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Archives: April 29, 2010

WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?! Duncan Hunter spews Racial Hate (not really surprising)

That woman is an idiot - part whatever

Toyota’s recall of 2003 Sequoia SUVs highlights a discrepancy (has known about for years)

What "assurances" did the GOP get to allow them to move forward with the financial regulation bill?

TOON: Welcome to Arizona

Feds to hold public offshore drilling meeting Thursday in Norfolk

AFL-CIO ‘Death on the Job’ Report: 5,214 Killed at Work in 2008

Does anyone know where I can find a duplicate census form

Congressman wants to deport children of illegal immigrants

Congressman wants to deport children of illegal immigrants

WP-BLOOMBERG: Toyota needs more than an ad campaign

So, the FOX meme is that AZ law is The Same as FEDERAL Law?

Rabbi to pope: Use family dinners to defuse abuse crisis

Opponents dominate NJ hearing on Obama offshore drilling plan

So, if we DON'T live like millionaires, we suck?

How about that 'virtual border fence'? $1.1 Billiom spent so far & little to show for it.

Pima County Sheriff, asked what solution to 'racist' law is, replies, 'The November election.'

Halliburton Implicated in Gulf Oil Spill

So is the ADL hypocritical concerning USA Immigration?

Rep. King: U.S. Has "Already Ceded" Grijalva's District To Mexico, calls him a traitor.

Arizona immigration fight to move to the courtroom

ACLU, MALDEF AND NILC To Challenge Arizona Immigration Law

State unveils no-texting-while-driving posters (Kansas)

Douglas signs Vermont human-trafficking bill

Spam-sucking, disgusting, lower than low scum.

President Obama Names Three to the United States District Court

China lifts ban on HIV-positive visitors

Miami Dolphins GM asks prospect if his mother was a prostitute and gets off with a slap on the wrist

How many Waterloos were there?

Stevens hears last argument as justice

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson Wants City To Sever Arizona Ties

Shakira and Rascal Flats playing together on American idol

It seems to me one of the reasons we now find ourselves facing the looniness of the AZ law .......

21st Century Uneasy Rider

What Would the Racial Profile of a Terrorist in Arizona Look Like? Not Latino.

That's it...I will never buy a Hyundai Tucson.

We were here first!!!! Speak English!!!!.....well uh no

Glenn Beck has lost 1/3 of its TV audience since January

Did Obama ever sign the order that reverses Bush's Global Gag Order that

Did Obama ever sign the order that reverses Bush's Global Gag Order that

Obama urged to alter his drilling plan by (R) & (D) House members

Conservative group Protect Marriage Washington doesn't sway Scalia

Conservative group Protect Marriage Washington doesn't sway Scalia


Investigate This

Governor Brewer takes to Facebook to defend law

Keep America Safe! Who's leading the front-group, Keep America Safe?

70 percent of lost manufacturing jobs aren't coming back, says national trade group

Yeah, I know that I don't look like a Mexican

51 days to Exxon Valdez volume using new 5000 bbl/dy rate

51 days to Exxon Valdez volume using new 5000 bbl/dy rate

5 times as much oil spewing in oil spill as first thought. Officials discover new oil leak!

All this whining about Republican state legislature evil

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

I've also stopped watering my cactus in protest of the Arizona law.

And furthermore, I will no longer use the letters A and R side-by-side!

Deputy who shot students with Taser charged with child abuse

Canadians healthier, outliving Americans: study

Teacher stabs 15 pupils as man is executed for school deaths

The picture....

New oil leak in area of sunken drilling rig

Paul Rieckhoff, Alex Dabney on Tavis. This was definitely recorded today.

Jon will have a live one on tonight

Boy Scouts now offer video game merit badge

Arizona DUer's - check in please!

You make the call

How many times have you visited DU?

Since Katrina .......

Are they purposely trying to make immigration the "hot issue" for the next election?

Supreme Court appears skeptical over keeping homophobe's names private

TX Education Commissioner Describes Curriculum Changes As "Payback"


Roubini Says Greece `Tip of Iceberg' as Sovereign Debt Threatens Recovery

Tax Payers of AZ......

I think Better of Gordon Brown after what was heard on the mic

The South Carolina Senate rejected a total ban on state-insured abortions Wednesday

Regarding the oil disaster in the Gulf Coast

The GOP will allow debate on finance regulation but...

New Episode of South Park Tonight. But Comedy Central are Still Cowards

Phone banked tonight in Ohio

Did you know Tom Colburn is a deficit hawk?

Run Charlie Run

Mississippi School Cuts Gay Student Photo from Yearbook

Wiley's reply to an old prick

Wiley's reply to an old prick

Morning Joe producer has aneurysm

Arizona's new Crayola color: Suspiciously Brown


Unconventional Arizona


LA Times: Toyota: Road to Recall (18 stories)

Supreme Court Decision in Mojave Cross Case Is Disappointing, Says AU's Lynn

Unelected billionaire oligarchs to DC: No money for schools unless you do as we say

Glenn Beck Audience Plunges 30%

Does anyone remember this video

Report: Still not enough troops for Afghanistan operations

Oil spill five times as large as earlier thought

Judge clears way for ex-radical Ayers' speech at University of Wyoming

Just because there's a crowd, does it mean it's a party?

You want to see a demonstration? They’ll show you a demonstration

The Fraud Of GOP Tax And School Choice Policy Shown In Arizona

As of today, the airlines can be fined $27,500 per passenger

Ahmadinejad likely to get U.S. visa for UN meeting next week

Yahoo Sends Nonsensical Email To Disposable Email Users

The Darth Cheney Return

FL women seeking abortions could face forced ultrasounds at own cost even when raped

TOON: How can they make money building something?

Judd Gregg Just Said On MSNBC That To Deal with Deficits He Supported The Deficit Commission

"Race to Serve the Oligarchs" not going entirely as planned

How Much Does Suck? Shows You

Why can't we do an "American" solution to the oil well?

New Jersey Students Role Models for Civil Disobedience

Glenn Beck shocked that people would compare Arizona's govt to Nazis, who would ever do that?

Leak, Shmeak: It's "only" 1/10th of a supertanker per day

How much did the tobacco companies know, and when did they know it?

