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Self delete - dupe

Condoleezza Rice: send Palestinian refugees to South America

Senate Judiciary Committee schedules vote on Graves nomination and 10 District nominees

Whenever I hear Bachmann's name, I am reminded of another SOTU

Republicans stage "Get Motivated" business seminar.. is really GOP Town Hall Ripoff...

What will be the best online live feed of the SOTU address?

I have a big What the Fuck? Can anyone help me?

Tea Party taking over CNN? Starts tonight IMO

BBC to cut online budget by 25% (BBC)

The only thing I can think of worse than Bachman/Tea Party giving a SOTU rebuttal . . . .

Not The Onion: Dreier and Waters to coordinate outfits for State of the Union

I Only Have One Question About "Date Night" At The SOTU...

I love the name "FOKNewsChannel"

Full text of speech (SOTU) draft obtained by National Journal

self delete

Rahm is back on the ballot

Russian TV Links Modern Warfare 2 To Russian Massacre

The RELIGION of the Constitution... Chris has

Chris Matthews Is Pounding Tea-Bag Leader Sal Russo on HardBall....

McDonalds to raise prices.

McDonalds to raise prices.

Schools: Show us the results, we will show you the money:

Remember this.... Warning, may make you vomit....

Steny's gonna call VP Joe Tomorrow...

Bush White House Violated Law By Using Gov't Resources To Support GOP in '06 Elections

GOP Leaders looking to ban same-sex marriage in DC.

Why do they do this? Why does the WH release excerpts of the speech before its given?

Why do they do this? Why does the WH release excerpts of the speech before its given?

Hey CNN - Yes - GM Is Selling A Lot Of Cars In China .......

I can't decide if I should watch a comedy movie tonight or Bachman's speech?

Obama brings up DADT in the SOTU

Gingrich calls for replacing EPA

Piers Morgan? Are you bloody kidding me?

cop's son video taped sucker punching homeless man settles - Pays med bills & donation to NAACP.

Tweety claims POTUS will give separate speech on gun control

A Supreme Conflict of Interest (sign please)

Google has changed. I used to be able to search and get

Is there already "buyers remorse" with the teahadists?

Is there already "buyers remorse" with the teahadists?

Corporations Take Advantage of Prison Labor

Well I usually do SOTU and other things with my frenemies at DU

The congress is being allowed to take their Blackberry's into House, and will be tweeting.

There's my man Dennis Kucinich!

Obama uses the word war four times and terror two times

Home/Condo owners - Question about insurance

"The stock market has come roaring back. Corporate profits are up. The economy is growing again."

"The stock market has come roaring back. Corporate profits are up. The economy is growing again."

Howard Dean: "Bachmann looks like she's from outer space"

This filing in one at a time is worse than the red carpet at the Golden Globes

what Obama should write on his hand tonight

Shall we liveblog KO's tweeting of SOTU?

Anybody Know Who The Poor Schlub Is That Has To Stay Out Of The SOTU...

Are all those women in Red jackets

I'll Say This Once, And Then Let It Go...

I'll Say This Once, And Then Let It Go...

word cloud of tonight's speech

Which Republican is mostly to yell at the President?

Why in the Fuck is Blitzer talking about Cutting Social Security

Why in the Fuck is Blitzer talking about Cutting Social Security

Is Bachmann going to be standing during her speech?

CNN streaming live video of SOTU "arrivals." What is this, the red carpet?

Was FDR gracious?

Chess Experts’ Brains Work Differently

Wow, is MSNBC pumping the Lawrence, Rachel, Ed and Chris lineup......

U.S. home prices slide into 'double dip'

How about FAIR Trade for an Innovation ya Jack Ass

Love him kissing SUPREMES, w good hug for Ruth B-G.

Scalia, Alito and Thomas missing


Churches Find End Is Nigh

I think they should keep this mixed seating all the time.

***** Official 2011 STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS Live Blog *****

For those wanting some fun - a link to the freakrepublic SOTU thread....

For those wanting some fun - a link to the freakrepublic SOTU thread....

I miss Dan Quayle at the SOTU

Uh Oh...TSA Joke

If Chris M. & others had hammered away at the rightwingers years ago..

I keep hearing 'we' - not sure if that word registers with some in political power

Poll: Would you support a repeal of Medical Marijuana?

Poll: Would you support a repeal of Medical Marijuana?

Boehner is the kind of guy that would unrec a positive thread on DU.

Boehner looks more orange then usual tonight next to Obama's brown tone and Biden's creamy beige

Foreclosure horror: home filled with dead pets

1st time I have ever had to log off DU for fear

Report details Bush admin Hatch Act violations

US wants Internet, cell records held longer


end the wars and the deficit will repair itself

the earmark bull, veto money to the states

Questions for tonight's SOTU as you watch it: Do you feel represented?

If your blackberry is more important than the SOTU...

Hi Speed Rail, Faster than flying, WITHOUT THE PAT-DOWN!

Has he referred to the guests in his box yet?

Has he referred to the guests in his box yet?

Not watching the SOTU?

Purple does not go with orange

***** Official 2011 STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS Live Blog ***THREAD #2**

Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly watching the State of the Union

Borowtiz tweet on SOTU and Keith Olberman...LOL

For those who missed it: Here's a link to the Hardball segment with Sal Russo...

How can Repubs not clap for "Not allowing Insurance Companies to deny due to preexisting conditions

More free trade agreements...UGH

Smoked Salmon: LOX!

All about cutting eh?

Dr. Dean "delighted"

The *only* way to cut our deficit is to cut costs...

No applause from the New Speaker on the idea

"It gets even more complicated when they're smoked"

You Tweet questions to live replies at WH web site:

Brilliant Mr. President - He tried to get Boehner to cry on national TV

The Dream Lives On........

How about FAIR Trade for an Innovation

Tunisia. And what about the Egyptian people?

please forgive me- after 45 min- has he mentioned wars?

As a group of posters in the last hour - You all sure are whiny!

dang, boehner and military folk sat there after Obama mentioned gays in the military

I am going to cringe...

I am going to cringe...

The President looks much younger on the replay.

CNN will air Tea Party Response and GOP response live

I don't know about you but now I'm revved up to hunt down some terrorists.

How was the state of union speech?

I don't have a television on, but let me guess all the news is talking about a speech they had in


Internet has been out, I missed the fireworks, damn...

Alexander Hamilton is apparently not a founding father. nt

If the Teabaggers are getting two responses, then why is the Progressive wing

His eyes are freaking me out!

I don't like Paul Ryan's politics, but at least he's smart.

What is more stupider than Bachmann?

Folsom man with beard can't become (prison) guard, says AG

White supremacist terror manual found

Man, Ryan has huge ears! Ok, so I'm superficial. It's true! NT

President Obama towers over everybody in politics and government

I just dont trust Obama anymore

GOP Response - The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Not Enough Fear!

I'm excited for Bachmann!

State Of The Corporate Union

***** Official 2011 STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS Live Blog ***THREAD #3**

SOTU Liberal response?

Hilarious reactions to Boner on Twitter:

Amazing. Just amazing.

I had never really watched the Office until tonight.

I had never really watched the Office until tonight.

Why doesn't DU simply give a total of recs versus unrecs?

Help: anybody know where I can get

Why doesn't DU give a total of recs versus unrecs?

