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Live from the White House: Local TV stations granted ‘unique’ access to Obama, aides on jobs

Xpost: Locals Frustrated by Power Plant Licensing Exclusion & The Dilemma of Aging Nuclear Plants

Proposal to ban abortion will return for 2012 session, state rep says

Mosque that burned had received anti-Islam letters, leader says

Canadian iman who was assaulted by police while leading prayers and falsely arrested

Va. candidate says he’ll push to ban sex-selective abortion

Va. candidate says he’ll push to ban sex-selective abortion

FirstEnergy reveals it has found additional cracks in Davis-Besse's reactor building

Cheat Sheet: What’s Happened to the Big Players in the Financial Crisis

Happy Halloween!

Football tailgating and Unions - products MADE IN THE USA by unionized workers

Disgraceful: Palestine secures seat in UNESCO and the U.S. cuts off funds

Halloween comes to Faryab, Afghanistan

Violence more common among kids of combat veterans

If America's land was divided like America's wealth:

FOLLOW UP: Oakland PD Claimed "Sexual Assault, a Beating, Fire" and "Paramedics Denied Access."


Big Banks Backpedal on Controversial fees

People Consume More Candies When They're Individually Wrapped, Study Shows

Dale Schultz (R) - Wi. Wil Vote Against Repub Disenfracnhisement

Do you think that Halloween candy will be discounted tomorrow?

AKBaby invites fans to breed with their favorite pop idols

OWS NYC Halloween March Live stream...Wow this is fantastic!

What a Halloween!

Trickle Down

Arizona Fusion Center: Occupy Phoenix “When Should You Shoot A Cop?” Flyer

St Paul's branded 'laughing stock' as Dean Graeme Knowles resigns

Wisconsin: Bill lowering school nurse qualifications going to a vote

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Leaked Texts June-September 2011

Hybrid Howwwllllloween tiger creature!

No Charges Following Disturbing Dead Horse Nude Photo Shoot

Hey America ??? - Infrastructure... Your Lives Depend Upon It... For Reals...

Argentina tightens dollar exchange controls

Fukushima Plant Released Record Radiation

Regulators Investigating MF Global for Missing Money

Looks like the Brits are trying to get to the Multiverse

New CPR technique revives man after 63 minutes without pulse

New CPR technique revives man after 63 minutes without pulse

Cops: Yorkies Chase Burglar From Home

Putting the body back into the mind of schizophrenia (& the rubber hand illusion)

Simple question for Herman: Will you now agree

Dissenting, or Seeking Shelter? Homeless Stake a Claim at Protests

Occupy Wall Street Marchers Take Part In Ghoulish Village Halloween Parade

"Let them eat cake!" - Bloomberg & his Super Committee Buddies Hear from the 99%

Jobs crisis 'threatens wave of social unrest'

Has anyone noticed Georgia-Pacific online poll ads?

Wisconsin bishops to parishioners: Keep concealed weapons out of church

Link to listen to War of the Worlds original broadcast (and others):

The OWS movement has no credibility if they do not go after Corzine

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Best of Malloy tonight with

Wow... From ANGA... 'The Truth About Gasland'

Ousted Michigan assistant AG Andrew Shirvell files lawsuit over firing

Bank transfer day

Tribune: Herman did NOT sign a non-disclosure agreement. It's time to come clean.


The Pros and Cons of the Internet, As Taught to Students in 1996

This is for you vets... and insight for others.

FYI Occupy San Diego will go to Council again TOMORROW

Sugar Cain..

The Occupiers' Responsive Chord

Not for the faint of heart

The Division of Europe: EU Summit Paves the Way for a Split Continent

Wow. Just got home in time to watch Rachel and it looks like the puggies took off their clown suits

Chicago Mayor Proposes Elimination of Free Water, Sewer Services for Non-Profit Hospitals

Alan Grayson Blasts Paul, Perry, and Bachmann For Stimulus Hypocrisy - VIDEO

Alan Grayson Blasts Paul, Perry, and Bachmann For Stimulus Hypocrisy - VIDEO

Add something else to the what you can do list

Regulators Investigating MF Global for Missing Money

'The President is tobacco-free': Obama's doctor confirms the 'Smoker-in-Chief' has quit

Two baggers at work

They want their country back. A Republican Halloween picture.

The Spanish Civil War really fucked everything up!

an inforMATIONAL media would focus on Cain's crooked chief of staff

Rand Paul cozies up to nutcase Birther radio host

Eviction of OWS at 7 AM tomorrow!

Kim Jong Il's grandson a typical teenager in Bosnia

End of stimulus funds means the possible loss of scores of positions

St Paul's protesters urged to remove tents

Another DFH pic:

Protesters Hershey's chocolate on fair trade principle

Protesters Hershey's chocolate on fair trade principle

Ancient 5200-year-old 'takeout' window discovered

Is there anyone who doesn't recognize that Cain is lying? He's an ignorant liar at that

I know this has been covered...

I know this has been covered...

At what point should corporations be either broken up or nationalized?

weird - Wiki showing Hillarys mom died

Who will drop out of The GOP presidential nomination race first Cain or Perry?

