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Ritual sacrifice of children on rise in Uganda

If Grovelbot had an app what would it be like?

Goodwin Liu's letter to Leahy on the addendum to his Senate Judiciary Committee questionnaire

Some people will go out of their way to avoid having to associate with gay people (MS "fake" prom)

What is the best way to help Veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan?

Another great city that changed my life: Bilbao, Spain

Poll Shows Broad Support Among Newfoundland Sealers for a Federal Sealing Industry Buyout

Jim Lindsay: Grassroots Response to Health Care Passage

Despite previous governors' refusals, McDonnell proclaims "Confederate history month" in Virginia

Obama and the 9/14 Presidency

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Outrage! It costs less to pay fines than to keep the miners safe!

Deconstructing the facade of John Ensign

I sure hope that coal company wasn't one of the corporations that had life insurance

GOP Deputy Chair calls Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin the GOP's "Gold Standard"

MarketWatch: Mighty America's 5 stages of rapid decline

Fox News - "EXCLUSIVE: Obama Court Pick's 117 Secrets"

Priest accused of U.S. sex abuse still working in India

One of my worst cartoons...also one of my best...

evil eli is doing/has done to Education What enron did to the economy

Wounded veterans, families of wounded veterans or friends of wounded veterans

Rachel Maddow makes me sad.

Rachel Maddow is ripping Fox and O'Keefe to shreds!

anyone else watching Rachel's show?

Concealed weapon permit holder

Why are the right wing nuts going on and on about Cloward-Piven Strategy?

International Cooperation Needed to Save Aral Sea, UN Secretary-General - pic

Post-Hutaree: How Glenn Beck and Fox News Spread the Militia Message

surge update: ...Ex-U.N. envoy: Karzai may have drug problem

Online telecom firm on Net Neutraility decision: If AT&T or Comcast blocked us, we'd cease to exist

Amy Goodman: Collateral Murder in Iraq

GOP Seeks Double Standard in Delaying Goodwin Liu Confirmation Hearing

Is there a mugshot of that guy in Washington state

Bank Forecloses On Home After Telling Couple To Stop Paying Mortgage

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Wealth for the Common Good

IA-Sen: Grassley Embarrasses Majority of Iowans; Less Than Half Would Re-Elect

Mark Thoma, Economist Who Pushed For Jobs Bills, Gives Up - Dan Froomkin/HuffPo

Space shuttle shoots over Cinderella castle (PIC)

Guy Who Threatened Patty Murray Is A Local

10 years later-Elian Gonzalez

How does Obama find the time to manage all those secret agendas?

Deconstructing the Facade of John Ensign

Government is Good FB page

Batshit Crazy HAT TRICK! BACHMANN blogs on Breitbart's site about visit from PALIN & HANNITY!

It is linked, if you'd like to cuddle up with it, at

Rachel is destroying the Teabaggers and

Progressive Wisconsin? State Marked by Empty Factories, Full Prisons

Progressive Wisconsin? State Marked by Empty Factories, Full Prisons

Deconstructing the facade of John Ensign Founder Challenging Jerry Brown in California Gov's Race

Many States Have The Cash Munchies

An interesting story about Ronald Reagan that you won't hear very much about in the 'liberal' media

Concealed weapon permit holder

Update on Mexicali

"U.S. court rules against FCC on Net neutrality..."

We think that it's only "they" who engage in revenge killing...

Whitehouse Facebook feed being trolled heavily by teabaggers.

Rand Paul has gone Teabagger big time with this ad.

Dividend Stocks: ConocoPhillips, Raytheon

Dividend Stocks: ConocoPhillips, Raytheon

50 Dead,180 Wounded in Another Iraq Bombing

Atomic Renaissance Interrupted (11/2008 Greenpeace Article)

Freepers are absolutely nuts!..

Joblessness Hits Male Vets of Current Wars

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Rat (Alex CASTELLANOS) deserts the sinking Mikey STEELE

Ensnared by Error on Growing U.S. Watch List

Should There be a Congressional Hearing on the Iraq/Apache Video?

So, I got so sick of Tea Bag Anti-Health Care Wingnuttery, I decided to do something about it

Collateral Murder Has Nearly 2,800,000 Views on YouTube

Mark Critz (D) PA Congressional Candidate-Commercial

Is a Teabagger teaching your kids?

Benedict's infamous 2001 directive ordered that abuse allegations be kept secret

Sarah Palin is coming to Minneapolis for Michelle Bachmann

on march 25, here in phoenix, a dump truck

A question about marijuana potency...

The Bravery of Being Out of Range

Neocon Frank Gaffney: Obama will have the loss of Iraq as one of its most signal accomplishments

W.Va. mine owner (Don Blankenship of Massey) accused of putting safety second

Mobius posted the following in the Lounge--this is a MUST SEE

Did the Massey Miners break the Union?

is hell frozen? Coburn defends Pelosi, takes swipe at FOX

This is what a war hero looks like: Hugh C. Thompson, Jr.

Several killed, 100 injured in Kyrgyz capital riots

ny times: The Power of 'No' ( as it pertains to health care)

Anderson Cooper has wall to wall coverage

Over 100 dead in Rio de Janeiro

Three window cleaners arrested as protest highlights safety concerns (3 dead in 3 years)

Grand jury accuses Pa.state Sen. Jane Orie(R)

Mercosur (Brazil, Argentina, Uraguay, Paraguay and [soon] Venezuela) sign FTA with Israel.

Mercosur (Brazil, Argentina, Uraguay, Paraguay and [soon] Venezuela) sign FTA with Israel.

What would happen if we found out Massey had taken out "dead peasant insurance" on the WV miners?

G.O.P. Squirms as Spotlight Focuses on Its Leader

Defining Moments in Presidential Debates

Robert Reich: Congress Must Break Up the Banks

Western North Carolina hunger report reveals 'pandemic of poverty'

U.S. War-Fighting: The Real Welfare Queen

Apparent shift in California views on immigration is encouraging

Spanish judge Garzon 'faces trial' over Franco probe

LOL. Freepers throwing Coburn under the bus for his Pelosi & FOX statements.

Murdoch attacks objectivity of rival outlets while struggling to name a single Dem at Fox News

Sex rehab! Is it right for you? By Mark Morford

KKKarl wants to make sure no Repug, Teabagger or assorted right-wing nut goes uncounted

FOX News already trying to cover for Massey in mining disaster?

Michelle Malkin is trying to take away our freedom!

Another villian in this mine disaster is this guy .....

Coal Mine CEO Blankenship's Revealing Tweets

Yay. Sales of another ticking-bomb "financial instrument" on the rise

When it comes up during the next appointment, let's remember half of all the Catholics to have ever

Don Blankenship has been reported to have said that

Federal grand jury probe into Arpaio, Thomas continues

Europeans warned of Toyota pedals well before US

Palin...another speech...another dud..

