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Archives: November 6, 2011

George Lakoff's speech to Occupy Los Angeles was great -- really positive and inspiring.

Paul Ryan Keeps Pretending Imaginary Health Care Plan Is Real

Robert Parry: End of the Reagan Narrative?

The One Percent Scrambles to Maintain Profits – and Order

If Rep. Steven King isn't part of the Cain/Gingrich "debate"...

Ultimate success for the ‘Turkish model’ is good for Russia as well

Italy protesters rally against Berlusconi

Ken O'Keefe, Gulf war combat vet, on the record...

BofA customers defecting, poll shows

Cain doesn't know what "Defined Benefit Plan" means?

Our leaders of tomorrow -- UCLA students quizzed on the MIddle East

Best way to date a Republicant

Watching these 2 GOP clowns jacking each other at the teabag convention is really exciting isn't it?

8 Quick Ways To Differentiate Between The Tea Party And #OccupyWallStreet

An interesting distinction

Quite a Brew-Ha-Ha at Cobble Hill Success Academy Charter School Meeting

Who won tonight's Cain-Gingrich debate?

NOV 8th-10th: Minnesota Move to Amend Corporate Personhood Tour

I had to unfriend someone today because of his ignorant view of OWS...

Today on FB I posted a challenge to those of my family and friends who still support the GOP...

Texas Censors Science

"Two of the Top Three Candidates"?

On CNN now LIVE: After the debate, at press conference, Cain got testy with reporters

Hundreds of Libyan prisoners frees (BBC video)

Phoenix nun excommunicated over abortion decision speaks out

Drug overdose death at Occupy vancouver. Rest in peace young lady.

Mr Fish TOON: The American Dream

"People that want to be lazy and not help themselves.....

Multiple missteps led to drone killing U.S. troops in Afghanistan

99% vs 1% - THIS IS IT

Self Delete

Hundreds of Libyan prisoners freed (BBC video)


Toon - 'Ineffectual, huh?"

Sunday Talk Shows


"We have Pakistan support" claim Taliban commanders, BBC documentary reveals evidence

Just had good shaking in Oklahom

At least Cain didn't blame "loving his country to distraction" for his sexual transgression. I'll

VIDEO - Cain Blasts Media For Sexual Harassment Questions After Debate w/ Gingrich - VIDEO

Definition of "Person"

Another earthquake in OK?

Herman Cain, asked about harassment charges: ‘Don’t even go there’

Why "Faith Based Organizations?"

arrests about to happen at Occupy Orlando -- livestream link

Oh brother, latest anti-OWS propaganda: OWS "attacks grandma & pushes her down the stairs"

Trendz for 2012

3 arrested at #OccupyAtlanta, cops everywhere right now

Idea for the new DU

The 99% Organize Themselves (The Nation)

KRUGMAN: Genuine Hypocrisy, And Attitudes Thereto

Bush Bonds

Moana nui 2011, the alternate to APEC conference


More fracking consequences: earthquake in OK

SNL's Weekend Update Rick Perry skit - VIDEO

Amateur boxer dies in unsanctoned match at "Guts Church" family sues

Occupy Movement Moves to Paris Financial District

Anonymous November 5th? (Live Links Via Fire Walk with Me)

Ed Miliband: politicians must listen to the St Paul's Cathedral protesters

#Octopi - They Are the 97 Percent

just a referral post for jazz lovers . . .

Juan Gonzalez: Big Banks Making a Bundle on New Construction as Schools Bear the Cost

Could Fracking Be Responsible? asks about OK earthquake

Triple blasts in Iraq capital, at least 8 dead - sources

Israel strike to shut airports, economy on Monday

Andrew Breitbart Compares Occupy Wall Street Movement To 9/11 Attacks

I think I see what they are trying to do with tonight's Republican Debate

Mortuaries and Personhood

IAEA report on Iran set to stoke Middle East tension

AJC - Documents: Men with castor beans, guns worried about getting caught

Live Earthquake on ESPN

Wisconsin: Urinal/Sentinal says destroying environment is OK, the fines and 700 jobs are worth it.