Vermont senators seek tougher financial reform bill

Gulf oil leak from rig explosion puts more than 400 species in potential harm's way

McDonnell lifts ban on State Police troopers referring to Jesus in public prayers

How the SEC and Congress Can Bring Down Goldman Sachs and Expose the Financial Coup

Nato 'Kills Afghan MP Relative' in Raid

Back to the 1950s

RAdm Landry on oil spill "premature to say this is catastrophic"

5 reasons Dem's may do well in 2010, and 5 reasons they may not, IMO.

urban vs. rural counties

Drone Pilots Could Be Tried for ‘War Crimes,’ Law Prof Says

You think McVey was a threat to the President? He happens to

Teabaggers...the cynical hypocrisy is enlightening to say the least

Are shrimp prices on the way up? (re: oil spill)

TDS Co-Editor Ruy Teixeira: Tea Party Leanings Exposed in New Poll

Bumper sticker I saw today...

Man claims he ate, drank nothing for 70 years:"breatharian" who can live off "spiritual life-force"

Slap 'em in Stirrups-What's Good Enough for Oklahoma Women-Good Enough for Goldman-by Laura Flanders

Australia plans first plain cigarette packets

Australia plans first plain cigarette packets

Global Warming Isn’t All Bad…If You’re an Archaeologist

100000 Americans Petition Congress to Drill for Oil Now (May 30, 2008)

Did Goldman's Ex-Mortgage Guru DANIEL SPARKS Lie Under Oath?

AZ is reacting to the rapid ethnic growth in the US

Would someone please ask all those Gulf coast governors

The Tea Party Movement is not new

How Brown's "bigot" gaffe might hurt the Liberal Democrats, too.

Gonorrhea May Become Untreatable as Antibiotics Wane, WHO Says

Texas Rep. Debbie Riddle Introduces Similar Anti-Immigration Bill as Arizona's

Drill Baby, Drill!(video)

Drill Baby, Drill!(video)

fast growing bat deaths arrive in Tenn.

Preview: The next teabagger gathering in Arizona

Appeals court says money-laundering law applies in case involving Tom DeLay associates

US maps showing the trend is towards blue, not red in the Presidential elections

AZ-Senate: Could this be the Sleeper Race of 2010?

A question to ask a conservative in your life.

Examples that describe the Tea Party movement

Bartering for healthcare comments hurt Reid’s Republican challenger

Teabaggin' Tom Tancredo gives Obama marching orders: "Just show me your birth certificate!"

Photos from Earth Day rally on the National Mall

I'm boycotting the United States

How will Fox cover the May Day rallies?

Republicans fold like a cheap suit...

The theological implications of Sarah Palin's rise to cultural prominence

Not-so-fun facts about Virginia

Phil Donahue: “If We Didn’t Have Glenn Beck, We’d Have To Invent Him”

Congress Demands Pentagon Cut Waste

Arizona Boycott Goes Viral As State's Tourism Industry Tries to Fight Back

CNN, MSNBC Carry Obama's Remarks at Dorothy Height Service; Fox News Does Not

Remember the Alamo?

My local gas station hasn't change prices in 2 weeks

Gitmo Abuse ‘Contaminated’ Government’s Case, Attorneys Say

"Plunder: The Crime Of Our Time”–Danny Schechter Takes on Wall St. in New Film

"Plunder: The Crime Of Our Time”–Danny Schechter Takes on Wall St. in New Film

Time thinks highly of Scott Brown

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2 -More Police State

PTSD, infertility and other consequences of war

Thursday TOON Roundup part 6

After 10-year Battle, First U.S. Offshore Wind Farm Approved

CNN, MSNBC Carry Obama's Remarks at Dorothy Height Service; Fox News Does Not

Walking in her shoes

Sarah Palin's Former 1984 Beauty Pageant Rival Runs for Office in Atlanta

1/4 Million Gallons per day...

Torque into a Thursday. Please come CAPTION this Mad Hatter.

Shanghai Expo: The final countdown

I have a simple plan to cap the oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. It's BRILLIANT!

Potentially deadly fungus spreading in U.S. and Canada

'Morning Joe' Executive Producer Suffers Apparent Aneurysm

Beautiful Keith Olbermann Tweet!

Janet Napolitano coming up with Robert Gibbs

jon stewart never ceases to amaze me. wow... he completely destroyed ken blackwell

Now on GEM$NBC - BP Executive - We'll take help from

Ironically, the oil rig sank on...Earth Day.

King: Election winner will be out of power for a generation (UK election)

My Grandfathers Were Bootleggers From Canada. Did SARAH PALIN Make That Up?

Report: Deepwater Horizon rig was reportedly not equipped with a shutoff switch

Heh! GOP Caved When the Cots Came Out!

APNewsBreak: Schwarzenegger backs health overhaul

"Arizona Anti-Immigrant Law: Why Boycotts Work" - by Michael Yaki...

Liberal, Conservatives, and Limousines

Chief reason immigration reform will probably never pass in Congress

The Mad Hatter gives a history lesson. Please come CAPTION!!!

I wonder if Dave Vitter's huggies have a blow out preventer on them.

More than a thousand words...

100k salary Water and Power employees drinking/strip clubs while on duty

Fox "News" responds to Mayor Newsom's AZ travel ban by calling San Francisco a "sprawling toilet"

Just came across "Frank Luntz Frames Immigration" - talking points for republicans.

North Sea oil platforms less risky than BP rig which exploded

British Petroleum ?

The oil rig company has a web site up covering the..."incident"

Now Kansas City police are going to have a drivers license checkpoint!

Fortune magazine cover rejected.

Shell says Gulf offshore oil disaster won't slow Arctic exploration

Boycott Petsmart

I'll never forget I was rich, I had shoes - by TexMex

Boy, 5, Dies During Dental Procedure

Time names Beck one of 100 most influential people, commissions Palin to write article praising him

These folks are walking across the country picking up garbage!

The REAL reason AZ passed that stupid law:

There are quite a few on the "left" at Fox News these days

These are "the papers" I will present if I'm ever asked:

Some repukes will ask for their contributions to crist back if he runs as an

Down with Big Brother Government!!! Get government out of our lives!!!

Louisiana governor declares state of emergency

Funniest Tea-Bagger Story Today (for me)

This year's energy toll and its impact on November

A Tale of Two Blogospheres: Discursive Practices on the Left and Right

Chris Christie blames schools for not stopping student walkout protests directed at him

"The Exxon Valdez is going to pale [into insignificance] in comparison to this as it goes on."

