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2008: Too Big to Fail, 2010: Too Big to Nail

Abuse victims, Jewish groups slam Vatican remarks

Ohio Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer dies

You know what's the sorriest thing about the wacko militia types?


Are there any freeper infiltrators here ?

When it's a Christian militia, it's your regular criminals. When it's Muslim then it's terrorists!

Learning From the Vatican's Problems: What the U.S. Must Do to Protect Children Now (amending RICO)

Congress Amends Controlled Substance Act

News organizations want a large act of domestic terrorism

After The Florida Dr Story...I Have Emailed my Democratic Congress Reps

Is it legal to open-carry a dildo in public?

The Nation: Liu confirmation "should be a no-brainer."

Can someone help a slightly tech-impaired DUer?

Muppet news flash

Ok, Guardians of the Free Republic

Ok, Guardians of the Free Republic

This Sunday is 42nd Anniversary of King's Assassination-Killed in Midst of Poor People's Campaign

The Second Amendment

This Week's Adventures in Law Enforcement

OH OH, Looks like Payback! RUDY Tries For His Revenge

All iPad tonight on Charlie Rose - David Carr (NYT) and Walt Mossberg (WSJ) assist

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! It's youth Night!

Just now watching Monica Crowley on The McLaughlin Group and, when they identified

Shunned Aside and Forgotten Yet Again: las muertas de Juárez

My father's poison pen in the Arizona Daily Star

Isn't China The Best Example Of What Full-Blown Republican Leadership Would Be Like?

For the DUer who asked if Dental Care was included in the Health Care Bill

Back Off, I'm a Corporate Whore

WOW--An employer that puts employees ahead of profits

just got a stupid e-mail re: pres & congress exempt from HC plan

Civil War or rethug majority?

A Call to Arms

Fox News: Goodwin Liu "Under Fire"

washington post sinks to new low

FBI warns letters to governors could stir violence

"Keeping Faith with the Constitution" by Goodwin Liu and Pamela Karlan available online

How have the democrats added progressive taxation/funding to the government

Outrage at anti-Semitism comparison by Pope preacher

Outrage at anti-Semitism comparison by Pope preacher

The Presidency is too powerful

In the 4 years of Cheney's 5 deferments (1963-1966), 8602 U.S. Military personnel died in Vietnam

Does anyone know the status of the Durham investigation?

What the "Guardians" and other "Soverign Citizens" are all about - link to article on them...

I'm currently working on a piece on the Wake County Public School

FBI asks bombastic "Guardians" radio host to give them a heads up next time.

Luckovich weighs in on hank Johnson's Guam comment

Luckovich weighs in on hank Johnson's Guam comment

(Boston Cardinal) O’Malley says pontiff sought to end abuses

Stock Market prediction for April

Governors Receive Threats From Extremist Group

It’s official: Obama is black

another view of health care reform

another view of health care reform

Thiessen's Disaster -- Wash. Post columnist's anti-Obama book filled with falsehoods

Thiessen's Disaster -- Wash. Post columnist's anti-Obama book filled with falsehoods

"When we fight, we win"

Exiled Pedophile Priest May Have Continued Abuse

Kaine: Dems Doing 'Heavy Lifting' On Economy

Underemployment Rises to 20.3% in March

Underemployment Rises to 20.3% in March

Reporting" on Iran should seem familiar

David Shuster In Hot Water???

KKK Leader Glenn Miller Runs For Missouri SENATE SEAT

We think so you don't have to:

Coke decided to share some happiness

It's Not Just This Pope

Supreme court will rule individual mandate to purchase health insurance

A Tale Of Two Candidates: 'Reform' Republican Vs. Progressive Democrat in PA-7

Where was this concern for "fiscal responsibility" from the Teabaggers....

Farm Pesticides Linked to Melanoma (and personal lawn care)

oil refinery update #4 - "It's a major case,"

John Forsythe dies at 92

Clay Bennett's new RNC symbol

Graves possible for judgeship: Justice mentioned as leading candidate for Appeals Court, 5th Circuit

Oil conglomerate 'secretly funds climate change deniers' (Koch Ind.)