The best part about OWS is that for each arrest of supporters is that it galvanizes 3 more

A timely Reminder TOON

A timely Reminder TOON

Up with Chris Hayes -the oil pipe line WH demonstration today

Finally a discussion about the invasion of women's bodies by legislators on Up With Chris Hayes.

The Perry speech ..Was he decide?

Many upset charity donating food to Occupy Portland

The left is always more hip (cooler) than the right. Someone please post a picture of

Labor's amassed $30M to fight restrictions on public employees collective-bargaining rights in Ohio

Cain's a Rare Bird - A Republican Who's NOT Odious

Occupy the lecture theaters as well: An Open Letter to Greg Mankiw

Sacramento area credit unions benefit on 'Bank Transfer Day'

Where IPE and International Development meet: The future of Aid Data

What will credit unions do with all the new deposits? I'm assuming

chris hayes just mentioned the names of the guests on upcoming sunday talk shows

14,000 Coloradans move $100M into credit unions

Halloween delayed

The Republican Party Endorses Shared Sacrifice

cnn pimps perry & god

Good chart. Maybe have been seen before.

U.S. Employers Add Fewest Jobs in Four Months

DU Public Service Announcement: Daylight Savings, In Case You Forgot

US removes Afghanistan commander Peter Fuller for criticising Karzai

So, I'm seeing all those ads from insurance companies wanting Medicare accounts.

Stinky Water Walls Sold as Pirate Shield

Wells Fargo to Open Bank for Super Rich; Need to Take Finger Off Nation's Pulse First

Wells Fargo to Open Bank for Super Rich; Need to Take Finger Off Nation's Pulse First

Wells Fargo to Open Bank for Super Rich; Need to Take Finger Off Nation's Pulse First

Greeks fear ploy to protect arms budget from cuts

Does anybody believe Matthew DOWD has seen "that side" of Gov. GOODHAIR?!1

Does anybody believe Matthew DOWD has seen "that side" of Gov. GOODHAIR?!1

Bill Kristol concedes 2012 presidential race to Democrats

Does anyone have that graphic of the presidents and the marginal tax rate of their day?

Baghdad Silvio

12 Year Old Threatened with Arrest in WI Assembly For Studying the US Constitution

The BS logic of Cain and the Grinch

First, the BAD news: The earthquake's epicenter is not far from the site of the Black Fox nuclear...

First, the BAD news: The earthquake's epicenter is not far from the site of the Black Fox nuclear...

Koch/GOP voter suppression hits new low in Maine referendum ad campaign

Bank of America

Happy Climate Denial Season TO ALL! (Yes, this amazing comic strip was actually in the NYT)

Ambrose Bierce defines Corporations

Does anyone know if there's an Occupy Quitman, AR planned?

We are paid too much, UK bankers confess

Republicans passed the "In God we trust" thing to cement votes from the MDC.

Won't fracking eventually lead to areas that are uninhabitable?

Thousands of citizens gear up for Walker recall petition drive

Reading some of the comments about the OK earthquake, some guy sleeping with 50 cal bullets?

get this... Beck has now predicted an apocalypse in the next 15

Andy Rooney (RE: His and Studs Terkel's presence at the Elbe.

Roger Ebert: 'I'm an optimistic person'

Good Chart.

Occupy Washington D.C. The Best Spots Are Already Taken

Who the fuck is ALEC?

Former Heavyweight Champion Joe Frazier has liver cancer

Mr Fish OWS

Local millionaire pulls his money out of BofA

Robert Greenwald - Don't Let Obama take a Koch Check

Whatever happened to our knitters for peace? We need to get them

The One Percent Scrambles to Maintain Profits – and Order

High Level of Radiation at Fukushima Station

Guess who is not going to the FL Tea Party convention? Just about everyone.

