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Question: Do three lefts make a right?

Question: Do three lefts make a right?

Ryan Tells Constituents One Thing - Votes Opposite

"I need two shows," says Ed Schultz

(House) Republicans Move to Cut U.S. Unemployment Benefits to Ease Business Taxes - Bloomberg

Was there some news about someone asking about Scott Ritter that I should know about?

It sucks having no insurance when you think something is wrong.

Comcast-NBC hires FCC commissioner who voted for NBC merger

LOL !!! - Florida Senate Fails Basic Biology, Accidentally Outlaws Sex

WND turns on the GOP: "Tea partiers issue warning to House 'RINOs'"


Bedbugs and Store Meat May Carry Deadly Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Mike Huckabee Fixes American History (VIDEO)

John Nichols: House Republicans Shred Constitution With Backdoor Proposal of Permanent War

Beware - Newt is back with his gay and secular fascism

So what happens if Harold Camping croaks next Saturday

Senators mixed on viewing bin Laden photos

Since I've never watched The Apprentice, can someone answer this question?

I've said all along that Huckabee represents the GOP's best chance in 2012.

Do We REALLY Want A President Who CAN'T Spell His Own Wife's Name?

Money pouring in to recall campaigns (WI)

OMG! The Rapture Ready Index set a NEW RECORD LAST MONTH!

Keith Really Needs To Change His Web Site's Name

Republican First Ladies and Wannabe's

CNN poll: Who would be more likely to get your vote for president in 2012?

Jon Stewart just put one serious "rapping death stab" into Fox "News"

DINOS Shill for Oil Industry

In Case You Missed This... 'Special Report: What Triggered Oil's Greatest Rout' - Reuters

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

"Give me just one more chance...."

TexTango: Possibly the Worst Idea Ever (serve banner ads on your texts, maybe get cash!)

Is Tom Delay still out of prison?

How the COMEX Crashed the Silver Market

I just got a call from Mike Huckabee asking me to telephonically sign a petition

Want to see the Palace of Versailles?

Evangelist Graham, 92, hospitalized with pneumonia

3 word argument for campaign finance reforms

Now the jerks are spying on kids at LUNCH!

Current lead headline story on Google News: "Harsh criticism fuels Haley's comeback on 'Idol'"

Texas Taxpayers Finance Formula One Auto Races as Schools Dismiss Teachers

Texas Taxpayers Finance Formula One Auto Races as Schools Dismiss Teachers

Levi Johnston's Palin Tell-All Book Gets A Cover

Reuters (2008) - "Republicans criticize auto bailout" - "Only Delays Their Funeral"

Deadly Games

Gee, Newt, what do you want to do tonight? The same thing we do every night, Pinky -

Lawrence just played Common's poem

How can anyone look at this and not be affected

Baby Seal Can't Believe It's Being Released Into The Wild (VIDEO)

Dear Young voters:

Palin Family Sells Naming Rights To Next Child For $30M

WaPo - "Boehner’s unreality check on the deficit" - Wow! Are They Finally Going To Get It?

SHOCKING, is car abuse on the rise?

Frankly, I'm sick-n-tired of hearing about bin laden

Are the dems going to win the special election in WI?

How much will it cost to convince a person to go in and do work at Fukishima?

TRENDING: Cindy McCain blasts Glenn Beck

Does Rachel Maddow Drive a Gas Guzzling SUV???

I Support Our President When It Comes To Terrorism

Death squads reportedly assassinating Libyan regime figures in Benghazi

Rachel helps new Library of Congress service, the "National Jukebox"

Me thinks the republicans want Jack Davis out of the ny-26 race...

Meet Your New Boogeyman!!!! Ilyas Kashmiri May Replace Osama as Al-Qaeda Chief

Rachel discusses "our corporate overlords, GE" in piece on tax avoiders.

Jon Stewart nails Fox News on the Common issue...scroll down for video

Germany reports record exports in March

Pakistanis ask Bush and Blair to teach them how to lie through their teeth

WI Democrats offer amendment to clarify that if license is suspended revoked still valid fails

Pre-natal care is not a privilege, it’s a right

What's Osama bin Watchin'?

What's Osama bin Watchin'?

"A Better World"

Grassley on local channel trying to explain funding in the absence

The Geography of Hate (large graphic)

The Geography of Hate (large graphic)

State food bank accuses Millinocket ministry of forcing religion

"It all comes from the same tank"

"It all comes from the same tank"

We need to release the death photo. Because we know the zapruder film solved the Kennedy....

"Going After Terrorists Responsible For Ruining & Ending The Lives Of Thousands"

DNC Goes After Romney Health Care Speech

Terrorists target the President's grandmother in Kenya.

3 arrested in drug robbery killing of Portland (Maine) mother (update)

Ex-banker gets deal in child molestation case- No felony, no record

Ohio legislature and Governor kill more Ohio Jobs

A question about this rapper Common.

Sex offender: I won't 'ever deserve' parole

Michael Moore joins Keith Olbermann's Current TV show

Gingrich caught repeatedly misspelling his wife’s name on his campaign Web site.

Preibus is on M$NBComcast spewing ReTHUG

So ReTHUGS are really upset that the President

House Republicans Shred Constitution With Backdoor Proposal of Permanent War

Civil unions bill now signed into law in Delaware. Up next to be signed, Medical Marijuana

Toon: The tax cut business plan

Census shows empty homes, apts in California

Boeing Ruling on Whistleblower Firing May Discourage Leaks to News Media

Is Anybody Watching The Senate Committee Gas Company Session?......

