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Tonight on Countdown: Alan Grayson, Matt Taibbi, Jim Lafferty, Richard Lewis

Occupy you must


Milwaukee Urinal/Sentinel again promoting mining. This time: There's gold in them thar hills

"Senator, Just think of their sad little faces..."

Toon: Money Talks Monday

Toon to send to the 'war on christmas' folks....

Reminder! Today is "Post in the style of another DU'er Day"!!

America's Black Friday Frenzy As Seen From Abroad

OMG AI is an arm of the necons exploiting the uprising in Syria

Wisconsin Republican's new job plan: Have Rebecca call up some businesses in Illinois.

Wisconsin Republican's new job plan: Have Rebecca call up some businesses in Illinois.

Keith going for a Fu Manchu? n/t

Rich People Behaving Badly: Waiting For Our Marie Antoinette Moment

Rich People Behaving Badly: Waiting For Our Marie Antoinette Moment

Yes, Herman Cain is that much of a badass.

Danziger toon- The Policeman's True Flag Revealed

Danziger toon- The Policeman's True Flag Revealed

Senator Questions Extension of Tax Cut

Sirhan Sirhan's Lawyers Say He Didn't Kill RFK

Why do conservatives use caps to type out EVERYTHING THEY SAY..?

Why do conservatives use caps to type out EVERYTHING THEY SAY..?

[tonight] Rare Northern Lights Show Expected in the US Again

Egypt voters endure long lines at polls

Dean Baker: Time to Retake Politics From the One Percent in Both Political Parties

IMNSHO: The 'Pinnochio Scale' is stupid.

Gingrich/Cain-2012 --> "We'll screw you and then your wife"

(un)Occupy vs. Occupy; anti-Wall Street group split in Albuquerque

Aw Jeez... Rockwell Does Pike... Or Vice-Versa...

No mention of Cain's latest philanderings on drudge

U.S. Pakistan Policy "is vastly increasing the threat of another 9/11 on American soil.”

WSJ: Frank's retirement gives (R) chance to attack Consumer Protection Bureau

Romney The Candidate Of The One-Percent

Romney The Candidate Of The One-Percent

Brownback Apologises

Brownback Apologises

Would you be ok with your significant other getting 61 texts over 4 months from someone?

1%er Talking Points: Holiday & Pre-Primary Edition

Using the word "Socialist" as though it means something is a bad idea.

Alleged White House shooter found competent to stand trial

Given that Republicans apparently see this as an acceptable defence of the latest Cain allegations

Obama campaign denies (bullshit) charge of 'writing off working class whites'

Can you say propaganda?

Why aren't we seeing the troops returning to the US

When you say "get the money out of politics", you piss off two groups

Brownback, his spokesperson and the high school principal named Worst Persons

Freepers DEMAND DNA in the case of Herman Cain and His Amazing Adulterous Wonder Penis©

First Eld’s Deer Born from IVF (Eld's Deer is extinct in the wild and only 38 in captivity) w/pics

Wally World Watch

Do you support the Durbin/McCain bill okaying a worldwide military battlefield?

You collected over 300,000 recall signatures in the first 12 days

Team Romney uses Hillary against Obama

The Cain campaign's EMPHATIC denial...

Flip Flop Mittens

Huntsman: Romney couldn't reform Wall Street

Lawrence O’Donnell: Herman Cain’s ‘Worst Sin’ Is Saying Black Democrats Are ‘Brainwashed - VIDEO

*Smothered:Censorship troubles of Smothers Brothers, on PBS

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Mike's back

Heads up: Howard Dean is on with Tavis tonight n/t

Heads up: Howard Dean is on with Tavis tonight n/t

Tea Party group angers gay rights activists with inflammatory comments about Barney Frank

Empire by the numbers - edited from Juan Cole + comments

Hundreds stake out Capitol in Wash. State budget protest

Will Rogers (1924) comments on Wall Street and tax cuts

Conservative empire built from Wisconsin foundation - - - The Bradley Foundation

Conservative empire built from Wisconsin foundation - - - The Bradley Foundation

Strategy for thwarting the wingnuts' attempts to drive OWS out of parks.

Self-interest misunderstood

Self-interest misunderstood

Imagine if...