Michigan Republicans Allow Bullying If ‘Religiously or Morally Motivated’

"Smokin’ Joe Frazier deathly ill" He has advanced liver cancer.

"Smokin’ Joe Frazier deathly ill" He has advanced liver cancer.

Hubbty just saw a credit union ad


Kristof - His Libraries, 12,000 So Far, Change Lives

Occupy Awesomeness.....all around the world

NY homeless shelters to get tougher with single adults - make them show why not w fam or friends

So, when Israel attacks Iran how will the blood-thirsty GOP explain?

And you guys insist that CNBC is idiotic......

The Collapse Of Our Corrupt, Predatory, Pathological Financial System Is Necessary And Positive

Informed, balanced information on Iran's Nukes from the BBC

Google Chairman Eric tells US senators Apple's Siri could pose 'competitive threat'

New documentary out: Heist: Who Stole the American Dream?

Some Disturbing Truths about Rick Perry's Texas

Let’s Bail Out Ourselves!

The more we spend on schools today, the less we’ll have to spend on missiles tomorrow

Drugs R Us

What Happened When I Tried to Get Some Answers About the Creepy NYPD Watchtower Monitoring OWS

Walker backer forms recall committee, giving governor a funding step up

Occupy Honolulu protesters arrested in Thomas Square

Nice Op Ed here - The Politics of Austerity

Occupy Honolulu encampment begins tonight

The Other One Percent

I was told that the sign-bearer is passionate about this issue.

Biographers think painter (Vincent van Gogh) was murdered

Pennsylvania law regarding reporting child abuse:

Toronto Star: Struggling to find happiness in the age of austerity

The Iron Heel and the Resistance

On jobs, Obama and Reagan about equal

Hey, just a pre-emptive "Hope you're all doing well!" after the earthquake.

Carmax and arbitration. This is Occupy Wallstreet

Carmax and arbitration. This is Occupy Wallstreet

Jewelery and Child Poverty up 18%!

Veterans Heeding Occupy Call to March (AP)

Keeping Libraries Public

One Protester Getting College Credit For Occupying Wall Street - Gothamist

Toon: Why do Republicans keep airing these Obama campaign commercials?

My health insurance rates are going up...again

APEC closures and restrictions released, Honolulu locked up

Bailout of Industry

Woo-hoo! Occupy Anchorage got some arrests!

Woo-hoo! Occupy Anchorage got some arrests!

Error Democracy not Found

F.U.H.C. update: Now Cain thinks harassment questions violate the "journalistic code of ethics."

A feverish America finds itself larynx deep in the throes of a severe case of debate fatigue

Barry Goldwater knew

MBA/Business Programs and the Economic Mess

Dr. Laila Soueif, Egyptian activist and @alaa's mother, has begun a hunger strike

GOP lawmaker: I didn’t agree to marry Grover Norquist forever

They Sent Him Home To Die...

Bank of America threatened foreclosure with ex-home owner over $1.00

A CEO sees a vending machine of American workers...

A CEO sees a vending machine of American workers...

George Orwell's Diaries, 1940

Dems push Wall Street tax despite White House, GOP opposition

Papandreou out as Greek leaders agree unity government deal

John Boehner Responds To OWS By Claiming That The 1% Are Overtaxed

The Right Wing War on Language

Meanwhile, over in presidential, the economy is going swimmingly

Who WAS the minister on the Crowley (CNN) show just now?

Now this is why I moved back to Indy.

Hundreds protest banks in LA

Dean Baker on Bill Clinton's economic "advice" for the country

A Semi-Contrarian View on Bank Transfer Day

So Democratic mayors been trying to smash OWS...

Akihito Hospitalized With Bronchitis

Homework assignment.

Occupy Chicago does a Mic Check for Scott Walker.

Wow is the media liberal!

Chicago woman stabbed to death by "enraged male friend" over missing bag of Halloween candy

The 99%, the 1%, and Class Struggle

Conservative Intellectuals and the Invisible Hand

GOP lawmaker: I didn’t agree to marry Grover Norquist forever

bill moyers is back . . . and i want him. will you help me find him?

