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Special second live edition of Hardball starting right now. nt

VICTORY: Justice in Cook County (falsely arrested and harshly prosecuted for crimes they did not do)

Roll Over, Grover!

Toon - Supercommittee

a different occupation, a different time

A Generation Moves from Preoccupied to Occupy: Power Of Physical Presence in a Digital World

Why is holding the high ground bad when Obama does it?

Anonymous Network

Just a note to remember the 10th Anniversary....

Will the 1% be thankful on T-Day??

Nathan Brown, The Davis Prof, on Ed now!

VICTORY: Justice in Cook County

'Casually Pepper Spraying Cop' Meme Takes Off

Spoke with an old friend that's a conservative Christian today, UC Davis pepper spray came up..

A question regarding David Sirota as he guest-hosted for Thom Hartmann last week.

Very good article in The Guardian about Egypt...

Toon - For Crowd Control..

I think I may have figured it out

Top 10 reasons why NYC Mayor Bloomberg repressed Occupy Wall Street:

Bad news for the GOP

Help me out here. "Paid administrative leave" differs from paid vacation just how?

Wesley Clark roasts the GOP candidates

Wesley Clark roasts the GOP candidates

hmm interesting, according to Keith (Terror and bloomie)

U of Wisconsin scientists grow stem cells that integrate into brain

American Migration - Interactive Map

(Obama's) Re-election Strategy Is Tied to a Shift on Smog

Fastest take in the west on a meme.

Apparently, Trump is not done fleecing the Teabaggers

Poll - Who do you blame more?

Did Twitter change again?

Ironic? I'm not sure what to make of this.

Video by 14 Year Old in Support of Occupy Wall Street Shows Police We Are on the Same Side

Oh, this is just too good :) Youtube and Tea party - Police Called On Tea Party!

Let's play "Follow the idiot" and see what we find (update to other threads)

Scientist Who Warned of Japan Quake Was Dismissed

Lawrence O'D crowing that Obama cut only $21 billion for the debt ceiling increase.

Convictions of four men thrown out in 1994 prostitute murder

“SAVE THE FAMILY ! ; Reserve For Action! February 12, 2012”

Pollsters call for Obama to step aside

Mother Jones - Dark Money: "Americans Elect" Wants to Pick Candidates Via Internet Voting

Some Grover Norquist-style arm-wrenching is what Progressives need too.

First Romney TV Ad Falsely Presents McCain Campaign Quote As Obama’s

Globe and Mail: "Making it to the top 1%, with a little help from Dad"

Pepper spray the constitution..

Insider Trading In the Halls of Congress -- End it NOW! (Louise Slaughter)

Sandusky charity faced contempt motion over missing records

Indian eunuchs mourn 15 killed in fire at ceremony

Insider trading is legal for the Congress and it looks like Boehner and Pelosi both did it.

Proud UC Davis alumnus

In 1992 Bill Clinton was booed at a Nascar race.

PHOTO OF THE DAY (No, um... not Japan, sorry!)

Anyone else wonder if Palin's planning to jump in, to save the party from Romney?

Where is Grover Norquist tonight? Has he been on any news shows? He should be taking credit for

Take the L out of "Palin", and what is left?

Afghanistan: What the Anthropologists Say

For the love of humankind please clean up the GLBT forum!

What needs to be done: Reinvestment in America

Dumbest Presidential Candidate EVER? Michele Bachmann Gets Facts Wrong In Her Own Autobiography

Dennis Miller coming up on Leno, I wonder if he finds any

For Dems, courts mightier than pen

The 147 Companies That Sort Of Control Sort of Everything: Full List Revealed

Patriotic Millionaires SCHOOL Norquist- "Move to Somalia!"

This Wednesday, Obama is going to pardon a turkey on the White House Lawn

Heads up: Michele Bachmann is gonna be on with Jimmy Fallon tonight. ... Good grief!

FBI declined to pursue NYC bomb plot

Fox News Viewers Know Less Than People Who Don't Watch Any News: Study

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

US firm's teargas used against Tahrir Square protesters

David Brooks on Charlie Rose talking about "super committee" failure...