Translation of the republican response

Will the networks allow a rebuttal to counter bachmann?

Was the speech to yours and my right? Yes. But it wasnt Right Wing n/t.

There really should have been an effort to get the Tea Party to give a response to both

repub not tweeting nice post SOTU

Um... With The State Of The MSM (Such As It Is), Why Ain't Bachmann's Response Being Televised ???

Why is a 12 year old boy doing the Rep Response?

Alternative Live Snarking of the SOTU @ Witstream

Any discussion in the SOTU about Guantanamo or Manning?

For those who actually watched and listened: Was the speech, in your view, more Dem or more Repub?

I would like to state: "I hate Yahoo "news"." It is so right leaning it makes

Republican response to State of the Union

Republican response to State of the Union

Pay attention kiddies

Did Anybody Comment Here On The Non-Reaction Of The Military Brass......

Heh! Obama just made Boner cry!

Heh! Obama just made Boner cry!

Michele Bachmann Cartoons

And Now......The Batshit Crazy Response....

Did You Know That The Addams Family Eliminated Slavery ???

PPT Is On The Prowl...

Bachmann just compared Obama to Tojo.

Well that response was a snoozer.

Van with human traffickers crashes in Bradenton Publix parking lot

Crazy Michelle Open Thread

Rep. Broun on Twitter: Mr. President, you believe in socialism

Fact checking bachmann will be fun to do

Does Bachmann Have Any Clue As How To Talk TO The Camera ???

Flashback: Obama Ridicules McCain’s Call for Spending Freeze

Ending Big-Oil Subsidies Would Save 20 BILLION Over The Next 5 Years...

President Obama, Best Republican President since President Clinton!!!

Evidently I can’t find the right google phrase—please help

So Roberts is the only Conservative USSC justice in attendance

Freeper: Batshit Crazy Bachman 2012 ticket "would send the biggest "Message" since Ross Perot."

Screw Bachman! It's time for the Daily Show

My favorite moment: Obama kissing Justice Sotomayor and Justice Kagan

Right-wing morons try to pull a James O'Keefe/ACORN on Planned Parenthood

Borowitz tweet re Bachman speech

When they say, "cut spending"...

I firmly disagree with the President on serveral points

Two U.S. Nuclear Power Plants Had Leaks Today: Move along folks, nothing to see here!

Is anyone else slightly reminded of "The Princess Bride" right now?

Just flipped to MSNBC from CNN - and couldnt stay because Keith was not there

Let's review what the "sell out" President talked about...

Was there ever a "Code Pink" response to the SOTU in the past?

Did Bachmann just reference Iwo Jima war imagery in regards to Obama being a totalitarian

So now the media can make time for 2 republican responses?!

Democratic President Calls For All Colleges To Embrace ROTC

Um, what the heck was that Iwo Jima photo doing on the screen?

derby's quick review of all three speeches tonight

derby's quick review of all three speeches tonight

I think the reason alot of people didn't like Obama's speech was because

I think the reason alot of people didn't like Obama's speech was because

Now we know whey they pick on Obama using a Prompter...

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! SOTU Edition

David Axelrod wins the Pundit Evening!

32 Recent Plane Incidences in the USA?!


From Canada: 'Desperate days in small-town America'

ASL translation of the Bachmann response to the SOTU. (for the hearing-impared)

Wow... Look For This Video... David Gergen Attempts To Kick Ari Fleischer's Butt...

Actual tweet from actual congressman

Candy Crowley on Bachmann's speech: "It is what it is."

Why exceptionalism IS a problem

Boehner-Bachmann 2012. Mark Foley-Bachmann 2012. Oliver North-Bachmann 2012. DeLay-Bachmann 2012.

Ooh! Rachel is on late for a special show

Ha! #whatisbachmannlookingat - Make it a top Trend on Twitter!

I think back on the presidents in my lifetime, and I am most proud to have President Obama as...

Just wanted to say congratulations......

SOTU. You are an American. Do it yourself.

Paul Begala Said Progressives Love this President...Eeeek!

Now with the openly gay policy in the military my question is

As I listened to the obligatory thanks to our troops and the call for colleges and universities

Great Line From My Mom Re: Ryan's Response...

Filed my Federal income tax return yesterday (electronically)

Did fox carry bachman's responce in full? Oh I can hope can i.

Rep Giffords upgraded from Serious to GOOD

LA Times: Mother describes border vigilante (Minutemen) killings in Arizona

All right... I'm getting mad. Can't find the video or Bachmann.

SOTU Drinking game.

Make a note of this figure & use it as a reminder during tonight's SOTU...

Make a note of this figure & use it as a reminder during tonight's SOTU...

Tonight in Cairo, the Parliament is Surrounded

CNN just depthbombed Bachman

Greatest response to Bachmann and her idiot followers


Rachel covering how CNN actually ran Bachmann's "response," err comedy of errors... next

Obama on social security from SOTU

Republican and conservative Dems tell people to pull themselves up by the boot straps

Tea Party Express Web Site Ignores Bachmann

amusing word maps from NPR

Toyota recalling nearly 1.7 million vehicles!

FRONTLINE: the wounded platoon | PBS

FRONTLINE: the wounded platoon | PBS

Alec Baldwin to replace Olbermann?

Alec Baldwin to replace Olbermann?

NAILED: Rachel Says Tonight's Speech Was, "A Prayer To The Free Market"

Transcripts to all speeches from tonight

Does anyone have a transcript of the speech?

Hey, remember when the networks gave prime time coverage to the antiwar movement's speeches?

Gabby's first tweet, today, Happy Birthday to Daniel Hernandez,

"Was this the SOTU or a rorschach test?"

Anthony Weiner - Obama's speech stellar.

In honor of Lady MachBachmann, one from the Vaults

Paul Ryan: Sure, some of President Obama's words were reassuring...

Did I miss them or were 3 Supreme Court Justices missing this evening?

Malia Litman: Second Prostitute about to drop shoe on Todd Palin

Happiness is......

The Palestine papers and the dead-end of nationalism

House Republicans will try to ban gay marriage in Washington, D.C.

YAY! Bush didn't give the State of the Union tonight!

Bwahahaha! John Marshall live blogs Bachmann's SOTU Response

The light bulb law Bachmann is bitching about was a Bush Adm. law

Great State of the Union

Has Mooselini responded to the SOTU yet?

To those who watch Bachmann's TeaBaggrebuttal, from Minnesota, we apologize...

Support the Georgia prisoners

I think someone is missing.. important person


Ex-Washington, DC schools chief escalates campaign against public education

Did anyone even notice that Obama referred to the DADT repeal and DREAM Act in this speech.

"Without the patdowns..."

Reuters: FLASH: Obama Will Say Can't Afford Permanent Extension of Tax Cuts for Wealthiest Americans

Keith live-blogging SOTU on Twitter.

Keith live-blogging SOTU on Twitter.

Joe Walsh is a tea bagger? Who knew.

Self-deleted by member

Blue Cross CEO says providers must control costs, or else

Egypt is on the Edge of Full-Blown Revolution

Government Economic Intervention: For Whom?

obamas speech ....

Guess What Branch Of The Government a Right Winger Told Needs to Be Cut...

Even if you hate Tweety

Lack of lethal-injection drug means Florida must develop new execution procedure

Today's Dilbert-the trickle on your heads theory

Moonie Times: Bachmann Wins teh Night!

