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Tonight on Countdown:Protestor Michael Kink, Adam Gabbett, Elise Whitaker

Tonight on Countdown:Protestor Michael Kink, Adam Gabbett, Elise Whitaker

They are on the bridge now, traffic honking in support!

Tim (The Other 99) is doing an unbelievable job but I can't believe he doesn't have more help by now

My BIL is a psychiatrist and my sister is a Nurse Practitioner.... march down congress in solidarity

#OccupyLosAngeles: Police blocking everything

MF Global was a real MFer

Ed's doing a great show on #Occupy - had a great aerial

Democrats vote to keep aid to poor in budget, republicans vote to keep vegetables out of schools

43,000 people are watching the livestream of NYC

Thousands demonstrate from Occupy Chicago Blocking bridge 46 people arrested

Texas College GOP Leader: Obama Assassination ‘Tempting’

Texas College GOP Leader: Obama Assassination ‘Tempting’

Live OWS from the Brooklyn Bridge! Wow - Link......New link....

Spread the word!

GM CEO Dan Akerson: European debt crisis a 'more serious' threat than '08 U.S. meltdown

The Movement Is the Message.

Tea party and progressive senators unite, introduce bill to hasten withdrawal from Afghanistan

Tea party and progressive senators unite, introduce bill to hasten withdrawal from Afghanistan

SEIU President Mary Kay Henry arrested

The NYPD has discredited itself

Secret Service to protect Cain

Occupy Detroit supporters shut down 2nd Avenue bridge in Detroit

Motivating people to move in a most amazing and creative way! (And uses men as sex objects!)

Private Prison Charges Inmates $5 a Minute for Phone Calls While They Work for $1 a Day

Boston Herald: Elizabeth Warren jilts Occupy Harvard

Bill Moyers preview site for his new show coming in January

Occupy Portland takes downtown Chase Bank -- cops use pepper spray

Jim Greer: Round Two

Occupy DC, NoVA protesters march on Key Bridge

Sexual abuse investigation at Syracuse Univeristy

self delete


Another smackdown!! This time to Jan Brewer

Too bad, so sad, Kommissar Jan Brewer

Are there any other places where US soldiers are stationed besides Penn Station?

From Al Jazeera: Modernising Liberalism

MP Pat Martin (NDP) unapologetic for F-bomb tweets

Beijing is wary of Obama's assertive China policy

Well fellow du'ers. It has been a great day in America

john starzaki really hates #n17 for it's OWS efforts.

More Than 50,000 and Counting

The New Retirement Normal: The Average American Must Work For Two Extra Years After Death

A day of protest picture gallery (CBS)

How can I view my donor status?

Who is more freaked out tonight?

Could it be that the main difference between the tea party and the 99% 'ers....

Has anyone else heard that Herman Cain is getting Secret Service protection - the first of the

Bloomberg Spokesperson Admits Arresting Credentialed Reporters

Dorli Rainey gets apology, her response will be on Countdown tonight

House panel wants US to supply new F-16s to Taiwan

'Americans deserve to know whether the Romney admin. sought to delete (his) public records'


The level of desperation is ratcheting up.

Have we had an appreciation thread for Rev. Al Sharpton yet? He's out there trying to slay dragons.


Found a working New York feed!

Gary Brown: Detroit could run out of cash in December, plan must include layoffs

Buying and selling unscreened breast milk

Chevron says Brazil oil leaks reduced to ‘infrequent droplets’

Annie Sprinkle is a GODDESS!!!

Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas serves up 8,000 calorie burger meal

Solar may already be cheaper than coal/natural gas in some markets:

Biggest oil find in decades becomes $39 billion caution

#Occupy: Jenae Bjork: NYC is having major outages with cell towers

Fake Democrats could appear again if GOP Senators recalled

Congress about to kill high-speed train program

Pizza is not a vegetable.

Livestream from Zuccotti

"Liberal Bias"...

Herman Cain says OWS out to "destroy" America

Cain-Nine. A Koch's best friend.

Cain-Nine. A Koch's best friend.

LA Sheriff Reopens Natalie Wood Case

Qatar Discusses MEADS Partnership with Germany, Italy

WOOT!! DRBC Cancels 11/21/11 Fracking Vote!!!!

Girl, 9, climbs Snowdon for hospice

You don't have to like rap to appreciate the beauty of this one (not a video):

You Cannot Kill an Idea...

Ironic: Brandon Watts gets his head cracked open in "Liberty Square"

Late Nite DU Thursday... Must See...

How Dorli Rainey Was Almost Trampled And Why She'll Be Back Tomorrow

Iconic picture of the days events

Tim is back - Broadcast started just now Occupy Wall Street General Assembly

Record Fairbanks cold continues (-41F); air quality warnings issued

Army Tests Hypersonic Weapon Over the Pacific

Suggestions to help protesters emerge unharmed

How long should the statute of limitations be on child sexual assault?

The rich ceos and the gop are desperate to find "areas of growth" in the business world inside the

I am alive.