Making Guantanamo Permanent

I finally ventured out to Crescent Ridge Road yesterday

U.S. Drone Strike Kills 5 in Pakistan (Third Strike Since OBL Raid)

Asswipe Joe Barton just said on CSPAN that companies

Have you taken THIS poll yet?

Here is some good news for a change

Mind Reading: Technology Turns Thought Into Action

Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite !!!!

Jeb Bush flimflams Minnesota lawmakers on "bold educational reform"

Newt - the gift that keeps on giving

Undercover officer in school in Florida has to take required FCAT

Radiation Detected in Tea Leaves in Japan, Wall Street Journal, May 11, 2011:

Obama at the Hispanic prayer breakfast

It's Time to Give Them Everything- or, How to Forever Kill the Republican Party

Holperin Recall Opponent Calls Teachers, Police & Fire Fighters Mutinous Cowards, But Says Corps Are

It's going on 7am eastern time and no Morning Joe post yet??

Wisconsin: Walker streamlines permitting process for industry to exploit environment

Transient Killer Whales make rare appearance in Vancouver's inner harbour

Video- Teabagger Candidate in NY-26 Jack Davis Smacks Questioner

I just noticed this phenomenon:

final settlement reached in major witt dadt case

More "Market Conditions": GM Stock Sale May Be Delayed

Anyone tried typing "Santorum" into Google?

Jon Stewart raps in blistering Fox News takedown

Mr. Gingrich’s Intolerant History (NYT)

Former Colin Powell Chief of Staff: Bush didn’t want to get bin Laden

Trump shows why he's a repuke: Doesn't know what the 13 stripes in the flag represent

House Panel Authorizes Nearly $700 Billion in Defense Spending

The Many Business Failures of Donald Trump

Someone in the media ask Newt this question for me. Thanks in advance.

The Repukes are Comics and the Deficit/Debt is Their Joke!

The Repukes are Comics and the Deficit/Debt is Their Joke!

Now Hiring: Walmart Seeks Spanish-Speaking Labor Buster To Maintain A ‘Union-Free

Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Dead, Vader Says

Mitt Romney's State Sovereignty Argument Fails To Lift Health Care 'Boat Anchor' From Around His Nec

Hell Freezes Over As Wall Street Calls For Tax Increases

Hell Freezes Over As Wall Street Calls For Tax Increases

The War On Terror is Based on Legal Novelties

Remember TheOilDrum website during the BP catastrophe? Where's the equivalent for Fukushima news?

Danziger - "Don't You Worry!"

Danziger - "Don't You Worry!"

Gretchen Carlson; Newt Gingrich a brilliant man...that we can all agree on!!!

THE TERRIBLE curse of "Most Likely To Succeed" EEEEEEEK!

TOON: Spongebob gets an unexpected package...

Oil dipped to $95 a bbl. this morning but rebounded to $97

what is a cheating has been, a bat-shit crazy and an idiot?

Senate on CSpan with the oil Oligarchs / LIVE


The Rude Pundit: Your Bullshit Capitalism Is Killing Education (Series Part 4: True and False)

I Thought Harry Was Bringing Ryan Budget to a Senate Vote?

How Can No One Know Whether There's Concrete Under Fukushima Reactor Vessels?

Florida is making the Spanish Inquisition look good.

Florida is making the Spanish Inquisition look good.

The US Government Tracks its Man- from Reuben Bolling's Tom the Dancing Bug

America Held Hostage 2011 .........

5 Professional Tea Partiers: Who's Sucking the Most Money From the Movement?

Senate probes "unfixable" AT&T/T-Mobile deal

Today's toon to send to the t-baggers: Teamwork

toon: One job the Auto bailout didn't save

Pullout date- Something we can both agree upon

Palin, Huckabee and Romney in tight race according to Faux

Tom the Dancing Bug: The US Tracks Its Man

R wing attacks union leader with FAKE twitter page (any legal action to stop it?)

Catholic profs to Boehner: Shape up your faith

500 march in New York to Rebrand David H. Koch Theatre "The Tea Party's Wallet"

Obama SEAL doll marks bin Laden killing

Koch-addicted universities

I wouldn't mind having one of those Barack Obama action figures.

How come nobody loves the eagles anymore?

House Democrats say Medicare vote already hurting GOP with voters, cite NY

NYT Bill Cohan - Don’t Let Go of the Anger

Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzón on Bin Laden’s Killing, Holding Torturers Accountable, More

America no longer has a party that opposes war, torture and targeted killings.

America no longer has a party that opposes war, torture and targeted killings.

Rand Paul equates the right to health care with enslavement of doctors. This is nuts

Krugman - Whiners!

President Gingrich???

US to pay Pakistan $300 million for fighting militants

This date in Baseball History May 12th 1955

Florida's Bestiality Law May Have Accidentally Outlawed Sex Entirely

Republicans play Gangsta Rap at CPAC now condemn Obama inviting positive rapper Common to Whitehous

U.S. Assassination Campaign Continues as CIA Drone Targets U.S.-Born Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen

Idling airplanes produce more harmful pollution than previously thought

NJ senator: 6 women's health clinics closed (thanks to Christie budget cuts)

Alton Brown calls an end to 'Good Eats'

TOON: GOP on labor rights

I found a site dedicated to nailing Paul Ryan to the wall

The Obama re-election thing

Cell phone bans to extend to pedestrians?

Are there no Hockey Arenas? What would 50 million buy in your city?

