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Huffington Post: Dr. King and the Living Wage Movement Today

ok review my latest editorial on new Rep Veterans House Chair

Employment to edge up in U.S. cities in 2011: study

Do what?!

Blair's letters to Bush about invasion of Iraq 'were removed from official records

While the Repubs have been talking healthcare...

Best comment of the day regarding Rush Limpballs mocking of the Chinese language

Alan Grayson: Gabby Was Right, Palin Is Wrong

"and sometimes we don't succeed at that"

High on the list of invitees to the State Dinner: Goldman CEO Blankfein, JP Morgan CEO Dimon

Weiner on KO

Obama's State of the Union Challenge: Set the Course - HuffPo

CAPTION John & Lindsey's spunky little pal.

Vatican: 1997 letter warning Irish bishops against reporting abuse was 'misunderstood'

Let's just say HCR repeal got to Obama's desk. What kind of bill vetoing ceremony should he have?

"When you study abroad, you're helping to make America stronger."

Looking - not finding. A thread about Skinner's interview with Cenk. Happy Anniversary to DU

Looking - not finding. A thread about Skinner's interview with Cenk. Happy Anniversary to DU

Joan Rivers cancelled from Fox News appearance because of tweet about Palin

The official program for the Chinese state dinner at the White House (menu, music, notes)

Boner skips state dinner

Talkin' shit and avoidin' the truth . . . . what else would we expect from our crack (addled) media?


BWW forms PAC

Redefining UFO Skepticism

SO...Reid's response to caving on Bush Tax Cuts is that Hu Jintao is a "dictator." Alrighty then!

If this doesn't light a fire under Democrats in Arizona, nothing will

Who were the 4 Dems who voted with the Repubs on the Health Care Bill? nt

How much is that doggie in the SUV? ............

The "Stopped Clock/Twice A Day" award for today goes to . . . . .

Consensus and politics

Walmart restricted from buying cheap goods

How To Fix Social Security: A 4-Point Plan That Faces the Brutal Realities

Write to your Representatives

I'm not ready to make nice. Tea-publicans can kiss my ass!

Health care ads come out swinging

I Miss Republicans

Independent UK: One in five young people out of work as jobless total hits 2.5m in Britain's how Texas will balance our budget

Rachel about to talk about the Spokane bomb that surprisingly is

Bloomberg Takes on Pension Reform in State of the City Address

The real thing (internal terror) and Rachel asks why

‘Obamacare’ and the Big GOP ‘Job-Killing’ Lies

Rep. Gonzalez Warns Of The ‘Human Consequences’ Of Health Repeal: Without Reform, People Will ‘Die’

Tea Party freshman invokes 'chains of ObamaCare'

Public Policy Polling survey: More Don't Trust Fox News

Amazing bird photos - captured at 1/8000th of a second by amateur photographer

I must have missed it so can someone answer is temporarily down, here's the link to watch Skinner @ 8pm Eastern...

City of Chicago excludes regular public schools from Schools Expo

Alan Grayson letter--did this get posted already?

Rush Limbaugh Mocks Hu Jintao, Chinese Language (AUDIO)

The 'Others' a post for them

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

LOL.....I LOVE Anthony Weiner and his quote on the House floor today......

China Extends Postings of Its Panda Ambassadors

Most charter schools in Chicago and elsewhere are viciously segregated... What Would Dr. King say?

Watching "Restrepo": Rock Avalanche

Interview w/ Skinner posted

Whoopie... It Worked... Somebody Pass Me A Drink...

The Buffalo Beast's 50 Most Loathsome Americans of 2010:

I haven't seen any tweets or Facebook messages from Sarah Palin since Monday

Can an insurance company get a hospital closed down?

Check out google's splash page.

"why can't I find the health forum?"

"why can't I find the health forum?"

So I have not watched nova in years

Gunshots again cause turmoil in L.A. Unified schools

Woman Abducted as Infant in 1987 Meets Family

News of the World hacking scandal throws spotlight on Murdoch media empire

Heartwarming: Boos drown out calls for "civility" at Cthulhu Black's debut

Bloomberg Has a Dream

Alan Grayson: Gabby Was Right, Palin is WRONG

cartoon on religion

House votes to repeal health care reform.

Royal Mail sell-off plan sails through parliament (UK)

15 years of Ed Deform in Chicago. Results?

Chromium, Cancer, and the CIA

Isn't it more of a Patient's Rights bill? Or at least a Health Insurance regulation bill?

Isn't it more of a Patient's Rights bill? Or at least a Health Insurance regulation bill?

billionaire publisher says public workers = "new elite class"

billionaire publisher says public workers = "new elite class"

Reagan tribute scheduled for Super Bowl

Got Dough? How Billionaires Rule Our Schools

Congress Passes Socialized Medicine and Mandates Health Insurance -In 1798

HEY BOEHNER! After repealing health care, WHERE ARE THE JOBS ??

NYT-Silver- Blue Dogs oppose health care reform repeal - only 3 Dems join GOP

These astroturf libertarians are the real threat to internet democracy


why is it that the Right can't handle any criticism and will try to blacklist

October Natural Gas Production Sets Another New All-Time Record

Start Your Day the Way Political Leaders & Top Talk-Radio Hosts Do (Red State)

March 20, 2003 --Mea Culpa

US woman solves her own kidnapping as a baby

Gates’ Grim Expression and America’s Worries

Gates’ Grim Expression and America’s Worries

NYC Public schools science competition finalists fell 75% under Bloom-Klein

Was just over at DU3

Sonya Peres, president's wife, dies at 87 in Tel Aviv

Before White House state dinner, Obama presses Hu on rights (VIDEO)

Before White House state dinner, Obama presses Hu on rights (VIDEO)

Doctor: Health bill is the start of full privatisation of British National Health Services

Take CNN's poll: Should healthcare reform be repealed?

Here's hoping that McCain's recommendation of Lieberman for Secretary of Defense is enough

Cat shelter owner must return $50,000 Pepsi grant

TYT interview with Skinner link.

So, is it just me or do you feel like on this lofty tenth anniversary of DU,

Jesus' General: Zsuzsanna's Advice for the Ladies

B OF A redefines grace period with new fee

What's Next: For The Chinese Communist Party

Moved to Texas 2/18/01.