Assassinations Development: Kopassus Pressure Cited as TV One Cancels Live Interview at Last Minute.

Assassinations Development: Kopassus Pressure Cited as TV One Cancels Live Interview at Last Minute.

The American's Untermenschen- Iraqi-Afghani deaths don't count- Combat Exemptions

Finland to Open & Scan Mail in Pilot Program

Rabbi arrested on suspicion of N.Y. rape

Sacramento Bee: UC, CSU wait-listing students for the first time

Well, this settles it... I am DONE supporting OBAMA!

Your 'Defense' taxpayer dollars at work ($5.3 billion), week ending 4.2.2010

Mark Thompson with Sirius Left has a great counter for the Gun nuts march in Washington.

this stand-in for alex whit is out twiting the twit on m$nbc

Bredesen is among 30 governors warned: Quit or be removed

One in three young vets now unemployed

A very wise Atheist once told me..

Nonpartisan watchdog downgrades Hannity charity

Toyota's Sales: Not As Good As They Look

Catholic bashing on DU: it does occur, and here's how it goes:

Of course, the only poll the media's talking about is the CBS outlier.

College foundation that's paying Palin to speak has seen its contributions fall

Sen. Sanders sees 'bonanza' for coal in emerging climate bill

I can't believe this scam is still making the rounds in the spam circuit.

More BS from the 'liberal media' - "Disgruntled Democrats join the Tea Party"

Following politics on twitter...

Ann Arbor Hash Bash could have record crowd

U.S to bribe smaller partner nations in Afghanistan to keep them from bailing

how long is the media going to prolong this anti-healthcare bullshit?

Congressman Steve Cohen of Memphis teed off on the Tea Party movement

signs that the tea party folks are serious about their own beliefs (toon)

I awakened this morning (which is a good thing) and started thinking (which may be a bad thing)

Criticizing General Things is Not Criticizing Individuals

Stem Cell Transplant Patient HIV-Free

HCR bill fails to address problem of malfunctioning medically critical implants:

m$nbc timothy mcveigh promo...'can mcveigh's words help us understand todays anti-gov. extremists?'

Obama derangement/Tea Party polling--trying to make sense of "stop making sense"

Obama derangement/Tea Party polling--trying to make sense of "stop making sense"

Former L.A. County assistant fire chief sentenced in dog beating

Ron Paul lies about HCR creating 16500 armed agents

Word of the Day: Apocalipstick

You know Utah is Red, right? And they attempt to elimiate all things Blue.

Give a Damn Stand up for Equality

The Jobs Mirage: The People Need $1 Trillion More Now

Kasich is a millionare Ohio race

Ah the undercurrents of US History... that go back a LONG TIME

I think we fool ourselves if we claim that our interpretation of freedom of speech is the only

Self Delete

Tokay student plays drunk driver, arrested for carrying real drugs

Banks Use Creative Accounting to Hide Their Debt, While Consumers Face Wage Garnishment

Obama Expands Military Involvement in Africa

The Bikini Graph

Video Confirming Pentagon Massacre Coverup..To Be released April 5th

Christie Scissorhands gets to work cutting up New Jersey schools

Christie Scissorhands gets to work cutting up New Jersey schools


Three Junior High/Middle School Photos for Comparison

Three Junior High/Middle School Photos for Comparison

Grayson: Doctor shooing away Obama backers will deny treatment to blacks

Grayson: Doctor shooing away Obama backers will deny treatment to blacks

Around 3500BC humans began celebrating the day the light became 'noticeably' longer, Dec 25th.

Did I hear Lawrence O'Donnell say that there is NO penalty for not complying with the HCR mandate?