Another Setback For GOP Minority Outreach

With this quake swarm, any connection to the mine blast? No proof but

NYT Concedes They Were Wrong? Paper Loses 'Pimp' Language Entirely in Latest ACORN Report

Karzai pardons Taliban kidnapper


Report: RNC spent $982 at Vermont Winery for "office supplies"

The greening of capitalism?

Nobody wants our guy Karzai.

Race to the Top and the Politics of Corruption: Follow the Money

China’s growing social polarisation

Women Coal Miners

Women Coal Miners

Can we agree to stop talking about Tiger Woods on the news?

Weekend at Bernie's?

When’s a Worker a Contractor? When the Boss Wants to Cheat.

My Fantasy...

Quitter's Bristol was on GMA being gushed over for being a spokesgirl (I'm tying in Dr Laura here)

A Question I Asked A Fellow Co-Worker....STILL WAITING ....

Michael Steele is an agent for Democracy

WikiLeaks: Civilian Next to Target of Hellfire 34 m 43 s

Centcom docs released under FOIA about "Death of Reuters Journalists"

Front group for NARTH posing as pediatric group distributing homophobic information to schools

Emory University's 2010 Annual Spring Research Career Fair for Research Professionals

Most people have one cause they feel strongly about

Sick Animal Abuse Case: Cat Crucified, Left to Die on Easter

Americans: Screw the environment.....we want cheap gas !!!!

Repost ... more 3,000 violations @ the Massey mine (Performance Coal Co.)

Should we be worried about Jeb Bush?

98 Civilians Killed in 2009 Nighttime Raids in Afghanistan

Apocadocs - Humoring the Horror of Environmental Collapse

Mine Safety Agency Issued Report Warning of Poor Inspector Training 5 Days Before West Virginia Expl

"Confederate History Month" is a trending topic on Twitter

Russia marking the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre of Poles by Soviet forces

Another Shrub time released crap-stink (KARZAI) goes off & Morning Jerk blames OBAMA

Marijuana starting to look like a new revenue source for states

Jewish group to launch twitter Haiku protest against Glenn Beck

Army Grapples with “Epidemic” of Suicides

The news stations should shut up on the whole mining issue when it comes to safety violations

Student Loan legislation question


Can somebody please call a Waahmbulance for the Heritage Foundation?

Has Pat Robertson announced the cause of the Indonesia earthquake yet?

Lesbian Bondage, the RNC and Racism

Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank Weasel into Payday Loan Business

GOP Gov. Mitch Daniel's Reaction to HCR Passage - Attacks Poorest Hoosiers!

Census Workers are tougher than I thought. Now I know why the republicans are nervous.

Does DU have a resource page that links directly to Dem political websites for donation purposes?

Does DU have a resource page that links directly to Dem political websites for donation purposes?

Progressive Caucus capitulates again

Terrific guest on WJ earlier today

Republican warns teachers could be charged if they teach sex ed...

How Badly has Treasury Mismanaged the Citi Bailout?

Our long, national nightmare is over. Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthty have split-up.

Man Who Threatened Cantor Not Fit For Trial


Slow even for stupidity, AZ piliCON Gov Jan Brewer going around Dem Goddard to

Ben Stein spoke last night in my town. Now, I don't agree with him on almost everything, but

Tweet justice for Glenn Beck?

Good Air, Bad Air

Righties ought to love Blankenship and Massey Energy

Righties ought to love Blankenship and Massey Energy

Drive netneutrality# up the twitter trending topics.....

Breaking news: Geico to change slogan

$700,000 hospital bill

$700,000 hospital bill

Manhattan office leasing and building sales soar

"I do not believe that repression alone builds a better society"

GOP Strategist Calls for Steele's Resignation

Five stumbling blocks that could wipe out many Democrats

Canadian Cement Plant Becomes First to Capture CO2 in Algae

Broken clock: right twice a day. Alan Greenspan: "I Was Right 70% Of The Time"

West Virginia mine owner accused of putting safety second

Do reasonable GOP fiscal conservatives have the courage, the INITIATIVE

China faces its biggest foe (deadly drought)

MSNBC Returns to Sirius XM

Stewart: Non-maverick McCain is short selling his soul

The U.S.'s Expanding Military Empire

Three options for the FCC

What to do about Karzai?

New U.S. drilling will prove meaningless

I am for public financing of elections but I do not believe it will happen

I ain't gonna get no health insurance-So-"FU-John Lewis, you goddamned worthless, communist n-----"

Just got a PM on another site from a RWer who stated that "they"

Just got a PM on another site from a RWer who stated that "they"

Censorship at DU!

Censorship at DU!

Is DOD “Losing” Videos of Its Special Ops Missions? - Marci Wheeler/EmptyWheel

TSA to passengers: No need to take iPad out of bag

Stupak considering retirement?

The Overton Window On Political Violence Has Moved

Top dem: mine company has 'maverick' safety record

‘Personhood’ movement seeks end to abortion

Bill Thomas is Vice-Chair of the Financial Crisis Hearing??

Administration turns up heat on noncompliant Recovery Act recipients

Someone on another forum just made an interesting comment about Massey and Blankenship

Sister of the Man who threatened Murray says he isn't an intimidator

WV Mining Tragedy: Massey coal mine "has more or less purchased the state's government."

Maine has a red tide event - a month earlier then usual (clams)

Robert Gibbs Rips Eric Erickson Over Census Comments: 'Remarkably Crazy'

David Shuster Suspended From MSNBC After Testing For CNN

If he doesn't resign, how long will Steele be chairman of the RNC?

Corporations pay tax so that the Board of Directors can shirk their responsibilites, not end up as

Did I hear Joey Scab right today? Was that antiwar stuff dredged up from Vietnam War protests

I learned a new one today - IBTL

Interesting, both left and right seem to be for net neutrality.

how long is joe scum & co. going to whine about HCR?

The Comedy Just Never Stops From the Right

They blew up two building because they thought they saw one "bad" guy go in...

MSNBC Back on Sirius XM

For the denizens of Seattle and surrounding environs, if you are in support

Reverse Nazi 'logic' of Teabaggers

Reverse Nazi 'logic' of Teabaggers

DNC takes preemptive shot at Palin, Bachmann

There's a bloody revolution underway in Kyrgyzstan

Man Charged With Death Threats-Attended Tea Party Targeting Murry-"We Were Outside Waiting For You"

Republican Valerie S. Meyers withdraws from campaign for GA-8

Greece about to go bust?