WTF? British parliament plans to criminalise squatting

WTF? British parliament plans to criminalise squatting

Alternet: "A New Declaration of Independence: 10 Ideas for Taking...

Keith Olberman is starting now - discussing OWS and also Herman Cain and charges watch online now

are the admins not actively involved here anymore?

Luckovich Toon - Cain's new 999 plan

GOP nomination race runs down rabbit hole

Iran’s FM says reported US plans to build up forces near Iraq lack ‘prudence’

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac executives get big housing bonuses

trolling is okay. questioning trolling gets your thread locked.

Cook County donating Mary Todd Lincoln commitment papers

Fraudulent Seafood: Are You Really Getting What You Think You Are?

Jon Stewart Isn’t Entirely Buying Herman Cain’s Sexual Harassment Defense - VIDEO

LOL! Wingnut Official list of Occupy Wall Street’s supporters

Bishop of London moves to dissociate church from St Paul's legal action


Little Annie No-Fanny really stepped in it this time.

Paul B. Farrell: Rich Class beating 99% to a pulp

Syria will be the next place that The USA will need to clean up/protect/liberate/ ....

Which Opponent Leaked the Cain Sexual Harassment Story to Politico?

Cell phone companies selling personal data

US soldier.....taking fingers off bodies as war trophies

After a Kidnapping, Hackers Take on a Ruthless Mexican Crime Syndicate

Tax Wall Street to Heal America

Bulldozers, rubber bullets, tear gas and armed police.

Calvin is the 1%

Uniformed Impunity: We’re Probably Closer to the Beginning than to the End

Arms Industry Gave $1.1 Million to Super Committee Members

The Tea Party Pork Binge

Who do you think "dropped the dime" on Herman Cain?

scandal plagued former california city official sues city

Protesters turn their backs on Eric Cantor during his University of Michigan

Greg Palast - Goldman Sachs and Occupy Wall Street's Bank: The Real Story

Study: Bush Tax Cuts Cost More Than Twice As Much As Dems' Health-Care Bill

MF global fraud

List of Endorsements for the Nov 2 General Strike

‘ISI hacked e-mails of German cops in Af for Taliban’

Late capitalism is surely grand.

What happened to the thread with the video claiming Toronto Police shot a protester POINT BLANK?...

Rick Perry has been taking uppers

Cain Game: Why Sexual Harrassment Allegations Won't Sink Herman's Campaign by Joe Klein

Cain Game: Why Sexual Harrassment Allegations Won't Sink Herman's Campaign by Joe Klein

I'm thinking it won't be long for the GOP to get down on their hands & knees and BEG Christie to run

Saudi Prince Offers $1 Million for Capture of Israeli Soldier;

Saudi Prince Offers $1 Million for Capture of Israeli Soldier;

Happy Movember, DUers!...

Euro Debt Crisis Bombshell: Greek PM calls referendum on new EU aid deal

And Congress’ Rich Get Richer-Net Worth of Lawmakers Up 25 Percent in Two Years

Police brutality at OWS toon.

I heard Michael Steele on Morning Joe Scum saying that

PASOK officials ask for PM's resignation (Greek politics)

Manufacturing growth slowed slightly in October

The Newest OWS Protestors

Tom The Dancing Bug: This Means War!!!

Payday lenders may get rude welcome to East Palo Alto

The End of the Herman Cain Campaign? (It's Not What You Think)

Diane Rehm Show discussing Pacific ocean plastic pollution

BREAKING NEWS: Dorothy Rodham, mother of Hillary Clinton, dies at 92

Question:What if you flout a gag order after a court payday?

Were U.S. Elections Sold to Corporations So Clarence Thomas Could Reward His Friends?

Condoleezza Rice on the Moment She Thought President Bush Could Have Been Poisoned

Am I part of the problem?

China's Bubble Might Burst Next

Vulture Capitalism in the USA

Vulture Capitalism in the USA

Dream Big

Ikea recalls mirror doors over safety concerns

Occupied Madrid hotel opens doors to first evicted citizen

Self-deleted by member

The Pentagon-Arab Spring love story


Crime or insecurity: Who is ‘the state’? And what is it ‘responding’ to?

Ex-city manager sues for $1.5M pay

I have a poll that needs some DU love

Dissenting, or Seeking Shelter? Homeless Stake a Claim at Protests

Come in out of the cold, Woodsongs invites occupiers to show

Eric Cantor stark raving mad over UNESCO vote for Palestinian membership

Eric Cantor stark raving mad over UNESCO vote for Palestinian membership

Eric Cantor stark raving mad over UNESCO vote for Palestinian membership

New Cain campign sign. (Clay Bennett)

New Cain campign sign. (Clay Bennett)

New Cain campign sign. (Clay Bennett)

If free speech = unlimited money, does free speech =...................