VA doctors prohibited from prescribing medical pot

If GOP voters agree to pay for warfare, then I'm sure Dem voters would gladly pick up the tab for HC

Top Fed - Break Up Big Banks, Stop Bailouts - Huff Post Exclusive Interview

OMFG!!!!! - Oh, Please Spank Me

Foreign Governments Line Up to Buy U.S. Drones

'Guardians of the free Republics' tied to Texas radio station

What were Congress and the President's greatest successes and failures this week? 4-13-10

I'm sure Hannity and Fox know exactly

Hey Philipino Easter zealots, if you don't die on the cross, it don't count

Bill Moyers: Dr. King's Economic Dream Deferred:

Test and punish doesn't work (Monty Neill in USA Today)

"The RNC conceded recently that the party will rely on little more than "fear" to win"

Flashback: "Last Soviet Soldiers Leave Afghanistan"

The Walrus

Should things that are vital to our national security be kept in the hands of the private market?

Afghan leader's anti-West comments draw fire - AP

Twisted fundie logic: Legalization of "silent killer" marijuana in CA will increase border violence

No Profit In Ending Poverty

Obama Hating Doctor is helping his patients by turning them away. He was rated poor by Vitals.Com.

are there any freeper infiltrators here?

are there any freeper infiltrators here?

CNN's Erick Erickson Threatens to Use Shotgun On Census Survey Takers

Ha Ha! Palin's Faux TV Show down 28% in Viewers 25-54 vs Greta's Ratings

The alleged U.S. 'jihad janes' look like men

Dear General Petraeus, Commander...The Pope is having a bad week too

To battle Wall Street, Obama should channel Teddy Roosevelt

Detroit Metro Times: Grand Ol' Party of hate

CBS Poll needs some help (the President's first year in office)

CBS Poll needs some help (the President's first year in office)

angst in the consumer society--a toon I found

The funniest Republican running for Congress today...

My Thoughts - Regarding Health Care/Insurance Reform

My Thoughts - Regarding Health Care/Insurance Reform

Tax firearm ownership similar to a property tax.

Mansfield man gets 10 years in prison for leaving son with mentally ill wife

Someone help me understand something, please, about leaving the country

Anyone wonder why the unmarried Christian Limbaugh took viagra on vacation?

MSNBC Special on McVeigh is just fanning the flames

Stuff White People Like- Picking their own Fruit

ACORN to continue as a National Organization

ACORN to continue as a National Organization

POTUS v. Clark Kellogg basketball, NOW, CBS!

Moscow bombings may be linked to forest massacre

DU is closing in on 50 MILLION POSTS. Holy crap, I need to get a life.

South African Neo-Nazi wannabee Eugene Terre'blanche killed.

Quitter's stint in Greta's show not a ratings winner (won time slot) & where are those NASTY reviews

Did you ever notice that the stars on the RNC logo are upside down similar to a satanic pentagram?

You know, with all the major insurance companies---Aetna, Cigna, etc.---announcing HUGE premium

Hell is for children....

Iraq: Thousands Dead, $747.3 Billion Spent And Not Any Safer

Is DU Sort Of Broke ?

CIA’s top spy: U.S. intelligence hasn’t ‘suffered at all’ from banning waterboading

Are you a homeowner who's struggling to pay your mortgage?Seeking a govt program loan modification?

Out-Republicaning the Republicans- Obama Revives Clinton's Disastrous Triangulation Strategy

The Hypocrites in the Catholic Church

FBI, DHS probe ‘Guardians’ who demanded governors resign


One of the ads on the "Latest Discussion Threads" is a video of Paul McCartney.

Stockton family unwittingly sells house for $6,000

Now this is amazing...

Now this is amazing...

If you could make ONE of the following changes, which would it be?

What if the Klan gave a rally and nobody came?

Here's why right wingers fear democracy.

Republicans destroyed this economy - Obama saved it temporarily.

Democrats pulling in more cash for campaigns than republicans

Ezra Klein: How does the individual mandate work?

Mass Closures of Public Schools, Promotion of Charters Raise Fears of Privatized Detroit Education

How would you write a piece of anti-school bullying legislation?

Here's the letter sent to governors by the Guardians of the Free Republics

Rabbi gets jail time over pool incident

Who is the most powerful person in the United States?

Did you get a pay raise within the past year and if so, how much?

Disgruntled Democrats Join Tea Party

What recovery?