Air Pedophile

Report: Bailed-out banks earned $13 billion on interest alone

Libyans Demonstrating Great Initiative, Responsibility in Post-Conflict Context

People at Occupy Lancaster threatened with immolation

Marine Gen. James F. Amos, face of opposition in the military to lifting ban on gays . . . recants

Uh, you young'us need more protest/peace music.

Without consent: how drugs companies exploit Indian 'guinea pigs'

Latest Allegations Have Some Republicans Calling For Cain's Exit

Run Newt, Run

Should three key Supreme Court justices bow out of health care ruling?

Have you ever had to go hungry ?

Drugs worth $30 million seized in Sydney: police

Money Found in Britain May Belong to MF Global

Harvard researchers build flexible robot that can crawl, slither under a pane of glass

Kuwait: tv, government steps down after protests

CSMonitor: Why so much is at stake as Congo goes to polls

Countries that have a flat tax system

Canada May Pull Out of Kyoto Accord

Dog Rescued In Iraq Returns To Fallen Soldier's Family, Beam Of Light Shines Down

I got a friend with the blues

Post your most memorable Barney Frank lines

Taxidermy Comes to Life at Vienna’s Natural History Museum

#OccupyBudget (Check out this chart)

Jesse Lagreca takes Romney, Gingrich, Perry and Billo to school - The Ed Show

Child abuse cases up 40 percent in Dallas County in past decade, study says

Child abuse cases up 40 percent in Dallas County in past decade, study says

So Herman Cain is dropping in the GOP polls because of his alleged extra-marital affairs?!

Long-lost Walt Disney cartoon reel found on a shelf in Herefordshire (being put up for auction)

Three Connecticut asset managers win $103.5 million in lottery

TEPCO Fukushima Exec Resigns for "Health Treatment"

Indefinite Detention of Americans in Military Spending Bill?

Wisconsin citizen OP: Democracy on the recall front

Bloggers may not be as anonymous as they think

Hedge fund managers win $254M Poweball jackpot

Hedge fund managers win $254M Poweball jackpot

Hedge fund managers win $254M Poweball jackpot

anyone still in touch with former DU member nothingshocksmeanymore?

Wow... I Never Imagined I'd Be Posting A Miley Cyrus Thread/Video... But I'm Glad I Did...

Wow... I Never Imagined I'd Be Posting A Miley Cyrus Thread/Video... But I'm Glad I Did...

Fitch dings U.S. credit outlook

Shouldn't we be sending emails to Cains campaign saying "Don't drop out Herman!", today?

Shouldn't we be sending emails to Cains campaign saying "Don't drop out Herman!", today?

So Mr Cain-- After the recent allegations-- is 999 really a reference to a sex act?

Among Friends - In case there was any doubt that the game was rigged.

Tuesday Republican TOON Roundup- The Newt also rises

There is a post about CBO and the distribution of income since 79. Here is some more info..

Martial law provision secretly passed in Congress Committee Continue reading on Martia

Londoners, I guess you picked the wrong time to stop sniffing glue.

just found out I live in the saddest city in the United States

S&P may cut France outlook within 10 days: report

S&P may cut France outlook within 10 days: report

Medicare budget woes threaten doctor cuts

US faces more threats than decade ago, warns head of its military

Agent Orange on Okinawa - New Evidence

Every democrat running for congress against an incumbent republican..

anyone else just see that promo for Morning Joe?

Geebuz. O’Reilly and Coulter get thrown under the Freepublic bus

Hedge fund Mgrs who won Powerball were fronting for a client of theirs

MoH Recipient Meyer Sues Contractor

Recommending every thread except for ones that you dislike will be almost like unrecommend.

Three Dream Act supporters in Congress endorse Romney. Too bad he opposes the measure

Mall owners pull plug on cellular tracking, for now

ACLU sues AATA (Ann Arbor) over refusal of anti-Israel bus advertisement

Tuesday Shop-o-rama TOON Roundup

The Wisconsin Values Budget

Corporate Profit At 50 Year High, Personal Income At 50 Year Low

#Occupy Los Angeles, Nov. 28, 2011

My reply to troll in response to Newt DID not leave wife in hospital;

TOON: Tax Shelters

LA Protesters Defy Eviction Efforts, Go to Court

2fer: AILES continues vendetta on local editor. & a reader's true history of Mittens

Salon Special Event: Where does the Occupy movement go from here?

