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"Pretty lizard in the picture. It has that Michelle Bachmann stare going on. "

Fantasy Cabinet Redistribution

Could Bachmann Learn History If It Were Put To Song?

Homeless Candidate Removed from Ballot Because PO Box is Not in the Ward He Sleeps In

From the so what else is new? file

For a little honesty about American politics, you can always count on the Britain

For a little honesty about American politics, you can always count on the Britain

CA State Sen Leland Yee Calls for Boycott of Limbaugh Advertisers, Receives Threatening Fax

Bloody and bruised: the journalist caught in Egypt unrest

Clinton shows where US stands on Egypt (psst, it's not with the people of Egypt)

Celebrity Journalist admits he lied about Obama birth certificate story.

Fed cautious on recovery, focused on joblessness

Christian Science Monitor: "Key omission from Obama's SOTU address: gun control"

"Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" about sustainable living (Not about 9/11)

Klobuchar's "date" with Sessions last night "went well"

Birth of a meme: "He was SOOOO clueless---

We Here Talk About Conservatives... But Does Anybody Have Good Info On "Movement Conservatives" ???

Britain rolls back on tough post-9/11 terror laws

If the Tea Party can do THEIR own SOTU response....

Did P E T A Call Glenn Beck Today

Racism in Russia: Russia bombing highlights discrimination faced by those from Caucasus (LAT)

The last time Bachmann made headlines after the SOTU

Anyone still boycotting MSNBC?

Slam article on Dennis K

need help with statistics regarding fox news

For those suffering KO withdrawal....

For those suffering KO withdrawal....

Stephen Zunes on U.S. support for "democracy" in the Middle East

I Don't Think Michelle Bachmann Is As Stupid As We All Think...

Ind. panel OKs bill limiting teacher bargaining

Executives Skeptical Obama Can Deliver (WSJ)

When Mr. Kobach Comes to Town / Nativist Laws & the Communities They Damage

An experiment, something you can try right now at your keyboard

If SS runs a deficit for a few decades, it will STILL be the most FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE program....

Abbas Accuses Al-Jazeera Of Inciting As Protests Erupt In Gaza

Ouch !!! - Megan McCain On LD...

Ouch !!! - Megan McCain On LD...

Homeless dog captures heart of neighborhood

Iowa Senate GOP pushing state sovereignty legislation

Boehner is on Parker Spitzer right now. She is asking him what he will cut. He thinks

Florida makes sales and possession of bath salts illegal

“I would like to cap the salary of any elected official in the state of Texas

CA State Sen. Leland Yee calls for a boycott of Limbaugh advertisers

Lawrence is no KO - this sucks

Three weeks into his congressional career Rivera finds himself at the center of an ethics scandal

Editorial in conservative magazine American Thinker "2012 ? , yeah, we're screwed".

Maybe we don't want a Sputnik moment

The Obama/GOP Consensus: Preventing the government from coming to the people's aid

400 rabbis protest Glenn Beck’s use of Holocaust imagery

Polls Show Giuliani Presidential Bid Could Succeed If All The GOP Frontrunners Decide To Drop Out

Angle comes to Iowa, doesn’t rule out presidential bid

Mooselini comes out of the bunker tonight

Faux News - the station for the Right. Msnbc - the station for the left[?]. CNN - the station for

Rachel calling out CNN for their slavish devotion to the Tea Party

Jon Stewart Calls Out Indianapolis Fox Station for Exploiting the Homeless

Jon Stewart Calls Out Indianapolis Fox Station for Exploiting the Homeless

WTF is MSNBC's endless promotion of Megan McCain all about?

It HAS to be asked!!!

Sputnik moment...

This guy really hated the State of the Union

Rahm's Ballot Eligibility Case Appeal and White House Interference

Rahm's Ballot Eligibility Case Appeal and White House Interference

Senate Democrats Drop Campaign to Limit Filibuster

Update on Sis atLast: home from hospital and in good spirits.

Grocery Store Censors Elton John's Baby Picture

Democratic Underground Argument Clinic

Agent Orange victim loses health coverage over 2-cent shortfall

US accused of inhumane treatment over Wikileaks soldier case

Shooting survivor shares story, remembers Christina Taylor Green

Loretta Sanchez ?(D)? tries to boot Gabby off of a committee

Public Funds for Presidential Campaigns

Any experience on getting mortgage principle reduced???

Sarah Palin estimated worth: $12 million - PAC has $1.3 million

How the children of priviledge spend their time

How the children of priviledge spend their time

Comcast "is becoming television's dominant newscaster, with enormous influence on civic life"

Nelson Mandela taken to hospital as family visits spark growing fears for his health

Brown defends deep cuts in California budget

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

A bit of advise to those suddenly facing SSI and Homelessness

If Florida Congressman David Rivera is somehow forced to resign, do you think Alan Grayson could

Danish Study: Having babies can lead to mental illness. Abortion does not.

My Wifes Take On The TanMans Skin Color

US public loses faith in business

What America needs now is a good old fashioned Christan dictatorship.

Australians to pay special flood tax

Teacher leaves message on blackboard, disappears

NY Times Sunday magazine: Dealing With Assange and the Secrets He Spilled

Chaos or Order?

Should a vote in a poll be a kick as well?

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords begins therapy program

Obama elevates Bush nominee and Judge Henry Floyd who once blocked Bush detention policy

Your nightly Egypt News update

Video of Sarah Palin saying ''WTF'' - - (Updated w/ links to full interview)

You know what I am going to do tomorrow?

Bachmann's gaze

In May 2009, President Obama signed the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act of 2009

Can America be saved??

Boehner To Give Keynote Address At Insurance Industry Conference’s ‘Lobbying Day’

Does Karl Rove Have A Sense Of Humor?

The photo from the SOTU w/Obama and Boner "...WikiLeaks Did More For Arab Democracy Than Decades Of Backstage US Diplomacy"

Authorities airlifting hay to starving Montana horses

About the dual nature of our political system and its dangers.

"Homosexual Activists Wage Witch Hunt on Normalcy"

Look what I got in email just now: "WebMD Connects You to the White House"

It's comparing bad apples with mental illness..

Google looks to hire at least 6,000 more workers in 2011.

