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Sheriff's deputy shot, killed in western Ohio

I would venture to guess that Governor "missing in action"

Schwarzenegger looks back on his seven years in Sacramento

Haiti Suffers Year Of Crisis With Nobody In Charge

This is the Year


Why Republicans aren't very good at music

SAMHSA: Drug abuse treatment admissions for opiates increase in every state

Four children, 1 adult, die in Redmond apartment fire...Near Seattle

Hedged fund managers make a lot of money because union pension funds invest with them.

May not wanna be in a rush to file your tax returns

The old Russia's downfall after leaving Afghanistan which

2011 is the Civil War sesquicentennial and I just bought Bruce Catton's trilogy for $100.

Schwarzenegger looks back on his seven years in Sacramento

Android Trojan dubbed ‘Geinimi’ found in legitimate applications

Android Trojan dubbed ‘Geinimi’ found in legitimate applications

Now that OBAMA is PRESIDENT, Fox wonders if it's time to "reconsider" recess appointments.

Now that OBAMA is PRESIDENT, Fox wonders if it's time to "reconsider" recess appointments.

Female Chinese students resort to eating roundworm eggs to ensure they look thin for job interviews

First Fitzsimmons cartoon for the New Year - ominous and prescient.

Another layoff; another foreclosure: another suicide...

What are some characteristics of a right-wing Internet Tough Guy?

Concrete, steel, cameras, and paranoia

The Congressman King-Reincarnated as Senator Joe McCarthy

What's YOUR attitude towards 2011?

Tea Party Activists Angry at G.O.P. Leaders

Mother and Grandmother Die From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (Oven to Heat Home)

25 hedge fund managers are worth 658,000 teachers.

25 hedge fund managers are worth 658,000 teachers.

Toward an Independent Congress: the Case Against Parties

A simple note of thanks

"Why did BBC call on Christian who supports execution of gays to comment on Sir Elton’s baby?"

U.S. Stepping Up Fight on Afghan (drug) Smuggling

The Occasionally Relevant Metric

Rumsfeld Memoir Highlights VIP Access to Government Files

2011: The Year of Compassion & Empathy

Well... I Got Challenged, Gave An Answer, Four Hours Later No Reply... So I'll Let You Guys Grade...

Dissecting a recent poll. CNN makes it up.

GRAPHIC adverts similar to pictures on cigarette packets to fight obesity

Wikileaks: It's unlikely that any information revealed hadn't already been gathered by foreign intel

Albany, Ga. cop arrested for firing his service weapon into the air on New Years..

Times must be hard in FReeperville

How the media distorts the story on education, literacy, intelligence: what they leave out

The Official Hammer To The Slammer Party

the college admissions/aid/choice process

I know how to solve everything for progressives

DU loves animals more than people?

ZDNet's Wikileaks poll: You're conflicted

The 2010 ''Are You Serious?'' Awards

Open Letter to Those Who Attack Public Service Workers

consume...., or else...

Toles Toon: Remember When?

Sunday Talk Shows

Israel Preparing for ‘Large Scale War’: Cable

Nano Neuro Knitting, MIT creates material to stimulate brain healing

Health Care Better in 2011

Want to read how corrupt Republican politicians completely destroyed the city I grew up in?

Healthcare Timeline

Latest Wing Nut, Garbage, Mass EMail

Toco, a learning robot at MIT, amazing display of algorithms and programming designed

Teabagger Activists Angry at G.O.P. Leaders

Venezuelan Human Rights, (Venezuelan analysis)


John Boehner’s Voting Record: A Crying Shame

John Boehner’s Voting Record: A Crying Shame

Beijing Residents Rush to Register New Cars to Meet China's Quota System

Seriously DUers - are you watching those

Undocumented workers pay into Medicaid, Social Security but won't be able to collect.

Who else cant wait for Rep Boner to be Speaker Of The House?

Holy Shite GEM$NBC is showing American Story-

Study: TSA Whole Body Scanners Ineffective at Detecting Explosives

Meet the Presstitutes - What teaparty movement Graham

The Lobbyist Who Fights Democracy…and Breast Milk

Pakistan government loses its majority

Does anyone think this is funny

2011 Tournament of Roses: Foreign-grown flowers, 800 gallons of gas burned along the 5.5-mile route

US Navy to probe lewd videos shown to carrier crew

The Optimism of Uncertainty (Be of good cheer for the new year)

Forums on Dominionism/Christian Reconstruction

Dismantling the Greater Good

"Zippy" takes on Bill O'Reilly's theft of the word "Pinhead"

"Zippy" takes on Bill O'Reilly's theft of the word "Pinhead"

Hypothetical... If A President, ANY President, Found Once He Got Into Office...

