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Scott Campbell On Countdown Tonight: Filmed Himself At Oakland Being Shot With Rubbber Bullet

Cain accuser's fiancé speaks out on her behalf.

Cain accuser's fiancé speaks out on her behalf.

Blagojevich sentencing set for Dec. 6

GOP Jobs Plan

Playing "The Race Card"

For the Moonbats - George on the 1%

NYT (Global Edition) Op-Ed: Obama's "Reefer Madness"

Wisconsin nixes required training for conceal carry


King of pop free news...Keith olberman

Are We There Yet? When Families Fly

Cohen Initiative Leads to Special Inquiry of State Department's Handling of Keystone XL Pipeline

The older Reverend Sharpton (and I) gets,

Watch This Conservative Radio Host Slam Governor Kasich On Issue 2

Michigan GOP state senators STILL at it!

Repukenican congressman Issa tries to pin OWS on ACORN - and I write him a little e-mail

MA doctors prefer single payer to their current system

MA doctors prefer single payer to their current system

MA doctors prefer single payer to their current system

Woman accusing Cain of assault, Tea Party Republican. Republicans accuse Acorn of changing

Frances Fox Piven: The War Against the Poor

So a citizen reporter got shot with rubber bullet

My reply to Jackarse Ditto Head complaining about Medical Marijuanna

Ed Shultz is in Ohio

Veterans honored before it’s too late

Dear DU, What kind of sick fucking joke is this?....

Defense budget doubled since 9/11 yet ...

Tonight on Countdown: Scott Campbell(shot as he filmed police), Tim Burga

JPMorgan Sued by Madoff’s Investors Over Fraud Losses

Papantonio: Voting Machines Still Dangerously Vulnerable to Hackers( X)

Ohio runs short on shepherds

I'm seeing blogs reporting that Cain victim #5 has surfaced...

New formula would reduce Social Security increases

Marijuana collectives, landlords sue feds

Somewhere, Reagan and Andropov are smiling.....

I'm With Stupid

So as Obama awaits the Super Theft Committee's "consensus" on his proposed cuts to Social Security,

New York, Delaware AGs to Complete 'Critical' Part of Mortgage Crisis Probe Soon

Will the 1% Steal Ohio's Labor Rights Referendum?

WTF?? Invest 98 has 45mph winds-

Eric Schneiderman & Beau Biden:State AGs target mortgage mess

Kids Help Librarians Scare Chicago Politicians to Save Jobs

Poll: African-Americans more enthusiastic about voting in 2012 than in previous elections

Betty Sutton-D says that on average, 15 U.S. factories close each day

The disturbing trend of attacks/arrests of journalists, photographers and independent media

Asteroid YU55 headed toward Earth: First images released

Flashback - Feingold Moves to Censure Bush

The evolution of Herman Cain...

I wonder why Rush Limbaugh and Fox "News" are going out on a limb to defend Herman Cain

Fertility Clinics

I know a lot of people on DU have twitter accounts.

Australia passes carbon tax; government hails 'historic economic reform'

New National Moto

Heard this morning on the Wall Street Journal Report on the

Email from Bill McKibben - Visiting Obama in All 50 States

WH dot Gov Petition: We demand a vapid, condescending, meaningless, politically safe response

Flags (The Lords of the Flies)

Machine-based decision-making is coming

Okay, let me get this straight -- the guy who told the unemployed to blame themselves because

The words of a Chinese "Republican"?

Russian president to attend Nord Stream launch ceremony in Germany

Russian president to attend Nord Stream launch ceremony in Germany

I am the 2%

I'm starting to wonder if I was wrong.

Why is Limbaugh still on the air?

Report: News Corp. hired investigators to spy on hacking victims’ lawyers

Ohio State GOP Rep. Suggests Cutting Democrats’ Pay, Says Republicans Actually Earn Their Money

Man in woods becomes frightened at prankster's noises, shoots him with shotgun

Israel passport case sparks debate in top US court

Family Research Council honors Repug who owes $100,000+ in child support for his family values

Who will convince the citizens?

Fox News Turns A Blind Eye To Keystone XL Protest

NEW STUDY:Majority Of Americans Want MORE Government Health Services NOT Less

Ralph Nader sits on the campaign sidelines, for now

We should always consider the "Backfire Effect" when trying to understand conservatives

Just heard on the news: Polls show Canadians fed up with Occupy Toronto

Do we have any lawyers here?...

Wikileaks Exposes German Preparations For "A Eurozone Chapter 11"

OWS has no leaders. And maybe, with the dissemination of information over the internet,

Three (Four) Initiatives From The White House to Help Veterans Find Jobs

Jon Stewart Gives Gloria Allred More Herman Cain Harassment Punchlines: ‘Occupy Ball Street’ - VIDEO

Jon Stewart Gives Gloria Allred More Herman Cain Harassment Punchlines: ‘Occupy Ball Street’ (VIDEO)

Here's a picture from facebook

Here's a picture from facebook

So funny today on Yahoo News.

A rant about gay adoption

XLNT: Plastic bottles solve Nigeria's housing problem


Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & Here's Maru!