Keith Olbermann on Bachman tweeting live--hilarious...

2010: More Suicides Than Combat Deaths In Military

Report: 35% of (wounded) warrior-unit soldiers face addiction

Borowitz Tweet on Bachmann

Predator Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

David Pakman on SOTU: The GOod, The Bad, the Made-Up

($100 M) MV-22 Rates Good Marks, Some Concerns

UK protesters to show solitary with Egypt Embassy Demo 3-6pm TODAY

Gergen: educating our kids in math and science isn't about compassion.

U.S. inspector general calls for halt in funding $26 million Iraqi academy

So when do the GOP idiots start announcing their run for president?

FBI infiltrator prepared government raid on antiwar groups in Minneapolis and Chicago

america the stupider

State of the Union 2011: Obama urges co-operation

30 miners are reported to have been trapped by an explosion in a coal mine in north-eastern Colombia

The Republican response to the SOTU

America's diversity on display last night

Did the Democrats get a rebuttal?

O'Donnell calling for proof

Foreclosure Mills Pocketed $50 Mln From Fannie, Freddie

Cops: Palin Has NO Connection to Prostitute Ring

Jim Cramer Says Obama's Speech "Is A Hit... For Stocks"

Bennett Toon on Bachmann

Minneapolis Tea Party Slams Bachmann: ‘One Person Has No Right To Speak For The Whole Organization’

OMG, Stephanie Miller and Guys have me bending over. "If Boner

She'll always be Speaker Pelosi to me.

Robert Fisk: A new truth dawns on the Arab world

Planned Parenthood Busts Conservative "Sting" Attempt Reminiscent of ACORN Smear Campaign

Caption This Pic

A Plan, A Mantra, A Miracle

Rand Paul piles on; on the heels of Bachmann

This New "D" brand sucks, I want some Real "D"

Anyone else think Boehner looked like he needs a laxative?

Michele Bachmann response thread

Michele Bachmann response thread

Digital Democratic Revolution

Did anyone listen Batshit Bachman last night?

The combined seating might have had some positive side effects.

Downsizing the world's top global news-gathering organization

Apple's Secretive Supply Chain Hides 'Pollution and Poison' in China, New Report

Michele Bachmann's response to the SOTU

Two funny tweets from Keith

Thoughts on Egypt, Tunesia and the US;

Fact Checking Rep. Bachmann's "Tea Party Response" To The State Of The Union

The F Word: No Solutions at State of the Union - Laura Flanders

U.S. to reap $312 million by shedding Citi warrants

U.S. to reap $312 million by shedding Citi warrants

Why is Bachman looking into the middle distance?

Is it just me or does Paul Ryan look like Eddie Munster?

I believe the President did a hell of a number tonight.

From Guantanamo to Supermax. Ghailani is sentenced to life for Embassy bombings.

CBO's Revised Budget Sees 2011 Deficit Rising To $1.5 Trillion; $4 Trillion In Deficit Through 2013

US and State Judges Likely among Swiss Bank Accounts Holders

Abbott to cut 1,900 jobs in restructuring

It's wonderful how they're so innocent

EYE ON KIRKUK - interesting pics

DJIA Rises above 12,000 This Morning

Ford to keep 3,750 jobs at Kansas City, Missouri plant that was in danger of closing

Alito, Thomas Headlined Political Fundraisers Chaired By Leading Right-Wing

Wikileaks vs. Facebook

The Dow Jones Industrial Average just topped 12000 for the first time since June 2008

Rachel Maddow Smacks Down CNN For Airing Bachmann's SOTU Response

Michigan bills would allow concealed guns in more places

Farmville Legal Fight: Who Owns "Ville?"

Gawd.. Make it stop! Make It STOP!

Air Force stands by (failing? / failed?) Gorgon Stare program

Is there still time for another UNREC option?

VP hubby said he looked like that puppet "Walter"

Ten (UK) troops a day suffer mental health problems in fight against Taliban

Public Polling Positive on ALL LGBT Issues

Public Polling Positive on ALL LGBT Issues

Missouri House to consider welfare drug testing bill.

Missouri House to consider welfare drug testing bill.

Missouri House to consider welfare drug testing bill.

Gov. Christie more interested in bringing another NBA team to NJ rather

Charlie Louvin, Country Music Hall Of Famer, Dies At 83

Charlie Louvin, Country Music Hall Of Famer, Dies At 83

White House, NATO Hold Up Afghan Force Size Increase

American Apartheid

New picture of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly (watching SOTU)

Governor Ed Rendell (D-PA), has signed on with NBC/MSNBC

Mr. Boehner - No Matter How You Slice It Your Legacy As The Speaker Is.....

Andy Borowitz's - BorowitzReport on Twitter is really funny tonight

"Fun Theory" contest makes people more socially responsible

"UConn Donor Demands Return Of $3 Million Donation." Make no mistake..

Nearly 26 million Americans have diabetes, 79 million U.S. adults have prediabetes

This dude (Ryan) is a "young gun"?

What do Republicans and some Legal Immigrants have in common?

"Oh my god. That's just crazy," ... "Really that is wacko."

Reading all these Olbermann threads this past weeks and I'm wondering...

Spokane Official: MLK Day Bomb May Have Been Filled With Rat Poison

Arizona Birther Bill V.02

860 Arrested in Two Days of Egyptian Protests

Absurdity of federal funding system

So, Powell thinks 25% of military budget is doable. I thought fiddy. What are we waiting for?

WHAT? No hopey-changey blood libel okey dokey S.O.T.U. rebuttal from the Talibunny?

NYC Blizzard Story Was - ANOTHER - GOP Political Fabrication

Insurers mine social networks for fraud

Those nasty foreign hands in Afghanistan

NH teachers: Guns in Statehouse = No Dr. Seuss readings

Covering The Assault On Working People

Frenzy in Food Markets

GOP’s Dick Lugar to the teabaggers: Bite me

Watching clips from last night's speech

Obama's Midway Economic Report Card - Nomi Prins


Did the GOP write the Bachmann response?

If corporations can pour in cash for our elections undocumented workers should be able to vote

CNN was the only television news organization to show Ms. Bachmann’s speech live

Bachman? Hilarious --- CNN? MORE Hilarious

Obama has wisely invoked Reagan-style optimism

If the Apollo moon landings were taking place today, would you support them?

Egypt protesters want freedom, but can they organize to get it?

Howard Dean: “It Is a Very, Very Good Speech. I Am Delighted.”

Re: Bachmann Response

truthdig: 9 Out of 10 Viewers Approve of Obama’s Proposals

Hogwash, Mr. President...,..,By Robert Scheer at Truthdigs

Self-deleted by member

Neocon Dreams of Mideast Empire Dashed by Revolts in Tunisia and Egypt

No, No, No...

Question re: Post SOTU show on MSNBC

Help Fill a Stadium

Assange and Posada in the Propaganda System

School Divides Students Based On Race, Gender

send this to your winger friends and watch their teabags explode

U.S. Home Prices Slump Again, Hitting New Lows

Christine O'Donnell Bashes Obama's 'Hypocritical' State Of The Union Address

Everyone deserves the same degree and quality of health

Full interview with Anthony Weiner

Walmart retreats from the Wilderness

Rachel is battling to preside over this MSNBC panel.

