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A heartbeat away...

Ignoring Palin and the Tea Party extremists won't make them go away

I'd love to give this jerk something to smirk about!

Rush Limbaugh, 8/22/05: "REAL Texans are putting on their camouflage gear & GETTING READY TO.... : "

Why right-wing hate speech is different than Marilyn Manson/Doom

Did we ever find out what was scrubbed from Loughner's MySpace page? Or who did the scrubbing?

The speech Bobby Kennedy gave in Indianapolis the day Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated

Black GOP Official Resigns, Citing Arizona Tea Party Threats

Black GOP Official Resigns, Citing Arizona Tea Party Threats

Homeless man with "golden voice" checking into rehab...Ted Williams

New Hampshire OK's guns in State House.

CSpan has coverage of the memorial service

Purchasing a gun should require a mental health assessment

David Sirota: The Democratic Party's General Attitude Towards Labor Unions

I hope Security is HIGH for the memorial

What do you expect from President Obama's remarks tonight?

The President opens negotiations with himself to cut business taxes

Anybody know if MSNBC is streaming anywhere LIVE right now?

So how long before the reich wingers bitch about not having a Christian

Will Texas secede now?

Have you read this New York Times piece about the arming of Congress?


Did She Just Say "Justice Kennedy" ???

Daniel Hernandez, Jr.

Gonna say it again. Thank You Daniel Hernandez Jr.

Protocols of the Elders of Wasilla

self delete

Genius or Madness?

Brewer looks rattled and nervous, rushing through. She's trying at least.

Just saw John McCain in the audience


Hey, McCain, you asshole -- nice legacy you're leaving. Thanks alot.

"Thank you, Daniel, oh thank you so very fucking much..."

Barack Obama artwork case settled (BBC)

We Welcome Our New Plutocratic Overlords


More first responders can enter homes via lockboxes

I've wanted to here this: SHE OPENED HER EYES!

I would LOVED to have had this man as my instructor

Cynthia Davis: Violence Against Women Act a "war on marriage"

The Most Ironic Thing About HuffPo Yanking Cenk's Piece Yesterday... This Paragraph

***wrings hands*** SHHHH...we might offend the right wingers!!!

I'm reading news articles on the internet while watching and listening to the Tucson memorial

She opened her eyes!



Placing Blame

Let's recall John Donne tonight....

This speech is about patriotism

dont you dare go there and say it is both sides or any such dimishing the RIGHT wing

"It's OK. Christina Taylor Green was probably going to end up a left wing bleeding heart liberal."

President Obama is taking the High Road

Obama fixed the tone of this memorial

The young couple ...the woman w/glasses and long hair...

malloy is getting ready to tear palin...listen if you can

Holy Shit

Current MSNBC home page photo is guaranteed to get you right in the ol' tear ducts.

Current MSNBC home page photo is guaranteed to get you right in the ol' tear ducts.

Will Bush's Torture Memo Team Face Justice in Spain?

Birther Congresscritter wants to carry gun on House floor.

guess who didn't use a teleprompter today?

I need information re Palin posting on Facebook

I need information re Palin posting on Facebook

An amazing speaker.

Beautifully said Mr. President!

It took me awhile to remember >>

As if it needed to be said, our FRiends have a different view of the memorial

Masterful! Basically Obama just threw down the gauntlet

A little research assist?

Feel free to put me on ignore if I ever criticize people for grieving wrong

Bill Maher On Leno: 'NRA Should Just Change Their Name To 'Assassin's Lobby'

Huh? Furious quick anger per the memorial message ""Together We Thrive: Tucson & America"

He-cession? She-conomy? Man-cession?

Tonight, I saw a presidential speech

Awww, poor pubbies. They don't like being told they are ruining the country.

My very non political friend just called me to tell me Obama's speech is the best she has ever heard

So far the bobble heads on Fox are giving him good reviews

So, where the hell is John Boner, the Weeper of the House tonight?

I love our President.

Jan Brewer looks unhappy about the prayer

3 escaped Hearst Ranch zebras shot to death

Interesting choice of music

Thank You, Mr. President...

No Free Speech on Palin's Facebook page

I'm pondering the differences between tonight's stadium memorial and Paul Wellstone's.

Magazine cover spoofs Palin's map

"I hope you jump in rain puddles"

Hannity calls tea party GOPers “Tim McVeigh wannabees” — and they cheer!

Hooting and whistles coming from college young republicans to make Obama look bad.

There is no right way, nor a wrong way, to grieve or to celebrate lives now gone.

Tweety will now go crazy and have that thrill

Luke Russert: Republican and Democrat, not a dry eye in the arena.

Interesting ... Capitol Police held two *separate* meetings with House members ...

The whole thing just sucks. Simply put, it just sucks.

Ah wellstone called up... if nothing they are predictable

Prayer from the RNC cocktail party that Boehner skipped the Memorial for tonight...

Thank you Mr. Obama. You brought much of it home.

In defense of Boehner, I am sure he was weeping at his cocktail party. nt

Why couldn't she just say 'libel' if she really thinks she's being LIBELED

Leave Sara, Glenn, & Rush alone!

The President never mentioned blood libel

Right Wing Conservatives Going Nuts Over Seeing Themselves in Mirror - FDL

Proof... That The Bible Is Pro Big Government !!!

President and First Lady Obama arrive in Tucson - pics

Starting tomorrow, Obama's approval rating won't go below 50% for the rest of his term

God I just watched the speech, I love Michelle more than ever

gotta quote it... Welton Gaddy

Jacob Heilbrunn, HuffPo: Obama's Ennobling Speech

my bad - self delete

Two Repubs hurt themselves by their actions today.

So Boehner left the cocktail party before the President's speech

The "memorial" has become a pep rally

************Official Obama Speech Thread #3***************

Was Just Over At Free Republic...

Photo from the speech. If I had a penny I'd spend it on McCain's thoughts.

Do you remember where were you when President Obama was elected?

Oh Gawd they're skewering Palin on O'Donnell

Stockholm's Central Station Harvests Body Heat

Fox News: "A Remarkable Display of Oratory"....."A Very Powerful Speech"

Keith is talking to Nancy! Talking about 'Gabby' opening her eyes. nt

This is the Most Unique Event of My Lifetime

Nancy Pelosi was in the room when Gabrielle Giffords...

Awesome Freeper post. Yeah, I said it.

Rep. Giffords office: "Even during the darkest times, our nation's capacity for kindness

Melting pot, E-Pluribus Unum... from many, one

OK - sit down. Right there - yeah.

Palin vs. Obama in a presidential race would be like...

Once you have passed away, what sort of memorial would you prefer?

David Frum, about Palin: "She's like a big melting iceberg."

Obama just called out

Who's watching KO with Gabby's cousin who wrote that

Guardian UK: Sarah Palin's 'blood libel' blunder

Earthquake in Monterey Bay about a second ago..nt

The ‘food bubble’ is bursting, says Lester Brown, and biotech won’t save us

"Doesn't she sound like the head cheerleader at your high school.......

Mentally ill man Banished from town - this is what we do in "civilization"

Mike Malloy just read a quote from Mario Savio's speech at a 1964 Cal-Berkeley sit-in

OMG - Lawrence O' Donnell showed Tea Party Cand leading his goons to confront Dem winner

was McCain there? At the memorial.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

MSNBC Poll: Do you think President Obama struck the appropriate

Thank you Congressman Filner

Something that's being missed about the speech Obama


Hey...just how often do you use the term "Blood Libel"?

Jan. 5, 2011, DU: Giffords is an asshole!!!

Kieth Olbermann is sick. He may pass out on TV

Will the GOP still want to change airport screening to do profiling?...

Please Don't Turn This Memorial Into A Paul Wellstone Type Event......

Don't let Fox Noise fool you....