Bradley Manning's (Wikileaks) accusers have a dodgy past...

New Jersey Governor claims no responsibility for certain snowed-in citizens

what's wrong with the ed deformers

SUNDAY INFOGRAPHICS - Wikileaks Roundup!

SUNDAY INFOGRAPHICS - Wikileaks Roundup!

Demand lagging among tech firms for H1-B visas

10 Ways Right-Wingers Will Try to Wreck Any Economic Recovery

Why EL PAÍS chose to publish the leaks

Former Bush Advisor Greg Mankiw Wants Even More Wealth Inequality

Check out what has done. They've added the GOP promises to the Obameter section !!!

Check out what has done. They've added the GOP promises to the Obameter section !!!

So, you want to be a political operative?

Signing event to celebrate first action by Governor Dayton (providing health care coverage 4 100,000

On global weather change

U.S. Still Richly Rewarding Banksters-- Demonizing Schoolteachers

Things 2011 Should Leave Behind

"Having all the answers" only matters if we're asking the right questions.

Lina Lamont revisited

I heard this phrase on the news yesterday. "Our

Florida's schools, prisons and state government on Governor-elect Rick Scott's hit list.

Think times are tough here in the U.S.?

Do you believe in Left Right coalitions?

High hospital costs? Look at executive pay

Interesting juxtaposition of threads; "Detroit crumbling" and "Do computers put people out of work?"

The vindictive grand jury investigation of pain-relief advocate Siobhan Reynolds.

Venezuelans fret over prices after devaluation

For-Profit Colleges Charging More While Doing Less for Poorest

Many dissatisfied with Mass. anti-bullying law (too broad)

The most dangerous terrorist on American soil is.........

Chinese company wants to build 10,000- to 30,000-acre technology zone in Boise

No One Cares

Non Sequitur TOON: Life's Great Truth

The New Speed of Money, Reshaping Markets

More Than 1,000 Dead Birds Plunge From Sky in Arkansas

Visitors snap up 100 trillion dollar Zimbabwe bank notes

Visitors snap up 100 trillion dollar Zimbabwe bank notes

Visitors snap up 100 trillion dollar Zimbabwe bank notes

We (someone) need to launch a grassroots effort to put "recall" on the

So cal watch out.

GOP Governors Ready to Kill Public Employee Contracts - FDL

wanna know how the REPUBLICAN congress will support the troops?

wanna know how the REPUBLICAN congress will support the troops?

Ohio Deputy fatally shot; policeman wounded....

Twitter is lighting up, saying that Michelle O is expecting.

this really cracked me up.

Just watched Face the Nation don't miss it!

Cuomo Takes Oath as New York Governor, Calls for Property Tax Cap in 2011

"The videos were intended to be humorous skits" full of sexual innuendo and anti-gay remarks

Why didn't Bush keep his prediction about his fabulous ranch in Crawford?

please review my New Year's editorial on bringing jobs back to America

What Would It Look Like If Red States Formed Their Own Country?

Porno scanners go on the road.

America Home of the Happy

The US military is the single largest consumer of oil in the world

Why Bill Gates has so much Money to Attack Teachers & Unions

California's Disgrace: Darrell Issa (CA-49)

Greg Mitchell: For The Naysayers Who Claim Wiki Cables Mean Little...

Alternate Reality: Bush has been given the power by congress to rule by decree. This makes him:

Several Warnings, Then a Soldier’s Lonely Death

With Air Force's new drone, 'we can see everything'

WMU study shows EMOs run 30 percent of charter schools

Bold-face lie on FOX News: The 111th Congress never passed a budget or appropriations bill

Convicted Rapist Seeks Right to Starve to Death

Top 10 Myths about the "Dark Ages" of Europe

Check this out DUers -Whisper of a Thrill EARTH SONG Thomas Newman

Happy New Year Wingnuts - Hugo and Hillary

IPhone Users Left Sleeping by Apple's Latest Alarm Clock Function Failure

Another image of the FSM! Behold His Noodly Appendages

Did EJ Dionne make Sen. elect Toomey swallow his own tongue?