Uganda gay rights activist David Kato killed,

Sarah Palin on "winning the future"

Obama may expand Afghan security forces: US Senator

Smugglers catapult pot over border fence

Piano on Sand Bar Mystery Solved....

Ted Haggard: I'm Probably What The Kids Call 'Bisexual

Ted Haggard: I'm Probably What The Kids Call 'Bisexual

Karzai's pick for parliament speaker accused of atrocities

Big reason for hope in Iraq: Oil, and lots of it

Big reason for hope in Iraq: Oil, and lots of it

Boeing awarded $1.6 billion contract to build Navy aircraft

Michele Bachman "balloon head"

AP survey: Outlook for 2011 economy is brightening

Congress Passes Socialized Medicine and Mandates Health Insurance -In 1798

Firefighter Saves One Dog With CPR, mouse dies

On Night to Showcase Civility, Republican Bachmann Calls Obama `Shameless'

BBC offers an ending to Dickens's unfinished novel

Uncle Milton Ant Farm Co-Inventor Dies At 97

Obama's speech put the ReTHUGS on the defense

Voting still open! Vote for the most evil corporation in the world.

OBTW: We aren't done with the health insurance issue

The MSM is sooooooo self centered!

Bachman is the poor man's Sarah Palin! That's the funniest

Walgreens diving into beer and winemaking business - 50 cents per can

A very useful "Handbook for Cyber-Dissidents"

A very useful "Handbook for Cyber-Dissidents"

Jury awards $1.7 million in fatal police shooting of autistic man

Dungeons & Dragons: A Threat to Prison Security

U Hoo! Tweet, tweet Sarah...........

Calif. Lawmakers express frustration over excessive outlays for prison health

Cust. service just told me all mail servers down

Cust. service just told me all mail servers down

Tucson... was the point when the country

Insurance Company Drops Cancer Patient And Veteran Because He Accidentally Underpaid By Two Cents

tweets from CNN's senior int'l correspondent (at presser) in Cairo, Egypt (Ben Wedeman)

Please join me in calling on the Obama Administration to STOP backing Hosni Mubarak

Curious as to why the President called out just a few specific areas of need in education?

Curious as to why the President called out just a few specific areas of need in education?

Toon Summing up What's next for the Middle Class

Something is needed so we know the views of the candidate running for office

Cookie Cutters: Girl Scouts Trim Their Lineup for Lean Times

British MP: We need tax breaks for castle owners

Heard on local Iowa news this morning: Branstad (R-Gov. Braindead)

One of these days we are going to have "two presidents".

This is interesting

HHS grants 500 new health care waivers

wikileaks: from nothing to see here, move along

Base in Utah on lockdown

Bankster Dimon Rewriting History at Davos: "We didn't need bailout"

Yemen is latest Arab state to join unrest; at least 10,000 activists demonstrating

Not good - Hariri bloc will not join new Lebanon government

Not good - Hariri bloc will not join new Lebanon government

I'm with stupid...

Ford `Money Machine' May Report Most Profitable Year Since 2000

College Freshmen Report Record-Low Levels of Emotional Health

Doonesbury---So right

Doonesbury---So right

Sarah, your entire political career is a "WTF Moment"

GOP targets public education for deep cuts

Al Jazeera Transparency Unit - For anyone who is interested ...

The loophole in the new healthcare bill...

California Lawmaker Receives Racist Death Threat Warning ‘Rush Limbaugh Will Kick Your Ch-nk Ass’

Kansas turns 150, and doesn't have money to celebrate

'Barefoot' Grandmothers Electrify Rural Communities (Video & Article From CNN International)

Berlusconi prostitution probe widens in Italy

How many would have voted...

I have never been so ashamed to be called a democrat as I am today...

Zuckerberg's Facebook Page Hacked

Wishful Thinking Won’t Balance Out Trade Deficit -- Krugman

This is just insane!

Wow, The New York Post is Reporting on What's Happening in North Africa

Gawker sez it's true ASSANGE is a weird a-hole but NYT's weird a-hole KELLER shouldn't say it

The last election was a down payment...?

Bristol Palin to speak at Washington University for $17,500

Meghan McCain: The Aqua Buddha would have been a much better SOTU teabag rebuttal talking head

Isolationism (per wiki definition) - Good, bad, or indifferent?

delete, dupe

Globalization - Good, Bad, or a little bit of both

Don Imus: Rachel Maddow 'Worst Kind Of Coward,' 'Gutless, Sniveling Worm' (VIDEO)

The Speaker of the House Rekindles Debate on School Vouchers in D.C.

GOP finds the perfect place to cut spending

Self-deleted by member

Nelson Mandela, 92, admitted to hospital

Here's the FCIC Final Report in PDF.

Republican Jethros Shocked That Cutting Taxes Increases Deficit

TV mobster Bruce Gordon dies in Santa Fe (w/pic of what a bruce gordon mobster looks like)

But what would the salmon say?

But what would the salmon say?

Ronald Reagan Would Not Like Tea Party, Filmmaker Jarecki Says at Sundance

Chick-Fil-A Booted From Indiana University Campus Over Anti-Gay Donations

so if corporate profits are at record highs, then I have a question?

'The Panic Virus' shows how media, skeptics helped flawed autism study gain acceptance

Haggard: I AM bisexual but I did not have sex with that escort. And I bought drugs & threw them out

It's not good enough. You are not working as hard as you need to. By the way you are on your own too

It's not good enough. You are not working as hard as you need to. By the way you are on your own too

Dumb shit Palin: Space race caused collapse of the Soviet Union

TN Republicans Introduce Raft of Bills Targeting Teachers Unions

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2

After Failing to Change Senate Rules, Democrats Lose Right to Blame Mitch McConnell

Thursday TOON Roundup part 4

Harrassment? Gosh no. We're here to protect you.

Lobbyist gets 27 months for violating campaign finance laws

Ugandan Gay Rights Activists Has Been Killed

Republicans want a return to workplace immigration raids

Who deserves credit for the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt? Bradley Manning that's who.

