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Looks like the Jamaican Government was attempting to

How much did Graham pay Tweety...

"Superman and Batman reached out to their Muslim counterparts"

Proposed Louisiana bill good example of kneejerk overbroad unconstitutional legislation that we see


Install microchips in illegal immigrants, GOP candidate says

Wow! Raw nature in my own back yard.

Acceleration questioned in fatal crashes New England(bio's on each victim with info photos & videos)

Why don't the democrats hang the republicans out to dry??

Budget cuts hurt those who need help the most

Caption This...

Hours Before Khadr Hearing Begins, Gates Signs Manual for Military Commissions

How Winning a Coin Flip (Among Other Things) Led John Paul Stevens to Become a SCOTUS Law Clerk

Goldstein SCOTUS candidates "arrayed left to right: Wood Kagan Garland" Obama likely to choose Kagan

Goldstein SCOTUS candidates "arrayed left to right: Wood Kagan Garland" Obama likely to choose Kagan

Mayor Gavin Newsom announced today City workers banned from official travel to Arizona

AlterNet: Arizona’s Immigration Law Is Great … For Our Prison-Industrial Complex

Mexico issues advisory for Arizona

Why haven't they arrested the Phoenix Coyotes - eh?

This is the man

HAHAHAHA - US Air force doc has this pic in it:

Rachel's got the science of drill baby drill

DU, I need an email bomb to motivate the Democratic Party execs in Martin County FL

Convert Laura INGRAHAM eschews Catholic social justice,treating staff toAZ spa weekends

ABA Urges Congress, DOD to End "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

How's this for irony. The Rockies are beating the crap out of Arizona Diamondbacks

Blankfein told Levin he never knew that some entities coud only purchase triple A rated securities

Univ. of Oregon does Gaga - nails it

Pump a few rounds into Obamacare - Locked & Loaded PA Conservative Fundraiser

Started watching Food Inc (can only do so in small increments)

Burn oil slick?

Corporations / Business 'leaders' are more or less given a free pass in American Media

Remote Area Medical's first patient today weeps as lead inside

What would be the first sign that an immigration policy was having an effect?

California’s Prop 16 is Worst Measure on June Ballot

Privately Owned Algorithms: A new online film explains how the patent system is out of control

To save money city turns off street lights. Man killed in darkened parking lot

Did Carl Levin really say "shitty" deal today?

Most of us have said at one time or another that it's gonna take decades to...

U.S. Stocks to Fall as Chronic Unemployment Reaches Record

Apple's Steve Jobs: "....about as a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat as ever there was."

Obama Sticks to a Deadline in Iraq

Question about federal income taxes...

Arizona's other New Law...

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Laura Bush Opens Up About Fatal Crash, Also Shares Bushes May Have Been Poisoned @ G8

The Exxon Valdez and the Memory Hole

Jeb Bush Comes Out Against Arizona Law

Official Statement-AZ Tourism Industry: "Deeply Concerned About The Repercussions Of 1070"

Robert Reich: What Real Wall St. Reform Should Look Like:

The Buffalo Bills just helped me bring the NFL to China

Someone is upset about my posts...

No one is upset about my posts!!!

the Democrats could commit genocide against a people...

Fat Actress and Peta Member Supports Breastfeeding Pitbulls

Suppose marijuana is legalized

"Driving the shitty bus to potty town!"

The Republicans and Wall Street have given us a "Shitty Deal"

OK Tea-Baggers, Here is Your Moment of Truth.

Steve Schmidt tells British press..Sarah Palin answers in VP debate were 'scripted'

Here are my papers, Mr. policeman!

Ritz-Carlton hotel at Lake Tahoe goes into default

Obama is wrong! WRONG, WRONG, FUCKING Erróneo!

I'm willing to be bipartisan on the circumcision issue

Tory candidate suspended for saying gays were 'not normal'

Is Palin "de-funding" the right wing?

Glenn Beck: "I couldn't give less of a crap about the political process."

That's it. I'm blocking this acquaintance's e-mails.

Three 'Skinhead' Soldiers, Another Man Held In Attack On Cincinnati Homeless Man (VIDEO)

"Whoa! Why should he fear his own species?”

I haven't been in much of a mood to post about myself over at my blog...

"What I hope will happen is that the Arizona law is enforced with the same single-mindedness

Howard Zinn: The Logic of Withdrawal

Immigration Policy: Least we forget.

A Fish Called Wanda

Patrick Buchanan was just on MSNBC saying how successful 'Operation Wetback' was

Commentary: We’re still mourning the dead and fighting for the living

Coast Guard considers burning Gulf oil slick to save coastline

Oh goody, Mrs. Dumb and dumber will be in Kansas Sunday

Texas gov. shoots, kills 'wily' coyote during jog

Ads that need to be broadcast NOW.

24 hours later; it's still snowing like mad and we have well over a foot on the ground

Tracking Homo-Fascists: The Pilgrims Covenant Church Homo-Facist Watch

My response to the AZ law: I'm going to learn Spanish

DU, I need an email bomb to motivate the Democratic Party execs in Martin County FL

D-Back Protest Update: Cubs Smack Down Immigrant Rights Message

I despise LLoyd Blankfein above all the rest because he forgot.

The Military Occupation of Our Minds

Now this is some chutzpah...

The Washington Post Cannot Tell Obama from Malcolm X

Mika on MJ: Next topic is "Is the media turning against President Obama?" Joe

Mika on MJ: Next topic is "Is the media turning against President Obama?" Joe

A refreshing change.

Kris Kobach, UMKC and the Arizona immigration law

Do you know what the "Lausanne Covenant" is? Billy Graham does.

In New Jersey, a Civics Lesson in the Internet Age (Students protest budget cuts)

Placing a dome over the oil spill....

The blowing up of the offshore rig may not be the disaster projected

Meet The Birther Who Co-Wrote The Arizona Immigration Law

High-flyers without birth certificate tie up DC traffic.

Apple part of REACT cops command structure (the cops who ? illegally, seized journalist's computers)

Byron Dorgan is on GEM$NBC

So I gave a quick call to Senator Schumer's office yesterday (RE: judicial nominations)

Soldiers viewed all Iraqis as 'scum', Baha Mousa inquiry hears - Graphic

Jon Stewart on Goldman Sachs hearing..

Fearing elections is a conservative trait, NOT a progressive trait.

Fearing elections is a conservative trait, NOT a progressive trait.

