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Spill Baby Spill -KO

Frank Luntz has the balls to tell US the Dodd bill is bad for US Democrats

Big Oil fought safety regulations, Huff Po has good piece on this.

"that woman is an idiot" bawaaaaaa

Give the Republicans enough rope and they'll shoot themselves in the face.

The Krentz Bonfire (an Arizona border story)

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney: Pyschopaths

Dan Stein (On RM now) is a lying snake

I sometime wonder about the qualifications of some people doing dangerous work

4 Obama judicial district nominees delayed in committee by Republicans

Who's Your Daddy?

SEC Sends Goldman Case To PROSECUTORS


Yank me, crank me: Ted Nugent's worship piece on Palin for "The 2010 TIME 100"

Senate Committee Advances Federal Court Camera Access

The coming melt-down in higher education (as seen by a marketer)

"We are all Arizona" Thank you Dallas!!

"We are all Arizona" Thank you Dallas!!

F.A.I.R. = Fair skin only?

"Take Care of Iran Now" In my local paper

Candidate Plays Role In Arizona Immigration Law - video

Don't Caption This...

AZ law and the Republican Ciivil War

Pres Obama, Democrats can no longer deny the need to enact the Employee Free Choice Act.

Here's the text of the Dem Immigration Plan

Glenn Beck and Conan makes time magazine's 100 most Influential people

That creep Jindal is asking the federal government to help; why doesn't he ask his buddies at BP?

'I'm in love with my grandson and we're having a baby' says 72yr old Granny

Freddie Phelps and inbreeders at it again

Is "Free Republic" a scam?

Arizona boycott list posted on FB:

If Sydney Thomas is the SCOTUS pick and gets confirmed, he would be 17.5 months older...

F.A.I.R. = Fair skin only?

Apple passes Motorola, now the largest US phone maker

Sarah Palin owes America an explanation of drill baby drill. Time for a press conference, Sarah.

Feds announce criminal probe into Goldman and market goes UP.

Oil From Gulf Spill Reaches Coast

(US/NATO) Afghanistan Forces Face Four More Years of Combat, Warns Nato Official

(US/NATO) Afghanistan Forces Face Four More Years of Combat, Warns Nato Official

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Obama’s blueprint for austerity

Arizona: More evidence that CONSERVATIVES are leading us to COMMUNISM?

omg... Bill introduced in SC "virtually the same as Arizona's"

What is (should be) today's TOP news story?

The Democratic Party Immigration legislation proposal

YES, I want Sarah Palin to go away. But not half as much as I want Rielle Hunter to go away.

Surge Update: Pentagon Report on Afghan War Finds Few Gains in 6 Months

HEADLINE: Gulf Coast oil spill could eclipse Exxon Valdez ("Grave concern")

BP in 2009: Voluntary self-regulated safety programs "have been and continue to be very successful"

March on Wall Street April 29, 2010

"The thing that made me not feel so bad was, she was old,"

Please be sure to remind your Republican yahoo friends that Jesus was an illegal alien..

Sorry Sarah, they may have sent you to Neiman's but you are the white trash wing of the republican

Tom Tomorrow cartoon - Glenn Beck has progressives' number

Mark Sanchez

NY police tell parents that son is dead _ he's not

2 dead in another mining tragedy.

I can't believe I agree with Rick Perry about something...

This might help to clear up the "lawful contact" issue a little- it doesn't mean "law-ish contact"

'99ers' dread future without jobless benefits (those who have exhausted 99 wks of unemployment)

'Has Boehner been right about anything?' Freeper thread! Funny.

Did Anyone See Doug Brinkley Really Tear BP a New One on CNN

Chelsea wants daddy to lose a little weight before he walks her down the isle

Mary Landrieu provides timely words of comfort for Gulf Coast residents (idiot alert)

On the Deepwater Horizon disaster- BOPs, deadman switches and ROVs

Rachel got a live one!!

For some perspective on how fucking crazy Republicans have come

For some perspective on how fucking crazy Republicans have come

Gibbs says Obama still plans to expand offshore drilling?

Police: Customer Uses Gun To Halt Bank Robbery

This is too obvious to be called a reminder... but remember

Louisiana 'Fishing Capital' Braces for Giant Slick

When is it politically appropriate to run "drill baby drill' TV ads?

Hawaii Legislature OKs historic civil unions bill; governor now must decide

Newt's "American Solutions" already trying to spin gulf disaster to save "Drill here, drill now"

Can you imagine what the response would be if Muslims did this?

Hawaii lawmakers OK civil unions, send bill to gov

Denver schools ban travel to Arizona to protest immigration law

US to Send More Military Personnel to Pakistan

Do we know if the explosion on the drilling platform occured because we

Consumer Spending, Economy Grow for Third Straight Quarter

Feds Open CRIMINAL Probe into Goldman Sachs

What's the difference between the Liberal Democrats and Labour?

Obama was against Atlantic coast oil drilling than rethunk it and is now rethinking it again!

Obama was against Atlantic coast oil drilling than rethunk it and is now rethinking it again!

Obama was against Atlantic coast oil drilling than rethunk it and is now rethinking it again!

Joe (dead aide) Scarborough thinks the Greeks are stupid for taking to the streets

FB debate over Arizona immigration bill

Obama bans new drilling as oil hits La.

Can you disappear in surveillance Britain?

Jobless Man stabs 28 children at kindergarten in China

90+ degree heat wave in the NE in April... can't wait for Hannity tonight.

Pelicans, Otters Along La. Shore in Path of Spill

Time to call out Grifterella -I thank you New Orleans

The pic on huffingtonpost of the oil slick off the coast

Coal Country Lawmakers (McConnell) Stay Silent on Mine Safety Debate

Bill McKibben: Why Future Prosperity Means More Socializing

Defending the freedom to babysit when you're accused of abusing children

Birthers Of The World Unite? PA Birther Wants 'Whole Country' To Attend His DC March

On the Labor Front:

Goldman-Sachs richie ricks have stopped smiling...

Man who found — and sold — the missing iPhone unmasked

TX Judge "Killer" Keller fined $100k by Ethics Commission

Ted Rall TOON: Fantasy vs. Reality

Luckovich TOON: "Offshore drilling saves money on gas"

Ford Emerges With a Vengeance

The impending eco-disaster is a teachable moment, if Obama wants it to be.

Rachel Madow has posted a post-show fact check of her segment with the racist AZ group's leader

"Drilling Process Attracts Scrutiny in Rig Explosion" Halliburton at center

Democrat Billionare Jumps into Flordia Sentate Race

"Think, baby. Think."

"It's an ecological Katrina"

White House: No New Offshore Oil Drilling

"Please play Luca Brasi Sleeps With The Fishes" - Jailed mobsters sent messages via DJ song requests

BP-Halliburton Oil Disaster Could Surpass Exxon Valdez In A Week

Gingrich’s ‘Drill Here, Drill Now’ campaign continues as oil rig disaster grows.

Why aren't these being built here damn it!


AP: What to do if your car suddenly accelerates according to Toyota

Limbaugh and right-wing radio do not want to talk about oil spill or financial reform...