Screening Still a Pain at Airports, Fliers Say

Porkchop Sandwiches (NSFW)

UC Davis English Dept. faculty calls for Katehi resignation, UCPD to be disbanded

21.6% of US children living in poverty in 2010 (up by 1 million)

Facebook poll says:

Hugh Grant is currently on CSPAN2 testifying regarding the Murdoch phone hacking.

Letter From UCR's Chanceller to Students About UCD's Pepper Spraying

15 arrested at Baruch College in clash with cops during tuition hike protest

Video: OWS Takes Grievances To Mayor's Home

FDA Continues to Caution Dog Owners About Chicken Jerky

Kyle Bass Thinks The Idea Of A 'Solution' To Eurozone Problems Is Ridiculous

On Morning Joe minus Joe...

Couple In the Next Room Bound to Win a Prize

Oscar the Blind Kitten vs THE HAIR DRYER-Epic Battle! (for an AM grin)

Alternet: 5 Ways that Financial Elites are Destroying Democracy

Proposal to tax Jack Daniel whiskey derailed

Shannyn Moore: I'm betting you'd be arrested if you sprayed

Should Newt use the popcorn song as his theme song?

"These people need to get a job."

I don't see anything in LBN about the killing of 6 CIA assets in Lebanon/Iran

#Occupy Calgary under attack now

Obama Campaign Blasts Romney's First TV Ad As 'Deceitful'

So b/c the Super Committee couldn't agree, no extension of unemployment benefits.

Just in time for Xmas: The cursing baby doll

A message to OWS from Thomas Pain. The Winter Soldier. Still Relevent

Alexis de Tocqueville and the thoughts for the day

Will the "uppity" word finally stick on LIMBOsevic after all these years?!1

Messaging on the subject of health care reforms matters

George Orwell tells us that what power cannot stand above all is to be mocked, laughed at..

Wanted: Pepper Spray Cop

Amazon Tops In Pre-Holiday Pricing Study

Just to put this whole UC/Berkeley/Davis thing into proper perspective

On November 22nd . . . Reflections About John Kennedy

USPS Rescue Bills Won’t Work: Postmaster Gen.

Marchers With ‘Occupy the Highway’ To Reach DC After 240-Mile Trek From NYC

Assange is in trouble while the CIA's own sloppy methods have doomed their own

Flexible Spending Accounts increase unnecessary health care expenditures


Lauryn Hill with words of warning:

Five Ways that Financial Elites are Destroying Democracy

Since gays are being disenfranchised in America, should we have to pay full taxes to this country?

The 5 Most Toxic Energy Companies and How They Control Our Politics

Where are the prosecutors, Massachusetts? Where are the reporters? Where are the courts?

Could someone explain to me how the "Journal" feature works?

Have you seen this XKCD financial chart? (dial-up warning inside)

Talk About Brass Balls--Former AIG CEO Suing Treasury and Fed Over AIG Bailout

Supercommittee members trade blame for impending failure

The GOP race as Singles Night at the local dive. . . hysterical

Wallstreeters taking it in the shorts this a.m.

Please Sir -- Photo

Hold The White House To What They Said In August About The SuperCommittee And Taxes

Want to get really pissed?

Lifting his head from his sick bed to call in, Morning Schmoe proves once again

"Homeland Security"

Move Beyond Protest? - Toon

Tuesday's 2012 Republican candidates TOONS

Newt:"I worked too hard and things happened in my life that were not appropriate."

"I could watch that (UC Davis Pepper Spray)video over and over. It was hilarious!"

"I could watch that (UC Davis Pepper Spray)video over and over. It was hilarious!"

why isn't jon corzine in jail?

Cheating America- 25 CEOs who make more than their companies pay in taxes

Need a laugh break? Like Angry Birds? ...

In Pictures: Tahrir Square protests continue

"Fire the janitors" what's more class warfare than that?

Wall Street Unoccupied With 200,000 Job Cuts

If you hire students as janitors

How do you permanently erase a hard drive without physically destroying it?

More informed by not watching Fox?

Youth Should Be In Revolt

Will it be Rick Santorum's Turn Next?

