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Happy New Year DU. Thanks for being there for us last year.

It changes - I wrote this for my friends here for the new year - Happy new years!

The rich are much richer than you and me (richest 1%-225 X Greater Than Average American)


Best and Worst Education Events of the Past Year

Man strips at Virginia airport to protest against security procedures

question for TX DU'ers: do any of you have knowledge of, or experience dealing with, mcdonald

Just a few hours left in the DU Charity Drive for Feeding America!

Voeux pour la nouvelle année !!!!!

Ah the San Diego Auto Show

So what's the deal with AMT this year?

Davis Leaving Chicago Mayoral Race

I'm a little dunk write now, Happy Jew Beers everyone!

Is the NSA, fact or fiction?

China Internet cafe blast kills 6, injures 38

Dharun Ravi, 18, of Plainsboro, and Molly Wei, ... how is being alive working for you

Happy new year du

To those in the Central and Pacific time zones- Greetings from the FUTURE!!

Bolivian president rescinds decree on fuel prices


Frank Capra (Wonderful Life For Who?) was Anti-commie/Anti-choice

So here we are at home

San Francisco selected to host America's Cup

The DU GD DJ Wolfman Jack thread - Post songs for New Years if you got them

Nappy yoo hear!



The Top 5 Media Hoaxes of 2010

Chief Justice Roberts Urges President Obama and Senate to Fill Judicial Posts

French police campaign to stop annual car-torching

Appears everyone is talking sweet to each other on the Korean peninsula

Good for something: TSA scanner finds passenger's meth

New records shed light on ex-Florida Republican Party chairman Jim Greer

Strong quake - 7.0 hits Northern Argentina

The picture of "lost swagger":

What the Post doesn't tell you, until the end of the story ...

GBCW ... this place is just a troll haven. I've gotta find some place else.

They hate us for our freedoms, part umpteenth..

Margaret Thatcher passed away?

Tricare denies coverage of newer TBI treatment

Air Force Slaps Some Brass

Only in Florida - Dead man gets pardon, while up to 60 are still in prison because of false evidence

Not worried about national politics future for Gov. Christie and here's why...

3 US missile attacks kill 18 in northwest Pakistan

Happy 1111, DU!!!

First they came for the smokers, then the eaters and drinkers and now the balloon lovers

2011: Year of the Bagger

2010 "Person" of the Year: The US Supreme Court

The Rose Bowl Parade

My favorite NYE fireworks are Berlin

Well, it's been 83 minutes and Boehner STILL hasn't done anything for me this year!

The Arctic. Polar Bears. Curiosity.

The Arctic. Polar Bears. Curiosity.

OpenLeft: Illinois may repeal Death Penalty

As U.S. Loses Economic Edge, Its "One Clear Comparative Advantage is in Killing, and It’s Using It"

Rio de Janeiro unveils logo for 2016 Olympics

I love a good parade.

Republicans And Their Death Panels


Front National, an extremist right-wing party that has called on France to exit the euro.

Where does one put what's left of their money in 2011?

Did you realize our Section 8 program is in shambles?

This is my kind of church

NKorea warns war would bring 'nuclear holocaust'

happy new year DU!

Boy bankers and their toys

Former Marxist guerrilla sworn in as president of Brazil

U.S. efforts fail to convince Pakistan's top general to target Taliban

Whether or not Assange is guilty, the Swedish legal system has some questions to answer.

working on my 2011 New Year Editorial...employment and poverty

Japanese Whalers Battle 'Sea Shepherd' Activists Off Antarctica

Social Security , Chile, & Fighting Lies

Holy sheep shit! Pat Buchanan has turned the same shade of orange as Boehner

The Year of the Big Lie

On this first day of the New Year 2011, pass out your White

"I am just a campesina from Putumayo who sows rice and corn,"

Mote study unlocking riddle of why some dolphins beach themselves

Champagne loses title as world's favorite fizzy

Faux Snooze's Megyn Kelly: Illegal immigrants are like rapists...both are "non-consensual partners"

This article is so bad it's a riot: Roll Back the Hippie Damage

Florida Gov. Rick Scott's unemployment solution: bog the system down, and deny, deny, deny

Is It New Year's Yet?