The swill is so thick with bullshit here in my state

More breaking - WH no new drilling until review of spill

Isn't it fun watching and listening to Chuckie and the other

More Than a Million in U.S. May Lose Jobless Benefits

Wow. They're more organized than I thought.

Louisiana DUers

right now on VPR

California's Anthem Blue Cross admits 'miscalculation' in 39 percent rate hike

Arnold wants to be President...

Skipping Class? Sensors Are Watching

The Environmental Protection of Military Bases?

Isn't DU curiously quiet about the November elections?

Pres Obama about to speak on economy and

"Contrite" Criswell Bible College President Lamar Cooper In Hot Water For "Wetbacks" Remark

Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico 'could be worse than Exxon Valdez disaster'

Why do you think people fight about Macintosh vs. PC?

TheHuffPost Anis Shivani: Democrats' New Immigration Plan: Outdoing Arizona in Bigotry

German Hotel Hits Back At Laura Bush 'Poison' Theory: She's Trying "To Sell More Copies Of Her Book"

san antonians upset cuz perry won't pass an arizona type law

On federal judges: "it behooves a president, and benefits our democracy, to find moderate nominees

Out of unemployment benefits

Doonesbury continues to skewer Palin and supporters

NYT Editorial: AZ Immigration Law Is "Repellent"

Razing Arizona

Anyone got a timeline of the explosion/leak of the drilling platform?

UPDATE: Reports That US Gulf Oil Spill Made Landfall - Coast Guard

Ottawa’s $550-million loan offer for new bridge launches war of words in Michigan

Ottawa’s $550-million loan offer for new bridge launches war of words in Michigan

Some words on Three Mile Island, nuclear powr and climate change at Climate Progress

Best Fark Headline In Some Time

Good article by Senator Bernie Sanders

Journalists Must Donate To Anti-Choice Organization In Order To Cover Palin’s Speech

What did my brother do when he was working with Hispanic immigrants on a farm in SC?

Explanation for what caused the rig to blow.

This Article Made Me Throw Up In My Mouth A Little

Is Google the Antichrist?

Reform Nafta if You're Concerned about the Plight of Mexican Migrants

The Rude Pundit - A Moment of Silence to Ponder Inevitable Degradation

Are the new republicans killing off the party by going to nutball land?

Argh! Boner Takes Credit For Popular Parts Of Health Care Reform

Billionaire Challenging Meek In Dem Primary Has Republican Past

Palin Tweets About Gulf Oil Spill: 'Our Prayers R W/U'

I smell a major fight and me getting arrested if I visit my brother in Tucson

How Much Is 4.2 Million Gallons of Oil?

More pics of the spill from National Geographic

OMG i love this country!! i get to meet the most influential woman of my puberty

FBI Investigating Fed Officials And Massey Energy Over Possibly Bribery

St. Vincent's Hospital: R.I.P.

Is there anyone creepier than Charlie Crist?

Texas DUers-cross-post-help me with local boycott of advertisers

Entire 101st to Deploy to Afghanistan

"Jump, Sim, jump!" April 30, 1900.

Pic: waves washing OVER oil booms on shoreline

Right out of the KKK playbook

British Petroleum? Call the Royal Navy in to help clean up. Did BP, like Exxon, pay no US taxes??

21 shots + 21st birthday = dead

Hmmm-Craigslist-MLK would have been a Tea Party member

Buy only what we need and forget the rest of it

Dumb Letters to the Plain Dealer, Part DCXVIII: Are these people HATCHED from a lab run by Cato?

Wildlife Cleanup Coordination Efforts?

New analysis of audiotape might settle Kent State mystery

Deregulation is America's greatest policy failure

Dendreon Approval Sparks New Era for Cancer Vaccines (Update1)

BREAKING: Obama is PERSONALLY Capping The Oil Well!!!

Safety officials ripped in report on aborted Governor's Residence sting

Arizona Expands Its Discrimination: Teachers With Heavy Accents Can’t Teach

Germans who fought for Britain against Hitler

Arizona Ethnic Studies Classes Banned, Teachers With Accents Can No Longer Teach English

Massive Pro-Immigration Rallies To Be Ignored Nationwide Tomorrow

Lost 'Horizon' and the Price We Really Pay for Oil - The Mudflats

Jurors remain dead-locked in Palin e-mail case

Jurors remain dead-locked in Palin e-mail case

Ferris Bueller’ Ferrari Sold

Suggestion of New Legislation that would address Corp Responsibility in event of oil spills...

First oiled bird found, cleaned up (and given Pepto-Bismol)

Another FB conversation....

ACLJ is helping draft Kenyan constitution to ban abortion

Can some one answer me this???

Science teacher's hearing resumes (burning crosses on students' arms)

'Ernesto' just came to my door. He's here to look at the damage caused to our garage by a tree.

Curious about the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

Draft Safety Legislation: $3-$9 New Car Sale Fee, Unlimited Defect Fines, Mandatory Pedal Distances,

Answers on the Oil Spill SWAT team

Freepers actually believe the oil spill is a government plot to stop drilling.

Chicago-area foreclosure auctions hit new high

Freepers freaking over a 51st state

Freepers freaking over a 51st state

Freepers freaking over a 51st state

Cop caught smoking pot on duty in patrol car

Cop caught smoking pot on duty in patrol car

One quart of oil can contaminate 2 millions gallons of water

Australia plans plain-packaging rule for cigarettes

Belgian lawmakers pass burka ban

Atrocities in Afghanistan: A Troubling Timetable

So, sister Sarah, how's that drilley spilley thingey workin' for ya?

Inventing a Bush comeback

Floyd Dominy died

What Are Goodwin Liu's Chances of becoming a Supreme Court Justice?

Diabetes Death Watch Slipped Into Health Law by Lilly, Novo

Erotica May Save Publishing

HOLLEEEE SHEEITE! We got us a big residential fire in Center City Philly!!

Not in MY driveway, thankyouverymuch

Coverage of the Wall Street Protest

Vermont Senate bans monitoring of workers' Web watching

Why Arizona's immigration bill is somewhat of a nonissue....

NorCal Bird Rescue Group Activated For Oil Spill

New Oklahoma Laws Conflict with Oklahoma Patient Bill of Rights

Who could possibly have imagined this oil disaster would happen? Santa Barbarans, that's who.

Should we put every GOP politician behind bars?

Should we put every GOP politician behind bars?

IRS refunded too much into my direct deposit! What do I do?

Convicted hate crime killer Jeffrey Conroy reveals his "softer" side in jailhouse interview

Thoughts on Dan Rather, James O'Keefe, and Judith Miller

Tucson cop files suit challenging immigration law

596 immigrants convicted of crimes nabbed in South

Did this horrid US Supreme Court decision enable the BP oil rig disaster?

Big Press Conference coming up on GEM$NBC

Laughed so hard last night when Glenn Beck said "This whole thing isn't true"

Guns & God:LA measure to allow concealed weapons in church

OK, this is funny...

Student killed while sticking head out of roof

Congressman Waxman's underhanded addition to bill

Jindal may be an ass...