"We fought a war against national socialism and lost a lot of good people under Hitler’s tirade,"

Tancredo (on the birth certificate): IT'S A TRICK!!! RUNAWAY!!!

Ban The Bailout!

What "W" really stood for...

WorldNutDaily does more spinning than a dervish on Uganda's "kill the gays" bill

Was Sarah Palin’s emergence due to Global Warming?

Link to Mobile Ala area call for volunteers for spill.

Should we still consider Charlie Crist a Republican governor on paper?

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) wants to deport children of illegal immigrants

Mexicans slam Arizona immigration law, but how do they treat their migrants?

Is there any hope that we will ever have a Guaranteed Minimum Income (GMI)?

****BREAKING**** 2 missing in Ky. mine with record of safety issues

Ted Nugent Writes Beautiful Ode To ‘Herculean’ Sarah Palin, For TIME

Ok Palin, grab a bucket and sponge and get your ass down here!!!

What will you say to the Arizona police?

GI accused of killing wife, baby is unconscious

Final British Election debate starting in 5 minutes (live stream on BBC)

It would be great if all of the groups on facebook supporting the same cause could join together.

Shakira and Ronstadt in Arizona to protest new immigration law

Southern Poverty Law Ctr: Arizona Immigration Law Violates Constitution, Guarantees Racial Profiling

A law ensuring brown skinned human beings are treated as sub-human

Oil spill will dwarf Exxon Valdez spill, worst than Kuwait oil field fires

Contact Info on Governor Charlie Crist...(I) Florida

Arizona Iced Tea Forced to Show Its Papers

Idea: every time a corporation causes a disaster like the oil spill, or mine collapse

Withhold highway funding from AZ. If that doesn't force change then withhold ALL

Please DU this poll "Arizona Capitol Times" regarding new AZ law.

Arkansas Dem Primary Poll: Blanche Lincoln's lead down to single digits

Rep. Markey (D-Mass.) calls Big Oil CEOs to testify as probes into Gulf of Mexico spill intensify

So, what if I want to boycott Oklahoma?

New Glenn Beck created wingnut hysteria of the day...

Halter Gaining on Lincoln as Primary Nears

Oil Company Trickle-down Economics 101

Italy investigates report baby lived through abortion

Racist Anti-Semitic Senate Candidate Glenn Miller Insults Jewish Interviewer, Calls Liar

Bushes and Clintons

Actress Betty Lynn, who played Thelma Lou on "Andy Griffith," robbed in Mt. Airy, the real Mayberry

OK the bleeding pig ad has finally pushed me over the edge!

One would almost think Boner doesn't welcome immigration reform...

Did armed Ohioan near Obama's plane really break law?

For all those boycotting Arizona

Report on Progress Toward Security and Stability in Afghanistan, April 2010::

NV-Senate: Harry Reid making comeback in new poll

is it true? 1/3 of federal prisoners are illegal immigrants? I'm looking for different sources

CNN always on top of things hanging around with a mess of

McConnell: At Least One Miner Killed in Kentucky Collapse

More Malarkey About Health Care

Anyone have any info on the API (American Petroleum Institute) comments on off-shore drilling?

Kentucky Mine Cited for 214 Safety Violations This Year

Man. The health care debate really sucked.

Another totalitarian law that Arizona can get behind.

let me tell you a story about my RW uncle.

The Catholic Church Will End Priestly Celibacy, or Priestly Celibacy Will End the Catholic Church

Sincere question - WHY is there debate in Congress and the Senate? Do any

State Abortion Law Immediately Challenged

DISGUSTING! Rush Limbaugh's lies on unions and mining safety.


Judiciary panel advances bill to compel Supreme Court to televise proceedings

Bumper sticker I just saw: Dont blame me I voted for Palin!

Does Rachel have on a Snuggie

As Oil Spreads in Gulf, BP Insists on Self-Regulation

Steve Poizner (R-Calif.) buys his way onto the NYT bestseller list

Guardian UK: Is the end of the Happy Meal in sight?

If this has happened to a Dog or Cat , I wonder what DU's reaction would be.

Thinking about this oil spill, Douglas Adams was right...

When asked if she's "far left," Helen Thomas tells dirtbag teabagger Fox host "as far as you can go"

Crist announcement coming up shortly....

Carolina Wildlife Care Needs Your Help to Save 3 Bobcat Kittens!

Protesting in Topeka. I will be there Tomorrow. HOpe to see democracy in action

I want a nanny state, especially for the children.

Tier 5 unemployment benefits: Sen. Baucus thinks 99 weeks is enough, but the numbers tell otherwise

Detective who shot Hells Angel sues, says Seattle police mishandled case

Simple answer for ARIZONA re papers to prove citizenship...make all concerned happy by rewarding

*Just* a programming note: Rielle HUNTER is on Oprah. I don't like her or him, either.

An Important Medical Hearing that Ran under the Radar: Antibiotic Resistance

heads up on antibacterial "triclosan"

Multi-Million $$ NASA Telescopes destroyed on balloon takeoff

Does Glenn Beck realize millions of brown-skinned, Spanish-speaking people have been "immigrating"

latest crap in my local paper-feel free to DU-"Slander from the Left"

Journalists Must Donate To Anti-Choice Organization In Order To Cover Palin’s Speech

Please Express your Support for Senator Claire McCaskill

When I heard this, it made me cry.

Well we might consider boycotting the "Apprentice" Donald Trump supports Arizona Law

Gallup: Republicans losing edge on independents for midterm elections.

Excellent updated map of oil spread

I'm beginning to think Brewer had a deal arranged w/ other states.

The Offshore Leases Obama Proposed Were NOT ABOUT DRILLING.

BP Will Pay Spill Costs as U.S. Agencies Mobilize (Update3)

Dylan Ratigan is covering the Wall Street Demonstration on MSNBC now. NT

CPSC announces 2 big crib recalls - Graco and Simplicity

Lady Gaga, sarah 'gaga' palin Top Time Mag's 100 Most Influential People

Mendendez just put out a nice snarky statement regarding Crist:

Wonder if the oil spill will affect Landrieu?

Tucson top cop: Law is "racist", "disgusting", "unneccessary"- won't comply with it.

"Sorry Doesn't Help"

Government offers $550 million to Michigan for int'l bridge project....The Canadian govt., that is..

Lest we forget... .

Congratulations Ed!

OIL SPILL Shoreline impact map.