John Edwards and Herman Cain

At around 1 p.m. today, Michael Dominquez of Occupy Fresno was arrested for carrying a sign!

The Whole World is Watching

Glitch could impact up to 21,000 Wash. voters

GOP reality show? Your thoughts?

cain spoke to o'reilly tonight....

I've decided I like The Tea Party after all. They've kind of grown on me.

Breaking news on MSNBC: Herman Cain to hold press conference Tuesday 5pm ET.

Western experts to Haaretz: Iran able to build nuclear bomb within months

MSNBC is pimping for the oil companies!

Cain Accuser: ‘I Respected Him, I Looked Up To Him’

Tornadoes and Earthquakes

Herman Cain is going to be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight...

Ari Fleischer on CNN tonight

What has OWS achieved so far?

Ex-central banker frontrunner to become Greek PM: reports

How does Oakland have any police officers left?

Sexual harassment is part of life in schools

Sexual harassment is part of life in schools

A True Greek Tragedy - Odyssey of the EU

Oh shit.....There's another one...Report: Cain sought dinner date with fifth woman

The face of the GOP speaks.

Any Texas DU members think Perry's failure in the Presidential run.....

Micheal Jackson Verdict - a frank opinion

Micheal Jackson Verdict - a frank opinion

Plastic bullets available to police for Wednesday's student protests

APEC Suuuuucks

David Miliband warns against complacency over rightwing extremism

I wonder if the Rethugs were planning to use Cain as a charismatic VP candidate.

Is President Obama supporting the occupation of Wall Street? Here in

Is President Obama supporting the occupation of Wall Street? Here in

a peaceful thought

It could be a hell of a lot worse!

It could be a hell of a lot worse!

Nearly 1/6th of US below poverty level, 1/3 young households net worth

Why November 9/11 ? ~ and what's really going on?

I am watching a recreation of the classic Milgram experiment

So Cain is holding a Press Conference

Now the Puppets Can Dance

Virginia Republicans thank Soviet communists instead of U.S. Vets

When did the term "common sense" become a synonymous with anti-intellectualism?

It's election day in Ohio - Time to stop Kasich in his tracks

Prostitutes found in Mexico jail

I hear that Horny Herman was...

I am only one vote but...

can you imagine being cain's wife?

The Bill Press Show on now

If Cain becomes President, shouldn't the GOP House investigate these allegations?

Ohio today is YOUR day !!!! Down with SB5!!!!!

Who's Paying for the GOP's Plan to Hijack the 2012 Election?

Obama Reassigns Chief Of Staff, As Shake-Up Fails To Reinvigorate White House

A Plea to Liberals: Stop Marginalizing Peace and Civil Liberties (The Atlantic)

RIP Joe Frazier

DU, I have a confession: I did have sexual relations with that woman.

Here is to hoping they get rid of Pearce out in Mesa.

Tuesday TOON Roundup- Economy and Education

To what degree has the Democratic Party been infiltrated/co-opted at the Federal Level?

Tuesday TOON Roundup- Cain the Groper

Tuesday TOON Roundup- Republicans flailing about

Temporary restraining order against Occupy arrestees?!

Who's Next?

Question about what Martin said on Dylan's show yesterday

more problems at UK's radioactive beach

more problems at UK's radioactive beach

Presidential Penis

2 Different Scenarios For 2012 Presidential Election

Poll: N.C. split on Occupy movement

Poll: N.C. split on Occupy movement

Black, Asian teens less likely than whites to abuse drugs, Duke study concludes

Black, Asian teens less likely than whites to abuse drugs, Duke study concludes

Black, Asian teens less likely than whites to abuse drugs, Duke study concludes

Onion-Bank Executives Gambling On Which Occupy Wall Street Protester Will Be Arrested Next

Tuesday TOON Roundup- The Rest

Does anyone know what percentage of Americans are considered 'Veterans'?

GOP AD.: "We like it shitty, Tell Washington to keep things just the way they are.

David Letterman to bring Rachel Maddow to Ball State University

National Motorists Assoc warns of Big Brother surveillance at RNC in Tampa

Jasiri X Responds to UConn's Suppression of Free Speech (Told NOT to perform "OCCUPY!")

Why the US sex laws are unjust and ineffective:

Rightbloggers Denounce Occupy Movement Violence -- Unless It Happens to Occupiers

BofA to Sell Biggest U.S. Pizza Hut Franchisee to Olympus

The Latest Facebook Picture Demeaning The Occupy Movement

The Latest Facebook Picture Demeaning The Occupy Movement

Ray Gricar Opted Not To Prosecute Sandusky In 1998, Went Missing In 2005.

Women Fight to Save Fukushima's Children

1-866 My Vote 1

To what degree has the Democratic Party been infiltrated/co-opted in your State?

Critical State

Everyone is liberal when the issues effect them directly

Tuesday TOON Roundup- OWS

Issa Wants Feds To Probe ACORN Role In Occupy Wall Street

Shouldn't Americans Repair American Infrastructure?