Computer Program Allows Car to Stay in Its Lane Without Human Control

Using the "Intertubes"

WI DA Warns school districts that adhering to new sex ed law is a criminal act.

"I Want My Country Back!" (just sayin')

Excellent blog on Republican racism...

Just after I dropped Sirius/XM they add MSNBC

Murdoch: 'I Don't think" Fox News " 'Should be supporting The Tea Party'y'

Call and e-mail Bob McConnells office.

Maine Gov. Baldacci hosting fundraiser for pro-gay poverty organization defunded by Catholic Bishop

PA Legislature's top woman Republican and her sister indicted. This is a big deal in W. PA.

The New Republic: Sarah Palin speaks like a toddler!

Which story so far this week makes you maddest?

Where were you?

Brian Lamb on Offensive Callers (c-span)

World Health Day: half the world lives in cities

WTF-To obtain the full tapes Calif AG agreed not to prosecute conservative thugs O'Keefe & Giles

Gov Jindal threatened to cut jobs from AG department if AG ( a dem) did not support HCR lawsuit

"S/he's in a better place." I hate it when people say that about a dead person.

GreenSPIN: Alan the Ungreat tries to revise history

Apple Confirms Wi-Fi Issues with iPad

Group refutes Chevron claims in Ecuador

Trouble In Paradise: iPad Users Complain Of Wifi Issues

Obama targets US citizen for 'kill or capture'

Catholic League president Donohue: Priests aren’t pedophiles, molesting children is ‘what gays do’

Ah, Monsanto......what an upstanding corporate citizen !!!!

No signs of life from mine: 3 evacuations in last two months from methane emergencies

Far-Right Virginia AG Launches PAC

White House won’t deny report saying it approved killing of American without trial

Tired of seeing corporation playing games with our lives - let's treat them as PEOPLE

Who is Ralph Kauzlarich?

2 more glaciers gone from Glacier National Park

On the laws of land warfare

What's the best site for free filing of federal taxes?

I am so old I used to carry a church key

let's talk sports

Porn Star Stormy Daniels Could Join Other Republican Boobs In Congress

Important Image: Civilian Next to Target of Hellfire 34 m 43 s

Nearly half of US households escape fed income tax

Censorship at DU - This is my last post.

Most dangerous states: Crime rankings for 2010

How to stop the gun rallies in one word.

Angry Fla teachers line up to testify against bill

Your children miss you. Please come home.

Ratigan opens with talk of banksters while the theme song from "The Sting" plays

Ratigan is playing The Entertainer from The Sting

Press Conference re Explosion

Solar Impulse takes to the air-first plane designed to fly night and day without fossil fuels

Stockton cop earns nearly a quarter million dollars

If Obama did something that violated the constitution would we

Geologist Connects Regular Changes of Earth's Orbital Cycle to Changes in Climate

Opposition Claims Control in Kyrgyzstan

Perverse farm policies begun by Nixon's Earl Butz = factory farming & obesity

Animal control officer accused of killing puppy

DA to teachers: New sex ed course could get you arrested

Is Larry Summers Leaving???

just FYI, journalism is dead.

just FYI, journalism is dead.

The simple reason why the Catholic Church will fall on this one.

Friends, DC Community Offer Prayers for Dorothy Height

Group that Lobbied Republican Governor to Honor Confederacy Tied to White Supremacists - FDL

CNN - Man arrested over threats to Pelosi

The Wikileaks Video - From An Infantryman's POV...

W.H. adviser Volcker acknowledges National Sales Tax as an "unpopular move," recommends it anyway

Sean Hannity exactly where he belongs...

Government sending out duplicate Census Forms

When Children Commit Suicide

Calif. Condor Egg Hatches At Pinnacles - Biologists Celebrate Milestone Hatching

Running around outside and stretching their legs for the first time this spring - pics

I have a question about the Wikileaks video


Pawlenty Jumps On Bachmann Bandwagon For Rally With Palin

Lest we forget - coal history/cold history

tomorrow I'll have my undergrad degree confirmed!!!

Consumer Credit in U.S. Fell by Most in Three Months

Phone-message campaign targets Pombo

Mississippi And Georgia Have Confederate History Proclamations Without Mention of Slavery

Matrix Transformation...

APNewsBreak: Sources say FBI arrests man for allegedly threatening Pelosi over health care

OJ Simpson acquittal suit goes to Newseum in DC

Religious Right Tea Partier Is Leading Candidate To Join Texas Supreme Court

"A couple McNuggets short of a Happy Meal"

Obama's greatest failure = judicial nominations

Made In America

Bush admin, beneficiary of generous support from Massey, quashed safety investigation

Anticipating the Wake of the Wikileaks Revelation: let us have faith in the American people

Rush Limbaugh blames "The Left" for the Catholic sex scandal

Minister Killed in Kyrgyzstan Uprising

Minister Killed in Kyrgyzstan Uprising

Health care law ‘good start' (in the conservative Omaha World Herald!)

Ron Reagan is on Tweety

Obama vows support for troubled Saakashvili

JP Morgan Chase, enabler of Homicidal Corporatism

Michael Lewis Claims GOP Lawmakers Shockingly Uninformed About Financial Crisis - HuffPo

Burger King caught stealing recipe from Mcdonalds

Westminster Cop, Prison Guard Charged In Rape of Woman

Mark Foley thinking of running for Mayor of West Palm Beach???

A 'friend' of mine keeps posting stuff about the healthcare bill and now this clip

Who Said It -Bachmann or Palin?

FBI arrests dirtbag for threatening Nancy Pelosi

Just got my census and I'm not going to fill it out completely!

Sununu defends teabagger racial slurs, blames media!

I just realized something

Abe Vigoda is alive!

Brad Guest Hosting 'Malloy' Tonight With Guest: ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis!

Is Larry Summers Leaving???

MLK Jr. offered valuable wisdom for dealing w/ Tea Partiers and other contemporary issues

Attention Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell!

Nice, CNN just showed a politcal add paid for by the US Chamber of Commerce

Please caption

97% of Americans make less than $150K.

Do all miners make $70,000 per year?

George Allen rallies GOP faithful in Roanoke

Will We Fund the Evil We Deplore?( Do not stay silent and complacent to collateral murder.)

Helpless in the Vatican -- The Failed Papacy of Benedict XVI

When they tell you...

The Wikileaks Incident: How Social Media has Changed Warfare Coverage - HuffPo

Time is ripe for a teevee airing of "Harlan County, USA" - But I wouldn't count on it.

Why just now?

Tired of the Wars

Risky, Costly Back Surgery Rose 15-Fold in 5 Years (Update1)

If the GOP and their base keeps on going further and further to the right....