Christie:"We did not have any significant loss of life..extraordinary accomplishment"

I have a political prediction for the coming year.

Gov. Christie Defends 'Disney World' Trip During Blizzard

Gov. Christie Defends 'Disney World' Trip During Blizzard

Infamous Police Commander Who Oversaw Torture of Over 100 Prisoners Awaits His Sentence

Jon Huntsman 2012? Obama Ambassador Hints At Run For President

This afternoon two extremely rare events will happen simultaneously.

I predict that this year, in "Doonesbury", Garry Trudeau will depict John Boehner

Wow... Hear's A New Year's Message For Ya...'We’ll Take a Cup of Kindness Yet' - FDL

Remind me why the Democratic party did not pass a budget this year ...

BREAKING NEWS: Capitol evacuated due to unauthorized aircraft in restricted airspace - NBC

Sensenbrenner, high speed rail and government spending

Remember Cynthia Davis, who thinks hunger is a motivator for kids?

Bank Of America’s Christmas Present: Foreclose Even Though Not A Payment Missed -

My MMXI predictions

Hasta la vista, Arnold

Saw "The King's Speech" tonight...

Chris Christie commits political suicide

Rockets owner backs registry for animal felons -

UGH. . .help me out here! Another revisionist weeping patriot story. . .

Happy New Year, DU

Temporary fix for missing 2010 private messages from DU inboxes

Temporary fix for missing 2010 private messages from DU inboxes

What is the sign of a healthier society?

Pakistan Drone Raids 'Claim Lives' (2nd Drone Strike Kills 5 Retrieving Bodies)

The Iron Sun

No one understands Bloomberg, and Bloombergism, better than NYT's Haberman

anyone want to do a seed exchange? I have organic seeds from blue ribbon yellow squash

The Big Picture: A New Year rolls in

WAPO Buries Lede: GOP House chair pushing TSA privatization while contractor is campaign donor

What would you think of this idea for Social Security?

CNN Poll: 63% of Americans Oppose The War In Afghanistan

Gov. Cuomo's daughters a little in awe of dad's girlfriend???

Wonder what the haters would have said about wikileaks, if this was happening during Bush

And another thing - what's with the coupons to be returned

Major health-care reforms take effect today.

WikiLeaks proves need for stronger whistleblower protections

The Independent Payment Advisory Board

the US economy in 2011

Alternet: The Year In Fox News B.S.

Our health insurance company has a web site, but we can only log in about 50% of the time.

From Karl Rove's bio:

Critical Thinking versus Lateral Thinking

Any tips on the college financial aid process?

Prayer for 2011 -- No more Wars!!! Yes to Peace, Yes to Life

I hope everyone had a good new years eve

Anybody else remember long tenured workers being honored by "years of service"?

Gobama! US Stocks End 2010 With Second-Straight Year Of Gains

Best Wishes, Patrick Murphy

Texas Republicans Need Money?...Easy...Screw the Kids and The Elderly

Can I hear a round of denunciations for web sites that replace

Stonington couple kept their secret

Happy New Year Alaska Standard Time!

Highlights of the Wikileaks docs 2010

Many charter schools not providing meals - Needy kids must bring own lunch or order fast food (LAT)

Research links rise in Falluja birth defects and cancers to US assault• Defects in newborns 11 times

The Rich Say Thank You For Another Wonderful Year

63 Percent of Americans Oppose War In Afghanistan

FAA: Jet lost contact in DC because pilot turned radio to wrong frequency

FAA: Jet lost contact in DC because pilot turned radio to wrong frequency

The NEW job market: "switched careers, significantly reduced living standards"

Honest question. How can a Democrat be a Libertarian?

Slavery murals ordered out of Georgia state office

Pittsburgh fires newly hired football coach after domestic violence charge

Big bada-BOOM in DC... anyone else hear it?

Teabaggers Pissed At Republicans

America in Decline: Why Germans Think We're Insane

How is your weather??

I find FOX News' use of "American" deeply offensive.