This Quote Should Be Election Day's Theme Song

This Quote Should Be Election Day's Theme Song

OccupyBrazil is liberating abandoned bldgs to provide shelter to homeless families (photos)

OWS I have been singing this song for several weeks now. I would like to share.

Lawyer on Last Word said "there were similarities"

UK Fracking Firm Admits They Are Causing Earthquakes

Gaddafi’s SA soldiers

SB 5 is going down tomorrow

As I watch Herman Cain squirm, I think, again, about those men on the right who

Spot on about Herman Cain in NJ Star-Ledger

Jon Stewart: Indecision 2012 - He Said, She Said, She Said, She Said, She Saidvide

Stop the Big Bank Payday Predators

Asheville police employee under probe for 'nasty' Occupy post(s)

Shouldn't it really be Filthy-Rich Americans for Dwindling Prosperity....

If you have an election in your area...VOTE!!!

Promises Made, and Remade, by Firms in S.E.C. Fraud Cases

BREAKING: Berlusconi Steps Down

Foodstamp Challenge: First Trip to the Grocery Store

Lindsey Graham..."War is an ongoing enterprise"

Dem leaders set to drive a harder bargain than Obama on deficit

Why News About Iceland’s Recovery Might Help Occupy Wall Street Protests

Why Are You A Democrat? (Not why aren't you . . .)

What happened to all those highfalutin republican "family values"

102 Things NOT To Do If You Hate Taxes

Sarkozy called Israeli PM Netanyahu 'liar'

The perfect description of Republican thinking

Chevron pulling sponsorship of 'PBS NewsHour'

Desmond Tutu -- The Devil In The Tar Sands

Another Photo-Shop Hoax on Facebook.

Nearly 29% of mortgaged homes underwater, report finds

Ohio Election Today: Turnout Up Around Columbus -TPM

Police recover stolen patrol car after high-speed chase

Italian crisis: Silvio Berlusconi faces calls to resign (BBC)

Ex-Gay therapy at the Toronto Zoo?

Erin Brockovich on next, on CNN

10 Things Besides Zygotes That Should Also Be Declared ‘Persons’

Penn State presser: Joe Paterno will only take questions related to Nebraska

The Rude Pundit: Republicans Believe Something Except When They Don't ...

Altagracia Guzman, 81, Marches From Washington Heights To Wall Street With Occupy Protesters

Cave-painters of ancient horses were realists: study

Seems To Me If Cain Wanted To Clear His Name He'd Let The NRA Release ........

Seems To Me If Cain Wanted To Clear His Name He'd Let The NRA Release ........

For the Corporate 1 Percenters, a 50 Percent Tax Discount

Sparky: you see, I,m a penguin... and you're a moran

Woman Reportedly Burns Down House After Facebook Un-Friending

Perhaps we should incorporate children when they are born..

Boom For Whom?

Obama Admin Threatens Veto of Paul Measure to Block Power-Plant Pollution Rules

CEO Golden Parachutes turn into Platinum Kisses - now topping $100 million

Romney complains federal employees make more than he does

Now for a limited time: The Cross Spangled Banner

If Penn State's Joe Paterno knew about the sexual abuse and didn't report it - he needs to resign

Why do Republicans believe in Darwinism except when it comes

Has not Cain perfectly articulated the 1%/GOP's 2012 proposition to America:"You want a job, right?"

So, my 20,000th post on DU is coming up...

Patients, Supporters To Rally in Sacramento Against DOJ Attacks On Medical Marijuana Laws on Nov 9th

NYT: High Bank Fees Give Wal-Mart a Money Aisle

NYT: High Bank Fees Give Wal-Mart a Money Aisle

NYT: High Bank Fees Give Wal-Mart a Money Aisle

United Electrical Workers Union Statement on the "Occupy Wall Street" Movement

Cain comments on Gloria Allred - he wouldn't pay to fu@k her. Series!!!1

'Attack Iran' and AIPAC's infamous chutzpah (new US bill H.R. 1905 will forbid diplomacy)

.....and I VOTE!

Bill Clinton is on Morning Joe. Right now.

What will Squirmin' Herman say this afternoon? Your prediction, please.

high tech lynching

Cain ads on DU.

i have been sexually harassed, assault....

Occupy Atlanta Encamps In Neighborhood To Save Police Officer’s Home From Foreclosure

Only a test

Froomkin: 6 Things Obama Could Do To Goose The Economy -- Without Congress

LA Times: As income rises, so does fast-food consumption, study finds

WikiLeaks cable portrays IAEA chief as 'in US court' on Iran nuclear program

I believe we need a constitutional amendment declaring pets to be persons.

Cain, Sexual harassment/assault and Support

Toon: 999

Nuns battle corporations on behalf of consumers and environment

Paul B. Farrell: Financial literacy is a big, fat Wall Street hoax

The Blooey Factor (Krugman on possible Italy default)

need help crowdsourcing CITIZENS UNITED information

Putting the Occupy in Occupy Oakland: squatting foreclosed buildings

OccupyKC will keep a winter camp @ Liberty Memorial. Tents adapting and visitors are welcome.