Tuesday's OWS toons

A Plea to College Presidents: Exercise Your Moral Leadership

Hugh Grant says if he called the police to report a crime the media showed up before the cops

a new tax proposal

Vindicated Seismologist Says Japan Still Underestimates Threat to Reactors

Romney Tries To Weasel Out Of His Plan To Privatize (Voucherize) Veterans Health Care

NASA's New Mars Rover video of project mission, landing, etc.

Cartoonists weigh in on the 'Supercommittee"

NutMeg Whitman announces a 91% fall in HP's net income


arrested at occupy austin?? lose your civil rights

What? She needs someone to splain it to her? Brainless fuckwad!

What? She needs someone to splain it to her? Brainless fuckwad!

Send this to wingnuts

Insight: Farm belt rage over MF Global could chill markets

Bank fraud prosecutions and lack thereof. I found these two charts quite

What Republican, Without A Chance In Hell of Winning Will Take the Focus off Mitt Romney Next Month?

Grist: Wyeth My Face Burning!?

Parents of Adolf Hitler Campbell lose custody of newborn son Hons

Fortunately the reactor was smarter than the people. But that might not always be the case

Toon: Cain Asks for Security

Petition: Condemn the Use of Tear Gas and Pepper Spray

Marchers With ‘Occupy the Highway’ To Reach DC After 240-Mile Trek From NYC

Marchers With ‘Occupy the Highway’ To Reach DC After 240-Mile Trek From NYC

Breaking: Occupy Oakland: Taking on Chase the Old Fashioned Way.

Enormous crowd in Egypt - live

Just wondering: If Laura Bush had been booed at an NBA game, what would the reaction have been?

No Senate Super-Committee Deal is the Best Outcome for the American people

Dammit' He did it again

Twenty-Five Arrested At Baruch College Protest

Right-wing central Florida does it again: DU this poll.

Ongoing Medicare scams -- or the never ending screwing of the elderly

Got a "cast iron stomach"? Are you tough enough to take anything?

Poll: 6 in 10 indifferent about Occupy movement

El-Erian: U.S. Economic Conditions ‘Terrifying’

We Went Nuts at Occupy London's Bank of Ideas

Said on the TeeVee

Biomechanical energy harvesting

How the big lies of "big government" as the source of our problems wins.

Waianae high school in Hawaii was using student room cleaners til this year

Reinstate Glass-Steaggal

JFK's American University Speech

the pepper spray video I'm waiting for is when a cop reaches out his hand...

I don't really believe in God and yet I started going to church

Obama's "score" on working with congress? 38%....but

Wall Street Unoccupied With 200,000 Job Cuts

Wall Street Unoccupied With 200,000 Job Cuts

How OWS Woke Up Our Civil Society

Greenwald - Chancellor Katehi’s impressive learning skills

Pentagon’s War on Drugs Goes Mercenary

The top tax rate should be....

The top tax rate should be....

Is Luke Russert already a lost cause?

Is Luke Russert already a lost cause?

Anyone know anything re the production of Diluth "Ballroom" jeans? Are they made in Cheena?

Thank you

Cities With Budget Woes Sell Out to Highest Bidder

Thompson will officially announce on Dec. 1

How do we take OUR PUBLIC AIRWAVES back from the corporate liars?

JFK vs. Poppy, or: 'The New Frontier' meets 'More Will Than Wallet'


BWHAHAHA: Sarah Palin Got SCOLDED By ROGER AILES for NOT Announcing Her Non-Candidacy on Fox News

NFL Player - "get a life or kill urself"

I can't help but wonder what it really means to be a Capitalist Country

The plutocrats are succeeding at changing the narrative and I don't know what to do about it.


How OWS woke up our civil society

Obama on live on MSNBC. nt

Privatization Nightmare: 5 Public Services That Should Never Be Handed Over to Greedy Corporations

Why does religion keep telling us we're bad?

Teen in gay slayinig gets 21 years

Black Friday used to be a term only used inside the Retail Industry

After Saying Housing Market Should ‘Hit The Bottom,’ Romney Ad Blames President For Foreclosures

Survey Result: "Watching Fox News makes you dumber than watching no news at all."