The road map to even more political corruption in America

Americans for Financial Reform Hit the Streets

Freepers have the introspection of a crack whore.

A human being is responsible for their actions whether ordered to undertake them or not.

Massey mine tragedy could inspire new safety legislation (Say what??)

CT, MRI work outsourced to China (from Japan)

United and US Airways Said to Be in Merger Talks

McDonnell Apologizes For Proclamation, Adds Slavery Clause...

McDonnell Apologizes For Proclamation, Adds Slavery Clause...

Calling All Rebels

Legislation would repeal decades-old state law on homosexuality-finding the causes and cures

Massey Energy donates to Inhofe, McCain, Cantor, and other (mostly) GOP politicians

Honestly, these terrorists making threats against Congressional Dems - send them to Gitmo

Ryanair confirms it WILL bring in charges for on-board toilets

"It's not murder, because 'murder' is a legal term!"

Ventilator Shafts.

Got a call from the DNC yesterday.

Did you support Executive Assassination Rings under bush?

Bag ‘N Save fined $65K (child labor & will appeal)

Far RW TX Activist Promises SupremeCourtCandidat Green Will Fight "Obama on the Path to Socialism"

Taliban Releases Video of Captured US Soldier (Bergdahl-9 Months as Prisoner)

50 years after he was chained and set afire, WWI veteran is honored

CNN's Erickson suggested he'd pull a "gun" on the "government" last year, too

Who heard the Bill press show this morning?

Group With White Supremacist Ties Influential in Getting Va. Gov. to Declare April Confederate

Each industry should have its own minimum wage.

It's April 7th, it's Boston, and it's 90 degrees already

The opposition in Kyrgyzstan says it is setting up a "people's government"

A Teacher's Open Letter To NJ Governor Chris Christie

What side are you on?

Before their big march on Washington, is there a website where the freepers


Profoundly Stupid People Frothing

Fox News -- on cue -- attacks the Wikileaks video as "heavily edited and misleading"

Kyrgyz opposition says taken full power; 47 killed in protests (a semi-peaceful revolution)

Woman gets prison for 8th DUI (The judge told Swatek, “You’re just plain dangerous)

Going under cover for chicken video (animal rights)

Duck feeding ban approved in San Luis Obispo "feeding animals contributes to pollution"

Tax Returns Are Up 10% - Find Out If You Qualify for Recovery Act Tax Credits

FBI takes break from spying on quakers and anti-war groups, nabs another actual threat.

Top McDonnell Backer Sheila Johnson (BET) Blasts Confederate History Month

Top McDonnell Backer Sheila Johnson (BET) Blasts Confederate History Month

Massachusetts Battles Private Health Insurers – Without Help of Public Option - FDL


UALR Hosts KATV’s Democratic Senate Debate April 23 {Blanche Lincoln, challengers}

Bristol Palin Does PSA On Teen Sex (Video)

I'm starting to feel hopeful about the economy and were our country is headed

McAmerica: Form is Content

My city is completely fscked.

Rachel is covering the vid

Scopolamine: Vice TV Seeks Out the Devil's Breath

South Coastal Duers -U.S. forecaster CSU sees Eight Atlantic hurricanes in 2010

The Courts Can’t Take Away Our Internet (SIGN THE PETITION)

No economic recovery for the working class

Where are the Global Warming Deniers - 92 in NYC Early April - Record Breaker

Lawmakers Forced to flee on ladders over a back wall, evacuate by helicopter

Video of Journalists’ Death Answers Some Questions, but Raises Others

Poisoning from prescription drugs now second leading cause of unintentional injury death in the US

Stop Being and Funding the Evil We Deplore. Work to deny Obama the $33 billion he's asking for.

This Thread®

The Divider is in my city today. :(

Deepak Chopra Says He Caused California Quake

I think the Repubs are making a mistake....

How Do We Justify War To Our Children?

Goldman: We Are Not 'Vampire Squid Wrapped Around Humanity's Face'

Is the Right really too afraid to debate Rachel Maddow?

Caption Palin

Becku You

Loopy after Dentist 7 Year Old's "Is This Real Life" Video now a 6-Figure Business

If I drive my car irresponsibly and kill someone, I could go to jail for manslaughter. 25 human

Martina Navratilova Fighting Breast Cancer

Nuclear power, terrorism, and Obama's order to target Anwar al-Awlaki

Teen held in jail for 8 hours over overdue library DVD, judge fired.

Chris Matthews........Calling Bachman out on Democrats

Florida lawmakers slash library funding from 21.3 million to only 6 million.

CNN asks: ‘Is homosexuality a problem in need of a cure?’

Wis. gov creates office to help understand how new HCR works and how it will affect residents

Rachel Maddow tears Breitbart's ACORN tapes apart-(what was "Cut" from their "Investigation" Video)

Iraq War Vet: "We Were Told to Just Shoot People, and the Officers Would Take Care of Us"

Summary of Grassley horrible, horrible very bad week in Iowa

Kyrgyzstan protests: What it means for US role in Afghanistan war?

Destruction of new iPAD draws criticism

Hannity right where he belongs....

personally, i'm very glad that the right-wing was able to bring acorn down

My home town died last night

Teabonics on Flickr

The Courts Can’t Take Away Our Internet

I'm buying guns. Lots of guns.

Monsanto Under Investigation by Seven US States

The Rude Pundit - Confederate History Month Is for Losers

Chicago GOP website accidentally (??) includes NSFW picture of topless woman


Eddie is going at it

VA Governor downplays slavery as not "significant"

Freepers: "PALIN/BACHMANN 2012..TAKE THAT LIBERALS!!," "Two of the brightest lights in our country"

I've decided that, henceforth, all my opinions will be classified as "religious beliefs".

Sheriff Arpaio Named to Head FEMA Camp for Teabaggers

Exposing Glenn Beck as a Dangerous Fraud - Bob Cesca/HuffPo

Critics wonder whether Russia concedes too much in arms control deal

what generation do you belong to?

CNN Brass Call Bill Press a Liar about Erickson's Census Shotgun Remark

Some black conservatives question tea party's inclusiveness

Confederate "Heritage" and the Suppression of Truth

LA playing scenes from Chinatown & Tank Girl: Once Again, Council to Ask DWP for Money

Dick Cheney's pal, Tiki Barber drops pregnant wife to run off with 23 yr old NBC intern

Need advice re: teenage son and the military

The Incredible Dangers of the Fetal Rights Movement

Demonstrators gathered prior to the appearance Palin at Bachman rally (LOL) - pic

Pissarro masterpiece travels a twisted history

ABC reports Americans are debating the Iraq video

Feds to announce arrest in east Texas-at least 14 devices have been found


Nice Symmetry, Or... How Conveeeeeeenient !!! - Two Wikileak Video Stories From Democracy Now

I'm really struggling with this Wikileaks video... What do we tell our children!?

