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Archives: May 13, 2011

Tomgram: William Astore, A New Age of "Enlightened" War

So what is the word on getting out of Afghanistan...?

Did I hear this correctly?...

At the end of tonights show Tweety called Newt everything but a motherscratcher didn't he?

Rolling Stone's New Article on Trump

Gov. Martin O’Malley on Chris Christie: ‘Mean-Spirited, Unproductive Stand-Up Routine’

Roses are good for your girlfriend

Feeling stressed? Need a laugh break? Check out these talking animal videos.

See A Pattern Here ??? - Big Tobacco CEO's/Big Oil CEO's

Senate Ethics Committee bombshell on Rachel

Mose Jefferson Dead At 68

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords ‘will return to Congress’

Guerilla Action NAILS NYC’s David Koch Theater During Red Carpet Event

Guerilla Action NAILS NYC’s David Koch Theater During Red Carpet Event

I Predict a Waterfall Republican Defeat In 2012

Mitt Romney is not nutty enough to be the GOP nominee.

SOURCES CONFIRM: Ashton Kutcher Will Join 'Two and a Half Men'

One thing about conservatives that you just have to love is their constant

A serious question about the "5-21" crowd...

Famed ‘Pentagon Papers’ finally made public

R.I.P. Snooky Young, Trumpet Legend

Wikileaks cable from American Ambassador to Canada says that

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul: ‘Right To Health Care’ Is Slavery - RawStory

Some states want TSA to ease up

GOP Bill Shifts Oil Drilling Cases To Court Dominated By Judges With Oil Investments

GOP Bill Shifts Oil Drilling Cases To Court Dominated By Judges With Oil Investments

Rachel is doing in-depth story on former Sen Ensign

Just when I feel comfortable in my dislike of McCain - He pulls me in!

May 21st...Great day to leave the wife and kids.....and the bill collectors..

Afghanistan Human Terrain Team Pashtun Homosexuality Report

Please sign petition to stop Uganda's "Kill the gays" bill

Please sign petition to stop Uganda's "Kill the gays" bill

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Maru gif

Repost for those who missed it... "The Reality of Nuclear Power"

I've been away - is Obama still dominating Republicans...

If there is EVER a debate between the Newt and the President, he only needs ask one question of Newt

Behind Chevron's feel-good, misleading ad campaign

Dianne Feinstein Tells San Francisco to Go Smoke a Fat One

We live in an information dictatorship.

Bombs go off in China, Korea, and Pakistan

Thank You Jonathan Turley

Washington State.. Shark fin soup off state’s menus

Tell Conoco Phillips who's really "unAmerican"

Ayn Randism is a cult, with antisocial dogma - and our culture will soon tire of it.

Alien life may huddle under hydrogen blankets

A gay icon on Sesame Street? Bert comes out of the closet after 31 years

Chimps hunt monkey prey close to local extinction

Who said "Even Napoleon had his Watergate" ?

Photographer/veterans' advocate releases controversial video in honor of Memorial Day

Immigration crackdown raises identity-theft risk

If you want to find out what is really happening in Egypt read "Egypt After Mubarak"

Left Coaster Here... And Rachel Maddow Is TOTALLY Kicking Ass !!!

STATES need to tax wealthy since Congress extended W tax cuts 4 rich

Repubs passing laws to prevent docs from asking about guns at home but anti-choice laws ok

Protesters, police clash in Athens demonstration

Mississippi towns submerged in floodwaters

Mississippi towns submerged in floodwaters

No proof of racism at site of 2010 shooting rampage: police

Barney Frank: Recess appointment likely for CFPB job

Liberal Mouthpiece in Hard Hat Has Questions!

'Rogue websites' bill returns to US Senate

Black lawmakers press Obama on jobs in urban areas

Rachel Maddow screwed up tonight.

The Republicans are down hill racers...

(JAPAN) Gov't to cull livestock in no-go zone near Fukushima plant

Consumers, not TEPCO shareholders, to cover huge compensation bill (JAPAN)

Junk Law Will Damage Our Legal System

CEO pay in US tops pre-crisis levels

Oh, look. Hyper-Right-wing Asshat Joe Kernen has a book out.

Orin Hatch criticizes the liberal mouthpieces with hardhats on MSNBC...

Rachel grills Oren Hatch on his support for Big Oil subsidies

Rachel grills Oren Hatch on his support for Big Oil subsidies

Photo of the day (JAPAN)

UFT Brings "Reform" back where Reform Belongs: WALL STREET

LOL !!! - This Is Your Brain, On 'The Wall' (Pink Floyd) - NPR

Michael Greenburg Dir. of Trading was just on Ed, he said

Obama, wanna ensure reelection? Prosecute Goldman Sachs.

Brownback wants only Republicans to approve the budget

No politics is parties' line (Obama got gerrymandered)

Scholastic Magazine in 9-10 schools promote Big Coal and Sunny D curriculum

Scholastic Magazine in 9-10 schools promote Big Coal and Sunny D curriculum

BUSHCO Plan To Supplant Special Forces With Blackwater Private Hit Squads For MORE Deniability

Mississippi Flooding: Past and Future

Interesting how the Big Oil Execs can sit in a hearing and point a gun

The Huckster is a huckster. Rachel exposes Huckabee's cheesy scam...

Political donors like the Kochs and Soros get letters from the IRS

this is heartwarming

Predicted Flood Crests on Mississippi River

Come gather 'round people wherever you roam

Industrial Capitalism Still on Course to Consume the World

How do you embed a video in a thread on GD?

Pakistan academy bombs kill scores

BoA to the state of Utah - Stick it up your A$$ ...

Obama 'Death Threat': Irish Muslim Arrested

Obama 'Death Threat': Irish Muslim Arrested

Seniors, Guns and Money - By PAUL KRUGMAN

Ad from running in Iowa now. Please disseminate.

Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft pulls post after falling for high school satire about birth certific

Trump's playing everyone: NBC, the GOP, and us.

Pay Attention To The MegaPhone America

Pay Attention To The MegaPhone America

Donald Trump: Say It's Only a Paper Moon . . . .

alert: South Park/ "Book of Mormon" Musical creators coming up on Morning Joe

NATO Urged to Adopt Gaddafi's Assassination Policy

Interesting that they can motivate folks to ban gay marriage but not cap prices

House Panel Authorizes Nearly $700 Billion in Defense Spending

Girl, 12, Killed in NATO Raid on Wrong Afghan Home

Michael Moore: Good riddance Osama. Now come back to your ways, my good ol' USA"

Fukushima schoolchildren's radiation exposure estimated at half of upper limit

Trump wins raffled trip to Bahamas

Any interest in this Daily Poll?

Any interest in this Daily Poll?

Sons of Blackwater Open Corporate Spying Shop

Right Wing Assault on Education is in Full Swing. Learning Doesn't Matter, Just Profit.

Ryan's 'communications problem' -- people understand all too well

27-Million U.S. Women Uninsured In 2010

Why doesn't Japan (or America, for that matter) use more geothermal energy, like Iceland does?

LA Times opinion: Immigration: President Obama's border moat

elephant to repukes: "scram"

separated at birth?

How the Economy Bombed the American worker

Republicans are all about letting you keep your own money

Obama Adm. opens grand jury hearing that could lead to prosecution of Julian Assange for espionage

post rapture pet care for a small fee....


Four Old Serbian Ladies (Political Advertisement)

Response to Rep. Glenn Thompson's shameless attempt to mislead constituents re. GOP Medicare plan

Does New Zealand need a Multiculturalism Act similar to Canada's?

With No Internet Access, Bin Laden Had Elaborate Email System

Would Sarah Palin's freedom of speech be violated if a large crowd booed her as she tried to talk?

Radiation found in seaweed near crippled Japan plant

NEA leaders opt to endorse Obama -- and get some pushback

David H. Koch Theatre ‘rebranded’ to ‘The Tea Party’s Wallet’

Keith Olbermann to debut "Countdown" on June 20 at 8 P.M. at "Current TV."

Panel Urges Germany to Close Nuclear Plants by 2021

Wish I knew how to enlarge this picture - it's kinda cute.

$281,000 Pay Package Given to New Recovery School District Superintendent

Ron Paul made his official announcement to run on GMA

you might think twice about sending your kid to college in Texas

Trouble in Paradise. Rick Scott--having trouble cutting through red tape to create jobs.

Fresh Details on King & Spalding’s DOMA Withdrawal.

Republicans vote in favour of terrorists on gun laws

McCain will never admit it but he hates Bush and Cheney. Especially Cheney

McCain will never admit it but he hates Bush and Cheney. Especially Cheney

Toxic contamination of the Gulf environment

Toxic contamination of the Gulf environment

My brief thoughts on the Health Security Act

Evacuees get top accommodation at defunct hotel but worry about future(JAPAN)

Investors in Poll Support Raising Taxes by 2-to-1

Menards highlights products made in America.

Darrell Issa, Fighting Obama Disclosure Order, Accused Of Doing Donor's Bidding

Darrell Issa, once gloated he had subpoena power, now fights against transparency aimed at his buds

Sluts Like Me

Anyone see John Stewart's total put down of Newt Gingrich?

NRC Waives Enforcement of Fire Rules at Nuclear Plants

A little perspective that can be considered by ALL of us -- Louis C.K. on "Teabaggers"

Obama: Crazy like a Fox.

Minnesota Poll: Support falls for ban on gay marriage

Protesters March Against Wall Street, Budget Cuts In Lower Manhattan

Protesters March Against Wall Street, Budget Cuts In Lower Manhattan

My prediction for WI Senate in 2012: Feingold vs. Ryan

Flowers for Bin Laden

"Mad Hatters" of Michigan!

Homeless Man Bails Out Banker

GuardianUK: Bin Laden's diaries give a unique insight into his politics, TV viewing habits

Google to pay $500 million fine for rogue pharma ads

(D) Sen Kohl will not seek re-election?--- yet another seat to defend

OPEC Members' Break-Even Price Continues to Rise

Shrinking Oil Supplies Put Alaskan Pipeline at Risk

Fixing Congress

Union bashing (paycheck deception) bill fails in MO

Church-State Watchdog Group Says Proposed USAID Changes Will Allow Taxpayer Funding Of Churches, Mos

CPAs study impact of elmiinating oil and gas tax incentives

CPAs study impact of elmiinating oil and gas tax incentives

An interesting observation from here in NY-26:

Gosh, the "wuy isun't wikileaks transparunt" meme will not die will it?

Which President increased the Debt

Which President increased the Debt

I called Harry Reid's office today, and according to his staffer the Paul Ryan budget vote is

Reports of debit card fraud have rocked Michaels

I've heard that they're going to spend $1,000,000,000 on Obama's campaign...

Ten Lessons From Chernobyl And Fukushima

Cliff May is on M$NBComcast

Far Right Rioters In Greece Attack Immigrants.

Just when I think . . .

Which could make a crisis worse??

Why Home Prices Will Continue To Fall

Dalai Lama urges U.S. to close rich-poor gap

Events Around Naton Next Wednesday Backs Progressive Caucus Budget

Gas-price gouging claimed by Ky. attorney general

POLL: 70 Percent Of GOP Voters Oppose Raising The Debt Ceiling

In 1927, the great Bessie Smith sang "Back Water Blues," and it was the

Supreme Court of Canada announces two retirements; Harper to fill

Blues singer Etta James ("At Last") is in the hospital

Ashton Kutcher replaces Sheen.