Occupy Mosier, population 460

One of our new DU'ers is running for Buck's seat in California

What could possibly go wrong?

The White House is now being surrounded - Keystone Pipeline protest

The White House is now being surrounded - Keystone Pipeline protest

Libyans Seek Secular Security Chief

Any DUers watching the skating tribute to the Beatles On NBC

Bill Maher speaks for Alan Grayson

Portland Occupiers lock themselves to Federal Plaza.

Portland Occupiers lock themselves to Federal Plaza.

Who Has An Action At The White House Going On Now???

Thousands Protest Outside White House Over Planned Keystone XL Oil Pipeline - AP/WaPo

The Specious Case Against a Financial Transactions Tax

A question for Boehner and the 1%.. How much is it gonna take?

Outside the Liberal Blogosphere, has anyone acknowledged that Austerity does not work.

Is the American Dream at an end?

The Most Positive Possible Outcome Of The Current Financial Crisis In Europe

The Most Positive Possible Outcome Of The Current Financial Crisis In Europe

Livestreaming the pipeline protest (surrounding the White House)

Bill Kristol concedes 2012 presidential race to Democrats

Do you read The Nation or see it's writers on progresive TV?

Not much to say here, just a little send off to our old friend Redstone

Convicted Lobbyist Abramoff on 60 MINUTES tonight! Lessons in how to sell your soul...

Am I being paranoid?

A Wedding at the Occupy Philadelphia Encampment - pics

OMG we just had an earthquake. In KANSAS!!

The government of the United States, defined:

Author Stephen King Releases Statement Supporting ‘Occupy Bangor’ - RawStory

Author Stephen King Releases Statement Supporting ‘Occupy Bangor’ - RawStory

An odd thing happened on the way to the Libyan 'revolution'...

An odd thing happened on the way to the Libyan 'revolution'...

All I will remember about Andy Rooney is what he said about Kurt Cobain's suicide

If we had a public referendum on austerity (the Super Committee) here, how would people vote?

Holy Shite - 100,000 people on Connecticut still

Bill Clinton, the Person Who Set the Economy on Its Bubble Driven Path, Has Economic Advice for the

Vatican stunned by Irish embassy closure

There are more than 4 unemployed people for every open job

RW'ers Freak when they actually see Democracy and Freedom

Big Beautiful Photos Of Canada's Lucrative And Destructive Oil Sands

Big, as in MONSTER favor from my fellow west coasties.

I have a question. Libs say it's corporations and the 1% hurting this country...

Erin Brockovich should challenge Howard "Buck" McKeon in California 25

Erin Brockovich should challenge Howard "Buck" McKeon in California 25

Will Cowardly Democrats Help Republicans?

I despise Newt Gingrich more than anyone is modern politics

Artificial Intelligence Took America's Jobs And It's Going To Take A Lot More

Question about Anonymous and the logo

Question about Anonymous and the logo


Militia Officer Busted At Border With Biotoxin Guide, Bomb Recipes

Somebody emailed this and I like it. Thought I'd share it.

I get most of my news from DU. Any suggestions for a general interest

Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) comments on Occupy

Going to the dental school to have dental work done

Going to the dental school to have dental work done

How the Republicans see President Reagan

Dogged pursuit to find WWII savior

Juanita Jean's suggestion about what kind of meals to send to Rev. Schuller's wife:

Beware of Police Infiltrators: At least 2 of the "Black dressed masked protesters" were COPS

Excellent Al Jazeera story analyzing the 1% (vid)

Excellent Al Jazeera story analyzing the 1% (vid)

Libyan women savor new freedoms after revolution

An observation on "job creators" fallacy

A Lonely Voice Of Reason Stands Up To Fox's Smears Of Occupy Wall Street

Most of the Unemployed No Longer Receive Unemployment Benefits

McDonald's McRib Sandwich Made From Tortured Pigs - Investors Misled, Claims Humane Society

Zappa defends 1st amendament Years ago

Martin Ford Asks: Will Automation Lead to Economic Collapse?