Washington mom rescues tot from washing machine

Wealthy Qualifying for Loans Meant for Low-Income Borrowers

CNN is reporting that Italy's PM Berlusconi has agreed to resign

Strapped county (Suffolk NY) sacks Santa to save $660

herman cain is scheduled to appear on the jimmy kimmel show tonight (abc)

I remember when I was running for state senate here in Ohio way back in 1996...

I wish for someone to create a Facebook page: My Sexual Harassment Story

Now a friend of one of the first Cain accusers speaks out with new details.

Family of Drone Attack Victim is Considering Suing CIA for Killing Innocent Civilians

Voted today

Microphone malfunction: Sarkozy can't stand Netanyahu

Early Cain victim identified as Karen Kraushaar - equestrian and Treasury employee


How broke are you? What is your checking account balance?

Assassination backlash

The Banksters are breaking into people's houses - literally

This rocks...

CIA Drones Gone Wild?

Is anyone else just glad political ad season ends today?

Why sexual harassment in the workplace is evil

Occupy Atlanta Encamps In Neighborhood To Save Police Officer’s Home From Foreclosure

If the Republican nominees were jack-o-lanterns...

Iran warns against any U.S. military attack on the country: president

Ex-heavyweight champ Joe Frazier has died

Medvedev Urges Calm Over Iran, Warns of ‘Catastrophe’

Drone strikes must stop: US human rights lawyer

US Troops Clobber Sheep to Death

MS-- Our "Democratic" candidate for governor supports the personhood-for-zygotes initiative...

Nice Ads DU!!! -Sarcasms-

Radiation feared in Airport shutdown - Hawaii

Toon- High on KochCain

New Census Data Raise Number of Poor to 49 Million

Dems Hit Romney On Auto Bailout Opposition In New Ad

President Obama threatens veto of Rand Paul's pro-pollution measure

Does anyone find it odd that the person who reported seeing PSU Def Coach having sex with a minor...

The three steps of a scandal...

Air Force morgue lost body parts from war dead

A Repuke who considers himself a 'moderate,' and I are emailing....

What a day! Paterno and Berlusconi to resign!

Russian man kept 29 "dolls" made from human remains in his apartment (GRAPHIC)

ICRC to clear explosives from Libya's Sirte, Bani Walid

The most important issue in the presidential election of 2012...

The 2012 Election Field Is an Embarrassment to Democracy

wasn't HE already president?

Toe-Sucker, sex-addict, GOP Tool Dick Morris weighs in the Cain scandal

To the DUer who gave me a star...

President Obama visits a classroom at Yeadon Regional Head Start Center - pics

I would suggest that AD Curley get another lawyer.

Thinking about the Penn State child rape case:

'You're fed up with him - I have to deal with him every day!'

Just got back from the voting booth in KY, someone was registered with my SS# in another county...

A plea to people who who don't plan to vote democratic next year

One of the first Cain accusers now identified-- another attractive blonde.

Are Earthquake Machines Real?

Borowitz: Berlusconi Steps Down; Will Run National Restaurant Association

A freeper conversation I had yesterday

A freeper conversation I had yesterday

Republicon's ASTEROID diversion will obscure Squirmy Hermy newser

What's with all the Bushies out and about the last couple of weeks?

"The Story Of Broke" - (from the creator of 'The Story of Stuff') video/story

Robert Reich: 'Corporations aren't people-I'll believe they are when Georgia/Texas execute them'

So when will the other women come forward to really sink Cain?

I've been out of touch and just heard a snip about something Obama signed for

Cain Campaign Puts Out Attack Piece Bashing Sharon Bialek

Herman Cain accuser (#1) identified

Louisiana bans cash transactions on second hand goods.

Awww, poor LIMBOsevic was victimized, traumatized, PTSDed by '70s feminists!1

The People Responded To The Sex Harassment Charges With Their Money Contributiions - Really?....

How Mississippi's Vote Today Could Put Pregnant Women Under State Control

Here is what is really scary about OWS.

Debtor's Revolution: Are debt strikes the next weapon against the banksters?

Joe Paterno needs to resign. He may slide on a legal technicality, but his inaction is BAD

I think Rush Limbaugh set a new record today.

If Cain got that 3 AM call, he'd cry about the fact that it was 3 AM. And deny he received the call.

Wife of War Criminal to speak in Milwaukee tonight

Cain, you cowardly P.O.S., opening your presser with that Southern-fried overacting drama queen!

Cain Just Blamed These Accusations On The Dems?.....

Witness: Cain accuser hugged him during Tea Party meeting a month ago

Why Herman Speaks Another Of His Victims Removes Her Veil

Lie Detector!

Lie Detector!

Latest accusations hurt Cain with Republicans: Reuters/Ipsos

Latest accusations hurt Cain with Republicans: Reuters/Ipsos

France opposes strike on Iran: minister

France opposes strike on Iran: minister


FBI's new rules relax restrictions on, and oversight of, its surveillance activities

What judge found the the accusations baseless?

Sharon Bialek is kinda sexy...