Overseas markets continue to tumble

The Washington Post Cannot Tell Obama From Malcolm X

Placebo effect beats God, Prozac, By Mark Morford

A War on Women in Oklahoma

New Google Maps app:

Orange County GOP In Hot Water After Voters Tricked Into Registering As Republicans

After Being Disinvited By The Pentagon, Anti-Muslim Evangelist Graham Now Slated For Congressional E

"In fact, you can even choke the chickens"

Install microchips in illegal immigrants, GOP candidate says

Right wingers and "idiot savant" diagnosis.

Right wingers and "idiot savant" diagnosis.

With a FB message, 1000's of students in NJ walked out to protest the reduction in aid to schools

Walking into the trap

Wake the President

I Love it when I wake up in the morning and George Bush isn't our President

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Council Told to Consider Bankruptcy

Profligate Water Use in the US Is Fueling the Flight of Mexicans Across the Border

Dear Laura Bush: You do realize that lying breaks one of the 10 Commandments...

dear harry reid, let's have another vote today

Anybody got any MayDay plans for Saturday?.....................

Family Gathering Of Rabid Republicans Who Hate Socialism

please tell me the crap Glenn Beck has spewed.

Coast Guard will start burning some Gulf slick oil

Behind the Arizona Immigration Law: GOP Game to Swipe the November Election

Hawaii Legislature OKs measure to ignore requests for disclosure of Barack Obama's birth certificate

"If brains were IQ, Megan McCain would need a loan to

Interesting comparison of Right and Left Blogosphere

Virus alert: Your Postal Package N1461860

Gov. Perry blasts 'wily' coyote

Great Gift for Mother's Day

IOC strips China of team bronze medal from 2000 Sydney Olympics

Top this laugh of the day if you can: Gawker's guide to boycotting AZ

how about a short but relevant musical interlude?

Spill, baby, spill!

What do you guys think of the New Orleans Superdome as an alternative for the 2011 All-Star Game

Would someone please tell the ReTHUGS that

BBC (Since our media isn't interested): Growing concern Gulf oil spill could be historical

XP Defender Pro is new clone of XP Internet Security 2010, which is a rogue antispyware program.

Judge tells defense: Prove militia isn't dangerous

New Non-Addictive Painkillers from Substance Similar to Ingredient in Hot Chili Peppers

first they profiled black people,

Another Disgusting Republican Quote

Texas lawmaker to introduce anti-immigration bill

Jeremy Scahill and Eric (Blackwater) Prince to speak in Holland, MI, on same day. Separately.

Wash. Post ABC poll: Awesome numbers for President Obama. Way good, way WAY good compared to Pukes!

Pickles defends Bush's "Katrina Fly-over," leaves out the gee-tar strummin' and cake-eatin' delays

It's OSHA's birthday.

George Will: Hispanics Cut Lawns, Serve Food, And Trespass

If you wear a bow tie, without a tux, you are probably a douche bag

Derf TOON "...and what can be better...."

Obama Birth Certificate Requests Limited By New Hawaii Law, Pending Governor's Signature

Authorities Put the Brakes on Mobile Pot Clinic

Pope could issue mea culpa over sex abuse scandal

The Restoration of Stephen Baldwin

The Restoration of Stephen Baldwin

The Restoration of Stephen Baldwin

The Restoration of Stephen Baldwin

I have been to Cuba over 2 dozen times, & after airport entry I have NEVER been asked for my papers.

FOX NEWS: "remains of Noah's Ark have been discovered 13,000 feet up a Turkish mountain"

Bush used US aircraft to drop envelopes with his photo and hundred dollar bills over Afghanistan

Indie News Website Editor To 'Turd Blossom' Rove @ Book-Signing: 'How Does It Feel To Be A Failure?

The Rude Pundit - What Arizona Has to Say About Its Own Law

The Rude Pundit - What Arizona Has to Say About Its Own Law

The Rude Pundit - What Arizona Has to Say About Its Own Law

The Rude Pundit - What Arizona Has to Say About Its Own Law

So do you believe that George and Laura were poisoned while in Germany in 2007?

Ben Nelson owns 6 million dollars in Berkshire Hathaway stock, just reported on Bloomberg

Ben Nelson owns 6 million dollars in Berkshire Hathaway stock, just reported on Bloomberg

Ben Nelson owns 6 million dollars in Berkshire Hathaway stock, just reported on Bloomberg

Harry Reid: GOP Stonewalling On Wall Street Reform 'Anti-American'

NY Times: "Close the Gun Show Loophole" ...

'You can't legislate who you love:' State Rep. Deborah Mell

Just how stupid are Republicans?

Arkansas senator candidate's campaign ambulance runs afoul of the law (with pic)

Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland apologizes for asking Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute

NY Times: "Close the Gun Show Loophole" ...

Did a large donor bailout Freeperville?

April 28 is Workers' Memorial Day

So I got this great idea for a Gotcha video--

Pickled Palin! Laura Bush joins the Talibunny at June 5th "Complete Woman Expo 2010," Wilkesboro NC

Cape Cod Wind Farm gets approval

Laura Bush and her husband are poison

Please go on-line/post support for safe mmj access in TN (Amazing press coverage in past 18 hours!!)

Pine Ridge Works to Save Lakota Language

Tokyo's population rises past 13 million mark as people come looking for work

S&P cuts Spain rating, crisis widens

S&P cuts Spain rating, crisis widens

$1B in the red, Oklahoma gives out $5.6 Billion in corporate tax breaks a year. Equals budget.

Third vote on the Wall Street Reform now underway....

NASA News Media Teleconference Today At 1:30 P.M. EDT About NASA Search for Extraterrestrial Life!

Robert Reich: .....Getting Wall Street Out of Washington:

gay conservatives

Little progress so far in southern Afghanistan

Little progress so far in southern Afghanistan

Helen Thomas defends being a "PROUD LIBERAL"

Alternative Energy that could save the world literally-This is too big to fail!

Senate Dems plan all-nighter to push GOP on Wall Street reform

Conservatrolls continue to lament DC Voting Rights and new efforts at Puerto Rico statehood

I made a phone call just now

I made a phone call just now

‘God, What a Piece of Crap’

GOLD, Man $ACK$ morphs From Wall Street Giant to Giant Vampire Squid

Pat Buchanan just said the police used to ask him for his draft card all the time. Say what?

Pounce! Dems To Keep Senate Open All Night To Force GOP Hand On Financial Reform

Republican obstructionists of Wall Street reform

Does anyone have a link to the actual text of the new AZ immigration law?

Voinovich to defect to Dems on Finance Reform to bring to floor

For first time elephants have been found to produce an alarm call associated w/the threat of Bees

Handicap fountain installed on 2nd floor, which is only accessible via a staircase

Fuck the oil companies!!!!!!11111

States having to fire teachers and cut services ought to do the obvious

Mexican migrants face human rights crisis

MSNBC's Jeff Rossen: 'Democrats fail to move financial reform

Fox News reporting that Crist is running as Independent.