Why Are Pedophilia-Hiding, Child-Abusing Church Fathers Allowed to Write Laws About Women's Bodies?

Charter school families find they have little say over company

More than 200,000 to lose jobless benefits Monday with Congress out

Washington Post Warns That Prosecuting Crime of Aggression Might Deter It

Amend the Constitution! Corporations Aren't Persons

Amend the Constitution! Corporations Aren't Persons

I get it... We're picking on you. But damn you make it easy

Is anyone watching/listening to Keith right now??

Must see VIDEO: Gunn High School sings away Westboro Baptist hate group

What is the BlueDog/DINO litmus test?

“I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. April 3, 1968 assisinated the next day

Easter in Germany.

A historical Edward Abbey article that ought to piss a few people off here

I was over in western Maryland earlier today, read a local paper. My goodness, what trash.

Girl Attacked as Students and Parents Cheer, Take Video

Girl Arrested for Doodling Sues New York City

Call to action: police question "solstice connection" in stabbing by Wiccan

Abuse hotline set up by Catholic Church in Germany melts down on first day as 4,000 people phone in

I got offered a Census job--and I rejected it. Here's why.

New Yorkers told to 'pull their pants up'

Sucks under Repuke rule: banksters own economy, insurance owns health care, corporations own speech

I see these ads promoting abstinence until marriage, paid for by the government.

When will the Pope quit? I figure early June.

By Request: A Report From The "Front Lines" (My Teaching Experience And Bullying/Autistic Students,

GRAYSON to Rush in Super Smackdown: Limbaugh Likes His Happy Meals "With An Oxycontin Chaser"

OK, now I've heard it all...

KIPP and the Science of Psychological Neutering

Take It Down A Notch, GOP

“English Only Spoken Here”

South African white supremacist leader Eugene Terreblanche has been killed on his farm

List everything that is "Socialist"

Well, no Easter service for *us* this year

Stop Pathologizing Children

Crawford, TX Peace House gets another month

Crawford, TX Peace House gets another month

Crawford, TX Peace House gets another month

Weekly Censored: News Not Covered by American Media

Michele Bachmann: Nancy Pelosi tried to incite a riot.

When they're armed it's no longer a protest, it's a coup.

amazing thing I just heard on NPR news re: Afghanistan.

FBI to man who was placed on No Fly List: "We know you've converted to Islam, tell us about that."

Environmentalists blast Obama mining rule reversal

Is it legal to open-carry a dildo in public?

FL "go elsewhere" Urologist 's wife is a GOP candidate for the county commission

Alan Grayson files formal complaint with FL Medical Board over "if you voted for Obama" urologist

KFC Launches “Sandwich” That Has Fried Chicken Instead of Bread

KFC Launches “Sandwich” That Has Fried Chicken Instead of Bread

Is there *any* way this Bachmann pic could be construed as a compliment?

Mohammed ElBaradei: Iraq war killed “a million innocent civilians.” Bush & Blair war criminals?

If they won't repeal NAFTA then they're telling us they DONT give a fuck about the working person.

"If anything happens to us, you know why," WikiLeaks warned on its Twitter feed. "Our Apr 5 film."

Texas Megachurch to Give Out Cars, TVs at Easter Services

Funny nicknames for Sarah Palin

Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Smackdown on Sarah

Aw geeze, the Filipinos are nailing themselves to the crosses again for Easter...

Is our silence in the face of the atrocities of the US War Machine a "betrayal"?

A Method to Republican "Madness" Must Read

Hispanic group rips Texas education board

Charter school might change name because of low test scores. That will surely fix things.

There is no recovery. There never will be

Aspartane is now "AminoSweet".

any DUer who, or whose immediate family, is unemployed, please check in

No one is fucking permanently unemployable - RANT

Teabonics - The most ridiculous - and mispelled - tea party protest signs

Can a Conservative Extremist be a real Christian?

Got my passport yesterday... I am getting the hell out of the country

Massive Attack-Karmacoma (Bumper Ball Dub)

My Chinese girlfriend is neurotic

Do you charge for your services?

