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Archives: April 9, 2010

Rat Rides Cat on Dog in Texas (a lesson in peace and harmony)

Hair today, gone tomorrow. Say bye bye to Pony Tail. (With pics)

CA bill would create annual "Ronald Reagan Day"

Tea Party flag will not fly at Connecticut Capitol - Waaah

Tea Party flag will not fly at Connecticut Capitol - Waaah

Rep. Kucinich Joins Workers at Hugo Boss to Save Jobs

Tweety got it right. These "people" who claim to love Lincoln

Real Sports Heroes

Yale Daily News: Liu LAW ’98 faces scrutiny


Rick Perry and his war against book learnin'

Confederate Resurgence Shows That, in America, History is (Re)Written by the Losers

A Teabbager Is A Klansman Who Knows What He's Doing

St. Paul Pioneer Press: Our new history books -- Texas style

Why did the U.S. Abstain from Voting As World Bank Backs Huge S. African Coal Project?

Wow, I found a perfect example of the racist fuckwads coming out from under their rocks.

"That woman is an idiot"

"That woman is an idiot"

Congressman: GOP will roll out new 'Contract' as early as late summer

Mine Operator Escaped Added Oversight After Warning

Anti-Roma (gypsies), anti-Semitic far-right party poised to gain in Hungarian election.

Forget the Left Liberal bias of the Media. Life itself is biassed to the left

WTF?? Beck has picture of Orson Welles in his office?

Clinic refused man breast cancer screening

Arizona House votes to allow carrying concealed weapons without a permit.

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Obama responds to Palin

NC GOP Chair Calls On Steele To Resign. But who'll bring the fried chicken & potato salad?

Hushed Money: Could Karl Rove's new 527 avoid campaign-finance disclosure requirements?

Election 2012 Ballot choices

Election 2012 Ballot choices

Tweety: "If my endorsement helps you, John McCain, you've got it. I don't endorse, by the way."

Tweety: "If my endorsement helps you, John McCain, you've got it. I don't endorse, by the way."

New University of Washington survey explores attitudes of tea party supporters

RW'ers should embrace the HCR purchase "mandate"

OMG! BartCop! Whew! Just when I thought I'd seen it all!

Why public officials should stay off Twitter unless they know what they are doing..

Clue to lung cancer detected

Anyone think this earthquake might have affected the coal mine disaster?

By all means, Palin and Bachman absolutely SHOULD run for president

Everything's Coming Up Halter: Money, Polls Suggest He's The Real Deal (can beat Lincoln)

$hitibank: We had no clue our recklessness would nearly crash the financial system

Michelle Bachmann: Tea Party and GOP Are "Merging"

Tonight on Fox, Sean Hannity and a bunch of old white people.

A.C. Grayling:Ideas that Matter: The Concepts that Shape the 21st Century.

33 states out of money to fund jobless benefits

The Political Enclave That Dare Not Speak It's Name

The Glenn Beck Advertiser Boycott Must Be Working

The property of those higher on the hierarchy is more valuable than the lives of those below.

Rachel Maddow on C Street Servants (via Twitter)

wasn't this dipshit indicted?

Gut Bacteria Give Super Seaweed-Digestion Power to Japanese

On the Qatari Diplomat incident

More headaches for Pope Ratz.....The abuse hotline rings off the hook

TDS - Northern Heritage Civil War Commemorative Chess Set

George W. Bush 'knew Guantánamo prisoners were innocent'

Who is this lunatic Scott Southworth

The Canary in the Cradle of Western Civilization

President Obama makes clear he is not taking advice from Palin on nuclear arsenal

Bomb Chasers: How a Potential Nuke Was Rescued from the Chile Quake

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Quote of the Day

Is the same mentality at work with the Catholic Church and US government?

Preproduction Volts roll off line at GM Hamtramck plant

Failure to Win Public Option Hurts Progressives in Fight For Strong Climate Bill:

WOW! Barney Frank is gonna be on Leno tonight

Benjamin Netanyahu won't attend conference to reduce nuclear weapons spread

A (perhaps stupid) question about the Catholic Church scandal

Home found for orphaned seal delivered by hunter

Why do Christians own & carry guns? Isn't gun ownership a rejection of faith?

Tonight's epic fail....

Stupid ass golf

The Secret Life of Green Roofs: Portland Aims for 49 Acres of Eco-Roofs by 2013

On Leno, Barney Frank just called Sarah a "quitter" and McCain "old".

The Qatari diplomat debacle proves that our nation has lost its mind - and how to start fixing it

Sarah, your golden opportunity to prove you really are a feminist..

"When You're Strange": The real Jim Morrison

Bank of America to Increase Foreclosure Rate by 600% in 2010 (45,000/mo)

If you want to understand a monster like Don Blankenship . . .

American Red Cross Insignia of WW II

We all need to join this effort!

Documents detail the last days of Phoebe Prince before suicide from bullying

Instead of imposing a tax on not having insurance,

Is Global Warming Real? Just Ask the Flowers

Talk about dividing the republican party - Palin's driving prez contenders away from major events

Former Polaroid owner Tom Petters jailed for 50 years for Ponzi fraud

Ex-‘Survivor’ producer free from Mexican detention

That "war of Northern aggression"...

A song of Freedom...

Our Overlords are revealing themselves. Just in time too.

Florida teen pops open can of malt liquor in back seat while getting ride home from Sheriff

The KKK speaks:

Things that Keep You Awake at Night

I want to work here: Workers strike over ban on drinking at work

Please tell me this is not true!

West Virginia workers speak on mine disaster

People never stop looking no matter what they may say:

Notice how the scum bags at Morning Joe Scum are talking down Trumka's

Tonite, Keith Olbermann sums up Palin in 5 words: THAT WOMEN IS AN IDIOT!

NY Times - "Why So Glum? Numbers Point to a Recovery"

New York invasion by 8-bits creatures!

Media Matters - "Right-wing media rushed to politicize reports of an attempted shoe bomb attack"

Obama/Duncan can make the Republican Party of Florida look AWFUL by not approving a RTTT grant !


Rescue workers pulled out of W Va mine for third time due to safety concerns

I had a strange thought tonite: Michael Steele as GOP VP candidate 2012

The GOP's Trip to Tiffany's

Palin's "spontaneous" rallies:

The GOP's Trip to Tiffany's

Fox And Friends-"Why We Don't We Make A Muhammad List"

New Element Discovered

Rachel is annihilating Coburn the hypocrite

CNN: Teen turns escape from pain into charity

CNN: Teen turns escape from pain into charity

I wonder what the newest member of the Sarah Assclown clan will be called....