Thirteen of last 15 years warmest on record: UN

How Zuccotti Park Became Zuccotti Prison: Creeping American Police State

Where do these wackadoodles come from?

The Violence of the Free Market:Globalization Leads to Struggle for Food that Imperils Filipino Poor

American Airlines' parent files for Ch. 11 bankruptcy protection; CEO steps down

This proud Israeli-American believes "religious right" is wrong about Obama

Turkey raises Syria military option, Russia urges caution

Reason 1, 297 Why To Not Join The Muiltary

MarketWatch: 10 reasons the crisis isn’t over

Supreme Court to Decide Case Based on Lewis and Clark Diaries from 1805

Dehumanizing OWS, dehumanizing the 99%

Total Anarchy In Tehran As Students Storm British Embassy

Chiquita moving headquarters to Charlotte ($1 million in county incentives, $2 mil from state)

Western states report comeback of cattle rustling

Drop corp tax to 25% from 35%, exempt 95% of companies' overseas profit...

So, Fathead Gingrich said that water boarding is NOT torture...

Mediabistro calls Barney Frank "throat lisping curmudgeon". . .wow 1st I heard that

Great commercial: 2 seats left for a movie, a theater filled with bikers, will couples sit down?

Spending to much time on DU via WIFI---just may lesson your chances to have kids.

File under: Show uz your paperz! - Student jailed for 2 nights when she can't show ID

File under: Show uz your paperz! - Student jailed for 2 nights when she can't show ID

Did Drug Firms Hire Gingrich to Back Medicare Drug Benefit?

With Declining Wages, Canada Is Doing Its Best U.S. Impression

Indiana Dem: Party Members “Don’t Want To Get All Into This Issue of Right-to-Work” {w/ petition }

Cain ‘Reassessing’ Candidacy

Moody's: Every European nation now at risk on debt

GOP and BULLIES have the Same 3 Basic Traits... LIE CHEAT STEAL

Poll: 28% Think Cain Had Affair; 28% Don’t Think Cain Had Affair; 44% Having Affair with Cain Now

Recall group says it has 300,000 signatures

It's a wonderful day for Newt the Gingrich: Cain is probably gonna be out

The internationalism of the new far-right {europe}

Mass layoffs in Germany highlight new stage in global slump

Chris Christie slides inconvenient facts down the memory hole

Wall Street Supports The Troops

Male birth control has finally arrived. They call it Wi-Fi.

About the interest earned on the secret bailouts...

Tattoo Artist Facing Civil Lawsuit

Austerity Is Bad for You and It’s No Fun

Richmond city audits local tea party after stand off with mayor

IRS Office treated for blood-sucking parasite infestation

CHOOSE today's most likely NEW BREAKING Herman Cain headline

Police: 8 hurt in Oakland shooting, 2 critically

Tuesday OWS Toon Roundup

Dad Killed 3-Year-Old in Washing Machine: Cops

Krugman: The ECB’s (European Central Bank) Reverse FDR

Seven States Suing To Get Out From Under Health Law Taking Funding Dollars From HHS Too

Just another day in the great state of Floridiots.

2012 Federal Budget

Will Cain endorse anyone?

Judge Gets Probation for Felony Bribery (campaign $$ in exchange for rulings from the bench)

Uhh ohh...Cain Train about to jump the tracks??

C-span's Washington Journal has OFFICIALY jumped the shark...

I make a motion that we change the name of the GOP, to...

Balls bounce back after Toronto school ban

Post Gets Loans and Gifts Confused with Big Banks

BBC: US and EU consider bilateral trade talks

Apple's Siri Won't Tell You Where To Find Emergency Contraception, But Will Find Viagra

(Congress) More popular than Castro

Question: Do you believe in wealth redistribution?

Tattoo artist sued for inking dung instead of Narnia

No scaling down of military operations against Taliban: US

A 2 minute message from John Lennon to OWS about war, big business, and peaceful protests

Decorated Marine Sues Contractor

US official says Iran should not issue threats

Christopher Hedges at Occupy Harvard

Youssou N'Dour to enter politics

Ouch. Harsh truth.

Marilyn Tavenner: Medicare’s new pragmatist-in-chief?

Scrolling panoramic interactive photos of #Occupy Los Angeles

Comparative List Of Newt Gingrich's Baggage

Notice sent to US for vacating Shamsi airbase within 15 days: FM

TYT: Police Profit From Marijuana Arrests In U.S.