Gulf oil spill washing over boom in some areas

More Dems beat Ga. qualifying deadline - Atlanta Business Chronicle:

MSHA launches inspection blitz in nation’s coalfields

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. & Water Keeper Alliance have filed oil spill lawsuit

Granny, 72, Having A Baby With Her Grandson

Bertroche (IA-house candidate) gives a "shout out" thanking people for listening to his radio show

Christian ‘doctrine’ fueled dehumanization: UNPFII report

CA Tea Party To SF: You Boycott AZ? Then We Boycott You!

Sarah Palin hacking case ends in convictions

If BP fights the clean up effort I will do to them what I have done to Exxon.

Peter King stupidity on Islamic terrorists...

I'm going to root for Charlie Crist just to piss off the tea baggers. if Kendrick Meek has a chance

Possible factor in cause of Multiple Sclerosis

I've been checking in to MSNBC from time to time for oil spill updates and everytime I do...

Tonight's episode of Bill Moyers' Journal is the last: Jim Hightower and Iowa populism lead the show

China: Diplomat beaten, injured by Houston police

Tier 5 unemployment benefits: Sen. Baucus thinks 99 weeks is enough, but the numbers tell otherwise

If you could be a policy expert in any one area, which one would it be?

the biggest story of the week (oil spill) has a news conference and the 'news' shows don't show it

...psssst...Obama didn't cause the oil spill...

I am not a conspiracy theorist, however I have a problem with this oil spill

Fox News Starting To Blame Obama For Louisiana Oil Spill Disaster

Franken may be a senator, but Rush Limbaugh is STILL a big fat idiot

Palin hacker found guilty on two counts

Does the Democratic Party exist any longer?

Now it is Obama's oil spill aka Katrina bulls**t

More Than a Million in U.S. May Lose Jobless Benefits

Poor Louisiana.

The SWAT Team That Wasn't

The SWAT Team That Wasn't

Tier 5: Congress Sends Mixed Signals About Adding More Weeks Of Unemployment Benefits

Five-year sentence in hit-and-run: had perp stayed at scene could have gotten 50 years

Now I know why the Feds don't have time to crack down on white collar criminals in Cent. Fla.

China, 28 students stabbed thurs, 15 stabbed wednesday, 4th attack in month

China, 28 students stabbed thurs, 15 stabbed wednesday, 4th attack in month

Arizona lawmakers modify (new) immigration law - LA Times

Straight From The Whiner's Ass

Share *AZ Immigration Law* backlash articles and stories here.

I just discovered two wonderful seafood places that get their seafood from the gulf

No big rate hike for Anthem policyholders- independent audit determined hike based on flawed data

Guardian UK abandons Labour, endorse Lib/Dems.

Army rendition of Gaga hit storms the Internet

Why should National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform be SECRET?

May Day march to advocate for fair, humane immigration reform

After reporter's subpoena, critics call Obama's leak-plugging efforts Bush-like

New Jersey students punished for participating in school walkout

Criticism of the POTUS: Now and Then

Fox News Calls Mr. Rogers an Evil Man

Jury convicts Palin!!! (e-mail intruder on 2 counts)

I wish people would quit referring to the law as the Immigration Law

Have you always/sometimes/never shown a social security card to get a job?

La. governor: Oil efforts ‘not effective’

Gates To Congress: Don’t Repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell This Year

CNN denied reporter Michael Ware's request for time off to deal with PTSD, so he quit

Caption this photo

BIG difference between Bush's Katrina and Obama's oil spill.

Obama: “Oil Rigs Today Generally Don’t Cause Spills”

People are really funny here on DU

Man to have baby with grandmother

Ticket sales surprisingly low for Palin event Sunday in Wichita

Is Glenn Beck’s Shtick Just A ‘Kids In The Hall ’ RIP-OFF?

Drill, ba--- uh oh

LMAO- the world today according to headlines

Halliburton responsible for oil spill ?

I'd love to hear Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen if the AZ police go after him for his appearance.

***Breaking*** Another oil rig overturns in Louisiana

Second drilling rig overturns in Louisiana

ABC News Completes Cuts; 350-400 Jobs Slashed

LIFE plus an additional 1,152 years

Who is Name Removed, and why

What will all the baseball teams do that have spring training in AZ

Louisiana Drilling Rig Overturns: Accident At Mobile Inland Drilling Unit

Obama's blueprint for austerity

For the concerned about new oil rigs: "How Long Does It Take to Build a Rig?"

Rare Earths Metals? Here's Why They're Going To Get A LOT More Rare

Just heard a rumor that if Charlie Crist caucuses with the democrats....

So, because of the Bush Cheney deregulation of Oil Industry the USA doesn't have proper system

Fishermen Sign On to Clean Up Oil

Tiaras, Toilets In Yard Outrage Neighbors - "This is art and expression of freedom,"

"Report says U.S. military vulnerable to bad parts" Greedy contractors, unsafe parts and troops die.

Third Gulf Drilling Rig overturns!!!

Cops: Video Shows Teacher Looting Lockers

ACLU blasts national ID card proposal

Chamber, manufacturers lobby to kill anti-Wall Street derivatives measure

CA Snowpack water content 143 percent of average, say water managers

Scarborough rips Rubio for “Morning Joe” snub

Relief-Well Plan Was Used in Worst Blowout Ever, Took 9 Months

I can't read all of the posts but do they know what caused the explosion on the oil rig?

Any Bay Area Unemployed Folks want to start an Unemployed People's Council?

Limbaugh:"It wouldn't surprise me, if eventually Halliburton is hauled up to Congress for show trial

Limbaugh really blamed environmentalists for

Auto Towns Back From the Brink

Leno to headline WH Correspondents Dinner

What is/are the most offensive aspect/aspects for you of AZ's anti-immigration bill.

Contracting program to help the disadvantaged riddled with fraud

A toast to Rachel Maddow!

Driver's License sufficient proof in response to Arizona Law (SB1070)

New button: Drill Baby Drill or new AZ It's a Dry Hate

Will we have a party when DU hits fifty million posts?

Feds raise pressure on BP over oil spill

Not to belittle the effect(s) if the oil spill, but think about our air

Oil spill is the size of Jamaica. JAMAICA!

Second drilling rig overturns in Louisiana

david frum just on the ed show

"What to Watch Out For in Health Insurance Bill"

CIGNA Admits to Secret Funding for Anti-Health Care Reform Ads

The Fab Fab sent another atrocious e-mail about Goldman shorting (betting against the Gulf Coast)

Major League Basbell Players Association issues statement condemning Arizona Law

Baseball players union opposes controversial new immigration law

Ken Mettler proposes anti-Harvey Milk, pro-Reagan Day "Harvey Milk does not rise to that level"


Bizarre shooting on the Blue Ridge Parkway (Afton mountain)

Minnesota Republicans endorse Tea-party, Palin backed candidate for governor

FYI: U.S. Last Fish Cannery just went Out of Business.