Did Schwarzenegger fire state sell-off critics? Former appointee says yes

I just realized that treason is tax-deductible

AIG to pay Ohio $9 Million Settlement

Impeach The Bastard!

PLEASE send a FREE fax from your computer to FL governor Charlie Crist's office

Jail me, Elmo? Police: Dad left pot in boy’s bag

Harris Poll on "Most Powerful Republican" (in order): Mitt, TaliBunny, McCain, Newt, Evil Dick...

The GOP-owned, unauditable electronic voting machines will get a workout in 2010

SEIU Launches Third Party In North Carolina

Growing Number of Threats to Lawmakers

Republicans Gather in New Orleans But Ignore Katrina

Sick bastards at Free Republic.

Newspaper chain astroturfs its ‘right-wing’ editorials

Missouri state budget cuts hit education hard

If there are any lawyers here, could you PM me

Berlin Jews Alarmed By Spate Of Anti - Semitic Attacks

Republicans, Leukemia Team Up To Repeal Health Care Law

Who knew? The St. Gabriel Possenti Society

C Street House Used Interns As Servants, Author Tells Rachel Maddow

Rep. Bart Stupak, who cut deal with Obama on abortion, tells AP he is retiring

Rep. Bart Stupak, who cut deal with Obama on abortion, tells AP he is retiring

I'm going to credit the Tea Party Express with forcing Stupak out LOL and. . .

Tina Fey To Revive Palin impression This Saturday

"Mom, Dad - I Have Something Terrible To Tell You: I'm Gay" (Mr. Fish)

Firefighters Rescue Kitten From Pipe

If I were a teacher in FL, I'd look for a job in another state.

Sometimes, music just hits the spot. Today's trio....

"tea party speaker cancels appearance" (Wausau, Wisconsin)

AlterNet: If You Think the Civil War Ever Ended, Think Again

Massey plans to replace lost W.Va. coal production (will put more pressure on other mines )

What went on in the C-street house?

So my little conservative community thinks the balance of power will change in November....

WTF?? Housing Developer Transfer Fees? For 99 years??

Minimum Wage Machine

CNN, MSNBC! Stupak may be leaving because of C Street scandal.

We ALL Own A Piece of the Horror At Montcoal

Copyright and wrong

NYDN: The Nike Ad Shows Woods Has No Shame

This is what happens when a city sells it soul

Donations Slow to arrive for Boy's Memorial Fund

So David Shuster's desire for a better job makes him "not moral, ethical, or professional?"

Take Back America Tour Tickets Now Half-Price For Kansas City Event 4/10!! Get 'Em While You Can!!!

Daily Iowan Article - The violence of American politics

Was it “Nobody Saw It Coming” or “Everybody Who Saw It Coming Was a Nobody”?

The Quintessential Fox News Image

Steve King Denounces Humane Society As 'Vegetarians With An Agenda'

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens to retire this summer

Who is the leader of the Republican Party ??

MMMM. A big, frosty, foamy mug of moose-flavored Kool-Aid: "Palin Is No Puppet" (National Journal)

"Pope's hope to revive Europe's Christian heritage imperiled"

CNN Cowers, Afraid of Tea Party Critics

Jon Stewart Slams Sarah Palin and Faux News ignorance on Nuclear Treaty

Stupid. Union Memo Hints At Gov.'s Death

What if the people of Los Angeles told the Pope they won't accept Archbishop Jose Gomez ?

Laura Ingraham Tweets that Barney Frank is retiring

Colleges Get Failing Grades on Civics

Video Clip of Rachel Maddow's comments about Tom Coburn

Israeli PM Netanyahu pulls out of US nuclear summit

Israeli PM Netanyahu pulls out of US nuclear summit

Digby on the rush Limbaugh gets from rape imagery

Corruption and oil wealth have combined to create one of the world’s most unequal societies

Caption time!

2:26 a.m. Friday: Florida Republican House passes radical merit pay bill for teachers; on to Crist

UPS to hire 25,000 drivers over next 5 years... boomers retiring

Westboro Baptist Statement: "So God reached down and smacked one of those mines, killing 25..."

Are Nukes Needed to Deter Cyber Attacks? Bachmann Says 'Yes'

Lunch-Only Beer Policy Prompts Carlsberg Strike

Tiny Worms Employed to Unlock Keys to Herbal Medicines

HAZMAT event in Pa.

A tragic accident, a predictably depraved freepfuck response.

A tragic accident, a predictably depraved freepfuck response.

A tragic accident, a predictably depraved freepfuck response.

Sarah Palin is an IQ test

Tea Party = KKK.... I like it.

Poll: The IRS Is More Popular With Americans Than The Tea Party

Hazard Report: Mercury Removed from School

SCHOOL District blamed for charter schools' lack of ethics.

Mines Carry Backlog Of $90M In Violations - USAToday

I wrote this and it will be in my local paper this week

To Stalemate the Tea Baggers....

Idiocy Revealed As Key Tool Against the (Domestic) Terrorists

Idiocy Revealed As Key Tool Against the (Domestic) Terrorists

FDA to Take a Closer Look at Soap with Triclosan Antibacterial Agent

FBers take note: The Beer Party

The New Political Violence

There's Another Kind Of Bag I'd Like To Compare The Teabaggers To But It Wouldn't Be Appropriate

Wholesale inventories and sales both post gains

Meet Mr. Mining Disaster

Massey Energy Bought Workers Comp Insurance Coverage Shortly Before Mine Explosion

Breaking News: Justice Stevens Announces Retirement.

I Hope John Paul Stevens Has A Long And Happy Retirement

It's the media that claims the Pukes are going to make "big" gains this November

Why are the Freepers so ridiculous in their contradictory claims?

AIPAC- We’ll take over the UC Berkeley student government

Potent mauve stinger jellyfish invade British waters

My nominee to replace Justice Stevens

Fox News disproves itself:

Obama's pick for new Supreme Court Justice ... Breaking!

Sen. Franken: 'I Hope President Obama Will Nominate A Successor Who Shares Stevens' Values'

And NEWT Says Obama is the MOST RADICAL.....Maybe....

A 90 year old Supreme Court justice is unacceptable

Toyota documents show it KNEW of pedal flaws in '06

I like this insite about the potential replacement for Stevens and geting support from a few repubs

Has Mooselini "Crossed" A Line???

Any of you think that Shit is going to hit the fan about Stupak and C Street?