Firing "creationism" teacher cost schools over $900,000 - (Ohio Teacher Tenure Act)

Not one labor leader was invited to those

Mexico's Ex-President Vicente Fox: Legalize Drugs

Congratulations DU! 10 years of giving a voice to the public!

Congratulations DU - 10 years

Harry Reid should echo Michael Corleone's response in answer to the "repeal."

What would it take for an elected Repub to recognize a job-killing bill?

Speculation runs wild about Duvalier’s plan

interesting development? blue dog reversal on health care?

I originally posted this on my blog on 4-5 2009, Right -wing Parrots and GOP fanning the flames

President Obama up 8 points in a month

Ft. Hood suicides... 22 in 2010, 242 total for Army in 2010,,,, wtf?

Power to the people!

Cost of traffic congestion in U.S. reached $115 billion in '09, 3.9 billion gallons gas wasted

Baby Yoga (warning - pics of babies being yoga'd)

I'd love to see the front page from the first Free Republic

Boehner the Boor

Free heroin has resulted in stabilizing/lowering number of addicts

The Rise of the Chinese Cheneys

Wal-Mart seen announcing healthier foods

That preview of the new DU layout on the 10-year page looks very nice.

A 21-gun salute.

Send health care hypocrites the form to repeal their own insurance! (Credo Action)

Global Post: Terry Jones banned from Britain over Quran controversy

Independent UK: One in five young people out of work as jobless total hits 2.5m in Britain

Cal. Sen. Leland Yee slams Limbaugh for mocking Chinese language

HAHAHAHA - Keith is really giving it to Lieberman

So, Rep. Peter King wants to investigate the scary Muslims, eh?

Tea party unpopularity at an all-time high

The Budget, as haiku


For those who want to get rid of teacher tenure

This is kind of cool...French Mansion sealed shut for 100 years to be opened.

FAA warns of a potential GPS outage

Eight technology revolutions that are now relics

Educating Rep. Joe Wilson on how a bill becomes a law

The Rude Pundit: House Republicans Waste Our Time Waltzing with the Veiled Green Fairy

Only People Can Vote—Only People Should Finance Campaigns

Jim Hightower: Sorry Tea Partiers -- The GOP Only Cares About Their Corporate Paymasters.....

November 2008's election had an did Nov 2010's election

"Ask not what your country can do for you..."

"Ask not what your country can do for you..."

Advocacy Group Says Justices May Have Conflict in Campaign Finance Cases

Sing Your Song - Harry Belafonte and daughter Gina

Sing Your Song - Harry Belafonte and daughter Gina

What makes someone a public figure?

Lieberman at his finest: calling Arianna Huffington "sweeheart" as he disses her on MJ today.

Republicans don't give a rat's ass about protecting innocent lives...

Sorry, I Gotta. My Favorite FR Post Evah!

Solar-powered roads could make snow disappear

Canadian accused in terror plot that killed 5 US soldiers in Iraq. Looking to get "his own seat in

Mark Kelly coming up on GEM$NBC

In Wreckage of Lost Jobs, Lost Power - NYT

highlights of the single payer plan for VT (report issued yesterday)

F.B.I. and Police Arrest More Than 100 in Mob Sweep

JPMorgan Chase Agrees to Pay Troops for Mortgage Interest Overcharging, give back homes

Michelle Obama, Wal-Mart announce healthy food campaign - story and pics

Joe LIEberman's retirement: Who was he more worried about The Left or the Teabaggers?

Trent Franks: Sarah Palin is committed to protecting innocent life.

A poll for every purpose

'Joe Lieberman is a modern-day profile in courage'

Toon: Ending a trillion dollar medical entitlement

Soldiers Forced to See Chaplain After Failing Army's Spiritual Fitness Test

BWHAHAHA: Lanny Davis REMEMBERS Joe Lieberman, The " Model PURPLE Senator "

Corn and Country: Nebraska, Mexico, and the Global Economy

Can we agree now about the political value of the President's conciliatory posturing?

Excuse me, but, "AZ Restaurant Owner is Messed Up", or something like that?

Rude Pundit much more eloquently than I can say....

Bedbugs in NYC are 250 times more resistant to pesticide than bedbugs in Florida - sped-up evolution

Happy Birthday DU!

Is GEM$NBC the only station covering the bomb

Very concerned about 2012

Pelosi to name Gabrielle Giffords to West Point board

Thieves snort cremated human, animal remains believing the ashes were cocaine

Las Vegas City Council in USA opened with Hindu mantras

If Obama helps to reduce Social Security, will you vote for him in 2012 ?

Instead Of Just A Slogan, Why Not "Repeal Your Own Healthcare" As An Actual BILL?

Kind of liking the news coverage today.

Important: Summary of Soc. Sec. changes effective this year:

Man facing murder charges after stabbing partygoers who complained about his flatulence

George Will is just not into all that 'We, the People' stuff

George Will is just not into all that 'We, the People' stuff

Republican Honeymoon is Over

Morbid Curiosity Leading Many Voters To Support Palin (Video)

Vatican: 1997 letter warning bishops not to report sexual abuse has been "misunderstood"

Either brilliant psy-ops or a sad truth. Chinse pay for American Chinese lessons in public school

If Obama helps to reduce Social Security, will you vote for him in 2012 ?

Bernie Sanders criticizes the Smithsonian for selling Chinese-made busts of U.S. presidents

republicans hammered Obama for taking on healthcare as his first priority

Yay!!! We finally have "publicly-financed" campaigns...sort of.

What I learned and why it matters (re: eight year federal medical cannabis prosecution)

A very interesting website of pictures of gay adults when they were kids

Fifty Years After Eisenhower’s Farewell Address, A Look at "Prophets of War"

The GOOP offers its repeal bill. Courtesy of my representative no less, Paul Broun, Jr. (GA-10)

US deports first Haitians since earthquake

Reince Priebus - LOOK WHAT HAPPENS if you take out all the vowels

Obama's Deregulation Dance With Wall Street

Reagan Was NO FRIEND Of Blacks

Hey F(ree) R(republic):

Senate Dems OK to repeal small part of health law

four pound chihauhau survives owl attack

Hospital experience, wheeled to cashier's office

Skinner interviewed with Cenk tonight

List of Republican proposed budget cuts

So, President Aristide has renewed his requests to be allowed to go home

How would you describe yourself in your support of Obama and his policies?