Sherriff Joe Arpaio will announce run for governor Monday

Liz Winstead calls out Ed for having Tancredo on his show

BP’s Greenwashing Masked Dangerous ‘Drill, Baby, Drill’ Reality

Dupe, pls. delete, and see here...

U.S. border agents inspecting more travelers heading into Canada

Saudi Arabia global oil exports to wane post-2010

How the *)#$ is Scott Brown one of the most influencial people in the world?

The term is "Hail Mary Pass"

Being a pacifist

Experts: GOP Plan To Change Citizenship Rights Is 'Clearly Unconstitutional'

anyone here been to costa rica?

Dear "Morning Joe".... I keep hearing a promo saying that you are going

Dear "Morning Joe".... I keep hearing a promo saying that you are going

Dear "Morning Joe".... I keep hearing a promo saying that you are going

Military tells Congress to keep gay ban for now

New drug spray 'makes men as soppy as girls'

Texas woman killed after speeding Toyota flips 5 times (2 children survive)

A Northern Gannet bird covered in oil - pics

I think the freepers have converged onto a oil spill talking point:

Drill Baby Drill Palin Twitters on the Gulf Spill

Hotel Calls Bush ‘Poisoning’ a Stunt

21st Century Tea Party History

Jindal claims Feds are ignoring his requests for help/information about spill.

Arizona Ethnic Studies Classes Banned, Teachers With Accents Can No Longer Teach English.

Does Northrop Bob Grumman McDonnell Believe in Global Warming?

Sorry, but people who use 'spill baby, spill' sound like they're cheering it on.

Now in proper society you need to prepare your co-pay properly

Jury Convicts Ex-Student In Palin E-Mail Case

BREAKING: The Chicago Cubs may leave the Cactus League/AZ

BREAKING: The Chicago Cubs may leave the Cactus League/AZ

In failing high schools students must share blame.

White Supremacy in Education: First Texas, now Arizona.....

LOL-Limbaugh = Oil-Spill Truther!!!

Cops Find Suspect Neck-Deep in Manure

SecDef Gates writes 'strongly worded' letter opposing DADT repeal this year

Go Rachel!!

Sex of Baby Drives Response to Pregnancy Stress

Can YOU guess the answer to this week's DU Friday Challenge Question?

Off shore spill lesson 1: create a UN Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency, ratify LOST

Arizona legislature targets 'human-animal hybrids'

MP3: Boycott Arizona

Arizona bans ethnic studies in schools

US soldiers in Afghanistan parody of Lady Gaga's "Telephone"

Stanford bioengineer explores own genome

Wife Successfully Sues Husbands Mistress for Alienation of Affection.

Sunday Times Rich List shows fortunes of British super-rich soar by a third

There is a limit to what constitutes free speech

April 30, 1975

It would appear the finger is being pointed to Halliburton being responsible for the oil rig blast

A Stanford engineering degree -- and no job

UPDATE: Non-Racist NASCAR-Loving Truck Owner Actually Racist

Can we FINALLY acknowledge that if it pleases repubicans it is a BAD idea?

A Tale of Two Women....

Proven fact: More lies broadcast about Obama to date than Bush, for the total of W's Presidency

DUer Mitchum is the winner

After All the Attention by the Media to All Things Palin, Why Is Ms Drill Baby Drill Getting a Pass?

Oil spills, dawn and triclosan = anger

Seven Deadly Sins in Afghanistan

Second drilling rig overturns in Louisiana !

Barofsky Says Criminal Charges Possible in Alleged AIG Coverup

Halliburton May Be Culprit In Oil Rig Explosion~

So when I woke up this morning, I said to myself...

So when I woke up this morning, I said to myself...

Obama Criticizes Liberal Warren & Burger Supreme Courts as "Too Liberal"

Senate panel comes down hard on Jenna Jameson (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

Sherrod Brown: Let's break up the Big Banks

Cleveland primary care doctors fired for lack of "productivity"

I wonder what it's like to be a RWer and be wrong about absolutely everything:

Honoring Roger Ebert, critic and fan



Monsanto (R) 'invents' meat. Seeks patent.

10 amazing truths you already suspected, By Mark Morford

AlterNet: Corporations Getting Ready to Gobble Public Water Systems

Here's my new Facebook status. You can copy and post if you want.

the one message I'd like to send Obama: "It's the weed, stupid"....

National ID Card Included In Democratic Immigration Bill

Another SPYCAM UPDATE with an interesting twist...

Sarah Palin ticket prices reduced for Wichita speech.

Atrazine - Let's Get It Banned! (Save the Frogs Day)

Is it my imagination, or has DU become a lot more friendly over the past year or so.

Obama's criticisms of the Warren and Burger courts

BREAKING:FBI Investigating Possible BRIBERY Of Mine Safety Officials By OWNER Of W.Va. Disaster Mine

Friday Lols. Caption this.

Exposed: ‘Hate plates’ driver denying anti-Semitism believes Jew-run media invented ‘HOLOHOAX’

AZ bans ethnic studies classes and teachers with accents can no longer teach English.

Stupid Republicans. You lost, get over it.

Leaked report: Government fears Deepwater Horizon well could become unchecked gusher

HP kills iPad... um... Killer!

May Day on the Mall: Lifting The Curse That Obama's Election Has Brought Upon America

Big surprise: White House Wants to Stop “Audit the Fed” Amendment

Laura Bush: Could France and Germany done more to prevent the war in Iraq? !!!!!!!

Obama's DOJ vociferously defends Defense of Marriage Act - Again

Bill Moyers On Retiring from the JOURNAL

Bill Moyers On Retiring from the JOURNAL

18,000 NJ students walked out in support of their teachers this week.

Why are you a Democrat?

*** APRIL Photo Contest WINNER Schema Thing ***

$500,000 could have prevented Spill Baby Spill.

Obama: "Going forward", new oil leases will need safeguards

Freeper response to oil spill: Unbelievable

Anyone know why the Obama admin is sending SWAT teams to the oil spill?

Boehner: GOP could pick up 100 seats

What A Creepy Self-Serving Piece Of Shit Sarah Palin Is (I know, I know...)

Our Vice President - You got to love this dude!


We have to be rid of fossil fuels. We are junkies, and we are dying.

I would like to go down (Gulf oil spill) there and help

the one message I'd like to send Obama: "It's the jobs, stupid"....

Republicans really have a lot of nerve...

My wife and I flew this week for the first time since 9-11 and the trumped up "security measures"

Robert Henry, 10th Circuit's chief appeals judge steps down

The assault on the Constitution

The assault on the Constitution

Stomp out ignorance. Marijuana NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER needs to be smoked.

Stomp out ignorance. Marijuana NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER needs to be smoked.

Dear friends and comrades, a short note to you on the eve of International Workers' Day

Drill Baby Drill................Repubican Convention Chant

Guests gripe about destination weddings

I got a text message from the Obama campaign today.