Usage and history: Reactionary

DCCC channels progressive funds to Blue Dogs and New Democrats

My suggestion to Obama about the next SCOTUS pick - keep him/her under age of 50

NATO aircraft (Osprey) crashes in Afghanistan, killing 4

Joe Scarborough just got shut off the air...

a consideration to replace Justice Stevens. . .

Does Rush Limbaugh Really Matter?-Mark Green at AlterNet

Eri Yoshida, Female Pitcher, To Play Pro Baseball In U.S.

McConnell: GOP vows 'sustained, vigorous' case in court pick

Are you still Fired Up? Enough to Donate some time....

Americans view the Tea Party Less favorably than the IRS.

Whutabou' chew, Nino, ya sick fuck?

Webster University Op/Ed: Obama neglecting his gay supporters

Gay-Bashing Church Could Lose Tax Exemption

did you know that FDR...


Popeye vs. bullfighting (1938): a pleasantly surprising old B&W theatrical cartoon.

Files show future pope resisted defrocking priest

The GOP Bleeds because They Neglected the Peeps Needs..The GOP BETRAYED US with LIES and THEFT

Palin Bombs as Wine and Spirits Wholesalers' Convention Keynoter in Vegas

The Cover-Ups That Exploded

Re: Justice Stevens' replacement on the Supreme Court..

LIMBOsevic has given up on women/wives. If you want a friend, get a dog. We're sure to love him now.

MSNBC President Tells Fan That Shuster “Was Not Moral, Ethical Or Professional”

Eeeek! Mike Pence for President?!

Hung-over kitty. video.


Gingrich vows to shut down government for two years if GOP retakes Congress, will repeal 'virtually

Men with small penises tend to hate everything because of an inferiority complex.

Today's epic fail company name

BROOKSLEY BORN on C-SPAN, NOW, Commission discussion,

The Tea Party is not a Political Movement...It's a Mental Disorder

Watch Charlie Rose yesterday rerun

Some quotes from the American Taliban or T-baggers or whatever.

Term Limits for the Supreme Court: Life Tenure Reconsidered

Lee Westwood is 3 under after 4 holes and leading the Masters

'My dear Mr. President' -Justice Stevens' retirement letter to President Obama.

New study demands sweeping cuts, privatization for Detroit

My response to a collection letter. Any suggestions before I print & mail?

The hedge fund parasites

31 state Repub chairs feel they can't "fire Pelosi" without a big can of Steele-flavored whup ass

Since Republicans will oppose ANY Supreme Court nominee, no matter who it is, they are irrelevant.

Selling my home... Can someone please answer a few simple questions for me?


Justice John Paul Stevens Appreciation Thread

President Obama: Omission of slaves' history 'unacceptable'

Business Week: Public Wrong, Markets Right, Obama Plan Working - RawStory

WTF Why in the hell does MSNBC continue to interupt its program for Palin

After Haiti Visit, Congresswoman Says She Saw No Sign Of Red Cross

It appears Fox believes they can help the Tea Party overcome the obstacle of intelligent Americans

4 long days of total agony for WV....

Did anyone see this lying ass breitbart going against...

Grayson crashes GOP meeting, says Republicans spying on Obama group

Possible New Human Ancestor Discovered

Slideshow: Justice Stevens

Gerald Ford nominated John Paul Stevens... Brian Austin Green and Meagan Fox speak out against teacher cuts in california

Bush ‘knew Guantanamo prisoners were innocent’

Legal fight over Plumpy'nut, the hunger wonder-product

flew to TN going to drive Left with my goodest friend to Memphis-another Left to Arkansas-S To MS

Palin just said NU CU LER in her speech. I friggin can't believe it!

First health care, now jobs: Right wing advocates discriminating against Obama voters.

Ronald Reagan rolls over in his grave

The 'let's make Sarah Palin chair of the RNC' thread

Many thanks to the moderators!

Batshit Crazy Bachmann's LIKE ALL OF YOU...she "bought used cars & clothes in consignment stores!"

She works HARD for the money: Palin BOMBS as guest speaker at...A WINE WHOLESALER'S EXPO???

For anyone that wants a good site for Information on the Civil war, this

quick though about palin

Beck admits he could care less about politics...

Fake Emergency Broadcast label being used in some fashion to try and help Republicans.

My wife just got back from Haiti and unfortunately....

You'll never believe what a wingnut aquaintence of mine just told me...

Authorities: F-16s neared commercial jet over Ohio

Pope situation, Obstructionism by GOoPers great examples of

Dangling toy for big cats

I have been diagnosed with Palinitus by my doctor

Springtime is a beautiful time to become an outdoor activist.

Yahoo says Justice Steves is a leading LIberal.. Since when?

Tweeple - @KeithOlbermann launched tonight. Go KO! nt

The Onion: Virginia Governor Declares April Confederate History Month

Two Nevada Republicans Call for Ensign to Bow Out

Urge Discovery Communications to Drop Sarah Palin's New Show

Soren Kjeldson to win Masters!

Slate: applying Palin's playground rhetoric to all the issues

Thank you, Mods!

Orrin shut your Hatch

Threats to Congress on the rise

Rachel had a great line re: Coburn

Wonder if that WV mine owner had dead peasant insurance on those miners

Breaking: President Obama nominates Murray Hill, Inc. to Supreme Court

Obama: "Last I checked, Sarah Palin's not much of an expert on nuclear issues"

Top Judiciary GOPer Signals Health Care Could Be Next Court Nominee's Litmus Test

That jug-eared little prick Jeff Sessions is already bumping his gums over Obama's SC pick

India's Reliance buys 1.7 bln dlr stake in US gasfield

Teachers and students in South FL walk out of school after passage of legislation.

Gingrich: Obama is 'most radical president ever'

Facebook users against Sarah Palin(1,000,000 strong and growing)

Draft Howard Dean!


Mitch McConnell promises to give Supreme Court nominee a fair shake:

Nearly 70% Of Officials In Right-Wing Health Care Suit Are Up For Re-Election Or Higher Office

Justice Stevens appreciation thread

Crazy/Insane '12

Crazy/Insane '12

More good news for America, bad news for right-wing media

In PA Senate race,Toomey leads Specter and Sestak in Quinnipiac poll. Let's hope Sestak

Gingrich vows to shut down government for two years if GOP retakes Congress, will repeal 'virtually

Tip of Iceberg of Massey's Titanic Violations: 72-Foot Tidal Wave of Coal Sludge Looms Above Affecte

Salon Radio: Spc. Josh Stieber on WikiLeaks video

AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka On Making Mines Worldwide Safer

Justices Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Chief Justice Roberts: Please consider ONE THING:

MSNBC TV: Eliot Spitzer sitting in for Dylan Ratigan today?

