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Tonight on Countdown:Dan Siegel(Quan's legal advisor), Katelyn Ferral,Catherine Crier

Tonight on Countdown:Dan Siegel(Quan's legal advisor), Katelyn Ferral,Catherine Crier

Encouraging Tweet

The inevitable nominee they all can’t stand

Romney's No-Lose Life....pre-arranged dishonesty

Oil industry attempts to co-opt ’99 Percent’ movement

This Adorable Rap Video Is The Final Reason You Ought To Care About Social Security

Nancy Pelosi to Herman Cain: I’m no princess

Gas tonight, $3.19 a gallon, lowest of the year here

DoJ-DHS Law Enforcement Guidelines for First Amendment-Protected Events

I'm sorry I missed this whole discussion about the New and Improved DU

Cain accuser’s then-boyfriend says they all met, countering GOP candidate’s account

Occupy Oakland GA & march livestream


60 days after deregulation, Frontier voids customer Terms of service contract and raises rates.

An Announcement from the Chair of the Berkeley Faculty Senate: Free Speech and "Occupy"

United Wisconsin Website Attacked (Walker REcall website)

United Wisconsin Website Under Cyber Attack -An Important Update to Our Supporters-

Why the GOP does not believe Darwin.

CS Spray Exposure Clinical Effects and Management

CS Spray Exposure Clinical Effects and Management

NBC unearths an interview of Jerry Sandusky back from 1987 - it is disturbing!

Thank You! to the anonymous donor who gave me a star :O)

RW American Center for Law & Justice got me on their email list - ideas as to how to combat this?

UC Regents cancel meeting.

There's a rodent at 10 Downing Street

Drillers using counterinsurgency experts Marcellus industry taking a page from the military to deal

"God called me to run to president,"

I just got physically threatened via PM . I have alerted on it

Recall Sabotage Plot--Ties to GOP and Militia (Wisconsin)

Libya: Town Rallies Against Pro-Qaddafi Label

NEWT --- Now that's what I call presidential --- NOT

Denial of Service Attack Takes Down United Wisconsin's Recall Walker Website!

A little refresher for those of us engaged in the OWS movement.

Syria Crackdown Gets Italy Firm’s Aid With U.S.-Europe Spy Gear

Most looted missiles still in Libya - U.S. official

Forerunner of Libyan army deployed in militia feud

Do you ever clarify when someone calls you/asks if you are a Democrat?

Why cities should destroy their highways

Herman Cain: "Let's go parachuting on Tuesday!"

Herman Cain: "Let's go parachuting on Tuesday!"

Cain's accuser's ex-boyfriend

Cain's accuser's ex-boyfriend

Help! Do you have an IMDB account? Please help The Undefeated make the IMDB Bottom 100.

Wonder what Cain thinks about this:

“I know there are many other veterans like me who would rather use marijuana than the plethora of...

Mission over, Congress ready to agree on Libya

No to Recall (Walker) ad to run during Packer game

Dan Siegel (Oakland) is correct

CONDI & PAULSON SHUNNED: Occupy Chicago Scores Direct Action Victory

City Governance for Dummies?

Rick Reilly on ESPN --Silence at Penn State.

Iowahawk Questions

#OWS: "...autonomous political beings engaged in non-violent civil disobedience "

It's 68 degrees, the cricketers are chirping in the wetlands, it's Northern NJ, and it's November 14th

Caption this Perry pic

Hancock says Occupy Denver protesters can expect a consistent police presence

Woman takes on bear to save her dog

Start a Pet Food Bank

NC Police Arrest Protesters at Vacant Dealership

Alabama Immigration Law on Rock Center

Reminder: Tonight on 20/20, the first post-shooting interview with Gabby Giffords

Reminder: Tonight on 20/20, the first post-shooting interview with Gabby Giffords

Sandusky on the phone with Bob Costas as I type: 9:08 PM CST

Another peek into the mind of the Faux followers - O'Reilly book reviews on Amazon...

Occupy Oakland Prepares for Another Major Strike Nov. 19 (Multiple Unions Expected)

Big Overgrown Kid

Anyone with COBRA advice?

I have an idea for OWS...

I have an idea for OWS...

Cain is quite the foreign policy's interview w/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel hilarity:

The Sandusky Defense is taking shape.

Stem cells help regenerate damaged heart

Exclusive Interview with Nicholas Kristof: Women Hold Up Half the Sky

Just Saw a Fucking Pro-Walker Ad On Monday Night Football

"I shouldn't have showered with those kids."

The usual from our state's GOP...

Soon-to-be Wisconsin Capitol rule: Cameras must be attached to guns

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

"To Capitalist Folly, Town in Spain Offers Reply"

Bilbray's daughter at center of med pot debate

Bilbray's daughter at center of med pot debate

"He's lying, Mom..."

Who here thinks Cain is just a salesman who was hired by the Koches to sell the idea of a flat tax?

Eugene Robinson: Republicans aren’t closing the deal with voters

Second Mile: Another non-profit with some explaining to do

Alaska is allowing 2nd yr aids to perform procedures w/o supervsion of dentist due to dental crisis

Wall Street v. Elizabeth Warren

PETA Attacks Mario For Wearing Tanooki Fur

Re Dan Siegal resigning as Oakland mayor's legal advisor, and talk radio.

OH LOOK Amy Adams skin tight dress (this is news on Huffington Poo)

The state would like us to be violent.