US at War Since 1950: A New Year's Meditation

Since we're talking Detroit photos, here's my brother's - now in the Detroit Public Library.

what we need is...SOLIDARITY!


Smell Something Rotten? 2010 P.U.-litzer Prizes recognize the worst of U.S. journalism

Regarding the Detroit photos. The story accompanying them wasn't posted. It is a must read.

Now that the Debt is 14 Trillion should we have a VAT Tax for 2years

Now that the Debt is 14 Trillion should we have a VAT Tax for 2years

Top American Companies Are Creating More Jobs Abroad Than Here

January 1, 1861. Not everyone below the Mason-Dixon Line was for secession.

January 1, 1861. Not everyone below the Mason-Dixon Line was for secession.

My Hollow Tale: Reflections On A(n Interrupted) Life (The first draft of my book is done!!)

So then if Atlantic Tuna spawn in the Gulf of Mexico

Hey, Guardian... How'd you miss THIS STUFF in Detroit? (Just say no to decline/decay porn)

WTF? Judy Miller: Assange Is A "Bad Journalist" Because He 'Did NOT VERIFY Info'!!!

Lil' Lindsey the Chickenhawk thinks permanent U.S. presence in Afghanistan would be "beneficial"

Dilma Roussef, Brazil's first female president, vows war on poverty

the killing of crazy horse

Did you know that there's an anti-U.S. Chamber of Commerce?

Am I Doing This Right…Wat?!

Money Makes Women Seek Out Hotter, Older Partners

Ten Democratic Accomplishments You May Not Have Known About

Pastor Who Backed Prop 8 Held On Multiple Child Molestation Charges

What We Lost Because Obama Didn’t Prosecute Banksters - FDL

Kiss your 100-watt lightbulb goodbye

Social Security Taken Hostage !!!

What do you think is the best way to jumpstart our economy?

It's the youth of America who should be really pissed off.

There are some sick people out there

Congressman Boner, day two 2011, where are the jobs YOU promised us?

Shouldn't they have gotten a puppy instead?

American poorhouses

PLEASE help me respond to this editorial by my senator

More than 1,000 dead birds fall from sky in Arkansas

Goolsbee: Obama to Make ‘Tough Choices’ on Budget

Extraordinary photographs documenting the decline of Detroit. Numbing.

What happens to the Social Security surplus if the debt ceiling isn't raised?

Why do Seniors vote Republican? When their whole welfare is based on SS and Medicare?

Our decades long War on Nouns.

Four Reasons Finland’s Schools are Better Than Ours

Did Reagan really "defeat" the Soviet Union?

ACLU has growing database of TSA patdown descriptions too graphic for public airwaves

CNN's poll question about Wikileaks is not very "objective" at all.

Oops -USS Enterprise Video Scandal: Navy Commander Revealed As Mastermind Behind Raunchy Videos

Lindsey Graham "I'm going to push for more tax cuts for the rich, paid for by seniors"

Arizona sheriff introduces all female chain gang

How many jobs have been lost to computers and technology?

A little Bible that the Right Wing needs to "brush up" on.

A little Bible that the Right Wing needs to "brush up" on.

Rick Scott to cut property taxes by 19% next year. Says it will be "fun. It's going to be exciting."

The Collapse of Human Civilization as we Know it – Scenarios and Potential Solutions

Does anyone, or has anyone live(d) in Costa Rica?

Do you approve of Wikileaks?

a bunch of frogs just defeated a pack of badgers

"You ain't nothin' but a hound dog!"

GOD DAMN IT!!!! Why is it that by the time I get home every single night...

Ipad question. How do I get the safari program to let me type a url in?

Dog beers

This is MiddleFingerMom's mantra, too.

I'm in Beaver Dam, KY and I sure could use a drink

Sex with Nietzsche:

So at the end of the movie "Slither" (SPOILERS)

"Marcia Marcia Marcia!"

Bird on a wire

This is what a LOT of your cats were doing this morning.

Horrible dilemma - need help fast!

What does Big Nose Kate make you think about?

Schwarzenegger looks back on his seven years in Sacramento

Yeah, the Badgers lost and the Packers will probably lose tomorrow...

Calif. house burns after man says he shot his wife

Jon Huntsman 2012? Obama Ambassador Hints At Run For President

Given these two choices, which would you pick?

Who thinks 2011 will be better then 2010?