Wait. Why are non-lawyers and non-judges even being considered?

Why is Bart Stupak retiring?

Why is Bart Stupak retiring?

Why is Bart Stupak retiring?

MIssile Defense: A Hard Argument to Refute

Oops that former Cardinal Stalled Pedophile case

Justice Stevens was appointed by President Ford and approved by a 98-0 vote.

First Friday FDIC Failed Financial

Missile defense argument very easy to refute

Good news for Alaska's wolves.

Ready for the latest stupidity?

If you are going to call someone an idiot, then learn proper grammar

does anyone had unresolved issues with verizon?

Special Weather Statement for Oswego, NY

Dawn Johnsen Withdraws Nomination

Humbled CNN backpedals on gay ‘cure’ segment

Howard Dean for Supreme Court!

Palin's Erudition Illustrated

Palin's Erudition Illustrated

12-year-old protester charged; mom, too

US regulators probe risk of brake failure in 6 million GM trucks

The teabaggers have an official tree: Pterocarya fraxinifolia

CNN's secret (LUV) emails to Right Wing Bloggers revealed

Florida just sold its soul to get Arne's money.

Anyone know if Garzon is still pursing "Bush 6" for war crimes?

I fear that teabagger success in getting Bart Stupak

AFP: Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill lacks support

Cameras catch first hoodlum charged w/bullying Phoebe Prince coming out of court

Today, I am a little more empathetic to the splinterist position, though I still do not support it.

Condaleezza Rice will be speaking at the Mosque in Richmond, Va tomorrow night.

Backing the Tea-Parties into a corner>>>

The cost of Temple Hospital replacements (promises up to $10,000 a week for nurses)

They are resuming rescue efforts undergrond in W VA

Blah, Blah, Blah, The CW, Blah, Blah, Blah

If you hate the Republican Party, email

More Than Just One Tragedy, or 25

Teacher Defeats Traffic Ticket With The Power Of Math

Can Obama make a recess appointment for Supreme Court?

Wilkerson Would Testify Bush Knew Gitmo Prisoners Innocent

An Openly Gay Supreme Court Justice?

Stop CNN From Airing Deficit Propaganda

Microsoft Patch Tuesday for April 2010: 11 bulletins addressing 25 vulnerabilities

New University of Washington Study: Tea Party Simmers With Racial Resentment - FDL

Head of MUFON quits because all UFOlogy is just "humans deceiving humans"

You just lost the state of Florida, President Obama! Look at what our Rs did to the teachers!

Mother Never Told Me There'd Be Days Like This

Pat Buchanan: ‘Both sides were right’ in the Civil War

Timothy White, victim of 1980 kidnapping, dies

Ah the Geneva Convention... now here is how this consular visit shtick works

Jerry Brown: 'Remarkable' that CalChamber gave $1.3m in political ad business to 'out of state' co.

Fellow Republicans call for John Ensign’s resignation

Rep. Grayson crashes GOP meeting, says republicans spying on Obama group

The Rethugs and the media came after my union with lies and distortions I couldn't get any support

Did Marx Really Stand "Hegel On His Head"?

Wait...Obama is the "elitist" and Bush was "folksy?"

I love my sons' teachers!

DENIED! Judge Spikes Orly Taitz's Attempt to Get In on Multi-State Anti-Healthcare Suit

Just pointing this out...a lot of the same people who celebrate "Confederate History Month"...

Friday TOON Roundup part 4

Glenn Beck on Tyler Perry - He is my Hero,we think exactly the same way

What Progressive is not energized to vote against Palin, Bachmann et ilk?

Binyamin Netanyahu pulls out of Washington nuclear weapons summit

In honor of Justice Stevens

Letter: Vatican and Canadian Church Tried to Keep Sexual Abuse Claim Secret

Alan Grayson: Do You Want to Make History?

Amnesty International: US govt violated HUMAN RIGHTS of Katrina victims

BREAKING *NOW* on the Drudge Report!

Anyone have any good information on CLASS?

Bart Stupak will almost certainly be replaced by a repub

J.C. Watts: 'History's going to be kind to George W. Bush'

"That woman is an idiot."

Whistling past the grave...

Gingrich on this Congress: ‘We will repeal virtually everything they did’

What exactly is behind the aversion to the Keynesian solution to unemployment?

3:55pm... DOW at 11,000.75

Freepers want Steele to resign. You'll NEVER GUESS who they suggest as his replacement.

"person of color" really bugs the hell out of me

Sun Sentinel's Chan Lowe cartoon says it all about new FL teacher bill.

On April 9, 1976, Ochs hanged himself

If Fox News was around in the 60's

797,500 children reported missing every year, 2,185 children missing each day

Doctors Remove Ammunition From Soldier’s Head

Veteran of "Collateral Murder" Company Speaks Out

Augusta, home of the Masters, did not admit a black man till 1990 & still refuses women.

Atheist barbie....

Bigoted Kansas Baptists Pick Latest Target: Dead West Virginia Miners

So I finished my census job training today

On the breaking Pope revelation just now, this atheist has wise advice for all churches:

Alabama House panel OKs medical marijuana bill (insert Rebel yell here!!)

Alabama House panel OKs medical marijuana bill (insert Rebel yell here!!)

Code Pink Again Tries Citizen's Arrest On Karl Rove Today In Las Vegas

Sounds like RW planned on health care debate lasting longer

Friday TOON Roundup part 5

I REALLY hope Palin runs in 2012...

Instead of sitting by and watching while states abolish teacher tenure we need to demand it for all

Israel viewed as world's sixth nuclear power: analysts

Wizard of Oz' Munchkin coroner Meinhardt Raabe dead at 94

A few last TOONS

Friday TOON Roundup part 2

Friday TOON Roundup part 1

Nose pickin wingnut encounter

The Westboro Baptist Church may be biting off more than it can chew this time...

Wilkerson's Sworn Declaraton:"I Served An Admin That Tortured/Abused Innocent For Political Reasons"

update #1 on Alabama nuke plant event

Friday TOON Roundup part 3

How long are we going to have to endure Sarah Palin?

Making TRAKS: Why the Supreme Court will Probably Kill HCR because of the Individual Mandate

Making TRAKS: Why the Supreme Court will Probably Kill HCR because of the Individual Mandate

Off the Radar: Private Planes Hidden From Public View

Pope Benedict hit by new Church child abuse allegations (updated)

Court Denies Food Stamps to Service Dog

Hey. Newt. STFU.