6 Lunatics Inspired by Fox News and Glenn Beck?

Americans Are Far Less Conservative Than the Right Wing Claims

Chance to Travel to Cuba and Learn Something!

I remember exactly where I was,

hypocracy & human rights

Obama support boosts Walmart’s expansion plan

TSA rules have been a blow to snow-globe collectors.

Someone tries to bomb MLK parade: media snores.

Is there something about DU that causes amnesia?

Flashback 1798: Congress Passes Socialized Medicine and Mandates Health Insurance

Massive Propane Recall: Feds Warn of Explosion Danger

N.J. is given final deadline to appeal or repay $271M ARC tunnel bill

I LOVE this place!

I just saw an political ad that caught me by surprise

Web images to get expiration date (BBC)

Walmart "inspired by first lady Michelle Obama's campaign to fight childhood obesity"

OSHA backs down on work noise standard, FDA backs down on medical-device regulation (WSJ)

My Botox'd Generation: Skin Tight at the Golden Globes

Cool, First Lady and Bo greet surprised visitors on tour at White House (live streaming video)

Worst Urgent Care Center - ever:"State investigates baby born in Fulton parking lot"

The Significance Of A Symbolic Gesture

The Significance Of A Symbolic Gesture

Boycott, Picket Shut Down this POS in Tuscon! Lion Tacos?!

Poll indicates Ohio voters think crying Boehner is manly

Boyfriend proposes to stewardess during flight

Cathy is mortified by the incident and both laughs and cries when she talks about it.

I posted this earlier in response to the thread regarding...

Boner to Caroline Kennedy: 'Still time' to run

An exculpanation?-I am so misunderstood.

Conservative Blogger Calls For Giffords To Resign, Says Holding Seat Akin To ‘Political Brett Favre’

Please post snarky comments, ridicule, and other satisfyingly vicious remarks!! (esp. Teachers)

Moon Rebuilding Washington Times

"Fox News' credibility is on the decline"

A TSA Romance Novel

Dive Team Locates Stolen, Snorted Ashes

Blackwater Founder Is Said to Back African Mercenaries

Sorry Tea Partiers--The GOP Only Cares About Their Corp Paymasters & Wealthy Elites (Jim Hightower)

What is the minimum standard of living a society should accept for its poorest?

Former CIA “Ghost Prisoner” Abu Zubaydah Recognized as “Victim” in Polish Probe of Secret Prison

Boy, 9, Sells Toys To Raise $2.85 For Giffords (what a great kid!)

If Obama Moves Right He Loses Everybody -- and Everybody Loses - HuffPo

Joan Rivers Tells FOX News To 'Go F**k Themselves'

Do you know who lost this film in Brooklyn's Prospect Park

Depressing Toon of the day

Why America's gun laws won't change...

"We Should Take More Pride in Our Manufacturing Dominance; We Still Make LOTS of Stuff Here"

"We Should Take More Pride in Our Manufacturing Dominance; We Still Make LOTS of Stuff Here"

Yeah yeah---it aint the Gun that kills----- whatever!

Siegelman's Lawyer Says Appeal To 11th Circuit Was 'Lively, Interesting'

George Clooney OK after contracting malaria

Jesus Horatio Christ!

Initial jobless benefit claims fall 37k to 404k for the week

I am puzzled by "abstract racism".

Fox's Kelly Absurdly Claims Fox Personalities Do Not Invoke Nazis

Don't snort the bath salt


DU was Founded after SELECTION OF 2000...Bush vs. Gore! 10 YEARS of ACTIVISM!

OK first-grader disciplined for pointing finger like gun - This time IMHO school is right

Hu disses Bush in toast

Now the NY Daily News is running with Nat Enquirer "Tawd" Palin cheating

Teen gets prison sentence for fatal alpaca beating

Pikas: The cutest animal you may never see again

Send Boehner the form he can submit to cancel his federal health insurance

A very Republican friend of mine LOVED Obama's speech in Tucson

A little while ago there was a study out linking poverty with a tendency to vote GOP. Link, anyone?

Obama brushes off idea that his ambassador to China could run against him in 2012

Ah the religion of the low taxes

Latino Republicans and immigrant rights groups react with fury to immigration bill (Colorado)

Have you checked out DU 3.0 yet?

Howard Dean: The 'State Of The Progressive Movement' Is Strong

Insane Bachmann: Repeal the president and the senate. THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS

South Carolina governor sued over hostility to unions

South Carolina governor sued over hostility to unions

WTH is going on re: NBC Nightly News?!

WTH is going on re: NBC Nightly News?!

Congratulations to Skinner and all of DU for 10 great years

Cops: Van burst into flames after gas poured in carburetor

CCR Appeals to Fox News President for Help in Silencing Glenn Beck Misinformation Campaign Against

CCR Appeals to Fox News President for Help in Silencing Glenn Beck Misinformation Campaign Against

CCR Appeals to Fox News President for Help in Silencing Glenn Beck Misinformation Campaign Against

Over a million immigrants land U.S. jobs in 2008-10

Serious political question: My good friend, a Canadian, asked this

Former Quantico Commander Objects to Treatment of Bradley Manning

British PM demands release of Blair’s secret letters to Bush on Iraq war

Railroad Worker Claims He was Fired for Refusing to Pray

Dems Growing Convinced That GOP Will Try To Force Shutdown Over Health Care Funds

Freshman GOP Rep(and maybe 2nd) To Carry Concealed Firearm In Aftermath Of Arizona Shooting

Gloria Borger: Why America is growing tired of Palin

Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, a "No Government" Republican

boner moved to tears yet again

Bounty hunter shot by LAPD officer awarded nearly $1.2 million

I Thought The Mafia No Longer Exists

Teachers are not pushing our kids far enough


If Democrats Agree to Social Security Cuts, We'll Lose the Presidency and the Senate

If Democrats Agree to Social Security Cuts, We'll Lose the Presidency and the Senate

If Democrats Agree to Social Security Cuts, We'll Lose the Presidency and the Senate

So I turned on MSNBC this morning.....