N.J. lawmaker proposes mandatory license plates for bicycles

I posted this in another thread -- tell me this doesn't describe sarah palin to a tee

For News, what trumps a right-wing assassin killing liberals?

Simply one of the greatest presidential speeches ever . . . .

There were 20 Dem defectors who didn't vote for Pelosi! Nice statement, assholes. nt

Here's a question for Republicans:

nytimes: Obama Calls for New Era of Civility in U.S. Politics

Nightmare on Wall Street - HuffPo

Nightmare on Wall Street - HuffPo

Queensland floods - and the difference between politicians.

Where's mc cain???? have not heard a word from him...

and the fire in the library of congress today

"master baiter"

Obama speech versus Palin's

Matthew 5:39

Matthew 5:39

The Serpent and the Egg

Oddly, where I live, the only major networks to carry live the Tuscon memorial:

The Right Is So Damn Petty

Irish women hit back.

A Shopper stanched the bleeding of wounded aide Ron Barber

Tucson radio 104.1 !!!Gun Show!!!!!

Tom Tomorrow

A Big Melting Iceberg

Another poster made me think about this. FIRST AID

John Boehner says NO to America yet again ....

"Palin Up!"

Banks repossess 1 million homes in 2010

"The Exception Proves the Rule"

Police Can Kick Down Doors In Drug Searches, Some Justices Say - LATimes

Police Can Kick Down Doors In Drug Searches, Some Justices Say - LATimes

Police Can Kick Down Doors In Drug Searches, Some Justices Say - LATimes

Treasury Urged To Take Action Against WikiLeaks

**************Official Obama Speech Thread #2********************

**************Official Obama Speech Thread #2********************

Hillary Clinton still opposes gay marriage

Hillary Clinton still opposes gay marriage

***READ IT AND WEEP: Proof POSITIVE the RW Lie machine is channeling the Nazis!!***

Don't get me wrong. It was a great, inspiring speech.

Continue to heal and regain your strength, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords

United Kingdom scrapping default retirement age of 65

Right wing criticizes DEEPLY INFLAMMATORY free t-shirts at Tucson memorial service:

Compare and contrast the former Speaker and the new Speaker

I think Boner made a big mistake by being absent from Memorial..

UAW, GM discuss pay scheme tied to productivity and profits

Is Sarah Palin the DeLorean of today?

New York City building workers locked out over demands for wage and benefit cuts

Is This the Cooolest? 200 Years of World History & HUMAN PROGRESS in LESS Than Five Minutes!

Is This the Cooolest? 200 Years of World History & HUMAN PROGRESS in LESS Than Five Minutes!

CIA terrorist Posada Carriles on trial for lying to immigration

HuffPo's Sam Stein shares the reasons why President Obama's speech was a winner...and Presidential

"The white American Christian is the most persecuted minority in this country today"

Commission report whitewashes BP’s role in oil spill

US Federal Reserve chief rules out loans to the states

Kennedy Library documents to make their debut on Internet

How long will it take for the GOP/Tea Party folks to start using violent rhetoric again

Some Palin and Friends - images - the rhetoric of violence - add yours

Thank You, Mr President.

How Haiti was abandoned

We've been crying nonstop for five days. That is why we are cheering.

Arrest reports for Loughner.

Your Zodiac sign may have changed

Mother Jones: Explained: Jared Loughner’s Grammar Obsession

Giffords Healthcare?

Tom Delay Toon

Didn' see John McCain there, or Jon Kyl, but

Charge against Hutaree militia members stands

Montana GOP Reps increase health insurance benefits for themselves while supporting repeal of HCR

Does Anybody Think That Palin Was Set Up?.........

Bloomberg wants to return the civil service to the old patronage system

Buchanan just said Obama was splendid last night

Jerry Brown's budget cuts

Sorry Lady Blah Blah

If there was a fund we could give money to, to pay off the MSM to NOT give Sarah Palin attention

Thank you Mr. President.

Nebraska Starbucks Workers Union demands reinstatement of unjustly terminated barista and organizer

Seating for the SOTU.

The Obama of Old Returns With Arizona Speech

Apple takes on teen's college fund start-up business

The Moment Giffords Opened Her Eyes - "She was clearly trying to hug him"

Man arrested after threats to Rep. Jim McDermott: 'I'll kill his family'

U.S. keeps funneling money to troubled Afghan projects

ok, what's Jeb Bush up to ? (rumored 2012 candidate)

Prepare yourselves

Giffords’s Friends Narrate the Moment She Opened Her Eye

Alaska Pipeline may shut down in 7 years....unless of course we tap Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Alaska Pipeline may shut down in 7 years....unless of course we tap Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

I'm not a media conspiracy theories, but I find it amazing how hard finding this speech is on cnn

Peggy Noonan how was Boehner great yesterday

Peggy Noonan how was Boehner great yesterday

Monks make, donate casket for youngest victim in Arizona shooting

The Village Where the Neo-Nazis Rule - extremism on the rise in Germany

President Obama wrote this brilliant speech...

Imagine, this was a muslim's bullseye website and Loughner were a muslim.

Is Lockheed Martin Shadowing You? How a Giant Weapons Maker Became the New Big Brother

"Blood libel" was a code of sorts aimed at Palin's base...

Who were the COMPLETE FUCKING ASSHOLES cheering at the begining of the speech?

Sarah Palin Fumbles and Flails Into an Otherwise Solemn Day - Bob Cesca/HuffPo

The Huffington Post has become the center for censorship of comments. nt

The Power of Girl Power

GOP lawmakers vow to continue push for judicial impeachment

OK, english professors and common sense folk..

The Big Bo(eh)ner does not always weep

So what did we learn from the President's speech tonight?

Afghanistan: Killing Peace

North Carolina GOP lawmaker: End funding for AIDS treatment

I had never heard of the term "blood libel" before yesterday

Thanks for the ignore option

Textron-Boeing V-22 ($100 million dollars) Still Dogged By Bad Parts, Tester Says

Textron-Boeing V-22 ($100 million dollars) Still Dogged By Bad Parts, Tester Says

Republican school board in N.C. backed by tea party abolishes integration policy

Lockheed Martin Reaches Deeply into U.S. Government

The end could be in sight for German troops in Afghanistan

GOP in a bind over healthcare repeal vote

Vile Tweets: Disturbing Comments from Real Twitter Users



Peter Fonda finds dead body in car

Isn't there some medical term to describe Sarah Palin's condition?

David Frum goes WAY off the deep end

Lyrics set to music from Appalachian Spring?

Proposed Mississippi immigration law sparks debate (similar to AZ law)

Disabled U.S. soldier fighting deportation to Pakistan

Made the mistake of clicking on Fox & Friends this morning

The fact is, Obama acts Christ-like. Palin doesn't.

Those of us who have been touched by the mental health disorder

Margaret Carlson: Militant Palin Keeps Crosshairs on Herself

Palin pulls "Blood-Libel" video..

I would like to explain my thoughts

Faux News Panel Praise Obama Speech & State That His Approval Ratings "Already On A Rebound"

Outside of Burr-Hamilton and Zell Miller - who else has tried to resolve political issues by Dueling

Queensland, Australia (PHOTO)

School makes 340-year-old discovery... Old world craftsmanship survives 3 centuries

Mike Malloy: Move Over, Mother Teresa

"Today With President Obama"...great blog

David Frum: If whites can say "sell me down the river..."

Republicans, conservatives, independents, libertarians are not our enemies

When Congress Was Armed And Dangerous

Self-delete. Double post.