Anybody here watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

So, All You Early Adopters, Tell Us About Your New

I remember you.

Cat! I'm a kitty cat!

Massive Attack - Splitting The Atom

Ever have an Italian Margarita?

Screw the Stevies!! It is all about Joe Cocker now!!

A DUer was a guest in my home once.

Oh man, have you seen cheez comixed?

So I picked up the guitar on Jan 10th and really started trying to learn

Time for some kitteh (and a puppeh) pics - Dialup warning.

A "beautiful jam" for a beautiful person...

Facebook needs 100,000 people who think Sarah Palin is an idiot.

Muppet news flash

Is it legal to open-carry a dildo in public?

ITT: Movies with great ensemble casts.

Ok, let's say a DUer was a guest in your home, stripped naked on your lawn

Did there used to be a band with eyeball heads?

Someone broke into my fucking PM box.

Oh fuck.

Oh fuck.

I had to go to NYC last weekend to visit a family member in a...

OK, let's say a "DUer" was a "guest" in your "home" and...

Wow. First time I've seen that.

Since the 3rd grade, I've been putting lead in my pencil with my hand

Easter Sunday dinner?

If a DUer was a guest in Rome

Any "Supernatural" fans here?

He's gone friend just found circa '92!

I love poetry generators!

My poem: Interrupted Song

I'm trapped in Hicksville for the night. Who wants to get drunk with me?...

Kittehs Vs. the Easter Egg (Happy Easter)

I still have a piece of pencil lead in my hand from the 3rd grade.

If a DUer was a guest in your home

And now the die is shaken, and now the die must fall

I was a furrie today

Where is my kitty ?

Ok, let's say a DUer was a guest in your home, stripped naked on your lawn

So Apple's processors are too weak to handle Flash on the internet?

Contessa BREWER didn't appear to know who John FORSYTHE was

BOB - A nice, HD, snarling '66 version of "Like A Rolling Stone" w/ the Levon-less Band

since Monday i have initiated contact with about 35 police officers

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/3/10

What the hell are YOU looking at?

The (English) Beat-Save It For Later

Vampire Weekend Owes Cafe Tacuba a big debt- Las Flores unpluggled

"Charlie" has died!

"Charlie" has died!

Holy hell! Why can't the crazies leave Erin Andrews alone??

Ska Reggae Dub

Damn it all! I hate it when I do that... I came on here to enjoy my

Damn it all! I hate it when I do that... I came on here to enjoy my

What are your plans tomorrow?

If a DUer was guest in your home, where would you keep them?

Those of you wanting a Demonoid account--

Some things are just wrong


I see 1 movie in a theater per decade. Clash of the Titans appears to be it.

Listen to me do my thing. My thing likes being done

All is right with the world...well this part at least.....

You know, you can't always trust lewd fables...

Just Got A Big TV - What Movie To Watch First


Admit it. You know love it.

Oh, how ADORABLE! Mommy is helping him move! He must be one special son. She must be so proud.

My goal today besides bbqing is to watch as many episode of Bones I can from Netflix.

Gentlemen, I have a knob polishing question

My new pound puppy just got her ass kicked by my cat

About sex being good for you.

Ok I need to know what's going there a conspiracy or is someone

Ladies, I have a nail polish question

I have a question for people familiar with architecture.

Medical waste shipments turn up heads, torsos

estate sales are awesome

Serious question about Twilight

I got the best compliment of the day today..

Windows 7 is actually *gulp* pretty good (not an April Fool's)

This little girl is a real life "Amelie". Adorable video.

Anyone want to help me beta test a site that's all about cannabis?

My cat got out last night--and ended up killing a rat outside!

Too early to start drinking?

Dear friends, I need your input.

How's this for an Easter Sunday dinner...

How's this for an Easter Sunday dinner...

Vampires are now no more offensive than unicorns, fairies and pixies.

It's a KD Lang night...

Anyone need anything?

What kind of Peeps did you buy?

Amelia the cat (the bossy monkey): 2010 formal portrait (I.e., post your pet pics thread)


There is a spot where the deck meets the screened in porch which meets the rock

Duke Ellington or Count Basie?