Mark Morford- One sandwich to kill you all

Study Reveals No Connection Between Fruits and Vegetables and Lowered Risk of Cancer

My history professor was talking in class today

President McCain To Appoint 2nd Supreme Court Judge

Sarah Palin is batshit crazy

Unions To Out-Tea-Party The Tea Party With March On Wall Street

"Both sides have overheated rhetoric and need to dial it down"

If Reagan was black would right wingers still idolize him?

Whoa, Spitzer on MSNBC...

what states/demographics do you want to make inroads in?

15 Mind Blowing Facts About Wealth and Inequality in America

Palin speaking now on c-span fyi

The Crime of Silence

The Magnetar Trade: How One Hedge Fund Helped Keep the Bubble Going

Sometimes the subject of taxing fast food comes up here on DU, but what is fast food?

Gays, teacher, women, poor....the party needs a bigger bus to fit them all under

America: The Grim Truth

US military offers sheep in apology for Afghanistan deaths

Amid Cuts, Ohio Judge Tells Citizens To Carry Guns

Robert Rubin once again wields enormous influence in government. His followers working for Obama.

Should financial service companies that are too big to fail be split into smaller companies?

Back To The Employee Free Choice Act.....

Just keep this word in mind "Unelectable"

The conservative Teabaggers may not know it yet, but they're DOOMED!

13 year old Yemeni girl dies of genital bleeding 4 days after arranged marriage

Glenn Greenwald: Olbermann on Obama's Assassination Program

The Surveillance Regime

How the Corporations Broke Ralph Nader and America, Too

To everbody so pissed off at Obama they won't be voting

I was watching a special about Hitlers' rise to power...

Stephanopoulos Defends Questioning Obama About Palin: Thinks She Has Creds

KFC's new sandwich. *Warning...graphic photo*

Tweety just made Rex Rammell (R-Idaho gub. candidate) look like an idiot.

I called the Secret Service on a wingnut threatening Obama

There's an odd feeling now in being a retired teacher at this forum.

Is anyone else getting frustrated that all these real criminals...

Exclusive: CODE PINK Attempts Another Citizens Arrest on Karl Rove, This Time in Vegas

Corp Lobbyist partiers who were wringing their hands over poor people they care "so much" about

Family sends 7 year old adopted boy back to Russia on one-way flight - alone.

FCC May Tweak Broadband Plan After Comcast Ruling - PCMagazine

FCC May Tweak Broadband Plan After Comcast Ruling - PCMagazine

OK, fans of the DU Friday afternoon challenge, here is this week's test!

OK, fans of the DU Friday afternoon challenge, here is this week's test!

"ARE MEN NECESSARY?" - a book by Maureen Dowd

Hair today, gone tomorrow. Say bye bye to Pony Tail. (With pics)

Word of the day: Bootyism

That's GOTTA hoit...VIDEO: Pelican Bites Bird Expert In The Groin On Live TV

Slash wears an 'I'm With Coco' button while on Jay Leno's 'Tonight Show'

Everybody Knows That You're Insane

Olbermann TWEETS!

I've reached my maximum number of Facebook friends.

Chris Rock Mocks Letterman Over Marriage, Intern Sex Scandal

How to Analyze, Clean Out, and Free Space on Your Hard Drive

My doctor left me a voice mail on my cell phone...

Got sent home from work early. Boo!

Netflix Streaming just put the X-Files and King of the Hill seasons online.

THANK YOU, who (whom?)-ever you are.

American Red Cross Insignia of WW II

Just watched South Park "Facebook" episode

I found a silver quarter in my change- Ask me anything!

Nationals WIN 6-5 over Phillies!

Hair metal fans! Remember the group "Winger?"

30 Rock is genius at times...

Oh, GREAT. My mistress has threatened to release the photos unless I pay $1M by 3 PM tomorrow.

Do you snoop through friends/lovers/strangers bathrooms when visiting?

MUTO - awesome stop-motion graffiti

Firefighters Rescue Kitten From Pope

Guy Gets Ticket 30 Seconds After Parking, Writes Awesome Letter To Contest It

I need a mix

Werewolves of DU : Warren Zevon live

"I will miss him, and so should you."

God, I love you guys in the Lounge.

Ocean View restaurant joke

Firefighters Rescue Pope From Pipe

OMZ!1 My hero Kitty KELLEY has a book debutting next week!1

Blue on Black: Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Pink Floyd's 'The Dark Side of the Moon' remastered in 8-bit!?!

Malcolm McClaren dies at age 64

Anyone got some Prednisone?

Tea Party Terrorists FB Page

I fear next week will suck

A thought...

Nearly purchased a New York Post today--still traumatized

Hung-over kitty. video.

Just getting into Radiohead

Peter Gabriel fans, Have you heard his new album?

LeftyFingerPop, someday your prints will come

Firefighters Rescue Kitten From Pipe

I have come to the conclusion that assholes do vex me.

LeftyFingerPop spotted at scene of NH fire!

NoseBook. n/t Brian Austin Green and Meagan Fox speak out against teacher cuts in california

Why I shouldn't take my blood pressure medicine at bedtime.

Is it just me, or does the guy in this article look a lot like Dwight Schrute?

I miss my father....he died in 1997, and I've been thinking of him all night

One time, I put Vaseline in this guy's bowling ball holes. n/t

Former "NYPD Blue" star Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon calls our cheating husband in an email to his agency

Which of the following is the smartest?

Holy damn...Tiki Barber, too??

Today's epic fail company name

DEA Official Announces Successful Drug Bust On Son's Room

I need help identifying a song. Help!

Spotted a deer in my backyard this morning!

(Non)Exclusive: 20th Century Fox Developing an E*Trade Talking Baby Movie

Questions for Mac gurus

When the victims of your continent-wide campaign of destruction call you Hun, do you get offended?

Four Score and Seven Years Ago: 1923

Road Trip! (Soccer)

In Laws

When A Young Woman Calls You Snake-Licking, Inbred, Dog-Kissing, Etc, Should You Get Offended?

Fishing in Alabama.

Who's the last third-place-finisher that you can remember receiving wall-to-wall media coverage?

Dangling toy for big cats

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/9/10

Vibes, por favor

I just hung 10 copies of this sign on the gas station pumps.

Pete Seeger's Rainbow Quest

I'm loving me some Lowe's

What parents think

I really want to have a beer with LeftyFingerPop.

Those crazy kids at MIT are at it again.

Anybody besides me remember "Association?"

I suck at job interviews

Museum Kitties

This is my 10,000th post.

My niece just announced via face book

For the folks in West Virginia grieving their lost miners

What are you drinking?