#Occupy Your Yard

ALEC's "right-wing ideologues & corporate stooges [are] the greatest threat to individual liberty"

Wow, I am proud to say I was not embarrassed by any of the 2008 Democratic nominees!

Rick Perry: 'Tomorrow, I’m going to unveil a plan to uproot all three branches of government .'

Tribe on the SCOTUS healthcare case, Lawrence Lessig on $$ corrupting Congress - Charlie Rose tonig

Is That a Banana in Your ...

A little bit of media mysogyny I'll bet not many picked up on - last night's 60 Minutes

I hope Redstone is laughing at us now..........

Beheading in Libya or Mexico?

#OccupyPortland forming mobile units to camp in different parks every night

Marianne Williamson speaks on the Occupy movement from a spiritual perspective

Dissension among the ranks at Occupy Wall Street

Dog shelter is maxed out: ‘I just can’t afford them anymore.’

Ron Paul is not a civil libertarian.

1987 Interview With Sandusky: 'I Enjoy Being Around Children'

DKos: "I Freaking Hate Super Congress, And So Should You"

anyone of you watch Gabby's interview..

Messin' around with Photoshop

Terror, revenge engulf Nato’s Libya, by Franklin Lamb

President Obama's approval rating amongst liberal Democrats for November 7th-13th is 80%.

DU: Zucotti Park is being hit tonight!!!

I wasn't even born when Kent State happened, but OccupyWallStNYC feels like that to me.

Great response to Frank Miller's anti-OWS nastiness from the other day

Great response to Frank Miller's anti-OWS nastiness from the other day

Was announcement of Penn St. Scandal delayed so Paterno could set win record.

Good reporting from WBAI on OWS demolition

#Occupy is locationless because it is US. Next question: How do we support it

Its a beautiful day.......

I've been seeing all these mentions of LRADS and I have a question...

We need to defeat ALL Dem officials who let the cops drive the Occupiers out ot the camps to resign

We need to defeat ALL Dem officials who let the cops drive the Occupiers out ot the camps to resign

Oakland mayor’s top legal aide quits in solidarity with ‘Occupy’ protest

Looks like OWS is being raided right now. (NYC)

Man accused of killing daughters 'would do the same again'

"I am innocent of those charges...I have hugged them and I have touched their legs..."

Gabrielle Giffords Tells Diane Sawyer How She Felt When Told Of Shooting: ‘I Cried’ [VIDEO]

These people need to quit re-living the 60s

COPS will throw all away in the camp

New York City supporters of OWS need to get down to Liberty Park NOW! Cops

tweets from Olbermann, Moore, Shuster, etc. on OWS raid

Just when you thought crackpots couldn't get screwier...

Video inside Zuccotti:

Global revolution just went to Al Jazeeera breaking news feed

Keith has a sense of humor

The $40 "Underground" Website

NYC Council Member Has Been Arrested At Occupy Wall Street, Bleeding From Head

CNN Money is covering NYC park raid.

Josh Harkinson of Mother Jones has made it into the park and is reporting

"I shouldn't have showered with those kids." It practically writes itself.

Who here remember 'Blonde at Last'. Let's make a donation for

FIRST VIDEO of NYPD Being Violent With Protesters

Willie Geist will have live coverage of Bloomberg's

Please check in here if you have signed a Scott Walker recall petition!

Breaking ..TEAR GAS BEING USED AT O.W.S NY Per Livestream...0341am EST


The PEOPPLE POSSEE just showed up!

19,000 viewers are watching

Norway gunman Breivik makes first public appearance since twin terror attacks

Obama's silence is deafening. This is what Obama's police

OWS activists regroup, general assembly now underway at Foley Square

Cyber Attack on United Wisconsin to Recall Walker

Change you can believe in...

President Gingrich?

Google + Bank of America page hijacked?

Google + Bank of America page hijacked?

(((PICS))) OWS: The ""Cleaning"" of Zuccotti Park

An Occupy contingent is attempting to block press access to City Hall...

M. Moore: Police helicopters close air space over OWS, preventing news helicopters

M. Moore: Police helicopters close air space over OWS, preventing news helicopters

Paul B. Farrell: China vs. USA bout: 6 rounds of pummeling

Media is still talking about penn state story

From the OWS LIve Feed: someone reporting a Judicial Injunction

Judge ruled OWS Zuccoti Park can stay.

Need everyone to be aware of this and to take action!

Something we can all agree on: WTF Is Bachmann smoking????

World headed for irreversible climate change in five years, IEA warns


Bloomberg Press conference underway

Spec-Ops Command: SEAL raid book 'a lie'

Happy Trails, Grovelbot.

Is it progressive, liberal, democratic to

Judge just announced Mayor has no right to eject protesters

DHS-FBI Bulletin: Radio Controlled Model Aircraft as Possible IED Delivery Platforms

FBI Reports Dramatic Spike in Anti-Muslim Hate Violence

Indiana parents sue school system in beating, bullying of son

FBI Reports Dramatic Spike in Anti-Muslim Hate Violence

A request for some kindness for the Penn State alums among us

Stop calling the Penn St. scandal "failing to report" and call it what it IS: COVER-UP.

Fallout continues from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers fraud case

"I shouldn't have showered with those kids."

Bank Of America Makes Millions Charging Fees To Withdraw Unemployment Benefits

I wake up every morning to Amy Goodman

I see what you did there..