Americans love to think of themselves as middle class. A meaningless phrase.

So everyone heard Obama's pledge to add 100,000 new science, engineering and math teachers, right?

So everyone heard Obama's pledge to add 100,000 new science, engineering and math teachers, right?

Lol the Tea Party Terrorists are furious at Faux News showing their live link to Bachmann UPDATED

US child appeals against being tried for murder as an adult

Blair sister-in-law wants him tried for Iraq crimes

U.S. government to ditch colors in its terror warning system by the end of April, officials tell AP

Darrell Issa Bars Democratic Statement at Hearing on TARP

Your gut feeling... when do you think social security will run out of money?

Kansas Set to Become Only State to Eliminate Arts Commission

Comparison with another State of the Union

Comparison with another State of the Union

Obama seemed to be channeling JFK during his SOTU

Obama's Speech and America, Inc - Nomi Prins

"Egyptian Revolution Jan 25th 2011 - Take what's Yours!": (excellent video)

Damn Michele Bachmann really "Jindaled" herself bigtime

Obama's SOTU has been released!

Gabby Giffords' condition has been upgraded from serious to

Good news for yours truly.

(US Rep. Gabrielle) Giffords moves to rehab center in 'good' condition

How far does Hubble see?

Jimmy Carter's "malaise" speech and the SOTU

did he just say frivolous law suits...

Journalists beaten, websites blocked amid protests in Egypt

Weiner: I 'Needed A Drink' After Paul Ryan's Speech

'Crop circle' found in Indonesian rice paddy

Photo of courageous Egyptian protester

Oh, That Explains It: Michele Bachmann Is Blind

Anchorage cop says Todd is innocent, sets stage for Sarah's blood libel rant against Enquirer...

Obama: Aside From All The Weirdos And Freaks Around Here, The State Of The Union Is Strong

Singer Jimmy Buffett falls off the stage in Sydney, taken to hospital

"I had other obligations."

Un-freep MICHELE BACHMANN poll, anybody? NY Daily News

Boehner To Give Keynote Address At Insurance Industry Conference’s ‘Lobbying Day’

Boehner To Give Keynote Address At Insurance Industry Conference’s ‘Lobbying Day’

Nader urges Fiat to recall 1993-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokees

Yesterday in Tahrir Square, Cairo, at 11 PM.

Well intentioned but ill considered

"An Implement Of Freedom---semiautomatic M1911 handgun the official Utah State Firearm"

Another Republican radio station bites the dust KVI Seattle


Planned Parenthood Calls In The FBI After Series Of O'Keefe-Like Encounters

Planned Parenthood Calls In The FBI After Series Of O'Keefe-Like Encounters

Same Old Bi-partisan Routine: LAMEST. CARTOON. EVER.

CAT FIGHT! (coming soon: between Queen Tea Baggers)

Al Jazeera Transparency Unit.

Paul Ryan's Social Safety Hammock

Singer Jimmy Buffett falls off the stage in Sydney, taken to hospital

Interesting lineup with the White House tomorrow.

hating cops..

CNN Video: Giffords moves to rehabilitation hospital

What is it Obama will be running on in 2012?

Bay Area among worst for laser shinings at planes

Localeaks: A Drop-Box for Anonymous Tips to 1400 U.S. Newspapers

Poor Australia - Tropical Cyclone Bianca

In what area does your state rank the WORST?

Tweety will have Matt Kibbe on today

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, Head of 50 State Investigation, Retreats From “Tough With Banks” S

Goodbye DU, Hello DU

GOP majority leader backs plan to slash Social Security, Medicare

DHS ending color-coded security alerts

Is RW radio throwing Michele Bachmann under the bus?

Bachman accomplished something not thought possible:

Obama Again Flirting with Empty GOP Medical Malpractice Proposal

Obama Misses the Boat on Foreign Policy in SOTU

Bernie Sanders on MSNBC and CNN tonight

Someone always has to come in last...

Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney: There is no statute of limitations on war crimes.

Hate crimes cop in Suffolk County, NY: County executive frequently interfered with our work

Massachusetts budget cuts: Biggest in 20 years

Wal-Mart offers makeup and anti-aging products for 8-year-olds

More signals of decline...

The Eight-Pointed Manifesto

Republican draws line on funding boost for 'failed' regulators

Appellate court guts Illinois public works program

I am not in a "safety net" Rep Ryan I earned my benefits

Video Game Health Warnings Coming? Congressman Would Like To See It

Testing Remains the Problem

Testing Remains the Problem

Can someone help me with a closed-captioning issue???

Mitch McConnell: If the president is willing to do what I would do anyway, we’re not going to say no

Mitch McConnell: If the president is willing to do what I would do anyway, we’re not going to say no

NYT: Wikileaks altered the helicopter video, "Collateral Damage."

Medicare official doubts health care law savings

Toon: Lose the Hat, Scalia

I think we should start framing the message and call them the Teabag Party

Did Eric Holder say the 2nd Amendment did not allow you to bear arms?

Well Damn, Michelle can never run for President

Loughner Researched Political Assassins, Lethal Injection Before Shooting

Loughner Researched Political Assassins, Lethal Injection Before Shooting

Tweety is DESTROYING Bachmann and a co-founder of the Tea Party Express!

DUers did you ever think Bob Woodruff

Lisa Murkowski say she has left the House chamber to join her family at hospital due to son's surger


Worst Democratic SOTU Address ever?

State of the Union: I'm still unimpressed.

HuffPost's misguided step: a segregated website

Astronomers Discover Oldest Galaxy Yet Seen

Cancer patient Vietnam vet's COBRA coverage dropped due to $.02 shortage

not a dime's worth of difference

Freedom Rider: Middle Class Means Working Class

I believe the SOTU rallied support for the President at DU

I believe the SOTU rallied support for the President at DU

Is The Economy Rebounding?

Is The Economy Rebounding?

What's the deal in Egypt? Please explain.

A thousand words -

Did anyone notice Obama diss Biden last night at SOTU?

Ed Rendell -the new face of MSNBC?

THREE More Smears Against WikiLeaks Fall (Pattern Emerging)

Keith's new icon for Fok News

Kucinich sues cafeteria for $150K in dental injuries due to olive.

400 Rabbis protest Fox host's use of Holocaust imagery

400 Rabbis protest Fox host's use of Holocaust imagery

Miss. senator introduces federal anti-abortion bill with parallels to FL ‘personhood’ amendment

Obama: compete; GOP: be afraid.


My Version Of The Michele Backwards Bachmann Reality Strikes Speech/Add anything I missed

Ladies and Gentlemen of DU-GD. For a good time, it's Steampunk Palin:

If Gov. John Kasich does not grant this woman an immediate FULL PARDON, and if he allows her to...

States’ Lawmakers Turn Attention to the Dangers of Distracted Pedestrians

Insurance Company Drops Vet Over 2-Cent Shortage

Florida withdrew anti-gerrymandering amendments shortly after Rick Scott took office

I couldn't get past Ryan's strange blue eyes and facial gestures

KeithOlbermann is doing awesome tonight

A visual comparison of the State of the Union speeches from 2003 and 2011

Super Bowl versus Science Fair

Super Bowl versus Science Fair

Does he not KNOW that teachers are being laid off????