I'll bet you've never heard of the singer Susie Arioli!

Some older Rock n Roll for Friday night: some '60's Alvin Lee -

OK, who's up for asparagus?

Elk Fording the Middle Fork of the Flathead River

I snuck into my wife's Farmville account and sold her dog. I am not ashamed.

Kim Kardashian, in a photo that explains why the gossip rags have daily features on Kim Kardashian

What can I say to my 23-y.o kid who just lost his best friend

So, Who Else Thinks DU's Black,Red,& White Layout Needs To Change?

"Sarah Palin really scares you Liberals, huh?"

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance vs. La Roux - Bulletproof

Watching Apocalypse Now Redux at this moment - what does the 'Plantation Scene' say to you?

I think I have an itchy spleen.

Can someone explain to me why Opiates + Alcohol make you so, um, wasted?

Boy and a Girl collaborate on a creative writing essay. This is the result.

To be a techie today - means suicide

Is there some place I can go live in the 1970's version of the USA???

A Border Collie's world

Auto mechanics: I need some help

Diplomat in flight disturbance released, won't face charges

Israel could opt for nuke strikes on Iran

US moves from nuclear arms to conventional missiles with global reach

Facebook and Electoral Commission launch UK voter registration push

Paterson Says He’ll Suspend Pay Raises for Workers

Netanyahu to Skip Obama Summit

About 15 arrested in Olympia (police brutality) protest

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens retiring

Lawmakers, advocates push administration for appointments to privacy board

Obama finally went after Palin and I can't find the vid anywhere

Anger over health-care reform spurs rise (nearly 3-fold increase)in threats against Congress members

China Seems Set to Loosen Hold on Its Currency

The idea that Newt Gingrich will run successfully for President in 2012 is like saying...

Amnesty: US guilty of Katrina-related abuses

Big Banks Mask Risk Levels (18 Banks Understated Debt Levels)

Veteran of "Collateral Murder" Company Speaks Out

Crash of NATO tilt-rotor craft in Afghanistan kills 4

Wholesale inventories and sales both post gains

Ariz. House approves concealed weapons bill

Two Top Nevada Republicans Call for Sen. John Ensign to Resign

Surprise man arrested after gun fires at Walmart

McDonald's '09 CEO pay jumped on performance bonus ($17.6 Million)

Special Forces Commander Apologizes for Civilian Deaths, Follows Afghan Custom

Lawmakers reporting more threats of violence

Binyamin Netanyahu pulls out of Washington nuclear weapons summit

Doctors Remove Ammunition From Soldier’s Head

Threefold increase in the number of serious threats against Congress

Review confirms PTSD, other syndromes in Gulf vets

Neb. abortion (first-of-their-kind restrictions) bill gets 2nd OK

Beach First National Bank is 42nd failure of 2010

5 Suspicious Letters Sent To Boston Police

Republicans expected to line up behind New START

President Obama questions Sarah Palin's nuclear acumen

Fitch Downgrades Greece to BBB- with a Negative Outlook

Heavy Security For White Supremacist's Funeral

Outright Misreadings Fuel GOP Opposition to New START

ACLU challenges legal action against gang

DU, Obama, winter wheat, and the Anthony/Stanton debate

We always have to do it 100 times better, in heels and backwards..

Liz Cheney attacks Obama

"Hawks are Just Embarrassing Themselves"

"Why So Glum? Numbers Point to a Recovery"

Growing Number of Threats Target Federal Lawmakers

Who Will Be Obama’s New Radical Cleric On the Supreme Court (Wonkette)

The Importance of Appointing a WASP

NC GOP wants national party head Steele to quit

Democratic Party Image Drops to Record Low

President Obama, ABC News interview, 4/8/10: "Last I checked, Palin's not an expert on nukes"


History says GOP's (Supreme) court fight will be futile

Pomeroy Has $1.6 Million

Douglas Says He Will Not Veto Primary Change

Rep. Bart Stupak plans to announce his retirement today, top Democrats briefed on his decision say.

Survey: Military independents on the rise

Bond set for man accused of threatening WA senator

No Place Like Home: Sen. Bennett to Remain on Campaign Trail

OH-Sen, OH-Gov: Senate Dems, Strickland With Narrow Leads

Can some one verify

Arpaio mulling run for governor

Stocks rise on more signs of growth; Dow tops 11K

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens retiring

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens retiring

Newt. That dog whistle doesn't work.

Did anyone see the guy holding up the poster of Palin w/a machine gun?

French far right leader won't run for president

'The Bridge': 6 revelations from the new Obama bio

Imagine if Bachman right announced that she intends to run for Prez...

Understanding the surge of the Right...

"Why the Obama Plan Is Working"

President Obama: More needs to be done for mine safety

In Praise Of Fact-Checking

WOW Tweety taking on Glenn(SUICIDE)Beck on his racist comments on picking a Justice

Connie Saltonstall Statement on Bart Stupak's Retirement

Obama: Omission of slaves' history 'unacceptable'

MSNBC: Tweety with Militia Party candidate for Idaho Governor.

Massey Energy Bought Workers Comp Insurance Coverage Shortly Before Mine Explosion

With Mitch McConnell in the Room, Clinton Makes Robust Case for New START Ratification

Kentucky: Grayson Tops Paul in Fundraising

Great news in employment gains except in financial areas including insurance companies.

"We're going to resemble Europeans who are basically a pack of pagan losers."

If Goodwin Liu is approved by the Senate,


Teabaggers pwned in Fox poll

U.S. Retailers Report Strong Gains for March

Crist 'will not run as an Independent'

Why does Ed have all these rethugs on his show

I love the way the President schools Caribou Barbie

Tweety taking this Militia person to task DAMN!!!!

Kerry On Retirement of Justice Stevens

MSNBC: Tweety with Cook's Report

"Fox poll: IRS more popular than tea party movement"

Seriously - how likely is it that we'll see any of these men retire in the next 3 to 7 years?

Decrease in H-1B visa applications reflects poor job market in U.S.

Future pope stalled pedophile case(correspondence-obtained by The AP-is the strongest challenge yet)

Obama: 'Unacceptable' to omit slavery from Confederate History Month

May 2009 photo: Afghan and U.S. soldier

Obama to Host the Largest Non-NYC Gathering of Foreign Leaders in US since 1945; but Bibi a no-show

12-year-old (war) protester charged; mom, too

(Qatari) Diplomat in plane scare being sent home

Murdoch to launch a revenue war againts the New York Times

White House Was Ready for Stevens

The MSM is propping up RW idiots

Another Obama nominee withdraws because of the party of NO

What Just Ain't So.

