayacu contract

Brazil’s Tourism Sector Booms

People's Agreement (from World People’s Conference on Climate Change)

Honduras: anti-sweatshop campaign hits Nike

Volcano spews sand and ash over Guatemala

Concern Over Sugar Smuggling

Chiquita is going to have to sell a lot of bananas

One of the weirdest news items I read in a while : 'Gay Dog' Refused Entry To Australian restaurant

Gays win in California, lose in Arizona

Today in Labor History Apr 27 First strike for 10 hour day, by Boston carpenters

Michigan Nurses Await Fate of Safe Staffing Legislation

Obama Eulogizes 29 Coal Miners—And Avoids Tough Talk on Enforcement

Netanyahu asks Likud to delay internal party elections

Israel quietly freezes new building in East Jerusalem

Abbas cracks down on settlement work

Anti-Obama gun enthusiasts proudly display Confederate flags.

Bloomberg takes guns to Bermuda

Would-be robber shot in New Haven's Wooster Square

IOWA: Governor says he’ll sign gun permit bill into law

Woman Fires Gun In Air To Break Up Party

Customer shoots would-be robber (Walgreens Omaha) -- cross-post from Nebraska forum

Virginia gun lobby pushes for right to drink alcohol while carrying a gun in public.

Anti-Obama gun enthusiasts proudly display Confederate flags.

People who own "black rifles" love target shooting ...

Colores y la vida pura

Water birds are returning, and I'm loving my new lens

*** A Reminder about the Spring Seasonal Contest ***

I love trucks, toys and trouble!

Mice Make Their Own Morphine

Massive Southern Ocean Current Discovered

Physicists Capture First Images of Atomic Spin

Fantasy TV in the service of science: An open letter to HBO about "Dothraki"

New Monitor Lizard Discovered in Indonesia

OSU scientist seeking underwater archaeology sites

Tonight on Frontline: The Vaccine War

Sanity Claws, here is a hawk thread

Taurus-Scorpio Full Moon, April 28, 2010: Renewal of Personal and Collective Values

Feeling VERY anxious today....

Church Planter Fired Over 'Beer and Bible'

God's Tornado of Justice Hits Mississippi

Omniscient entities, such as some gods, are incapable of forming new thoughts or new decisions.

Big Brother to track your medication compliance with electronic transmitters in pills

1889 Pandemic Didn’t Need Planes to Circle Globe in 4 Months

Are you exhausted? Do you jump when the phone rings?

Lloyd Blankfein admits Goldman Sachs failed to raise the alarm

Two decent Congress people speak out - The History and the Solution

Goldman Sachs CDO Labeled ‘Shi**y Deal’ by Montag (in emails)

Markets tremble as Angela Merkel plays for time over Greece rescue deal

can anyone advise...

Carry Unwind En Masse As Market Plunges

Home Tax Credit a Costly Failure

Research suggests flu vaccine doesn't prevent deaths among the elderly

Little-Known Disorder Can Take a Toll on Learning.

Oakland Teachers Set to Strike April 29th After Board Imposes Contract