Paul Gunter of beyond nuclear

Anyone game to help write The Donald's "Why I can't run for pres" announcement?

Personally, I know of no less political advocates for Peace than AFSC. Please read their letter!

What happens when the debt ceiling isn't raised

John Boehner, meet West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette

John Boehner, meet West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette

AMAZING read about addiction which then homes in on the addiction to oil and consumption

Brunch with bernie (Sanders)

Brunch with bernie (Sanders)

Guardian: Greenpeace urges Tepco not to flood melting fuel reactor with water

Cheri Daniels' speech... simplified

Cheri Daniels' speech... simplified

BBC under fire for masking the words "Free Palestine" from a rap song it aired.

Pakistan thumbs its nose at the US because we have given them...

On Monday, I will wake up and be glad that it is a special day for Rahm Emanuel.

Operation Crossbow: How 3D glasses helped defeat Hitler (BBC)

What did Osama Bin Laden have in common with the Republicans?

Glenn Beck: Obama ‘clearly’ anti-cop, Clinton made kids think oral sex was OK

If you were to post that a killer asteroid were going to strike Earth

If the GOP really blocks raising the debt ceiling, doesn't all that "full faith and credit" of ...

If the GOP really blocks raising the debt ceiling, doesn't all that "full faith and credit" of ...

Friday Toons, part 2-The Newt-a-thon Continues!

Sick and tired of the "Whites a Minority in America by 2050" bleat

Funny Freepers: "Bush Eating Souffle when Obama called about OBL"

Friday Toons, part 3- Mittens and The Don

Friday Toons, part 1-The Newt-a-thon begins!

Just In Case You Weren't Already Sure Facebook Is CIA Pwned

Friday Toons, part 4-Bin not forgotten

Friday Toons, part 5- Economy

Fukushima - One Step Forward and Four Steps Back as Each Unit Challenged by New Problems

Corwin Voted To Allow Women To Be Shackled During Childbirth

Friday Toons, part 6- Budget choices and the rest.

Microsoft Structured Acquisition Of Skype To Avoid U.S. Taxes

World's largest tunnel boring machine finishes drilling under Niagara Falls...

Hypothetically Mitch Daniels says he would select Condi as his VP

"I Am" movie director Tom Shadyac was on Dr Drew's show.

Gingrich the 'idea man': Building a real-life Jurassic Park - and space sex by 2020

Osama bin Laden 'vetoed' killer tractor attack....The Guardian

Obama's NLRB is going pro union! Is Obama a stealth liberal?

Ed Dept. official who oversaw $43M contract (to Florida corp) resigns amid corruption investigation

Sometimes, the things you hope for don't happen...

Fukushima village on way to becoming ghost town

Tom & Dana Petty Receive Golden Heart Award (in recognition of charity work for the homeless)

For sale on eBay: a SIGNED COPY of Barack Obama's Birth Certificate

Italy shuts down pro-Amanda Knox website worldwide -- Sweden puts it back on web

Library of Congress' 'National Jukebox' makes audio of pre-1925 music, speeches available online

Can someone please tell me what are some of Gingrich's "new ideas" the MSM talks about incessantly?

Krugman: Seniors, Guns and Money

Pink Floyd Reunite at Roger Waters Show in London

Nation Stunned By Display Of Competence


Was Sarah Palin done in by Trig "birther" story?

Pakistan Army Chief Balks at U.S. Demands to Cooperate

Vote Tally On Republican Budget That Ends Medicare As We Know It

Fantastic Foxes

GM is hiring people across the country. Should we keep a list of the corporations who

NYC Man Spends Retirement Savings on May 21, 2011 Rapture Ads

Ensign/Coburn -Did DUers hear Andrea Mitchell saying Rachel

Republican vs Democratic National Deficit Debt chart

Surprise,surprise : A fairly extensive collection of porn found at the Bin Ladin House.

FIX America - Video - liberal activism in the 21st century

At town hall, federal worker losing her job confronts Obama

Will IRS crack down on secret political donors who aren't paying taxes?

Tests Show 32 U.S. Nuclear Reactors Pose Threat

IF Navy SEALs found porn at bin Laden's place, his jihadist sheepdog followers MUST denounce him.

Special Forces Cat Ops

TN House passes bill to undo Nashville anti-discrimination ordinance

Can't we just be quit of Afghanistan?

Can't we just be quit of Afghanistan?

Fox Rushes To Defend Oil Companies After Senate Hearing

DU Legal Minds--Need Some Help

Philadelphia Police Bombs MOVE Headquarters Killing 11, Destroying 65 Homes

VOICES: The railroading of Troy Davis

GOP “No New Taxes” Position Is Rapidly Crumbling

Describe Islamic Extremist Porn Here:

BREAKING: Osama bin Laden's last words finally released...

Education is a social right! Unite teachers, students and workers against all cuts!

If the year was 1992, I would sign Ross Perot's ballot petition.

Nuclear watchdog points to gaps in U.S. safety regulations

Is losing "ok?"

For-Profit Colleges’ Debt Disorder

Gov’t Official: It is a fact that nuclear fuel melted a hole through Reactor No. 1

Ohio Boys Suspended For Farting On School Bus

Tune Out the Noise: Social Security is Still in Great Shape

Lolo, a black jaguar, plays with Ward, her 14-month-old spotted cub - friday fun pics

Top Ten bin Laden porn titles

Better 2nd career: Accountant or Registered Nurse?

Talk about carrying a concealed weapon...

Talk about carrying a concealed weapon...

the propaganda was very well planned as well

Bin Laden wanted to carry out attacks to prevent Obama from being reelected

New legislation could allow Sunday sales of motorcycles

Someone on DU predicted it: Porn found in bin Laden's compound

Someone on DU predicted it: Porn found in bin Laden's compound

Female Sex Offenders / Sex Predators: Women who sexually abuse children and teens

I remember well the Watergate hearingsd. I also remember well, the Clinton impeachment . . . . .