In Tunisia and elsewhere, the U.S. will always side with the dictators

An Ohio mother of 2 sentenced to 10 days & 3 yrs probation after sending her kids to a better school

TV News Can Always See the Bright Side -- toon

I didn't realize it was my fault

Rich snapping up homes in the Hamptons

Next Sunday: Protest at Right-Wing Billionaires' Secret Summit near Palm Springs

Egyptian military delegation at Pentagon for annual meeting

WTF (for Sarah)

TPM: Planned Parenthood: FBI Investigation Underway Over Potential Sex Ring Hoax

Let's Take A Closer Look At Clarence Thomas

British GDP fell in fourth quarter

Limbaugh Fan Sends California Lawmaker Racist Death Threat

Question for the unemployed (a year or more).

Australia: Gillard announces aid for business, nothing for flood victims

When was the first time you started watching Keith or MSNBC?

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3

Lexus fuel leak took almost 2 years from diagnosis to recall, Toyota says

Unmasking the Billionaire Caucus–Watch Live

Unmasking the Billionaire Caucus–Watch Live

Anyone watched "The Onion News Network" yet?

U.S. Regulators Target Loan Servicers to Fix Foreclosures


So why is Obama bring up immigration at all in the SOTU? "To force republican leaders to make a

Three killed in protests in Albania

What's the most you're willing to pay for a garbage can?

I suggest you watch this film on youtube.

Too Much Money Can Make the Boss Mean

GOP Puts Guy Who Thinks Federal Child Labor Laws Are Unconstitutional On Senate Judiciary Committee

White House intern and Harvard grad. Idol tryout

Ugandan gay activist slain after photo published

Actor Chief White Eagle dies at 93

Scientists fear MMR link to autism, plus Wakefield demands retraction from BMJ

Scientists fear MMR link to autism, plus Wakefield demands retraction from BMJ

If we have the smartest, baddest, bestest military in the whole wide world,

Remember the "Wal-Mart" dog? Sadly, he died at the shelter.

Nelson Mandela in hospital: Tight South Africa security (BBC)

My weekly reminder why I am a democrat. My patients.

After Complaining That ‘Obamacare’ Cuts Medicare, Hensarling Wants Huge

Anti-Gay Activist Denies Hand In Murder: 'I'm The One Being Bludgeoned'

Sarah Palin - WTF

Color-Coded U.S. Terror Alerts to Be Replaced by Specific Warning System

From Bold Progressives,org - sign thank you note to Reid:

President Barack Obama wishes Green Bay Packers luck during visit to area

Boehner’s Critique Of SOTU Proves He Didn’t Hear It

The foreclosure crisis is getting worse due to continuing job losses

Today's home page not found?

Any update on the SEIU (Berresford "Berry" Bingham) murder?

Insurance company WellPoint benefits because Americans are too broke to see a doctor

AIG `Shouldn't Exist,' Ex-Chairman Says, Urging Breakup

Two banks, Brink’s trucks, and no sign of a jumbo load of coins

Military base that carries out tests against biological attacks locked down over a "serious concern"

Should private insurers be required to pay for medication that helps people quit smoking?

Sam Donaldson is probably more responsible for the dumbing down and

On noblese oblige... this is a concept very familiar

The problem we are having...

Europe exploits the Holocaust to spread its message of tolerance

Harry Reid say McConnell can force a vote on repeal of the healthcare law...

Our Top Ten Excuses For Ignoring Unemployment -- toon

The 10 Dirtiest Hotels in chosen by Tripadvisor users:

Graph: Future Social Security Shortfall Roughly Equals Bush Tax Cuts on High Earners

Is anyone else getting nasty, threatening private messages?

Sarah Palin makes an excellent point

Honduras Human Rights Abuses Worse One Year After President Lobo Took Office

Whom do you trust the most to fix our economy?

WTF Sarah Palin calls out President Obama?

Why doesn't the Govt make it easier for the average schmoe to sell their services?

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Report : The financial crisis was completely avoidable

City of Branson OKs 'In God We Trust' Motto Display at City Hall

City of Branson OKs 'In God We Trust' Motto Display at City Hall

So Sarah Palin is asked and answers about Todd's prostitute problem. . .LOL

Authorities seize catapult used to hurl pot into Arizona

Social Security posting $600B deficit over 10years

Rabbis protest Fox host's use of Holocaust imagery

Rabbis protest Fox host's use of Holocaust imagery

A question for lawyers on DU...

Email from Organic Valley Farms regarding FDA decision on GMO's

I'm sick of the DLC. A rant.

Texas passes voter ID law... doesn't allow US passports as acceptable ID

Fox News responds to rabbis, group is Soros backed left wing

Gates faults Congress for 'crisis on my doorstep'

Are extreme right-wingers actually "evil"? M. Scott Peck says "yes".

The actions happening in Egypt - what do you think will be the outcome?

Just in my lifetime---

Miami Herald full page ad for the return of Aristide

Senate leaders agree on filibuster changes

On an adult conversation on guns

Obama Picks Jay Carney for White House Press Secretary

So this happened.

FreedomWorks: only 62 percent of teabaggers align with the tea party

Tweety's Twin Peaks - Palin versus Bachmann

laska must release Palin e-mails by May 31, state AG declares

BREAKING: Dallas skyscraper evacuated due to suspicious package

Self-deleted by member

Lack Of Diversity In Kasich Administration Questioned

The 'Sputnik Moment' That Wasn't

Predictably, Senator Tom Udall's S.Res10, requiring 2/3 vote, fails 44-51.

Your interview with the President

The Diva Queens have a DEATH CAGE MATCH to see if Michelle or Sarah will represent the Baggers

Nelson Mandela on the mend.

I guess no adult conversation is to be had

Insert your own Tea Party joke here: Humans are 97% the same as orangutans

10 more days until Reaganpalooza!!

The war on public education continues

Dungeons and Dragons Threatens Prison Security, Court Rules

Julian Assange Will Be On '60 Minutes' This Sunday

Happy Birthday KEITH Olbermann!

GM to sell Volt nationwide by year end

Man helps push cop car out of snow; cop arrests man

Idle question-do you think there is a chance that demonstrations to overthrow

Japanese pensioners' shoplifting hits record high (BBC) {coming soon to US?}

The piece of paper that fooled Hitler

"New " rules!