Good Kitty

Pro Occupy Wall Street Messages Projected on the Verizon Building

I'm just giddy

Rebellion is in the Air: Quan’s Quackery and Bloomberg’s Bullshit

It may just be a phone call

It may just be a phone call

To Protest Foreclosures, San Jose Priest Divests $3 Million From Bank of America

Republicans push drilling plan to pay for roads, bridges

I began to wonder what the ratio of policemen to citizens is in the US.

New - Rachel Maddow: Herman Cain’s Campaign Isn’t Just An Art Project It’s A Good Art Project VIDEO

OWS? Yes We Canine! - pic

Is Cain setting up exit stage left...errr right?

Strike on Iran could hurt world economy, US says (Defense Secretary Panetta)

dupe, nt

6 Burning Questions About the Violent Police Crackdowns on Occupations Around the Country

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!! This is what

Police confirm investigation into allegations against SU assistant coach Bernie Fine

If There is One Web Comic We can All Get,

Our New Future

There is no excuse for the militarized assaults-This Cannot Be the Way OWS Ends" -by Charles Pierce

Caption this pic?

Caption this pic?

Stop the FBI group ask for your help at SOA event at Ft Benning 11/19

Europe Bans Airport X-Ray Scanners that U.S. Still Uses

Hard to tell which one is the cartoon...

Without large U.S. force after 2014, Afghanistan is headed for civil war, opposition leader warns

NYC: Where Was The Rest Of The Media When Their Brothers/Sisters/1st Amendment Were Being Beaten ???

James O’Keefe's plans derailed by infighting, lack of funding

NYPD blocks public city sidewalk, demands corporate ID to pass.

Its been quite an interesting day.

Protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge singing Happy Birthday to #OWS

Sky Reporter, Live From Manhattan: 'Sir, You're On Sky News, Why Are You Protesting?"

I got a wrong number Call for a Possible Job Offer, what should I do ?


Dallas City Council members PISSED at city manager for evicting Occupy Dallas

Harry S. Truman - Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner (March 29, 1952)

Tacoma To Cut Up To 200 Public Saftey Jobs Starting in January.

"I'm the editor of the NY Observer, but according to the NYPD, I'm not 'press'"

BBC:Occupy Wall Street protesters cross Brooklyn Bridge (video)

The ONLY Power the 1% has is that which we surrender to them.

Police action at OccupyAustin!

Ya Know... I Don't Want To Go Back To The Days Where We Called Cops "Pigs"... I Really Don't ...

#OccupyCal protesters circumvent order not to post tents by floating them - pic

Occupy Chicago demonstrators block LaSalle Street bridge, Loop streets

Occupy Seattle just marched past my house! "Who's street? OUR street!"

Local day of action in SD

Local day of action in SD

Is the War on Drugs about to kill yet another cancer patient?

Why is talking about your income such a taboo in the US today?

So even CNBC is running a documentary on the deteriorating

Hey DU, I got some "breaking news"

The top news story on American TV news will be about this invention.

The top news story on American TV news will be about this invention.

Detectives taking new look at Natalie Wood's death

Tone deaf... I got an email for a Democratic Party fundraiser

A quute

we need to occupy

Alternet: OWS Shows Fight Is Far from Over - Explosive Actions on 2-Month Anniversary of Movement

What is it with the new meme that the Liberals are separate from the 99%. Sounds like

Juan Cole: OWS under Pressure: Banks Bailed out, People Sold Out

Why don't they occupy congress until the top 1% are taxed?

remember -- this ISN'T what we're getting: THE PEOPLE'S BUDGET

Jesus on a stick... local nooz

DU is filled with Sweetness; A reminder that one bad Apple Don't Spoil the Whole Bunch

Winner of the week - Former candidate for Gov homeless in Ukraine is set to return

Herman Cain skips interview with New Hampshire newspaper

THEY HAVE NO DEMANDS.... I hear here more often than I care

We're tired of asking you for money

Mic check... ok could not help, it is contagious.

Wisconsin: Menard mega-donor to Kochs' Americans for Prosperity

Judge OKs $520 million payout to MF Global customers

Airport scanners that 'strip' passengers naked are banned over fears they cause cancer

Reconstructing Libya: In a ruinous state

A Law They'll Learn to Hate

Who is Grover Norquist and Why is the GOP So Afraid of Him?

Who are the 1%: Let's out these bastards

WH shooter believed Obama to be "the anti-Christ," police searched Occupy camp in DC

WH shooter believed Obama to be "the anti-Christ," police searched Occupy camp in DC

Charter jet passengers hit up for cash mid-flight to continue flight

Arabs reject Syria amendments to observer mission

Why Telecoms Get Away With Screwing Customers to Pump Up Their Massive Profits

Why Telecoms Get Away With Screwing Customers to Pump Up Their Massive Profits

Toles Rant: Unhealthy politics edition

Toon- Reactions

how the right defines job killers.