White House: Libya mission to go on until Gadhafi stops

osama bin strokin

Mike Thompson toon answers the burning question about Afghanistan

It works on any Ayatollah!

New Yorkers under 30 plan to flee city, says new poll; cite high taxes, few jobs as reasons

Cisco braces for biggest layoffs in its history--because poor management decisions

Robert Gates is concerned about Seal team 6 and their families. The Right is trying to blame Obama

Robert Gates is concerned about Seal team 6 and their families. The Right is trying to blame Obama

Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly to debate 'the Common situation' on Monday

Any updates on BRADLEY MANNING and whether he was moved/visitors...???

If you were a citizen of Pakistan...?

From this point on, can we change "out to lunch" to "eating souffle"...

Caption This Photo of the Huck

Communists overthrown in two Indian states

During the 2008 Debates,

Superfast Karma - man struck by bus after stealing tip jar

Family Planning Cuts Would Deny Services to 284,000, Cost State Millions (TX)

Georgia governor signs controversial anti-illegal immigration law

Drone strike kills five in Pakistan's North Waziristan

Unprecedented: Obama admin. claims right to censor ‘unclassified’ materials

The 5/21 loons are out in force today...

How one Japanese village defied the tsunami

The Nation: Texas’ Wild Tea Party

The Nation: Texas’ Wild Tea Party

How to Make Money in Microseconds

Stop drone attacks

ACLU: Heads Up! > Unchecked Executive War Power Could Slip Through the House.

Gov. Corbett Needs Back Surgery In Pittsburgh Harrisburg Office Describes AGH Procedure As 'Routine'

Bush praised Obama after call on bin Laden

Texas House passes bill banning TSA airport "groping"

Oh please Mr. Jon Stewart, take him up on his challenge.

John McCain to Bush apologists: Stop lying about Bin Laden and torture

Anyone familiar with the Humanist Church in Oakland, CA?

Anyone familiar with the Humanist Church in Oakland, CA?

U.S. Inflation Jumps as Gas and Food Prices Rise

An American Family

FCC/Comcast whore addresses her quitting the FCC and joining Comcast

Rush Limbaugh Claims THE BLACKS Teach Their Kids To HATE America

How do you feel about the terrorist watch list?

People of NYC vs. Koch

1982 voting rights act amendment

Countdown on Current TV - Facebook Page

Apple's 'Get a Mac,' the Complete Campaign

Energy Dept: US will help contain Fukushima crisis

It's been one year ago today since ChickMagic passed away

Repubs are always screaming about "frivolous Lawsuits"- Well, how about this one?

Teabagger shenanigans in Cedar Rapids IA?

I.R.S. Moves to Tax Gifts to Groups Active in Politics

Obama staff calls Justin Bieber to arrange meeting with 9/11 victim’s daughter

Obama staff calls Justin Bieber to arrange meeting with 9/11 victim’s daughter

Rachel on ANdrea Mitchell now - Ensign and Coburn

Fox News shows its unparalleled command of the English language...

Louisiana Spillway Likely to Open as Farms Sacrificed for Cities

Louisiana Spillway Likely to Open as Farms Sacrificed for Cities

Iraq's union crackdown puts progress at risk

Should Obama have named the Seal team?

Help me counteract this libertarian

From The Congressional Progressive Caucus

VOICES: When faced with floods, FDR fought back with jobs

Intrade seems positively unconvinced Mike Huckabee is going to run for President.

Breaking: IRS to go HARD after American Crossroads/Priorities USA

JP Morgan Chase Nickel and Diming the Last Nickels and Dimes from the Unemployed - EmptyWheel

I don't understand why the bin Laden porn find matters

Yes, They Lied; Yes, a Million Died; and Yes, They Want It To Go On


Photo of the Ensigns and the Hamptons together - just had to google the correct words

Mitch Daniels and Calvin Coolidge.

You won't believe the bumper sticker I saw today:

"Thomas Barnett draws a new map for peace."

The Bin Laden Killing was Legal - Former SCOTUS Justice Stevens

70% of all Americans were born in Ohio

Ron Paul on GMA on government assistance after natural disasters.

A reminder to all DU GreenThumbs. May 14 is World Naked Gardening Day...

"Obi-Wan Kenobi is Dead, Vader Says..."

Why CEOs Avoided Getting Busted in Meltdown - William Black/Bloomberg

Walker fanboy John Boehner caught in photo with Koch Brothers at GOP fundraiser

UPDATE from ABC World News on mom who injected her 8 yr old daughter with Botox

Jon Stewart will be on Bill O'Reilly's show on Monday.

Where will you be on May 22 ?????

Happy 61st Birthday Stevie Wonder

Vladimir Putin Worshipped As St. Paul The Apostle By All-Female Russian Sect

The disgraceful interrogation of L.A. school librarians

Why are Republicans against everything fair, decent and sane?

Why are Republicans against everything fair, decent and sane?


You know why the porn thing matters?

You know why the porn thing matters?

I honestly don't care if it comes down to Obama vs Paul

What’s Really in the Leaked WikiLeaks Confidentiality Agreement?

Bush tells Obama on bin Laden: "Good call"

Bush tells Obama on bin Laden: "Good call"

Libyan Revolution Day 85

Does Newt Gingrich really believe he can get to be president?