Obama Vs GOPers....."No Contest? The GOP is old generals fighting old wars...outdated and irreveren

Boehner On Bachmann's Response: 'I Had Other Obligations'

US Federal Government Defaulting on Loan payments

Huff Post: Another "Job Killer" Lie Exposed

Why did NBC just report Social Security has a 45 billion dollar deficit.

From Obama's mouth: The worst of the recession is over... Now is the time for pain.

Color-coded threat system to be replaced in April

We should stop ridiculing Michele Bachmann on DU.

John Cornyn's Office Mailed Suspicious Packages, Bomb Squad Detonates Devices: Report

Olbermann replacement O'Donnell Not Sold on Obama Speech; Bachmann refuses to look viewer in the eye

Roof Of IKEA Store Will Have 2,212 Solar Panels........

Lowe's cuts managers, plans lots more part-timers

Mom jailed for enrolling kids in wrong (majority white) school district

Something has been nagging at the back of my mind today

Keith added about 13,000 new Twitter followers in just 24 hours

"We can win the future...we do big things..." President Obama

SOTU Impressions

President Obama Sounded...Presidential.

HuffPost Dismisses Labor Blogger

Axelrod: Obama Will Soon Enter Public Debate Over Gun Control

AP: FACT CHECK: Obama and his imbalanced ledger

Bristol Palin offered job on Phoenix radio show

"Innovation, Competition, and Global Economy" are bullshit words.

***Check in if you're proud of President Obama and his SOTU tonight***

Virginia lawmaker proposes castration for sex offenders

California city denies appeal, mosque will be built

Marines change commander at facility where WikiLeaks suspect (Bradley Manning) held

Petraeus foresees tough fight in Afghanistan

Shit Newt Gingrich Says: A Brief History

Obama uses ‘green’ emissions standards to push truckers into Teamsters union

Noam Chomsky: ‘President Obama Is Involved In War Crimes Right Now’

Matthews Yells At Tea Party Leader: Why Is ‘Balloon-Head’ Bachmann Speaking For You

Okay, I have to be honest...this is what I heard in Obama's SOTU

Memo to Rahm: 'Appear On the Ballot' May be Somewhat Misleading in Chicago


"He who is brave, is free." - Seneca - [Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt at 11 PM. 1/25/2011] Epic Photo

What is the hostility towards Military recruiters on campus? I'm young, maybe you can educate me?

How long are Democrats going to give Obama a pass on Private Manning?

Lol, Joseph Farah @ World Nut Daily thanks Limbaugh & Drudge for making 'Birthers' "respectable"

Cenk looks like he is finally firing on all cylinders tonight. This has been an amazing show.

Report details past problems with former Michigan assistant AG Andrew Shirvell

Color-coded terror warnings to be gone by April 27

Obama's economic war with Asia. It's Wall Streets war! You can count me out!

Things that make you shake your head-I was arrested for stealing my own car, says Bronx man

Obama's pitch for national unity: Let's stop fighting and go beat the Asians.

Paul Ryan-voted for 8 straight Republican budgets that increased spending by a staggering 50%"

Poll: What did you think of Pres. Obama's SOTU speech - ?

Oh give me a fucking break, american exceptionalism...

So where did Michelle Bachmann find those charts she used

Obama thinks the US is the only democracy in the world

You know I used to make a point to be at home for countdown

Sum Up The SOTU Address In One Word

Obama’s TSA pat-downs joke infuriates ACLU

DU3 - suggestion

Are the drone attacks in Pakistan...

my son wore obama tshirt today. kids make fun, he talked about bauck bauck bauckman

Unemployment Conspicuously Absent in the SOTU

California Redistricting - can we fix Issa's district so we can get rid of him?

The Rude Pundit: The State of the Union Is Not Going to Level With You

CBO: this year's budget deficit to hit $1.5T

I'm home from the hospital, I'm A-OK!

Mystery Piano appears in Florida

If 50%+ of America voted with the rich-worshipping neocons 3 mo ago, but 92% of America approved...

Michele Bachmann: Welfare Queen ~ Truthdig (family farm received over 250K in government subsidies)

So - I'm a girl! I cannot possibly ignore what to me looks like a busted glass ceiling

NYTs going massive with an attack on Assange and WL.

NPR or Commercial Progressive Talk Radio?


Why You Can't Trust the Inflation Numbers

Remembering history: what we should never forget-on January 27, 1945 the liberation of Auschwitz by

Marines Replace Commander in Charge of Detention of Bradley Manning, Accused WikiLeaker

Arkansas grocery stores place 'family shield' over Elton John cover of Us Weekly magazine

SC(R)OTUS -- a new term for our times

Onward Christian Soldiers . . . To Hypocrisy

Before you run for office, you might want to edit your Facebook page

a MUST read: Financial Meltdown Was ‘Avoidable,’ Inquiry Concludes

10 amazing truths you already suspected, By Mark Morford

Did Glenn Beck Lose His Checkbook?

Is this as bad as I think it is?

A Socialist Response to the State of the Union

The Republican Congress Hates America Part 2: Suitcases Full of Soylent Green

MSNBC Eyeing Alec Baldwin for Hosting Duties?

Obama Ignores Actual State of the Union, Makes A Nice Speech

Hogwash, Mr. President - by Robert Scheer

! Tell me if I'm wrong: Xfinity is using a Bach SANCTUS in one of its commercials.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich sues over olive pit in sandwich

I spent the better part of two years at TIRR (Gifford's hospital)

Is there no one that can speak for me?

Gawker: Dennis Kucinich Sues Congressional Cafeteria Over Olive Pit

Social Security to Run Deficits for Foreseeable Future, CBO Says

Another broken promise? (The Windfall Tax on Big Oil)

Ayn Rand Collected SS

Healthcare Reform - Abandoning the Self Employed

Actually, I liked Ayn Rand’s books.

Actually, I liked Ayn Rand’s books.

DU3 Software Preview: Avatar Images and Signature Lines are now working!

If Rick Scott gives $5500 to each child who leaves public school to go to private or charter school

Chipotle fires "hundreds" in Minnesota after federal immigration audit.

Paul Krugman: The Ryan Response

When should the US leave Afghanistan?

Lead found in some reusable grocery bags

Austerity measures...

Austerity measures...

More people suing banks over foreclosures

New York Considers E-Cigarette Ban

Buying What They're Selling: Obama's SOTU spending freeze certifies more dangerous Republican myth.

Please Remember Mr. President -- We Are a Nation, Not a Corporation

Is the main point of being a progressive to tax the haves to provide for individual have nots?

Egypt reaches the boiling point (Take 2) Graphics heavy

••• Obama's speech - none dare call it a disaster* •••

••• Obama's speech - none dare call it a disaster* •••

Art Bell Disassociates Himself from Coast to Coast

And now...because DU can NEVER have TOO MUCH Oasis, enjoy "Cigarettes & Alcohol."

Link Wray, "Rumble," LIVE 1977

The guy who turned down fronting Led Zeppelin...Terry Reid, "Seed of Memory," LIVE 1996

The Black Keys, live on SNL, "Howlin' For You"

I know you are all probably tired of my constant rants, but I just gotta do this.

Ice cream junkie? A slave to your cool, creamy. DEE-licious urgings and cravings? We can help.

Are you REALLY a book-lover?