Chevron wants unused film on Ecuador dispute

Headline: Corporate America is back (!)

Another Mad Hatter requests the honor of your CAPTION!!!!

Put the When back in Wednesday! Please come CAPTION a MadHatter.

Put the When back in Wednesday! Please come CAPTION a MadHatter.

Well, you always know when the Moon is Full...

May Day Immigration March Offers Opportunity to Push Back Against Arizona

May Day Immigration March Offers Opportunity to Push Back Against Arizona

I just figured out howcome Sen. Stevens and other R bigwigs

Low river level: Gasoline in McGrath, Alaska, hits $9.20/gal

I support banning violent and explicit video games...

I support banning violent and explicit video games...

Danziger tells the truth, even if no one is paying attention

Do you think they have ever read John

"Free Market" War(s) of Choice & Budget$$$$$$$$$$ for jobs Dying for Royalty.

Democrats will go all night to get the votes

The bull and the turkey

EPA Scientist Says East Coast Beaches Threatened by Sea Level, But Nobody’s Listening

Why the heck do people, especially brides spend SOOO much money on their weddings??

Raw Video: President Obama Drops-In on an Iowa Diner

Raw Video: President Obama Drops-In on an Iowa Diner

FUN FACT : Pledge of Allegiance invented by socialist as marketing catch-phrase

MSNBC just announced that Rs will let bill for financial reform go to the floor.

GOP Aide: We May “Re-evaluate” And Allow Debate On FinReg

The next time I hear Clarence Thomas or Palin babbling about "originalist" ...

Laura Bush seems to be blaming victims car for 1963 car accident and death

"I am here" (literal) billboard campaign- Mobile Loaves and Fishes

AZ IMMIGRATION LAW- "lawful contact" is a meaningless term with no legal definition

After surgery " he could not afford to have the stitches removed"

The Usual Suspects +1

This Is The Worst One Yet

WOW! ONLY $350 for the signed, "limited edition" of Bush's "Decision Points?" USA! USA! USA! USA!

WOW! ONLY $350 for the signed, "limited edition" of Bush's "Decision Points?" USA! USA! USA! USA!

Arizona Green Party on immigration: ‘The signing of Senate Bill 1070 has created an apartheid state’

A post here last week or so (by kpete) said Reid was going to play "chicken"

A post here last week or so (by kpete) said Reid was going to play "chicken"

GOP Not doing so well with repeal

You might think that Gulf coast newspapers

You might think that Gulf coast newspapers

If Bush was poisoned -who ever did it would have polished him off- I don't believe this for a second

why would NBC need a truth squad for Meet the Press?

why would NBC need a truth squad for Meet the Press?

President Obama tours POET Biorefining in Macon, Mo - pics

Great quote! Part of the Am. culture now!

Email from Sen. Kerry

With Manuel Noriega in prison for now, here's a detailed summary of his U.S. relationship

Laura Bush says she, husband may have been poisoned

Crist's declaration of independence coming in St Pete

Why did the book publisher decide to make Laura Bush

New 'Welcome to Arizona' postcard...

Question for chemists re: proposed burning of Gulf of Mexico oil slick

Question for chemists re: proposed burning of Gulf of Mexico oil slick

President Obama visits the Schachtsiek farm in Palmyra, Missouri - pics

Fed keeps free money policy in celebrates!

California poised to allow personal vehicle sharing services

Nashville schools offer naming rights to academic programs

Ohio GOP Photoshops Very Big Sign Into Tea Party Rally

Island gets rid of rats, now overrun with rabbits

Republicans smelling their own blood in the water? GOP poised to abandon stall of banking bill

McCain Approval Sinks in Arizona

I don't believe Pickles food poisoning story

Pickerington man fights for right to go barefoot at Statehouse

Winds from Siberia Reduce Arctic Sea Ice Cover, Norwegian Researchers Find

WAPO: Dems cast themselves as "Party of results" to get votes...

(I believe) This is GOOD NEWS- RE: Philadelphia Newspapers et al.

Are you a television consumer?

Advice given to Students affected by SB1070 in Arizona

Bishop Slattery's cappa magna

You mean Bush didn't have his own special "food taster"?

Autism, soes anyone have any personal experience with this specific

UK Guardian: a law-abiding US citizen is predictably the first to suffer from AZ law

Boycotting Arizona is as justified as boycotting apartheid South Africa was

Colorado voting to ban ANY state debt.

Colorado voting to ban ANY state debt.

I hate to break the news to EVERYONE but...

Obama picks three for Federal Reserve

A Sea of Deceit and Capitulation

Troy Davis (on death row) gets his day in court.

Specter questions whether he should have become a Demcorat

Vatican Official Left Abusive Priest In Pastor Job

Freeper "pollywog" issues fatwa for AZ Teabagger sleeper cells to "ACTIVATE NOW, APPLAUD GOVERNOR"

Is Angela Merkel's government about to get cooked in hot Greece?

Palin Accidentally Slams Fox News as 'Lamestream Media'

I ain't got no yellow ribbon on my car

Palin's answers were 'scripted' before TV debate with Biden: GOP strategist

Palin's answers were 'scripted' before TV debate with Biden: GOP strategist

The Poll said San Diego wants to go Arizona all over immigrant ass...

Dating by blood type in Japan

Las Vegas Police Request Removal of Document from Public Intelligence

Las Vegas Police Request Removal of Document from Public Intelligence

Crist : No way to Drilling

Michael Moore: Deport Wall Street (video)

Racists vandalize TrueMajority community office due to Arizona Law

'When we understand that slide, we'll have won the war" Must See

Facebook Group Praying for Death of President Obama Passes 1 Million Members

TX lawmaker to introduce anti-immigration bill.

Obama concerned about Greek debt, monitoring closely

Obama concerned about Greek debt, monitoring closely

Anyone know a good source for numbers on oil consumption by the military?

Apple May Have Traced iPhone to Finder’s Address

Allow me to apologize

Prediction re. Arizona

Now Ohio being pressured into AZ-style immigrant law

Business As Usual, At COPA, In Stockton (Cannabis Wars)

51 Things You Aren't Allowed to See on Google Maps

Those fault-finders are at it again!

WHO'S YOUR DADDY? "GOP To End Bank Reform Filibuster"

Apply Massey logic to aviation mechanics. Minimum wage 747 jet mechanics are the path to safety.

If you are stopped in Arizona, do your rights allow you to not show papers or answer questions?

Karl Rove, Tom Ridge and Janet Napolitano Disapprove of SB 1070

James Earl Jones is a REPUB????