A Brief Guide to What Society Values -- toon

Statement by the President on the Killing of David Kato (Gay activist in Uganda)

States rebuff federal threat over union laws

Glenn Beck blasts Bronx, compares Co-Op City to failed socialist state Read more: http://www.nydail

When the rich finally...

When the rich finally...

"MLK Holiday Special: Chicken and Waffles" at UC Irvine

"MLK Holiday Special: Chicken and Waffles" at UC Irvine

Long Island tax cut backfires on the Tea Party

Long Island tax cut backfires on the Tea Party

Who do you think will run in the primary against Obama?

2fer:Tweety sez PALINvs.BACHMANN "not a battle of SATs"!1 & "Anonymous" author ID-ed as Mark SALTER

Wed Ratings - Looks like MSNBC not losing audience with new lineup

Bankers, regulators, government – even homeowners – all to blame for credit crunch

School District Bans Clothing Brands

LePage Spokesman says GOP will use state workers to re-elect Republicans.

Fox News responds to 400 Rabbis protesting Glenn Beck & use of Holocaust

Jay Carney is the new Press Secretary

Paul Ryan went through high school on his dead father's social security?!!

It's all McCain's fault!

About that Social Security "deficit" this year.

Son of Pink Floyd star charged over student protest

If I hear the word "narrative" one more time I'm gonna hurl. nt

Really Interesting Shit Here... You Should Seriously Consider Reading It (1)

Nelson Mandela's collapsed lung is troubling

Why Do Americans Take It in the Face?

Arizona fugitive planned suicide by bear

Did I Hear Ed Schultz Say On His Radio Program MSNBC Made Him Drop Psycho Talk?......

AP Passes Off Dishonest Editorial About Social Security's Finances as a News Story

Insurance Company Drops Cancer Patient And Veteran Because He Accidentally Underpaid By Two Cents

This still is one bad ass song

Looking for help with the facts about Social Security (insolvency, etc...), any help appreciated!

Dad, what is a "Well-Regulated Militia"?

Nobel Peace laureate Mohamed ElBaradei, Egypt's top democracy advocate returns to lead protests!

***** Official LIVE BLOG Senate = Filibuster Reform Debate *****

States Wrestle with Legislation to Curb Distracted Walking, Running and Cycling

It amazes me how the Republicans with ONLY control of Congress, now really control this country

Snowiest January in New York history

Georgia lawmaker files tough immigration law

Modern day "republicans" are radicals

Ah, Newt and Jeb....emerging from quasi-obscurity:

Bronx School’s Top Ranking Stirs Wider Doubts About Rating System

Mortality has hit my small home town badly. 3 under 45 died in 3 days Always say I Love U

Obama Administration delivers postcard 52 years late...

The purpose of Obama's speech "was to evade, not face, the prime realities that confront our country

How fucked up is everything? Glad you asked.

Obama’s TSA Joke Falls Flat With ACLU: “Violations Of The Constitution Are No Joke”

Why is TIME putting President Obama and Ronnie Raygun together on the cover?!?!

One year anniversary of Howard Zinn's passing.

Exclusive: Koch Industries Promises To Double Money Raised This Weekend

Advice for people who feel too shy to live out their dreams and plans.

American Exceptionalism > Deputy under-secretary/national security McDonough gave a VERY interestin

Japan's Mount Kirishima Volcano Erupts Explosively

Another record breaker: ultra-distant galaxy-13.2 billion light years from earth

Social Security fund slides into permanent deficit

Cenk Uygur? That's the best MSNBC could find? He is pathetic.

Social Security

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

BREAKING: Illinois Supreme Court restores Rahm Emanuel to Chicago Mayoral Ballot

Look at the money we'd save if we would just...

$17M Lawsuit From Cop Forced to Shave (by his superiors prior to Obama visit)

Sharron Angle For President (it just gets crazier)

PA State House Repugs vote to remove one Democrat from each committee; screaming match ensues (CNN)

Parody of kitsch art "One Nation Under God"

Remember when the story of 17 year old Maria's death got to the top of the R page last Fall?

Congress Passes Socialized Medicine and Mandates Health Insurance -In 1798

Baseball player quits..."I don't deserve $12 million..."

A question for Canadian DU'ers.

Lack Of Diversity In Kasich Administration Questioned

Students try to stop Bristol Palin's stupid speech!

OK, come on, fess up-- if anyone on OUR side made that WTF comment...

Palin loses it tonight on Fox.

Fodder for Glenn Beck's War on the Number 5

The socialist response to the President's speech has more rec's than O's speech on the home page!

Doggy Coat Saves Chihuahua from Owl Attack

The Rude Pundit - Things That Ought to Be Obvious: Greedy Bastards Don't Give a Shit About Your Jobs

(Rand) Paul proposes to cut $500 billion in federal spending

Any Republicans saying anything about Egypt?

BREAKTHROUGH Promises $1.50 Per Gallon Synthetic Gasoline With NO CARBON EMISSIONS

A Cow Most Sacred - Why Military Spending is Untouchable

Robert Reich: The President Ignored the Elephant in the Room

What's going on at Dugway AF Base?

A Brief History of Corporate Whining -- Toon

No Job, Your Fault, Not Educated

Professor charged with peeing on colleague's door

A new twist in Obama Admin's hypocrisy on DADT

Inquiry into 1973 death of Chile's Salvador Allende (BBC)

29-year-old to become Britain's youngest grandfather

Egypt: Protestors Defy Crackdown. Elbaradei To Return

Gay Advocates Take Issue With Park51 Imam

Dogs rescued from 'horrific' Oakland home

The EXACT Conditions Under Which Manning's Being Held.

The Obama administration "has now abandoned the idea of promoting full employment."

Clarence Thomas should be INDICTED

Soon, we'll have no choice

Army wants Dan Choi to pay them. He refuses.

I'm shocked at the lack of MSM coverage of Egypt

I'm shocked at the lack of MSM coverage of Egypt

Uganda gay rights activist David Kato killed

'WTF,' says Palin of President Obama's 'Win the Future' State of the Union

On the topic of antisemitism and racism

how the poor are singled out for punishment over the smallest offenses

Space Shuttle Challenger: 25 years later, America's wound still aches

Cenk Uygur is the best the MSNBC could find! He is the real deal.