The most disturbing website you will ever visit - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

I know someone will criticize me for this but I really like Vampire Weekend

The Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot & Trade Show

A little help with Topix...

I just found my new years resolution...

My Blackberry's not working

Walk Away...

I bought a Cure 81 ham from Krogers, 6 lbs for $19.02 with the card.

Do you believe that we have souls?

Okay, this is wrong on so many levels..

Okay, this is wrong on so many levels..

86 yo writes letter to her bank

I am so not impressed with Jesse Eisenberg as an actor

Glad I'm not a Sami reindeer herder....any Sami's out there?

Two Girls and a Box

BBC Animal Voiceovers

If you're a scientist, you may dig this

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird - Wallace Stevens

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird - Wallace Stevens

Charlie Louvin (RIP) - Love Just Has To Lay Down and Die

Cancel whatever you've planned for Sept. 24, 2182

self delete

'True Blood' hunk Joe Manganiello in the running for 'Superman'


Great moments in medicine - Wednesday Edition:

Pearl Jam - Better Man

MFM hasn't ALWAYS been the quiet, introspective, well let's face it... kinda ho-hum guy you know now

What I dislike the most on Letterman...

You remind me of that dog from Scobby Doo. What was his name,again?

Cool Google Earth picture of an accident on I-95 in MD...

CaliforniaPeggy has been busy...

a dance

favorite peanut butter delivery system?


CL find of the day!

I only had one beer at lunch, but I am really tired...

Cute dog watching another dog on an iphone.

Life as we know it.

What the hell does "Reaganesque" mean? nt

Please post your opinion about our two cats...

Where is the original Olive Garden post?

Your Favorite (the) "Queen" (of)

Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Apparently... I'm doing something wrong.

Woo hoo! I'm rich!

What would you have for your last meal?

Someone explain to me this bizarro cat logic.

Cat v.s. Washing Machine

Missouri court rules immigrant's adoption rights terminated illegally

post a trippy tune

Report details Bush admin Hatch Act violations

Tonight in Cairo, the Parliament is Surrounded

EXCLUSIVE: (Full Text Draft of SOTU Address) Obama to Declare 'The Rules Have Changed'

Opponents of same-sex marriage ban urge Calif. Supreme Court to reject federal appeals court request

Deteriorata (Fluke of the Universe)

Egypt protests: Police disperse Cairo crowds

Please post your opinion about the band Rush and Oasis

Immigration fraud: Hundreds of Indian students may be deported from US

Do I go or do I not go? Free concert ticket available

Critics still hoping for ouster of Omaha mayor

Iranian Workers Stage Protests Over Nonpayment Of Wages

Egyptian stocks drop 6% after protests

Polls Closed In Recall Election: Preliminary Results Show Recall Vote Very Close

Nevada councilwoman found dead faced possible sanctions

Karzai Inaugurates Parliament After Blaming West for Creating 'Chaos'

Obama vows to 'eliminate' billions in oil subsidies

Gabrielle Giffords Could Be Released From ICU as Early as This Week

(UK) Unions warn of growing militancy over government's economic 'gamble'

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange slipping out of reach of US grip

The Dow Trades Above 12,000 Points for the First Time Since June 2008

Rep. Sandy Levin Statement at Hearing on Pending Free Trade Agreements

Anonymous Asks For DDoS Attack On Key Egyptian Sites

Dow Reaches 12,000 Level

Jimmy Buffett Hospitalized After Sydney Stage Fall

Singer Jimmy Buffett falls off the stage in Sydney, taken to hospital

Tennessee School Boards Push Fight Against Unions

BBC World Service to cut 650 jobs, broadcasts

Financial Crisis Was Avoidable, Inquiry Finds

After Blocking Twitter, Egypt Reportedly Starts Restricting Access To Facebook

favourite comedian? Mine has to be Kathy Griffiths right now. I just read her book.

Iraqi journalists face sacks of gold, fists of fire

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords upgraded to good condition

Toyota recalls 1.7 million vehicles for fuel leaks

Marines change commander at facility where WikiLeaks suspect (Bradley Manning) held

Giffords strong enough to watch TV for an hour

Best Songs of the Economic Crisis (2007-2011)

Journalists beaten, websites blocked amid protests in Egypt

Reform campaigner ElBaradei plans return to Egypt

Band of Brothers soldier mourned (brought the crowd to its feet)

Cybersecurity goes prime time at Davos

Obama Plans Trip to Latin America in March; Will Visit Brazil, Chile, El Salvador

U.S. unions say they'll fight U.S.-Colombia trade deal

Man arrested after threats made to Wash. governor

MSNBC Eyeing Alec Baldwin for Hosting Duties?

Egypt president's son, family flee to Britain

Russia Calls For NATO Probe Into Iran Cyber Strike

Court Reverses New Mexico Governor on Environmental Rules

Obama pushes expanding high-speed wireless service

860 arrested in two days of Egyptian protests

Color-Coded Terror Alerts Will Be Gone By April

Michele Bachmann's Tea Party overdrive mocked for Obama response

Va. Lawmaker Pushes for Castrating Sex Offenders

Algeria steps up grain imports (bought almost a million tons of wheat on Wed), eyes Tunisia "virus"

Filibuster Reform Effort Falls Short In Senate

'Birther Bill' back in Arizona; Rep. Judy Burges pitches birth certificate legislation again

Dow Jones industrial average trades above 12,000 points

Guardian Reporter Arrested and Beaten

2 Cents May Be the Difference Between Life and Death for Cancer Patient Ron Flanagan

Blair sister-in-law wants him tried for Iraq crimes

Utah considers making semiautomatic pistol a state symbol

BofA's Countrywide sued, accused of massive fraud

Egypt president's son, family flee to Britain

U.S. unions say they'll fight U.S.-Colombia trade deal

Tunisia protests turn violent

Citigroup Bailout To Make US Taxpayers $12.3b Profit

CBO projects record-high $1.5 trillion budget deficit this year

In Halliburton case, Supreme Court may sanction corporations lying to investors

Police: Man Says (Wash. Gov. Christine) Gregoire (D) ‘Should Be Burned At Stake’

Loughner researched lethal injection(& political assassins) before Tucson shooting, sources say

John Cornyn's Office Mailed Suspicious Packages

Celebrity Journalist: I Never Spoke to Hawaii Gov About Obama Birth Certificate

Giffords to get speaking valve in breathing tube

Giffords to get speaking valve in breathing tube

(SF) Mayoral hopeful Leland Yee gets racist death threats(linked to Limbaugh criticism)

Going to the Super Bowl? Parking slots still available for $990

Financial crisis panel urges prosecutions of industry figures

5-year-old brings loaded gun to Palatka pre-kindergarten class

SEIU union official found dead in Oakland home

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Justice Department seeks to have all web surfing tracked

My neueologist says I have an arachnoid cyst

Ben Ali: Tunisia issues arrest warrant for ex-leader

Your made up band name and the type of music they'd play

How y'all doin?

Thousands march in anti-Abbas protests in Gaza

Hippywife has been busy....

Now it's time for all the DU artists to show off their creations...