Andrew Sullivan (conservative): "To rate this address on any political meter would be to demean it"

Boehner turned down ride on Air Force One to AZ Event - Attended RNC Cocktail Party Instead

James Fallows: Why the Tucson Speech Succeeded

Moments of Failure - Photo Edition

Sarah Palin's next move to keep the Grifter Gravy Train a'runnin'

Boner Rejects invitation for ride in Air Force One to Az.....

you guys must loooooove palin, because you're sure giving her lots of free publicity.

Should we dare to hope?

Foreclosure Filings in U.S. May Jump 20% From Record 2010 as Crisis Peaks

Texas: Short of Mental Health Care Funds

Delete nt

Kinda proud of my pithy reply to a right wing friend (he didn't get it, though...naturally)

Chuck Todd is defending Sarah Palin AGAIN today!

Man arrested for bringing gun into Islamic school - "mental issues"

"School Reform" = 60 1st-graders in one room. "Perhaps we've confused innovation with insanity"

Bad Reporter Toon

Angry Nutjob Attacks Media Matters for Hating Jesus, Eating Twinkies

"they should make the guy (Loughner) watch this speech."

Sarah, there's two ways you can go out now

political nonsense-conservative commentators outraged by T-Shirt

Tom the Dancing Bug takes on the new, politically correct Huckleberry Finn.

Favorite Foolish Fantasies -(NRA credo) - 'toon

Obama was amazing! But I really do not think one GOP person will change!

Wisconsin and Ohio Scrapped HSR - So What Are They Doing Instead?

Tom the Dancing Bug's "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Corrected to Reflect Modern Sensibilities

So what do we do with guys in political events carrying guns? nt

New Low: Gateway Pundit Falsely Claims Obama "Fibbed" @ Giffords "Opening Her Eyes For The 1st Time"

Can we All Agree any Social Security Changes Must be Done in the Open?

A little girl will be buried today.

"That is what Gabby wants."

EPA vetoes Spruce Mine permit

Idiotic Statement of the Day

After Pailin's statement, can the media still promote her and "mainstream" her ideas?

***********Official Obama Speech Thread #1*********************

McDonald’s Japan’s burger line inspired by Americana (w/pic)

Boner's booboo

Woah, just fucking Woah! Was polling on political rhetoric/causes of Tucson meant to insulate GOP?

"We cannot and will not be passive..." GRAPHIC WARNING

Gotta love Non Sequitur

The DoD And Air Force Want This $243 Million Dollar POS

I'm just curious, I did not see little Christinas' parents at the memorial last night.

Matt Taibbi gets a little introspective about the role of the press in the Arizona shooting..

Crosshairs and Consequences...

Self-deleted by member

John Boehner knows how to order a drink.

Were there 2 different memorials last night?

A little inside scoop on why the crowd was so excited last nite ...

Friends, teachers tell of Loughner's descent into world of fantasy

Are we really so divided here at DU that we attack each other over how we felt during the memorial?

After last night's speech, well...


The Rude Pundit: Asking for Decency from an Indecent People

The Rude Pundit: Asking for Decency from an Indecent People

Re: The Palin Video

Re: The Palin Video

Last night's speech was great, but back in the real world today,

Why did John Boehner refuse to fly to Tucson on Air Force One?

Nazi Dressing FBI-Agent-biting Jihadist---wait, what?

Brooklyn College Student Committed to Mental Institution After Hidden Camera Complaint

OK. If Political Rhetoric DOESN'T Influence Peoples Behaviour

New Palin pic - check it out!

Two Takes / same subject ---Matson cartoons on "The Rhetoric"

The doctors' update is wonderful

Just When I Thought It Can't Get More Insane

I never knew the term blood libel until today

John Wheeler investigation: Search warrants sealed

How both sides do it...

Does anyone else have a charter school dedicated to safety and security?


Here's what I said to a friend who asked if I thought President Obama wrote the speech himself

WikiLeaks fulfills pledge to support accused whistle-blower Bradley Manning

The ball is in their court now.

Wanna see Mark Twain Smiley-Face Eyes? Cartoon of "cleaned up"Classics (Matson)

Giffords Makes `Major Leap Forward' by Moving Legs on Command, Doctors Say

** January Photo Contest **

Woods Hole update re: sea life deaths - mild and meager

Friends: Watching a miracle as Giffords opens eye

Rude Pundit: Asking For Decency From An Indecent People

Biden's stunning flip-flop in 23 days (on Afghanistan) we are leaving! No, wait we are not!

Ariz. GOP official resigns: Won't 'take a bullet' from the baggers

What's next for Lebanon? The resignation of Hezbollah brings back memories of 2006, and the dark

I confess, I so dislike these moments of national mourning.

I confess, I so dislike these moments of national mourning.

so let's see, society is not responsible for individual acts, no matter what the society. words

Looking For Work? Faux News Are Hiring...

Kathleen Parker: Father Sky and Mother Earth, seriously?

I'm sick of pundits and politicians complaining about politicizing

The happy thoughts thread

Here is my latest LTTE effort, submitted to my local rag yesterday:

Can someone tell me what exactly is so offensive about the "Together We Thrive" shirt?

help with translation project - English to Spanish

The door is wide open for republicans to show their true colors

Former Arizona Rep. Shadegg blames democratic legislation for shooting

Brisbane: The City that Drowned

Latest info on Gabby's condition. She's been sitting up with help.


If Obama wants a better Democracy he needs to:

Want to see a dedicated Beckerhead's rant?

Sarah Palin had another use of code words that went un-noticed today (not "blood libel")

Obama's miracle was ok, but he's still no Bryan Adams

Made the mistake of clicking on Fox & Friends this morning

Made the mistake of clicking on Fox & Friends this morning

Feeding the giant squid: Matt Taibbi's "Griftopia"

Metal detector stocks?

Happy Faced Literature

U.S. Park Police Chief, Fired for Telling Press about Staff Shortages, Reinstated after 7 Years

Much to Answer For -Mike Luckovich Points Finger

note to republicans -- in the old soviet union your counterpart

Are there many-or any-US expats living in Jamaica?...nt


Wow! What a beautiful patchwork of American flags!

Brett Favre's sister arrested in meth bust

Oh, for shit's sake! Now, Palin is crying that she's getting death threats...

Did Obama perform a miracle in Tucson?

Gohmert (R-TX): FBI ‘Stonewalled’ On Shooter Profile To Avoid ‘Embarrassing’ Obama’s Constituents

Asked if the mood was appropriate, Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup, a Republican, didn’t hesitate...

Abstraction of Destruction

Bill Clinton reacts to Tom DeLay's conviction....

Crazed Oakland County Sheriff continues his war on MI's MedMar Law

All 5 members of MA parole board who voted to release man who later killed an officer resign

All 5 members of MA parole board who voted to release man who later killed an officer resign

The Third Way (Bill Daley, former member): Fixing “Foreclosure-gate”

Tucson tea party founder says Giffords to blame for getting shot

Mouse Problem...I'd rather not use Snap Traps...any experience with this Riddex Sonic Repelleler?

Obama's approval back in positive territory

Day 2 of "The Challenge" Any word from the Palin camp?

Found this nice photo Of Gabrielle Giffords.. with her four-legged friend

Convicted Palin hacker reports to Ky. prison camp

I watched a most wonderful person talk to us last night

Madoff victims win $7.2 billion from Picower estate

Church services are held in Tuscon

AFA: Boehner leading “war” against “the powers of evil”

"Poor, poor Sarah" Good article from Truth Out

For those of you that are annoyed with the applauding, let me remind you - this is NOT a funeral.

Does Andrea Mitchell still think Palin's Facebook

Some beautiful words last night.

Want to find a job? Nonprofit '.jobs' service seeks to revolutionize the search

Want to find a job? Nonprofit '.jobs' service seeks to revolutionize the search

"Feel-Good" Oxytocin May Have a Dark Side

Please delete

College releases Loughner documents.

Heath care debate to resume Tuesday...