Herman Cain's 'counter attack' on Sharon Bialek is as disgusting as the man himself

Herman Cain's 'counter attack' on Sharon Bialek is as disgusting as the man himself

Pat Robertson went to a conservative-leaning appeals court panel and they held up Obamacare

Herman Cain is talking!

The KochCain press Conference

The KochCain press Conference

Deja vieux.... Is that Herman Cain or Clarence Thomas speaking?

Here in Ohio, the absentee or early voting accounted for about

If you haven't voted in the polls I ran this morning, please check in (right-wing infiltration)

"I'm not an expert in how the brain works"


Anti-Defamation League attacks Obama, Sarkozy. Calls exchange ‘unpresidential’

Wars in Middle East, shit economy in U.S., media frets over Netanyahu being called a "liar"

Cain wants us to believe that the Dems conspired to prevent him from being president 14 years ago

Re: Herman Cain -- It all becomes clear now!

"Is there anyone who thinks sexual harassment is a real thing?"

Interesting that Cain's wife wasn't at the podium with him.

Fifth Woman Raises Questions About Cain's Behavior

Oh for fuck sake why is he...

Didn't the location of where Cain compared the height of a woman to the height of his wife change?

Calling all DUers who are on facebook to support OWS by sharing this article on your wall

I will VIGOROUSLY defend my reppatashun! I have NEVER acted inappropriately with ANYONE! PERIOD!

"No factual evidence to back this up..." EXCEPT FOR THE PAYOFF CHECKS, ASSHOLE!

#Occupy Los Angeles live march to BofA

I Believe Herman Cain

People are getting whistles handed out to them at Occupy sites. If they see

"There will probably be other accusations...NOT THAT I'M AWARE OF ANY..."

Cain accuser Karen Kraushaar willing to consider a group press conference

Ben & Jerry lend their support to Occupy DC and pass out ice cream to protesters - pics

'Sarkozy: Netanyahu is a liar, I cannot see him anymore'

HC: Some people would do ANYTHING to keep a businessman out of the WH!

Entire Brazillian women's soccer team accuses Cain of sexual assult. Hannity defends him.

In the final analysis only two conditions need to be met here.

Cain HAS TO GO. This is FAR WORSE than Anthony Weiner.

Cain says he's never seen Sharon before -- but that radio station witness, Amy, saw them talking

Hand gesture....

Hand gesture....

The Patriot-News' (Harrisburg) full-front page editorial calling for Paterno and Spanier to resign

In spite of the fact that voters are disappointed with obama-over-economy

Some Republicans have too much invested in Cain to turn him loose...

Occupy Toronto ready to legally resist eviction if necessary

Mods, a request to remove all threads about that false Cain picture that

Well legal actions are now taking place in San Diego

Maybe it's the "evil Herman Cain" doing all this.

Occupy Atlanta Encamps In Neighborhood To Save Police Officer’s Home From Foreclosure

ESPN Executive Denies Masturbating Next To Erin Andrews On Plane: Report

Latte drinking liberal. Limo riding liberal, cady driving food stamp queen

Here's My Question For Cain: Why Don't You Call On The NRA To Release The Confidentiality ....

Karen Kraushaar, Cain accuser, has a powerful supporter

Looking too "Illegal" in Alabama

Said on the TeeVee

I'll make an accusation Hermie. You are a lying sack of shit.

Why Obama is no FDR (Klein in WaPo)

The day Joe Frazier knocked Muhammad Ali down (photo)

Which One's Wall Street?

It's Working: Wisconsin's Recall to End all Recalls

This is a photo of Cain and Bialek

After steadying, home prices begin falling again

Ari Berman, The Nation: Why the Koch Brothers and ALEC Don't Want You to Vote

Map: US Peace index, violence state by state..

looks like Cain is using the same defense the Catholic Church used

A Surprisingly Plausible Republican Candidate

Law of Unintended Consequences strikes again: Americans fed up with banks turn to Wal-Mart

Why Mississippi's 'Personhood' Law Could Outlaw Birth Control

Press Release from the Real Penn State

Fuck KochCain -this is diversion from the whipping for the

Turn on MSNBC! Reverend Al is about to tear Cain a third corn chute!

Enough herman cain stuff. I'd like to hear about Ohio. How is the election going today?

Enough herman cain stuff. I'd like to hear about Ohio. How is the election going today?

Andrew Mellon's advice to Herbert Hoover

Should we focus more on Congress and less on the President?

Does anyone think Stephanie Miller and Maria Cardona look alike.

Crosby, Nash to play concert for Occupy protesters in NYC today

"Ain't gonna happen..."

Amnesty International Calls Review of U.S. Rendition Flights Over Greenland “Toothless”

Amnesty International Calls Review of U.S. Rendition Flights Over Greenland “Toothless”

Listen All Y’all it’s a Sabotage!

IMHO...It's Time to Bring in the Feds at Penn State.

Were those lame-assed questions screened & approved by CAIN?!1

I voted today

Re: Occupation - In his article yesterday, Chris Hedges said

Re: Occupation - In his article yesterday, Chris Hedges said

(Another scare tactic) Dobson: U.S. in ‘trouble with God’ if Obama reelected

Nice explanation of fundamentalist thinking from Haruki Murakami.