Wash., Tulalip Indian Reservation mystery leaking ammonia tank

Martha Stewart went to jail

So, everyone on the left came to he aide of the Police after the Right Wing

Dangerous lead levels found in nearly two-thirds of New Orleans homes, Tulane study says

DU this poll on Walker--it needs help:

The OWS protests DO NOT need to change there loose structure right now!

Double post. Darn phone!

Double post. Darn phone!

poor herman has 'a lot of things twirling around in his head'

poor herman has 'a lot of things twirling around in his head'

Mr. Pereda and Mr. McCain will be coming home for the holidays early this year.

Google map mystery of giant lines spotted by satellite in Gobi desert

Last remaining live feed - OWS

Pfizer’s Latest Twist on ‘Pay for Delay’

Libya: After clashes, apologies.

"Mainstream media has been pushed out of the park." - That's cuz the cops like transparency.

Fifty-two years ago today, the Clutter family was murdered.

Libya welcomes banned books

...the system is going down...and it's not for maintenance...

Natalie Hedegdus, Mom kicked out of courtroom for breastfeading.

Toilet troubles add to sailors' deployment stress on carrier (G.H.W. Bush)

Headline you'll love: "O'Keefe's Allies Turn Against Him"

Headline you'll love: "O'Keefe's Allies Turn Against Him"

Redding woman vows vandalism until she is jailed


Libyan fighters gather in Cairo, to join their Syrian brothers in the buffer zone (Turkey)

What a country!

"Take Off Your Riot Gear, We Don't See No Riot Here!"

O'Keefe's Allies Turn AGAINST Him

Gingrich Says He Was 'Historian' At Freddie Mac --Turns Out He Was Just A Shill

Study Finds Old People Worse for Environment than Young People

Any NYC OWS live feeds up right now?

Democracy Now! Amy interviews civil rights attorney Danny Alterman about OWS evictions

On trying to stop #OCWS .... video

Touching a leg ...

WP: "O’Malley says DGA may join effort to recall Wisconsin governor"

Funny thing happened when I donated to DU today

Court order allows Occupy Wall St. protesters back

OWS To Bloomberg/Police: "YOU Are In Violation - MOVE OUT OF OUR WAY"

Bloomberg and his Black shirts treated OWS like a mob

Why meat from a petri dish is still a long way from the supermarket (not in my lifetime)

Ellen Barkin is talking on Joy Behar's show.

Key West mosquito control could go sci-fi (good or bad?)

this is what plutocracy looks like:

Report: Greenhouse Gas Pact Created $500 Million For Mass. Economy, Added Nearly 3,800 Jobs

Allison Kilkenny's report: NYPD Destroy Occupy Wall Street Camp (detailed info)

Can you imagine if OWS went to Washington and 500,000 people showed up, stopping all traffic...

So...if all the cops everywhere storm all the Occupy camps...then what?

Nov. 17 Day Of Action!

You can't evict an idea whose time has come.

"America needs to start kickin' the world's ass and takin' some funny sounding names"

Mr Fish Toon- War Is Started!

Mr Fish Toon- War Is Started!

Eat your heart out Samuel Pepys!

Occupy Memphis still stands

now France has detected traces of radioactive iodine

So now that Pizza the Hut has fucked up a major policy question...

Will Penn State SCANDAL Finally Bring CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE Into the Spotlight?

Even the craziest Tea Party leader understands: Time for Cain to drop out

cringeworthy things little kids say

cringeworthy things little kids say

Afghanistan Looking For Its Own 'SOFA' Agreement -- Kinda of a 'SORTA' Agreement

I'm getting to the point where it's not the greed that disgusts me so much any more..

First U.S. embryonic stem cell trial is halted

Toon: Starve The Beast!

What if DU Paid YOU?

The other 99 was interviewing one of the legal aid team

The other 99 was interviewing one of the legal aid team

LRAD spotted at raid on OWS

LRAD spotted at raid on OWS

Kasich Opens Ohio’s State Parks To Fracking While Oil And Gas Industry Gives Him Most Donations

Sandusky lawyer impregnated teenage girl

Cain's response to his Libya gagg...NEIN NEIN NEIN

Starbucks drops bean surcharge

Occupy Wall Street occupies a new corner - Canal St & 6th ave

Me and newsie: and the First Ammendment

Court denies Occupy Dallas' request for restraining order

Thanks for my star!

Anyone remember the "Beer Summit"?

WATCH LIVE: Evicted from park, ‘Occupy Wall St.’ takes to New York streets

Stewart: GOP’s foreign policy is a middle finger to the world

Why Mitt Romney Had Such A Bad Record On Jobs In Mass. -- Lost over 48,000 manufacturing jobs

What's So Powerful That It Can't Be Evicted By A Thousand Police Officers?

What's So Powerful That It Can't Be Evicted By A Thousand Police Officers?

Report of 10 more suspected victims coming forward (penn state)

When a school or college loses accreditation, nobody worries about the students

Olbermann: special comment on Bloomberg on Countdown tonight

Is this where I have to establish my creds? If so - here we go

Is this where I have to establish my creds? If so - here we go

Wisconsin: Recall Walker rally in Madison on Saturday

The Rude Pundit: Now Newt?

Occupy Oakland's War on Two Fronts - Toon

Self delete du burp

Self delete du burp

The Zapatista Rebellion, like OWS, is a leaderless movement.

The Illusion of Freedom

Congress approval rating at 9% and Congress doesn't like it

Any update on ThomWV?

Harris (Texas) death penalties show racial pattern

Wyoming Football Coach Resigns After ‘Hurt Feelings Report’-“little sissy” and “girly-man.”