Ugh! Bumpersticker I saw today

Let Ohio killer live, says surviving victim

We are all responsible for the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico

Hispanic, Latino, and Chicano - these terms are distinct and not interchangeable


A Teabagger just tried to kill my family

GM properly used escrow to repay U.S. loans, Treasury says

2 lawsuits first to challenge Arizona immigration law

Is there an Alzheimers support group for caregivers on DU anywhere?

International House of Heart Attacks

U of A law prof: "Lawful contact" could "mean any normal interaction a cop has with ordinary people

Arizona and Oklahoma-two examples of "states rights" at work

Pew research poll... most can't name one Republican leader... LOL

Anthem Blue Cross withdraws request for rate hikes,state insurance regulators rejected the proposals

Take Action: Support Miners and Communities

we are experiencing the bu$h*/cheney legacy---WAPO--11/08--'A Last Push To Deregulate'

Limpballs says Obama sending SWAT teams to Gulf.

From Santa Barbara in '69 to Gulf of Mexico in '10

Lurking freepers, show me 1 truly "sovereign" state..

Florida Dems: How are you feeling about the Senate race now?

Please help DU this Juan Crow poll

Toon: Profiling those illegals!

LMAO Stephanie Miller (on The Ed Show)

Just found out a kid I knew passed away while serving aboard a submarine on Monday.

Florida House shut down by Democrats opposed to abortion bill

Behind Crist's Downfall in Florida: The Hand of Jeb Bush

Thursday TOON Roundup part 5- Oil disaster

Thursday TOON Roundup part 5- Oil disaster

Anyone watch the rapublican USA propagandafest on the History Channel?

Whatever happened to those oil-eating bacteria?

Talked to my lawyer about the AZ law- very interesting on *how* it will be implemented

Leaked ICE memo details media strategy to counter citizen activist groups

I have never voted for someone who doe NOT have a D in front of their name - But, Crist looks pretty

Obama dampens hope for immigration reform this year; no "appetite" in Washington, midterms coming up

Obama takes immigration reform off agenda

Double L Pervert Phill ethics hearing postponed until fall

Double L Pervert Phill ethics hearing postponed until fall

419 scam victims, teabaggers, and "true believers"

Will it be 'Chinese Iron' or 'Mexican Iron' ? (pic)

So what happens if I run across a birther cop in Arizona?

Tea Party leader: Obama hides birth cert. to make us ‘nuts’

The Florida GOP is now going to out Charlie Crist, right?

Ten States Now Contemplating Arizona-Like Anti-Immigration Legislation

Re: the calls for boycotts, etc against Arizona--As a thirty year resident

Crayola unhappy about parody video thanking tea partiers

A group in Arizona has found a way to Delay the Papers Please law until possibly 2012

birth certificates.

Source: Obama interviews Sidney Thomas for high court

Arizona citizenship law...a bigtime winner for the GOP?

Arizona citizenship law...a bigtime winner for the GOP?

Just got anonymous hate mail in response to my LTTE!

Jim Robinson is a filthy pig

Jim Bunning (Arguably the dumbest guy in the Senate) calls Harry Reid an idiot

Jim Bunning (Arguably the dumbest guy in the Senate) calls Harry Reid an idiot

Arizona Latino Republicans on the new law. It's Obama's fault.

Hare Calls on Massey Energy CEO to Put Bonuses Toward Memorial Fund for Victims’ Families

Do any of these teabaggers quoting George Orwell at every turn

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3 - Financial scams

Drill, Baby, Drill! Obama OKs Virginia Offshore Drilling: Remember this? Just a month ago.

Dolphin boy! Meet the incredible 4-year-old who has learnt to navigate using 'sonar' clicks

Mother Jones: Internal Docs Prove Goldman's Ex-Mortgage Guru Lied Under Oath

is there any comprehensive energy study for the country -

is there any comprehensive energy study for the country -

Just recieved a fake "Census" phone call from a So. Carolina number -

"The Exxon Valdez is going to pale in comparison to this as it goes on."

Watching Waco:Rules of Engagement

who was Keith tweaking in this bit last night?

Census mail results could be trouble for 5 states

Your Phone Is Locked. Just Drive.

An observation on Sarah Palin's speaking style

** Heads Up: Charlie Finally Makes up His Mind, Live! **

Brilliant! See CNN SUCK:

Journalists Must Donate To Anti-Choice Organization In Order To Cover Palin’s Speech

DISGUSTING! Rush Limbaugh's lies on unions and mining safety

Chris Matthews never changes. Asks Buchanan to comment on GOP's chances...

Virginia driver denies license plate had coded racist message

Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

Just watched Rep. Meek on CNN with wolfie,

This is disgusting - on Rachel Maddow right now

This is disgusting - on Rachel Maddow right now

Unions Members March, Demand Bankers ‘Fix The Mess’ (Update1)

Unions Members March, Demand Bankers ‘Fix The Mess’ (Update1)

Are any of you old enough to remember how fast the Hula-hoop disappeared?

An Arizonan Thanks Those of you who Oppose The New Immigration Bill.

I'm back...with a vengeance!!

Did I break a law when I did not tell my insurance agent that I was no longer

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1 -Police State

I wonder if anyone will drive less over the oil spill.

Dorothy Height's funeral service live coverage

Is the Filibuster actually PROTECTING majority rule?

Glenn Beck is outraged by comparisons to Nazi Germany. Who would do such a thing? Besides Glenn Beck

Bracero (Phil Ochs)

Can someone help me out on one of the Birther claims?

National Library of Medicine page on oil spills

"They could have gotten 90 percent of the oil before it spread."

Remember, the US military is the biggest purchaser of oil in the world!

Remember, the US military is the biggest purchaser of oil in the world!

Tweety: Hitler references misplaced, inaccurate

DeLay Money Laundering Case May Finally Be Headed To Trial

Where is the coverage ...

Topless march outrages some

White Supremacist Graffiti, Vandalism Damage Offices of Grassroots Community Organization in Seattle

Palin forced to cut event ticket prices in Dallas

Good graphic of the oil wells, rescue plan well

CA Lawmaker To TX: Your Textbooks Are Not Welcome Here

Oh Oklahoma...

A 344 sq. ft. apartment that can be changed into 24 different rooms. Unbelievable!

Religious Leaders Mobilize Against Arizona Immigration Law

Does Wall Street produce ANYTHING? Why not have a 'War on Wall Street'?