Do these petitions I sign every day actually make any difference to the people they are sent to

Palin actually has a point about "Lamestream media" (LOL)

Woman injured in boating accident at Disney

Tea Party Jesus!

No butts about it: Navy subs to ban smoking

Which is the more integral component to the financial regulation bill?

I'm boycottin' AZ!!!

Showdown on Wall Street

Mexico Issues Travel Warning for Arizona Over Law

Teabagger Signs Desperately Need an Editor

Question Regarding Financial Terms--Help!

'Stunning' Clause In AZ Immigration Law Lets Citizens Sue Govt For Lack Of Enforcement

Let's make the complete list of things teabaggers must boycott to prove they're antigovernment

Let's make the complete list of things teabaggers must boycott to prove they're antigovernment

Let's make the complete list of things teabaggers must boycott to prove they're antigovernment

Goldman Sachs: The Stepford Brokers

US Government Spending As Percent Of GDP - dropped from 1993 until 2001, then started going up, up,

Unions were once part of the regulatory/oversight/safety process..

Study: Fair Use Contributes Trillions to U.S. Economy

Michael Moore on Larry King Live - 4/27/10

This Is A BIG Deal?

Delaware City will deny citizens their voting rights if they owe money to the city

Hey, it works for cats and dogs! GOP candidate Pat Bertroche: "Why can’t I micro-chip an illegal?"

Max Headroom (The US series) is being released on DVD!

Illegal immigrants have been a disaster for this country.

"Health Freedom Rally"

Test Burn In Gulf Starts

sick of these jerks!!

Torture, rape was norm at illegal Iraq prison: report

Supreme Court says Mojave cross can stand (Sotomayor aligns with Liberal bloc on Church/State)

Supreme Court says Mojave cross can stand (Sotomayor aligns with Liberal bloc on Church/State)

Insurers Voluntarily Agree To Kick-Start HCR Reform Changes Early

California Lawmaker Seeks To Nullify Influence Of Texas Textbook Rules

Anxiety ripples through Boston schools as teachers need to "reapply" for their jobs

Senator Snowe to Mitch McConnell: go fuck yourself, your stupid crap is up! She will vote with Dems

Mitch McConnell up on C-SPAN2...

Why is it that republicans never seem to worry about tomorrow?

Arizona immigrant law energizes Hispanics, Democrats - May Day Rallies 70 cities

"I actually support microchipping them. I can micro-chip my dog so I can find it...."

For MSNBC, Tiger Woods' new fucking goatee is front page news.

Texas Rep. Debbie Riddle Introduces Similar Anti-Immigration Bill as Arizona's

MI Senate blocks Granholm's univ. bd appointments. GOP says appts are for the *next* governor

my father gets a love letter from a debt collector (NYT article)

Is Financial Reform Really Needed?

Former Bush Administration Office of Special Counsel chief Scott Bloch today pleaded guilty

Michelle Bernard is on w/Tweety. Take a peek at the organization she heads.

Michelle Bernard is on w/Tweety. Take a peek at the organization she heads.

Mandatory Vaginal Scans and Forced to View Fetal Porn Videos?

Why does Chris Matthews keep beating this birther drum?

Susan Collins:A law that makes a fiduciary responsibility

Admiral: Gulf Drilling Disaster ‘One of the Most Significant Oil Spills in US History’

Michael Steele: Stop Obama from Staining the Contitution (sic) with Red Ink!

"Ancient Aliens" on History Channel now -- 8-10pm . . . repeats at 12pm . . .

Prayer request in Jacksonville, FL sends gasps through crowd.

Palin's (2008) Debate Answers Were 'Scripted'

Republicans Plan To Protest Obama By Firing Bullets ‘Into A Beat-Up Car Bearing Anti-Freedom Policy

Laura Bush suggests she and President Bush may have been poisoned during trip to Germany

'Outta the way, Rove and Coulter! Truth(IsAll) coming through!!'

Help stop Racial Profiling w/Color of Change and

Fading Forests: U.S. Losing Trees Faster than Other Heavily Forested Countries

ARIZONA- It's not about immigration, it's about exploitation

Arizona sheriff says he won’t enforce new immigration law

Should we boycott Minnesota?

I really believe the single biggest issue that prevents this country from moving forward ........

What kind of candidates do you like?

Coal Mine Safety Witness: "It can't be that bad...but you had to live out of your car."

Census Trouble: California Could Lose House Seat

Heads up: The new lie... AZ law only takes a Drivers License to comply.

Is Dailykos in suicide mode?

This Is Alabama

What if there's somebody else out there? Video of a talk by Jill Tarter, director for SETI Research

How Goldman Sachs Made $100 Million a Day in a Flash

Breaking from Florida

Will they be able to cap the well?


UK cops propose “forced chemical sedation”

With the decision today by the Supreme Court allowing the memorial cross on Federal land

Doonesbury continues to skewer Palin

Attention Hispanic Republicans! According to Fox News

This Mad Hatter, Tea Party maven, doesn't require a CAPTION, but could use one!

59% still blame Bush for the state of the US economy

The racist birther who wrote the AZ law wants to be the SOS in Kansas! Please help!

BREAKING: As per MSNBC, the Repugs have caved on Finance Reform.

(As if you didn't already know) Rick Perry is one sick dog..

(As if you didn't already know) Rick Perry is one sick dog..

Palin: "Shameful Obama Administration perpetuating myth of racial profiling" in Arizona law

nuke plant event in Va.

Why is there so much silence re the Air Force Veteran's


I hung up on my daughter's grandparents this morning.

Brilliant post I saw on Facebook. Had to share!

Here's a few notable companies headquartered in Arizona for yall

They Blinked

They Blinked

Los Angeles City Council's proposed AZ boycott could kill "at least" $7.2 million in contracts

"Latinos and legal immigrants, depend on a paycheck from the tourism industry"

Southwest Airlines chief is staunch defender of ‘bags fly free’

Company, lawmaker: Don't boycott New York tea ( AriZona tea)

For those BOYCOTTING Arizona Iced Tea.....

He just collects all kinds of flags and likes to fly them...

Sorry, Mr. Moore, I Respectfully Disagree

What would you do without DU?

Books About the Reagan Administration

ACLU Urges President Obama to Reject Targeted Killings. Program Is Illegal And Unconstitutional

right out of pickles book....

Doonesbury 4/28

Gulf Coast in danger. Aw crap.

"Next, women will have to name the fetus, pick out a college for it to not go to, ..before abortion"

A question about a border fence between AZ and Mexico.

Church scandal’s next wave: Abused girls

DU this poll on ARIZONA

I have been stopped numerous times in Mexico and asked for my papers..