What? Zuccotti Park is privately owned??? Dammit!

Recycling Soap and Saving Lives

From Barbara Ehrenreich's Facebook page:

12:15pm-What's going on at Zucotti? The police are moving in or something...

12:15pm-What's going on at Zucotti? The police are moving in or something...

Job Networking on DU? A Good Idea?

OBAMA: "Just run clips of the Republican debates verbatim-We don't even need to comment on them"

SOmeone on OWS Livestream reporting Court ruling expected at 3 PM

If DU was on the same technological level as Free Republic

No, It Is NOT "Legal" For Congress To Insider-Trade -- The SEC Should Launch Investigation Immediate

Media is just showing clips but do you know how long Cain spent on the Libya question? 5:15 minutes

Heads up: Recall Wisconsin Gov. Walker report coming up on MSNBC this hour

You know Beau Biden had a choice when investigating a Child Molestation case in Delaware

Notice how the cable talking heads are not interviewing their fellow journalists

Soon and very soon people will be forced to take sides

I know that many DU'ers don't have Money in Wall Street...But, for us 401-K'rs..this is interesting!

"They're just pissing on us without even giving us the courtesy of calling it rain."-

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: Europe

Greenwald: America’s meritocratic, watchdog news media

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: 2012 Race- Forgettaboutit!

The GOP’s victim-blaming strategy

A group of OWS protesters came through the skyways

From the small Eskimo Village of Quinhagak, Alaska: The Hallelujah Chorus from "The Messiah" (heh!)

A decent report and some interesting numbers from an unlikely source:

Sandusky: It Was 'Horseplay'

Bachmann: USA should be less socialist --like China...

I * heart* Gabby Giffords.

Makana is a Hawaiian language term meaning gift or reward, but in tk2kewl language...

Wounded veteran condemns Feds for blocking marijuana research for PTSD

Tune in to this live feed now!!!!! OWS standing off garbage trucks. Good feed.

Spencer Wants TLC To Air Reality Show About Budding Muslim Terrorist

A friend on Facebook posted this enraging information about what happened to the #OWS property VIDEO

Anyone from southwest South Dakota around?

The police are the armed guards of the corporate state

Teachers caught on tape bullying special-needs girl

“Constitution Free Zone” Questions Border Patrol Security & Search and Seizure Laws

Looking for a short and sweet quote.

Herman Cain’s Libya stumble: How much damage did he do?

A TickingTime Bomb: The Arab Spring And America's Lost Genertion

House panel moves to block Fannie, Freddie pay

A response to Rep. Rick Womick, Tennessee 34th District

Any other people who played sports recall ever taking a shower with your coach after practice?

US drone claims six lives in Miranshah, Pakistan

Ladies and gentlemen, we can rebuild it....

NYT: 4 journos arrested at Trinity Church action

The Warning From A Congresswoman That Every American Should See

"Putin decade exodus" from Russia - Russians leaving in droves

I am a Liberal. Socialist in Economic Theory, Libertarian in Social Philosophy.

Bottom line is if the protesters do not want to be evicted from PRIVATE property ....

Self Delete -- Will be back with a new offer when I get my next windfall! nt

Obama Prospects Brighten as Economic Recovery Moves to Expansion

Rahm Emanuel Dumped Tons Of Freddie Mac Stock Days Before It Collapsed

Can we call the cops class-traitors yet?

PROFESSOR: Oh Please, Of Course Congressional Insider Trading Is Totally Illegal

Disaster Capitalism? Italy's new PM is an advisor to Goldman Sachs!

Tony Blair criticizes Occupy Wall Street

Ah yes...more violations of civil rights

The edited part of the Costas - Sandusky interview..

Cain's trouble with women voters threatens GOP bid

Video: Reporter for The Local Is Arrested During Occupy Wall Street Clearing

In my opinion it is time for the OWS movement to change their strategy

Inside Police Lines at the Occupy Wall Street Eviction

Judge admonishes Michigan woman for breast feeding in courtroom

"Evaluating a Court Order". . Jeez.. You can DO that?

Magnanimous Banker Hires Occupy Wall Street Protesters

So what now?

Two toons on Oil and War

This Morning at Occupy Wallstreet - Last night, I watched lower Manhattan turn into a militarized

Thank you so much Anonymous, for the star.

Can someone tell me what's happening on the OWS livestream?

Let's get water, coffee & food down to #FoleySquare -

After Failing To Kill Medicare, The GOP Tries Their Voucher Scam On Veterans

U.S. Consumer Spending vs. Earnings.

As Cities Crack Down, Lansing Distinguishes Itself By Respecting Occupy Lansing

"In America we have a song: ding dong llama wanna jumpin with an ice pick, she thinks I'm going in!

Joseph Amendola, Jerry Sandusky's Lawyer, Impregnated 17 Year Old Client

what OWS should do now

Thank you to whoever donated a star in my name.

Wisconsin: Recall Walker rally in Madison on Saturday. Anyone know details?

I am enacting a self-imposed exile on myself for 7 days.

Coordinated Raids In Two Days... Time For A National General Strike


Protesters accuse New York police of inciting violence by disobeying restraining order

Conn. jury in fatal home invasion case hears testimony on defendant’s belief in angels, demons

Has this been posted? Consumer advocates ring alarm over robocalls to cellphones

American Roman Catholic Bishops Open ‘Religious Liberty’ Drive cuz they are being ignored

The cities are already on the brink of bankruptcy, paying the

Which is correct?