Next congressional battle: Payroll taxes

People sleeping outside to get free turkey

NutMeg Whitman announces a 91% fall in HP's net income

Was watching CNN. The Republicans on the Super Committee said they didn't

All the casual pepper spraying you could want

Occupy Wall Street and the Importance of Creative Protest

Fresh round of hacked climate science emails leaked online

one more...

U.S. condemns "deplorable" violence in Egypt

The Occupy Tents were Great, but It’s Time for Something New

Fight To Stop ‘Automatic’ Defense Cuts Starts In 5… 4…

AnonSource Technologies

Best pepper spray cop photoshop yet?

Americans are being lied to about the deficit

"Signature Collection Fraud" fake

Another Republican Debate

Bush Aides Won't Face Grand Jury Investigation

The Rude Pundit: The Super-Duper Committee Fails to Fuck Up the Economy Even Worse

Report Slams Government for Botched Corruption Trials

How about this idea? Every time a US company ships a job out of the country...

President Obama Gets Why Working People Are Occupying Wall Street

Oh, it's the "no" we heard before.

11/25/11. Some call it "Black Friday"... I call it "Buy Nothing Day".

A Step Closer to Justice for Libya’s Mass Rape Victims

10 pounds of plutonium dioxide (nuclear fuel for probe) to be launched next week to Mars.

JoePa fought school over player discipline

Toronto Star: Occupy moves us into a new era

"...I never thought I'd say this -- I'm beginning to miss Sarah Palin's insights."

Activists plan to disrupt the American Legislative Exchange Council summit

Activists plan to disrupt the American Legislative Exchange Council summit

AstraZeneca Sues Animal Rights 'Terrorists'

Your Tax Dollars Help Cargill Export Factory Meat - Mother Jones

OWS hasn't figured out that money is speech now.

Grayson on the Republican Candidates

French RIGHT wing divided over gay marriage

Missing Ohio man could be 3rd Craigslist victim

This will pump you up !

Why ARE there so many British pundits commenting on US politics on M$NBC?

Insane In The Cain Membrane: "As a descendent of slaves, I can lead the Republican party to victory"

The Muslim Brotherhood takes Twitter

"I told you not to look behind the curtain! Now, I've got you and your little dog too!"

Dog-Lovers Lambast Internet Puppy Pusher

An interesting app for your smartphone

US pushing UN to lift ban on cluster bombs, say campaigners

What song did The Roots play during Michelle Bachmann's entrance on the Jimmy Fallon Show?

Bank Of America Pledges To Sometimes Stop Doing Stuff That Robs Customers Blind (funny)

Does anyone know the origin of this picture?

As Time Ran Out, Super Committee Watched Football, Hung Around in Bars

Thousands rally against Wisconsin Republican governor

Court Delays Findings on Deaf Users' Netflix Access

"Self-responsibility and Positivity in Action" AKA Boot strap pulling (Matson Cartoon)

Pics from Dealey Plaza today (pic heavy)

Minnesota has a nuke plant event

Toon: Backfire

Freepers side with Soviets!

AC/DC jumps the shark ("Back In Black" riff used in WalMart "Black Friday" commercial)

More pepper ma'am?

Tampa Police Roll Out A TANK against OWS Tampa

Rest In Peace John Fitzgerald Kennedy 11/22/63 - 11/22/11

Unbelievable. SERIOUSLY.

No Loopholes for YOU!

"If wars can be started by lies... Peace can be started by truth..." Julian Assange

$10K Reward Fund announced to combat illegal destruction of Walker recall petitions

College majors with bleak outlook to be phased out

PENPIX-Ministers in new Libyan government

Wow! Someone gave me a star! Thanks so much whoever you are.

East Central Wisconsin's favorite new button

Nancy Pelosi stands by Occupy Wall Street in fundraising e-mail from DCCC

Nancy Pelosi stands by Occupy Wall Street in fundraising e-mail from DCCC

Why This is a Gettysburg Address Moment for Higher Education

"As your congressman, on the House floor, I will do anything short of shooting them."

Grammy-Winning 'Sesame Street' Composer Accused of Cuffing 4-Year-Old, Taking Sex Pics

Fun with pepper spray

Republicans treat voters like children.

State your case why we need more spending cuts on the domestic side right now.