Less choice than ever for health care in Massachusetts

Man who accidentally shot woman in restaurant (gun dropped from his pocket): I’m totally distraught

Alaska must release Palin e-mails by May 31, state AG declares

Howard Zinn dies (on edit: The one year anniversary!)

Andrew Cuomo just earned one huge check in my plus column:

Andrew Cuomo just earned one huge check in my plus column:

Obama administration demands Dan Choi pay $2500 for DADT discharge

Obama administration demands Dan Choi pay $2500 for DADT discharge

Link to DFA petition to remover the income cap for Social Security deductions...

How to fix Social Security in one graph

Obama nominates former Bush nominee to federal appeals court

Elementary school teacher suspended for reporting bullying...admin says she violated bully's privacy

Young Guy Down The Street

Autistic Boy Labeled "Cheater" By Microsoft, Has Gamerscore Deleted

Autistic Boy Labeled "Cheater" By Microsoft, Has Gamerscore Deleted

Save the Earth in this 70mpg diesel

Don't Let the Banksters Walk Away from Their Crimes

Are We Witnessing the Start of a Global Revolution?

Palin Says: "WTF-Sputnik Led to Collapse of Soviet Union" on CBS

Shelter Gives Away Dog Marked For Euthanization

Shelter Gives Away Dog Marked For Euthanization

Do You Know the Full Story Behind the Infamous McDonald’s

Jingoistic nationalism does nothing for me. I don't want to "compete" with the world.

Feinberg's law firm paid $850,000 a year by BP. He handles Gulf oil claims. Transparency needed?

Will Karl Rove bury the record of his 2004 election theft? (by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman)


I forgot how pretty DC was in the snow..

I should just make "Edit: typo" my signature line.

moved nt

Please do not make fun of my accent online

Thunder and lightning with a snowstorm and ice pellets

(speaking of which): ... ... ...The littlest Zombie Hunter:

Oasis - Slide Away

Audience sing-alongs on live albums. Sheer ebullience or whatta effin RIPOFF?

Woman who attacked cop with dildo claiming self-defense.

You've never really been hugged 'til you've been bullhugged.

Mumford and Sons

Have you had enough snow?

Not a very lounge-y question, but I have a question about green cards and social security

MiddleFingerMom had the WORST luck in high school -- ALL his dates seemed to wear one of these.


I love Betty White

Starving Cat (CUTE!)

"Bill Murray reads to Construction workers"

Please post your opinion about the band Camper Van Chadbourne

Cats will never tell YOU about it... but there IS a downside to having 9 lives.

Who here saw the movie Secretariat? Was it any good?

What do you call your cat's purring. Me, I say "You're a helipopter".

Was yesterday the worst commute ever in DC? 12 hour commute for some

Roller Derby

Pluto still has quite the attitude about being demoted from planet status.

Obama signs executive order naming new "Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades" new National Anthem

Did y'all hear what mama said?

What Aren't You Listening to right Now?

Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain.

Some feel-good music from Europe

Lov Guv and gal pal

I visit a nursing home and two of my favorite people died yesterday, damn.

Put Neidermeyer on it. He's a cop with dildo, just like you, right?

anyone watching "Face off" on SyFy?

I just discovered I have a cop with a dildo

And this is why India is awesome.

Snow Weanie!

I am in a smart ass mood

I've made an improbable fiend.

I saw Olafur Arnalds last night. Incredible show.

On this day 25 years ago: The Challenger Explosion...

Bohemian Rhaposody for Ukulele, by Jake Shimabukuro

The radio star HAD to die...

What's the most you're willing to pay for a garbage can?

For any current or former military fliers or maintenance...

I'm bored.... Dance for me, little monkey!

I saw something I seldom get to see: Lightning in a snowstorm.

Icicles on my house

Okay, I Feel Sorry for OctoMom

I really prefer coffee-flavored coffee.

anyone ever eat spaghetti squash? does it really taste like pasta

Gad zooks.

Guess I'm a little late to the party.. but who the hell is Piers Morgan?

What is your favourite outing? Mine the zoo. Last time I went to the Toronto zoo

Monster is sticking his head in a bag of sun chips making a lot of noise (we still have the loud

I've made an improbable friend.

Got any healthy snack ideas for dawg?

So this happened.

Please post your opinion about the bane Rush and Oxycontin.

Yeah, right. You think YOU'RE hardcore?

"Cop with dildo" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "cop with dildo".

This is a unique way to interrupt a speaker.

Put Neidermeyer on it. He's a sneaky little shit, just like you, right?

Are these still a common error in cigarette manufacturing?

Everyone around me is either pregnant or has a SO who is... advice

Lordy! Joan & Melissa are cracking me up

Do you really thing James Brown woulda been a bad mother?

Press freedom group says Egypt targeting reporters

Uncle MiddleFingerMom NEVER let himself be cowed by no dirty damned diaper.

U.S. House Votes to End Watergate-Era Finance System

No talks with terrorists - Putin

No Proof WikiLeaks Breaking Law, Inquiry (For Visa) Finds (Yet Visa Continues to Block Donations)

Please post your opinion about the band Hall and Oates.

Chamber, AFL-CIO Back Infrastructure Spending In Rare Joint Statement

By the way, i should tell you theNotoriousP.I.G is awesome

Clinton calls for reform in Egypt (says Egyptian government should allow protesters to demonstrate)

Military pay, benefits top federal civilian compensation

Egypt braces for further day of protests

Petbarf I GUARANTEE you're gonna love!!!!

Tunisia may purge Ben Ali loyalists

10-year jail for creating radical website in Saudi

Torrential rain hits Saudi Arabia, causing major flooding

Torrential rain hits Saudi Arabia, causing major flooding

Phone hacking probe by Met faces scrutiny (Murdoch's News Of The World)

Jameson Whiskey???? should it be drank only with ice or is

Has there ever been a number song written?

Britain Proposes Easing Controls on Terrorism Suspects to Calm Rights Concerns

It's hard for doglovers to admit -- even a GOOD dog'll go right for the throat when you're down.