HEY!!! It was COLD in that room. Really, really, really-really, really-really-reallyreally cold. Icy

The first sunset of the New Year:

I am happy for the Twilight Zone Marathon, but where is my Discovery Health?

HOW MANY Martians are TOO MANY MARTIANS at a business lunch?

3 Studebakers on American Motor Classics all day!

My BIL and I had one helluva surprise today!

IPhone Users Left Sleeping by Apple's Latest Alarm Clock Function Failure

Bon Appetit !!!

Beijing launches car quota to counter gridlock

Tea Party Activists Angry at G.O.P. Leaders

My sisters are 5150

Britain's anti-terror control orders condemned as 'trademark of despots'

HOW MANY Martinis are TOO MANY MARTINIS at a business lunch?

HOW MANY Martinis are TOO MANY MARTINIS at a business lunch?

Iran 'shoots down Western spy drones' in Gulf

African-American leaders unite around Carol Moseley Braun for mayor

Swede among terrorist suspects held in Uganda

I wanted to share my true feelings about today...

People watching the Packers game - what was up with that Bears time out?

ok bears.....let's stomp on the pack........

Its 2011 and ABE VIGODA is still alive

Chuck Berry collapses on keyboard at Congress Theater

Boy am I stupid... Lady Gaga .... Radio Gaga

Lindsey Graham: Permanent U.S. Presence In Afghanistan Would Be 'Enormously Beneficial'

GOP investigator critical of attorney general

Venezuelans fret over prices after devaluation

Iran says shot down two spy planes in Gulf--Fars

Jupiter project lures investor with promises of citizenship

Mexico plans immigration shake-up

GOP lawmaker: Go after health care piece by piece

Afghan War Claims 10,081 Lives in 2010

Wikipedia Raises $16M to Remain Ad-Free

Kaine to stay as DNC chairman

President Obama has signed the 9/11 health coverage bill into law, the White House said.

Obama Won’t Face Primary Challenge in 2012, Democrat Leader Says

Goolsbee Says Failure to Raise U.S. Debt Ceiling Would Be `Catastrophic'

Ivory Coast mass graves investigation launched by UN

Breakfast of Champions?

It's snowing in Canyon Country, Ca.

CHEERS fans...which was more tiresome, Sam & Diane or Rebecca's endless rich boyfriends?

Are you sitting down? Take a look at Brazil's new Second Lady, Marcela Temer.

Awwwww heck - this made me cry

GOP agenda: Major impact may be on 2012 election

DNC chair: Obama won't 'play mother may I?' with GOP

GOP-led House plans to fight Obama pollution plan

An Idiot Abroad - this has the makings of comedy genius!

Official: President Obama to sign 9/11 health bill Sunday

Wikileaks claims Irishman gunned down in Bolivia was set up

Texas sues EPA to save state air permitting program

Starting now: The late Leslie Nielsen on TCM in a sci-fi classic

Healthcare repeal bill coming before Obama's annual address

Who else besides me hates black eyed peas?

Boulder Democrat Polis plans to push decriminalizing marijuana at federal level

Can somone help me with a really basic computer question?

Some Taxpayers Must Wait to File Returns

Since almost every country has baseball, why don't we have a real World Series?

Hooray! Douchebag is still not on the list.

RNC faces $20 million debt in 2011

Ozzy scares his fans at London's Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum

Obama aide: Don't 'play chicken' with debt ceiling

'Huge' demonstration over Government cuts planned

why does your subconscious bring people back in dreams?

What was the greatest era of Rock music?

Public Workers Facing Outrage as Budget Crises Grow

I have no real materialistic wants but I have a $30 gift card from Target

Kaine: No serious 2012 primary challenge to Obama

USS Enterprise Video Scandal: Navy Commander Revealed As Mastermind Behind Raunchy Videos

Magnitude 7.1 - ARAUCANIA, CHILE

Do you have a favorite breakfast?

Issa says Obama administration is 'one of most corrupt'

Doesn't anyone proofread anymore?

Anyone else have children home from college?

Deputy, Suspect Dead in Ohio Standoff

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Let's Play Twister 2011 Edition.

As I can't ask for health advice, send your vibes, white light, etc.

More than 1,000 dead birds fall from sky in Ark.

Lee Mercer: He's got every degree from every University! All three!