My PHOTOS of Obama's First Pitch at Nationals Park

why is ABC using an idiotic quote from a dimwitted former half-term governor...?

Common wisdom seems to be that Bart Stupak was the only electable Dem in his district

Wind industry grows at record pace in 2009

The World Bank approves a 3.75 billion dollar loan for a coal fired power plant in South Africa

When I talk nuclear weapons, I always defer to the former mayor of Alaska.

President Sarah Palin? - could you imagine the saber-rattlings, military invasions, economic and

Letter: Church Tried to Keep Abuse Claim Secret

Obama lifts ban on Cuba democracy travel

Justice Stevens is stepping down - Breaking on NYT

What drives politics in this country?

I honestly don't know how the GOP nominee is going to walk the party back from the edge it is on

Fire Destroys Southeast Houston Church (openly accepted LGBT - looks like arson, had received threat

Stop CNN From Airing Deficit Propaganda

Gingrich: Obama is 'most radical president ever

GALLUP: Democratic Party Image Drops to Record Low

So this is how stupid the media is:Obama was asked a question about Palin and guess what happens

USA Swimming Coaches Raped, Molested, Secretly Taped Dozens of Teen Swimmers

AP sources: Dawn Johnsen withdraws as nominee to head Justice Dept. Office of Legal Counsel

Gingrich: Obama is 'most radical president ever'

Barney Frank: Gingrich, media to blame for angrier politics

Bart Stupak to Retire

When will the GOP learn not to mess with Rachel?

A great Krugman NYT magazine article explaining environmental economics

Ohio official tells residents to 'arm themselves' amid police cuts

Did President Obama order the assassination of a U.S. citizen?

In the unlikely event that a Batshit or Youbetcha became President, would you leave the country?

Mrs. Obama's Washington

More Americans give up citizenship as IRS gets aggressive overseas

Fox News Polls Biden’s “F-Bomb,” Gets Wrong Answer

Kagan, Kagan, Kagan. Enough with Kagan!

Nate: "It's time to acknowledge that the Democrats COULD lose 60 or 70 House seats."

Fact: If it were Bush who Ordered the CIA to Kill Americans...all of DU would be up in arms

Hillary Clinton for the Supreme Court?

Why are we not going after Confederate History Month?

Gingrich: Obama is 'most radical president ever'

Elliot Spitzer For the Supreme Court!

Elena Kagan Emerging As Supreme Court Front-Runner

How to Win Jobs and Healthcare - A History Video

Jobless claims went up again - so what's the problem?

Surprise, Surprise: AP's Research Finds That Teahadists Are Old White Conservatives

The Hit Parade - 21min Documentary (Assassins in Dubai)

Andrew Maguire finally exposes systemic fraud by CFTC & JPMorgan

Nook-yew-lar weaponry, of course, would be the be-all end-all of just too many people on our planet

Nurses United for Healthcare

Why Beauty Matters (Widescreen) [3/6]

Obama Dismisses Palin on Nuclear Strategy:

U.S. Politics Was Different During the Cold War

Olbermann Quick Comment: Video of La. Congressman Encouraging Mistreatment of Patients

Glenn Beck The Terrorist by Old Fart Rants

a Whitney Houston-style tribute to marijuana

President Obama Remarks on Justice Stevens Retirement

Obama: Omission Of Slavery From Confederate History Month 'Unacceptable'

Minneapolis ROCKS! Counter-Protesters Celebrate Lashrew & Squirrely @ Palin-Bachmann Genius Summit

Glenn Beck: Assclown

The Spin Zone

Andrew Breitbart - Shouted Down at Harvard For Asking Tough Questions

16 Deaths Per Day

Rachel exposes Tom Coburn's hypocrisy

Don Blankenship, Massey Energy, Speaking at Friends of America Rally 2

Two dweebs from Chippewa Falls drive to Minnesota and find Palin-Bachmann fest SO...INSPIRING...

Pelosi Threatened: The Democratic Non-Violence Project Starts Now


Hannity: Would You Like To See A Palin-Bachmann Ticket?

New Orleans gets a mega-okey-dokey hopey-changey dose of freedom-lovin' changey hope

DNC Ad For Palin And Bachman

Ellen DeGeneres Hates America

Joy Behar, Matt Taibbi & Jesse Ventura Translate The 'Gibberish' From Palin & Bachmann's Hate-Fest

Nukeyular expert Sarah Palin on the critical nukeyular concerns of our time: YES WE CAN!

Why I'm Rooting For Sarah Palin

Alan Grayson crashes republican meeting

Why Beauty Matters (Widescreen) [1/6]

TYT: Exposed - The Truth Behind The WV Mine Tragedy

Why Beauty Matters (Widescreen) [2/6]

Misrepresenting the Left

Stunner: Palin and Bachmann To Support Repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

ProPublica Receives Murrow Award for Media Entrepreneurship

The Monster at Our Door

Baptistland: One week -- three op-eds

ANALYSIS: Nearly 70% Of Officials In Right-Wing Health Care Suit Are Up For Re-Election

Behind Obama's Cool (review of David Remnick's book 'The Bridge')

Communitarian Socialism in Bolivia

David Sirota: What Are They Smoking in California?

The twilight of the machine

Report: Dry Cleaning Corp. Official Gave Illegal Donation To Vitter

Terrorism in the name of God -- Leonard Pitts Jr.

High Unemployment and Political Extremism -- Neil H. Buchanan, Findlaw

Is America heading toward a "dirty war" at home?

Why ‘Obamanomics’ is working

This is It!

A Christian Nation? HARDLY!

ODAC Newsletter - April 9

Drumbeat: April 9, 2010

Everglades, Glacier, Appalachia - Places To See Before THEY Die - Yahoo

Exactly which administration is in power?

How to Drive your Elephant - Dealing with Complex Problems

Great Barrier Reef Coal Carrier Traffic On Track To Grow 67% By 2016 - Bloomberg

CryoSat 2 Successfully Launches, Five Years After Failure Of First Ice-Measuring Bird - Independent

Renewable Energy Boom: Ontario Invests CDN$9 Billion in Clean Energy Projects

"Alaska's Coastal Waters Are 'Predisposed' To Ocean Acidification", Congress, Staffers Learn

Chile Promulgates New Law For Farmed Salmon As Exports Collapse In Wake Of Disease, Pollution

A Conversation About Natural Resource Management with Louise Buck

GAO: Alaska Offshore Drilling Decision Based on Faulty Analysis

Humboldt Squid Numbers Booming Off W. Coast - Will Eat Anything, May Be Locking In On Hake Migration

To Make A Living - Corn Pollen or Yellow Cake? The Dine Chose Corn Pollen - The White Man, Uranium

Larsen B Collapse Dramatically Accelerated Movement Of Crane Glacier - Xinhua

85 Of 96 Austrian Glaciers Under Observation Shrank During 2009

US moves from nuclear arms to conventional missiles with global reach

India wants to cash in on Appalacian gas

World Bank Upholds Environmental Goals By Voting $3.75 Billion For 1 Of World's Largest Coal Plants

US loses round one of Italian Nuclear Renaissance. Italy signs deal for French reactors.