What is it about you that drives the opposite sex crazy?

Got my iPad

Stevie Ray Vaughn or Stevie Wonder?

NCAA on now, Butler leading Mich. State with 9 mins to go;

Five cats, one bug - and the bug's still alive

Aljazeera: The Cult of Apple

Attention DU Techno Dweebs!!!

Age difference and love

If your ring finger is longer then your index finger you are...

Artur Davis, in favor of the BFD AFTER he was against it.

Any Project Mgr That Has Taken Over A Crappy Project Sympathizes with Obama

Obama hails 'shared spirit of humanity' at Easter

Who Put Failed Abstinence-Only Programs Back in Health Care Reform? And Why?

An Article of Faith

Photos: Flat Stanley and Multi-Dimensional Barack Take a Field Trip

The Presidents #20: James Garfield

San Francisco obstetrician refuses to treat McCain/Palin supporters?

Ah, Luckovich...

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Eugene Allen, White House butler for 8 presidents, dies at 90

Look at this long list of approval polls of Bush for his last 3+ years:

For Ms Palin fans (re: Cuba & Castro & health care) ....

Should I renew my HRC membership?

It was more than just census workers. "Private Sector Job Growth Drives March Employment Numbers."

Mortgage modification program contains new Wall St. bailout

Back in the 90's, I wrote a bi-weekly column dedicated to the spot where politics and economics met.

"An unflappable Zen master with a belly full of audacity"

It's sad that the following administration always reaps what was sown

The Democrats' Visual Argument

More of this, please.

Awesome Freaper Freakout Thread

U.S.-Afghan tensions threaten to undermine war against Taliban

Ed Roberts, PC pioneer, dies at 68

(Haliburton/KBR Poisoning our Troops) - Military Burn Pits

Justice Stevens getting ready to step down? "I will surely do it while he's still president..."

Disgruntled Democrats Join Tea Party

The Presidents #21: Chester Arthur

Military Burn Pits

Texas Megachurch to Give Out Cars, TVs at Easter Services

The Presidents #22: Grover Cleveland, first term

Media watchdog wants Honduras out of EU-Latin America summit

Exiled Pedophile Priest May Have Continued Abuse

Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Moyer dies at 70

Simon Johnson: Jamie Dimon ("Obama's favorite banker") - the most dangerous man in America

O/T-Why does DU have "Net recommendation" when it goes no lower than zero?

Outrage at anti-Semitism comparison by Pope preacher

Palin: "I see Fidel Castro likes Obamacare, and we don't. Doesn't that tell you something?"

Take It Down A Notch, GOP

Men in Iraqi Army Uniforms Kill 25 in Sunni Area

Ann Arbor Hash Bash could have record crowd

Obama hails 'shared spirit of humanity' at Easter

Hometown of Russian suicide bomber rattled

Dupe (by less than 60 seconds) please combine

"arguably the most productive legislative session for any Democratic president since Lyndon Johnson"

With midterms approaching, GOP outmatched by Democrats on campaign funds

Democrats stand by candidate for Obama's old seat

Justice Stevens Says He'll Decide Soon on Retiring

Republicans dispute course of financial overhaul

Williams criticises Irish Catholic Church 'credibility'

Eugene Allen, White House Butler, Dies at 90

5 charged in gang rape of girl, 7, in NJ apartment

Census jobs provide short but welcome opportunity

Bomb Threat Closes Pentagon City Metro Station

So Two-Thirds Of Americans Are For A Public Option

Judge raps Berkshire (Warren Buffett ) company (docked in Omaha court for $32 million)

U.S. official says intel suggests Iran plans to ship arms to Taliban

WellPoint hikes CEO's pay package

No criminal charges seen in AIG's collapse: TV report

White supremacist leader killed in South Africa

Pay row workers: 'We're going to blow up the factory'

German friendly fire kills 6 Afghan soldiers

Insurance Pool to Offer Reduced-Rate Coverage

Does it amazes anyone else how Obama is able to sound like an economist at times?