NYPD, Syrian state police, Mubarak's police, Gaddafi's thugs, Gestapo. WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?

Fox & Friends Applauds NYPD's Evicting OWS Protesters

Court ruling on OWS has NOT BEEN HANDED DOWN

Global Revolution has a live feed from the hallway of the courthouse

Please delete

“When you see a guy in a loan made in 2005 that is still in school, you throw that away,”

Weather modification - an interesting article from archives of WSJ

Battleground Wisconsin: Wisconsin's MARK BLOCK is the Herman Cain campaign manager.

Twitter feed from OWS Courtroom

New Twitter rumor: Court ruling coming at 5 PM

Borowitz: "Oh wait, did you say ‘Libya?’"

Property from #Zuccotti, incl #OWS library, safely stored

Unions condemn Occupy Wall Street eviction

#Occupy Wall Street Liberty Park under attack NOW 1:08AM Eastern

No decision yet on the NYC OWS restraining order.

No decision yet on the NYC OWS restraining order.

Do you like seafood?

Study: Execution capital of Texas mostly kills black prisoners

Crash Tax: Wall Street Should Pay Reparations to the 99%

DU Brits: How did you guys deal with Mary Whitehouse?

Decision on OWS Injunction due in less than 15 minutes

Decision on OWS Injunction due in less than 15 minutes

press pens do not exist in free societies, they exist in fascist ones

Silent Running. Gave me goosebumps today

Must read Josh Harkinson account from behind police lines.

Showdown at Zuccotti Park: The NYPD's raid on Occupy Wall Street NYC Read more: http://live.nydaily

News From Reality Twitter Account

What the Catholic bishops seek is religious tyranny, not religious liberty

Curious...still *crickets* from the WH on OWS events today?

Seven cures for a lean purse...

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4 - The rest

Ok people panties in a bunch not good reaction

A sex slave Gaddafi tells her ordeal

The Dirty, Desperate Tactics Of The Wisconsin GOP As Scott Walker Faces Recall

Explain something about the "press pens" talked about at OWS:

Rahm Emanuel Used His Gmail Account to Message Administration Officials

Here's the OWS decision if you want to read it

In other news...there was coordination in evictions

Bachmann Accuses Bush of Socialism

Activists in Malaysia plan 'war crime trial' of George W. Bush and Tony Blair

Help with a Recall Walker poll

Mods: Please explain why threads questioning OBAMA'S

I really hate to say this, but I've learned to hate the fucking cops

Grover Norquist: GOP leadership has promised him no Super Congress tax increases

So, no tents... Does that include 'bivys'?

So Parks are Open for Big oil and fracking but not for OWS

They keep playing clips of the Sandusky interview -- is he medicated?

They just opened the park

Just because I know I am not paranoid

Adbusters, the Occupy Wall Street innovator, says movement should wind down and start up in spring

The Art of Computer Programming

Pyramid of the capitalist system

Timeline sought for closing Occupy L.A. camp, LAPD's Beck says

Anyone remember Resurrection City and the Poor People's Campaign?

TRO Denied; No Tents!

The Death of Occupy Wall Street? - Guy Horton

Boehner Never Visited Giffords

INFOGRAPHIC: Why Living In New York City Is INSANELY Expensive

Clickjack attacks plaguing Facebook with 4chan-like porn, violent imagery

Meet Newt Gingrich: Moral and Ethical Hero.

How long before an Arizona SB 1070 law becomes national - but for non-Republicans

Obama has his 1968 convention theme. "What me worry?"

An exuberant awakening for Libya’s Berbers

"Fans" of the First Amendment

Who says we don't have (at least the beginnings of) a police state?

Oakland Mayor Admits Cities Coordinated Crackdown on Occupy Movement

Pres Obama's comments on the PSU scandal are why he needs a drama coach!

Evict everyone, everywhere?

Gloria Cain: "Now that one I am totally convinced did not happen."

As per CNN: Douche Bag calls 911 b/c iPhone won't work

OWS won

New poll shows 4-way tie in Iowa as Ron Paul moves to top tier

What happened at Zuccoti Park last night reminded me of two songs from my punk days...

Turn on Sharpton-OWS

Occupy Melbourne protest tents removed

Mother Jones: Post-Ohio, Unions Set Their Sights on...Democrat Andrew Cuomo?

Mother Jones: Post-Ohio, Unions Set Their Sights on...Democrat Andrew Cuomo?

Looking back---I don't think I've ever showered with my kids.

Looking back---I don't think I've ever showered with my kids.

Lebanese MPs almost come to blows over Syria on live TV

Muslim Group Can't Get Unredacted FBI Guide

Is this what we need to do now? (GRAPHIC NON VIOLENCE)

Angela Davis: The 99%: a community of resistance

President Obama's re-election strategy...

Occupy Liberty Channel with the NY Occupy Group Live right now...

Elections? Or Let Events Unfold?

Psychopaths: Born evil or with a diseased brain.

I posted something earlier this week - not knowing how relevant it was to me until today

WE are the ones we've been waiting for!

The Rude Pundit: Observations on the Post-Raid Occupation in New York (Updated)

Freepers on Giffords. "Why didn't she ask for police protection?"

On the ground was a book: "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley/ "Democracy Now" Reporting from Raid

Study: Nearly Half of Congress Members Are Millionaires

Is Rick Perry too dumb to get a gig on FOX?