DU has rejected my suggestion for a new GD rec/unrec system.

Did you get angry with Bill Clinton when he signed NAFTA?

Steny Hoyer: "We need to address Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security"

OK, now this is very cool!

Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful?

Darrell Issa - Car-thief / arsonist / scumbag

School plans field trip... To grand opening of new Super-Walmart

Why did the chicken cross the road?

F.B.I. and C.I.A. use a forensic technique called “vein-matching”

Why America is growing tired of Palin

AT&T asks top court to recognize its ‘personal privacy'

Giant crayfish found in Tennessee is new species

Santorum: Almost Remarkable For A Black Man' To Say We Can Decide Who's A Person

Santorum On Obama & Abortion:'Almost Remarkable For A Black Man' To Say We Can Decide Who's A Person

Did anybody else notice that poll on Lawrence..........

Josh Marshall: Politics can never be separated from policy

LOL RushBo starting up old bait & switch, 2012 edition

Glenn Beck Just Couldn't Hold It Back Any Longer - goes completely Looney Tunes (VIDEO)

If anyone needs to hear some good news...

Obama’s Social Security Talk Turning Voters Off: Majority now trust Republicans on Social Security!

"nothing remains" - 25 Tons of Bombs Wipe Afghan Town Off Map


Reform group: Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas had Citizens United conflicts of interest

We were all younger then

JFK... 50 years ago today.

The Daily Show/Colbert Report One-Two Palin Punch

Gayle King is so uninformed that I have to turn her off many times.

House GOP Lists $2.5 Trillion in Spending Cuts

Anybody hear a giant sucking sound?

Pastors Declare "Civil War" After Supreme Court Rejects DC Gay Marriage Case

Republicon fiscal lies + Media Gullibility = Total financial BS (R)

most. effective. speaker. ever.

Wondering if you're schizophrenic? Take this test...

Why are all the "tea party patriots" healthcare talking points removed from their site?

Dennis Kucinich at risk of losing because of re-districting.

200 protesting construction workers burst into private mortgage bankers conference. The bankers fled

Alan Grayson claims Sarah Palin ‘instigated’ Tucson massacre

Lieberman to Huffington RE: Iraq & WMDs on "Morning Joe"..."Saddam had every intention...sweetheart"

2010 hits global temperature high

puebloknot is in the hospital.......

As Citizens United Turns 1, U.S. Supreme Court Considers Corporate Personhood Again

Tucson memorial speakers 'scoff at Jesus': Franklin Graham

Is this recent "Obama cutting SS" meme, a GOP coordinated backlash?

Rep. Lewis: Declaration's ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ allows congress to force you to buy insurance

Why the right is getting a free pass on Tuscon...

Senator Joe Liarman

For those of you that do not understand the concept of Goebbels's Big Lie

Two-thirds of Americans choose higher taxes for Medicare, Social Security over reduced benefits -NYT

The Big Republican Lie

Dems Press GOPers To Repeal Their Own Benefits Along With Health Care Law

"We oppose this war." - Front page of DU, March 20, 2003.

New Washington Post/ABC Poll: Americans View Tea Party Less Favorably Than Russia, Socialism!

Joan Rivers Says Palin Joke Cost Her Fox News Booking

Joan Rivers Says Palin Joke Cost Her Fox News Booking

Palin's Crosshairs

Yellowstone Has Bulged as Magma Pocket Swells

No one could possibly have predicted this..

David Sirota: Maddow Shows How the "National" Media Isn't National At All

Khephra the legend.

Stephen Harper's Assault on Democracy

Bills strike at state labor panel (one wants to end MY right to be in a union)

Am I the only person who...

Am I the only person who...

Michelle Obama being blamed for pedestrian deaths

Official: Spokane MLK Day Bomb 'WORST DEVICE I'VE EVER SEEN'

Obama to Close Political Office and Start 2012 Campaign

Capitalism's warped priorities produce artificial shortages of the basic necessities.

i am a huge reader. i read first chapter, then end of book, then finish book. husband says

The global economy won't recover, now or ever

Tucson Surveillance Video Shows Judge John Roll Died Saving A Life.

Should Loughner receive the death penalty or life in prison?

Self-deleted by member

My daughter's HEALTH class

My daughter's HEALTH class

How has DU changed your life? Survey:


President, Dem lawmakers diverge on Social Security

25 Tons of Bombs Wipe Afghan Town Off Map

How Did Steve Jobs Get His Liver?

Lesley Stahl: "Oh, my, he's gonzo"-CBS almost reported Reagan was mentally unfit in 1986

Found this cute pic on that site which should not be named...

I Have No Problem Whatsoever With Rep. Cohen Linking The GOP To "The Big Lie" Strategy Of Goebbels

McDonald’s to serve pure maple syrup in Vermont

One green girl's story of ditching shampoo (hair never looked better)

Can any DUers help here? Urgent. Furry lives depend on us.

Feinberg in FL admitting mistakes in Gulf payouts. Too busy with plan to expedite teacher firings...

Police Seize ‘Large Amount’ Of Weapons From Blogger Who Praised Gifffords Shooting

10-Year DU Veterens, Check In

10-Year DU Veterens, Check In

Please some positive vibes for Sarge- Sarge gave me the okay

Nazi references are wrong, I don't care who makes them

Nazi references are wrong, I don't care who makes them

Repuke Rep To America: "Quit whining about your "hang nails & fever blisters"

The DU Admins have a 10th Anniversary present for you.

Did Todd Palin Have an Affair with a Massage Therapist?

Newsflash 1798: Founders favored "government run health care"

Wednesday Night Chomsky

Why is referencing nazi propaganda promoted my Goebbels always dismissed?

Al Gore: 'Defend the Internet'

Santorum Doubles Down: Abortions Violate Civil Rights Like Slavery Did

What Does WikiLeaks Have On Bank of America? (Mary Bottari/The Center for Media and Democracy

Alan Price

Why haven't you given up yet?

I'm still not seeing the declaration...

Cats rule. Dogs drool. ... ... ... ... ... Literally.


Ed Motta


It figures.