Matt Miller on the Decadence of the Western Intellectual Class

NBA Stars to Raise Money for President Obama’s Re-election

40,000 troops leaving Afghanistan by end of 2012

Did anyone else see Ann Coulter on Morning Joe today?

Have you ever had to live in your car?

Self delete

#Occupy LA MIC CHECK inside LA City Council meeting, 11/29/11

How Big is the 1%?

CSPAN Washington Journal Talks Medicare, Social Security and Supercommittee

'I Was an Asshole'; A Look at Neo-Nazi Germany from the Inside


Wa-mart: Video Shows Pepper-Spray Suspect; Was It Self-Defense?

What really prevents "coup d'etat"-s in developed countries, or makes them very rare.

Schwarzman Backs Romney as Wall Street Turns Away From Obama

Dennis Prager is defending adultery for presidents

Wait what does Pulp Fiction have to do with all this?

Herman Cain abandoned by conservatives

Republicans Are Set To Raise Taxes On 160 Million Members of the 99%

Death penalty opponents, here's an action you can take with Amnesty International

Consensus: They'll get the signatures (WI)

It's time to create some rules on what a 'job creator' is

Comments? Concerns?

"freerepublic" has to have some of the most ignorant fuckers on the Intertubes..

MAP OF THE DAY: Every Traffic Fatality In The US Since 2001

Link to a speech by Jim Scarborough at Occupy Boston...

Freepers ponder the possibility of Sarah Palin With A Penis QUITTING like a fuckin' groping QUITTER!

> Tell the Senate NO to Indefinite Military Detention - which includes Americans living in the US

They were right - worth watching again.

Why #Occupy In A Beautiful 3-Minute Clip

Gay softball team accused of cheating with 'straight ringers' given trophy

The Hill: Occupy protesters right to be disgusted with political leaders

Latest developments in Arab world's unrest

U.S. renews imperialist offensive in Asia

Let's not get sucked into hate (aka Hillary Vs Obama)

One Up For Occupy Wall St. – Judge Orders Citigroup Cannot Buy It’s Way Out of Charges

please delete

HP printers can be remotely controlled and set on fire, researchers claim

Waiting for midnight, hungry families on food stamps give Walmart 'enormous spike'

US suspects NATO forces lured by Taliban into deadly raid


Check out Matt Taibbi's take on the Judge Jed Rakoff ass kicking of the SEC

Have there been any studies concerning the willingness of the right to lie and be dishonest?

GQ Magazine selects Tim Pawlenty 'The Least Influential Person Alive'

So Lieberman wants Google to ban "terror-speech" on the internet

BTW, that spokesperson for Brownback - guess who her husband works for?

UK: Play while you pee: Urinal-based games console granted patent

Media Conservatives Absolve Wall Street, Falsely Blame Barney Frank For Housing Crisis

A few pics I ran across (fb, etc):

Here's How Your Senators Voted on Udall Amendment to Strip Out War and Imprisonment Power Grabs

US judge orders hundreds of sites "de-indexed" from Google, Facebook (anti-counterfeiting of goods)

'Bugsplat': The ugly US drone war in Pakistan

Clarence Thomas, Elena Kagan Asked To Sit Out Supreme Court Health Care Case

If you get Wealth TV on your Cable system, you might want to check out

Tea Party Loses Favor

Note to Self.....

Ginger White: Her phone bill has 61 calls or texts from Herman Cain

Waiting for midnight, hungry families on food stamps give Walmart 'enormous spike' in sales

Rick Perry Gets Voting Age Wrong In New Hampshire

US may abandon Pakistan supply routes

New word on recall signatures from WI & Chippewa Dems

Let's hear from the spies

AZ state senator: Herman Cain has not sexually harassed me, even though I am attractive

Here's How Your Senators Voted on Udall Amendment to Strip Out War and Imprisonment Power Grabs

Many American families running on financial fumes

New York Fed Brownshirt Jason Barker Urges Police to Crack Skulls of #OWS

At least eight shot including 1-year-old child in West Oakland, 50 shell casings

Since someone asked about Freaker stupidity...I present a classic

The brains behind 'Operation Burn Notice' revealed? (advocating the burning of WI recall Petitions)

21 or 18? Rick Perry misses the mark on voting age

290 people have filed with the FEC to run for President of the US in 2012

Big sale on pepper spray at Walmart all day today!