Social Security fund now seen to be empty by 2037

Mandela, 92, admitted to hospital

(British police spy/agent provocateur) Mark Kennedy infiltrated German anti-fascists, Bundestag told

Gaza war report was stalled by Palestinian Authority on US request

Howard Stern Show fans terrorize Dr. Laura on new Sirius radio show

State Sen. Leland Yee Gets Racist Death Threats (for criticizing Limbaugh)

Holocaust Memorial Day: 'Forgotten Holocaust' of Roma finally acknowledged in Germany

I guess I'm doing something right... but I could use your help.

Anti-Government Protests Spread To Yemen

Egypt's Main Stock Index Drops by 10% as Protesters Defy Demonstration Ban

Human Rights Watch says Jordan should stop stifling dissent

Allen Stanford ruled unfit to stand trial for fraud

EU urges Albania to defuse political crisis

DAVOS-Minor explosion in Davos hotel, nobody hurt-police

APNewsBreak: Drug maker asks Ohio, Oklahoma not to use sedative for putting inmates to death

Yemen protests: Thousands call on president to leave

Tunisia seeks arrest of man reportedly at Montreal hotel

Zuckerberg's Facebook page hacked

(In a rare public display of concern about discontent,) China's Wen asks people to speak up

Protesters torch Egypt police post

Butter. It's actually a VERY healthy food. I'll let the Butter Council explain why:

Once again, someone basically asked me, "You're a DUDE?!?!?!?"...

Food inflation a threat, regulation questioned

Tunisia: Disturbing new evidence of security force brutality revealed

North African Unrest May Spread on Record Food Prices


'WTF,' says Palin of President Obama's 'Win the Future' State of the Union

US jobless claims surge 51,000 last week

Some 57,000 Minnesota jobs at risk under proposed Korean trade pact

DAVOS-Human Rights Watch fears Egypt army may open fire

Egyptians torch police post in eastern city protest

John Boehner To Give Keynote Address At Annual Insurance Lobbyists Summit

U.S. Commodities: Grains Rise as Food Protests in Africa Mount

US military to end gay ban this year: Gates

Dallas Building Evacuated: One Main Place Gets Suspicious Package

World Muslim population doubling, report projects

Army Bills Lt Choi $2,500 for DADT Discharge (He says he's not paying.)

Wrongful-death lawsuit filed against PG&E for San Bruno blast

Goldman Sachs Got Billions From AIG For Its Own Account, Crisis Panel Finds

Car bomb at Iraq funeral wake kills at least 35

Car bomb at Iraq funeral wake kills at least 35

Biological weapons base reopens after scare

The piece of paper that fooled Hitler

McCain speech writer is author of O, Time magazine reports

Gabon police tear gas protesters as tensions rise

Sudan army bombs Darfur, threatens peacekeepers: UN

WikiLeaks GI's lawyer hopes for custody changes

Egyptian unrest may set off vicious economic cycle

Budget plan could doom Calif.'s sick, critics say

Honduras Human Rights Abuses Worse One Year After President Lobo Took Office

Thousands march in Yemen to demand reform

GOP wants return to workplace immigration raids

Unemployment Rate To Remain Above 9 Percent Through 2011-Will Remain Above 'Natural Rate' Until 2016

Unemployment Rate To Remain Above 9 Percent Through 2011-Will Remain Above 'Natural Rate' Until 2016

TARP Profit on Citigroup: $12.3 Billion .

Border authorities arrest controversial Muslim cleric east of San Diego

Boxer, Feinstein seek to expand protected parkland

Jon Stewart to join 9/11 memorial foundation board

Egypt ruling party offers no concessions

Colombia asks Israel to extradite mercenary convicted of training drug assassins

'Second underage girl' named in Berlusconi sex case

SIGAR: U.S. Risks Wasting Billions In Afghan Security Aid Given 'Inadequate Planning'

Arrested victim of mass shooting speaks out, explains threat

Lack Of Diversity In Kasich Administration Questioned

JUST IN: Supreme Court Rules 7-0 for Rahm, He Remains on the Ballot for Chicago Mayor

Wikileaks cables admitted in Charles Taylor trial

WikiLeaks probe: Army commanders were told not to send Manning to Iraq

Albanian police say they can't guarantee security at opposition rally on Friday

Silvio Berlusconi hit by drug allegations as well as sex claims

Ruling party urges calm after Mandela's hospitalization

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, January 27, 2011

Senate Leaders Reach Agreement On Filibusters

Chile mine rescue leader: Obama 'not correct'

Pakistan flood crisis as bad as African famines, UN says

Ugandan gay rights activist bludgeoned to death

Reports of ‘massacre’ in Suez as protests in Egypt move into third day

FBI conducts searches tied to WikiLeaks cyber attacks

Bachmann Calls Obama ‘Shameless’ on Night of Civility

Carney to Be Named White House Press Secretary

Japan must spell out plans to cut debt-IMF

Forde murder trial comes to halt as witness appears in disguise

Tunisia Foreign Minister Kamel Morjane Resigns

US must accept blame for financial crisis: panel

Egypt unrest day three: Riots in Suez and ElBaradei urges Mubarak to retire

Mark Sanford Spotted in Uruguay with Lover

Unemployment claims up due to snow

Low carb dieters?

U.S. missionary in Mexico fatally shot

FBI Conducts Searches Tied to WikiLeaks Cyber Attacks

Arizona lawmakers to file 4 birthright bills

Egypt protest leaflets distributed in Cairo give blueprint for mass action

Yemen protests: Thousands call on president to leave

EXCLUSIVE - ElBaradei: Time for Egypt leader Mubarak to go

Supreme Court: Emanuel on Chicago mayor ballot

To target Fox News over 'Nazi' label, rabbis make use of Murdoch's other media

US diplomat kills two Pakistanis in Lahore

Himalayan glaciers not melting because of climate change, report finds

House GOP considers privatizing Medicare

Amid gun lobby criticism, assault weapons reporting rule delayed

Senate ends practice of secret holds (vote 92-4)

Venezuela urged to release judge held without trial for a year

Alaska must release Palin e-mails by May 31, state AG declares

Rich corporations "must share wealth" to avoid unrest

Utah Army base locked to solve 'serious concern'

Utah Army base locked to solve 'serious concern'

Funniest Threads Ever?