Lucinda Williams - Pineola (live)

I just had my first Fibre 1 granola bar with peanut butter. Delicious.

Jennifer Aniston Bares Chest, Talks Body In Allure (PHOTOS)

Age-appropriate advertising, please.

Inspired by Tobin, MFM is gonna hit the road again... though he's never had too much luck with that.

There;s a moon in the sky

Songs you can thank cocaine for?

HEY, let's get the band back together!

New Brett Favre commercial (NSFW)

I Can't Stop Loving You

Nuttin' like havin' a hose up yer heiney on a Saturday morning

Woo Hoo!

Classic Craigslist post. Free working electric oven and range. One small catch.

Fox Shoots Hunter With Gun In Belarus

Yoga tip

Would you wear jewelry made out of uranium glass ?

Now that LynneSin has co-opted my duty as primary promoter of "MacArthur Park" in the Lounge...


I am about to embark on the next, and possibly last, Great Adventure of My Life.

Early weekend music-Clapton live and acoustic in Japan, 2001- "Key to the Highway"...

Muhammad Ali only ran from ONE fight in his whole life. But who could blame him?

Happy tenth birthday to DU.


Happy FUCKIN' Anniversary Lounge!

Hey Jude (flow chart)

Take this survey!

Parking sign confusion

What are you reading DU? I just finished "Prisoner of Tehran: a memoir by Marina Nemat.

My god, my god... why hast thou forsaken me?

Doncha just love it when you get.....

Ode to a Pelican:

Very few people know that Skittles used to be into the swinging lifestyle.

Admit it!!! MANY of our SO's would greatly envy Snuffy the Cat.

Watch Apple iTunes count up to 10,000,000,000 Iphone / IPad Apps downloaded

He did not enjoy his online shopping experience.

Just downed a big dose of Nyquil. Ask me anything before I pass out.

Greece. Give me some travel advice.

Wolf moon rising

Wolf moon rising

How to make your kids pull up those damn droopy pants:

Wolf Moon - Type O Negative

Going back to college...

Trekkie Nerd Heaven: Enterprise leaves drydock CGI in High Definition!

New Orleans jazz festival lineup announcement tonight!

I'm expecting my first child in April. Any tips on how to introduce his presence to 2 kitties?

It IS 2011. Where ARE the flying cats???!!! nt

Saw "True Grit" tonight. Coen Brothers do it again...

The phrase of the day is Reince Priebus. Use in a sentence.

Tips on making movies less traumatic for a kitteh?

till? until? til?

Grateful Dead to release $450, 60-disc "Europe 72" box set (all 22 shows of the tour)

great thrift shop find- chia obama still in the box.

I Think 'Modern Family' Is The Funniest Show On TV

"Growing old with her is going to be a f----n' blast! (until I cheat on her too!)"

So, my husband is working out of town - the weather the next ten days

YouTube: Paul McCartney, Kennedy Center Honors, Dec. 28, 2010

I'm torn between posting here and DU3.

Crazy things people in your family have done. My dad was afraid of

The word for the day is "spound". Use "spound" in any post or thread title ...

Why the media won't interview MFM anymore (OR) Sometimes MFM takes everything WAY too literally.

Better play it safe - don't stop anywhere within 1000 feet of this sign. Ever.

Why do bats supposedly fly out of hell very quickly?

Union Protest Interrupts Mortgage Bankers Summit

Wish me fuck

Philadelphia abortion doctor killed 7 babies with scissors, prosecutor alleges

Federal grand jury indicts Ariz. shooting suspect

Speculation runs wild about Duvalier’s plan

Funeral arrangements set for officer killed in Walled Lake shootout

Moore student arrested with handgun

Gov. Snyder Backs New Span Across Detroit River

President, Dem lawmakers diverge on Social Security

Bill would make Coloradans organ donors by default

Obama says he's going to Super Bowl – if the Chicago Bears are there

APNewsBreak: Calif. handgun ammo rules thrown out

Don Siegelman, Richard Scrushy lawyers argue in Florida court to have convictions tossed

Take CNN's poll: Should healthcare reform be repealed?

Supreme Court reverses privacy rights decision affecting federal contract workers.

(Federal) Court win for same-sex couples seeking benefits

UK bans ‘Koran burning’ pastor

Swiss ex-banker faces new probe over WikiLeaks data

Can I get some some Lounge vibes for Mrs. bluesbassman?

GOP spending cuts would affect millions of people

Bombings kill at least 50 along pilgrim route to Shiite holy city of Karbala

Mexico's Ex-President Vicente Fox: Legalize Drugs

Court: Feds can pry into NASA scientists' lives

Tunisian ministers quit ruling RCD party

Fuck, it's cold......

I've done something crazy...and I need your help...

H&R Block? Should I Use Them To Do My Taxes?

i am cooking a pot of navy beans and watching the temp drop, another cold front coming.

At least 207 missing in Brazil floods, 741 dead

Uproar as minister after minister quits Irish cabinet

Muslim countries cited on religious freedom

Higher Taxes Wouldn’t End Some Deficits

Tunisian army fires warning shots during protest

Premature ejaculatortoise...

boy, I feel safe now

NM sheriff accused in alleged eBay equipment sales

Just Before Hearings, King Will Appear On Anti-Muslim Group's TV Show

US cable claims Swiss linked Iran, Gitmo to UBS

In ’91, Hussein Sought Soviet Help to Head Off U.S.

Ex-cop faces 30 years over torture of suspects

(Conservative) Lady Warsi claims Islamophobia is now socially acceptable in Britain

Report faults Daniel Pearl murder investigation (New details emerge after 3 1/2 year investigation)

Limbaugh the "football expert" doesn't like "Da Bears"

Police search for Moron

U.S. to send more insurance exchange money to states

Iowa GOP Proposes Same-Sex Marriage Ban on 2013 Ballot

Group (Common Cause): Scalia, Thomas had Citizens United conflict

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (01/20/2011)

Giffords reportedly stands, could leave hospital on Friday

Protest for Tibetans, Uyghurs Held Outside White House

Shake-up at Google: Schmidt to be chairman, Page to be CEO

I am 7 posts away from 45,000. What have I done with my life?