The cop who had to get 23 stitches after being hit by a bottle

A short animation: The data behind the 1% vs 99%

Who are the 1%: Let's out these bastards

This Is Not America - David Bowie

Science panel: Get ready for extreme weather

Our Children On The Front Line In The War Against Vegetables

ABC NEWS: Could A Worm Hold the Key to Living Longer?

Occupy L.A.: The Elders Speak

OWS Facebook page posting fake photos/stories

Aborted Fetuses to Star in 2012 Election Ads

Status Update for the day on Facebook

Mapping Stereotypes: The Ultimate Bigot's Map Of The World

Franco Harris steps down as Pittsburgh Promise chairman after his support of Paterno

Not-so-United: Airline merger turns ugly

Not-so-United: Airline merger turns ugly

MF Global Is Said to Have Used Customer Cash Improperly

Breaking: The Women's BB coach and Assistant at OK State were killed in a plane crash.

It's a moot point now.

Question for DUers

Question for DUers

Question for DUers

So the County is going to murder my tree today.

INSIDER TRADING DETAILS: How Rep. Bachus Cashed In On The Financial Crisis

Reclaiming and Redefining America's Hopes: A commons worldview can helps us accomplish great things

Reclaiming and Redefining America's Hopes: A commons worldview can helps us accomplish great things

When was the last time you got mail solicitations from a Bank?

Gingrich think tank collected millions from health-care industry

Unemployment claims fall to another 7-month low

I don't understand Spanish but you don't need to for this video

Toon: Is the car ok?

Wisconsin collects 50,000 signatures in 48 hours.

Omigawd!!!! The Xmas Muzak attack has already begun.

Omigawd!!!! The Xmas Muzak attack has already begun.

Gingrich is history

“This Is What Hope Looks Like”

Iraq bombs kill eight in worst violence in weeks

Android malware up 472% in 4 months; 90% of handsets vulnerable.

Android malware up 472% in 4 months; 90% of handsets vulnerable.

Two British troops killed by bomb in Afghanistan: Ministry

The Feds may make Sandusky case a federal one.

The pilot who got locked in the bathroom and triggered a terrorist alert

The pilot who got locked in the bathroom and triggered a terrorist alert

The pilot who got locked in the bathroom and triggered a terrorist alert

Dricks’ Nuclear Tricks - Half a Country and Half a World Away

Is Gerrymandering Really The Problem?....

please DU A poll...

Move Your Money!!!

Let's classify the American Jobs Act as a vegetable.

US to stockpile cluster bombs in Australia?

How JP Morgan took over Kentucky's Finances

OOPS!!! Report: NYPD cop pushes New York Supreme Court Judge into wall

Parliament stormed as Arab unrest hits Kuwait

A Satellite Tour Of America's Foreclosure Wastelands

Gingrich - Professional Corrupt Politician Hypocrite IMHO

IMF now runs Italy for the benefit of the Big Banks

Thousands protest in Egypt's Tahrir against army rule

Ohio nuke plant has an event

Detroit Bridge Battle Pits City Residents Against Each Other

Catholic diocese to buy Crystal Cathedral

Unlike Pakistan, we here in the US can text Fart and Idiot to someone

Wisconsin: Recall Walker talking points.

Wisconsin law says all recall petition signers must sign in the presence of another person. (FALSE)

Panic in the Pentagon: Can't Pass Weapons Testing? Army Chief Says to Get Rid of It

Gallup: Smoking Rates Remain Highest in Kentucky, Lowest in Utah

Police Chief Who Oversaw 1999 WTO Crackdown Says Paramilitary Policing Is a Disaster

Utahns: Mandated charity work for Medicaid is ‘demeaning’

Leaf blower ban: “eleventh plague, inadvertently left out of the Haggadah,”

When will the U.S. drone war end?

When will the U.S. drone war end?

#OccupyLosAngeles: A friend's picture.

Gave My Last $10 Away

Walking the Undergroud...Final destination...Occupy Chicago

Occupy San Diego Protester Asks For Moment Of Silence For White House Shooter

Occupy San Diego Protester Asks For Moment Of Silence For White House Shooter

Occupy San Diego Sues the City

Benetton pulls ad after Vatican goes apeshit

Oil Rallies, Heads for Seventh Weekly Gain in New York, as Euro Rebounds

Occupy Memphis Meets Tea Party

It Does Take a Village

How a Township Family Gave Up Their Dog for Dying Boy

Ghost alps of Antarctica reveal their secret

Now on CNN, some "law enforcement analyst"

How did pizza become such a belligerent food?

Walker Recall effort gets 50,000 signitures in first 48-hours organizers say

Warsaw protester launches drone to spy on police

Wisconsin: Walker signs bill to prevent student voting

Has the President commented yet...

Local kids make Christmas cards to help school(to buy handicap-accessible playground equipment)

DoD misses deadline for women-in-combat report

Anybody know what organization helps with infant funerals?