David Brooks Complains That He Can't Get Access to Inequality Data

David Brooks Complains That He Can't Get Access to Inequality Data

Romney’s Google Problem Solves Itself, Santorum’s Not So Much

Governments Turn to Hacking Techniques for Surveillance of Citizens

You know it's bad when they trod out Jim Cramer

South Korea Plans $50 Billion Fund to Pay for Unification With the North

Anthrax victim's family, U.S. reach tentative deal, lawyer says

Race, Class, and Rights in Mississippi:

Top of the Hour news on Am760 in Denver (CBS)

Top of the Hour news on Am760 in Denver (CBS)

Can someone please help me find some legal information?

Huge Victory at Occupy Nashville as State Declines to Defend Gov's Crackdown on Demonstrators

Where On Earth Is Cain's Wife?

Jon Stewart was on NBC's new show 'Rock Center with Brian Williams'

Indecision 2012 - Ruh Roh Edition (Jon Stewart video)

We Need: “The collective ownership and democratic management of the banking and currency system.”

Well here we are again. Our fall tradition, another financial implosion.

Do the rich neighborhoods give out more expensive candy?

giggle, snort, ummmmmmmm...?

Brokaw on The View, when asked what causes polarization in America today,

Updates on Occupy Oakland, General Strike Plans

Why do the markets hate democracy?

Yahoo News: ‘Car Guy’ Bob Lutz Wants Federal Gas Tax…To Pay for Trains!

The sharks are circling...

The Shameless Republican Race to Cut Rich People's Taxes

How to Donate to UNESCO

Musings on #OWS by -EF

The Rude Pundit: Yes, Liberals Are Totally Responsible for the Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Story

Wow...Andrea Mitchell must be losing it..

Occupy protesters tough out snowstorm without arrests in Bangor

Corporations are turning common Americans into lobbyists

Cops arrest eighth-graders who took machete, cleaver to school

U.S. punishes UNESCO for admitting Palestinians

I'm curious - I think OWS help to get BoA to drop their fees. What has the Tea Party every done...

Thank You Skinner

A Last Bastion of Civility, the South, Sees Manners Decline

Palestine Statehood Bid: U.S. Cuts Off UNESCO Funding After Palestine Vote

Despite low risk, paranoid parents scan Halloween candy

Man uses stolen forklift for getaway after stealing sandwich

Feds Embrace Lying in Response to Public-Record Requests

10 Linked BP Oil Spill Whistle-blowers ...

Ok here is a significant, you might say critical, difference

Conn-Selmer keeps on strike replacement workers while giving pink slips to long-time employees

Libyan plan to trace mass graves and missing people - NewScientist

"I live so far out in the country, everyone had their own tomcat" What does that mean?

Why do people fear Greek democracy?

Surprise! White House Rejects Petition(s) To Legalize Marijuana

Surprise! White House Rejects Petition(s) To Legalize Marijuana

Surprise! White House Rejects Petition(s) To Legalize Marijuana

Andrew Weil's Spontaneous Happiness: Our Nature-Deficit Disorder

Dean Baker "Supercommittee of the One Percent Won’t Even Think of Taxing Wall Street"

1 Million Migrating Songbirds are Killed for Pickled Dish in Cyprus

Man arrested after recording conversation with PBSO deputies

Diary Of A NY Occupier: Introduction "That Is Why I'm Here."

In obedience to his command, we are handing you over to Satan and his kingdom of darkness…

In obedience to his command, we are handing you over to Satan and his kingdom of darkness…

White House nominates two lawyers as FCC Commissioners

OccupyOakland PHOTO: "The Whole World Is Watching" And...

Why You Care That Spain's Jobless Rate Just Hit 21.5%

Occupy Iowa wants an invasion of OWS protesters for the caucuses.

Greek Government sacks top military officers

Coulter to Hannity: "Our blacks are so much better than their blacks,"

SATIRE: Condi on Bush Poison Scare

"Romney Family Investment Group Partnered with Alleged Perpetrators of $8 Billion Ponzi Scheme"

time for demand side economy?

Just got schooled about Bank of America dropping the $5 fee

I might not mind corporate oligarchy so much if it weren't so damned incompetent.

Well the Murdoch Scandel is getting press today.

The magic number for the S&P 500 is -2% (ruh roh, rorge)

Instead of a Single Beer, a Second Beer

Strawberry Fields Forever.... Just a little insight

New Documents Shows News Corp. Approved $1.2 Million Payoff After Learning Of ‘Fatal’

Supercommittee of the One Percent Won't Even Think of Taxing Wall Street

Follow-up questions not asked so far: Let's start with CHEENEE and Goodhair

Bank stocks sink on Greek vote bombshell (financial markets don't like or want Greek democracy)

Oakland PD accuses mayor of playing both sides.

"Eyewitness News looks into the friction between cops and cameras . . . . "

"Nitro" spear-phishers attacked chemical and defense company R&D (creepy article)

Honestly, I don't know which was more of a freak show

Honestly, I don't know which was more of a freak show

McCarthy Introduces the Access to Capital for Job Creators Act 9/15/11

Your pals in the 1%: Mercedes October sales rise 28.2%

American Apparel, if you ever needed a reason to buy American made clothes, this is it

Free Alaa AccessNow petition to the Obama administration and Congress

PLEASE Sign CREDO's petition: "Don't Cut Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security benefits"

Our Once and Future Congressman Alan Grayson needs some DU love!