George Bush visits Barack Obama at the White house

The People Speak Sneak Peek

Thom Hartmann: Congressman Peter DeFazio's (D-OR) reaction to the State of the Union Address

The Great Reset - Where We Are Today

Cenk: Rand Paul's Crazy Budget Cut Plan

Analysis of President Obama's 2011 State of the Union Address on Democracy Now! 1 of 2

Cenk TYT commentary: (Lawrence) O'Donnell Nails (Rep. Trent Franks) On Gun Law

Insurance Company Drops Cancer Patient And Veteran Because He Accidentally Underpaid By Two Cents


Thom Hartmann: Is Democracy erupting in Egypt?

Thom Hartmann: The Untold State Of Our Union

Anti-government protests erupt in Yemen

Dennis Shepard's courtroom speech


Short Vid: Clashes in Suez today

Inside Story: Fascinating Discussion With Egyptians About What's Going On & What's Next

Cenk TYT commentary: Destroyed Afghanistan village (with photos 2 mins in)

Thom Hartmann: The Good. The Bad. The Very Very Ugly.

The End is Coming

Ewan Maccoll-Looking For A Job Life in a Day: a YouTube documentary: 2011 Sundance FIlm Fest

Papantonio: Obama Helps Perpetuate America's Sweatshop Capitalism

Don Imus: Rachel Maddow 'Worst Kind Of Coward,' 'Gutless, Sniveling Worm'

Protester SHOT in Egypt!

Reid to Obama 'BACKOFF ' on Earmarks, YOU'VE GOT ENOUGH POWER '

The Gun Markets of Pakistan

Michelle Bachmann Says the Darndest Things! - Founding Fathers and Slavery

Senator Sanders, Cenk on SOTU and President Obama

Egypt arised ... In support of Egyptian protests Against Hosni Mubarak

[Egypt] Watch This!!! Protest Nasser metro station in Cairo: Jan26th


Egypt Revolution Video of deadly anti Mubarak protests in Cairo


Rabbis Speak Out Against Glenn Beck!

Ugandan Gay Rights Activist Beaten to Death

Sarah Palin Cries "Leave Beck Alone"

Sarah Palin "WTF" moment where she "aspires" Americans

Cenk, Ed Rendell on Radical Tea Party/GOP Proposals (& Ed Being On Glenn Beck's List)

Love affair with four-legged mayor

Obama Says Legalizing Drugs is Worthy of Debate

Where is Maureen Dowd?

Vietnam Veteran Robbed and Shot while selling flowers and music scene responds

Anon hackers join Egyptian protests

A Sputnik Moment? Bullshit!!

Five arrested over 'Anonymous' web attacks

MRN: Governor Kasich Don't Need No Stinkin' Oversight


Moscow bomber 'was Islamist militant from North Caucasus'

Michele Bachmann's Response to State of the Union in 30 Sec.

Harry Belafonte on Obama: 'He Plays the Game" - Democracy NOW!

Megan McCain BASHES Michele Bachmann

Uprising In Egypt - The True Story (Tissue Alert, Also Contains Graphic Images)

"Sarah Palin decorated mah office"

Got Questions About the State of the Union? White House Blog puts out schedule of media reports.....

Dean Baker on the SOTU

Obama's address watched on TV by 43 million

The Chess Player rooked the GOPers as their strength ebbed due to Baggers Baggage

I think what the President was trying to say is ...

E. J. Dionne: Barack Obama: Paradoxical Whig

Joe Conason: Obama Changes the Narrative

9 Out of 10 Viewers Approve of Obama’s Proposals

Joe Klein: ...Making Democrats the Party of Optimism

Winning the Future

TSA will not search passengers the same way as the airports"

Winning the Future

CPBB: The Ryan Budget's Radical Priorities

Rep. Walter Jones is first GOP defection in the 112th Congress

I'm disappointed that Obama didn't go after Welfare Queens

Who's to blame?

Must Read from Politico: Koch Brothers Conference Under Scrutiny

"Mike Evans: Hawaii's Gov. Neil Abercrombie 'never told me there was no [Obama] birth certificate"

Rachel Maddow on the SOTU

New White House Picks (Almost) Rebalance Civil Rights Commission

I have two words for people opposed to government investment in the economy:

Steve Benen: National Greatness Liberalism

Sometimes Jon Stewart annoys the hell out of me. He picks the wrong things to make jokes about

Lynn Samuels says Obama should be impeached because he is an illegal immigrant.

Clearing the Way for a Native Opportunity in America’s “Sputnik Moment”

Update to celebrate the Obama/Reid Tussle over Earmarks

My Republican buddy saw Obama today and they both did the fist jab

OH GOD!!! MSNBC pundits comparing Obama to Reagan

FAIR Media Advisory: Centrism Wins!

Is Daryl Issa going to get a pass on his own shady past while investigating Obama?

Don Imus: Rachel Maddow is a GUTLESS COWARD!!!!

George Will: Arne Duncan's school of wisdom

Obama is about to answer citizen-submitted questions online via YouTube

MSNBC: AP reports Jay Carney will be new Press Secretary

Bush/Obama bank bailout gifted Goldman Sachs $2.9 BILLION straight to its trading account

Boehner backs off Social Security cuts (uncomfortable with the focus on Ryan's crazy plan?)

Feds Estimate Deportation Costs $12,500 Per Person. (($140B to deport them all)

Does anyone remember Helen Chenoweth?

So much depends upon / a blockhead / covered with rain / water. Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!!

Drug legalization absorbs top 20 questions in YouTube’s ‘Ask Obama’ Q&A

President Obama's SOTU wasn't a Republican agenda, it was a put Americans back to work agenda

IN-Mike Pence NOT running for President in 2012

Why couldn't Big Ed go to the 7:00PM time slot.

Rachel Maddow got it so right!

State of the Union speech: Obama misses some Jewish priorities

Time Magazine Cover of Obama: Why Obama Hearts Reagan

Amateur Footage Of Anti-government Protest In Damietta, A Town On Egypt's Mediterranean Coast.

David Axelrod: "No grand repositioning"; Obama is a "progressive"

Why Isn't Obama Talking More About The Human-Animal Hybrids?

Guardian: "NRA a fringe interest group – only a dysfunctional electoral system allows it power"

Obama makes H-1B, Green Card reform a priority

Edward R. Murrow, January 25, 1951: "The American public believes that we should get out of Korea."