Does Wall Street produce ANYTHING? Why not have a 'War on Wall Street'?

It. Is. Big.

This massive spill that is growing screams the need for battery powered engines

I had to run or I had to shut up.

Holy Crap. I wondered what the freepers were saying about the oil spill...

Gawker: Meet Stephanie Grace, the Harvard Law Student Who Started a Racist Email War

Breaking - Obama is having a rethink

Tampa Bay teachers shifting political loyalties to support Charlie Crist

Palestinian girls invent 'seeing' walking stick for blind

Palestinian girls invent 'seeing' walking stick for blind

Is worldwide sustainable happiness possible?

Rep. Tammy Baldwin criticizes White House for wanting delay on DADT repeal

The oil spill is an embarrassment to the administration who just opened up offshore

Conservatives MOCK Pelosi For Airbrushed Magazine Shot, Stay SILENT On Laura Bush's Retouched Book

Fuel smell wafts over New Orleans

" I knew people died because of what I did, but I needed the money"

By The Time I Get To Arizona

Today I am most glad that Obama is president and not McCain or idiot Bush.

Oh, Baggers of Tea, What If You Gave Reality A Shot?

LSU professor: Oil spill is environmental CATASTROPHE

Leaked ICE memo details media strategy to counter citizen activist groups

Are low/falling wages now threatening the American family and the ability to have/raise children?

What bothers me as much as anything about the damned oil spill is this

Curious: How do satellite TV carriers determine ratings?

Home-schooled Ninja attacks public school students! One injured.

CTV Ottawa - Pit bull ban not reducing dog bites in Ont.: THS

CTV Ottawa - Pit bull ban not reducing dog bites in Ont.: THS

Please DU another poll on the AZ law

Steve Jobs: Adobe Flash is "no longer necessary, and 200,000 apps on Apple's App Store proves it"

AZ immigration law: S**t is hittng the fan. Here's a sampling.

Al Gore, Tipper Gore snap up Montecito-area villa

Al Gore, Tipper Gore snap up Montecito-area villa

Why Obama's plan for drilling in the Atlantic would be disastrous

The Virtue of Heresy

The Virtue of Heresy

Hey, what about "ZipCar"??

No remote shutoff on oil well.

I've decided to BOYCOTT Oklahoma

In your opinion, what is the youngest age people should be tried as an adult in the US?

if they don't know how to fix a leak 5000 ft down, they shouldn't be allowed to drill 5000 ft down.

SPYCAM UPDATE: Harriton H.S. e-mail sent today...

CNN Reporter Quits After Network Denies Him Time Off To Deal With PTSD From Iraq War

Insanely stupid sign outside a hospital today

Empire Strikes Back named greatest movie sequel

"Drill. Baby. Drill!" Bill Maher Today: "Every Asshole Who Ever Chanted..."

Oil-rich Venezuela gripped by economic crisis

My brother came out to me last week and I was heartbroken...

The end of Microsoft?

FL Senate takes hard right turn, passes 2 restrictive abortion amendments.

The home wrecker is on Oprah today

The home wrecker is on Oprah today

Thursday TOON Roundup part 4 - More scam

A Most Important Issue Being Downplayed In Re: BP Oil Spill ...

Audiotape of Kent State Shooting to Get New Analysis

Washington state chooses to tax the poor more

Look at this nasty crap snuck into the financial reform bill. Who is responsible for this insanity?

OUR President Breaks Down In Tears At Funeral Of Dorothy Height

OUR President Breaks Down In Tears At Funeral Of Dorothy Height

AZ law first requires "lawful contact" i.e. Traffic violation or other situation prompting police

AZ law first requires "lawful contact" i.e. Traffic violation or other situation prompting police

Wii's new Minute to Win It video game!

Italy's Macarena Craze - the "Fontanella"

THIEF of the 2004 Ohio election SOS Ken Blackwell is guest on Daily Show now!

Want Ads

I swear, if the full moon doesn't stop making people batshit insane, I'm going to snap.

listen to peg by steely dan right now

Speaking of weddings

i have been listening to this krautrock thingy on repeat

I don't think I could own a hairless cat

Barack Obama SINGS!

Is it true that Christ is leaving the republican party.

I propose that we should engage in a manner of postmanship which employs only that language

Say, candy and ronnie, have you seen them yet

Legalized murder



Parking FAIL.

Parking FAIL.


Clap your hands everybody; everybody clap your hands!


"If you don't call me back you are going to miss the funeral" - the voice message left for my nephew

Ridiculous Tattoo + Mugshot

Butt Ugly

Shakira and Rascal Flats playing together on American idol

I want to say something about asparagus and urine

How many times have you visited DU?

do you ever use a clip-on book light? looking for recommendations

Da Da Da.....

Does anyone own a propane fueled weed whacker?

Spring colds are the WORST - ugh. Sniffle

My money-saving idea: Change the name of Delaware to "Unaware"

Who cares? nt

when exiting the parking garage, don't trust the shortcut

USMNT unveils the new home kit for the World Cup

Burger and Fries.

Ever been on a business trip where they made you share a room?

Nice bike.

I could get an iPod Touch 3G now, or hold out for the 4G, which should come out in Sept

Burger and fries.

Your goal - Take one sport and give us one way you would improve that sport....

I want to take my dog for a walk to the grocery store

Does anyone own a profane powered weed whacker?

Ok, am I the only one who gets funny smelling piddle after eating Aspargus?

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Redneck water skiing

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Apparently, we have duck haters in our neighborhood. Leaving me with one question

Happiness is being content with yourself, who you are and what you do

Things musicians say when they run out of lyrics.

Goat with monkey walks tightrope

Low-calorie breakfast CHALLENGE

just rode the rounds on my 4_wheeler

Dammit. My cat gave me flea bites. UPDATED

What forums do you have in "My forums"?

The "Dude" Poll

Demon test

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll is all my brain and body need

Hamlet, the Royal Shakespeare Company tonight on PBS....

Gift Ideas for Every Mom

Who ever said women can't park?

A word of caution to new and prospective parents


Cats AND Dogs

Miley Cyrus tells the BBC she'd appear nude in a movie "if it’s something that’s classy." USA! USA!

For those who badmouth Delaware - you should come visit our lovely state

I came of age in the Nixon era and just got carded in the convenience store.

What is she reaching for, and why does it make him uncomfortable?

If you're east of the Mississippi, have you seen any ruby throated hummingbirds yet?

