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Archives: November 27, 2011

Thought control

Wish this case could be solved.........Bush Insider Who Planned To Tell All Killed In Plane Crash:

Holiday advice: If somebody gives you the George Washington book by Glenn Beck, don't get mad

9 Reasons Wired Readers Should Wear Tinfoil Hats



RFK's assassin seeks prison release.

Republicans Subsidize Mansions, Even the GOP Wants to Add Trillions to Our Debt

OWS NYC holding GA right now - Nov 26 7:45 pm - Link....

Store on alert before CA assemblywoman arrested for shoplifting.

Homs, Syria: Inside the City of Fear

OMG the National Enquirer says there is a ridiculous book coming out on Obama

WAR ON XMAS Part Too, Also: How do we get the "holy" out of "(happy) holiday/s"?!!111

The Wal-Mart pepper spray incidence is symbolic of how sick consumerism has become.

The return of Van Jones (or, as right-wingers like to say: Scary black man is comin' to get you!)

Arizona's controversial Sheriff Arpaio set to endorse Rick Perry

Why Romney Lied

Sunday Talk Shows

#Occupy in Brevard, North Carolina

My visit to La Quinta Ca and my (Published) letter to the ed of the Desert Sun

Zuccotti Utopia: Portraits of The New Revolutionaries

Nato air attack on Pakistani troops was self-defence, says senior western official

What if Freedoms of Speech/Religion/Press were restricted like Freedom of Assembly?

Rep. Charlie Gonzalez (D-TX20, San Antonio area, and Hispanic Caucus chair) to retire

Wes Clark and the neocon dream

Wes Clark and the neocon dream

Taliban paid £100 a month to stop fighting

No dictation, please! (On Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline)

New York's ardour for Michael Bloomberg cools

Your tax dollars at work: Pentagon Spends Millions Protecting Uzbekistan Dictator

UPDATE 1-Tripoli protesters block jet from taking off

Push to drop Khalq terror designation in US

NBA's Golden State Warrior Dorell Wright gives big assist to those in need

Police use stun gun on man in Florence, AL Walmart

When Americans are controlled by the GOP they are not free. People are being manipulated to

Occupy Anchorage gets a new home

OWS is evolving and adapting

TOON: Get Out

Next on the agenda: Reassign the triggered "defense" cuts

Cesium from Fukushima plant fell all over Japan

Taliban paid £100 a month to stop fighting

Wife of HS football coach arrested for changing grades of FB players

The most powerful Republican is on Meet the Press tomorrow

I heard they found an S bomb in Dave Vitter's "underware"

CDC identifies four drugs responsible for majority of emergency room visits (+ poll to DU)

Pakistan orders US to leave airbase in row over deadly Nato assault

History too kind to Puritans' brutal intolerance

Prescott Bush, And The Golden Age Of War Profiteering

Black Friday Worker Rescued From Canal After Losing Control Of Car Due To Exhaustion

Pakistan Demands CIA Halt Drone Attacks And Vacate Airbase

Guardian UK: Activists accuse Mexican president of war crimes in drug crackdown

results of holiday binge drinking...

Winning hearts and minds,

Occupy LA deadline comes, many say they won't go (AP)

Greenwald: Bob Schieffer, Ron Paul and journalistic “objectivity”

My Life As A White Supremacist: Great Cover Story From Newsweek

If you put two different pancake syrups by one manufacturer on a plate and let them sit

Afghanistan in second wave of transition

We don't need no CEO'S they need us.

Joe Lieberman's middle name

I Told You So! I Told You So! Newt is going to be it.

Black Friday 2011 Sets New Retail Sales Record

Big expansion, big questions for Teach for America

Big expansion, big questions for Teach for America

Would Jesus Join the Occupy Protests?

IBM: Black Friday Online Retail Spending Up 24.3 Percent

Outstanding Graphic !!!

Medicare's drug coverage gap shrinks

How much crazier can Black Friday get?