Newspaper poll on GOP pick for 2012 includes choice of "New Gingrich"

Newspaper poll on GOP pick for 2012 includes choice of "New Gingrich"

The Tea Party Wants to Teach Your Kids About the Constitution

Humanity Hitting the Resource Ceiling

Petrobras Lowers Gasoline Prices 6% as Brazil Seeks to Rein in Inflation

The Right Wing's Account of the Financial Crisis Has Been Destroyed

Drone to be struck down on orders: Air Chief

Khan calls on Pakistan to break its reliance on US aid

Dropbox Lied to Users About Data Security, Complaint to FTC Alleges

The social counterrevolution in America and the tasks of the working class

On Big Bang Theory tonight I saw one of the best commercials of my lifetime

NBC's Chris Hansen and his various flavors of "To Catch a -Insert Miscreant Type Here_"


'Audacious' debit card scam hits chain

Paul Ryan reminds me of that kid in middle school science class who never paid attention - you know.

One more sun salutation and you will ROT IN HELL !!!!!

Draft Russ Feingold

Attention 5-21ers on this board.

I will sign a Libertarian ballot petition, but I will not sign a Green Party ballot petition.

Per FREEwilliamsburg (as heard on Rachel Maddow):

Fukushima has international consequences. We should be getting live news conferences from Japan

Should Disney re-issue "Song of the South" on DVD/Blu-Ray?

Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl won't run in 2012! Should Russ Feingold run for his seat in 2012?

(Sudden) Jump in Life Expectancy Assumptions Drives Latest Social Security Projections

Time to start boycotting public places that show Fox News

President Obama lied about the OBL raid

Plan to flood Fukushima reactor could cause new blast, experts warn

I think Ron Paul is doing a good job on Hardball right now, but I would not vote for/sign a petition


12% Reduction In Social Security Appropriations?

Can we be any more blatant?

Man captures night sky in 37,440 exposures

So the Obama administration has reversed its decision to permit gay marriages on military bases

Revenge killings and reckless firing in opposition-held eastern Libya

Draft Russ Feingold / petition


Houston Press Compiles Texas' 10 Hottest Female Sex Offenders - Huffpo

Why nuclear power will never supply the world's energy needs

UH OH! Looks like Gov. Deal of Ga. may be in trouble.

If you smoke, Venice (FL) probably doesn't want to hire you

Tweety begins - Scandal at Vegas

Killings Averaging 1 Daily in Dallas

Olbermann accuses Ed Schultz of trying to ‘silence’ Michael Moore on bin Laden

Lest we forget (Curaco' slavery museum)

The "C" Street Club - "C" for "Cover-up?

The Koch bros. are trying to inject their politics into public colleges

10,000 Protesters Turn Out To March On Wall Street, Call For Millionaires Tax

Wasilla High School Principal Bans Bohemian Rhapsody Because Freddie Mercury Was Gay

Donate food to the postal service letter carriers "Stamp Out Hunger" food drive tomorrow, May 14th.

Bin Laden Mission Evokes More Questions Than Answers

FBI admits to Protecting spying Telecoms from Lawsuits

The Rude Pundit: Your Bullshit Abuse of Teachers Is Killing Education (Series Part 5)

"Put your pants on and go home!"

"Put your pants on and go home!"

What if you re-enacted your youth.

The tragic, pathetic demise of a birther

Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive tomorrow....

Nuclear Fuel Meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi Confirmed

Justice Stevens Okays Bin Laden Killing

Does this mean that only 26% of parents in a Florida public school can get it changed to a charter?

California officials announce closure of 70 state parks

Ron Paul: I Would Not Have Voted For The 1964 Civil Rights Act

Ron Paul: I Would Not Have Voted For The 1964 Civil Rights Act

"Medicare, Social Security Funds Expiring Sooner, U.S. Says"-----BusinessWeek.

Huckabee Not Running

I am tired of Big Oil and Wall Street running Washington.

WHO SAYS the porn was OBL's? NOT the "anonymous officials," who ACTUALLY said...

Europe moves to end passport-free travel in migrant row

What can we do about Wall Street speculators that drive up gas prices?

Court: Chicago must hire 111 black firefighters

A 3 mile line of cars to buy Burgers?! USA! USA!

To all of the Union Workers that work for Chrysler, ( Large Pics...56k warning)

Hello, DU, today’s Friday Afternoon Challenge: Gallery stars!

The social counterrevolution in America ........

update on what our prison slaves are working on

Teen ordered to pay nearly $1,000,000 to Wal-mart

Rupert Murdoch just wet his pants (part 2)


I'd be willing to bet MOST men have porn or links to porn in their computers somewhere.

Obama Health Law Unlikely to Stem Medical Bankruptcies

Big Tent or "pure" party.

Those Who Can, Teach . . . .

Speculation explains more about oil prices than anything else

People power takes over Wall Street

Regarding Newt Gingrich

Haley Barbour to Mississippi's poor: Drown Dead

How to classify the GOP’s potential candidates:

High School Student Challenges Bachmann to Debate

Draft Russ Feingold (Kohl announced he was retiring today)

Night Time Is The Right Time - Ray Charles

Anybody know if Abe Vigoda is still alive?

ok Torchwood Season 3 is the best TV i've seen in years

Holy Fuckin' FUCK, Batman...I REALLY need to chill. Time for some Morcheeba, "By The Sea"

It's 10:08pm and the sun is still up here! WTF???

"Shots on goal sponsored by Taco Bell" WTF?

A Whiter Shade Of Pale - Procol Harum

Roses are good for your girlfriend

Holy sheeeet....I just met my wireless neighbors down the block

I'm waiting for MFM to give us the details...

BUSH Beans. Nunn BUSH. Get where I'm going?!1

Got a live one in GD

Anyone seen the movie "blue valentine"? Is it any good?

Wow, the CIA got a real goldmine when they took Osama's computer drives.

Feeling stressed? Need a laugh break? Check out these talking animal videos.

Feeling stressed? Need a laugh break? Check out these talking animal videos.

Sharks Win!

Rare treat of seeing Butch Hancock tonight....

Rare treat of seeing Butch Hancock tonight....

I have been noticing a few things.