Chris Christie: GOP White Knight or White Elephant?

In the war of American decline, should we fight battles at home or abroad?

U.S. Foreign Policy Repeats the '90s

Senior banned from prom over conspicuous ask-out technique

Senior banned from prom over conspicuous ask-out technique

BIZARRE! Chris Christie's Lt. Governor: Guadagno's amateur hour at budget hearing

Lolz - Yesterday the wackos went after Pres Obama about a Rapper's lyrics about killing cops. Today

NOOO! Mary Tyle Moore to Undergo Brain Tumor Surgery!

Update: PR agency confirms Facebook behind Google campaign

Bin Laden's motivation and the power of the American propaganda system

So, gas prices up a nickel/gal here this week. Yet oil prices tumble.

Meet the new jihad, same as the old jihad: Al-Qaeda warns US after bin Laden death

The incessant screwing of the unemployed........

Biologists interpret the language of sperm whales

Debbie Stabenow: Profitable oil companies should share in sacrifice of bringing down national debt

Kansas Arts Commission is closing (Gov. Brownback has laid off all of its employees)

Tax Holiday Sought By Multinational Corporations Would Cost $78.7 Billion

Radio Company Websites Settle Copyright Cases With Newspaper Representative

Wikileaks cables show race to carve up Arctic BBC

Iran says they can prove Bin Laden was dead long before US raid

AP : Economic Toll of War in Libya. The West Destroys Libya, in Order to Save it?

Vegan Black Metal Chef

Vegan Black Metal Chef

Crushed by Debt and Neoliberal Reforms, Indian Farmers Commit Suicide at Staggering Rate

Filmmaker Michael Moore Joins New Olbermann Venture - also Ken Burns and Markos Moulitsas...and more

What the US National Academy of Sciences says about low doses of radiation

What the US National Academy of Sciences says about low doses of radiation

What's rich? (The definitive/practical answer)

Shame Mary Landrieu, shame, you're nothing but an oil whore

AAA Mid-Atlantic: 'Absolutely No Justification For Spike In Gas Prices'

Oil Companies cry that cutting off their corporate welfare benefits is "Un-American"

Catholic academics slam Boehner for ‘anti-life’ voting record

Medical marijuana wins final vote in Delaware

NATO bombs Gaddafi compound hours after embattled dictator appears on TV

Rep. Scott Probes Top Administration Officials on Hiring Discrimination in the Faith-Based Initiativ

Romney was for the individual mandate before he was against it

Hardly any water in Reactor No. 1 after flooding effort — “Containment vessel is likely to be broken

Standard of living by countries.

Let's Start Taking Back Congress- Progressive Candidates We Can Support Now what? Just need to rant a bit.

Fascinating: Casey Anthony Voir Dire and the Death Penalty.

Founder of Zanies nurtured generations of comics

For those interested, someone gave me this link, Koch Brothers

For those interested, someone gave me this link, Koch Brothers

States Shortchange The Unemployed With Junk Debit Card Fees: Study

A song for Rupture day...

Steve Malzberg vying for biggest RW asshole award. Rush Limbaugh et al watch out.

self delete

Facebook paid PR firm to pitch journalists negative Google stories

Angry High Risk Sex Offender warning

Angry High Risk Sex Offender warning

The GOP's New Constitutional Amendment: Give States Veto Power Over Federal Laws

Some Final Thoughts on the Death of Osama bin Laden …a letter from Michael Moore

anybody here interested in geopolitical information?

Joe Barton (RepubliWhiner-TX): Don't call them Big Oil

Jay Smooth to TV media: Stop feeding Donald Trump

Has the "Cave-In" Begun?

Has the "Cave-In" Begun?

I am not a republican but.......................

Help: looking for a post I saw yesterday, Ezra Klein showing how much revenue raising taxes can

Westboro church gang bringing their hate to Seattle's "Slut Walk"

It's terrifying to remember that Newt was once two heart-beats away from the presidency

Ezra Klein: Can we close the budget deficit by taxing the rich?

Romneycare vs. Obamacare: guess which one covers abortions

Democrats fear GOP will race to redistrict before (WI) recall elections

Early one mornin' while making the rounds I took a shot of cocaine and I shot my woman down

ID Thieves stealing kid's credit

ID Thieves stealing kid's credit

turtleneck McConnell: Use the "Debt Ceiling Moment" for Entitlement Reform

Texas Passes Bill to Make Some Fish Tales a Crime

Status going around Facebook ~ (oil companies)

Snakes on a Slot Machine

HIV breakthrough - antiretorviral drugs make people with HIV strikingy less infectious

Gingrich: If the election were 'fair,' Obama would lose

Romney refuses to apologize for enacting health care mandate

Chart: National debt, by president

"WikiLeaks works on information that can change the destiny of states..."

Are the House and Senate broken beyond repair?

Inside a "Don't ask, don't tell" training class

He brought a knife, she had a gun.

Rick Santorum tipped off John Ensign, report says

Now is the perfect time to cut defense spending...

Is it just me . . . or did this tobacco company exec just admit liability?

Is it just me . . . or did this tobacco company exec just admit liability?

Rate Of Uninformed Conversations About Navy SEALs Skyrockets

Obama's Grandmother Sarah Targeted By Al Qaeda In Kenya: Report(Video)

Former gang members: A life sentence of joblessness

LOL - Bachmann after seeing OBL photos: "WE got OUR man"

Obama's dramatic remaking of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals continues

Bush CIA Director wanted to use Blackwater ‘hit teams’ to kill bin Laden: report

Sonnny & Cher's transgendered kid is on Letterman now.