The biggest pepper spray meme site of all, pepperspray everything

Toon: Public Opinion

Please catch David Goodfriend's rant on Ratigan

Bionic contact lens 'to project emails before eyes' (BBC)

Why Are We Eating Bluefin Tuna to Extinction?

Who's watching Tahrir Square on GEM$NBComcast?

Egypt military pledges faster power transfer

What if King George III had a Police Force and Pepper Spray in 1776...

Obama Turns The Super Committee Failure Into A Weapon Of GOP Destruction

I'm going to see Michael Moore, tonight

'Job Creator' Herman Cain and Board Laid Off 4,000 Workers at Whirlpool

Mr. Fish Toon- Intervention

Mr. Fish Toon- Intervention

If the students would have tried to block the pepper spray and deflected it back on the officer.....

What stations are carrying the GOP debate tonight?

He served less than a thousand days.. a lifetime ago..and yet ( How I choose to remember him)

A question about the UCD cops in the pepper-spray video: what's with the paintball guns??

Young Obama - real nice

Union Donations to Republicans Double What They Were in 2010 Elections

Why is OWS so hard to wrap head around?

Has anyone else seen "I Melt With You"?

UofC Davis Chancellor was a student protestor.

The guy freepers hate more than an outbreak of anal cysts announces a "potential running mate."

Can you all watch this and tell me what you think? Video by 14 year old needs comments!

Matt Taibbi has a suggestion about the next group the UC-Davis police should take on:

‘It’s a Food Product, Essentially’: Fox News Starts Spinning Pepper Spray Cops

‘It’s a Food Product, Essentially’: Fox News Starts Spinning Pepper Spray Cops

TSA Flood Water Sensors Are Not Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)

Bronx Cheer For J. Lo's Phony Fiat Commercial

Ah yes, as OWS continue to grow

Damning video of Nov. 17 Seattle #Occupiers being pepper-sprayed while on the sidewalk

The American Dream vs The American Scheme discussion

Fox News host Megyn Kelly calls pepper spray ‘a food product’

Indiana man gets 315 years in child porn case

"Game on," the Romney campaign says as they release their first deceitful and dishonest attack ad

The Pundit Primal Scream

(Canada) Calgary MP appears to fall asleep in Commons question period

Didn’t Get That New Job? You Need a Better Facebook Score

Renault to launch 2,500-euro car: report

Malls track shoppers' cell phones on Black Friday

How Painful Is Pepper Spray?

Fox News Viewers Know Less Than People Who Don't Watch Any News: Study

Did you miss this DUers -

Corporations are not People!

November 23,1963

The November 2011 Scientific American is worth finding and reading

Student Dialogue and Town Hall with UC Davis Chancellor Katehi

Democrats and lurking Republicans, do you know what our Political Parties really are?

ROMNEY is anti-American! Trashes America! Must See!

Report: 2 new cases of child abuse alleged against Sandusky

Occupy LA offered office space & farm land for $1 year in exchange for getting off city lawn

Mice droppings! Flies! Hair! Brooklyn Pizzeria Closed After Health Violations

Customer Reviews-Defense Technology 56895 MK-9 Stream, 1.3% Red Band/1.3% Blue Band Pepper Spray

More pepper spray art for your viewing pleasure:

Protest at UC Davis today (thread #2) - pics

God cannot be sued - UK

U.S. OKs $150M for Chicago-Detroit high-speed rail

Just out..the NEWEST Shepard Fairey Poster!

Care packages for IED dogs headed to Afghanistan

World's most expensive mince pie


So *they* have allowed tents at Rockefeller Plaza for Justin Bieber on Today Show...

Abandoned McMansions make pretty cool dorms in Merced

Damn shame "Some fear megachurch bubble may soon burst"

November 22, 1963

Looks like Dorli Rainey is going to be OK

Protection against gas and sprays as worn by police

DNC: Mitt Romney Is A Serial Liar

No matter how bad it gets, the 1% want it all

Said on the TeeVee

Newt Gingrich Pocketed Millions to Shill for Health Care Industry--But Didn't Register as a Lobbyist

JFK: "The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics..."

This why marijuana was prohibited?

How do you ask a colleague to stop being rude?