I've been reading some old books on my new Kindle.

Little Monster Michelle Malkin Outraged Over Free BLUE T-Shirts

CNN Video: 9/11 flag heralds funeral service for youngest Arizona shooting victim

Dennis Prager gives the ok to call it 'Blood libel'

"These people were intent on violence."

I was reading about the Mongolian conquest of China today.

Saturday news outlets pronounced her dead,today she moves her legs on command.

Saturday news outlets pronounced her dead,today she moves her legs on command.

DUMBEST Congress Member WANTS GUNS On the House Floor

Eurasia Group's Top 10 Global Risks for 2011

WikiLeaks Gives $15,000 to Bradley Manning legal defense fund

Need help--list of violent incidents incited by Glenn Beck, etc.

Religion and last night's memorial

Brown Eyed Girl: In Christina Taylor Green, we see all of our children

60 First Graders, 4 Teachers, One Loud New Way to Learn

Beck saying the President has deep hatred for white people: Blood libel?


Do Americans Have the Right to Bear Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Arizona Ranked 2nd In Per Capita Gun Deaths

Government Spy Infiltrated Minnesota Antiwar Groups Before FBI Raids

Candy Crowley makes me want to puke

Salon: At congresswoman's bedside, good news keeps coming (she may be "out of the woods" on Friday)

Attendees react at the "Together We Thrive: Tucson and America" event - pics

Fox: Palin "Targeted in Violence-Tinged Tweets Following AZ Massacre"

Firefighters Rescue Dog Trapped For 3 Days

Exposing white terrorism in the USA

Another bush era fiasco costing U.S. taxpayers billions....

If anyone told me they thought what I said caused someone to be shot...

"Save my brother first,"

Birther Gohmert plans to introduce bill to allow firearms on House floor

I guess the next time somebody tells me that words can't MAKE people do things

Unfortunate Rush Limbaugh billboard in Tucson

Rep. Peter King Wants Treasury Dept. To Put Wikileaks On Terrorist List

Kay Bailey Hutchison won't seek re-election to the Senate

Pa. allows dumping of tainted waters from gas boom!

Anybody but me notice the Canadian dollar...

Palin stuck her neck out last night

Consultant work: definition of reasonable expenses

A picture that says it all:

You people can go 128 yourselves!

The more the Right loses their shit over wikileaks - the more awesome I think wikileaks is.

Joan Walsh-Sarah Palin will never be president

For those claiming the crowd was cheering politically, that the event was inappropriate . . . .

Comparing speeches of Obama and Palin: 'It's difficult to imagine a starker contrast'

Beck thinks Obama "became" President last night..."better late than never"

Niagara Falls, Slowly They Turned, Step By Step

For better or worse, those two speeches were equally representative of America.

Self-deleted by member

Which Tea Party does Palin support? Patriots or Express?

The most complete list of RW talk-inspired incidents is at this link.


Glock Sales Increase After Arizona Shooting

Does anyone know a site that debunks anti-union propaganda?

So if talk radio does not influence

Authorities say Loughner's black bag contains ammunition, drug store purchases

Dire Straits - Money for Nothing ruled "too offensive" for Canadian radio

Gay marriage repeal not on NH GOP agenda this year

Gay marriage repeal not on NH GOP agenda this year

Let it rain down upon me....I feel lost and sad that we don't seize the opportunities for truth

Nancy Pelosi will be Tweety's guest in a few minutes

U.S. journalistic community shuns Assange - not a journalist

Palin's Facebook scrubbing in real time - LOL! someone filmed their screen as neg comments scrubbed

"Together We Thrive" too much for the Right Wing.

Odd part of Obama's speech

"Promoting anti-government extremism is your business. Without it you are nothing and you know it."

I think Obama is having his Martin Luther King moment

sign letter of support for Tucson Sheriff

Obama made the speech of a lifetime last night

Sun rises 2 days early in Greenland.

A conservative is someone who maintains that health care is not a fundamental right, but ...

IndiGo commits to 180 (Airbus) A320s, largest jet order in aviation history

Don't understand why people would expect the right to "improve" after

Martha Stewart got stitches. Francesca nailed her in the lip

The American Fast Food Syndrome

I just have to say

Ex-CEO of Godfather's Pizza, Teabagger, throws his hat into the ring

Right to bear arms is nothing more than the right to vote -- Sarah Palin

TPM: "Tom DeLay says he was convicted because he drew too liberal a jury."

Next time you complain about the US PC Police, be glad you don't live in Canada

Google, Facebook and Yahoo to test new net addresses (BBC)


Now that's my Marine Corps!

MLK Day March Against Wage Slavery (Starbucks 1st time holiday pay for MLK day IWW)

People have the Power!....FDR Did NOT Do it Alone!!

Thom Hartmann on the “Becking” of America

Dad's arrest in sex case results in $1.8M settlement

LOL- "Republican voters are not going to choose a middle-aged version of Britney Spears"

Angels To Descend On Arizona

A transsexual has been murdered in Minneapolis.

Party of austerity and responsibility is STILL struggling with its own debt

Limbaugh scrapes his septic tank:

Another moderate (sane) republican waves bye bye.

Video of Tea Party Rage After Rep. Bob Filner's Election

How would Mike Huckabee have handled the massacre in Ariozna?

There is no Analogy for a Gun

Mr. DTBK on Houston Fox station re. Loughner between 5 & 6 CST

AP: On shootings and politics, Palin has her own rules

Why are all the wingnut websites pushing a completely BS story about the TSA?

Pawlenty on the Daily Show - a campaign that never was

Pawlenty on the Daily Show - a campaign that never was

American home grown terrorists

What was your favorite line/moment from Obama's speech last night?

Chris Matthews can call Sarah Palin Ms. Palin, Mrs. Palin, Sarah, Palin, whatever.

Did Alleged Arizona Shooter Jared Loughner Think He Was Dreaming During Attack?

Palin aide Rebecca "Non-Violent Crosshairs" Mansour: Accusations against her boss "incite violence"

Epic War on Drugs Fail

Congressman Tierney's wife gets 30 days in jail for tax fraud

White guy shooting = "Crazy,"... but brown guy shooting = "Terrorist?"

What advice do you have for Tom Delay to help him survive prison?

Other T-Shirt Colors Malkin hated for the Memorial

Sarah, what she did and did not do

Oh god, her little coffin...Tweety just showed a clip of the funeral for Christine...

Is reagan suppose to be some perfect..

Here in Tucson, it's been a rough few days

So what penalty does Palin deserve, if any?

Panera Bread opens 3rd "pay what you wish" location

any republican had any opinion on the disaster in alasker's 8 minute diatribe?

Well intended, but Congressman Clyburn really

Gohmert Warns Of ‘Reverting’ To Era Of Congressional Duels — While Pushing Bill

Extreme wealth stratification, the RW rationale for it ?

Which of these is more dangerous?

Which of these is more dangerous?

NASA says it can't afford new rocket, spacecraft

It's so hard for us to lead by example...

Palmdale family target of Section 8 hatred

Repub Gohmert says carrying guns in the Capital building will avert duels...

Boehner was told do you want a seat on AF-1

Her media smarts are considerable

Congress quietly prepares to renew Patriot Act

Congress quietly prepares to renew Patriot Act


Everyone knows the Jews were just as responsible for WWII as the Nazis.

How much has the war cost your state and your community?

Video teaser: IBM computer bests Jeopardy opponents

About those tee-shirts that were handed out last night...

"words mean what I want them to mean" said humpty dumpty

Proposed anti-meth bill would require doctor's prescriptions for some cold medications

Screw It... It's Been Edited...

Student Sues College for Having Her Committed Over Hidden Camera

Blood libel on Mathews now

the media has spent two years equating sarah palin with President Obama.

An amazing and inspiring speech, so let's get started.