Nevada Makes Illegal Foreclosures Felony

Happy Anniversary! (not!) Unemployed 1 year today...

German Report (11/1/41) on the Shooting of Jews and Gypsies

Fun with Fundamentalism

Fun with Fundamentalism

OccupyRochester: Well, we got our meeting with the Mayor...sort of

Urine could be the answer to cheaper electricity

Soldiers often encouraged to fake their way through the post-deployment health screening

(Fukushima) Cesium in pollen not viewed as health risk

Factory Farming: Not Just on Land Anymore

Nearly 15,000 people paid for phone apps to cure their acne

What it would look like if the criminal justice system were blind:

The GOP has absolutely no interest in cutting the deficit

Supercommittee Designed to Cut Social Security from the Get Go

2-headed albino snake born in Central Fla.

Rick Scott, Marco Rubio not attending this weekend’s Florida Tea Party Convention (jilting the base)

Credit Unions Extending Hours, Offering Promotions on Bank Transfer Day

Toon: Good Luck with that Democracy thing...

20 biggest CEO pay raises

Today's Non Sequitur says it perfectly

Reid says Republican lawmakers ‘being led like puppets’ by Grover Norquist

Is there a reliable place for a neophite to go and set up their own website?

Wanna piss off a Republican?....

Greek’s Choice — and Ours: Democracy or Finance?

Prairie Home Companion tribute to Tom Keith:

greece's choices

Levin/McCain back hikes for Tricare for Life fees

Parents Outsource the Basics

Mike Bloomberg: blame congress, not the banks for mortgage crisis.

So Much For Leaving Bank of America...

911 dispatchers sleeping on the job.

Suspect In Custody After Smashing Up Sacramento Starbucks Store

No challengers for President Obama in Florida primary

Sen. Sanders Credits Consumer Backlash for Bank of America Dropping Debit Fee

Man found dead in tent during Occupy Okla. City protest; police say death not suspicious

Lawyer: Cain accuser wants to tell her side of story

OY!, just gor an orchard bank cc application on my email

Net Worth of US Congress Up 25 Percent in Two Years

Romney Camp Responds To ThinkProgress Report Linking Him To Massive Ponzi Scheme

EXCLUSIVE: Miss Virginia USA Lashes Out At Gay Roommate With Homophobic Slurs

DirecTV and Fox reach agreement

Anyone else fed up with the amount of paper that gets sent home from your kids school?

DetNews: Fed-up bank patrons flee to credit unions

The Wall Street Extortion Scheme

Oh gawd! Rollins says Bachmann lacked the finances, campaign structure and ideas to win it

Rev. Al: "Mr. Cain, we can sing 'Amazing Grace' together any day of the week you'd like...

Assuming that they want to fix-theeconomy -how would you do it?

What is your opinion of DU checkpoints...

Der Spiegel: Papandreou Is Right to Let the Greeks Decide

The Future Of Political Donations In One Graphic?

Just came back from Occupy San Diego

What If Everyone Understood What #OccupyWallStreet Is About?

Is Grover Norquist an undercover foreign agent?

Anyone know anything about Arkansas Federal Credit Union?

Transocean to sue BP over oil spill

It looks like there *was* something weird going on at OccupyDenver on Saturday.

3 things I learned from my wing nut relatives over the weekend:

IMF May Create Credit Line for Countries Facing "Shocks"

I LOVE IT! Keith wore a Guy Fawkes mask as he trashed the Baum law firm

I LOVE IT! Keith wore a Guy Fawkes mask as he trashed the Baum law firm

So the obvious question is: what is Herman Cain hiding?

The frog in the pot. We just didn't know we had it in us.

"The People Versus the Police" Naomi Wolf

Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy try to strong-arm Greece

On Middle Eastern Wars and Missing my Father's Birthday

slick misinformation from Breitbart?

Life is simple ....... Chart.

Life is simple ....... Chart.

Herman "Sugar" Cain = just another distraction from

Kyrgyzstan's new president wants to shut US air base

How economic inequality harms societies

I'm not a sports fan but if this happened I might have to reconsider...

Wired Magazine: The Video Remix ‘Supercut’ Comes of Age

Ammonia leak at San Onofre nuke plant in S. Calif.

Rumor OWS started by Lucis Trust

Can someone advise me on PC issue?

Racist douchebag Trump

LOL! Jon Stewart on Cain and Perry (Video)

Toon nails it on M$M coverage of OWS

Condoleezza Rice’s Retrospect on Iraq: ‘We Could Have Done Better’

Rove is better than I thought

What is Marriage?

Oh goody breaking. A woman tied to the Cain story

We are going in the right direction.

So OPD has an open letter to the citizens.

Rebels on the Street: The Party of Wall Street Meets its Nemesis

Reminder: General Strike tomorrow in support of Occupy Oakland.

Maddow: Rick Perry’s Weekend Speech Was ’25 Mins Of Dean Screams’ That'll End His Campaign - VIDEO

Thinking Pink? Buying Pink" Big Business for Shoppers for Breast Cancer!