The Corporate Pledge of Allegiance

There's still time to vote in your local election.

If women do not wish to be admired...why do they dress so attractively/provocatively? (Article)

State Department IG Investigation of Keystone XL Pipeline Could Halt Approval Process - FDL

Cain just sealed his fate

Cain denys even knowing Bialek....but...

MF Global paid bonuses just hours before bankruptcy

Anyone here from Ohio and what is the voting turnout looking like?

MA doctors prefer single payer to their current system

Small business owner to give employees $50K if they stay 5 years., 250K for 25 years

Corruption and greed bites camera maker Olympus in the corporate ass.

Occupy Protesters Plan March From New York To D.C.

Things to take to OWS

How Can We Curb the Medical-Testing Epidemic?

How Can We Curb the Medical-Testing Epidemic?

How Can We Curb the Medical-Testing Epidemic?

Is Herman Cain the father of Lee L. Mercer???

Cop Ingo Mayer's public strip search during traffic search costs him 40K out of own pocket

Will America ride with the GOPers to win the Senate nx Year?

Street Lights Double As Surveillance

Anyone heard why did the National Restaurant Association let Cain go?

I genuinely feel sorry for Mrs Cain

Occupy Dallas calls for a general strike on November 30th

thanks to all DUers who are running for office or who have run before

Dear Olberman, Maddow, Shultz and O'Donnell

A collection of awesome images from Facebook

Amazing how Rs could impeach a President for sexual impropriety

Penn State...WTF?

Heavy D Dead at 44

amusing bit from Boehner interview

Cain's biggest lie today? That there is a "Democrat Machine"! LMAO...

And another picture posted on facebook

Shh over here, while we pay attention to circus...

Cain talking is like a bankrobber running from the cops in a freeway chase.

Apple Prepares to Crush Apple Store Unions

Missouri top educator tells Imagine Charter Schools to close.

NWP Occupies the White House for passage of Constitutional Amendment:

In spite of the faux outrage you can be sure that the GOPers

After firebomb, French newspaper fires back with Muslim ‘love’ cartoon cover

Veterans Agree - A Surly Attitude is Empowering

A homeless (appearing) man just asked me for a dollar to ride the bus

I know it's bad for women when they are sexually harassed, but what about guys?

"I don't even know who this woman is!" I stuck my hand up her SKOIT, but I don't know who she IS!

David Crosby and Graham Nash to perform at Zuccotti Park for Occupy Wall Street protesters

My father-in-law is starting to get it.

I’m The ‘Scary’ Model In That Awful Ashley Madison Ad

You know what? I like Gloria Allred

Best petition currently on "We the People"

The Increasingly Republican States of America

Who are these "'Occupy" guys?

Who are these "'Occupy" guys?

Occupy Wall Street: Camping Store Sees A Surge In Business

Please show your support for PEACEFUL demonstrations!

Mississippi's Lt Gov is a nutcase.

Suspicious package

A Tom Tomorrow cartoon flashback

David Crosby and Graham Nash perform at the Occupy Wall Street encampment - pics

OMG, Brilliant! Occupy Denver elects a Border Collie as leader

Ethics complaint filed against Iowa House Majority Leader, alleging she's a lobbyist for ALEC

Actress Ellen Barkin goes off on Fox News and Tea Party

Photos: Visiting The Secret Train Platform Beneath The Waldorf-Astoria

Does anyone here think Herman Cain's candidacy is all just a big joke to him

Confused; Should I read this Ayn Rand book?

Sh*tbag oil exec calls enviromental activists insurgents


More TSA mission creep

New deficit plan would cut social security, veterans benefits and increase taxes for most families

Report: Super Committee GOPers Agree To Violate Norquist Pledge…With A Catch(Screw 99%)

CEOs' golden parachute exit packages pass $100 million

My sexual harassment story:

John Kerry Pushes Supercommittee Alarmist Stance...Says We Must Cut a Deal

If you live in Mississippi, get out and VOTE NO on 26!

I'm going to repeat what I said a year ago.

I owe DU an apology...

Romney: poor Americans having no income tax liability is "a problem" that will "kill the country"

What a joke. (Yeah, yet another Cain comment)

Remember, when a talking head on the radio or TV mentions that Gloria Alred

Remember, when a talking head on the radio or TV mentions that Gloria Alred

I Have No Idea... Caption... This ???

OWS force landlord to restore heat/air to tenants.

Two boys 16 and 12 killed at their aunt's house by US drone


Dear climate-change deniers:

Is Cain-Wreck channeling Lee L. Mercer, Jr.?

The Dugger's female children raise their siblings!

Paterno is out at Penn State

Would you accept a "Robot Cop" or a Robot coworker?

This is just plain embarrassing..

Harvard Revolt Against the "Free Market"

20 kids and counting! Michelle Duggar announces she's pregnant again

John Stossel: Why 'Buy American' Is a Dumb Idea

Is a Woman's Right to Choose Absolute and Unconditional?