Shah Mehmood Qureshi joins Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf

Newt Gingrich Goes to the Congo

Occupy LA (Midnight Tonight), Philly (5 PM Today) Prepare For Evictions - MSNBC (All Times Local)

"If you don’t think that the US main stream media controls what we perceive and read"

Afghan soldiers called in deadly NATO airstrike

LOL @ Bachman. Is this possible?

America’s Pakistan Mess Gets Worse With Alleged NATO Strike

can obama win without california?

Dear John (The Pepper Spray Song) by Jimmy Wong of Ching Chong ( Asians in the Library) fame.

Great Read: 'OCCUPY L.A.: The Story -- 24 Hours Until Eviction?' - OpEdNews

2 key senators call for tough line with Pakistan

New super-deadly strain of H5N1 avian flu developed in Dutch lab. Everybody panic?

U.S. to spend more than $6 billion in Iraq next year

new hampshire newspaper endorses newt - oblivious to voters

How common do you honestly think it is for paid operatives to post on progressive forums?

Truth For Teabaggers -- FB Photo

Campaign Poster for the Candidate the GOP really wants to run

From Facebook: Occupy Long Beach (California) is being evicted at 10 PM. We need people there...

From Facebook: Occupy Long Beach (California) is being evicted at 10 PM. We need people there...

The House That Newt Built

Turkey rules out any military intervention in Syria (for now)

Oil subsidy: Sanusi warns of grave consequences if...

"At 12:01, I turned 18 at which time I signed the #RecallWalker petition."

COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of a internet forum

*URGENT* Occupy Philadelphia facing eviction at *5 p.m.*

Iraq emerges from war a society divided by sect

What George Orwell Can Teach Us About OWS and Police Brutality

Today in 1893 women voted in their first federal election.

Drugmaker Merck challenges Facebook after 'losing' page

Debtors' Prison Legal In More Than One-Third Of U.S. States

#Occupy Los Angeles, Nov. 26, 2011 Photostream. Dial-Up Warning.

First Women's Union #Libya

Libyan women demand support for war rape victims

Capital punishment slowly loses ground in US

Picture Perfect of the Movement and What We Oppose and Who They Defend:

Urine-Activated Video Games

Brutal Drought Dries up Mexico's Farms - Reuters

Phoneless in Florida – Or another corporate screwing

A Soldier died today

'Frosty the Snowman' arrested

The Death Valley Bloom of 2005 (inspirational)

We need austerity alright: we can’t afford this Oligarchy any more.


Has anyone watched the RSA Animate youtube videos?

Mayor Villaraigosa's Letter To OccupyLA... It's Been Swell... Now GET OFF MY LAWN !!!

Legislation That Would Ban Sales Of Cold Medicine To Teenagers Makes Progress

#OLA: Villainaigosa's holiday weekend sneak attack. Dirty tricks, anybody?

OWS Must Succeed For The GOP Experiment In Plutocracy To End

#OccupyLA Eviction: Lessons from Cancun

Idea of civilians using drone aircraft may soon fly with FAA

Every night over Baghdad: roar of C-130s. Not bringing stuff in. Its the sound of America going home

Pat Bagley has a suggestion for OWS......

Pat Bagley has a suggestion for OWS......

As deadline looms, Occupy LA says they'll stay

Jeff City student flies into St. Louis after release in Egypt

Jeff City student flies into St. Louis after release in Egypt

Man charged in Windsor's 1st homicide in 2 years (Ontario)

A personal observation from Battleground WISCONSIN

Alan Moore – meet the man behind the protest mask --- Tom Lamont / Guardian

Solyndra Hearings Pit Republicans Directly Against Defense Dept. Drive Toward Energy Alternatives

Does anyone know if the names behind "Doe" in Doe v. Reed have been released yet?

Advertising is propaganda.

Outlaw "betting" against the economy!

Borowitz Report: BREAKING: FDA Declares Rick Perry a Vegetable

Alexander Cockburn : The “Left” and Libya

Climate summit faces big emitters' stalling tactics

Remember this when the defense budget is not cut.

Ok... For Those Interested... OccupyPhilly Livestream Here: (Plus... This Pic Just In)

5 Black Friday Myths The Media Wants You to Believe

Yet another reason to be a fiend for the bean........