Elliot Spitzer's suggestion for OWS: Protest State of the States/Union

"We're the Wolf PAC and we're coming."

If you ever bring your family to San Francisco, do it for Halloween.

I'm Sorry for Passing Judgment...

Russ Feingold Email and Petition - Walk Away from Any Deal That Cuts SS and Medicare

Polls Show Marijuana Legalization More Popular Than President Obama

Republican Rainbows Drop From the Sky -- It's Over

Simpson attacks AARP

Fuel Assistance--Nasty Surprise

Experts: 30 years till Japan can close nuke plant

"terminological inexactitude" = LIE!

An Open Letter to the Citizens of Oakland from the Oakland Police Officers’ Association

Greek vote would be on Euro Membership: Finnish Minister

SUPER COMMITTEE Going After Your SOCIAL SECURITY? That Was the Point!

Hot: Cain's Accuser Wants to Tell Her Story

"I reference this lady's height," Cain said.

Guardian op-ed: ALEC is a "shady cabal...on a mission to shrink not just government but democracy"

Banks Extract Fees On Unemployment Benefits

Tribe sues NCAA to let school use name

Recently saw Black Hawk Down and was disgusted by the propaganda

Oops! Rick Perry mixes up funny for fact in Globe and Mail article

Oops! Rick Perry mixes up funny for fact in Globe and Mail article

Why Hasn't Anyone Gone To Jail For Their Part In Our Financial Crisis?

Who thinks Herman Cains sexual harassment victims are at this very moment talking to lawyers?

2nd Attack on Evicting the Homeless this week in Fresno CA. Nov 1 at 7am.

BOA and Suntrust back off of $5 per month debt card fee ....LOL ...f*cking ASSCARROTS!

Pregnant mom arrested, child taken over $5 shoplifting charge

"Volunteers do not replace paid workers" ... What Does That Mean?

Senate confirms Stephen Higginson for seat on 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals

A question about medical marijuana raids.

Heritage Foundation & American Enterprise Institute call teachers stupid and overpaid

Bloomberg: Blame Congress for the Housing Bubble

Jon Corzine was a key fundraiser since July for Pres. Obama, possible Geithner replacement.

Smoking bans backfiring at some hospitals: Study

GOP: 'In God We Trust' bill needed to remind President Obama

Ron Paul: Government your worst enemy

Inflammatory Cause of Bipolar Disorder Suggests New Treatments

Reasons to Love Democratic Underground

Historic Siegelman Case Showdown Looms Nov. 2

Nov 5th bank funeral march

House GOP Seeks to Reaffirm "In God We Trust" as National Motto Because, Eh, Why Not?

Today is the centennial of the first bombing made from a heavier-than-air craft: Tripoli, Libya

Gay man stabbed with broken beer bottle, thrown onto fire in apparent hate crime in Reno, TX

Proof that our media did (and is doing) it's job . . . for the 1%:

What if MF is not a fluke? What if other banks/brokerages are ALSO using customer money?

Hospital clerk took hundreds of medical files home

Is America one of the worst police states in the world?

Japanese MP drinks Fukushima water under pressure from journalists

Lawmaker drinks decontaminated water from Fukushima plant

YouTube to launch 100 'TV channels' - each offering 25 hours of shows per day

Doc, I think I have a Reince Priebus on my butt.

Credit Union Account...Opened....Told Suntrust....To Stick it.

Michael Moore in Portland: "You are the biggest Occupation in the nation" (vid)...

Toon: Oakland

Toon: Oakland

New York man, 80, swallowed by sinkhole outside his front door

Top Executives of Acquired Companies Stand to Get Huge Payouts

If you only read one article about Soc. Security - make it this one:

Rick Perry: "If Herman Cain Is Innocent, He Should Be Executed"!

A 5-Year-Old Girl Is Dying in Brazil Because Insurance Refuses to Pay for US$ 10,000 Surgery

If you are accused of sexual harassment, BLAME YO-SELF!

Just why the fuck should someone else you'll never meet own your fucking house in the first place?

Makers of infamous BigDog robot unveil human version - PETMAN

Republicans Shift Focus From Jobs to God

From the American Family Association...hide your girls!!!!

Twin Rivers police association apologize for controversial t-shirt (u raise em, we cage em)

What the World Will Look Like If Occupy Wall Street Wins

What if people just started inflating assets?

Robert Reich: "Score A Big One For The Occupiers"

What is your opinion of DUI checkpoints...

What is your opinion of DUI checkpoints...

How much cause and effect should we expect from protests?

A thought on the homeless joining the Occupy groups

Observation about the JetBlue incident:

Chick-fil-A gave $1.7 million to anti-gay groups in 2009

Nixon Was a Crook and a Traitor

Boulder CO Vote Today to End Corporate Personhood

Boulder CO Vote Today to End Corporate Personhood

Banksy Artwork For Occupy London- photos, article, video

Remains Of Ancient Race Of Job Creators Found In Rust Belt

arrest jon corzine

Exclusive: Romney Family Partnered With Brokers Who Allegedly Perpetrated $8 Billion Ponzi Scheme

You got to see this add to join their credit union

Toon: Cain Poster

#Occupy George Takei

Perry had to be drunk

So Jan Brewer didn't like the districts drawn by two pugs and two dems, and now she wants to impeach

White House Dismisses Marijuana Petitions: Marijuana Legalization More Popular Than Obama

Just got an email from my credit union about "Bank Transfer Day"

Why aren't there arrests at Tea Party events?