Stone & Water

Political Songs

Proud Of Being Ignorant

I've been away so, sorry if everyone has seen this already: What if Joe Biden

Confederate History Month in Virginia???

Having your posts locked or deleted on DU is *NOT* censorship

Having your posts locked or deleted on DU is *NOT* censorship

Does voting even really matter in America anymore?

What do you think is the essential political struggle in the US?

Claiming miners make $70,000 a year was what they said about auto workers when they tried to bust

Who would you cast in the teen movie about Constance McMillien's "fake" prom?

How many of you come here willing to change your opinion if you're wrong?

"with all the tax increases coming..." -- huh?

'CASE CLOSED - Monsanto Guilty As Charged for Crimes...'

Is Murder the New Torture?

Fox News On U.S.-Russia Nuclear Pact: Cue The Mushroom Cloud

Selling a sneaker using a dead man. I've had just about enough!

Some conclusions on the Wikileaks video by the military

Brooksley Born Excoriates Alan Greenspan: “You Failed”

Breaking News: The Second Coming Is Here.

Hot for Teacher? ..... Not at Yale.

Why I Stay: A Parable From A Progressive Catholic

"If wishes were horses, beggars would ride." Here are my wishes - what do you think?

Hitler hears there are problems with Hannity's Freedom Concerts -- video link fixed.

If you do not think the Wikileaks shooting was a mistake, what do you think was the motive?

My 22 year old now uninsured

Congress takes recess leaving 212,000 jobless Americans without unemployment benefits

Unemployed people. Here's a picture of Tom Coburn if you need one!

Teacher Told To "Cease & Desist" Bringing Fruit/Healthy Food To Class Or Be Fired

When Insults Had Class

Woods even slept with his neighbor's young daughter

I think Eli Broad and Bill Gates

Dave Chappelle buys shopping center

For all the pitbull haters - name me a "safe" dog breed.

We offered some affordable health care services outside today's Palin/Bachmann rally in Minneapolis

Millions of homeowners paying property taxes based on home value before bubble burst

Older workers keeping young adults out of jobs

MSNBC Launches on SIRIUS XM Radio

K & R if you think MSNBC should offer David Schuster a fat raise to keep him.

If this fucking pony gets one drop of oil spilled on it, I'm going to be royally pissed

The GOP's Winning 2010 Slogan ------------->

Wealthy recieve more subsidies than the poor

Florida county exempt from education bill because of deal with Gates Foundation.

Oregon Mail-in Ballots & Hand-Recount System vs. New York Lever System: 2000-2008 (TIA)

Wikileaks video - another point of view

Remember when the days were long and rolled beneath the deep blue sky

Ipad or Iphone?

Is It Me, Or Do The Contestants On American Idol Sound The Same . . .

Law and Order now, new;

Heroes of Newerth open beta has started

Doing my itaxes today

"Tombstone me now, Skinner."

2.5 year-old playing with an iPad

I can't leave you kids alone.

What's your gamer psychology?

:Staples Guy: WOW!

"Simply Shady"

For those of you who have been wondering...


The 40 Deadliest Fast-Food Meals

so today I rcvd the "voluntary" RiF notice - apparently 150 folks out of 800

CoyotesPaw's drunken Poetry corner

Aliens hunting livestock on earth, experts claim

Man dials 911 after prostitute fails to deliver full $50 worth of services in White Castle rest room

Bon Appétit?

Jim Butcher fans. CHANGES is out. Go read it.

Shit. Time flies by

Co-worker who is not from this part of the country: "Have Boughten? It's Have Bought!"




DU Real Estate Wizards.... need your counsel.

Why won't Amazon sell me a newspaper subscription?

Angry short order cook deep fries a Pomeranian to get even with diner manager

Best play by a pitcher

I saw the movie "Afghan Star" last night. We need to pull out of there!

Note to self: Do NOT read the comments following a Yahoo news article

Ray Wylie Hubbard delivers a cosmic masterpiece

I surveyed 5 proctologists, and 4 of 'em said

OMG, kids tv sounds really kinky if you aren't paying attention...

We are now live!

It's been 2 years now and I'm so glad I quit

Are you trying to think of a subject for your English theme?


Best TV villains?

Spring time is when a young men fancy turns to young ladies...

Attention Debi!

Grandfathers and Step grandchildren

Has any genre of music improved or progressed in the last 15-20 years?

Deschanel of choice?

Dancing with the Stars - Second Week Elimination

songs about insects

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Is Pandora down for anyone?

I Don't Know

Can I borrow some money?

I am so old I used to carry a church key

Apologies DU. Rest assured, I will never ever post anything resembling news on DU again.

Long time pot smokers - do you think you are suffering any ill effects

Naperville, IL to recieve a 9-foot tall, 2000 pound Dick...

The Raah Project on Art Nation

How many slaves do you plan to buy during your celebration of Confederate History Month?

Anytime I hear some asshole moan about "personal responsibility" I want to throw rocks at them


Now Entering Shake City

Dammit Tommy!

the next person who i catch doing (insert pet peeve here) will get smacked in the mouth list for 4-7

Oh no! It has finally really happened. Abe Vigoda is no longer with us.

Leading the NL West!

Tofino, B.C. named "Best Surf Town" on North American continent

breaker breaker horndog

Thank you mods.

Can I give birds (outdoor birds) raspberries and blueberries?

NYC Subway gets Rick Roll'd

Leading the NL Central!

Relax, I'm here now.

We have most of the major world cuisines in Redding

Lando Calrissian's Eight Rules for Getting Galactic Tail

Jimi Hendrix - "Like A Rolling Stone" @ Monterey Pop

Have we had a Word Association Game lately?

Have you read an e-book?

my latest poem: "Rod Stewart"

Thank you, mods!

Pope SexySexy I

We are hot chicks drinking red wine talking literature ask us anything

My parent's dog Bailey is crossing the Rainbow Bridge on Thursday. Nothing more can be done for him

OMG: LIsten to this Taiwanese GUY nail Whitney Houston's song

Burger King caught stealing recipe from Mcdonalds


Teh airlines? Cwazy!

Should I join the Democratic Socialists of America?

This sex thread is me calling you out for that tombstoning comment in that locked thread over in GDP

When was the last time that you... you know?

I know it's early, but what's for lunch?

Proper nouns come into play in Scrabble rule change

Trololololo Cat!

Do you watch The Smoking Gun's World's Dumbest shows?


Anybody here use Yahoo Pipes to filter their RSS feeds?

Our little Yanny has now joined her sister

Know why Republicans are so afraid of being rounded up and put in concentration camps?