Is Rick Perry too dumb to get a gig on FOX?

Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer, Joe Amendola, got a 16-year- old client pregnant and later married her

Within 5 minutes of reopening Zucotti, library is being rebuilt

By candlelight, live blogging WALKER recall signings.

Well, well, well... A cop's view of the 1st Amendment and #OWS ouster in Zucotti Park:

Fannie, Freddie execs score $100 million payday

'Categorically incorrect': Special Ops Commander brands book on raid that killed bin Laden a lie

OccupyDC occupies Liberty (Zucocotti) Park owners headquaters.

Oh Great..Glenn Beck purchased Texas Mega Church and is moving to Southlake Texas..

Diane Sawyer is going to ask OWS protestors who "should pick up their tab" tonight.

Diane Sawyer is going to ask OWS protestors who "should pick up their tab" tonight.

Would you drink a "flavored" water drink with the following ingredients:

RT and Free Press Reporting "Huge Police Presence in Zucotti after Judge denies Tents!

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Republicans are God's Trick on Us

2,600 Cities

His Enemy Was Ignorance: how Peter McWilliams died

BigAg drove most turkey breeds to the brink of extinction. Now heritage breeds are making a comeback

I AM NOT MOVING (must-see video regarding OWS)

Fears over antisemitism in new Greek coalition government

This is some scary shit!

Pennsylvanians: how did District Judge Leslie Dutchcot get her job?

If you have contacts in the OWS movement,

NY City Council members are pissed off...

Bloomberg Is A (*^&(@#$%^&(*&(^%()$%#^&*()

On my way down to Portland's General Assembly. This will be my statement when I get the mic...

Straight Player Cutoff Is OK for Gay Softball Club

Is the nationwide crackdown on OWS merely a coincidence?

Is the nationwide crackdown on OWS merely a coincidence?

OWS Back in Zuccotti Park!

R. Buckminster Fuller articulates it (Occupy movement) perfectly from the past yet again...

Asia Times: The capitalist myth

Poll: Gingrich tops Romney by 10 points to lead GOP race

Why was James Joyce's 'Ulysses' banned?


How is it that the 1st amendment is so completely ignored and abused?

Report:: 37 Percent of Children in Dallas Live in Poverty - Enough to fill Cowboy Stadium twice!

If this bullshit was happening in any other fucking country

More & More Everyday I'm Looking Forward To Al Sharpton's PoliticsNation.....

MSNBC photo captures OWS eviction perfectly

Wal-Mart's broke customers are even broker, apparently

Post Office Near Default? Losses Mount To $5.1B

McQueary claims he did stop Sandusky:

Ok on the road to the F WORD

Subsidies of the Rich and Famous

Should Gabrielle Giffords run for re-election if her health continues to improve?

why isn't there an OWS forum?

Sandusky lawyer impregnated teenage girl

Hey boys and girls, remember all the hand wringing and wailing over the "Too Big To Fail" banks?

What Did Tom Corbett Know About Sandusky and When Did He Know It?

92 German anti-fascism activists arrested in Poland in confrontation with right-wing nationalists.

OWS is winning because...

*******Official OWS update Thread******Post 'em here for all to see.

Does OWS need a leader,

Let's ask this question again...........

Let's ask this question again...........

A Veteran's Path from Killing and Torturing to Peace

DOJ: Lying on needs to be a crime

SCREENSHOTS: Police Are DESTROYING $1000s of Laptops, Cameras, Donations

"Oakland Mayor Jean Quan Admits Cities Coordinated Crackdown on Occupy Movement"

CA consumer watchdog group preparing initiative to limit health insurance rate increases

CA consumer watchdog group preparing initiative to limit health insurance rate increases

The Brown Shirts - They Weren't, Like, Totally Nazis - Right? (OWS Knows...)

They were storing weapons...

They were storing weapons...

TRAGIC! 10 freakin years old!!!...

BREAKING NEWS – Judge Orders Protesters Be Allowed Back in Park With Their Belongings

We have reached...

Interesting background on Clooney's Ides of March. Composite candidate.

Congress is broken. The USSC is bought and paid for. The WH had morons in control of the button.

Wow. RW meme re: PSU voiced by several of my patients this week:

The U.S. Passed Mandatory Health Insurance In 1798 Under President And Founding Father, John Adams N

The Mitsubishi plant in Normal, IL. that Governor Quinn was just talking about on MSNBC is UAW

More dirty tricks from Walker-

666 (The Mark of Cain)

Apparently The Constitution IS Just A Goddamned Piece Of Paper - (MUST READ !!!)

Police "authority" is nothing more than violence, and the threat of violence.

(fracking) Drillers using counterinsurgency experts

Rift Over Tim Tebow Custom "Jesus" Jerseys

I was wearing kids clothes - a 12 - at 35 years old

CONGRATS PTB... you have just made this

Mayor Quan Admits to Collusion of Multi-City OWS Evictions

IF DHS coordinated the OWS evictions with 18 cities as being reported....

One thing you can say about Current.

Global Occupy movement evictions - in pictures

The City's Attack on Information: Books Dumped in the Garbage, Press Intimidated

The mother (pedestrian) may get 3 years in jail, but the driver who killed her child only 6 months?

TITLE 42 > CHAPTER 21 > § 1985. Conspiracy to interfere with civil rights

Judge who issued injunction to stop Zuccoti evictions removed from case.