More Evidence Emerges That Pope Benedict Helped Shield Pedophiles Before He Became Pope

AP: Vatican waited years to defrock Arizona priest

Sen. Boxer Opposes California Initiative To Full Legalizing Marijuana

Putin signs energy deals with Chavez on Venezuela visit

Kansas Attorney General Refuses To Sue Federal Government Over Health Care Reform

You know, the talking heads aren't ALWAYS wrong.

Digital anti-Obama billboards popping up in Atlanta

Countdown: Lawrence O'Donnell Examines Health Care Law for Penalties, GOP Fiction

Weekly Address: Holiday Wishes, Creating Jobs, Healthcare, Education

Olbermann Comment: Dr. Teabagger of FL Chucks Hippocratic Oath for Tea Party Politics

Pres Obama Calls On People Of All Faiths & Nonbelievers To Remember Our Shared Spirit Of Humanity

TYT In-Studio Debate: Conservative Says 'Blacks Are Lazy & Immoral'

Jib Jab Eggs - Happy Easter!

Iraq: Thousands Dead, $747.3 Billion Spent And Not Any Safer

Adobe Hits Hard On Apple Cutting Flash From Open Internet - Political Overtones

TYT: RNC Accidentally Sends Out Phone Sex # To Donors (w/ Actual Audio!)

Rachel Maddow: 'Bikini Graph' Shows U.S. Jobs Bush vs. Obama

Have Americans become useful idiots for Koch Industries?

Happy Easter DU!

Teahadist ..Blackwater is going to surround the capital.

Max and Stacy do Jackie Mason to Explain Obama’s Bibi Flowchart Snub

Insider trading on new CantorFitzgerald box office futures market? Carl Icahn, Lionsgate Films

'Seek Urologic Care Elsewhere' Jack Cassell: Doctor Refuses To Treat Obama Supporters

The Tim McVeigh Wannabes: They Won the Debate?

TYT: Doctor Refuses To See Obama Voters! CNN Interviews Dr. Jack Cassell

Max Keiser Report (2 April 2010)

Rachel Maddow: Fake GOP/Fox "BULL..." - ACORN & 'Climate Data' Exoneration Stories

Anderson Cooper interviews Alan Grayson regarding 'Go Elsewhere' doctor

TYT: Christian Militia - Right Wing Extremists On The Rise (What Happened To The DHS Report?)

Anderson Cooper interviews Dr. Jack Cassell

Thom Hartmann - This is what happens when you show up at a tea party with a no medicare pledge?

Some right-wingers ignore facts as they rewrite U.S. history

Pope Benedict XVI: The apologist

Florida Urologist Ordered to Become a Proctologist

The Anti-Michael Steele

An Article of Faith

Bill Moyers: Essay on Inequality - April 2, 2010

"No Lie Is Too Low For Them": What the Terri Schiavo Affair Can Teach Us About Today's R/W Zealots

The 6 Stages of Teabaggery

Election 2010: Can independent candidates change the political landscape?

Not satisfied with U.S. history, some conservatives rewrite it

Damming the truth, as only lil Ms. Stepford can

Robert Parry: The Bomb-Bomb-Iran 'Parlor Game'

Why Are Pedophilia-Hiding, Child-Abusing Church Fathers Allowed to Write Laws About Women's Bodies?

Editorial: Threatened lawmakers (WTVM Columbus GA)

Contesting Jobless Claims Becomes a Boom Industry

The True Story of Desert Explorer Laszlo Almasy

Not Just Guantanamo: U.S. Torturing Muslim Pre-Trial Detainee in New York City

Hillary Clinton: Women are at the heart of US foreign policy

Orwell Watch: Democracy Being Linked to Socialism

The Evangelical "Mainstream" Insanity Behind the Michigan "End Times" Militia

Out-Republicaning the Republicans

What the Top U.S. Companies Pay in Taxes

"Cultural Cleansing in Iraq: Why Museums Were Looted, Libraries Burned and Academics Murdered

Obama Poll Watch -- March, 2010

MICHAEL J. BURRY: I Saw the Crisis Coming. Why Didn’t the Fed?