House GOP Lists $2.5 Trillion in Spending Cuts

Algerian opposition say will defy protest ban

"I am running for Senate" Chris Murphy (D-CT) declares intent to run for Lieberman's seat

Giffords' husband confident she will be back to work soon

FBI arrests 100 mafia suspects

Jobless claims fall more than expected

Colombia: Palestine should have its own state

Spain backs Bolivia in coca leaf campaign

Protests erupt in Yemen, president offers reform

Last Christians Ponder Leaving a Hometown in Iraq

US to lift ban on new cases for Guantanamo detainees

Trust in Fox News plummets: poll

Romans Reinvent Aqueducts to Harness Gravity for Making Power

Jordan King Orders Prices Down Amid Protests

Giffords' husband 'extremely hopeful' for full recovery

Name a sitcom that spawned a dramatic spinoff.

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, January 20, 2011

More than 100 alleged mobsters arrested in N.Y.-area

More unexpected guests? Exiled ex-president Aristide eyes return to Haiti

Ireland expects another exodus of workers

How the GOP could force a repeal vote in the Senate

What mundane thing do you quietly and intensely analyze?

In honor of DU's 10th anniversary I'm buying everyone a drink. Post your requests here

Ex-senator (Santorum) ties Obama's race to abortion rights

Vatican to Berlusconi: Politicians must be moral

Tips on making moving less traumatic for a kitteh?

Bedbugs Evolving Rapidly to Withstand Pesticides, Gene Study Find

HP shakes up board (adds Meg Whitman)

Obama Predicts Bears Will Win 20-17 (USA Today)

Slash: No G'n'R songs on "Glee"..."Glee is worse than Grease and Grease is bad enough"

Concord family sues Schwarzenegger over commutation

Wal-Mart to Announce Major Healthy Food Push

Crackdown on Illegal Workers Grows .

Cuomo Considers Cutting Up to 15,000 State Jobs

2 additional students are charged in L.A. high school shooting

Defense industry says Sen. Lieberman will be ‘hard to replace’

Boehner to Caroline Kennedy: 'Still time' to run

Senate Dems offer olive branch to GOP on healthcare reform

In honor of DU's 10th Anniversary - recommend songs for a DU mixed tape

Website owner pushes back against Righthaven with counterclaim

Stanford ponders the return of ROTC after nearly four decades

Haiti's 'Baby Doc' Quietly Departs Hotel

Leading Indicators Index in U.S. Rises Above Forecast

Leading Indicators Index in U.S. Rises Above Forecast

Chinese Pres. Hu Jintao: China not a military threat to any nation

GOP Congresswoman Renee Ellmers to Carry Concealed Weapon in Aftermath of Giffords' Shooting

What's your favorite article from the Onion?

Boulder considers lowering fluoride levels in drinking water

Giffords standing up and using iPad

Palin Putting out Presidential Feelers in Iowa

Verizon Challenges "Net Neutrality" Rules

Colombia threatens ban on foreign liquor

Blackwater Founder Is Said to Back African Mercenaries

Fox News Poll: Most Say Prayer Helped Save Congresswoman Giffords

Spying on (environmental) protest groups has gone badly wrong, (British) police chiefs say

Venezuelan govn't may regulate private firms' profits

Rep. Steve Cohen: 'I Meant What I Said' About GOPers And Nazis Lying

Electrolux layoffs begin (union jobs to Mexico)

have you ever invented a cocktail?

TAVIS SMILEY | Arianna Huffington | PBS

New Year-Jon Runyan (voted to repeal health care legislation)

'chains of Obamacare' Morgan Griffith (R- Va 9th) 00:57


Tammy Baldwin - Repealing Health Care Reform Would Harm Wisconsin Families

Rachel Maddow: We Can't Reform Any Laws That Refer To Guns At All

Rachel Maddow: We Can't Reform Any Laws That Refer To Guns At All

Olbermann: O'Reilly Thinks Faux Noise is the Best in the Whole World

Rachel Maddow:Gabby Giffords Able To Stand Up With Help

Rachel Maddow- Republicans quietly go through motions of health repeal

Majority Report: So Long, Joe Lieberman!

Ed Schultz GOP likes own federal health care

Weiner Rants On House Floor: GOP Lies On HCR Should Be A Drinking Game

Bumper Banker Bonuses for Mudering People?!

Papantonio: Sarah Palin's Sinking Ship

Study: Oil threatens Alabama coast with "IRREVERSIBLE damage"

Thom Hartmann: Why ending healthcare could cause the end of civil rights?

Thom Hartmann: Banksters have now scored heroin of proprietary trading

Repeal Health Care Reform? NO FUCKING WAY!

Thom Hartmann: Do you want airport security employed by Toys R Us?

CNN's John King apologizes for the word crosshairs

Despite John King's Nagging Rep.Cohen Not Backing Down On Comparing GOP Lies To Goebbels' Propaganda

TYT:Cheney Loves Obama's Foreign Policy

CRA's WELFARE for the Rich

We have outsourced our economy, jobs and prosperity to China

Thom Hartmann: Do Bees do a better Democracy then us?

David Sirota & Dylan Ratigan: Debating Military Commissions & GOP Health Care Repeal Bill

Tell Washington-Keep Hands Off Social Security

KO to Joe: Don't let the delusional liar door hit you in the delusional liar butt on the way out

Mike Malloy - Malloy Vs. Social Security Hater

Seems To Me A Lot Of Republicans Have Not Made The Transition From The Campaign

TYT: Glenn Beck, Rep. Cohen & Nazis

Mike Malloy - Republicans Kept Their Promise (of nonsensical acts and stupid measures)

Girl Falls into a Fountain While Texting

President Kennedy's inaugural address (Jan. 20, 1961)

Batshit Bachmann: Obamacare is Crown Jewel of Socialism


Rick Santorum on Obama: I Find It Remarkable For A Black Man To Decide Who Are People

Civility and the era of Sarah

Ed Schultz: Cantor's Actions in Healthcare Repeal are Shameful and Juvenile

Lawrence O'Donnell Mops The Floor With Trent Franks About Gun Control!

Thom Hartmann: We have outsourced our economy, jobs and prosperity to China

MRN: Steve Cohen Drops A Nazi Bomb On Yo' Ass!