Sonnny & Cher's transgendered kid is on Letterman now.

Democrats grill top oil execs, but Sen. Menendez doesn't get his apology

Think I finally figured the terribly wealthy out...

"(Donovan McNabb) is the guy in the house, while everybody else is on the field."

The 'volunteer' that claimed to have been assaulted by jack davis is....

President Obama just mentioned Missoula, Montana!

Bin Laden's Dying Words

FCC Commissioner who voted to approve Comcast-NBC merger join Comcast/NBC

German TV news host confuses Star Trek logo for Navy SEAL emblem :))

Hey, I've been busy, haven't followed the news...did the world end today?

Senate Ethics Committee refers Ensign case to DOJ after finding he ‘violated laws’

Dear (AOL) Patch: We won’t be taking you up on that kind invitation to work free for your large corp

Freepers ponder why Jews aren't impressed with Sarah

66 Buffalo teachers (And one administrator) opt for early retirement

Sarah Palin ACCUSES Obama Of Palling Around With COP KILLERS

Exxon made $19 billion in profit and got a $150 million tax rebate in 2009

(Mary) Landrieu Calls Fellow Dems' Oil-Tax Bill ‘Laughable' - TheHill

Which Countries Have Condemned US Action In Taking Out Bin Laden?

Republican Buzzword Obama Victory Lap

Mitt SLAMS ObamaCare© while STAUNCHLY defending his own version, "ObamaCare©"...

Google caves to Italian judge. Shuts down Amanda Knox site -- WORLDWIDE.

Florida Senate fails basic biology, accidentally outlaws sex.

Japan State Media NHK: No.1 reactor is in a "meltdown" state

Debunking the "Tax Cuts Create Jobs" Argument

Very odd conversation overheard in the elevator today

Newt Feels Heat for "Brain Fart" Global Warming Ad With Pelosi...Jury's Still Out on the Nenis©

Even post-bin Laden, U.S. drones in Pakistan press on

Boycott 'Water for Elephants' - Shocking Elephant Abuse Documented

KC folks.. Keith Olberman is speaking with the KC Royals announcers right now

After 13 years underground, here come the cicadas

Feedback from MoveOn: Freshmen House Repubs. asking for a break from attacks on them...

Watch out, Whistleblowers: Congress and Courts Move to Curtail Leaks

Would Santorum's action re Ensign be considered aiding and

Fukushima reactor has a hole, leading to leakage

WI. Assembly passes GOP backed voter ID bill

Hardball says accusing Obama of using a "con" is using racist dogwhistles.

Would you support reducing tax subsidies for Big Oil?

John Boehner Says Tax Increases On Rich Are Off The Table...

Eagle #1 looks like he's gonna jump and take flight....

Maddow Blog: Links concerning disgraced Sen. Ensign.

Watchdog criticizes feds for pulling back on radiation monitoring

How many people get their advice on advanced education by some young woman in her PJs?


Meet Kathy Hochul

Meet Kathy Hochul

FCC commisioner to lobby for Comcast/NBC giant she OK'd

If you didn't see the Daily Show's take on the Common controversy, you must.

Obama admin. claims right to censor ‘unclassified’ materials

In Tight Race For Second At 10 P.M.,MSNBC’s Schultz Wins Total Audience

In Tight Race For Second At 10 P.M.,MSNBC’s Schultz Wins Total Audience

Obamacare suffers huge bodyblow

Ordering medications /drugs from foreign retailers

Where oh where has the National Guard gone and why doesn't the media seem concerned?

What will you be doing May 21st 2011???

Libyan Revolution Day 84

Addressing some myths about Navy SEALs

Ethics Panel Asks That Ensign Inquiry Be Reopened

Undergrads prevent grad Student from exercising First Amendment rights.

Lynch vetoes anti-union bill in New Hampshire

SEAL Helmet Cams (on Each of the 25) Recorded Entire bin Laden Raid

Ben Franklin on the Tea Party and Right-Wing Libertarians

Oil Bozo's won't invest if tax break is removed. BREAKING:They won't spend profits on it either!

Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Fighting Secret Arctic Oil Wars

Trump/Palin 2012: "You're Fired!/ I Quit!"

Now that Usama bin Laden is dead, who takes the title as Most Evil Person in the World?

Big Oil Spends More on Shareholder Expenditures, Dividend Payments Than Energy Investments

Markey: Back-up generators failed during tests at many US nuclear plants

With all the worries and woes that afflict us as we endlessly plod toward death

McCain: Torture did not lead to bin Laden death

FCC COMCAST APPROVAL --- This is classic. Can the US be more corrupt?

Now Hiring: Walmart Seeks Spanish-Speaking Labor Buster To Maintain A ‘Union-Free Workplace’

Small town life. Gotta love it!

From what I'm seeing, my fears appear unreasonable.

Keith Olbermann announces first group of regular contributors, including Markos Moulitsas

Keith Olbermann announces first group of regular contributors, including Markos Moulitsas

Funny toon

Huckabee indoctrinating kids with propaganda cartoon videos - Article and VIDEO

So all evangelism should end on May 22nd, right?

How Many People see?


42 Repub freshmen want President Obama to call off the dogs...

43 Year Old Man dies after being Tased over blown stop sign dispute

'Tax lady' Roni Deutch closes law firm, says she's broke

Huckabee's Revisionist History Lessons - For the Kids!