Ultimate license plate fail........and from a now Red state

Just had a woman call with a "free bible study" offer

Any building contractors or handy people here? I am putting a window in my attic

About your Confederate ancestors ...

Have you tried Uhpdogg® ?

A new poem: At The Beach

More Art CGI revisited

"Why can't poor folks just...go away?"

Who is the coolest Seinfeld character?

Any experience with a stalker?

Pick SoxFan's birthday lunch

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/7/10

Things you would NOT want to name a restaurant? How about

Post songs about or that mention,Shoes....

Breakng 7.8 Quake Hit Sumatra

ACLU Calls For Restoration Of Net Neutrality Principles

Coburn is a snake. He's definitely just trying to get some good press for some reason

Joe Biden: A comprehensive nuclear arms strategy

Europeans warned of Toyota pedals well before US

More insurers shenanigans, this time in MA where Governor Patrick refused to accept huge price

I know it's the Weekly Standard, but just read this and see how these people think

It hit 93 degrees in Washington, DC today, April 6 2010. Hey Inhofe Gang

RNC Possibly Breaks Law in Record March Fundraising; But the DNC raises 2mil more!

What part of the FIFTH AMENDMENT does President Obama NOT understand?

MA Republican is demanding that Martha Coakley join the HCR lawsuit

The perfect response to ANYTHING McCain says from now on:

Please sign's "Billion Dollars a Day" Petition...

Earning His Nobel Prize


China Cyber - Spies Target India, Dalai Lama: Report

Hugo Boss workers will rally with Ohio governor on Wednesday

Chamber of Commerce attacks effort to ban secretly funded ads

Bill to strike (Calif.) state law aimed at "curing" gays moves forward

What on Earth have Republicans become? They are even paranoid about Arms Control.

Will freepers side with POTUS or Ahmadinejad?

Did Obama comment on the Wikileaks video?

Military can't find its copy of Iraq killing video

Dems blast GOP congressional candidate Allen West’s ‘make the fellow scared’ remark about Klein

Rossi Sounds Like A Candidate In WA

Dear Networks: Rudy Has No National Security Authority Whatsoever

US man sentenced to hard labour in North Korea

NY-29: Dems Pick Zeller as Candidate

Obama up to 50 Percent approval from Gallup

Obama is never going to live down that pitch on opening day. Even Jon Stewart is dogging him

IL-Gov: Brady Posts a Big Lead Over Quinn

Documents: Toyota lagged in issuing US warnings

Arrest Follows Threat to Kill Senator

Pissarro masterpiece travels a twisted history founder challenging Brown

Anti-govt protests sweep Kyrgyzstan, 100 said dead

Obama to change terrorism-related wording of National Security Strategy

Downtown building evacuated; 5 people react to powder-filled letter

Military can't find its copy of Iraq killing video (AP)

Media love notwithstanding, Giuliani has no idea what he's talking about on national security

Scopolamine: Vice TV Seeks Out the Devil's Breath

Senate Democrats defend 9th Circuit Court nominee Liu against GOP criticism

If Pres. Obama is Maoist/Stalinist/anti-Freedom Communist...

Krugman: Building a Green Economy

Dem hopefuls trail GOP choices in governor's race, poll shows(MI)

GOP strategist Jay Townsend eyes run against Schumer

Leaked video shows civilian killings in Iraq, signifies growing power of independent Web journalism

Kirk Senate Bid Raises $2.2 Million in First Quarter

(Mn) House Speaker praises strikers for taking stand for fair wages

Kyrgyz president flees Bishkek: airport official

White House urges passage of summer jobs legislation

Health and Welfare to close 9 offices, lay off 126 workers

S&P puts Massey Energy ratings on watch

Wanna know where the FEMA Concentration Camps talking point come from?

Obama weighs new peace plan for the Middle East

Brooksley Born Excoriates Alan Greenspan: “You Failed”

Abe Vigoda has died.

Former Cherokee Nation chief Wilma Mankiller dies

Pinochet case judge charged with judicial abuse

Proud Of Being Ignorant

Kyrgyzstan Protests: Opposition Claims Control, At Least 40 People Killed

AP sources: FBI arrests man for threatening Pelosi

Former RNC official: Steele struck a deal with Michigan GOP to increase fundraising numbers

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday April 7

Marco Rubio cash haul = $3.6M

Feds cited Massey mine twice on day of explosion

Military can't find its copy of Iraq killing video

Obama weighs new peace plan for the Middle East

Wonderful post by Digby re: Bart Stupak: Between A Rock And A Teabag

ACLU on Obama's assassination of Americans policy

Crisis in Kyrgyzstan - The big picture

Wealthy executive shakes up Georgia governor's race

Kyrgyzstan opposition sets up 'people's government'

U.S. Military Weighs Renewing Probe Over Iraq Video

Kyrgyzstan protests spread to capital, Bishkek

Anti-govt protests rock Kyrgyzstan, 17 said dead

Thai Parliament stormed; chopper rescues lawmakers

Montana militia member sentenced for retaliation

Nearly half of US households escape fed income tax

Charity reveals 'scorched earth' Yemen images

Obama White House unveils 'open government' plans

Bob McDonnell Apologizes For Slavery Omission In 'Confederate History Month' Proclamation

Bob McDonnell Apologizes For Slavery Omission In 'Confederate History Month' Proclamation

Bob McDonnell Apologizes For Slavery Omission In 'Confederate History Month' Proclamation

GM Ready To Repay Govt Loan, Sees Chance Of Profit

Jerry Brown gets a Democratic challenger

Secret Funding of U.S. Chamber’s Political Ads May Be Outlawed

Militia radio station aired sheriff's dispatches in search for Hutaree member

Goldman Sachs is very grateful

If Obama takes us to War with Iran, What Do We Do???

The Presidents #25: William McKinley

RNC looking at Salt Lake for their convention.

Norwegian Bishop Resigned Because of Abuse

Automaker Pensions Underfunded by $17 Billion

US Senate panel to hold hearing on Iran

Is this America? IS THIS AMERICA????????

Obama Targets US Citizen for 'Kill or Capture'

Freeper: "Our strength is in the facts"

'Drug offender' could be added to licenses

Asteroid to pass Earth within moon's orbit

Scientists Discover First Multicellular Life That Doesn't Need Oxygen

Kucinich, Seven Members Applaud Nuclear Disarmament Deal

Bob McDonnell (Racist? - VA) now realizes that maybe slavery was significant

News Hour let Greenspan's lie that Frannie and Freddie caused the financial crisis go unchallenged

Volcker: Taxes likely to rise eventually to tame deficit

Attention FOX-News - I've Got a Live One Here ...