Non Sequitur TOON: The Invention of Religion

Michael Bloomberg Killed a Baby in the Snow Because He Is a Pro-Union Thug (an update)

Obama Strikes Tone Of Bipartisanship, Hope At Dawn Of New Year

Obama Strikes Tone Of Bipartisanship, Hope At Dawn Of New Year

Whatever happened to the "ground zero mosque"?

On Dimples and Dog Whistles: Why Tucker Carlson Dehumanizes Michael Vick

Readers fume over latest Washington Post errors (antiwar arrests)

Republic of Money: Textile baron Roger Milliken & Meg Whitman

AFSCME Response to One-Sided 60 Minutes Report on State and Local Budgets

War on New Deal drumbeat: Baby Boomers Expected to Drain Medicare (ABC)

Sweeney says Christie never called him from Disney World

My Pro-Union story

Public Policy Polling: Marco Rubio's a little overrated.

A Piece From Howard Zinn (2001) - 'Artists Of Resistance'

I had no idea Victoria Jackson is such an ignorant right-wing twit

Superhero with souls to save - Captain Salvation

In my personal opinion , and from personal experience teaching college students

Gloomy and Doomy New Year!

What, exactly, has wikileaks posted that Americans don't have a right to know? nt

Ode to BP and 2010....lest we forget?

The Tiny House Movement, and the Upside to Downsizing the American Dream

Dear Julian, it's January.

Breaking Flash...Waikiki Hookers giving 50% discounts to seniors...Happy New Year from Hawaii

Tortured Until Proven Guilty: Bradley Manning and the Case Against Solitary Confinement

2011: Calling Time on Capitalism

The American Dream: "It is a lie, and it is a multi billion dollar lie."

Remembering one of the all-time greats........

2011: The year we’ll hit 7 billion

Just a friendly reminder regarding 2010 tax returns...

Does the preamble to the Constitution carry legal weight, or not?

How does someone become a Wall Street executive?

2011 Person of the Year: Julian Assange

Brutal Danziger toon: The New Chinese Takeout

2010: A Big Year for UFO's

Today - I asked for a customer service representative that was located in the US

The sun's journey through the year makes an infinity shape - photo:

Is college even worth the investment anymore?

2010: Over, Done, Finished, Out

My Top 10 Favorite Books that I Read in 2010 – Part II

Hey, wads of fuck new majority....

Greta Van Susteren to kick off inauguration of Florida's governor, Rick Scott.

Liberals disapprove of Wikileaks 64%-30%, Democrats disapprove 79%-19%

Stop the D.C. attack on the $2.2 trillion Social Security

Which version is better?

Which version is better? - (Kraftwerk) Autobahn

Apparently something is happening tonight that has people all abuzz.

Happy New Year, Lovers!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ME!!! I got to 2011 before all you Murkans!

Last sunset of 2010:

I think I'm getting the hang of this earring making thang.

*derp* *burp*

What can I give YOU / DU / Lounge / GD ---- Happy 2011 for US!1

Story idea for those that believe in tron doctrine.

Well, tonite's a great nite for being stood up.

50 minutes left in this year.

Anyone watching "Holiday" - the 1938 film w/ Hepburn & Grant?

Happy New Year's!!

1/1/11. If you want me I'll be over here, knocking on wood.

New Year's Resolutions in Song

Time to watch th ball drop. See you next year!

From Eastern Time USA

Happy New Year, all you magnificent Lounge bastards!

New Year's Eve Lounge Drinking Game

Here at Chez Flaxbee, for 2011, we have had a stinkbug resurrection

Zombie ants. This is for all you who scoff at the Zombie threads here.

The Semi-Official DU Lounge Eastern Time Zone 1/1/11 1:11:11 Thread

Note to Ryan Sechrest: La Rue may be the 'future of music'; but she looks like the 80s.

Have YOU been to GD this year?

anyone else having trouble with the PM feature? I got a msg

Buzzing pleasantly on a French red wine and awaiting the New Year.

Innocent post wishing everyone a happy new year

Would one of you please send me a PM?

getting the fireworks and guns ready

2011 arrives in the Central Time Zone!

Crazy Dave (aka Dave The Wave) gets sued for sexual harassment

Are Republicans real ?

Arliss Howard (aka Kale Ingram in Rubicon). I knew I knew his face from somewhere

Is "belles to the ball" sexy language?