Republican Cuckoo's Nest

Public execution by guillotine

Gawker: TRUMP to get wingnut welfare for a "policy" book (Fuck China;fuck OPEC) -WARNING graphic pic

REPORT: Sen. Tom Coburn Actively Negotiated Multi-Million $ Hush Money Package For Ensign’s Mistress

Ed is spot on about GM tonight

Noam Chomsky: US policy serves 'the masters of mankind'

Who would be best to fight the present radical, right-wing troglodytes?

How bin Laden emailed without being detected by US

WikiLeaks gags staff, threatens leakers with $20 million penalty

House GOP moves to end money for new body scanners

House GOP moves to end money for new body scanners

Mississippi River flood damage tops 2 billion dollars, could double

If Rand Paul thinks that health care for all is slavery, then what is his idea of freedom?


Californian's are older and broker

From Salon: Death to high school English

Oh Noes! Teh People's Republic of Vermont gonna infect us wit Canadianism!

Senate Democrats clash with oil execs on tax breaks, “I think you’re really out of touch.”

Getting Back into Shape : Diet and Exercise

Should a Mother Lose Custody of Her Kids Because She Has Cancer?

Why do the Jihadests hate us? Do they hate anyone else?

Why do the Jihadests hate us? Do they hate anyone else?

"Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance...

Bin Laden death 'not an assassination' - Eric Holder

NY-26 is an interesting place to live these days...

Bernie Sanders makes Rand Paul look like a fool...

Pressure mounts on Gadhafi within Libya's capital

I am always looking for an excuse to post this Pic!

The rapture nuts are out en masse today.

Atheist offering post-Rapture care for pets left behind

Come on admit it DU, we really want Newt as the puke nom?

John McCain: " TORTURE DIDN'T LEAD US to Bin Laden "

Tepco reveals nuclear meltdown

How the 1960's Cured America.

Just Incase You Needed Evidance That What Gas Prices Are Based On Is Bullshit...

Just Incase You Needed Evidance That What Gas Prices Are Based On Is Bullshit...

Ron Paul: I wouldn't have killed bin Laden

Rand Paul Channels Sarah Palin

Don Siegelman: They Got It Wrong

Don Siegelman: They Got It Wrong

Have you taken this poll yet?

SOUTH of Tokyo: Cesium in tea leaves above maximum limit

Show the photo

Glenn Beck pretends to vomit while watching Meghan McCain's 'naked' PSA, Cindy McCain strikes back

Why competition sucks

Interesting theory about the Westboro church gang

TOONS: Nut Gingrich ----------------------->

Obama declares Miss. disaster zone

Can someone explain in plain language what all these meltdowns in Japan mean?

Former Colin Powell Chief of Staff: Bush didn’t want to get bin Laden

Actually, It Is the Projected Growth of Private Sector Health Care Costs That Is Unsustainable,

House Panel Authorizes Nearly $700 Billion in Defense Spending

Every 30 Minutes": Crushed by Debt and Neoliberal Reforms, Indian Farmers Commit Suicide at Staggeri

Democratic candidate Dan Adler: I speak for Asians, ‘my wife is Korean’

Convince me I'm wrong that the death penalty is ridiculous.

Jon Stewart’s Epic Takedown Of Fox News For Pushing Rapper Common’s W.H. ‘Controversy’ - VIDEO

George W. Bush, Bill Clinton Speak at Wealth Management Americas, UBS Event

Why isn't this child beauty pageant system not regulated? My lord,

ACLU: Obama DOJ Equates Gay Servicemembers With Drug Addicts, Alcoholics, And ...

Why is sex considered worse for children than violence?

Atheist challenges C-Street Congressman Heath Shuler (D-NC) in Democratic Primary

"...But no one other than teachers seems to know or care."

Study: Semen has an antidepressant effect on women




There should be some industries which should be not for profit.

Torture for girls.

Senate Republicans are begging Harry Reid to not force them to vote on Ryan's budget.

Now THAT'S a Trailer Load! (Wind Turbine Blades being transported - pic heavy)

In Florida, off-the-job conduct may put your unemployment benefits at risk

The credit crunch tent city which has returned to haunt America --UK Daily Mail


Have a cold? Try this.

Miami 97 - Boston 87

Just opened my apartment window for the first time this year. Cats are full of beans. Should I add

Sprained my ankle tonight as I was heading up stairs in high heeled shoes. Thing is the front of my

Kali played her guitar for me once.

Empty perrier bottle was placed underneath my right front tire and I destroyed it.

This was SO not drawn by a male.

There was no hope of rescue... nor, to tell you the truth, any DESIRE for it.

Did She REALLY Say That?


It's raining

Petal puppy:


For an example of a free spirit, look to the carefree giraffe. Just don't look UP.

Talk about your "studly" men... Dizzy Gillespie's middle name was "Viagra".

It's raining; it's pouring.

Light Show in Ft. Worth

I fought the law...

With a name like that... it's GOTTA taste good!!!

I turn 46 tonight. I feel old. Like I've lived multiple lives. Which I have. Nine lives really.

Go to Google and type in Santorum

Hunter S. Thompson, John Cusack and Johnny Depp riding around with a blow-up doll

Whatever happened to Nance Greggs?

It hurts to look at this (30 second video)

The weirdest conversation I have ever overheard

Is there a way to remove oneself permanently from FBI?

Jerry needs no help playing with his ball.

Seen on the Bay Area roads this morning

Inside a "Don't ask, don't tell" training class

Help for the weary - ME!