‘It’s a Food Product, Essentially’: Fox News Starts Spinning Pepper Spray Cops

Egyptian military using CR gas?

Should Democrats Agree To "Entitlement" Cuts If Republicans Agree To Tax Increases On The Rich?

12 Days of Gingrich Christmas, or Why Newt Would Be a GREAT GOP Nominee

The Road to Democracy is a Long One

Eric Holder, Do Americans Have Constitutional Rights Or Not? - FDL

wow. you have to see this - synchronized flying birds.

If every Democratic president disappoints, maybe there’s something wrong with our expectations"

Seattle Occupy pepper sprayed pregnant woman miscarries

I remember when liberal or progressive meant you weren't for


Marijuana derangement syndrome at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Republican National Security Debate

OWS Already Has A Face.

Well-dressed man smashes car windows at Mazda dealership [Video]

Infiltration video- Undercover Cop Assaults Journalist (wearechange) @ Occupy Wall Street

My uncle worked as a school janitor. NO CHILD could do his job, not even in Japan.

My uncle worked as a school janitor. NO CHILD could do his job, not even in Japan.

The Photoshop Effect

Dr Fatima Hamroush is to be Libya's new health minister

For Women in Libya, a Long Road to Rights

Loyal Dog In China Refuses To Leave Owner's Grave, Goes Week Without Food

Paterno Fought Penn State Official Over Punishment of Players (should open some eyes)

Fox News: "What's the big deal,pepper spray is a food product"?

Amazon reclaims site of U.S. cult tragedy

Pentagon’s War on Drugs Goes Mercenary

"What kind of a peace do I mean, and what kind of a peace do we seek?"

Paterno was literally telling his players that they couldn't cooperate with judicial affairs or

TOON: A Protest Against Capitalism

Girl's party was for the dogs

Girl's party was for the dogs

Russ says NASCAR fans think Michelle is "uppity"

‘It’s a Food Product, Essentially’: Fox News Starts Spinning Pepper Spray Cops

Pizza is a vegetable and Pepper Spray is a food Product.

Is Leasing a Car a Good Alternative?

OWS Protester Murdered by Police in Seattle

Stick shift derails would-be carjackers in Vallejo

""The CBO is a reactionary socialist institution which does not believe in economic growth"

Saddest toon of the season

The best Occupy poster currently going all over Facebook

(HAHAHAHAHAHA) Pakistan bans 1,100 naughty words from text messages

Gov. stops all executions in OR: 'I refuse to be a part of this compromised and inequitable system'

Military Cuts Threaten Defense-Dependent States

Credit card solicitation question

9/11's most controversial photo?

I have bad hard drive (under warranty).

CENSORED? Facebook has removed my pepper spray posts from my wall

BPA spikes 1,200 percent after eating canned soup: study

Remember when the Teabag movement was "grassroots populism" ?

NY Mag: Roger Ailes Nearly Iced Sarah Palin Due To Presidential Announcement

Watch 50 teens allegedly stealing from a 7-Eleven

Penn State Victim Was Retaliating Against a Tough Mentor, Lawyer Claims

The internet is in mortal danger (and now, not later):

NYPD ‘Loses’ the Occupy Wall Street Wikileaks Truck

The power of the jock culture begins in high school if not before.

'UC Davis Pepper Spray Cop' Will Answer Your Burning Questions

The 10 Stupidest Objections to Occupy Wall Street (Cartoon)

Where Does Occupy Wall Street Go From Here? ...a proposal from Michael Moore

Which response would you characterize as more out of line?

Hotter than a habanero???

Los Angeles officials offer Occupiers a deal to vacate City Hall grounds

Pepper Spraying UCD Officer Previously Honored

Paul is Dead

Before complaining you might want to take a look at what the automatic spending cuts actually are.

The Statue of Spray-ity:

Big-box worship centers no longer appealing to younger generation

Does the OCCUPY ART project help de-legitimize the

The Nutjobs at World Nuts Daily can always be counted on for a laugh

Obama Gets Mic Checked By Occupy Wall Street Protesters (VIDEO)

Senator plans first ever Internet-fueled filibuster

The plutocrats are succeeding at changing the narrative and I don't know what to do about it.