A photo that would scare the crap out of asshats like Glenn Beck on his pro-nuke tirade

A Tea Party With a Side of Bacon?

Obama Administration Authorizes CIA to Kill US Citizen

Obama Tries To Change Terrorism Rhetoric, Remove Terms Like 'Islamic Radicalism'...

Re: The Wikileak Iraq Death from Above Video

SEIU 26 Window Cleaners Arrested Protesting Deaths on the Job

what's in the health care reform law for your family

Public Knowledge Explains: The Comcast-Bittorrent Decision

Keith Is Left Speechless After Going Over What Tom Coborn Said To His Audience About Faux & Pelosi

Bill ('majority are post pubescent') Donahue and Sinead O'Connor on the Catholic church abuse (3:13)

The American Denial of Global Warming

Meg Whitman Avatar Ad by Level the Playing Field 2010

Thom Hartmann - How much blood was shed so Don Blankenship could make his $16 million?

RFK Jr - The GOP's Dirty War

Teabagger candidate Allen West: Make the Democratic candidate scared to come out of his house

Gov. Robert F. McDonnell, R-VA - Confederate History Month proclamation irks civil rights leaders

Democracy NOW! Wikileaks Video w/Julian Assange and Glenn Greenwald

Are You Still Proud to be an American Lee Greenwood?

Florida's 'Modern Day Slavery'


Red stumps Gohmert R-TX on abortion & health care

Miner Safety Press Conference

U.S. covering up reality in Honduras

Thom Hartmann - The Good. The Bad. and the Very Very Ugly. Hansen. Exxon. Massey....Oh My!

Faux And Fiends' Debate On Nukes Goes Nuclear

Militia members exhibit penis envy says Bill Press

The outlaw CEO of an outlaw corporation!

TYT; Internet Freedom in Danger After Court Ruling

I can't grow marijuana?? says you...political comedy

Murdoch: Fox "Shouldn't Be Supporting the Tea Party"

Republicans and the Constitution

The Murdered Samaritan's 2 Children Who Were Injured By US Army Attack In Wikileaks' Video Speak Out

Jim Grant Eviscerates Greenspan, The Foolish Ayn Rand Acolyte Who Just Wants To Be Loved

They Tanked The Economy! They Tortured People! They Outed A CIA Agent! They Lied About War!

Tell it to your sister, Bristol

Rachel Maddow Shows How Faux Coconspired With O'Keefe & Giles To Fabricate The Acorn "Scandal"

FBI Investigates Tea Party Threats After Rep. Steve Cohen TYT Interview

FLASHBACK: Hannity delivers keynote speech for Massey CEO Don Blankenship's rally

Karzai Threatens to Join Cast of 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat'

Former MoveOn Exec. Director announces Candidacy for CA Gov

Believe It or Not (2010 Imperial Edition): U.S. War-Fighting Numbers to Knock Your Socks Off

"We have shot an amazing number of people, but to my knowledge, none has ever proven to be a threat.

The Church’s Judas Moment M. Dowd

Garrison Keillor: Where's our old-fashioned government jobs program?

Believe It or Not (2010 Imperial Edition) U.S. War-Fighting Numbers to Knock Your Socks Off

Is This the Future of Journalism? Why Wikileaks matters.

Mines Fight Strict Laws by Filing More Appeals.

Volcker: Taxes likely to rise eventually to tame deficit

Who’s Up for Building Bridges?

AlterNet: Uncommonly Ill -- The Double Whammy of Suffering from a Rare Disease

Randy Shaw: "Why CNN Fails"

The death of Net neutrality: Five quick thoughts

Kyrgyzstan in crisis as clashes escalate

Authority in the Internet Age

Catholics and Baptists Have Different Sacraments but Similar Child Abuse Scandals

"25 Massey Energy miners are dead because OSHA couldn’t do anything more than levy fines"

Court Drives FCC to Nuclear Option to Regulate Broadband

Proud Of Being Ignorant (Ta-Nehisi Coates)

Massey Energy and the United Mine Workers Union

What Happens When We Don't See the Tipping Points

Massey Mine Disaster debunks Self-Regulating Free-Market Myth

Indiana Daily Student Op-Ed piece: "Just go away, Mrs. Palin"

See the Sky About to Rain

China's Metamorphosis: fr Export Juggernaut to a Credit Addict

Should And Could Democrats Push “Local Jobs For America Act” Using Reconciliation?

Scientist, Joseph Morrissey robbed and killed

The SCAM behind NAIS - "Our Land: Collateral for the National Debt"

Terrorist or militia member, where is the line?

Brooksley Born Excoriates Alan Greenspan: “You Failed” ... I gotta tape this!

What Happens When We Don't See the Tipping Points

Another Gangbuster Year for CEO Pay

What Would Nixon Do

'Machete used in anti-Semitic attack'

Mourning in the Mountains By DENISE GIARDINA

Mourning in the Mountains

Morality as a Plus-Sum Game: Why Libertarianism Fails as a Social Policy

Nuclear power reactor modifications made at Davis-Besse

Fatality Narrowly Avoided In German Wind Turbine Accident. 1,200 Ton Turbine Destroyed.

Early Earth stayed warm because its ocean absorbed more sunlight; greenhouse gases were not involved

Environmentalist Burned to Death By Ethanol.

Archaeologists Uncover Land Before Wheel; Site Untouched for 6,000 Years

Detroit Metro Times: Greening our minds

USGS Preliminary Information on High River Flows in Northeastern U.S. (Record-breaking flooding)

Gone with the wind: Far-flung pine pollen still potent miles from the tree (even transgenic trees?)

Drumbeat: April 7, 2010

Eastern US forests resume decline - New research finds 4.1 percent loss over 3 decades

Fire ants, poison ivy, deer ticks: Global warming’s big winners

Recipe for a Sustainable Diet

A 250-year index of first flowering dates and its response to temperature changes

Chemicals Used To Disperse Oil Spilled So Far On Great Barrier Reef Also Toxic To Corals - SMH

Citing Bad Economy, Exxon-Mobil Lays Off 25 Congressmen

How science (advances in deep-root food plants) could spark a second Green Revolution

Sun Chips' new bag - yea for Sun Chips!!

Extreme Hurricane Season Feared

Beetle gets extra protection

XPost to GD: Nuclear Power, Terrorism and Obama's order to target Anwar al-Awlaki

Clean Fusion Breakthrough?

Denmark to Destroy 1200 Hectares (2900 acres) of Forest For Wind Test Facility.

Safe & Clean

Place Your Bets! NSIDC Calls Arctic Sea Ice Maximum For Year 3/31/10

UCSB Scientists Obtain Unique Recordings of Easter Earthquake in Mexico

Solar Cells: UQAM researcher solves two 20-year-old problems

ELSAM (West Denmark Utilities Co) Development Head: "Wind turbines do not reduce CO2 emissions."