Bob Dylan in 1969: His first Rolling Stone interview

If any Survivor viewers have survived this far- Is it me or did Rob jump his surfboard over a shark

Anyone seen the movie "The Dilemma"? Is it any good. Stars vince vaughn.

More than 51,000 Google Images hits for "McConnell Turtle"

Woman charged with leaving baby in car as she headed into bar topless

So I'm taking a cooking class

PHOTO: During his school years, MiddleFingerMom was well-known for "raising the bar"...



How do you get your mac to STOP connecting to the itunes store?

Best rant on suicide bombers: Walter

There's a bustle in my hedgerow

I'd like to get something to listen to while taking a long car trip

Question about suicide bombers:

Anybody know a less snarky way to say, "I'm glad you think it's funny?" nt

CN Railroad track washout at Stackpool, Ontario

Gandalf (Ian McKellen) returns!

Here is how you handle it when fundie nuts come to your door

My habanero plant has peppers!

The Modern Day Princess and her two evil step-sisters

The rebel and onion armies showed grose negligence by ...

Angry Birds

lost my best 4 legged friend, and STFU Mike Huckabee

Do you consider the term "you people" to be derogatory?

I would have won 800 bucks on "Cash Cab" tonight.

Tower of Power 1977

Fried or Grilled Pork Chop?

Palin Family Sells Naming Rights To Next Child For $30M

NYC DUers - how close is Gramercy to Grand Central or Penn stations?

Achmed the dead terrorist:

Since Judgment Day is coming, I'll share my Judgment Day fantasy.

We're going to a mystery dinner tonight.

Is there a way to remove oneself permanently from FB?

I need some good vibes.

Michael Steele likes Newt Gingrich

Lohan sentenced to four months jail for theft

Fla. pilot program to cut Medicaid costs raises new questions

Does anyone have a dorm size refrigerator?

Top stem cell researcher leaving U-Mich (for Texas?)

Americans Back Tax Increases in Debt Fix: Reuters Poll

MiddleFingerMom had a viagra-fueled panic attack recently.

Money pouring in to recall campaigns (WI)

Toilet Paper's Eternal Debate Wages On

I understand that the word "teabagger"

Mary Landrieu, Mark Begich Defend Oil Companies Against Democrats

Mitt Romney's State Sovereignty Argument Fails To Lift Health Care 'Boat Anchor' From Around His Nec

San Jose student reaches settlement with city in civil rights case (police brutality caught on video

Uganda lawmakers remove death penalty clause from anti-gay bill

DR Congo: 48 rapes every hour, US study finds

Education proposal: Corporations could reserve student places, board seats in charter schools

No new terror plots uncovered so far, official says

Fiesta Bowl Fined $1 Million, But Stays in BCS (illegal campaign contributions, lavish spending)


EU fisheries reform would 'privatise oceans'

So, I get a very nice Husqvarna Chain Saw as a gift, and I read the Manual

Birds -- they're such drama queens.

Some called him arrogant, but Li'l Tiny MFM didn't just THINK he was adorable... he KNEW it.

Yemeni forces kill 10, hurt hundreds

US senators urge rethink on Okinawa base plan

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # MAY MILESTONES # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

EU mulls return to internal border controls

NATO: US-led forces kill Afghan girl

Two Men Arrested For Alleged Terror Plot Against Synagogues

County pensions are public record, court rules

I created a little reading/writing oasis for myself. (Dial-up warning)

AP sources: White House set to unveil cyber plan

Libyan regime accused of exploiting boat people

Missouri University of Science and Technology (Rolla) says active shooter on campus

Pakistani officials: US drone strike kills 5

Facebook's Embarrassing Secret Campaign To Discredit Google Revealed

Iowa bill aims at Carhart (late term abortion)

British prime minister holds talks with Libyan rebel leader

(House Armed Services Committee) votes to delay gays in military

Colorado Wildlife Commission opposes artist Christo's "Over the River" project

Now Hiring: Walmart Seeks Spanish-Speaking Labor Buster To Maintain A ‘Union-Free Workplace’

NY-26 candidate Davis ‘hits’ a Republican volunteer

McCain says torture did not lead to bin Laden

Before campaign swing, Ron Paul plans 'major announcement' Friday

Boehner’s Views on Economy Contradicted by Indicators, Studies

BREAKING: Democratic State Conference MOVING as labor dispute brews at the Tropicana Casino

Queen Elizabeth becomes UK's second-longest reigning monarch

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (05/12/2011)

France to ban fracking of fossil fuels

(British Airways) BA and Unite reach deal to end cabin crew strikes

Wikileaks cables show race to carve up Arctic

French lower house of parliament votes to ban ‘fracking’ technique in shale gas drilling

The "rally to restore sanity and or fear" honored with Emmy nominations

Diary: Bin Laden eyed new targets, big body count

NC Lawmakers Back Bill Adding Abortion Regulations

Protests Overshadow Inauguration in Uganda

Mt Etna in Sicily errupts, international airport closed

Wisconsin Assembly passes GOP-backed voter ID bill

NYPD arrests two Queens terror suspects, charged with plot to hit NYC synagogues with grenandes

Ethics Committee refers Ensign case to Justice

San Francisco officials defend Proposition 8 ruling

A food you just could not live without...