FDA revokes Roche's Avastin for breast cancer

FDA revokes Roche's Avastin for breast cancer

Teacher who showed 'The Daily Show' in class is suspended

Political Crisis in Italy and Greece: Marx on 'Technical Government'

How to steal like Wall Street

Scott Walker is right. Wisconsin's best days are yet to come.

Scott Walker is right. Wisconsin's best days are yet to come.

Who would Jesus assassinate?

Wisconsin: Elections panel says recall will cost $650,000. Where will we get the money? I know!

Occupy London takes over empty UBS bank – live

DCCC Attacks Abramoff

Bloomberg's History With Protests: Spying, Infiltrating, Arresting With No Cause

Self-deleted by member

US, China in verbal duel over maritime claims

"The more the police crack down on the protests, the stronger OWS seems to get."

Mandatory 'Obamacare' ummmm..mandatory SS and Medicare??

I still don't get what the powers that be are THINKING with OWS

How the HELL did Alex Wagner get a show of her own on MSNBC?

GOP’s Job-Killing Balanced Budget Amendment Fails In House

PHOTOS - Olbermann: 10-35,000 On Streets Today & Now For Occupy Wall Street GOOD SHUT DOWN BLOOMBERG

Link to most important post of the day

Middle-class areas shrinking in US: study / the data behind the Occupy movement (Animation)

Ralph Nader pines for Michael Bloomberg, Jim Hightower, others

Danger Mouse co-creator Mark Hall dies

Rep. Pete Defazio voting for the Republican trap-Balanced Budget Amendment

Hartmman, JUST BREAKING.. Balanced budget ammendment

Barney Frank has this pizza/vegetable idea down flat

Genius! Occupy Cal gets around rules outlawing tents

What's wrong with this picture?

Most annoying Christmas commercial?

If a child's score on a standardized test drops, and they've become homeless and poor recently...

Syracuse U, police investigate assoc. BB coach Bernie Fine over molestation allegations

Happy Evacuation Day! (The Daily Show has a new correspondent)

NoW hacking victims claim investigator tracked phones (BBC)

Balanced budget amendment? Where are the FUCKIN jobs Speaker Cantor?

Shout out to The Ed Show & Independent UStream The Other 99 & Zonks to ABC/NBC & Others!

Attention: The Bed is Unmade.

Panic in the Pentagon: Can't Pass Weapons Testing? Army Chief Says to Get Rid of It

Apple Stock Slump Shows ‘Hyper-Growth’ Over

I've figured it out: Herman Cain *IS* President Mountain Dew Camacho.

Former Philippine President Arroyo Hospital

Don Siegelman: Abramoff's New Book & What It Reveals About Me & My Case

Inverted Totalitarianism: A New Way of Understanding How the U.S. Is Controlled

Middle-Class Areas Shrink as Income Gap Grows, New Report Finds

Folks, Pizza is not the enemy! It can be made a very healthy food choice

Shhh... over here... to the critics of OWS

Am I the only one who thinks of "The Pushcart War"

What's with all the man hating going on lately?

Anti-Abortion Clinic Fights New SF Law (pay fines if they make "untrue or misleading" statements)

The 99% Versus The 1% Explained In 5 Minutes

What does a person stand for?

I see the knives are drawn.

Bomb Iran? Sanity in Exile

Speaker Pelosi is on it. Currently following her twitter feed

striking CSU East Bay faculty stage a dancing flash mob....

Beck calls Santorum ‘the next George Washington’

A Trip to Bhutan (The Atlantic)

Supercommittee Dem (Becerra) says trigger of defense cuts wouldn’t be failure

The next Republican poll leader: Or Maybe Jabba The Hutt

The next Republican poll leader: Or Maybe Jabba The Hutt

BIG news on fracking: Delaware River Basin Commission Cancels Monday Meeting.

A beautiful line from Robert Scheer about Michael Bloomberg and Occupy Wall Street

I have never done lobbying at anytime

Retired Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis Arrested At OWS, Calls NYPD Rationale ‘A Farce’

Keith Olbermann Takes On The 12th Richest Man In The World

What a surreal start to the day -- digging for my dear friend's remains begins today

What a surreal start to the day -- digging for my dear friend's remains begins today

L.A. police: Wagner not suspect in Wood death

Who owes What to Whom? Eurozone debt web Interactive by BBC

Lessons of a Police Chief: Militarization is a Mistake

pot associated with Hitler and Columbine?

#OccupyDC's Declaration of the Occupation

OH Please!!! Secret Service Now Authorized To Protect Herman Cain

While Reading off her Teleprompter Sarah Palin Calls OWS ill Informed

NCAA will launch investigation into PSU to "examine Penn State's exercise of institutional control

On the success of what Occupy is actually DOING...

Uganda mission is likely to go on until LRA’s Kony is dead or captured, U.S. general says

FBI FOIA releases regarding Anti-War Movement

What Did This Irishman Have To Say About Wall Street?

Occupy Crackdown Targets Journalists

Kox-n-fox are no longer relevant

Glenn Greenwald: Police forces have been para-militarized to control this domestic unrest.