Political cartoonist Tony Auth: 'End of Life Conversation'

Statement by the President on the terrorist attacks in Egypt and Nigeria

Ringing In the New Year With New Education Benefits for Wounded Warriors

Obama signs 9/11 health bill

10 Ways Right-Wingers Will Try to Wreck Any Economic Recovery

Biden to take bigger role as Obama faces stronger GOP

WARNING: Rough Year (2011) Ahead !

Look for economy to gain traction in new year

Okay, what New Year's resolutions does the Obama administration need to make?

For A Dancer - Jackson Browne

What Is A Progressive?

The Oval Office has New Drapes

Which comes closest to your views about President Obama and torture

Weird Liberal Head Show #258: Happy New Year 2011!

White House White Board: Health Reform & Rate Review

West Wing Week: 12/24/10 or ''AKA Santa Claus''

TYT: Online 'Soldier' Scam Targets Women

George Clooney Works To Prevent War In Sudan

Queensland Flood Crisis (Sunday)

Best of 2010 TDPS: Gay Officer Mike Carney Tells Story of Discrimination on Police Force

Armadillo- Winner of Cannes - Follows Danish Soldiers in Afghanistan

Obama's Vlog: Happy 2011!

Funeral At An HMO

The Shame of the Nation

Weird Liberal Head Show #259: Introducing- the Palinism of the Day!

The Second 1980 Presidential Debate, October 28, 1980

Rep. Weiner Previews 112th Congress

Tax Holiday For Huge Corporations? - Cenk on MSNBC

Obama rewards failure: Tim Kaine to remain as DNC chairman

Bugs Bunny Rebel Rabbit cartoon, 1949 (political allegory)

BP Oil Disaster EXCLUSIVE - NEW Kindra Arnesen's EXPLOSIVE New Revelations And Message to The World

President Kennedy welcomes National Congress of American Indians, including my grandfather

'The King's Speech' Raises the Question: What If 'King George Dubya' Had Stuttered

Afghanistan, Colombia, Vietnam: The Deep Politics of Drugs and Oil

Wikileaks, The United States, Sweden, And Devil's Island

Roger Ebert: Starting Over

Honor the WikiLeakers By Alexander Cockburn

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001, Current Military $965 billion.

Are You Ready for the Revolution? (Mickey Z.)

Nicholas Kristof on Inequality

Several Warnings, Then a Soldier’s Lonely Death

Plea for Pollard’s Release

The 30,000 lost children of the Franco years are set to be saved from oblivion

Vermont: Creating a singular health system

Reasons why Bradley Manning's alleged Crimes are Serious and deserve Harsh Punishment

Why Washington Hates Hugo Chavez By Mike Whitney

Ancient Food Forest, a lesson in Permaculture

Indian tea tastes different due to climate change

Gas Field Confirmed Off Coast of Israel

Australia flood pollution threatens Great Barrier Reef – ‘A lot of coral will die’

Happy Birthday to the Clean Air Act -- 40 Years Young!

Australia: ‘We have not seen water this high in recorded history here’

5 FARC hostages home in January: Cordoba .

Intriguing item about Hillary and Hugo in Brasilia today

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Saturday, January 1)

The Big 10 Sucks!

Anyone watching this outdoor hockey game?

I've been so excited that I didn't catch who won the Orange, Sugar and Cotton Bowls.

5 up in my money league

Patriots filleting the Dolphins, 38-0

Welcome to your new National Champion!

MLB Reliever Main Suspect In Murder

Which is the worse noise in a college football game?

Winter Classic thread

I learned today my nephew is on the 2011 draft list for the USHL.

The Big Ten is Back!!

Would you have run the ball on the 2 point conversion (Rose Bowl)

a great video about tv gay moments

Two East Jerusalem residents arrested over Hamas plot to fire rockets into Israeli soccer game

Restricting Israel's Arab minority

Tensions Flare After Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian At West Bank Checkpoint

Arab Nazareth, Israeli Democracy--Bundist Dreams

Israel Preparing for ‘Large Scale War’: Cable

Palestinian dies after inhaling gas at W Bank protest

Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson died on my birthday

I do not care if it is myth: I want to read the story as indicating something about a certain era

Pakistanis strike in favour of the death penalty for blasphemy

Forecasters keep eye on looming 'Solar Max'

Bee Viruses Spread via Flower Pollen

Isolated Knob in Terra Cimmeria

Decorating the Sky (Space Pic)