A universal public health insurance...

Donald Mason, Miami Man Found Dead Inside Home Full Of Bees

Obama may be the 99 catalyst

Halliburton sued over groundwater pollution

Halliburton sued over groundwater pollution

The 99% are going to whip Kasich on Tuesday night

'The Common Currency Endgame Has Begun'

Take THAT Oakland

Take THAT Oakland

Demonstrators line up around the White House to protest against the Keystone XL Pipeline - pics

"V for Vendetta" movie night -- Nov 5th at Occupy Tacoma

Will Jon Huntsman be the Republican nominee?

Microsoft is a “gold sponsor” of the Americans For Prosperity

What About Burger King Will Make You Sick To Your Stomach?

Most of the unemployed no longer receive unemployment benefits

SYNDICATED COLUMN: The Occupier’s Choice: Violence or Failure

Bill Gates' Big Play: How Much Can Money Buy in Education?

10 Things Siri Can Do That May Surprise You

1,000,000 people transferred to credit unions according to ABC

Call-out for solidarity with Egypt: defend the revolution

LRAD Effectively Disperses Crowds and Protects Infrastructure.

Oakland PD: Oh No You Won't.

Accusations of Child Sex, Cover-Up Rock Penn State

Courtesy Flush makes his own handwritten sign

William Black at OLA said something important yesterday....

For the 99% - The NEW COMMON SENSE - Must distribute FAST!

Americans Work Too Much for Their Own Good

What The Tea Party Doesn't Want You To Know About Their So-Called Smaller Government

Pipeline protesters to hold hands, encircle White House

Corporate Taxpayers & Corporate Tax Dodgers, 2008-2010

I thought Milton Freedman's "Trickle Down Theory" died dead

I figured out what is so terrifying, so nightmarish about OWS.

From ‘mother hen’ to media villain: The life of Debbie Bradley, missing baby Lisa Irwin's mom

Love this pic from OWS Denver

Love this pic from OWS Denver

Broke mom tries to pay for groceries for hungry kids with quarters. Store refused.

There must be a very big difference between Oil drilling and Gas drilling

Does Swamp Rat ever come here any more?

Oklahoma earthquake and fracking

Repub gene splicers create their perfect candidate (Warning, Graphic!)

Occupy Atlanta facing eviction

Silent thread in memory of Redstone, another good person gone too soon

Silent thread in memory of Redstone, another good person gone too soon

'Jesus Would Join US, UK Protests' - PressTV (w/Video)

'Jesus Would Join US, UK Protests' - PressTV (w/Video)

Ohio Republican Wants To Keep HIS Pay Because: "Republicans (unlike Democrats) EARN Their Pay"

Drones Overseas Rain Death on American Citizens -- How Long Until the Same Happens in the Homeland?

May you rest in peace,my dear Redstone...

Tuesday is Election Day in Minnesota

Here is Redstone's obituary:

Chaos in Greece amid battle to form a 'government of national salvation'

In 1989, I made $15.00/hour

Detroit man no longer needs surgery for skin cancer after using topical cannabis treatment

Ohio voters look set to dump Republicans' anti-union law

Ohio voters look set to dump Republicans' anti-union law

This is one of the most important articles I've come across in a while.

"TAKE BACK AMERICAN DREAM": Author Stephen King releases statement supporting ‘Occupy Bangor’

Vetoing Democracy: In Athens or Washington, Elites Still Call the Shots

**Redstone pictures**

Michael Jordan "is the owner most determined to bury the basketball players union financially"

Calling all DUers who are on Facebook to help OWS by sharing this article, The Big Lie


My Mom's cat drinking water.....with her paw.

OK.....I'll try.

First Person Narrative

I'm glad I missed that party......