Joe Walsh Melts Down, Screams At Constituents: ‘Dont Blame Banks!…I Am Tired Of Hearing That Crap!’

Fahrenheit 11-11-11

New formula would reduce Social Security increases

Penn State Is the Tip of the Iceburg (My Prediction)

Grand jury report on alleged Penn State sex abuse

"Duggar family keeps growing! Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar expecting 20th child "

Dem Pols In Detroit Blast Romney Praise Obama On Auto Bailout

If it is considered unacceptable to pass judgment on a woman

Things you never thought you'd say. Me: I hope it's Lyme Disease

Uncle Bert

Anyone taken a Caravan bus tour? I am thinking of taking their

Fresh Air with Darrell Hammond today........very disturbing........

Not herding cats, but close

Ghost Photography


Why are t.v. legal pundits always so shocked at verdicts and outcomes?!1

What does it mean if the fan in my computer is making noise? Do I need a working fan in my computer?

RIP, Smokin' Joe nt

"Annual sex" is the phrase for this evening. Modify a thread title to include "annual sex".

I'll take the Bears, giving five and a half points. any takers?

Balaa sink hole, Lebanon



Thank you, Moderators!

I had a doctor's appt at the hospital today -- a follow-up to my stay a few weeks ago.

Call me dumb please

Why did you choose your DU signature?

Men's socks with clocks.

"Anal sex" is the phrase for the day. Modify any, what? Hang on. My bad - "EARWORM" is the phrase

DU, I have a confession: I did have sexual relations with that woman.

Sign Your Name

If you had an unlimited number of credits, what vintage video game would you want?


Wake the FUCK UP, DU! Here's the Lego Beer Song.

This song has been my persistent ear worm for the last three days...

A rose by any other name

weird dupe. nt

Eli Roth Totally Looks Like Zachary Quinto or vs versa

Eli Roth Totally Looks Like Zachary Quinto or vs versa

Soraya Evette Billinge Threatens To Bomb Planes Over Husband's Hours

The 'War of the Worlds' effect 11/09/11

When I go in to vote today, should I...

Where Is My Mind

Naked DU Members Only hot tub party.

Chocolate or Shoes?

I'm sorry but rules are rules here in the DU Lounge!! No ID - No Alcohol - No Exceptions....

The phrase of the day is "groin laceration". Replace a word in any thread with "groin laceration".

Is Congress going to take five months to analyze the evidence and stain on Cain's pizza box?

Does DU need a Grave Dancing forum?

IVF mom admits: I was wrong to have a baby at 57

George Takei does it again to the Kardashians.

Are there photographers in the Lounge who would like to submit an "Autumn" photo NOW?

Woman, 92, can't buy alcohol because she has no ID

Question about puberty...

So any others waiting to play COD MW3 tomorrow? n-t

Baby Gareths pic

Top this: My vacuum is so old it has a setting for "shag".

Y.know, some terrorists just aren't too bright...

I'm getting robo-calls asking if I am "jon" press one (i'm not) and if no press 2. then it hangs up

Update on the monster Super Jumbo green peanuts.

Last night I ordered chocolate in bulk.

PHOTO: Once you decide to get a tattoo, hire an ARTIST. Or not.

tornado incubator

Peter Cushing

The Duggars are expecting again...

Question submitted by Dr. Strange

I always CURSE those Munchkins for celebrating the demise of that poor innocent woman!

Advice for Godfather's Pizza customers

My first annual sex thread.

too freaking tired/feeling bad to cook or go out --easy recipe

PHOTO: "Aaaaah...yeah, a little to the right. No, the left. No, right! YEAH! Right THERE. Aaaaah..."

Don't Disturb This Groove

How many Newfies does it take to change a light bulb?

Favorite 90% sugar breakfast cereal

One of the most beautiful posts I have ever read on DU came from Redstone

Men,why do women love choclate?

I have one mean ass granny

Relationship situation

Thanks to Chan790 the dream house may not be dead!

I made s'mores in the microwave yesterday. Not a recipe I would repeat.

Alka Seltzer Plus Cold Medicine - still the best shizzle out there for the last 30 years

One of these things is not like the others

Those people on general discussion board are a tough crowd

PHOTO: Er...maybe it's time to switch to the "lite" cat food...

Had the rabbit and the cat on the bed cuddling last night.

Once and for all: Stuffing or dressing? Cooked in the bird or out?

So can we talk about cougars, then?

How long have you been with your S.O.?

Senate clears test vote to help veterans, contractors

Pre-Election Liberia Protests Turn Violent

Joint Statement by the United States of America and the Plurinational State of Bolivia

Greek leaders struggle to agree on new premier

Office of Inspector General to investigate tar sands pipeline deal

Police Must Return Belongings to Occupy NJ Protesters (temporary restraining order against state)

Romney Touts Fiscal Plan During Stop in Dubuque

Blagojevich sentencing set for Dec. 6

Sharon Bialek, Herman Cain Accuser, Speaks Alongside Attorney Gloria Allred At Press Conference

Olympus admits acquisitions used to hide investment losses

Santorini or Barcelona?