MUST-READ: (Not Mine, I Swear) Judge Rakoff Delivers Brutal Takedown Of Both The SEC And Citigroup

link to "pepper spray consumer reviews"on amazon:

The new anti-marriage equality argument: it would promote “feminist marriage”

Richard L. Grossman, organizer who sought to curtail corporate power, has died

Former GOP Rep. Says Gingrich Is ‘An Evil Person’

Here we go again....

Occupy Standoffs Continue As Poll Finds Public Support For The Movement - SFBG

If all these accusers of Cain are lying, where are the liars for Romney, Newt, etc???

Does anyone remember the pro-war protest Freepublic was putting on in DC before the Iraq invasion?

Would you rather be pepper sprayed, tasered or beaten old school with a baton?

Would you rather be pepper sprayed, tasered or beaten old school with a baton?

Cain tells his "staff" he's reassessing his campaign.

And Some Wonder Why Americans Are So Dumbed Down

BWHAHAHA: Desperate Conservatives BEG SARAH PALIN TO RUN

Cain to give up on GOP nomination after unsuccessfully trying to get it drunk in his hotel room

Edit, got it, thanks!

Time is right for Native in Congress

All the angry people (story of one person at OWS)

"We want a virgin to do a hooker's job."

WTF is a "AC-130 helicopter gunship"?

Herman Cain Cancels Dinner With NYC Media Elite

Where is the most reliable and cheapest place to obtain a Domain name?

iPhone 4 Explodes Midflight on Australian Airline

"I haven't had a raise in 3 years 'because of the economy,'"

Does it almost seem like President Obama is picking his own candidate to run against?

Does it almost seem like President Obama is picking his own candidate to run against?

President Obama's Gallup approval rating amongst liberal Democrats for November 21st-27th is 84%.

It never ends...another comes forward to allege Cain harrassed her...he's really trolling for them..

An OWS interview that wasn't.

The Right Wing looks like it might lose the GE...

American Airlines files for bankruptcy - who gets hurt the most? Of course, their workers.

two big officers taser 90 pound woman

The GOP's New Plan To Win, Ahem, STEAL The 2012 Election

IF Cain drops out, Huffington Post reader "IFany" has a perfect "Plan B" for Republicans...

Would Republican voters actually nominate a total lunatic for the presidency?

Would Republican voters actually nominate a total lunatic for the presidency?

In Case You Missed This... 'The Democratic Promise of Occupy Wall Street' William Greider/TheNation

Arizona gun club lets children hold high-powered guns while posing for Christmas pictures

Report highlights Obama's broken environmental promises

TOON: Wall Street Blues

No money for social ills in America but $6.5 billion for Iraq for a

Who else just loooves Reverend Al's "blueberry pie" ad?

Gingrich calls for more aggressive drug policy

wow. Talk about a gut punch.

Help Wanted...Questions on surrogacy

Caption this pic of Romney

Santorum: "I'm the one you want to take home to Mom"

I recently was called up for Jury Duty

I recently was called up for Jury Duty

Hank Paulson Tipped Off The Goldman-Led "Plunge Protection Team" About Fannie Bankruptcy 7 Weeks In

Something odd about these lottery winners in Connecticut

Something odd about these lottery winners in Connecticut

How should Obama respond to this?

Why not air the video of **McCain** saying "If we run on the economy, we lose"?

Occupy Phoenix being peacefully dismantled by Phoenix PD

Corporations Are Patenting Human Genes and Tissues -- Here's Why That's Terrifying

60 years on, elderly man with conscience repays store $100

60 years on, elderly man with conscience repays store $100

50 members of the European Parliament raise concerns about the treatment of Bradley Manning

Mother Jones: Attack on the Middle Class!!

Can you guys rec the shit out of the following post?

Elderly man pays back money stolen 60 years ago from Sears

Heads up for my fellow LinkedIn members...just got a phishing email

Lawyer Charges Feds Withholding Evidence Favorable to Bradley Manning

No resolution of Occupy Asheville lawyer's court case

Stanislaw Lem gets animated Google doodle treatment

You Won't Believe What Hank Paulson Revealed To Hedge Funders Right Before The Financial Crisis

oh, Mr. Fish, you did it again: "Scissors vs. Cocks"

oh, Mr. Fish, you did it again: "Scissors vs. Cocks"

Vermont & Howard Dean

The sister of the teen who faced down Brownback deserves a shout out!