Before and after Suntube

Marshall Tucker Band "Together Forever" taught me ANY genre can be sublime

Two Long Island Ice Teas, Two Absinthes and Water. Life is good.

The Perfect Messenger: Rorsharch + Hunter S Thompson. Dog help us all...

FALL BACK tonight; SPRING FORWARD some other time!

Starting to watch "The Wizard of Oz" -- about 10 mins in Margaret Hamilton...

Shaking my head at rich spoiled reality stars

Trippy! It seems like during the 'Fall Back' hour, the Mark function isn't working

PHOTO: I know cats have a reputation for sitting around on their ass all day, BUT...

Dark Horse?

Occupy my heart

Was watching my cat. She was sitting by the computer screen while it was idle. Inky

Our dog Guinness raised our cat Mary Jane from a kitten. He used

Contest: Little known musical talents on YouTube

sometimes the "odd couple" ain't so odd after all . . .

I just lost "the game"

How I spent that extra hour I got from the switchover this morning

Locally grown, somewhere......

I like daylight savings time on DU

Leonardo DiCaprio has had a very interesting film career

Naughty pancakes.

Bong hits.

Assholes. Andy Rooney dies and the paper used the WHOLE FUCKING FRONT PAGE for some asswipe

I hate getting cat food can juice on my hands.

A nice little warning about movements...

Next up on the Food Network......

Are the people who design car batteries pratical jokers or sadists?

PHOTO: "You call that SCARY? Watch and LEARN, chump!"

Am I being too sensitive?

Bob the office cat has never been known for his subtlety around the workplace.

The Anti-Depp:

Original Black Sabbath members call a press conference on 11/11/11.

a monkey holding a lobster rode a goat into a bar . . .

a horse walks into a bar . . .

why did the catholic priest go to prison?

an irishman, a scotsman, and an englishman all get on the same plane . . .

# # # # # # # NOVEMBER MILESTONES # # # # # # first edition...

Mom says this will be all ours one day.....

What this really means

For dear beloved Redstone, with tears in my eyes;My man's got it made, he's gone far beyond the pain

Should I get a Blu-Ray player?

JUST 17 DAYS!....

Any movies forensic musicologists out there? I think I discovered a thematic reference

what does a homeless guy get for xmas?

Gonna leave this Brokedown Palace...

BS They Tell You #458: You Can't Do Both Guitar and Keyboard

"burrito bread" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "burrito bread"

Clash of the Titans

A priest, a rabbi and a minister walk into DU's Religion/Theology forum

I love you...

Unfortunately, dogs are often glib, insincere smoothtalkers. Dogs are... well, dogs are DOGS.

PHOTO: When children learn proper manners at an early age, it sets a life-long pattern for success.

Just sat down with my favorite movie of all time: What Dreams May Come

Message to the asshats at General Motors who designed my car:

Leaf Blowers

M*A*S*H Reunion on TVLND, CH 106 on Dish now.

THIS is why I choose to live in Southern California.

Here is Redstone's obituary:

Tomorrow we go to look at yet another house...we're very hopeful about this one (with pictures)

PHOTO: Alfred Hitchcock's classic "Rear Window," performed by a cat and dog.

Ringling Bros/Barnum and Bailey is still using animals

a duck walks into a bar . . .

Unfortunately, SLOTHS are also glib, insincere, smooth-talkers....

A song for a very dear Friend and long time DU member---Catwoman.

Holiday recipes: classic vichyssoise - easy to make, hard to pronounce

Great social and political import; Prove that you love me and buy the next round

The Girl Of My Dreams

Somebody told me I was the unholy issue of a cloven hoofed mangoat and a fallen woman

Tequila Mockingbird

Favorite obsolete technology

Redstone was good people

What to do if you suspect you have rats in your house?

My spoiled dog

Annie's brand foods

why did the chicken cross the road?

5:30 and dark out.

Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash

Does this happen to any of you as disturbingly often as it does to MiddleFingerMom?