Question for porn fans:

AT LAST.... proof, the only reason GOP is saying NO TO JOBS, health care... everything

''The moment I entered the reactor building, the soles of my shoes melted.''

''The moment I entered the reactor building, the soles of my shoes melted.''

Chris Hedges: This Is What Revolution Looks Like

Today in good/bad ad placements (check out where this Chase bank ad ended up)

Just heard, judge sides with OWS on Zucotti park

Just heard, judge sides with OWS on Zucotti park

A Gathering of Eagles: Extremists Look to Montana

If you had to have one of these built within view of your home, which would you choose?

Did anyone here see Bill Maher on "The View" this morning

Did anyone here see Bill Maher on "The View" this morning

Did anyone here see Bill Maher on "The View" this morning

What the cops did to the Occupiers last night in all those cities...defensible or indefensible?

TOONS: HERMAN CAIN ----------->

Wow. Totally floored and taken by surprise. A STAR!

Being a divorced father means

OWS supporters; Regarding recent NYPD action at Liberty Park -

An Open Letter to NBA Players


***Announcing the Winners of the Seasonal Photo Contest*** "Scenes of Autumn"

I need help to keep a person from being deported

Why don't they start to learn what it REALLY means to be a cop?

Anonymous- Revenge Against the NYPD and Mayor Bloomberg

Titanic structures in the middle of the Chinese desert. What are they?

Critical Question: Who were the 18 mayors, and was DHS on the call?

Examiner Reporter:'Occupy' crackdowns coordinated with federal law enforcement officials

"Brookfield Properties Security Calls Me a Faggot at Zuccotti Park "

Holyfacting shite! the city closed airspace in lower Manhattan to prevent news helicopters taking

Did the cops just throw the OWS library in the dumpster?

What’s happening to poor is warning to us all

Just saw 'J. Edgar'.

Does this surprise you? Carlin warned us years ago ...

Democratic establishment abandoned Occupy Wall Street

At home and at peace with the ghost of Miz Kelly (my long DU goodbye)

New, Better Pain

Physics For Everyone!

Ahu - To: Love

Could use some good vibes for a friend of mine who is in the hospital

Zombie Bait:

ALERT THE MEDIA!!! MiddleFingerMom is wearing sexy underwear for once.

Pooh hurts him.

Do you wear a baseball cap with " ________ Veteran" on it?

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot...nothing is going to get better. it's not.

Yes at their best

BREAKING: Headless Body in Topless Bar

I don't think it can be emphasized often enough... MiddleFingerMom is one smooth-talkin' Sexyman.

Delete, wrong farking forum

Howzabout a little vintage classic rock

Not everyone's cup of tea, but I took some cool Vulcan pictures.

Chrome dome house! Would you live in one?

All you gotta do is take a post-grad course -- Art Appreciation 420.

PHOTO: MFM becomes the first person ever to be banned for life from the art museum

I fell asleep for the last few minutes of 2 1/2 Men tonight and my

Wowsers. My weight is now down to 185 lb.

To whomever gave me the star- thank you!

Why is this the last Fund Drive ever? n/t

PHOTO: It's a TOUGH economy, and as such, MiddleFingerMom is on a TIGHT, fixed monthly budget...

I feel sorry for Minnesota...

The show I'm putting on

Bill Bailey's message to Metallica


Try again: My TIVO ended on 2 1/2 Men last night right after

Rapper and Reality TV star fight over who owns the phrase 'YUUUUUPPP'

The Empire Strikes WIN !!!!

Bobcat. The other white meat.

Why is there a lollipop next to Skinner's post? Why can't I have lollipops next to my posts?

I'm making a list! Have you been naughty or nice?

OK so I'm setting here minding my own business, reading DU.....

I admit it. I'm defeated. I don't want to look at any more houses.

Death is a dick

Thank you, kind mystery person who donated a star to me! :^D

Alright, I was flirting all night with a cute redhead-only to later

What a scum. Jesse James does the same thing to Kat Von D that he did to Sandra Bullock

Whatever MOST of us know about physics, we learned by watching Star Wars.

What feature of DU3 has you jazzed the most?

Try again: My TIVO ended on 2 1/2 Men last night right after

Awesome collection of funny dog videos...wait for the ending to see the "Don't tuch the butt"!

*************** HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PHENTEX ***************

MiddleFingerMom would like to apologize for ruining Mondays for Irish Monday night pub customers.

"Weapon Upgrades" from Li'l MiddleFingerMom's childhood:

Do you think you're cool? Because I KNOW I am INCREDIBLY cool!

All right; WHERE was shit like this when I was a kid??

"Storage Wars" marathon all day! WOOT! New show tonight! WOOT-WOOT!

I absolutely LOVE and cherish my overlords but I EFFIN' hate

What is your favorite Hawaiian Island?

It's always sad to deal with putting away the pool, but we did get a shitload of potatoes.

Your squee-gee pic of the day:

Biggest Gross-out: People who insist on chatting on the phone while in a bathroom stall

WOO-HOO!!! I got a star!!!

Not sure what to bring for Thanksgiving - use this hand flowchart

Um... about my dots...

Good news for a change. My baby sister is having a BABY!

R.I.P. my son... one less Utah democrat

Darwin: Police: Woman steals beer, is run over by getaway vehicle

The smartest thing Pacino said in regard to "Jack and Jill" was

Back in the days, there was a reason MFM earned the nickname "Iron Balls"

My dog is in the 1%

WHAT recession? Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr in a $2,500,000 diamond-encrusted bra.