Two Men Arrested in New York Terror Case

Former Colin Powell Chief of Staff: Bush didn’t want to get bin Laden

Kan orders slaughter of all livestock in 20-km hot zone

Jim Lehrer to step down from daily broadcast at PBS ‘Newshour’

Iowa lawmaker (R) arrested

(CA) GOP budget plan: no new taxes, no cuts to schools

White House: No more photo re-enactments

Postal union contract ratified

NATO missiles hit Gaddafi’s complex

Romney Says Obama’s Health Care Law Should Be Repealed

Private prison business eyes big Florida prize

Obama seeks extension for Robert Mueller as FBI director

Denmark brings in strict border controls to crack down on illegal immigrants from North Africa

VISA launching ‘digital wallet’ for U.S. banks

VISA launching ‘digital wallet’ for U.S. banks

McConnell demands spending cuts, Medicare overhaul for deal on debt limit

Fukushima Reactor Has a Hole, Leading to Leakage ("Disaster Worse Than Previously Disclosed")

Mississippi and Louisiana Brace for Surge of Water

Sexual orientation is a choice, says BC Conservative leadership candidate

Lawyer predicts more costly smoking lawsuits against casinos

John Demjanjuk found guilty of helping kill Jews in Nazi death camp

35 Japanese Reactors Are Soon To Be Out Of Line

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, May 12, 2011

US senator views 'grotesque' Osama bin Laden photographs

Do you like Lady Gaga?

Dem opposition to disclosure plan grows

Applications For Unemployment Benefits Plummet

Senate passes Snyder's tax reform package

Ship carrying coal destroys Philippine coral reef

Ron Paul For President Campaign Announcement Expected Friday

I.R.S. Moves to Tax Gifts to Groups Active in Politics

Barack Obama's Grandmother Threatened By Al Qaeda

Senate ethics committee finds Ensign ‘violated laws,’ sends findings to Justice Department

Obama administration invites Libyan opposition to White House for meetings Friday

Border Patrol SUV hit by train; 2 agents killed

Nuclear meltdown at Fukushima plant

New Bill Would Criminalize Illegal TV Show Streaming

'Dodgy' evidence on the dodgy dossier: General accuses Alastair Campbell of misleading Iraq War inqu

The Green Man Group:

Gay Horror Porn for Conservatives

Rachel Maddow: Fox News Is The Gatekeeper for Republican Politics & Politicians

One American's view of Canadian and American health care

Another American's views of Canadian and American health care

Mock The Dummies Destroy Donald Trump

Dylan Ratigan Interviews Anthony Weiner On the diffferences between Republicans & Democrats

Common Performs Poetry at the White House

Rachel Maddow: Wisconsin Republicans Push Their Agenda Before Historic Recall Election

17 Senators Call to Regulate Oil Speculation

Dear 16-year-old Me

Tariq Ramadan : Changing bin Laden stories 'bizarre'

Senate Investigations Subcommittee: Wall Street and the Financial Crisis

Bernie Sanders "We Have To Move Beyond Healthcare Reform To MediCare For ALL!"

We are in the NEWT MOMENT!!! feel the warmth (2:09)

Sen. Inhofe Gives Shep Smith Graphic Descriptions Of The Bin Laden Pictures

Rachel Maddow: The GOP defends big oil subsidies... again

Bush's Failed Hunt for Bin Laden

Sen. Shane Cultra's solution for obese children

Is Goldman Sachs Above The Law?

Daily Show: Faux News rap.

MSNBC: Boehner BS Debunked By Cenk

The Lone Liberal Rumble: Immigration, Guns & Greedy Banksters

Thom Hartmann: Bin Laden's dead - Al Qaeda why are we there?

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson regarding Bush & Cheney: “I Don’t Think THEY REALLY WANTED TO GET BIN LADEN.

Deja Vu? US fires 1st salvo in word war with Syria

Al Qaeda Attacks Internet With Photo Of Adorable Piglet

Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzón on Bin Laden's Killing - Democracy NOW!

Rachel Maddow: Florida governor takes big government to new heights

US millions to buy 'digital freedom' for China & Iran?

Thom Hartmann: Are we drugging our kids into stupidity?

Papantonio: Who’s Pushing the GOP’s Anti-Labor Agenda?

President Obama & Poets at the White House

TYT: Koch Bros Corrupting Universities In Florida

2 Men Arrested In New York On Terrorism Charges 5-12-11

President Obama Honors the Nation's TOP COPS

Dennis Kucinich "It's Time We Put The Brakes On This Impulse Towards War! Before We Get More War!

Mike Huckabee's Wayback Machine...

Thom Hartmann: The French don't Frack

Obama has Discretionary Authority to Advance DREAM Act - Democracy NOW!

Jim Lehrer: 'Time Has Arrived' to Step Back From Daily Anchor Duties

Nancy Pelosi and the Nenis© Discuss Climate Change

Young Turks: Students Fight, Teacher Watches

Bernie Sanders "We're Tired Of Babies Saying Give It To Us All Or We're Gonna Wreck The Whole House"

Ben Haas fails at his attempt to burn the USA Flag at LSU 5/11/11

Noam Chomsky Speech: The U.S. & Its Allies Will Do Anything to Prevent Democracy in the Arab World

Boeing, Republicans Attack Unions

Mike Malloy - Texas Allows Guns On College Campuses

McCain Denounces Torture- 'The Very Idea Of America' Is At Stake Here

Young Turks: Fox News Attacks Common, Defends Ted Nugent

Andrew Breitbart's epic interview on MSNBC

Frenchman in Tokyo on the confirmation of a full meltdown at Fukushima #1

NHL Tough Guy Supports Gay Marriage

Baby pat-down stirs public anger in US

Immigrants For Sale

"Politician" poetry, not Common


So these people are picking on two multi-talented Grammy Award winners?