Older Americans are down on the Democrats

Older Americans are down on the Democrats

Chambers wins appeal over removal as US Parks Police Chief: Obama admin continuing bush prosecution

CONSERVATIVES versus AMOEBAS... Which is more useful to society? (photo)

Did you know 10,000 people protested the Banksters in NYC yesterday? (I heard nary a peep on MSM)

Topless women march in Farmington, Maine over double-standard

GOP Bracing themselves for HUGH NOV DEFEAT..possibley lose 20 House seats aqnd 4 or 5 in the SENATE

Healthy Person's Genome Analyzed to Predict Risk for Diseases, Responses to Treatments

Rachel Maddow is Tough, Inelligent, Informed, Fair and Compassionate

Memo to teabaggers and dittoheads: The BP Oil spill was caused by an unregulated free market

Broward Co, FL: Art, music, and PE teachers told to take half pay, librarians get 20 hr week.

Creationism propaganda for children caught on camera

Where I live the 'cat lady' moved so they asked for volunteers to feed and watch the feral cats

Measuring the New Poverty Measure

It's Time to Share the Wealth

New Jersey DYFS has abused and endangered my friend, a great mom.

So I bought 300 shares of BP stock today.

Halliburton completed cementing of well 20 hours prior to explosion

With what Apple charges for their computers, why aren't they made here?

With what Apple charges for their computers, why aren't they made here?

Capitalism and the Rope.

Greed, Greed, Greed..It is all about Greed..

The second day into ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Just a reminder: Charlie Crist is NOT a Democrat

Hand grenade... remove pin... Marx and Smith were on the same

ACLU Comes Out Against National ID Cards

Dem Immigration Bill Unveiled - National ID Card

Some topical TOONS

Woman bites man, after being called fat

Woman bites man, after being called fat

Pictures of a Conservative's View of 'Paradise'...

Walmart, Eli Broad, others paying DC teacher bonuses...say do it our way or we pull the money.

I have reservations about boxing this is a GREAT QUOTE! Mosely/Mayweather

Can a GD/GDP thread be considered epic if it doesn't result in at least one tombstone?

SIX posts to go until I hit 16,000...and every one of the 15,994 so far has been a mutha-effin' GEM.

People are swell!

"I would go out on the hillside, you know, and make EVERY WOMAN DRUNK I see..." (B.B. at the Regal)

SNL Paraody of hilarious Insane Clown Posse Video is also hilarious.

The Bangles - Alex Chilton's "September Gurls" live

Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs - The Beatles' "Rain," live & unplugged

Jesse James & Sandra Bullock adopted a black baby..maybe Jesse isn't

Who else has a major crush on Terence Hill?

Talking men's suits

Now this is cute, 11 ducklings and Mama.

Here is something you can't understand: How I could just... kill-a-man!!!

WHAT do you think musical legend Christopher Cross is doing RIGHT NOW? RIGHT NOW, as you read this?

Do you have dentures? What is the process?

An open letter to Sandra Bullock

"Do they know it's Christmas time at all?" "You're going to make it after all"

EPIC FAIL "Don't Worry Baby" with the 2008 "Beach Boys"...Mike Love, Bruce Johnston, John Stamos

Am I the only one who has a cat that wants to lick plastic flowers & plants

"But the cat had other plans--- murderous plans."

People suck.

FRIDAY MUSIC EXTRA! The Kingsmen do Louie Louie live ....

Pokemon: Annoying Kid Show or Heinous Depiction of Animal Cruelty?

Wow. They're more organized than I thought.

I used to consider REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE one of my favorite movies.

Steve Jobs: Adobe are a bunch of assholes. Adobe: No, you are.

OK, I just had a completely deranged idea.

The Man Blanket

So you sacrificed all of your kid (s) to get through college...

the Supreme Court says it is all right to torture animals

I interrupted two adults making out yesterday...

Olbermann is still bitter about the 2001 World Series

STOP! Beagletime!!!!

Worst thing to step on with bare feet:

just when you thought you'd seen it all

John Lennon, playing that Farfisa @ Shea Stadium with his fucking ELBOW? THAT was rock & roll.

Who owns a Brindle and what do you think of it?

Albums, (yes ALBUMS!) I'll be converting for a relative.

House cat nurses abandoned bobcats

twin peaks rap

Any recommendations for an inexpensive, reliable cell phone plan?

Commas in a series. This is how I learned it in school:

question for new england sports fans

I own a toaster.

It's been a while. How are you all doing?

Why would anyone use Cialis Soft to get a h@rd -@n?

My new bumper sticker:

Looking forward to a night of sex on the beach and multiple organisms.

Help make Henry a Star!!! .... last chance

Instead of crucifixion...

My new favorite photo of President Obama

This one's good enough for its own thread.

Looking For a T-Shirt to Express my Anger towards the Immigration Law

I'm probably going to hell for posting this, but...

Where The Wild Things Are is a dreary, miserable, horrible depressing movie.

Anyone here know about Korean customs? My husband is bringing home some

Happy Mad Day Eve to one and all!

Joel STEIN's Time's Least Influential People list

If only Met tickets were cheaper , sigh

Any Bay Area Unemployed Folks want to start an Unemployed People's Council?

Any Bay Area Unemployed Folks want to start an Unemployed People's Council?

Are ankle socks with high heels back in fashion again?

Who owns a Kindle and what do you think of it?

The Internet is Made of Cats

Joy Division - I remember this from HS, and it STILL grabs me

It's been a while, so let's all say something nice about another DUer

Am I a bad person?

I am fucked up

I get divorced in 10 hours and 5 minutes!

Update: Theatrical mystery solved!

Marijuana smokers - ever try legal herbal incense smoke?

Ferris Bueller’ Ferrari Sold

Looking forward to a night of sex on the beach and multiple orgasms

When is ";" used? (the comma with the period above it)

Pa. stripper collected worker's comp while dancing, authorities say

Why do you think people fight about Macintosh vs. PC?

Combattimento di Gladiatori

Truck seen displaying anti-woman signs in Va. Beach

Catlas Shrugged

"in Finland we are bath in sauna with cats"

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/30/10

David Lynch Fans: Why do you think he won't go forward with a remastered, complete, uncut version

Name a classic movie that you're supposed to have seen, but haven't.

I had a thought about black holes.

Any male DU'ers out there feel as if losing your job is equivalent to losing your testicles?

I hate when Repair/Cable people say they'll be there between 10-2...and come at 3

*****~~~~~~***+++++***REXELLA VAN IMPE APPRECIATION THREAD***+++++***~~~~~~*****

When did Charlie Daniels jump the shark?

I wonder why they bought this DVD?

CAPTION this pic (Bonus if you know who this is!!)

Lawsuits challenge new Arizona immigration law

Obama interviews Thomas for high court


Would you: Have an Affair with an Ex?

SEC sends Goldman case to prosecutors

Anthem Blue Cross withdraws planned CA rate hike

India, Pakistan Have "Very Good Talks, " Signal Thaw

2nd miner found dead in Ky. coal mine

Crime stats test rationale behind Arizona immigration law

As Greek Drama Plays Out, Where Is Europe?

New York marchers protest Wall Street, big banks

Oil slick coming ashore on Louisiana coast

Arizona immigration law: Tougher (even worse) restrictions sought

Let's just say Marijuana becomes legal

Spanish Unemployment Tops 20%, Hurting Deficit Fight

Credit Suisse defends big bank

Obama bans new drilling as oil hits La.