HELEN THOMAS To Fox Tea Party Promoter: 'I Am A Liberal-Indeed-I'm As Far Left As You Can Go'

Meet the Real Villain of the Credit Crisis: The Republican Congress, 1994-2006

Republicans are mean people.

Why do people throw out common sense when it comes to the immigration issue?

What I've learned about Goldman Sachs .

How I was stopped by a cop using 'Lawful Contact', and how you could be too...

DU Legal Minds: A Question:

107-year-old gets a big surprise

Got my fake Republican "census form" in the mail today! Here's my reply.

The Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America

"Shorting" is not a big deal. Shorting is a very sensible--sometimes risky--investment

Poverty Keeps Walmart Atop Fortune 500

My oldest son is now a member of DU-RandomHero

IHOP introduces cheescake-filled pancake breakfast with twice the calories of KFC's Double Down.

IHOP introduces cheescake-filled pancake breakfast with twice the calories of KFC's Double Down.

Murder! Poisoning!! Laura Bush's new book "Spoken From the Heart" is out soon

Shocking: Doctors Now Allowed to Hide Birth Defects from Pregnant Women to Curb Abortions

A DUer in AZ, and I could tell you such sad stories

Re: Perry, My dad tells me a coyote poses no threat to a Labrador retriever, you guys agree?

"Homeless good Samaritan left to die on NYC street"

It's easy to be a liberal where I live

I want to say something about a Volkswagen commercial

New star of the Christian Right has story of being an ex-Islamic terrorist exposed as a lie

FL's new voucher expansion sends more needy kids to private school, takes money from public schools.

For LynneSin: Choose Civility!!

My favorite desert vegetation is the Ocotillo. {Large pitcure warning}

Tales of the Sea.

what constitutes a 'clean' driving record?

I'm hungry.

The Florida Marlins have just 5 years to:

Ever been in a chat room...

Up for a great rendition of "Hallelujah" by a 15 Australian boy?

Detroit WINS game 7!

Once again Glee makes me....

Once again Glee makes me....

Electric Guitars: Discussion and Recommendations.

I'm addicted to my iTouch iPod... what should I do?

I'm bored and

6-pound foal born in NH may be world's tiniest

Why is the theme for American Idol tonight Shania Twain?

Damn, some of my silly little compulsions are really starting to eat up the clock.

Ok the drunk guy

Born Free... Are we?

Chinese Man - Ordinary Man - 2010


Just got back from the grocery store.

Beaker at The Webby Awards

24 hours later; it's still snowing like mad and we have well over a foot on the ground

Do any of you talented and creative DUers use

I just watched the Squeakel and all I can say is this....

PSA: You can all relax...

Wood or steel roller coasters?

some thoughts on getting old in the USA

Meth Problem of the Day

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/28/10

Moth Problem of the Day


Great Gift for Mother's Day

Cats Protest Bush Library with Song

To the tune of "Free Fallin'" (The Petty version, not the sucky John Mayer cover)

cover letter for resume opinion

"Oh my god, I'm talking a million miles per hour and I love this gum and what kind of gum is this?"

Natalie Merchant (10,000 Maniacs) Feat. Michael Stipe (R.E.M) - To Sir with Love

Paula Deen, white courtesy phone - "IHOP offers cheescake-filled pancakes"

I have to

North Carolina beach town bans thongs. Score: Terrorists, 1. The American People, 0.

Candy. Candy. Candy. I can't let you go.

Obama is speaking at my daughter's graduation this Saturday!

Sandra Bullock frees up Jesse James to chase all of the tattooed Nazi trash his little heart desires

Pledge of Alliegence-my surprise


Quick -Need Help

Bath Problem of the Day

meth problem of the day

moth problem of the day

Pledge of Alliegence-my surprise

Sloth problem of the day

Goth problem of the day

I am sitting pretty close to a head coach of a pro basketball team

I just cracked up laughing at the latest "Priceline" TV ad.

Bath problem of the day

Bluff problem of the day

Question about the movie and book "The Kite Runner".

My Unk is a right winger....he takes me to the aids food bank every week

Luff problem of the day...

Nth problem of the day

Muff Problem of the Day

Skinner to testify again before D.C. Council

still think they are the greatest cover band ever

The Corrs - "Forgiven, Not Forgotten," MTV Unplugged

Pink Floyd - Sorrow (live)

King Crimson - Bowie's "Heroes," live

David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - "Blinding Light Of Heaven" live

I think my dog needs a cell phone

I actually feel sorry for the Denver Broncos.

I have a nephew doing a 32 month stretch in minimum security...

Myth Problem of the Day

Queensryche - Eyes Of A Stranger (live)

Has anyone used Rosetta Stone software?

Oh lovely, look what's coming to my work tomorrow

QUIZ: Who is the ALL FEMALE group with the most charted hit songs EVER!!!

Naziboy Jesse James was going to adopt an African -Am child w/ Sandra?

Who would win in a Tijuana back alley knife fight?

When a business is gay friendly they are

Math Problem of the Day

I just unfriended the most incredibly bigoted, racist, ignorant, full of herself

Sweep the leg. Do you have a problem with that?

The Cocked Eyebrow

Kate Bush & David Gilmour - "Running up that Hill" (live)

Dear Hiring Manager:

A Month Ago My Son Wrecked My Car

Paging Dr. Freud....

When you have an explicit dream about a co-worker...

Anyone ever develop a fear of flying?

What is 'your type'?

WOULD YOU RATHER have Batman's Batcave, Superman's Fortress of Solutide, or Star Trek's Holodeck?

Men surrender to lure of the pole

S C O R E!!!!!!! It's perfect.

Repost, re-edited: Favorite Harrison Ford line

Epic one in GD

If Cass Elliott hadn't died - would she be a John Waters movie regular?

The 11 Funniest Unintentionally-Sexual Books Of All Time (Cover pictures)

I'm willing to be bipartisan on the circumcision issue

How about them Mets?

So you sacrificed all to put your kid (s) through college...