Obama revealed his Birth Certificate - Trump reveals his hair care secret

please tell me Dems aren't going to negotiate raising the debt ceiling

Newt Gingrich Was More Supportive Of Individual Mandates Than Mitt Romney

Barack Obama's Grandmother Threatened By Al Qaeda

Lucky Senator gets to view the pictures

Obama Nears Key Decisions on Afghan Strategy

Romney’s game plan: Take a beating now on health care and hope it goes away later

R'uh R'oh

Let's Look Ahead

A peek at Obama re-election digs in Chicago

Sherrod Brown: Obama gets it on Medicare, jobs

WSJ destroys Mittens before he even gets started

Mother Jones: 10 CEOs Who Got Rich By Squeezing Workers

General Motors to invest $2 billion in factories to boost auto production (17 plants in 8 states)

Unprecedented: Obama admin. claims right to censor ‘unclassified’ materials

John McCain to Bush apologists: Stop lying about Bin Laden and torture

Have you ever been caught with your pants down?

Political cartoonist Mike Luckovich's latest efforts...

Gingrich - tells FauxNews, if election "fair" Obama would lose....

Wonder how they will spin Newt's lack of military

Administration Stacks Panel With Big Oil and Gas

HuffPo - "It's Been a Bad Week for GOP Lies About Obama" - Very Nice Recap Of GOP Lies

Mike Malloy - Newt & Callista: A Love Story

An Emboldened Obama Invites An 'Old School Common Rapper' to the White House

The Eleven Craziest Things Newt Gingrich Has Ever Said: The Nation

No, Bloomberg, we didn't spend $2 trillion combatting OBL.

The Long Island women's real killer: Bodies are the price for society criminalising prostitution...

Arizona's Ethnic Studies Ban Has National Ramifications, Warns U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva

Record Mississippi Flooding Threatens Oil Refineries and Gas Wells

In combat video games, there is a term that's used

The new and improved FSU course catalog, brought to you by Charles G. Koch

Apocalypse Nigh: Pat Buchanan Actually Making Sense!

FBI Surveillance: If We Told You, You Might Sue

Unions Grow at Illinois Universities

Aetna Seeking Permission To Change Health Premiums — Downward

The Guantánamo “Suicides”: Winner of the National Magazine Award for Reporting

Indian farmers commit suicide every 30 minutes

How Perpetual War Became U.S. Ideology

Should the Justice Department indite Sheriff Joe Arpaio since he won't resign?

7 Ways Hedge Funds Lie, Cheat and Steal

Post-traumatic Childhood

I want to live...

John Sinclair: That hippie sacrament

Fishing for plastic

Senators call for crackdown on oil speculators

5/10 Drought Monitor - Some Spot Improvements, But "Dramatic" Expansion Of Level 4 In TX, OK, NM

Factory farms the only way to ‘feed the world’? Not so, argues Science paper

Tepco: "We have no idea where the water went" from Reactor 1 Containment Vessel

Kan slams nuclear energy, goes green

Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Reactor 1's RPV Has Hardly Any Water

A record number of billion-dollar weather disasters for so early in the year

Greenpeace says high radiation in Japan seaweed

A Desire Named Streetcar What the oldest operating transit system in the U.S. can teach us

Levitating Plane-Train Makes Mass Transit Cool

Bitter return: Fukushima residents find more misery upon return to village in no-entry zone

Tepco Presser: Fuel Rods in Reactor 1 melted down to bottom of containment

Libya conflict maroons French tuna fleet

Rising food prices raise spectre of Malthus

ACLU alleges anti-gay web censorship at North Shore school district

How to Make Love to a Trans Person A breathtaking poem by Gabe Moses:

Gender stereotypes easing more for girls than boys

Do atheists have anything to say about religion besides "there is no God?"

Luke 21:6

There probably should be one Religion Forum and one Theology Forum.

Scientology in Illinois' public schools?

Rare case sheds light on religion, medicine: Man opposes his wife receiving blood

INDIANA: Gov. signs two NRA backed bills.

The ATF strikes again ...

U.S. Murder Toll From Guns Highest in Big Cities: CDC

Bumper Sticker

NH Senate postpones vote on gun permit bill - until next year

Boarding? Denied. Lock and Loading? Sure.

Gun accident sends Oktibbeha woman to hospital

Child injured, man in custody after teen discharges gun in south St. Louis

Oh dear... another Maddow moment.

"Store manager shot dead in Chicago"...How?? They have such restrictive gun laws!

Game 5 - Celtics Vs. Heat

Super Bowl Champs Receive Invite To White House

Former ESPN personality Jay Mariotti charged with felony stalking and assault

Let's go, Red Wings!

For the First Time in 20 Years, the NBA Finals Won't Feature At Least One of These Players

Corruption scandal breaks out over 2018 World Cup Bid

Tiger Woods Withdraws from The Players after 42 on Front Nine

Whoa! B-Hop goes totally Rushbo on McNabb!

LeBron just "apologized" for The Decision

"(Donovan McNabb) is the guy in the house, while everybody else is on the field."

Who's Hated More in Boston...LeBron or Lackey?

How about those SF Giants?

He brought a knife, she had a gun.

Former Mets clubhouse attendant charged with $2.3 million memorabilia/equipment theft

"No Guns for Jews"

Texas homeowner shot by his own gun during burglary.

Israel admits it covertly canceled residency status of 140,000 Palestinians

Congratulations to the Miami Heat with their victory over the Boston Celtics.