Yay - I just got laid off...

BART shooting (of Oscar Grant) 'an intentional act'?

Man who found — and sold — the missing iPhone unmasked

Ford Emerges With a Vengeance

White House Says No New Offshore Drilling Until Investigation is Complete

World's finest man boobs

Goldman may face Justice Department review

Chinese reports say 5 children hurt in new attack

Honda Recalls 167,000 U.S. Acura TSX Sports Sedans

Texas bill would require birthplace proof for presidential candidates

Older Americans are down on the Democrats

Retiring bailiff ends up as a hero for Califonrnia teen

Immigration law cutting into Hispanic hires

Foreign workers (and wives) pour into China

Dallas man accused of threatening to kill president

Brazil: Last rancher on trial for US nun's murder

FBR cuts Halliburton, Transocean on Gulf of Mexico woes

Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico 'could be worse than Exxon Valdez disaster'

Berlusconi faces troubles from his own allies

Belgian lawmakers pass burka ban

Sen. Nelson (FL) calls for halt to offshore drilling

Chevron doubles profit as oil prices climb

Exclusive: Two New York Men Arrested for Trying to Help Al Qaeda

SC reps introduce illegal immigration bill similar to AZ's

Local Illinois cops dispute accounts of alleged federal crackdown at tea party protest

Massey shares drop on report of FBI probe

Economy grows at 3.2% pace in first quarter

Brown-Waite drops out of race; Hernando sheriff will run for Congress

Goldman Sachs becomes GOP issue in Calif. governor race

Will Immigration Law Cost Arizona All-Star Game?

Hawaii lawmakers pass civil unions bill

U.S. starts criminal probe into Goldman trading

Brazil's Top Court: Amnesty Law Will Not Change

Defying Cops and Klan, Immigrants Trek 1,500 Miles to Washington

White House Says No New Offshore Drilling Until Investigation is Complete

State Department sends envoy to Central America

Perry: Arizona immigration law not right for Texas

Hawaii Legislature OKs historic civil unions bill

NATO Troops Kill Three Aghan Women

German hotel dismisses Laura Bush's poisoning claim as 'publicity stunt'

German hotel dismisses Laura Bush's poisoning claim as 'publicity stunt'

Austin (Texas) may clamp down on ties to Arizona

Sarah Palin's E-Mail Hacker Found Guilty on Two Charges

Iraq demands return of its Jewish archive

What specifically is better about the Apple Macintosh?

Activist says Yankee tritium source in doubt

Teenager convicted of ultra rightwing terror plot

Former ISI official’s body found in FATA


FBI Investigating Fed Officials And Massey, Owner Of W. Va. Mine Where 29 Died

“Shepherds Flat Wind Farm Will Move Forward”

Billionaire Democrat shakes up Democratic senate primary

Oil Spill Silences Once-Raucous 'Drill, Baby, Drill' Camp

BP's insurance to cushion impact of oil spill

Florida Dems shut down state House

The Rescue That Really Worked (how Norway survived the economic meltdown)

North teen guilty of terrorism

Some pictures

Second drilling rig overturns in Louisiana

2 Ind. boys accused of killing stepdad to run away

FBI Probing US Officials & Massey-Owner Of W Va Mine Where 29 Died (Over Possible Bribery Charges)

Bono Gets Oval Office Meeting With Obama

University Of Arizona Prez: We're Losing Students Because Of Immigration Law

Madoff sons, brother may face charges

China: Diplomat beaten, injured by Houston police

China: Diplomat beaten, injured by Houston police

MLBPA: AZ Immigration Law “Could have a negative impact on hundreds of Major League players”

Arizona Grades Teachers on Fluency

Fishermen Sign On to Clean Up Oil

Clinton warns Syria of provocative acts

Former U-Tenn. student guilty of hacking Palin's e-mail

'Gag-Inducing' Fuel Smell Wafting Over New Orleans Area

First oily bird rescued off Louisiana

Pamela Fink Says She Was Fired After Getting a Double Mastectomy To Prevent Breast Cancer

BNP would offer non-white Britons £50,000 to leave UK, says Nick Griffin

Proposal for Green Card to foreigners with advanced U.S. degrees

Military tells Congress to keep gay ban for now

Vietnam celebrates 35th anniversary of war's end

Robert Kennedy Files Lawsuit Against BP Oil

China: Diplomat beaten, injured by Houston police

Sen. Bill Nelson Wants Stop to New Offshore Drilling As Oil Spill Worsens

Labor Force Polarized as Middle-Skill Jobs Disappear: Report

Greece signs up to €24bn austerity package

Heard about this progressive running for the senate

U.S. starts criminal probe into Goldman trading: report (updated)

Dem Draft Proposal for Immigration Reform

Dorothy Height's Funeral being replayed on C-SPAN now.

Feeling their Wheaties? Dems pledge to move toward 2010 vote on immigration reform

Who'll a senator who believes in 'less government, less taxes, more freedom' caucus with in Senate?

Pelosi: Immigration Reform Would Require "Presidential Leadership"

Obama team delves into options on Arizona

4/20/10: "The Obama proposal permits exploration... but oil companies ... cannot drill."

Obama's cynical triangulation policy goes up in smoke (and a massive oil slick).

The Hill: WH says new drilling won't be authorized until probe into oil spill completed

Every Cloud has a silver lining.. even the oil spill in the gulf

Those Arizona politicians who voted for the Immigration Law should show their death certificates

TPM Wire: Community Banks Running Radio Spot Urging Lawmakers to 'End Too Big to Fail'

Arizona rewrites civil rights section of immigration law so we may better understand it.

HCR Gets Bipartisan Support After All

A Great Moment in Astroturf

Consumer Spending, Economy Grow for Third Straight Quarter

Thanking Secret Service: Obama visiting training facility

Anthem Blue Cross withdraws request for rate hikes

White House Takes a Bigger Role in the Oil Spill Cleanup

Face it: The GOP is anti immigrant

If Obama decides not to approve offshore drilling the right will accuse him of blowing up the rig.

FL-Sen: "Billionaire Challenging Meek In Dem Primary Has Republican Past"

Hickenlooper's HUGE Haul: $1.1 Million

Stivers tries to make inroads with right for rematch with freshman Rep. Kilroy

For the many whose unemployment has ran out...

How Long Before the Sh*t Hits the Fan in Arizona?

I get some enjoyment telling Repub friends that the President

Florida House debating LIVE whether women must have an ultrasound before having an abortion

How Democrats Can Get Ahead of the Populist Storm

Ginny-Brown Waite drops out of re-election citing health problems

Arizona Ethnic Studies Classes Banned, Teachers With Accents Can No Longer Teach English.