Nurses to President Obama: Stand up!

Glenn Beck Shoot Them In The Head Video Clip Found

Mike Malloy - Malloy Vs. Social Security Hater

TYT: Is 'Gringo' Like the N-Word? NPR Under Attack

TDPS: Former Navy Chaplain Favors Gay Exorcisms, Says Gay Men are Women, Must See Interview

J.P. Morgan Making Big Profits From Food Stamps: More Poverty = More Profits for JP Morgan

The Young Turks interview with Skinner (David Allen) for DU 10-year anniversary

Ralph Nader & Ron Paul Interviewed Together

OMG!! guess who said they thought Obama "was doing a good job"!!

Two years ago (1/20/09)

Kenneth Roth Invited (and attends) State Dinner for Hu

How the Presidents Stack Up (some interesting graphs):

NBC/WSJ poll: Obama bouncing back

Mr. Priebus's pronunciation problems

Something to remind Republicants of:-

Obama and Hu fed up

Waugh to protest Cantor's agenda

WA "Citizens Unite" for Protest Rally

President Obama to Hold Meetings, Honor President Kennedy

Weekly U.S. jobless claims sink 37,000 to 404,000

House Republicans may tie balanced budget to raising the nation’s debt limit

Well, Real Clear Politics' conglomeration of polls has Obama's approval at the highest point since

REAGAN Approval, January 1983, 35%;. CLINTON, Jan 1995, 45%

Kos' Joan McCarter: Why does the US Chamber of Commerce hate US consumers?

Conservative Blogger Calls For Giffords To Resign, Says Holding Seat Akin To ‘Political Brett Favre’

House votes to instruct committees to report legislation replacing the 'job-killing health care law'

Dems Press GOPers To Repeal Their Own Benefits Along With Health Care Law

Palinitis is the latest evolution of the GOPers...They have devolved into a Negative Force in a time

06/10/2010: Beck: "You're going to have to shoot them in the head."

Paul Ryan’s Plan for Millionaires’ Gain and Middle-Class Pain

What are they thinking?

Screw DU - Ronald Reagan was the best president EVER!!!!!

Gallup - 51%

THE 10 WEEKS COMEBACK - 1. OBAMA, (Detailed Results)

Obama rises in Daily Gallup Tracking Poll

A good morning for the U.S. economy

Can Obama, Congress meet minds to revamp No Child Left Behind?

Police Seize ‘Large Amount’ Of Weapons From Blogger Who Praised Gifffords Shooting..."

Bizarro land - Michelle O.'s anti-obesity program causes pedestrians death.

Mitch McConnell has promised his party a vote on repeal of the health care bill.

Be still my heart: Santorum is BACK!

No HCR funding? = Veto the Budget unless it contain HCR funding.

The REPUBLICANS'strategy is full privatization of healthcare

How do Republican leaders continue to get away w/ THreatening not to do anything

Santorum On Obama & Abortion-'Almost Remarkable For A Black Man' To Say We Can Decide Who's A Person

Photos: "Quintessentially American" (The Obama Presidency, Day 730)

What if Obama's pro-business agreements are calculated to further divide the Republican Party?

Why China Does Capitalism Better Than the U.S.

What economy stupid?

Obama's (Call For) Regulatory Review Gets Mixed Response

Schakowsky: If...GOP Supports States’ Rights, It Should Support Letting Vermont Pursue Single Payer

RATigan vs. Alterman

Mitch McConnell Looks like a Turtle Contest! Enter now!

Has Obama assumed the position of salesman-in-chief to China?

Check out these comments about Obama's approval ratings

My theory: People assume Obama is willing to cut social security due to speculative reporting.

Al Franklin: This Comcast merger will kill Netflix

Woo hoo! Glenn Beck And Sean Hannity Dropped From Philadelphia Radio Station!

Nurses to Obama: Stand up!

Are the Republicans really Nazis in Disguise??

Alan Grayson: What I Didn't Hear (in the repeal debate)

Political cartoonist Mike Luckovich: Joe Lieberman Retirement Party

damn thats a guitar solo

What is going on with filibuster reform?

Obama buys into business's regulation myth: Margaret Carlson

Comcast VP and top lobbyist raised over $6 million for Obama's election campaign

Pelosi presses Hu on commitment to human rights, climate change

How long can the Media go on ignoring the connection between these dots?

From the Department Of Utter Idiocy

Biden: Obama has best record since FDR

Wal-Mart and Michelle Obama team up for healthy foods

PALIN: Very Positive 8%; Very Negative 33% (NBC/WSJ

President Obama's impressive record

Wendell Potter: Insurance 'sold across state lines' is to circumvent state laws and is 'junk'

Froomkin: Obama's willingness to cut Social Security is 'killing him with voters'

Please tell me I did not just see a Hillary 2012 ad on CNN

Details from Blair's Iraq calls were deleted

U.S. Prepares to Lift Ban on Guantánamo Cases

The Joke's on Limbaugh: His 'Pigeon Chinese' Actually From Mao's Little Red Book

To Bailout or Not to Bailout: Mortgage Mess Endgames Emerging

Sri Lankan coverup of WikiLeaks war crime revelations

Salon: Chinese guests requested "quintessentially American"'s what they were served

What It Was Like to Be John F. Kennedy

Turkey Cooperated in CIA Extraordinary Renditions by Scott Horton

One Year After Haiti Earthquake, Corporations Profit While People Suffer

What I Learned From Sargent Shriver - Bono

Ford Foundation Commits $50 Million to Films With Social Purpose

David Bollier: The Seed-Sharing Solution

Vietnam, the Beginning of the American Empire's Destruction

Shasta and Goliath: Bringing Down Corporate Rule

Happy Birthday to Bill Maher! As a tribute, here are his best quotes ever...

Bonuses for bankers, bankruptcy for public services

Profiting from political road rage

The Caligulan court of Silvio Berlusconi laid bare

What Harry Reid should tell Cantor re his dare to have vote on Affordable Health Care

PHEVs forecast to be 9% of auto SALES (not % of fleet) by 2020; 22% of sales in 2030

Why China Reacts to Financial Crises Better Than The US

Soldiers Forced to See Chaplain After Failing Army's Spiritual Fitness Test

His Holiness the Dalai Lama Talks with Chinese Activists

AlterNet: Will Only Another Great Depression Save America?'s video on GOPers move to reinstate Corporate-Care.