Greg Palast: Goldman Sachs and Occupy Wall Street's bank: the real story

Wall Street occupies Obama re-election campaign

Rand Paul On Cain Scandal: It’s Getting To Where You Can’t Joke With Women Anymore

"I guess greed just makes you work hard.” - Perry quote

Why is Portland Police Dept. posting mugshots of Occupy Portland arrestees to Facebook?

Herman Cain waived confidentiality: accuser's lawyer

Cargo Cult Capitalism

At 60 I cleaned 5 flights of stairs today with 3 degrees


My dog...We Are going into a Civil War...

Mentally Ill Parishioners' Needs Can Overburden Clergy

Hazy Herman Cain is a dunce

Are you kidding me? This is what you wore? That's how you dressed your kid?

Reuters: Greece risks meltdown after bailout vote bombshell

More people dying from prescription opioids than cocaine and heroin combined

Today my hubby got junk mail from Wells Fargo

UAVs for law enforcement?

1% threatens to wash their own cars, landscape their own yards.

HuffPo: Citizens United Going Down? Democrats Introduce Constitutional Amendment To Overturn Ruling

The Most Heartbreaking 99% Graphic You Will See This Week (link added)

Cain/Gingrich Lincoln-Douglas style debate.

Why Guy Fawkes?

3 Valuable Tips To Help You Keep Your Job And Get Ahead

Reagan, D.C.

Chants for the Occupations...add yours below

Some local medical marijuana proponents unhappy with President Obama after dispensary crackdown

Oakland Police Officers Write An Open Letter To The City: ‘WE, TOO, ARE THE 99 PERCENT’

All MF Global funds accounted for --- sorry, you folks who wanted Corzine's head

MicroSoft moves to block Linux using UEFI to prevent Linux installs. Sounds like they know Ubuntu ..

Florida girl, 9, arrested after throwing fit on school bus

Libya: revolutionaries turn on each other as fears grow for law and order

California's Bullet Train to cost nearly 100 billion

She has a pension & 401k, health ins, kept her job, and slammed the union she doesn't belong to

It's the answer they've all been waiting for...

Chris was right as he compared the Kennedy political machine with the Obama political operation..

"I enjoy flowers like everybody else."

Is there a complete list of "bad banks" that one can consult before November 5?

Markets crash this AM, watching CNBC is a hoot.

Markets crash this AM, watching CNBC is a hoot.

Unemployed Man Is the Unofficial Superhero of Occupy Wall Street

Romney Supporters Banned From Free Republic

Dem Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, accuses "teachers union of 'cheating children out of an education'"

Occupy the Democratic National Convention?

So exactly when did God become a Republican?

Night of the living dead

Pete Seeger is an uber

Do you remember these trick or treat candy bags? Do people still fill up


The Incredible Shrinking Man

New York Halloween parade – in pictures

It's windy today in our town.

Missed "The Walking Dead" last night. What happened? **SPOILERS**

I just saw a 70's blast from the past, animated short.

Ever have any of those Mickey Death's Mango Fruit Smoothies?

HELP! Peppermint Candy Cane Scented Candle-Red or White.

Do people down under "spring back and fall forward" for daylight savings time?

the nice guy does sometimes win...

How does one self delete a post like this guy did with only 26 postings?

Once, the ex-MsMiddleFingerMom hit MFM in his sleep because SHE dreamt he was cheating on her.

Time for another EXCITING round of WHO'S INNOCENT...Husband or Wife?

Perfect slogan for a divorce law firm:

Turning the tables on employers?

Faces of math. The horror. The horror.

hello from CT

Fail or win?

Convenient operating hours

my husband took a job out of town last year

These guys went trick-or-treating as a "Weekend".

GENIUS marketing!!! Zombies. Can't. Swim.

And now, by popular demand, a photo of Socrates next to a measuring device

On the eve of Occupy Oakland's General Strike, here is: Alice's Restaurant.

Bnfvf jnf zber cbchyne guna gur Orngyrf va gur 90f.

Student Deocrat Group Alert! New!

My Craig's List ad got a response!

OH, HAPPY DAY!!! Once again, there is reason for joie de vivre for MiddleFingerMom.

Why the Internet chose cats


Ever want to be a kid again?

Bears are MUCH more confident, sociable, intelligent and attractive when they drink alcohol.

It seems to be getting later earlier.

Just figured out my love of George Sanders "Village of the Damned"

Public Access cable program: How to cook chicken (or not)...

Public Access cable program: How to cook chicken (or not)...

I'm thinking of changing my street name to

Please review the new Lounge Help Desk Hours.....

Words aren't enough...

How many Trick Or Treaters did you get yesterday?

Cats. We can defeat them. We HAVE the technology.

Children of legendary Hollywood stars of the 30s and 40s; guess who their parent is:

What is your opinion of DU checkpoints...