Massey Energy under criminal investigation by FBI

DC Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton: Clarence Thomas "proposes" to be African-American

Cooler head is needed

Calif POT POLL turns out to be a REGISTRATION project by the GOP. $8 per head.. HOW MUCH MONEY WAS

**** Heads Up: POTUS Speaks on Q1 GDP Numbers, Live! 10:30am EDT ****

White House Wants To Stop Audit The Fed Amendment

Reid to Graham: Take It Or Leave It

the oil spill should discredit bipartisanship

White House Dumps New Batch Of Visitors Logs

Major League Baseball Players Association calls for ‘repeal’ or prompt modification of Arizona law.

if shrub were still president they'd be blaming the oil leaks on terra-ists

What does SWAT have to do with oil rigs?

NYT: Questions About Halliburton's Role in the Explosion of the Deepwater Horizon Rig in the Gulf

Stop Baby Stop! Obama Puts New Offshore Drilling Projects On Hold (With Video)....

Bible Spice compares her yahoo email account being read to Watergate.

It's not Katrina

The Men Who Make Obama Funny

Bill Nelson: Energy Bill With Offshore Drilling 'Dead On Arrival'

Eugene Robinson: The Good Ol' Days Before Anesthesia

Obama is by far the luckiest politician that anyone alive has ever seen

Two more House members sign on to cosponsor the Fair Elections Now Act! Total is now 149!

So the Oil Rig Exploded on April 22nd and Began Leaking Oil Either April 23rd or April 24th

Obama: New oil leases will need safeguards

Second drilling rig overturns in Louisiana

Paul Krugman: The Oil Spill Is Obama’s Fault

'Since When Is Hillary Clinton Less Influential Than Sarah Palin?'

Michigan University run out of 80,000 tickets to Obama's commencement address tomorrow

Michigan University run out of 80,000 tickets to Obama's commencement address tomorrow

Okay so I basically "lost" it today on an acquaintance.

Is Obama's CIA sabotaging our oil wells?

Did anyone just See Rachel go at it with this guy from FAIR?

Florida Dem Senate Primary Heats Up Quickly as Meek Blasts Newcomer Jeff Greene

President Obama is doing so well...pressure mounts for the CHISEL FUND....finding a place for him

Dylan Ratigan is a guaranteed piece of Shit.

2010-04-29 Safe Banking Act 2010.mp4

Troops in Afghanistan do Lady Gaga's 'Telephone'

Dianne Feinstein connects the historic dots on derivatives

Damn You "West Wing" and your crystal ball!

Sarah Palin on Reading (Who needs Books?)

Thom Hartmann - When did it become OK to protest Obama by shooting a gun?

March on Wall Street April 29, 2010

BP commercial for off-shore drilling

My Congressman is Shaking Hands with Puppies (Mark Kirk R-IL)

Make Wall Street Pay

Big 360 interview: Shakira

Bernie Sanders kicking some republican ass

Blanche In Trouble...SEIU: What About Jobs for Arkansans?

Patriotic, inspiring montage of non-violent, non-racist, freedom-lovin' patriotic teabagger patriots

The Love Police.

The Sad Story of Oiled Birds

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill 1989

Dale Sky Clare: Cannabis and Prohibition

McCain: no oil spills even during Katrina

The (Ir)Rational Arguments Against Gay Marriage

Thom Hartmann - Rush is asking for President Obama's papers..and no outrage?

Better Marriage Blanket

Midweek Politics: PART 2 of Interview with Racist Senate Candidate Glenn Miller - Great encore...

Shakira speaks out against Arizona Law SB1070!

Young Turks: Fox News Disses Glenn Beck!

Young Turks: Arizona Sheriff RIPS Immigration Law

Police and protestors clash in Greece

Obama calls military to quell spill

Young Turks: (R) Microchip Illegals, Just Like Dogs

Kerry Kennedy: Fighting for Human Rights

"Chickens for Checkups"

Beautiful but Dangerous Avatar

Thom Hartmann - Racism and Free Trade Go Together like Rum & Coke

SC Senator proves God's a Socialist!!

The Ed Show looks at the psycho talk behind the Sarah Palin-Glenn Beck smoochfest

President Obama Makes Statement on Economy and Oil Spill

Meg Whitman Vulture ad

Jerry's speech at the state Democratic Convention

Shanghai opens World Expo with lavish show

Teabags and immigrants

Judyth Vary Baker on You Tube

National People's Action vs. Wall Street

Shakira Speaks Out Against Arizona Immigration Law

Good Jobs Now! Make Wall Street Pay Chicago 4/28

Countdown: prophet Dave Foley of Kids in the Hall on his 1994 proto-Glenn Beck sketch

Greek Protestors ROCK!

Gov. Brewer: ‘Arizona has been under terrorist attacks’ with ‘all of this illegal immigration.’

Rachel Maddow: AZ Bill Author FAIR's President Makes Ass of Himself; Thinks He's On Fox

Down with Too Big to Fail Angry Americans march on Wall Street

We Shall Overcome Obama's Riot Police - lol - freepers think this was scary?

TYT: Oil Industry Insider - Offshore Drilling Dangerous

75 & 81 year old peaceful protesters hands & feet Burma? Iraq? or the U.S.???

Thousands of Protestors - Where was the M$M news?

Obama Repeats Katrina Oil Spill Myth To Defend Offshore Drilling

Carl Levin sums up weeks of hearings on banking

Financial Services sector Adult Supervision and Re-regulation Act - NYT

Frank Luntz Hasn't Read 13 Bankers (And That's A Good Thing)

Trade agreement trumps financial reregulation (undermine state insurance reg)

Forget the Housing Bubble, Goldman Sachs Shorted 'The Bubble Boy'

St. Petersburg Times: Florida Senate launches assault on women's rights

Volunteers Can't Solve Our Problems: For Every House Habitat Builds, 100s More Are Homeless

SPLC: Arizona Immigration Law Violates Constitution, Guarantees Racial Profiling

Eugene Robinson: The Good Ol’ Days Before Anesthesia

A US-Sponsored Terror Network; Death Squads in Afghanistan

It's great

Oil Spill a Blow to BP's Image..Current CEO .."Safety First"

Wing Nuts

Introducing Antanas Mockus

Hey You Non-White Kids, Get Off of My Lawn.

10 Ways the American Economy Is Built on Fraud

Countering Murder with Courage

Republicans, Halliburton 100% Responsible for Oil Disaster

"The epistemic closure of the ideological mind."

Travel with the Budget of a Worker Bee, Swing like a VIP

Task for GOP: how to blame Gulf Oil spill on Obama. Hey, it worked with the Deregulation Disaster.

General election 2010: The liberal moment has come (Guardian endorsement)

Oil rig's record of fires, spills considered normal for offshore drilling industry

America's Fantastical Afghan Mission (new report out from the Pentagon)

Hail Sarah, Full Of Grace. The Lord Is With Thee.

U.S. Chamber Backs Senate Democrat with Campaign Ad

Behind Crist's Exit From the GOP: The Hand of Jeb Bush?

Who are the tea partiers? Where is their outrage now?

DeLay Money Laundering Case May Finally Be Headed To Trial

New wave of repression targets opponents of Honduran coup

Ezra Klein: Wall Street only worries about what's legal, not what's fair or ethical.