TAKE THE QUIZ: What kind of Conservative are you?

How many here could never kill another person?

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Bill would limit NHTSA officials’ moves to auto industry (from the Toyota recall controversy)

HP is Palm's Silicon Valley savior in $1.4B deal

Obama to Nominate Three to Fed

Coast Guard sets fire to portion of gulf oil spill

Death-plunge trucker's family files claim

If your home has a 'theme', what is it?

Blackwater Will Be Allowed to Bid on Big State Department Contract

China Stripped of Women’s Gymnastics Medal

ECB's Weber urges swift Greek aid to prevent contagion

OAS countries angered by Arizona immigration law

Spain hit as Greek 'illness' spreads over Europe -- Credit rating downgraded

Afghan MP says US troops raid home, kill relative

Feinstein pushes to cancel Anthem rate hike

Plane lands at LVIA after fire in cargo area (Allentown, PA)

Colo. Legislature passes uranium cleanup bill

Coast Guard: NEW oil leak in Gulf of Mexico

'When we understand that slide, we'll have won the war:' US generals given baffling PowerPoint prese

CNN Reporter Quits After Network Denies Him Time Off To Deal With PTSD From Iraq War

Iraq slams Kuwait for attempting to confiscate Iraqi Airways plane landing in London

Pentagon issues downbeat assessment on Afghanistan

BP welcomes military help for larger Gulf oil leak

Warnings of retribution as Russia moves to outlaw far-right group

Dorothy Height honored in D.C.

BP Will Pay Oil-Spill Costs, White House Says

SeaWorld Whale's Killer Past No Secret to Staff

U.S. Subpoenas Times Reporter (Risen) Over Book on C.I.A. (Holder Authorizes)

GOP Rep: Deport US Citizens

US doesn't rule out pause in offshore drilling

Hamas says Egypt gassed four Gaza tunnel workers

'Stunning' Clause In AZ Immigration Law Lets Citizens Sue Govt For Lack Of Enforcement

Euro Plan ‘B’ Currency Would Save Greece, Hedge Manager Says

Cameron, Halliburton tumble on ties to Horizon rig

Leaking Oil Well Lacked Safeguard Device (mandatory in countries other than the US)

House panel releases auto safety proposals (response to Toyota's massive recalls)

Man stabs 28 children at kindergarten in China

Argentine journalists accused in 'people's trial'

Australia proposes tough cigarette packaging rules

There are too many states nowadays. Please eliminate three. P.S. I am not a crackpot

Continental, United expected to merge

Lawmakers call for restrictions on political ads

KBR reports 40% decline in 1Q net income

Canada offers Michigan $550M for bridge project

Taliban guns down outspoken Afghan tribal chief

Harley-Davidson tells workers it needs to cut millions in costs

Mexico acknowledges migrant abuse, pledges changes

After drubbing, Goldman mulling deal with SEC

AP source: Obama interviews Thomas for high court

S.F. adds police patrols in response to attacks

Jobless claims fall to lowest level in 4 weeks

Arizona immigration law hit with its first 2 lawsuits

White House says BP will pay cost of oil cleanup

Man stabs 28 children at kindergarten in China

What songs remind you of Spring?

Women to begin serving on Navy subs in 2011, officials say

BP Oil Well Leaking 5 Times Faster Than Estimated

WHO warns of danger of untreatable gonorrhoea

Two Dead in Kentucky Mine Collapse (nearly 1,000 violations in last 15 months)

What are your final resting place plans?

State of emergency declared as oil spill nears Louisiana

Cornyn to Crist: Give back GOP campaign cash

Gulf spill: Worse than Exxon Valdez?

Charlie Crist to run for Senate as an independent

Canadians lead longer, healthier lives than Americans

(NYPD) Ex-Officer Guilty in Shove of Bicyclist

Texan faces charges for posting Obama death threat

One missing worker found at Kentucky coal mine, according to mine spokesman

Hospital to open drop-off for abandoned babies

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday April 29

Oklahoma Houses passes bill outlawing militia and gang recruiting

Report: Palin e-mail snooping jury deadlocked (on only one charge)

Boy to be sentenced in Border Patrol agent's death

Louisiana shrimpers sue BP over oil spill (Transocean and Halliburton also defendants)

Remember when the Lounge was a Cool place?

Obama Supreme Court Warning: 'Conservative' Judicial Activism Is 'What You're Now Seeing'

Leaking Oil Well Lacked Safeguard Device

Name Something Enormously Popular Whose Appeal Escapes You

The Correct Response To 'Show Us Your Papers'

Kanavas won't run for Senate seat

GOP launches ad attack on Cahill

Republican Otten leads in governor race funding

Sorry Charlie, the President Can't Take Your Call

OH-Sen: Fisher Opens Up a 17-Point Lead in Dem Primary

How Much Will Crist's Move Cost?

Kirk to skip Sarah Palin fundaiser

Lawmakers to Holder: Goldman, other firms aren't 'too big for jail'

Krugman: Un-American Activities

Exxon Mobil 1Q profit jumps 38 percent

AZ-Sen: Glassman Beats Hayworth, McCain Under 50

Justice Department considers suing Arizona to block immigration law (WaPo)

Mike Huckabee backs Chuck DeVore in California's U.S. Senate race


Nathan Deal says he’d implement Arizona-style immigration laws

Even more Hopey Changey stuff: "Health insurers agree to end controversial drop-off practice."

"Democrats Pushing Forward with Immigration Reform"

Justice Department considers suing Arizona to block immigration law

Washington Independent: A Guide to the Tangled Financial Reform Bill

Care You Can Count on When You Need it Most – Reform Ramps Up

"BP exec: Gulf oil leak may be larger than thought, now 5,000 barrels a day!"

Marshall aide: 'White male' can't win

Right Now: Bills to Repeal Healthcare Reform are Failing to Gain GOP Traction

Right Now: Bills to Repeal Healthcare Reform are Failing to Gain GOP Traction

How the GOP gets away with it

Wall Street Reform: Elizabeth Warren Challenges Republicans To Stand Up For Families

U.S. seeks to prop up Kandahar governor, sideline troublesome power brokers

PPP poll: Dead heat for Marshall, Cunningham

OHIO POLL: Strickland over Kasich (44/38). Fisher over Portman (40/37), Brunner over Portman (40/36)

** Heads Up: WH Officials to Address BP Oil Spill at Noon Briefing **

Nevermind. Pls. delete. nt

Must Read from Joe Conason: Are Dems, GOP Serious on Financial Reform?