Strict Abortion Measures Enacted in Oklahoma (OK Legislature Overides Veto)

Chile Catholic church hit by abuse claims, bomb

Hazard complaints result in surprise inspections at 3 Massey-owned mines

U.S. high-tech industry lost 4% of jobs in 2009

Report Details Torture at Secret Baghdad Prison

US considers setting fire to Gulf of Mexico oil leak

WellPoint and Blue Shield of Calif. to stop dropping sick policyholders

Official: Salazar to Make Wind Farm Ruling in Mass

Gov. Perry blasts 'wily' coyote

Behind the Arizona Immigration Law: GOP Game to Swipe the November Election

Another fucking idiotic and inexplicable commercial:

WellPoint says to stop dropping patients (after they get sick) after May 1

Wall Street Rules Help GOP Fill Campaign Coffers

Europe debt crisis spreads to Portugal

Greece: Teachers to start protests today

Senate Republican may switch vote and back debate on bill

Democrats taking a third run at banking rules

Green light for Cape Wind, 1st US offshore wind farm

Barofsky Says Criminal Charges Possible in Alleged AIG Coverup

Plane Diverted To PTIA After Bomb Threat

Palin's (2008) Debate Answers Were 'Scripted'

Rights watchdog: Iraq torture routine in prison

Roadside bomb kills 12 civilians in Afghanistan

'This is Alabama; we speak English,' governor candidate says

Toyota to recall 50,000 Sequoia SUVs to fix sensor

Meghan McCain criticizes Arizona's anti-illegal immigrant law, as dad Sen. John McCain defends it

GOP accuses Dems of playing race card

Funeral protester (member Westboro Baptist Church) appeals ruling (8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

CCR Seeks to Intervene in Spanish Court’s Investigations into Bush Administration’s Torture Program

Republicans block Wall Street reform debate for 3rd time

Cuomo suit accuses NY sen of sham training program (sues him again)

Brazil plans an armed force of 500,000

Confidante: Fla. gov likely to run as independent

Sempra Energy to pay $410M to settle energy suits (price gouging in California)

Stay Thirsty, My Friends

Chinese Americans to Join Protest against Arizona Law

GOP poised to abandon stall of banking bill

Clinton promotes women entrepreneurs in Muslim world

Obama plans to nominate 3 new Fed Reserve governors on Thurs

(Supreme) Court skeptical on keeping petitioner IDs private (Wash. Gay Rights Repeal)

After torture claims, Iraqi PM says prisoners ‘burned themselves’ with matches to fake abuse

Phila. Newspapers sold to lenders

EU terror attacks down 33% in 2009: Europol

China stripped of 2000 gymnastics medal for underage athlete

Ben Nelson, Wife Own as Much as $6 Million in Berkshire Stock

Afghanistan marks end of one war during another

Equity rally not driven by the usual investors

Former Massey worker says he quit because of ‘poor’ conditions in mine

Toyota probe leads US lawmakers to draft safety bill

Iraq 'secret prison' inmates allege horrific torture

As deficit commission meets, Obama doesn't rule out new taxes

Texas lawmaker to introduce anti-immigration bill similar to Arizona law

Jeb Bush Leads Fight for Immigration Reform

Referendum could delay Arizona immigration law to 2012

Breaking: Reform of Wall Street Bill can now move to floor

Crist says oil spill proves drilling isn't safe, withdraws his support

Charlie Crist plans to leave GOP, run for Senate as independent

Granholm to sign texting-while-driving ban Friday on 'Oprah'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday April 28

Gov. Jan Brewer Turns to Facebook for Defense of AZ Law (Tom Ridge Criticizes)

Election: Gordon Brown 'bigoted woman' jibe caught on tape

Former member of US Airforce held after claiming to have bomb on plane

North Carolina Beach Town Bans Thongs

Appeals court says money-laundering law applies in case involving DeLay associates

Census mail results could be trouble for 5 states

Guardian/ICM poll: Liberal Democrats set to gain at Labour's expense

KOTA (Rapid City, S.D.) anchorman temporarily sidelined after tea party appearance

House, Senate Introduce Bills to Take Down D.C. Gun Laws

GOP to abandon blockade of banking regulation bill

Senate Dems to force night session on financial reform bill

Laura Bush suspects poison dose

Glenn Beck has lost 1/3 of its TV audience since January

Unemployment falls in a majority of US cities

U.S. approves Cape Cod wind farm

Laura Bush Opens Up About Fatal Crash

Orange County GOP In Hot Water After Voters Tricked Into Registering As Republicans

RabrrrrrrFish slaughters the mailman just to prove not to fuck around in RabrrrrrrWorld.

Sgt. Who Arrested Henry Louis Gates, Invited To Lead Parade

Supreme Court says Mojave cross can stand

So what's the political scoop on the financial reform legislation in the Senate?

"Financial Reform Talks Near Collapse, Some GOPers Threaten To Defect"

"Inside Democrats' Election-Year Immigration Push -- 'Either Way We Win'"

Republicans' anti-immigrant stance will be their downfall

Obama warns of racial profiling as a result of Arizona law on immigration

Dobson Endorses Trey Grayson In Kentucky GOP Senate Primary

DSCC To Play In OH Primary?

Texas Rep. Debbie Riddle Introduces Similar Anti-Immigration Bill as Arizona's

Them Goldman Sachs dudes has fucked the GOP at the Senate Hearing today

Wisconsin: Feingold Draws Third GOP Challenger

More of that hopey changey stuff: "WellPoint says to stop dropping patients after May 1"

I hear a lot that the Dems watered down the health care bill to get nonexistent Republican votes

Did you see this presidential approval poll?

The administration needs to pick a fight on the AZ immigration fiasco

Duplicate post! Sorry!

TPM: Report CA Voters Tricked Into Registering as Republicans with Pot Petition

What do Jeb Bush, Karl Rove and Tom Tancredo have in common?

Lamar Alexander on Senate floor shilling for big banks and against intrusive consumer protection!

Former Secretary of State Bill Jones endorses Meg Whitman

Dems, stand with us, the people, and we will work for you and vote for you in November!

Win a dinner with Obama and Pelosi. May 13th in NY.

Connie Saltonstall (MI-01) answers the Orange to Blue Questions

Authorities Vow to Close Mines Found to Be Unsafe

When Robert Menendez said yesterday that he is a 1st class citizen, he's right. He's Cuban-American.

Florida's Republican Legislature Working Hard Today to Restrict Women's Reproductive Rights!

Too many cheeseburgers?

Incredible post on The Heritage Foundation's FB page today....courtesy of Glenn Beck.

Ariz. Sheriff Says He Will Refuse to Enforce Immigration Law

Charlie Crist's declaration of independence coming in St. Petersburg

Pounce! Dems To Keep Senate Open All Night To Force GOP Hand On Financial Reform

From "Drill Baby Drill" to "Burn Baby Burn"

Sen McCaskill tells Andrea Mitchell Senate is going to stay in session all night and keep calling


Wind, baby, wind!

Way to go, populist Obama! n/t

Dems worry about a subprime billionaire in Florida

CA-52: Duncan Hunter (R-CA) hates immigrants AND the constitution

Delete n/t

**** Heads Up: POTUS Speaks on Wall Street Reform, LIVE! ****

How the White House Wins by Losing

Obama Sticks to a Deadline in Iraq

Talkingpointsmemo Financial Reform Wire: Financial reform debate commences with unanimous consent

PHOTO: President Obama "LOOK"

Was it a bad move for the President to take Napolitano from AZ (and Sebelius from KS)?