Weekend Economists Easter Weekend April 2-4, 2010

Global Climate Change Leading to Seal Pup Deaths:

Research Supports Northern NY’s Biomass Energy Potential

Oh, look, another Bjorn Lomborg book!

A little help needed - can anyone tell me how to find the original mpg on an older model car?

Light pollution, need information

75 San Diego Wind Turbines Suffer "Catastrophic Damage" From, um, Wind.

True terra!

Some "Amazingly" Abandoned "Renewable" Energy Plants Around the World.

Europe's Largest Wind Farm Shuts Down After 150 ft Blade Falls Off.

Final Four time. Predictions????


Butler guy out due to muscle spasms.

Notre Dame recruit Dies in Spring Break accident

New Mexico, Alford agree on new 10-year deal

Indianapolis Star apologizes to Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski over 'juvenile' artwork

WVa's Love Affair With Mountaineers Runs Deep.

The JR Chess Report (April 2): Russian Team Championships Underway in Dagomys

Column: There’s no plastic in Cuba

Cuba Hit by White Collar Corruption

Isla Presidencial from El Chiguirebipolar

Media watchdog wants Honduras out of EU-Latin America summit

Cuba wants churches' help in stopping corruption

Cuba starts vaccination against A/H1N1 flu

Cuba's young communist map future without Castros

Dorgan thinks that he has the votes to lift travel ban on travel (to bad for the anti-Cuba folks)

One of the World's Best Kept Secrets: Cuban Medical Aid to Haiti

US mocks Venezuelan space plans

Pancho Villa's driver dies

Venezuela is no tyrann - an article in the Guardian by Francisco Dominguez last October:

Criticism of Chávez Is Stifled by Arrests

Venezuela's Economy the worst performer in Latin America

Ecuador's Correa plans to ask Unasur to unite against multinationals

20 mill to subvert Cuba - probably includes some people posting in this forum

Netanyahu heritage declaration is all about annexation of territory

Man killed when wall collapses

Temple University Nurses’ Strike In Its Third Day – Gag Order Is One Issue

5 dead, 2 hurt in blast, fire at Wash. refinery recently fined for safety violations

NYT: Growth of Unpaid Internships May Be Illegal, Officials Say

Today in Labor History Apr 3 Mills Strike & MLK returns to Memphis, the next day he is asassinated!

NYT: (The Safety Net) Contesting Jobless Claims Becomes a Boom Industry

MarketWatch: Eight do's and don'ts for your 401(k)

Report: Hamas wants to try Fayyad over Haaretz interview

Hamas 'working to curb Gaza rocket attacks'

Should I renew my HRC membership?

One person's view on Chicago gun law ...

Teen shot by classmate in NY police station

The Second Amendment

The Fallen - Hydrangea Blossom


Sunset most excellent

atrium, looking up

Colony of Young Stars Shines in New Spitzer Image

Exotic 'Electroweak' Star Predicted

Year of the Tiger

pssst...a little help in GD, please?

La da dee da da da da...

Lions going extinct in Asia and Africa

Nuns face guns, impunity in trying to save Amazon

The pagan roots of Easter

Nazi Germany's Last Surviving Rabbi Marks Passover Seder

Around 3500BC humans began celebrating the day the light became 'noticeably' longer, Dec 25th.

Catholic bashing on DU: it does occur, and here's how it goes:

A very wise Atheist once told me..

I went to a Unitarian Church (I'm Catholic) yesterday with a neighbor

Vaccine Appears To "Mop Up" Leukemia Cells Gleevec Leaves Behind

This C-section trend is beginning to get out of hand.

Krugman- The Patient Is in Stable Condition

No Jobs Recovery by Robert Reich

Five or Six Players … Own the Regulatory Apparatus. Everybody Is Afraid to Regulate Them”

Massive protest targets education bill in Florida Legislature

Facebook discussion on Obama FB page about assault on FL teachers!

George Will on Arne's (Mrs. Jellyby!) misguided efforts.

So I'm sitting in a meeting of the women Dems in my district - why I'm bad