Morning Joe is a much better show shen Joe and Mika aren't on

Joe & Jill Biden to be in Denver tomorrow

Photos: With Sprinkles (The Obama Presidency, Day 463)

The Relevance Of Race

Administration Needs To get in Front of the OIL CATASTROPHE TODAY BIG TIME!!

Republican incoming FL Senate Pres. Haridopolos on MSNBC trashing Crist calling him 'John Kerry.'

Secret Service didn't know that Laura and Idiot Bush had been poisoned at the G7 summit.

Childhood Ambitions of the Rich & Infamous

Genachowski, FCC Chair, reiterates 'unwavering commitment' to open Internet

The Arizona immigration law is a classic example of appearances without substance...

**** The President Honors the Late Dr. Dorothy Height, Service Begins at 10am EDT ****

MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan is covering the Wall Street protests today! He's on right now!

The job is taking its toll on the dude.

Name something popular, trendy and commercial that you totally dig.

ACLU to Obama: ‘Entire World is Not a War Zone’

When is the official painting of Obama going to be released?

Dino Rossi's Firm Owes $20,000 in Taxes

Russo drops bid against Himes

New foe to challenge Georgia's Marshall

The insanity of celebrity politics - Time magazine lists Scott Brown as one of top 100 world leaders

Political Junkies: Watch UK Prime Minister Debate Live on the BBC! Begins shortly!

In GOP race for Congress, 1 drops out, another joins (Kansas)

OH-Sen, OH-Gov: All Democrats Lead

Reid, Schumer, Menendez to unveil their immigration reform plan today

ACLU Plans To Challenge AZ Immigration Law In Court

I guarantee the GOP is not looking forward to running against Obama in 2012!!!

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse speaking just now in support of Bernie Sanders credit card usury amendment

Hypocrisy Alert: Bobby Jindal demands Federal Government Help for Oil Spill!

Ambinder:"Crist tried to reach White House chief of staff...WH refuses to take the call."

Will The Oil Spill Change Obama's Mind on Offshore Drilling?

Another GOP candidate withdraws from 1st District congressional primary(Idaho)

"America is a lot like Disney World in that once you get a ticket, you're in."

Wingnuts plan event to "pump a few rounds...into a beat-up car bearing...ideas like 'ObamaCare'"

Foreclosures Drop 2nd Straight Month ... Yeah Baby this is good

RNC: ""Why No Blacks On SCOTUS Shortlist?"

Gene Lyons: How the GOP Gets Away With It

Karl Rove: Bennett needed in U.S. Senate

Really tired of Ed giving Tom Tancredo time to spew his stupidity.

President Obama emotional at Height funeral

Saltonstall: Stupak successor must be pro-choice

So Who’s Going To Play Candidate Obama? Woolfe's Book UK Miniseries

Why do Republicans still think they have LEGITIMACY to Run for Public OFFICE???

Frank Luntz’s New Talking Point: “Checkbook Tax”

Merkel-Germany will help Greece when conditions met

Is there any coverage of the wall street...

BP Spill May Alter Obama’s Plans to Expand Offshore Drilling

POLL: More Americans Favor Than Oppose Arizona Immigration Law (51/39)

Palin's too dumb and her staff's too incompetent...

Arizona Shelves Bill Requiring Presidential Candidates To Produce Birth Certificates

If there cannot be a civil discussion of immigration laws here

Facebook page of a high school principal

Why does Obama seek consensus with every financial scammer but not teachers?

Colombia detains congressman who was president's peace commissioner for alleged drug ties

TYT: Boobquake

Taylor BRANCH, The Clinton tapes, historian and journalist

Creationism propaganda for children caught on camera

Helen Thomas on Fox Business Channel

Barry Ritholtz Discusses the SEC Fraud Case Against Goldman Sachs

Rep. Steve King, R-IA: The U.S. Has Already Ceded Rep. Raul Grijalva's District To Mexico

Olberman Challenged To Waterboard Match Large

Duncan Hunter (R-CA) supports the deportation of immigrants' US-born children

Harry Reid: "Katherine Duncan"

Born to Lose

Papantonio: Prosecute Goldman Sachs Now

USA: Government is not this Party's cup of tea

Huntsville Teabagger: Except for Fox News, most of it's pretty nauseating

Drill Baby, Drill!

The World's Only Minority Teabagger Has a Meltdown Over Healthcare

Tim Minchin - Pope Song


Showdown in the Heartland - protest against big banks in Kansas City

Still Bleeding Love for Obama (reboot)

Mike Malloy - Kick Their Asses!!!

TYT: Police To Arrest Tan Women?!

Mike Malloy - This Is The Reason I´m Pissed Off All The Time

Tea Party on Spotting Illegals


MUST WATCH! The second world economic crisis

Paul Simon - American Tune

Arizona Governor Meets With Secret Advisor's A Faux Noise Exclusive

Midweek Politics: Racist Senate Candidate Glenn Miller Insults Jewish Interviewer

TYT: Cenk Challenges Fmr Bush Speechwriter David Frum On Dead Iraqi Civilians (How Does He React?)

Jesse Ventura Interview, Addresses Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Thrid Parties, Conspiracies, More

Robet Reich: Swiftboating Finance Reform

NY Times: Wall Street Casino

Goldman Execs Grilled Over Role in Inflating Housing Bubble and Then Betting on Collapse

Sarah Palin Explains How She 'Can See Illegal immigrants From Her House'

Obama derides *conservative* activist judges

U.S. Aid Funding Colombian Oppression?

Widespread abuse of migrants in Mexico is 'human rights crisis'

National Public Radio's Pro-Israeli Bias

E.J. Dionne:Want to save capitalism? Regulate it

Sanctions Debate Heats Up

Papering the War Against Iran

Desert Derangement Syndrome|Timothy Egan|NYT

Historic medical conference finds Bolivar may have been poisoned

Goldman Sachs: The Illusion Is Over -- Nothing More Than a Hedge Fund Managed by Traders?

The Costs of Complexity

I'm Marching Today to Make Wall Street Pay

WP: U.S. seeks to prop up Kandahar governor, sideline troublesome power brokers

"To some people, we're all the same."