Five Guys burger today ---- meh

Five Guys burger today ---- meh

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Dry Clean Only Edition

RIP, Redstone

Lounge vibes please


Is Marshall Tucker Band Country, Western or Americana?

Revealed: publisher owned by the Catholic Church sells pornography

Colombia urges FARC talks after Cano killing

Activists Gather to Protest Koch Brothers Gala

Occupy Atlanta Protesters Return Downtown; Arrests (Jesse Jackson Speaks)

US: Bomb attacks possible in Nigeria capital

U.S. Keeps Focus on Sanctions for Iran, Amid Speculation Over Israeli Strike

Walker backer forms recall committee, giving governor a funding step up

Syrian forces kill 4 at start of Eid: activists

James Murdoch prepares to face MPs over phone hacking

Cain says he'll never answer harassment questions

Leaders in Greece Agree to Form a New Government

Papandreou to quit as Greece forms new government

Red Cross: More than 100 dead in Nigeria attacks

US warns of attacks on hotels in Nigerian capital

Arab League warns of 'disastrous consequences' for the Middle East after Syria peace plan fails

Occupy Detroit march draws hundreds of supporters

5.6 Magnitude Quake Strikes Oklahoma in U.S. - USGS

Greek PM to resign after coalition government formed

Greece opposition leader meets president over debt crisis

Thousands gather to protest TransCanada pipeline by encircling the White House

Panetta Weighs Military Cuts Once Thought Out of Bounds

Boehner: Obama wrong to push 'class warfare'

Pa. warehouse workers tell paper they endured cold

Police, Occupy DC Protesters Differ on Collision

Force against Iran would be destabilizing: France

Tens of Thousands Flow Into Texas Credit Unions

Cain's favorability drops after accusations: poll

No water or power for illegal immigrants

Tragic death rocks Occupy Vancouver site

Hundreds in Mississippi seek 24 Tyson Foods jobs paying $8.60 an hour

"Smokin" Joe Frazier seriously ill with liver cancer

A Surprisingly Plausible Republican Candidate

Wisconsin Uprising on Concealed Carry Day

FOX's Embarrassing Credibility As "News" Hits New Low

Occupy Oakland Closes the Port

OCCUPY Koch Brothers Guerrilla Drive-In Protest Wash DC Convention Center

Daytonians Speak Their Mind At Bank Transfer Day in Downtown Dayton, Ohio

Maddow Finally Figures Out the Hermann Cain Campaign

Bank Transfer Day Protesters Have Run-In with Dayton, Ohio Police

YouTube Town Hall: Rep. Keith Ellison on the Occupy Wall Street Movement

Harry Belafonte on Occupy Wall Street

Dr. Burzynski Movie (Full Version)

Grumpiest Man on TV: infoMania Current TV

Vandana Shiva speaks at Right2Know March: No More Food Dictatorships!

Gene Sharp - How to Start a Revolution ~Teaser

Naomi Watts and Valerie Plame Wilson say 'Cut Nukes'

Young Turks: 'Ultimate Warrior' Vs Occupy Wall Street

The Emperor Has No Clothes: Norman Solomon (D-CA)

Andy Rooney asks Bush for apology over Iraq war

Playing the Mormon Card

Occupiers Protect Grocery Store

I Don't Want Your Millions, Mister

Young Turks: Cenk @ Occupy Oakland - Reversing Citizen's United

Eric Janszen: We Are Witnessing The Death of the Dollar (interview by Chris Martenson)

We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists - Trailer

Herman Cain Answer Fail At Houston Tea Party Patriots Pac "Debate"

Understanding the Banking Crisis (Part 4):

Understanding the Banking Crisis (Part 2):

Nomi Prins: Ticking Bankster Time Bomb

Pt1/2 - Gerald Celente On Iran War & WW3 - 2nd Nov 2011

ABC News: Bank Transfer Day Signals Backlash

Scott Walker in Chicago