Well... HuffPo Pulled Cenk's Piece Down, But Dylan Ratigan's Show Let Him Put It Back Up...

If you didn't understand the cheering tonight, then you don't understand young America

Michele Obama - Pregnant?

How energy problems are fueling our uncivil unrest

The Martyrdom of Sarah Palin continues

The Martyrdom of Sarah Palin continues

Thanks Rush

“If every person were like Sarah Palin, this world would be a peaceful, beautiful world to live in.”

Texan builds artful, green homes out of trash - story and pics

Feds plan for internet "driver's license" - ? I do not like this!

There is no excuse for the Speaker of the House not attending the memorial. Some high official of

Dog Whistle for Prayer Warriors - Palin as Victim of Blood Libel

You Just Can't Fake That

You Just Can't Fake That

Friends, teachers tell of Loughner's descent into world of fantasy

Dolphins dying in Vegas

••• Video - Palin gives totally non-political speech about Giffords shooting - so touching! •••

Surprise (US) Border officials seize Canadian woman’s Kinder egg

Hartmann quotes nadinbrezinski

god i love wbez. worldview right now playing eisenhower's

On President Obama's Message

On President Obama's Message

Now here is an interesting correlation... what drug is linked with xenophobia and ethnocentrism?

Rush Limbaugh's Awkward "Straight Shooter" Billboard in Tucson

Did you know the hero-intern who saved Giffords, Daniel Hernandez Jr, is gay?

Christina's brother and parents

there's no more evidence that Palin has a mental illness than there is

Palin is Finished.

Best friend breakthrough: Stem-cell therapy for dogs

Wikileaks Founder: Our Enemy is China

Wikileaks Founder: Our Enemy is China

Glenn Greenwald: After Tucson - The desperate pursuit of a total illusion: Absolute Safety

FDA orders limiting pain reliever in Vicodin

Please sign this online petition supporting Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

Is it really okay to refuse an invitation from the President?

Wikileaks: Bank Of America Documents Coming Soon, Watch The Short Film And Share It With The World

My husband's funeral wasn't for ME...

POCLAD: Why (we need to) Abolish All Corporate Constitutional Rights

I've found the use of "blood libel" used by the anti-choice movement

Limbaugh is bouncing around like a pinball...

Louie Gohmert is a pandering, self-serving, unhelpful, divisive clown

Brown's Berkeley Cuts Imperil California Dream That Fueled Silicon Valley

Take a small smile break. . .

This is one case where I don't feel racist when I say, if you don't like it, go home

First Ohio governor since 1962 to have an entire Cabinet without any racial diversity

Tasteless Limbaugh billboard in Tuscon

What makes Arizona's killer just a loner, not a terrorist?

This gets richer: Palin to appear on FOX interviewed by Sean Hannity on Martin Luther King Day

Obama is playing poker....with your money

The Judge (Tucson) was his uncle

A matter of PUBLIC HEALTH: Why Not Regulate Guns as Seriously as Toys?

Wikileaks' Assange charged in US with 'treason'

Anyone here actually ever had a legit death threat?

Who still has their bumper stickers on their cars? DU stickers in house windows?

Organic, Local, Small-Scale: Best Path to Beat Hunger

Will Karl Rove bury the record of his 2004 election theft? (Fitrakis & Wasserman)

at least two conservatives call Native American blessing 'peculiar'

at least two conservatives call Native American blessing 'peculiar'

Facebook good or bad? teens arrested for Facebook bullying.

The Offical DU " I Remember Now Why I Supported Obama" Thread

Saw A Great Bumper Sticker Today

Conservatives Criticize Free T-Shirts At Tucson Memorial Service

Palin To Do TV Interview Monday

Head of House Homeland Security Committee demands Obama place WikiLeaks/Assange on "enemies list "

Explained: Jared Loughner’s Grammar Obsession (far-right tax-resister movement.)

It blows my mind that people are still insisting that Lougner

Sarah Palin Learns the Web Has No Undo Feature

Poll: 71% of Americans oppose raising debt ceiling, 51% support military cuts

Two Women

So, yeah...

Reminder: Beck's Incendiary Rhetoric Has Motivated Threats, Assassination Attempts

How to deflect the argument that the left jumped to conclusions in AZ.

Latina commentator makes AMAZING point about the Tucson shooting on NPR

When will we all grow up?

Two girlfriends of Loughner speak, one says he is faking mental illness

Time to end linguistic terrorism

'Save My Brother First': Boy, 13, Sacrifices Life in Australian Flood

Rep Fillner: "This is not an isolated incident"

PIC: Palin's Republican Apocalypse Now

I have been very down on Obama lately, until tonight

I have been very down on Obama lately, until tonight

I have a question about the term "blood libel" that I hope someone can help with....

DO NOT REMAIN SILENT (A Call to Protest the Tucson Massacre)

A Primer on the "Tone" of Today's Political Discourse...

Anticipated attacks on health care reform

The voice mails of Charles Habermann, the $3 million trust funder who threatened Rep. McDermott

"Frankly, Sarah, We Don't Give A Damn!" (An Open Letter of Farewell and Adieu)

How about a $1 per bullet tax?

MILESTONE!!! - She Did Not JUST Open Her Eyes!!!

C-r-e-e-e-e-e-e-p-y.... Palin's Breath

What Eisenhower Got Wrong

What Eisenhower Got Wrong

On Christian End of Days Eschatology and why Sarah matters

Deconstructing Shinar

What's the score in Obama's America?

Murdoch used our lax media regulation, formed Fox News to take our country to the right.

DeLay Killed Assault Weapons Ban

Stochastic Terrorism: Triggering the shooters.

"Together We Thrive: Tucson and America" - pics

‘Special interests have kicked your butt:’ Wendell Potter to single-payer group

FL's Allen West will not tone down his language. Once said he would bring liberals to their knees.

January Photo Contest **POLL** thread #3

January Photo Contest **POLL** thread #2

January Photo Contest **POLL** thread #1

Pilot Stops Plane for Family of Murdered Child

Lawyer for Assange’s Sex Accusers Helped In CIA Torture Rendition

I'm off to have dinner tonight with an old friend

The Cartoonists 4 More Gun control calls

The Cartoonists 4 More Gun control calls

The Cartoonists 4 Obama vs the hotheads

Hezbollah plans to resign from Lebanese government

President Obama visits Giffords, others at Arizona hospital

Duplicate please delete

Black GOP Official Resigns, Citing Arizona Tea Party Threats

I cheated death yesterday!

For Anyone Considering Law School, Please Read This NY Times Article

RAM on LA ------> your thoughts?


A sammitch infidel.

I'll tell you when I REALLY miss the warmer weather:

Yep. This is DEFINITELY a gingerbread woman.

Ian Brown - Free My Way

You remember that day? No, not that one... THAT one!!! You can thank MFM for that...

When's the last time something tasted THIS good to you?

Afghanistan bombings strike intelligence officials

David Nelson dies at 74; last surviving member of the TV sitcom family

Israeli PM's guards tell journalists to strip

I'm pondering the differences between tonight's stadium memorial and Paul Wellstone's.

Go through men's sportswear, and make a right at Guangzhou......

Cats are MASTERS of "the silent treatment".

Snoop Dogg bikes in Amsterdam

mods pls delete, posted in wrong forum

4 more reported dead in latest Tunisian unrest

More than 300 die in Brazil floods

I Never Loved Sarah Braun

"Peel" by MATANIU

Brisbane in shock as fresh rains feared

WikiLeaks has Rupert Murdoch 'insurance files'

Food country of origin?


Quitters Raga

1 million homes repossessed in 2010


Further Away

Seems Like

Government fall plunges Lebanon into uncertainty

What the hell is this...

Tony Blair to appear before Iraq war inquiry on 21 January

Is it just me, or did every regular character from Laugh-In do a cameo on Sesame Street?

Wikileaks Founder: Our Enemy is China

At Dr. Phil’s behest, ‘golden-voiced’ man to check into rehab

Touring Camelot, Without Having to Leave Home (JFK docs free online)

Holy's 1:12am and I've gotta get the h*ll to bed....

Brisbane flood levels reach peak

He was dying, and cried for help...

Surprise (US) Border officials seize Canadian woman’s Kinder egg

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one

Headhunter/agency question....

If you gotta go down, might as well go down in flames; (Dominoes Pizza termination note)

Oh, Christ - NBC goes from Obama's amazing speech to the country's biggest douchebag, Guy Fietttttti

Politics is personal.

Friendly, friendly Toronto

I just noticed that Hawkeye-X was tombstoned...

Talking Cat

Memorial for Ashley Turton, former Hill staffer, to be held Friday

‘Creepy,’ ‘Very Hostile’: A College Recorded Its Fears

Meet Heidi, the "Squint-Eyed Opossum"

Political crisis shakes Lebanon

Tucson tea party founder says Giffords to blame for getting shot

31 seconds that will change your life.

Love is blind... and in Arizona, we DO love our chile peppers.

If only the Garden of Eden existed today... somewhere on a mysterious ranch in Southern Arizona.

The three most amaizeing genres of music:

Trade Deficit in U.S. Unexpectedly Fell in November

Bill Pullman - Alternate Independence Day Speech

How do I find a post from the greatest page from yesterday morning?

Berlusconi suffers trial setback as judges amend law


Today Show Ewok Dance To Billie Jean

Today Show Ewok Dance To Billie Jean

Jobless Claims in U.S. Rose 35,000 Last Week to 445,000

Heidi brings home the coolest gifts:

Fuzzy math

Steve Landsberg roasts Barry Goldwater

If you call somebody's cell, and get the message that "The person is not accepting phone calls now.

I hope you're not very hungry. This is gonna take a while.

Auto Work Force Gets Dividend From Industry’s Rebound

Gabrielle Giffords communicating with family, doctors say

Obama: Make shooting debate 'worthy of those we have lost'

Whatever you do, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, click on this.

Slater hater destroys Mario Lopez urinal tribute

Court Revokes Automatic Immunity for Berlusconi

New Sarah Palin show

Mouse Problem...I'd rather not use Snap Traps...any experience with this Riddex Sonic Repelleler?

Police: actor Peter Fonda finds dead body in car in Los Angeles

Wikileaks' Assange charged in US with 'treason'

Help . . . I need advice on cooking steak

Anyone know what these chemicals are in my yogurt?

MiddleFingerMom and his buddies like to go down to the swimmin' hole in January.

WikiLeaks Contributes $15,000 to Bradley Manning’s Defense

From my front porch, I can see Uranus.

Sarah Palin breathes

Peter Fonda Finds Dead Body

Help me find the Artist who did this song>>

Defence Contractors Insulated from Budget Cuts

Judge: Militia rebellion charge should stick

Third mass grave found in Ivory Coast, says UN

Nancy Pelosi was in room when Gabrielle Giffords opened her eyes

Tucson Tea Party Founder Blames Giffords For Getting Shot:'The Real Case Is That She Had No Security

Black bag found may be tied to Giffords shooting, authorities say

Doctors Call Giffords’s Progress Remarkable (Thursday Update)

Aide: Uptick in Death Threats Against Palin

Lawmaker brings concealed gun to 'gun-free' Arizona Senate

Issa Targets Obama Legislative Agenda With Panels on Economy, Bank Rescues

Floods force a million Sri Lankans from homes

Hindu holy man in custody over India blasts (previously thought to be the work of Muslim militants)

Clinton: Middle East Faces Disaster Without Reform

Retirement on hold while Navy probes lewd videos

Sicily's Mt. Etna Erupts, Lights Up Night Sky

New Jersey Cuts Bond Sale After Christie's `Bankrupt' Comments

Transcript: Ex-CIA agent said he didn't understand English while admitting Cuba hotel bombings

Righthaven extends copyright lawsuit campaign to individual Web posters

an update on Mrs. Venation

John Boehner turns down Air Force One ride to Tucson (Hosting RNC Cocktail Party)

BREAKING: EPA Vetoes Largest Mountaintop Removal Permit: New Era of Civility in the Coalfields?

BREAKING: EPA Vetoes Largest Mountaintop Removal Permit: New Era of Civility in the Coalfields?

MMMM....Tuna melt with Louisiana hot sauce....Lunch!...nt

(Edwin Edwards, D) Former Louisiana governor released from prison

U.S. charges six for attempted arms sales in Colombia

A computer desk is not complete, unless...

Your Zodiac sign may have changed

BASF Acid-Carrying Ship Capsizes on Rhine, Halting River Traffic for Today

What's the oldest item in your fridge/cupboard?

Best rock MOVIE...not a concert film or documentary like Last Waltz...of all time?

(Wall Street) Trader Pay Tops Brain Surgeons' and Shows Gap Weathers Crisis

Court overturns Berlusconi's immunity law

Student protesters held at Buckingham Palace

Taliban ready to lift ban on girls' schools, says minister

Taliban ready to lift ban on girls' schools, says minister

And now, a bit of Sid Caesar...

So, tomorrow I move into what will be me and my fiancee's first apartment

Father/Daughter duet -- if you can watch this and not smile

Something odd yesterday with trying to get a prescription filled

The bogeyman of French politics, Le Pen, bows out

Crap! Looks like I need to get a new water heater.

DeLay lawyer says his client will never spend day in jail

My daughter makes me proud once again. Bonafide La Leche League leader

Cat Sal Called to jury duty (was denied disqualification request)

WikiLeaks condemns GOP embargo call

Kennel owner: Just wait. Your pups will sprout devil horns

Bad day, went on a call for a traffic fatality. Turns out I knew the guy.

White House on Sarah Palin's comments: No comment

Lullaby for a Weary World

Seniors May Have To Pay For Medicare Home Health

Tunisian Rioters Overwhelm Police Near Capital (Mansion Of A Presidential Relative Ransacked)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, January 13, 2011

CFTC Proposes Limits On Speculative Trading In Oil, Food Products, Other Commodities

I swear, I'm cursed

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (01/13/2011)

Delay: I was Tried in "Most Liberal County" in U.S.

Loughner's former girlfriend speaks

U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison won't seek re-election in 2012

Congress quietly prepares to renew Patriot Act

WikiLeaks Delivers Contribution to Bradley Manning Defence Fund

TSA makes ‘nominal’ payment to settle suit over exposing 24-year-old’s breasts

More Fun With Cats

Five cats! I have 5 cats and a mouse just ran over my foot!

So..say you became infamous for some reason, and the media was going through your stuff afterward.

I hate being treated like a child....

Steamed snow crap...

AIG to fully repay U.S. government

4 protesters who climbed trees arrested

Public strongly opposes debt level increase: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Remarks from Speaker Boehner and Leader Pelosi on Tucson Shootings

Young Turks: Tea Party & Right Wing Violence Interview

Obama: 'Gabby Opened Her Eyes For The First Time'

Tucson Memorial Service Honors Shooting Victims (Full Video)

Sarah Palin uses "Blood Libel" in her "Response" - She Proves Words Can Hurt!

Domestic Spy Drones Raise Legal Concerns

Cenk TYT commentary: WikiLeaks To Expose Fox News?

President Obama's Full Speech at Tucson Memorial

Pat Buchanan: "Blood Libel" Excellent Statement

Ed Schultz: Palin Plays Victim, Goes On Attack

Sarah Palin’s Blood Libel Speech – The Director’s Cut

You know you're a loser if..

Sen Gillibrand & Rep Wasserman Describe Being In The Room When Gabby Giffords Opened Her Eyes

PSYCHO TALK - Sarah Palin & The Dueling Forefathers

Mike Malloy - Fear!! Fear!! Get Your Guns!! Get Your Guns!!

Niggling Complaints But Mainly Praise From Faux News Panel About Obama's Tucson Speech

Big Ed Interviews Robert Greenwald: "What We're Up Against Is The MILITARY MEDIA COMPLEX"

Musical Q&A on Wars and Lies

Cenk TYT commentary: Violent Liberals? - Michelle Malkin's List Debunked

MRV: Mildly Relevant Reaction To President Obama's Tucson Memorial Speech

Kids and technology from a past generation

Loughner's friend Zach Osler says he took the drug Salvia Divinorum

BP Spill Commission Spreads Blame

"carefully taught" Very Good Video on Right Wing Violent Hate Speech!

Brit Hume Questions Tone, Timing Of Arizona Shooting Memorial Service

Bill Maher on Arizona Shooting - Anderson Cooper

David Brock: Glenn Beck Spurred Three Thwarted Assassination Attempts

Thom Hartmann: You Lie Rifle Now Available for Sale

Attack of the Right Wing Courts

Arizona Massacre - The LAST Word! by Old Fart Rants

Thom Hartmann: The Only Way to End Violence

Daniel Hernandez Remarks At Arizona Victims Memorial Service

Freakin Frackin by Op-Critical - Protest Music Against Fracking! - Justice Through Music

President Obama's address to memorial service in Tucson (01/12/2011)

Town Hall Crowd Cheers On Man Confronting GOP Rep Over Repealing Health Care

Conservative Media Attacks This Beautiful Native American Blessing from Tucson Memorial Service


Young Turks: Guns & Loughner Shootings - Coalition To Stop Gun Violence Interview

2012 Presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty plays the Palin had more experience than Obama card, 1/13/11

Hockey crowd sings after 8-year-old's national anthem glitch (heartwarming!)

Teabaggers Successfully Push Wake County School Board To Turn Back The Clock, Re-segregate Schools

"Centrist" Alan Nathan tells David Pakman about Jeremiah Wright in Rhetoric False Equivalency

AP Raw Video: 9/11 Flag Raised for Youngest Victim

Thom Hartmann and Sarah Palin discuss Blood Libel

Sarah Palin's "NON MEA CULPA" - The Way it Should Have Been! (A Remix)

Sam Seder Debates a Conservative Caller About Right-Wing Rhetoric

Carlos Gonzales

Majority Report: 'You're dead to me.'

Majority Report : Fracking: The Haliburton Loophole That Poisons America's Drinking Water

Cenk On MSNBC: Conservative Leaders Create Violent Atmosphere ('Hate Seeking Missiles')

The Sickest Motherfucker On Earth

Tool Time: HuffPo Censors TYT

Palin's Breath

Chris Rock on Gun Control

Exclusive interview with "The Corporation That Ran For Congress"

State GOP African American resigns after getting DEATH THREATS from the AZ tea party

Obama Visits Rep. Giffords Before Tucson Speech

Taking, Not Placing, Responsibility

President Obama's Remarks at "Together We Thrive" Memorial -- FULL TEXT

Let us all remember the real victims tonight.

CBS NEWS POLL: Most Americans don't blame political rhetoric for AZ shooting

President Obama says polarized nation needs healing

It's really annoying when the media ask "Why would Palin say____?"

Stadium opened after arena fills for Obama speech

The President just brought this baby home. Outstanding....n/t

"Just words . . . "

Obama: 'We Mourn With You ... We Join You In Your Grief'

President Obama urges Americans to unite in tragedy's wake

Udall Urges Congress to Put Aside Partisan Divisions ? Sit Together During State of the Union

LO: Brokaw Says Obama meets Lincoln's Level

Dammit, I missed the speech, but I'm already emotional :)

Of course Drudge couldn't stay classy about Obama's message in Tucson tonight

Near 30,000 people watch Obama's speech

Excellent Speech Mr. President!

Obama in Tucson: The Right Loses a Meme (David Corn)

Shorter David Gergen for those that (mercifully) missed it: "Tucson, you're grieving wrong."

To those still committed to peddling the language of hate

President Obama is the adult

Dear crazy country, let Obama be Lincoln already!

Tom Brokaw on MSNBC compares President Obama's speech tonight to Lincoln at Gettysburg

"Moral Imagination"

Sarah Palin's semi official blogs are just disgusting at the moment.

Krauthammer (of all people) made a great point.

Tonight's Unspoken Theme: An appreciation for government and its employees

Klein: "On this night, finally, he became President of all the people. It was a privilege to behold"

Obama issues stirring call for national soul searching

In the spirit of the President's speech tonight, who will join me...

Boehner didn't even show up!

I think Obama is the best public speaker of our generation.

I think Obama is the best public speaker of our generation.

Let's please heed the President's call - and focus on his message, not on criticizing his opponents

Today we saw the qualities that make both a good and a bad president

Palin: Journalists incite hatred after AZ shooting

Obama Brings It Home

Pelosi, Gillibrand and Wasserman-Shultz were with Giffords when she opened her eyes

Jobless Claims in U.S. Rose 35,000 Last Week to 445,000

Nancy Pelosi was in the room when she opened her eyes.

What a president.

Barack Obama takes opportunity Sarah Palin missed

A Tale of Two Speeches

In the 1990s my city mayor, a liberal Dem, was out of town when Prez Clinton came to visit.

Palin: "They claim political debate has somehow gotten more heated just recently."

Tempest Spilled Out of the Teapot

Obama Speaks To 'An American Family, 300 Million Strong'

Yesterday: Sarah Palin reminded us of who she is and why she & McCain lost.

President Obama: "If there are rain puddles in heaven, Christina is jumping in them today."

"I want our Country to be as great as Christina imagined it!"

Auto Work Force Gets Dividend From Industry’s Rebound

Newest right wing talking point... I was just reading comments at TPM about

Krugman: Can Europe Be Saved?

Five Questions on the Tucson, Ariz., Shootings for psychologist Joel Dvoskin, PhD

'Only a more civil and honest public discourse can help us face up to our challenges as a nation...'

Udall is a genius. United we sit!!!

We should be begging Palin to be the nominee! If she is we win back the house!

Photos: "I want America to be as good as she imagined it." (The Obama Presidency, Day 723)

Rethugs to continue next week on repealing health care

David Gergen is an asshole.

They Even Filibustered The Public Printer!

Every White House correspondent that asks for Obama reaction to Palin statement

President Obama does with his voice like Picasso did with a paint brush

Our president is an amazing man

Dems settle on branding for GOP repeal effort: "The Patient's Rights Repeal Act"

Very, very dangerous appeasement

I learned about past president who comfort with victim and speech.

(Edited) tSomethings President Obama added to his speech at Tucson.

Thanks to Chris Matthews tonight

Obama gives Ben Quayle a Ride

By celebrating the lives of the slain and wounded and

Pointing Fingers and Violent Rhetoric

Palin Aide:: Palin Death Threats have spiked

Compilation of Reactions to Pres. Obama's Speech

"Good lord, these guys really need to grow up. This is just pathetic."

Two More: Thank You Mr. President

Video: Rep. Wasserman Schultz and Sen. Gillibrand describe their visit with Rep. Giffords

Compilation of Reactions to Pres. Obama's Speech

Show some class Sarah.

Fox Panel loved the Speech

I had to switch it off. Sarah Palin's address disturbed me more

I'm a little shock..

I noticed that O'Conner stood up but did not applaud.

Sarah Palin, or Hindenburg?

An Open Letter to Parents Following the Tragedy in Tucson, By First Lady Michelle Obama

The Insurrection Time Line

Obama EPA Revokes Largest Mountaintop Removal Permit in US History

Palin: Dueling excuses inciting violence. Isn't that what she's saying in essence?

"she was clearly trying to hug him" (The moment when Gabby opened her eyes.)

Even Glenn Beck praises Obama's Tucson speech.

The RW stepped in it and they know Palin is a screw up

Many of my Republican co-workers are angry about Obama's speech

The Cost of Demagogues

I gotta say I kind of agree with Gergen that the atmosphere in the Arena was wierd

There Will Be No Serious Challenge to President Obama & He'll Be Re-Elected in 2012.

Top ten things President Obama did to stabilize the economy and help the recovery

Right-Wing Media Falsely Claim Daily Kos Put Image Of Bull's Eye On Rep. Giffords. WaPo repeats lie.

Masters of hate locked and loaded by Pepe Escobar

Get well, "Fight on" card for Rep. Giffords" at

Fox News: The No. 1 Name in Murder Fantasies

Loughner’s Jewish mother? Not so much

Joan Walsh: One nation, as good as it gets

Eugene Robinson:Obama: consoler in chief

Former Tiburon school board member injured in Arizona shooting

Correa Proposes Referendum Vote on Banks’ Holdings

Cuban-born terrorist Luis Posada Carriles's day in court may be here

Obama Calls for a New Era of Civility in U.S. Politics (NY Times)

The secret of herding cats

Esquire: The Voices in Jared Loughner's Head Shall Not Be Respected

The President's Speech - by Joe Klein

E.J. Dionne: How Violent Talk Blocks Sane Gun Laws

Milbank: Arizona shooting inspires the best of politics(Congress)

The Cheap Miserly Petty Party "Outraged" Over Free Teeshirts!

How the GOP will deal with Sarah Palin

Loughner's descent into a world of fantasy

Robert Parry: Palin Depicts Herself as Tucson Victim

The Paradox of Disarmament

Nazi crimes investigations rise around the globe

Flashbacks and Lingering Questions for Survivors

Problems of Democracy

Wis. former Sen. Feingold to write book about America's relationship with the rest of the world.

Palin's Narcissism Gives No Room to Regret: Margaret Carlson

Jared Loughner’s Friend Tells GMA: ‘He Did Not Watch TV, He Disliked The News’

What violent rhetoric?

On Obama’s speech: two years in office and still naive

Sweden aims to extradite WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to the US - lawyer

LAT Editorial: Tampering with citizenship

An American tragedy...Larry McMurtry

No link b/n Right Wing Propaganda Machine & violence?Look at this.

Former Bush speech writer: Blame marijuana for shootings, not gun laws

Obama and Palin, A Tale of Two Speeches.- Micheal Shear, NYTimes

Sarah Palin's 'blood libel' blunder

G.O.P. Asks Businesses Which Rules to Rewrite ???

The President's speech, healing, consoling, moving. his best? One for the history books

The GOP's Ongoing War to Re-Brand Poor People as "Lazy," "Freeloading"

The Decline of the American Empire II - The Further Enriching of the Rich and the Economic

New Study Reveals the Hidden Environmental Cost of Parking

NASA Research Finds 2010 Tied for Warmest Year on Record

SolarWorld, others in Oregon hope to benefit from new "Buy America" law

Brazil Orders Substations, Transmission Lines for 14 Wind Farms

Schools to shut for two days against Jaitapur n-power plant

Peak oil notes - Jan 13

Environmental activists demand inquiry into undercover officer's role; Agent provocateur goes native

Texas wind energy generation sets record in 2010

U.S. / Russia sign nuclear trade agreement

Gang attacks Costa Rican environmentalist investigating illegal shark-finning

ZBB Energy Delivers Intelligent Storage Platform to Wisconsin Energy Research Consortium

Another Xpost from GD: EPA vetoes largest mountaintop removal in WV history

Environment Canada Mothballing Cutting-Edge Aerial Tracking Systems - Better To Lease, You See . . .

La Niña fury causing floods around the world: South Africa, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines

With Much Of Queensland (And Mines) Flooded, Coking Coal Prices Approach $300/Ton

Sri Lanka: Record rains increase urgency of climate change adaptation

Univ of Ill study: Plenty of land for Biofuel - enough to meet up to 56% of worlds liquid fuel needs

Owens unveils new alternative energy degree program

US Park Police Chief Reinstated - Fired By BushCo Back In 2004 For Saying Service Understaffed

Nature - The End Of The Wild - Imagining National Parks In 50 Years

Xpost from GD: How energy problems are fueling our uncivil unrest

New "clean" telephone switch in US to save 7 TRILLION tons of carbon/year!

20% of Los Angeles power supplied via renewable energy in 2010

OK. But...

Rifle shots fired at Yuma home, man arrested

Purchasing a gun should require a mental health assessment

Carolyn McCarthy bill tougher than Clinton-era law

Third gun control bill proposed since Tucson shootings -"fire sale loophole"

Carrying a gun? Expose it: No concealing

Shot 8-Year-Old Released From The Hospital

Some gun shops see more interest in accessories (esp extended magazines)

High Capacity Magazines

I thought I'd seen it all from the bradys.

Range Owner: Seeing lots young people trying to see how fast mag change

Let's face it, evil exists, gun availability not withstanding

FBI: Increase in Arizona Handgun Checks (since Saturday)

Do Americans Have the Right to Bear Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Jumping the gun.

Why we should ban guns now!

Why Not Regulate Guns as Seriously as Toys?

Cuban Exile Lied to U.S., Prosecutor Tells Texas Jury

Correa Proposes Referendum Vote on Banks’ Holdings

Cuban-born terrorist Luis Posada Carriles's day in court may be here

Peru ex-media boss Jose Enrique Crousillat captured

U.S. charges six for attempted arms sales in Colombia

Installation of fiber optic cable between Cuba and Venezuela starts next week

Morales voices solidarity with Chávez for OAS "attacks"

Ecuador rebuts Insulza's opinion on Chávez's enabling law

Duke finally eats it! Yessssss!

Brett Favre's sister faces charges after Mississippi meth bust

He did not sell popcorn at halftime.

Michigan's Hoke pounds fist talking about Ohio State

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Wednesday, January 12)

Say hello to the NEW Number 1 team in College Basketball...

Restaurant Has New York Jets Themed Food for Playoffs

Broncos name ex-Panther Fox as head coach

Pavia names Bobby Valentine as Stamford public safety director...

LeBron James sees 'karma' in Cavs rout

Captain America Fights Teen Suicide

Awesome Ally! Straight Wrestler Hudson Taylor Launches Site Against Homophobia In Sports

OREGON: Four Year Prison Sentence For Brutal Attack Over "Gay Hairstyle"

Scott Lively Hired A Convicted Child Rapist To Manage His Teen-Friendly Coffee Shop

Chicago's Cardinal George Says Gay Marriage Advocates Have 'Lost Touch' With The Human Race, Rips Ci

This may sound stupid, but I have a technical question.

Obama calls gay Giffords intern a ‘hero’

Gun control logic. Brady campaign logic.

Netanyahu: WikiLeaks showed three top issues in Mideast are Iran, Iran, Iran

South Park to take on Atheists

And in another shocker from the Vatican

Do Any of You Get Sick of "Miracle" Stories in the News?

Extreme Planet Makeover

Astronomers Weigh Heaviest Black Hole Yet

Pioneering Edsac computer to be {re}built at Bletchley Park {EDSAC, 1949}

NGC 3521

Pictures: "Nasty" Little Predator From Dinosaur Dawn Found

New Age mystics are misusing quantum mechanics

400 people volunteered for a one-way trip to Mars

Study: If aliens exist, they probably want to destroy us