Inspector General orders investigation of Uribe over wiretap scandal

Top Obama Aide Takes Step Back (Daley hands some duties to Rouse)

Australia passes carbon tax on big polluters

Judge approves $410 million settlement of lawsuit against Bank of America on overdraft fees

Taxman accused of letting Vodafone off £8 billion - UK

Iran nuclear report: IAEA claims Tehran working on advanced warhead

Iran nuclear report: IAEA claims Tehran working on advanced warhead

HP weighing sale of webOS unit

UN says Syria death toll has passed 3,500

Joe Frazier Has Died.

In Arab Spring speech, Clinton defends U.S. stance on Syria, Bahrain

B.C. Mountie alleges years of sexual harassment

Eurozone ministers fail to create €1 trillion bail-out fund

Judge OKs $410M settlement for Bank of America

Ex-heavyweight champ Joe Frazier has died

Poverty rate rises under alternate Census measure

Italy bond yields soar; euro zone troubles deepen

Sarkozy tells Obama Netanyahu is a "liar"

Judge: Prop. 8 donors have no right to anonymity

Oregon looks to iPads to help disabled people vote

Suspicious package

CEOs' exit packages blow past $100 million

Late mortgage payments up in third quarter, 1st rise in years

Fifth woman raises questions about Cain's behavior

Promises Made, and Remade, by Firms in S.E.C. Fraud Cases

U.S. Clears Art Project by Christo in Colorado

ECOFIN:EU Finance Ministers Clash On Financial Transaction Tax

Wall Street Transaction Tax Would Raise $350 Billion

Credit Suisse will disclose names of U.S. clients

World’s Ballsiest Magazine Puts a Gay Muhammed on Its Cover

Repsol makes big shale oil find in Argentina

Nunes won't challenge Feinstein in CA

Appeals court upholds Obama health care law

Wall Street to See Smaller Bonuses This Year

Italian crisis: Silvio Berlusconi faces calls to resign

News of the World paid me to follow 90 people, claims private detective

Public strip search costs ex-Oakland cop $40K

Heidi Heitkamp Running for US Senate North Dakota

Vancouver seeks injunction to dismantle Occupy site

Supreme Court confronts a trove of constitutional questions in case involving passport law

I've got an idea for a new feature for DU

Air Force morgue lost body parts from war dead

Mexican jail raid brings in peacocks, drugs and women

Penn State Said to be Planning Paterno’s Exit Amid Scandal

Attorney General: FBI Hurt Terror Fight With ‘Violent Muslim’ Training

Merkel Responds to Euro Crisis by Shifting Left

‘Let’s make sure there are no hungry Jews on the street’

Tea party boosts Stenberg (R-Ne) coffers (candidate for US Senate)

Alaska storm to produce “historic” hurricane-like conditions

Chinese counterfeit parts found in U.S. weapons

Australia passes carbon tax laws

Robocall from Shadowy Right-Wing Group Says Ohio Vote is Wednesday

Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello To Join Occupy London Demo…

Employers post most job openings in 3 years

White House: President Should Veto Net Neutrality Resolution If It Passes

Cain vows to "set the record straight"

We'll show you 'hell,' Iran tells Israel

Giant asteroid to pass close to Earth Tuesday

Max Mosley wins privacy case in France

Florida antiabortion group wants its own 'personhood' amendment, faces long odds

Madoff ex-clients file $19 billion suit against JPMorgan

IAEA Warns Of Improved Iran Nuclear Program Capability; Israel Strike Speculation Builds

A Second Accuser Goes Public Against Cain

Alaska faces one of its worst storms ever, forecasters say

Ohio Elections Officials Say Voter Turnout Is Steady and Heavy

Face-Off Over Shortfall: MF Global, J.P. Morgan Joust as Regulators Continue Search for $600 Million

Bolivia VP: DEA not welcome back despite normalization of ties with Washington

Number of Victims in Penn State Abuse Case Doubles

Berlusconi to resign

Official: Paterno didn't do enough to stop abuse

Heavy D Dead at 44

(ConocoPhilips pipe) Leaking oil spreads stench over Concord

Quan: Occupy Oakland should organize, denounce violence

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Adobe to lay off hundreds of workers

Sarkozy called Israeli PM Netanyahu 'liar'

Give a product that should NEVER have been made...

Federal court rejects Texas redistricting maps

Sharing something personal -- video of my daughter

NYC Mayor Calls for Ending Bush-Era Tax Cuts

Republicans offer tax deal to break debt impasse; Democratic aides dismiss it

Exclusive: 5,000 Haitian Cholera Victims Sue U.N. After Deadly Epidemic Kills 6,000, Sickens 450,000

Police will have the right to fire rubber bullets on student protesters as they prepare for huge Lon

Fannie Mae loss widens, asks taxpayers for $7.8B

Australia Senate backs carbon tax

Voter in Cuyahoga County says he was bitten on the nose by poll worker (OH)

Occupy Wall Street Gets Its Generators Back

Supreme Court seems troubled by police GPS tracking

Ron Paul On Elizabeth Warren: 'She's A Socialist'