Geez... lighten up, Bob!!!

Allen West Says He Was in a "White Supremacist Motorcycle Gang"

Occupy Toronto protest to end 'soon': Ford (mayor)

Occupy Oakland's cost to city soars

Cain accuser's former boyfriend says they all met

Canadian Forces may need U.S. help supplying Arctic

Occupy Oakland Prepares for Another Major Strike Nov. 19 (Multiple Unions Expected)

Seattle city council passed resolution ...solidarity w/ OWS

Oakland's 'suburban' Occupy fears an influx

Occupy Omaha asks for injunction

Britain sends officials to Libya to help destroy chemical weapons

Flap over Oakland cop who covered name tag (at Occupy protest)

Duplicate of Hissyspit's Thread, Please Delete

Angry Residents, Businesses Plan Anti-Occupy Wall Street Protest

Sen. Tom Coburn targets 'welfare for the well-off' in new report

NYPD clears park of Occupy Wall St. protesters

Santa Clara University's academic records hacked

Judge Says Protesters Can Return to Park for Now

World headed for irreversible climate change in five years, IEA warns

House GOP leader Cantor says deficit deal likely

Zuccoti Protest Evictions Illegal, Judge Ruled

Diaspora social network's 22-year-old founder has died

Panetta: Deep defense cuts mean fewer troops (levels not seen since 1940)


St Paul's protest: Corporation to resume legal action over camp

House-Senate negotiators unveil spending bill

Sixty-nine killed Syria on Monday: activists

Attorneys seek to auction Righthaven copyrights(and assets)

Bloomberg's Statement on Clearing of Zuccotti Park

Rise in use of cocaine has peaked, says EU drug agency report

Solyndra: Energy Dept. pushed firm to keep layoffs quiet until after midterms

ACLU and National Lawyers Guild File Suit Against Oakland PD

The press on trial: Evidence implicates 28 Murdoch journalists

GOP hopefuls oppose potential deficit deal

NYC Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez Arrested, Injured at Occupy Wall Street Raid

Susana Martinez, New Mexico Governor, Releases Evidence On Her Grandparents' Immigration Status

US retail sales rise in October

U.S. Retail Sales Rise, Beat Forecast on Electronics Gains

Harris (Texas) death penalties show racial pattern

Gloria Arroyo prevented from leaving Philippines for medical treatment

Gloria Arroyo prevented from leaving Philippines for medical treatment

Afghan finance minister admits doubts over Kabul Bank's missing $1bn

Occupy Toronto protesters issued eviction notices

(Oakland) Deputy mayor Sharon Cornu resigns post

Judge Says Protesters Can Return to Zuccotti Park for Now

Judge Says Protesters Can Return to Zuccotti Park for Now

U.F.C. Sues to Lift State Ban on Mixed Martial Arts Fighting

Apple Gets Some Praise in China on Environment

US drug company halts world's first official human embryonic stem cell clinical trial

Congress faces Friday shutdown deadline

Occupy Detroit wins one-week permit extension to exit Grand Circus Park

Judge orders New York to allow protesters, tents, in park

Bishops Open ‘Religious Liberty’ Drive (against abortion and same sex marriage)

Bishops Open ‘Religious Liberty’ Drive (against abortion and same sex marriage)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Document Drop: The Battle For Zuccotti Park

Property from #Zuccotti, incl #OWS library, safely stored

Kagan and Thomas face political pressure to sit out health reform case

Movie bad asses only. Post a pic of a movie bad ass.

Federal Inspectors Find Pipelines In Montana, Wyoming At Risk Of Failure Along River Crossings

Federal Inspectors Find Pipelines In Montana, Wyoming At Risk Of Failure Along River Crossings

TRO Denied. No tents

Dire warnings from Pentagon over potential defense cuts

Mayor Quan Admits to Collusion of Multi-City OWS Evictions

Panel OKs Bill To End Fannie, Freddie Bonuses

Obama is fine with New York's eviction of OWS protesters.

Fannie, Freddie execs score $100 million payday

Sandusky to Costas in exclusive 'Rock Center' interview: "I shouldn't have showered with those kids"

Judge rules that protesters cannot return with tents

Julian Assange seeks to take extradition fight to supreme court

Doctors Back 'Open Market' Insurance Exchanges.

Newly discovered tape from Kennedy assassination for sale

Geron halting stem cell research, laying off staff

"Occupy" Protesters Arraigned In Brooklyn Bridge Incident

Drinking water at risk in most of Canada

GOP Candidates in Four-Way Dead Heat

India tests long-range nuclear-capable 'Agni-IV' missile

Scalia and Thomas dine with healthcare law challengers as court takes case

Police Clear Church-Owned Lot, Arrest About 2 Dozen

Pelosi aide calls '60 Minutes' report a 'smear'

Europe Bans X-Ray Body Scanners Used at U.S. Airports

Occupy vows to 'shut down Wall St.'

NYT NEWS ALERT: Police in Riot Gear Raid Zuccotti Park, Order Protesters to Vacate

Taxpayers Billed for Millionaires’ Kids at Charter School

Immigration from Mexico in fast retreat, data show

Court: Cell phones not OK to use at red light

Climate change episode of Frozen Planet won't be shown in the U.S. as viewers don't believe in globa

Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer, Joe Amendola, got a 16-year- old client pregnant and later married her

Police shoot gun-wielding man at UC business school (Berkeley)

With the advent of DU3 comes the announcement of new Lounge swimming pool rules.