PEW: Pessimistic Public Doubts Effectiveness of Stimulus, TARP

The Republican N-AZ-I gambit

Has the Republican Party gone completely off into Cloud-Cuckoo-Land

White House reporters afraid to criticize the White House

NY Times: "Listening to (and Saving) the World’s Languages"

Excellent editorial: Oklahoma, what have you done?

NYMag: TARP Watchdog Neil Barofsky Puts the Treasury Secretary on Notice

HP to Acquire Palm

Guess whose jobs don’t get cut when university endowments shrink?

Good way to bring an end to the Arizona immigration law

Good way to bring an end to the Arizona immigration law

"Why I Hate 3D and You Should Too" Roger Ebert

The Military Occupation of Our Minds

Toyota's brand value takes a beating

Design Flaw In UK Offshore Wind Turbines May Cost Millions of Pounds To Fix.

Wind Farm Fails to Pay Local Property Taxes.

First Solar (FSLR) up 15% today after raising earnings guidance for next year.

Interesting article on the progress of wind turbines over last three decades (and future)

Drill Baby, Drill!(video)

The Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: Some Background and What It Means

Wind-Power Projects May Stall on U.K. Grid Regulation

Renewable Energy Atlas Shows Vermont's Energy Options

PJM Interconnect Region: Wind ^ 1,300% Solar ^3000% Since 2005

Drumbeat: April 28, 2010

5,000 barrels per day leaking from oil rig site (from LBN, 5x early estimates):

"...its nuclear unit ...reported a 48% plunge in earnings..."

Note to CARB: Gulf Coast oil spill could eclipse Exxon Valdez - oil does have environmental affects

DOE seeks $13 billion to fund loan guarantees for 5 more reactors.

Global Sea Ice "In Constant Retreat" - 7,420 KM3 Loss In Past 10 Years - GRL

China to build 2 new reactors for Pakistan & Italy to select site for new reactors in 2011

Labor likes prospect of new jobs from nuclear

Carbon Capture and Storage: Economic Costs Revisited

Miami Dolphins GM asks prospect if his mother was a prostitute and gets off with a slap on the wrist

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, April 28)

Celtic, Boca Juniors coming to Seattle to play Sounders..

This is a Big F@&$ING Deal--Derby Day (Dial-up warning pic-heavy)

Since MLB selection of the starting line-ups is by the fans, how many

only 18 weeks until college football kicks off

MLB All-Star rosters expand; DH becomes permanent in All-Star Game.

With 35 bowl games, teams with losing record could earn invitations

Report says Cleveland Indians most hated team

Your 136th Run for the Roses, odds/ PP

The Fat Spanish Waiter must go

Throw a shoe at the right wingster behind Penultiimos Dias Blog video game

Colombia's People-Powered Campaign

Widespread abuse of migrants in Mexico is 'human rights crisis'

Historic medical conference finds Bolivar may have been poisoned

U.S. House Poised to Take Historic Vote on H.R. 2499 - Puerto Rico Democracy Act

Oscar pushes Argentina's Secret' into the public eye

Argentine journalists accused in 'people's trial'

Venezuela Depleted Savings Amid Oil Revenue Dive, Report Says

Lula tops Time's influential list

U.S. Aid Funding Colombian Oppression?

New wave of repression targets opponents of Honduran coup

Watch and weep for Jamaica

Colombia detains congressman who was president's peace commissioner for alleged drug ties

Workers Pause to Honor Those Who Have Fallen on the Job

This kind of makes me wish I was plus-sized

Poor Danny Glover's in trouble again :-) (R commentary)

May Day 2010: A special appeal from LabourStart

Rallies Across the United States Target Banks

Today in Labor History Apr 29 Miners dynamited and destroyed the $250,000 mill of the Bunker Hill Co

Out Gay Mayor of Palm Springs challenges Mary Bono Mack

Goodbye Golden Years: Americans Planning Late Retirement, Poll Finds

Victory for Union nurses

Protecting America’s Workers Act Will Protect Whistleblowers, Ensure Victims Rights, Witnesses Tell

Does nepotism and patronage matter?

One Miner Dead, Another Missing in Yet Another Non-Union Mine Disaster

Hate group Westboro Baptist Church to picket lesbian teen Constance McMillen's graduation

Israel's fear and loathing of Obama

Israel Prize winners to Barak: Let Gazans study in W. Bank

Netanyahu's nemesis / A far-right scarecrow named Feiglin

Hamas says Egypt gassed four Gaza tunnel workers

Daley: Send gun industry lawsuit to World Court

Police: Intended Victim Shoots Mugger In New Haven CT

FBI agent short on details on militia inquiry (Update to an earlier thread)

Northport man charged with murder after robbery accomplice killed (Alabama)

North Amityville Man Shot Wife With Shotgun

"An armed society is a polite society" most closely articulates which of the following doctrines:

“Daley: Turn in your gun, get $75” as alternative to calling in the militia.

United Nations has filed its first firearms trace request.

Gun laws aren't the answer, they're the problem (Chicago)

sittin in the sun

Technically blah...but still wanted to share my awwwww moment

More Flowers of Spring

My thumbnails in Pictures in Windows don't pick up my edits!

Aiman is one year old today!

Raptors on cacti

Colors of April (no, this is not a poll)


Map shows 50 new California faults

Helium-3 Shortage Could Mean Nuke Detection ‘Disaster’

Space yacht will be first craft to travel on 'solar waves' as it sets sail for Venus

There is no theory of everything

Has anyone heard from Ecumenist?

The Catholic Church Will End Priestly Celibacy, or Priestly Celibacy Will End the Catholic Church

Senior health plans found lacking

Excellent candidate for the label "axiom"? If 0/0 isn't equal to 25, then 0 is equal to 0.

Too deliciously ironic for words: Gary Null hoisted by his own petard

NY Fed Cited in Cover-Up By SIGTARP's Barofsky - Possible Criminal Charges

S&P downgrades Spain: Contagion fears grow

Spain Confident on July Redemption, Won’t Need Aid

Goldman Sachs, John Paulson, and the Hedge Funds that Pumped and Dumped Our Economy

Italian Debt Sale May ‘Feel the Heat’ on Greece Woes

What Really Triggered the Financial Crisis? by Mike Whitney

Germany is kicking away props of global recovery

The Interrogation of Lloyd Blankfein by Mike Whitney

Guest Post: No Wonder the Eurozone is Imploding

Bank Runs in Greece – Harbinger of Another Axis of Euromarket Risk?