Gotta Love Berkeley...

Democrats reject last ditch Republican offer

U.S. Military Goes Online to Rebut Extremists’ Messages

The scene at the Brooklyn Bridge: pics

polls: Is the U.S. Congress less popular than Communism?

Class Warfare, Codified

New treatment claims to cure arthritis in pets (stem cell treatment)

U.S. Birthrate Declines for Third Year on Economic Worries

Smart Asses at Cal circumvent prohibition of tents on Sproul Plaza by

If you believe OWS needs a "List of Goals",

McCain: Tricare fees must rise to control costs-care costs will undermine combat capability

NYPD Police Chief's Son Is Fox's On-Air Anti-Occupy Wall Street Activist

My Favorite #OWS Pic From This Morning... On The Way To Work... For Democracy...

Barney Frank: ‘I Thought The Gingrich Group Was His Wives’

Occupy Seattle set up in front of Cop Shop to demand accountability...

Toon: "Inconvenient"

David Harvey at Occupy London / November 12, 2011 / International Day of Solidarity

(it's a corporate...) Arthur Christmas (film review)

MSM pretty devoid of OWS today.

Let me get this straight - the OWS movement is a leaderless, people's

The new Tebow shirt: "Mile High Messiah"

A big Thank You to my benefactor!

The Revolution will not be televised... but will be u-streamed

Another cool Occupy Video

Group That Blamed Gays for Penn State Scandal Sponsoring GOP Debate

Frothing-at-the-mouth fundies go WAY off the deep end to attack Planned Parenthood

Frothing-at-the-mouth fundies go WAY off the deep end to attack Planned Parenthood

Meg Whitman works it out: HP's New Winning Strategy

Merrill Lynch to pay $315 million to settle class action on MBS with 18 investment trusts

NYPD make the same list as the Khmer Rouge, Nazis, Taliban, and Mongols.

What a Mess (cartoon)

Congress unlikely to probe Gingrich's Freddie work

Report: Norway killer planned to hunt down, execute left-wing politicians at Utoya massacre

Parents: Cursing baby doll should not be sold

What Can We Learn from Wal-Mart and Amazon about Fighting Crime in a Recession?

Who gave KKKarl Rove the right to occupy

Naomi Klein - the shock is wearing off....

Naomi Klein - the shock is wearing off....

OWS May Not be Unstoppable, But So Far It Hasn't Even Been Impeded

Craigslist jobseeker responded to a job ad that lured him to his death

I'm sorry, folks, my bad. I accidently put my Friday AFternoon challenge in GD: P.

Newt Gingrich corrects Occupy Wall Street protestors in Jax

Thanksgiving poster:

Jesse Jackson is on Bashir dealing with the media attacks on

Boehner says pizza is a vegetable if it contains 2 tablespoons of tomato paste.

Gas prices likely to reach holiday high

Design Unveiled for Tower at Atlantic Yards (32 story modular steel structure)

Hospital refuses liver transplant for medical marijuana patient

Mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients?

A Quote From The 1%... "I Want My Fair Share, And That's ALL Of It."

"Who's cops, OUR cops..."

OWS: The Start of Something Big

Anyone beginning to get an idea of what all those new prisons were built for?

Anyone beginning to get an idea of what all those new prisons were built for?

Carl Levin, Obama administration tangle over detainee policy

Fox News Climate (Change) Denial Dominates Cable News

Man pleads guilty to penis pump Medicare scam

PETA up to their old tricks again

OK I need 18 votes to vote Sarah "obnoxious" on the Fox site

'OCCUPY' SHOOTER -Fox News links White House shooter to Occupy

Said on the TeeVee


Statement of Solidarity with the Oakland Commune from Mexico

Judge Sanctions FBI for Hiding Info From Him

Police trying to figure out how to get a handicapped OWS woman into their police van

Oh... THIS... Is Tough Love...

Wisconsin: Mark from Rapids says it better than I can. Why recall Walker?

Schools, Bombs, and bake sales...

"I think we ought to confront them head on."

Child porn charges filed against church official

Oil is renewable!?????

Third Eye Blind pen a track in support of The Occupy Wall Street movement. (audio too)

something very 'zen' (for lack of a better term) about the 'Occupy' movement.

NOW with Alex Wagner on MSNBC (newish show) --

Wisconsin: Kochs buy more than half million bucks worth of pro-Walker TeeVee ads

I just love it when

Former hedge fund chief gets 20 years in prison for fraud

A powerful GOP donor has filed suit against Nikki Haley

Chilliwack 'superheroes' must stop vigilantism: police

David Brinkley give compelling testimony of why National Wildlife Refuge should be preserved

Hey Scott Walker:

AWESOME NYC SIGNAGE: "99%" Projected Onto Side of Verizon Building

Do I come across as thinking that all men are at fault, and all women are victims?

$1000 designer dog abandoned after breaking a leg (new home found)

Do you believe OWS will eventually morph into a true 3rd party?