Trafficked people being treated as criminals by officials, inquiry says

How many here actually own horses?

You're a Crazy Republican, Charlie Brown

Captain Trips may be Dutch

Margaret & Helen: Thanksgiving Letter to the Family 2011

The 0-0-0 Tax Plan

It's this desire for cheaper and cheaper goods that is killing the working class

The Union of Libyan Women

The Union of Libyan Women

As OccupyAustin moves to the Capital- they change the laws

Heavy Machinery in Trouble

Solyndra Solyndra Solyndra- What about Fraudulent Defense Contractors Paid $1 Trillion ??

Solyndra Solyndra Solyndra- What about Fraudulent Defense Contractors Paid $1 Trillion ??

Solyndra Solyndra Solyndra- What about Fraudulent Defense Contractors Paid $1 Trillion ??

Now I Know Why OccupyLA Is Being Shut Down... Remember When It Started Snowing In NYC, And...

Populist outsider wins Osaka mayor election

Can There Be Solidarity Between Movement Activists and Police Officers?

Poll: How old were you when you got your first credit card?

shoplifting assemblywoman was on Neiman Marcus radar from previous visit

Walker is a front for the Bradley Foundation

Experts: Intense marketing, weak economy, obsession with deals fueling Black Friday violence

Man arrested for viewing child porn on flight

Japan's youth turn to rural areas seeking a slower life

Japan's youth turn to rural areas seeking a slower life

What is your favorite "Day" on DU?

Big Dawg: 'Any Repub Nominee Can't Be Authentic Unless You've Got A Single Digit I.Q.'

Occupy Wall Street And Homelessness: Millions Spent To Evict Camps, While Cutting Shelter Funds

Schumer: Dems will push payroll tax break extension until it passes

Schumer: Dems will push payroll tax break extension until it passes

Shame on you...

A Most Righteous Rant: 'We Can’t Afford This Oligarchy' - FDL

Eviction deadline for Occupy Philly at Dilworth Plaza is here. Watch live video over the scene

Oct 2011: LA Council President Eric Garcetti told protestors “stay as long as you need.”

Was J. Edgar Hoover black?

Cain speaks out against being influenced by "perception," then praises profiling. USA! USA! USA!

How many times have you heard this meme? Oh, this generation just doesn't want to work

CNN get punked by fake caller posing as student that was arrested in Cairo..

Please Read This... 'Greetings From Philly' - OccupyBoston

The Koch Brothers on Black Friday

Occupy Minneapolis: Need 99 Tents for the 99 Percent - Wed Nov 30th

Americans Spend More in the Search for Happiness—And It's Not Working

Recall Walker Drive Surpassed Halfway Petition Signature Total of 270,000 To Oust Wisconsin Governor

What's Fit to Print? The Mainstream Media's Misguided Obsession With "Objectivity"

OccupyLA facing eviction *tonight*

OccupyLA facing eviction *tonight*

Colin Powell Uses The Founding Fathers To Explain WHY The GOP WILL FAIL In 2012

How Do We, the 99%, Defeat Alec?

I wondered when the crazy would rise to the top

Los Angelinos: If you have wanted to make a statement, to be involved, tonight is the night.

Fury erupts as India opens door to Wal-Mart, other big foreign firms

Long haired hippies...

Is it time to dismantle the Dept. of Homeland Security?

Naomi Wolf's fact free blog post.

Idea of civilians using drone aircraft may soon fly with FAA

In Less Than 1/2 An Hour, The City Of Philadelphia Will Be On The Wrong Side Of History...

OWS LA - live feed, eviction tonight, more links:

I Don't Get It - Black Friday Sets A Record.....

What percentage of the Democratic party do believe is corrupt?

What percentage of the Democratic party do believe is corrupt?

Emma Sullivan, Kansas High School Student, Punished For Sam Brownback Tweet

Ignorance Isn't Bliss: The Danger of Avoiding Tough News

How can anyone possibly believe that the "Defense" cuts will be permitted to stand,

Another fun "eat cheap" blog: 99 Cent Chef!