Democrats' New Theme: Results vs. Obstructionism

Must Read from Elizabeth Warren: Consumer Protection as Systemic Safety

so I get "Join these special guests at the WLF National Issues Conference" in email

Post Wherein I Give "Big Ups!" to Harry Reid - The Republicans Cave on the Filibuster

MSNBC: Republicans Cave! Will allow debate to go forward for financial reform!

CNN: Gov. Crist in Florida to run as an INDEPENDENT for senate!

Photos: "I Love Iowa." (The Obama Presidency, Day 463)

Hiya, Sarah! How's Drill Baby Drill working out for ya?

Immigration push may help Dems in the West

"Treasury reaps 8.5% return from companies exiting TARP"

Bills to repeal health-care reform are failing to gain GOP traction

Obama admin supports legislation to provide mandatory paid sick leave for 30M+ add'l workers

"Post-ABC poll indicators suggest possible political climate change"

Birthers prepare to march on Washington

Unemployment falls in a majority of US cities

NYT: 18,000 students protest NJ Gov. Chris Christie (w/photos) - updated

Kerry: China Follows U.S., Ends Discriminatory HIV Travel Ban

WaPo POLL: Obama approval at 54%, trusted over GOP on economy, financial reform, deficit, healthcare

House Republican Calls For Deportation of U.S. Citizens

Obama "thinks Americans are stupid," DeMint said.

It's the (Bush) economy, stupid

Probably the most accurate cartoon yet.

Obama's next state dinner: Mexico! What a shrewed, shrewd man ;)

Obama's #1 Contributor - 656 million from WE THE PEOPLE.

RNC Says Obama’s Judicial Nominees May Rewrite Constitution To Give Rights To Sex Offenders

Michael Moore On Larry King: Goldman Sachs, Obama's #1 Private Contributor

Tancredo’s...Theory: Obama Hides His Birth Certificate To Stir Up The Right And Make Us Look Crazy

Were you a LARGE DONOR or a small donor during the last Presidential Election Cycle?

Is it misleading to call a movement anti immigration when its primary focus

What A Difference A Law Makes

The Teabaggers, by their silence, PROVE they are RACISTS regarding the Arizona Immigration law

What is 'your tripe?'

Why the heck do people, especially brides spend SOOO much money on their weddings??

TYT: Abortion Killer Complains About Injustice

Delay, Delay, Delay: Goldman's Senate Hearing Strategy Seems To Hinge On Wasting Time

M.I.A.: Born Free

Africa's Gay Death Penalty: the rising influence of American evangelical groups on anti-gay laws

Blankfein: It's unfortunate the housing market went South very quickly so people lost money in it

Shitty Deal: The Highlight Reel

No Idea How To Stop Oil Leaking From Exploded Oil Rig!

Anti-IMF protests in Athens, Greece, 23 April 2010

Strikes paralyse Athens and Lisbon

Strike and demo in Greece

Rush Limbaugh: Banks Are The Victim!

The 42 Senators stopping Wall Street Reform

Consumer Advocates Urge GOP: Stop Blocking Wall Street Reform Debate

Tea Party Protesters' Home Movies...Video clips of Teabaggers in their natural environment.

McCaskill To Goldman Execs: You're All A Bunch Of Bookies

Tarryl Clark Preps Run Against Michele Bachmann

Stop TheCall to Violence in Uganda

Tea Party Fail In Arizona by Old Fart Rants

Why Do Conservatives Trust Vegas Casinos?

Obama Dementia Syndrome

Fox News Talking Head Megyn Kelly wants to compare Teabaggers to Arizona immigration protesters

Senator Franken's Floor Speech On Wall Street Reform

Dozens In KC Protest Bankers, Wall Street

Arizona Pastor Steven L. Anderson - Tased, crazed teabagger on Him That Pisseth Against The Wall

Keith Olbermann: Putting The Racism Question To Rest

Keith Olbermann - Mexico Issues Travel Warning About Going To US

Thom Hartmann - Was all anti-immigration in America started by one man?

UBS - Shame On You (We Are Change London)

Congressman Duncan Hunter on deporting American citzens

Bob Weir - "Throwing Stones" - Earth Day 2010 DC - Song 2

Disasta from Alaska uses vast experience as half-term Governor to address Arizona Immigration Law

Bitter dead-enders whine about Obama

Brown sorry for 'bigot' gaffe

Rachel on Immigration and Arizona law

Talibunny: Liberal Elites can't handle time-tested truths about what most Americans believe in

Bob Weir - "Ripple" - Earth Day 2010 DC - Song 3

Michael Moore Announces the Showdown on Wall Street on Larry King Live

Thom Hartmann - Tricked by Pot to Vote Republican?

TYT: Oil Spill - Documents Show $ More Important Than Lives, Environment

Jane Harman Flees Debate With Marcy Winograd

Greed is God: The Genesis of the Christian share index

Woah! "One shitty deal!" OMFG

Goldman Sachs Boasts: We're No. 1 When It Comes to 'No. 2'

The Nation: Bank Reform's Setback In The Senate

The Blue America Senate Primaries Contest

Larry Lessig's "case for Kagan" is the opposite

‘Epistemic Closure’? Those Are Fighting Words.

The Coming Plan to Slash Social Security and Medicare

Goldman Sachs Confesses: Next to GOP, We Come Up 'Short'

The Inspiring Wali Karzai

One GOP Candidate Wants To Micro-chip 'Em Like His Dog

I just got the email in my inbox...

New one for Beck's blackboard

The F Word: Good Enough for Oklahoma, How About Goldman?

Wake the President

Sarah Palin: President Obama pushing racial 'myth'

What Really Triggered the Financial Crisis?

A law Arizona can live with

Robert Scheer: ‘God, What a Piece of Crap’

Exposing the Christian Right's New Racial Playbook

Analysis: German chancellor steps up pressure on Greece

Michael Ware On Leave From CNN

Moral Blindness on Wall Street

Rage and Rebellion: How Will the Left Respond?

'When we understand that slide, we'll have won the war:' US generals given baffling PowerPoint prese

World markets tumble as euro debt crisis escalates

Chevron: Finding New Ways to Crush Opponents, Intimidate Filmmakers and Disempower Populations

Hey Limbaugh: It's the Derivatives, Stupid (Cenk at Huffington Post)

Italy and Russia Fuse to Build New (tokamak fusion) Reactor

Construction Starts On New Hainan China Nuclear Plant.

Just a reminder. The 172 dead at the coal mine collapse, nor the dead at Sago, nor the dead

Vermont Wind Farm Put On Hold Because of Habitat and Water Concerns.