My governor had protesters outside a luncheon he attended. Damn I am proud of my governor

I was mad when I first heard about what this high school's been doing,

Randi Rhodes was SO RUDE to pro-OWS callers today

Could Syracuse be the next abuse domino to fall?

Right-wing females start up their version of The View - featuring nutty Victoria Jackson

Bwaaaaaaaaaaah- House rejects balanced budget Constitutional

AFL Warns Super Committee Dems: Not One Vote For GOP Plans - TPMDC

Why don't protestors in Syria just get a job ?

DHS Announces "If You See Something, Say Something™" Campaign Partnership with Major League Soccer

APEC Wrap-up. (You know you want to look - it's Hawaii PICS)

Former PSU football coach Joe Paterno has been diagnosed with a treatable form of lung cancer

Sierra Club leader departs amid discontent over group's direction

Who is Wall Street heiress Jessica Tisch? Why is she working for NYPD?

Toon: Offering

Fox Falsely Dubs Alleged White House Attacker As '' 'Occupy' Shooter ''

New York Churches Shelter Occupy Protesters, Now Monitored By New York Police

The Occupy rape allegations...what's the reality?

If they don't want us in the STREET, maybe we should occupy the CORPORATIONS

Clarence Thomas Assailed For Alleged Ethical Lapses By More House Dems - Mike Sacks/HuffPo

Neutrino experiment repeat at Cern finds same result

The Story Of The Creation Of Occupy Wall Street's 'Bat Signal' Projections

Hey OWS.... you're doing it all wrong. It's all about "branding". LOL!!!!

If you have nothing to hide, then why does warrantless wiretapping matter to you ...

Activism - some polling data

Occupy Wall Street Evicted by $174.5 Million Subsidized Firm

Average Age Of Protesters Arrested In Portland Today Is...

Rain Fallin' Down

Toon: The Ten Stupidest Objections to the OWS movement

Employer Health Insurance Premiums Increased 50 Percent In Every State

Joy BEHAR's show cancelled; O'LOOFAH gloats & steams at Ellen BARKIN

If one supports the idea of OWS, but not the method, is that person no longer a liberal/progressive? STFU

No words....

A sick piece of shit...

LRAD Defends ‘Sound Cannon’ Use At Occupy Wall Street

My Husband Got a Job!!!!!

iPhones only. Don't buy Android.

Sen. Rand Paul: Air pollution has no connection to asthma

Inarticulate Occupy San Diego protester says his 'moment of solidarity' was misunderstood

The heat gets turned up another notch on Clarence "Long Dong Silver" Thomas

The heat gets turned up another notch on Clarence "Long Dong Silver" Thomas

700,000 unique viewers and climbing, good by corporate media

700,000 unique viewers and climbing, good by corporate media

Democrats on latest GOP debt offer: 'Do we look stupid?' (Clyburn)

Democrats on latest GOP debt offer: 'Do we look stupid?' (Clyburn)

Wave Of Suicides Among Indian Farmers

Workers’ Health Premiums Rose 63% in 7 Years

Why is it so difficult to find out who voted yes for the pizza as vegetable bill?

Craiglist Ad for a job was set up for murder

NYPD: Some arrests were pre-arranged

Occupy Oakland: footage shows police beating 'peaceful' Iraq war veteran

Amazing photo of Occupy Portland protester being pepper sprayed

Bradley Manning Has Already Waited 1 1/2 Years For A Trial

Toon - Meritocracy!

I'm Thankful for Occupy

Federal Government Backs Away From Financial Fraud Prosecutions

Federal Government Backs Away From Financial Fraud Prosecutions

"I'm 87 and mad as hell." 87-year-old Occupy protester can't get arrested

Report: NYPD cop pushes New York supreme court judge into wall

AAAIIIIEEEE!! Email from teabaggy cousin...

Who Owns Congress? A Campaign Cash Seating Chart

How late in the year can you transplant a tree?

When the media brings out Miami police Chief John Timoney for comment on police actions...

Ambitious $16.8 billion mass transit expansion plan for Montreal

We won't go back...

GE Filed 57,000-Page Tax Return, Paid No Taxes on $14 Billion in Profits

"When decorum is repression, the only dignity free men have is to speak out"

New York Churches Shelter Occupy Protesters, Now Monitored By New York Police

National electronic health records

And now, for the final time, GOP presidential candidates explain why they're not donating to DU...

LOL! Toon- Republican Primary approaches

The congresional Super Committee is:

City of Springfield, MO attempts to disband homeless encampment

The NYPD Press Credentialing Process Doesn’t Make Any Sense

No proof that water can prevent dehydration...

Breaking: Goldman Sachs And Other Wall Street Firms Spy on Protesters In Taxpayer-Funded Center

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words: Peace Signs & Pepper Spray

Hospital refuses liver transplant for medical marijuana patient

Hospital refuses liver transplant for medical marijuana patient

THANK YOU Douglas Brinkley...