UCSB Geologist Discovers Pattern in Earth's Long-Term Climate Record

Why is the Cato Institute suddenly reading out of Amory Lovins' playbook?

5% chance that humans will be extinct by 2100

environmentalist chased down and killed by runaway wind-mill.

Same Story, different Year

UConn Stanford game on

To get to 89-0, UCONN needs to get by Baylor, Stanford, Oklahoma

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, April 6)

Pulse of the States: Which team will win the NFC East...

Fill in the expletives from Big Papi:

I hate to say it, but Geno Auriemma's assistant coach is really HOT!

Where's the 4 point line

More proof of East Coast Bias

Police: Big Ben investigation goes to district attorney's office

Auf wiedersehen, ManUre! Adios, Arsenal!

More proof of the East Coast Bias (This time by the NCAA)


Martina Navratilova diagnosed with breast cancer

David (expletive) Ortiz irked by reminders of slow '09 start

Venezuela Raises Dairy Prices 30% After Devaluation

Credit default swap monitor: Venezuela is the world's riskiest debt

U.S. and Brazil Negotiate First Major Military Cooperation Agreement in Decades

Morgan Stanley predicts dollar crunch in Venezuela

Venezuela's purchase of Russian arms to exceed USD 9.4 billion

Interesting Foreign Exchange Website

What an “Unconstitutional State of Affairs” in Colombia!

U.S., Brazil settle tariff dispute

Scopolamine: Vice TV Seeks Out the Devil's Breath

Cuba opens online store with cultural twist

Car production down 18.11 percent in the first quarter

"My father was ready for jail, and that's why he refused to flee" (Venezuela)

Colombia Hopes to Strengthen Ties to Russia

Note this date today! We have OUR FIRST LOCKED THREAD IN LAT-AM TODAY!

Eighty-three percent rejects measures leading to communism (Venezuela)

Uruguayan President thanks Venezuelan "generosity"

Cuban dissident drowns in attempt to reach island (return to Cuba)

Pinochet case judge charged with judicial abuse

Al Jazeera Video from Caracas

Posada Carilles presente! - The Stains of a March - Gloria Estefan's spectacle in Miami

After Violence, Critics Say Peru's Alan Garcia Unfit To Lead

Cuban Elections: Part One - Candidate Nominations

JOB OPENING - Online Organizer - Oakland, CA

We are now only 94 days away from the opening of LabourStart's first-ever global solidarity conferen

Job Openings: looking for communicators to take on walmart

Pray for the Dead, Fight for the Living (Support budget requests for more mine inspectors)

Judaism and the Imperative of Ending Wage Theft

It has to start somewhere.


Broken Laws, Unprotected Workers Violations of Employment and Labor Laws in America's Cities

Today in Labor History Apr 7 NLRB attorney tells ILWU members to “lie down like good dogs”, & more

Today in Labor History Apr 6 Rev J Jackson: When whites are unemployed, it’s considered a depression

Peace will come later

Mortar shells fired at Israel land in Gaza, injure 6 Palestinians

US scientist who tried to spy for Israel: I won’t end up like Pollard

Al-Qaida operative chides Hezbollah for 'protecting' Israel

Settlers push to evict two more East Jerusalem families

New Study from The Construction Insitute Shows Impact of Construction Unions on Massachusetts Econom

Palestinians Try a Less Violent Path to Resistance

Netanyahu: Israel will not be pushed to peace

Report: 6 detained for organ trafficking in Israel

Israel seizing hundreds of millions of shekels meant for Palestinian services

Israel Is 'Main Threat To Middle East Peace': Turkey

Palestinians Try a Less Violent Path to Resistance

Yediot’s Barnea: Netanyahu asks Wiesel to intervene with Obama

PA names Ramallah street after Hamas terror mastermind

Iran vows to strike Israel immediately if attacked

Martina Navratilova diagnosed with breast cancer

Some people will go out of their way to avoid having to associate with gay people (MS "fake" prom)

MS heteros-only prom attendee's lesson from the Blend about thinking before posting on Facebook

Open Letter to an observant Orthodox Jew, Dr Laura Schlessinger about Homosexuality and the Bible

Front group for NARTH posing as pediatric group distributing homophobic information to schools

Myth of the 'gay lifestyle' justifies bias

Followup: Constance McMillen’s classmates confirm prom ruse, the fact that they’re bigoted

The Catholic church has been spreading lies about Homosexuals and Child Molestation

Concealed weapon permit holder

Police chief called coward!

California Democrat proposes mandatory gun registration ...

Canada set to repeal registration of hunting rifles, shotguns ...

Some interesting black and white photos. Found this

90deg F in April in the Mountains?

Some photos from this morning

Promises in my back yard, and a few throw in's

Natural Rorschach inkblot....

one hour of pollen fall


I just bought me this lens

Russian, U.S. physicists together synthesize 117th element

Archaeologists Uncover Land Before Wheel; Site Untouched for 6,000 Years

Unconscious Learning Uses Old Parts of the Brain

GPS-Guided Landings Begin for Airline

Dennis Hong and his robots

Giant Lizard Discovered In The Philippines

DUer could use ASAH wisdom. :)

Can you believe this guy or am I being mean?

Question for Astrologers

Why aren't the kids affected by these energies?

"The Buddha" airing tonight on PBS, check you local listings ;=D

Does anybody here watch LOST? (A bit spoiler-y inside)

Happy birthday, Fire Walk With Me!

Is it wrong to use young children to make fun of Scientology?

"S/he's in a better place." I hate it when people say that about a dead person.

People who consider atheism a religion should stop trying to convince me I'm agnostic

How many of you experience heart palpitations?

Psychiatrists want to call being angry a mental illness. How utterly mad! Hoarding also to be added

Did 'Regular' Flu Shot Up Risks for H1N1 Flu?

China's Flawed Economic Model by Mike Whitney

Blame Europe, former Federal Reserve boss tells US inquiry into financial crisis

Switzerland Threatens Tax Cheats Using ‘Wrappers’

Equipment movers in demand as factories shut

The Latest Gold Fraud Bombshell: Canada's Only Bullion Bank Gold Vault Is Practically Empty

Rick 'the weasle' Santelli.. $150 Oil by Summer VIDEO

when moody's or s&p talk about devaluing US AAA rating are they threatening something?

"Eat, Pray, Love" is coming out as a movie this summer.

randi weingarten & broad

DC Teachers contract settled

Pro-reorganization slate wins all three contested KC school board seats

Words matter to these Evanston students

The Other Argument for Seniority