Wisconsin: Know of someone destroying petitions? $10,000 Reward!

"Congress kills request for National Climate Service" (Who? Who killed the request?...)

Obama Gets A Note From The 99 Percent Movement: ‘We Got Sold Out’

“Low information voters” and the political press

At noon, this day in 63, a friend of mine came up to John Muir JHS (Milwaukee) crying.

48 years ago today, sitting in Fifth Grade, everything changed for me,

Matt Taibbi: UC Davis Pepper-Spray Crystalized In One Image The Weakness In Our Principles Up Top

Went to Court for Brooklyn Bridge OWS Arrest Today: A Shout Out to the National Lawyers Guild

What's The Story On The Lady That Miscarried Her Baby In Washington After Being Poked In The .....

What's The Story On The Lady That Miscarried Her Baby In Washington After Being Poked In The .....

Customers irate with local bank for increasing fees

I just called 100 people about President Obama...

Rare creature spotted. No, it's not an honest Republican, it's....

Proctor & Gamble honcho writes hilarious "open letter" wingnutery to Obama

John Matthews in Newsweek-"My Life as a White Supremacist"

Just saw John Kerry on MTP and he did a good job.

Why are cops put on "administrative leave" when anyone else would be put on trial?

I think this guy deserves some phone calls....

Ye of little faith, I remember when you were certain Obama would adopt Bowles-Simpson

Reviews of pepper spray on Amazon (heh!)

Silent thread in remembrance of President John F. Kennedy

President Obama should condemn Egyptian military repression

Obama issues pardons on mostly cannabis cases

You Can Buy The Tear Gas Used On UC Davis Students On

Jaguar sighted southeast of Tucson by hunter over weekend

People’s Mic Poetry: Reflections on Occupy Los Angeles, Nov. 18-20

So if the wealthy really do not want to be taxed

Homelessness-Mocking Foreclosure Firm Closes

The Politics of Climate Change

Just back from the pharmacy.

White House Openly Considers Caving to Bishops on Birth Control Coverage

Corporate Welfare Gone Wild: GameStop Demands Tax Abatement


The People's Surveillance State

Where Does Occupy Wall Street Go From Here? ...a proposal from Michael Moore

Business: Not hiring until Obama is gone

Five years ago, this plan would have been excoriated by everyone here as a Republican wet dream.

John Matthews in Newsweek-"My Life as a White Supremacist"

S&P says no cut planned in US credit rating

Iranian police raid offices of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's press aide

EMU: Kwame Kilpatrick speech not a university-sponsored event

High executive pay 'corrosive' to the UK economy, report warns

Screening Still a Pain at Airports, Fliers Say

Extent of injuries to children in private jails revealed

Gingrich at top of pack for first time in CNN polling

Saudi Arabia halts $100bn oil expansion programme

Banks near record spending on D.C. lobbyists

15 cited for trespassing following 'Occupy' and anti-foreclosure protest at downtown BofA

Informer’s Role in Terror Case Is Said to Have Deterred F.B.I.

Man can get his pot license plate (after ACLU filed a federal lawsuit)

entertainment a hundred years ago:

This truly is the worst music video

I am sincerely grateful for the RAIN!

I'm interested in becoming a moran. Any tips?

Fenton! Fenton! Fenton! Oh, Jesus Christ. Fentoooon!!!

Thou shalt not covet a kitty's staff member.

MFM is gonna expose another sockpuppet on DU.

one of the best $100 I ever spent

Some joker eating popcorn

Gaddafi's youngest son still alive: NTC source

Egyptian protesters call for millions to march in Cairo

Amnesty says Egypt army continues Mubarak-era abuse

Italians want to cut debt, but without sacrifice

How OWS woke up our civil society

US growth revised down for third quarter

South African Parliament Approves Press Law

US, Russia and UK back Israel at Mideast meeting

Obama Campaign Blasts Romney's First TV Ad As 'Deceitful'

Pakistan Taliban 'declares ceasefire'

You want a peek inside applegrove's head?