Found Out About You- Gin Blossoms

Tim Minchin: Ten Foot C*ck And A Few Hundred Virgins

A Question for everyone about the end of the world...

Even the automobiles use public transit in Paris

I've been away for 10 days - I feel better

Photo - not sure how to do this

One last royal wedding picture thread

Get in on this one before it's too late!

Little girl playing with a squirrel, cutest thing Eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How would you say, "My co-worker can't stand me and I can't stand her,"

PHOTO: YES, I'll have the soup of the day, please...and keep 'em comin'...

Is youtube not working for anyone else?

I can't figure this out - how do you TP someone?

So that's what happened to MySpace

I can't figure this out - how do you PM someone?

One of my favorite Sir Paul songs for a Chill The Fuck Out Friday The 13th: "Bluebird"

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom directs a MAELSTROM of pure psychic force into a nearby Oscar Mayer Wiener

PHOTO: Who watches THE WATCHERS???

I'm a going fishing

PHOTO: NO, please don't tell me the ingredients...let me see if I can GUESS them.

Tonight's The Office - Spoiler!

Spoiler theory/question about The Office -

PHOTO: Iron Man LOATHES The Batman and his winning ways with women...

Photo: The TP goes over the top, dammit!

Anyone have summer vacation plans (or even herpes) yet?

Mission: Impossible

Titties and beer - my weekend is covered.

Lolo, a black jaguar, plays with Ward, her 14-month-old spotted cub - friday fun pics

Countdown. 9 posts to 6,000 on my 6 year anniversary. Ask me anything!

Hmm, it's a few minutes past eight bells here on the east coast.

Lawrence from Kansas. Gary from Indiana. Katy from Texas.

The Libertarian Argument

MiddleFingerMom has always had respect for all living things.

Ashton Kutcher Replaces Charlie Sheen on "Two and a Half Men"

Kitteh update: Crabby Clover and the Diabetes Adventure (interesting outcome!)

Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like You

Temperature normal in Tucson today:

Going through a Einsturzende Neubauten kick right now...

I must find a way to turn back time...

Hey Peg, I hope you're doing well!

I got a "senior coffee" yesterday

Delete test

Pure Prairie League: "Falling In & Out Of Love" / "Amie," LIVE @ 2009 San Diego Fair

PHOTO: This can't POSSIBLY have a happy ending...can it?

POOR widdle baby ducklings!

I hate coming up with titles. So just open this post. It's funny.

Wanda got her forever home last night

Special Forces Cat Ops

Anyone else have msn, hotmail or sympatico email? Is it working for you? If not how long has it been

Well, this week is one to celebrate.

Mel Gibson's new sequel -- "The Passion of the Kitty":

That's odd. Suddenly, I'm thirsty.

That's odd. Suddenly, I'm thirsty.

OK, this is getting really WEIRD again. Is it that nobody wants to be SEEN playing with me? n/t

MFM discovers that it doesn't take Intertubes technology to re-unite with a long-lost friend.

Elmo? Tickled pink.

Happy Friday the 13th !!

Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald, "Fatal Vision". Guilty or Innocent?

New gelato machine -- we're on batch #4: Kahlua Stracciatella

Now I really want a 3rd kitteh....

Thank Dog for "Mars Needs Moms"

Have a nice... HACK... COFF... GAG...ACK... waitaminute lemmecatchmybreath...

MiddleFingerMom's career as a high school guidance counselor was short-lived.

Your first day in a new school can be VERY stressful.


Happy Colgate Day!

Outsourced gets downsized

My girlfriend got a " welcome to the AARP" letter today

I think I found my favorite photo I've taken...

Current DU-favored shows that you just don't "get," excluding "reality" shows

Bird nerds:

What's everyone drinking tonight??

Anyone have summer vacation plans (or even hopes) yet?

Gilmour, Waters and Nick Mason reunite tonight..

'Tax lady' Roni Deutch closes law firm, says she's broke

Something you don't want to know.

Mounties in Dziekanski Taser case charged with perjury

(WikiLeaks) Ocean Lady sparked U.S. fear of Tamil migrant tide

Former ESPN personality Jay Mariotti charged with felony stalking and assault

Mexico's drugs war escalates as eight headless bodies discovered in Durango

Dianne Feinstein Tells San Francisco to Go Smoke a Fat One

Rising Mississippi takes aim at Cajun country

Iraq dossier drawn up to make case for war – intelligence officer

Ron Paul to launch White House bid Friday

Panel Urges Germany to Close Nuclear Plants by 2021

IRS investigating tax status of donations to politically active nonprofits

Gasoline bomb at China bank kills, wounds dozens

REPORT: Sen. Tom Coburn Actively Negotiated Multi-Million $ Hush Money Package For Ensign’s Mistress

Mexico fires 7 top officials at immigration agency where employees accused of kidnapping

Pakistan Army Chief Balks at U.S. Demands to Cooperate

St. Louis ranks high for gun fatalities among youths (3 times+ national average)

SEAL helmet cams recorded entire bin Laden raid (updated)

Ron Paul Launches 2012 Bid for President

US Mideast peace envoy George Mitchell plans to resign

Ugandan parliament delays vote (again, Friday) on anti-gay bill

George Mitchell, US Mideast envoy, plans to resign

Most threats to Wis. lawmakers dismissed by police

Pakistan suicide bombs kill 80 to avenge bin Laden

Del. governor signs medical marijuana bill

Indiana Planned Parenthood says donors from 36 states allow it to extend Medicaid services

Phone hacking: Sienna Miller accepts £100,000 from News of the World (Murdoch)

Fukushima schoolchildren's radiation exposure estimated at half of upper limit

Japan to Cover Damaged Nuclear Reactors with Giant Tents

Annual Trustees Report Says Finances Of Medicare, Social Security Worsened In Past Year

Nuclear Fuel Meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi Confirmed

Republican lawmakers release budget proposal without tax increases

Discovered a cool new music group. Braids. Check them out...