"Obama's Bogus Explanation For Troubles: Too Much Regulation"

How the Power of Myth Keeps Us Mired in War

Stimulus kept millions out of poverty

David Korten: Microcredit: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Remembering Zorro's Vietnam Legacy by Don North (1-20-11 Consortium News)

What I Didn't Hear

Ex Cop Faces 30 Years over Torture of Suspects.

Billionaire: Public Sector workers the "new privileged class"....

Bedwetting Righties

Alaska health officials warn of toxin in North Pole gardens

AP: Iowa's polluted waterways

EU Suspends Carbon Trading After Security Breaches

Here's to 'a whole new way of eating'

In Past 10 Years, Pakistan's Population Has Increased 24%

Hu & Obama Blahblah Clean Energy Blahblah Challenging Situation Blahblah Investment Blahblah

Peak oil notes - Jan 20

Breathless In Bangalore - What Benzene-Rich Diesel Generator Exhaust Can Do For YOU!

9,000 Residents In Victoria State Told To Flee - Flood Levels "Off The Charts" - Highest On Record

Another Benefit Of Fracking For Rural Wyoming - Roads Crumble From Truck Traffic w/o Cash For Repair

National Climate Data Center Preparing To Set New "Normal" Weather As 70s Data Depart

WindMade Introduces Wind Energy Made Consumer Label For Products

Climate scientists targeted for fraud (BBC)

‘Unprecedented flows’ as floodwaters approach Australia’s Murray River

Independent UK: This isn't just about bees – it affects everything

BP's Energy Outlook to 2030 -- Demand For Renewables to Grow, Oil to Decrease

Xinhua - Drought In Key Chinese Wheat Belt To Continue - Precip Down 90% Past 3 Mos In Key Provinces

Coal Money And Violent Rhetoric Hold Appalachia Captive to Dirty Energy

Rage Spills Over At BLM Gas Meeting In Wyoming - "Turning Sublette CO Into A Fucking Drill Pad"

ExxonMobil Projects 25% Increase In GHG Outputs In Next 20 Years - Guardian

Paleoclimate Implications for Human-Made Climate Change (draft of new Hansen paper)

UK Bird Populations Continue Decline Underway Since 60s - Seabirds OK, Farm, Woodland #s Badly Down

DNA Analysis Confirms African Forest Elephants Are A Distinct Species - Mongabay

Millions Against Monsanto

$1.35/Month For Public Grazing For Cattle - Yep, & That's Where Obama's Gov. Is Going To Leave It

Did you know that we should privatize our water infrastructure? News to me too.

UK bees facing a poisoned spring

WMO Concludes 2010 Global Temperature Likely Highest Ever, Though Statistically Tied W. 98, 05

Solar Firms Frustrated by Permits

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 387

PHEVs forecast to be 9% of auto SALES (not % of fleet) by 2020; 22% of sales in 2030

Self-deleted by member

From another forum, they aren't interested.

NRA to Congress: Don't mess with gun laws

On guns and public health

Australian editor: "America, don’t repeat Australia’s gun control mistake"

APNewsBreak: Calif. handgun ammo rules thrown out

McDonnell ends ban on guns in Va state parks

Rachel Maddow Accepts Meghan McCain's Invitation To NRA Convention

On guns and public health (repost)

In spite of recession, gun business taking off(2011 SHOT Show in Vegas)

Bill introduced to allow permitted guns on campus (Florida)

After Arizona shootings, Memphis Rep. Steve Cohen(D) says he'll apply for handgun carry permit

Why new gun restrictions aren't the answer (read before bashing)

Yeah yeah---it aint the Gun that kills----- whatever!

Obama's conspicuous silence on guns

Why America's gun laws won't change...

Spain backs Bolivia in coca leaf campaign

'Baby Doc' Duvalier facing extended stay in Haiti

Bolivia Spends 500 Millon Dollar in Food Security

Mexico's Ex-President Vicente Fox: Legalize Drugs

Tight contest in Peru as Fujimori daughter slips

Former congressman called to trial for alleged paramilitary ties

'Parties' and 'prostitutes' at military prison base

The Return of Duvalier: Haiti's Denouement?

Haiti's 'Baby Doc' Quietly Departs Hotel

Colombia: Palestine should have its own state

Aristide Says He Is Ready to Return to Haiti, Too

Colombia threatens ban on foreign liquor

WikiLeaks: Lula was afraid of Venezuela's purchase of Russian aircrafts

Is Venezuela a Democracy anymore?

Melo (and Billups) deal with Nets falls through. Whew!

Marshall 75 WVU 71

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Wednesday, January 19)

"What should I do"? The Brett Favre version....

+++ NFL Playoffs: Conference Picks +++

Entertainment Weekly Looks at Gay Teens on TV

The Ballad of Sarah Palin (Lady Bunny Video)

Fla. Gov. Not Eyeing Adoption Ban

Video-How To Find A Masculine Halloween Costume For Your Effeminate Son

S.F. Gay Museum Attacks Begin

Prepare to be shocked: Study finds significant anti-gay workplace discrimination in Utah

Tracy Ullmann "Ex-gay"

Max Adler Says Performing Lady Gaga on "Glee" Would "Blow My Mind"

Allentown OKs Domestic Partner Benefits

U.K. will not recognize unilateral Palestinian state, official says

IDF soldiers kill armed Palestinian in West Bank

Macy Gray asks Facebook fans: Should I boycott Israel?

A Bipartisan Crowd, Helped by Bibi, Pleas for Pollard, the Convicted Spy

Muslim countries cited on religious freedom

Conservative Party chair: Islamophobia is now socially acceptable in Britain

I just saw someone on tv say something.

Amateurs Find Hidden Gems in Space Photo Contest

Science and Song - The Neuroscience of Music

Fossil of Cretaceous-era squid found in Peru

The Mass Extinction of Scientists Who Study Species

Vandenberg to launch its tallest rocket

It's a girl! ... pterodactyl, that is

Italian scientists claim to have demonstrated cold fusion (w/ Video)