Democrat's immigration bill includes an I.D. card. It will only be used for employment?

It’s All the Same Story

Obama Says Liberal Courts May Have Overreached

Weekend Economists' Innocents Abroad (and at home!) April 30-May 2, 2010

Miss him? Bush's reputation might be ready for a rebound

Siemens and Areva sign a contract for the control systems on two Slovak reactors to be completed.

Danish Energy Agency Reports Its Laws On Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling In Denmark.

Gulf Oil Spill - Bigger Than Exxon Valdez (SkyTruth blog, sobering images)

World's Most Destructive Oil Spills

ODAC Newsletter - Apr 30

Drumbeat: April 30, 2010

Water-related conflicts set to escalate

NASA releases new images taken Thursday of the oil spill creeping towards the Mississippi Delta

Huge Asphalt Volcanoes Discovered Off California

A roadmap for “the only practical way to preserve the planet”

Purple Pokeberries hold secret to affordable solar power worldwide

Complete and Utter Disaster

In Mountain West, Pine Beetle Season, Once 2-3 Weeks, Now Lasts From May Through October

April 2010 Fifth-Warmest For Sydney On Record - SMH

Two-Fer - Expanded Soy Monoculture Pushes Brazil's Ranchers Deeper Into Amazon Basin

New Lizard Species Discovered On Single Indo. Island; Torch Monitor - Reddish Head On Black Body

Wal-Mart To Test Kids' Jewelry For Cadmium - "We Feel Like It Is Our Responsiblity"

Respol Ready To Cut 282 Miles Of Survey Lines In Peruvian Forest Home Of Uncontacted Tribes

"Burning Petroleum" - Spill Chewing Large Holes In BP Green Paint Job, Stock Price

Spain Pricks Solar Power Bubble as Greek Fate Looms

Nokia, Ford Power Demand Spurs Coal Purchase in India

President of "Riverkeeper(s)" opposes nukes, promotes gas for Indian Point

Permian Extinction Carbon Release > Mass Of All Fossil Fuels - But Our Rate Of Release Faster

"I have no idea what an uncontrolled release could be"

Electrofuels Headline New $106 Million Round of U.S. DOE Funding

Swedish Government Gives Approval for Oskarshamn 2 Nuclear Plant Uprate

Can Switching to Hybrids and Organics Really Save the World, or Is It Just Lazy Environmentalism?

Areva in talks to build a next generation reactor in California.

Told You So: Nissan Close to Profitability on Leaf

Gulf Oil Spill Far Worse Than Officials, BP Admit, Says Independent Analyst (20 kbpd?)

Shocking! World Leaders' Pledges Fail To Slow Biodiversity Loss - AFP

Simi Valley Nuclear Disaster...released up to 260 times more radioactive iodine-131 than Three Mile

Major Nuclear Power Plant Accidents

Honolulu’s Next Air Conditioner

Major Renewable Energy Accidents: 1) Banqiao, Aug '75, 200,000 + dead.

Killer TV ad: Corrupt (Meg Whitman + Goldman Sachs)

Building more nuclear to combat climate change is like cutting off your head to cure a brain tumor.

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, April 29)

Report: LeBron wins 2nd straight MVP award

Brett Favre would need surgery to play again

Brooks Laich changes a tire after Game 7.

In my years of wagering, I can't remember a MLB total like this

Crosby eager to get Round 2 rolling (and other hockey news)

YEAAAAAAA Spurs knock off dirty dirk and the mavs

Tiger in Serious Trouble of missing the Cut at Quail Hollow

Jesus to Compete at QB spot for the Seahawks in 2010

Daily Racing Form Derby/Oaks Past Performances download link (PDF) FREE!!!

DH forever at the ALL-Star Game!!!

DU Support for the DH Rule aka the

SEC investigates oil companies over bribes in Venezuela

Venezuela nabs man in alleged plot to kill Chavez

Human rights must be top priority in Colombia election campaign

National Lawyers Guild Urges U.S. Media to Cease Misrepresentation of Cuba’s Human Rights Record

Housewives, bankers battle in Chavez militia

American priest stabbed to death in Venezuela

Brazil's Top Court: Amnesty Law Will Not Change

Brazil: Last rancher on trial for US nun's murder

State Department sends envoy to Central America

Xpost must read: Leaked ICE memo details media strategy to counter citizen activist groups

Paramilitary attack kills two in Oaxaca, Mexico; As many as 22 still missing

Hawaii House Approves Civil Unions Bill

Heartbreaking - Lesbian teen left out of high school yearbook

Transgender student says attacker motivated by hate, carved 'it' onto his chest

Louisiana Senate committee kills gay adoption measure

Judge Reduces Charges Against Kentucky Teens Accused of Threatening to Push Lesbian Off Cliff

Job opening: AFSCME field director

Retirees protest 'Suttlecare'

"Smear the . . .

Today in Labor History Apr 30 kills 109 miners, many of whom lie in unmarked graves to this day

I’m gay, says new Archie comic character

REMEMBERING FALLEN WORKERS Wednesday was Workers Memorial Day

US military enforces attacks on Haitian unions

Labor College Dedicates National Workers Memorial

Houston Nurses Vote for Union—Again

"Petraeus is right"

Report: Obama to call summit if Mideast peace talks fail

British protesters attack Israel's deputy ambassador

LA: Bill for arming worshipers OK'd by State House Committee

Can anyone suggest a good fertilizer for azaleas?

Wow, I agree with Mayor Daley ...

Man charged with pulling gun

Man Dared Homeowner To Shoot Him

Gun Shows & More Lies from Mayor Bloomberg

Packing heat: More women training to carry guns ...

Iowa joins "shall issue" ranks

WSJ article takes smack at Open Carry-Have Gun, Must Flaunt It?

Georgia expands gun rights

Gunman told investigators that his main concern was 'accuracy' when shooting at 8th graders.

Here are some "gun" stories from the past month that you will not see on the National news...


Sunrise this morning

Looking for a real macro lens (not the screw on type)

coming, coming,'s HERE!

Congratulations Schema Thing! April Winner

NASA Balloon Crashes in Australia

Lion Steals Roving Camera, "Takes" Photos

A piece I wrote about thyroid disease was published today

This week's Starcodes - Heather Roan Robbins

Rick DiClemente's May Starself Astrology Newsletter

Yes, I'm ok :) ( LARGE dialup warning)

A "tribute" to the Pope and his visit to the UK

"Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls" by Barbara Theiring

British Judge Slaps Down Religious Freedom Claim As ''Irrational''

Positive Health Care Experience.

My experiment with Vitamin D - totally anecdotal results

AP source: Criminal probe of Goldman under way

Morgan Stanley: Strategic Defaults Reach 12%

The 2010 Milken Institute Global Conference

Goldman (and Deutsche Bank) as Predator

There is only one trade right now, and that is “Risk On.”

When You Lie Down With Them Dept: Morgan Stanley Has 69% Tier 1 Capital Exposure to the PIIGS

A Disgusting Little Email Making the Rounds on Wall Street


Bets are on of Haliburton default.

Talking to Elizabeth Warren