Who here remembers the Chicago police riots of 1968 at the Democratic convention?

A Friday Afternoon Challenge you have prayed for: Very Cool Angels (ok, one is kinda creepy...).

Boy, 6, caught playing doctor, is accused of sex assault - family files fed civil rights violation

Libyan, posthumously, is winner of the Louis Lyons Award


Penn State: School Paid $25 Million To Company Run By Chairman Of Sandusky’s Charity

A good cop story

For someone that has not been paying attention

Richard Branson: 'Capitalism has lost its way'

Richard Branson: 'Capitalism has lost its way'

At Penn State, a Bitter Reckoning (Bérubé Column, NY Times)

Two Catholic School Teachers Sue after Being Fired for Reporting Suspected Sex Abuse

Seriously, deep down inside, we're all NASCAR fans

OWS protester to me today: "We don't like liberals!"

Don’t believe the education “reformers”

The deregulation of Fracking that was passed during the GOP stranglehold

REVOLUTION.... a scary word

#OccupyWallStreet: What happened to the 5,000 volume People's Library

A New Twist in Medical Marijuana Fight

One of the Most Chilling Photos from OWS

Fire Walk With Me: I'm calling you out!

"Occupy My Bed" has gotten old.

Tweet about Tebow (heh!)

'Get ready' for extreme weather

A person I know wrote this about Newt Gingrich and it's the best

Airlines creating 'baby ghettos" in back of plane.

Jon Stewart: Why Doesn’t Ron Paul Get His Shot As Media Frontrunner? - VIDEO

Penn State’s Other Cover-Up: Death Threats To Black Students

Tebow would break the interwebs if he did this: (LOL)

High gas prices trap more Americans

Spoof of '12 Days of Christmas' prompts debate

Hey liberals! Think the Occupy people don't like you as much as they should?

So, You Really Want To Occupy? But....

14 seconds that will boil your blood:

Natalie Wood's drowning death - probe.

Pres. Obama's statement on peaceful protest (pic)

Looks like something is about to go down at Zucotti Park again

Today on Dr. Phil: Dr. Howard Fradkin, - concern over media handling of Sandusky

Saudi women to cover “tempting” eyes

99% recommendations for deficit reduction

OWS and fusion centers

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Didn't watch any news programs this evening.


Saw a Guy Dressed Exactly Like Ed Norton from "The Honeymooners"

Does absence of particles make the vacuum grow closer to perfection?

I think I could fill one of these up...

A quick geography lesson.

Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

A red panda poses for the camera

Rules of Engagement has got to be the funniest sit com on TV...

Sheriff's Department reopens Natalie Wood case

Disney or Reality?

Edie Sedgwick

Lets talk turkey

DIALUP WARNING...but this is one cool pic! Hard to tell if it's Photoshopped or REAL...

10 Things That Sound Dirty At Thanksgiving, but Aren't...

Ah, c'mon, this is enough to make me join the war on Christmas:

BenEzra's son is in surgery. Positive thoughts, please.

Public transit?

G'head- YOU tell him it's impossible!

fuck (v.)

Sleep deprived,,,, new puppy.

Epic meltdown in GD

PHOTO: Since CHILDHOOD, this is how MiddleFingerMom ROLLS, and we must simply DEAL with it.

I can't say I like the looks of this

Ah, c'mon, this is enough to make me join the war on Christmas:

Ok, the perfect present for your Democratic Friends

Ain't No Grave (Can Hold My Body Down) - Johnny Cash

calibrate your mouse

Odetta - With God On Our Side

Tom Jones - "Purple Rain." And who's that on guitar? Oh, it's David fucking GILMOUR!

The Muppets cover "Smells Like Teen Spirit "

Rolling Stones fans...LEGENDARY Mick Taylor-era bootleg "Brussels Affair" gets official release

I had a dream that I was walking down a garden path and happened on a group of people singing....

The top news story on American TV news will be about this invention.

At a resort for an anime con that has a place where you can pose with tiger kittens...

Could someone draw me a bath,please?

The biggest problem with driving 100 MPH on the freeway....

Office Supply Breakfast

symbiosis is a wonderful thing

Any chance of snow in Indiana next week?

God, I'm turning into a total douchebag. Just yelled at a customer service person in India.

Tiger , Tiger

Annie Sprinkle is a GODDESS!!!

George Clooney loves farts.

Do people ever drink liquor in English pubs?

It's about to make a sudden change from fun to serious...

What do you do about crimes against animals?

RC Helicopter flight via remote camera

It's hard to concentrate when the FBI is digging for what could be your friend's remains

When is DU3 going to be implemented?

They are predicting a warmer than usual winter in Ontario this winter. Just like last year. What are

MFM found a new way to bypass those 'drinking & driving' rules....

'Arguing with people on the internet makes you stupid'

I could really go for a big dish of beef chow mein...can someone point me toward Lee Ho Fook's?

Cats love pea soup.

No crocks for you!

OK, who's the wise ass here? This had to be one of you guys...