EDF Awards Contracts On New British Nuclear Reactors at Sizewell and Hinckley Point.

Poland and Westinghouse sign agreement for first reactor in Poland.

Westinghouse chosen to dismantle Chooz A nuclear PWR in France

Drumbeat: April 28, 2010

Science - Lamont-Doherty Study Nails Down Asian Monsoon Failures Coincident With Social Collapses

In Cameroon, Boots Now Standard Footware As Residents See Torrential Rains - In Middle Of Dry Season

Analysts - Best-Case For PEMEX To Hold Steady At 2.5 MBD Through 2010; Or Slide Restarts W/I Months

Acute Oak Decline Confirmed In UK - Cause Unknown, Trees Die 3-5 Years After Infection

US Leads Brazil In Forest Loss, Though Tropical Biome Biggest Loser 2000 - 2005

Melting icebergs causing (some) sea level rise

Power to the revolution-Utilities are spending billions to make the grid more reliable, efficient...

Sustainable biofuels from forests, grasslands and rangelands-Analyzing biofuel sources and ...

Examining A Climate Conundrum

Japanese daily Asahi slams breeder reactors

BBC: US considers setting fire to Gulf of Mexico oil leak

Melting sea ice major cause of warming in Arctic, new study reveals

Arctic explorers get nasty surprise: rain

NZ Windfarms Rescued From Bankruptcy By Its Investors Ponying Up More Cash.

Bay Area company determined to make White House solar friendly

Deep Thoughts Before Armageddon - Beginning any moment now, you’ll see a month-long trickle of news

One myth about the Washington Post: It still practices serious journalism

Cape Cod Offshore Wind Farm Said to Win Approval from Obama

Dummy Fuel Loaded Into Newly Completed Kudankulam Nuclear Reactor in India.

RE-Thinking 2050: Europe’s Pathway to 100% Renewable Energy

Forgotten Crimes: David Vitter (OUCH!)

US could replace coal power with existing gas-fired plants

BREAKING NEWS: US Federal Government Approves First Offshore Wind Farm

Was Ivan lied to?

Chernobyl Still Poses 'Urgent' Threat on Anniversary

Damn Royals Bullpen

The Pirates after a VERY rough seven game stretch show resiliance


Contents of Sportscenter....

It's official...(sort of a spolier)

Redskins sign Darrion Scott (Child Abuser), adding to the defensive line

Ron Artest has shaved his golden locks

The Big (L)East strikes back?

Game on at the Camp Nou (Here be spoilers, in all likelihood)

The Yankees lose a big one at HOME to the Orioles in Baltimore. If and only if,

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, April 27)

Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland apologizes for asking Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute

Protest planned against Ariz. immigration law at Diamondbacks game

Tebow sets jersey sales record for NFL draftee


Metropolitans sweep Dodgers and gain a share of 1st place!

The Pirates in a thrilling 14 inning game make it two in a row against the Brew Crew.

Wings' thoughts turn toward a showdown with Sharks (and other hockey news).

Got your favorites for the Derby on Saturday???

I've said it several times this season. The NHL's regular season is almost completely meaningless -

Brazil's Leftist Pre-Candidate Gomes To Quit Presidential Race

Colombian presidential poll

Colombian candidates on various issues from yesterday's debate (Spanish)

Human Rights Mission Attacked in Oaxaca (Spanish) and Urgent Action

Chevron: Finding New Ways to Crush Opponents, Intimidate Filmmakers and Disempower Populations

You have to hear this!

Venezuela takes over brewer's land, sugar mills

(Miami Hurled) Cuba spies cooperating with U.S. authorities, officials say


Brazil plans an armed force of 500,000

Air Force to Discharge Lesbian Officer

New magazine braves risks to give voice to Arab homosexuals

Opinion on teaching 'King & King' re: parental consent

Sue Sylvester: Sneaky Gays

Maine Gubernatorial Candidates Support Workers, Boycott TV Station

Philippines: Locked-out Alta Mode garment workers fight against union-busting

Today in Labor History Apr 28 Coal mine collapses killing 181, 119 die in Benwood mine disaster

Workers Memorial Day events put focus on health and safety

Who'd have thought that Craigslist would have been the last straw to my career?

A Middle East peace that could happen (but won't)

Israel won't honor outpost pledge

The Zionist debate

Jerusalem planning committee to hold first meet since Biden's visit

Poll: More than half of Jewish Israelis support gagging human rights groups

A man of peace?

Pro-gun rights advocates turn fear into confidence (Ohio)

FBI agent guilty of gun dealing - El Paso Times

Mayor Daley's solution to rising homicide rate in Chicago ...

So when are we going to ban bats? 2 young women viciously attacked

Second Amendment Enforcement Act Introduced in U.S. Congress

Why did the founders provide for a decentralized military system?

Texas gov. shoots, kills 'wily' coyote during jog

Store Owner Shoots At Would-be Robbers - this is how legal guns end up on the street......

Saldana wants to restrict two Civil Rights for the price of one.

NY Times: "Close the Gun Show Loophole" ...

Guns are not a panacea, but empowering decent people is a good thing.

The Night of the Horse

Just one more

The magic of the horse!

Going airborne

First film I have done in a while

Denny Crane sighting!

Green Jay

The first one

1 photo & a request for suggestions or critiques

five spring images poll

My first attempt at a full moon shot

Non-medical treatment may rapidly relieve severe IBS symptoms

Help me recall....

DARPA Loses Contact with Mach 20 “Hypersonic Glider” During Test Flight

Long Lost Soviet Rover Found on the Moon

New Matthew message, April 26, 2010.

I can't find something

Question about the spiritual viability of certain medicines?

Can we find a Progressive Alternative to Coast-to-CoastAM?

Ohio sheriff pulls gun permit of man in NC arrest (had handgun, asked to see Obama)

Noah's Ark Re-Rediscovered

Do you think they have ever read John

Diabetes patient speaks out on pig-cell trial

Clue for rising infertility rates found in GM soy

IMF Tells German Lawmakers Greece Needs Up to EU120 Billion

Spain's Long-Term Debt Rating Is Downgraded by S&P (story developing

Banks Bet Against U.S. Cities, States

Alford: Why Dismantling Too Big To Fail Firms Makes Economic Sense

Financial Reform Bill To Go To Floor

Speculating Banks Still Rule -- Ten Ways Dems and Dodd Are Failing on Financial Reform

Greece Downgrade: What Shoes Will Drop Next?

TARP Watchdog Says Criminal Charges May Be On the Table For New York Fed Over AIG Coverup

So now Obama is pressuring Merkel to bail out Greece.

Lottery Economy