Florida Gov. Rick Scott stalls new voter-approved redistricting standards

Dennis Kucinich Sues House Cafeteria

CBO: Social Security to run permanent deficits

Pentagon to outline training for gay ban repeal

"Minutemen" Member on Trial in Murder of Girl, 9

White House's David Plouffe previews the State of the Union 2011


BBC World Service cuts will cost it 30m listeners worldwide

Charlie Brooker's 'How TV Ruined Your Life': Fear

"Hot Coffee" Documents Chamber of Commerce Campaign to Unseat Judges Opposed to "Tort Reform"

"Hot Coffee" Exposes How Hard Caps on Malpractice Awards Shift Burden to Taxpayers

Egyptian Protestors Chasing Riot Police 1/25/2011

Over Medicated Bachmann didn't See Speech Nor Camera

Resist The British Government Saturday 29th January

Pawlenty Goes Hollywood

Mike Malloy - Hot For Jesus

Lizz Winstead's Rebuttal to the Rebuttal to the Rebuttal of the SOTU

TYT: Is MTV Skins Porn? (There was a call for a fed investigation about the show)

Gay Doritos Ad #2

US Supports Mubarak as Thousands Call For His Ouster

TDPS: The 2011 State of the Union Address - The Good, The Bad, The Made Up

Gay Doritos Ad #1

GRITtv: Naomi Klein: The Search for BP's Oil

The Magnificent Sarah Palin

The 2011 State of the Union Address (Full Version)

TYT:SOTU Preview - 'Centrist' Speech By Obama?

OFA State of the Union 'Watch Parties' Gain Wide Notice


The Era of Mass Surveillance and State Control

On Citizens United Anniversary, Campaign Reform is Brewing

The Story Behind the Infamous McDonald's Coffee Case & How Corporations Used it to Push Tort Reform

Watch Police Attack Protesters in Egypt

Gingrich: Obama Thinks We're Very Very Slow

The 2011 State of the Union Address: Enhanced Version

Maddow Rips CNN For Airing Bachmann's SOTU Response

Riz Khan: The UK's lost generation

Cenk on Bush Admin Crimes - 'When you break the law I'd prefer that you go to prison'

"Hot Coffee" Film Explores How Corporations Spend Millions to Alter the U.S. Civil Justice System

SCJ Clarence Thomas Did Not Disclose Wife's Income and Should Resign -

This is the House that WE THE PEOPLE Built

"Really Alarming": No baby oysters being found in Louisiana's most productive areas

Obama on pot legalization

Chris Matthews Slams Teabaggers, Calls Bachmann "Balloon Head"

After Day of Protests, Egypt Bans Demonstrations

Of Course It's Gonna Hurt, You Are About To Get Screwed By An Elephant

** State of the Union Preview with David Plouffe (8pm EST) **

SOTU Wordle "People New Jobs" "Make AmericanWork"

Watch some pre-State of the Union entertainment!


Good lord, C-SPAN, enough with the fucking tweets

John Boehner not only makes me sick

I'm digging the live feed

Official SOTU Thread? -nt

Just tuned in. Who's the disinterested asshole next to the V.P.?

Boenher's Exxon contract prohibited him from clapping about stopping the Oil Companies tax breaks!

Hardball: Tweety hitting Bachman on her slavery history that the founding fathers

Boehner and other Republicans would trade representing another country

OH - NOW, who did not get their pony tonight?

In 30 years, Republicans will be claiming and quoting Barack Obama

Oh snap!!!!

Who's the sun ravaged corpse sitting next to Biden?

My prediction on his polling

Paul Ryan needs to take a dip in the Rock River

Obama should have a Republican follow him ALL THE TIME.

It's Eddie Munster! Pic --->

Bachmann currently stuck in traffic..

I LOVE that MSNBC is not carrying Bachmann live!

Education is important....

CNN is running Batshit's speech?

Boehner looked dyspepsic throughout the speech

Once again "Born Again Deficit Haters".....

Rachel's running the show tonight.

Well DU has become quite the Obama bash fest....

The "New Centrism" and Its Discontents - George Lakoff

Even though I had my disagreements with Obama, I thought it was an pretty good speech,

81% now approve of Pres. Obama's handling of the economy - CBS flash poll.

81% now approve of Pres. Obama's handling of the economy - CBS flash poll.

THAR She blows...

We witnessed the culmination of an amazing feat tonight...

Rep. Ellison: ""American Muslims are a part of our American family" - BHO. Thank you Mr. President."

OMG, it's Eddie Munster!

Boehner looked rather glum during the speech.

Eddie Munster is trending on Twitter!

Who the hell is she talking to? THIS IS INSANE!

John McCain....LOL

Did Olbermann tweet during the SOTU speech? I didn't see anything

I'm thinking that if Democratic candidates want a leg up...

A neoliberal institution on the SOTU 2011

For those media pundits who think Obama could lose in 2012... against who?

This is what the Paul Ryan road map means to you.

"And this July, we will begin to bring our troops home."

Lol - the Tea Party Terrorists sack Bachmann and replace her with the foot stomping Rand Paul

Quote of the Day: Russ Feingold

"There's going to be a special Presidential Address on gun control in the near future."

haha, "That's me...that's me..."

Randall Terry: Challenge to Obama in 2012

I'm a big fan of Olbermann, but...

Joan Walsh: Why does the GOP hide its agenda?

Fact checking pathological liar Michele's Bachmann's vain speech

Tea party to GOP: Don't spare Pentagon from budget ax

We need to stand together

Attn: Teabaggers, Rush, & Michele Bachmann the stimulus worked

Plouffe: Obama will address guns

American Wind Energy Association on the President's SOTU

It is very disappointing that Obama didn't use the words "Climate Change"

the orange man had on a lavender tie


My Thoughts after Listening to Pundits on CNN/MSNBC

Statements by Senators Brown (OH) and Kerry on SOTU

Sharron Angle to attend ‘The Genesis Code’ film premiere in Iowa

Top US Lawmaker Plays Down Talk Of Israel Aid Cuts

Egypt Must Be ‘Responsive’ to People: White House

Why is David Gergen a trending topic? Did he say something stupid?

Chris Matthews: "It was a Jack Kennedy speech"

I know every hates the Vote in this poll threads but - please???

Rachel Maddow Smacks Down CNN For Airing Ballonhead's SOTU Response (VIDEO)

Manitowoc, WI Had it's OWN "Sputnik Moment" in 1962

American Exceptionalism Repossessed

If ONLY he could do this with Iran.....

Serious point by point analysis of the President's address

I disagreed with one thing Obama said re: universities/collages

Weiner: I Needed A Drink' After Paul Ryan's Speech

So why didn't CNN offer a time slot to Joe the Plumber's Helper to Respond to the SOTU?

The Paul Ryan clan in Janesville Wisconsin are elitist scum.

I'd like to thank every Obama voter that did not get to the polls last November.

Obama Freezes Hell and Births a Unicorn

Criticism of the speech today shows how out to lunch DU has become

CBS Polling: 92% Overwhelming positive response to SOTU

Chamber, AFL-CIO Back Infrastructure Spending In Rare Joint Statement

Photo: Nancy is ........ (caption it)

The President is much smarter than me and that is a good thing.

Paul Ryan was shifting the meme- Social Security is now 'Welfare'

Howard Dean: “It Is a Very, Very Good Speech. I Am Delighted"

Is Boehner crying yet?

Obama's salmon speech

Why are Deaniacs more anti-Obama than Dean himself?

What wonderful terms have you heard applied to Michelle Bachman?