Robert Wagner - Guilty - Natalie Wood - my first thought back then

Why do so many people think its ok to lie about Prince Charming?

Great Beyond, photo by Marc Adamus of the night sky over Grand Teton National Park


Ok ok ok, craft/micro/home brewers, we get it. Pumpkins

I know vegetables. Vegetables are friends of mine. John Boehner is no vegetable.

Ha! Kitteh!

FINALLY! A device for people who are too...fucking...STUPID to hold onto their KEYS. USA! USA! USA!

Had jury duty this week.

Today is our anniversary! As I'm prone to say: we've been happily married for 10 years.

Do People Still Use Fountain Pens?

Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci? "Love Ranch"

Cartoon - Why I don't call customer service

Best closing scene in a movie.

What is your favourite morning beverage? I like a vanilla bean latte

The Star Trek replicator will be yours... in about 20 years

As careful as I was yesterday, I came into contact with poison ivy or something like it.

Russian military chief warns of nuclear war risks

More Than 50,000 and Counting

FBI director: Defend against threats, but not at cost of civil rights

Court orders reinstatement of (AZ) redistricting official

CNN: Defectors in Syria strike pro-regime office

Occupy San Diego Protester Asks For Moment Of Silence For White House Shooter

Lawmakers at Loggerheads on Deficit

Inarticulate Occupy San Diego protester says his 'moment of solidarity' was misunderstood

Group in U.S. Hoped for Big Payday in Offer to Help Qaddafi

US body to probe China telecom firms on security threat

Occupy London protesters 'take over' Hackney empty bank

U.S. probing use of surveillance technology in Syria

Syrian leader's uncle calls for him to step down

Coburn report pans GAO budget cuts

Pakistan's US envoy offers to quit over 'Memogate'

Ghost alps of Antarctica reveal their secret

Syria 'to accept' Arab League monitoring mission

Wave Of Suicides Among Indian Farmers

Court reinstates ousted head of Arizona redistricting panel

Saudi women to cover “tempting” eyes

Panetta Warns Israel on Iran Strike

Herman Cain first GOP candidate to get Secret Service detail

Gary Brown: Detroit could run out of cash in December, plan must include layoffs

Indonesia's Lion Air roars with record Boeing order (Boeing's biggest commercial order on record)

Detroit to cut 1,000 city worker positions by late Feb: mayor

Clinton to visit Myanmar

Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change: Get Ready For Extreme Weather

Brewer's firing of commissioner illegal, Arizona court says

Hundreds of thousands in Egypt protest military junta

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday, November 18, 2011

Bernie Fine Sex Abuse Scandal: Syracuse Police Investigate As Basketball Coach Placed On Leave

Poll: Romney, Gingrich in statistical dead heat in N.H.

Kevin Rudd rejects China concerns on Australia-US ties

2 Oklahoma State coaches among 4 killed in plane crash

Fannie, Freddie tentacles embraced many in Washington

After Tough Report, Nuclear Watchdog Issues Mild Rebuke of Iran

Tea parties unite to pick GOP candidate to take on Stabenow

CSU-East Bay teachers hold one-day walk out (in response to fee hikes)

Report: Romney-Era Emails Wiped From Mass. Records

Nearly 1 in 3 U.S. children poor, Census says

New pro-Walker ad begins airing around state

U.N. Panel Finds Climate Change Behind Some Extreme Weather Events

BP to Sell Some Gulf Of Mexico Assets

Elizabeth Warren won’t sign off on Occupy Harvard

APD arrests Occupy protesters overnight

Egyptian activist poses nude, inciting furor

Ex-head of MI5 calls on government to decriminalise and regulate cannabis

Sen. Rand Paul claims asthma and air pollution have no link

Egypt protesters stage anti-military rally

Report: Russia Warships To Enter Syria Waters In Bid To Stem Foreign Intervention

Neutrinos still faster than light in latest version of experiment

Now barmy EU says you CAN'T claim drinking water stops dehydration

Sheriff's Department reopens Natalie Wood case

F.D.A. Revokes Approval of Avastin as Breast Cancer Drug

Apparent cyberattack destroys pump at Ill. water utility

Philippines charges Gloria Arroyo with corruption

Gingrich think tank collected millions from health-care industry

Guru Sentenced to Prison in Sweat Lodge Deaths

Scientists Invent 'World's Lightest' Material

McDonald's Dumps McMuffin Egg Factory Over Health Concerns

O.C. Catholic diocese to buy bankrupt Crystal Cathedral

House rejects balanced budget proposal

Bloomberg: Unions hijacked Occupy protest

Stephens Media Completely Capitulates In Democratic Underground/Righthaven Case (Copyright)

I dated a married man who is posting my kitten pictures on dating sites now. Ask me anything...

Aung San Suu Kyi to stand for parliament in Burma

Was singing old fashioned songs to my mom last week to calm her down (she has parkinsons'). Sang

Lawyer: Federal agent charged in killing at Hawaii McDonald’s was protecting himself, others