Ohio Boys Suspended For Farting On School Bus

Ex-WikiLeaks spokesman criticises Assange's gagging order for staff

Panel on Nuclear Waste Disposal to Propose Above-Ground Storage

Governor Deal Poised to Sign Divisive Immigration Bill in Georgia

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday, May 13, 2011

McCaskill opposes mileage tax

Battle for Arctic oil intensifies as US sends Clinton to polar summit

(Rupert Murdoch's) Phone hacking: How the Met 'misled courts, parliament and public'

Russia Warns West Against 'Libya Scenario' In Syria

Iowa conservative group hosting potential GOP candidates accepted $3 million in federal grants

Inflation rises at fastest rate since October 2008

Big Oil says hands off our tax breaks

Oregon meth-related deaths jump 22 percent in 2010, most in a decade

TRENDING: Bush breaks silence on bin Laden

TRENDING: Bush breaks silence on bin Laden

How bin Laden emailed without being detected by US

Wisconsin’s Kohl to Retire from Senate

Bombs targeting paramilitary kill 25 in Pakistan: Police

Egypt: Suzanne Mubarak detained in corruption probe

Terminally ill to get right to die faster in Spain

Ind. court: No right to resist 'unlawful police entry'

California officials announce closure of 70 state parks

Strong earthquake shakes Costa Rica's capital (6.0)

Amnesty International Hails WikiLeaks and Guardian As Arab Spring 'Catalysts'

NATO strike kills at least 16 in Brega: report

Porn found in bin Laden hideout, officials say

Woman beheaded in Tenerife supermarket

Gingrich: GE 'clever' to pay zero corporate taxes

Iran to blind criminal with acid in 'eye for an eye' justice

Activist who supports soldier in WikiLeaks case sues U.S. over seizure of laptop

You blokes step aside!!! This is a job for Super... ... ... ... Who?!?!?

Two of the most exceptional people in my life were "Grandma-old" and still had this much attitude.

Kali only has one dairy cow on her ranch... but it's THE BESTEST DAIRY COW EVER!!!!!

Total Brat, or Borderline Child Abuse? You decide.

Capitalism Marches On: A totally useless machine.

Syria's way of democracy

John McCain: Torture Played No Role In Locating Bin Laden

Fox News Airs "Teabagger" Candidate smacks a Republican Volunteer

Rand Paul Equates Universal Health Care And Slavery

NY-26: Davis shoves camera of Corwin chief-of-staff; Corwin tries to deny involvement

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Fmr Shell Oil Exec - No Subsidies Needed


Thom Hartmann & Matt Taibbi - The People vs Goldman Sachs

Young Turks: Mitt Romney Ripped By Wall Street Journal

FIX America

Republican Governor of GA gives $90,000 in campaign funds to his daughter-in-law

3 mins. with Crosby and Nash, about Vermont Yankee and Corporations

Fischer: Jeremiah Wright Taught Obama To Hate America & White People


TDPS: TSA Pats Down a Baby's Diaper, Will TDPS Producer Throw Up on Flight?

Benefit Concert for Flood Victims in South - Justice Through Music -

Preview of PBS Frontline episode about WikiLeaks

Megyn Kelly Says Creditors Love It When You Don't Pay Your Bills

"Being Bin Laden," starring Steven Weber

David Letterman monologue 5/12: Bin Laden compound, White House Poetry Night, Newt Gingrich

'World's Policeman' ramps up pressure on Syria

'Syria regime marked for death as US, UK move swiftly to split Libya'

Papantonio: Energizing a New Generation of Political Activists

Al Qaeda Threatens President Obama & Family!

Is Assassination Justice?

Wyden & Ed Schultz on Oil Tax Subsidies

Thom Hartmann: Will Baja, AZ be our 51st state and all liberal?

Koch Brothers DayDream Believer

FOX News Eats Their Own, Slams Romney

Sen. Bernie Sanders humiliates Rand Paul

Chaz Bono interview on Letterman

Ed Show: Jonathan Turley 'People Selling Us Torture Should Have Been Investigated as War Criminals'

Thom Hartmann: Why are we chasing terrorists instead of banksters?

Patty Duke Getting S**t Done with Dan Adler

Koch Brothers Guerrilla Drive-In

Ron Paul: I Would NOT Have Voted For The 1964 Civil Rights Act

Thom Hartmann: The Koch Brothers funding schools to teach sweatshops are good?

Young Turks: Meghan McCain Disgusts Glenn Beck w/ Nude PSA

MSNBC Rachel Maddow... Liberal mouthpiece in hard hat has questions.

Maddow Explains Why Senator John Ensign May Be Criminally Charged pt.1

Missing footage: Rand Paul "Right to Healthcare" = support of Slavery

10,000 March On Wall Street

Ted Turner Interviews Carl Sagan (Part 1 of 5)

Arnie Gundersen: Fukushima - no water in Mox reactor, hyrogen explosion possible, criticality

The Barack Obama SEAL Team Six Action Figure

Eugene Robinson: The Death of the bin Laden Myth

Why should Dems concede even one dime in exchange for GOP to vote the way we know they must & will

Poll: Obama Stronger Against Terrorism Than Bush

How should I run a GOP primary betting pool?

Only reason kids would know that a black rapper who wants to kill cops was invited to the WH is...

The whole thing was recorded

Kill Obama: Bin Laden plotted to assassinate President Obama before 2012 election

Blue Falcon Birther LTC Terry Lakin is returning home Saturday

Paul Krugman: Seniors, Guns and Money

President Obama. Please direct that ruthless efficiency politically to the GOP and the Oligarchs

Dems Retake Edge In Generic Ballot For First Time Since 2009

Five Signs Your Republican Governor Wants to Be President: Salon

George W. Bush Eating Souffle When Obama Called About Osama bin Laden

Newty: "the most successful food stamp president in history"

Love this CHART, but I'd like to see how they got their numbers.