TO: Tea Partied Republican Congressional Lawmakers

Take a moment to look at the Universe

How many here are also posting on TWITTER and/or FACEBOOK ... if I may ask?

12 million foreclosures, 16 million more to come...Why are so many Comfortably Numb?

$707 TRILLION: How Banks Increased Total OTC Derivatives By A Record $107 TRILLION in last 6 months

For the DU ladies only "Pins & Needles"

Ohio puts 200-pound third-grader in foster care

Um... Somebody Care To Elaborate ??? - From OccupyPhilly

Japan: Ratios of single men, women reach record high

Japan: Ratios of single men, women reach record high

Goldman Sachs has Taken Over

Foreclosure: Does This Family Deserve To Lose Its Home?

Georgia Judge Mocks U.S. Bank Over Denied Mortgage Modification

Raise taxes

Raise taxes

and around and around and around and around

Dog calls 911, gets shot

It is a sign of weakness if you give in to their demands for a forced apology.

For those who think the shopping instances are anything new

Whoa! Molestation by Syracuse Ass't BB Coach Just Got Red Hot: Bernie Fine's wife had abuse concerns

What does this pic (slogan) really mean?

Who Benefits from a possible Global Depression?

A Family’s Billions, Artfully Sheltered

I dont care so much if there was a conspiracy or not. Peaceful protesters should be allowed to do so

1. I see no path to salvation except via taking all power from the bankers,

The occupy groups must stress the income inequality and here is why

We must never forget the Ukrainian genocide (the Holodomor ).

Teen tweeter won't apologize to Kan. governor

Discussing OWS Coulter Says: "It Just Took A Few Shootings At Kent State To Shut That Down"

Discussing OWS Coulter Says: "It Just Took A Few Shootings At Kent State To Shut That Down"

Give something or two that you're proud of about your state

After closing psychiatric hospitals, Michigan incarcerates mentally ill

"Get a Job After Taking a Bath" - Toon

Medicare's drug coverage gap shrinks thanks to Obama's plan

I have been saying for weeks that OWS will experience it's own Kent State

Whoa... Ouch, That Truth Hurts !!! - Here's One For Ya !!!

Whoa... Ouch, That Truth Hurts !!! - Here's One For Ya !!!

I'm buying some holiday gifts for friends and family, Anyone got a problem with that?

Two Scandals, One Connection: The FBI link between Penn State and UC Davis

Well I most share as an op. re OWS.

How to Eat Cheap

RIP: Harvey Milk and George Moscone ... 11/27/78. You are not forgotten.

What the hell...?

US stabs Pakistan in the back, again

Perry (averaged) a 21 hour work week on state business

The finger thing that signifies agreement with the Occupiers...

Your Front Yard is a Battlefield: Senate To Vote On Legislation That Allows U.S. Military to Detain

Military Detention of American Citizens being voted on Mon or Tues

Congress Votes to Create a Police State, This Week?

Indiana: Parents can't get information on what takeover charter schools will offer.

Where do you guys go for laughs?

Dan QUAYLE!1 is the power behind Cerberus/Freedom Group gun consolidation?

Miley Cyrus supports OWS with new video- IT’S A LIBERTY WALK!

Depressed, my health insurance premium just increased by $101.00. Cigna sucks. nt

Anyone else hate the word "consumer"?

Calling all poets and students of literature. URGENT request for poem to read at tonight's

National Defense Authorization Act

Naaaah... Income inequality is not a problem! NOT AT ALL!

THE COUNTRY'S PROBLEM IN A NUTSHELL: Apple's Huge New Data Center In North Carolina Created 50 Jobs

We Have to go Socialist

Rapper T.I. - Being American means being gay in peace, and being against being gay in peace

No more free formula at RI Hospitals-State is first in the nation to end this practice

Obamas Date Night At The Game

Ya know, One-Percenters, it ain't all that hard to get into a little austerity here.

Just A Holiday Reminder: Black Friday Sales Are Utterly Meaningless

Is bigotry against American's common?

The idea that easing up credit for businesses and they will hire more workers is bullshit

Gary Johnson Mulls Third Party Run