Too much cheap champagne? Or did I hear Ke$ha say "douchebag" to Ryan Seacrest?

Happy New Year's Day!!! Hope everyone survives.

I was the Dick Clark of DU.

Why does the iTunes on my phone have a "double speed" option, but my computer iTunes does not?

Some groups doctrine on belief that people should be evil.

Are you ready for some college football?

Tee-hee! FR gets a mention in a article due to their calls for assassination of Obama!

We've been going about this eco-friendly/global warming/save-the-planet thing all wrong...

New Year's Clusterfrak at Burj Khalifa in Dubai, but the Fireworks Were Cool

VIDEO: A Claymation Danny "Machete" Trejo pimps Lipton Brisk Ice Tea

30.3 GB

i got this deal that let's me call up the DU on my AOL

There is such a thing as getting high, and then there is overkill...

Was it ever possible to get spaghetti in the old wild west?

Everyone who hasn't fucked a chicken today is awesome

I've been listening to 1970s Elvis music. It's both better and worse than I remembered it to be.

My 2010 inbox for PM's is missing.

Would whoever sent me a PM in the last hour or so please send it again?

CONFESSED!!! Have you ever oogled an Ex?

Hilarious British animal voiceovers. A good New Year's Laugh

Twins mirror bathroom prank

I spent the last 3 and a half hours making salsa for New Years presents

Dear Michigan University, please do not fire Rich Rodriguez. He is a fine human being and an

Dear Michigan University, please do not fire Rich Rodriguez. He is a fine human being and an


my friend told me to stop acting like drunk John Lennon

Has anyone else ever had this thought?

Happy New Years friends

Ipod classic question

Pouring the Perfect Pint

Sea Shepherd Hunts Down the Japanese Whalers Before a Single Whale is Killed

Sea Shepherd Hunts Down the Japanese Whalers Before a Single Whale is Killed

Dear 2010 Thread.

Well, it's been 83 minutes and Obama STILL hasn't done anything for me this year!

Champagne Aria CAGE MATCH

China Internet cafe blast kills 6, injures 38

Post your New Year's resolutions right here

Happy New Year, DU fam!

Bank of America hit with setback in MBIA Insurance mortgage liability lawsuit

Iowa Democrats raising money to help justices

it's plain to see that this year will suck just as bad as last year.

Everyone who smoked meth today has a problem

Coming up in a few minutes.... 1:11:11 1-1-11

Breaking News Earthquake measuring 6.9 hits Northern Argentina

Only Maine seeks waiver from provision of health-care law

Christie defends blizzard vacation

Christie defends blizzard vacation

6 killed in tornado outbreak in Midwest, South

Let's go Fosse, guys

Need advice about an Etsy transaction

3 Stooges on AMC all day!

Bolivian president cancels gasoline price increase

Justice Roberts urges end to partisan fights blocking action on federal judges

Health Care Law Changes for 2011: Adult Children Included in Parents' Insurance

Estonia's Entry Expands Euro Into Former Soviet Union

Car bomb hits church in Egypt, five dead

Now coastal Queensland braces for 30-foot flood waters

NKorea Warns War Will Bring "Nuclear Holocaust" (In New Year Message Calling For Peace)

Number of days it takes the average dog to break a not drinking from the toilet New Years resolution

So, what's your first supper of 2011 gonna be?

I'm in a bit of a dilemma

Best wishes to all for this coming year.

TV Marathons for New Year's Day & Sunday

anyone want to do a seed exchange? I have organic seeds from blue ribbon yellow squash

Obama: Dems, GOP must cooperate in new year

States to push immigration reform

Stalin statue blown up in Ukraine

If you won $100 Million in the lottery, what would you do??

Oil's surge in 2010 paves the way for $4 gasoline

Julian Assange Given Press Freedom Award

Cuomo Is Sworn In as New York’s Governor

Without ambassadors, US-Venezuela tensions grow

Carry on my wayward son, there'll be peace when you are done, lay your weary head to rest...

Piper Cub Fans - Charlie Kulp, "The Flying Farmer" short video - DVD's available.