Ever been frightened back into your body?

Protesters Hershey's chocolate on fair trade principle

PG&E had warning of problems on latest failed pipe

Chinese Shenzhou craft launches on key space mission

High Fatality Rate Found for Low-Cost Buses

Nato ends military operations in Libya

Syria ignores Arab-proposed roadmap to end bloodshed; more protesters are killed

(Hillary) Clinton cancels trip for mother's illness

US solder jailed for rape in South Korea

A 5-Year-Old Girl Is Dying in Brazil Because Insurance Refuses to Pay for US$ 10,000 Surgery

After a Kidnapping, Hackers Take on a Ruthless Mexican Crime Syndicate

Shallow quake hits off Mexican coast (mag 6.5, 3.1 mi. depth)

U.S. Scores Victory in H&R Block Merger Case

U.S. Scores Victory in H&R Block Merger Case

'Operation Boo' prevents sexual offenders from Halloween activities

Factories to create deep sea probe

Condoleezza Rice on the Moment She Thought President Bush Could Have Been Poisoned

ISM manufacturing gauge slows to 50.8% in October

Americans Believe Crime In US Is Worsening

Greek PM Papandreou faces party revolt over bailout

Budget watchdog expects higher unemployment (Canada)

Japan: Damaged reactors at (Fukushima) nuclear plant could take 30 years to retire

AP NewsBreak: Syria mining Lebanon border

Regulators Investigating MF Global (Hundreds of millions of customer money missing)

Anxieties Stir as Greece Plans Referendum on Latest Europe Aid Deal

Syria Accused of Kidnapping 4 in Lebanon

Portland police clear Occupy Portland encampment at Terry Schrunk Plaza

Worker death shuts down Stillwater mine in Mont.

Occupy OKC Protester Found Dead In Tent In Downtown OKC

Occupy Wall Street protesters' own security detail sets standards for conduct in Zuccotti Park Read

Syria 'reaches' unrest deal with Arab League

Official: MF Global Admitted Using Client Money

UK Cops Using Fake Mobile Phone Tower to Intercept Calls, Shut Off Phones

‘Big Countries’ (NATO) Sought to Help Fight in Somalia

Plane (from US) carrying 230 passengers emergency lands in Warsaw

Quest for gold destroying marine life in North Carolina

Al-Qaida targets Somalia drought victims with cash handouts

President Obama Nominates New FCC Commissioners

Kenya warns of "imminent" strikes on Somali towns

FBI, Federal Prosecutors to Join Inquiry into Corzine Firm

$100 million payout for retiring CEO

Convicted child molester captured in Detroit

Cain defends himself, says he never changed story

Test scores show modest gains in mathematics

Phone hacking: NoW warned about 'culture of illegal information access'

St Paul's suspends legal action against Occupy protest

Study: Rick Perry tax plan would cut revenues by $1 trillion, benefit wealthy

Smelt Supreme Court ruling goes against farmers

Harvard professor among veterans to get Congressional Gold Medal

Report Says New York Fed Didn’t Cut Deals on A.I.G.

Supreme Court has final word on shaken baby case

Cops defend posting Occupy protester photos

Lawyer: Cain accuser wants to tell her side of story

Model Vanessa Hessler fired for praising Gaddafis

Plan for $98 billion California bullet train relies on funding sources that don't now exist

Protesters Rip Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Outside Lambeau Field in Green Bay

Republican email with 'zombie' Obama (and a bullet hole in his forehead) triggers condemnation

Volatile Oakland Faces General Strike on Wednesday

Occupy Oakland: police to be investigated over Scott Olsen injury

U.S. Food-Stamp Use Reaches Record 45.8 Million, USDA Says

Hillary Clinton's mother, Dorothy Howell Rodham, has passed away.

Department Of Homeland Security To Step Up Monitoring Of Twitter And Other Social Network Sites

U.S. Sues Allied Home Mortgage for Lending Fraud

(Calif.) Democratic Assemblywoman Cathleen Galgiani says she is gay

Emergency Reported At San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant

Greek government teeters on brink of collapse in wake of referendum plan

BofA Calls Off Debit-Fee Plan

Deaths from painkiller overdose surge to record

Archbishop of Canterbury Calls for New Tax on Bankers (On OWS: "The Alarm Bells are Ringing...")

White House Nominates Two New FCC Commissioners

Goldline Execs Charged With Fraud

Greek bailout vote reignites euro crisis

Georgia men charged over plan to make deadly ricin

Madison County supervisor of elections, school board member arrested

St Paul's dean steps down over protests

New Lotus sports car has body panels & seats made from British grown hemp

Young Turks: Feds Vs Freedom of Information Act

The end of the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) | THE PLAIN TRUTH by Judge Napolitano 10/28/11

Store bans Obama voters and Muslims

Dennis Kucinich Comments on the NEED Act

Sen. Sanders:Sinking the ship to change the Captains

The Future of Social Security: I Have a Voice

Pedal power fuels the Occupy Wall Street protest

Thom Hartmann: 1% - It's not about your bank account but your patriotism

Did Greek monks cause economic collapse?