The disruptors arrive at Davos

Obfuscating Unemployment

Mortgage Lenders Committed Massive Fraud and Now Wall St. Wants to Escape from the Lawbreaking

Bradley Manning Treated More like Supermax Convict than Pre-Trial Detainee

Robert Fisk: A new truth dawns on the Arab world

The National Empathy Divide

New York Seizure of Nassau County Finance Shows Tea Party Limits

Barack Obama: Paradoxical Whig -- Dionne

Cow Most Sacred

Sorry Britain, You Can't Blame Economic Meltdown on Snow

When the politically fueled murder of a 9-year-old girl in Arizona is NOT national news

Mid-East: Will there be a domino effect? (BBC)

Rupert Murdoch’s Insanely Lavish Potential Hideouts

Harry Belafonte: "He (Obama) Plays the Game that He Plays Because He Sees No Threat from ...poor"

How Much is Too Much? (A review of a Marx-based analysis of the recent economic failures)

Why is Nucor Steel sponsoring Dylan Ratigan's (Populist Leaning) "Steel on Wheels" tour?

US Tacit Support for Mideast Autocrats Reeks of Short-Sightedness, Undermines US Interests

Are We Witnessing the Start of a Global Revolution?

Salon: Researchers find male viewers aren't paying attention to what attractive newscasters say

Obama Inc. -- Jim Hightower

Philippines: Emulate WikiLeaks founder, youth urged

Old Hickory’s Ghost

How Inequality Hurts Societies - On Point - NPR today

Craziest Michele Bachmann Quotes Ever

"]The Most Reasonable Man in Washington" (Mike Lux on Obama's Speech)]

First study of dispersants in Gulf Spill suggests a prolonged deepwater fate

Study finds oil dispersants lingered deep under Gulf

Oscar-Nom. Doc. Tells Of 3,000 Carteret Islanders Leaving Sinking Island Home

Futility, Squared: Davos Attendees Will Discuss UN Climate Treaty Progress

Hawk living in the US Library of Congress captured (BBC)

"I'm skeptical the (Duke-Progress) merger will make much difference," said John Parsons ...

Polar bear swam for 9 days straight looking for ice

Van Jones: The Economic Injustice of Plastic

Healthcare Reform - Abandoning the Self Employed

NCAR - Record-Smashing Canadian Arctic Warmth - Largest Monthly Anomaly 37.8F Above Historic Average

Mitsubishi: 8 new EVs and PHEVs in the next 5 years

Oases in Navajo desert contained nuclear 'a witch's brew'

Shark nations failing on conservation pledges (BBC)

State Supremes Rebuke NM Gov. Attempt To Unilaterally Suspend Clean Air & Water Laws - NYT

New RAND Report Implies Alternative Fuels for Military Not Beneficial

PBS - Tehran's "Armageddon Haze" Lingered For Months, Despite All Attempts To Mitigate Effects

How do oil shocks cause recessions?

I'm bullish on Mycilium. It's going places.

Dear Governor LePage (R - anti-science industry stooge) Maine Re: Bisphenol A

Olbermann Ouster: Immelt Helps Obama with his Left Flank

There is some SERIOUS sh*t going on

Joe Rogan: The American War Machine

Suspected international gunrunner held

NRA wants Indiana lawmakers to ban employers from gun-related questions

New Indian weapon poses imminent threat to our way of life.

NRA gives Bloomberg snow blow

Man faces jail after protecting home from masked attackers (Canada - Castle Doctrine Coming?)

Links to 75 round drum mags for AK 47's, and 40 round drum mags for 1911 pistol

"Bored" Teens Shot 275 Cars with BB Guns

No gun control. Not now! Not Ever!

Tucson... was the point when the country

"No state background check for gun buyers, Minnesota House panel decides"

Compromise from a pro-2A advocate: Ban 30 round clips

"White House to Push Gun Control"

If we allow the pro restriction crowd to frame the debate we're done.

Should the proposed magazine restrictions apply to LEOs?

A Crime For Doctors to Ask About Guns?

White House to Push Gun Control

Still curious about the Arizona/Mexico gun smuggling issue

Is there any doubt that Dick Cheney is an opportunistic piece of shit?

Having a CCW and carrying a gun does NOT make me a "rugged individualist."

On an adult conversation on guns

Colombia asks Israel to extradite mercenary convicted of training drug assassins

Chile mine rescue leader: Obama 'not correct'

US Discouraging Aristide Return to Haiti

Colombia Mine Blast Leave 20 Feared Dead

Guatemala: High Staple Food Prices Drive Up Hunger

Uruguay's José Mujica meets with Hugo Chávez

Cholera cases detected in Venezuela

AZ Republic: Arizona's gun-death rate among the worst in U.S.

Here's a great piece for all you dumb ass Jay Cutler Critics.

Jay Cutler Walking Around LA without a Limp...

Imam's Antigay Words Spark Controversy

VERY important information: Evidence Of Scott Lively's Complicity In The Murder Of David Kato

Ugandan gay activist slain after photo published

Ugandan Gay Activist Murdered

Iowa GOP Narrowly Loses Senate Bid To Vote On Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Iowa Senate Dems vote down push for gay marriage ban

Pastor Sean McDowell: Parents Who Accept Gay Kids Make A "Costly Mistake"

Rightist MK expected to head probe into Israel's Leftist NGOs

Death by a thousand leaks

On-Camera Shooting: Israel Troops Avoid Jail

A fresh take on the Palestine Papers - Mya Guarnieri

Minister: Mubarak regime will prevail in Egypt, despite protests

"I tend to think of Deity as a concept, and not an actual filled job position."

Butterfly Scientist, Vladmir Nabokov, Vindicated.

Jupiter Scar Likely from Titanic-Sized Asteroid

New Radio Telescope Array to Harness Power of More Than 13,000 Antennas

Evolution by Mistake

Hubble Finds Galaxy Beyond Key Benchmark (13.2 billion LY away)

Remembrance: Apollo 1, January 27, 1967

Humans 'left Africa much earlier' (BBC)

German Researchers Build Terminator Robot Hand

Japan's robotic cargo craft nears space station