An ethical question for DU posters...

Jon Huntsman: The Would Be Republican Presidential Candidate Democrats Most Fear

Joe Biden: Right on Iraq, Right on Afghanistan

Paging Russ... Paging Russ... Kohl Not Running For Re-Election

High schooler challenges Bachmann to a duel of knowledge

Domesticity and Radicalism Clash in a Neo-Nazi Home

Demjanjuk ruling strikes fatal blow to ‘just following orders’

Oil Company Executive Grilled On Even Hotter Issue Than Tax Breaks

The Crash and Burn of Old Regimes: Washington Court Culture and Its Endless Wars

Former Blackwater Officials Form Global Intelligence Company- “Jellyfish Intelligence”

The People vs. Goldman Sachs. Sounds like Blankfein was not doing God's work after all.

Truth and Greed Revealed at Senate Hearing

Fox News as a Social Movement

High schooler challenges Bachmann to debate on U.S. Constitution

The Eleven Craziest Things Newt Gingrich Has Ever Said

The rigged game of redistricting

Demjanjuk Released From German Prison

The Right-Wing Talk-Radio Flame Out

America's Largest Newspaper Launches a Nasty Attack on Grandma and Grandpa

Debit Card Fraud at Michaels Stores now Includes 20 States

MI6 made secret plan for anti-Saddam coup in December 2001

Autopsy, family say Cuban dissident wasn't beaten

The Week-End Economists Grumpy Old Men Weekend Show!

GOP Primary Poll - who will get the nomination?

Watch out, Whistleblowers: Congress and Courts Move to Curtail Leaks (xpost)

Speaking of Malthus: Children's Day and Japan's future

(Fri 13) Kan orders slaughter of all livestock in 20-km hot zone

Some amazing photos of Fukushima taken Tuesday

Toles Rant: Brain Fog Edition

Kan promises probe by "people independent of Japan's past nuclear policies"

Arnie Gundersen May 13 update: One Step Forward and Four Steps Back

Peak oil notes - May 12

Drumbeat: May 13, 2011

Oil Rises a Second Day, Climbs Above $100, as European Growth Accelerates

Thieves drain $2,000 worth of gas from Pasadena, Calif. station

Enormous wind, solar energy resource potential available in Japan: Govt report

WVU Study Finds Poorer Health Near Mountaintop Mining

TEPCO drowning in dealing with tons of radioactive water

Big Oil First Quarter Profits, 2011


Deep in it: North Carolina's hog sh*t problem

Reactor 1 water level is more than one meter below where the bottom of the fuel rods should be

TEPCO Installing Giant Tents over Radiation-Leaking Reactors

According to Gunther

NRC panel: U.S. nuclear plants are safe

As Clinton works against global warming in Greenland, some there don’t mind it

Fukushima: Radiation on 2nd Floor of Reactor 1 Exceeded 1,000 Millisieverts/Hour

Will China’s 50 GW by 2020 goal create a solar bubble? No.

Panel on Nuclear Waste Disposal to Propose Above-Ground Storage

America's Achilles' heel: the Mississippi River's Old River Control Structure

Keith Olbermann Special Comment: Michael Moore & the Killing of bin Laden Calls On Jane Corwin to Reject Karl Rove's Dirty Money

The worst thing your kid can tell you....

The coolest gay wizard and actor ever.

Kerry introduces bill to combat LGBT youth homelessness

Wasilla High School Principal Bans Bohemian Rhapsody Because Freddie Mercury Was Gay


The Bells of Hell Go Ting-a-ling-a-ling

Respected Theologian Defends Genocide and Infanticide

Church of Scientology Booklet Rejected From Ill. School Curriculum

"Relationships don't need an owner's manual, just the Bible"

WaPo asks Richard Dawkins the wrong question...

The Dharmic Method to Save the Planet

Now Playing! The Pope's Film Festival!

Ex subway worker sinks $140,000 life savings into campaign advertising the end of the world...

Breaking news: New Yorkers exposed to gun message in Times Square.

Willcoxson: Long History of Trouble With The Law

Law Allows Guns on School Grounds

Cops, prosecutors slam gun bill (MN GOP/NRA "Castle Law")

Police: 5 dead in Idaho after murders, suicide

Mo. lawmakers pass bill lowering concealed gun age

If you don't own guns a call to 911 won't save you but the police will arrive in time

Art of Dying

Officer involved in Erik Scott(LV-Costco) shooting indicted on weapons charge

INDIANA: Five (5) NRA backed bills passed and signed this year.

Motley County Attorney considers charges against ATF

The turn American into a corrupt banana republic bill was defeated. Good!

The Royals just won a series in the Bronx for the fist time in how many years?

Pursuing Pardon, Steinbrenner Aided F.B.I.

A video of a great Vegas fight.....

Johnson: Children are the future of our gun culture

Republicans vote in favour of terrorists on gun laws

Celtics join Lakers for early golf outing

In honor of the remaining teams in the NHL playoffs-A Song

Harmon Killebrew ends cancer fight, enters hospice care

St. Louis ranks high for gun fatalities among youths (3 times+ national average)

Christiano Ronaldo does something really nice.

Pete Carroll may be bringing back one of his players from USC...

Criminal with knife, does Best Buy allow CCW?

you might think twice about sending your kid to college in Texas

Not this time Red Wings!!

U.S. Mideast Envoy Resigns After 2 Years of Frustration

Palestinian population grew 8-fold since '48

U.S. Mideast Envoy Resigns After 2 Years of Frustration.

Judiciary Republicans kill bill blocking gun sales to suspected terrorists

Why Grandpa carries a gun: