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Archives: January 15, 2011

Woman accidentally shot when man drops gun at Houston restaurant.

Embarrassing JetBlue snafu! Airline pilot loses gun and flight gets grounded

Priebus (new head of RNC) accused of being liberal/rino on RW blog

Republicans Seek Governors' Advice on Obama Role in 'Control' of States

POLITICO is a right wing clap trap

POLITICO is a right wing clap trap

Gang shootout kills 14 in Veracruz, Mexico

Rep. Shelley Berkley hosts ‘Congress on Your Corner’ in wake of Giffords shooting

In 1995, before he was President, Obama wrote about moran.

Southwestern Ill. man accused of strapping fake bomb to himself deemed mentally fit for trial

CNN; "What if he were your kid?" EFF OFF! "What if SHE were my kid, CNN?" Ya jackwagons.

Enough Pat Buchanan bashing! He has never gotten over the loss of a loved one at Auschwitz.

are voters smarter than pundits?

are voters smarter than pundits?

Gabrielle Giffords' breathing tube might be removed Saturday

Dupnik, Dupnik, Dupnik

Business Insider article: Obama will soon lift travel restrictions to Cuba

Business Insider article: Obama will soon lift travel restrictions to Cuba

Gun Sight Ad Still Part of Palin’s YouTube Channel - FDL

KO said on Wednesday that he wasn't feeling well

Somebody tell me..........

"Duck and Cover" TCM Saturday morning 5:45am est

We won't have Mike Steele to kick around anymore

Meet Newly-Elected RNC Chair Reince Priebus

Today in Labor History Jan 14 Pennsylvania Court rules bosses can fire workers for being gay

In Case You Missed This: 'In WikiLeaks Fight, U.S. Journalists Take A Pass' - McClatchy

The Anti-Gun Culture: Irresponsible, Phobia-Driven and Just Plain Wrong on the Facts

Cat hero retires from dog duty

Compared to tribalism, is racism progressive?

Police: Loughner up all night at Walmarts, Circle Ks before shooting

Ah PalinPAC and eschatology

Agent Orange Ass again

Which do you feel/think/know/guess leads to more deaths per year:

Father: Organs of youngest Tucson victim donated to 'little girl in Boston'

Novi dad kills wife and sons, 4 and 6, then self; '

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! & here's a new kitty gif

Real Time with Bill Maher returns tonight

Earth Empires Administrator Unveils Loughner Posts

Words mean stuff.

Psychic Told Loughner To Get Help Told Friends in 2005 'The Kid Is Lethal'

Loughner Video With 'Genocide' and 'Torture' Ramblings is Released

Loughner Video With 'Genocide' and 'Torture' Ramblings is Released

NON-RACIST freeper on "lowered expectations applied to blacks, even when they’re in the White House"

History of RW hate talk

Best stories of 2010

I now know why Michael Steele was not re-selected as RNC President...

TDS: ‘Thoughtful Discourse’? Pawlenty Says U.S. Tilts ‘Everyday, A Little Bit More’ Toward Tyranny

Lighter side of talk radio

Gabe Zimmerman Scholarship fund

How DARPA Plans to Catch the Next Arizona Shooter--Before He Strikes

200 years ago this month: Largest slave revolt in US history

I smell a (trained) rat.......

Darn! You mean we don't get to keep Michael Steele?

WTF??!! What the hell is wrong with people?! Survey says...

Violent Media Rhetoric: Beyond Tucson

The compassion of Richard Nixon: 'If he gets shot, it's too damn bad.' (on Ted Kennedy)

Hate and Violence Are Encoded in the DNA of the American Right

all together now...."All We Are Saying Is Give Peace A Chance"

all together now...."All We Are Saying Is Give Peace A Chance"

Gov. Sandoval to pursue constitutional change for school choice

U.S. Plans to Sue 4 States Over Laws Requiring Secret Ballots for Unionizing

The US military is fighting to build... Afghan business culture?

Head of White-Power American Party, Asks Senators How They'll Save the White Race

'First Wikileaks Revolution': Tunisia riots blamed on cables which revealed country's corruption

Whistleblower was arrested 3 times after exposing ‘Good Ole Boy network' at Nissan in Tennessee

Sanders warns Obama not to agree with GOP on Social Security benefit cuts

Sanders warns Obama not to agree with GOP on Social Security benefit cuts

Gunfire in the Land of Political Hatemongers

Terrorism in Tucson

Gunmen torch 14 NATO oil tankers in south Pakistan

Gun Sight Ad Still Part of Palin’s YouTube Channel

One of the men shot last Saturday in Tucson witnessed the Kent State shooting

Okay Bohner, since you didn't go to the memorial and you won't be attending the state dinner, where

Fox News' Chris Wallace: 'You Don't Have To Call The Other Side Socialists or Fascists'

CNN headline: Tragedy in Tuscon ... Shouldn't that be, Terror in Tuscon?

U.S. bills states $1.3 billion in interest on jobless-pay loans

Now the U.S. Treasury Dreads Its Own Default

The Class War Launched by America's Wealthiest Is Getting More Savage

Tunisian dictator and his family flee to Saudi Arabia

I think Hannity is in LOVE with Palin!

Mike Lee: Federal Child Labor Laws Are Unconstitutional

The White House brings in Bruce Reed as Assistant to the President and Biden's Chief of Staff

How Employers Weed Out Unemployed Job Applicants, Others, Behind the Scenes

Tell Vermont lawmakers: 'Enact single payer!'

NBC - "Coming up, startling news about President Reagan...possible Alzheimers"

BREAKING: Birthers Question Legitimacy of New GOP Chair

Sean Hannity Proposes Re-Invading Iraq and Kuwait To ‘Take All Their Oil’

The trauma of long-term unemployment: Losing your job is just the start

The trauma of long-term unemployment: Losing your job is just the start

Romney Watch: Boston suburbanite compares Romney to Stephen King novel

The more i think of it the less I even care whether Wikileaks "endangers Americas foreign interests"

surge update: 3 U.S. soldiers killed in iraq

EPA Stops Largest Mountaintop Removal Mine

Still fighting against own cause

Taking pics of a DUI bust, that's an arresting (couple set him up)

Cash, gold, or plastic

BEHOLD: The Sarah Palin Breathing Wall of Nightmares.

Shannon Johnson Admits Playing Facebook Game As One-Year-Old Son Drowned

Is this a wide-ranging DNS hack on CNN.COM? Redirects to CNN.commen.

Alan Dershowitz Defends Palin on ‘Blood Libel’

At least 511 dead in Brazilian floods: Brazil's deadliest natural disaster in history

1/17 noon MLK Day Rally: Free Bradley Manning/ From FBI to Quantico Prison

If you haven't watched it yet: "The History of Right Wing Hate Talk"

cheerful thought for the day

I am convinced that GE likes Pat Buchanan's hate messages

Presidential nominees stymied; Senate seeks change

Is something wrong with the sexual development of human males?

Is something wrong with the sexual development of human males?

Another Spectacular ACE McCain Screw Up!

Another Spectacular ACE McCain Screw Up!

Wash Times: Criticism Of Palin's 'Blood Libel' Part Of 'Ongoing Pogrom' Against Conservatives

Neocon 'human rights enthusiasts' notably silent on Tunisia

Neocon 'human rights enthusiasts' notably silent on Tunisia

Did something weird just happen with the CNN website?

WashPo: Fort Dix attackers = terrorists; Hutaree = extremists.

AFL-CIO: What's at Stake? Ohio and the War against Workers

Germany gets top marks for prosecuting Nazi war criminals

Salon: The five worldviews that define American politics. Which are you?

Ain't no coppers coming in my house uninvited!

Self-deleted by member

Self-deleted by member

No Sarah, Democrats did NOT use the same kind of political map as you did.

When Repubs/Tea Partiers/CONs say...

Pentagon official suggests Martin Luther King Jr. would be pro-war if he were alive today

Q: All the big Rush/Glenn fans I know are also alcoholics. Is there a correlation?

Here's some sadness: Etta James treated for leukaemia

A Call to Action.......Sorta.

No tragedy would temper Limbaugh

Want to know why baggers don't want "those other people" getting medical care?

Ok. I get regular updates on recalled stuff from the FDA.. This morning

David Bollier: The Marginalization of the Commons and What To Do About It

As our infrastructure crumbles...

MySpace Layoff Letter Adds Insult To Injury

Etsy Bans "Congrats, You Got Raped" Cards and Other Mean Things

When will the Progressive Era of the 21st Century begin ?

MLK -- A Time to Break Silence

MLK -- A Time to Break Silence

** January Photo Contest ** for Sat AMers

Group: Oldest living African-American dies at 113

Main Gov. LePage retort 'astonishes' civil rights leaders

Palins hit list was over 50% Effective

'Last Supper' recreated in lint by Michigan woman...

It's not what is being said in the media and talk shows

Sebring (FL) bans chain-link fence in front yards

The "Palins Breath" video is one of the most ideotic things I've ever seen posted on the internets

Davis Professor Polled Students For Pregnant Woman's Grade (update)

Health Care Compromise Between Republicans and The Dems

WHO has found that 26 percent of Americans have mental disorders, the highest rate on the planet

Huckabee Praises Obama

mr fish "too much hate"

What are your preferred economic and political systems?

Military widow asked to repay $41,000 in benefits after remarriage, gov't garnishes her checks

One thing should be known about Reince Priebus

2010 the warmest year since 1901: India Meteorology Department

9-Year-Old Shooting Victim's (Christina) Organs Save a Life

What brings you to DU?

Still fighting in Afghanistan...troops still not out of Iraq...Social Security STILL not safe...

Some people just can't learn. Or won't.

Why You Should Feel Cheated, Deceived and Sickened by America's Stunning Inequality, Even If You're

Which Countries Match the GDP and Population of America's States? (Interactive Map from Economist)

Does anyone else see a link between the increase in gas prices and the new Rethug Congress?

Fearing High Gas Prices, Sean Hannity Proposes Re-Invading Iraq and Kuwait To ‘Take All Their Oil’

Dreamticket 2012... Jennifer Granholm + Alan Grayson

When May 21st, 2011 comes and goes and we are still here, what is the next date

Woman who trained Obama family dog Bo dies

Let's place the debate where it belongs...

There is no free speech in the USA

There is no free speech in the USA

Police Terrorize 13-Year-Old Girl In Botched Pot Bust, Family Says

87% In Congress recieved Comcast Money Will Vote in favor of Merger with NBC

I believe that the only way the Brady bill or any other gun control legislation will ever get passed

Victim: 'No Malice Towards Loughner-only sadness that we as a society were not able to help him'

I Don't Usually Cotton to Republican Pundits but. . .

US debt passes $14 trillion, Congress weighs caps

Toon : Failure

Q&A: Former WikiLeaks spokeswoman Birgitta Jonsdottir

Kids perform a 90-second version of "A Wrinkle in Time"

If you can, give.

David Kaczynski blog: Ted was MKUltra victim


A mine is a terrible thing

Must Read Sarah Palin Body Language

Hey Glenn, "The People are the Masters of their Constitution"

Anyone want to talk up the achievements of Woodrow Wilson's presidency?

34,000-Year-Old Life Found Still Alive In Death Valley

Amid WikiLeaks storm, gov't promotes Ellsberg film

scholarly look at the power of mass media

Thank you Mods!

OBAMA administration shitcans Shrub's & Boeing's "virtual fence" at Southern Border

House Weeper John "Drunky McOrange-Glo" Boehner declines state dinner invite

Toxic goop: It might be coating your driveway and tracked into your home

Oh really?-Wingnut-Mistakes Closed Caption for Applause Prompt at Tucson Memorial

make offer!

I've discovered that our school district has completely dropped the ball on Sex Ed.

A falling Dollar is basically like leaving the WTO.

(+) Palin's gun sight/surveyor's mark is a white supremacist symbol (+)

At one time the United States offered free health care

School Releases YouTube Video from Loughner

Iraqi soldier guns down two US troops in Mosul drill

Hate speech from Alan Grayson?

feeling nostalgic

Secret Service Study Probes Psyche of U.S. Assassins

Amid WikiLeaks storm, U.S. government promotes Daniel Ellsberg film!

Touchdown Steelers!!!

200 dead cows found in Wisconsin field

Gee, I miss the DU Hate Mailbag. So I went trolling for some elsewhere

Blue Shield of Calif. to proceed with rate hikes despite calls from government regulators to delay

Pat Buchanan: "For the last week, she’s been a victim"

We are one...

WI GOP proposes legislation to kill wind farms...

LOL. Freepers throw Beck under the bus for saying Obama did well in Tucson.

"Judge rules inmate 'bitten on penis by rodent' may sue" BBC/UK

LOL! Ted Nugent' Wash Times Byline - "Be Prepared for Evil"

cat that fears no dog

Is Reince Priebus related to Pee Wee Herman? Cousin or something?

A blast from the past -- Geo. Bush and how he's going to create a surplus by 2010

NYT: "The victims dropped where they stood, forming a row 20 or 30 feet long."

Tunisia riots - gunmen loyal to country's leader riding around shooting

Excerpt of Dr. King's "Mountain Top" speech seems topical right now.

I would start asking the people who oppose "Obamacare" when are all these terrible things supposed

Arizona budget: Mentally ill may lose health benefits

Question--how much money does the top one percent have?

Ignore them, they'll go away.

85 Year Old in Hospital Misses Last $484 House Payment is Charged $5800

School bus driver arrested for allegedly driving drunk with gun

Give a hungry man a fish and he eats for a day.

Give a hungry man a fish and he eats for a day.

What state has a license plate that is white background with black letters?

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords no longer needs a ventilator

Poverty in Venezuela fell from 70% in 1996 to 23% in 2009

Nadler: Fairness doctrine needed 'as long as it's the people's airwaves'

In Case It Wasn’t Obvious That Bigots Run The GOP - FDL

Jim Hoft is a blithering idiot - says memorial Jumbotron called for applause.

It was two years ago today when Sully brought his plane down in the Hudson.

Tokyo Sarah: I like hearin' that message they're sending right back to me (Obama is a terrorist)

My friend Sara Watkins: guest host for prairie home companion tonite (with live listen link)

My work's done

That Loughner / Glenn Beck Photoshop morph? Probably not half as scary as THIS one.

Exclusive interview: Julian Assange on Murdoch, Manning and the threat from China

New gop national chair is voter obstruction operative

I participated in my first legislative forum today.

Tucson shooting victim arrested for death threat against AZ State Rep Proud(R)

Reince Priebus looks, . to me at least, . .like

Republican school board in N.C. backed by tea party abolishes integration policy

Unbelievable comment on Palin's FB page - a look into the mind of one of her fans

The Unseen China: (The cost of "progress")

Islamic Totalitarianism. Threat to our Nation

So Reagan's RW staffers know more about his mental

From Twitter: "take the vowels out of Reince Preibus' name and you get: RNC PR BS" - LOL!!! n/t

To Beat Back Poverty, Pay the Poor

Give me strength...another Republican chosen by God.

Sarah Palin-Frankenstein

"...Class War...Getting More Savage"

Link to Jared Loughner video tape that got him kicked out of college

GOP policies turned the middle class into the working poor

Reagan had Alzheimer's in office? WHAT?? I haven't been so shocked since

LOL Out of the mouth of fools

Pat Buchanan just said on MSNBC...

Top general and DA vow to change policies on deploying soldiers accused of crimes

Radio stations told to censor Dire Straits "Money for Nothing"

Elizabeth Warren looked....

"Words from people of limited intelligence overflowing the lips of their mouth"

Question I want to ask the Westboro Baptist Losers

THE BIG PROBLEM: Conservatives lack a Sociological Imagination

House made from recycled materials (less than $10,000)

Anagrams of right-wingers

Anagrams of right-wingers

The Irrationality of Rationality - A Tale of 3 Lost Souls

i am really interested where Loughner got the money, didn't sound like he was capable of working

So...if L'Orange D'Ohio DOES flame out as speaker,

••• Loughner video – Loughner is NOT crazy, he's proof of the wasteland of American education. •••

The Apple Pie Fairy

Ted Rall Toon "Violence has no place in American Society"

Ted Rall Toon "Violence has no place in American Society"

Pardon me, dear Democratic Pary leadership, but I won't take your survey.

Duncan Hunter attempts to block 'don't ask, don't tell' repeal

Radio & TV Talk Royal Marshall, Neal Boortz’s engineer, has passed

"Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act"

CNN's idea of balance

CNN's idea of balance

What ever happened to the republican candidate from Georgia who

"Isolated" Incidents Becoming Not So "Isolated"

Sullenberger on CNN with Blitzer discussing heroes

Wash Times: Criticism Of Palin's 'Blood Libel' Part Of 'Ongoing Pogrom' Against Conservatives

The 500 lb. elephant in the room -- Rachel's show.

"12 ways to kill middle class", written in 2002...every one has happened.

After Tucson, will media tone it down?

Many of our rights have been lost that made a very big difference

Simple question: What are the conservative arts?

Simple question: What are the conservative arts?

Final update on my uncle who barricaded himself in his house

I KNOW - enough Limbaugh already - YET! We have an obligation.

How Did a Marine Corps Food Contract Grow to $1.2 Billion?

Resource Alert: Thousands Of Kennedy (JFK) Documents Go Online... Plus Videos And Podcasts !!!

When I was a kid, I wanted to save the whole world.

Republican No Show!

Interview with Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) on gov't seizures of laptops, cellphones, Blackberries

Amazing site for home owners, home buyers, and DIY crowd.

"Weather Channel Guy" Yesterday... "Floods in Australia of Blblical Proportions!"

The Knoxville UU church shooting in 2008 should've been the real wake-up call

YAY!!11!! We still can't travel to Cuba w/o license - unless you're Cuban-American.

Tucson "shooting victim also witnessed Kent State shootings"

Come ON defenders of the rich, you still haven't..............

Store clerk in Austin convicted of murder but given probation over a beer theft.

Sometimes, our "culture" is just too fucked-up for words.

SPLC: The 'Patriot' Movement Timeline ( Tea Party Cozies)

Easier for mentally ill to get a gun than to get mental health care

Guns. Can't Live With 'em. Can't Live Without 'em.

Falling Out Of Middle Class Into A Life With Less - WaPo

Sparky tells the truth about the gun debate

Solar Panel Maker Moves Work to China

Do you believe that Sarah Palin has an undiagnosed mental illness?

This photo should be plastered everywhere.

TomDispatch: Can Women Make Peace?

The cynical & EXPLICIT Right Wing BLUEPRINT to polarize, destabilize & inflame America :

One space or two?

New Rules: Bill Maher to the Teabaggers - The Founding Fathers Would Have Hated Your Guts

TX, GOP Groups Ask: Should Texas Secede?

Zero Hour for Social Security

Just FYI (don't give me a hard time!): George Clooney will be on Morning Joe next Wednesday.

Conservatives are scary evil bloodthirsty fucks

NY Money Manager arrested for threatening to kill Regulators

Cat called for jury duty

The Official DU "Veterans Round-up"

Reuters: Fox shoots man

Since Obama Became President Over 10,000 Laptops Have Been Confiscated at HSA Checkpoints

College Students. Do you care about your school's sports program?

To cliffordu Thank you my friend and neighbor

A Primer on the "Tone" Concerning Today's Political Discourse

I'm going to re-repeat my Reagan story from 1980...

DO NOT REMAIN SILENT (A Call to Protest the Tucson Massacre)

Boner the Refuser© won't be going to Wednesday's state dinner honoring Chinese President Hu Jintao

Truly effective help -- a Case History:

REALLY sophomoric porn... and not the kind with second-year coeds, neither!!!

Stuff a sock in it, y'old farts!!!!!

Not a sex thread. Nope. Nada. POINTEDLY not a sex thread. No sex here folks... just move along.

Anybody have suggestions for a good dating site where every "match" won't be conservative?

Horace Silver - Señor Blues 1959

Hey, brother you guessed, I'm a dude

PUI, anyone?

feels like heaven - fiction factory

deep purple

Ain't nothing I'd rather do...Going down, party time...My friends are gonna be there too


So far in I can't get out

Mike & The Mechanics - Silent Running

Castrated barber freezes at Texas watercraft regatta

Naruto Balloon Fail

Crowded House - Into Temptation


Big Audio Dynamite - E=MC2

Much as I like Led Zeppelin, they could really suck at times.

Awhile back someone posted about "Beats Antique"

Let's go, Capitals!

This may be one of the funniest rage comics I've seen..

VIDEO: I've gotta say...THIS is one PISSED OFF cat.

Sonic Youth - Disappearer

The first testicular guard, the "Cup," was used in hockey--

The Ghost In You - Psychedelic Furs

GOP picks Reince Priebus to lead as it regroups

Save It For Later (must be a sucker for it)

Rincewind elected GOP Chairman.

The English Beat - Mirror in the Bathroom

I'm not the world's biggest Cure fan, but the guitar riff in "Fascination Street" is a MOTHER.

Terrorism at Heinz Field...

Extreme Ways - Moby

Pope John Paul II moves a step closer to sainthood (beatification on May 1)

Ms Martha STEWART thinks she knows avocados

First dead birds die en masse, now ... cows??

My neighborhood has a lot of for sale signs in it...

I have a real problem with places using Martin Luther King day as a snow day make up

Man Accused of Threatening to Kill Regulators .

Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon.

The Jam - Town Called Malice

Peace Kitty Avatar Check In

Citizens storm residential units in Libya (Security forces did not intervene to prevent them)

Avocados = SEX !1 n/t

Captain Kirk, I am your father.

Good Saturday Night Lounge!!!!! Whatcha Drinkin?

Had any experience with employment agencies?

Had any experience with employment agencies?

AECL bidder backs out

Something tells me this is the only website on the ENTIRE Internets dedicated to the Speedo fart.

Indian journalist defends WikiLeaks at British parliament

I hates this weather.

Tucson shooting suspect Jared Loughner apparently vented on computer game forum

Un-fucking believable.. Alley broke her leg AGAIN..

Iraqi soldiers kill two U.S. soldiers in Mosul

Supporters of Julian Assange take to Sydney streets

For Low Power FM advocates, Radio Act brings 'ton of joy'.

Saudi Arabia Chided Over (Former Tunisian President) Ben Ali Asylum

Is it too early to post my Martin Luther King Jr. drawing as homage?

Rattled European tourists rush home from Tunisia

For Some Students in the South, a King Day Lacking That ‘Holiday’ Feature

Federal judge remembered as a fair jurist (Giffords shooting victim)

(Rep. Luis) Gutierrez Blasts Emanuel On Immigration

HALP! Need info NOW!

14 NATO lorries torched in Pakistan

Tunisian prison fire 'kills dozens'

Looters roam suburbs of Tunis

Tucson attack motivation for Berkley’s town hall event

(Montana) Legislature moves to ban illegal immigrants from work comp


China to station troops in N. Korea

Now that you know where Tucson is, please watch this youtube

Vanilla Fudge - You Keep Me Hangin On

Trouble Lurking Ahead for Obama's Education Focus

It's a rainy day in San Antonio and I want to go home. Your opinions please.

Embarrassed France abandons its Tunisian ally

Sunset tonight...

AZ shooting victim (Fuller) ARRESTED for death threat

Ever notice that no matter where ANYONE is on the Enterprise, there's always a turbolift?

Islamic center in NYC names iman

Riots break out in Athens between right and left-wing protesters (over immigration)

World responds to Tunisia uprising

US debt passes $14 trillion, Congress weighs caps

Giffords off ventilator following procedure

Loughner video with 'genocide' and 'torture' ramblings is released

Tucson town-hall meeting ends in arrest of man

Family dead in Novi Murder suicide

Unsealed Docs Show The Fed Was Fully Warned of a Housing Crisis

Jared Loughner 'frightened' Motel 6 clerk on eve of Tucson shooting

Candy Co. Recalls Toxic Waste Bar

Elephant at Tennessee zoo crushes trainer to death

200 dead cows found in Wisconsin field

Shooting victim tries to visit Loughner's parents

MC Cain: A gentle reminder why Obama is better than McCain

The Truth About College Choice

Michael Steele: The Door Hits Him Where The Good Lord Split Him

In Times of Tragedy, Presidents Often Called on as 'Comforters-In-Chief'

Weird Liberal Head Show #267: Palin, Beck, Tea Baggers- Go to Hell!

Why NON-Violence is the way

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah): Federal Child Labor Laws Are Unconstitutional

Crash test: 1959 Chevy Bel Air vs. 2009 Chevy Malibu...

New RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Supported Candidate Who Wanted To Execute Obama (Meant Osama)

Limbaugh Slams Fox News For Slobbering over Obama

11 Killed, Hundreds Hurt In Regional Protests

Arizona- Atmosphere Of Vitriol and Violence?

One War .. connection between the two wars ...

GUNS (24EvelJustin24)

Stop Think Connect

Was Tuscon Arizona Glenn Beck's Fault? by Old Fart Rants

Sarah Palin Facebook scrubbing in realtime

US Press Abandons WikiLeaks

Sarah Palin Revealed!

A Tale of Two Wells (Dedicated to Matt Simmons R.I.P.)

Young Turks: How The Press Attacks WikiLeaks, Julian Assange

Weekly Address: "Before We are Democrats or Republicans, We are Americans"

From The Gulf Stream To The Bloodstream - THE VIDEO BP DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE!

Farming, Agricultural Workers and Union Organization (1947)

Larry King interviews Sarah Palin

Franken on why GOP can't ever kill health care reform

Westboro Baptist Church at Islamic Center of Washington and American University

"Man, look at all this oil" says scientist on Florida beach


People Power vs. Corporate Power --

Weird Liberal Head Show #268: Tunisia, Palin, and Far-Right Fascism

DoD to Create Genetic Army!?

Bill Maher to teabaggers - You dress up like them, but Founding Fathers would have hated your guts

The Republican Christmas Song

ABC News: Climate Change and Extreme Weather - this is global warming

Hannity wants another invasion

# of US Military Bases? No One Knows!

Anonymous Declaration of Freedom

The Economic Collapse of America : The New Normal

Stop the Nonsense

John McCain: After the shootings, Obama reminds the nation of the golden rule

Photos: Chairman Steele, I really and truly sympathize with your behind. (A retrospective)

Clues on Loughner's online posts he picked up ideas from right-wing sources?

Slate: McCain Reaches Out

Just look what's going on in the world....

How is criticizing Boehner for not going to Tucson, a "political potshot" but criticizing Obama

"That Can-Do Lame Duck Congress? ABC News Poll Finds Americans Loved It!"

Dems consider labeling the GOP HCR Repeal bill as the "No Care" Bill.

Obama readies new focus on education

Wisconsin GOP Wants to Make it Much Harder for Young, Urban, and Poor to Vote

Paul Krugman: A Tale of Two Moralities

Today's Right Wing Hatred And Violence

Flashback: Frum criticized Republicans' "alternate reality"

Krugman: Early Social Security Projections

Woman who trained Obama family dog Bo dies

6 Things We Should Know About the New RNC Chairman

U.S. Plans to Sue 4 States Over Laws Requiring Secret Ballots for Unionizing

Shouldn't we start hearing a load of GOP POTUS candidates announcing soon?

Terrific. Reince Priebus implicated in suppressing minority votes

John McCain on Obama's Tucson speech. Wow.

What questions should Sean Hannity ask Sarah Palin in this week's interview?

Change you can believe in: public hearings into the Upper Big Branch Mine dsaster have been delayed

Should we lengthen terms of legislators, presidents?

On Cavuto's Fox news show, Ben Stein says healthcare law a choice of "freedom against dictatorship"

Can a Brother Get Some Credit?

Photos: A Team of Rivals

Friday Talking Points (151) -- Obama's Speech

Twitter Is Hero as Feds Attempt to Trample WikiLeaks' Free Speech

Tucson shootings and political violence

Gulf Residents to Oil Industry and Government: Our Health is Not a Tradeoff

Le Monde: Finland should offer asylum to Julian Assange

A Vision Of An America That Might Have Been

Wedeman: Tunisia's military putting boot on 'Jasmine Revolution'

Just The Way The Right Wants It: The Queen of Idiot America Will Be President!

Tucson Terror, Right-Wing Demagogues, and Targeting Democrats

Anti-Gay Evangelist Scott Lively Hires a Convicted Sex Offender

Dog Whistle for Prayer Warriors - Palin as Victim of Blood Libel

How Employers Weed Out Unemployed Job Applicants, Others, Behind The Scenes

Progressive Profiles: With New TV Show, Radio Talker Thom Hartmann Brings Substance to Style

Tom DeLay says he knows the best way to deal with potential killers at congressional town hall mtgs

Planet Overkill (Mickey Z.)

Former Gov. Don Siegleman appears in Court Jan. 19. to, hopefully, overturn conviction.

Those under attack don't have to prove causation. Those who threaten must prove a LACK of causation

A Jigsaw Picture of an Accused Killer (long article on Loughner)

Australian floods: Why were we so surprised?

Iceland and Birgitta Jonsdottir, the Tip of the Spear against Global Orwellian Kleptocracy

"Obama Brings On the "B-Team."

David Cote CEO Honeywell - businesses not hiring because of uncertainty re demand not regulations

AN *INCREDIBLE* Interview WITH WILLIAM GREIDER (Nation Magazine/Money/Radio Free Dylan)

Study: Jindal Honked & Screamed For Funding For Hyper-Expensive Berms That Did Little To Block Oil

Living on Earth: The View from Lazy Point

Maine Opponents of Mountain Top Wind Farms Advance Legislation.

Chinese subsidies force Evergreen Solar's move to China

Frustration On Global Warming Deepends For Supporters Of Climate Bill

Roman rise and fall 'recorded in trees'

Oops - NCAR - World Heading For 1,000 PPM CO2 By 2100 AD - Up To 29F Higher Temperatures

Mass. ex-chief found not guilty in boy's Uzi death

Lots of guns = lots of preventable deaths. Here's an example.

Castle Doctrine Reintroduced in Nebraska!

South Carolina: Right-to-Carry Reform Bill Introduced in Columbia!

Joe Zamudio the CCW holder in Tucson - LA Times good article

Every single gun law passed in the last 20 years ...

Chief Uzi Acquitted

Mass Killings Aren't the Real Gun Problem

While Some Lawmakers Talk Gun Control, Others Pack Heat

Brady Campaign's New Push to Ban Open Carry in California Restaurants

I believe that the only way the Brady bill or any other gun control legislation will ever get passed

A thread to refer to when some one throw out "paranoia".

Maddow debunks all arguments against gun control

Whaaa? Obama is going to lift travel restrictions to Cuba according to Business Insider

Brazil's environment chief resigns over controversial Amazon dam

"Crude" Documentary Filmmaker Doesn’t Qualify for a Journalist’s Privilege, a Court Says

Interesting thread in the Lounge about hockey protection gear...

Wes Welker makes "foot" or "toe" reference 10 times at press conference (VIDEO 00:33)

Touchdown Steelers!!!

NFL Heidi Moment!!!

The JR Chess Report (January 15): Wijk aan Zee Begins; Ukrainians face off for 1st in New Delhi

Showtime, MLB announce S.F. Giants reality show

Wearing North Carolina colors costs Tar Heels fan his seat

Son Of Lemon-Chicken Hunter Tries To Derail DADT Repeal

Dog Whistle for Prayer Warriors - Palin as Victim of Blood Libel

'I am gay' billboards igniting controversy

EU diplomats say East Jerusalem should be treated as Palestinian capital


Audacity of Pope

Audacity of Pope

Dozens of pilgrims killed in India stampede: TV

Help me with words, please.

Hist Intl Today - The Scopes Trial

Study Finds High Toxin Levels in Pregnant Women

The Two-faced Whirlpool Galaxy

2011 'year of rockets' for Europe (BBC)

Dying Star Cocooned within its own Gases

A Machine to Die For: The Quest for Free Energy- Documentary online

Opportunity on the edge of Santa Maria

Radar Imaging of Near-Earth Asteroid

Argentine dinosaur paved way for Tyrannosaurus rex

Weird Science: Calling All Chemists

A close pass at Rhea