CNN Flash Poll: Reaction to Obama's Speech:: 52% Very positive, 32% Somewhat positive, 15% Negative

Fact checking pathological liar Paul "mean boy" Ryan's austerity speech

Is Ryan the best they got?

WH Advisor David Plouffe Confirms Obama Will Address Gun Control At A Later Date

Do you stand with the president.....

Sanders Statement on State of the Union

"Congress to eliminate the billions in taxpayer dollars we currently give to oil companies"

Photos: Winning the Future (The Obama Presidency, Day 736)

Unions respond to SOTU

Howard Fineman: Obama State Of The Union 2011: "LOVE TRAIN IN THE HOUSE"

What have you learned these past two years?

Weiner teases Chaffetz on Twitter over SOTU seating

Preview: Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Report

Ezra Klein: Perhaps new policy wasn't really the point of the State of the Union

Excellent speech. Laid out President Obama's vision

He knocked it straight out of the park, and here is why:

My mom is most liberal ever.. and

Tweety turns into Slyvester the Cat on a Tea party Strategist... Bachmann is a BALLOONHEAD!

Obama declares intentions on Social Security; we must prepare

What a shocker, he left out us Atheist....

The media got the entire moving to center thing wrong

President of the UNITED STATES

"For those of you keeping score at home..."

That general winding down feeling you’re getting is not an illusion

SOTU responses by Jonathan Chait, Paul Krugman and Robert Reich

So far, it's a super-progressive speech.

High Speed Rail: IMHO, TSA will search passengers the same way as the airports

Obama outlines right-wing, pro-corporate agenda in State of the Union Speech

Obama -- Issue Thief

"The State of the Union set a cunning trap for Obama’s enemies."

President Obama and Corporate America: Is he a 'sell-out' or a brilliant progressive politician?

Obama to Harry Belafonte: When are you and Cornel West going to cut me some slack?

"Still, I’m willing to look at other ideas to bring down costs, including one that Republicans

91 percent of watchers approve of the proposals the president made

Bachman to give alt response to SOTU speech

Obama Subtly Adopts the Language of Business, New York Times

Ryan on healthcare reform: light on plans, even lighter on truth

Joan Walsh: Why does the GOP hide its agenda?

Feingold: ‘We Need To Regenerate Progressivism’ To Battle This ‘Gilded Age On Steroids’

Because It Is Wrong–Six Questions for Charles and Gregory Fried

Tomgram: Juan Cole, American Policy on the Brink

Egypt protests: 'We ran a gauntlet of officers beating us with sticks'

In Lieu of Budget Leadership, Obama Proposes Spending Freeze

Amy Goodman: Sundance and the Art of Democracy

Laura Flanders: Trade is NOT the Answer!

Phantom Charity Takes Flight, Leaves Veterans Stranded, a new application from

Egypt's Revolution by Facebook

Bullshit Detection 101: Why universities need to teach the new literacy

We Can't Let the Banksters Walk Away from Their Crimes

Immigration fraud: Hundreds of Indian students may be deported from US

American Foreign Policy is brain dead

Happy Birthday to the Brad Blog

Could Climate Change Kill Liberalism?

Glenn Beck: Exposing Progressives as Communists and The Impending Communist Take Over?

‘Anonymous’ calls for attacks on Egyptian government websites

A New Vision for America - Part I - Generating a Non-Military World Presence

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Organizing Help Wanted

County gets $40K grant for biogas pipeline study

Drumbeat: January 26, 2011

Colombian coal miners killed in 'gas explosion' (BBC)

Nature - 5% Increase In UVB Exposure Cut Survival Times In Tadpoles By 25% - Proc. Royal Society


Polluted & Low-Oxygen Floodwaters Killing 10s Of Thousands Of Murray-Darling Basin Fish

Browner Departure - "No Coincidences In Politics, Esp. During SOTU" - Mother Jones

Despite NE US Cold Wave, "Freakishly Warm" Weather 2,000 Miles North 15-20F Above Normal

NASA’s Hansen Presses Obama for a Carbon Cost and Nuclear Push (before STOU)

Chris Mooney: Can You Have a Purely Economic Sputnik?

It's The "Waters Advocacy Coalition" - Brought To You By Farm Bureau, NAM, Cattleman's Association

Pres. Obama: 80% green energy by 2035, End subsidies to Oil Industry

PEMEX Projects Ku Maloob Zaap Peak In 2013 - At Less Than Half Cantarell's Peak Output - Reuters

Left in the Dust - uranium mining in Niger

Gingrich Wants To Replace EPA - Complains That It "Focuses On Regulation"

To those who say Solar cannot provide enough of our energy needs

the DUG (DU Glossary) is up and still UGly...

Chris Matthews: Obama will Address, try to Increase Gun Control in the Near Future

WH Advisor David Plouffe Confirms Obama Will Address Gun Control At A Later Date

Prefect example of a defensive gun use

Arizona lawmaker says OK to guns in Senate building

NH teachers: Guns in Statehouse = No Dr. Seuss readings

David Plouffe Confirms Obama Will Address Gun Control At A Later Date

American manufacturer rolling out 60 & 100 round AR-15 magazines

Dueling Polls on Gun Control (CBS/CNN vs. MAIG)

Gun control supporters - How much is enough?

Prepair for gun, ammo, and accessory shortage: Obama planning dedicated Gun Control address

Another question for gun control proponents

I fully support a Palin Presidency

A challenge: mass shooting in USA vs mass macheteing in nigeria

In the world of magazine capacity, 30 is the new 10

Michigan bills would allow concealed guns in more places

Kicking the hornets nest.

Should you just give robbers what they want?

Obama plans trip to Latin America in March; will visit Brazil, Chile, El Salvador

Candidate 'to quit' Haiti polls

U.S. unions say they'll fight U.S.-Colombia trade deal

Costa Rican union triumphs over dirty tricks to snatch election victory

Bachelet back in world spotlight as UN Women Executive Director

Highways open new South American trade routes

UK company to set up biomass power plants in Cuba

Perk is back!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1111111111 !!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 11111111! !!!!!!!!

Conferences net record $170M haul from 2010-11 BCS

Wilson footballs are off to Dallas

Vick gets first paid endorsement since dogfighting arrest

Steelers-Packers- Old School

Are there any legal issues regarding the Chicago man fired for wearing a Packer tie?

Poll: Pro football remains America’s favorite sport

Super Bowl parking ranging from $55 to $990

Heh! Looks like Obama is staying with the NFC and will be rooting for the Packers...

Egypt's 'Gay Activist' Author Ahmed Saad Still Wants Homos Killed If They Don't Try To Turn Straight

Here's what Chick-Fil-A doesn't understand:

State of the Union 2011: Obama says 'don't ask, don't tell' to formally end this year

The rationality of fear

The Palestine papers and the dead-end of nationalism

Ackerman cuts off J Street

Police nab Palestinian cell linked to murders of American tourist and Israeli teacher

Palestinians condemn US plan to settle refugees in South America

With the West Bank barrier unfinished, the path for terrorists is wide open

Deep frustrations with Obama

Wailing over the Palestine Papers (Benny Morris)

Warily Eyeing Egypt, Israelis Feel Like Spectators

So Many Gods, So Little Time

Does Jesus offer more than "One Way" to enter Heaven after death?

Two instances of unshakeable certainty

Seahorses' body shape explained (BBC)