Peter Schiff Speaks for 1 Percent at Occupy Wall Street

Thom Hartmann: OWS vs. Koch-ville


Olbermann Wears Guy Fawkes 'V' Mask for Halloween to Shame Baum Foreclosure Party

FDR: I Welcome Their Hatred

After 3yrs of Racist Hate, Limbaugh Defends Herman Cain

Thom Hartmann: Meet the 0.01 Percent...War Profiteers

Herman Cain Blues

Occupy Oakland - A Message to the Police

Sam Seder: Interview with Occupied Wall Street Journal Editor

Papantonio: The Continuing Assault on Labor

Keiser Report: Speculators Win Again (E204)

Thom Hartmann: Has OWS caused Republicans to talk about inequality?

John Huntsman attack ad "Weather Vane"

Wall Street's Halloween Candy Offer For Occupy Wall Street

Where Are The Jobs Scott Walker pt. 2 Lambeau Field

Black flag is fluttering atop courthouse: Al-Quaeda makes its presence known in Benghazi, 29.10.2011

Where Are The Jobs Scott Walker?11-1-2011 Lambeau Field

Protesters turn their backs on Eric Cantor during his University of Michigan

As NATO Ends Libyan Bombing Campaign, Is the US Seeking Greater Military Control of Africa?

Olbermann: OccupyDenver - 'People In Street Because of Injustice. Imposing More Will Only Bring...'

John Lennon 'just give me some truth

Thom Hartmann: Does a zygote have the same rights as a person?

Thom Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds - David Korten, The Great Turning. part 2

Thom Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds - David Korten, The Great Turning. Part 1

Olbermann: Police Deliberately Sending Homeless, Drug Addicts to Zucotti Park?

Charlie Chaplin nails the Occupy Wall Street sentiments with this AMAZING SPEECH

What Is Occupy Wall Street About?

U.S. Pulls All Funding For UNESCO After Sweeping Vote to Support Palestinian Membership

Young Turks: Christians: Don't Join Occupy Wall Street - Pat Robertson

Herman Cain 2004 US Senate Campaign Under God ad

Thom Hartmann: It's time to Occupy the Courts

What if?

Olbermann: Spitzer - 'All So-Called Progressives in D.C. Have Done Nothing Close to OWS Dedicated'


Laughing @ the Republican frontrunners (NOV, 2011)

GRETA: Got a roaming eye at all? CAIN: I enjoy flowers like everybody else.

Zombie Obama Email: Virginia GOP Condemns Image Of President With Bullet Through Head

Perry: if Cain is innocent, he should be executed

Watching Bill Clinton on C-Span who just said he's for repatriation of corporate profits

Rachel's takedown of Perry changed my mind.

The National Restaurant Association Should Release Its Records Regarding The Cain Harassment Claim

Maybe we’re supposed to pray for a GOP jobs plan

A Lightbulb Conspiracy: a history of planned obsolesence, from light bulbs to inkjet printers

Mike Luckovich on Herman Cain

The GOP was unable to replace Hillary with Palin, and will be unable to replace Obama with Cain.

'Occupy' targets Iowa caucuses

Question for lawyers here re: gag order on Cain accusers.

Eugene Robinson: Let Herman Be Gone

Opi Rant #235.... Re: Evolutionary End for Current GOPer Strain of Conservatism at risk

U.S. sues South Carolina over immigration law

Tom Toles on Herman Cain campaign

Bike path funding survives Senate vote

Obama Orders Fort Monroe Preservation as a Way to Create Jobs (updated)

Fun Poll - Obama (D). Romney (R) or Paul (Libertarian)

Senators who oppose infrastructure spending are putting the rich’s interests first

Which Member Of The Insane GOP Clown Posse Do You Most Want To See President Obama Run Against?

Study shows manmade, enriched uranium in Fallujah responsible for post 2004 birth defects

2012 Presidential/ Vice-Presidential Debate Schedule set

Cain's smoker's ad

LaHood: GOP Doesn't Care About Jobs

Herman Cains Life Is An Open Book...NOW.

New Wisconsin Poll: Obama approval rating 54% beats GOP field by 11 or more points/Walker recall #

Virginia county GOP committee in hot water over image of Obama with bullet in his head

AWESOME ad against Mitt Romney!!

Time slipping for Obama Israel trip

Washington Post: Cain accuser wants to break her silence

They Got One Thing Right!

Rev. Jesse Jackson: As Obama finally acts, he exposes GOP strategy

Herman Cain re-remembers amount of hush money paid to employees

Why Does The Reich Wing Say Democrats Get Away With Alleged Or Real Sexual Indiscretions?

Herman Cain: Not in dispute - the damage control has been amateur

President Obama to interview with nine stations across the country Tuesday

Memo to Herman Cain: China already has nukes

Krugman: Michael Bloomberg, Ignoramus

The inimitable Charlie Pierce weighs in on Cain's troubles

wooooo hooooo - Look at this ....

Bank of America’s quick reversal

...Romney Family Investment Group Partnered With Alleged Perpetrators Of $8 Billion Ponzi Scheme