Wind industry grows at record pace in 2009 (xpost from LBN)

Cell Phones Indirectly Contributing to Gorilla Extinction in Congo:

NRC Names the two new resident inspectors for new reactors in GA.

Molten metal batteries to be clean energy reservoirs

Sarah Palin "wants nuclear power and offshore drilling"

Electricity Journal: The Economic Value of Wind Energy.

Your Tax Dollars At Work: Hawaii receives a $117M Loan Guarantee for a 30 Mega"watt" Wind Farm.

Harris and Zimmerman lead Natinals past the Phillies 6-5

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, April 8)

Blues Center Tkachuk To Retire At End Of Season

Eri Yoshida, Female Pitcher, To Play Pro Baseball In U.S.

Wisconsin Hockey Routs RIT 8-1 to Advance to NCAA Championship Game

Lee Westwood is 3 under after 4 holes and leading the Masters

Foreman, Cotto unveiled in Bronx (Boxing returns to Yankee Stadium)

How about those Boston Bruins? What a victory! Isn't the NHL the greatest?

Soren Kjeldson to win Masters!

Soren Kjeldson to win Masters!

San Francicso[sic] Giants Player Wears A Misspelled Jersey

Denver and Fricso confetti >>

Tim Tebow watches Donovan McNabb practice..

Umpire: Yanks, Red Sox are 'pathetic, embarrassing'

FAA halts plane taunting Tiger Woods..

Whew. It looks as though the Dodgers won't go 0-162 after all.

Venezuela: Public housing is far from fulfilling the promises

Venezuela OKs Chevron operation of offshore gas field

Gates, ahead of Latam trip, to sign Brazil accord

Guatemala Pushed To Hunger Tipping Point

So, Plucked Eyebrows met with Raul Reyes, then he killed him

Communitarian Socialism in Bolivia

Dr. Joia Mukherjee of Partners in Health shares firsthand experiences from Haiti

Cuba dissidents propose vote on freeing prisoners

Why Do We Still Have Mining Disasters?

New NLRB features

Congress to probe safety issues raised by mine disaster

45 Deaths Show Massey’s Safety Problems Not Confined to Upper Big Branch

Rival groups clash at Palestinian base in Lebanon

Sen. Specter viewed as a model Democrat one year after switch

Help for Florida: Send a Message!

Al Mezan Condemns the Injury of Four Palestinians by a locally Made Rockets in Beit Hanoun

Israel Aid Pays U.S. Dividends That Exceed Cost: Steve Rothman

Fox & Judith Miller Condemn Israeli Media Censorship

Netanyahu Cancels Trip to U.S. for Nuclear Summit

Nation Review Attacks Gen. Petraeus As Anti-Israel & Jeff Goldberg Unveils Himself

Israel could opt for nuke strikes on Iran

American Jews back Obama on Israel

Miss. lesbian teen gets second chance at soiree

The reporter who hit ‘send’

Cyndi Lauper to open homeless shelter for LGBT youth

Celebrities sponsor gay-friendly prom in Miss.

Another sweet Ugly Betty Episode, featuring Betty's is-he-or-isn't-he nephew.

I Kissed A Boy (And I Liked It)...

Arizona House votes to allow carrying concealed weapons without a permit.

Prohibited gun purchaser, 1939 version ...

Man shoots round(ND) into ceiling at el Mirage Walmart in front of people

Why I'm skeptical of people who open carry.

Sheriff To Texas Border Town: 'Arm Yourselves'

Mankato bail bondsman admits having 3 machine guns

Ariz. House approves concealed weapons bill

The Dangers and Difficulties of Reporting from Gaza: Two Journalists Recount Their Experiences

close to home

To Swing or Not to Swing

Which of these is best and why?

New Hubble Image of Odd Galaxy Triplet

Anaerobic animals from the sea floor.

Vulcanism On Venus

'Biological Bypass' Saves Hearts Sans Surgery

Light and Dark Face of a Star-Forming Nebula

Area 25 - A Wiring Diagram in the Brain for Depression

'Dark star' is one of our nearest neighbours

Enter the matrix: the deep law that shapes our reality

Antimatter Triggers Largest Explosion Ever Recorded in Universe

Astronomers Take Close-Up Pictures of Mysterious Dark Object

Why are scientists trying to create slow light?


OT--new blog post is up

Healing the Spiritual Way - The Bruno Groening Circle of Friends

Why do Christians own & carry guns? Isn't gun ownership a rejection of faith?

Nate Phelps, Estranged Son of Westboro Baptist Church Pastor Fred Phelps, Speaks Out on Canadian TV

I wonder how many people profess to be religious, talk the talk, etc., but really don't believe a

UPMC Study Tests Acupuncture As Insomnia Remedy

First baby given xenon gas to prevent brain injury (BBC)

Outbreaks (And Modern Causes -- Political Unrest And Irrational Beliefs)

Whistleblower on Silver Market Manipulation by JP Morgan

Guest Post: 1.2 Million Households Disappear, Putting Downward Pressure on Home Prices and Rents

Final value of all papermoney is ZERO

JFK the & issue of UNITED STATES NOTES June 1963

Before there was Ron Paul there was Merrill Jenkins

JFK on Secret Societies

FIAT MONEY SCAM EXPLAINED by Sir Alan Greenspan 1966

Despite high inventories oil keeps on rising

Leftist Blogger Exposes The "Ultra-Liberal" Colleges

Florida's Senate Bill 6 discourages teaching careers

Florida should be ashamed.

Corporations Cough Up $65 Million to Save Rhee

Schools Test a New Tool for Improving Evaluation of Teachers

Public flogging of teachers continues

Race to the Top High School Commencement Challenge???

Valerie Strauss: Florida ed reform passes: Is it a model or disaster?

Please call Governor Crist and tell him to veto the anti-education bill.

It's just so frustrating sometimes.

Why do Finland's schools get the best results? (BBC)