Frankly Speaking: Why liberals will miss Barney Frank's voice, especially in the culture wars.

Citibank wants to charge me $50/yr to hold my money or $100 to close my account!

Can we please forget about freerepublic?

DU Usage Poll: What forum do you wish you posted in/read more of on a regular basis?

Parents Want Answers About Controversial Tweet

Parents Want Answers About Controversial Tweet

American Airlines files for bankruptcy

Newt calls for "Drug Testing" before "Any Kind Of Federal Aid" - I Say-LETS START AT THE TOP!

Dick Cheney refuses to answer questions as he leaves the Senate Republican policy luncheon - pics

Robert Reich: Politicians Have Reality Upside Down

Non Sequitur Toon: Corporate Control is now complete

Herman Cain Will End His Campaign This Week (Yes or No) ?

Judge to the SEC and Citigroup: F**K YOU

US Air refuses refund to woman with terminal cancer

Did You Know That Some Of The #OWS Peeps Are Pissed Off Former Wall Streeters ???

3½ years ago I looked at Sarah Palin & thought, "OK, this is rock bottom. They can't get stupider"

Lawyers: Bullet switched at trial of RFK's assassin

The Literature Map - find authors who are similar to your favorites

Which One of These Is Not Like the Others?

Palantir, the War on Terror's Secret Weapon

Everything that Rises Must Converge: Reflections on Occupy Los Angeles, Nov. 25-27

If You Want To Be a Rebel, Be Kind (awesome Occupy story)

When did private property become sacred and the basis for all other rights?

Is America Addicted to War?

The Rude Pundit: A Brief List of Obvious Things That Should Be Obvious

'A Dramatic Shift Toward Renting'

"Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world."

Right-Wing Media Continue To Mislead On Nonexistent Light Bulb "Ban"

Santorum: I'm the guy you want to marry

FREE SPEECH ALERT! Action needed NOW to stop these two bills - the Protect IP Act and the SOPA Act

Behind 'The War on Weed': Christof Putzel's painful pot epiphany

This was good enough for me to sit and transcribe a bit.

What Looks A Lot Like The Sun Next To The Earth And The Moon?

Has anyone else noticed how aggressive the advertising has been lately.?

Who the fuck are they kidding . . . . ?

Finally, A Governor (Jerry Brown) Says: Hold The Pepper Spray

Our new TV has net features built in Many are free And get this

The secrecy-loving mind of the U.S. journalist

The secrecy-loving mind of the U.S. journalist

Local Fox teevee station reports AA bankruptcy caused by INCREASING labor and fuel costs

Carol Burnett Loves OWS!

I am a Proud Democrat... Here's Why

Flying Spaghetti Monster Appears in Northern Sky

Family loses daughter, job, home all in the same week

Through the "nudie scanner..." and other TSA adventures...

(National Defense Authorization Act ) S.1867: The hunting of America expands

David Duke Arrested In Germany..

McConnell buckles (obviously) on payroll tax cut extension

Kucinich: Federal Reserve has captured control of our government

Clearly, some people don't see the hurt and harm their objectifying "entertainment" choices cause

#OWS Cheers As DEFIANT Judge STOPS Obama From SELLING IMMUNITY To Wall Street

The Philanthropy of the Rich Does Have a Cost to Taxpayers

Under the Growing Influence of the 1%, American Exceptionalism has Become American Deceptionalism

Barbara Arnwine, Civil Rights Lawyer, Has Home Raided By Police

Man-made super-flu could kill half humanity (& the scientist wants to publish the process)

The Obama M1 rifle meltdown?

Anybody know why Joe Biden STILL hasn't apologized to Anita Hill for letting the 'Pugs trash her?

GE Appliance Repair Ripoffs

658 NY school principals revolt against Obama's school policies.

Beagle Freedom Project

Egypt imports 21 tons of tear gas from the US, port staff refuses to

The Double Taxation of Corporate Profits and Other Fairy Tales

"We will seek out all peaceful END CORPORATISM."

Women Aggressive Toward 'Sexy' Peers