Kucinich: GOP push against healthcare law could revive single-payer push

Sacramento girl needed amputations after 5-hour wait at emergency room

FUUUUUCK, I'm trapped in my apartment building by 4ft snow drifts

Everyone who hasn't smoked today is awesome.

US Capitol Evacuated Over Unauthorized Aircraft in Airspace

Where I was yesterday, I heard a great "rationalization" by a vehement RWer ...

"Pices" is Correct... There are Not Enough Liberals to fit a Tea Cup!

Statement by President Barack Obama on Removal of HEU from Ukraine

How a Different America Responded to the Great Depression

Gallup shows President Obama's approval among Democrats up six points to 85 percent

Weekly Address: Democrats and Republicans Have Shared Responsibility to Move America Forward

Obama's Two-Year Economic Report Card

Why do X percent of Dems do Y?… Those people are forever doing thus-and-such… “Count me out of..."

Krugman: The Long Road Ahead

The New York Times Discovers Brooklyn

Deliver Us From Evil

Gerald Celente: What's in store for 2011

So you want to be a Political Operative

New Years Celebrations Around The Globe

Recap of 2010 look forward to 2011 on Russia Today's Crosstalk (Appearance by me)

TDPS Best of 2010: Anti-Gay Nuts "Porno" Peter LaBarbera & Bryan Fischer on Gay Sex & Bogus Research

TYT: 9/11 Responder Bill 'Entitlement Program' - Michele Bachmann

Cenk Uygur Is Puzzled By A Gay Republican From GOProud

Gerald Celente: What's in store for 2011

Chevron Lie Detector (2012 Remix)

Higher Taxes on Top 1% Equals Higher Productivity

A truly filthy amount of Squeee...

Which of these is the most significant achievement of year

TYT: Ban Abortion - 2012 Presidential Candidate (Mike Pence)

Frank Schaeffer: Obama's Critics Owe Him a New Years (Fact-Based) Apology

Obama administration plans to spend $150 million in security assistance this year in the Arabian Pen

"Death panels" are real - brought on by budget pressure by Norman Ornstein

Cuomo Promises Emergency Financial Plan.

Ex-Senator Is Now the Only Black Hopeful in a Chicago Race.

Downsize Nation: Welcome to the New, Smaller American Dream

Ron Kovic: Raise Your Voices, Protest, Stop These Wars

De-legitimizing public education /Marion Brady, veteran teacher, administrator, curriculum designer

Are we becoming more stupid? Human brain has been 'shrinking for the last 20,000 years'

Cables leak reveals flaws of information-sharing tool

Toronto's new right-wing blob mayor wants to end the 5 cent plastic bag tax

Floods cover vast areas of northeast Australia

Russia in milestone oil pipeline supply to China

Disappearing Lakes

Pakistan floods, fighting destroy wildlife

Catastrophic bushfire weather hits South Australia

Dancing with Death Machines at the Bottom of the World

Wind generation is responsible for 0.003% of human- caused avian mortality

Off topic

Over 10,000 unidentified bodies found in Colombia

Despite billions in U.S. aid, Colombia struggles to reduce poverty

The Colombian conflict has its origins in the absence of human security

Dilma Rousseff sworn in as Brazil's new president

Heh...NHL changes Winter Classic start time to Saturday night due to a chance of....

Notre Dame shines at the Sun (almost snow) Bowl today!!!

Frisco has been selected to host America's Cup.

Crap. Brent Musberger is the announcer for the Rose Bowl game on ESPN.

What a Bowl Season so far!

It's almost here!

Coming up for air at the half.

This afternoon two extremely rare events will happen simultaneously.

Even in Michigan's awful defeat I find victory

The State of Michigan is outscored 101-21 in Bowl Games today and embarrasses

What's that awful smell?!?!

Will a Leftist Takeover of the Military Precede a Leftist Military Takeover?

Palestine: Soldiers attack a nonviolent protest in Hebron

16 Hours in September

Hamas bars Fatah commemoration in Gaza

Netanyahu launches last-ditch effort to stop general strike across Israel

My New Year's Resolution

My New Year's Resolution

Your Genome in Minutes: New Technology Could Slash Sequencing Time

Was Israel the Birthplace of Modern Humans?

How did we get here?