Pakistan's US envoy resigns over memo scandal

Strauss-Kahn sues Sarkozy aide and leading French newspaper

Tunisia constituent body holds first session

China Outlines Cuts in Carbon Emissions

Focus: Hope ending workforce training programs

US state department removes India-Pakistan maps (Kashmir dispute)

Obama pardons 5, commutes 1 sentence for convictions including selling drugs, gambling

As Crowds Swell In Cairo, Military In Crisis Talks

US pushing UN to lift ban on cluster bombs, say campaigners

TSA officer charged with sexual assault

Banana crunch:

I'm interested in becoming a motel. Any tips?

Seif al-Islam Betrayed by His Desert Guide

What to do with your leftover Halloween pumpkin

Pakistan US ambassador Haqqani resigns over 'memogate'

MiddleFingerMom has what can extremely KINDLY be referred to as "situational table manners"

Stocks Cut Losses on New IMF Credit Line Report (U.S to help bailout Europe?)

Panel Rejects Many Obama Prospects for Judgeships

Egyptian protesters refuse generals' offer for transition

Obama responds to Occupy protesters in N.H.

Greyhound Puts Driver On Leave Abandoning Passengers

I'm interested in becoming a mogul. Any tips?

Neb. has 2 new pipeline laws (routing of crude-oil pipelines like Keystone XL)

Iraqi civilians win inquiry appeal - UK

Briefs: Price of GM's Volt in China to top $75,000

Fresh round of hacked climate science emails leaked online

Dominican authorities probe US bomb plot suspect

Teen in gay-student slaying case agrees to 21-year prison term

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blumenthal and Colleagues Urge Supreme Court to Broadcast Arguments on Affordable Care Act

Gunman charged after shooting during Occupy Houston rally

'$1 million' left behind in suitcase in cafe

Former President George W. Bush to speak at Plumstead Christian School’s Founders Forum

Bank earnings hit highest level in 4 years, FDIC says

Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock - Has there been a better performance?

Bidens host wounded troops

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi could be tried in Libya, says ICC prosecutor

Oregon Governor Says He Will Block Executions

Supremes won’t block release of Ref. 71 names

Local blood center gave out awards last night.

My latest art!

There is a life and death struggle taking place right this minute in my dishwasher.

Couple In the Next Room Bound to Win a Prize

House Panel Calls Corzine to Testify at MF (Global) Hearing

Fed to Test U.S. Banks Over Europe Crisis

F.C.C. Seeks Review of AT&T Merger With T-Mobile

Khmer Rouge No. 2 says regime acted for Cambodians

Oscar the Blind Kitten vs THE HAIR DRYER-Epic Battle! (for an AM grin)

Mo. Shop Owner Apologizes To Religious Skeptics

Merck Agrees to Pay $950 Million in Vioxx Case

There's just no getting around it

Posted in GD a short time ago and haven't had to duck a SINGLE piece of flung poo,

Debit Card Fees Under Justice Dept. Review

Obama Issues Veto Threat On Bush Tax Cuts

I'm interested in becoming a morel. Any tips?

I'm interested in becoming amoral. Any tips?

Rush Limbaugh: NASCAR fans booed Michelle Obama for 'uppity-ism'

Wesley Clark Slams GOP On Defense

Stumbled upon this very interesting Impressionist Animated Gif, called "Hats", by Micael Reynaud...

I'm interested in becoming Andretti. Any tips?

I'm interested in becoming Amoretti. Any tips? nt

Going to the movie at midnight is just dumb!...

Grover Norquist hails victory after supercommittee deal fails

Sure to be controversial, New Jersey and Canada smarter than us?!1

Pregnant Woman Blasted with Pepper Spray by SPD Says She Miscarried

Anyone watch the National Dog Show in Philadelphia on Thanksgiving?

What is your favourite prepared food you can get at the grocery store. We like Chicken Kiev. We have

Texas town still suffers effects of heat, drought; water supply down to two weeks

Has anyone heard from Tucker (AlienGirl) lately?

Herman Cain: I was relieved when I found out my cancer physician -- Dr. Abdallah -- was a Christian

Old cookbooks could be unreliable. Last night I was looking through some old cookbooks I have.

Bilo (a misnomer) grocery stores in my area have Senior discount day.

Another question: Where the heck is Bertha Venation? Haven't seen her here in ages

rug + lynnsin + skinner + ATA =